Epidemic Of Hunger: New Report Says 49 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity

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    Editor’s Note: You may often be met with skepticism from family, friends and colleagues if you discuss the failing state of our economy and the inevitable downfall of the life as we have come to know it in the modern age. Community forum contributors at this web site and around the web will frequently argue that, despite the evidence, there is no collapse coming and America is as healthy today as it has ever been. They attack the data as if we’re simply making it up and they claim we are fear mongers. People won’t be starving in the streets. The government will always provide enough for us to get by. There is no collapse and there never will be.

    Yet, as Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog points out in the following report, these folks are looking at it from a skewed perspective. There are nearly 50 million people in America that don’t make enough income to feed their families. Fully one in six Americans are dependent on government subsidies just to get by. And some 1/3 of Americans require some sort of government distribution just to survive.

    Perhaps those skeptics are right. There is no collapse coming… Because it’s already here. 

    Crying-Girl-Photo-by-D-Sharon-Pruitt-300x300If the economy really is “getting better”, then why are nearly 50 million Americans dealing with food insecurity?  In 1854, Henry David Thoreau observed that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.  The same could be said of our time.  In America today, most people are quietly scratching and clawing their way from month to month.  Nine of the top ten occupations in the U.S. pay an average wage of less than $35,000 a year, but those that actually are working are better off than the millions upon millions of Americans that can’t find jobs.  The level of employment in this nation has remained fairly level since the end of the last recession, and median household income has gone down for five years in a row.  Meanwhile, our bills just keep going up and the cost of food is starting to rise at a very frightening pace.  Family budgets are being squeezed tighter and tighter, and more families are falling out of the middle classevery single day.  In fact, a new report by Feeding America (which operates the largest network of food banks in the country) says that 49 million Americans are “food insecure” at this point.  Approximately 16 million of them are children.  It is a silent epidemic of hunger that those living in the wealthy areas of the country don’t hear much about.  But it is very real.

    The mainstream media and our politicians continue to insist that “things are getting better”, and that may be true for Wall Street, but the man who was in charge of the new Feeding America report says that the level of suffering for the tens of millions of Americans that are food insecure has not changed

    Nothing is getting better,” said Craig Gundersen, lead researcher of the report, “Map the Meal Gap 2014,” and an expert in food insecurity and food aid programs.

    Let’s stop talking about the end of the Great Recession until we can make sure that we get food insecurity rates down to a more reasonable level,” he added. “We’re still in the throes of the Great Recession, from my perspective.”

    In fact, a different report seems to indicate that hunger in America is actually getting worse

    Children’s HealthWatch, a network of doctors and public health researchers who collect data on children up to 4 years old, says 29% of the households they track were at risk of hunger last year, compared with 25% the year before.

    If someone tries to tell you that “the economy is getting better”, that person is probably living in a wealthy neighborhood.  Because those that live in poor neighborhoods would not describe what is going around them as an “improvement”.

    In particular, many minority neighborhoods are really dealing with extremely high levels of food insecurity right now.  The following comes from a recent NBC News article

    “Minorities are facing serious hunger issues. Ninety-three percent of counties with a majority African-American population fall within the top 10 percent of food-insecure counties, while 60 percent of majority American Indian counties fall in that category”

    But if you don’t live in one of those areas and you don’t know anyone that is facing food insecurity, it can be difficult to grasp just how much people are actually suffering out there right now.

    For example, consider the story of a young mother named Tianna Gaines Turner

    Tianna Gaines Turner can’t remember the last time she went to bed without worrying about how she was going to feed her three children.

    She can’t remember the last time she woke up and wasn’t worried about how she and her husband would make enough in their part-time jobs to buy groceries and pay utilities on their apartment in a working-class section of Philadelphia.

    And she can’t remember the last time she felt confident she and her husband wouldn’t have to skip meals so their children could eat.

    Have you ever been in a position where you had to skip meals just so that other family members could have something to eat?

    I haven’t, so it is hard for me to imagine having to do such a thing.  But there are millions of parents that are faced with these kinds of hard choices every day.

    Things can be particularly hard if you are a single parent.  Just consider the story of Jamie Grimes

    After Jaime Grimes found out in January that her monthly food stamps would be cut again, this time by $40, the single mother of four broke down into sobs — then she took action.

    The former high school teacher made a plan to stretch her family’s meager food stores even further. She used oatmeal and ground beans as filler in meatloaf and tacos. She watered down juice and low-fat milk to make it last longer. And she limited herself to one meal a day so her kids — ages 3, 4, 13, and 16 — would have enough to eat.

    I have such admiration for working single mothers.  Many of them work more than one job just so that they can provide for their children.  It can be absolutely frustrating to work as hard as you possibly can and still not have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month.

    Those that believe that the economy has gotten “back to normal” just need to look at the number of women that have been forced to turn to government assistance.  As I mentioned the other day, a decade ago the number of American women that had jobs outnumbered the number of American women on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin. But now the number of American women on food stamps actually exceedsthe number of American women that have jobs.

    The truth is that we are nowhere close to where we used to be.  The last major economic downturn permanently damaged the middle class, and now the next major economic downturn is rapidly approaching.

    Right now, there are nearly 50 million Americans that are facing food insecurity.  When the next economic crisis strikes, that number is going to go much higher.

    There is going to be a great need for love and compassion in this country during the hard times that are coming.  Instead of just cursing the darkness, I hope that you will choose to be a light to those that desperately need it.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Its a shame,
        Ignorance and apathy,,
        Most people are too self absorbed worrying about their next vacation or whats showing on their big screen Tv and have no clue that folks are just barely making it out there.
        But for the grace of God,,,,

        • Hunger is a plague, and only will get much, much worse as the ratio of arable land to people continue to dwindle. Whenever the amount of people per square mile of arable land goes to 2000 or more, people starve unles they can buy food elsewhere. Drought, flloding, agricultural blights, etc, make this only worse. Hunger also breeds disease, really awful viruses and bacteria as past history has shown. You can only grow so much food. You cannot grow crops in most of the places in the world on 90%+ of the land.

          Ebola, and other God awful diseases are going to become that much more widespread as people’s immune systems are compromised by lack of good nutrition. Then you look at these creeps that eat real well like that fat ass north korean leader PORKY, while his people go hungry and have to eat plaster off the walls or chew on grass like some goat. World SUCKS doesn’t it?

          • I agree…the hunger problem will get worse, and the gov insists on making the problem worse than it might be otherwise. Instead of Victory Gardens…people are encouraged to worship at the altar of DC for a handout. Tip here….DC has nothing to give that it didn’t take from somewhere else.

            • I won’t be popular for saying this, but looking at the pictures of the people mentioned in this article, they are overweight and could stand to loose several pounds. They would lead a healthier life, and might be taken more seriously when applying for a fulltime job.

              If someone has the training and education to be a teacher, they need to go to work, even as a substitute, to improve their financial situation.

              I am skeptical about the reference to the number of native Americans who have food insecurity. The statistics quoted do not line up well with the locations of the indian reservations in this country. Having worked on a reservation for ten years, I know many of the people suffered from obesity and diabetes. They may have very poor eating habits and if taught they could change those habits and lead healthier lives. And the food insecurity would diminish.

              • Its correct that several looked obese and some perhaps morbidly obese. Also, would love to see the correlation of single parent families with hunger families. Multi-child animal families typically require more than one adult provider. The destruction of the family has been intentional by government programs; but, its against-nature.

                • Neither of you understands why poor people are fat. When you have a limited amount of money to spend on food, you can’t afford most produce or meats. Instead you get what’s on sale, and the groceries push white bread, soda, American cheese, hot dogs–everything that’s bad for you. Also, many low-income neighborhoods don’t even have grocery stores, only convenience stores. The other reasons are: lack of education on how to cook, lack of a stove to cook on!

                  • Thank you. You said it better.

                  • sharon

                    Sorry but that’s bs. Everyone has an excuse and that’s a really bad one.

                  • Sorry sharonsj, I’m not “buying” any of that. I have fed, educated, and housed the “poor” for more than 40 of my 53 yrs. These people choose to eat and live the way they do. I didn’t have a choice as I was providing for my family as well as theirs. I have to eat what is on sale as well, the difference is I have to burn those calories to provide for them. NO sympathy for lazy, stupid, entitled. NONE.

                • I hate to point this out, but not everyone who is obese eats too much, and they can’t always lose weight by not eating. Not all fat people are fat because they live on twinkies and pizza either. Such generalizations are just wrong.

                  • Six: you are right…how do I know? I was once living with a much higher income. I ate meat and veges, fruits and good things. I was also taught that poor people were fat because they were lazy, etc. Fast forward 10 years, severe loss of income, I found out that processed (poison) food was most we could afford. Hence, weight gain….I’m not lazy and (I do not eat twinkies or crap) I have a new understanding of why poor people are fat.

                    This is all by design….

                  • Sixpack:
                    I agree. Putting people in the same box isn’t fair. I Preach this all the time when they say LEO’s are all bad. Thanks you being so intelligent.

                  • you are right on that sixpack. The only thing i would add is i commend parents who actually prepare the food for their kids. There are a lot of lazy parents who just buy processed lunchables for their children that cost a arm and leg that really don’t satisfy a kids food needs. much of the parents that are buying these things at convenience stores on their snap cards are paying top dollar for them.
                    I understand there are many people in need of assistance and i support the idea of helping them out. But on the other end of it i think stricter regulations should be put on what you can buy. For starters you should be only allowed to buy foods you have to prepare and it should be only at grocery stores so you are getting a better price compared to convenience stores.

                  • Could you please name one person who is obese from eating fruits, veggies, and meat. (They would be a medical anomaly).

              • The us government has crippled what’s left of the American Indians. They are being killed with kindness.

                • They crippled the American Indians the exact same way they are crippling the poor today. They pen them up on reservations (we call it public housing) they feed them (snap) provide for their needs (welfare) and then eventually they shave more and more off of those “benefits” until the poor of today are in just as bad shape as the American Indians. Totally dependent on the Government which has all but abandoned them.

              • Indian reservations usually run on a socialist system. Everything belongs to the tribe. Residents have had all ambition bred out of them. There are surely a few exceptions, but they usually leave the reservation.

                • Again, same with the poor of today.

              • They’re overweight precisely BECAUSE the food stamp program gives them just enough money to buy food that is CRAP; and they sure as heck don’t want them growing their own, HEALTHY food. They are not eating real food, its processed crap that has very little nutritional value.

                Hunger is not just about empty bellies, its about NOT filling those bellies with empty calories. Just because they’re fat doesn’t mean they’re not starving for soem actual nutrition

                • I used to live in the slums, saw more spent on lottery tickets, drugs, booze, hookers, than on food. Food stamps don’t tell you what to buy, you eat junk food that’s your issue. No such thing as empty calories for HUNGER, malnutrition another issue. Nothing in the story about that. Anyone on a limited budget should buy a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, and watch their protein. I don’t understand a trained teacher that cannot find a job. Something else going on their. And yes, times are tough, finding money for rent, medical and lots of other items is TOUGH. But diluting skim milk? I call BULL SH. I go to 3-4 stores and the price of whole milk is the same. I have ALWAYS used oat meal in meatloaf, and I like TVP in it, so I’d advise the lady to learn to cook.

                  • Paranoid: On a similar(SP?)note;
                    Food Banks: I’ve had to use their
                    services- and i have seen people
                    throw away the Oats,Beans,Rice,etc.
                    Or anything Non-Instant. Makes me
                    Sick. Usually the ‘Dorito SNAP’ crowd…
                    Icould go on and on; Why bother?

                  • hallelujah, can get rice very cheap. Noodles. Even turkey. Seems then ought to provide a “how to eat well on a budget” flier with each handout check. Unlike some posting here, I’ve spent some time in the ghetto – the real problems there are not poverty. Drug addiction, prostitution, abuse, etc. Starting kids is a reflection of unfit parents. Throwing money at a drug addict or someone too damn lazy to work isn’t going to make them somehow magically become a good person and start feeding their kids.

                • son of sam

                  your 100% right but also consider this i have seen these so called welfare mothers close to the end of the month and there snap card only has x amount left on it and there is a week to go till its reloaded

                  i have watched them put back all the fruit veggies and good food and take the boxes of hamburger helper and garbage bags of chips crap white bread etc

                  cause “theys aint gotz enough money left”
                  and My “Babbys iz hungry”

                  last year the city where i live had a Bus set up as a mobile food / fruit stand and it toured the ghetto areas in town the children were allowed to go on the bus and pick 2 types of fruit to take home
                  2 PIECES !!! the reason for this so called program was to introduce what fruit looks like
                  you have to F@$#ing be kidding 70% of the children in the ghetto areas of my city are Mexican they know what fruit looks like

                  needless to say the program was scrapped due to low demand

                  most of the people on welfare are uneducated low class idiots and have no desire to better them selves they like being on the public dole and getting as many hand outs as they can

                  skittle shittin unicorn

              • Jasmine In America we are growing a generation of Tele Tubbies. They consume hormone laced food that causes then to get fat and mature quickly. the children develope a pot gut & breast at ten years of age. Even the boys need to wear a bra. Fat & lazy taking parasites. I don’t care if their sickly and die at a young age.

                • OG is correct.

                • What’s wrong with a big guy wearing a bra? That’s being considerate of others so that they don’t have to look at big, sloppy moobs with hairy nips showing. Ever seen what a 450 lb man looks like when his moobs are hanging low? I HAVE and it ain’t a purty sight.
                  It’s MUCH better to see a big man wear a bra….

              • One of the problems is that carbs are cheap compared to protein, fruit and veggies. Taters, pasta, bread, etc will put pounds on you and leave you nutritionally deficient.

              • The reason these people are obese is that the cheapest thing they can buy is loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. They can’t afford real food and if they could they don’t know how to cook it.

            • My Aunt, rest her soul, said to me

              in conversation about the hard times

              of her family in the Great Depression

              and a comment her Dad made to her Mom

              at dinner once: “What the hell, Nell,

              did that chicken walk through this

              soup on stilts!??”

              Such as it was during the days of

              hunger and want back then, returning

              now to haunt us like a bad memory.

              • Food Insecurity? WTF is that? Must be some politically correct name for being hungry.

                • wrong
                  i’m glad i’m not the only one that saw that. also what is “at risk for hunger”.

                  • “At risk for hunger” is when you loose your food stamps.

                  • Wrong — yer crackin’ me up.

                    Maybe food insecurity is paranoid potatoes

                    and psychotic eggs with delusional toast. lol

                • Food Insecurity is a term that is now being used because “hungry” stopped working. An overweight person can be seen as not hungry, but… if they are uncertain if they are able to buy their next McMeal then kabam, they are “food insecure”, and deserving of government help.

                  • 64 percent of adults in the USA are either overweight or obese! 33 percentage of boys age 2- 19 are overweight and 30 percent of girls age 2-19 are overweight. I don’t buy it blame it on everything else but the real reason. It’s a hell of a lot easier to throw pizza rolls in the microwave than to throw a family pack of chicken thighs In the oven or skillet. It’s called laziness. It is actually more expensive to buy the processed food than it is to buy whole foods. How many different foods can you get from a bag of potatoes? How many meals from a whole chicken? Or how about a couple dozen eggs and some oatmeal? It’s BS all of it. Has anyone been to a Golden Corral lately? Effing pigs! Sorry for the rant. Tired of listening to the excuses.

                  • Buck

                    I agree 100%. Processed “foods” are hardly even food. Read the damn label. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s not worth eating. Damn near 100% of box foods contain corn or something fake made of corn.

                    What do they feed little piggies before they go to market to fatten them up?
                    What do they feed cows before they go to market to fatten them up?


                • “Food insecurity” …must mean people being self-conscious about how their pees smells after eating asparagus.

              • Right now people are more in tune w/ the racial comments that Sterling said to his half black girlfriend. Somehow Sterlings words are more unacceptable and unjust than watching this country slide deeper into the abyss. Right now on Drudge, Sterlings photo is front and center w/ a powerful caption. Like all news whores, hes sensationalizing this and it will call in the Sharptons and the Jacksons and the next thing will be “hate speech” and the charge of a hate crime. Of course thats the planned manipulation to keep racial tension high and divide the country more. So much better to do that than focus on the real problem of hunger here in America.

                Meanwhile 49 million Americans are living w/ less $ for food, inadequate food, and poor diet choices.

                And to Michael Snyder, how about shitcanning the “food insecurity” nonsense and call it what it is: HUNGER. BAD FOOD DELIVERY SYSTEM. Your not talking to or part of the PC crowd so dont push that PC garbage on your readers.

                • Calgagus:

                  Yep, the most important news today is “racist”. We had better get used to that word because it will be used over and over again in the days ahead.

                  What better way to destroy patriots than call them racists. You dont like the fact that Detroit is a pigpen? You must be a racist.

                  You dont like the fact that our nations prisons are filled with criminals of all colors, you must be a racist.

                  You dont like tv programs and commercials that make white men and women look dumber than dirt and the black man a genius? You must be a racist.

                  Even Jesus Christ, when he told you who your enemies are, today he would be called a racist.

                  Sad world we live in when you cant even tell the truth without being called a racist……

                  • Granny, sure has been the #1 news story for the past 24 hours. Sterling might be a great guy or a jerk, but it used to be that in America you were entitled to your opinions and your beliefs and the Constitution allowed you the 1st Amendment to do so with. It also used to be a huge crime to tape record a private conversation w/out the other persons knowledge.
                    When Obama or Eric Holder slam white America, they get a pass since they got black blood. But I cant say I hate both of those SOBs because its automatically assigned to be racial bigotry. Well thats not true at all. Theyre both liars, traitors to America, and Muslim politicians who are more interested in furthering the radical agendas they believe in than what is in the best interest of the country.
                    Now the DOJ is going to study the crime rate of black vs white. We already know how this will end. Poor blacks are profiled, then arrested and its due to racism, not the fact that the blacks who commit the crimes had the same choices before them as the whites do. So well see some dumbass affirmative action remedy to get black cops on the street to protect the blacks who get arrested, maybe give them a pass instead. This will give us less blacks in prison and less unemployed blacks since theyll get jobs as cops on the beat. Let the illegals in and give them a pass. Let the blacks commit crimes and give them a pass. Send whitey the cracker to prison and put him in chains for retribution. Thats how the Black Panthers and Eric Holder the sympathizer racist thinks.

            • Society had pushed people towards dependency. Instead of Food Stamps the Government should be Giving out Packets of seeds every month. For $25 a person could plant an entire garden of food that will last for months. The first month, give a certificate for garden tools, the next month give out seeds. If you do not have land the Government gives you the use of a 25×25 foot garden plot that you work. No stealing other peoples plants. Then teach classes on how to harvest seeds for the next season. Before you get your partial food stamp class you need to learn how to raise chickens, next month raising rabbits, and so on. But you see the Food Stamp Program is not for the hungry but more Wealth Transfer by Tax payers to Big Corporate Agri. More Corporate Welfare. Just follow the Feds Money and who’s pockets does it end up in?

              • A LOT of food stamp money winds up in Walmart cash registers. “WhoWouddaThunkIt” is right. The purpose of food stamps is to transfer money from taxpayers to big business.

                Our little grocery store recently had 20 pounds of rice on sale for $10.99. Our hardware store recently had a sale of garden seeds 3 for a dollar. It is possible to eat for a lot less than most people think, but it takes a lot of work.

                When I was working for the census bureau, welfare people had enough money for steaks to Bar-B-Que. When I visited them I observed giant televisions in their living rooms and every member of the family had their own cell phones. The money the government paid for those things went into the coffers of the corporations.

              • The commies won’t let you raise chickens or rabbits. It’s bad for the environment. Don’t even think about raising a pig. Pigs mean you’re a racist and you don’t like Muslims.

          • I want to feel sympathy, I really do. But…! Where is the part where I should worry about women popping kids out right and left with now way to provide. If you can’t provide for you and offspring, don’t bring them into this world. It isn’t fair to the kids and you are only perpetuating the system of hopelessness and no future.

            • Not only is it not fair to the kids it isn’t fair to those who are responsible and don’t overpopulate. Consider how many resources 1 human consumes during the average lifetime… all the oil, textiles, landfil space, metals of every kind, fresh water, contamination from various sources, medical supplies, and on and on and on and on! Not to mention those who have no kids get fooked big time on property taxes (schools) and get no relief on income taxes (pay the full amount to subsidize some assholes kids brainwashing) Draining resources and driving the price up for the rest, all in a race to see who can consume the most shit. In the end making the world unsustainable because of iresponsible reproduction. But, but I have a right to have all the kids I want… NOT WHEN IT CAUSES THE RESPONSIBLE ONES HARM! Selfish moronic mental midgets spewing out more and more consuming parasites get what they deserve when they go hungry or gas is 7.00 a gallon. Thanks for dragging everyone with you you selfish self absorbed retarded wanton wasteful POS. Natural law is the only real law, you have the right to do anything you want as long as no one else is harmed. But then I don’t suppose you consider overpopulation as doing any harm? Nature will win in the end it always does. And no Im not some greenie freak I just live in truth.

              • LOL keep them red thumbs coming but before you do please refute what I said. I will gladly debate anyone who disagrees 🙂 You want the truth? YOU cant handle the truth lol… (good to see a lot of peeps here see and know the truth by the way)

                  • JQP:

                    A reply to your post about the Jew being appointed to the feral reserve is blocked so I will post it here.

                    Anyone still believing that the feral reserve is not an israelie bank in disguise is just fooling themselves.

                    How convenient that old Joe Public USA is financing the demise of himself and the world. Fools we are and fools we will remain until there is a great awakening.

                • It’s ironic…people always slam the Bible regarding the word “dominion.” God didn’t mean for us to dominate and subjugate this world, thus destroying its resources. As dominion also means a “territory of influence,” it is more than obvious that He meant that we were to be stewards, caring for the land and its inhabitants and ecosystems…and we have massively failed.

                  If we had or could ever agreed to complete our stewardship as honorably as God intended us to do, these problems wouldn’t exist. The consequence for our failure is starvation and famine.

                  And that’s the truth.

                  • Yep PWY, If we had or could ever agreed to complete our stewardship as honorably as God intended us to do, these problems wouldn’t exist. The consequence for our failure is starvation and famine.

                    And death and disease and suffering etc. That is the truth. People who overpopulate are bad stewards and short sighted idiots. The law of god IS natural law, If you dont obey there will be consequences..

                • Ok heres one of my experiences with learning truth…
                  Years ago I took a class in common law/ soveriegnty.
                  The man that taught it was extremely smart and knew his stuff. It was very info dense and took a while to sink it all in but when it did… I had the revelation you can’t imagine! Everything became crystal clear to me and I saw that everything around me was a fraud! It took me about a week to get back to my senses I was so overcome by the realizations that kept coming to me. These evil bastards have every base covered! Financial, spiritual, conceptual, physical, etc. the people of this planet live in a total manufactured reality! They have it down so well it is almost impossible to live outside theyre grasp. It was horrifying yet amazing how the web we live in operates. Pure genius from theyre occult (hidden) knowledge on how to totally control humans. If you have never had a revelation downloaded to you you don’t have a clue what Im talking about. Those of you who have know exactly what I mean. The web we have over us is beyond imagination it is everywhere and has its tenticles in everything. Many years later I had another revelation downloaded in me about life, love, creation, the creator. Again it took me about a week to get back to my normal senses as all the effect set in. The universe is amazing beyond any description and I know this life here aint all there is, Im just experiencing the human part. Again unless you have had this happen to you you have no clue what I mean. (no I wasnt on drugs either lol). But both of these experiences are set in me and are pure truth and a gift from my creator. I get a little aggrivated sometimes that others cant see what seems so obvious to me and I find myself falling into a dislike for mankind because of theyre ignorance and stupidity. Please forgive me if I am harsh sometimes I just want the truth to be known and if you can refute what I say please do because if theres one thing I hate it’s being wrong… The truth needs to be said and known and it will set you free, don’t ignore it no matter how unpleasant it is 🙂

                  • Paragraphs are your friend.

                  • My mother’s solution when I was young:

                    PINTO BEANS
                    Folks on limited budgets can stretch their budget with a tasty, nutritious combination of pinto beans and corn (or rice, 4/1).
                    A mixture of two parts corn and one part beans is almost equal in protein quality to fresh milk.
                    1 cups beans
                    5 cups water (approx.)
                    1 garlic cloves, minced, onions
                    1 teaspoons paprika
                    1 teaspoon chili powder
                    salt to taste

                    Remove rocks, seed & bad beans from pintos. Wash and cover with water and let the beans soak overnight. Put in a bit of honey or sugar. Add garlic/onions to pintos, place over heat, cover and simmer. Add water during cooking to keep pintos covered. Cooking time will be three to six hours. Add paprika and chili powder when the pintos are about half done and, when tender, add salt and cook 15 to 20 minutes or until the juice has slightly thickened.
                    (Sprinkle with cheese to taste.)

                  • Genius; !000 thumbs up to you!!! Its easy to fool the people,its harder to prove to them that they have been fooled.
                    Now here is an idea,We better check out of this Matrix before its to late too.We need to eliminate the governments ,Banksters, Big Corporations,and their tentacles that have such a grip on all of us! Turn the power back to the states oF “We the People”.Become independent and responsible for our own lives and families without any dependance on anyone.The system as it is is unsustainable and will soon collapse!
                    In this state their is a welfare program that works> If someone needs a leg up they are required to go to the the farms,the orchards and the store houses and work for the food! But even here most has found a way to go the easy way out with government assistance,mainly because once your tied to that system it become an addiction and sickness (GMO) food…Solution Big Pharma and Medical Hospitals Pay me!! The Zionist have the system based on the “Seven Deadly Sins” of which most subscribe?

                    Myself ? I have just about become totally self sufficient,of course they won’t leave me the f**k alone Property tax and regulation that they continue, to try not allow me to be”being off the grid” Any way i could go on but,just like what happened the other day at the Bundy Ranch when these pure evil goons shot and buried these cattle when so many people are going hungry! They could care less about “We the People” They just want more Power, Greed, and Money!!!!!
                    Its past time that we awaken to this and change ourselves one person at a time or the end result will be our own demise > and soon!!!

                  • Genius:

                    Great post!

                • I may not agree with all of your phraseology, but I do agree with your point 🙂

                  • WATCH THE CORN, TONTO!!! Most corn nowdays is GMO and toxic as hell… it won’t kill you immediately; its just a gradual thing, but corn is the worst thing in the world you can eat nowdays, thanks to Monsanto. If its organic, there is no problem, but please do not eat corn thats not organic– you shall truly regret it.

                    Also, for popcorn (which is really toxic as hell!) instead, buy organic popcorn and pop it your self in a brown paper bag… its simple as heck! Look it up on the Internet!

                • Genius:
                  Ok I’ll debate you, Damn but first You have to give me something to debate you with.
                  Your comments are 100% correct!!!!! Keep up the good work my friend.

                  • you must care for the widow not the hoe who has 5 kids that look like a benneton ad. you must care for the infirm not 2 ton terry in a hovaround that cant
                    “deal” with people and get a ss check there are those who need help but there are those that wont help themselves the latter should know what TRUE hunger is and they will change, or not potters field for for them , meh, im pissed!

              • Very well said! It is an act of pure selfishness to continue having children when one cannot provide for them and you have no future prospects to earn enough to provide for them. There is also another problem that creates a negative feedback loop for the poor: once they are burdened with childcare duties they are less flexible and able to take-up opportunities that are out there. They are stuck where they are and thus end up falling back on the state to keep them alive. This has a big impact on the economy because the action and growth is happening in certain places and yet many of the poor are stuck in communities where industries have been dying for decades.

                We should be working to optimum world population, not trying to grow it even higher. The world can probably sustain very well about a billion people, that is it. The world cannot sustain very well 10 billion people.

                • The earth has already exceeded it’s “carrying capacity” to use a farming term. 7 billion now, another billion in 11 years and another billion 10 years after that …. crunch time is coming as it cant last and wont last!


                  • READY:
                    I really don’t think the earth has exceeded its capacity.
                    Here is why. In Illinois the farmers are paid not to plant fields. In Illinois alone we could produce at least another 15 to 30% more crops. Now add that to about 40 more states that produce food for the world and you will see what I’m mean.

                    Its not that I don’t agree with you about too many people and not enough food I do. Its like when there is a lot of rabbits you will start seeing more fox, but when the rabbits are thinned out by the fox you will start seeing less fox because they don’t have any food. We will go the same route, but we have still many years before that happens. I think there will be other things thinning out the Human race before food. I could be wrong!

                  • Sgt. Dale, thanks for the comment above it does me good to see you understand and you are an intelligent man. I would like to make a point on the post about earth being over capacity you may want to think about. At current levels of population the resources are being drained at an alarming rate. It’s not about being able to produce more food (which requires massive amounts of fresh water) it’s about all the other resources I mentioned. I have worked with companies that manufacture mining equipment and you would not believe how huge this stuff is! There are strip mines so big they can be seen from space running 24 hours a day with hundreds of multi million dollar trucks and excavators on just one site.
                    This is happening all over the world in order to fill the demands of consumption of the population. Do you think this can last forever? It is insane how fast we are gobbling up finite resources to keep the current population going. If you ever get a chance go to a mining tradeshow and see the equipment and capacity of it and ask them how sales are. The U.S. isnt a good indicator of mining but the rest of the world is going full tilt especially south america and australia all in an effort to satisfy demand.
                    Landfills are reaching capacity and ground contamination is rising rapidly from pesticides, herbicides, etc. Fracking is destroying the ground water and nuclear power plants are leaking into the water and ground. All of this in an effort to maintain the current status.
                    I would say we ARE way over capacity especially if you look at it long term (50 years let alone the next 1000 years). There is no way this can continue without a massive crisis and die off of people.
                    This is not just my opinion it is a fact, something to think about my friend…

                  • Genius:
                    Reading what you had written I see where you are coming from. I do agree with you.
                    My fear or belief is that we will have some kind of war before we get to the limit of our earth.
                    I believe that population will be reduced by this war and we here (I pray) that have prepared will live through it and start a new.

                  • Sarge, it seems like wars are always our answer to problems. A sad state of affairs here on this plantation planet. Gawd how I wish we could just scour this earth of all the psycopaths and live under 1 rule, THE GOLDEN RULE! Free at last, thank gawd almighty wez free at last! (still dreaming) 🙂

              • So, from this response I deduce that because I (we) have six children I (we) are therefore;

                *screwing over non-populating folks with taxes they ought not have.
                *Drain resources
                *Selfish consumer of goods, services, and land resources.
                *Consume more shit than others.
                *Are moronic.
                *Are mental midgets.
                *My children are parasites (Wow, and WOW again) who get what they deserve, if they ever should go hungry.
                *Draggin everyone down with me (us).
                *Self absorbed.
                *A piece of shit.

                Wow. Thank you for enlightening me(we). I will quickly go out an obtain a doctor (using more medical resources) and get my tubes tied and my husband will also a vasectomy. Additionally, I wonder if my children could be sterilized as well, hmmm?

                Gosh, thank you for this bit of advice. We just NEVER KNEW what we were doing. I am so humbled by your insults and feel utterly ashamed of the horror (oh the HORROR) we have inflicted upon society.

                And to think we, stupidly, believed our God…that children are a blessing and will be a gift in our old age (silly, naive fools we are). It makes no difference we home school and yet still pay a crazy amount of taxes for all those children that aren’t ours either. Oh, and we live on one income, but it is a comfortable living. We want for nothing and are not on the government dole. Never mind that we garden, raise animals, and live in a tiny house BY CHOICE. That we don’t own not one electronic gaming device nor do we waste our money with foolish, plastic toys. Or that we use grey water to water the many trees on our property.

                No, none of that matters now that you have so KINDLY shared your vast knowledge and understanding with us. We have truly seen the light. We are still farting and pooping in the toilet, after all and that causes issues as well know 😉

                Thank you. I am tempted to slap my husband and line up all our children to be slapped as well, for being moronic and parasites (that will teach ’em).

                You, sir, are a jackass of the highest order.

                • I also realize you may have possibly not intended you response to have been directed at folsk who ARE responsible, as we are. But you didn’t differentiate much that I could read (maybe the retard is at work there).

                  I am sick and tired of people blaming big families for resource abuse when many of us have never been on the government dole and are paying for all the lazy slobs who have no sense of self respect to get up off the sofa and GET A JOB.

                  We have gone out of our way to not be consumers. We do not want our children believing they get their own rooms, fit with TVs and gaming devices. I am no ‘soccer’ mom, running my children all over town to attend different hobbies. Nor do we have a house full to the brim of crap. It is amazing how inexpensive Christmas can actually be!

                  I am just so damn sick of it. The large family hating people of the world. Being called ‘breeders’. Honestly, I just want to say, “Screw you” next time I hear it. I just might.

                  I usually prefer my childrens company to almost any other person except my spouse. They make this hard life worth living on most days.

                • OK Late, good to know you try and keep your consuming to a minimum. What I said is true, if your kids go to public school you are by proxy using govt. armed robbery to pay for theyre schooling. If you write them off on your taxes you are getting a huge break while those that don’t breed uncontollably pay the slack. From 2 (you and your spouse) come 6 more for a total of eight. If those 6 offspring have 3 kids each that makes 18 in 20 yrs. If those have 3 kids each in 40 years thats 54. If those have 3 kids each in 60 years that makes 162. If those have 3 kids each in 80 years thats 486. If those have 3 kids each in 100 years that makes 1458! So if your kids have half as many kids as you that makes 1458 people from the original 2 of you! Sounds pretty irresponsible to me. Pretty simple math really and I see no way you can defend that. So you say your not a burden on others? Ok then home school your kids and DO NOT write them off on your taxes. Oh you won’t do that? Then you are condoning the theft of others money to pay for your responsibilities! I know it doesnt sound very nice but most truth doesn’t. How many resources will 1458 people consume? You are short sighted and irresponsible and have no valid explanation for it. I guess the point of my post totally escapes you because you are in denial of the facts, have any valid intelligent comebacks? I welcome them, good day

                  • Seems as though I couldn’t possibley have any valid responses as you have already declared me to be retarded. However, I will do my best….der…

                    First of all we are not allowed a tax write off. See, then we would a be considered a non-profit. Since we want ZERO government involvement in how we educate our children, we wouldn’t write a off IF WE COULD. Which we can’t. So…on we go into our 15th year of home schooling. Paying it all by our self. It really isn’t all that expensive to do anyhow. The books get passed down as do the clothes and toys. To be clear, we get to home school our kids, at our expense and still get RAPED for taxes, just like you, to educate the ILLITERATE AMERICAN MASSES. It is disgusting that we are forced to pay for a totally broken system. But, we are.

                    Though you seem to have adequate math ability, you are a dolt. You have not considered that some of my children may not be able to have children. Others will only have one or maybe two (replacing just the couple) and finally, you have the factoid of death of a child, grand-child, or great grand-child before they have reproduced. Your math is not a true reflection of the end result except in a perfect scenario. Why don’t you figure that into your equation, huh?

                    Just wait and see my friend. Things are not on the up and up. We have musloids breeding at an astounding rate. They will fill in any and all breeding failures of the rest of us. Oh, you don’t believe that? Educate yourself.

                    As far as the resources go…puleez. Take a drive (but this will take using resources, so you might not want to) in any state. Enjoy the view, its rolling hills or empty flat land, or dense forest. Amazing how you can drive on and on and not see a soul. You probably think it is all tapped of resource, though your eyes betry your thoughts.

                    So many people in this country, in fact MOST, in this country are wasteful. They use and throw away. They all have their disposable, plastic water bottles of which they drink 6 a day to get their daily water requirements. They replace their cars regularly, their carpets, their furniture…tossing all those incandescent light bulbs, electric car batteries and just where do you think it goes? But hey, the gooberment says…We are a consumer society, born and raised that way. What else do we expect. It boggles the mind ya’ll. The problem ISN’T us large families, it is the mindset. The drive everywhere and have it all. Truthfully, our problems really come down to morality. How can we expect an immoral populous to behave morally? We get all pist off when a young woman is pregnant out of wedlock and on the food stamps. But, the problem she has is IMMORALITY not simply a bad method of birth control.

                    I think you just rounding everyone with a child into one group is evidence of your disease. You cannot possibly be a conservative or a libertarian with your foolish thinking. Good grief, you remind me of someone who would be for a death panel….because the person alive is taking resources (medical care, oxygen, space). You must be a liberal lunatic.

                    So, who the hell is gonna care for you in your old age?

                    I am far from short sighted. I am certainly not irresponsible. I see the point of your post, I simply do not agree. But in your arrogance you will chalk it up to who knows what so you can continue to buy into your greenpeace bullshit.

                  • Though you seem to have adequate math ability, you are a dolt. You have not considered that some of my children may not be able to have children. Others will only have one or maybe two (replacing just the couple) and finally, you have the factoid of death of a child, grand-child, or great grand-child before they have reproduced. Your math is not a true reflection of the end result except in a perfect scenario. Why don’t you figure that into your equation, huh?

                    The figures I posted do not include all the parents of those kids that will also be living so that is an added amount but excluding having fewer kids and deaths etc. helps balance those numbers. Even if they had 2 kids each the number would be around 900 or so. Even if the number was 400 it doesnt change the fact that you are responsible for 400 added people to the population. If everyone thought like you this world would have ended long ago. Long term your thinking is ignorant and selfish.

                    Just wait and see my friend. Things are not on the up and up. We have musloids breeding at an astounding rate. They will fill in any and all breeding failures of the rest of us. Oh, you don’t believe that? Educate yourself.

                    Musloids etc. are also part of the problem, there is no race or religion equation in the big picture, population vs. resources and pollution are the big picture.

                    As far as the resources go…puleez. Take a drive (but this will take using resources, so you might not want to) in any state. Enjoy the view, its rolling hills or empty flat land, or dense forest. Amazing how you can drive on and on and not see a soul. You probably think it is all tapped of resource, though your eyes betry your thoughts.

                    Now heres a well thought out answer lol. Lets all make a bunch of kids until we have no more beautiful places because we needed to grind them up to support the wanton population growth.

                    So many people in this country, in fact MOST, in this country are wasteful. They use and throw away. They all have their disposable, plastic water bottles of which they drink 6 a day to get their daily water requirements. They replace their cars regularly, their carpets, their furniture…tossing all those incandescent light bulbs, electric car batteries and just where do you think it goes? But hey, the gooberment says…We are a consumer society, born and raised that way.

                    And what makes you think your kids and theyre kids won’t be like that? You have no control over how anyone else will act. Are yo so naive that you think everyone in your ever expanding family will think like you?

                    I think you just rounding everyone with a child into one group is evidence of your disease. You cannot possibly be a conservative or a libertarian with your foolish thinking. Good grief, you remind me of someone who would be for a death panel….because the person alive is taking resources (medical care, oxygen, space). You must be a liberal lunatic.

                    I am anything but liberal and in fact I despise liberals. I do not conform to any party or groupthink I think for myself. The things Im saying are cold hard FACTS. Facts that you still cannot refute obviously just revert to lame labeling. Every person on this earth uses up resources that are finite, but you are special, you can breed all you want without any thought of the future.

                    So, who the hell is gonna care for you in your old age?

                    Holy shit that is the most selfish reason there could possibly be for having kids. Wow talk about bullshit! You just totally stuck your foot in your mouth there oh self centered one..

                    I am far from short sighted. I am certainly not irresponsible. I see the point of your post, I simply do not agree. But in your arrogance you will chalk it up to who knows what so you can continue to buy into your greenpeace bullshit.

                    I do not subscribe to greenpeace or any other bullshit organizations. If these people were for real they would be addressing the biggest issues that are killing the planet, fukashima, BP spill, nuclear power plants, fracking, chemtrails etc. not some crap about driving an suv. All in all overpopulation is the biggest problem we face but you can’t see that because you refuse to use logic and common sense and critical thinking. Tell me how growing the population is sustainable and logical and good for us.

                    Ever watch the movie idiocracy?

            • ***And she limited herself to one meal a day so her kids — ages 3, 4, 13, and 16 — would have enough to eat.***

              Bingo–my thoughts exactly, Faith.

              • Notice she spaced the first two–but had the last two in two years.

                • Different fathers I’ll bet Jay Jay – she went around the block a second time.


                • New daddy??

                  • Who da baby daddy ?

            • @ Faith of the fallen. Responsible birth control is something that won’t happen. As long as the system makes it economically the only way to survive by having a bunch of family members to take care of you or to be used as dependents that the government will give someone a bigger welfare check, it is destined to get a lot worse. Just like the economic debt, people can too expand e to the x. Arable land is finite, and someday there will definitwely not be enough ground to grow enough food.

              It is awful to bring a child into the world without any hope for a good life. India is a country like this and will likely be the starting point for the next super Andromeda strain virus killer that breaks out. India is a perfect petri dish with the hot humid climate in which trash and human excrement is not properly disposed of and allowed to fester in the slums around India. This country is the example of unchecked wild population explosion, and if WW3 doesn’t end human civilization, the likely patient zero starting point of the worst 90 to 99.9% killer virus ever.

              • Resource depletion is the 800 pound gorilla waiting to stomp humans into dust. All the easy stuff is gone. Minerals, oil, gold, clean water, etc. Gone. Now comes the wailing and gnashing of teeth as we witness the massive die off from wars, famine, basically the four horsemen.

                • .02

                  Good to see you posting again. Where have you been?

            • A lot of kids go hungry because mom sold the food stamps to get meth or lottery tickets. Many of these moms need sugery to help them keep their legs closed. My sister—on SSDI has an Iphone 5 and a $200/month cable package. BTW, she has nothing but contempt for any of you rich people–rich being defined as earning enough to p[ay the taxes that support her. You are not giving her nearly enough.

            • when they have more kids they get more welfare

            • I dont see how there can be many people who are food insecure,as the US government is still taking monies from my pay check to support the lazy. Thus the needs of these moochers is forcing a lower standard of living on me.

          • Ibn Az-Zubair reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.”

            Source: Sunan Al-Kubra Al-Bayhaqi 19049

            • Its hard to be charitable when some people refuse to exercise self restraint and personal responsibility. In the example given the woman already had two kids, so why more, ten years later?

              Sex is the recreation of the poor. If she was able to limit her production for almost ten years, why not continue to use birth control? She obviously CHOSE to have more kids.

              If you make your bed, you will surely lie in it. That said, she should probably hit her local food banks. There is no good reason for anyone to go hungry in America. There are also soup kitchens available where people can get a hot meal.

              Why were her food stamps cut, Michael? 🙁

              • Note that she had these extra kids AFTER the crash of 2008. DUH!!! 🙁

                • Much of the food handed out at food banks goes in the trash unless it’s microwaveable.

                  • This is so true. Our local food pantry will not take farm eggs. I asked why, fearing some silly federal law forbidding it perhaps. No, I was told that the pantry would pay no heed to such restriction, the problem is that no “hungry” person would take eggs when offered. Anything that required more then one step (you have to break an egg, cook it, AND throw away the shell) will not be accepted by these poor people who so desperly need free food. They will however take hamburger, so I asked about taking several steps to cook. It was explained to me, the raw hamburger was not cooked, just fed to the pets.

                    In the end I was told I was not wanted (I was there to volunteer) because I questioned this behavior.

                  • You got that right. My wife “use to” donate some of her time to work in a local food bank. She didn’t last very long because of the people that came in. Anything fresh got thrown out. Any flour, sugar, eggs that were donated were left sitting on the shelves. The only thing these slobs wanted was crap in boxes. Junk foods. They didn’t know what to do with it if it wasn’t add water and warm up.

                • You noticed that, too DK?

              • Cant feed ’em, don’t breed ’em! (With sympathy and apologies to those very few who through no fault of their own have landed on hard times)


              • Dk I’ll tell ya why she has lost $40, it because of Bundy, thats right if Bundy would stop stealing GRASS from the gov and start paying his due, she would have her money and more. I would like to know who this guy thinks he is, generations of supporting himself and his family. I think the Militia and that group should be rallying around this woman and her kids, not Bundy, who wont pay his share..Sarcasm off..

                • PA Farmer: You hit the nail on the head!!! 🙂 Why didn’t I make that connection??? I must be slipping in my old age!!!

                  There are a lot of deadbeats out there like Rancher Bundy who are not paying their fair share; including the multinationals who are not paying any income taxes on many Tens of Billion of Dollars of Revenue.

                  Does GE really need a subsidy when there is hunger in America, and a Millionaire Rancher has to steal grass for his herd to make ends meet? I think not!!! 🙂

                  • DK, lol, I,ll agree with you, their are plenty of them out there raping us out of are tax money that could be doing some good. I dont think Bundy is one of them, look at the pic’s by his house, he has junk Refrigerators and stuff around. It dosnt look like a millionaires house to me.

                  • PA Farmer: Doesn’t Rancher Bundy have 56 grandkids? How many wives does he have? How many kids? Where he lives is Mormon Fundamentalist Country.

                    Personally, I don’t care how many wives and kids and grandkids he has …. I just want him (and the multinationals) to pay for his feed and his taxes. 🙂

            • Islamic:
              We are also taught in Christianity to help our neighbors. To help feed the hungry, to give them the shirt off our backs if it is asked for. We are also taught that a person that will not care for his family is worst than an Infidel.
              No one here wants to see any child go hungry, but if it is another person child or my child I believe it is up to me to take care of my child first. You take on taking care of your child first when you have them.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • Sgt,I dont wanta see anybody hungary, I know I’ve been there my life hasnt always been this thorny bed of roses I have now. Its the waste that kills me, I dont know the real numbers but .03 cents of a dollar makes it to any of these gov programs. Look at a prison inmate between 40-50,000. a year, really I could be driving a Porsche eating steak every night, and have a maid. The waste needs to stop..As the saying go’s how much longer are we gona put up with this..

                • back when I was either 19 or 20 years of age, I had about $3.00 left for the week for food. I bought a loaf of bread and a jar of honey. lasted me the week, and the good thing about it, is now I will eat anything. I used to be picky. funny how fast one can learn to appreciate things.

                • Zsa Zsa Gabor is from Hungary, and I don’t wan’t to see her either.

          • “And O my people! Give full measure and weight in justice and reduce not the things that are due to the people, and do not commit mischief in the land, causing corruption.” (Surah Hud 11:85)

            • From the previous post on reading the Koran. I have read some of the koran and became sickened by most of it. I have seen countless Coptic Christians butchered, many of them children, on the sole reason that they were Christians. I have seen people in iran, pakistan, afghanistan, saudi arabia and other countries tortured and executed because they said something against the koran. I have seen people throughout practically every muslim country fined, imprisoned, and again murdered by not just the radical muslims, but by the government because they committed “blasphemy” against the koran, the prophet muhhammad, or some other “crime” against islam.

              Peaceful wise religion? Hey right.

              You spit on the koran in saudi arabia and you will get lucky if you only get 2000 lashes and 5-10 years in prison.

              There is NO other major religion that murders others based on belief other than islam. You don’t see Christians, Jewish people, or even atheists going into some mosques and machine gunning down everyone. You do see this with islam. You see these towel heads go and shoot little girls while they hold their Bibles.

              Islam is a religion of pure evil.

              Allah is not God, Allah is another word for Satan.

              The prophet muhammad was into molesting very yound children and bestiality, especially dogs and pigs.

              The koran is the devil’s handbook. IF this wasn’t true then you would not have the torture and suffering by those that go by it.

              Islam only has a similar belief in headhunters.

              There are many documented cases all over the internet about suffering because of islam.

              No other religion has mass riots and hundreds of deaths because some cartoonist in Denmark published cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad as some preverted pedophile and some weirdo to be laughed at.

              The koran not only needs to be burned, but dumped into a pile of pig or cow manure. The koran is a book that has resulted in millions, no make that tens of millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of people suffering throughout the world. Like I said, the devil’s handbook.

              • ANYONE that would like to see EVIL verses from the islamic koran and see just what a total devil’s handbook it is, please switch on this link as proof:


                ANYONE can see the verses from the koran that talks about the shear violence this satanic cult brings to millions. Since the prophet muhammad was taken to hell in 632, AT LEAST tens of millions of people have died as the result of islam through holy wars and genocide. The muslims are so stupid that the shiites and sunnis can’t even get along. While the U.S. was in Iraq the dumbsh@#$ couldn’t even stop fighting amoungst themselves and concentrate on the occupying force. Islam = stupidity and shear evil savage barbarism.

                • BeInformed:

                  Dont want your posts to be too one sided. How about some verses from the Talmud. Ever researched that book, BI?

                  Surely we both can agreed, being Christians, that both of those books are an abomination to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and Christianity.

                  • And…. can anyone say with a straight face that the Bolshevik Jews that slaughtered millions in Russia were Muslims?

              • Before Mohammed, Islamic culture was technologically ahead of the rest of the world. Around the time of Mohammad, Islam froze in time. Name one major invention created by Islam in the last 1000 years. And no, the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count.

              • BI; Thanks, I was hoping someone was going to stand up to this infiltration. Sorry, I do not have any tolerance for Islam. None. Call me whatever you like…


          • BI, I call hunger a weapon used to make those who face it to conform.

          • BI, just think, Harry Reid and his BLM thugs are doing everything in their power to be sure that the amount of “arable land” that is available, dwindles even farther. Agenda 21 means NONE OF US will likely have a patch of dirt to call a garden…

            • Sixpack:

              Suppose BI can blame Harry Reid, the BLM thugs, and Agenda 21 on the mooslums?

              Just exactly where, I am asking, does BI stand as to who the true perpetrators behind all these anti-American acts are.

              He may know a lot about earthquakes Sixpack, seemingly posts as though he has a handle on TPTB, but is never either honest enough or hasn’t bothered to dig deep enough to post the truth about who they are.

              Pity that most here will not call him out….or the majority here believe it is the mooslums. We here on SHTF seem to pride ourselves in not parroting what the mainstream media want us to believe (that it is Islam and the mooslums) yet the green thumbs on some of the posters articles show that a lot of readers here have bought into the lies.

              Before you call me a muslim or a muslim supporter, I am not a muslim, dont know any muslims, do not support islam, but I do care who is not telling the truth.

              • Why would I call you names because of your point of view? I’ll leave that to the haters who can’t think of anything else to say.

        • Hiya Kula, I always wished stupidity and ignorance would be painful,,, looks like Im going to get my wish lol 🙂

        • Just Posted

          The Dangerous Summer:
          The Most Important Growing Season of Our Lives
          at RockyMountainCornDOTcom

          Kula and friends,
          It’s time to go all-out for food independence. We started the Rocky Mountain Corn Project two years ago to spread Painted Mountain Corn across the American Redoubt to lay a foundation for an independent food supply. Now, it’s catching fire and spreading all over.

          I urge all farmers and growers to do everything you can in your area of operation to develop your own farming and ranching networks outside big ag. I don’t have all the answers but hope that we the people can come up with viable decentralized alternatives in our communities. Everyone will know what works best for them in their own communities.

          It helps to cut out the middle-men. As an example, my family came up short this year in our usual supply of elk and venison and really didn’t like what we saw in the supermarkets. I found a rancher in the next county who produces extraordinary grass-fed beef.

          We are going in with some friends to get some halves and quarters directly from the rancher. Everybody benefits. The rancher gets more for his beef and we pay less than through the market and for a better product.

          I explained all this and more in “The Secret Weapon”, (RockyMountainCornDOTcom) and addressed what to do when they come for your food.


            “When they come for your food and guns, you want to have choices beyond that line in the sand. If you have a well-developed plan B, you will have the option of surrendering that rusty 30-30 and your obviously stored food, while living to fight another day at the time and place of your own choosing.

            Having your independent source of food allows you to step outside the boundaries of “the game” and stop dancing to the tune of the Hegelian Dialectic.

            You need enough stores and caches to survive the initial die-off and the means to grow your own food afterwards. Have a bug-out plan B with multiple caches of H20 purification equipment, food, guns and ammunition, and seed. Step outside the game itself by having the means to start over.”

            Excerpt from “The Secret Weapon”.

            • Your statement about needing enough stores & caches to survive the initial die off are spot on. Being able to grow your resupply will be important. I think we will need to be nomadic and move with the seasons. The hunker in a bunker mentality wont ensure survival. Ill leave my place if necessary and burn it when I leave.

          • My husband travels the Central Ca Valley weekly. He is horrified at what it looks like. Because of the drought and the water fighting in this state, it is not gonna be a good year. Most of you out of this state get your produce from us and I wouldn’t could on it much this year unless you are willing to fork it over.

            I hope everyone has a garden. Animals are a good idea too.

            My husband wonders if beef prices will drop some because the dairy farmers slaughter when fed prices go up, which they will because of the drought. Though, I wonder if they will get higher because of so many being lost this last winter.

            Who knows for certain which way it will go in that respect. But one thing is for certain, food is going to cost more.

        • Please do NOT let politispeak make what is being done seem like less then what it is.

          This is not ” Food Insecurity”. This is the beginning of starving people out. That is correct, STARVING citizens – deliberate democide on the part of “our” government and others – AGAINST the people of America.

          Think not, then you better go back and see how Nazi Germany, Stalinist and Lenin Russia, and others started with their people. The difference is most of us are armed so they are being “gentler” with no less destruction because they want to take our weapons FIRST so that there is NO defense for us.

        • Kula, are you talking about those who have earned money to have things or those on the dole with the same things?

          I know both.

        • Well, I had to eat mustard sandwiches and ice cream for dinner a few times this past winter but thankfully, when I went to move all my things to this new place, I had tons of canned food and other stuff stocked up and made it through the rest of the period.

      2. The Government is working tirelessly to hold the masses in check, but only in order to maintain power until the next election. If the progressives lose the economy will crash and the blame will be placed in the lap of the Right, if they win/or hold they’ll continue on path until WWIII is necessary to cover the deception and reduce the world population.

        • The only hope we have is that conservatives win big in the mid-terms this year and then win back the white house in ’16.

          • Hate to tell you tex but there is getting to be no difference between the R’s and D’s in D.C. Both parties are driving this once great country over the edge. The big difference between the parties is who gets what money and which individual gets the special favors.

          • Your kidding right?

          • CT,

            As much as I’d like to believe that, I shed the idea of L/R long ago they’re both the same at this point, tragically sane people have almost no representation in the political realm.

            We are on our own and it makes it much easier to identify who the ultimate threat is.

            Good hunting

          • CT,
            Even though I hate to say it…there hasn’t been a republican party, let alone a conservative one, in many years. As much as it saddens me, there is only one political party now: The Government Party.

          • Win what?? There is nothing left to win.

          • Another ignorant Texan, when will you knuckleheads down there learn, there are NO Conservatives in public office (except for Ron Paul, maybe). There are only those who serve THEMSELVES!! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!! We have to keep treading over the same ground and wonder why we don’t get anywhere. As a country, we deserve what we have. We are simply not smart enough for anything better.

          • Sorry to drizzle on your hope CT but if Blubberbaby Boehner has his way, we’re going to have a shit ton of amigos voting in the elections and Oshitcare will be here to stay. Doesn’t sound like a lot of Dems at work to me……

            • You mean, the weeper of the house?

          • thanks tex
            i needed a good laugh this am

          • There is NO real difference between the dems and repubs. They candidate choice from either that is presented to us is PUT INTO POSITION to carry on with the destruction of the USA and the American people.

            When you say “conservatives”, etc you are describing a “faction” of which we warned against as they would be used against us to divide and conquer. Stand for the US Constitution, and each state’s Constitution as our legitimate government – but be aware that state Constitution’s online are being “rewritten” so that you will not know the truth of what it says – much like the “core” being taught to our children. (I know because I did a report on why all state Constitutions have certain things in common years ago and kept it.)

      3. Anyone with any space at all in their yard should already be learning how to grow vegetables. Plant a fruit tree, get chickens, rabbits, goats or whatever. Do something to get ready.

        • Joe, there are some responsible counties planting nut, fruit trees in the parks.
          What if every state mandated this?
          We’d have some food for the hungry; healthy, fresh fruit.

          • Scary that such a thing would have to be mandated. Instead, parks are full of useless trees and grass.

        • They are trying to now make it that they control ALL water. So that if even puddles from rain form on your property they control YOUR property and deny you the use of water – tax you on that which has sunk into the ground. Go research it.

        • I have all the things JOKAN mentioned and more. However Im not stupid enough to think when others are starving or the government wished to redistribute my food ill be able to keep mine and emerge unscathed. Ive stored useful things in remote locations accessible only by foot & pack animal. if there is a road or powerline you are not hidden from those who will take from you. You need to be hidden from thermal imaging also. Now for those who will call me a coward. Im old and not afraid to die. My desire is to see my grandchildren survive and carry on my DNA. My grandchildren are to young to fight and trying to defend against a overwhelming starving hoard is futile. Nope Ill run & hide with the little grand kids. I might even take a few young’uns under my wing that are not kin to me if it works out that way.

      4. I have, in the past, gone hungry to feed my son. I know what it feels like to be hungry. I also know what it is to work 3 jobs to make ends meet and feed myself and those I’m responsible for. If more people were responsible adults, maybe there would be less hunger in this country. Plant a garden, get another job…whatever it takes to feed your child.
        Yes we are in a recession/depression and yes prices are rising but ask some important questions. How many of the families at risk of hunger subscribe to cable? Cellphones? Internet? All those luxuries paid for with money that could be used for food. Just saying.

        • How many of these families spend fifty bucks a week for lotto tickets, buy dope and have a six pack every night. You pump them out they are your problem not mine unless you are family or a close friend.

        • Farmers Daughter,

          Hang in there. You are laying up treasures in heaven.

          • Thanks NO! My hunger days were years ago. I’m now a farming, prepping fool!! Keep doing good out there. We need more good people to make a difference.

        • Mississippi is full of those with large cable bills and internet fees and other unnecessary expenses sitting on front porches with bastard children running everywhere. They arent starving for anything except self respect and the incentive to work. Tbey have names like Latisha and name their many dependents names they get off soup cans and other items from the grocery stores where they have baskets piled high with the best cuts of meat and other foods that are paid for with your tax dollars.
          You can spoil adults just like you spoil children by giving them whatever they want without having them earn it.

          • When I got conservatorship of my dad, the lawyer asked me what my plan was ( knowing his mental state–the angry/agitated Alzheimer’s type) since we both knew it would quite literally come to fisticuffs if I moved dad to CT. I told him the plan wa to move back to MS when my oldest graduates HS next year. We have enough $$ to keep dad at home with sitters that long. He asked me why in the hell why would I want to move back to MS with all of the “white flight”. He said there are only half a dozen towns decent to live in now because the rest are overrun with blacks and white n!$$ers on welfare. All of the educated are leaving the state. nearby town wtih two hospitals is now overrun with gang activity. The towns are falling apart from lack of trickle down state income tax revenue.

            Personally, if. Nothing changes and I do have to move out there….plenty of like minded immediate neighbors. I know them all personally and grew up with them. We’ll buildout whatever we have to to be safe.

      5. Prices keep many from buying beyond absolute necessities.Food banks are empty and a lot of people who donate can’t afford to give part of what they have. what happened to government surpluses that were given to the poor? why does the government continue to pay some farmers not to grow food and grow more corn to create bio fuel? this fuel is inefficient,screws up the engines and pollutes as bad as anything else. Land is in areas that can’t get water because the government controls it or there is some fish or animal that might become extinct. We can no longer feed ourselves,employ ourselves or fuel ourselves. Government policies prevent this country to perform in a manner to solve these problems.

        • You can blame higher prices on ever expanding regulation, you can also blame it on free trade agreements, the producers dont make much money in most markets unless they sell to a small store like I do, most sell to a wholesaler who marks the product up most times double, if not more, a lot of produce comes from Mexico now, thanks to NAFTA, the wholesalers pay pennies for a product and mark the price up more than anyone knows on everything, then the stores step on it with their charge,,,
          Buy local, support local growers, grow your own, disconnect from the markets

          • Kulafarmer,
            I whole heartedly agree! NAFTA helped weaken this country along with other agreements. I have actually read the North American Free Trade Act. I suggest everyone should be familiar with this pact.

            • F.D.
              I lost my job of 22 years and one heck of a good retirement and Insurance plan because of NAFTA.
              Thanks to those good old Repubs and slick Willy. I got to watch a city of 22,000 turn into a city of 12,000 in two years. and very few good paying jobs.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • N. Reb,
                Sorry to hear about your loss. You know that our gov’t cares nothing for the people in this country. All these deals they make are to everyone’s benefit but ours. It seems the good are made to suffer while the evil ones prosper. The time will come but until then…plant food, buy ammo, and live well. That’s giving them the bird! Until its time for something a bit harsher than the bird!!

            • Its one of the reasons i hate politicians and their crap,

          • “Buy local, support local growers, grow your own, disconnect from the markets”


            NAFTA was one of the worst things that happened to us IMO.

            • Quick question,,
              How tall does that corn you folks sell grow?

              • I don’t sell my corn. However I grow a type of red ear indian corn that last year grew over ten feet tall. it made two large ears on almost every stalk. fertilized with goat & rabbit manure. a corn plant every 8 inches with a pole bean planted between the corn. This year I planted the squash pumpkins cantalope, watermelons & cucumbers in the cemetery. I also grow a type of sweet potato that produces very well. Its not a yam or mangle . Its a white sweet potato.

          • Exactly! All of those were to destroy the USA. I was considered a “nutcase” because I read them and fought against them; Free Trade, NFTA, CAFTA, etc.

            Read Obamacare and YOU will NOT sign up for it, and hopefully NOT hang, but instead prosecute your Governor and state AG, etc.

        • What is this a poverty people hangout site? You people are supposed to be preppers. Sound more like helpless welfare customers. Fucked off half your lives, dropped out of school, did drugs married some hosebag and then got divorced, blah, blah, blah. Now you have trouble eating and doing the fun stuff. Obama promised me hope and change. Wahhh!

          • How many years of college and working do you have? How many careers have you already done, if any?

            What have YOU done with your life except now to be a traitor to the USA and her people by assisting those destroying our nation as you are trying to do now?

            Many have mentioned exactly how many jobs they have held just to feed their families here – take your treasonous attitude to another country because one day we will be PROSECUTING ALL traitors to the USA, and we will find you where ever you run to on this planet to PROSECUTE your actions against the USA.

            And “just doing your job” or “just following orders” are NOT a valid defense for treason and other constitutional crimes – nor is there a time limit on them. Read the Nuremberg Trials if you do not believe me. Read how many military, etc have been prosecuted in US history for following unlawful orders.

        • If you research “rising food prices,” you will come to find out that China and Japan are fiercely competing for beef, dairy, etc., and if American farmers can get 2x or more the going rate for beef and other foodstuffs across the oceans, you can bet your sweet bippy that is where their produce is going to go.

          One of the headlines today was the rising cost of gasoline even though oil is lower and how Americans are having to pay more because the gasoline refineries are sending their gas overseas because they can get more $$ there, which is causing what basically amounts to extremely tight supplies here.

          We have sent every single one of our greenbacks overseas ourselves via the same conduits/idiots who have decided that worldwide “open markets” and their shifting pools of destitute workers is the only way to sock trillions into their hidey-holes.

          We have done it to ourselves…and apathy fuels it.

          • The globalists and big ag. are killing us all.

            • Thats pretty much the way it feels, we have monsanto here on maui growing their BT corn, we also have bees dying and disappearing,, the BT kills the bees but the stupid asses from the UH and state DOA and county say nooooo that cant be, they assured us it wont!

              • Kula, I see were their going with this, the gov aka monsanto have their Mad scientist develop the Devil seed GMO, then come in and sue the farmer and take his property because of seed drift, but their getting tired of this Nickel dime shit. So they make Hawaii thier manufacturing grounds. Now gov comes in to save the bee, Wa-la they own a hole state..Genius..

        • They pay farmers not to grow thousands of acres in Montana. It’s called “farmer retirement”.

      6. The article says it all.

        The Unemployed.
        The Homeless.
        The Hungry.
        The Sick.
        They will be used to further the Agenda of a Corrupt Government or perish.

      7. I live in the city and slug most of my extra money into paying down my overspent education/supplies… but there are ways to remain relatively healthy on a simple budget.
        – multiVitim, smells like piss, but it can supplement lacking nutrition
        -frozen veggies: cheap, good with some butter or spice mixed in with some rice.

        I feel like everyone knows HOW on a basic level to do these things, but everyone is so damn lazy.

        I am curious about peoples thoughts on food storage. Specifically,at the moment I live in my deathtrap apartment. Given space is an issue would it be better to branch into dehydrated food, or should I keep doing the mylar/bucket technique? – my food storage level I estimate is about 4-6 months. But, I wont know until I am in a survival situation.

        [the real task for myself is finding a bug out location and slowly transporting supplies, but thats for another night]

        It is good to know everyone here wont go hungry!

        • Given a third to one-half year of food stocked up, I’d put the bulk of your prep money into savings for a bit of land with a house on it, somewhere in your area, presuming you have some medical supplies and defense equipment already covered.

          And a good water filtration system.

        • Andrew,
          Go over to survivalblogDOTcom and look in the archives. They have tons of articles on your situation.

        • Easy on those frozen veggies..check the label. My friend picked some up the other day, got them home and saw the veggies were grown in china….

          • shit. I ASSUMED it was all USA grown (albeit largely GMO). I will need to look into that. I haven’t been on survivalblog.com I will check that out. Being in Chicago things are a little bit more tricky- I have to go to the burbs to shoot at a range! But thanks everyone for the input. I will give an update in the next few months about my situation.

      8. Of course the first variable of the ‘food shortage’ problem is the ‘water shortage’ problem. California produces anywhere from 60-80% of the produce in the U.S. and it is enduring record drought levels. People who don’t understand that it takes lots of clean water to grow produce…well you are in for a shock.

        I also posted just the other day how up to 60% of the ground water in China is polluted with Benzene and other toxic chemicals associated with industry. Imagine their interest in the U.S. with one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world- The Great Lakes. Nestle has been busy pumping water out of them for years now to sell as bottled water in China (and elsewhere).

        Control the food- you control the people.
        Control the energy- you control the countries
        Control the water…you control the whole planet.

        • but hey Socrates, Nestle pays 100 bux a year for that water! Fookin criminals!

        • What really sucks is the fracking bullshit,, that is going to poison all the aquifers under the country and these POS politicians and bureaucrats allowing it and pushing it are too greedy and stupid for words.

      9. This is only what is reported. As time goes on these numbers will climb, because so many depend on handouts, and do not know, or have the means to take care of their own.

      10. 49 million and out of that number how many are 4th or 5th or even 6th generation of welfair recipients.
        I do not begrudge anyone that need help for a short time so they can get back on there feet. A year or so, ok.

        After 50 plus years of government handouts and people not even trying to care for there own. enough is enough!!

        I really feel sorry for the chidren and if I find out that some child needs help I’ll help them.
        I refuse to give anything to there so called parents that have money for Booze, drugs, cell phones, cigaretts, tatoos, bling and $200 dollar tennis shoes and do not have any money to feed there kids. I have to draw the line there. If you can’t take care of your own DO HAVE THEM!!!!

        The reason this report came out is to make the Republicans look bad when it comes to cuttiing spending.
        Remember there is a mid-term election coming and Obamma and his minion will throw all the negative crap they can to try to swing votes.
        Remember that Prez. Jonhson a Demacrate and a Demacratic house and senate started this CRAP!!! The Great Society.

        I’m not saying the Republicans are much better, but they are not the ones that are trying to turn us into a full blown Mammy state like Europe.

        Like I said before I’m a Independent Constitutionalist.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • ***I really feel sorry for the chidren and if I find out that some child needs help I’ll help them.***

          I’ll take it one step further. I’ll cook a meal, pick up the kids, feed them–return them to their home.
          No food delivered to that house; no money donated ever.
          And if we must feed these children, then maybe we SHOULD become their caretakers.

        • Northern Reb, did you happen to notice this article—

          “Beginning on Tuesday, the committee will mark up a series of bills on corporate tax breaks — known as “extenders” because they have been extended regularly every year or two for over a decade. Only now the Committee plans to make many of them permanent, at the cost of an estimated $300 billion over 10 years. And it does not plan to pay for them by closing other corporate loopholes or raising rates. The giveaway — almost all of which goes to corporations — will simply add to the deficit. And no doubt those who vote for them will later demand deeper cuts in programs for the vulnerable in order to bring “spending” under control.”


        • You are just Jealous.
          I’m smarter that you. The Gov. gives me everything I want, and I vote for them.

          I can set around the house and watch by 50 inch TV
          I can get laid all day long by different partners, some guys are better than others, but they give me all the dope I want, money, and beer.

          I get my welfare check around the 1St. of the month, for my three babies and my grandbaby. My 16 year old that gave her to me. So I get help for her. When my oldest turns 18 I’m going to have another so I don’t loose my money. I’ll be 33 then and I will be able to do this one more time before I get to by 40.
          If I want a tat I will get one and I don’t have to pay for it. My doctor has to take payment form the government and I just go every other month to see if I’m pregnant again.
          You all are the Dumb Fucks. Please keep paying for me.

        • Why sorry for the children, IT’S THEIR GENE POOL!

      11. Another reason for these high numbers is gov’t took responsibility for people’s lives. It used to be if someone in your community needed food, it was up to the person and the community. For instance, we plant a good vegetable garden each year, in addition to our fruit trees and berries. We usually have extra that we are willing to give to others in return for something like weeding the garden or mowing the lawn. Bags full of fresh foods in return for an hour or two of work. That my friends is how it should work.

        • Sorry FD but your wrong, People GAVE theyre responsibilty away to the govt. Give your life to the satanic ones and wonder why you get burned?

          • You say true Genius. A bit of both then.

            • Yes its true on both counts. Don’t miss my new post up there by the top ^^^ it gives a little background to my truth seeking 🙂

        • At the present time there is no way for this economy to generate enough real wealth for people to have meaningful jobs that pay on a scale that they can live on. That will only get worse as more immigrants are flooded into the country by the millions and more jobs leave. There is no happy ending here and even those doing well now unless they are in the true elite are in for some very bad times. Just wait until the EPA goes after the farms.

          • You mean even more so than it is now?

        • F.D.
          “That my friends is how it should work”
          The Golden Rule. More treasures in heaven.

        • I sometimes have extra. However except for my children I don’t give any away. When you give something away its never enough and those who you give to end up resenting & hating you because of your charity. Ill feed it to the pigs or put it into the compost heap before ill give anything away.

      12. Off Topic..sorry, but thought this so kewl..and it removes any tape adhesive…trust me.
        WD-40 Uses:
        1. Protects silver from tarnishing.
        2. Removes road tar and grime from cars.
        3. Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.
        4. Gives floor that ‘just-waxed’ sheen without making them slippery.
        5. Keeps the flies off of Cows, Horses, and other Farm Critters, as well. (Ya gotta love this one!!!)
        6. Restores and cleans chalkboards.
        7. Removes lipstick stains.
        8. Loosens stubborn zippers.
        9. Untangles jewelry chains.
        10. Removes stains from stainless steel sinks.
        11. Removes dirt and grime from the barbecue grill.
        12. Keeps ceramic/terracotta garden pots from oxidizing.
        13. Removes tomato stains from clothing.
        14. Keeps glass shower doors free of water spots.
        15. Camouflages scratches in ceramic and marble floors.
        16. Keeps scissors working smoothly.
        17. Lubricates noisy door hinges on both home and vehicles doors.
        18. It removes that nasty tar and scuff marks from the kitchen flooring. It doesn’t seem to harm the finish and you won’t have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off. Just remember to open some windows if you have a lot of marks.
        19. Remove those nasty bug guts that will eat away the finish on your car if not removed quickly!
        20. Gives a children’s playground gym slide a shine for a super fast slide.
        21. Lubricates gearshift and mower deck lever for ease of handling on riding mowers.
        22. Rids kids rocking chair and swings of squeaky noises.
        23. Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.
        24. Spraying an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.
        25. Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.
        26. Restores and cleans roof racks on vehicles.
        27. Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.
        28. Lubricates wheel sprockets on tricycles, wagons, and bicycles for easy handling.
        29. Lubricates fan belts on washers and dryers and keeps them running smoothly.
        30. Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.
        31. Removes grease splatters from stove-tops.
        32. Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.
        33. Lubricates prosthetic limbs.
        34. Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).
        35. Removes all traces of duct tape.
        36. Folks even spray it on their arms, hands, and knees to relieve arthritis pain.
        37. Florida ‘s favorite use is: ‘cleans and removes love bugs from grills and bumpers.’
        38. The favorite use in the state of New York , it protects the Statue of Liberty from the elements.
        39. WD-40 attracts fish. Spray a little on live bait or lures and you will be catching the big one in no time. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than the chemical attractants that are made for just that purpose. Keep in mind though, using some chemical laced baits or lures for fishing are not allowed in some states.
        40. Use it for fire ant bites. It takes the sting away immediately and stops the itch.
        41. It is great for removing crayon from walls. Spray it on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.
        42. Also, if you’ve discovered that your teenage daughter has washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of laundry, saturate the lipstick spots with WD-40 and rewash. Presto! The lipstick is gone!
        43. If you spray it inside a wet distributor cap, it will displace the moisture, allowing the engine to start.

        As for that Basic, Main Ingredient…….
        Well…. it’s FISH OIL….

        • Also has petroleum distillates,DO NOT apply it to your body!

          • My grandfather sprayed it on his gouty toes. He swears it worked, but he also died of Lymphoma….you do the math

        • Never..Ever, get WD-40 any where near your ammo..or your gun for that matter

          Its a primer killer

          also WD stands for Water Displacing
          its not a good lube for fire arms.. you have no idea how many novice and even some knowledgeable fire arms owners that would use this product on their costly protection tools

          there are proper cleansers and proper lube for firearms..your not saving a dam thing not using them.

          just FYI

        • Hey JayJay!

          All you need is Duct Tape & WD-40

          WD-40 which is tight and which should be loose.
          Duct Tape for what is loose and should be tightened.


      13. @FG. You are correct. That’s how it should be. A hour or two of labor for some fresh fruit/veggies its great!… and tax free 🙂

        • I have done the same here as FG, the biggest problem is? Sometimes you can’t even get someone do an hour of work for bags of fresh food, they just want you to give it to them, that’s how bad it’s gotten 🙁

      14. Before I begin let me say that I agree some people do need food assistance. I spent over a decade in food service management. Most of my employees were minimum wage earners and many of them were on assistance. For those that were truly struggling I took every opportunity to help.
        However…there were those that, even though they were on assistance had an iPhone, a new one. There were those that still managed to buy their nightly six pack or whatever their substance of choice was.
        I was raised poor. My mom had a cookbook titled 1001 ways to cook hamburger. One of them was Porcupine Balls, meat balls stuffed with rice.
        I’m not poor anymore but to this day I don’t buy bread at the grocery store. I buy at the “day old bread store”. I don’t pay $.89 for a 12 oz. can of tomato sauce. I buy a #10 can (almost a gallon) for $4.00. I could go on but I think you get the idea.
        Find someone that works as a cashier in a grocery store and ask them what people buy on their EBT cards. You’ll be amazed. Again I agree some people need help. If we get more for our money then there is more to give to those who truly need it.

        • What I find interesting in human behavior, and I hope I can phrase this the right way to convey the observation, is that more affluent people, whether a dollar richer or a million dollars richer, as a rule, will push for social safety nets and then look down their nose at poorer people on how they use those social safety nets and say, “Well, you should just be grateful you have X, and when you desire Y and you purchase Y, you piss us off,” yet those same more affluent people constantly put themselves into deep debt to purchase things that they truly cannot afford either…even if they die still owing the debt and even if they rob their neighbor blind day-to-day through shady dealings or apply backbiting, undermining behavior to further themselves career-wise or financially…still believing themselves to be more “righteous” than their poorer counterpart. The human animal is so odd.

          • From my perspective it’s about setting priorities. You budget for food first then shelter then transportation, etc. If you get through those and still have money for an iPhone or alcohol, etc. then you shouldn’t need food assistance.
            I drive a 13 year old vehicle and have no plans for trading it in. It has one feature that I love, a clear title. I’d rather pay $2,000 for a major repair than take on a $400-500 payment for 5 years.
            My cell phone is almost 4 years old. I had the last one for 6 years. I only have one addiction and that is caffeine. The doctor has that limited to 2 cups a day. We eat steak once a year, on our anniversary. My total credit indebtedness is less than $2000 (freezer went out). That’ll be paid off in 5-6 months.
            I don’t have a problem with people having things. I have a problem with me buying their groceries so they can have an iPhone, etc.

      15. Hasn’t the SHTF community heard??
        You can live on foraging for things like dandelions, feed your family a salad, and survive.

        This is just ONE of my pet peeves with survival/prepping forums.

        • But hey JJ, that requires effort and knowledge lol, we can’t expect that from people it wouldnt be fair 🙂

          • Well, in my yard, dandelions last 2 weeks. That won’t give much sustenance to a family of 6.
            As the comedian says, ‘stock up’!!!
            I don’t know his name. 🙂

            • Clovers are edible. Leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots are all edible. Flowers and seeds are the parts of greatest interest to foragers. Flowers are used raw in salads as well as sauteed, stir-fried, or fried as fritters. They are also popular for making teas and wines.
              The flowers and seeds can be dried and ground into a flour. You can eat clover raw, but it tastes better boiled. Dried leaves add a slightly vanilla-like flavor. Red clovers are the tastiest of all clovers.

              Wild Clover Rice
              2 cups rice, brown or wild
              3 Tbsp olive oil, 1 onion, minced
              1 Tbsp lemon juice
              2 cups fresh clover flowerheads
              ½ cup chopped dried fruit
              1 tsp salt
              1. Saute rice with onions and oil, add 6 cups water, cook until done, about 15 minutes.
              2. While the rice is hot, mix in remaining ingredients. Serve hot
              * Add ½ cup honey and chopped nuts to make a sweet dish

      16. “Let’s stop talking about the end of the Great Recession until we can make sure that we get food insecurity rates down to a more reasonable level,” ???!!!???

        Hello??? the level should be 0% that are insecure about their next meal.

        Yes, check the homes and if cable/internet exists, if there is evidence of smoking(and I can tell within 3 seconds), if there is evidence of alcohol/drugs, remove the kids and feed them.
        Harsh?? Why should I feed children of addicted people.

        There is a program in the area elementary school..one I don’t understand.
        There are book bags filled with food for the underprivileged and sent home on Fridays; enough for the weekend per child.
        Now, if those kids are hungry and supervision at home is so lacking the kids are missing meals for whatever reason—aren’t the adults or teens in that house going to steal that food from those children.
        What are they doing but condoning the addicts in that house??

        Please, someone explain this program to me.

        • There was an arrest locally here, meth head was dealing out of his car. Found two such bags of groceries in his car, they were traded for the drugs.

          I know most folks who get such sacks of food are feeding their families, but it saddens me to think of the lowlifes that would receive food aid and use it for drugs.

          They’re looking for the addicts, they will lose their children in all probability.

        • Thats govt. for you. I thought you knew the best and brightest DONT WORK FOR THE GOVT. There is your explanation. C’mon JJ I have hope for you bud 🙂

          • Genius–help me understand how sending book bags of food helps the hungry kid when the adult or larger teen will just take it from him??

            • Have you ever helped a family member financially? One who is financially irresponsible? Say your grandchild desperately needs X. Their parents are slackers…barely hold jobs and constantly make bad or selfish choices with their money.

              Loving your grandchild, do you:
              1) Give the parents money for X?
              2) Send the child home with X?
              3) Let the child go without X?

              It is a case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

              Obviously, action #1 won’t ensure the child actually gets X.

              Action #2 allows the child to receive X, BUT lets the parents off the hook regarding their responsibility in purchasing X and the child may still not get X.

              With action #3, the child goes completely without X.

              So what would you do? And why? (Understanding that they only allow the child to be at your house sporadically)

              • Maybe the parents need their damned asses kicked but good and told not to touch the kids x…

                • Sixpack

                  Now we’re talking!

              • PWYPreach,

                We here know the whole “Obama recovery” is just bells and whistles.

                CNS News

                The coal mines have been hit hard in this area. With every business that is downsized, hours reduced or shut down, MANY OTHERS in the community are affected.

                Many families are struggling now. I believe the younger adults (twenties) have been hit hard, getting a good job and getting established. Working part time or a $10/hr job makes it hard to support a growing family. The policies of this administration have only made the situation worse.

                Right now my daughters and their families are struggling. I try to HELP them. Yes, I bring boxes of food to them. I often check the local outlet store and the clearance racks for clothing and shoes for the young children. If I find appropriate clothing or shoes in bigger sizes, I buy it and save it.

              • My Wife and I have been helping a young man that hasent even come of age to help himself (17) His adopted parents are getting divorced and dont put forth the time for the child (close to adult yes I know)
                no drivers licence , not finished with school, no way to get a job even if there were one out there, lost one job because he couldnt get to it..no help from the “parents” and we are not legally in a position to help him with the tools needed to move forward.( need things proof of residency , parental approval and money to get license , insurance , etc..)
                we have fed and sheltered him, and thats not been financially easy for us either.

                I feel a little bitter because his parents are doing nothing, and I have felt that they are shucking their responsibilities onto us, somedays I think maybe i shouldnt have done anything about it, but its hard to see/watch a good kid get screwed and go hungry
                he is very respectful and gracious, and responsibe kid too..sure as hell didnt get that from his parents

                • You are a good family. Sometimes, we get more children than we planned through other means. I understand it might be hard. But you are investing in a future. This young man has been abandoned and by all intents and purposes, he is an orphan. Feeding an orphan is a generous and kind thing to do. Regardless of your belief, that God will bless you, or that you are ‘paying it forward’. It is right.

                • VRF: This is what I tell my children when they have questions about helping good people who are attached in some way to people who have without a doubt just plain dropped the ball and completely shirked their responsibilities:

                  Do what you need to do to stay true to yourselves and who you are, but do it without it being an exceptional financial burden or physical detriment to your own family. Do it with logic. Your own family’s welfare comes first and foremost. Do not needlessly put your own family’s lives in danger.

                  If you choose to financially help a good person, do not accept responsibility for the misbehavior of the other people in a person’s life…that is on their heads. Once you give the help, let it go…sometimes you just cannot control who all benefits from your sacrifice.

                  And if you can’t tell whether your good deeds matter, remember that you may never know if the kindness and compassion you show will change or save a good person’s life or his children’s lives or their children’s lives, but that the things you do for a good person will alter the world in amazing ways that you may never see the result of…but it happens and it will be tangible to somebody, some day, somewhere. Trust that you do make a difference.

                • This kid needs to join a branch of the service, right now. You have helped, but he wants a car. That’s his responsibility, not yours.

              • Send the child home with X if it were a true need and trust that God will work out the details.

                But, I have to add that our two that are grown know there would be some serious ‘splain’ to do if they ever pull this. We just won’t keep the mouths shut when it comes to bad behavior. We love them, but that means we are obligated to tell the truth and that means a lickin’, perhaps verbal for an adult child, but a lickin’ none the less.

            • It wont stop them, but try and explain that to a govt. employee. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

              • No–no govt. These are donations collected from churches, communities, etc!!!

                That’s why I didn’t understand it.
                Bowling Green had a food drive Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
                I was going to prepare a big box and donate till I heard the radio announcer explain what was done with the food.
                Nope–I ain’t feeding the adults in that household that sell the food stamps/welfare for 50¢ on a dollar to buy cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

                • you mean they did a food drive for only one household?

      17. Now tell me, after looking at the page of that girl in the header, would you discount her? Forget political views. Picture a social break down. No parents in sight / not the childs fault. Could you refuse some soup and a slice of bread?

        • Mike–no. That isn’t the point of this article.
          But, if I feed that child, it is essential she become my charge.
          If I feed her, the welfare comes to MY domain and I do with what is necessary for HER benefit.
          This is the problem as I see it–the lazy government is printing and delivering, not demanding the proceeds be used wisely.
          That happened because they have no skin in the game.

          My great-niece since birth has received about $800 a month and my niece has blown it for 14 years.
          Do the math– $130,000 minus a few clothes. Food is provided by food stamps, health care by govt., so don’t even go there.

          All indications she blew that much money on walmart and junk.

          • I see your point. I can remember standing in line at the store with 2 items. The F-A-T women in front of me coped an attitude when asked if I could cut in front as only 2 items to buy. Well I was only doing this because she was a afro-american. I watched top choice steaks and other things run down the ramp only to be paid for by me.,yup government money. That pig could starve with no compassion from me. Two carts full of things, not in my budget and yet here I was paying for it so that a racist, hating my guts could eat and SH** more. The term heard on this sight many times is “reset” Pigs like this will throw their offspring to the streets when no more profit is to be had by them.
            It’s for us to decide what bastion of humanity will remain.

        • If she was Tele tubby yep I would let her starve.

      18. The simple issue is overpopulation and the increasing drain on the world’s finite resources. It is no longer possible for everyone to have as many children as they like without considering the impact on resources and also how they are going to economically provide for them. We have too many people who have been trained to be passive and turn to the state for all the solutions (welfare, EBT cards, free housing, etc.).

        Personally, I have never met an American who looks hungry and calorie deprived. Most Americans seem to suffer from over-consumption of calories and lack of any physical effort to keep their body fit.

        By taking more responsibility for their food and wealth provision, most poor Americans would become not only fitter physically, but fitter financially.

        It is not a God-given right to have as many children as you like if you cannot financially provide for them. Most of these families are off-loading the costs on to the state, which in turn is jacking up taxes on working, childless couples. A massive injustice.

        The world has more than enough people at present and already struggles to find something for them to do and for most to have a bare-bones, decent life (access to water, adequate nutrition, safety, disease-free etc.).

        The irony is that often the people who end up in these surveys are the very ones who have access to the most land per person (Indian reservations, sprawling poor neighborhoods etc.) and could turn to gardening to boost their calories consumption if they wanted to. But welfare encourages them to not garden and to instead just buy junk food packed with sugar and fat. And sit around and watch TV all day long. A recipe for Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, etc.

        • Wow, you hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have said it any better. 😉

      19. Well I became a politician for about 2.5 hours yesterday. I spread a pile of bullshit (on the garden). Heavy rains coming.

        • I hope you spread it evenly on both sides of the aisle…

      20. See previous thread

      21. I see it at the animal shelter where I volunteer. About 10% of people surrender cats because they claim they can’t afford them. A cat costs just $10-$20 a month for food and litter. Some people are having a hard time surviving.

        • I know of people who had to give their pets up due to loss of work or the work they have isnt making enough

        • My inside Animals, a 20 yr old cat and a lab would die in a shelter environment, I cook every meal they eat..

          • Shelter cats are well cared for at the shelter I volunteer at. They only buy premium food. Chances are, they get better nutrition than your cat gets.

            The cages are cleaned every day. They get clean bowls, a clean blanket, and clean toys every day.

            Long haired cats are usually kept in foster homes so they can be groomed every day. I’m thinking of fostering cats in my house.

        • My kitty boy made it through the homeless time with me. I don’t believe in ever giving up and abandoning someone or something you love. He was always my responsibility, even through the tough times. We made it through and he passed away happy, fed and secure in our new home.

          I won’t abandon my little friend, just because it isn’t convenient for me. Life’s hard, and then you try harder.

          • Sixpack I’m thinkn you might not have got though it with out your friend by your side. I adopted both of my friends, they have a good life here on the farm. Everybody says when they die they want to come back as one of my animals. I buy Honybuns an give to the cows that will come to me, Angus. Ice cream bars for the chickens. The Lord has blessed me, to take care of his animals..

            • When I got him as a kitten, he just appeared and it was love at first sight. I feel he WAS sent to me from God, when I was alone and needed him most.

              My cat enjoys a filtered, chilled fountain watering dish, a floor full of toys, catnip, he sleeps wherever he pleases and he gets whatever he wants.

              The love, warmth and companionship he returns is immeasurable. I can’t imagine being without the pitter-patter of little paws…

              • Just in case you’re wondering, my first boy passed on and I have a second kitty, just as precious as the first.

                • That’s great.

                  Everyday I volunteer at the shelter I meet wonderful cats that I’d love to adopt.

                  Today I sat in a room for 40 minutes with some senior cats. I petted one of the cats for 30 minutes and she purred the whole time. Then she got into her bed which was two feet from me. She kept purring. Then the purring got softer and softer until she went to sleep.

                  • I kill every free roaming house cat I see.

      22. Some poverty related pet surrenders have “moving” as a reason too. From seeing postings on message boards that often means they’re moving in with relatives and they can’t take their pet with them.

      23. sorry if this has been said before

        According to shocking new numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working. So when someone tries to tell you that the unemployment rate in the United States is about 7 percent, you should just laugh. One-fifth of the families in the entire country do not have a single member with a job. That is absolutely astonishing. How can a family survive if nobody is making any money? Well, the answer to that question is actually quite easy. There is a reason why government dependence has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Without enough jobs, tens of millions of additional Americans have been forced to reach out to the government for help. At this point, if you can believe it, the number of Americans getting money or benefits from the federal government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million

        that my friends is not sustainable ..we will soon find out in the worst way..

        • welfare spending and entitlement payments now make up 69 percent of the entire federal budget

      24. The welfare and entitlement spending has to come down one way or another. There is no way in hell it is socially or economically sustainable to have more people not working and dependent than working full-time.

        I think the best option at this point is to reform the system so that people receive their benefits but that they are half of what they are now. And then if they wish to have more they need to work and contribute. That would be a wake-up call. It would show the government cares enough to maintain the social contract but it would also alert people to the severity of the crisis and that it is not resolvable by just taxing more out of the few left working. The whole country needs to get behind a national effort for national recovery. And that means getting off your butt and working in one form or another. Cleaning the streets, painting park benches, sweeping the floor at an old-age home, etc. Since all these people already have their food needs met through the EBT program, they can find the time to work.

        • Actually, the corporate welfare is a much bigger drain than welfare for the poor. I posted a link up above to an article about a 300 billion dollar tax break for big banks and mega-corps…300 billion.

          How much of a dent in our assistance to the poor would that make?

          • Tax breaks aren’t welfare. Corporations shouldn’t pay taxes anyway since they’re not people.

            • That’s too stupid to even argue with. You must have foegor your /sarcasm/ tag…

        • You are correct. The system does need to be reformed. The problem is everyone wants to cut someone else’s benefit but not their own.
          I am on Social Security. I planned as best as I could for retirement but my benefit will barely pay my utilities and the annual taxes and insurance on my property. In spite of this I am willing to take a cut but only if EVERYONE has skin in the game. My suggestions?
          1) Means test Social Security. If you have a million dollar 401K you don’t need SS.
          2) Remove the contributions cap for Soc Sec and Medicare. If you’re making $250,000 a year you can afford it.
          3) Everyone has skin in the game. If you make minimum wage you pay 3% taxes. If you make $1,000,000 you pay 30% taxes. Actually the minimum wage earners won’t contribute that much to the budget but EVERYONE should have skin in the game.
          4) Workfare not welfare. If you collect welfare you work somewhere. 24 hours a week is OK with me. How about working in childcare? It seems to be a problem for most low wage mothers. If you have children you get to take them with you.
          This just covers entitlements. There are other reforms that should be considered that will bring jobs back to America.

          • The problem I have with means testing Social security is that it punishes folks who did the correct things. Someone Who has a million dollar 401 they didn’t squander their earnings they worked contributed and likely did without in order to prosper. and they paid in to the SS fund just like others did. yet you wish to punish them for doing the correct things & prospering. Punish the productive and reward the slothful who squandered their earnings. How about this? You get to draw just what you paid in plus a reasonable amount of interest. After about 5 years hardly anyone will be receiving a check. Im drawing $1068 per month from the Social Security PONZI Scheme. And I would be thrilled if every single solitary Social Security, SSI, and EBT payments including mine came to a screeching halt.

        • Irreversable surgical sterilization fo da baby momma and da baby daddy after the first bastard ghetto child is shat into the world. I for one am tired of being forced to support career welfare moochers. Go to any walmart and observe these 400 / 450 pound sows and their 4 to 6 head of bastard ghetto children scampering around them as they load up not one but two grocery carts.
          Then when its time to pay out comes da EBT card,(here in my state they have a light house on them and are easy to indentify). Spay or neuter or euthanize, the working class can no longer afford to support career welfare moochers.

        • The Problem with your solution is you are failing to see and address the real problem. All of this fiscal irresponsibility was and continues to be done on purpose. Its planned to fail on purpose. there isn’t really any National effort for national recovery. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solutions. Quit being a denialist and look at the facts as they really are not what you wish or hope them to be. The fact is we are all pretty much on our own. Only those who are self reliant have Know How and are lucky will survive the future and still be free.

      25. Carrying on from the previous posting regarding if we have entered the prophesied end times. Well food control will be one of the weapons used by “The Beast” (Anti-Christ)to control the population.

        Cannot buy nor sell without his mark or his name.

        Read revelation 14:9,10.

        Eventually, according to scriptures, it will coast a day’s wages to buy a loaf of bread.

        Satan desires to be worshiped and honored as god……..and his representative on earth will do what ever it takes to make it happen to include beheading……..

        It is coming our way

        • I’ve heard that passage interpreted as meaning that it would take a day’s wages just to buy food for the worker. Leaving none for his family.

      26. The 300 pound tubs of lard with 6 kids walking around Walmart sporting their spandex pants and carrying their food stamp cards disagree with this article.

      27. Insecure ???

        ….there’s an app for that.

        shoot — shovel — shut up also applies to the undead.

        …..mmmm…potato pancakes….BA.

        • Love potato cakes. Little diced onion mixed in, flopped in the skillet and browned on both sides….wow.

          • Ooh- reading my mind?? Left over mashed potatoes gonna be potato cakes tonight–white beans, cooked apples, cornbread.
            Gonna throw in a little bacon bits in those potato cakes and see what happens??

            Granny and mom taught me how to cook….poor children today. Lost.
            I still like the home made hollandaise sauce for mac and cheese compared to what’s in those packages.

            • I was married and just in my first rental house and mom called to see what was for supper(that’s dinner for you not from the south)and I said, kraut and hot dogs and cabbage.
              She laughed and laughed—and then told me what kraut was. 🙂

              • okay–two naproxen, two sinus tablets, peppermint oil on the temples, a hydrocodone and something just kicked in for that headache.
                Whew—finally!! Thank you God for letting mankind discovers drugs.

      28. Food insecurity is a problem, but you can’t call what fills the grocery aisles actual food, just call it a compilation of a slow kill chemical amalgamation. Big Pharma along with big chemical and big food conspiring to guarantee continued profit for all three, to make everyone dependent on the medical quackery establishment. Obungholio is in Asia to push through the TPP to reluctant nation’s that oppose the content of the further sellout to big multinational corporations. One provision is no countries people can demand GMO labeling of food. Meanwhile over 90 percent of American’s support labeling and knowing the ingredients in their food.

      29. New study out says that 20% of American families have NO family members working. Who’s going to buy those homes?

      30. TPTB know that with out food you won’t fight.
        Most parents would sell their souls to the devil so that the kids can eat.
        The problem is we have become TOO civilized. Most people are not able to grow a potato, or a bean.
        Most people live for the minute and don’t care about tomorrow.
        I guess that is the Boy Scout in me. “ALWAY BE PREPARED!”
        If there are new readers of this site PLEASE get food and water on stand-by for at least a month. I don’t need to say anything to you folks that have been here for quite a while.
        Again for you new folks you are way behind the curve, so read as much as you can here and other places.
        If you have any Questions For Gods sake PLEASE ask! It could mean Life or Death. There are a lot of very smart and great people just willing to help.

        • I disagree. Without food, is exactly when they will fight.

          • P.T.
            You are right when the food is not in the grocery stores there will be riots.
            What I was getting at was that when you are hungry, you don’t have the energy to fight.

            • The catalyst that brought down the USSR was rising food prices which were the result of subsidies being cut in the satellite nations like Poland.

              To para phrase Eddy Murphy in the movie 48 hours, “Lack of FOOD make you brave”.

            • Okay–rant by JayJay ..again.
              This concept, Dale, just passes my neighbor’s logic mailbox.
              (they are speaking again, but I ain’t fooled–they are still idiots)
              They are living on two SS checks or a pension??–must be quite generous.
              But, even that is NOT gonna buy when it isn’t there to be had.
              Since the lady of the house is speaking again, it is even MORE obvious we have not ONE thing in common—not even one.
              She knows–I don’t care because I drop a line or two in that mailbox– about not feeding the neighborhood, but it just gets returned with ‘return to sender’ on it.
              Now, granted, she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box(has never even turned on a computer), but the man is not this stupid.
              I really liked it better when she didn’t speak.
              I felt no obligation to educate them.
              Think what you want; I pray to God for them, but there is no way I can feed her family–two sons and their families.
              Rant off now, thanks for letting me air that. 🙁

            • That is my take if you can avoid the food hunger riots within a short time there will be a massive die off. Ill not waste ammo and risk my life trying to protect a hoard of food. Its the really evil, bad & cannibal folks who manage to survive by preying on the less fortunate who will need defending against after the initial die off.

      31. At the grocery store yesterday, I was in line behind an immigrant woman. She had a full cart of food. I knew what to expect. She whipped out the old EBT card. I put my chicken on the counter and paid cash. My purchase had to last me 2 meals. I could have bought more, but I had just come from the gun store, where I picked up some more ammo. Soon me pretties, soon.

        • P.T.
          I know how you feel.
          I’m so sick of seeing the EBT posted on doors of everything from gas stations to video stores. What a bunch of B.S.
          It is coming and it ain’t going to be pretty!!! My pretty!!!
          AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • In feb when I was in MS, I was behind a young (30’s) black woman, dressed in used or very old clothes, getting food and some items for her family. She had a pile of coupons, her EBT card and a little cash. When the order rang up, something she thought was on sale was not. The manager went to check the prices. “Yes ma’am, I know it was stocked with like items on sale, but that one is not on sale” so the young lady sighed and started taking those items out of her cart. She had enough money, but needed what she had to last the rest of the month. Because her family really like the flavor/type whatever of what she had picked out, I paid the difference on her bill. She was clearly working hard to live within a budget and make it last. She couldn’t believe that kind act of a total stranger, especially a white stranger.

            Did she have a large flat screens at home and satellite? Maybe, I don’t know. The looks I got as a white woman giving $5 to a black girl made me disgusted. We CAN change this world one person at a time. Not everybody, but all we need is more than half.

            While I have lots of frustration about things, I try very hard to not let that frustration ferment into HATRED. Sometimes I’m not sure if I see boiled over frustration or hate in some of these posts. Not my place to judge. I take care of me. You never know when Jesus put you in that place to help and make a difference. If you turn the other way, it may be him you have turned your back on.

          • Sgt, sorry I went on a rant, this comments about hate aren’t about your post. I just rambled in my thoughts a bit.

            • Nopitty–you will be paid back 10 fold.
              Bless you. I like to give at home. I truly believe we should all have the attitude–first the block(not mine–been shot to hell too many times and go elsewhere now)then the community, the county next, etc.

              • Story time and like you, who knows what went on at home.
                I was at Kmart in Nashville area. A man and his 1 year old were waiting to be arrested for shop lifting diapers.
                I started to butt in and say something since I have been in retail a few times.
                I don’t know what happened in that situation…but I DO know this.
                EVERY time I think of that day, I could kick my rear for not paying for those diapers.
                IF that situation ever happens again, I will do the right thing this time.

                • I’m confused. You say the kid was 1 year old. Cloth diapers last a lot longer than one year. The guy just had to wash the diapers, not steal more. Oh, wait…maybe the guy (who apparently is so “poor” he has to steal) is unwilling to wash cloth diapers and prefers the convenience of disposable diapers he can’t afford.

        • I haven’t bought chicken eggs or meat from the grocery in years. If you knew how those commercial chickens are fed

          & processed you might not eat them again. At this very moment in eating my noon meal all grown & processed by us. We do buy things like sugar salt, cocoa, detergent, soap ect from the store.

      32. Today and tomorrow the sign is right to plant above ground crops. Its drizzly rainy today So Between showers I get of the internet and go plant something. So far today Ive planted beans peas lettuce & squash. My potatoes are coming up and looking good. Ive already got lettuce big enough to harvest. I planted more today so as to have some when the current batch gets done. I do the same with squash plant some every 3 weeks and you can harvest all summer & fall.

        • are you seeding? or are you transplanting already growing plants?
          we have had such a harsh winter that I was told by local farmers (im very rural) that we are about 2 weeks behind normal planing dates
          so I held off and am germinating indoors and waiting until they are good sized sprouts before i take them outside

          kinda struggling a bit this year..not everything is coming up..bad seeds? something..not sure as of yet
          1 bean plant out of 10 planted..wtf? eh

          no melon, maybe 6 carrot plants out of 10 stuff like that

          been warned about hail coming too so im still reluctant to plant outside just yet

          • Im planting seeds. Plant when the sign isn’t right and a lot of the seeds wont sprout. The soil needs to be warm & moist and firm. After the seed sprouts the little root must have enough moisture to keep it alive until it gets feeder roots established. I don’t use commercial fertilizer. I use composted rabbit goat and horse manure. tilled in with the ashes from my wood stove. My early plantings are in raised beds that I can cover up if needed. The climate is very erratic so I plant every week and that way at least a part of the crop will be viable. Last year my late planted field corn received 11 days of rain just as it began to tassel. The weather wasn’t too hot and plentiful moisture and it really produced a bumper crop. We raise probably 90% of our food. Im convinced a greenhouse would be necessary to produce 100%. The pecan trees here are budded so its not gonna frost anymore. Any way that is the Myth?

            • We currently have 4 little day old bantam chicks from our first ever incubator test run. The eggs for hatching came through the post and so 4 from 6 is a good result as far as I’m concerned. 2 boys, 2 girls. The weaker boy (yet to be determined) will go in the pot, and we’ll hang onto the other for next year.

              It doesn’t take a lot of space, money or time to keep a few bantams, yet eggs are about one of the best nutritional sources for growing kids. In addition the sprog is learning useful science and life skills.

              • I raise bantams & half bantams. I enjoy the different plumages and types. The bantam hens hide nest sit and raise their chicks. We has one hatch out 9 chicks in December! Ive got a incubator but haven’t used it in many years. The eggs are small so we just eat twice as many. My chicken are free range and We fasten them up in a varmit proof coop every nite. We eat the extra roosters and the older hens. We also have Geese (good watchdogs) they eat mostly grass and are so mean no varmit messes with them.

      33. Not everyone, but for a lot of people here is what comes first. Cigarettes, weed, booze, and lottery tickets. Then everything else. Some will sell there SNAP card for cash or trade for the things I mentioned. Sex too.

      34. “I” would eat that $1200 sushi dinner while over in Japan. I’m sure the secret service checked it out…

      35. One of the most dangerous animals on the planet
        is a hungry and thirsty kid.

      36. I was wondering if that 49 million only refers to those on food stamps because when I shop at the grocery stores I see people that are on food-stamps buying whatever they want while I buy the bare minimum and add the prices in my head so not to spend more than I have the cash for. But the thing that pisses me off the most is not having extra money for ammo and extra food anymore.

      37. Craig Gundersen,
        have you been to a school and seen how “school lunch” is administered. Yet another lie system. Sold to the taxpayers as a good way to feed the dejected children; but, when you see it in action you see that IS A LIE. So, your “food insecurity” needs to start by cleaning up that LIE.

      38. I’m making an extra effort to pay my mortgage off asap. My food budget is now $10.00 per week to feed two people (myself and my 33 year old daughter who is living with me to save cash to buy a home). I have been coming in under budget and have been putting leftovers in the freezer. I put the change from the $10.00 in a jar and when it builds up, I use it for eggs, meat, cheese, etc. I’m enjoying the challenge.

        While I do have food storage, I am not dipping into it at all. That food is packed for the long-term storage so I am not going to open it now.

      39. “Single mother of four children”.. I read that to mean a woman that bred four bastards is now caught up with the fact that the country is now so over populated with bastards bred by single mothers that free food does not exist anymore. Guess what? THERE IS NO NATIONAL FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM…!! The big cities have three days of food on the grocery shelf. The population is herded within a beltway with walls twenty feet high. As soon as the 50 million die of starvation the USA will again be a great place to live.

      40. I am still trying to work out why the over-breeding is being encouraged – are these extra people to be slave-drones or food (soylent green-style)? Because the government knows full well these people will never have a good quality of life or a good job with the crappy educations they are getting and the crummy neighborhoods they are living in where there are no morals and it is normal to take drugs and do crimes.

        Societies that genuinely care to raise the standard of living and to make the future better than today, invest heavily in the young, giving them a good start to life. Putting kids on food stamps and deploying them in sub-standard schools does not seem to be a way to create a better future. They will not be able to compete or even compare with children in Asia, where they are growing up with a love of education and inculcated with good morals.

      41. The idea that the Earth is overpopulated is propaganda straight from our eugenicist overlords. If you think that Earth is overpopulated, do us a favor and off yourself to show us how responsible you are toward the Earth.

        People ARE power and wealth. Without people you cannot have a growing GDP or strong army. Our best time as a nation was during massive population growth. Most countries in the western world are below replacement rate now. It is causing economic and societal problems as they bring in immigrants to stave off total collapse. Remember boomers, it is the coming generation who will pay off your SS and Medicare. Unfortunately for you, we are only 40 million, next to the 80 million of you. Good luck collecting.

        The Bible says that that the sons of ones youth are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Happy the man who has his quiver full of them.

        • I think your a bubble or two out of plumb. It was the working making producing middle class boomers who actually paid in the most and enabled their parents to draw a check. and half of the Boomers are already dead. And your correct If we boomers are depending on the coming generation of Tele Tubbie Parasites to fund Our social security Ponzi scheme check we are in deep Do Do. Im now drawing $1075 per month from the SS PONZI scheme. Its simply extra money for me. if that check didn’t arrive I still will be able to pay my bills. And yes there are too many people chasing too few jobs & resources. The main problem is the quality producing self reliant responsible parents only have one or two children. the Lowlife parasite takers don’t care they have as many as possible. Too many Parasite Takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable. not to worry the Obama Care will thin out the elederly oxygen thieving nursing & retirement homes. You fat hormone fed obese SSI disability drawing (coming Generation) Tele Tubby parasites will for the most part die very young also.

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