EPIC RANT: “They Take a Press Release from the Federal Reserve and They Think It Was Written by God”

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    in-god-we-trustIf there’s one thing that individual investors can take away from Ben Bernanke’s latest Fed update, it’s that all confidence in the financial and economic systems of this country has been lost.

    Within seconds of Ben Bernanke suggesting the Fed would taper monetary expansion and reduce their activity stock markets tumbled.

    This proves one thing, and it’s what we and many other critics of Fed policy have been saying for nearly five years. The only thing keeping the entire system afloat is the fact that the U.S dollar is the world’s reserve currency, and that we can print it to infinitum.

    Ben Bernanke simply spoke of pulling back the money printing and look what happened. Stock markets dropped almost instantly. Can you image what will happen when the Federal Reserve actually stops the printing, or even pulls back a little bit?

    It would be financial chaos on an unprecedented scale.

    Americans should be outraged that it has come to this. And one American in particular has no qualms about letting his feelings be known.

    Watch CNBC’s Rick Santelli as he calls out Chairman Ben Bernanke, fed policies, unemployment statistics, and the blind followers who refuse to question the government’s widespread machinations.

    This is one you don’t want to miss.

    Via Zero Hedge and The Daily Crux (video below)

    On CNBC and all the channels that cover business, we have person after person after person, buy side, sell side, upside, downside.

    How is the economy? Economy is great.

    What about stocks? You got to buy them.

    What if they break? You have to buy the dips.

    What’s wrong with the economy? I don’t hear these people saying anything is wrong with the economy.

    So what’s wrong, Ben? Why can’t we get out of crisis management mode?

    There’s always going to be something.

    If you pull it away and the stock market goes down, where does it say in the Constitution that some form of the government has to guarantee that stocks go up? Or guarantee that you have a house?

    They don’t. Where have we gone off the rails? Enough is enough!

    Why don’t these people kick the tires?

    They take a press release from the Federal Reserve and they think it was written by God.

    Video courtesy The Daily Sheeple:

    Take the hint coming from today’s market reaction. Something is VERY wrong with our economic, financial and monetary systems.

    Chances are, the minute they pull back these markets are going to collapse. There are those, like the billionaires who have been selling off millions of shares of bank and retail stocks as of late, who know what’s coming.

    There’s a reason that the Japanese, Europeans and Americans are implementing “bail in” rules that will force financial losses on depositors just like you.

    Ben Bernanke may think he can slowly reduce quantitative easing. But, as billionaire financier George Soros noted in his book The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, the infusion of these massive amounts of capital may work for a while. Eventually, however, it must be pulled back or you’re going to end up with runaway inflation.

    The problem, as Soros highlights, is that no one really knows what pulling back will actually do or if it is even possible.

    This afternoon we got a very small dose of what to expect should the Fed pull back on the monthly billion dollar bailouts.

    It’s a Catch 22 – and there really is no way out of it.

    Keep printing, and we end up with hyperinflation.

    Stop printing, and the whole system implodes in on itself.

    We have two options, and both lead to complete and utter disaster.

    The end result will be the same for the average person on the ground.


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      1. we’ve been in the “crisis management mode” for 5 years now
        ya think someone would have got a clue by now ?

        but I think they do know
        the 1% are looting the last bit of wealth out of the system
        before it totally collapses

        • The smart money always exits the market before the sheeple. The markets are not rational, only appear so because they reflect the actions of many millions of individual investors and a few thousand large investors, all trying to find an edge.

          Some will take risks that in hindsight were not rational; just greed raising its ugly head.

          The market does not run up forever. Eventually it will fall below a level where corporate earnings are more or less reflected in company values, individually and as a whole. A decline is inevitable and is obvious to anyone with half a brain, but a decline is not “collapse” by any stretch of the imagination. Even a 50% retreat from these valuations is not a collapse. It is an opportunity.

          We have had many declines before. The world is not going to end today, or tomorrow. Play some golf the weather is beautiful.

          • You want to know what scares helicopter ben the most? A barrel of bubbling tar and a gunny sack full of turkey feathers.

            I am beginning to think that nothing scares BO because he thinks he is the second coming, or some Greek God or something. What should scare BO the most? When people figure out that there is nothing called a free ride, they will pay through they nose rings.

            What scares the government more than anything? The complete truth.

            What should scare the masses, if they had any intelligence left, the most? The expendablility that the government considers everyone below a certain rung on the ladder, which would be about 99.9% of everyone.

            What would scare anyone that wants absolute control? Enough people not listening to authority, free thinking.

            • Government takes all the lean, and leaves us the fat.
              Someday they may wish they had even the fat.
              We eagerly await that delicious day of reckoning.
              Then it’s our turn…..

              • PORN ALERT!



                • And you’re upset why?

                  • You people do realize that Santelli is a pressure release valve, who says what most people want to ask but don’t get to? Rant having been delivered, they receive relief, like after masturbation.

            • Someone please go to etrade and look at JPmorgan stock. look at the 5 day average or 1 month average.It goes from 97.00 to 970.00 dollars at night,What does this mean if anything?It has only been happening recently.I find it very strange,someone who visits zero hedge,maybe post it and ask them.If it only occurs on my PC.It would not surprise me.TY!

            • BI: I agree with what you say, with the exception of Helicopter Ben. The COLLAPSE occurred in 2008-2009 as he was taking office and I think he has done a great job of saving the world economy.

              Unfortunately he had to use OUR money to do it. Still fiat is just paper and there are mechanisms in the system that destroys dollars or can remove them from the system.

              De leveraging of asset values like homes destroys dollars while QE replaces the losses of the banks. (So we need not fear the lack of funds in the FDIC).

              QE does not replace all of the dollars destroyed. While bank investors SHOULD have lost their equity in the COLLAPSE, they didn’t, and if there were a second collapse it is not likely that bank investors would lose their equity the second time around.

              FED officials and others might lose their heads but bank investors would not likely suffer next time either, if there is a second COLLAPSE.

              That said, the inflated housing bubble was engineered by Greenspan. Bernanke has just been dealing with the aftermath. Things could be worse, and may get worse, but hyper-inflation hasn’t happened and double-digit inflation is not hyper inflation.

              The one thing that the PTB fear is an enraged and engaged electorate. It is the only thing they fear. Engage!

              • D.K.

                >>”While bank investors SHOULD have lost their equity in the COLLAPSE, they didn’t, and if there were a second collapse it is not likely that bank investors would lose their equity the second time around.”<<

                Are you sure about that? Considering what just happened in Cypress, the new "Bail-In" banking rules being implemented in Canada, Japan, and being heavily considered for greater Europe. I think the upcoming round of banking troubles will force a lot of pain unto unsuspecting investors/depositors. Just a thought.

                • I meant Cyprus.

                • YH: With the exception of Canada; but Canada is not ARMED, these countries are not America and DO NOT have the American banking system. America has one central bank for 50 states. The EU has as many SOVEREIGN central banks as they have sovereign countries …. all using the same currency.

                  The Euro was designed to fail.

                  Thats the problem in Europe and it may take a COLLAPSE in Europe to install an American style banking system there. that is a goal of the NWO and is as essential to the control of Europe as the eradication of guns in America.

                  Will that have an effect upon US? Yes. Will it mean “total collapse” like the fear monger’s claim? No.

                  Lets remember that Bernanke created $16 TRILLION dollars and loaned it out to the biggest banks, corporations, and countries with little to no effect. that money has been paid back, with some interest.

                  The FED can do that again. Europe could even adopt the “dollar” like Panama and a couple other Central American countries, while Europe creates a new “MARK” and a single banking and currency system.

                  Think of the coming “fallout” for small European banks as akin to the eradication of American S&L’s by the Commercial Bankers in the late “80’s.

                  Europe will get stronger. That’s biblical. America will recede from the world stage as Earth Changes and political unrest occur here, and WE withdraw to settle our problems (and scores) internally.

                  Change is coming. Prepare for it. Embrace it. And help forge a new American Revolution to re-birth and restore America. Its the best hope for the world until Jesus comes.

                  Engage! 🙂

                  • DK
                    Why would the Euro be designed to fail just to adopt a system like ours? It was designed to fail in order to adopt an entirely new system which will be totally electronic.

                  • D.K.

                    I hope you’re right! Tally-Ho! 🙂

                  • You forget DK that many of our most recent wars have been fought to protect the monopoly of the petro-dollar. Your assumptions all based on the idea that the dollar will remain the world’s currency. The Indians and Chinese both have their own thoughts on that. Many elsewhere resent the power of the petro-dollar and are only to pleased to trade in other currencies/gold when the opportuniy arises, especially in Aisa.

                    The US is not powerful enough to engage China in direct military action & the UN has already touted a potential global trading unit to use as an alternative to the dollar.

                    Every dog has it’s day, and the global elite are NOT loyal or patriotic to any single nation. Do not let your emotional connection to the dollar blind you to these monsters antics.

                    They will retain control of what ever replaces the dollar. They live a global lifestyle and see us all as connecting cogs in THEIR global plantation. If the mechanism to keep us enslaved is entitled “wombat” instead of dollar, they won’t mind, just so long as they retain overall CONTROL.

                  • Durango, smart comment. Except no one really knows how much has been printed, how much has been loaned out nor how much, if any has been really paid back.

                    No one really knows anything but what “they” tell us.

                  • Derange-O, you are a bloviating misinformed, pseudo-intellectual, know nothing DUNCE.

                  • ENFP: It was designed to fail by its structure; not by any intent with its construction. The architecture was flawed.

                  • lonelunmom: I disagree with your premise that these wars of Crony Capitalism were designed to protect the petro dollar. They were designed to spread Crony Capitalism as the basis for control by the NWO. Petro dollars are a symptom; not the disease.

                    At the present time it is the Chinese that are not powerful enough to engage America militarily. At the moment China cannot project its power beyond the South China Sea. LMAO! China needs at least another 10 years, maybe 15 to catch up with US, militarily.

                    Where will we be by then?

                  • Rainmaker: The FED was audited last year, about thise time. The data is a year old.

            • “BO thinks he is the second coming, or some Greek God”

              And dlook what happened to the economy of Greece.

              p.s. anyone know what’s up with Manos?

              • Hi Wilson

                Manos is fine, I heard from him earlier in the week. The 6 quake that hit crete caused a bit of excitement but he and his family are well. I will pass on your regards
                Take care

                • Many of us have been concerned about Manos and his family. Would love to be hearing from him again.We miss him.

                • Burt is back!!!!

                  FYI to my prepper friends. Don’t buy a new glock because I’m sending mine back to Smyrna for a second time today with the brass to face issue. Their customer service sux and I wish I would have bought an M&P. I’ll probably sell it when I get it back from repair even if I lose a couple bucks.

                  Watch your six and hopefully brass isn’t flying at your face.

            • Did everybody watch the Dow dropping as he was speaking?

            • Be Informed,

              I cannot wait for the day to arrive when it finally dawns on the progressive liberal Obama zombies that “Change” was nothing more than a sales pitch and has nothing to do with what Obama actually has in store for them and the rest of us. Collapse. The Obamites will be having some crow for dinner.

              • The obamamites might eat crow but that crow will be paid for with their food stamp card!

              • @YH..

                It will NEVER dawn on them.

                They are like the guy who goes out and buys a used car against the advice of just about everyone who knows him and knows what car he’s looking to buy. Once he gets it…sure enough, it’s a pile of crap. But do you think he’ll acknowledge that? On your life he will not. He’ll sit there and defend his purchase. Because he knows that if he admits he made a mistake, it confirms that he was a fool.

                We have a nation of fools. And instead of realizing their error, they’ll just look for the next new Messiah that will promise them the moon and piss down their neck and tell them it’s raining, and they’ll believe it.

                The average American has been so dumbed-down by public education..and so indoctrinated by the MSM..and so anesthetized by popular culture, that they are incapable of any kind of logical thought or critical thinking.

                • Walt,

                  Your assessment is 100% spot on correct. Americans have been dumbed down the point of near religious, cult-like, euphoric obsession to Obama’s religion of hate i.e. “Change”. Obama supporters remind me of some of the more extreme brainwashed cults I’ve seen over the years. We all know how that usually ends, not well.

                  • It is also a deeper reason libs are that way. While they claim to crave “change”, in reality their Fear of real actual change as in mindset has much to do with their reasons to never be ablr to admit when they are proven wrong. They can never admit they are wrong, nor admit We were or are correct. As both equal the same final end for them. That being if they were to admit to it, what then? They know it means they will need to actually change mind set and actions or agendas or beliefs after admiting their notions or policies were wrong.

                    Therefore while libs promote such lust for “changes” as they swoon and oh and ahh over their latest heroboy hobammy, they actually Fear real change caused by admitions of their policy wrongs.

                    Their entire basis of thought is backward and idiotic. Look how a typical lib agenda is to keep doing the exact same methods again and again the same way, like gun control. No matter how often We prove all their antigun claims absurd and outright lies, libs will keep doing the exact same lies or methods as if somehow, someday, those wrongs or lies will magically change over to become truths. In their hopes to someday be vindicated and gleefully tell us “See! we were right all along”!

                    And they believe all thats needed to achieve such success is to keep doing failed agendas over and over untill “maybe”, somehow, it will become reality or correct.

                    So many stupid methods and idiotic failures due to a deranged liberal mentality, and Fear of Real actual change of minds for the better. The more you study and observe Liberal Dems, the more goofy and idiotic they really become.

              • Well… technically… collapse IS change…

          • The Fed has been controlled by the banksters for a hundred years, but before that they struggled with each other on wall street. They are not a monolithic Bloc, they have different goals, different methods, and many hate each other. They are quite capable of triggering a disaster no one wants.

          • durango kidd says:

            “The market does not run up forever. Eventually it will fall below a level where corporate earnings are more or less reflected in company values, individually and as a whole. A decline is inevitable and is obvious to anyone with half a brain, but a decline is not “collapse.”


            You are whacked my sun burnt friend.

            “Its obvious to anyone with half a brain!”

            This is not about “corporate earnings”… more or less. It’s about fraud and manipulation! The market is RIGGED!

            It aint real!

            When the FED withdraws QE, interest rates will rise.

            When interest rates rise, the bond market will collapse, and the whole shitty house of cards [fraud] will come crashing down.

            The government won’t be able to pay interest on it’s debt let alone fund the EBT system.

            And that’s when the real FUN starts!

            Lock n Load Baby.

            • Your mama: Yes interest rates will rise and stocks will fall. Historically, that is the cycle. America has had high interest rates before: even 11 and 13% 30 year fixed mortgages. That is nothing new.

              WE are still here and the debt to GDP ratio is dropping as you argue the point here. It will continue to fall as GDP rises with the transfer of hydrocarbons to Europe during the Fall.

              I know its hard for you, but try to see the BIG picture. 🙂

              • durango kidd says:

                “America has had high interest rates before: even 11 and 13% 30 year fixed mortgages. That is nothing new.”

                That’s true, but you forgot about the $17 trillion in debt. If interest rates rise, even a little, the “cost” of servicing the debt explodes! That’s why Bernanke is manipulating interest rates. They have to, because they have no exit strategy. They can’t undo what they’ve done. If they pull back on QE, rates rise and the whole thing crashes. If they continue QE forever, with unlimited money printing and credit, they will destroy the dollar. Either way, the result is the same: COLLAPSE. There is no way out of this! Why do you think your loving government is plunging head long into a police state, and arming itself to the teeth! They know what’s comming! Eventually enough of the drooling, tv watching, EBT card holding, USA… USA chanting Boobs will figure out they’ve been screwed. And when they do, your loving government has an exit strategy for that.

                “debt to GDP ratio is dropping.”

                Those numbers are manipulated! They add newly printed money and credit to the GDP figure, bumping the numbers up and giving the appearance of a higher GDP. Flooding the system with “liquidity” is NOT growth. It’s manipulation!

                “I know its hard for you, but try to see the BIG picture.”

                • Your Mama: After WWII the US Debt to GDP ratio was 125%. It is currently 105%. Interest rates after WWII were higher than they are now.

                  Wrong again! 🙂

                  The system has not been flooded with liquidity. If that were true we would be experiencing hyperinflation. We are not. Only the banks and credit worthy corporations have access to capital on a mass scale.

                  Try again! 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “The system has not been flooded with liquidity.”

                    So QE is a conspiracy theory, and the Federal Reserve is not injecting $85 billion a month into the system.

                    “If that were true we would be experiencing hyperinflation.”

                    The reason hyperinflation has not yet set in, is becaue all the money being added to the money supply [M1] is being held by the banks as “Excessive Reserves.” The Fed prints the money, it then gives it to the banks, and then the banks send it back to the Federal Reserve as “Excessive Reserves.” The Fed even pays the banks interest on these reserves [tax payer money].

                    When the “Reserves” hit the “street”, we will see the hyperinflation. The banks can’t sit on the reserves forever. They will come out. And when they do, you will see hyperinflation.

                    It’s not a question of “if, but “when.”

                    Not only did you flunk Logic 101, but it seems Econ 101 as well.

              • The country has never been in the current position it is in right now. Never has debt been as high as it is now with no plan going forward. Interest rates have never been this low with no plan going forward. The country has painted itself into a corner. There is no way out. Why don’t we raise everyone’s health insurance premiums and add in 15 million more illegals to the system. That way they can crawl out from under a rock and take what is left of the low paying jobs. Sound good?

                • No way out? not likely. There are a number of things that We can do that I can think of off the top of my head:

                  1. Reduce military spending by a few hundred billion a year.
                  2. Cut the annual trillion dollar hydrocarbon subsidy. At $100 per barrel of oil equivalent, Big Oil doesn’t need additional revenue.
                  3, Institute Fair Trade rather than continuing Free Trade and subsidizing China to the tune of $350 billion a year; Canada at $25 billion a year; and Mexico at $100 billion a year.
                  The number for Mexico does not include the SNAP program for Mexico, or Puerto Rico ($2B); nor does it include the cost of ILLEGALS ($250B) to the American taxpayer.
                  4. Then of course there is ObummerCare which will cost the American taxpayer a trillion dollars a year once it is fully implemented and everyone’s health care is paid for from general revenue funds.
                  5. WE could also eliminate the $3B for Israel that they get every year and suggest that AIPAC members donate their money to israel instead of bribing US officials.

                  There are lots of ready answers. Engage! 🙂

                  • DK: Double BINGO! on your Final #5…STOP All Funding of Israel! add to that $3 Billion another $10 billion in military aid and weapons etc, plus all moneys spend in Non necessary Wars for israel intrest, also Add in all Domestic Hundreds of millions, maybe Billions more spent for subsidies cash for the aprox 300+ jewish/israel agendas, such as likly number now of 150-holyhoax museums Tax funded,adl, ajc,splc,etc. with more built yearly.

                    My list would place That at #1 top expenditure and very first cash cuts. Oh yeah and Outlaw forceing “gentiles” at 98% population from paying their religious “kosher” tax on all foods and even aluminum Foil, and many household cleaning agents or chemicals that also have a “Circle with K in middle” Kosher symbol.

                    That kosher K symbol alone adds aprox $3 Billion Per year to americans shoping costs for a religious belief barley 2% of american citizens practice.

                    Picture their Howls and Whines if somebody were to suggest a “Christian” religious belief symbol on most all items they buy weekly, and they pay a “Christian” tax added to each item!…Maybe a “Square, with a Big JC in the middle” as competition to their Kosher-K symbol.

                    They’d be screaming Nazis! hatemongers! and several more choice lables. I am tired of funding a few wealthy rabbis with my share of that $3 billion per year Kosher tax swindle. In fact I am tired of all of their Many swindles against america and gentiles…END Anti Gentileisim! End anti Goyimizim! ASAP!

            • “When interest rates rise…the government won’t be able to pay interest on it’s debt”

              So why doesn’t our useless congress just write themselves a new law that exempts the govt from the rise in interest rates?

              Or maybe obummer can just create another executive order, declaring the govt won’t be paying the increase.

              Oh yeah, because that wouldn’t drain OUR accounts to cover their losses…I forgot.

            • Like USSR, USA will sell off military toys for whatever somebody is willing to pay. The “service economy” is BS. You can’t build a national economy on me cutting your hair and you flipping a house to me. The finiancial services industry is 90% fraud. We can’t all manage each other’s retirement portfolios.

            • This is like watching “Wheel of Fortune”…Ah Vanna… 😉

            • Thats correct!He who controls the food controls the world. believe it brothers!

          • Ummm, if that’s the case we may be in trouble…

            …Paulsen, Buffet and Soros have all nearly EXITED the market in the last 60 days. Paulsen is said to have divested himself of 14 Million shares of JPM in that time.

            Ummm, maybe that don’t look so good?

            • The markets have probably peaked and valuations exceed reasonable expectations on a PE ratio. A typical retrenchment could be 30-40%; maybe more.

              What goes up, does come down. Its a law of physics and the markets.

              • durango kidd says:

                “What goes up, does come down. Its a law of physics and the markets.”

                Ya, “it’s a law of physics,” but you somehow don’t think that law applies to your government. Why is that?

                Maybe you subscribe to the notion that the laws of nature simply don’t apply to Government.

                You can bet your a** that’s the way THEY see it!

                • Your Mama: You said: “Ya, “it’s a law of physics,” but you somehow don’t think that law applies to your government. Why is that?”

                  Why? Because I am a STATIST of course! LMFAO! 🙂

                  • Why are you laughing?


          • Thanks DK. I suppose too that some might call it a crisis if we shed 50%, depending on how much it leaves in their pocket when it does.

            • Seniors got phuckjed in 08. Now they are greeters at WallyWorld. Now those sitting in stocks in right will get phuckjed again if they got back in. A portfolio that is down 50% is not a good thing.

        • @ Satori

          It’s all been by design.

          The scary thing for me is wondering what is going to replace it. It’s obviously something that has been prepared for by the power elite over the past 50 years.

          None of this is accidental. The perceived failure is too perfect to be anything but intentional, and we absolutely CANNOT elect our way out of this in 2014 or 2016.

          There’s a paradigm shift on the horizon, and it’ll be from 4th gear into 1st…..BANG !!!

      2. When the dominos fall, many will realize this was only a house of cards…

        • Have you finished the damED dishes yet WOMAN !

        • KY Mom,

          No doubt about that! It looks like folks are rushing for the exits right now, but Bernanke has them on a short leash for the time being.

      3. Truly demoralizing. Invest in anything Ben cannot inflate away. I do not believe the money printing will stop, as today’s market reaction attests. TPTB fear deflation more than inflation. These “announcements” have second and third order effects that benefit, are useful, and are profitable in ways the unwashed masses have no way of comprehending. Keep the faith. Keep stacking, keep prepping, keep hoping for the best!

      4. Check out what’s going on in Brazil today. Won’t be long now.

        • On FOX they said the people of Brazil were rioting because of a ten cent hike in bus fares and they are tired of a corrupt Government.

          Here in America they are corrupt and are shredding the Constitution and B.O.R and the people sit on their hands.

          Maybe we need to increase our bus fares by ten cents.

        • I live in Brazil. In my city dd was 350,000 with approximately 400 people marched in solidarity.
          Police and riot only in the big cities.
          Personally, I welcome the $ increase here (and leave).
          Our imports decrease, the domestic market will have to produce the £ circulates internally.
          Oil is in Brazil, cows, pigs, chickens, rice, beans, water, mainly WATER!
          Land without hurricanes, earthquakes. There is drought in some regions and too much rain in others, but nothing that so directly affects the production and in other countries.
          Here is the ore heaps of all kinds that could meet our needs, we can recreate an industry expertise anytime qualified people.
          Another thing, in all these riots seen in the rest of the world, only the police had guns.
          The Brazilian is prevented by law to have guns, only criminals and police besides the military has weapons.
          God save the United States of America if ever you decide to do a demonstration like we saw on TV today, I think it would be a bloodbath, would end in civil war.
          The people here still stands of rubber bullets and grenades effect arrears with sticks and stones, you do not see the people with guns or sharp objects.
          You do not see blood (or bombs to kill).
          Here you see Jewish and Moorish tile attending rallies because studying together.
          Here neither the Mafia worked moreover, the Italian Mafia started to “break” when sent mobsters sought in Italy and the U.S. to Brazil, here they felt so relaxed that they gave to the whistle, reported all they had done (read about Buschetta who was extradited here if I’m not mistaken in the 80s or late 70s).
          Well, Brazil is so quiet, but if you do, “do not run from a fight” as it is in our National Anthem.
          I excuse the horrible text translated by Google.

          • Texto original:

            “Moro no Brasil. Na minha cidade dd 350.000 habitantes houve passeata com aproximadamente 400 pessoas em solidariedade.
            Polícia e tumulto só nas grandes capitais.
            Pessoalmente, vejo com bons olhos o US$ aumentar aqui (e sair).
            Nossas importações diminuem, o mercado interno terá que produzir, o R$ circula internamente.
            Petróleo há no Brasil, vacas, porcos, galinhas, arroz, feijão, água, principalmente ÁGUA!
            Terra sem furacões, terremotos. Há seca em algumas regiões e chuva demais em outras mas, nada que afete tão diretamente a produção como em outros países.
            Por aqui há minério aos montes de todos os tipos que poderão suprir nossas necessidades, uma indústria que poderá recriar know-how a qualquer hora com gente capacitada.
            Outra coisa, em todos esses tumultos vistos no resto do mundo, só a polícia tinha armas.
            O brasileiro é impedido por Lei a ter armas, só bandidos e polícia além das Forças Armadas tem armas.
            Que Deus guarde os Estados Unidos da América se algum dia vocês resolverem fazer uma manifestação como a que hoje vi na TV, creio que seria uma carnificina, acabaria em Guerra Civil.
            O povo aqui ainda se defende das balas de borracha e granadas de efeito moras com paus e pedras, vocês não vêem a população com armas de fogo ou objetos cortantes.
            Não se vê sangue (nem bombas que matem).
            Aqui você vê judeu e árabe lado a lado participando de passeatas porque estudam juntos.
            Aqui, nem a Máfia deu certo aliás, a Máfia italiana começou a “quebrar” quando mandaram mafiosos procurados na Itália e nos EUA para o Brasil, aqui eles se sentiram tão relaxados que deram com a língua nos dentes, contaram tudo o que tinham feito (leiam sobre o Buschetta que foi extraditado daqui se não me engano na década de 80 ou final da década de 70).
            Bom, o Brasil é assim, tranquilo mas, se precisar, “não foge à luta” como está no nosso Hino Nacional.
            Me desculpem o texto horrível traduzido pelo Google.

            • Mil pardino, No hablan Espanol!

            • Mil pardeno, No hablan Espanol!

              • That’s because it’s Portuguese…

      5. There will not be “complete and utter (financial) disaster”. If there was a complete and utter financial disaster, the rich would suffer the most.

        Not gonna happen.

        If the system fails the corporations that control the world would fail, and the global investment class suffers with them.

        Not gonna happen.

        The system is controlled for the global investment class, by the global investment class. Only war and / or EMP can create the kind of chaos that Mac alludes to.

        The American banking system which underpins the global economy is a model of intelligence that only a demon can demonstrate. Will that demon push the “reset’ button? I don’t think so; suicide is irrational.

        Look for disaster somewhere else. Every crisis presents an opportunity. Find it. Seize it! 🙂

        • If they want population reduction they’ll bring on the collapse. Only when they are ready.

          There are several layers of the global elite. One of the upper levels is the bankers and investors. The top level will abandon all the useful idiots when they make their move.

          Financial collapse is probably the safest route to get to 500 Million. Pandemic is risky as the virii could mutate and bite the hand that sowed them. Nukes leave a radiative mess.

          Google Georgia Guidstones.

          • You go to 500 million in under 10 years, you get pandemic no matter what.

            Where you gonna put the corpses? The moon?

          • I prefer to Google the Ten Commandments.

            • You go right ahead durango kidd. Stick your head in the sand.

              Maybe it’s just some eccentric, or maybe it IS part of the Global elite plan. But I have heard that they have to announce their intentions to be legitimate.

              Keep on with your useless posts.

              • SD: I am not ignoring the NWO Agenda as expressed by the “Guidestones”. I am just focusing my attention on the positive. They made their statement; its time to make OURS!

                The NWO will not be defeated by complacency and inaction. The NWO is a very small minority who has taken control of OUR government. They can be eliminated from power merely by the slaves revolting.

                WE must engage the enemy; not run from them, or accept the defeatism, dissolusionment, and despair which their agents spread to depress and disarm US. WE have the numbers. America is OURS the wina …. again!

                100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands.

          • Thank you Sierra Dave….I made the same statement as your 1st line several articles ago and it is so true!

          • @sierradave
            the elites are working on population reduction now…that is what this new health care program is about, no one who works for a living will be able to afford it so lifespans will shorten…the cutbacks at the nursing homes are having an effect on their lifespan…monitor your food prices and you will see that they are rising weekly and the packaging is shrinking quarterly…long before there is a collaspe the prices of everyday items will reach a point where the working poor(making under 50 thousand) simply can’t afford milk and bread…people will start to just take what they need and then the riots will start, then the shit will hit the fan and it will not be safe to leave your homes for a while and this is when preppers will have to protect what is theirs…even at this point the stock market will be doing fine and inflation will be next to nothing…the 1st big question is how many people will just roll over and die, 2nd big question is how many will take to the streets to steal, kill and have all the fun they have been dreaming of.

        • well, that’s where we disagree . TBTB have priors! A very brief review of history will show that it’s is how they operate- I don’t mean to be rude or condescending

        • @durango kidd

          All I can say is “stupid.”

          We live in a 100% fiat currency system. And that system is FAKE, and FAILING fast.

          People… comments like DK’s illustrate a lack of understanding when it comes to economics, sound money and a free market.

          People like this are dangerous.

          Persons thinking like this are the reason we are in a crisis! They are the Statists among us.

          They seek to preserve the status quo, but they will say otherwise.

          • Your Mama: I have been commenting here for four years. You can go back and check the archives. I have been right on target with the economy, money, and banking.

            Alt media has been crying the blues about the economy for four years. When even John Williams was crying “hyperinflation” last year, I said “No”.

            You can try to discredit me all you like. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. You will get to eat crow! 🙂

            I have no interest in the Status Quo, not even my own. I have bigger dreams than what I have already achieved. I embrace change. I thrive on Change. I live for it. I love the creative process.

            And you? LMAO! 🙂

            • DK is brilliant. If you don’t believe me, just ask him.

              Dy, you obviously crave the status quo.

            • If you’ve been posting the same BS for 4 years, than I’ve not missed much. Others have tried to educate you on the realities, and you spout propaganda. Who ARE you, Jim Kramer? “Right on target with money, banking…”. Please. You’re nobody, and your claims are as empty as your LACK of understanding about economics.

              What a joke you are.

              • Joke? Yes, and I am laughing all the way to the bank! Check the archives! 🙂

            • A lot of people were “right on target” up till the middle of 1929. If the DOW drops to 1500 or lower, there will be serious problems.

              What goes up, comes down.

              Speaking of hyperinflation being impossible, can you tell me where I can spend my Confederate money?

              • See if a rebel will accept it in Atlanta! 🙂

                • BTW, I have never said that hyperinflation is not possible. I have repeatedly said that the current situation will not create hyperinflation because for hyperinflation to occur runaway money printing must reach the masses.

                  It never will.

                  Put your $10 bills in number ten cans because right now the danger is a deflationary spiral and that deflationary spiral with trigger the second leg down in the housing industry coming to a neighborhood near you soon. 🙂

                  • Dk, is correct.

                    In order for there to be hyperinflation, there must be what?
                    Velocity of money. Which implies the currency is making it into the masses of humanity… this, is not happening and not likely to. All this money stops in the big banks and the markets, and don’t forget, the gubmint. If the gubmint spends all the money on their pet projects and lifestyle enhancements, how much do you think is left over for you? Dregs for their pet corporations. How’re those college grads doing lately? Still living in mama’s basement…hmmm, no job because there’s no money to hire them? Prospects sour? Hmmm… Time to pay the piper, we screwed up when we shut down our industry and sent it China, they, The Elite, should pay with their lives.

                    I went in the bank the other day to inquire about a business loan, on a good idea to expand. She laughed, didn’t know how long she would have a job.

                    Bibilically, we are in store for a deflationary spiral into hell. This is due to the lack of velocity, because there is no money to spend. A lack of bids causes prices to fall, it doesn’t matter how much ‘money’ is printed if its not moving. Eventually Rev 6:6 says that the black horse will end in destitution for the masses, no middle class, yet there will still be rich people, and they will become your massa. This is the way the Head of Gold likes it, America was an aberration in the long term, the last great experiment will become an epic fail. This is happening now.

                    But DK is also correct on collapse… it doesn’t mean Madmax, just madness, crime, riots and martial law possibly. But, gubmint will still be around, and morphed into a fully fascist state. Russia ‘collapsed’, they’re still around… Argentina, Greece, name your state, the people are still around, aren’t they? Just living in abject poverty, that is what awaits America. And they will have a job for you, working on the company plantation, for an electronic credit a day, downloaded into your hand. America’s enemies are circling, ready to kill the dollar. When they do, we’re done.

                    This is why God’s people need to form an alternate underground economy, as a Remnant. The coming times will get so bad you will not know this country anymore, think; Hunger Games or worse. But we cannot win, fighting them one at a time, when the time comes, will we have eyes to see?

                  • “If the gubmint spends all the money on their pet projects and lifestyle enhancements, how much do you think is left over for you?”

                    If the gov. spends money, it enters the main street economy, right?

      6. Re: Keep stacking? Prices going lower? Stack now, or wait a little while? Thoughts?

        • Keep stackin’ regardless of price is my view….. dollar-cost-average into it… month by month…. Hard to say which way PM’s are gonna go, but at some point I think they decouple from the broader markets.. just my 2 cents on it…



          • just tried watching the video ,say’s this video is private ??????

            • Apologies, the video is now fixed.

              • thank Mac

          • Dont really know where to squeeze my 2 cents in but the feds will not withdraw and they dont care about inflation. They will prop up and support the system until it is proped up so high and fake that it will all crash down when the lie is so big that nobody believes it.

        • I think we’ll see the high teens, before the upward climb (on silver). I’ve been stacking silver for 20+ years. Regardless, IMO, you can’t go wrong at these prices. We live in such strange times! Do what your gut tells you, and don’t look back. Fiat FRN’s won’t be around forever, silver and gold will. This house of cards will come down. It’s too bad it has to, but it defies common sense.

        • Peter,

          Paper commodity prices are moving lower. It has nothing to do with the underlying physical asset supporting the paper markets. Waiting for the prices to move lower is one consideration. Another consideration suggests there may not be any physical assets or metals available at any price when the collapse accelerates. As the saying goes, It’s better to be a day early than a minute late. It’s just food for thought, not investment advice.

      7. just announced
        James Gandolfini, ‘The Sopranos’ Star, Dead at 51

        the actor who played Tony Soprano
        gone at just 51 years of age

        just a reminder to us all
        that tomorrow is promised to no man

        if there is something you want to do in life
        DO IT
        if there is something you want to say to someone
        SAY IT

        “live like you were dyin'”

        because we all are


        • I just wanna live all over Kate Upton before I die…

        • Too much Gabagool will get you every time.

      8. Does it really matter what’s going on with the fed? We know they are lying, cheating, good for nothing scoundrels. To me it doesn’t matter either way what happens because I have taken drastic measures to insure that my family and loved ones have the best possible chance of survival if the poo hits the blades. I’m sure most on this site would rather have the country go haywire so we could restart.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think arguing about how the grid is going to go down is helpful. What are you doing about it? I loved Daisys article about how to beat the system. I bet every person on this site can agree something is going to happen and that the government is corrupt.

          Again, what are you doing about it? Do you have a BOL? Have you moved your family? Are you growing your own food? Have you learned to reload? What are you going to “do” after the poo hits?

          Learn something new every week!!!! What did you do to prepare this week????????

      9. IMPORTANTE’…Better take a look at this People,

        Ever heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership? Me niether, this is being negotiated in complete secrecy and the “first Congressman Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests” More specifically, that “The TPP is nicknamed “NAFTA on steroids.” Now that I’ve read it, I can see why. I can’t tell you what’s in the agreement, because the U.S. Trade Representative calls it classified.”


        Read it for yourselves…this is bad…REAL BAD. They pull this one off and it’s ‘Time to Mount up’…see for yourselves….and get READY.

      10. But inflation is only 2 percent. Yeah right. I just noticed the rolls of bathroom tissue have lost an inch in width.

        • @ aljamo, Yep, found an old receipt & compared to one from last weekend: coffee from SAM’s in 2011 $8.98 – now $13.98, Hershey Cocoa 2011 $4.98 – now $9.98, Members Mark paper towels 2011 $13.96 – now $16.96, Charmin toilet paper 2011 $14.96 now $18.96, hamburger meat 9lbs 2011 $10.98 – now 4.5lbs $14.98. Nope no inflation, nothing to see.

          • Time for the Dinky-Di dog food and the washable shit rags?

      11. There is nothing wrong with our economy. Healthy currencies always collect zero interest and deflate above inflation each year. Also, it is very normal to have people in healthy economies needing govt assistance. Now get back to work….

      12. I don’t adhere to any of the financial,or other, pundits proselytizing s…

        Most scream buy gold and silver and they were,to skyrocket..hello?

        Gold and silver have been pulverized against the frn..

        Perhaps now is the time for us lower income earners to buy silver..one just never knows..

        The entire market is rigged…and those who have the insider corner make out like bandits either up or down..
        In fact,most trading on the market volume is by computer…and definitely don’t trust algorithms..!

        I’ll stick to canned, tinned,glassed (ball jars),mylar, fmj’s and the like…and of course fresh organic veges from our gardens..


      13. I have to agree that some sort of huge crash is unlikely
        the markets
        ALL of them are too manipulated now
        some sort of external event might change all of that
        but that is what would have to happen

        what we do see happening
        is what I call “the great grinding downwards”

        more and more middle class falling into poverty
        or just one paycheck away from eviction

        The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty — and It’s Creeping Upward


        people who cant afford a new set of tires for their 15 year old vehicle
        so now they have to “rent” a set of tires


        people who cant afford to fix a leaky roof
        so they put a blue tarp on it
        we’ve got several of those around here

        etc etc etc

        there are millions of examples

        a substantial # of the new jobs being created
        in some months as high as 70%
        are low wage,no benefit jobs

        half of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills
        and MANY of these people had insurance
        I’ve known several people that happened to

        what does the future hold ??

        we will largely be a two class society
        a very small # at the top
        and then the rest of us scrambling for the crumbs
        there will be a small # of manager,tech types who
        will manage to do a little better for themselves

        the middle class has been on a downward slide for 30 years now
        in the past few years this has accelerated greatly
        and there is NO sign that things will change

      14. I don’t normally touch on economic issues, but after this article, I’m ready to deal severely with anyone from the financial world. Wall St. and government have brought our land to this point. They are killing this country and the only to save it is a 2nd American Revolution. The tree of liberty is extremely thirsty for the blood and tyrants and patriots, as Thomas Jefferson would say. I think it will finally have its drink soon. The house of cards will collapse at any time. My prepping is still in overdrive and I hope everyone else’s is also. Get everything you can now before it’s too late. braveheart

        • Are you going to be the one to step up and start this party. Start and I will be there with you. What’s the plan?

      15. Howdy, Possee. Food, water, water purification items, guns, ammo, camping equipment, heavy-duty clothing, shelter, etc. are the only investments I’ve ever counted on and still buying more of same. braveheart

        • As usual BH,…all dressed up, and no place to go !

      16. If I place all of my Obama hatred aside, I cannot come up with a single tidbit of positive news globally that gives me any optimism looking forward. I see no plans for real US progress/growth. Nothing in China/Japan/Russia/Europe. Can anyone here honestly point out a magical ray of sunshine on the horizon?

        • The change is coming…
          Do what braveheart is doing and you may just survive…

        • There is none. I’m not saying doom, but world economic and political system was abused for far too long. Only way out is through deconstructing it, as it is already beyond repair. Through crash. It’d be extremely painful for billions, but there is no other way. I only hope like hell, that current dominant of the system (US), which stand to lose most during the crash, wouldn’t try to take everyone else down with it harsh way. WW3, nukes and all. At least we didnt in the 90s. All my hope is on (relatively) peaceful breakup of the curent system. But it’ll get much, MUCH worse, before it gets better. Which spells massive unemployment, inflation, widespread hunger, utilities and facilities down… you name it. We’ve been through this hell and back. Hold tight with your dear ones, understand that time for internal squabbles within the family (if there is, and I mean REAL squabbles, threateting family itseelf) is OVER. Be ready for situation to worsen to wartime-like. Asess those arounf you who you now think about as close relatives or friends with one criteria – would you trust him/her in times of EXTREME hardship such as hunger combined with absence of shelter and constant threat of sudden violent death. If positive, hold onto them. Its an only way to weather it. Personal knowledge. Ive been a child at the time, granted, but I remember. If parents hadn’t made through this together, I’ve probably been dead by now (health issues). They are very differnt and fought with each other often…. but they fight for the family tooth and nails. That is what saved them…and me.

      17. stock up on all that you can…dont forget those barter items…no matter what the cost of an item is now anything you buy right now and put aside will be of greater value later.

        • Get everything working in top order and if you need something buy the best (not the fanciest) quality you can afford. Buy means paid for. Need a new roof in two years? Spring for it now stripping the old one and putting on 30 year shingles.

          Last but not least tools at yard sales. Old tools, good well made tools. Tools you might not use but have value if the price is right.

          • Look toward the future. If you’re 55 and may need a new roof in 5 years, ask yourself if you’ll be able to nail on a roof in 5 years. If you put on 30 year shingles when you’re 55, your roof will probably last as long as you will.

            • The difference in cost between 20-year and 50-year shingles is about $2000 for an average home, and even less for 30- to 50-year. Labor is well over half of the cost. You can hire a company to do a complete tear-off and install of new membrane and roofing paper, that gets you protected and does most of the work, then get the shingles delivered to your rooftop and do it yourself. Use metal valleys, and if you can, upgrade to 40 or 45 pound felt, it can double the life of your roof. Two people, one nailing and one placing, can roof a house in one or two days. Buy a compressor and air nailer, you’ll get twice as much done in the same time. Use 4 nails per shingle.

        • If you can use it, somebody needs it. Before we kick out all the illegals, we need them to reteach us how to hang drywall and nail on shingles.

          • This is so true, but funny or is it sad, hell I don’t know.

          • Been there done both and a lot of other things

      18. German Army study on the implications of peak oil


        if you can dispute their conclusions
        have at it

        modern society is totally dependent on oil
        specifically on CHEAP OIL
        and those days are gone
        there is still PLENTY of oil left
        but the cheap easy stuff has been used up
        now we HAVE to drill beneath thousands of feet of ocean
        or mine oily rock and sand ,and mix it with God awful chemicals
        to turn it into fuel

        our way of life is changing
        and not for the better

        the current economic downturn is PERMANENT

        • Word, yo.

          Dude where’s my thorium?

      19. We’ve been F*****! Now for a while. What else is new?

      20. hold out your hands palms up

        go ahead hold em’ out i wont hurt you

        i place a 1oz gold Krugerrand in your left hand


        then i place $1400. zog amerikan FIAT DOLLARS all in $100. FIAT PAPER BILLS in your right hand

        * you have 5 seconds to decide which you will keep

        1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … TIMES UP !

        * which of the two “RETAINS ITS WORTH GLOBALLY” which can you go anywhere in the world and buy real products and property ???

        * which of the two retains its wealth and value for thousands of years ???

        * which are YOU still holding as zog ameriKa turns fascist -n- dies , the zog ameriKan fiat paper dollar with it ???

        * the zog ameriKa fiat paper dollar is already Weimar Republic dead (even mexican banks are now refusing it for exchange) , gold and silver both has eternal physical wealth value , INDUSTRIAL resource value and VERY limited in physical quantity .

        if your still holdin worthless paper you have none to blame but yourself .

        GOT PHYZZ ???

        N.O. ;0p

        • I’m keeping both of them, it’s in my hand, isn’t it?

      21. Russian marine and air power head for Syria versus Western intervention – “to defend Russian citizens,” says Moscow

        The Russian Vice Admiral Kulakov destroyer heading for Syria

        DEBKAfileSpecial Report Jun 19, 2013, 5:32 PM (IDT)

        Just one day after Western G8 leaders failed to ram past Vladimir Putin a resolution mandating Assad’s ouster, Moscow said Wednesday that two warships carrying 600 Russian marines are heading for Syria “to protect Russian citizens.” Russian Deputy Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Gradusov said an air force umbrella would be there if needed. debkafile: This was a thinly disguised Russian flexing of muscle against continuing Western arms supplies to the Syrian rebels.

        Keep the FAITH

        • American pilots probably pray McCain don’t get no fly zone. The American military not gone against a world class adversary in decades.

      22. One Man awake,
        Awakens another.
        The second awakens
        His next-door brother.
        The three awake can rouse a town
        by turning
        the whole place
        Upside down.

        The many awake
        can make such a fuss
        it finally awakens
        the rest of us.
        One man up,
        with dawn in his eyes,
        surely then,

        Keep the FAITH (III)

      23. And their just figuring this out now? Wanna see my shocked face?

      24. One two three and maybe four
        who’s on that other side of the door?
        I’ll just keep playing and a singing a song
        while the feds step on their dongs.

        We aren’t going in a peaceful way
        Got our constitution, it’s here to stay
        If you don’t want to die on this here floor
        think of the “maybe” in my score

        Nobody wanted a fight but you
        We told you all along so, too
        but you kept kicking in our doors
        one two three or maybe four

        Call out your fine gravediggers
        find the best men that you can
        because you’re looking at some work
        with your “citizen improvement” plan.

        Keep the FAITH

      25. Amazing, huh? Our POTUS can’t string 2 sentences together without his TelePrompTer-in-Chief.

        Keep the FAITH

      26. June 25, 2015

        Ugly watches:

        1. His dollar converts to 7 cents.

        2. His 300 friends vote for the same person and she only gets 12 votes tallied.

        3. Banker says you cannot take out monies from savings.

        4. Your Home ownership gets taxed heavily or confiscated.

        5. Must pay a ‘guilt’ tax for being debt-free.

        6. Must show CHIP ID to cash in PMs.

        7. ‘Rats’ in all neighborhoods telling NWO if you are gardening and storing food.

        8. Heirloom seeds must have the ‘terminator’ gene.

        9. 48 hour jail sentence for saluting the USA Flag.

        10. Your every step and every speech and every move is recorded.

        11. Shit, I’m tired and the list goes on and on and on….

        • Don’t stop now Ug, you’re on a roll.
          I wonder how long that list could really get?
          Might be easier to add up what we Can do, instead.

          • Outwest. Thanks. here is Ugly’s can do list:

            1. Get debt down, way down.

            2. Learn to live comfortably with 50% less income than today.

            3. Have at least 6 month food storage, grow from there.

            4. Learn to garden, especially the perennials.

            5. Have some cash. Buy some PMs.

            6. Store heirloom seeds.

            7. Be friendly and be generous. Sometimes we have a bunker or caveman or even Rambo ideas; think of others and enjoy the life we have now.

            That is a very short list. I jog 5 days a week. Recently, I have taken time after jog and walked and enjoyed the beauty around me. I didn’t realize that the short cacti had such beautiful yellow and purple flowers.

            Somedays, you really do need to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

            I will prepare. I know calamity is coming. The last thing I want is my 13 year old son asking me if I knew these days were coming then why did I not do anything about it.

            I will trust the Lord first. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. He provides the green pastures….Psalms.

            And, if the Lord is with us, then whom can be against us?

            All in all, good luck.

        • Feio:

          “Vamos por partes” (como dizia Jack – o estripador) hehe:

          1. Sua dólar converte em 7 centavos.

          R- Não! Vale muito menos, se comparar com o começo do século vale 0,002 ou menos.

          2. Seus amigos votar 300 para a mesma pessoa e ela só recebe 12 votos computados.

          R- Sim! Isso porque nos EUA seu voto como cidadão não vai parar no seu candidato a Presidente, não é você quem vota no cara, além do mais, não há voto eletrônico como no Brasil ou na Venezuela. Aliás, no Brasil, na próxima votação, você só precisará de um dedo para votar, enfiará o dedo na máquina e votará. Só isso.

          3. Banqueiro diz que você não pode tirar o dinheiro da poupança.

          R- Nesse caso você tem duas opções: A primeira é tirar o dinheiro da sua conta no banco antes, a segunda é virar amante da mulher do banqueiro (hehe).

          4. Sua posse Home fica tributados pesadamente ou confiscados.

          R- Nesse caso é melhor arrumar um otário para comprar sua posse Home e se mudar.

          5. Deve pagar um imposto de “culpa” por ser livre de dívidas.

          R- Esse “imposto” é o mais fácil de se jogar fora, é só parar de dar dinheiro aos pobres (e aos pastores). Pense bem: o Governo está sustentando os pobres, para quê você vai dar dinheiro? A segunda coisa, você é filho de Deus, Ele é seu Pai. Converse direto com ele, você não precisa de intermediários para conversar com seu Pai!

          6. Deve mostrar CHIP ID de dinheiro em PMs.

          R- Fácil também!: Se você trabalha, receba em cash!

          7. ‘Ratos’ em todos os bairros dizendo NWO se você está jardinagem e conservação dos alimentos.

          R- Volte a resposta “4” (mude de lugar).

          8. Sementes da herança deve ter o gene “terminator”.

          R- Bom, se você pensar e conhecer História, verá que TODOS os locais que foram tomados dos Índios no Continente Americano, ou foi por FUGA de perseguição na Europa ou, por interesses comerciais (isso inclui os afro-americanos). Do Equador (não país, a linha) para baixo, houve miscigenação. Só as culturas que se “acham” europeias hoje acima do Equador estão nesse drama que você acabou de colocar. Pense bem nisso que esta mistura de polonês com austríaco casado (a vinte anos) com uma descendente de índios e negros está lhe dizendo, respeite minha barba branca, minha mulher e meus filhos mestiços que não comem no “Mc’Donalds”.

          9. 48 horas pena de prisão para saudar a bandeira dos EUA.

          R- Não saudar a Bandeira, não saber de memória o Hino Nacional, na minha concepção 48 horas de prisão é pouco, o cara só deveria sair de lá o dia que soubesse bordar a Bandeira e cantar o Hino de trás para frente soletrando!

          10. Sua cada passo e cada palavra e cada movimento é registrado.

          Cara! Este sim, uma grande questão!
          De minha parte, para começar, acabei com o Facebook, Orkut (moro no Brasil), e outras mídias de relacionamento.
          Sempre haverá como me encontrar porque o VPN é ferramenta de serviço para entrar na Rede (sou funcionário público).
          Não uso “3-G”, meu celular é um Motorola modelo WX294 (Brasil) com chip pré pago (aliás, DOIS chips). Sempre mantenho o tanque da motocicleta cheio (uma Yamaha 250 Ténéré – que dá autonomia de 400 quilômetros), um talão de cheque, não uso cartão de banco para pagar contas, não tenho “cartão de débito” e, se der alguma merda, sei para onde ir.
          Faça o mesmo.
          Não precisa ser muito longe, só bem distante dos centros urbanos, só isso.



          11. Merda, eu estou cansado e por aí fora e assim por diante ….

          Ibidem. Não sei sua idade mas, com 50 anos, já estou de saco cheio de tudo isso que está acontecendo no Mundo.


          • O que escrevi acima primeiro foi em português, traduzi no Google e postei em inglês.
            Não sei como vocês entenderão.
            Este comentário é só em português (br), sem traduzir antes.

            Um recado ao Kennedy: se vier para cá, aprenda português, nós somos como vocês e os franceses, só falamos nossa língua quando estamos por aqui.


          • Proftel.

            Thanks for translation in another language. I read your response and tried to decipher best as possible. I got the lugar and McDonalds part. Best of luck in Brazil.

            • Feio:

              Bicho, o que eu quero mesmo é que alguém me diga se fica melhor pra vocês lerem em inglês quando eu escrevo em português ou, quando eu escrevo em português no meu notebook, traduzo para o inglês e posto!
              Parece que quando escrevo direto em português vocês lêem melhor!
              Me diga só isso, o que fica melhor de entender.

              Bração aí.



      27. The Four Rs:

        Rejection–No pay, no obey.

        Revolution–They’re preparing for it, you should be as well. See NDAA 2012/2013/2014, ect.

        Retribution–We will know who and what these sociopaths are guilty of, and is their really any place for the likes of them in a restored Constitutional and civil society?!

        Restoration–Restore the Constitutional republic.

      28. amerikan tax debt slave:

        “How the fuck can a treaty be Classified?”

        zog amerikan fascist fedgov:

        “The answer to your question is Classified.”

        First Congressman Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says:

        “This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”

        *ZOG AmeriKa is a British owned Corporation has been one for the last 200 years – owned by/ under the Virginia Corporation contract . ~N.O. ;0p


      29. Collapse is a mathematical certainty – got it. But WHEN? I’m succumbing to “collapse fatigue” as I read articles from 2007 which insisted that a financial apocalypse was utterly imminent. It has been years, already. I’m not going to fall back asleep, but am I seriously underestimating the resilience of the global economy?

        • “Collapse” depends on each individual situation/events. I believe that if the market dives, say 50%, those doors on Wall Street will be open, and a line around the block, (albeit electronically) will be buying on the dip. The door on the Dow will be the last to close. I’ve had a very high distrust of our government for well over thirty-five years. I’ve always have felt the need to store food and other goods in that time. I have ramped efforts up recently (last few years) as I see the deterioration grow. I still believe this is going to be a very slow train wreck. My wife and I recently took off a few days and traveled down to see my folks in East Tenn. I enjoyed myself immensely and relaxed. Spent some time over on my sister’s and BIL’s farm watching the turkeys and deer. Enjoy yourself as much as possible.

          • Excellent points. I have wondered for quite a while now whether the “collapse” will be a protracted descent into misery that occurs over a period of years or whether it will be a punctuated event in which we go from zero to Mad Max within a few days. Either could happen, as far as I can tell. But you are correct. We need to still be able to enjoy the simple things in life while maintaining a responsible mental and physical state of preparedness.

        • BO will do his damnednest to make sure the fed makes no moves until after the 2014 elections. We will see if it goes that long. Obamacare will be one hell of a wallop on the US citizen.

        • I can’t speak for you, but all this doom and gloom has changed the way I look at life. My husband and I have bought farm land that we move to in a week!!!!!! We have a well, stocked pond, fruit trees, berm, under ground house etc etc. We have no debt, tons of beans and bullets. So whatever happens we will hopefully be able to survive it.

          I’m very thankful for the doom and gloom because its turned into something very positive for my family!!!!

      30. Uncle Ben is a smart guy. His master taught him well about Au before boarding the gravy train. If I was him I’d buy out Uncle Ben’s white rice company. Think about that for a minute…

        Warming up the jet tomorrow to fly down to Brazil. Extra seat if you want it Mac.

        • Like the way you think. Didn’t take me 3 minutes.

        • You too Okie but no honking horn. Call my sat cell.

          • 10-4 Ted. Encrypted message going downline now. I think it’s a recipe for rum cake…

            • I prefer “Dark and Stormy”, w Bermuda Dark Special Reserve for that type of candy. Sked’d sail this Fall after weather season.

        • As imagens não mostram a merda que os drones estão fazendo fora dos EUA.
          Música estranha.


      31. They think they’re God, because the Federal Reserve acts like it’s God. God will remind them they’re not…and soon.

      32. Don’t forget your lead – the third precious metal.

      33. Obama gave a speech behind an 8 inch thick glass security ‘Wall’. Not that he was worried about his personal safety. Probably just didn’t want anybody to steal his Nobel medal… or the teleprompter.
        Watching the Kenyan usurper in action can be nauseating, especially if he’s talking. So, forget the speech, just pretend you’re at the zoo, watching the animals in their cages…. Suddenly, it gets kind of entertaining. And at least he didn’t fling any poo at the audience. (if you don’t count the speech)

        • odor proof glass

      34. this is ZOG AMERIKA’S barry soetoro aka BARACK OBAMA’S CIA DEMOCRACY at work in SYRIA raping killing defenseless civilian christians and muslims .


        THIS IS AMERICA !!!

        warning very graphic real violent murder and beheading



      35. the zog amerikan cia is a criminal evil murderous organization and should be disbanded dismantled and imprisoned .


        Footage showing the brutal execution of three people has gone viral on social media. The video, sent to Syria Report, shows a number of AMERICAN CIA men, some of them armed, holding a man down, with his hands bound.

        Two AMERICAN CIA militants proceed to take turns in beheading the man. One of the men has a handheld transceiver clipped to his waist, while another carries handcuffs.

        After the man is decapitated, the victim’s head is held up to the apparent cheers to the AMERICAN CIA captors.

        After the mans headless body is dumped into what looks like a pre-dug pit, two women after being RAPED by the AMERICAN CIA TERRORISTS are seen being marched toward the place where the man was beheaded. After some fumbling with the assault rifle, perhaps arguing over who should carry out the execution, the two women are repeatedly shot. There bodies, like the beheaded man, are dumped into the pit.



      36. Here is the thing that grabs!

        I voted in my President was direct vote!

        I voted on it!

        I did not vote for “Cocum” or something.

        I respect those who voted in, you do not.

        Think of it as well!

        Incidentally, one vote with more technology than there is paper in the USA!

        Sorry sincerity.


      37. America has lost the War in Afghanistan













          NINAO ;0p

      38. At least the MSM is slowly waking up…

        • They are owned..and not in a good way

          they will never really wake up, because their owners wont allow it

      39. good,

        Before the world turn to shit “Niburu”, earthquakes, UFO’s, Ben Bernanke, Iranians and Jews (Chinese or Russian is the same, everything collides can munch our lives), better talk and exchange ideas.

        The world to come is much worse than the “John Titor” (one of IBM) said it is much worse than what we read about “Project Echelon” in the 80’s still in dialup.

        The question that my father always made me was this: “- What is worth more, a gold ring or ten acres of land?”

        Always said “ha”, my sister ring. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

        Better stay here.




        Antes que o mundo vire uma merda com “Niburu”, terremotos, OVNI’s, Ben Bernanke, iranianos e judeus (chineses ou russos é a mesma coisa, tudo que colide pode arrebentar nossas vidas), melhor conversar e trocar idéias.

        O mundo que está por vir é muito pior do que o “John Titor” (aquele do IBM) falou, é muito pior do que a gente lia sobre o “Projeto Echelon” na década de 80 ainda no acesso discado.

        A pergunta que meu pai sempre me fazia era a seguinte: “- O que vale mais, um anel de ouro ou dez hectares de terra?”

        Sempre disse que os “hectares”, minha irmã o anel. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

        Melhor ficar por aqui.

        🙂 “

        • Proftel,
          It’s uncanny those Supposely fake JOHN TITOR stories are proceeding almost to the letter what was predicted in the timeline given by him ?
          A strange story I ran into a group of DARPA engineers about a month ago at work they were supposively involved with a high energy research project real secret squirel stuff would not say what it was , they needed heavy computing power, multiple parallel super computers.
          The group 177 division . Looked it up does not exist.

          May be those TITOR stories were someone leaking a plan?

          Food for thought.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night Breaker:

            Sorry for the delay in responding.

            The answer is thought, was well placed to ask what you did!

            Unfortunately I believe it is not possible to travel in time. The most we can do is find other civilizations delayed and leave some things as we find here in coal mines or embedded in sandstone blocks.

            Instead, objects are left by people who went here and we found thousands of years later.

            We are not alone in the universe, have this in mind.

            If you could travel in time, imagine the both of millionaires who would “back” here to save their lost fortunes in the future?

            Imagine how many tourists appear here seeking oxygen, water and a little sun?



            “Disjuntor Noite:

            Desculpe a demora em responder.

            A resposta é pensada, foi pergunta muito bem colocada a que você fez!

            Infelizmente creio, não é possível viajar no tempo. O máximo que podemos fazer é encontrar outras civilizações atrasadas e deixar algumas coisas como as que encontramos aqui em minas de carvão ou incrustadas em blocos de arenito.

            Isso sim, são objetos deixados por gente que por aqui passou e nós encontramos milhares de anos depois.

            Não estamos sós no Universo, tenho em mente isso.

            Se fosse possível viajar no tempo, imagine o tanto de milionários que haveriam “voltando” aqui para salvar suas fortunas perdidas no futuro?

            Imagine quantos turistas apareceriam por aqui buscando oxigênio, água e um pouco de sol?


      40. Bom, são 02:48h, acordarei às 06:30h, trabalho em três períodos até às 22:00 de segunda a sexta-feira.
        Bom descanso a vocês.



      41. A late-night check on the markets doesn’t look very promising for tomorrow,

        Hang-Seng down 585 pts,
        Nikkei down 285 pts…under 13000 at this point,
        WTI Crude has dropped 3 dollars per barrel since this afternoon,
        Gold has broken (temporarily) under $1340.

        …and if that weren’t enough ZeroHedge is reporting that the Chinese overnight ‘repo rate’ (what banks charge each other for short term lending) has jumped to OVER 25%…up 12 percent since this afternoon!

        Looks like JOG was right..this IS going to start in the Far East. Anything you have ‘elsewhere’ that’s ‘vulnerable’ you might want to go get tomorrow…early.

        • Quick update, @ 04:48 CST

          Hang-Seng down 600+ pts
          Nikkei down 230 pts
          Gold broke UNDER $1300 ar exactly 04:47 CST

          Get ready to duck….

          It’s such an odd feeling…watching what COULD be the Beginning…of the End – as it is happening….

      42. Au down 62 green backs and Ag getting ready to break 20. This is getting interesting… You know what’s impressive? I’ll tell you what impresses me. A talking blond, who knows where she’s at and where she’s going while getting busy. What’s the point of hearing if she can’t talk back.

        • Hell, I’ll drink to that!

      43. in effect, regardless of what they do, disaster in coming… bb is not God nor is he the oracle of God… he’s a cheap shister in a $1000 suit and way more power than ought to be shared by the 535+or- we have on Cap Hill… destroy the fed, return to gold & silver, impeach every person on Cap Hill that even remotely appears to be progressive and vote in non-lawyer, non-poli-sci grads as real representatives with applicable term limits and no benefits nor pay… charge, try and convict those who have directly trampled on our Constitution and Bill of Rights and those who send foreign aid to countries that have declared themselves enemies… in other words:

        take America back – and KEEP IT this time

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      44. I’ll be soooo glad when the market finally crashes, and I’ll be especially glad when Exxon Mobile goes down to $20.00 a share… then, I’ll pick up another 5000 shares. Oh, but I do love those dividend checks!!! LOLOL

      45. You people are idiots. The problems we are facing have been decades in the making. The problems have been exacerbated by politicians who call themselves conservative, liberal and every flavor in between. To blame all this on Obama solely is the height of ignorance and stupidity. Since you choose not to truly identify the cause of a problem due to you own bias, you have no chance of solving it. These problems would be here no matter who is in the white house or congress. Why? Because ALL politicians are owned by the economic elites who see the American people as nothing more the commodities to be exploited for their own ends then cast aside like so much refuse. This trend will continue until the sheeple like you and others truly identify the problem and make the economic elites realize their continued rape of the American people is hazardous to their health. If a few billionaires meet some misfortune, then maybe they would realize the error of their ways. If you people were more than mindless, big mouthed morons living in your mom’s basement, and the people of action you claim to be, you would be moving in this direction overtly. But, you are do nothing idiots.

        • Um, I don’t live in the basement. Although I do have one. Reloading takes place there.

      46. ok all you Original Substrate Humans
        you can off yer selves
        or we will do it for you

        fascinating follow up article to the review of the movie Elysium

        The Dark Side of Ray Kurzweil’s Transhumanist Utopia


        here’s the original movie review if you missed it

        New Matt Damon Movie Reveals Mankind’s Transhumanist Destiny


      47. “Money”

        Money, get back
        I’m all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack
        Money, it’s a hit
        Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit
        I’m in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
        And I think I need a Lear jet

        Pink Floyd. “Dark Side of the Moon”

      48. When SHTF…this won’t be good.

        STUDY: 70% Of Americans on Prescription Drugs.

        “Researchers find that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half receive at least two prescriptions.”

        Atlanta dot cbslocal dot com

      49. Santelli exchange was spot on!!! Come on FED tell it like it is not what you think you want us to hear!!!

      50. this is getting good
        the more these douche bags talk
        the worse they make themselves look

        NSA Director Unable To Say If Secret Programs Alone Foiled Terrorist Plots


        at this point they are scrambling to justify their cushy jobs
        and the waste of hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars

        war on drugs
        war on poverty
        war on terror

        down the drain

      51. It’s fine listening to
        a trader named Rick.
        But the Aussie named Mandy
        really lights up my wick.

      52. NSA Scandal Separates Liberty Lovers from Poseurs


        As Andrew Napolitano wrote for Reason, “The modern-day British soldiers – our federal agents – are not going from house to house; they are going from phone to phone and from computer to computer, enabling them to penetrate every aspect of our lives. If anything violates the lessons of our history, the essence of our values and the letter of the Constitution, it is this.”

        common sense from The Judge

        • Technology will be where the effective resistance begins.

          Smart rebels that can disrupt the techno-spy system are probably our main hope at this point. If the remote controls for their fancy toys (drones etc) then the playing field becomes more level.

          We need to put brown sugar in the petrol tank of their toys, BEFORE they can be used to destroy us. As they use computers and technology, so we must counter via the same methods. Teens can do something constructive with all that time they spend “plugged in”.

          Ways to circumvent the grid control of the food supply for when the trucks stop running need to be implemented NOW. Local gardens, an aquaponics system in a city flat will be as much an act of revolution as the musket shots of yesteryear.

          We don’t HAVE to buy into the MSM media control. Turning off your television for 6 months, wrecks the outcome of years of intensive “Positive Behavior Support” research. No longer can the controllers beam nonsense into your mind each night to draw your attention away from the latest silly bylaw your town council has just implemented.

      53. I know the result.
        It will be: HELL ON EARTH
        That is where we are headed and with a vengeance.
        Everything we do insures it, every decision every move we make now hastens the day of reckoning.
        It’s all a huge PONZI scheme and criminals have the keys and are bilking the system for every penny they can get as fast as theh can get it, before it crashes.
        And when it does crash they will say “let the chips fall where they may”. They think they will be the only ones who will survive.
        When it crashes they plan on taking ALL you have and putting YOU in a FEMA camp to rot and die.
        That’s their GRAND PLAN. Brilliant aint it, trouble is when you own EVERYTHING what do you really have?

      54. A Tale of Two Sins

        which one is the greater ???


        “Most people simple do not GRASP how money controls populations, how it rapes populations, how it KILLS populations”

      55. If you owned a ton of gold and NO BODY wanted your gold then what would you really own, A bright shinny and very heavy paper weight.
        To have something of value OTHERS have to value what YOU have.
        We just may sink to that point. Food, water, water filters will have a lot more value than gold in the future. Remember where you heard this,
        I want the credit.

        • The gold would eventually come back around as long as you had enough of the other (living items) to get to that point.

      56. Off topic, but silver just hit $19.95/oz…,

        • Yeah, they smacked the price of metals down more. I see it as a good buying opportunity. Interesting that sales are way up, but the Comex price is way down.

          • Agreed…..might have to hit my local coin place on lunch…

        • $19.71 !!!! How low can it go ?

          • $16?

      57. Politicians in general are making a right dog’s dinner of the entire affair. Real costs of living are forever rising, jobs are thin on the ground, and even the money in our bank accounts is not ours! It seems our politicians lack the competence to deal with the many problems arising from the economic crisis. Perhaps they need advice from professional economic crisis specialists. For example, the Orlando Bisegna Index, specialists in the economic crisis, have developed a program that has helped various counties with debt problems, business failures and unemployment, thus improving the economic condition of many families. The program has arisen from their development of the Orlando Bisegna Index, a unique index based on 206 diverse indicators that measures the intensity of the economic crisis in the G20 countries and other Euro countries.

      58. Off-topic alert:

        Gun show, Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castlerock, Colorado, this Saturday and Sunday.

        • Gun Show Coming to Louisville Ky fairgrounds this weekend.

      59. As long as they keep printing we keep going and going ……it will never crash until they want it to !!! The proof was just shown to us

      60. “In the absence of the gold standard,
        there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.
        If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was
        done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert
        all his bank deposits into silver or copper, (which were legal to own then),
        or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for
        goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power, and government-created
        bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy
        of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to
        protect themselves. This is the shabby secret of the welfare
        statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending, is simply a scheme for
        the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious
        process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one
        grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism
        toward the gold standard.”

      61. It’s about time that someone with some common sense say what needs to be said about our “ailing” economy and the continued pumping of money from the Fed into the system.

      62. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/pistol-packing-grandma-starts-neighborhood-glock-block-231621892.html

        A grandmother in Milwaukie, Ore., is organizing a “Glock Block,” a pistol-packing group of neighbors that she said she hopes will help deter crime in her community.

        nothing against Glocks,,, but im on a Springfield, Ruger Smith and Wesson, Amalite, Remington, Winchester block..

        I think one neighbor might have a Glock , come.. home invade us and find out, the hard way

      63. No one is paying attention to the hidden agenda behind this. On the 18th of this month (2 days ago) the fed just released a program to get rid of physical money, don’t you think it’s strange that then yesterday this happened? By sept 19 all physical money has to be turned in, it just has not been announced yet, and he’s going to crash everything first, everything. They want everything electronic so they can track every move and if you step out of line, boom your money is gone. 85% of all money is already digital, all this money printing, is digital. By the end of this month we will be toast, the Economy as we know it will be gone, look out for june23rd to. June 29th, we will wake up and everything will be gone.

        • @Ignorance is Bliss…
          where can I/we read more about the program to eliminate physical money? I would like more information! Thanks..

          • Sure, I’ll get all the information together and post, and while I’m doing that, on a very important side note, the federal reserve was established in 1913 in July, on a 100 year renewal plan, which is July 2013. They do not plan on renewing it, they plan on merging it with the IMF and to have a one world central bank, they will swallow up the dollar as well as every other country and have one currency for North America, amero, then eventually they will merge with the euro, as everyone knows that the euro was made to crash. But in order to do this they have to crash and destroy our economy to look like our saviors with this new program, why do you think their are all these scandals (distractions), and two the war, we are in ww3 now, another thing not being announced. And I will post every bit of evidence so no misinformation agents cannot try and discredit this. BARN CAT, hope you can hear that

            • What is happening is the same thing that happened in Europe in 1999, when they gave everyone 90 days to turn in their cash when they introduced the euro

      64. I have a question, we have a 30 year 4% fixed mortgage so our interest rates can’t go up (supposedly). If the economy/stock market tanks or crashes, am I right to assume, (I hate that word), our property taxes will go up to “bail out” city/county thus increasing the amount of our monthly mortgage expenses through PITI? Already re-organizing monthly expenses for this probability & hoping this doesn’t happen.

        • BTW, this is if we do not have to bug out because of civil/social unrest and there is some illusion of society left.

        • Sounds reasonable. Your local tax code may differ, but here they are only allowed to raise the taxes by a certain percentage each year unless they put it on the ballot for referendum. They tried that here 2 years ago but we voted it down. You could tell who was on the government payroll by the big “YES” signs in their yards. They will always protect their salary and pensions on the back of others. Keep your eye on them and vote new taxes down.

          • Story time…Springfield Tennessee wanted a huge increase in property taxes a few years ago to build a new school.
            Problem was the new school was for 50% blacks that didn’t pay property taxes so that increase wasn’t fair.
            IT DID NOT PASS.
            Taxes came from county tax increase on sales.
            Go figure–we all ain’t asleep. 🙂

            • And I pay my prop. taxes separate from mortgage here in Ky.
              I always save an extra $5 or $10 each month with the allocated tax amt. monthly saved to allow for any increases.

        • They can go up to until you can’t pay them anymore. If lack of payments facilitate foreclosure on a huge scale civil unrest and disobedience will be the order of the day and politicians will be voted out in abundance. It may be difficult but at least “We The People” can wrestle control in local politics.

          If in the end hyper inflation occurs no budget plan will work. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

          • @ JRS & Kevin2, Thanks for the response. I figure they’ll eventually tax us out of our home but I’m hoping for a slow, long, decline if a decline has to happen. Thankfully we are stable (for the moment) & have planned for personal SHTF due to past experience so we can hold out for a while unless all hell breaks loose. Even then, if we lose the house, it is just a house and we are survivors and very adaptable (unfortunately been in positions in the past to have to be). Thanks again.

        • If your taxes are a part of your mortgage payment, yes, your payment can and will rise with any tax increase. And don’t forget, most escrow accounts like to have a six month cushion, so they’ll raise your payment more than just the tax rise, to keep that cushion intact. If you can, get your mortgage payment restructured to eliminate the tax escrow, just principal/interest, and set aside the taxes yourself.

        • Already “adjusted” for us last month. Went up quite a bit. Escrow is rising for most.

      65. The economy is definitely kinda wacky right now. Great post. How will all of this effect mortgages, retirement portfolios, pension plans, etc…?

      66. It’s about 2 PM Central,

        In a phrase, “Blood in the Water”,

        The numbers are,

        DOW -326 pts
        NASDAQ – 78 pts
        S&P -38 pts

        This evening the ‘backflash’ from this will impact the Far East further destabilizing thier markets. In the morning the Ghouls at JPM, Citi, and Goldman will descend on tonight’s carnage for a feast of Blood, ‘bargain hunting’. The likely result will be a flattening of the markets (ours) up TO the noon time frame…after that all bets are off, there being simply no way to predict ANYTHING beoyond that frame. My worry now is Monday….the weekend will reveal to those hit by this just HOW BAD the result is, until then even THEY won’t have a plan of action…or know the full extent of the damage.

        Watch for Moday…and PRAY.

      67. Hyperinflation just isnt in the cards. When debt defaults are causing massive deflation how will hyperinflation happen. You inflationists need to get a grip and read Martin Armstong. He has more logic and brains on this than all the hyperinflationists put together. Ignore him at your own peril

        • False. Prices are beginning to hyperinflate. Dentists around here want $150 to $180 to do a simple cleaning. (Charlotte, NC) RUT (Russell 200o) PE jumped from 33 a year ago to 59 today. NDQ 100 from 11 to 19. So, money to bid these stocks up came from somehwere. WHERE? (not me, I sold my little 401ks to pay medical bills)

          • Oh yeah. Making same money now I was in 2001 but with no health insurance. And that’s the normal pay around here for my profession. Many people are just working two jobs at a time.

          • WHERE?

            The bank bail out money. Those banks can now buy stocks in the post Glass-Steagall free for all.

        • If the US dollar looses its reserve currency status those greenbacks and its electronic counterpart will come home to roost. Too many dollars will immediately chase far too few goods. That is the hyper inflation scenario.

          Regarding continued QE once again its too many dollars chasing an almost finite supply of commodities as even with demand dropping the price of oil is rising. Food is also following this trend and coincidently neither of these inputs are put into the consumer price index to tabulate current inflation having been removed from that calculation about two decades ago. As they say “Trash in, trash out”. While the inflationary rise of food and fuel complements of EQ is not as accelerated as the demise of the USD as reserve currency the doubling of both in a couple of years is very damaging and possibly socially destabilizing.

      68. Stocks Nosedive 2%, Dow Ends Down 350 on Fed Taper Talk; Vix Tops 20 for First Time in 2013

        “Stocks took a sharp nosedive across the board Thursday, with the Dow posting its worst day of 2013, after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted the central bank may scale back its asset purchases later this year.”

        “With the declines from the last two sessions, the Dow and S&P 500 wiped out all of their gains from May and June.”

        cnbc dot com

      69. @Ignorance is Bliss:

        The Fed was enacted in Dec 1913, not July. I can’t find anything that says it’s going to expire after 100 years. Explain?

      70. Oh Dear poor ol’ Ben thinks he can eventually turn off the printing presses.

        Dont know who is more deluded, Ben, the political scum, the lamestream media. The will be no turning off QE until we fly of the damn cliff.

        I read the paper price of silver and gold has gone down – love to be able to get that paper price – but no one selling physical at the paper price.

        Anyways beans, band-aids and bullets are my preferred investments.

      71. Welcome to how Wall Street works.

      72. COLLAPSE is such a relative word.

        For many people, the economy has already collapsed. These are people who lost their job and income in 2008 and have either taken a job in which they are overqualified for to pay bills, or they just haven’t been able to find a job period.

        Just because there aren’t food lines like in the thirties doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Look at the number of families on the SNAP program. These are the food lines of the thirties, but they are doing it in “stealth”. Out of sight, out of mind. When I see the commentators on CNBC talking about how wonderful things are…they are talking about how wonderful things are for THEM.

        I have said all along that TPTB were going for the “boiled frog” scenario, and I still think that. A long drawn out collapse for most people, but I think they’ve screwed up on the soft landing part of the scenario.

        There will be a lot more pain and suffering before this is over.

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