Elon Musk’s Goal: Implant A Computer In A Human Brain Within The Next 6 Months

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Headline News

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    Elon Musk’s Neuralink scheme proposes the goal of implanting a computer into a human being’s brain within the next six months. The tech multibillionaire said his company was seeking government approval to test his device in people’s brains.

    The Neuralink implant that Elon Musk hopes will someday connect the human brain to a computer, was used in two monkeys. They were reportedly moving computer cursors with their brains. The feat was first documented by others in a human in 2006 in the pre-YouTube era and with technology that is far more cumbersome, mooring patients to a computer with a cord, according to a report by The New York Times. 

    The timing of this is unsurprising. The ruling class would love nothing more than for people to like Elon Musk enough to voluntarily implant a computer in their brains making controlling them overly simple.

    Musk made a presentation on Wednesday night that offered little that was significantly new from previous demonstrations of the device. He continued to claim that the implant could make computer control possible for people with paralysis outside of a lab setting. But experts in the field questioned whether the demonstration showed major progress with the device, especially given the breadth of work underway nationwide.

    “These are incremental advances,” Daniel Yoshor, a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who has worked with similar devices, said after watching the presentation. “The hardware is impressive but does not represent a dramatic advance in restoring or enhancing brain function.” –The New York Times

    Musk said on Wednesday that Neuralink had submitted most of its paperwork to the Food and Drug Administration to seek permission to implant its device in a human. He predicted a test in humans will occur within six months, but any step toward trials in people would be up to the FDA after a full evaluation of the risks of surgical implantation and the safety of the device.

    The FDA approved the COVID injections knowing they probably caused VAIDS and are the source of the new SADS epidemic, so if we are holding our breath that they’ll stop this atrocity, we will be disappointed.

    The “Link” device, resembles an inch-wide stack of several coins with hundreds of hair-thin threads. A surgical robot would cut a hole in the skull and slip the electrode threads into the gray matter of the brain, according to Mr. Musk’s 2020 company presentation. The coin-like piece would sit flush with the skull.

    People who want this device made available to humanity claim that able-bodied people won’t be getting these computer chips. “No one is talking about implanting able-bodied people,” said Cindy Chestek, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan whose lab is working on restoring function to amputees.



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