Elon Musk Announcement: Let’s Merge Human Brains To “Achieve A Symbiosis With AI”

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 38 comments

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    Elon Musk finally admitted late Tuesday that Neurolink’s (Musk’s brain-machine interface startup) official goal is to eventually merge human brains with artificial intelligence. The ultimate ending would be to “achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.”

    Musk plans to begin human trials on an early version of Neuralink intended to treat brain injuries next year, and he says that by “merging with AI,” humans will be able to keep up with AI. “Ultimately we can do a full brain-machine interface,” Musk said in an announcement that was widely live-streamed, according to a report by Vice. “This is going to sound pretty weird. Ultimately we can achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence. This is not a mandatory thing, this is something you can choose to have if you want. This is going to be really important at a civilization-level scale. Even in a benign AI scenario, we will be left behind. With a high-bandwidth brain-machine interface, we can go along for the ride and have the option of merging with AI.”

    Even though Musk claims it won’t be “mandatory,” things could always change.  Laws could begin to mandate anyone who wants to participate in society to link their brain with AI. Especially considering Neuralink has operated largely in secret since it was announced in 2017.  Information about Neurolink from public records documents obtained by Gizmodo show that it has been funding primate research studies at universities in California. Tuesday was the company’s “coming out party.”

    Musk stated that his goal with this presentation (video below) was to recruit engineers and scientists to Neurolink’s team.



    The video below starts at 1:29:54 (one hour, 29 minutes, and 54 seconds):

    The company’s short-to-medium-term goals are to create a chip that can be implanted into the brain to treat a variety of brain injuries and diseases, including paralysis, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Musk said progress will be slow, and that the company will not suddenly unveil a chip that takes over people’s brain. At the very least, Musk mentioned that he wants to get FDA approval for the implants. –Vice

    “Unless we have some sort of brain-machine interface that can solve brain ailments of all kinds, whether it’s an accident or congenital, any kind of disorder or a spinal disorder, we can solve that with a chip,” he said. “This is something most people don’t understand yet. All of this will occur quite slowly. It’s not like Neuralink will suddenly have neural lace and start taking over people’s brains. It will take a long time, and people will see it coming.”

    It is still unclear just how much time and/or effort Musk is actually going to be dedicating to Neuralink. No one quite knows how feasible the project is either, whether anyone actually wants it, and what will happen to the people who can’t afford or don’t want to merge with AI. All of that said, brain-machine interfaces do show promise for treating people with brain injuries and diseases, and in that sense, this is a serious area of research that could potentially help many people.  But the human rights violations that come with merging a human brain with AI could reach levels never seen before.

    Musk claims human trials will be underway beginning in 2020.

    Serious considerations by humanity need to be made before too much longer with regards to AI. We are rapidly approaching “singularity” or “the point of no return” when it comes to making ourselves obsolete.



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      1. Musk already developed a special AI prototype brain enhancement for democrats. It’s called “Special High Intensity Tuning (“S.H.I.T.”). This prototype AI enhancement was secretly implanted in the brains of AOC, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and various other democrats many years ago and now they all have SHIT for brains.” I suspect that the talking heads at CNN and various other news networks also received this brain enhancement too. Hopefully Musk will do a better job on the generation II brain enhancement. There seem to be some flaws with this generation I enhancement.

        • This is the Number of The Beast.
          Do NOT play with this.
          No matter “benefits” touted.

          Turn to Jesus Christ.

          This chip likely allows two way communication. You will be hijacked and hacked. CONTROLLED.

      2. This is urgent for humanity and the planet. Look around: do the current generation of migrants and the exploding third world populations seem smart and civilised to you?

        Of course not. And we do not have enough time left nor the resources to risk waiting another 200 years for them to catch up with IQs and behaviour.

        There is not a single black run nation that anyone would want to migrate to. Not a single black neighbourhood where people would choose to live. When blacks make it, they leave to a white or Asian ‘hood.

        That’s reality.

        • First thing is sterilize all of them then add a computer brain. Musk needs to give me a sterilization ray gun lol.

          • Genius, I didn’t think the morons had ANY brains, LOL.

            • Thats why they need a computer brain lol.

              • Genius, I’m not so sure a computer brain would help. Just sayin’.

                • Seriously, I don’t see how these stupid jokes add anything to the debate. I would have expected better from people pretending to be interested in today’s issues.

        • I saw this headline as, Elon Musk wants to use our minds to train his AI.

          A decade ago, I bought some bleeding edge AI Neural Network software, it wasn’t cheap. I trained myself to use it and wrote dozens of algorithms to game the stock market. For several years I kicked butt. 40% gains for several years. I am comfortable.

          Then I found my profits dropping, even some unexpected losses. I kept my profits and backed off. Using simulations it became apparent that I was competing against teams of AI engineers who had super computers, and nearly unlimited resources. I was head on with a dozen sharp AI techs with superior resources.

          I took my profits an fled.

          Musk can suck my……. D..k, I’m not giving him my life experience, to train his AI with.

          Grandad was a rocket scientist that got America to the moon. I developed early AI software. My son is an E engineer who kicks butt. Why would I betray our DNA lineage to a Musk machine.

          Why is America exceptional, because we walked on the moon. Do Musks computers have aspirations? It is a valid question.

          The movie the matrix portrayed a world with no aspersions, until Neo took it to another level.

          • “Grandad was a rocket scientist that got America to the moon. I developed early AI software. My son is an E engineer who kicks butt. Why would I betray our DNA lineage to a Musk machine.”

            So it’s really just a problem of jealousy? Because it has the name “Musk” stuck to it, and you would rather have preferred that of your own family? That’s what it is about to you?

            Tsk, tsk.

      3. You get “long in the tooth”, passing 60 and you think about your mortality especially if you had a close call or two. It’s not pleasant to face the fact that you’re definitely on the downward slope. Then you see what the future is likely to bring. Oh they’ll fight it but technology will advance and becoming increasingly incorporated, probably overwhelmingly so in life. To take a phrase from my 88 year old friend; “It’s a good time to be old”.

        • One good thing about the future, if you notice there are no naggers or meskins on the Jetsons! See the future is not all bad lol. All jokin aside, it is a good time to be old.

          • Gen,
            You are definitely showing your age!

          • You make a good point. The technology already exists to genetically engineer the next generation of humans. This decision will be made by those who have the brains and the money. That will be Asians and whites first.

            Right now the number one most valuable sperm on the planet is Danish sperm. Why? Because that is what couples aspire to have. They want somebody who has brains and beauty. Asians will be the same. Just try and offer an Asian couple the opportunity to give birth to a giant, grill wearing black man … or a mentally deficient Muslim who is genetically from a long line of cousins who mated with each other. It just will not fly.

          • Yeah sure…. except that the Jetsons, that’s the past not the future! Half a century into the past, to be exact…

        • K2,
          I definitely know I have more days behind me than in front of me.
          It looks as though us “boomers” have harvested the best and it is a good time to be old. It may appear that we salted the fields behind us, but I think our grand kids will do just fine.

          • Sorry relik but your grandkids will be witness to hell on earth. An un-needed giant population will surely meet it’s fate. Extreme poverty and depleted resources will be a hell of it’s own let alone what govt. will become. The good old days are gone and not coming back. You have a good setup but it will only sustain so much.

          • 😉 See, he outed himself.

      4. Kevin2, your 88 year old friend is right. I’m finally relocating to the BOL as of next month. I’ll go to work in one of the family’s businesses. The way things are shaping up out there I’ll be much better off for it.

        • DR, be glad your older. At our BOL to speak there are more and more people every fookin day! 23 years ago when I first got a place there it was quiet and lucky if you saw 1 vehicle a day on the road. Now it is jammed with more assholes that I can count. I looked into selling and going elsewhere but EVERY God dammed place is packed with people! Thank God I have a 1/2 mile barrier from the gate but I’m getting more neighbors near me. Fookin breeders and their spawn and Kalifornians are sucking up everything. They must issue 1000’s of hunting tags for the area and tear up the roads and don’t fix them just tax the shit out of you for NOTHING! Like the Eagles song The last resort…. Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye…

          • I find when I fly, there is virtually nothing in America that isn’t developed.

      5. Genius, sorry to hear about the crowds. Where I’m moving to, the cabin is on 30 acres of land with a 5000 sq. ft. storage building loaded with my preps, LOL. One side of the land borders on a year-round creek with good water and good fishing of course. Nice deep well for main water source and a lifetime supply of firewood for the stove. On our road my neighbors are family only. Most of them have home-based businesses and I’ll be going to work in one of those. I’ve finally had my fill of ‘urban life’. Glad I bought that old Dodge truck when I did. Had to spend a freakin’ fortune to get it road ready, but it was worth every dollar. Truck turned to be better than I hoped for. I already gave it a 400-mile road test two weekends back and it did just fine. August can’t get here soon enough.

        • Glad to hear that. But beware in the future the hordes will all want a place in the country and everyplace that is sellable will fill up with the overpopulating spawn. Your in GA, pray that the guidestones are the law of the future!

      6. Surely Musk has offered to be one of the first test subjects. And surely he already has the implanted chip. Put your money where your mouth is. I sure as hell do.

        • You’re sure that Musk sincerely believes himself.

          I’m sure that he’s a too-big-to-fail with a bridge to nowhere.

          His business model is to launder subsidies.

          He’s just doing it in a funner way than the Walmart (low security asylum) and the local banking branch where they all dress in khaki.

      7. Genius, as I understand it, the damn globalists want to corral everyone in the damn cities. I’m finally leaving a city for good come august and never going back. I’ll die fighting right there at the BOL if it comes to that. F#$% the globalists, the hordes, all of them!

      8. It is the rare person that looks at a computer as a digital electronic device and the human as a biological hormone driven machine. The human runs by hormone functionality. Hormones are like computer programs. There are hormone building areas, which then will release the hormone according according to the biological clock. Then the hormone goes to a feedback organ, a link organ, and/or and end organ. They can be multifunctional. Polypeptides can be manufactured like small subroutines for speciality tasks and the tasks can be different according to the other hormones, polypeptides, osmolaility, minerals, organic compounds, and more, and do unique tasks for the morphological area.
        Humans have a personality, which is like a series of predetermined instructions for processing the inputs. These predetermined instructions and/or data handling functions can reprogram through time, using the data, turned into information for improved personality decision making, or degraded decision making, as in dementia, and/or personality disorders.
        The big hurtle I see is infection at the connections. It is a very good project.

        • a lot of supposition and assumption there.

          If you enjoy transhumanism, you’re singing in the wrong choir.

          and if you honstly think you are a machine, entirely dependent on your hormonal “programming”, then you should be twice as frightened as the rest of us since this “very good project” would allow others to control your “programming”.

          I think you are misinformed fool, but thats my opinion.

        • “Humans have a personality, which is like a series of predetermined instructions for processing the inputs.”

          You talk like an AI.

      9. My brain wants to keep his brain away from me.

      10. What makes you think that you want to share my brain?

        • What if I’m getting high, and I like your mother?


        The us the ultimate Horror movie,not movies like “Us” or “Twilight” or the “Walking Dead.”

        Humans, or whatever, being controlled through a keyboard, or some other outside Source! Into perpetuity!

      12. With human cyborgs, demons brought back into the flesh by cloning their remnant DNA and all these human animal plant mixtures coming into existence how can anyone believe God is not coming to take His people out of the world before it totally burns with the madness within, it was bad enough with the demon possessed people running things but what they have brought in are so much worse.

      13. The Beast System.
        Avoid it.
        Play with it at peril of loosing your freedom, mind, soul.

      14. “Even though Musk claims it won’t be “mandatory,” things could always change. Laws could begin to mandate anyone who wants to participate in society to link their brain with AI.”

        Of course! We have no idea really what it is going to look like in 2050 (we only think we do), it can go in any direction.

        • What – did I say 2050?

          Better make that 2030.

          Some combined breakthroughs in quantum computing, nanotechnology, gene technology, internet technology, medicine, fusion energy, coupled with unexpected new social and geopolitical developments will probably change the game completely.

      15. ” Comments (25) Read by 666 people”

        This is right now. Looks like an omen….

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