Elizabeth Warren Warns Of ECONOMIC CRASH, Her Policies Will Make It Worse!

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren says that some warning signs are flashing that we will have an upcoming economic crash. While the crash is imminent and the signs are obvious, Warren’s own policies will demolish the middle class and impoverish everyone in the United States.

    Warren has literally just given anyone with a few brain cells a reason to never vote for her and reject her socialist policies. “Warning lights are flashing. Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing,” Warren said according to CNBC.

    Venezuela’s Socialism…And Ours

    And what, pray tell, does Warren think the problem is?  Massive consumer and corporate debt.  But she’s failing to blame the major money printing scheme that’s devaluing the dollar as we speak and the immense government debt she’ll add to by writing off student loans and instituting a Medicare for all plan.

    Citing a top economist, Warren wrote that a failure to raise the debt ceiling in September could be “more catastrophic” than the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.  But raising the debt ceiling yet again will do nothing more than further devalue the U.S. dollar that several countries are already rapidly moving away from.  Warren also noted weakness in the manufacturing sector, putting the blame for its recent slowdown on President Donald Trump, who has tangled with China over trade. While Trump rightly deserves criticism for his failed trade war, he is only partially to blame. The Federal Reserve’s money-printing scheme and the government’s inability to stop spending money they haven’t stolen yet will be crushing to average Americans.

    “The country’s economic foundation is fragile. A single shock could bring it all down. And the Trump Administration’s reckless behavior is increasing the odds of just such a shock,” Warren wrote while failing to mention that her scam idea of paying off student loans and adding that money to the national debt will devastate the already “fragile” foundation.

    Warren’s very ideas are the problem, to begin with.  She wants to increase the power of unions, which have all but destroyed the once-prosperous city of Detroit after bankrupting businesses. She wants a $15 per hour minimum wage will result in job losses and hours being cut, not an increase in pay. She’d also like to impose the Green Manufacturing Plan, announced last month, which includes $2 trillion in investments over the next decade in research which will be added to the national debt.

    Her ideas are literally the problem and she’s craftily disguised them as a solution which has become typical of a democrat. They just need more power and more of your hard-earned fiat money and complete control over every aspect of the economy and our daily lives and then we’ll have everything we could ever want: except freedom.

    Take the necessary steps to prepare for anything! A financial recession is only a matter of time, and Warren is correct about that.  However, she’s wrong on historical and economic levels about the root cause of economic crashes.  Central banking and governments have been responsible for every single economic downturn in human history. 

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      1. Invest in Gold coins and bars! I get my precious metals from Bullion Exchanges. They have a retail store based in New York City as well. https://bullionexchanges.com/

      2. As I learned about the history of public schools, authoritarians were checking kids’ fingernails for dirt, and generally teaching the students how to be an unskilled labor pool — not how to take care of any of the major, biological needs of the human form.

        If you sincerely believe in a national emergency, any kind of survivalism would have been more useful than diluting the money and other resources, ever further, under your direction.

        You should have said, you passed that test by the skin of your teeth, and donated it to those people, for just such a time as this.

      3. The whole point for Socialists is to crash and burn the system, then to install their Soviet Socialist System.

        Democrat Soviet Socialist Plan:
        1. Ban Guns
        2. Install Soviet Regime.
        3. Liquidate those who do not agree (see USSR, Chicoms, etc..).

        It’s not much more complicated than that really. Treasure your guns, never sell any, unless to upgrade.

        • The goal is a welfare state. The state is not going to take over the means of production which is Soviet communism. Business loves the social programs. It subsidizes low wages with EBT cards. It provides for an ever increasing pool of people with funds to purchase goods. TPTB who fund these “Progressives” such as Soros are not communists. Totalitarianism has been used synonymously with communism. While communism is totalitarian it has no exclusivity over it. We’re heading into a totalitarian welfare state not a communist government.

          • Or a “Plutocratic Oligarchy”.

            • In much more interesting news: I just read that 22 of 23 states in Venezuela have lost power. Happened about an hour ago. Invasion? Well see.

              • “Venezuela is in the dark after a nationwide blackout Monday afternoon caused by an “electromagnetic attack” against the nation’s electricity generation hub in eastern Venezuela, Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said.”

                ht tps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-22/power-outage-hits-venezuela-states-shutting-down-caracas-subway?srnd=politics-vp

                • LOL

                  Maduro: It was the US I SWEARRRR! I’m far FAR too competent to let my rationing botch things up…

              • “A communications disruption can mean only one thing… invasion”

                (This slogan brought to you by TMobile. Panic. 25 times a day.)

            • Genius;

              Yes your correct. The study below is interesting as any of us could have saved them the money for the study as its obvious. Those “Rich And Powerful” are funding ANTIFA and their opposition. The result of the chaos will be the citizenry begging for law and order with will be delivered on a platter devoid of rights.

              Order Out Of Chaos:
              h ttps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-15/order-out-chaos-doctrine-runs-world

              The U.S. government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern universities has concluded.

              h ttps://www.businessinsider.com/major-study-finds-that-the-us-is-an-oligarchy-2014-4

        • It never crashes and burns, due to the reproductive vigor and fiscal irresponsibility of literal bastards, though. Soylent Green is made of people. Where you see a shthole cityscape, the elitist sees rows of feeding stalls.

      4. Bullshit + fear = conservative
        Bullshit + hope = liberal
        Bullshit + gov = politics
        Bullshit + morals = religion
        Bullshit + sex = romance
        Bullshit + paint = splatter art

        Bullshit is everywhere you look…just different versions of it. Pick out the ones you like and go with it. Cuz everybody thinks their version is the right version.

        • @JRS stop the bullshit!

      5. My Better Half is in Buenos Aires Argentina on a business trip. She has been all over the World and says, ” I have never seen a city that is this poor”. Of course Argentina has danced with various forms of Socialism since the 1940’s. She told me that most stores are boarded up. the street are crumbling , abandoned homes are everywhere and covered by gang tags. Also everywhere she has gone, there are armed Government Cops.
        Their money is worthless, THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES?

        • Perhaps the fate of our cities?
          Argentina is a very rich country
          in agriculture.
          But they are more of a confederacy
          than we are and their “states” have way
          more rights than ours do.
          I thought they had adopted the dollar,
          for most transactions, as what you say is true,
          their money is useless.
          The places outside the city do business in Dollars
          and pay taxes in Pesos.
          Most Central and South American countries are a good
          example of what happens when you don’t have an electoral college and Big cities dominate the country.

        • The major difference is that the US can fund its excesses with world reserve currency status which allows the “unique privilege” of creating money out of thin air, buying foreign made goods and having it hold substantial value by diluting into the world. If the US attempted to live within its productive means without the above it would be Argentina today as far more wealth is spent than created. This “Unique Privilege’ is maintained by the threat and use of both coercive economic, covert and overt force.

        • Your wife must have taken the wrong turn. Uptown is where the IMF money goes and where the beautiful people live.

          • Ya and they can stick their money and mansions right up their ass! Rich assholes are some of the most miserable bastards there is. I love my life, I bet they hate theyr’es!

            • “I know, leets have a speelin’ contest” lol. You’d never know my mom was an english teacher. But hey, I can draw my gun pretty damm fast!

        • I think, it’s probably a plutocracy, and there is probably a way to make money from poor Argentinians. Some segment of their population is probably living in cleanly, dignified, pompous conditions, like in the ‘Tale of Two Cities”, imho.

          I’m taking that on blind faith, out of the blue.

          (On a business trip, you say…)

          s asks, ‘THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES?’

          I get better search results witht fewer algos and tracking cookies, and find distressed American properties and businesses, for sale, overseas.

          I have even seen conspicuously-foreign investors, in person.

          Don’t they ask the same questions? It’s the future of all states, generically. If there were no Chicken Littles or black swans, this would all happen, on paper.

        • If we don’t halt third world immigration, deport all third world illegals in America, and quit allowing politicians of the communist persuasion to run for office… This will be America’s future.

      6. Laboratories of democracy: What Seattle learned from having the highest minimum wage in the nation


        Yep the propaganda piece contradicted themselves. Right here: “surveying employers, Romich and other researchers found the most common response to the wage increase was to raise prices or fiddle with workers’ hours, and a “very small percentage were thinking about withdrawing or leaving the city.””

        Yep—the minimum wage went up from 9 to 13 or a whopping 44%. So prices went up. I guarantee you that salaried workers did not get a 44% pay increase. So there you have it. The middle class got screwed.
        They know the people that live here in the US are too stupid to know this they just don’t understand why 1. Everything costs more. 2. They have less at the end of the month. But these same people can tell you how their NFL team is going to do when football season starts in TWO WEEKS!
        I wish Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or the Kamila candidate would just push for a minimum wage of $1 million per hour. This would be a one and done tactic and would then make everyone in the US a millionaire. This would eliminate poverty and we would all be rich! (sarcasm for you slow folks)

        • “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”
          — from Ecc 10

          You are possibly a dutiful person, imagining some cause-and-effect relationship, even though the cost of labor, services, and consumer goods can be set at any arbitrary price point, without respect to one another.

          You could be subsidized, at any standard of living, as by a random drawing, whether or not that is the honest way.

          I recognize the difference.

          That is not life as we know it.

      7. Welfarism and socialism does not work in multiracial states. The evidence is overwhelming for this. Reciprocity and altruism combined with personal responsibility make those systems work.

        Once you have a diverse population there is no longer a common ethos and values. If you look at all the countries where this system “works”, Canada, Nordic countries, it has been falling apart as those countries have become more diverse. Canada’s social welfare system is a mess and they have homeless all over their cities and thousands dying from drug overdoses because they are depressed and are passed over for work by new migrants brought in by the government and put on stipends. It is a human mess.

        • I believe that — in the elitist mindset — the situation calls for destabilization and accelerationism, not reciprocity; the only real resource being manufactured is humankind: the battery for useful labor, financial vehicle, mindshare, and voter bloc. When one ‘unit’ fails, there are ten more.

          What does any healthy, red blooded man say will happen, during a Malthusian check.

          Poor, white people, reduced to the level of savages, do the same things that all feral animals do. We have wild donkeys, horses, pigs, and goats, even with no apparent sources of groundwater in the hot desert. Populations of feral animals do not burn themselves out, in my literal observation of it.

          For all we know, the tax-and-spend-o-crats are no more self-conscious than the brute labor, and are completely Pavlovian.

          They usually can’t follow dirt-simple lines of objective morality, as from children’s books.

          “Welfarism and socialism does not work in multiracial states.”

          You have potable water, will usually be comfortably fat, in some form of shelter, and up to your neck in cheap consumer goods. What did you believe is the purpose of this social model?


          Roaches, welfare statists, or predatory capitalists would probably survive, similarly, in a closed system.

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