Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 178 comments

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    It is no secret that the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster.

    Saving the system may be impossible, even if the powers that be delay or diffuse the worst of it for some time to come.

    Most people have no idea what to expect if it comes crashing down.

    But others have been prepping for years to make sure they can survive if the power, the food supply, or the entire society ceases to be functional.

    An increasing number of the rich – and especially the super rich – are prepping, too, and investing serious money for a survival bunker that includes comforts and upscale security with the basic amenities.

    Pulse.com profiled one company that is marketing “end of the world” shelters to those who can afford it, and who see a breakdown coming that includes potential revolution and civil unrest:

    Vicino warns that the rich need to be ready for a scenario that will “turn Suzy Homemaker into a gun-wielding predator.” As he asked me, without any apparent irony, “Do you really want to fight off all the zombies, the predators, the gangs, the militias, whatever else is roaming the streets to get what you got?”


    At the last annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, observers noticed elites growing more alarmed about the possibility of social unrest.


    This matches what Vicino hears. “They’re going to Patagonia, they’re going to remote locations of the world,” he says. “Their reasoning is more to be insulated from a revolution, rebellion, anarchy, or whatever, following an economic collapse.”


    Vicino’s properties include the recently launched Vivos Europa One, an invitation-only nuclear blast–proof subterranean complex tucked into a former Cold War munitions storage facility in Germany. It was purchased by Vicino and his partner, a German developer, for $2.25 million [£1.47 million] and unveiled this past summer. The property, now valued at over abillion dollars and boasting 227,904 square feet of “secure, blast proof living areas” is big enough for 34 “high net-worth families” to inhabit for a full year, says Vicino.

    They can enjoy swimming pools, a wine cellar, and living quarters they are encouraged to customize with fittings created by their favorite yacht designers. Worried about the collapse of the rule of law? After the end of society, each Vivos properties will be governed by its own bylaws and the various bunkers will have their own tribunals to handle conflicts between wealthy residents, who may well get twitchy during their confinement. An armed security force employed by the company will handle threats from above—presumably the have-nots who want in.

    There’s no telling when exactly the SHTF may happen, but it is clear that those in power see a breakdown coming… and they are prepared.

    Are you?

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      1. I would be teetering close to danger if I were to sit in one of those plastic chairs in the bunker photo above. Besides, the plastic will get brittle over time. I would rather have wood or metal chairs.

        • No kidding, you can get cheap wooden stuff at thrift stores for less than that plastic would cost, and get free firewood to boot, when you open the doors and emerge into the sunshine.

          • In such close quarters and deprived of their billions of slaves to abuse, the satanic elite will become even more insane than they currently are. I expect high rates of suicide among them.

            • Awww that’d be such a shame.

              Well they can get Madonna and Miley Cyrus and run a train on ’em. I’m sure they won’t mind. No, really.

            • John , i’d be more worried about that “private” security force that has been so humainly provided.
              Once in that tin can , the armed guards are the ones in control.
              Just a thought.

              • I was thinking the same thing. Those who have the power (guns)…

                • A different ‘elite’ would emerge from these places.

                • And who wants to wager that ALL residents, for the safety of the collective, will NOT be permitted to bring personal firearms or self-defense weaponry of ANY kind into the bunker. Can’t have somebody losing their mind and pulling an Aurora or Columbine now, eh?

                  I would submit that purely from a “Survive a SHTF scenario,” sometimes TOO many people in a centralized location can be as equally dangerous as too FEW. Especially the WRONG kind of folks, like spoiled, elite, rich people who are used to being catered to…

              • Haha like your thinking HH also thx for the note of where those ass’s will be nothing is beyond getting into 🙂

              • Yes, the “retirement fund” for the security forces will be quite impressive on paper after they “retire” the elite. Then let’s see them spend it.


              • Oh, A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go
                Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting we will go

            • I have to have to laugh when i read items like this, when, not if, the breakdown comes, the rich are in for a big surprise. They seem to think that they will hold up with their “paid help” on hand to protect them, and do all their dirty work. Now my question is this, if this becomes a true WROL event, what makes these rich people believe that their hired guards aren’t just going to kill them and take all their money, gold, and supply’s for themselves. I mean who’s going to stop them, some old fat out of shape rich guy, i don’t think so. This seems like the old saying to me, two wolves and a sheep sitting around asking what’s for dinner! Sounds like the rich guy is going to be on the dinner plate to me.

              • Colt M4, I agree that scenario could happen and I actually hope it does. It would be poetic justice, to say the least.

                • Especially when the guards go top-side and find out there’s nothing left to spend their “paychecks” on…that their money is worthless.

                  The guys with guns WILL get paid…somehow.

              • A lot of rich/powerful people will be standing around waiting for helicopters that aren’t coming. It would be more than a little disappointing to find out your cardkey doesn’t work on the gate to the luxury bunker. The filthy rich will try to pre-stash their gold, etc. A lot of them wouldn’t even make it inside.

              • I’ve pondered that very thing, Colt M-4…. more than once. During regular times, the help is paid through the current monetary system via check, cash, direct deposit, etc. Thus, control of the mode of payment, frequency of same, and AMOUNT is secured and administered for the rich by the banks that dispense compensation according to a scheduled structure, and quite OUT of the hands of the common help.

                Once that payment structure goes bye-bye and the compensation becomes dispensed as commodities instead of currency, (Food, water, ammo, shelter, silver or gold, etc) those commodities then become accessible AND vulnerable in a way the meted-out paycheck never was….

                Then, you’re observation becomes valid! 63 year old rich man Harvey with bad knees, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and 45 extra pounds of adipose tissue around his middle becomes the most vulnerable guy in the room.

                The really bad news? So does his family….

            • The suicides will exponentially increase after they realize that God is still in control of His peoples and earth.

              If the Gog/Magog event happens as I see it, there will be a period of seven years that they will have to scramble or die off.

              There will be little doubt as to whom is still in control when the 100 plus pounds of ice start squashing the advancing army of the Russian Federation.

              Looking forward to it.

              • I am confused. Which is it… Do we have free will or is god in control? You can’t have both.

                • God is in control of events, free will lets individuals be in control of their souls….either to a life eternal in Heaven, or death in the lake of fire with the heathen.

                  Pretty simple, and not confusing to those with clear mind.

                  • So god controls all events that happen on the earth? Good and bad I would have to assume.

                    Which would include but not limited to: genocide, child rape, incest, murder and all other forms of evil that inhabit the earth.

                    Interesting fella, this god of yours. Mighty interesting.

                    I guess I will take the Lake of Fire for 300 Alex…:-)

                    • Good one RJ! yeah, this is how it works, ” god” gets credit for anything good that happens, ” You never would have achieved that without me!” but when ANYTHING bad happens, it’s always eville old mans fault, no sir, ” god” had NOTHING to do with that! Must be a great gig if you can get it!

                    • RJ, you must be stupidest troll, to ever grace these pages…OK the next to the stupidest troll. wwti got that trophy.

                    • Pissin,

                      You have the trophy for biggest bitch on the board. You piss and moan more than a whorehouse on a Saturday night. You can’t answer the mans question so you attack him with your mindless little troll comments. What a sad little boy you are.

            • JQP….Good point. I’ll gladly become Dr. Jack Kevorkian. However I won’t use injection just some shiny lead.

            • Article states that the Residents of said bunkers have enough to keep them comfortable for ONE YEAR. After that, the Residents are basically on their own. If they can’t hardly get along BEFORE the collapse, how are they going to get alone afterward, when all Hades has broke loose? These idiots just paid a huge sum of money for their own future burial vault!

        • One thing all these bunkers are dependent upon, and that’s air. Rats smothered in their holes!

          • I was thinking the same thing

          • Menzo, maybe some grenades tossed thru the air vents?

            • No! NO! NO! just build an outhouse over the air vent.

            • A satisfying ‘BOOM!’


          • I’ve said this repeatedly….find their dens…plug up the vents. Wait outside for them to come out….which they will eventually have to do. Then you play Whack a Mole.

            Of course…if you want to speed things up…you just pour gas down the vents, followed by a match.

            They can run, but they can’t hide. Those of us who are still able will hunt them down like the rats they are.

            We’ll see who gets exterminated.

          • There is a new type of bunker that don’t need any external venting. Its call W.E.D.D.M.A venting. You can google it but you will find anything. I just made this shit up.

          • Somebody’ll just cork em up like a bad Warner Brothers cartoon, and watch em turn funny colors….

        • Since I’m modern contemporary, I got six nice metal chairs some are white molded plastic and two black for the bedroom from Sam’s at 20. each. They all have a brushed nickle finish on the legs, etc. Gotto agree hammerhead, the elite could use the chairs as weapons against the guards and will be overcome doing everyone left alive a big favor.

      2. If the power grid fails that means that ALL the nuclear reactors in the country will fail, or eventually fail. This means that the entire populace will become sick and or die from radiation sickness.

        Would you want to die a slow painful death from radiation sickness?

        Our society, our world is all interconnected by the wind and oceans. What one country does, eventually comes full circle in regards to pollution and contamination. Of course the effects can be less depending on how far you live from a contamination zone, etc.

        This planet will become extinct eventually as other planets we have inhabited in the past have become unlivable.

        • Yes, the whole Fukishima thing is a big concern, in that the rods being stored will all melt down after the water is gone.

          Would cost relatively little to put in cement caskets, or finally open Yucca Mtn. but noooooo!!

          • Envisioning that “oh sh*t” moment when everyone pauses in the middle of WW3 as 150 nuclear power plants start melting down.

            Look at each other…


            Mad dash for every bulldozer available…

        • That is new too me?? I have no knowledge of the human race inhabiting other planets besides Earth. Turn off the TV and snap back to reality.
          I second the fact on the air issue. They would need air and it would not take much for smoking them out or making their intake air toxic.

          • HA! Could be done with a few high quality cans of fart spray…..

          • Just because you have no knowledge of something does not mean it never happened.

        • According to the Word, the radiation will not kill off “all” life as we know it. A third of the sea life, which has begun, and a quarter to a third of mankind and wildlife by the other implements of destruction, that may be nuclear radiation.

          I guess we shall see how it all unfolds and make our peace if we are in the path, or not under the umbrella of divine protection.

          I would kind of like to see all the liberals/heathen/fakes squirm when the events start unfolding. I don’t relish seeing the innocent suffer, but the rains fall on the just and unjust alike.

        • One of the designs uses the latent heat to keep making steam to exclusively supply turbines powering coolant pumps. Its a great system because as temperatures reach a point where steam generation is no longer possible cooling water is no longer required.

        • Proof positive about you, as i said above…..Low IQ…very low.

          Oh i forgot, you proley don’t know what IQ stands for…just forget it.

          • You ” proley” don’t know what being a man is do you little boy? Of course not, you’re too cowardly.

      3. You know the irony is these so called “elite bunkers” have what the “elite” consider most important, wine cellar, swimming pool, living quarters, like they have or found on expensive yachts… Even in their last hours these people will still be disconnected from reality and die in a opulent tomb, that will do them no good. And they will go to their deaths no better learned….

        Fucking MORONS!!!

        • As Marx MIGH have said were he born 200 years later… “Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and rich Hollywierd socialist hypocrites of the world, UNITE!!”

        • Won’t be any more of them dying than the rest of us.

          Maybe less since they have more for survival than most of us.

        • Well said CB: I have known some of these sickening rich. And you are right. Not only do they not have a common clue but discount and disregard other’s.

      4. Wait until they go in the bunkers, and bury the air vents?

        • And that’s supposed to accomplish what in relation to your own well being and survival?

          Other than making you a major target while you’re doing it.

          Better off making your own plans on how you will deal with things than worrying about someone else’s.

      5. Well I hope they are going to enjoy the year in the bunkers…. but they forgot something we will be waiting for them outside… the chopping block’s and the ropes will be ready too……

        • I am sure that if it comes down to it, when they emerge on the surface after their year of opulent bunker living,, they will be some real tender meat….just saying

      6. Spend a couple million on this underground tomb and furnish it with bargains from wal mart.
        Cool story bro

      7. The last statement, They are prepared.

        No they aren’t. They are living in the ground like a worm. What they have will run out. They are depending on an armed guard to protect them. Right or Wrong Might makes Right when TSHTF! The armed folks will take over, PERIOD!

        There is no man made bunker, castle or what ever, that can’t be overrun by an army.


        • Correct you are Sgt. Dale – They are not safe, and they have to breath while they are underground. Meaning, there has to be air vents/shafts exposed above ground.

          LOCATE & SMOKE ‘EM OUT!


          • Back up the diesel truck and hook up a hose from the truck exhaust to their bunker intake. Sit in the truck seat, put it in neutral and stand on the accelerator pedal. Nighty-nite!

        • This is too funny, when it’s the rich who are hiding inside a secure ” BOL”, they’re at risk of being outnumbered and run over. When somebody on this site talks about their ” BOL”, they make it sound like nobody could ever get inside. Like it or not, the rich are always going to outlive the average and the poor. That’s how it’s always been and always will be. They are more prepared than anyone here could ever dream of being. To think that somehow you’re going to be able to get at them is laughable, you’ll have your hands full trying to keep yourself from dying at the hands of an angry mob, much less trying to travel to where the rich are at and ” get” them. This isn’t ” Red Dawn” or some other Hollywood delusional make believe, it’s real, and reality never follows the movies or the myth that the good guys always win. Best thing anyone can do is forget it and worry about taking care of your own situation.

          • If the SHTF who is going to care about some rich guy in his bunker, who is going to lay siege to it, and for what purpose?

            Unless you are a thief or a marauder you’ll be too busy staying alive. If it’s the kind of disaster where people can’t live on the surface, then no one will be around to attack their bunkers.

            Many of these bunkers for the super rich support large groups, most have agreements with top mercenaries and body guards that they can bring their families in exchange for continued security services. If you lay siege to such a bunker expect them to have some incredibly well trained and equipped killers come at you like you stepped on a hornets nest.

            In a total societal breakdown, expect the super rich to have all the best toys, and to deploy them. Are you ready to cross an active minefield or take on an automated sentry system, just to get at their air inlet?

            • Many will become thieves and marauders, its called survival ? and many here have obviously not experienced many hardships or any kind of actual survival situation. Given the right stimuli people can and will turn into animals to survive. Unfortunate but the simple truth of the matter.

              It is also obvious the elites who control us all know something is coming. I have no idea if it is a plan or a natural event ? They are stockpiling and have been for years now ? All manner of resources munitions and underground facilities all across this land and world wide. I do NOT live in fear of any of it for a very good reason, but I do not look forward to what is coming either. I just know something is coming and it will not be good for any of us. There are far too many outlier events in motion already present. So I prepare myself and enjoy my health and fitness and knowledge everyday ! I think that is the best possible plan, bar none 🙂

              • Absolutely, and the giant bunkers of the rich make tempting targets for hungry people.

                I wouldn’t be surprised if companies that make bunkers aren’t closely watched, so the gov knows where they all are. The government may become the most dangerous marauder.

                Survivors of recent global conflicts that thrusted their nations into the dark ages often had one thing in common, they had small networks of friends for support and they tried to live invisible lives. Those of means got out in the first days, they of course did the best. The big cities became killing grounds.

            • someone has to MAKE that shelter they are in….and when you have NO food, you might be surprised to find out how many WILL lay siege to a bunker(that THEY may have had a hand in constructing)….you can die of starvation,…or die trying to break their defenses….NO fixed position is defensible, long-term….you think a bunker set up for a couple dozen people to live for a year or two isn’t going to be a target?

              • Can I just add, I watch a couple major long term stored food sites for sales. And for months now they have been thin and offered little in the way of quality or savings. Often I have found long term foods are high priced or on sale and just out of stock.

                The last time I got a good deal was the day they announced a nationwide egg shortage and I went out and bought a couple cases of egg products, and that was like late last spring.

                Since then there have been few sales, and the products on sale were not substantive or were severely limited in availability, or were simply out of stock.

                Point is there is a real run on the food bank right now! Yeah I’m pretty happy with my food stores, but hey, why pass up a good sale……if they ever happen again?

                Last fall I picked up a couple buckets of wheat berries for a song. This fall, all I hear is crickets!

                Paranoia is again peeking. Q? Who’s buying all the long term stored food?

                • i just picked up 15 cases of canned corn and green beans for 33c a can…now THAT’S a good deal!…especially when we will need all the water we can get when the time comes, so y’all be advised, buy food that doesn’t need so much water when you eat it….if yer dehydrated, you shouldn’t eat. ….a couple things working AGAINST the food bank right now…piglets died of pig flu, bird flu causing all the flocks to be destroyed, drought in california, among OTHER places…and an increasing population….might end up being the perfect storm….chilli is another of my favorite canned food for shtf. it’s SELDOM on sale for under a dollar lately. a year ago it could be had for 69c sometimes….baked beans mixed with cheap BBQ sauce is another good food. canned soup to mix rice, beans, or macaroni is good to have too. lately dollar stores have canned fruit 28oz for 99c…that’s a bargain too. tomato sauce 5 for a buck also if you find it

                  • Winco had the same sale here — I got a few cases for my short term storage.

                    Also got a case of #10 cans of elbow macaroni, packed for the long term. I’ve got my less-than-5yrs stuff in 6 gal buckets and such, then I have my long term, 20 years+ stuff too.

                    I add something to both every month.

          • Totally agree. Class envy is unattractive. We should make the most of our time now to help ourselves and quit worrying about the plans of the rich.

          • I’ve read of many incidents of people in gated communities that thought they were safe. Having money doesn’t equal brains. The real elite are loyal to no one and many who thought they were joining the underground party will never get in.

        • They also forget that the backhoes and bulldozers are above ground.. Just dig them up!! lol

        • Awful lot of people here seem to think they will be immune from armies.

          Or that they will be the ones that don’t have to deal with them.

          Both groups are wrong.

          • So how do you guys justify wanting to kill (cover their air vents or shoot ’em up) these folks just because they can afford it and you can’t???

            Hell no I ain’t rich. But why should I want to kill these people because they have more wealth than me? So they’re disconnected to the masses etc. so what? That’s reason enough to smoke ’em out? Better hope your last pack of ramen noodles isn’t on the crowd’s menu, because you are now the wealthy person and they are the have nots.

            God didn’t say it was OK to kill the rich.

            Think about it.

            • Orn-

              Well said…

            • You’re missing the point — the elites are the ones who used their positions as banksters, hedge fund mgrs, etc to steal OUR wealth for themselves.

              It is the Uber-elites who created this mess because they control the world’s finances. They call it “The New World Order.”

              THEY PLANNED THIS! They PLANNED for several BILLION of US to DIE, so THEY can have a better life for themselves.

              Of course they should get what they deserve for their greed and hatred of the rest of us, whom they see as little more than “animals”. We’d have to be a very dumb bunch of sheep to just let it fly.

              I know I won’t be going quietly into the night.

              • Nobody is suggesting killing people just because they’re rich.

                It’s not jealousy you’re seeing — it’s JUSTICE.

                • And justice for you would be?

                  An illegal hunting you down and killing you because you’re the one he blames for his plight?

                  God has reserved vengeance to himself only, only he can rightfully determine who is guilty and who is innocent.

                  • Maybe so, but that’s between Him and me.

        • You are so right Sgt.

      8. How will they the security guards docile? They may end as slaves in their own bunker.

      9. I wouldn’t trust the security force. When you get low in supplies, those with the arms have the say

      10. Sounds like a plot line from a bad TV series on the Scyfy Channel.

        • let me know when it plays…..I’LL watch that one!

      11. The biggest problem I see with these elites going under ground is they will not be able to stand it. They will be killing each other within a month. Can you imagine someone like Paris Hilton being locked away under ground with a group trying to get along. They are used to getting what they want and going anywhere they want and not asking anyone for permission. They will have a total meltdown in very short order.

        • JAS – Yeah, I agree… and aside from Paris Hilton also Donald Trump and Bill & Hillary and the Bush Crime Family, and Queen Oprah and Hollywood elites, etc…well you get the picture. They think because they are wealthy and successful that they know it all and will survive anything, but it will be a matter of time before they kill each other off. I think they will kill each other for control before they starve or dehydrate or before the harsh elements get to them.

        • They would simply bind, gag and rape her repeatedly.

        • Rich men are still men. Paris would be turned into a sex slave five minutes after the bunker door is closed. Considering she has such an annoying mouth on her, the rich dudes will probably put a muzzle on her and strap her to the wall between ‘sessions’.

          I live in a rich area favored by hedge funders etc. I see houses all over getting demolished and then gi-normous concrete pre-fab basements put in. Those must be bunkers. They are clearly prepping.

          To be frank, I would not hang around here in a crisis and just get to Switzerland. The Swiss are prepped as a country and would not flinch at rounding up all the turd world losers and deporting them (or putting them in a detention camp). You want to be in a country like that. Armed, very protective of their living standards, like their own people.

          • Have you done any research on Switzerland lately? The muzzies are taking over there as well.

            • NWO and all: but at least they have an armed populace to throw them out when it gets bad.

          • You’ve never been to Idaho. I actually thought you were talking about us when you wrote that description. Oops, sorry! It was Switzerland you were referring to.

      12. There will be ups and downs, but no long slow decline. This nation will be destroyed in one hour just as the Bible forecasts. That will not change, it is engraved in stone.

        • We have been in a long slow decline for 10 years or more is that long enough ? Most do not understand the Bible correctly and it is greatly misinterpreted today. Revelation is not about any apocalypse.

          • Obviously you have never read it if you don’t think Revelation is apocalyptic.

            • I would be considered a scholar on the Bible. As well have you read the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi text and other ancient text, I have. And that is how I know what I said to be true ! There is far more than you understand , but most do not understand it all and simply go along blindly believing false paradigms.

              • dte,
                I am not versed in ancient manuscripts simply because I have no interest in it. I do have three degrees. As far as not getting it, I think I do. There is more to life than the physical reality we see. There is a spiritual realm, both light and dark.

        • Sadly, I believe you are mistaken. There will most likely be a long period where the heathen and fake Christians as well, are given ample opportunity to repent and turn from their worldly/evil ways. God is fair.

          i think that the one hour destruction is a total elimination of the financial/worldly economic system that people use as their Idol/God. Most importantly all investments in paper/Wall Street, is destroyed in that one hour. Retirement funds…..gone.
          Pensions…gone. 401k investments…..gone. Cash savings in banks…gone.

          No more filty rich banksters and hedge fund folks. All, but the elite will be in the same boat. Some of the elite will survive and most of the preppers that have divine protection will make it, if it is God’s will.

      13. ‘Group survival’ depends upon several critical factors, one being the cohesiveness of the group. Control-freak/power-monger VS. cohesive/cooperative are two very different people with very different mindsets. These spoiled brats have to have their own way and when a group of control-freaks are in a forced situation they get crazy on each other and eventually self-destruct… sooner than later.

        I also wonder what would happen to these bunkers, and to them in general, in the case of an earthquake. It brings to mind the old expression, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

        • “He can run, but he can’t hide.”
          Joe Louis, whacked Max in the first round.

      14. Don’t remember that a direct-hit nuclear blast’s above-ground effects wither away after only 1 year, but maybe the “uber rich” know something we don’t about physics. And if the whole world’s arsenal is going off?

        So after the 1 year is up, and world war is still raging, what do those 34 families do? Bump each other off? The shortest world war has been way more than 1 year.

        There’s so many flaws to their “save me I’m rich” plan…they give the guy who is an EMPLOYEE the guns to police…rich people who can outbid each other for the loyalty of said paid employee…I almost have to wipe the laughter tears from my eyes.

        • And of course there is always the issue of said armed paid employees deciding that they may be able to live far better and longer if these rich asses are not around.

        • Theoretically after three months it relatively safe to come out of a bunker after a nuclear war, as long as you don’t kick up the dust. After six months you can start working the land. You can still live in the comfort of the bunker as you expand outward. Before the year is out when you are running out of stored food you should have something working or be relocating to areas where you can seek a return to normal life.

          • We are talking about rich assholes here, not the avg Joe farmer. I can just see Paris, Hiltery and the Donald trying to plow a field…yeah no.

            • The super rich will relocate, they have bank accounts all over the world. Their bug out locations are a place to survive the early days of war or collapse until it’s safe to travel. With a little patience you could take over their well equipped BOL with absolutely no resistance.

              Average Joe’s sat in their homes sucking tear gas in Ferguson or Baltimore when the SHTF. There are likely millions who have made efforts to prep, but don’t have the resources to buy a few acres in rural America to bug out to. You may also find yourself digging in if there was ever a surprise nuclear attack.

              If you were in NY city and nukes started falling. Would you be safer grabbing two cases of water and going into the deepest subway tunnel you could find, or should you get on the road and run for the countryside?

              What is the deadliest time to be on the road in a nuclear attack?

              After 911 it was frightening to find that all civilian light aircraft were grounded within hours and the grounding continued for newly two years. To violate the grounding could get you shot down!

              In a disaster, everything will be blockaded. Google FEMA zones, notice the zone borders generally are physical barriers like mountains, rivers, large national parks. If they want to lock things down make sure you don’t have a FEMA zone border between you and your BOL.

          • Plan twice, i hate to say it but your dreaming, if we have a full on nuclear exchange nothing is EVER going to go back to a “normal life” as we once knew it. The lucky one’s after that nuclear exchange will be the one’s who have made their peace with God and died. In a full on nuclear exchange the nuclear winter alone will last for well over a year. In that time well over 90% of all living things above ground will be dead. Now even if you survive that, the survivors will be pushed to a total agrarian lifestyle, without the benefit of modern machines or fertilizer. Now those that did survive will now have to plant and grow food, I’d say that 99% of those people that do survive have never grown a single plant in their life, let alone packed away seeds to grow food from. So this just means that those people who survived the nuclear war, just postponed their own slow deaths by a year.

            • The value of a bomb shelter, it to give you access to a later window when it’s relatively safe to travel to a radiation free destination. It also works to protect you in a conventional war, a far more likely situation.

              Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both heavily populated. There are only slight health risks living in those cities even just a year after the bombs.

              Bikini island is still uninhabitable, and likely will be for 500 years. It will all depend on the type of bombs used, and the altitude they are exploded. The United States has vast resources even if Obama won’t let people drill or mine. To use a lot of ground bursts vs air bursts could leave the US uninhabitable for centuries plus produce fallout that could circle back to the attackers homeland.

              I’d expect a sensible plan by attackers, one that doesn’t kill them too.

              A perfect attack might consist of repeated high altitude EMP nukes, that kill no one directly and cause no direct fallout. Then I’d follow that up with a few large air bust hydrogen bombs that destroy ports, food, and energy sources. Then the starving zombies from the cities will do the killing for our enemies as they rove the countryside like locust. A year later, our enemy could invade with little resistance.

              Obama I think will never launch a retaliation. He is the perfect putz to play into the hands of attackers. It’s a known fact that Obama has pulled all launch codes from our sub commanders, and offensive nuclear forces. He is the only one that can launch a counter attack, and I think he won’t. He’d rather save the planet!

              Even in this scenario there is a path to survival for American patriots. It won’t be easy, lots of hard work. If you are ready to give up, there’s no place on my team for losers!

              • Plan Twice, i feel that your discounting the effect of nuclear weapons on our planet. If we have a total nuclear exchange including the USSR, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, N.K. and the USA. Using all thier ICBM’s with MRV warheads, air launch ALCM, and sub launched warheads will propel us into an event that will likely be the end of mankind.

                A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in December 2006 found that even a small-scale, regional nuclear war could disrupt the global climate for a decade or more. In a regional nuclear conflict scenario where two opposing nations in the subtropics would each use 50 Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons (about 15 kiloton each) on major populated centres, the researchers estimated as much as five million tons of soot would be released, which would produce a cooling of several degrees over large areas of North America and Eurasia, including most of the grain-growing regions. The cooling would last for years, and according to the research could be “catastrophic”.[38][39]
                Ozone depletion

                A 2008 study by Michael J. Mills and coauthors, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, found that a nuclear weapons exchange between Pakistan and India using their current arsenals could create a near-global ozone hole, triggering human health problems and causing environmental damage for at least a decade.[40] The computer-modeling study looked at a nuclear war between the two countries involving 50 Hiroshima-sized nuclear devices on each side, producing massive urban fires and lofting as much as five million metric tons of soot about 50 miles (80 km) into the mesosphere. The soot would absorb enough solar radiation to heat surrounding gases, accelerating catalytic cycles that destroy the stratospheric ozone layer protecting Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.
                Nuclear summer

                A “nuclear summer” is a hypothesized scenario in which, after a nuclear winter has abated, a greenhouse effect then occurs due to CO2 released by combustion and methane released from the decay of the organic matter that froze during the nuclear winter.[41][42] It is supported scientifically far less, than nuclear winter, as a risk.

                A study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in July 2007,[105] “Nuclear winter revisited with a modern climate model and current nuclear arsenals: Still catastrophic consequences”,[106] used current climate models to look at the consequences of a global nuclear war involving most or all of the world’s current nuclear arsenals (which the authors judged to be one the size of the world’s arsenals twenty years earlier). The authors used a global circulation model, ModelE from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which they noted “has been tested extensively in global warming experiments and to examine the effects of volcanic eruptions on climate.” The model was used to investigate the effects of a war involving the entire current global nuclear arsenal, projected to release about 150 Tg of smoke into the atmosphere, as well as a war involving about one third of the current nuclear arsenal, projected to release about 50 Tg of smoke. In the 150 Tg case they found that:

                A global average surface cooling of –7 °C to –8 °C persists for years, and after a decade the cooling is still –4 °C (Fig. 2). Considering that the global average cooling at the depth of the last ice age 18,000 yr ago was about –5 °C, this would be a climate change unprecedented in speed and amplitude in the history of the human race. The temperature changes are largest over land … Cooling of more than –20 °C occurs over large areas of North America and of more than –30 °C over much of Eurasia, including all agricultural regions.

                In addition, they found that this cooling caused a weakening of the global hydrological cycle, reducing global precipitation by about 45%. As for the 50 Tg case involving one third of current nuclear arsenals, they said that the simulation “produced climate responses very similar to those for the 150 Tg case, but with about half the amplitude,” but that “the time scale of response is about the same.” They did not discuss the implications for agriculture in depth, but noted that a 1986 study which assumed no food production for a year projected that “most of the people on the planet would run out of food and starve to death by then” and commented that their own results show that, “This period of no food production needs to be extended by many years, making the impacts of nuclear winter even worse than previously thought.”

            • Actually, Chernobyl is a wildlife sanctuary now. The wild life has came back, the foliage has returned and engulfed everything man-made.

              Man only destroyed HIMSELF and everything he built. Mother Nature survives and even thrives there, but she didn’t do it on OUR schedule —she did it on hers.

              A lesson we failed to learn apparently.

              • People are high on the food chain with long lives compared to most animals. We bioaccumulate metals including nuclear fallout. Humans are particularly sensitive to radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium and plutonium.

                Cesium in the sea life that people would eat, is the major reason Bikini Island is uninhabitable.

                A major exchange like you speak of would render the northern hemisphere uninhabitable. A bomb shelter could get you to a point where it’s safe to travel. Then it’s time to find your way as far south as you can get. And I mean like South America or Southern Africa etc.

                Like I say though, will a nuclear exchange be limited, or will they go for mutual extinction? It’s calculated that Obama won’t take the shot, so a limited attack could do it.

                Even if they just stuck with high altitude EMP blasts. The US is so dependent on our technology that it could be a fatal blow. We might not be able to respond since a similar EMP attack on Russia would also take out much of Europe.

              • I have no idea where you get your information from. There is an episode of the program ” River Monsters” where the host goes to Cherynobl to investigate the state of the Wels catfish and other fish in the rivers and cooling ponds of reactor number 4. While there are no outward signs of legions on the local fish, the Wels catfish he caught were substantially undersized than normal and nobody knows what the damage to the fish is on the cellular level. There was also a scientist who has been visiting the site for the last 15 years to check on the bird population and he noted that the bird population is HALF of what is was before the accident and the numbers are still showing a decline, along with a drop in size of the bodies of the birds. This decline will continue into the future for who knows how long. So while the grass is green and the trees look normal, but to say the wildlife population is thriving is total fantasy, like I said, I have NO idea where you get your info from but it’s anything but correct.

      15. I played the game of ever changing rules fairly and if they think they are just gonna plunder shit and go hide in a hole they got a rude awakening coming. I’m not gonna hide in holes to just live another day. Gonna make destruction of elites my agenda to die for. This is the whole problem with survivalist they just wanna live another day on their knees if they have to. There needs to be counter strategy to destroy progressive ways. Progress is more controls on personal freedom. People need to refuse technology and embrace simplicity. This and an anti consumer attitude will win. This would be the best way to fight the system. I’m not an activist type of person some people are excellent at being activists even if it’s for stuff you don’t support. Hitler was a great activist believe it or not. He pushed his agenda through supporters and sympathizers. A supporter could be anyone who will help financially or spend time pushing the agenda of anti technology and anti consumerism. Make leaflets that show how tech and consumption destroy self reliance and freedom. Sympathizers agree with the agenda and tell others not on board yet. Basically grass roots living has to be made hip to the younger people. I’m not a hippy or any silly treehugging crap. This type of movement has to be led by someone that is organized and can get into halls of gov so it can be pushed legislatively. In supporting a movement like this expect to be targeted by your enemies. The publics attitudes need to be changed and a person that can show leadership and be loved by most will be able to get this type of thing moving. There is literature on how to start a movement out there. This is the only way I feel things will change save your guns as a last ditch thing when all hope is lost. Look what tech is doing to young people destroys jobs intrudes in privacy so much that there are few if any private things. Consumerism is the enslaver of everything it’s why there is so much debt in the world. Look at a hoarders home there is so much shit in it that they are a slave to possessions. Everywhere you look someone is selling stuff. All this is work but will get easier with time once it’s hip and modern to be anti consumer and tech. Sit back and think about it yes your still gonna consume stuff but you can greatly minimize it saving you $. Which keeps $ out of the pockets of elites. Enjoy a simple life it is the way it’s supposed to be.

        • “”I believe that liberty is the only genuinely valuable thing that men have invented, at least in the field of government, in a thousand years. I believe that it is better to be free than to be not free, even when the former is dangerous and the latter safe. I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air – that progress made under the shadow of the policeman’s club is false progress, and of no permanent value. I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave.” — H.L. Mencken

        • Actually you make some good points! and as always a source of clean water will still be the main component to survive any event. Good luck with those Berkeys and Sawyers when they plug up almost immediately for a lack of near pristine water to run thru them as we have today out of our tap or wells ? There is a far better way and much more cost effective and simple.

          • well…..aren’t you going to enlighten US with that “better way”?….that’s WHY we are here, after all.

        • “Make leaflets that show how tech and consumption destroy self reliance and freedom.”

          Is that meant to be an oxymoron? Talk about writer’s cramp…

      16. There is a three part youtube video of the 82 different known alien species on Earth. A lot of them lived underground and some eat humans. When everybody on the surface is nuked to obliteration these rich elitists can be what’s for reptilian dinner. Tastes like chicken.

      17. Only rumors – but they seem to have “root” – the billionaire currently campaigning for the presidency believes in being prepared …. lots of people close to his various property holdings say there was more built under the golf course clubhouses than just wine cellars ….

        You wouldn’t think someone like Oprah would have SHTF plans – you’d be wrong … when she lived in Chicago almost exclusively – she also owned a weekend getaway compound, across The Lake in NW Indiana – equipped with a large group sized bunker …. and her personal bodyguards revealed they had contingency evac plans for every possible scenario – helicopter to boat to snowmobile escape vehicles ….

        • Oprah on a snowmobile. Hahahaha!

          • No room for her on a snowmobile.
            More than likely she will be pulled from behind on a industrial sized sled, with a sign to her back saying –

            ☠ CAUTION – WIDE & HEAVY LOAD ☠

            • and billery right beside her with a sign, “will lick pussy for food”.

      18. Now their smokin’ up the junk bonds
        And then they go get stiff
        And they’re dancin’ in the yacht club
        With Muff and Uncle Biff
        But there’s one good thing that happens
        When you toss your pearls to swine
        Their attitudes may taste like shit
        But go real good with wine

        Believe in all the good things
        That money just can’t buy
        Then you won’t get no belly ache
        From eatin’ humble pie
        I believe in rags to riches
        Your inheritence won’t last
        So take your Grey Poupon my friend
        And shove it up your ass!

      19. Talking to a friend who said, be honest, haven’t you thought about building your own bomb shelter. To which I replied, nope, but I have thought about building a real sturdy wine cellar!

      20. THIS, from the same country where Thoreau wrote a book called Self Reliance 150 years ago, and Lewis & Clark did their flatboat/horseback think to the Pacific and back. What will these kids do if there is an EMP attack, or true Greek style meltdown???

        Peter Gray, Ph.D., a research professor at Boston College, writes in Psychology Today that increasing lack of resilience among today’s college kids is causing educators all kinds of problems. “Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life,” he writes. He cites some worrisome examples.

        At one major university, emergency calls to the counseling department more than doubled over the past five years. *********In one case, a female student felt traumatized because her roommate had called her a “bitch.” In another case, two students “sought counseling because they had seen a mouse in their off-campus apartment” – after they panicked and called the police, who set a mousetrap for the startled students.******

        Such needy students are forcing faculty to do more hand-holding, and to lower academic standards, so as to not challenge the fragile little nitwits too much. Why? Because if professors do challenge them, the whiners will go to online professor-rating sites and give the professors lousy reviews….

        More on this story at http://townhall.com/columnists/tompurcell/2015/10/13/pampered-college-nitwits-n2064830?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=

        • TEST, I saw that article last week at another site and LMFAO. It’s funny but it’s not funny if you know what I mean. “Fragile little nitwits” is nothing compared to what I would call them.

          • ❤❤

      21. this is funny ass shit, because you know these narcissistic jackasses would be ripping each other apart within 3 days

        after a year when these are opened by the free people left in this world , there will be nothing but bones

        and if I were to come across their “security guard ” he would be what gets stuffed in the vent hole

        • “and if I were to come across their “security guard ” he would be what gets stuffed in the vent hole”

          PRICELESS!!! ツ

        • EOTS

          A few gallons of liquid insecticide in the air shaft, would force them out.

          • Slingshot, throw in a grenade or two after that insecticide for extra effect.

          • Leave em in there , it’s where they belong
            Hell , we could use the air shafts as our own toilets
            Now that’s priceless

      22. “They’re going to Patagonia….”

        Let’s hope once they arrive uber socialist thug and Presidente for Life Christina Kirchner expropriates every dime they have.

        Oh wait. Learjet leftist cronies all hang together, so that wont’ happen.

        I have no problem with rich people if they earned it fairly an worked hard for it (this excludes Obungler’s leftist crony faux capitalists – think Solyndra); I am also one who doesn’t believe in violence.

        But I will tell you this: There is justice, and there is, indeed, a God whose mills grind surely, even if slowly. These leftists who have destroyed the financial – and sometimes literal – lives of millions, if not billions, WILL stand before God to answer. And all these arrogant ones who think they will stand toe to toe with God, telling Him a think or two about reality, will have another thing coming. I realize these “Masters of the Universe” (and old Wall Street term)types don’t think that can happen.

        They will find out quickly – and in many cases too late – that their personal Titanic ran aground and they have no lifeboat.

        Someone **really** wise once said 2000 years ago “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Unfortunately, only very few pay attention to His words any more…

      23. The true “elite” already have their bunkers near at hand with no need to travel to Germany. I often think about the personal homes of former Presidents that are fortified during their terms as a matter of national security. The Greenbrier hotel is just another example of secret luxury bunkers built during the cold war.
        That photo btw, is not representative of the Rothenstein facility in Germany.

      24. One would think with all the egoes stuffed in one place,it would emplode.

        • I think you mean explode…

          • “implode” is good too.

      25. If you have seen their hideout on T.V., that ain’t it. This is probably a staged for picture Hollywood prop. But it serves the purpose for illustrating the problem. From my vantage point, I see a few wealthy folks who because of hard work, and extraordinary ability, or brilliant strategy, or extreme callousness have managed to earn, inherit, or steal a fortune. Where ever they go to protect themselves, you can be sure, it ain’t gonna be featured here. Actually when all is said and done, those people represent the best and the worst of mankind. I can’t wish harm on them.

      26. If you have seen their hideout on T.V., that ain’t it. This is probably a staged for picture Hollywood prop. But it serves the purpose for illustrating the problem. From my vantage point, I see a few wealthy folks who because of hard work, and extraordinary ability, or brilliant strategy, or extreme callousness have managed to earn, inherit, or steal a fortune. Where ever they go to protect themselves, you can be sure, it ain’t gonna be featured here. Actually when all is said and done, those people represent the best and the worst of mankind. I can’t wish harm on them.

      27. “I say we roll in a couple canisters of CN-20 and nerve gas the whole goddamned nest…”

        “Eh it could work but we don’t even know if it’s gonna affect ’em”

        “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit”

        “It’s the only way to be sure”

        “Fuckin’ A!”

      28. Once again, such and article comes up and Mac never fails me.

        Lets start by saying:

        350,000,000/48 States=50-100,000 per state=5-10,000 per city. Yes my fiends, we are toast.

        Watch the 3rd video and listen to what that Lady discovered. Could it have been the MMV’S who attacked China. From what other sources mentioned to Hawk, and Jim Willie, is that the China explosions was not by accident. They were done to offset the calapse, then all of a sudden is in Syria cleaing up jihadist filth.


        The daily life of HCKS, and other of like minds. The supid people i meet every month, and laughable women who are trying to date me.

        I cant wait to get the book, “One Year After” by William Foreshen. Let me get back to work. So i will make it short. I would hate to upset the fusion center employees. The last thing that they need is for normalcy baised idiots to suddenly wake up and go ape sh…t. And besides who would listen to someone like me, when freeways are being widened, buildings under constrution all over the city, roads being repaired, women i have met for dates telling me that they are plannig for their future and that, “that will never happen”, they ask me how much money i have, how much i make, that they are looking for a secure man, that is realiable, ha,,,ha,.ha. Then i tell them i have to leave the date, then they dont call me back, and i laugh to myself, and everyone is at Starbucks having a good time. That i have a problem listening to people. As if the content of their conservations have any content, just sh…t from toilet. Nothing could possible go wrong, the US is perfect, things are going well. The fat ugly lady who sometimes hear me at the office talk about conspiracy and calapse has told me that i am a looser, that had her daughter try to date a man like me, that she would never accept me into her family. But the 1,000 dred lock, gangs, and roaming mauraders are accepted, not me.

        Ok. I see. Well lets see what is really going to go down. You guys may have noticed that when you asked me what was going down in September, i never told you that a certain thing will happen. Its the month of March, April, June and july 2016. By the time june comes around we will not even be posting on this site, we will in the middle of 1,000% shtfplan.com and will be implementing that plan. By the time Jan 01/01/2017 comes around, if you sirvived that long, and are still alive, you will be in the 3-5% of preppers who survive. My scientist friend told us that the preppers will outlast the soldiers when they get their food supplies cut off, haaa,ahaaaa, thats when the Red Necks and veterans liquidate them. Will i survive what awaits me. I survived my shtf because i was in it and other in my city were not. So it was a cake walk. Had that happen to me in the real shtf, i would have died within one week. If that happened today righ now at this very second. I will survive indefinatlely. My chances are now over 60%. They only reason why i survied that last time was that friend brought me food and water.

        It will start by a false or EMP. -100% probability
        civil.revolutionary war-100,000% gauranteed.
        Engineere calapsed-100% likely.

        Envoronmental calapse-100% guaranteed in near future if the above mentioned does not get commense.

        Things are not looking good at all. We are in serious, serious, serious, very extreme danger. And still, people dont listen to me, so i do not talk to new people anymore and when people in the know talk to me these days, i dont even talk to them about anymore for OPS.


        350,000,000/48 States=50-100,000/state=?

        Who is in the 3-5,000,000/48 states? you, me, others, who? elites, agency ass clown trolls, cops, soldiers? civilians?

        • I am listening and appreciating your prophesy’s hcks.

          • Very good job this time, hcks. Nice post.

        • hey, i think your mom is calling, dinner is ready so come up from the basement.

          • yeah, his act is getting stale. I notice he doesn’t generate as much buzz as he did a few months back, I think he knows it to, people catch on and want a new form of entertainment, he needs some new material or a different forum, he’s dying on the vine here.

          • Lol snicker

      29. Its my understanding a lot of these elite bunkers were built at taxpayers expense so the so called elite can survive while us ole slaves rot.

        • Yeah, it’s called “Continuity of Govt”

      30. Test, good post, to show the human condition. I highly recomend Test’s comments. That very thing is exactly why i am literally laughing my ass off these days. When shtf hits, those little supid people will not last not even 3 days. What a bunch of stupid cry baby morons.



        • You even use words that my 15 yo uses. Comon HCKS come clean man/boy/girl/trans. Did I leave anything out?

      31. Just remember what happened at the end of “the Dirty Dozen”…

      32. They won’t be billionaires when they come out of those bunkers, and they won’t be trained to the new reality like those left on the surface will be.

      33. Believe it or not all rich people are not criminals. Some have busted their asses and put up capital to make more$ it is what capitalism is supposed to be about the guy that wants to succeed can through hard work luck and smart choices. What we have now is some bullshit crony capitalism that lies cheats and tells people trickle down economics works. Well nothing trickles down even the dog licked up the crumbs. Socialism sucks it Robs hard working people and gives free shit to scumbags through gov programs. So we are all the same no matter if we work or not. We’ve tried both of these ideas neither work they destroy entrapenurialship and reward laziness. I say let’s return to liberty this time around. Resist consumerism and new technologies. I still have a regular cell phone. I call it a stupid phone. I like the iPad but save all that for the end of the day when I’m relaxing. The only thing corporations are good for is cutting paychecks.

      34. Why worry about the ‘rich’ and what they are going to do? Who cares. Let them prep to their abilities. Haven’t we all prepped to our own abilities? If you could afford an underground bunker for your family and friends you would have probably built one too. I have my plans, and my preps, and I know my abilities and limitations, so I say to each his own. Some will live, most will die, and in the end all the fiot currency in the world won’t save anyone, but know-how, ingenuity resourcefulness and bartering will.

      35. The LAST place on Earth I would want to be, IF, I were a “rich Elitist” would be anywhere in Europe or on that Continent. Too easily over run as history has shown. Yes, I do believe Switzerland is no longer “immune” from being over run.

      36. This story is a rehash, I read a story identical to this one for the “meltdown” that was supposed to happen 5 years ago. Besides, if true, why would they show the media where these places are, their defenses, access points, etc. They want us to believe what we see and are being told is real, and from reading many posts about this story I’d say it’s working for them. In reality, anyone who isn’t connected to know about these bunkers doesn’t know about them. You won’t find them. Anything else said is just made up.

      37. I wish people would stop calling them the elite. 99% of them inherited their money.how does that make them anything but lucky.I wonder if after the collapse the only jobs will be security guards for the lucky.I wonder how many guys with guns will fight for those jobs to feed their families.Anyone who hasn’t stored enough food will become the enemy. By having no other choice.These lucky inheritors have enough money to pay a small army of men .But an army travels on its stomach .They will have to secure food first .You can’t eat silver ,gold ,or cash.

      38. To be frank, I would be really worried for the rich women, especially the young ones. Are we to believe the elite men would just live them alone? What incentive would there be for them to not dominate these women and exchange them based on their sexual value? What else would you do in the bunker between reading Clausewitz or Kissinger or Shakespeare but have crazy sex parties with the rich women? I think it would get very freak down there very fast. We are talking about rich men who already behave like dirt bags and have a totally different moral playground.

        • Good time for a lezzie joke.

          Two lezzies sitting at a bar. One looks at the other and says…”Let me be Frank with you”.

      39. If you had a billion dollars why not buy an ICBM silo and make it into a cozy place? How many boats can you have?

        • The problem with those is that they all eventually fill up with ground water, and it is extremely expensive to find and stop the leaks. Imagine if it leaked after someone had already luxuriously re-furbished the interior, and was stuck in there while hiding from the war/radiation/zombies above….

      40. That image reminds me of the end scenes of Snowpiercer (link).

      41. They’d better hide…..

      42. I am setting here watching the demoncrat debate- for entertainment value only- A thought comes to mind; Only Tyrants seek to disarm honest men.

      43. There will probably be a military draft in order to get as many fighting age Americans out of the US as the bankster CFR controlled obama administraton is deliberately kicking off WWIII with Russia over in Syria.

        While flooding the USA with enemy combatants as well as letting the USA be invaded by Mexico while scheming to take Americans guns away, bankrupting the USA financially and morally. Useing non-stop lies , deception, disinformation, and propaganda on the people. Tainting the food supply with harmful chemicals and GMO latent crap. Brainwashing the kids in public schools to hate America to be subservient little marxist fools and that homosexuality is normal. Banning the word of the lord and persecuting Christians. Letting the UN takeover locally. Useing the EPA to steal private property. Useing the IRS to target Americans who disagree. Black sites. Arming Americas enemies. Arming mexican narco drug terrorists to exploit the violence for their gun control agenda.

        This all goes to show what sick people we’re dealing with.

      44. The rich and powerful will hide in caves in the mountains and wish the mountains would fall on them . We’re did I read something like that before? Maybe the magma rises and cooks them alive .Theyd sure be begging to die if that happened.And there’d be nothing to do except go up to the surface were you know who would be waiting.

        • Well, I think you know where you read that or at least where someone else read it and repeated it.

          Why do they wish the mountains would fall on them?

          It is at the very end of this dispensation of time, the 2nd Earth Age, and the Antichrist has had the world fooled into believing that he is the Messiah returned. The One world religious system is in place, and then voila’, it turns out that ole Lucifer has been playing the role of Christ, and his followers now see the real Messiah returning with billions of Heavenly Hosts/Angels.

          At that very instant they realized that people like me had been telling them the truth and they said we didn’t know wtf we were talking about. so, they followed the beast/false messiah, and therefore, took the mark of the beast system.

          According to the Book, whomsoever takes the “mark” and follows the antichrist system is …..doomed/damned, for being stupid and defiant of God’s Holy Word.

          So, they are praying for the mountains to fall upon them because they have now made the change into spirit bodies, and can’t kill themselves. They had rather be buried alive than face the King of Kings.

          Pretty simple plan, but the high critics and Seminary Scholars want to make it confusing. Many of them and their types will be the very ones begging to be covered up with rocks and dirt so they won’t have to face the “true” Christ…not the fake they have been following/worshiping.

          • Bullshit Alert! Another nut who KNOWS what God is going to do, yeah, why listen to a scholar when the village idiot is available?

            • Troll/liberal/heathen alert##########. Low IQ alert^^^^^.

            • It is in The Book…dumbass, haven’t you read it?

              • What book is that nutjob? Psychiatry 101? That’s the book needed to understand your slobbering biblical gibberish.

      45. HA! Their “bunkers” will become their “TOMBS”!

      46. Everything’s in that book .Their eyes will melt in their sockets before their bodies hit the ground that’s exactly what happened at Hiroshima and what else can do that .ww3 is coming.

      47. what happens when the first people at the bunker IE the armed guards ,say screw those rich folks , how about we keep this hundred odd years worth of food and all the other goodies for ourselves )

      48. Who is smarter? The rich ? or the poor? While you guys are packing up and storing can food (full of gmo’s and preservatives And eating fake food). They will be eating lobster on their cruise trip to Hawai and other pacific islands you will never see in your life. Oh not to. Mention, by you buying more can food , the more $$$ they’ll make in their investment . If you really want to fight them, all you have to do is this: everybody must stop working for a full month. And the economy will collapse .

      49. Everyone assumes the super rich are going in bunkers if the SHFT. Far from the truth. Just google “New Zealand Rich Hideout” for a sample of stories of the super rich building ‘boltholes’ in places like New Zealand where they are well away from the SHFT fray. These are the hideouts of the super rich that can afford private jets
        The one bunker that comes immediately to mind is in Indiana (google VIVOS bunker). This is more the shelter for a middle level manager working in Chicago who a little more than an hour train ride to Indiana. If I remember right it cost $125k for two adults and two kids.

      50. “It is no secret that the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster.”
        i’m 65 and i have heard this same right wing negativity and fear all my life. remember stop, drop, and roll? how droll.

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