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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    If the Democrats wish to CANCEL DEBATES in this presidential race, they now have the PERFECT PRETENSE.

    President Trump had a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to win this debate since he’s a better oral negotiator and persuader. But the way we see it, he TOTALLY BLEW IT by disregarding the rules of the game, constantly jumping into Biden’s time slots and disrespecting the format itself.

    Maybe that was his strategy going into it, but whether it was or not, it was A MISTAKE, in hindsight.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    This is the FINAL STRETCH of this weird election year and we think that Trump’s half-win will only UP THE ANTE and cause his campaign to be MORE AGGRESSIVE.

    The debate showed something that I’ve been talking about for months; both parties have lost the ELEGANCE of POLITICS, the showmanship of presidents and it does not PROJECT WELL to other countries.

    It shows internal weakness and might create diplomatic POWER STRUGGLES.

    America is LOSING PRESTIGE, which is going to BITE IT in the rear when it comes to retaining its supremacy role.

    No one wants an UNSTABLE SUPERPOWER.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    This, FOR ONE, is a reason that I own plenty of real, physical precious metals; both gold and silver.

    In my opinion, the most important thing here is that Trump knows he didn’t WIN THIS debate. Therefore, he’s looking for ways to deliver a KNOCKOUT BLOW, so get ready for some skeletons!

    This debate, with all the coverage it’s getting, has made it acceptable to TAKE the GLOVES OFF!

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    We’re certainly seeing that innovative entrepreneurs, who are building and changing the world, DON’T HAVE TIME to get familiar with the political cycle. That, TRUTHFULLY, is my message to you today.

    Leave this race alone for the day; lighten the load. Go and show your love and devotion to the people who deserve it. WIN THEM OVER as if you just met them; court them — shower them with love and attention.

    We sometimes forget and take for granted the graces and blessings in our lives; all we have can be increased, mostly by being grateful for what we already have attained.

    We can’t keep cursing the reality; it’s the only one WE’VE GOT. We didn’t create the rules of the world, so we must learn to make them work OUR WAY. We change to meet them since they’ll never change for us.

    I’ve yet to see a time in my life, where being kinder, more patient, more honest, more courteous, and polite and more tolerant HAS BACKFIRED.

    Win against this apparent chaos, by standing firm on your values.

    Let’s have a great time being our BEST SELVES!


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      1. DeBlasio is having the police give anyone not wearing a mask a citation. The evidence of health problems created by masks is overwheleming, which is hardly surprising for anyone forced to restrict oxygen intake, increase CO2 intake, and wear bacteria traps that force the recirculation of bacteria that one’s own biological functioning is trying to rid the body of for its own survival.

        NY dentists have confirmed a 50% increase in gum disease and cavities from wearing masks. Individuals with gum disease are at a 50% higher risk for stroke. Since wearing masks restricts the free flow of oxgen intake, some individuals have labored breathing and breath through their mouths to try to compensate for reduced oxygen intake which has resulted in bacterial recirculation causing gum disease and cavities.


        Unfortunately, it is not just DeBlasio that is forcing people to self-destruct for his benefit. 
        Andrea Iravani

      2. American oligarchs are a liability that we as a nation cannot afford to defend. Their criminal history and global rapacity has destroyed our nation. Who is willing to die for the new Rockefellers? The Silicon Psychos, Bill Gates in particular? The United States government has neglected its moral and fiduciary obligation to the overwhelming majority of its citizens. 

        Many globalists would like the “Great Reset” to just blame the entire United States citizenry on all of the world’s problems, even though those individuals are from nations that requested U.S. assistance, military involvement, and U.S. global participation. The cost of cooperating with people that have corrupt agendas is being blamed for the corrupt agendas. It is also a liability that America cannot afford. Michel Chossudovsky blames the United States alone for all problems in the world. I am not willing to defend the actions taken by the U.S. government, but I can’t help but point to the irony that Chossudovsky is from Switzerland that is never neutral since it has not merely financed every war, but has had a secret banking history protecting the most corrupt individuals in modern history with sworn secrecy and also the head of internation rapacious banking with 
        the Bank for I ternational Settlements in Geneva Switizerland, as well as the home of the Davos World Economic Forum in which the “always neutral” Swiss government protects and hosts the psychopaths that are controlling the world with armed batallions, and the Swiss military air force! That is apparently not a factor though.

        Andrea Iravani


      3. I am now 98% convinced that all candidates are Manchrian Candidates. My guess is that Reagan was the first
        Manchurian Candidate. Reagan’s inexplicable behavior as President referring to movies that he played in as serving time in war, and the fact that this was tolerated and he was not forcibly impeached on the grounds of mental incompetency by congress basically is proof that he was not in charge, and everyone agreed to pretend that he was and had everything under control. George W. Bush also exhibited Manchurian Candidate Behavior. Hillary Clinton also displayed Manchurian Candidate bizarre and inexplicable behavior as well as the Secret Services’ MIB ( Men In Black ) control over her, and I believe that Trump and Biden are also Manchurian Candidates, as well as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. I think that George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama did not pose any threat to the “intelligence” community and deep-state, otherwise, they probably would have had illegal surgery performed on them, but Bill Clinton and Barack Obama may have been on hypnotics for mind control. George Herbert Walker Bush was the head of the CIA, so, I doubt that he was a Manchurian Candidate. So, they are kind of crazy cyborgs controlled by evil monsters, which is not very comforting or encouraging. I guess that the Secret Service is in charge of all of this, from what I witnessed with Hillary Clinton.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Germany’s government is refusing to take responsibility for its own actions in response to the coronavirus and lockdown that it imposed on its citizenry and apparently confesses that the response was wrong, but they are not going to blame themselves for their behavior that has resulted in the destruction of the lives and livlihoods of many, they have decided to sue the PCR test manufacturers that nobody forced them to use. 

        Angela Merkel was a chemist by profession. I have been able to understand all of this and do not hold a high level degree, in a specialized fiend of study, yet, the German parliament has confessed that they were just too mentally incompetent to comprehend it, or ask chemist Angela Merkel to interpret it for them since it was just well beyond their mental capacity to comprehend the PCR tests and the inaccuarcies of the test results. In other words, Germany believes that it is perfectly justified in locking people in their homes and forcing them to get tests provided that the tests are accurate, even though covid is not fatal in over 99% of the individuals that contract it, or does someone need to explain that to them as well. 

        Why are such inept individuals in charge of setting policy? I simply refuse to believe that they could not comprehend this, and were opportunistically taking advantage of a crisis and are embarrassed and ashamed to confess that they were willing to jeopardize the lives of their citizens for political and monetary gains! Suing the test companies that they themselves mandated to be used is just wretched opportunism! 


        Andrea Iravani

      5. Who needs another debate to decide on a Presidential vote? During 4 years of relentless attacks (Schiff, Mueller, Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, etc.) our current President has accomplished a lot. Tax breaks for American Citizens, control of the southern border, rebuilding our military, decent medical care for our veterans, reduction in red tape, demanding Europe pay its’ fair share in defense expenses, etc., are some of the accomplishments of the current President.

        Do you want to encourage traits of the Demonrat leftists? Their candidate will NOT reveal the type of jurists he will nominate for the Supreme Court. Their candidate selected a radical from CA for Vice President on the Demonrat ticket. Their candidate is clearly to be replaced by the 25th Amendment. Why does their candidate consistently plagiarize the accomplishments of our President and suggest they are pillars of the Demonrat plan?

        Look at history. Last century, millions of people died due to poor governance. Choose well.

      6. What????? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid given you by the Biden Que-Mala camp!!!

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