EEE Virus: Mosquitoes Carrying Deadly Virus Found In NY & MA

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Health officials in New York and Massachusetts have confirmed that the potentially life-threatening Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus has been found in mosquitoes.  Two mosquitoes taken from a field station at Toad Harbor Swamp in West Monroe tested positive for the virus.

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health revealed EEE-carrying mosquitoes were identified for the first time this summer in mid-July, The Boston Globe reported. The bugs were found in the towns of Easton, Freetown, and Fairhaven, as well as the city of New Bedford.

Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang told CNY Central: “We are working closely with state Department of Health to monitor mosquito activity around the county and will take actions as deemed appropriate based on consultations with state and regional partners.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the EEE virus can cause a rare brain infection called encephalitis. Around 30 percent of individuals who catch the virus die. Those that survive can suffer mild to severe brain damage.

Each year, between 5 to 10 cases are reported the CDC states. These mostly occur during the late spring to fall in subtropical areas, such as the Gulf States. The insects lay their eggs in or around water, so EEE-carrying mosquitoes most often lurk in swampy areas. –Newsweek

Once a person is bitten and becomes infected with EEE, it can take between four to 10 days for symptoms of the virus involving encephalitis (EEEV) to emerge. These symptoms include headache, chills, vomiting and a high fever. They may then feel disorientated, experience seizures and fall into a coma. Doctors can diagnose EEE with a blood test.

As there is no vaccine or drug to prevent EEE, Huang told CNY Central residents of Oswego County heading outdoors should use bug spray and insect repellents, and avoid going out between dusk and dawn.  The best way to prevent from contracting EEE is to make sure you don’t get bitten.

How to Prepare Your Home (Quarantine) For A Pandemic

If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your area, measures should be taken to help prevent the reproduction of the bugs. This advice also helps reduce infections from mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus and Zika. You should dispose of used tires; drill holes in recycling containers left outdoors and ensure your roof gutters are draining properly.

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    1. Clown World

      So, what you are saying is, a mosquito in Toad Harbor Swamp, carries obscure germs.

      I am not advocating a scorched earth policy, but am advocating all the modernities, which exist for a good reason.

      • Lee

        Clownworld is a good name. Its your beloved “moderninities” that are bringing this on and you ain’t seen nothing yet

        • Clown World

          I think that pests and weeds can be controlled, around houses, without the widespread kind of annihilation that is bad for the land.

          Some people won’t bother with hygiene and maintenance, on their own premises, though.

      • TharSheBlows

        Oh no a Mosquito Terrorist, Nuke the entire State and Country run for you’re lives. TOTAL BS FALSE FLAG nonsense.

        Most of these Mosquito control programs in FL, are all about getting Fed and State funding to poison the human population in a mass genocidal spray operations which the local mosquito control boards get a fist full of money or matching funds.

        What proof is there that any diseases are actually from a Mosquito in that area and not some BS plant of bogus mosquito in tree as evidence to scare people.

        The Zika scare was total BS also in Florida as just one small neighborhood in Miami has this suspect Zika disease, and so they gave the entire State of Counties mass amounts of money to poison the environment. All this is a BS financial scam to transfer wealth from the US tax payers to local and County government to further their poisoning of the environment and populations.

        You don’t like mosquitos, go inside your house when dusk comes, and or put on your own mosquito spray with DEET.

        You don’t like mosquitos, build several Bat houses and promote habitats for dragonflies. Dragon flies will eat 30 times their weight in mosquitos every day. Only a fool gets fooled by BS scare scams to enrich governments off the backs of Taxpayers.

        I just caught my County in property appraiser office changing ownership on private property to DEP which is Dep of Environmental Protection, to then claim or open up more areas to spray illegally to collect funds. Its map fraud in taking of property. The fraud spraying in private subdivisions then turning in their work sheets for reimbursements when their permit is only eligible for public Areas, and not private subdivisions or land. It all fraud. You know the more areas they can open up to spray their poisons, the more they get paid. Gee what could go wrong there? And that also kills mass amounts of beneficial insects like pollinators, butterflies and bees, and wipes out entire food chains of the environment habitat like silk worms that birds eat.

        Why does man think he need so spray everything to satisfy his person dislike. Get the chemicals out of your lives folks fight all of this BS Scams in your local areas.

    2. Mr_Yesterday

      We live in Colorado, rather suburban areas. My pal told me this interesting factoid that I believe to be true. He said, did you know that mosquitoes normally stay like fifty feet from a water supply? If you’re having trouble with them, look around your home for standing water. Don’t you know it, a little trash can mini on the side of the garage had stale water in it, and there they were, all the squito’s buzzing round. Kicked it over and voila! No more mosquitoes. For people living around bodies of water, not as simple or straight forward. Wear long sleeves. The absolute worst thing you could do is accept a vaccination and weaken your immune system. If you’re worried about infectious disease, keep plenty of hygiene and soap related supplies on hand, and keep a big supply of spirulina and vitamin c’s so you can megadose through infection if necessary. For this one, I like the Health Ranger spirulina big bag and cans, that stuff is very effective and spirulina has amazing spectrographic qualities. It is one of the only supplements you can take which retains an effective half life after eradicating free radicals. Most supplements lose isotopes and effective action capability within your blood, once they encounter toxins. But spirulina is different, and behaves much like capsacium (hot peppers). When you take it, it’s in you for a good 30 to 45 days and persists in cleansing blood. Food is medicine.

      • TharSheBlows

        Very true Mr Yesterday. It is known that most disease carrying mosquitos thrive because of standing water like in old tires rotting on the ground due to mans negligence. Get rid of the pools and habitats of standing water.

    3. JRS

      Some good advice but this is maybe a little blown out of proportion. A couple minutes of research and you will find they had 11 positive samples last year until August…then they sprayed and 95% of the skeeters were dead. They will soon be spraying again, unless they already have. Since 1971 there have only been 5 cases of humans getting it in NY state and they were all around this swamp.

      So, keep the DEET handy if you’re goin toad hunting in that swamp. Watch out fer dem toads…err skeeters

    4. The Deplorable Renegade

      I always thought mosquitos were more native to the South than to the NE. Very questionable article.

      • Genius

        Fookin skeeterz are anywhere there is water. Probably the north pole too. Not around here because there are no ponds etc. I have not noticed any at the high alt. lakes though. But I have (for the first time) seen them at the 7000 foot level ponds. Saw 3 and killed 3. Skeeters, chiggers, ticks are the naggers of the insect world….

    5. Anonymous

      You should see the ones in Canada & Alaska!

      • Stuart

        When I was a boy in Louisiana, they had skeeters that could stand flat-footed and rape a turkey.

        • Yohan Smythe

          Alaska mosquito sign

          ht tp://

          • Yohan Smythe

            oh, and this..
            The Mosquito is Alaska’s Unofficial State Bird​​

        • Zap

          When I was a kid in Florida we had mosquitos that could carry off small children. Seriously though, as a kid I spent lots of time at the beaches…yet never had a problem with flesh eating bacteria, or mosquito born disease. Something has changed for the worst. Climate change? Ecology problems? Pollution?

    6. Clown World

      Bugs supposedly navigate by heat signatures and frequencies of light beyond human perception, but I think of smells.

      imho, sweeter smelling people are better-tolerated by bees, and hungrier-smelling people are regarded as invaders.

      Ketosis, eating chilis and garlic, herbs (and lots of the outdoors) applied the skin vigorously, can make a person almost mosquito proof.

      Sickly shut-ins and people who survive on junk food seem to be the mosquitoes’ favored targets, by far.

      Cranky wasps have not returned to a yearly nesting spot, ever again, where fragrant, split cedarwood was stacked.

      • Genius

        True, garlic works very well to repel no-seeum gnats and skeeters. People who wear cologne or other nice smelly things seem to get eaten alive. The more you stink, the less they bother you lol.

        • Clown World

          Some of those perfumes give me the impression of fruity booze.

          I bet, you could bait a bug trap with that.

          • TharSheBlows

            Its also a fact that those with type “O” blood get bitten more than A and B blood types.

      • nope

        nope………mosquito are attracted to CO2, your breath. Stop breathing and they will leave your alone……

    7. Stuart

      Mosquitoes find you by the carbon dioxide from your breath.

      • Bert

        I never exhale

        • Clown World

          Not from your mouth.

    8. horse

      apparently not a huge deal.
      customers horse had Equine Encephalitis.
      We are in central WI, it happens
      last news her temp was a tad over 104* no news if she died but most likely.

      • Fl Boy

        It’s been here in Central Florida for a decade or so. A few people contracted it, if I remember. Not a big deal. Lyme disease and the Brain eating ameba are more worrisome.

    9. Anonymous

      Exposure is not a bad thing. How do you expect to develop an antibdy?

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