“Economy Shattered, Currency Collapsing”: Venezuelans Wait in 6 ATM Lines For Enough to Buy Rice

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 135 comments

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    A fistful of bolivars buys… well, next to nothing. A sad state of affairs in Venezuela.

    Is this how the economic crisis will play out in America? A cash strapped population, forced to the brink and stripped of their dignity?

    Unfortunately, it is already underway in Venezuela.

    Of course there is a higher standard of living in the United States overall, but tens of millions of people are already on the edge of poverty and tens of millions more can be brought to their knees in a matter of hours.

    Some 46 million Americans are already on food stamps, and reliance on digital systems, EBT debit cards and electronic transactions could make Americans more vulnerable than they appear on the surface.

    If the system shut down tomorrow, what would you do? How would you feed your family? Unless you are a prepper, the answer could make you uneasy.

    Long lines have been the norm in Venezuela for over a year now; shortages and rations just another part of their upended lives. But now, the sheer free fall of their currency’s value has made live even more precarious – forcing many to visit as many as six ATMs just for enough to buy very basic, cheap goods.

    via Bloomberg:

    “I’ve had to go to six different ATMs just to get 6,000 bolivars,” said [Domingris] Montano… She needed to buy groceries. A package of rice would cost 3,500 bolivars, more than half the daily withdrawal limit, and the automated teller machine might be empty by the time her turn came. Maybe she could hit a few more before dark?

    Lines are nothing new in Venezuela, where the economy is shattered, inflation is soaring and the currency fell a staggering 67 percent against the U.S. dollar on the black market last month alone — making 6,000 bolivars worth just $1.30.

    […] It takes almost six minutes for it to spit out, 3,500 bolivars at a shot, and the victor walks away with a 3-inch stack worth $5.32.

    “Sometimes I go to five ATMs without getting anything at all,” he said, because the devices are busted or bare.


    “The last time I cashed a check [with a live bank teller], it was for 44,000 bolivars and they gave it to me in bills of 5 and 10,” said Elyn Hernandez, a 27-year-old assistant chef. That many bolivars in notes of 10 would fill a Duffel bag. An ATM delivers in larger denominations.

    Most of the people is poor, and cash has long been the only fluid transaction for most vendors, and the wide segment of the population that don’t have bank accounts.

    This has proven to be an especially difficult logistical problem – as banks have responded to an accelerating crisis by placing harsh limits on the amount of money that can be withdrawn from ATMs – with the maximum equating a huge fistful of bolivars but only a few U.S. dollars of purchasing power.

    That is why President Maduro has ordered a revaluing of the currency, and will issue higher denomination bills sometime early next year. But that will do little to alleviate the problems that everyday people are facing in the meantime.

    They have been desperate already, but now things are reaching a point of outright hyperinflation and spiraling collapse.

    Pray for these people, and prepare so that it might not happen to you or yours.

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      1. Why don’t they just use cards lol. I bet gold and silver will buy them what they need (hint). I bet you could trade food for land too. About as bright as the average amerikan it looks like lol.

          • Phony medical studies about guns are just another way of conditioning the public to accept leftist programs.

            The AMA has a Bolshevik wing.

          • You see, the AMA lost their Power Grab to be able to take anybody’s guns away, cause some medical Quack says so. How about Patients being able to take away the Medical license of incompetent doctors at a whim as well? I met a few Quacks lately, that all they seem to know is drug pushing, to mask the real problem like a needed surgery. And they do this, so they can get their kickbacks like ski trips and spiffs all paid for by Big Pharma, and call it a Medical conference.

            That phony game has been going on for decades. There is some statistic in the US, like 50% of all Meds are over prescribed. Anybody got a link to that exact stat.

            Here is another shocking statistic:
            CBS News/ June 20, 2013, 2:54 PM

            Study shows 70 percent of Americans take prescription drugs – ht tp://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-shows-70-percent-of-americans-take-prescription-drugs/

            Well I am one of the 30% that does not.

            • WOW!!!!! Here is a Blockbuster. Trump says Gold is Better than Cash and Takes GOLD as a Deposit Payment instead of CASH for his Rental Property. See this Video Staring President- Elect Donald J Trump himself, holding the Gold Bars.

              Donald Trump accepts gold bullion as lease payment rather than cash
              1:35 Min Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjgUdNUXGFI&t=3s

              • RE: The above Video – Published on Jul 28, 2014
                http://ghelrum.co.za – Donald Trump says gold is better than cold hard cash! He is renting out the 50th floor of 40 Wall Street for 10 years to Apmex, an American precious metals exchange and accepted three 32 ounce gold bullion bars as a security deposit.

                Trump- “Well, sadly we all know what’s happening to the Dollar. The Dollar is going down and it’s not a pretty picture and it’s not begin sustained by proper policy and proper thinking. This is an opportunity to show people what happening to the Dollar so that we can do something about it.” He said how knows, maybe we are setting a trend.

                Mr Trump is also ready to keep doing business in GOLD.

            • Zeus, count me into that 30%. I just take my chances come what may. I won’t take any of those poisons for anything. And no quack or anyone else will take my guns or anything else for that matter.

              • And NEVER, NEVER Take any of those Vaccines, Especially Children. Many cases within days of the vaccination, kids slip into an Autism State, like zombies, and their life is completely ruined forever. Its good to get the flu, catch a cold, that’s how your body builds up its auto-immune system, and resistance for the next time.

            • The AMA has about as much credibility as CNN. Natural substances are always better than artificial drugs. Take cancer for example: Ginger is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy and it does not have the highest ORAC value.

              America is wising up. TRUMP’S election is evidence of it. The shelf life of the NWO is diminishing with each passing day, all over the world.

              In other news, I have 500 pounds of rice at $15 per 50 lbs bag which I have moved into other containers. Guess I will double down on that next week. I am not a big rice eater but at that price its a no-brainer.

              The containers cost more than the rice, but I can’t eat the containers. 🙂

        • Pray for these people, and prepare so that it might not happen to you or yours.

          That was the best line in this entire article.

          • John Stiner: You nailed it! 😉

          • Nope praying will not insure it don’t happen to you and yours. Prepping and learning Know How and being Self Reliant is what you must have to avoid the same fate. Praying don’t hurt. but it alone isn’t enough. God gave you a brain and free will so use it. Strive to do the best you can with whatever you have to work with.

            • Old Guy: Read it again… And… I agree with you 😉

            • Old Guy, you nailed it!

            • Old Guy true! faith always expresses itself in actions
              “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.” James 2:26

              • If you do want to quote the Bible, Try this one.

                A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3

                It sounds more a “Confucius Says” quote.

          • 6 out of EVERY ten people in america WORK…..out of those workers, how many of THOSE jobs pay ANY taxes?…right NOW, in america, we got WAY LESS than one person working for EVERY person on the public dole…..i don’t think that works out so well for U.S…..default, DEAD AHEAD!

            • We all know at least one person who receives a net gain of income when they file their tax return, via the Earned Income Credit.

              • OK, Dec 14th is the expected day the Fed is going to raise Interest Rates.

                *That mean’s for the little people, who buy Gifts with Credit Cards and your Interest rates are pegged to the fed rate, it will be more expensive after Dec 13th to Purchase Goods.
                *Those with adjustable Rate Mortgages, look for your house payment to increase. If you did not get your refinancing done yet. Suckers!!! Too Bad So sad.
                *Those looking to purchase a home with a mortgage, you will not be able to buy as much of a house as you wanted. Lock in your Rates today, and get your letter of approval from the lender.
                *Those looking to buy a new Car, etc, same thing, it will be more expensive after Dec 14th.

                Now keep in mind, there are already lenders that raised their rates for borrowing, and keep in mind, rates will continue to climb in 2017. Buy how much? Who knows. But this looks pretty certain as Dec 14th, the Fed will raise Interest Rates – Source- MarketSlant.com

                For the Bigger players and large Corporations, there may be less buyback of their own stock, as the era of Free money is coming to a close. And we may not see as much Stock market increases from this crooked buy back scheme rally. Which means, for the little people get the hell out of the stock Market ASAP, Sell your stock losers as a tax write off, and sit in cash, and wait for a massive correction, then when the dust settles, get back in and buy it back for half price. Same with 401K holders, within your fund go into all Cash, in my opinion and get out of all equities ASAP.

                This may be the move that crashes the Stock Market, before the end of the year. That is just than 10 Days from now. Ready GO!!!

                Good Luck.

                  • Only the most brainwashed, willful idiot cannot see the truth in this video.

                    • I dare all of you to just watch the first 30 minutes. Clarity and truth, it’s a beautiful thing (except for the hopeless)….

                • Preppers here were warned by the masked man that the cheap
                  money was going away weeks ago, and that those with income and good credit should borrow while it was free.

                  I got mine. Been spending like a drunken sailor ever since. 🙂

        • I never use cash anymore. It carries germs, it takes too much time and space to use, and its inconvenient. lol.

          • You nailed that one Acid. Money sits in people sweaty crotch pockets, then passes from one sneezing germ spreader to the next. A lot of money has traces of drugs cocaine, feces, urine, etc on it. Anytime you handle money, wash your hands soon after. I have gotten wet money and put it in the Microwave to dry it. Seemed to work, wonder if it also helped sterilize it too. Make sure your kids don’t put money in their mouths. You know they put everything in their mouths.

          • However I will stick some homo’s sweaty, stinky, hairy, greasy cock down my throat…

            • Zeus, WWTI, if you would limit your attacks to the poster’s opinion/position and keep off the personal attacks it might keep more people here.
              I think Mac would appreciate it and so will a lot of us.

              And how many screen names have you posted under? Dozens? Acid Etch(dot) didn’t write that, obviously.
              At times you’re a benign tumor.
              Others, an invasive cancer.

          • I stash my cash and use my zero rate credit cards for everything. Credit card debt is non-recourse. If the banks fold again, this taxpayer will not be bailing them out. I don’t need credit. I just use it and the gangster banksters PAY ME.

            Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. 🙂

      2. Why don’t they just use cards lol. I bet gold and silver will buy them what they need (hint). I bet you could trade food for land too. About as bright as the average amerikan it looks like lol.

        • The risk with owning land is that the government would just nationalize it and steal it.

          It would be better to have gold, silver or a foreign currency. I bet the American dollar is king in Venezuela.

      3. Barter and END the dollar dependence. PERIOD.

        Forget the “You Know Who’s” and BEAT them at their own game.

        • that is excellent advice. Which takes the presence of mind to prepare for the eventuality.

          We are blessed here and now in the good old U.S.of A. in that we have the time to prepare.

          Make wise use of the time we’ve been given.

          • Stupid advice, the economy would crash faster than is going on in India right now. Then when nobody gets paid, nobody produces, and the entire system collapses and is depleted of all goods, and people will die in Mass.

            Bartering is good for your local neighborhood, like eggs for firewood, labor for labor, etc. Not even close to being practical on any large scale economic stature.

            • when in large scale barter mode, the economy is usually already crashed.

              local will be all that you’re concerned with. That and getting safely through the day and coming night.

              • People, who’s personal economy crashed will be in an all out barter situation. No choice.

                I will be flipping 1 Ounce .999 Silver Rounds to get what ever I want. And in fact, I will be getting about 25% to 30% more in product and services, because it is a precious metal, AKA: Eternal Universal Money, and everybody will quickly learn it is money and will want it. People in India are paying more on the black market to get PM’s right now to get rid of their worthless cash.

                1 Oz of Silver is supposed to be able to buy 6 months of food in Venezuela right now, as reported on this site.

                Rarely will there be an equal trade in any barter situation. Just depends on which party is more desperate to get the product or sell it, than the other party. So in Barter, Put on your Poker Face, and do not play needy as you will loose in the trade.

                • I concur! Those with no metals will only have the things they can live without for barter and many may not want it.

        • Problem is, how will you be paid? In chickens? We need a form of money along with barter. Metals would work but the hydra would declare it illegal. How many people would give up their precious J*w notes for metals and be willing to do such a thing? My guess is about 1%. There can never be such a thing as proven through history “man has never been free and is too irresponsible and stupid to ever be”.

        • Problem is, how will you be paid? In chickens? We need a form of money along with barter. Metals would work but the hydra would declare it illegal. How many people would give up their precious J*w notes for metals and be willing to do such a thing? My guess is about 1%. There can never be such a thing as proven through history “man has never been free and is too irresponsible and stupid to ever be”.

          • BIG problem is that “gewwwss” is instantly moderated here.

          • Problem is, how will you be paid? In chickens?

            Worked for the best little whore house in Texas.

        • Barter and trade are much much easier now with social media. We have a local facebook group for classifieds in our area and people barter and trade on it all the time. Craigslist too.

          • True, but if you offer me chickens for my cord of wood, when I need diesel fuel or penicillin, or something else, and the guy down the road who has diesel fuel and penicillin doesn’t want chickens, the barter economy starts to look a lot more like a completely inefficient way of transacting commerce. It could literally take five or six barter transactions to finally get your diesel fuel or whatever.

            • Smokey, what needs to be set up are local Trading Posts, where people can bring stuff in for a certain amount of Trading Post Credit Chits, in which they can then use those Credit chits to purchase any other Goods at the Trading Post. It can also be a place to trade services as well.

              The Guy who has the sense to Open up the Trading Post will have about every product at his disposal and can decide what gets put on his showroom floor for sale. (He will be the SMARTEST and RICHEST Guy or Girl in the area)

          • john stiner

            How does one pay an internet bill with chickens?

            • One may not have to worry about the phone/internet bill etc.

              • Yup, internet, phone, power,
                Not really high on the list

            • You trade 15 laying hens for a Mosin Nagant Rifle, then trade the Mosin Nagant Rifle for 10 silver rounds, then sell the silver rounds for cash and pay your internet bill.

              • So somewhere in the loop there is cash not barter. Barter won’t refine oil into diesel fuel. Barter works for non manufactured items only because somewhere in the loop it took money to make things.

      4. The Venezuelan unit of currency is the bolivar. Considering its current value, Simon Bolivar is probably wishing that they would change it to Maduro.

      5. This sucks for the average citizen,really believe most just want to work/go about their lives peacefully/and leave others alone.It always seems in the end no matter the politics govt. is the problem.In this case with the oil revenue money in good times could have grown the country in more diverse ways then just a mostly oil economy,of course,govt. stole most of the money while handing out breadcrumbs off the table to the citizens.

        I would say with the bolivar going down,perhaps Venezuela would prefer to be a “cashless society”?!I know,tasteless but can’t help it!

        • The Venezuelans deserve what is happening to them. This is entirely a government made problem and they voted for it, repeatedly.

          All because they fell for the fraud of socialism.

          • “All because they fell for the fraud of socialism.”
            And so did the useful idiots in the USA.

            One of Saul Alinsky’s eight levels of control that must be obtained for a country to be able to create a communist state is to increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back.

            Too many American citizens did not see or understand that we were almost there. The Kenyan commie mzlm quotes Alinsky often in his book, and the wtch wrote her thesis on radical organizer Saul Alinsky.

          • Venezuelans do NOT deserve this. Its the corrupt Government that makes bad decisions. Many national elections were fixed. Remember Saddam Hussein who used to get 99% of the vote. Like the people have a choice. Half of America Voted in 2 entirely different direction this last go around, so do you condemn the entire population. You are a Nutjob JohnSteiner, and you reflect that in about every one of your posts.

      6. If they were smart, they would do as Ecuador and Panama, adopt the US dollar as national currency. Instant stability in your Latin American economy, as far as currency value goes.

        • If they were smarter they would have a mutiny and overthrow the govt. I can’t imagine the yes man buttsucking military is that big and bad…

          • Nearly a decade ago Chavez began aggressive gun control limiting who could buy and registering all firearms. Maduro continued tightening gun control and now Venezuelians are forbidden from owning firearms and all gun stores were shut down. They went house to house and collected all registered guns.

            Pretty hard to overthrow a militarized government what all you have is sticks and rocks.

            • “Pretty hard to overthrow a militarized government what all you have is sticks and rocks.”

              Difficult but not impossible. India, the collapse of the USSR. When no one works and nothing is produced barring an outside influx of money the government collapses. The question is what is the successor government going to be like.

              • Well let’s see…. Start by overtaking the police by themselves and cutting theyre throat and taking their guns. Repeat this process till you have enough guns to take out more and then take their guns. Pretty soon you have a force capable of overthrowing the govt. (not that hard to figure out). People with nothing to lose should figure it out (eventually)…..

                • Has not the Black Lives Matter movement motivated people to assassinate police. Five in just one week around Thanksgiving. That timing was not an accident.

                  This is already underway, but it is part of a communist revolution that the Globalists Mainstream Media and Democrats are complicit in.

              • The PM of India has invalidated almost all cash so banks have half the amount of currency they need. Most employers in India pay their workers in cash, only a matter of time before angry mobs take over.

          • Kinda like saying to the people of Cuba to overthrow Castro. That’s why we never give up our guns and freedom tools.

            • Zeus

              The average person in Cuba has it far better than the average person in Haiti. Are the masses of people poor in Cuba? For sure. Of course the masses are poor throughout the Caribbean. The poor in Cuba have access to a physician, they eat too. Is it up to US standards? Certainly not but its far better in access to their peer nations. Freedom? I wouldn’t protest the incumbent government in any Caribbean nation communist or capitalist. Puerto Rico is a US protectorate and therefore the exception as is the US Virgin Islands.

              • What is the average IQ of a Haitian vs. a Cuban? Pretty far apart I imagine. What do you expect the conditions of a bunch of retarded Kneegrows that can’t stop breeding to be anyway? Just like afrika, they breed beyond belief and fook themselves because they are too stupid to figure it out lol.

                • I know a couple of Cuban’s and they are far above the amerikan average IQ. One guy I know has his son going to Stanford. A far cry from an inbred, retarded hatian. If you ever watch the show “The Profit” he went to Cuba and looked at businesses there. The people were amazing, smart, euntrpanuereal (however you spell it), and energetic. I’ve never seen that from hatians… just dirty, stupid, inbred, fooked up kneegrows.

                  • I been to Jamaica several times. I have little doubt that the average Cuban lives better than the average Jamaican. Crime in Jamaica verses Cuba? Create a political problem in Jamaica and see what happens to you.

                    The bottom line is you can’t compare Cuba with the US. Look at it through Caribbean eyes and its entirely different.

      7. The US economy is worse now than any time since 1947 when you adjust dollars for inflation [even using their bogus inflation numbers], take $GDP minus $welfare/subsidies divide by population. The trouble since 1988 NWO/NAFTA is you got a welfare force [162m] larger than the number of full time workers [133m]. So their plan is to grow the economy by allowing 50…60…100 million additional “immigrants” in that will be welfare recipients, oh Walmart and Walled Street loves the fiat!! There is no reason to justify the S&P above 350 today. Cut the new debt creation spigot and good-bye walled street.

        • Their plan is to cause massive inflation.

          Inflation dilutes the national debt to manageable levels.

          • I am sensing a change in the direction of the FED since Trump won. I’m getting the feeling the bankers are about to hatch a plan.

            The FED seems to me, to be really upset that Trump will produce growth and reduce unemployment. They seem hell bent on raising interest rates to strangle Trumps efforts.

            We’ll see once President Trump is sworn in.

            • I predicted a year ago if a Republican won the FED would raise the interest rates right before the republican would be sworn into office, causing a crash and collapse that could then be blamed on the Republican.

              Just like it was always George Bush’s fault.

              • Mortgage rates are already moving higher since the election.

              • For the record, the Fed has been holding off on raising rates for over 6 months, and is probably going to raise long-term rates in December by 0.25% followed by another 0.25% in 2017. They could do the entire 0.5% in December, but might not.

                No economy killers there. No market killers. If 0.5% in rate means you can’t buy a house, you can’t afford a house.

                The Fed is now going to introduce very long-term bills, 100-year notes, so expect a bit of a steeper rate curve in those new instruments.

                You could also see the mortgage industry begin to offer 100-year mortgages, as common in Europe. The result is low cost of housing per month for families living together.

                • I have mentioned several times that nominal interest rate raises would only stimulate the economy as investors rushed to get the cheapest money still available.

                  40 year mortgages, maybe. 100 year mortgages, not likely.

                  Trump will be able to fund infrastructure reconstruction through special tax free federal bonds for all offshore dollars repatriated and invested in them. These bonds could become as fungible as US Treasuries for the multinationals to park their cash.

                  No need to increase government spending directly. 🙂

                  • Here’s a thought, Stop the Zionist wars and bring troops back and use THAT MONEY for infrastructure. The newly returned troops can get jobs rebuilding OUR country. Wow what a concept…

                    • Genius, ^ (up vote)

            • In my opinion, Since the NWO is loosing its grip like, Iceland and other countries dumping the Global banks with Brexit, now Trump winning, and more Nations wanting to pull out of the EU, and the Petro Dollar loosing its luster, the Globalists no longer see a “One World Government” coming to fruition. And with a One World type of fiat currency, so their back up plan now is to digitize money, country by country. Its their way of circling the wagons to retain their global grip on as much of the financial system as they can, so they can continue collection transaction fees at their Financial Highway Trading Tool Booth. So who’s next for the Cashola Ban scam? My guess is Germany as long as the shill Merkle is in office.

      8. While much of this is self inflicted a significant percentage of Venezuela’s problems are complements of the Globalist Banking system and their employees the CIA. This being said the collapse of that nation will fall right in the lap of President Trump who publicly disdains overthrowing nations desiring to focus on the domestic economy. Its a tad reminiscent of how JFK started out with Cuba and Pence, the globalist at heart, looks too much like LBJ to me. As the French say, “The more things change the more they stay the same”.

        Presidents drive events and events drive Presidents.

        • All of it is self inflicted.

          • You don’t think the IMF & World Bank had anything to do with it? You don’t think the CIA has its hands off? Your naive.

            • So few pull the strings of entire Nations, and the rest of its people are just along for the ride. 85% of the Global Population has absolutely no say what so ever in any matters. They just struggle along and try to adapt. Blaming the Masses for the greedy few is massively ignorant.

            • Kev2, you can’t rationalize with an uninformed 5 YO who spews hatred, due to ignorance. but hey he uses his real name.. lmfao

      9. Dissolve the federal government and have the counties sign a cooperation agreement where everything is handled at the county level. Keep the taxation money collected locally, no more taxing the hard working farmers in Kansas to pay for the scum bucket unemployable welfare and druggies of San Fransicko.

        • And do not tax people without kids for skools or parks or any other kid related shit. PAY FOR YOUR OWN KIDS ASSHOLE!

          • In fact I bet if you had to pay 100% of the bill for all your kids shit (skool, parks, medical, etc.) you would think twice about being a communist fookin socialist making EVERYONE ELSE PAY for your wish list. Or maybe being a communist piece of shit hypocrite appeals to you?

      10. How do so many people have thousands upon thousands of bolivar in their account to even withdraw? Everyone must have been freaking loaded before the crash and inflation took over?

        I’m calling BS…

        • The Maduro government is running the printing presses 24 hours a day. They know what will happen to them if their inflated currency suddenly isn’t available in enough quantities to keep the populace from starving.

      11. Imperialism is stronger than ever. Unleash the hounds. Watch out below.

      12. Regardless of the cause, or the process that got Venezuela into this pickle, it’s all irrelevant to the average Venezuelaian who is now trying to survive in a SHTF situation.

        This is an excellent Petri dish for us to watch the disease called communism grow and to figure out how to survive it, should it spread here.

        Number one rule of economic collapse, always have enough gold or silver to bribe the guards at the border, and to provide for transportation to a place you can escape to.

        I’d love to see regular articles on the collapse of VZ.

        • Number one rule of economic collapse, always be able to grow your own food and have access to fresh water…

          • AND… a way to protect it !

            • AND a way to take it from others who chose not to protect it. Anyone stupid enough to have a Bernie or Hilary bumper sticker will lose all their stuff furst.

        • Bribe the guards at the border ??? If it gets so bad that you must leave your country, shoot your way out. 🙂

          • You would have a way better chance of living by bribing them lol.

      13. I talked with someone from Venezuela today. He said it is worse than people here know. The rich are rich and they don’t care about the poor. The poor are dying. If you send money to help the poor, the rich steal it.

        This is a classic case of greed and a lack of empathy.

        If you store rice, put it in the freezer for two or three days to kill any worm eggs. Store a little organic brown rice in the refrigerator for short term use. It is much healthier than white rice. But for long term white rice will last longer.

        Canned foods with a white plastic lining are not good. The plastic leaches endocrine disrupters. There are hormone mimicking estrogens which can cause breast and prostate cancer, and make men effeminate. So before investing in a large quantity, be sure the cans are free of plastic lining.

        I would not throw out low quality canned, GMO, plastic lined cans, pesticide food. In an emergency, you might need it. But why not store organic, nonGMO, pesticide free, additive free, free of antibiotics, free of artificial colors, free of chemical preservatives, ect.


        • good advice…

        • B, white plastic lining I get, but many have a white enamel lining..
          probably ok then?

          • Ketchup:

            Enamel cas iron pots are safe. Whether what you refer to as enamel is probably not good for you.

            • Correction (cast iron pots are safe).

              If the lining is upgraded to a safe enamel, it would probably be ok. But be sure it is enamel not plastic, because over time especially if the cans get hot, plastic particles melt and wind up entering the food, and contaminating it.


              • I think they make ceramic lined Cast Iron cookware. I love to cook with cast iron, but the clean up is a hassle, lots of scrubbing. I do a lot of cooking with ceramic pans. After cooking, let the pan cool and basically with a paper towel wipe the pan clean and then a splash of hot water and dish soap to clean it fully and wipe dry.

      14. We are all reading about Venezuela and learning a thing or two.

        What we really want to know is what does the poker cards hold for us in the USA. Can it happen here? All those unemployed and how many on government assistance? We don’t see it because we have the “Magic Cards”/jokers that give them money.
        The threat of raising interests rates and the instability of the banks along with the stocks doesn’t have very many concerned. Are you concerned? Not that much I would guess. Even if you say they will crash the markets to make Trump look bad. It is not real for it has not happened. Most of it depends on what you believe will happen.

        Prep for War.

        • Of course it can’t happen here.

          Our Constitution has all kinds of protections built into it to prevent it.

        • anon, Yes, and I would say with Trump winning, we are all just in a Pause mode moment for a few months to catch out breath. See what happens when Trump starts rolling out his agenda Jan 20th, and the Counter Attacks on him and us begin by Illegals, False Flags, Attacks, economic attacks, etc. Look at the changes after 9-11. Our entire world flipped on ne day, and its been Hell since. So keep prepping, and keep your eyes open. Do NOT let up with your prepping. We are far from any safe period in America. Hell Global collapse is all around us. And what ramifications and spill overs from that will make life different. Its still a very scary world out there.

          Day 1 of Trump being inaugurated, I would arrest George Soros as a Global Terrorist and send him to Russia for trial. Its gonna take a while to round up the bad guys out there that threaten our freedoms and safety.

          • ZEUS

            One thing for sure when it goes down.

            There is NOT going to be any popcorn eating and beer drinking celebrating. We will be doing function checks, perimeter checks, supply checks and listening on the radio for good info. You will put out your early warning gear and set the watch.

      15. The Leftist areas of the US are like pockets of gangrene. It is triage time. They made their cites, now let them lay in them.

      16. If you don’t have silver or gold, make sure you have a six month supply of toilet paper, paper towels, rice, beans, and other products. Venezuela has two issues – the currency you thought you had is worthless, and there is no supply! This will happen in the US at some point.

      17. that is coming here eventually.

        you know the usa isn’t getting out of trillions in foreign debts and entitlements unscathed.

        world war over debt and civil war over entitlements is the usa’s future. it’ll be a miracle if it avoids both and days like venezula come before, during or after that.

        • lena, Trump could Audit the Fed, then declare it Fraud, Illegal, Null and Void, and wipe out much of the debt on a signature. Paybacks are a B!tch when you try to destroy America. As I think Trump sees it like that. Trump has been eyeballing this for decades. Don’t you think he’s kept a diary, and what he would do if he ever became President? Well his play book is now getting dusted off, and set into motion. And he is extremely excited to get going on it. Stand by and watch it unfold. He will lay out so much stuff daily, the media will never be able to catch up.

          • No I don’t think so. If Trump doesn’t play by the rules, the globalists will get him just as they did to JFK and Reagan.

            • BM, The more time that goes by, there seems to be more info coming out about JFK, and the secret service helped set him up. Why all the Secret Service agents backed off the limo at that point, and gave way too much space between them. Also it was never in the plans for a Pres limo route to do a left hand turn, which was changed that day. And there were multiple shooters, as many as 3 as bullets were flying from many directions.

              Also Jack Ruby, strip club owner who shot the Patsy Oswald, his real name was Jack Rubinstein. So yep.

              And why??? My theory is the JFK Exec Order EO-11110 banning the Fed for charging loan shark rates for money printing. They had the most to loose with JFK in charge. And as soon as he was murdered, they system changed back, and this is why we are in such massive debt and endless ward. Kennedy also resisted the war in Viet Nam. Momar Kaddafi was murdered for basically the same thing, resisted Globalist banking system and wanted to set up an African Currency based and backed by Gold. So who stole Libya’s Gold Reserves? Lets ask the Witch who said, “We came, We saw, he died, hahahahahaha.” Lets put that Witch on trail.

      18. It’s the ignorance of the people that got them where they are today.

        I made poverty wages but I read about the over-abundance of oil in the US and how it will glut the market causing prices to crash way back in 2008. Being in a socialist country where gov’t owned oil is the largest commodity for the economy, I would have prepared, and yes, cached my preps so gov’t couldn’t steal them. I bought PMs with savings I made by being nearly primitive in my lifestyle since 2008. I thought the worst of Obama socializing the country with his take overs of car companies and banks so I did this and also paid off my debts….. and I would have done this if I lived in Venezuela long before their crash happened.

        It is a shame their government propagandized it’s population into believing in socialism and stupidity. That’s exactly what has happened here and why these leftists need crayons and teddy bears when things start to go right for a change.

      19. Genius and Brave, i just talked to Hammer and he read you alls comments and agreed about the survival food. He has some of the GMO shit, they still work, i know it for a fact since its saved my ass many a times in my SHTF liason Jan, 2012-july 2014, during my executive hobo days.. So i will keep the GMO Garbage for barter, consumption, etc.. But i have to get the none GMO stuff, i have to get some survival cave food, Mac put up a link, i checked out the link on this site, i am putting up some money to order a shit load of that crap, i know it aint grass fed beef, but its good shit from what i heard. Hammer says fuck it that not to throw it out, its still food. The GMO Shit can hold one over until fresh deer, squirels, snakes, racoons, cats, dogs, birds, and hog meet is available post shtf. Once the Cali exist commenses, and they open the border from mexico, all the food from Cali wont be getting here, none of it, so we are phucked.. Sometimes i think i am so smart and have shit figured out, but this time i will listen..

        I have to agree with John Stiner, they let it happen, they get the whats coming. One thing i know, if they ever get out of that one which i doubt, they will become a prepper nation.. Russia ahs not delivered aid, why? China has not delivered aid, why? because they are apart of the UN,period. Venezuela was a staged planned event to gage it, since we are next in the USA.


        Unward to the precipiss to the buttcrackofdoom.

        2017-2019, the scientist warned.

        • don’t put tooo much into the buttcrackofdoom, i don’t know how much MORE i can handle!

      20. Let’s see… what’s wrong with this picture of everybody trying to live off of everybody else schtict:

        – Zimbabwe tried this before…. didn’t work
        – France in the 1790s tried this… didn’t work
        – The USSR tried this at the point of a bayonette… didn’t work
        – Argentina, formerly one of the wealthiest countries in the world, creating the “wealthy as an Argentine” meme in Europe… didn’t work
        – China tried this under Mao… didn’t work
        – Greece tried this… didn’t work
        – The EU is trying this… isn’t working
        – Sweden – 5th richest world in the world in 1900 continues to try this – now slipped to 15th
        – The EU is doing this… and slipping into oblivion

        Note: This was posted from my $1,000 “free” Obamaphone. Sign up at yourself at http://www.wheres-my-free-chicken.gov/. EVERYONE qualifies (even your dog)! Free chickens delivered to your door on demand as well!
        “PhreePhonesPhorEveryone” is a division of the U.S. Dept. of ObamaPhones and the U.S. Dept. of Sphelling, and is a paid for by “everyone else.”

      21. The US is not going to become a repeat of Venezuela. We’ve had many major economic collapses in the history of this country (1843, 1873, 1929, 2008). All of them were deflationary.

        There are some major differences between the US and Venezuela. The US has a stockpile of metals; Venezuela does not. The US has foreign currency reserves; Venezuela does not. What does it mean? The US still has the ability to create actuarial money on a computer screen, then bounce it back and forth between computer screens. This “money” was never designed to ever make it into circulation, and never will see circulation, meaning it will not cause inflation.

        Every deflationary collapse in the history of this country has the same common thread: the inability of people to convert paper assets, including bank accounts, into physical cash.

        Depositor accounts on books equal $11T versus $700B in physical dollars circulating in the US. That’s $16 in electronic credit extended to banks by depositors (paper asset) for every physical dollar in circulation. That $11T in credit extended by depositors is gone when the banks collapse. Breaking that $11T in credit down further, the banks have $.06 of physical cash reserves on site for every $100 of that $11T. In plain, blunt language, that translates to $6.6B in on site reserves to backstop a potential $11T bank run. That’s how you get massive deflation, not hyperinflation: a sudden and precipitous drop in the physical money supply which will cause an equally precipitous drop in the prices of physical assets.

        • The US has a stockpile of metals??? Only if they nationalize the mining industry maybe. But then I’m sure that has also been sold long ago.

      22. I bet you could get your c#ck sucked good and well there these days. They should just get some heavy lifter planes and fly in horny guys by the hundreds. It would at least get women fed.

        Politicians who do this to their people need to be ass-raped themselves for what they have done. That would be divine justice.

        • There are plenty of rich Venezuleans to exploit women and men, and children. There is no need to import more. As if these people don’t have enough problems.

          __ if people started killing the true creators of this atrocity, it would resolve and quick.

          Have you heard how many people have died from the fires in Tennessee? The firemen are in Isreal when they should be here taking care of their Countrymen. It is treasonous. And as usual, the J*w media has given scant coverage to the suffering of poor white Christians. It is scandalous.


          • if you lived in TN it’s all you hear about. the fires and more are covered here.

            I know of only ONE fireman who was in Israel (he back). Not firemen as in the plural.

            hubby retired from Nashville Fire Dept. he keeps track of the goings on.

            Your scandal is non-existent.

          • if you lived in TN it’s all you hear about. the fires and more are covered here.

            I know of only ONE fireman who was in Israel (he back). Not firemen as in the plural.

            hubby retired from Nashville Fire Dept. he keeps track of the goings on.

            Your scandal is non-existent.

            • Grandee:

              I’m sorry for all you in Tenneessee going through this tragedy. Glad that there is coverage of the fires in TN but although I don’t watch tv at all now, I have heard many on alternative news decrying the fact that the MSM ignored the story for the first days while the fire in Isreal received got covered; and people were sending money there instead of to TN. And though it may have been just one fire fighter from TN who volunteered in Isreal, I do believe there were others. You are a big fan of Isreal. I used to be, but not so much anymore.


      23. why not just isolate the blue areas on the voting map and let them starve ? The fools have concentrated themselves there willingly.

        • Soulson:

          Isolating California from the rest of America would devastate the Country because CA climate and soil is ideal for crops. We won’t starve. America will lose out on the many food crops we grow. Right here where I live, there are farms, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits. We grow avocados, walnuts, rice, grape and wine. Up a ways is a large cattle ranch. It is December. It rained for three days. Today is cool but the sun is shinning. It is a beautiful place to live. That is why I’m here, not for commie politics. Though there are more abortion loving leftists than I wish, conservatives do exist and hopefully soon there will be more coming on board.


      24. Got a feeling, this dictator best have very good security, or he will be swinging very soon.

      25. Frank, constructive thinking at its finest..your comment to some may find offensive but facts are facts and your have one hell of a point..

        The entire elite class will have their day in the very near future.


        Rat bastards..

      26. Do yourself a BIG favor now and buy yourself an 8″ or 10″ tortilla press. You may have stocked rice, beans, and flour but if you have a tortilla press you can make burritos. Have a small garden growing lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers then you will be eating like a king.

        If you stocked dried eggs and potatoes you could even make breakfast burritos!

        • You don’t even need a press for a tortilla. Take a small ball of dough or maza, pat it between your hands and fingers rapidly, and in about 2 minutes you’ve got a tortilla.

          Best thing I ever learned in Mexico.

          • Those nice thick rustic tortillas are the best, way more flavorful,

      27. Don’t forget to stock the vegetable oil you’re gonna need it…

        • Vegetable oil, olive oil, if rancid can still be used for lamp oil,
          Lehmans has oil lamps and wicks

      28. So on another topic – that SF warehouse that burned the 40+people to death last night has a pizzagate connection. The owner of the joint classified IT as an art collective. The building was known as an eyesore. They were connected to satanic deviant artwork

        This was no accident.

        This was someone powerful trying to cover their little #pizzagate tracks

        • Captain:

          In the SF fire 40 people were displaced when the nine buildings burned. But I don’t know if there were any injuries or deaths, but Oakland which is across the bridge over the Bay, is a different incident, and the death toll is at nine and expected to rise, perhaps significantly.


      29. Captain Crunch:

        There is another fire. In Oakland, a fire killing upwards of nine people. One hundred people having a rave party in the Fruitvale area. This is OAklands worst fire. People are unaccounted for. The death toll will rise as deaths are confirmed.

        There was an artist gallery there.

        In years past, there were a number of young blond girls kidnapped in the Bay Area. Some have never been found.

        This Fruitvale area has a Hispanic community. The Fruitvale Bart was the scene of the controversial cop shooting.

        This was a rave party. I believe, white kids come from outlying areas to attend these raves held in places like this, poor minority areas.

        Do you suspect a connection to the SF fire. What about the fires in TN and Isreal?? Strange (COHEN incident) coincident. The word “coincident” begins with the word “coin”. Is that not an ironic ( iron ic ) coincident.


        • Setting fires in public places to kill many people and/or destroy swathes of property is a stated tactic advocated by ISIS. They tell their supporters to do it and to raise jihad with a can of gas and some matches.

          The Somali jihadi who launched the campus attack deliberately pulled the fire alarm so that the students would run in a panic straight into his waiting arms as he proceeded to knife them. This is the tactic.

          The only solution to this threat is to log and track ALL Muslims in Western societies and to remove any who show signs of violence or radicalization. Otherwise, a free and peaceful society is at the mercy of anyone who acts like this.

          As an example of the threat, a beautiful German teen was murdered by a refugee as she cycled home from a party.

      30. Frank:

        I don’t think so. I see the art gallery in both locations as too odd of a coincidence to be ignored. Somali’s are going to act spontaneously. This looks planned.

        As far as Somali Muslims, I don’t like your idea of tracking them for signs of violence. By then some innocent has suffered.

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