Economists: The Way Out of The Recession Depends on Level of Fear

by | May 6, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 5 comments

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    Some economists say that in order to beat this recession, consumers have to be in a less fearful state.  Considering most turn on the TV or their phone first thing in the morning for their daily dose of mainstream media’s propagandized weapon of fear, it’s not looking good.

    According to CNBC, an outlet that’s propagated and weaponized fear for the elitists, the recovery, economists say, will depend on individual psychology, overall consumer confidence, and also whether the government was successful enough in filling the income gap for the workers who lost their jobs.

    The end of this recession will depend much more on how consumers react than in past recoveries. “It’s much more behavioral. It’s not just driven by incomes. It’s driven by fear,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton. Economists have been looking to China as an example since the disease started there. “Even a month after they reopened in Wuhan, people are still worried about going to public places and malls.” –CNBC

    Those who don’t fear the virus, fear the economy, and what people should be doing right now is connecting the dots.  Fear is the tool they have been using to create slaves.

    Many Americans have woken up to what’s going on and the plan for their totalitarian enslavement to the elitists for the rest of humanity’s existence, but some still have not. We still have cops tossing people in jail for the “crime” of choosing to live freely, which is every human’s birthright. The police state is still alive and well, and until we have a breakthrough with the brutal enforcers of this tyranny, people will fear the consequences of freedom.  That’s the disturbing reality that we’ve found ourselves in thanks to humanity’s willingness to give up their human rights for the illusion of state-sponsored safety.

    If you’ve ever wondered why we suggest gold or other precious metals (cryptocurrency may be an excellent option as well), think about the Cloward-Piven plan.

    With the national debt so high, and enough people now living off the state, the elitists and powers-that-shouldn’t-be never intended the bailouts to “help”, but rather to crash the economy on purpose (because the slaves obeyed the master and shut down) so they can usher in their new one-world government and currency.

    We can all see what’s happening, and as the above video says, you will only be able to stick your head in the sand for so long. The entire system is corrupt and they intend to double-down on a global scale and enslave everyone. And yes, this goes for Donald Trump. He’s not the savior anyone has been waiting for.

    The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.

    He was put in power to give people the illusion of choice. If he was going to save humanity, he would have done so long before we reached this point. He’s, in fact, sitting back, working on a mandatory vaccine with Bill Gates, and allowing Dr. Anthony Fauci to call the shots.

    Tyrant Fauci EXPOSED: Explain The $3.7 Million In Funding To Wuhan Lab

    The real question, is will you use their money and participate in your own enslavement? Or will you live freely as was intended?

    Prepare for the upcoming government-induced food shortages, as well as riots and civil unrest.


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      1. The police state controls your every move now. They tell you to wear a mask. They tell you to stay 6 feet apart. They shut your business. They get you laid off. You don’t think they’re going to give up that kind of power, do you? The next thing they have planned is the food shortage. If you get the vaccine, you can buy food. If you don’t get the vaccine, get on the rail cars. Off to the quarantine Gulag. Resist! By any means possible.

      2. The economic recovery cannot occur until the corrupt have been locked away behind bars. There are just way too many corrupt people in positions of power in both the government and private sector.

        The only thing that has trickled down in America is corruption. I do not even recognize this as America anymore. Corruption is rampant and out of control to the point of having taken over the judicial branch as well. Every institution in America is thoroughly corrupt, which can not be possible if the majority of Americans are not thoroughly corrupt.

      3. The way out of the recession depends on getting rid of all of the
        SNOWFAKES! ( Not a typo! ) They are totally fake, totally full of shit, and totally corrupt!

        It was all just a snow job!

      4. “…will you use their money…”

        You betcha.

        “Prepare for the upcoming government-induced food shortages…”

        That’s what we have been doing since GFC 2008. Not gonna riot or act a fool. Gonna stay here and watch all you other guys get yer heads broke open.

      5. CEO said, “I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house.” 😉 😉 😉 -> trough

        subsidies, insurance, bailout -> crest

        I don’t believe that any successful money interests see any literal value in their enterprise, so much as it being a source of narcissistic capital. The means of production, Oompa Loompas, and end product are swag.

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