Economists Brace for September: “Building Up to Catastrophe of Historic Proportions”

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 213 comments

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    Is the collapse imminent, and our very way of life under threat of total global meltdown?

    Perhaps the signs and warnings are there, at every level, for those who want to see it.

    An outright panic has taken hold over many who see September 2015 as a convergence of ominous events – including the Pope’s visit to America, the United Nations summit on Agenda 21-like development, expectations for a stunning policy change at the Federal Reserve, unprecedented experiments at CERN and the end of the seven year business cycle, a date that has already seen the tragic events of 9/11 and the 2008 economic collapse in this century.

    For many economic experts, it is a dangerous and capricious time for global finance, with many warning that a massive global collapse is imminent.

    RT profiled several who are bracing for next month’s signposts of doom:

    Jeff Berwick, Canadian entrepreneur and editor of The Dollar Vigilante, recently told Gordon T. Long in an interview: “There’s enough going on in September to have me incredibly curious and concerned about what’s going to happen.”


    Doug Casey, [head of Casey Research said] “With these stupid governments printing trillions and trillions of new currency units,” Casey, describing the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program, “it’s building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions.”


    Gerald Celente, [founder of Trends Research said]“You’re going to see a global stock market crash… There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil.”

    “You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”


    Larry Edelson [Research Director for Weiss Research said] “On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100 percent confident it will hit within the next few months.”

    Obviously, these are not vague or uncertain predictions.

    And they aren’t alone – there is a chorus of prominent voices warning plainly that something big is coming soon, and quite possibly specifically in September.

    Are they right?

    Will this be revealed to be a baseless panic, or is these the last weeks above ground?

    Only time will tell, but take heed according to what information is out there.

    Just be ready if it really does happen.

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      1. Every year there is “something big is coming” articles that don’t pan out.
        This year I’m not sure it’s all fear porn. I know the economy can’t keep going like it is.
        In the meantime, I’ll just keep putting extras back for just in case times.

        • You can bet the biggest threat comes from the ussa fed gov. AKA scum.

          • The warnings of a “severe downturn” coming in the global economy grow louder.

            Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control

            “China currency devaluation signals endgame leaving equity markets free to collapse under the weight of impossible expectations.”

            “Time is now rapidly running out. From China to Brazil, the central banks have lost control and at the same time the global economy is grinding to a halt.

            It is only a matter of time before stock markets collapse under the weight of their lofty expectations and record valuations.

            The FTSE 100 has now erased its gains for the year, but there are signs things could get a whole lot worse.”

            telegraph dot co dot uk

            • Why are you always only quoting and elaborating on bad news, trying to make it sound as bad as possible? You have been repeating the same thing for years, talk about loss of credibility. When one keeps saying the same thing over and over it bores people. Eventually there will be an economic crash, of course there will be because there has been one every 70 to 90 years for centuries; this is nothing new. Could you have a secret desire for catastrophe, seeing that you post so frequently and exhibit a one-track mind set.

            • Why are you always only quoting and elaborating on bad news, trying to make it sound as bad as possible? You have been repeating the same thing for years, talk about loss of credibility. When one keeps saying the same thing over and over it bores people. Eventually there will be an economic crash, of course there will be because there has been one every 70 to 90 years for centuries; this is nothing new. Could you have a secret desire for catastrophe, seeing that you post so frequently and exhibit a one-track mind set.

        • OK so the markets collapse. Someone please paint me a picture using words as to what the after market collapse looks like.

          Are you saying trucks won’t deliver fuel, food, garbage will not be picked up, no food in the stores?

          What to the best of anybody’s ability will happen and what can we expect? No way anyone can prepare if you are preparing for the unknown.


          • Big B,
            I think the best we have to go by is what we have seen in the past i.e the great depression. or more current Katrina, Sandy or the riots.
            With JIT delivery to stores, they will be empty quick. I can only assume that most everything will be operated under full protection of the government. things will be gaurded and protected and we will have limited access to most things we take for granted now

          • Think of it as a cascading disaster that ripples through the social fabric of the world leaving mass graves in it’s wake. As one system fails two more fail after it, as everything is all dependent and interlinked with each other.

            Say the economy crumbles. This leads to mass lay-offs and people not getting paid. No pay, no work. No work, no nothing. Eventually that rushes down to the most critical of infrastructure and before you know it, millions are dead, the world is at war, both internally and externally. The weakest among us die first, anyone that requires meds to survive, people in nursing homes, people in hospitals and so on. After a few weeks of that, we start eating each other as the breakdown progresses further into a state of sheer survival.

            When the dust settles, those left standing and if the world isn’t a nuclear wasteland, restart civilization. With any luck, we’ll have learned our lesson. Yet, future generations, much like those people alive today, will have forgotten the hardships of their ancestors and will eventually repeat the process. You want to know how we got here, study the Dark Ages. It’s a cycle that damns the human race until we either cause our own extinction or we decide to stop it and break the cycle.

            On a final note however, the great cycle spans across centuries and the end of a great cycle can take decades. September may be the breaking point, but I personally doubt it. Yet, I’m always reminded of something Ernest Hemingway said when asked how a person goes broke, “Little by little, then all at once.”.

            At some point, it does happen all at once.

            • China’s market took another 270 point hit last night. Their economy is flat-lining as the US consumer walks away from Wal-Mart. WMT stocks took a hit as well because they missed earnings. When Walmart starts sinking, better start building a boat.

            • I agree with you JR. People tend to not learn from history though. Americans in particular are very short sighted. It’s beyond me how we can’t learn from our past, but a couple of years goes by and it’s like nothing ever happened. I too don’t think the country as we have known it can survive. Depressing to say the least.

              • Hey Cuzzin Jim and Cuz Passin.

                The Stage is set for an Economic Implosion

                As I am no economist or fund manager/broker of the markets, I look for information from a variety of sources.
                As I have been busy with doing just that, when the wheels of employment are not turning, I have found some amazing information that suggests the bubble is about to burst.
                Not to bring in the facts of the Shemitah or other biblical prophecies, the economic basics spell a disaster of biblical proportions coming, and maybe as soon as the Shemitah in about three weeks.
                First of all; knowing that the Federal Reserve, a private enterprise, controls our money/dollar, we should look at it’s health. The Fed owes approximately 4.3 Trillion dollars which has increased from about the Trillion owed in 2002. It only has about 56.2 “billion” in assets/capital reserves. It has been printing dollars to buy the US Treasury securities/Bonds, that no one else wants, because of their low returns.
                Globally, the entire banking system owes 60 Trillion which has grown from the One Trillion it owed in the 80’s.
                Also note that stocks were overvalued by about 50% back in the early eighties, compared to the estimated 203% overvalue they now have. Overvalued in most cases by the Corporations that issue them, through buy-backs and other shady practices like accounting.
                Those same type stocks were overvalued by the nearly the same amounts prior to the 2001, and 2008 market collapse that consequently happened on a Shemitah Day and month.
                In 1929 prior to the market collapse the market was overvalued by 87%. 203% now….WOW on the DOW.
                Investors yanked $1.1 billion from U.S. investment-grade bond funds last week, the biggest withdrawal since 2013, according to data compiled by Wells Fargo & Co.
                The bond market peaked in 2011 at about 700 Billion compared to today’s market of around 100 billion. Sell off? Who’s buying? Federal Reserve with fake/printed dollars. Why? To continue the illusion.
                Reports yesterday were that Foreign investors increased the purchases of Treasury Securities to 6.17 Trillion, in June. Once again…wonder who is buying?
                Derivatives are basically “fake investments”. Overvalued assets as in stocks or mortages financed by 0 interest loans and bonds.
                Remember the packaged mortages that were overvalued in 2006.’07,’08, and then sold as derivatives by AIG…hence too big to fail? Spelling a collapse of the system.
                Globally they are at 710 Trillion, compared to the Global GDP/output of goods,etc., which is estimated to be at 76 Trillion annually.
                The Treasury Market is about to collapse. The Petro Dollar has been decimated from it’s original highs.
                The Government/ USA Citizen’s Debt is staggering. Besides the true debt of around 100 Trillion, the working people now also have unfunded liabilities/SS-Medicare-Gov. Pensions-etc at somewhere near 130 Trillion.
                In Post WW2 during the fifties and sixties, a dollar printed and sold as debt had a return of about $2.41. During the “stagflation” years, that return was reduced to $0.41. Now it is about $0.03.
                Real unemployment is around 23%.
                According to one well know economist, if the balloon bursts this fall, we could see unemployment nearly triple into next year. Imagine unemployment near 50%?
                With the controllers of our means of money exchange, now insolvent with leveraged debt growing from the fairly manageable figures of 22 to 1 in 2008, to now unmanageable leverages of 77 to 1…. The dollar is already drowning. The petro dollar is probably the only thing keeping it afloat, and that is drowning also. The USA petro dollar is controlling the largest share of the petro trading, closely followed by the Euro, then the Japanese Yen and the Pound. The Yuan was set to take a slice of that petro pie, but with China now throwing cash into their economy (first time in 1 ½ years) to keep their markets afloat, they need something else, like a petro currency; time will tell. If nothing else pushes the dollar down under, that may just do it. Russia is pushing from every angle to get it done.
                The president & Chairman of the VTB Bank of Russia said; “It is time to change the entire International System that considers the dollar the key Reserve Currency.”
                Many different “single” events could cause the initial phase of a slide of the DOW to dip below 17,000, by mid Sept. or before. Many well known economist and investment brokers have been saying that such a dip would set off a frenzy of selling.
                I see a bear market coming to preclude a 30 to 50 percent reduction of the DOW, sometime before the end of October. Once the dominoes start falling, I don’t believe there is enough fed reserve notes available for print, to stop the bleeding.
                Sadly, the pensioners and entitlement crowd will be out in the cold, holding hands with the other bank depositors, as they watch the bail-ins eat away at their paper, possibly before February 2016.
                Hopefully, in another ninety days, we will be waiting and still predicting when the crash is coming. I would not want to bank on it though.

                • Hey pissin, why don’t you just use your regular name? We know it’s you so you can stop playing your silly game.

                  • It appears you are the one hiding…wwti

                    • But you know what I’m talking about, don’t you ” Cuz”. Maybe you’ll tell me it’s a ” coincidence” that you and ” cuz” showed to post on the same day here,eh?

                    • Hey, I see ole wwti is up to his old tricks.

                      Yea, cuz is in from a couple weeks of truckin’, so he decided to share his findings with everyone here, and why does that bother you?

                      Oh! I forgot, this is the only life you got, cause you have no relationship with your Saviour, nor believe in Him.

                      Why waste your time worrying over what me and cuz and other christians do? Don’t you have more “booger fence” to put up?
                      Do something productive with your life, man.

                    • It’s because your a liar pissin. We know oicu is your invention, you use that handle to hide behind when you want to make comments that a good preacher couldn’t get away with. You made mistakes when you tried to ” introduce” him as your ‘ cuz’, you ain’t that smart, it’s hillbilly counter intelligence because it’s for sure counter to being intelligent. Give it up, the more you try to deny it you make yourself look like a damn fool.

                    • Hey cuz, he is still inhaling that swamp gas. You know what we discussed.

                      BTW, did you hear John Shorey yesterday speak about the visions of the earthquakes that are soon to come?

                      I did not know that Wilkerson had all those visions about the West Coast Earthquakes hitting around this time.

                      The Cascadia Zone could be a 9.2 according to the vision, which could then cause the San Andreas. I think he had a vision of LA on fire, which couldn’t be put out because the viaducts were destroyed and there was no water to spray on them. WOW!

                      It puts more urgency to the warnings to people that are Watchful Christians, needing to make the exodus from the West Coast areas, especially along the I-5 corridor.

                      Have a good one.

                    • Why no cuz, I didn’t hear nuthin’ bout that. Have ya’ll heard anything ’bout remedies for Appalachian hillbillies with multiple personality disorders?

            • What will happen to people’s houses that have mortgages? What about people who have financed automobiles etc. what is going to happen to them? Unless they are paid off will they be repossessed? Will they just forgot the debt as in a Sabbath year?
              How will all that pan out?????

              • I don’t know who can answer that for ya.

                All I know is that Banks have been notoriously unconcerned about a person’s personal tragedies or financial situations.

                They would not let people live in them continually without some kind of compensation, so I would have some sort of back up plan in case I lost my only vehicle and house.

                A lot of people will be in the same boat, “if” all this crash comes about. The gov/fed reserve may put some kind of short term “forgiveness” laws into place, but no one can confirm that.


            There will be some food on grocery store shelves, but you wont be able to afford to pay the constantly rising price for it.


            A fat man sighted walking down the side walk is the telltale sign he’s a Cannibal. Who preys on those starving to death in his neighborhood, who are too weak from starvation to fight back when he goes hunting for dinner.

            * both a very real examples from survivor stories of past historic events.

            • Bruin, bullets work even on fat people. 2 shots to the head is all it takes.

            • Your cannibal example is pure bullshit, but feel free to delude yourself with such nonsense. Cannibalism is incredibly rare throughout history.

              • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

                George Santayana

                what is holodomor?

                “I still get nauseous when I remember the burial hole that all the dead livestock was thrown into. I still remember people screaming by that hole. Driven to madness by hunger people were ripping the meat of the dead animals. The stronger ones were getting bigger pieces. People ate dogs, cats, just about anything to survive.”

                (as remembered by Vasil Boroznyak)

                “People were dying all over our village. The dogs ate the ones that were not buried. If people could catch the dogs they were eaten. In the neighboring village people ate bodies that they dug up.”

                (as remembered by Motrya Mostova)

                “I’m asking for your permission to advance me any amount of grain. I’m completely sick. I don’t have any food. I’ve started to swell up and I can hardly move my feet. Please don’t refuse me or it will be too late.”

                (From a petition to the authorities by P. Lube)

                “In the spring when acacia trees started blooming everyone began eating their flowers. I remember that our neighbor who didn’t have her own acacia tree climbed on ours and I went to tell my mother that she was eating our flowers. My mother only smiled sadly.”

                (as remembered by Vasil Demchenko)

                “Of our neighbors I remember all the Solveiki family died, all of the Kapshuks, all the Rahachenkos too – and the Yeremo family – three of them, still alive, were thrown into the mass grave…”

                (as remembered by Ekaterina Marchenko)

                “Where did all bread disappear, I do not really know, maybe they have taken it all abroad. The authorities have confiscated it, removed from the villages, loaded grain into the railway coaches and took it away someplace. They have searched the houses, taken away everything to the smallest thing. All the vegetable gardens, all the cellars were raked out and everything was taken away.

                Wealthy peasants were exiled into Siberia even before Holodomor during the “collectivization”. Communists came, collected everything. Children were crying beaten for that with the boots. It is terrifying to recall what happened. It was so dreadful that every day became engraved in my memory. People were lying everywhere as dead flies. The stench was awful. Many of our neighbors and acquaintances from our street died.

                I have no idea how I managed to survive and stay alive. In 1933 we tried to survive the best we could. We collected grass, goose-foot, burdocks, rotten potatoes and made pancakes, soups from putrid beans or nettles.

                Collected gley from the trees and ate it, ate sparrows, pigeons, cats, dead and live dogs. When there was still cattle, it was eaten first, then – the domestic animals. Some were eating their own children, I would have never been able to eat my child. One of our neighbours came home when her husband, suffering from severe starvation ate their own baby-daughter. This woman went crazy.

                People were drinking a lot of water to fill stomachs, that is why the bellies and legs were swollen, the skin was swelling from the water as well. At that time the punishment for a stolen handful of grain was 5 years of prison. One was not allowed to go into the fields, the sparrows were pecking grain, though people were not allowed.”

                (From the memories of Olexandra Rafalska, Zhytomir)

                “A boy, 9 years old, said: “Mother said, ‘Save yourself, run to town.’ I turned back twice; I could not bear to leave my mother, but she begged and cried, and I finally went for good.”

                (Recollected by an observer simply known as Dr. M.M.)

                “At that time I lived in the village of Yaressky of the Poltava region. More than a half of the village population perished as a result of the famine. It was terrifying to walk through the village: swollen people moaning and dying. The bodies of the dead were buried together, because there was no one to dig the graves.

                There were no dogs and no cats. People died at work; it was of no concern whether your body was swollen, whether you could work, whether you have eaten, whether you could – you had to go and work. Otherwise – you are the enemy of the people.

                Many people never lived to see the crops of 1933 and those crops were considerable. A more severe famine, other sufferings were awaiting ahead. Rye was starting to become ripe. Those who were still able made their way to the fields. This road, however, was covered with dead bodies, some could not reach the fields, some ate grain and died right away. The patrol was hunting them down, collecting everything, trampled down the collected spikelets, beat the people, came into their homes, seized everything. What they could not take – they burned.”

                (From the memories of Galina Gubenko, Poltava region)

                “The famine began. People were eating cats, dogs in the Ros’ river all the frogs were caught out. Children were gathering insects in the fields and died swollen. Stronger peasants were forced to collect the dead to the cemeteries; they were stocked on the carts like firewood, than dropped off into one big pit. The dead were all around: on the roads, near the river, by the fences. I used to have 5 brothers. Altogether 792 souls have died in our village during the famine, in the war years – 135 souls”

                (As remembered by Antonina Meleshchenko, village of Kosivka, region of Kyiv)

                “I remember Holodomor very well, but have no wish to recall it. There were so many people dying then. They were lying out in the streets, in the fields, floating in the flux. My uncle lived in Derevka – he died of hunger and my aunt went crazy – she ate her own child. At the time one couldn’t hear the dogs barking – they were all eaten up.”

                (From the memories of Galina Smyrna, village Uspenka of Dniepropetrovsk region)

                • You cite a few examples from the Holodomor which killed over 17 million people, and anecdotal evidence at that. I never stated cannibalism never occurred, just that you grossly exaggerate its occurrence.

                  • It’s rare until you get to the state of affairs that predominated in Ukraine during the Holodomor period.

                    Japanese soldiers ate Allied P.O.W.s near the end of WW2 when all supply to their islands had been cut off.

                    Survivors of a mountain plane crash in Peru (?) about 20 years ago ate parts of their team-mates’ bodies to stay alive.

                    After the well-documented shipwreck of the Wager near Tierra del Fuego in the late 1700s they ate a drowned sailor’s liver.

                    During one of the sieges of Rome in the late Empire period, a few mothers ate their own children.

                    All it takes is sufficient desperation, and when TSHTF their will be plenty of that to go around.

                • Holodomor is one reason we must NEVER give up our firearms.

              • SC,

                “Cannibalism is incredibly rare throughout history.” It’s as rare as war and tyranny.

                You don’t read much history do you? Or did your history come from the modern US “education” system?

          • Big B it is simple. What do animals do to each other when resources are scarce?

            The problem is we are running out of resources. Think food, water, fertilizer, iron ore, decent growing land, etc. The idea is unlimited growth on a finite planet has developed into a world connected at the hip through trade and now this connection is falling apart as all nations are scrambling to “get theirs.” The easy stuff is gone, just like oil humans are now using more energy to gain less yields.

            As in the past when the rulers get cornered, they take the people to war to keep their necks out of the noose.

            Sometimes it works, most times it don’t.

            • LA justlifted a ban on back yard gardens. The ban sounds like it came from the Agenda 21 Criminals agenda to keep the masses dependent on Monsanto. Thats food terrorism; starving people to feed them poison for profit.


              • It’s been in the news; in various US and Canadian towns people have been fined for having edible landscape/yards, where there was no grass growing and no shrubs, just food. Their “reasoning” for fining these homeowners and destroying the gardens was because they were concerned the gardens would attract rats.

                I say the only rats were the ones who tore up these gardens and fined these taxpaying citizens.

            • The idea of preventing a fuggin nuclear war has developed into a world connected at the hip. MAD was just the “stick” part of the equation.

              Why do you think everyone in charge is so rabidly anti-Nationalist now, when back about 50 years ago, hell even less, they were so PRO-Nationalst? It was short enough a go that I got a good solid dose of the official Nationalist Kool-Aid. I mean we’re talking it was still going on in the 80’s, for sure.

              I’m supposed to be raised to hug the missile silos in North Dakota and think it’s the only thing keeping the Barbarians at bay… and now all of a sudden… everyone’s our buddies and people that remember this shit are nuts?

              Why do you think that is. OH YEAH! Because “carrot” works better than stick! If everyone’s economy is connected, they’re blowing THEMSELVES up if they nuke you, right?

          • Big B
            You have answered your own question. “Prepping for the unknown”

            We have never in history been at this point. All other collapses have happened to nations like Rome, Greece, even the 1929 crash. We pulled out of it and rebuilt, but it took a war. A war today will be fought with NUKES, WW4 will be fought with stones, as the old saying goes.

            Here is were the problem lies. At this time in history only around 20% for the population of the world knows how to live off the land. 80% is dependent of the Government, for Garbage pick up, Getting food to stores, water and sewer, ECT. We have Nuke plants that if they don’t not have anyone working at them and power is not sent to them, they only have around 2 weeks of fuel to keep them running in a cool down mode, after that no one knows what will happen.

            Look at it this way, THE MOVIE “THE ROAD”. If I’m wrong and it is only half as bad as I think it is going to get, well then we just might pull out of if it in 20 or 30 years. Notice I said “get”. At first it won’t be too bad until the have not’s see they aren’t getting anything any more. That is when TSHTF and you are on your own, and it will turn into “THE ROAD”!

            Secondly The times we live in right now have never been so war like. Just look around. The USA is being invaded from the south, and we are told we have to change our immigration policy. Bull Shit. My immigration policy Tall fence and mine fields. Who in the hell does South America think they are telling the USA that we have to change our immigration policy? We have Muslimes telling the USA we have to convert to Islam or die. We have all of the middle east just about ready to pop, We just let Iran get a nuke or 10. We know what Israel is going to do if they are attacked. NATO and Russia are about to go to war. China has been in a cyber war with the USA for a couple of years now. Reports are the USA used the space based weapon called the “Rod of God” to destroy that sea port sending China a warning.

            So take your pick, and sorry for the rant.

            I pray to God that it is not going to get that bad, that we will just have to live a simpler life, and that we can adjust to it. You know as well as I know that not all can adjust.


            • Ancient Chinese curse coming to pass…..

              “May you live in “interesting” times.”

            • Since you all seem to think a nuke war will end us, read this. Another fellow poster posted this not long ago and its a very good read!


              Civilization will NOT cease to exist after a nuke exchange people. Wake up!!

            • It wasn’t a rant, it was a good comment. I’ve read “The Road” and watched the movie, which is why I don’t want to get very far from our house. A real vacation is out of the question. As always, if it’s going to get this bad, I want it to happen soon while we’re still able to cope (?) with it. Our children have quit scoffing at all my warnings, but grandchildren are still in a cell-phone induced coma. Thank goodness they’re still young and will be home and taken care of by their parents. That’s good, because I really don’t want to hear the whining. We’re about as prepared as we’re probably going to get, but retirement looms and it will be rough after that.

              • @JulietteofOhio: You mentioned “The Road”. At the end of the movie the man is holding a map that splits into due to wear and tear. We paused the movie, got out the magnifying glass and lo and behold the map tore right down the middle of Victoria, Texas, my hometown. We were like, WOW. That was an attention getter. And, by the way, we agree with you, it wasn’t a rant, just good advice.

                • Senior Shooter
                  My hometown also.

            • Donald Trump says he will deport ALL Illegal Aliens including their children. He’s got my Vote so far.


              • I like his stance on illegals WWTI, however Trump wants to increase the number of Legal immigrants to the USA. Either way, the third world filth will still keep coming.

                Build a fence, kick out all illegals, and put a moratorium on immigration for at least ten years (I prefer 20). We must assimilate those already here.

                • Build a fence?
                  We should be building more Crematoriums to handle this outbreak of infestation. The disease needs to be dealt with quickly and swiftly before we all get infected!

            • Damn Sgt that was awesome. But one small correction about the nuke plants. We DO KNOW what will happen and that is 99 reactors across this nation will go critical and explode spewing death and destruction around the hemisphere and beyond. THAT is a given.

              • Nuke plants maintain about a 30 day supply of Deisel fuel to run the spent fuel rods cooling pools. The key is can they get resupplied with diesel? So that gives you 30 days to find a safe place up wind from a nuke plant. Go to RadiationNetwork dot com to see where the Nuke plants are located on the US map. Put this app on your phone before you bugout. Buy Potassium Iodide for your preps.

            • Sgt. Dale,

              Good point about illegal immigration.

              Maybe the U.S. should adopt (and ENFORCE) Mexico’s immigration policy.

              Apparently, Mexico wants it to be, “do as I say, not as I do.”

              (article from 2010)
              Mexico’s Illegals Laws Tougher than Arizona’s

              “Mexican President Felipe Calderon denounced as “racial discrimination” an Arizona law giving state and local police the authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and vowed to use all means at his disposal to defend Mexican nationals against a law he called a “violation of human rights.”

              But the legislation, signed April 23 by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, is similar to Reglamento de la Ley General de Poblacion — the General Law on Population enacted in Mexico in April 2000, which mandates that federal, local and municipal police cooperate with federal immigration authorities in that country in the arrests of illegal immigrants.

              Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

              The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.”

              NewsMax dot com

            • Hey my old car went out…Kept it on the road though for 14 years. Didn’t plan on getting another one. Didn’t really want another one b/c I didn’t need a car pty.
              What’s gonna happen when the poop hits the fan and people have a hard time making their payments. Could it be the debt will be wiped away or ?????

            • You should google top ten times people resorted to cannablism. It is quite shocking to see that in the fifties you has cases of people in China eating their own. Not to mention North Korea in the sixties/seventies.

          • Paper fortunes could be lost, investment bankers will get bailouts, some retirement accounts and mutual funds could lose value. It will be devastating to millionaires, not so much for billionaires, and not noticeable for a large number of people who already live paycheck to paycheck…

          • look to other recent financial collapses around the world: Zimbabwe (major), Argentina (2 major), Greece (controlled), US 2008 (minor), US 1932 (major) for examples of what to expect. study what both the gvt, banks, and citizens did. Make sure you have historical references (us standard of responsibility and independence in 1932 was considerably better than now for example.) Its not tough, there are standing examples to reference.

            • Venezuela over the last year…..

          • Big prepare for EXACTLY what you said , pretend no store food and no gas,,, NOW what, have gas and extra food and a plan, You guess what the UNKNOWN IS, I think you just answered your own question DOLL,,,,,,,,,,,, food, ammo and gas and a plan,No one gives a hoot until it happens , even I get in moods while preparing and think how the day is going fine WHY am I preparing. WE KNOW WHY,, and if sep oct and a big slide in 2016 comes slightly off DATE, it’s fine, you see it’s already unfolding. BE WELL,,

          • BigB,
            When the world’s stock markets all begin crashing, the Fed will watch the carnage without doing anything. Then, after watching huge losses in the stock and bond markets, the people will begin screaming to the President and Congress to “do something”! They will beg the Fed to print money to infinity. At the start of the cycle the Banksters will “short” the market and make money as it goes down, and then at the bottom of the cycle, the Bankster’s will gobble up all the real assets just before the Fed starts running the printing presses at full speed. This will cause the markets to go back up, giving the Banksters huge profits, since they will have “shorted” the market as it was going down and then at the bottom they will go “long” again and make money as it goes back up.

            The Fed’s money printing, however, will have finally de-stabilized the world’s financial system and the world will begin easing away from the dollar since it is obvious that the U.S. Government and the Fed have no intention of running an honest currency regime. As the world begins to shy away from the dollar, our interest rates will begin to normalize on an upward trajectory, causing a massive depression. People will begin losing their jobs and the welfare system will explode with millions of newly dependent unemployed. No starvation in the streets, but economic carnage with businesses being shuttered, foreclosures, repossessions. Prices of everything you own(real estate, bonds, stocks) will go down in value and prices of everything you need to buy (groceries, sundries) will go up. Rising prices and falling wages and jobs . . . . a horrible situation.

            More than likely the government will continue to print money, as the tax base will have been dealt a mortal blow. As the money printing continues (in the USA and in most parts of the world), prices will continue to rise and probably hyper-inflate in some 2nd and 3rd world countries. Food will be available, but not affordable. As this unravels, the USA and many other countries will probably fall into the soft-tyranny of bank bail-ins, and 401K and pension confiscations by the government.

            Eventually things will stabilize at a much, much, much lower level of economic prosperity for the average American. Anger will be out of control and the political chaos will be off the charts. This is when the risk of a “white knight” riding into the rescue becomes the greatest . . . when America could fall prey to a dictatorship that promises to solve all of our problems.

            My take on the progression of this shit storm that approaches. Hope this was useful?


          • I remember years ago, Celente predicted that after China crashes, next will be our turn…

          • BigB: Market collapse is nothing new. Business cycles come and go. So what is different this time? Nothing. And everything.

            Market collapse will trigger DEFAULTS as stock losses trigger margin calls, sucking up a lot of loose cash sitting on the sidelines and bankrupting Hedge Funds.

            Think Corzine times 100.

            Bankrupt Hedge Funds will collapse Money Market Mangers, Pension Funds & Plans, and 401k’s. Then derivatives will crash compounding the problem as the market crash reaches into the “to big to fail banks”.

            The big four banks hold 96% of all derivatives, and these, mostly between each other. These bad derivatives will be placed in the “Derivatives Resolution Trust Corporation” by the government to be picked over and weeded out by accountants and lawyers.

            Housing markets will also collapse by 50% putting the major portion of homes in America with a mortgage, underwater. Industry, whats left of it, will collapse as a new round of deflation spirals across the Country like NEVER BEFORE. Retail? What retail.

            EBT cards will be ubiquitous to keep the Waltons afloat.

            It will take ten years for the workouts behind the scenes while war on three fronts revives Dr Copper. That’s the bad news.

            The good news is that we will, fortunately, have a New President who will make America great again, who has been through four bankruptcies and understands how that works, who will be able to apply his experience (read game the system) to the country at large.

            Unfortunately he would only have two terms to resolve the financial problems of the aftermath, which will linger for many decades.

            Lock n load. Forewarned is well armed. 🙁

            • Crazy thing is the banks were supposed to just get temporary cash to stay open with QE. It has since become their new business model. They have actually become abusive to customers and treat deposits as a liability. It’s as though they no longer need depositors, since Obama offered them the great government tit, and unlimited cheap money.

              And yes you are correct, QE was a lifeline for banks, no one would have anticipated the size of the stock market bubble they would create with the money while none went to average people. It’s all built on debt and margin, so when it does go down, it’ll go down really hard. I’m thinking 50 to 80%. It will be a bit slower process though with market circuit breakers kicking in daily!

              If QE is ended, the banks fail. If interest rates rise, banks will fail. Rather than restoring their business to age old working principals, they have perverted it into something clearly unsustainable. They see themselves too big to fail, even beyond reality!

              A proper financial crash will destroy wealth, which also destroys all the excess money the fed printed. In the 2008 crash this process of clearing the books never happened and debt has continued to explode instead of getting written off. The bubble is just bigger bigger, and there are new problems, a new financial paradigm that is unsustainable.

              Jewish law teaches that every seven years debt should be forgiven, and slaves set free, in the year of jubilee! Had this principal been followed worldwide, there would never be a crash or recession. The sin of not honoring this seventh sabbath year is why judgement has been heaped on Israel for millennia, and why the whole world continues in the great tribulation.

              The financial crisis we are about to enter (more tribulation) will force people to cancel debt, if the world economy is to survive. If greed wins the day and they find new crazy schemes to just continue like they did in 2008, then we will still have a bubble explode, but it will just be all the bigger!

              I was talking to my broker about economics and I spoke of the ancient story where a great favor was done for the king who said how can I pay you, the man said give me on dollar, and tomorrow double it to 2, and on the third day double it again to 4. I just ask you continue this doubling for just one month. The king said, great, but didn’t understand exponential processes. Within a few hours the kings accountant told him he just agreed to pay billions, more money than the entire kingdom contained. Financial bubbles are always exponential, and will always result in painful periodic corrections. Without corrections debt would become bigger than all the money in the kingdom.

            • I know. From the beginning this was just a scam. “Gimme all your money or this cat gets it!”
              BTW, I think the same thing was actually done in the 1920’s; but not to that scale.
              This is a funny quote “Finally, he asserts that quantitative easing, or the monthly debt purchases that swelled the central bank’s balance sheet past the $4.5 trillion mark, have at best a tenuous link to actual economic improvements.”

              Why don’t they just say, “FRB printed up $3.6T our of thin air and loaned it to their member banks at 0.25%. Then the banks turn around and pump the stock market and real estate market.”
              The latter is more accurate and more precise. Its a credit bubble folks but the “pop” wold be the FRN. Right now, FRN is still the best looking horse in the glue factory. We are all glued to it with no idea how to break free. It should be simple and obvious but we have a property tax system and other systems which mandate each USA citizen to be glued to the FRN. They have us cuffed and cornered and we don’t know where to run free.

          • Every crash has lost jobs, but this will be huge. Every sector of business including banks, will be hurting from it. It hurt in 2008 to 2011 in the aftermath of that crash, and this one involves a loss of more money and assets.

            Read about the Great Depression and imagine it much worse. I don’t go by prediction, but I study the markets and find many similarities that has caused crashes before. Panic I usually the cause after a market correction.

          • If you want an example of what happens in a failed economy, look at Venezuela today. This south American nation has been in crisis mode for more than a decade, ever since Chavez and now Maduro have been running that “worker’s paradise”. Over 90% of Venezuelan’s income is derived from petroleum, and with oil at record lows, they are hopelessly bankrupt. Meanwhile, their government continues to cater to the poor and military in order to stave off revolution. But the problem with Socialism, as Margaret Thatcher pointed out, “is you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

            Meanwhile, their currency the bolivar has zero exchange value beyond their borders, so international trade is dead and local manufacturing has all closed for lack of raw materials. Neighboring countries now regularly refuse Venezuelan visitors, fearing they will overstay their visa. A simple visa application to the US can cost as much a person makes in an entire year.

            So what’s a day in the life of a Venezuelan? Hours of waiting in line to buy one kilo of subsidized chicken or a package or toilet paper. When the average monthly wage is around $9 usd (that’s NINE bucks) there is no money for anything else. Violent crime, including murder, is at record levels. They will kill you for a cell phone or decent pair of shoes.

            Years of government corruption, crony capitalism, and of course compound interest have reduced a once-wealthy, beautiful, and safe nation into a post-modern wasteland. You will rarely hear any of this mentioned in the msm because in truth there is no difference between Venezuelan money, the US dollar, or the Euro- they are all just pieces of paper backed by nothing.

            • So not really a good time to schedule a trip to see Angel Falls?

        • Well momma, over on the Hedge the headlines read: 23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening

          It looks like the reset is swinging into full gear but you probably wont notice as we most likely will be neck deep in WWIII.

          Something stinks with the latest blast in China, Russia and NATO forces are exchanging fire in the Ukraine,also facing off in Syria, Japan has fighting forces as their economy crashes and North Korea is threatening again. Pakistan and India are exchanging fire, while all the old wars are still percolating.

          Back home this tinderbox is about one more dead nigger from a full blown race war.

          But yes, nothing to worry about, just fear porn as usual. Now, back on your heads.

          • .02
            You post just as I was posting an answer to Big B.
            Great minds think alike!!! LOL.
            Hang in there my friend!!!!

          • LOL, I love the writing, SO true and I know not everyone likes FOX BUT NOTICE, that now they aren’t reporting things, Fergason’s unrest last week got little coverage. HEKK is breaking out everwhere and now you can’t find it on the news, SO PEOPLE be mindful, we need to share media outlets.
            THIS ONE IS GREAT< smart folks, I like and I'd love if you'll all share what web sites you find most informative. I know we have to riffle thru the conspiracy theories, KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL, toss the b.s. drama, but DO NOT EVER think we aren't falling because it's coming and it's going to be here fast, and then we have like 17 years of down, IF you read on the great depression it went on 25 years start to finish,< REALLY think about that,,, WOW,,,,, so have a new mindset. Save, cash is king, and the rest is confusion, hard assets are good but not if they'll drop 80 percent in value like the 2007 crash. Its harder to guess this time around, I like some foreign currency like Canada, I can drive there. Peace to all.

            • I’ve been watching a little CNN in the morning (Allison is better looking then Elizabeth on Fox 🙂 and notice CNN covers more stories while Fox hammers the same shit everyday. Cuomo has a “hard-on” for Trump and any other repub but CNN does slam Hillary often. They all suck.

        • I agree, Im sucker for this sort of stuff – if nothing happens in sept or oct, I am NEVER falling for this again, my heart cant take it anymore at age 66.

        • Looks like my little brother, Chicken Little, has been spreading tumors again. Are you really, really, really sure it’s this September? Maybe he meant next September, you know, just before the elections. I’ll have to check with him about this latest fear of his.

      2. I would welcome any events that lead to the elimination of the banksters, their tribe and cartels worldwide.

        • I am willing to sign up for that mission. Hopefully people are smart enough to see who really pulls the strings.

      3. im screwed , my neighborhood [new orleans metro area] is going thru a collapse right now. democrats moving in like they giving sumthing away. old irish town turnig into lil africa/mexico. really concerned about leaving in a shtf scenario. only two ways out of this hell hole.trying to sell house with value dropping seems impossible. any tips on how to fight my way out in shtf.

        • Refurbish the house, move out and offer it for Section 8 housing rental. The govt will repair any damage, you can charge ridiculously high rent, and the govt will pay it. Can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em…

        • The whole USA will soon look like a turd=world country when the market and dollar crashes.

          With around 50 million legal and illegal immigrants coming to America in the last ten years, many are still embedded with their previous turd world living standards.

          Most will “take” what they want, when they want it, and not from their kind. Most of the Citizens that have been here for centuries, through ancestry, are prepared to defend their families and foodstuffs.

          The shotguns and deer rifles will come flying out of the closets, and the towel heads and bathtub shitting hispanics will start filling the morgues. Count on it, People are pissed at their elected officials and will take matters into their own hands when the shtf. The mantra coming from the streets is already…”Fuck the Politicians”!

          • Hey pissin, you’re forgetting the part about Geesuz coming to cleanse the ethnic mess for you.

          • “bathtub shitting Hispanics” IROTFLMMFAO.

            • Yea, PO’d P., that is based on a true story that I told oicu about, some years ago.

              There is a farmer that lives in our county, that has a small trailer park. He let the old model trailers run down to the point that the poor white trash and druggies wouldn’t even rent from him.

              Someone told him the Mexicans that are thick in our region, would rent them and also maybe work for him some. The farmer was a little slow. He advertised to them and upped the rental fees. Filled all his trailers with all kinds of hispanics, but mostly poor families.
              This one trailer was all young hispanics that spoke no english.
              I think there were five or six living together.

              After a couple months or so, the people began complaining about a sewer smell, to the old farmer/ owner. He looked around and couldn’t find any broken pipes, but the smell and the complaints continued. He hired a plumber guy to come check it out. The plumber had a nose for sewer smells, so he said he thought the problem was a backed up commode in the trailer where the young boys lived.

              After getting their permission to go in, the plumber came running back out and told the owner that he had found the problem. The owner asked was it the commode. The plumber said, “NO, the commode works fine, but the bathtub is running over with shit and the corner of the bathroom is packed full of used toilet paper, soaking it all up”.

              Like cuz said….a turd-world country.

              • Pissin, please stop this juvenile game you’re playing. If you have to resort to this kind of childish behavior to make your image look better than it is, than it’s time for one of two things, Either get professional mental help or get off the board. Acid is more lucid than you are ” cuz”.

        • Unfortunately this situation will get increasingly more difficult to resolve…whoever has more than 50 000 Federal Reserve Notes, has a chance to buy a good land with water in Brazil (Brazil is huge and although government is utterly stupid, there are regions which can survive the collapse (hope it will not come but my analysis tells me it can not be avoided… for more info

          • Their racial problems aren’t much better than here. No thanks. Argentina however is whiter than the US and worth considering.

        • Don’t feel alone, Orleans. I don’t see how we will get through this mess either! I have to help my daughter out financially (she is still trying to get her nursing degree), all my supplies are about 500 miles away (too expensive to move here) and I recently lost my SUV. (No transportation!)

          I have all this knowledge about SHTF but no way to do anything at the moment, as all my energy and cash is going to help my daughter!! ;(

          Lord, help us!!

          • thanks everyone for replys.i woke up about a year or two ago.hadd family from out of state come and stay with us , they were amazed how much our town changed for the worse. i didnt see how bad it was. my neighbor hood change slowly over the years then all sudden ,bam, i opened my eyes and realized im living in the ghetto.i think that[dat] is how the collapse works, slowly,slowly, then bam.over. its going to be tough for alot of us.

            • That’s what we heard, too, about our hometown. We moved for job reasons and always thought our new area had problems, which have increased. This is a case of normalcy bias which we all have, as in taking care of a terminally ill patient. If you’re there every day, not much happens, but give it a week away and you’re horrified upon returning. I’m still willing to stay put in our new area because of water and climate benefits, but who knows? I think what is coming will be new to all of us and we’ll have to wing it. Best of luck to you!

        • @orleans massacre….

          Travel light….move only at night….don’t fire warning shots.

        • Leave now, just walk away, once the door closes…you’re trapped. Take it or leave it, that’s it.

          • i agree, very honest opinion. trying to get family on board

      4. is it economic or climate collapse this fall? strange predictions !!

      5. Lets not forget the fourth and last Blood moon .

        • I agree.

          September 28th – the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.

          “This blood moon falls on the very first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, it will be a “supermoon”, and it will actually be visible in the city of Jerusalem.

          There are many that dismiss the blood moon phenomenon, but we have seen similar patterns before. For example, a similar pattern of eclipses happened just before and just after the destruction of the Jewish temple by the Romans in 70 AD.”


        • Oh and Jesus flys in sometime in SEPT or OCT too… he just missed 2015 yrs if air flights. Hes sorry..

          • WWTI, I’m not 100% positive, but I believe Jesus has been”flagged” as a Flight Risk and possibly a Terror suspect from TSA. Again I say, I’m not 100% sure of this information. It’s just a conversation I overheard from what Peter, Paul, John and Luke were discussing.

            I don’t take much truth to hearsay, but you and others can take this information for what it’s worth.

            Also, from what I understand. Santa Claus may not be making his normal flight this year. Something about his Sleigh not meeting the Standards of today’s Flight Codes.

            Boy I tell ‘ya, these Airlines are really putting the hammer down on Santa. I truly believe the real reason why Santa getting harassed is because he hasn’t filed taxes in the last 200+ years.

            I mean, what the hell? Can’t a simple business Tax write off for handing out free presents every year constitute for something? Damn IRS are nothing but hard ass bullies.

          • What a stupid comment, makes no sense at all…”OH and JESUS flys in sometime in Sept. or Oct too…He just missed 2015 yrs if air flights. He’s sorry…

      6. keep predicting it and eventually it’ll happen.

        Then you can finally tell everyone “I told you so”.

        If you live long enough.

      7. combination of events coming to a head this fall, economic /climate/ aggression ??? not sure the reason

        • I would say there are many major reasons why this is happening. Economic- we are trillions in debt, and will never pay the bills…government waste and a group of people that think they know how to run the country and all they are doing is screwing it up.
          And climate has to do with geoengineering and chem-trails ruining our sky, our atmosphere, our land, trees, crops etc. and aggression comes in many forms.
          ALL kinds of things…We are morally bankrupt, as our morals are at an all time LOW! We have put GOD on the back burner and don’t listen to him or read His word. We do not obey the LORD!SO, time has come and we will reap what we have sown. We have been the land of plenty but that may change here shortly…

          • You got that right.

      8. Be ready how? Ready to slap an illegal? There is no preparation for this event.

        • Thank you, I now have snot and iced tea all over my keyboard…

          • EWWWWW!

          • If that was southern sweet iced tea, you might as well buy a new keyboard.

      9. So when nothing happens in September, October, November and December will you finally move on or will you keep believing the hype?

        The reality is that more likely than not we will live out our lives here in the good ole USA with nothing too major happening to us and our families.

        All the fear, all the trying to read between the lines from the bible (which was not even written for our modern generation) will be for nothing.

        What is this is it? That this life for better or worse is what you have and you should try and make the most of it instead of worrying or hoping for a reset.

        • Rj “All the fear, all the trying to read between the lines from the bible (which was not even written for our modern generation) will be for nothing.”

          Answer me this: Revelation 11:18

          The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small– and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

          When has humans ever been able to destroy the earth? Riding camels and horses for 3000 years didn’t accomplish what humans have done in the last 100. Next time you make stupid statements you should at least understand the subject you are bashing.

          And when has humans ever been able to make a mark on the worlds population so that one cannot buy or sell without it?

          Only a fool says there is no God.

          • Sorry don’t buy the bible and armageddon prophecies anymore. Just another excuse for people to try and form old tribal roots and patterns ingrained in us since the beginning. All religious texts mirror the same doom and gloom and salvation of a few chosen people. The rest of us it seems are just cannon fodder for god and his servants (we get what we deserve after all for not believing as others do, don’t we?).

            Humans it seems want order and meaning so they will jump on whatever band wagon of beliefs they are most comfortable with (usually learned from parents).

            Perhaps instead of focusing on revelations you might want to go back and reread the entire new testament as your posts reflect a deep hatred for people of specific races and groups. If you are going to hate a person do so because of what they have knowingly done to you not an entire group of people because of their skin color.

            You go ahead and stick to revelations and your fear mongering about gods wrath. I have asked this question time and time again of christians and have never received an answer maybe you can answer it for me since you are so well versed:

            Q: Christians say we have free will that is why there is good and evil on this earth. That we choose to act godly or are influenced by the devil. In revelations the final culmination and victory for god is when evil is vanquished and his kingdom is established on earth.

            This means evil will cease to exist.

            So if we currently have a choice today because god wants us to worship him freely and of our choosing, then one could reason that removing evil from the earth also removes free will as no one will have a choice because they will all be sinless.

            So doesn’t this negate the whole god wanting you to make the choice thing because choice will be gone?

            Also just to add I wonder how heavenly beings in gods kingdom had a choice to worship god or fall from grace. It is an interesting concept that they did not have to eat from a tree of knowledge in order to decide to become evil and wreak havoc on a humanity that god had not created yet.

            • I don’t care or did I ask about you buying anything. I asked a simple question about Revelation (no s) that you didn’t answer. You damn near sound like a politico as you spew piles of words without saying a damn thing.

              • .02, He gave you a lot more than you bargained for. Contrary to your claim, he did say quite a lot about religion. Now perhaps it makes you uncomfortable or unable to answer his point, but his argument is valid. Anybody can pick up a bible and find verses to quote that make them feel good about their own beliefs, but it doesn’t make them facts. I’ve read people on this site who claim that God has spoken to them directly. If God wants everybody to believe he exists, why doesn’t he simply contact everybody and take all the guesswork out of it?

                After all, he is God, isn’t he? It shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. But what we always get is the same answer of nobody can know what God’s big plan is, you have to simply take everything on blind faith. Why not lay everything out on the table in the open for everybody to see? It’s all one way or all the other. If you believe, you’re rewarded with eternal life by a loving God in heaven. If you don’t believe, or simply ask the wrong questions, this loving God turns into an Angry God who’s going to punish you forever with torment. Hardly seems loving now does it? What becomes of all the billions of people in the world who worship other religions? Does God laughingly say ” sorry, you were born into the wrong place at the wrong time, no Heaven for YOU!” There’s also a lot of questions about the Bible itself, including parts that have been omitted from it, why? I’m inclined to believe RJ, I don’t think anything is going to happen in the next 5-10 years but there are tons of people who will disagree with me. That’s fine, we all have a right to think what we want to but nobody can say that what they choose to believe is the ONLY way to see things.

                • jason, and RJ, I will answer to the best of my ability your questions even tho RJ answered mine with a question and an attitude that being he doesn’t believe the bible that he is exempt from answering how we were able to destroy the earth 1000 years ago.

                  Q: Christians say we have free will that is why there is good and evil on this earth. That we choose to act godly or are influenced by the devil. In revelations the final culmination and victory for god is when evil is vanquished and his kingdom is established on earth.

                  This means evil will cease to exist.

                  So if we currently have a choice today because god wants us to worship him freely and of our choosing, then one could reason that removing evil from the earth also removes free will as no one will have a choice because they will all be sinless.

                  The answer is yes as it is plainly written after Revelation and Jesus releases Satan from the pit one last time after his 1000 year reign and many people AGAIN follow him off to their destruction, forward to

                  1 Corinthians 15:24-26

                  Then comes the end, when he [Christ] delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. 25 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

                  Revelation 21:3-4

                  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. 4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

                  Revelation 22:1-5 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)]
                  Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.

                  Apart from those chapters, it seems God has chosen not to reveal much to us about what happens at the end of the 1000 years. Just as we don’t know anything about what happened before God created the world, we don’t know much about what happens in this future period either. But if God is with us in some kind of form that we can see. hear. touch etc. and has wiped away all evil, then yes faith is not needed any longer.

                  Jaason asks: Anybody can pick up a bible and find verses to quote that make them feel good about their own beliefs, but it doesn’t make them facts. I’ve read people on this site who claim that God has spoken to them directly. If God wants everybody to believe he exists, why doesn’t he simply contact everybody and take all the guesswork out of it?

                  As the above post states he does just that, but until then humans have to experience their fallacy of thinking themselves to be god and learn to respect the idea of our inability to create harmony without his guidance. Take a look around, is this heaven on earth? Been to Detroit lately?

                  Sorry about taking so long as I had to go get some supplies in town.
                  as you were..back onto your heads

                  • 02, I read your reply, thank you. However, it’s just simply quotations from the chapter Revelations in the Bible. If you think it’s true, great! But it’s not any kind of proof to substantiate that the Christian God is the only one who exists. By the way, I noticed you completely ignored my question regarding the fate of billions of other people who worship different religions. That’s ok because that’s the one that always stumps the bible followers, they can never provide any type of answer to it so they take the safe route and pretend they never saw it. It’s cool, I understand.

                    • It is Revelation.. The bible is what we have to go by. Do you think I was going to use the Koran or the Talmud? You asked and that is what the Bible says and as for the others that died before Christ and have never found Christ or worshiped other religions, they stay in the grave.

                    • May I Jason?

                      “…my question regarding the fate of billions of other people who worship different religions”

                      The key word in your statement is ‘worship’

                      Man has been worshiping something since Cain and Able. In Gen.4:3 we see that…”in process of time…” or at the end of days, the Sabbath …”that Cain brought of the fruit…” brought means to bring to an appointed place.

                      Cane and Able are bringing an offering to God to an appointed place at an appointed time to worship. This would indicate they are doing this by REVELATION. Heb.11:4 says “By faith Able offered unto God…” Able came by faith. Faith in God always comes from the hearing of His word. God REVEALED/asked Able to come with a sacrifice and worship Him.

                      Fast forward to today and people who worship gods and not God.
                      People know to worship. Some worship wooden idols, some animals, some money, some Hollywood stars, some themselves. We all worship something. It is natural for us to worship.

                      Without God’s Word, the Bible, what to worship is what’s missing in the lives “…of billions of other people…”

                      We, as the human race, have over time drifted far from the creator God and now worship the creation.

                      Jesus and His revelation in the Bible is what we have been given to bring us back.

                      As Christians, we are given the task to tell the “billions” about the worship of God.

                      Mt 28:17 And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted.
                      Mt 28:18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
                      Mt 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: {teach…: or, make disciples, or, Christians of all nations}
                      Mt 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


                    • OK Jason D, I accept your challenge to answer the question of what happens to the billions that worship different religions.

                      They have the same fate as others that never had the chance to learn the truths about God, His Son Jesus, and all their teachings.

                      When they die/died, a flesh death, they sleep a dreamless sleep in another dimension, not in an earthen grave.

                      When Jesus Christ returns as Lord of Lords and King of Kings to set up His Temple in Jerusalem, the Millennial/1000 year Reign begins, and all awake to see where they stand with God.

                      Many of God’s elect will help teach to those ones. Not everyone gets a chance, if they already refused Christ while in the flesh body. There are no second chances. Period.

                      But for those that never had a chance coming out of the gate, they will get taught all that they need, to make that decision.

                      However; there must be a time of testing and trials, by Satan, just like all previously saved Christians had. That is when Satan will be loosed from his chains, at the end of the Millennium, to test those that became believers during the 1000 years.
                      If they pass the testing period, they will live in eternity with the rest of us, Satan will be thrown in the Lake of Fire, and God’s Holy Throne will come down to Earth where He will reside with His children for eternity.

                      Simple as that.

                    • So, people who never heard of God and spent their entire lives living under other followings, some which may be contrary to Bible teachings, are allowed to go to the Christian heaven, and we have another who says they stay in their graves forever. So, who’s right? You both can’t be right so which is it? I’m also interested in how you know that this is what happens to people of other faiths, as opposed to it just being an opinion.

                  • I did not answer your question about man destroying the earth because to me it seemed like a rhetorical question. Is the earth being destroyed by all our supposed technological advances and greed? Yes. But the earth was never meant to be a planet that would be sustained indefinitely anyway.

                    If it was not for laws restricting man we would have destroyed the planet a heck of a lot quicker. Have you ever seen pictures from deforestation that took place in the 1800’s during the industrial revolution? At least with government intervention and regulations that were put into place this was slowed down some.

                    Man it seems in it’s quest for money/power/control/progress does so with little regard to both nature and people.

                    Good cannot exist without evil. We are entwined together it is in our very DNA if you will. We are all capable of both. Even in nature for every plant that can cause harm there is one in nature that can cure.

                    As for the mark and buying and selling, perhaps it is not meant to be literal, but rather something allegorical if you will that the mark does not represent economics in the sense that we think of it. Most of us think of everything in terms of the physical self with almost no thought it seems to our spiritual self and the fact that these bodies are only temporary and do not represent anything but us as supernatural beings having a human/earthly experience.

                    The part about satan being released from the pit one last time? What would be the sense in that?

                    You said “They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.”

                    God was with the jews when he led them to the promised land. He gave them light so they could walk when it was dark, food and water. Yet that did not stop them from complaining and going there own way (away from god). So why would it be different for anyone of us if the same thing happened? Same thing with the angels who shared heavenly space with god and they chose to go in the opposite direction.

                    Unfortunately it seems we have people who with the best of intentions have created and given us religion. Religion was never invented to give people power over their own lives. Instead it was designed to make us feel powerless.

                    When in fact we have power over everything. Each choice we make, every word spoken, every action and every reaction. All creates a ripple effect so to speak in our lives and other peoples lives. We choose good or evil. Each choice makes us god or makes us the devil.

                    There will be no enternal burning for those any religion deems unsaved. There will be no unrelenting punishment and torment. We are all created from energy. Energy can never die. Only return to the source which created it.

                    • passinwiththewind – what you wrote is not even in your bible. There is nothing that speaks about those who died before jesus came on the scene rising from the dead to be taught the gospel and the deciding. Why have a testing period again for those who became believers? It does not make sense as you know many christians who are saved still do bad things and they are still going to heaven.

                      Can’t you see the never ending cycle today and in that 1000 year period where people will still be reproducing and having offspring and these offspring at the end of the 1000 years might not get their chance to get saved.

                      The cycle is meant to never end because it is all made up in the minds of men. They way you created your own opinion about what happened to the dead before jesus existed.

                      grandee – people always want to look outside themselves for explanations about things they do not understand. They also do not want to take personal responsibility for their own actions and they instead would rather attribute it to someone looking out for them or someone causing them to do bad things. The truth is the good and the bad is all from that person. Not from god or the devil.

                    • I am not spending much more time on the subject because most people like you and Jason D, already have your minds made up and you are just trying to be argumentative.

                      But I will say this to clarify two very important, biblical, and very seldom taught facts.

                      The first, has to do with all those that lived and died before Christ lived,died, and resurrected. There was a brief period after Christ arose from the grave that he went back and taught/preached to those that had died without the chance at salvation through His Holy name. We are not told how many of those accepted His message and were saved, but we presume all were saved. This was a one time ordeal.

                      Secondly, when Christ returns at the seventh trump, after the reign of Antichrist, “ALL” are changed into spirit bodies (call it a rapture or a snatching up)…the good, bad, and the ugly. Men, women, children and yes, even the animals. No more flesh bodies with blood. No more wombs for births of any kind. That is the end of the “flesh”/second, Heaven and Earth Age. I believe we are about 15 to 17 years from that time, but I don’t set dates for Christ’s return, just the season.

                      Most teach of babies being born during the Millennium, but they teach it out of ignorance and inability to rightly divide God’s Word. No births of any kind. Period.

                      You make a good effort to remember these two points, and when the time comes you will say…”ole Passin was right about what the Word said”. Just as it says “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess”.

                      Anyone can give up on having eternal life because of God’s gift of “freewill”; but no one can evade the bowing down one time and confessing Jesus is Lord and God is the only Heavenly Father, our Creator. No Allah & muhammed characters, no Buddah, No Queen this or that, and no extra-terrestrials.

                      Just remember where you heard the truth. It did not cost you one red cent because I don’t do this for money or praise, i do it out of service to my Father and Saviour and out of compassion for others.

                      Oh btw, the last person that said what I said, was not biblical and called me a liar…They had a supernatural event come upon them and lost over ten thousand dollars of property. So, be careful of what you claim is not from the word of God, because you could be messing with one of God’s anointed.

                      Psa 105:15
                      Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

                      Just Saying…watch what comes out from your mouth, because it may bring judgment upon you and yours.

                    • So asking questions is being argumentative? I asked a simple question, are you or your good buddy 02 correct, as you both can not be. I’m assuming by your answer that you’re thinking that 02 is incorrect but your really hesitant to say so. Do you think you are owed money or any other type of economic consideration for your ” service” you provide? Really, and you have to conjure up thinly veiled threats about what happens when people dared to doubt God’s ” anointed one? Here’s where I come down on this as of right now, you’re a definite religious psycho who’s best to be avoided, It wouldn’t surprise me if you use other alias on this board as I’ve read posted here. I think Acid Etch is more sane than you are, and that’s making a bold statement. You’re really hung up on yourself as something special, as I’ve seen nothing in any of your posts that even comes near to justifying it. Tell you what, both you and God can have fun together in Heaven as it’s obvious there’s only going to be the 2 of you plus a couple of your brainwashed sheep like friends who need a crutch to lean on. If Heaven contains self centered egotistical blowhards like you, you can keep it. Listening to you for eternity is surely closer to Hell than any type of Heaven. Adios.

            • RJ… Some believe everything they read. Dopes.

              • The nonbeliever says: “Show me God and I will believe in Him.”

                The believer answers: “Believe in God and He will show himself to you.”

                Michal Paul Richard

                • Good one, KY Mom.

                  • pissin, just use your regular handle.

                • That is not in the bible. Just another quip from christians that sound lofty but really are meaningless in context.

                  Reminds me of another christian favorite that is not in the bible: “God will never give you more than you can handle.”

                  If jesus and god are the same person why would god have to come down to earth in the flesh to forgive us of our sins? Isn’t he then interceding with himself?

                  If jesus is not god but his son wouldn’t god be angry that we choose to worship jesus rather than god. After all it is in the 10 commandments about god being jealous and to have no other gods before him.

                  Too bad we weren’t born during the time when jesus lived. We might just have an entirely different perspective on who he really was and what his message was about.

                  • GOD was FATHER GOD and JESUS CHRIST was the son of GOD. The HOLY SPIRIT was to be the comforter (peace) for us that would lead us into all truth.

                    I do not believe in the “trinity” b/c JESUS said that He could do nothing without the FATHER. JESUS did say the FATHER and I are one, and they were in spirit and in unity with one another. The concept of the trinity originated from the HRCC.

                    GOD is a spirit and JESUS CHRIST came to earth in the flesh as a human soul (a person-a man-a being).

                    JESUS went to the garden to pray to GOD the FATHER. He would not have gone there to pray to Himself. He would not have needed to pray to Himself but to His FATHER in Heaven while He Himself was on the earth in human form.

                    The HOLY SPIRIT comes to live inside of us when we accept JESUS as our LORD and SAVIOR and gives us comfort and peace from within.
                    When others don’t know what is going on or what to do, we will know, b/c He is there (the HOLY SPIRIT) to guide us and lead us into all truth.

                    • Amen Sister.

                      I do believe in the Trinity of God the Father, which created His only begotten Son. Christ did say, “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father because He looks just like Him.
                      However; they are two separate entities, just like you said.

                      You are a smart woman.

                      The Holy Spirit is Their Divine Light that shines like a laser, right from Heaven and makes that divine connection right into our hearts and minds, our souls. That is how God & Christ knows our every thought. We true Christians are so very blessed of His comfort and walk with us…24/7. We believe it because we feel it, and see it in our lives.


                      Blessed be the God..of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.
                      2 Cor. 1: 3-4

                    • Bless your heart and thank you so much for that sweet compliment, “you are a smart woman”. I do believe that wisdom comes from above. I have gotten wiser thus more knowledgeable with age. I have learned a lot also from past mistakes. I have read and studied an enormous amount and therefore by the grace of GOD written 5 manuscripts. I have a little experience under my belt. To GOD be the glory for all of that.
                      JESUS may have said the FATHER and I are one, but he did not mean they were the same entity,they are however, one in unity and commonality. They are just one in thoughts. GOD was above JESUS as we are to pray to GOD. OUR FATHER who art in heaven…There are many times in scripture when JESUS separated Himself from GOD the FATHER. He prayed to Him as I said, and we know that He would not pray to Himself. Most normal people do not talk to themselves, they talk to other people. If we constantly talked to ourselves people would indeed think we are not quite right.
                      JESUS said that “In my FATHER’s house are many mansions. Again, He is separating the FATHER from Himself.
                      When he was dying on the cross He said, “FATHER, into thy hands I commit my SPIRIT”.
                      He was about to breathe His last breath for a period of 72 hrs. before rising from the tomb. GOD the FATHER removed the breath of life from JESUS, and allowed Him to experience death momentarily. When it was time for JESUS to rise again…GOD the FATHER re-entered the breath of life into JESUS and again He became a living soul (breathing on His own). Couldn’t have lived without the FATHER’s breath.
                      Like in Genesis, when GOD breathed the breath of life into Adam, then Adam became a living soul (a person, a being, a man, a human).
                      It was JESUS “spirit” that went to heaven to be with His FATHER when he died that day.
                      The FATHER GOD has given all authority in Heaven and on earth unto the Son JESUS CHRIST. It is JESUS who is going to judge us, not the FATHER GOD.
                      He will do this based on our lives, our works in this life and our obedience.
                      I have just included part of what was written in one of my books so you can tell me what you think about it and if you are or are not in agreement with it.
                      It’s the truth that will set us free.
                      We are saved by grace, but we shall be judged by our works.
                      Keep the faith.

                    • Bullshit. Any time some looney has to start using threats like ” the last guy who called me a liar lost ten thousand dollars! and ” Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”. And “you better watch what comes out of your mouth, or it might bring judgment upon you and yours. Well, hear this real good prophet, you’re a freaking nut case looney tune who should be locked up with arm and leg restraints due to your obvious mental illness. So go ahead and sic ” God” on me, I’ve never been frightened by the ravings of children, whether they six years old or sixty two years old. You’re rants sound like a third grade bully who has to get his seventh grade brother to cover his ass because he knows he’s got nothing but lots of tough sounding talk to cover up his obvious insecurity. Is THAT enough for God to get pissed at me NOW?

          • 2 Monks were in the shack writing the Bible. One aays to the other, OK now how we going to get the masses to believe this crock of BS. Well says one monk, what is it that most people want? The other says “to live forever” the other says thats pretty good write that down whoever believes this BS will live forever. The other says we can’t say that. Ok lets write that in a bit more Biblical style. Thus John 3:16 was written.


        • There was the parable in scripture (Bible) of the 10 virgins. 5 had their oil ready but 5 did not. WHY? They weren’t prepared…They waited too long by procrastinating.
          I think better safe than sorry.
          The smart ones will be ready, the others will fall by the wayside when the poop hits the fan.
          But unfortunately most people aren’t terribly smart, so I guess they will get what they prepare for, or didn’t prepare for.

      10. I know we’ve heard things like this for decades but for the first time in my 30 years on this rock I cannot deny the facts that are present and the utterly inconceivable policies our country and other countries have invoked that we are certainly in for some serious changes and chaos unlike anything we have seen before, just keep squirreling away your goodies and pray for the best. Tripp

      11. If you are well read, then you know a collapse is on the doorstep.
        Study the internal numbers for yourself and you will see.
        The idea that warnings are “fear porn” (which I loath that term) is ridiculous.
        If we as a society think all is well than so be it, but if you spend a few hours and read how far down the hole we have gone in this country how can we say it’s “fear porn”??

        We may not know the exact day the collapse of our country hits, but we can take this time to keep prepping and more importantly keep warning those we love so maybe they can be better prepared on the other side of this.
        Keep warning and keep sounding the alarm!!

        • Trailblazer ,
          I’m not an idiot, I know our economy will collapse, it’s a given. I know you can’t keep printing money out of thin air and run up insurmountable debt and keep going. Only a fool would think that. I just don’t freak out and get my panties in a bunch every time I read an article like this and run to the box store to get more stuff!
          I’m not “sitting on my hands” as you say, I worked my fall garden up yesterday and it took ten hours out in the sun for this old women, but I got it done. Today, I’m canning up fifty quarts of food. I have my prep stuff and add to it when I can, I just don’t panic at every article. Yes, our economy will collapse, when is the guess. I see articles every day that ” this is it” and have seen them for years. So excuse me for not being in full blown panic mode eight now.
          Good day!

          • Right now not eight

          • And excuse me,
            It was 02 that told me “to go back sitting on my heads”

            • No, it is standing on your head.. lol. It is from an old joke about a guy that went to hell.

              He showed up and everyone was waist deep in shit smoking and drinking so he thought to himself this aint so bad and about that the devil showed up and said “ok breaks over back onto your heads.”

              • .02

                That is a really old joke.

                • I know ss I thought everyone has heard that one so it was intriguing that Momma didn’t catch it.. Thought I would explain so she doesn’t hate me worse than usual.

                  • .02,
                    I don’t hate anyone here, including you. Yes, I have heard that joke before. Many times, just didn’t realize that was the reference.
                    I read all the posts. No, I don’t agree with some of them, and some I just shake my head at. I learn from everyone here!
                    I would share things I know if I was more proficient at this commenting thing.
                    Guns and ammo I’m learning. I have one I’m dead on with every time, had it for many decades. Learning my others and what the different ammo things are, even at my age.
                    Life’s short, enjoy what you have today, it can be gone tomorrow. That’s all I was saying.
                    Take care.

                    • 🙂 😉

                    • When God made MommaD , He broke the mold. Bless you, dear Lady— canning food on a hot summer day. We are blessed to read your posts here on Mac’s site!

                • Why don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses like Halloween?

                  They get creeped out when random strangers ring their doorbell.

                  • I am NOT a J.W. but I don’t do Halloween either. One, it’s a pagan holiday, like Easter and Christmas. Second, it’s satan’s holiday. More crime occurs on that day than any other day of the entire year. The demons come out on that day to wreck havoc on anything and everything.
                    Satan loves Halloween, but I hate it and Christians should hate it too.
                    Churches have their “fall festivals” b/c they are in reality celebrating it under the disguise of “fall festival”, but it’s still help on that day or the day before it and it’s all still giving out candy and allowing the kids to dress up in their costumes. What’s the difference? Christians should NOTHING at all to do with anything satanic.

          • Momma, no way was I saying you were an idiot! In fact, it sounds as if we are spending our time the same…gardening canning etc.
            All I am saying is I have spent a lot of time pouring thru the internals and there is no fixing what is coming without war.
            I am careful as to whom I listen to, and then I still have to use discernment. God put us here for this time and we must be ready.
            Keep working hard!

            • You too Trail,
              Sorry I got a little testy.
              I don’t post much because what I’m thinking is usually said already, I’m surely not eloquent when it comes to commenting. I read and research when I have time and keep up one our crazy planet too. I just have learned through the years to be happy everyday and enjoy what’ we have, it could be gone tomorrow. I also know that I can’t control everything and learned to just be very aware of things and do what is in my control.
              Take care.

        • I have a brother-n-law that blasts that same word about us preppers. He says all you people do is spread fear porn. I said all you do is put your wife and children in jeopardy by trying to make another 100k in the stock market as you don’t even have enough cash on hand to pay your property taxes.

          Sadly, the masses are doing the same thing, while running up credit card debt at a staggering rate. In most cases the profits on stock certificates, even if sold today, won’t cover the interest expense of their credit card debt.

          Most are boomers that see other boomers jet setting around the world with their retirement funds paying the way and tooling up and down the highways with motor coaches and high dollar fifth wheels pulled by 60k dollar Duallys.
          They want the same and can’t picture anything in their future but that scenario, so they keep playing roulette with their retirements.

          As my brother-n-law says about a total and long term, if not permanent, market crash; “It may happen, but not in my lifetime”.

          I feel sorry for my nieces and nephew. So I keep my “fear porn” preaching, away from their tender ears.

          • Don’t forget you also have a ” cuz” here that’s yourself too! It’s ok ya crazy knucklhead, we know it’s you!

      12. Remember Y2K. Little side note on Y2K. People spent a lot of money getting computers up to date because of Y2K. Nothing major happened.

        As for today. We hear all the time that a market crash or and economic crash is coming. If you have taken the time and prepared for it, like we did for Y2K, it will be nothing. Just that simple.


        • Sgt Dale I hope you’re right.
          Y2K and 2008 did not affect my family and I am hoping this won’t either. We have always lived within our means and are prepped pretty well.

        • The reason nothing happened at Y2K is that we spent billions upgrading operating systems, especially UNIX, and in many cases replacing hardware so that the new O/S would run. In my small world of GM/Ford I know that some key databases would have been well-nigh wrecked if we had not done so. It wasn’t a hoax.

          • Coach
            Our P.D. spent over $5,000.00 for just 3 computers to get them up to date.

          • No lie. I worked at a major forest-products company and our techs were flat-out, 26-hours-a-day on Y2K fixes for almost two years. If the work hadn’t been done, we’d have seen major control-system failures — which you really don’t want when you’re operating boilers and power generators big enough to level towns, sewage-processing plants that deal with toxics …

            • Any fucking idiot can write a bad program, and lots of them do. Y2K was Democrat BS.
              My “hobby” is real time program design. I can read C or C++ like you read a bible. FORTRAN is like “malt O meal”. ASM pick your processor, is like candy. I can even Microcode.
              The systems would not have failed. The stupid masses
              is what failed.

              • rellik

                Good for you. I’m not that good with computers. I can turn them on and off.

                Give me an AR and I’ll give you a computer. I will bet that I know about firearms and ballistics like you know computers.

                People aren’t fucking idiots. Some people know more about other things. For me computers aren’t my or others cup of tea!!!


              • Any effing idiot can CLAIM that he can read/write code in a SHTF post. But somebody who really can would use very different language.

                Fact was that, when that software was written, it was gonna be 20-30 years before they needed more than two digits to designate the year. Memory being very limited back then, it seemed quite reasonable to use only two digits. Do you remember CORE memory? I do.

                • I used to fix Core memories, by restitching the

        • Yes Sgt. You r right! I was knee deep in preparing computers (globally) for the Y2K event….we prepared for several years…and because we did a damn good job, nobody’s lights went out and ATMs still worked…but all we heard was “nothing happened, too much hype”. Hell, some of us spared a lot of you and you didn’t even realize it. PREPARE this time, cause there is no one out there for you this time!!!

      13. We are in very scary times. I don’t think anyone can really predict how this will all play out or when. I think we have entered uncharted territory.
        I can’t say I’m looking forward to a reset but I know in my heart it is inevitable.

      14. “What to the best of anybody’s ability will happen and what can we expect? No way anyone can prepare if you are preparing for the unknown.”

        Answer: Use Imagination

        Most notably, focus on the consistent negativeness that could and can arise from a broken financial system.

        Collect the ideas you have gathered.
        Configure the ideas and implement measures to counter negative feedback that may arise.

        That’s how I do it.
        Analyze different possible scenarios/outcomes and implement the scenario so that it ends up to my benefit.

        • corectomoondo! (pulp fiction)

      15. There is no correcting the coming collapse.

        In times past when recession hit the FED would lower the interest rate making money more available and stimulating growth.

        With the rate at zero, there is no way to stimulate growth. On top of that the FEDS want to inflate their way out of debt, like Germany in 1925.

        Bottom line, were screwed.

        • Yes, the gun is empty. We are totally screwed. Now the culling of the useless eaters will begin.

        • John Stiner,
          Spot on!

        • Crazy thing is the banks were supposed to just get temporary cash to stay open with QE. It has since become their new business model. They have actually become abusive to customers and treat deposits as a liability. It’s as though they no longer need depositors, since Obama offered them the great government tit, and unlimited cheap money.

          And yes you are correct, QE was a lifeline for banks, no one would have anticipated the size of the stock market bubble they would create with the money while none went to average people. It’s all built on debt and margin, so when it does go down, it’ll go down really hard. I’m thinking 50 to 80%. It will be a bit slower process though with market circuit breakers kicking in daily!

          If QE is ended, the banks fail. If interest rates rise, banks will fail. Rather than restoring their business to age old working principals, they have perverted it into something clearly unsustainable. They see themselves too big to fail, even beyond reality!

          A proper financial crash will destroy wealth, which also destroys all the excess money the fed printed. In the 2008 crash this process of clearing the books never happened and debt has continued to explode instead of getting written off. The bubble is just bigger bigger, and there are new problems, a new financial paradigm that is unsustainable.

          Jewish law teaches that every seven years debt should be forgiven, and slaves set free, in the year of jubilee! Had this principal been followed worldwide, there would never be a crash or recession. The sin of not honoring this seventh sabbath year is why judgement has been heaped on Israel for millennia, and why the whole world continues in the great tribulation.

          The financial crisis we are about to enter (more tribulation) will force people to cancel debt, if the world economy is to survive. If greed wins the day and they find new crazy schemes to just continue like they did in 2008, then we will still have a bubble explode, but it will just be all the bigger!

          I was talking to my broker about economics and I spoke of the ancient story where a great favor was done for the king who said how can I pay you, the man said give me on dollar, and tomorrow double it to 2, and on the third day double it again to 4. I just ask you continue this doubling for just one month. The king said, great, but didn’t understand exponential processes. Within a few hours the kings accountant told him he just agreed to pay billions, more money than the entire kingdom contained. Financial bubbles are always exponential, and will always result in painful periodic corrections. Without corrections debt would become bigger than all the money in the kingdom.

      16. More fear porn. September will come and go. No big changes. Nothing big will happen until that big bomb goes off, starting WW3. And that won’t be for quite a while.

      17. Personally I still spend several hours a week cruising through trade data on manufacturing, farming and mining. I will independently corroborate the idea that we are on the cusp of a big drop. There are NO good signs. But claiming to know the day and hour is fantasy. September? Maybe. Maybe later.

        • I think the big drop actually started a couple years ago. It’s just getting steeper and faster now so more people are affected and beginning to realize it’s (the system) collapsing.

      18. With football season coming up for the coward pussy Zombie boot licking trash-the dumbed down brain dead Zombies in the collapsing fascist evil vile shithole of the world could care less.

        • Yes indeed, while they watch a ball flying around a TV screen getting drunk, the world
          is burning. The lemmings will be playing with each others’ fecal until the moment the jack booted goons come to take them to their appointed fema camp. They will go to the camp with joy because after all, as Hillary said, they are just “fun camps.”

        • Really? Because anything recreational, that you don’t enjoy, equates only to people who have their head in the sand?

          I enjoy football. Being the pile of crap we are in, it’s good to mentally check out for a couple hours, so my head is clearer for the full weight of what’s coming.

          Next your gonna suggest we can’t have sex either because it’s for the stupid steeple who have they heads in the sand.

          Good grief.

      19. Y2K. Yep sarge. It was a fear factor. And big rip off to those fearing a crash. But who chise to and adapt and upgrade just in case.

        Prepper Tip. – Former FF Paramedic.
        Bullet and shotgun wounds can be lethal, if not immediately treated and satabilized. And what do you do? Quickly assess the wound and where a good set of material shears comes in handy to clear clothing obstruction. But first ABC’s, Maintain an AIRWAY so they can breath. BREATHING – are they breathing? Circulation. Do they have a pulse? Strong or weak. Fast or slow. If you have a lot of blood loss, could be slow and weak. Fast means your heart is working. So if shot in the arm or leg, immedietly apply direct pressure and tight enough wrap to stop the bleeding. If an Artery hit you will see squirting of blood or leg bloating up. Stick your finger on the blowhole to stop the bleeeing and anything else you can pack in there. Seek help and stay calm. You will need surgery.

        Chest wounds – fubar. You are a mess, collapsed lung, hearts shot is pretty much death. Gut shots are not lethal, but will kill you days later of Septic Shock, poisons and bacteria enter the blood stream. Gut shots, Start popping Fish antibotics. Monitor consciousness. Zombies will not know simple stuff like whos the president or what day is it?

        Ok Head shots- keep body flat. Mild pressure to wound. SHTF for them. Eyes, ears, and airway, paralysis, state of consciousness, confused, blinded, holding their heads. Seek help.

        In most all wound except for head raise the legs up higher than the body in the shock position. That will help supply more internal blood to the vital organ areas with more blood volume, because of blood loss. Yeah an EMT Kit is nice to have and a big tank of 02 oxygen. Who ever has thiae assets is where you need to go to try and treat the wound. Any gun shot wound take antibiotics.

        Also even if a peraon is shot, immedietly get water into them, IV or drinking it. Our bodies do a great job of producing blood, like a few pints. So drink heavy. You may be in bed for a few days and hobble around, but you are still alive.


        • Follow up Gun shot wounds. Of course move the person to a safe place to assess.

          Chest wounds. Place victim gunshot wound down. Your iternal guts will plug the hole. Leaving it up will alow air to seap in the hole and collapse the lungs.

          A good read is Emergency Medicine in the streets. Covers pretty much everything in detail. This is SHTF Medicine tips, till you can reach an ER. Lots of great products out there like QuikClot to add to your Med blowout kit. Tourniquet etc.


          • Wwti great post…

      20. holy cow, we have less than 15 days to buy guns, store food and get enough fire wood to last five yrs, isn’t this is the same headline from Sept 2008. I hope all the advertisers on the side line give a bonus as this should give the conspiracy nuts something to spend their dimes on

        • 75
          I don’t think that there is any one on this site that hopes and prays that you are RIGHT!!!
          But if you are not, then what?

          • Sarge, then what???? it’s time the herd was thinned out, if people weren’t getting prepared for all hell to come after Nam then they’re losers anyway, only the tough should survive

        • I guess this conspiracy nut will keep spending my “dimes”……thanks for the encouragement!

      21. Y2K was no HOAX, I work in Healthcare IT and we spent tons of programming effort to correct it, in time and we did. I know of movie theaters and some smaller car dealerships whose systems crashed on 01/01/2000. THe world did not come to a stop, but that Theatre was running on manual mode for several weeks. The car dealer had to go manual as well. I assume many other small businesses had hiccups. The point. WE PREPARED FOR IT. Are you prepared for whats coming . . . . You should . . . .

        • You bet we did….for years…and no one noticed. This time no one is taking care of you my friends!

      22. If Sept. comes and goes, Oct. comes and goes, jade helm comes and goes, Hell the rest of the year comes and goes and nothing happens. What does that do to the creditably of all the doom and gloom preachers out there. It tells me no one knows when it all comes down, no one, unless your in the group where the kill switch is. Like the little boy; wolf has been cried so much that no wonder most people don’t give a shit and those of us that do well who knows. Only FRN are being made by the hand full with all these articles that says the same thing but from different authors. Just makes one sick, well it does me anyway. Being prepared is an individual thing and if you are you stand a chance, and if your not the future looks very bleak.

      23. Times up. All of the influences of God’s Feasts of the Lord are going to be here in Sept. Some have said that there will be a great shaking in the world next month. Its a long list. There will be a solar eclipse on The Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 13th. Yom Kippur on the 23rd, The Feast of Tabernacles on the28th. The last Blood Moon, And we are going to be in God’s Judgement. The Seal Man on SQ’s web site has put a list together of everything scheduled for Sept., its a lot. With out knowing exact times, alls we can speculate. God has the Times in his hands. I do believe that it’s time to grab hold of something very solid, and hold on. The Rock that I hold onto is Jesus Christ.

        • Well you are SMART!!! You’re holding onto the only “rock” that will matter when the poop hits the fan.
          All the rest will fall.
          Man will fail you, but GOD will never fail you and I know it and you know and hopefully there are others who are counting on it as well.
          Better to be (as my grandma said), safe than sorry.
          People will scoff in the last days. They don’t know. They are spiritually blinded to the important things. The average Christian doesn’t know one iota about GOD’s feast. They have not done them. They don’t even honor the Sabbath day Saturday. They have been told it’s irrelevant, not important anymore, it’s obsolete.
          BIG surprise, it’s not. Sunday was the fake day, but they don’t know that do they?
          They don’t know about the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur, The Feast of Tabernacles or even the blood moons.
          They are too busy being of the world. We were supposed to be in the world but not of the world.
          BIG surprises coming on an unsuspecting world I’m afraid and it might just be right around the corner. GOD bless you and keep you safe. We are living in some interesting times aren’t we?

          • Religion is a contradictory hoax duping the ignorant of any rational thought. The Bible has never saved a single soul and gave them everylasting life. Death is eternal. Good fire tinder in SHTF though to orovide heat or cooking food. Can alao be used as TP. Poop paper.
            ~WWTI. BELIEVE in Yourself First, you will gain self confidence with out the training wheels.

            • As a general rule, people who show such defiance against God and the Bible, usually have a severe moral problem.

              • Moving from the general to the specific, WWTI has a serious moral problem.

            • Lots of people have said that right before their civilization ended, never thinking to try the other solution: Humility, prayer, repentance.

              But look on the bright side: At least you’re consistent…and predictable. Hope that works for ya.

          • The Rock that I hold onto is Christ.

            Understand the truth behind that statement and you will both laugh and have eternal life.

            • what’s he done for you or the world so far

              • Provided the basis for the rise of Western civilization, which feeds you, clothes you, puts a roof over your head, and provides you with an Internet so you can make asinine comments like that, friend. Without Christianity, you probably would not even exist, but if you did, your life would be, as Hobbes put it, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

                • What’s this?
                  All I have to do is believe in Christ and he’ll provide all of those things for me?
                  That is very interesting, why in the hell am I working for a living then …. to pass time away?

                  A world without Religion would be a “blessing” … LOL

                  • Hang in their shakey, because you are gonna soon see what a world without divine presence is like, and I can guarantee you one thing…you ain’t gonna like it.

                    It is gonna be a scary place for the lost and atheist mockers like you and wwti. You two puppies will proley be the first two to piss yourselves and start crying like little lost kids, when the hammer falls, and you realize you can’t save your self without your Creator.

                    All that “big” ego talk will fade away, when the demonic entities start crawling around in your rooms, and you can’t kill them or get rid of them. Only the blood of Jesus Christ and the Cross can do that.


                    • So, why aren’t you threating him with the loss of 10 thousand dollars for doubting your ” prophetic words”? Did you forget to tell him that ” God” will ” get” him for being so insolent as to dare to ever doubt YOUR word? C’mon prophet, you’re supposed to tell him about the hellfires that are going to consume him for mocking one of Gods ” prophets”.

      24. I enjoy this site and all the varied opinions. With just my little old phone I can read about events and people’s take on those topics. The ease of posting a comment is refreshing and in years I have found only one other site that allows this access of commenting. Good job!

      25. In any case, we know something is on the way, and it behooves us to get ready. So let’s continue.

      26. If anything happens, we won’t know when it strikes, period.Dates and times are futile. But that’s why we prep, for the unknown.

      27. On the bright side, I won’t have to worry about Christmas season LMFAO!

        On a serious note, best of luck to all. I’m finding the news, research, and all else to be taking to much time away from two of my most important preps. Physical fitness and people. If that hasn’t clicked for you yet I suggest it should. You NEED to be in the best shape of your lives.

      28. Even if this September prediction is birdseed, which is not unusual, there are a lot of reasons to have some food, water, and defense goods set by.

        Natural disaster, local train wreck, earthquake shuts down the interstate 400 miles away, crop failures, riots, etc., etc.

        Make your own list.

      29. We keep chipping away and putting something back each week. Many events converge this fall. I read that the fed could retract the money supply and prevent the inflation we all fear.

      30. Corollary to Murphy’s Law atates:

        Any disaster you have adequately prepared for becomes less likely to occur.

        So far it’s working…..

      31. Don’t be deceived. This is all orchestrated, and if you want get to the bottom of it, don’t overlook the pope connection to it all. That’s the bowels of the whole orchestration.

      32. If you are not going out and injuring people, who the hell should care about what we are prepping for. People like Doom and Gloom for it gives them something to do in life. Bitch and moan or build or learn something. One thing for certain you get a form of education you don’t get anywhere else. Where else can you be a winner or a loser. Save the day or get yourself killed.

        If you don’t like how things are going, change it, work around it or prepare to fight against it.

        “Something from nothing, leaves nothing. You got to have something,
        If you gonna dance with me” yeah.

        by Billy Preston.

      33. I endured a less “media frenzied” hurricane (actually 3 in a row inside of one month) back in 2004. This is what I can tell you: there was a huge flashing sign on I-75 at the Georgia/Florida state line warning travelers that Florida had no electric, no fuel, and to turn around. We were in an RV fully loaded with fuel to get us to our home in south Florida. It was the eeriest 8 hour drive you could imagine…no lights ANYWHERE. The only other people on the road was the National Guard. Long story shorter…no electric for 3 weeks. No food in stores for 3 weeks. No phones for 3 weeks, although IF you could find an old phone booth, they worked, but lines were hours long to make a 2 minute call (angry people would not allow long talkers.). FEMA brought ice. Yes. FEMA brought only ice to a Walmart parking lot — where you had to drive there to pick up 2 bags/family a day. Our community banded together an sent one car to the other Florida coast for food….there was none there either. We knew help would eventually come. I do not believe it would come these days. It was MISERABLE. Please prepare.

      34. I have been prepping for 46 years. It takes a looong time to get the mind and experience to work well always thinking about “the worst-case” scenario. However, the last seven years have brought to pass things I never expected to see and least of all here in the U.S. The Supreme Court has driven a stake into America’s heart. This administration and “…judge me by the people I surround myself with!” individual(s) have brought condemnation down us along with our own sloppy following of God’s laws. The “Road”? I wonder if it will be that kind. One thought:
        What IF the TSHTF and instead of a war a bio is released through chem-trails or vaccines? Certainly fits the description of people covered with oozing bloody sores, deranged mental state, raping and killing and then dropping down dead, munching on dead bodies and devouring children. I have tried for four decades to warn and teach and prepare my children (7) – one has listened and believes me; the rest offer to fold my tin-foil hat in a new style. I have 10 grandchildren, three of whom are mute autistic and totally dependent upon our families. I don’t want to see them starving and carried off for “special treatment”.

      35. The best outcome I foresee is a depression with major deflation. I have a fixed base income with a little on the side work, which might stretch further with deflation. Having extra cash stored away will help. It will be a hedge just in case prices drop drastically. You will be able to buy even more supplies for a while until things possibly get worse.

      36. new orleans, you were looking for a way out if shtf. Is it possible to boat out to somewhere? Team up with someone who has one???

        • yes boating out is in the plans. 15 miles south of me is swamp and marshland all the way to gulf mexico. i have very good swamp survival skills, most of my family lives of fishing the marsh. they call it living not its probably best option. we are wanting to sell house and move to higher ground out of state but going south is an option. man it will be nasty here if something bad happens. hurricane katrina was just a week long. wow

      37. The ASTEROID lands in September. (Just ask Homeland what one of the things Jade Helm is prepping for.)

        The Pope, under the guise or cover of protecting the environment, “announces” the new world order in September.

        AND, the THIRD week of OCTOBER the IMF (the international monetary fund) will make a MAJOR announcement: the REPLACEMENT of the world standard currency, the petrodollar, that is, our American dollar AND the destabilization of ALL world currencies, including that of the yuan in China.

        So my dear friends, replace ALL frivolous talk, name-calling, and accusations of “fear porn” with one of the only things WORTH doing: DOT CONNECTING!

        Credible evidence exists to support each thing I’ve listed above.

        There is just not enough time for arguing and name calling and all that. When I disagree, I do research. (No, I’m not always right.)

        If YOU disagree, do some research for yourself BUT for your own sake and the sake of your loved ones, please connect the dots!

        There is just not enough time for finishing all our prepping as food shortages near, the shutting down of the Internet approaches, and they prepare to seize your bank accounts and pensions.

        The time for “arguing” and wanting to be right is over. There is just not enough time to get all the prepping done. But above all, get right with God.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Good advice, Lone Ranger.

          Your words….”(No, I’m not always right.)”… are what I have to repeat to myself often, but nothing hurts as much as when I have to repeat them to my wife. LOL

          She absolutely loves to hear me say them, cause she says I am continually correcting her.

          I tell her it is because I don’t want her going around spreading lies, at which I make a quick exit for at least fifteen

      38. I see millions of milfs willing to give up sex for cash.

      39. Famed barrister William Pepper told Les Jamieson who told Rory McSniff who then told Al “Pantload” Rohde who told Ralph Showman,that former Senator Lincoln Chafee has bonafide,hard evidence that Dick Cheney accidentally admitted that he and Don Rumsfeld facilitated,of course,allowed the planes to hit their targets on 9/11 by virtue of a stand-down of air force jets (the passengers on Flight 93 really did take down that jet,knowing it was headed for the Capitol Building)and a simple schedule shuffle of key Generals that fateful morning.
        Mr. Chafee apparently is petrified of revealing said information in a vacuum.In other words,he needs to become more high profile so any payback becomes a huge story.This is the reason he announced that he is running for President of the United States,a virtually laughable,no-hope endeavor.
        Mr. Chafee has gotten a hold of State Department and Pentagon cables from,of all places,Manila,the Philippines and they are the smoking guns that will be revealed to the world through a third party (Wayne Madsen or celebrated gumshoe Anthony Rago)sometime in the next 6-8 months as the Presidential campaign heats up.
        In the context of a global financial catastrophe and a possible nuclear event this fall/winter,said revelation may come even this fall.
        According to my sources it depends on the severity of the world political situation when this momentous whistle blowing will occur.I encourage all to call the White House,their representatives and the media with this information.

        Thanks for listening,I remain,Ron

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