Economic Update: Global Trade Has Collapsed: “Nothing Short Of A Bloodbath”

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    The following report was originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Note: For the last several months numerous analysts and researchers have warned that the beginning of the end for the global economy will become apparent to the broader public within the second half of 2015. But most people are either not paying attention, or they simply refuse to admit that the purported economic recovery is a sham. While it may appear, based on “official” government statistics, that the jobs market is improving and economic growth continues full steam ahead, the evidence suggests otherwise. In addition to the myriad of problems poised to drive financial markets into crash territory, it is now clear that the global economy is coming to a standstill. Nowhere is this more apparent than in global shipping trade where prices to move goods from one country to another have collapsed quite significantly in just the last three weeks. And we’re not talking about a few percentage points here, but rather, a full on 60% drop, which by any standard would qualify as a meltdown, or in Wall Street terms, a total bloodbath.

    Global Trade In Freefall: Container Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 60% In Three Weeks
    by Zero Hedge

    Three weeks ago, when we last looked at the collapse in trade along what may be the most trafficked route involving China, i.e., from Asia to Northern Europe, we noted that while that particular shipping freight rate Europe had crashed some 23% on just one week, there was some good news: at least the Baltic Dry index was still inexplicably rising, and at last check it was hovering just above 1,100.

    That is no longer the case, and just as with everything else in recent months, the Baltic Dry dead cat bounce is now over, with the BDIY topping out just above 1200 on August 4, and now back in triple digit territory, rapidly sliding back to the reality of recent record lows which a few months ago we suggested hinted that much more is wrong with global trade, and the global economy, than artificially manipulated stock markets would admit.


    More importantly, a major source of confusion appears to have been resolved. Recall that as we noted on August 3, “many were wondering how it was possible that with accelerating deterioration across all Chinese asset classes, not to mention the bursting of various asset bubbles, could global shippers demand increasingly higher freight rates, an indication of either a tight transportation market or a jump in commodity demand, neither of which seemed credible. We may have the answer.”

    We did. To wit:

    Should the dead cat bounce in shipping rates indeed be over, and if the accelerate slide continues at the current pace, not only will shippers mothball key transit lanes, but the biggest concern for global economy, the unprecedented slowdown in world trade volumes, which we flagged a week ago, will be not only confirmed but is likely to unleash yet another global recession.

    As expected, on Friday, we got confirmation that the BDIY has indeed become a lagging indicator to actual demand, when Reuters reported in its latest weekly update using data from the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index, that key shipping freight rates for transporting containers from ports in Asia to Northern Europe fell by 26.7 percent to $469 per 20-foot container (TEU) in the week ended on Friday.

    The collapse in rates is nothing short of a bloodbath: “it was the third consecutive week of falling freight rates on the world’s busiest route and rates are now nearly 60 percent lower than three weeks ago.

    Freight rates on the world’s busiest shipping route have tanked this year due to overcapacity in available vessels and sluggish demand in goods to be transported. Rates generally deemed profitable for shipping companies on the route are at about $800-$1,000 per TEU.

    Other Europe-focused freight rates did even worse, with container freight rates from Asia to ports in the Mediterranean plunging 32.1%, while those to the US West and East coast slid by 7.9% and 9.9%, respectively.

    This should not come as a surprise: it was back in March when we first reported that “Global Trade Volume Tumbles Most Since 2011; Biggest Value Plunge Since Lehman.”


    It took the no longer discounting “market” about 6 months to figure this out. As for the culprit, no question who is at fault.


    What happens next?

    Well, some, such as the world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk Line, will desperately try to no longer lose money on every transit, with a plan to raise spot freight rates by $1,000 from ports in Asia to ports in northern Europe, with effect from Sep 1. Other major container shipping companies have similar plans.

    The virtually guaranteed outcome of this “strategy”, as there is simply not enough demand as the world careens off the global recession cliff to offset a surge in freight costs, will be an even greater collapse in trade volumes.

    The alternative, is just as bad: as we sarcastically hinted first in March:

    … none of the above should alarm anyone: remember – central banks can just print trade with just the flick of a CTRL-P switch.

    And then again three weeks ago when we said no need to worry because it is just a matter of time before “central planners learn how to print trade.”

    For now, however, printing money no longer equates to boosting global trade. In fact, easy monetary policy now appears to be backfiring, as even the “market” has figured out.



    So, sarcasm aside, what really happens next, to both shipping, trade, the global economy and markets? Sadly, unless central planning finally works after 7 years of failing ever upward… this.



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      1. Bloodbath is what humanity needs to cleanse the elites worldwide.

        • Amen to that !

          None of this should surprise anyone as the world has been in a global depression since 2008. The only reason the economies around the world did not collapse was because the Central Banks were busy printing Monopoly Money.

          • Just got back from the B O locale, and was going to post some fresh prepping spiritual message…..but…….

            I took a peak at the Asian and Australian markets that opened up earlier and saw the graphs dipping like crazy. So I thought i would give a little peak at what is happening.

            Looks pretty bearish over there.

            “The benchmark Shanghai Composite opened dramatically lower, shedding 8.4% in early trading. Many companies listed in Shanghai, including some large state-owned firms, fell by the maximum daily limit of 10% within the first hour of trading.”

            “The smaller Shenzhen Composite also declined more than 7.5%.
            In Japan, the Nikkei was 2.7% lower in early trading, and Australia’s ASX All Ordinaries was down 2.7%. Seoul’s KOSPI Composite lost 0.9%. Asian currencies were trading lower against the U.S. dollar.”

            If anyone really cares to know. five out of the six largest banks in the world are Chinese owned.
            They have amassed huge debt that is in the tens of trillions. If all those banks closed, went belly up, what effect would it have internationally.

            I don’t know, but the bleeding continues across the board, and where or when it stops is anybodies guess.
            All the experts and economic guru advisers/analyst were giving their input as to possibly buying up some value last week, and stated that this was only a slight correction and all would be leveled off in a few days or at the most, a couple weeks.

            What they don’t know is that a supernatural “correction” is going to take place. Is this the first of many dominoes to fall before Sept. 13th, the Shemitah day? Will that day have a full on collapse/sell off of historical proportions?

            I don’t know, but what i do know is the warnings have been coming from shtf plan for the past five or six years that i remember. I know Mac has been putting up articles for a long long time.

            Question is… many folks heeded the warnings and made crucial adjustments?

            Personally, I don’t believe we will see a full on two or three day crash, of the NY Stock Exchange, just yet; but i do believe the markets, especially the DOW, will never return to the levels they were at last month. And I do mean “never”.

            • The massive train wreck has begun and this time there is no one to bail out anyone. Many of us 18 months ago said “15 to 18 months” well here we go. As Pissin just said as of Monday afternoon in Asia the indexes are off 5 to 7 percent in one day and China is allowing pension funds to invest which will starve more people. If this continues into tue or wed then the panic will ensue and stand by to stand by. NOW is the time to get your preps and plans in order. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

            • Here is where we all can watch the world burn in real time
              ht tp://

              Here is where you can read an insightful exchange from a poster named socalbeachdude and how all of this will end.
              ht tp://

              Live Free or Die…money for nothing and the chicks for free

              • Thank you talon1776 !

                • Your welcome lurking!
                  Look for a 700 plus decline at the open

                  • In the early 1990’s the CDC’s gun-ban “researchers” received wide-converage in the press and their factoids (“43 times as likely” and other phony “statistics”) were quoted incessantly in gun ban propaganda.

                    In the mid-1990’s a handful of honest researchers published exposés of the scientific fraud of the gun-ban “researchers” funded by tax money. As a result of testimony before Congress, the CDC’s gun-ban whores were unfunded by law.

                    In 2014 Obama, against the law, used an Executive Order to re-fund the gun-ban whores with tax money.

                    Lately there is even more evidence of WIDESPREAD subversion of research:
                    • former New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Editor Marcia Angell’s admission of pervasive flaws in articles published in the peer-reviewed medical literature (NEJM was one of the most prolific publishers of gun-ban fraud),
                    • the CDC whistleblowers’ admissions that they published fraudulent research on vaccines, suppressing the data that showed the relation of autism to vaccines, and
                    • now there is this, phony “peer reviews”:

                    • JQP, that’s par for the course for the damn feds. They’ll come up with any type of excuse to outlaw self-defense. Only problem is I won’t follow any restrictions on self-defense.

                  • Well 1000 counts as 700 plus, though a major buyer has propped it back up to only 600 down so far . . .

                    • I have to thank you Mac for keeping these financial articles coming.

                      It helped me to be financially prepped for what’s coming down right now and will likely continue into November.

                      They keep flashing the headline that the “Correction” is China’s fault. Like Obama’s 18 trillion in debt, plus failed QE programs, plus direct manipulation of “not so free” markets, have nothing whatsoever to do with the crash.

                      Over the months the economy has been discussed at length here on and what is coming down is no surprise to anyone not suffering from cognitive dissonance.

                      Again, thanks Mac, awesome job sticking to your guns!

            • Dont worry passin God has it all figured out, its Gods will to crash the markets, cause famine and death. These people (inveatir speculators) just did not pray hard enough. Now down on your knees like a rat eating cheese. And beg for forgiveness for being evil.

              Ha. ~WWTI

            • Remember me telling about my brother that is so greedy that he squeaks when he walks?
              The one that has been stacking paper in the stock market in one basket, where he has worked for 35 years. Pretty good Fortune 500 Co. but…..

              It’s still paper, until you cash it out and buy something with material value or reinvest in land or PM’s.
              Stacks of cash and coins in a huge safe is better than pieces of paper with ink and numbers when a correction turns bearish and to never return to it’s former high.

              Well, I just ran some numbers, based on his total shares, and since early last month….he has lost $80,000.00.

              Remember, basically he has invested his whole life, and took advantage of company stock bottoms, to pile up shares at unbelievable good prices at times. But his greed, may have cost him the very profits he has been banking on for decades.

              He has plenty of companions in his soon to come, pool of misery, around the world.

              I tried to tell him about two months ago and his response about a possible market collapse of 50% or more….”it will never happen in my lifetime”.

              Quote of the day:

              Playing Ostrich, hurts worse, when all hell breaks loose and you realize your head was up your ass the whole time instead of in the sand, and now you are stuck holding a hand full of shit paper. At least you can use it to clean your face off.


              • I’m warning all of us one more time! Look what happens when folks don’t listen to pissin. His brother, { my cuz}, lost 8ok! Another naysayer who dared make sport of cuz lost 10k in property and God killed off his wife to boot! Woe to thee O’ shtf’ers who heed not the warnin’s O’ cuz!

          • This is why Ive been on a mad dash to accumulate as many prepping supplies I will need to survive for decades. Ammo guns, multiple cooking options, and even at my BOL I bought building materials way ahead if time to get all my projects completed. Hell many stores like Lowes and Home Depot are frequently out if simple stock like screws and wood. Get everything you need ASAP before its all gone and then what will you do? Pay way high inflated prices even if it is available. 2nd Calling to all Preppers, flock your gear and analayze your plan.

            Get this my Mom 76 Yrs old, had her Bank tell her they are start charging Mo fees for her checking account unless she keeps a Minimum of $30,000 in her checking acct. Fn Thieves. She was all worried, I told her to stay away from all Banks and go join a Credit Union. She has her SS direct deposited. I told her to go move her account today. SHTF in many ways.

        • “Here is the instrument of cleansing, my brethren. And nothing quite cleanses like fire.”

          Matthias – Omega Man

        • but will the elites be cleansed or simply go into hiding until the bloodbath they have created is over and then come out and continue with their insane actions

        • Let the Pigs get Slaughtered. I look forward to the Great Culling. Took a drive farther out in the country yesterday. Pockets of tent cities and these SOBs are poaching to eat. Just like we all have been talking about here at SHTFPlan. To avoid these scumbag squatters encroaching into my terrirory, we may need to organize and be proactive with raids outward to their camps to cull the herd first to avoid being over run. We need to do this on our watch and the element of surprise usually wins. A truck load of snipers at about 3AM when these meth heads as snoozing. Burn their camps to the ground. Anybody from the City thinking you are going to bug out to the untouched pristine woods full of game to survive living in a tent is severly dilusional. Im seriously considering buying night vision and IR…. Lots of things moving around in the woods at night. Friend and or Foe.. My IR game cameras and motion detectors are an asset…Collect local Google overhead maps of your area to identify choke points, travel routes and threat assessments of your property and get these areas hardened ASAP. Buy that extra coil of barbed wire today. Layers of securitu is whats needed.. Do or die peeps…. WTF?


        • Let er’ Rip Stoltz!!! Lots and lots of ammo and high capacity magazines. Sights in your battle rifles and pick up a Lazer Bore sight for every caliber. I sighted in my cross bow with a 5.56 laser bore sight. Layed it right on the flight track and zeroed the scope to pretty close. Will take some shots today if I have time. Cleaning up dead falls from the wind storm this weekend. Look for dead-falls before you set up any camp. First week at my BOL. Thought I was pretty good where I set up, but winds carried a tall dead branch 15 yrds over and smashed my cast iron propane stove. One is none, and 2 is one. Expect failures. Equipment failurea was- weather radio was a POS, Colemany rechargable lantern was shot. New work boots blew a sole, lack of brush clearing equipment, since bought 2 chain saws and oil, bar lube, and a massive weed eater, lawn tractor, gated trailer, table saw, miter saw to finish the cottage off….things you may not even be able to get post SHTF. Pick up at least 4 sets of good leather work gloves. The woods will shread your city laptop fingers to bits. And why you need a pile of cash. Another to sell that City house amd cash out your equity. Or sit and do nothing today and abandon it later…during the FEMA Camp slave worker round up.


          • You sound like a person that is scared and running from something. Swamp getting a little crowded?

            Best have you a good boat, or some big trees to build a treehouse in. When the waters start rising, the little pockets of higher ground will get real crowded, real fast, and you won’t be able to kill everyone that comes your way.

            There is always someone with more firepower and with longer range guns.
            My cousin shoots in the 1000 yd. club with some big cannons. One mile shots are common when they play.
            After a weak bolt lock let go and the bolt exploded backwards like a rocket, it buried up in his shoulder and was protruding through his back.
            I declined any further invitations to their shoots. I’ll stick to my conventional magnums and 3 to 5 hundred yarders. That is enough to plink a turkey off his roost.

            • You tell ’em cuz!

            • Nope dense woods, not even a 75 yard shot. Bring it btchs. 5.56 & Bayonets.


      2. Though the “tsunami” is already on its way, because people don’t see the obvious waves smashing into our currency causing massive inflation (or deflation depending on which way it goes) they’ll still be in denial.

        Had a neighbor tell me yesterday that he heard on the radio that the economy was looking better and that it would just keep going up and up for the next 4 or 5 years. People hear what they wanna hear and believe.

        • It amazes me what people believe, head in the sand thought process…
          May all here be well…

          • Sterling’s so right. MOST people hear whatever the WANT to hear and completely ignore anything that would upset their “normalcy bias.”

            • People tend to go by the old saying:

              “Reccession is when you are out of work, Depression is when I am out of work.”

              They turn off any other information.

                • Yes. Looking at how Iceland handled their financial crisis would be a great start. Jail time for bankers instead of bailouts worked really well for Iceland and though they suffered two to three years of economic pain they then recovered and are now past it.

            • Unrec. Southron,
              You are correct and what is funny is the way they act is a actual type of brainwashing response!! the social media did a great job of brainwashing the average JOE. hope there will be enough of us that live to turn things around after what-ever is coming fast!

              • Someone here said a few weeks ago that bargains in shipping containers would soon be the rage. Who was that masked man ???

                Its in the archives My Peeps!!! 🙂

                • BTW, I don’t know that it will, but I would not be surprised to see the Shanghai Composite break the 3,000 level before the end of the year; or sooner, and if it does …. reach back …. grab your ass …. and hold on tight.

                  It will get jiggy from there ….. 🙁

                  • Durango, if we make it to the end of the year then I’ll be properly elated. Beyond measure elated. thanks

                    • Hunkerdown: At this rate we won’t make it to the end of the week!!! The Shanghai Composite is down another 8.5% on the Chinese “Black Monday” to just above 3200 despite the best efforts of the Chinese PPT.

                      Its getting really ugly, really fast !!! 🙂

                • riiight!!! and if everything really was getting better, you would have claimed you said it first also (which is actually closer to what you have been posting for years) God don’t you ever get sick of yourself?

                  You really are one of the most ridiculous, idiotic, irritating and psychotic posters I have ever seen on any website comment section or forum and I frequent the God place!!!

                • Durango,I believe the container comment made by either Brave/Eppe/Sarge,one of the thoughtful/intelligent posters,hmmm….,maybe Acid?!

                  • Durangos Brain is Pegged to the 4th dimension. In outerspace. He reads some article then posts it here like he thought it all up on his own. Then kudos himself. Bwhahaha.


                    • Did you find “Yuan, Dollar, Peg” yet, Brainiac??? 🙂

                • Buy up a bunch of shipping contaimers on the cheap, fix them up and rent them out as housing or storage. Opportunities everywhere folks. Eyes Wide Open, Or be the one following the 3 blind mice. Lifea full of choices.


                • I was saying shipping containers for housing 2 yrs ago for a BOL shelter. And everybody was also talking about burying them for storage or bomb shlters. You’re no Einstein DK. We need to get you up to speed fella. Yeah go check the archives.


                  • This page has really mellow until you turned up. Your a nasty fucker WWTI.

                    • Anon you ain’t whislting Dixie on that.
                      He has been an ass for a while..

                    • I think he was born an ass, and that is why he has no friends.
                      He was always a Momma’s boy and a bulley. If the truth be known, he moved to Florida to milk off her retirement and SS. I bet he has never worked a regular job his whole life. He is a sad excuse for a human being.

                    • I’ve always found DurangoKidd to be a thoughtful and intelligent poster.

                      This other “gentleman” (WWTI), and I use that term lightly, is vindictive, rude, and condescending.

                      But hey, this is the internet and people show their true colors on here.

        • I wonder when the tipping point will occur when people – the ignorant sheep – will realize there is something massive at hand. I’ve shown the data to those I care about, but yet no one seems to take it serious.

          • greasemonkoid- See my above reply to Sterling Silver’s above post, the second post here. That’ll answer your question.

        • I would be willing to bet that he is one of Stalin’s useful idiots, voted for zer_0 twice and is not prepared… Some folks deserve to be slaves…….

        • BTW,

          When those containers fall off a ship, they are designed to float. In actuality, they tend to float just under the surface where they are perfectly situated to jag a hole through your hull. They especially tend to congregate in areas of vertical influence, such as the great Antarctic circumpolar vortex, and the great pacific trash gyre.

        • I have a brother in law with a CPA with an MBA. He is in the Finance Industry and has been for two decades. We debate and he says, “They will not allow that to happen” but when asked he says there is no “they” and I’m the uneducated one.

        • SS I agree… the other night there was (as usual) nothing good on TV and after a few minutes I just settled for a documentary on the Japanese Tsunami, one that I hadn’t seen before. People were actually standing in harms way, and some were even joking around when they saw the first part of the wave coming in. It looked small and somewhat harmless. They couldn’t see the danger that was lurking underneath, nor did they think twice about the unusual changes unfolding right in front of their faces.

          Many people these days mock those of us sounding the warning. They are spiritually blind and can’t see the danger that is quickly rising. Much like in Japan, when the full force of the tsunami is realized, many will have already been swept away. That’s just how it is.

      3. Is it just me or are the rails that this train is on are starting to get very loose on the cross ties and the bridge is in sight. I don’t think we are going to make it to much longer, let alone to and over the bridge to the other side. The CRASH IS HERE!! Oh my, the gulley that the bridge span’s wide and deep and we will derail and slid over the gullies edge, there is no stopping it now.

      4. to see the currnt BDIY. It is very interesting.

        Some pundits like to point out that more ships are in service. Keep in mind the last ships went in service way back in 2008.

      5. In layman’s terms, pardon the pun, it all boils down to the Clinton-Lewinsky equation. “Hard” assets are all that counts, and this nation no longer produces hard assets. Its all click money, service industries, fees, and commissions being poked down a wet hole to nowhere. We are about to find out what it’s really like to get dry-boned. If that doesn’t explain it, nothing ever will. God bless and may He forgive me for my off color comment. thanks and be safe

        • If China wanted to crush the USA, all they need to do is stop all shipping of anything or every product they supply the US. And since the US no longer manufactures most anything, we would be screwed big time in a short order. And the political hacks that endorsed out sourcing from the 1980′ forward need to culled along with their CEO Corporate Donars.

      6. Partial repost.


        In a few hours we will know for sure which way the wind blows. Looking ahead to future discussions and I figure the topics of God and Politics will turn to more, down to earth matters. At this time if you do not understand what can happen and what you should have done to compensate for the hardship. Then you are going to have a major learning experience.

        Today I purchased some cans of expanding foam and some tubes of window sealant. Managed to also buy two 1.8 cu. ft. re-sealable metal drums. Weatherproof and EMP proof.

        I also wanted to re-mention force multipliers. A small pair of binoculars for example.

        • Slingshot, hope you got a good brand of optics. I use Nikons myself and never had any trouble with them. In my safe I have a pair of old WW2 Japanese military binoculars one of my relatives took from a dead Jap army officer in the guerilla warfare in the Phillipines. They were made by a company called Nikko which after WW2 became NIKON. Still work very good after all these years. I won’t give them up for anything.

          • BH: You can’t go wrong with Nikon, I have a few pair myself.

            • FWIW, as I mentioned earlier, I have pair of Jap military binoculars made by Nikon’s predecessor, Nikko, in WW2 taken from a dead Jap army officer in the Phillipines. They still work today just as well as they did back then. And the case is metal. No one has made optics in a metal case since the 70s that I’m aware of. They’re all heavy-duty plastic cases now. I’ve got another pair of 8×42 I’ve had for 10 years that are still good. I bet my life on Nikons and they’ve never let me down.

          • I brought two sets of 12×50 Bushnell’s . My pair of Nikons I have had over the years had finally submitted to the terrible abuse I gave them. I have either dislodged one of the optics or the sugar sand (Looks like fine white sugar) has worn some moving part.

            • Slingshot, I was never impressed with Bushnells but to each his own I always say. One thing I have always refused to do with optics is to abuse them. You take good care of them and they’ll take good care of you. My best set are a pair of Nikon Aculon 10×50 I was given for Christmas last year. use whatever you believe works best for you. If they serve your purpose well enough, that’s what really counts.

              • Braveheart

                I should be the person who tests the dependability of products. I am hard and abusive on lots of things. I can tell you the difference between normal wear and tear and abuse.
                Boots and shoes! Ohhh. The only item to go the distance was a pair of Levi jeans.

                • sling, I picked a few new pairs of levis on my last trip to GA. first time I’ve had levis in 20 years. Hope there still as good as the old ones. I always have extra boots, especially insulated boots, stockpiled. thinsulate is worth its weight in gold in the winter. they keep my feet warm and dry. I prefer boots anyway. On optics I just believe they are too important to put through any kind of abuse, but that’s just me.

                  • Brave,though OK the quality of Levis has dropped.I have a few true old survivor pairs from early 80’s that fit(yep still a 31″ waist thank you!).The newer ones definetly thinner and the sewing around button hole not as strong,still OK but have dropped,am looking into alternitives for working,any thoughts there appreciated from users of other brands,am a carpenter by trade.The old pairs only come out at concerts ect.,they are gems!

                    • Warchild, the last time I had some Levis was at size 32 back in the 80s and I’m a size 38 now, LOL. Can’t help it if I love to eat. Nothing is really made like it used to be. Best recommendation I can give on carpenter jeans would be some Dickies. Not the best but maybe they’ll last awhile.

                    • Same here Warchild. I save the Levis for going out in the world.

                      Switched over to Wrangler Rip-Stop Cargo Pants for work. The rip-stop material is very tough and good in both hot and cold temps. I own many pair with no complaints.

                    • Save all your skinny clothes and pants folks Guaranteed you will lose 15 to 20 lbs bugging out. And the kean times ahead. I bet I sweated a gallon or water a few days working out here at the BOL. Also get several good military style belts to hold yoir pants and concealed weapon up on your waiste. Consider 1.5 inch wide 511tactical. Dot com. You can’t run and gun with your pants around your ankles.

                    • Carhartts. My husband and boys wear them. The jackets are great too. They last a long time. They aren’t cheap but they get so much wear, they pay for themselves.

                  • Braveheart. I always thought that Wrangler jeans held up better than Levis; Wranglers cost less. But to each his own. Some people like to wear the Levis.
                    Boots are always a good investment.
                    Something I’ve noticed lately. Not that I shop at WalMart alot, but it seems like the lines at the cash registers are not as long as they used to be.
                    I have a pair of Bushnell binocs buried in a pack (12x50s).
                    Cases of water and scrap wood stacked up for the winter, along with other stuff.
                    I do believe the sh!t will hit the fan soon.

                    • Bobby, I normally get Wranglers myself, but I stay out of wallyworld all I can these days. I have noticed the parking lots at wallyworld less crowded since the spring. most of my supplies are already at the BOL so when bugout time comes I only have enough left at home to load up the truck and it’s off I go. Firewood has already been cut and stacked for the winter and all other bases are covered. I also think SHTF is just around the corner.

                    • Just bought a Leopold LASER rangefinder.

                      Not gonna say why.

                    • Jay,thanks for the tip,will check em out,didn’t like the Dickies personally.

                    • Why would you want to catch flies eppe? Just take a natural shit in the woods if you want to attract flies; way quicker than wasting prepping honey.

                      Ha. ~WWTI

                    • I quit buying levis years ago after discovering their antigun politics. If you wore levis to a range you were frowned upon. I wore wranglers for a long time and they wear out fast. I wear carhartt now, they are tough and last forever especially the double fabric knee and lap type. For 45 a pair they outlast 5 pairs of wranglers or levis. You get what you pay for and more.

                    • Just bought two pair of Carhartt jeans. They put all those consumer-grade brands to shame.

                  • BH,

                    Not picking on you guys here but just know Thinsulate is 100% cotton therefore if it gets wet it will take forever to dry and also leech your body heat away when drying.

                    Primaloft for example is the current industry standard, it’s a synthetic (polyester) fill of low weight and much higher heat density than cotton or wool fills.

                    Try Marmot or Patagonia jeans or Under Armour charged cotton which all are a cotton/polyester blend; they combine the best properties of each material (cotton is more comfortable and odor resistant, polyester wicks moisture away and dries MUCH MUCH quicker than cotton).

                    For my winter mountaineering expeditions, I differ from the majority and use uninsulated knee high rubber boots a half size too big and layer my wool socks to suit my warmth level. Most climbers wont use rubber boots, they will use leather or plastic b/c they claim rubber is not breathable and you will get trench foot from your own perspiration. I disagree. I never have foot problems, you just have to take the boots off at night and let everything dry out. IM not so humble O, plastic pac boots are too damn rigid for trekking, and leather is not waterproof enough. You get wet feet when winter hiking you gonna have a huge fucking problem, plus you probly wont even feel your feet freeze.

                    • AE, excellent post!
                      You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar…

                    • I like the polyprophaline long johns and undershirts. They have always worked great for me in below 0 weather. They last a long time too. The backlavas are very warm too.

                • LEVIS? who’s fucking buying those traitor pants?

                  anti second amendment pukes!

              • I have a set of Nikkon 7 x 35 action series, I like them pretty well, compact but great optics for the price, I also have several telescopes ranging from 50mm refractor up to 114mm and 130m reflecting, azmuth and equatorial mounts, I like to use the 114 on an azmuth mount with an erecting eyepiece(flips image back to normal) for terrestrial viewing, sighting in rifles, animal watching etc…lol you can easily read a licence plate at a thousand yards…

                • Secret, you bought the right brand. I prefer mid-size to full-size binocs myself. Never been into telescopes but I just might get one.

                  • Any sniper book will tell you to uses binoculars for quick panning of the environment and a spotter scope for precision targeting, gathering intel, etc. Carry that in your drag bag along with your knee and elbow pads, guilli suit, rifle, ammo ballistic data charts, compass, wind meter, pencil etc, etc.


              • I use Trashco.

                • I have nikon now, but still have my old steel body tasco. Had to replace the eye cups 5 years ago but they work as great as when I was given them by my Father. They still have the hard case too.
                  One thing, about cotton clothes, Every body says cotton kills, as a Canadian in the Northern Prairies, I wear jeans all year round.
                  Winter regularly gets -40 and the only concession I make is canvas overalls, which is still cotton, same as my Father and every other outdoors working man I know. What keeps you warm is mitts, not gloves, and yes i use the GI surplus shooting mitts when hunting because they are good wool lined. A good knitted hat, not that garbage that every cool idiot wears. A scarf, get or make one as long as you are tall. And good foot wear, you get cold wet feet aint nothing keeping you warm.
                  I never look fashionable or survivor chique but I am never cold. And I never pay the prices of the classic outdoor supply outlets to stay that way.
                  While you are going to say oh he’s gonna die fast or freeze or what ever you have read online remember that cotton clothes do not rip the same way as most everything else, you need a solid layer to block wind in the cold. pockets, seams, weakspots, whatever you get them torn and fancy stuff fails. Not to mention when you are in the cold, in a working situation or survival situation all those cool synthetics have a tendancy to melt onto your skin if it gets sparks, open flames, too close to the improvised stove. That hurts more than you can imagine.

              • I use binoculars every day here at the BOL. Checking out game or who the person is (friend or foe) outside my fenced area. I Only have one pair and need to get a back up, JIC. Better yet a IR night vision FLIR Scout would be a great prep here at the BOL. $2500 though. Shop around more for pricey items.


          • Braveheart

            Your relative escape capture and the Battan Death March and operated as a guerrilla? I read a book about a US Navy Officer that did that. WOW.

            • Kevin2, he sure did along with some others. They gave the Japs all the hell they could during the occupation until MacArthur came back. He died shortly before Christmas in 2010 of cancer and those Jap optics were his parting gift to me. I literally broke down when he died and I received them. Now that man was a REAL hero in my book. On his escape, he disappeared into the jungle right after the surrender. He didn’t even join the Death March but did manage to rescue some others from it.

              • The book I read about it was, American Guerrilla in the Philippines Hardcover – 1945
                by Ira Wolfert.

                Out jungle warfare the Japanese.

                I would have been honored just to meet the man, more honored to have truly known him and very proud to be in his bloodline.

                • Kevin2, the books and especially movies I’ve seen about the subject just can’t compare to the stories he told me about his time in the Phillipines, but yes I’m honored to be part of that bloodline. He took a stand against some evil, tyrannical SOBs and survived it all.

                  • Braveheart,
                    May we ALL be able to do what your relative! if it comes to that and we will be finding very soon! I thinks!!

                    • Apache54, I also believe we’ll have to at least try to do like he did. It IS coming to that sooner than any of us think.

                  • @Braveheart….

                    Touched by your story man. And deeply grateful for your uncle’s sacrifice and service.

                    • What an awesome story brave heart. Saluting you and the man who went before you. Thanks for the book recommendation kevin!

                • Just for the record, Wolfert was part of the Stalinist propaganda brigade. Having recently re-read “American Guerrilla”, I’m of the opinion that while the main character might be real enough, the book is largely fiction, and not very good fiction at that. So many bizarre details, like a full moon rising at midnight.

          • Braveheart I was Braveheart 1 but let you have it even though I am Scandinavian and Irish and Scottish. Didn’t want to get ventilated but did win a hammer throwing contest with a fellow Scandinavian sooo. My father fought in the Philippines during WW2 and was a drill instructor after and taught me to shoot. I have a Leopold scope on my 300 WM a mark 4 and truely believe it is the best. I could pick anyone off at 1500 yards maybe further on a calm day. Getting ready for Shtf is what I do and respect others doing the same. I actually have a claymore sword in my possession and have studied Kenpo among other styles. Just a thought.

        • Refreshing, Slingshot, to see someone commenting without blaming the Jews, Obama, the Illuminati or the Pope. It really doesn’t matter who, what matters is what. Getting shit on is getting shit on. Get ready folks.

          • A breath of fresh air.

      7. Yep freight is in decline tell me something I don’t know. You had to know that the cheap Chinese flood would recede. Looks like Walmart is gonna hurt good I’m glad less people will be exploited maybe wages will go up. Why work anymore there is no incentive your never gonna retire nowadays. I work with senior citizens and I know I will be a working senior. So I’ve reduced my ambition by leaps now it’s just get a stinky day’s pay if your one of the lucky folks to have a job. I smell cuts in overtime coming for me. Glad I dont have a car payment. Got 75000 on the clock in my truck it runs like a top and I’m gonna push it through the recession. These other guys ran out and bought new pickup trucks probably have $500 a month payments. I’ve been through this shit before and barely finished the payments in my vehicle from the 2008 debacle. I have no doubts about the future of the economic situation. Feel I got all the stuff I need might pickup a new pair boots to put back. Can’t have too many pairs of boots. Gonna try to squeeze another vacation in before the collapse. It might be the last for a long time. I told the wife the shit is coming down the pipe soon and while she isn’t into preparedness like me she does understand why I do it. She never gets mad about when I buy something even if it’s big bucks. Some guys wives get all bullshit over them buying a piece of gear that they need. Make your final selections and head to the register the store is about to close and may never reopen.

        • Asshat

          Brought wife body armor for our anniversary. She liked it.

          • I would like that gift too!

          • I bought mine a pair of chaps and a new cowgirl hat. To each their own.

        • Asshat, I’m still buying and stacking myself. I may be bugging out a month from now depending on events. I’m a loner so there’s nobody to go ape shit on me when I buy something. I’ll just tell them to stuff it anyway.

        • And I was waiting for the next Cash For Clunkers rollout!

      8. Eppe, it’s all coming down to the wire now. Keep stacking and praying. BTW, sorry I couldn’t meet with you on my last trip to GA. Most likely I’ll be coming back sometime in Sept./Oct. which could well become the bugout for me, depending on events. The sheeple are in for the surprise of their lives.

        • Good luck, BH. I’ll be across the border from you in Palmetto State foothills. Maybe we’ll meet up one day…

          • US, that would be my pleasure. The way things are looking it could be in Sept. We’ll find out soon enough, I believe.

          • Was just thru that way a couple weeks ago, I like the folks, well most folks anyways from foothills and mtns. of the Palmetto and Peach. Not to fond of transplants though. Haven’t had very much luck in trust issues with them. MTBand forever!

        • Brave, no worries, one day.
          I am debating going to my 38th High School reunion next month.
          I would rather meet MOST all the guys and gals here, than go to the reunion…

          May all here be well…

          • Eppe, the last time I went to a high school reunion was in 2005 just before Katrina. They were all sheeple then are still are now I think. No more reunions for me. Bugout time can’t come soon enough for me.

            • I went to my high school reunion a number of years ago. There were a bunch of really old people there. At first, I thought I was at the wrong party.

          • Well Eppe,how about a shootapalooza party with camping space?!I will buy the ammo but will not drive thru multiple evil states with firearms,well,not long gun,you got a .308/5.56/.300 I could use at such an event?!

            • War, that would be great.
              It would be awesome to meet, and shoot our ‘tools’….
              Do a pig in the ground, camp out, bonfire, drink a few.
              Would be an epic weekend!!!

              • Eppe, I would love that also.

                • I was thinking of doing one the Saturday of the Labor Day.

                  I think most people are somewhere else…

                  And we shoot each others tools, unless you do not to shoot.

                  I would not let a 6 yr old shoot my deer rifle…
                  But a great time for all…

        • Braveheart, time to stack the inexpensive wet canned goods now. I am not worried about long term storage at this point.

          • Red Leader, spot on. I’ve been buying and stacking those forever. That’s the majority of my food storage.

        • Braveheart I am in Ga. Hope the but out goes as planned.

          • Thor, I’m in Gwinn co, you close?

            • I grew up in Gwinn. County but now call Cherokee home

              • My wife and I used to live in Kennesaw, and my in laws still live in Gwinnett. Too close to Atlanta for us and we fled here. Getting stuck in traffic in Idaho will add a good three to four minutes to your commute 🙂

            • Man, y’all are close by…..I’m near Gainsville.

              Was thinking about making a Coatco run tommorrow…….but I’m kinda wanting to stay local to watch the morning news.

        • BH, are you anywhere near Clayton? It is not that far from here. I understand OPSEC, but maybe a meet up with some of the others at a nearby location?

          • SR, love to meet up if it can be arranged. And sorry, but I am sworn to OPSEC concerning my future location if I want to keep that arrangment.

      9. There was some talk about some more QE and Shazammm!
        The Dow futures are at neg. 146. From -490.

        • Sling: The scam never ends does it. Did you ever watch the movie Sling Blade?

          • FWIW

            Don’t think I have seen that movie.

          • Um hm. French fried potaters. I call it a Kaiser blade.

        • Just checked the Nikkei(Japan). Bleeding again @-436.26 We’ll see what’s-what come 9:30 EST tomorrow.

          • PO’d, at 9:30 Monday expect Jim Kramer of MSNBC to say something like: Folks don’t worry if your life saving is gone. I’ll teach you how to start again so your kids won’t go hungry.

            • Jim Cramer….sometimes I think he just another nut job or dumb as a fox. ‘Bout the only dim bright spot is listening to Rick Santelli.

      10. Got a nice pair of compact Nikon binocs for the bubble from father in law. Wanna get a night vision just can’t justify spending the $ for one. At $3500 for good stuff it’s a little pricy. No point getting something that only sees 30yards I can see that far without night vision in the dark.

        • Asshat, I have a cheap night vision scope I got from wallyworld 12 years ago that seems to do just as well as the high-dollar jobs. $3500 and up is for rich people. I’ll spend $3500 on food, water, ammo and other gear before I would on night vision.

          • Agreed that “the good stuff” is going to cost $3500 and up, waaaay up, BUT I am seeing discounted prices for early white phosphorus tube clip-on NVDs for $1500-$1700. While these units are not state-of-the-art, they are certainly serviceable. Some are even auto-gated. Decent value for the money. If you shop hard you can find used units for $300, but you won’t know how many hours are on the tube.

            Read hard, shop hard. Caveat emptor.

        • Asshat, after doing lots of research into night vision, I decided to go with thermal optics instead. The range on them is about 1400 yards, DAY OR NIGHT! There is no need for IR illuminators and they just flat out are amazing. I ended up buying the Pulsar Apex XD50 model and mounted it on my AR10, .308. It has 3 separate savable sets of crosshairs. I have one zeroed for soft points for hunting, one for FMJ for SHTF, and the third for AP handloads, also for SHTF. Don’t leave home without it.

          • There are advantages and disadvantages to thermal imaging (TI) and image intensification (I2).

            For example:

            TI is superior in detection (“There is something out there”), but I2 is superior in identification (“Ooops that ‘target’ is actually my daughter”).

            TI is blind to targets behind windows and water; I2 is not.

            More discussion here:

        • Boring chick flick… and the pepper, his wife, and his daughter, not the sheeple, were the ones on the beach as the tsunami raced towards them. The End.

      11. I’m 57 on my 28th year of self employment. I have plenty of work but no help. Last man quit at $20 an hour. Didn’t want to produce. If and when TSHTF my wife and I are prepared. While I don’t look forward to the upcoming festivities, our Republic, if it is to be salvaged will face a daunting task of rebuilding. We’ve had it to easy for to long. And we’ve given our birthright to the politicians to do as they please. The time to pay the piper is fast approaching. Work togeather in small groups, but watch your back at all costs.

        • AM,what is your line of work and what general region you in,always up for a new challenge!

          • NW Alabama, Winston co. Smith Lake area. Builder/Remodeler. I don’t understand the mentality of people today. We have high unemployment and a lot of people on disability/assistance.

            • @ AMartinez – Hello, neighbor !! Morgan County here.

              • Cool Chuck, not far at all.

                • UH,Martinez,looks like another tough New England winter,you have a need and world still together would travel down south and rent a room off of CL you have the work,am a good all around carpenter/and have proven when needed with rubber boots will literally stand in shit to fix a septic,only thing I don’t do is roof anymore,rather fix a septic!

      12. The BDI has been trending downward for the past five years. The peak five years ago was 2,995. I wonder how low the BDI has to go before trade stops entirely? It was down to 511 about six months ago.

        • The BDI is a back door measurement of world trade not actually measuring the number of containers shipped but rather the cost to ship them. If more containers are produced, if shipping is cheaper (fuel cost) the numbers change. Singularly its not a good indicator but in conjunction with other data it validates reality.

          • Correct. But if the cost of shipping drops too much, it won’t be profitable for the shippers to continue operating.

            • Not meaning the shippers’ costs, but the cost they can charge for shipping.

            • Its the delta of cost that determines the profit. As long as the cost to ship is below the price charged to ship by enough they will continue.

      13. I think I might turn on the TV in the morning at 9:30, watch the DOW ticker, and see what happens. Some “experts” are predicting a sell-off tomorrow based on the drop in stock futures (-160 when I last checked).

        • Archivist

          Coffee and toast. T.V. remote.

        • And it came in at just over 1000 points down to open. Flash crash and all that. Interesting to watch over coffee.

      14. I was just looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average at:

        ht tp://

        and noticed that every single component stock had gone down Friday, not just most, but every single one.

        • You are correct. Every single one of the markets were negative as well..
          DOW futures for tomorrow -120
          Australia and Japan are both down 2%+-. They are the first to get the party started for Monday.

      15. The agency ass clown trolls think that they ran me off the site. What a bunch of dumb asses..totally laughable.



        • Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

          houst. (v. adj.) dif.- to school badly, beat up, rule over, destory, ran sacked, tanked, and etc. He got housted at the bar last night.

          Cypress is an Unincorporated community of Harris County, Texas, United States located completely inside the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston

          Katy is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, within Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. The city is located in Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties.

          shtf Shit Hits The Fan To survialists and preparedness people, this is the big disaster. Normally connotates the total break down of civilization and social order.

        • Yes HCKS, you’re the one constant star in an ever changing universe. We’re mighty lucky to have you here.

      16. Has covert WWWIII STARTED? It just may have, folks prepare because that is all we can do. Soon it will be off and running, be safe my friends.

        • Whether it has started or not yet, one aspect of declining world trade is it increases the chances for war.

          Countries that engage in a lot of trade are less likely to go to war with each other. When trade decreases across the board the disincentives for war go down too.

      17. So it looks like the econo crash could be fur real this time. The data in the article seems to support this.

        This crash ain’t gonna be the same as the ’08 crash. The ’08 crash was proceeded by a long period of economic prosperity for most. They had savings and credit to cushion the effects. Since then however, many have been treading water at best. There’s no cushion this time.

      18. If you have been visiting this site, you can say that whatever happens tomorrow. You won’t be caught flat footed.

        Mac has covered all the bases with good articles.

        Well done, Mac.

        • Sling, well said.

          Mac, thank you for this place.
          I am proud of being a small peice of the plan.
          think about this:
          Say in 18 months from now, no internet….

          Everyone thank Mac for a place to trade ideas…

          • Ditto,,,
            And thank you Mac for actually allowing freedom of speech!
            Hope everyone is well and ready for whatever,,,

          • ditto on the thanks for free speech!….but eppe, what makes you think we got 18 MINUTES of internet? i think it all comes apart within a few hours….DAYS at most. i think it’s likely it all comes apart within a few months at most. toooo many signs that it’s coming unraveled….MONEY makes the world go round, and america(ns) is BROKE….and BROKEN…look what we’ve done to young people in america…glued to their smart(dumb)phones and video games…few americans teach their kids any skills they will need to survive this changed america. just make sure they are dressed in the latest fashions, and make sure they have good credit scores.

          • I’ll second that. Thanks Mac

        • I haven’t posted a lot here, but I have been learning from all of you for over a year. I have learned SO much and am better prepared for whatever may happen. Thanks Mac, and thank ALL of you for your insight and experiences.

          • I completely agree. I rarely post but have read nearly ever article here, good or bad, for the last two years. Mac has put forth a tremendous amount of effort keeping us all informed. I’m truly thankful to him and all those here that post regularly. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for what I believe is about unfold but im more prepared now than I ever have been. Keep up the good work.

      19. I have to agree slingshot. This website was the best thing that Mac ever did. Mac may not know or already knows that his website has has positive impact on people’s lives by literally saving our lives.
        I hope that we all get to survive what is coming. Because it is a literally hell on earth as we know it.. I had now idea 10 years ago that I would be fighting to survive and end up homeless literally out in the streets. And it happened to me.

        Mac, internationally known, locally respected.



        • HCKS

          This site has been one hell of an education on many subjects.
          Some topics are at the low scale for me. Not that they are bad but I am more into “how” than the “why”.

          When I look around I can see why.

          • I know it has opened my eyes to more than just a few pieces of knowledge

        • Its been good to come here and read. Been working some long hours recently. Hopefully things will ease up so I can see about tying up some loose ends here on the home front. Wife commented the other day she wanted to go to the range to shoot but right now got a lot of irons in the fire. Stay safe folks as I feel this stock market correction ain’t the only thing comin’ our way.

      20. Looks like the road has come to an end nowhere else to kick the can now.

      21. Just waiting to see the look on the sheeple’s faces when they finally realize that uncle sugar is a lie and they’re all on their own. It’s gonna be hilarious and dangerous all at the same time. Good luck and God bless you and yours.

        • Yea, wait till the government workers retirement funds dry up because they were heavily invested in risky crap in the market,,,

      22. If you want a good indicator of what tomorrow morning will bring, go to and check on the Asian markets. As of now 4 of the 5 are open and trading severely in the negative. I’ll probably be up late watching.

        • Update: Shanghai fell 7% right out of the gate. Small correction right now, waiting to see which way it will swing.

        • The chinks are getting hammered. The PTB had better shoot a couple of stock traders to get it to settle down.

      23. Relax on the stock market. I’m in my sixties and for half my life the DOW was below 1000. We lived good then and if it goes back to 1000 then somehow we will manage. Tighten the screws one more time we work better under pressure. thanks

        • What was the dollar worth when the Dow was below a thousand?

          i.e., that chocolate bar that costs you two dollars now, what did it cost then?

      24. Dow futures -423 for Monday. Woof. Bloody Monday…

        ht tp://

      25. Hey lurking,that’s a good one. That sums it up, at least you know why I chose that header for
        My handle and city and it’s diversity of inhabitants is none the less one cluster f..k of a city. You have me laughing My ass off when I read your post. You are right on the money. Shtf is the best site ever, nothing use it exist at this level. is also good..i recommend..them. Mac has a PhD is posting the topics to stir sh…t up. we are never boring. We have been wining the info war against the agency azz clowns. They are struggling to keep up.



      26. And still this morning, the BBC insist that Britain is alright and the economy is strong. Denial at it’s best Haha!

      27. Those in the know have known this for at least a decade. What will happen is this:

        – markets crash
        – Fed says it will not raise rates but actually introduce a radical new policy: negative interest rates
        – QE4 launched
        – the switch will be thrown on total surveillance and electronic social control. Get ready to be chipped and tracked.
        – war: a draft will be implemented for all youth 18 to 30 and they will have to deploy to Africa, the Middle East and Ukraine.
        – election 2016: the world will be in the grips of a fully fascist Western economic system at full-blown war across the world.

      28. Well, looking at some markets that just closed (China, Japan and India) makes me wonder if we’ll hear/read of some “high rise building” divers not coming out of their pike before they smack the concrete. GOING DOWWWWNNNN!

      29. My inlaws are clueless. I’ve tried to reach them for 3 years. They sit on 5 beautiful acres of land in the mountains. They have a very small organic garden and a nicely manicured yard, and never keep more than a week worth of groceries in the house. They do not own guns. They watch CNN all of the time, and believe that everything is fine. They keep their money in their bank accounts and stocks, and move about life as if nothing to going to touch the bubble that they live in.

        • Mountain, they are not alone.

          I believe you just summed up 90% of the American society.

          It’s unfortunate, but these people are truly on their own.

          • last Monday I convinced my Dad to shift his entire 401K out of stocks and into a money market account earning a guaranteed 3%. He said he would do it for 3 months and then reevaluate.

            I’ve been on him for some time now to do this (and buy silver instead) and it looks like I just saved him tens of thousands of dollars 🙂

            • Rebel in Idaho,

              You da man!

              “Front Line” did a special called “The Retirement Gamble” anyone with a 401k of IRA should watch it.

              95% of the time stocks go up historically! it’s that other 5% that make paupers out of people.

        • Mountain

          Your In Laws are just about to get a wake up. Point out to them once they have that, Deer In The Headlights Look after their investments tank that first you must now realize that you have been and will continue to be lied to. Once they realize and accept that its prep catch up time. Fortunately they have the land and hopefully its isolated.

          My brother “worships the sphere”. He says about all of this, “I don’t care about that” as if he is unaffected. Its bogies, birdies, under par, driver, wedge and slice.

          • Some people just can’t be helped. A friend had a mutual fund back in the tech crash. She kept coming to me and telling me how much she was losing and asking if she should get out: I told her you missed all the obvious warning signs to get out a year or more ago. Now you are just going to have to watch everything you saved get vaporized. Another friend was bullied by his law-abiding parents into getting a mutual fund, which lost him money and he would have been fine if he just kept the cash in a savings account.

            Some people just can’t believe the system would screw them; normalcy bias.

            • Frank Thoughts

              I knew when to get out which I did in Feb of 07. I did not realize the ability to re-inflate thew bubble and lost a bundle not getting back in. Hind site is 20/20. Once I realized this the DOW was at 12,000 and knowing how it was happening, that it had no legs, I stayed out.

              I’ll be honest. If it crashes to 8000 and oil goes to $30 a bbl I’m jumping on XOM (ExxonMobil). I can’t guard bulk gold, they’re going to devalue the USD so cash isn’t an option either and they fight over oil. I’ll bank on the war catalyst commodity oil as a place to park my money.

              Mutual Funds are predominately set up by banks in companies that they have invested in and they direct their people to push them. At one time they got bonuses but now rewards like trips, ostensibly for training in Hawaii are the bribe of choice.

        • Mountain I know how frustrating it is when you believe someone you care for is heading down the wrong path toward disaster and won’t heed your advice. Sometime changing your strategy is in order. I use the gift as a way to illicit change. A book that appeals to your objects interests and touches on the how’s and whys of prepping. It’s harder to reject when it’s gift wrapped. Sounds like in this case since they have a garden, you might introduce them to the idea of adding medicinal herbs with a book on the subject. I would buy a fruit tree and bring it over on their anniversary with a shovel and potting soil. Prepared to put it in the ground for them. When they ask, “What is that?” You tell them “That’s a such an such tree for your anniversary. Where should I plant it”. Hope things work out for you and your loved ones.

      30. Texas I thought about the thermal sights myself. Don’t have any Optics on any weapons I’m an iron fan I figure it can’t break on me. I would like an advantage though. Gonna send the wife by Costco to get a bucket of morning moos powdered milk might grab the butter maybe powdered eggs too.

      31. Mountain,till it is too late keep trying,tis a tough mental leap but once made have seen folks prep pronto!Till it hits you have time,and,as always,”the smalls add up!”

      32. My home, family, wealth, food/water, and guns are gone. I’m completely unprepared for what I’ve been preparing for years now. Prayers are needed as God is my only protection now. Lord have mercy.

        • Stay close to Him, Iowa.

          Prayer for you to travel safely under His wings. Tis sweet to be there.

        • Good to hear from you Iowa, we’ve been praying for you for some time now.

          Keep the faith and hopefully your trials won’t be as hard as Job’s. You can do it.


        • Hello Iowa, I hope you’ll eventually be able to look back on this trial and in some way see it as a blessing. Life takes many a twist and turn but things usually work themselves out better for those that love the Lord. Hope that don’t sound too trite amigo. Thinking of you.

          • Iowa,hang in there buddy,sad you had tough times but does to a degree mentally prep you,at least has been the case for me in last year or so,hope things start at least on a personal level getting better even if world itself seems determined to go for a ride downhill!

      33. Dow Futures down 653

      34. Will the stock market “LOCK Up” today.

        I believe if the circuit breakers kick in twice because of quick drop. The Market will close.

      35. funny how when its time for the BLS to figure COLA, the thing that they use most is the price of oil, and that has dropped,giving them the excuse to why there will be another low COLA, and now when its time for the fed to raise interest rates the market drops, to give another excuse not to raise.

      36. I also appreciate this site, thanks Mac and all posters. Been reading stuff here for almost 2 yrs, finally signed up. Screw the nsa…
        Mountain, you summed up perfectly the friends whose house I had dinner at last night. Fairly well off, he watches msnbc, cnn, Maher, Maddow, eats up all the bs, and thinks government is our friend.
        I mentioned to him an article I read recently about holding more cash right now than normal. He thought that was crazy. (“It’s safer in the bank”) Had no idea of the Cypress bank bail-in, and how it’s written into law here. Those two will suffer badly. He thinks if SHTF they will just fly to the States and be safe, like N. Orleans or the Bay area. Clueless!
        Wife finally comes home mid week, (4 weeks stateside)luckily there’s no hurricane to fly through to get here. We’re in PR and if SHTF (Nibiru) we might end up washed onto a beach in FLa, you southern folks can pick us up.
        We’re well prepped except for one thing…brass and lead. Had to sell all the ordnance to move here..but that changes this week. I’ve secured a dove hunting license and will pick up a scattergun. Hey, better than nothing. It’s possible to own handguns here but more red tape and cost than I wanted to go thru.
        Financial markets are going to be interesting today…

        • Ketchupondemand.

          Can’t help on the beach pickup in Florida. According to HCKS we will be floating our way to Texas.

          Howdy Partner.

        • Ketchupondemand, signing up to a website does not make you a target. Just visiting websites such as this on a daily basis puts a target on you.

          I’m not worried about the NSA and it’s affiliates.
          They should be worried about people like me.
          If, and when they decide to visit me, it just saves me the effort and time looking for them and I’m perfectly content with it.

        • I know lots of people like that, have no clue how things really are, they have bought the MSM lies that the recovery is complete and that we need the millions of immigrants to fill all the vacant jobs.
          Is mind boggling.
          I just smile and dont say anything.

          • yep I had someone tell me that the Social Security Ponzi scheme was gonna be Ok. Because all those millions of immigrants working will fill the government coffers with tax dollars. We had unbridled immigration in the last half of the 1800,s. and the first World War led to the Roaring Twenties. and then the thirtys came and we all heard how that bubble popped.

          • Kulafarmer – I agree “We need the immigrants to fill the vacant jobs” is bs. Here’s what I heard on the news a few weeks ago, “If we send them back, whose gonna polish your toes ladies, and guys, whose gonna clean your toilets.” Like that’s a valid reason to keep millions of immigrants in the country.

        • I think the guns & ammo are the least importiant. Food & water and the means to secure more food wen your stash runs should be a priority out. Yes being able to defend whats yours is importiant. Howeve its likely nobody is going to survive a siege that requires even a hundred rounds of ammo. If 100 invaders come at you your probably not going to prevail. And a 12 guage loaded with buckshot at close range is the deadlyiest weapons you could possibly face. I once shot a buck deer in the face with my Mossberg 500 loaded with 3 inch 000 buckshot. From 40 feet it blew his horns off and there wasn’t much left of the rest of the head

          • 000 Buck first 5 rounds then 2000 fps, hornada missles. F em put a lazer light on your mossberg 500. I walked the BOL with it at Nt. Badass to any trespassers.


            • You ain’t gonna shoot anybody. You are scared of your own shadow. Truth be known, you ain’t even got a bo location.
              You live with your Momma in a cinderblock house in rural ocala.
              No one is falling for your lies anymore. You only come here for your cheap shot jollies because if you showed your face around town, somebody would stomp you to a pulp and drag your mangy ass off into the swamp. You must have enemies or you suffer from schizophrenic paranoia, since you bragged of keeping your auto pistol by the shower when you are in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you kept it strapped to you even in the shower.

              The people on this site are basically good, honest, God fearing people, and only tolerate your lies because they feel sorry for you. I don’t, because you have made your own bed and now you are stuck lying in it. Hey, want some more rope.

      37. Dow Futures down 852 pts

      38. Iowa. Your not going to give up. pull it together. Your daugther going to need you. you need work comment back,I,ll let you know where even housing. If you want to meet and talk I,LL MEET with you my place my time.BUT IT WILL be in apublic place. Until we can trust one another. hoping they,ll print this.

        • Good for you West,things like your actions/willingness to help others gives others hope there is something worth fighting for,many days seems not worth the effort.

      39. What happen to the Circuit breakers? Oh Cramer is on T.V. to save the day.

        • dont think the circuit breakers kink in till it’s down at least 7%

          • lurking

            So as long as the Dow is at extreme highs it is hard to reach the 7% point. But as the Dow goes lower the chances become greater. Amazing that the Carnival Barkers will have so much time, by the numbers racket, to shear people of their money. Pump and Dump. The bigger fool theory.

      40. ******************** ************************* ***********

        Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted

        ht tp://

        “Nasdaq was the first to be halted at 0758ET.

        The Dow is now down 850 points from Friday’s close and halted…

        The S&P 500 Futures is halted for the first time in history.”

      41. oil down to $37 !!!

      42. FTW, holy crap. I read that link you posted earlier, about the 3,000 soldiers going into Peru. Hodges did and audio a week ago about the cartels in that region, who are basially a crack producing country, thats all they do thier. So i think your on to something. Something in going to go down, i am thinking that Hodges will post on this very topic soon. I will look out for it on


        • HCKS – Yea, I thought it was a strange and in a way a weird article, because practically nothing newsworthy gets mentioned about Peru.
          If indeed it is factual story, something is up and it can’t be good.

      43. Switched from fox to gawker and found it so funny that they are both trying to minimize this and even encourage average folks to just hold tight. Saying that the correction is a good thing. Interesting how they are not trying to ramp up the fear like they usually do.

        Also interesting how on the gawker the moron said that in the first few minutes of the markets opening that the trades weren’t real trades referring to BOA and some other big players on the block.

        The tone at fox news is almost surreal with them saying the fed cannot raise interest rates in September now because look at the markets and how everything is China’s fault.

      44. In the bigger scheme of things. This is a non event for me.

        I hope most of you have no car or mortgage payments. Credit cards are payed off and have little debt. Have made your adjustments for cash holdings. Maybe some precious metals on the side.

        The Dow dropped over 1000 points. First time ever. But not the last.

        Noticed that nobody has call the floor for the Dow. Only said it was a correction.

        • Same here, just regular month to month bills, but am looking to shut everything off if need be,
          My biggest concern is if the rain will mellow out and let me get some plants in the ground,,,

      45. Called my My non prepper friend and asked him if he got outbif yhebstickmarket yey. -800 pts down. He said no, it will go back up. He has a few weeks griveriws, no guns and says hes going to go look for a sports car.

        Been warning him for years about this. Some will mever get it. He thinks his pile of $50K cash in a bank, no less will save him. And he said hea goona buy more stocks today. No kidding.

        I wished good luck and will check back with him in a few weeks. LoL. See if it sinks in yet.

      46. At Marketwatch.

        The next shoe to drop in China. The Banks.

        Picture of JP Morgan sign with Chinese characters.

      47. Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown advisor

        h ttp://

      48. It’s just a minor correction. Just the usual cycle. Nothing to see here. Quick, get to the grocery store and stock up, Maw.

      49. got plenty of long term food stored, fresh water on the property and I collected about 300 gallons during yesterday’s rain, topping off the tanks at 2100 gals. total.
        Avocado trees are loaded down with fruit, bananas and everything else are growing…it’d be hard to starve here really. There are large prawns in the streams in these hills even. The free shit army with ebt cards will have a rough time. Too damn bad.

      50. The plunge protection team rides to the rescue. What they don’t tell you is this, the worthless stocks they are buying are paid for with taxpayer money. We get the bill.

        • What I would like to know is where the FCK is my PPT? The longer I am here on this earth the more I hate this crap. We have been getting reamed hard since the beginning of this country and generations after you and I are long gone will continue to take it up the keester.

        • The gov insiders use public pension fund $ to buy up stocks

          • Kula

            ooooooooooooh. Say it’s not true. ;0)

      51. While I was on, my may back from my Daughters, a friend of mine let me know that the Asia and Euro markets were tanking big time!

        I don’t have any money in the market, but my wife does.
        I talk her into putting it all into guaranteed at 3%. Which she did.

        She got on the computer right away and ordered more silver.

        When she got off the computer I ordered more AMMO.

        While I was in Ohio I picked up 700 rds. of 22’s. and 100 lbs. of lead to make bullets and sinkers with. I was really surprised to see my 20 Watt Solar panel setting in the garage. It wasn’t to be here until the 29Th.

        At the time of my post the DOW is only down 115.00, that is a hell of a lot better than the 1,000 it was down at the opening bell. I Think things are going to get real CRAZY this week!

        • Mornin Sarge,
          I just wonder what they do to manipulate the market numbers back up,
          In my mind its all just funny money numbers like the national debt and fed balance sheet combined with QE and the unemployment numbers. All just BS numbers to me and might as well be written in mandarin greek!
          Still raining here, cant grow much if this weather keeps going, not for market anyway

          • It’s called :CONTROLLED RIGGING

            It’s how a Ponzi Scheme is played.
            In due time, the phony scheme will have to reveal itself.
            More printing of world currencies will continue to keep the illusion that the world economy is doing wonderful, and even that will have it’s limit. The lies, deceit and illusions will come together all at once.

          • The market should only have been at 9,000 to 11,000. The feds and others have pumped Funny money in 2007 till now. The Funny money is running out and there is no where to go. Grab you ASS its going to a rough ride.

            Weather has been great for my garden. Dug up some potatoes the other day 6 hill got around 35 to 40 LBS. I dried about 10 LBS. some of them are as big as 12″ softballs. Going to pick my beans that I let dry on the vine tomorrow. Hopefully thing will get better for you.

            Watch your 6 my friend!

        • GUARANTEED 3%?…now THAT scares ME!

          • “B”
            That is right 3%. Her other accounts were only bring her 2.5 to 5% and she was ok while the market was up. In 2007/08 she lost over $5,000.00. On her accounts and still got 3% on her Guaranteed. I still believe that the Market will go down to 5,000 to 7,000 by July 2017. It was at 18,000.
            3% is better than nothing.

            • SGT. Dale.

              Some is better than none and always take free stuff.

      52. Kulfarmer.

        Has to be someone with money and lots of it. Like the banks. Banks are into real estate and mortgages and all sorts of stuff. Maybe they have two sets of books. Off Balance sheets? There are not enough bottom feeders to cover the neg. points of today. Or maybe Trump, Buffet or Soros jumped in the game. How many shares changed hands will give a clue.

        With Black Boxes, the Banks and the Plunge Protection Team, you know the markets are rigged.

      53. I once heard that there is an account in the Cayman Islands owned by an alphabet agency. It is alleged to have a huge amount of cash. Supposedly, large amounts of stock purchases are attributed to this account. Usually when the market needs big help. Can’t prove it by me.

      54. Wtf? Sarge’s wife orders more silver, he orders brass and lead. ha, haaaah, haaaaa. Yea i see you been wathcing the market. The numbers are a total- cluster f..k? pending. Like what Lindsey williams said, first the market takes a Hit, that we must be ready by September.

        Well folks, thats how its done. Like i said, i dont plan on being eaten by roaming dred lock thugs. I just heard from a friend that the ammo at Freedom Munitions just dropped a ft lower on the ammo pallets. Just incase anyone from my feam regions is running low, go to Freedom Munitions on Jones/290. Last thing we need now is another .223/5.56 pandemic. The mere/shtf pending situation of 100,000 dred lock activating as in mass rioting, looting and starvation 3-4 days later, you will be needed lots of buck shot & No. 4.



      55. This gets worse…much worse and then it stays like that for a long, long time.

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