Echoes of Russia: Obama Calls for Silencing “Domestic Propagandists” And Alternative Media

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 73 comments

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    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire blog.

    Editor’s Comment: While nobody puts much stock in Obama’s meandering speeches to blame his opponents and anyone calling out the lies and deception of his administration, allies and surrogates, it is alarming that the powers that be are attempting to crack down altogether on the web.

    The warnings have been out there for many years now about the plans to streamline and corporatize a Web 2.0, where dissent is buried from view, but now we’re approaching that day.

    It is truly unsettling to see a chilling of speech and a blanket demonization effort being directed against those who are either against the status quo, or attempting to expose the truth – this is what is becoming of our technological revolution. Will these measures continue during Trump’s administration? There is every sense that it will, as it only requires cooperation from a handful of companies – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. – and the complicity of the mainstream media who see the voices on the Internet as their only true competition…

    In the 21st Century and the age of the Internet, the gulag may not be just a place with dim lighting, bad food and prison work, but a cold and lonely corner of the web where people cannot find your website, your IP is blocked/censored/flagged, and one cannot stumble upon the truth, and cannot communicate freely if one wishes to discuss anything of any substance.

    Obama calls alternative media “domestic propagandists”

    by Kurt Nimmo

    The war on alternative media intensified today when Obama blamed talk radio and other “domestic propagandists” for the rise of “fake news.”

    “If fake news that’s being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect,” Obama said. “It doesn’t seem that farfetched compared to some of the other stuff folks are hearing from domestic propagandists.”

    “To the extent that our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody’s corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons and all of our institutions are, you know full of malevolent actors and if that’s the story that is being put out there, then when a foreign government introduces that same argument, the facts are made up, voters who have been listening to that stuff for years, who have been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they’re going to believe it.”

    In other words, if the alternative media investigates and posts a story about the government and this is picked up by Russian state media, then it is a categorical lie.

    See Obama’s remarks here.

    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire blog.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Meanwhile, the repression of alternative news and free thought in general is moving forward. is warning that they are being blocked from ad revenue as a result of being labeled “fake news.”

    The main stream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this morning. This is not the only problem this independent news organization faces as WeAreChange was just issued a legal notice from our ad company about being labeled fake news with a verified sourced documented article.

    CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech

    Things are getting really nasty. Are they really going to get away with shutting down free speech and institutionalizing pro-state propaganda?


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      1. The TRUTH hurts doesn’t it you POS-POTUS. I can’t wait till January. Get over it you POS we have a 1St Amendment. That is protected by the 2Nd. Amendment. We all know you don’t believe in neither!

        You can’t silence us we will always get the truth out one way or another and the other will be bloody.

        Like the Air Force Pilot said. “You can tell you are over the target by the amount of Flak you are getting”.


        • Fuck Obuthole! He and his husband and fake kids need to move to a scum muslim country where they will feel more at home. That or they can enter a prison here. As long as they are fucking gone.

          • I KNEW you guys would get me in trouble! 😛

            • Real POS are the American public who refuse to demand or defend their liberty, truth and freedom. If US citizens were worthy of the name? Congress would never dare to pull this crap- nor would the media.
              The problems are the millions of decadent, drugged, dumb sheeple who prefer ease of corruption over fight for their rights. Atheist alien culture/society embraces whatever amuses entertains and sedates them.

        • My thoughts exactly Sarge. Hope he gets flatten by an uber cab as he steps off the curb when he’s leaving the dark house.

          • P
            He is in Hawaii spending over 3 million dollars of your money for his last vacation. I hope a Shark Bites his Ass. He would get White meat and Dark meat at the same time. LOL.


            • How Many MSM News organizations, said over and over that “Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction?” That’s “FAKE NEWS.” Did they do any fact check on that?

              But the MSM failed to report that after a year and a half of full weapons inspections in Iraq, by UN Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter that clearly stated, “Iraq had NO Significant Weapons that could cause any mass destruction.” And he was found to be 100% correct.

              However when he was saying that Iraq had no weapons, the operatives, probably the CIA, claimed Mr Ritter had child porn on his computer to try and discredit him. That was a trashing of the truth, so these War freaks could have an excuse to invade Iraq which was also illegal.

              Did the MSM Fact Check any of that? Nope, but kept on reporting fake news nightly for years to crank up the war propaganda machine.

            • Sarge, to paraphrase what Trump said about Kapernick, the Obamas need to go find a country that works for them. Moochelle had the nerve to go on Oprah’s show and say ‘they’ve lost hope since the election’, i.e. THEY LOST HOPE FOR AMERICA TO BE DESTROYED. THEY DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO LOST HOPE AFTER WHAT HER POS HUSBAND DID TO THIS COUNTRY. ALL THOSE APES CAN GO TO HELL. Rant over.

            • But.., but.., if a shark bites his a$$ then what will he THINK with? lol

              • Oops, I forgot; no chance of Obummer being bitten by a shark, professional courtesy. lol

        • The Russians used “samizdat” during the Soviet era. In the late 80s the word was that (this was a bit of hyperbole, but still catches the drift) the fax machine brought the USSR down. You get the drift.

          I often print things out, and tie in a walk with leaving very short messages on neighbors’ mailboxes, on windshields at malls, etc. I do this a LOT. Good luck stopping THAT.

          • You sound like a Nut Job Test. Then they do a finger print test and find your mugshot, charge you with intimidating others, littering which is Illegal and violating a law, called Passing paper tickets which is a form of trespassing on other property.

            You also sound like one of those nut-jobs I saw the other day at Wally World where this dope in a junker car was on his megaphone driving around in the parking lot quoting scriptures. It is a form of harassment, disruption of commerce, and disturbing the peace on some other businesses property. The idiot should have been caught and fined and his microphone ripped from his car.

            Try leaving crap on my auto and you would get a face full of lead. We don’t call 911 here either.

            Here is the law: Check your State Laws:
            In other cases, officials disallow distribution because of littering laws — leaving flyers on car windshields in public parking lots or stapling them to utility poles commonly fall under anti-littering ordinances. Local ordinances may also impose a time limit on how long you can leave any posted flyers up in a public place.

            Private Property
            Don’t attempt to distribute advertising flyers on private property without permission from the property owner. Remember that shopping malls — and mall parking lots — are private property, so ask the business office before you waste dozens of flyers. In addition to shopping malls, grocery stores, medical waiting rooms, chambers of commerce, laundromats and other businesses. Think carefully before going door-to-door; it can backfire if it annoys so many people that they want nothing to do with your business or Propaganda.

            Let us know how your court case turns out you nut-job.

            • Zeus you sound like one bad ass keyboard warrior.

        • The view of the mainstream media… Censoring the news…

          “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what WE DECIDE they ought to have.”
          — Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

          ht tp://


          If you want to confuse the people, accuse the opposition of the crimes you, yourself are doing!

          • Fake news is any news that contradicts the official propaganda narrative. Truth is hate speech to those who hate the Truth.

        • What for, sarge? You think things will get better? You are in delusion just like the democrats who voted for Obama… why was Obama popular back then? BECAUSE HE WAS NOT PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT!! He preached about how he was going to UNDO the horrible things bushie boy did… what happened in fact, was that he EXPANDED on bush’s policies!!! He didn’t unroll al the unconstitutional things bush did at all!!! He made it worse!!! AND THAT IS WHAT WE FACE UNDER TRUMP– expansion of the Patriot Act and al the horrible shit started under bushie.

          • Oh he was definitely part of the establishment from the very start. Maybe you didn’t think that it was all part of the act to get the Bush-haters pumped up to vote for the machine. It’s all a game and the followers got conned but are too naive to see it. I fear the same will happen under the Trump rule.

            • I love Mac.

        • oh yea, obama you are sure trying to start a civil war as*hole….keep it up, your time is at hand

        • AGREED!!!!
          to bad there is not crocodiles in Hawai!! on the golf courses,
          but then again they probably would just spit him out after the first bite!!

      2. The j*w media wouldn’t be trying to kill free speech if there wasn’t real competition. In a way, it’s a complement to your good work.


      3. The first amendment ring a bell???

        Who is going to decide what is news???

        If in conflict with the party’s political agenda-it’must be, by default, fake news???

        Maybe a news Czar or political office to enforce all state propaganda???

        And one state approved news channel???

        Where have I heard all this before???

        I haven’t been posting, just watching what’s said but if they really “feel” so strongly
        they need to start trying to openly install their dictatorship…

        All talk and no gonads..: there’s more 3% than they know— and we’re armed…

        This election was a wake up call to the marxist.. they just need to focus and get their act together
        and get more ballots out to the dead people and for goodness sakes if they don’t bus in more
        illegals they’ll never get the that old gray haired, money grubbing, sell your country out,
        get your people killed and lie about it (and the list goes on, and on…) in office…

        I don’t even recognize this place anymore…

        • We will shoot the gestapo before they get inside our homes here though. Well, some of us will. Hope there’s enough that do this to matter.

      4. The Potus Pos Sgt. Dale refers to evidently thinks the American people cannot observe and put 2 and 2 together to deduct that our own government is trying to destroy this country. Obumer needs to realize we don’t need fake news from Russia to figure it out. I’m with you Sarge.

      5. Obama ain’t going away. Get ready for it. He was a communist organizer before he was given the White House. And he still is a communist organizer. His partner in crime, Michelle, is already going on Oprah telling the world she lost all hope when Trump got elected. We’re not done with this plague, yet.

        • Correct statement. Could be the instrument to ignite a racial conflict/civil war.

      6. Ignorance is a symptom of knowledge deficiency. That’s why I have never been afraid to ask a question … so here goes.

        It has occurred to me after reading hundreds if not thousands of comments on this site that a lot of you are idealistically in lockstep with the Zapatista Revolutionist.

        The Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, (EZLN) is anti-globalist, anti-NAFTA and vehemently opposed to the Mexican government selling land to foreigners.
        Another key element of the Zapatistas’ ideology is their aspiration to do politics in a new, participatory way, from the “bottom up” instead of “top down”. The Zapatistas consider the contemporary political system of Mexico inherently flawed due to what they consider its purely representative nature and its disconnection from the people and their needs. In contrast, the EZLN claims to reinforce the idea of participatory democracy or radical democracy by limiting public servants’ terms to only two weeks, not using visible organization leaders, and constantly referring to the people they are governing for major decisions, strategies, and conceptual visions. Marcos (their leader)has reiterated, “my real commander is the people”. In accordance with this principle, the Zapatistas are not a political party.

        Yes I actually have a question.
        There is a lot of talk on SHTF about ideologies … Why do these guys never get a mention? It seems to me there is a lot to be learned from their war with the Mexican gov.

        I think you have more in common with these peasant revolutionaries than you might want to admit . Hopefully you didn’t let Rage Against The Machine ruin it for you. As far as I’m concerned they’re just some more… look at me …look at me celebrities.

        but I didn’t ask the question to answer it myself.? sooooo

        ht tps://

        • Most of us here are anti-communist. The Zapatistas are communists. Probably Maoists. Best I can do, for now.

          • The Zapatistas have a lot of labels stuck on them …. Anarchists, Libertarians, etc…If they are Communist and within walking distance of the U.S. (If you can walk that far) I think we would be hearing more about them.

          • The Zapatistas are anarchist / libertarians and the reason nobody wants to talk about them on SHTF is because they are doers instead of talkers.

      7. Alternative news has gotten so large that it is being noticed for one reason. The American people have lost faith in the mainstream media and consider alternative news media to be more trustworthy.

      8. @system moderator
        Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right … here I am stuck in the mud hole with you. Lol

      9. Wait until Orange Satan and his Corporatist Fascist Military Junta assume power-the Corporatist Fascist Police State hell on earth will become a totalitarian dystopian Orwellian Pharmaceutical driven Brave New world and Hunger Games nightmare like no other in the history of the world!!! The great deceiver has once again cast his horrifying and deadly mass delusion on the boot licking Trumpbot cowards.

        • Ron your IQ is showing and it’s not in your favor.

          • It does not take a Mensa genius to understand the TRUTH about the collapsing Corporatist Fascist American Police State hell on earth, and Brave New World driven by Big Pharma psychopaths and other US Government boot licking psychopaths, and completely accepted by a fat ass dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum population of depressed, disease ridden, dying COWARDS….YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH, AND CARE ENOUGH ABOUT THE FUTURE, FREEDOMS, AND HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN, TO ACTUALLY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH BlackMoe the COWARD…Hopefully you did not reproduce, more children with coward parents like you BlackMoe are not what this country needs right now.

        • Ron; its already here, Might get better might not.

      10. I will say this. In my many decades of life, I cannot recall ANY president who has so openly and repeatedly INSULTED the citizens he portends to represent, as I have in the last 8 years.

        I have never seen one who has apologized to other countries for us, as he has.

        I never would have thought that, even with a good medical plan, that I would see my family struggle with having hospitalizations, doctor visits and even getting essential medications, as I have in recent years…not to mention SO MANY OF OUR DOCTORS QUITTING PRACTICES because of this.

        I have never seen one who is as antipodal towards the principles of our Founding Fathers, our rights, as afforded by The Constitution as well as PUSHING OUR FAITH AND OUR BELIEFS IN GOD into the gutter, as he has.

        Finally, while I never knew I would see 8 years of such a thing, I ALSO never would have thought that The American People as well as those whom we DID vote for, let it happen.

        I guess social media, gadgets and selfies are more important now…!

      11. Even if “They” succeed in locking up the Internet as we know it, that doesn’t stop The People from creating a new form of Internet, where everything’s encrypted and the name server(s) and search engine(s) are distributed over everyone’s machines– In fact, even web sites can share this distributed model. That way, there is no central piece of hardware or IP address that can be “taken down”. We have something close to that with the Tor network, but there is no distributed DNS, nor is there any distributed search engine; and the Tor network is rather slow and easy to overload. There is already work underway to accomplish what I’m writing about– but it’s not ready yet. The upside of this is that once in place, the NSA (or anyone else) will no longer be able to get any meaningful information by tapping the Internet backbone– even the connection patterns {metadata} will have no meaning. Because of this, I seriously doubt that [once they find out the technical details] “They” will decide to drop this whole idea. As it is now, the NSA at least gets some data from the Internet stream, and they don’t want to lose that.

        • Excellent post, Ken! Information – what the battle is all about.

      12. Amazing. Oprah had Trump as a guest on her show many times, especially in the 1990’s and early 00’s, during the height of her popularity. She also gave him a platform to deceive everyone into thinking he had no desire to ever run for POTUS when word on the street (at least in NYC and surrounding areas) was that once he had his three oldest children trained and groomed, and ready to take over the family businesses without him, he would be ready to retire from a lifetime in real estate and run for POTUS. And he followed through. I can assure you that NO ONE here (except for the newcomers to the area) were shocked when he announced his decision to run.

        • OK, is that bad somehow? I don’t care WHY he ran, only that he ran, and won; and he is going to go down in history as the greatest president ever. He WILL make America great again, and he WILL do the best he can to “drain the swamp”. If we get 0% of what Hillary wanted to do and only 10% of what Trump wants to do, well then that is a WIN. If we get more than that 10%, well, the way I see it is that is a BONUS. Remember that most of the people that run for office are self-centered narcissistic jerks. Trump is no different, except he is OUR self-centered narcissistic jerk, and he will work for The People, and against the Globalist Luciferians that want to destroy the USA.

      13. Let’s silence the REAL fake media (please just google the names with brief summary, e.g. “Walter Duranty Stalin, or Walter Druanty Ukraine, etc.). I add this so you can verify… and put the kibosh on the REAL fakes at CNN, PBS, MSNBC, CBS, etc.

        – NYT Pulitzer winner Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine Duranty,
        – his cohort in the media, Lincoln “I have seen the future (in Stalin’s USSR) and it works” Steffens,
        – or Dan “I found a memo” Rather,
        – or Brian “I was shot at while reporting” Williams,
        – or Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Former CBS News president Richard Salant…

        – or perhaps NYT fiction writer extraordinaire Jayson Blair or the media fawning over fake Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu…. while ignoring the Climategate revelations, etc. etc.

        – I knew GB Shaw was socialist, but I didn’t know the below:
        In 1933, George Bernard Shaw wrote the Manchester Guardian to protest the British press’s “blind and reckless” reporting on Russia. “Particularly offensive and ridiculous,” Shaw claimed, was “the revival of the old attempts to represent the condition of Russian workers as one of slavery and starvation, the Five-Year Plan as a failure, the new enterprises as bankrupt and the Communist regime as tottering to its fall.” Nothing could be further from the truth—or so Shaw thought. He had visited Russia two years earlier and “saw nowhere evidence of such economic slavery, privation, unemployment and cynical despair British readers, he scolded, should “take every opportunity of informing themselves of the real facts of the situation.”

      14. Doesn’t this effort to squash free speech and control discussion demonstrate that too many Americans do not understand their heritage (Constitution)? Thomas Paine and the founding fathers risked their lives and fortunes to craft a document (the Constitution) and break away from an oppressive govt. (King George and England). Unfortunately, too many Americans have little or nothing invested in this country (I’m talking about home or land ownership, family service in govt. or the military, a sincere effort to assimilate in our society, respect for the rights and priviledges of U.S. citizenship, etc.).

      15. I don’t have a problem with Russia calling them out. I just need to know, why is it when my lesbian chick friend on Westhiemer in the tattoo shop by Hillcroft and Westhiemer rd, and the fact I was telling her about Russian spetsnatz occupation of the US, she then posted it on her face book page, and that they are here as merks to kill patriots, veterans, cops, military, etc, and take constitutionalist to camps to cut off their heads with guillotines, with their chi-com buddies, the ones that are in California taking over the food and farms, the co called Cal Exit, who are trespassing on the Bundy ranch, why? and not to mention the 30,000 of those pieces of equipment, via guilotines. I just need to know why he showed up less than 16 mins later to confront my friend, after the face book post, only to run into something he was not expecting. Let me tell you fucking Russians, and chi-coms something, watch your self with me in this fucking city, don’t fuck with me. I already told my cop friends about you phucks hanging out in my city, they are on to your bullshit.


        Just saying?

        • Who was it that showed up?

          • I take it was the rooskies.

        • Get help.

        • Just listen to what most people always say about the Russians, especially the Spetsnatz-best just to stay away from them, do not go stirring them up, they have a certain evil in them that is very difficult to deal with. Never go on offense against the Spetsnatz, even US Spec Ops people know that, they are much better at defense than offensive moves where they tend to get sloppy, especially in a foreign country.

        • First, chill out! Second, maybe take some creative writing classes– maybe you could write and sell books. I think you have some great ideas about fictional characters and a fictional plot, but you just need help on how to get that down on paper in a way that isn’t abrasive to your readers.

          • not sure that was really Houston/Cypress/katy/Shtf

            it read to well, no spelling or gramatical errors

        • HCKS
          Was this guy a Spetsnaz? Or someone from Obullshits gang?
          Do you know what he was asking her or telling her?
          Please let us know.

          • Sarge, sounds a little 10-96.

            • Uh Oh… Acronym Definition; 10-96: Mental Subject (police code)

              Go here to get all the 10 cop codes –

              This 10 Code list, will come in handy for listening to police scanners to see what SHTF is happening in your area. Yes, I know, many cities are using scrambled channels for chatter, so.. However many Emergency FD or Ambulances services are not, and usually go together with the police to emergency scenes.

        • ALWAYS fun to read your delusional rants! LOL!!!

      16. More on the vile leftist, lying lamestream media? One book to check out below from Amazon. Recall, Duranty was a Pulitzer winner for the NY Slimes! And it has only gotten worse today, only they are hiding their garbage and lies better….

        Stalin’s Apologist: Walter Duranty: The New York Times’s Man in Moscow Hardcover – March 29, 1990
        by S.J. Taylor (Author)

        Short, unattractive, hobbling about Stalin’s Moscow on a wooden leg, Walter Duranty was an unlikely candidate for the world’s most famous foreign correspondent. Yet for almost twenty years his articles filled the front page of The New York Times with gripping coverage of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. A witty, engaging, impish character with a flamboyant life-style, he was a Pulitzer Prize winner, the individual most credited with helping to win U.S. recognition for the Soviet regime, and the reporter who had predicted the success of the Bolshevik state when all others claimed it was doomed. But, as S.J. Taylor reveals in this provocative biography, Walter Duranty played a key role in perpetrating some of the greatest lies history has ever known… Drawing on sources ranging from newspapers to private letters and journals to interviews with such figures as William Shirer and W. Averell Harriman, Taylor’s vivid narrative unveils a figure driven by ambition, whose early success reporting on Bolshevik Russia–he was foremost in predicting Stalin’s rise to power–established his international reputation, fed his overconfident contempt for his colleagues, and indeed led him to identify with the Soviet dictator. Thus during the great Ukrainian famine of the early 1930s, which Stalin engineered to crush millions of peasants who resisted his policies, Duranty dismissed other correspondents’ reports of mass starvation and, though secretly aware of the full scale of the horror, effectively reinforced the official cover-up of one of history’s greatest man-made disasters. Later, he took the rigged show trials of Stalin’s Great Purges at face value, blithely accepting the guilt of the victims. He believed himself the leading expert on the Soviet Union, and his faith in his own insight drew him into a downward spiral of distortions and untruths, typified by his memorable excuse for Stalin’s crimes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” Taylor brilliantly captures the full range of Duranty’s astonishing life, from his participation in the Satanic orgies of Aleister (“the Beast”) Crowley, to his dramatic front-line reporting during World War I, to his epic womanizing and heavy drug and alcohol abuse. It is the bitter, ironic story of a man who had the rare opportunity to bring to light the suffering of the millions of Stalin’s victims, but remained a prisoner of vanity, self-indulgence, and success.

      17. Russian Ambassador shot in Ankura, Turkey. Gun Man shouts Allah Arkbar. Revenge for Allepo.

        See how this plays out.

        • False Flag, maybe? It “smells fishy” to me…

      18. We are back to the days of the USSR, where samizdat was integral in bringing down the USSR (google this term to learn). In fact, in the late 80s/early 90s there was a LOT of talk that “fax machines” were a major part in bringing down the evil communists.

        Today’s rhinestone communists here KNOW the public is on to them. THAT is why they are frantic, and doing this “in your face” horse manure calling others fake.

        I take this as a sign of desperation. In football, you never “piled on.” In this case, I am going to take extra time to pile on and expose these disgusting, lying, fraudulent, vile leftist liars. In fact, I first got involved in this when I was at a major event that I witnessed the mainstream media **explicitly lie** about.

        War on free speech?? When I was at university, leftist cult icon Mario Savio and the free speech movement at UC Berkeley was all the rage, and a campus hero across the nation (he was in the 1960s – I was a decade later). And now these leftist fascists have the temerity to hire and employ campus speech and thought police. Hypocrisy, anyone? Google Mario Savio to learn more.

      19. Genius, Sarge, it happened over 2 1/2 years ago one summer. The guy showed up, all muscled up, the muscularity was so extreme, he almost not looked human. I use to compete as bodybuilder, and even won two competitons, and I know what it takes to get in shape, this guy made me look soft and smooth, with I estimate 4-5% body fat at a height of 5-11 to 6’2, 195 lbs. He just pulled up to the tattoo shop, barged in and started to ask her right in front of me, 15-16 MINS after the face book post, shit about, is that your computer, what is this place he asked, my chick friend asked him if he needed to get a tattoo, and he kept asking what is this place, and that’s when I got up and told him, step outside the store. He looked at me and didn’t not respond, I was not happy to see him, I asked myself, shit, not one of these types, damn, well since I was dressed with a camo pants, combat booths, a tank top, a full baird, a hunters cap with a deer skull on it, he kinda knew, since I am muscled up, and built, lean but not that ripped to schreads, that this was the type of civilians that his trainers and comrades warned him about engaging, because we don’t fuck around, United states red neck special forces. So I asked him kindly, step the fuck outside the store. Obviously I don’t know how to talk to people, since that’s widely known around here, and not supprising, he stepped outside the store, and my chick friend literally got behind me, and she is lesbian, and tom boy tough. I asked him, where are you from. He said Russia. I said, you ever met someone like me, I am from the north side of town, so you better watch the way you talk to people here, you don’t have any tatooes and whats your business here, working for DHS, saw he post something? No he said, yea right I said. You better leave and that’s when he faced me and looked at me the way other martial artist access threats, they always look at your legs and shoulders, to decide where to strike and this is when I stepped back outside of the 5 ft strike range to see what’s coming at me, I then doubles my fist, and he turned, left and got back into a white Lexus, a v-8 type, older model, possible 2004-05, the longer type V-8. What was so unusual about this incident is that my instructor that teaches me how to kick ass, called me next day, telling me that a fried of his a security guard that works in the Galleria area of Houston.

        Location of the Russian spetsnatz hangout:

        The security guard told him that he has been noticing a group of about 8 of them, Russian, that look strangely identical, extremely muscular, running about in the area, all acting bad, with bad attitudes, all aggressive and behaving badly. He said that his friend is ex military and told him, that he knows soldiers when he sees them, and believes that they are soldiers.

        Cops, if your reading my post, let your boys know, because we have some problems with the bar and area. I cannot prove that these assholes are Russian special forces but they are really tought looking all 5-11-6-2, and extremely muscular.

        What a coincidence I asked my self. My master told me that he does not believe I would have survived the attack if that Russian attacked me. I would have survived it and taken him out because I know their moves. I would rather not fight them, because you cannot become a spetsnatz unless you literally kill another man. its a part of the training, so if he is the real deal, they have killed already.

        Guys, I am making this up, they incident really happened, this is when I knew that what David Hodges, and Steve Quayle was talking about was real. I read and article, I think I was last year how two of our marines walked into a bar, and got attacked and seriously injured by Russian soldiers. When I taught this bullshit was over, a Russian and Chinese female showed up on my and 2 friends with their girlfriends, while we were having dinner by 1960 and copperfield Houston Tx, watching me in public, why? My black friend looks at me and said, bro your being watched. This time I got ticked off, walked up to both of them 10 mins later to ask them, you got something you need help with, they said, no, so I told both of them in exact words, get the fuck out of the parking lot or I am calling the cops, don’t fuck with me. Something is happening in the country, and I have a good idea what it might be. So if Putin is on the side of the American people, what is his soldiers doing in my city?



        • That’s why God invented the 12-gauge shotgun. Spetsnaz or not, the mother-f-er will go down– (they are very tough, but not invincible). Stick a knife in his hand, and tell the po-po he tried to rob the shop with a knife… Problem solved… Saw this old guy on some very old episodes of Saturday Night Live– his answer to every problem was a “Remington Model 870 Wingmaster”– and he was Right! Made me LMAO every time I see him on SNL…

        • 2 1/2 years ago and you remember it like yesterday? Big BS.

      20. I like the Russians. They are mean white folks. And they are smart. not dumb ass Dindis and liberal Wiggers. Those Russians don’t put up with joo crap.

        • Indeed, and they sure know their vodka, the good stuff. They don’t drink pretty colorful drinks with fagety umbrellas and shit in them, no way.

          • Black Moe. Hahahaha. LMFAO. Lock and load.

          • Straight up wodka

          • My ex-wife is from Russia. Tough lady (and wicked smart). Most of that Russian Vodka is no better than turpentine though. Gotta be pretty tough to drink that with a straight face…

      21. This would show that Putin, or any other foreign government, is actually the West’s accused, or commissioned, boogie-man that the powers-that-be can use to echo what their dissidents are saying, so the powers-that-be can then label their dissidents as “foreign (or enemy) collaborators” and such. We see, therefore, that the real “fake news” is the Establishment-approved “news” we’ve been fed all along. The Establishment doesn’t like competition from real news that lifts the curtain on their nefarious propaganda that they use to brainwash the masses into complying with whatever the powers-that-be want.

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