EBOLA IS BACK: World Health Organization Declares Epidemic: “Taking It Very Seriously”

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    The World Health Organization has declared an Ebola epidemic in the North East region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least three deaths have thus far been linked to the virus:

    One of those killed had tested positive for Ebola after coming down with a haemorrhagic fever last month in Bas-Uele, a province which borders the Central African Republic.

    WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier has told Sky News that work is under way to find people who may have been in contact with the Ebola sufferer.

    Ebola occasionally jumps from animals including bats and monkeys to humans – and without preventative measures, the virus can spread quickly between people.

    The virus is fatal in up to 90% of cases, and the WHO recently developed an experimental vaccine for use in emergencies.

    In a statement, the DRC’s health ministry said: “Our country must confront an outbreak of the Ebola virus that constitutes a public health crisis of international significance.”

    The WHO has warned that the virus could resurface at any time, as it can linger in the eyes, central nervous system and bodily fluids of some survivors.

    The virus originated in a remote region of the Congo, but WHO is tracking down any possible contact the victims had with others. The virus, when detected, often originates in remote regions, but because of international air travel and other modes of transportation, could spread quickly to neighboring villages, then regions, then countries.

    In 2013 an Ebola epidemic killed some 11,000 people worldwide as governments across the globe attempted to contain the virus.

    There was at least one confirmed case of the virus in Dallas, Texas at the time, which sent the entire medical system into panic.

    Though Ebola doesn’t move as quickly as a cold or flu, it is significantly more deadly, and according to the following model it could potentially spread fairly rapidly should it escape containment. It would take only one individual to make it through an airport checkpoint and all bets are off:

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned earlier this year that the world is not prepared to deal with a widespread contagion and that viruses like Ebola or modified biological weapons could kill hundreds of millions of people in a truly global outbreak.

    What to do Now…

    While the current outbreak of Ebola has reportedly been isolated to less than a handful of individuals in a remote region of the world, it is often the case that such epidemics and pandemics begin under the same circumstances. Experts at the CDC, WHO and other organizations are usually able to contain them, but as highlighted by the events of 2013, sometimes the virus gets out.

    What was not being said publicly in 2013 is researchers have warned that Ebola’s hyper-evolution could potentially lead it to mutate into something even deadlier than the current strain, meaning that as it touches more humans it could develop the ability to infect hosts faster, and even spread through the air.

    In short, at any moment, an outbreak such as the current contagion identified in the Congo could go global, and at much higher rates of infection than previously seen.

    It is for this reason, and the fact that governments around the world actively work to create even deadlier biological weapons, plus the possibility of ice melt in the Arctic releasing deadly ancient viruses, that we encourage readers to stay actively prepared for such a scenario.

    It will come seemingly out of nowhere and by the time the public is made aware of the seriousness of the crisis it will likely be too late for most, as emergency supplies will have been cleared from grocery store shelves and safety retailers within a matter of hours.

    Tess Pennington of ReadyNutrition.com explains the signs to look for to know when it’s time to go into pandemic lockdown mode:

    The time to make preparations for a worst-case scenario is now. The following are six key warning signs you should be looking for. When these events come to pass or you see these signals, you should strongly consider implementing a self quarantine lockdown:

    1. Emergency officials say they have the situation under control, but more cases continue to pop up.
    2. Local and state governments officially declare an emergency.
    3. Cases have been identified at your local hospital or at schools in your general vicinity.
    4. The general public begins to panic and store shelves start running out of key supplies like food and bottled water.
    5. Looting and lawlessness occurs within the local community.
    6. The virus breaches a 50-mile radius surrounding your home or town.

    If any of these signs begin to appear around you, it’s time to seriously consider distancing yourself from society, and especially highly dense venues like retail stores, sporting events or schools.

    Pennington also recommends considering preparations for a sick room in the event a virus breaches your 50-mile safety zone. Among other things to stock in your sick room, core protective gear like bio-threat rated full body suits, respiratory protection, hand sanitizers and even emergency foods should be included.

    Odds are that the current Ebola epidemic identified in Africa will be contained and it will never reach U.S. shores. But someday a deadly virus with the ability to spread rapidly and kill over 90% of its infected victims will make it out of containment. When that day comes, you’ll be glad you were prepared for it.


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    When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode And Self Quarantine?

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      1. Home schooled students score higher on all standardized exams on record.

        This is a matter of fact.

        • How about this if you rearrange EBOLA it spells “labeo” so… I hope this helps.

        • give it to the moose limbs then take there dead body and drop it where they came from

      2. Wag the dog again?

        • I agree, makes you wonder what’s up?

      3. Not so scary as last time.

        We no longer have “nuttier than squirrel poop Obama” in the White House rushing to fly infected contagious people into the US.

        Pres. Trump would put in place a travel ban, if need be.

        This is pretty much the same time window that several other outbreaks have occurred. It seems to like a certain temperature and humidity range.

        • An Ebola outbreak, just as summer travel is about to begin… Take steps to protect yourself.

          We need to be vigilant about hygiene – washing hands and surfaces frequently. Bleach kills viruses – cold, flu, Ebola, etc. I keep disinfectant wipes in a Ziploc bag in my purse. Always wipe down grocery cart handles before using. After leaving a store, wipe your hands thoroughly before getting in your car or touching the steering wheel. We don’t want to bring viruses (cold, flu, etc.) into our home.

          Stores sometimes run out of the grocery cart wipes. Carry a small Ziploc bag of Lysol disinfectant wipes in your purse or vehicle.

          “72% of the shopping carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria. When they examined some of the samples, they found Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, on half of them…

          Researchers say they actually found more fecal bacteria on grocery cart handles than you would typically find in a bathroom, mainly because bathrooms are disinfected more often than shopping carts.

          Since most stores do not routinely wash and disinfect their carts, it’s up to you to do it.”

          Remember the outbreak in 2015? Eleven Americans exposed to Ebola were flown back to U.S. and stayed in HOTELS.
          Questions to consider. Did they inform the hotel staff, housekeeping, room service or other food delivery staff, other hotel guests, or whoever gets these rooms later?

          11 Americans exposed to Ebola flown back to U.S. and will stay in HOTELS – 3/14/15
          “Eleven Americans are being flown back to the United States as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigates the possibility they might have been exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone.

          “…the Americans coming home will stay at HOTELS and other housing near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.”

          *CNN CHANGED their original report. They REMOVED the part about these folks “staying in hotels” and now all is well.

          Ebola is Now “Aerostable” and can Remain on Surfaces for 50 Days
          “A person might also get infected by touching a surface or object that has germs on it and then touching their mouth or nose.”

          “And once someone has coughed or sneezed, the virus can live on a surface for a very long time.

          Let’s hope plane cleaning has improved since plane cleaners went on strike in October 2014.

          Budget cuts and airplane cleaning…
          The plane cleaners at LaGuardia airport say “they’re sometimes exposed to blood and vomit but are NOT equipped with appropriate protective gear.

          They say the number of cabin cleaners per job has been reduced by up to half. They also say the time to clean entire planes has been cut from 45 minutes to as little as 5 minutes.”

          In late 2014, we stopped hearing about Ebola in the news, because it SILENCED by the administration.
          Obama Administration Pressured News Outlets to NOT Report Suspected Ebola Cases – 11/6/14

          • Ky mom: We don’t travel or fly anymore or long enough to stay in motels, been there done that. I use 7th generation wipes (thymol oil) and like you wipe stuff, cleaning purse once a week, sometimes forgetting to. forst thing when coming home from shopping, wash hands.

          • The entire United States has only 19 BSL-4 beds available.
            Bio Safety Level 4 is the highest level of containment possible for isolating pathogens, usually aerosolized viruses, pathogens for which there are no vaccines or cures available.
            That means in case of even a local epidemic, the US is woefully unprepared for containing a level 4 virus.

            Would Donald Trump order a ban on immigration from the Congo?
            Who cares.
            Without a worldwide ban on travel from the Congo, even one infected individual leaving the Congo and entering Europe for instance, a person who then boards an airplane to the US, would be enough to create a pandemic.

            But hey, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the CDC, WHO, and the UN are either supporting the development of, or actively developing an Ebola vaccine (among many other vaccines) to “protect” us.

            • This might explain why (in 2015) the 11 health care workers exposed to Ebola were divided into 3 groups and sent to 3 different locations…

              Do the Math
              The White House and govt. officials reassure the public that our “health-care system is well-equipped to treat the virus and stop it from spreading.”

              “There are a total of four medical isolation units in the entire United States … that are capable of handling infected Ebola patients.

              Where are they, and what can they handle?
              -Emory University’s Serious Communicable Disease Unit is in Atlanta, GA. It has 3 beds.

              -St. Patrick Hospital’s ICU Isolation Unit is in Missoula MT. It has 3 beds.

              -The National Institute of Health’s Special Clinical Studies Unit is in Bethesda MD. It has 7 beds.

              -And the biggest, the Nebraska Medical Center’s Biocontainment Unit is in Omaha NE. It has 10 beds.

              3+3+7+10=23 beds, coast to coast.

              So, for the entire country, all 316,100,000+ of us, we’re fully prepared to treat 23 Ebola patients at the same time.”

              ht tp://raconteurreport.blogspot.com/2014/10/do-math.html

              • Thank you KY Mom! As a retired health care professional, I KNOW that the vast majority of hospitals in the US are completely unprepared to handle a Level 4 virus.
                Standard isolation gear, isolation rooms and procedures are inadequate for treating Level 4 viruses like Ebola, Marburg, Lassa Fever, etc.
                Hell, hospitals are having trouble containing/controlling MRSA and other virulent bacterial and fungal infections, no less a deadly BSL-4 virus.

        • I’ll take Ebola over Obola any day.

          • BlackMoe, I agree. No Obola for me EVER!

          • THAT was funny, BMoe!!!

        • Ebola is not a very ‘hardy’ virus.
          It spreads like wildfire in turd world (worse in muslime) countries. They wash the bodies of the dead, and often kiss them goodbye at funerals. A recently deceased human body carries 100 times the viral load of a live host.
          That said, it could easily overwhelm most countrys’ medical systems. Remember the African who flew to Texas, knowing he was infected? Hospital administrators were more concerned with offending his family than they were with controlling the outbreak, or even protecting their front-line personnel. They told nurses to cover open areas (like neck openings) on their PPE smocks with surgical tape (I would have just called in sick, or had a ‘panic attack’). Never even heard anything about a decon area outside the room.
          Rember the black bitch who flew to the cleveland area to be fitted for a wedding dress, even though she was showing symptoms? Look at all the people she exposed, and the bridal shop she put out of business.
          Then there was the do-godder bitch who went to Africa to volunteer with physicians sans frontiers, and came back, knowing she may have been exposed.

      4. So the UN mouthpiece WHO declares the boogerman is back to kill us all. I’m starting to shake uncontrollably with fear.

        • I felt the same: I laughed. It is so transparently about a big shake down for some more cash. I guess the financial derivatives are going a bit wobbly again. Time to bring out the ‘Ooga-booga’ disease to scare whitey.

        • Wonder what’s in Bill Gates’ travel history???
          Some philanthropists are just a little shady in their “humanitarian” projects.

        • Must be budget time at Federal Disease Control.

      5. No need to panic. The measures are well known as to what needs to be done. Containment first: a flight ban (because, let’s face it, DRC is not exactly a number one tourist spot or a hub for the world economy). Secondly, realise Ebola is opportunistic only when it has unhealthy hosts engaged in poor hygiene and sanitation. Like pretty well most of Africa but not like most of the rest of the developed world. President Trump can relate to this since he knows the importance of washing your hands because of all the germs you can get from strangers.

        It never spread in the West last time because of these factors. And do not bring these people to the West for treatment, like Obama did. Treat in the region using mobile hospitals using super-high-level barrier methods.

        And don’t go to the region for your next holiday. In fact, it is not really a good idea to go to any of these places if you do not know how to stay clean and avoid the local bugs.

        Long-term, the solution is to raise educational standards so that people know about basic hygiene and also to get them to use modern toilets, wash their hands, bury the dead, stop eating human organs, etc. since that will stop disease spread in its tracks.

        • My concern is not vacationing in the Congo.

          My concern is people infected with the virus flying in on planes to the U.S.

          With the long incubation period, they could be in contact with many people before Ebola is confirmed.

          • That’s why a flight ban from the region is required. Also, with all the tracking and surveillance of air passengers, it should not be difficult to block people coming from the region until it is declared free of Ebola. Most of the travel back and forth is just family reunification, so not an economic necessity.

            • Enact a flight ban and there will be some bleeding-heart Federal judge strike it down within 24 hours.

              After all…..it’s so unfair to discriminate against all those folks with Ebola. We must all share in their misery.

            • What happens when a newly infected individual leaves the DRC and flies to Europe for instance, and then travels to the US?
              The only “effective” travel ban would be to completely isolate the DRC and close its borders.

            • I too believe there should be a flight ban from this region.

              To me, the scariest part of this virus is that it can “hide” in the body long after one has “recovered”.

              Apparently, those recovering from Ebola are not virus free after 21 days, as the CDC told everyone in the U.S. in 2014.

              Liberia monitors over 150 Ebola contacts as virus re-emerges
              “Liberia has placed 153 people under surveillance as it seeks to control a new Ebola outbreak in the capital more than two months after the country was declared free of the virus, health officials said.”

              “The previous resurgence of Ebola in Liberia is thought to have been via sexual transmission since the virus can exist in the semen of male survivors for at least NINE MONTHS after infection, much longer than its incubation period in blood.”

              ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/r-liberia-monitors-over-150-ebola-contacts-as-virus-re-emerges-2015-11

              Ebola relapses – the virus CAN HIDE in inaccessible corners of the body
              (Ebola) “virus that CAN HIDE in inaccessible corners of the body – such as the spinal fluid or eyeball.”

              ht tp://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/10/21/mystery-deaths-in-sierra-leone-spread-fear-ebola-relapses/

          • KY Mom I certainly agree with your assessment. I was just making a joke about vacationing in Africa.

            • Speaking of jokes, I just used my Webster Spelling Corrector to look up homophobe and it gives a list and right after homophobes it lists humpbacks. What a coinside. Trekker Out.

      6. Awesome,obola is back!Great friggin way to start the weekend!

        • I’m sure people are just itching to go visit the shithole that Africa as a whole is. Made that way by the intellectual giants that populate the place.

      7. Well, I’d far prefer having Ebola back than I would having Obama back.

      8. Wasn’t Detroit hit by Ebola?

        Oh wait. That’s just that they haven’t had anything but Democrat mayors since ~ 1960. Same diff, I guess…

      9. So they want us to buy some outdated gas masks and plastic pajamas so we can survive another 3rd world problem, no thanks more ammo for me as there are other diseases that are much more volatile in our communities may have originated from africa.

      10. Ebola , once upon a time was listed as a “super predator”. One of only two.

        It was listed as such because back in the 70’s/80’s, it was described to hit so hard and fast that it rendered a person incapable of travelling. It appeared that in the African bush, an infected individual, if travelling, would simply collapse and die or be eaten by an animal. A self extinguishing fire. It was considered gasoline on a fire if it happened in a village.

        Over time the story seems to have changed, or the virus did and the story now told is indicative of the new mutated (or experimented on) form.

        Stay healthy and stay safe

        • Spaaking of the amoral left, and the politically correct cadre, Dr. Eric R. Pianka, at University of Texas lecture to fellow scientists, students and professors in 2006, invoking peak oil (the ugly stepchild of global warming) stated that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus.

          He stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more effective than the HIV/AIDS virus has been because of the speed in which the victim dies. Pianka also spoke positively of the death the bird flu could bring, and spoke of the need to “Sterilize everyone on earth” at this lecture. (This is the same Mengele-like Pianka who has also stated “We’re no better than bacteria!” at one of his lectures. ) Meanwhile, Simon Ross, head of Population Matters, has stated “population shrinkage is the cheapest and surest contribution to sustainability that we know of.” Fellow misanthrope Rob Hengeveld, in his book How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet, proposes reducing world population to 1 billion.

          Remember: H8TE and the like is bad… unless the left does it to bring in socialism, stop faux global warming, etc. Then is is… uh… “justified.”

        • They need to come up with a cure for liberalism then every other problem would soon be solved.

        • Was Ebola Accidentally Released from a Bioweapons Lab In West Africa? – 10/23/14

          Accidents at Germ Labs Have Occurred Worldwide

          “Nations such as Russia, South Africa and the U.S. have long conducted research into how to make deadly germs even more deadly. And accidents at these research facilities have caused germs to escape, killing people and animals near the facilities.”

          Interview with Top Bioweapons Expert about Ebola
          “Dr. Boyle made it clear that he is not suggesting – as some others are – that Ebola was intentionally released into the African population. He says he has seen no evidence of intentional release. He’s speaking about an accidental release of germs from a biowarfare research lab.

          He’s convinced, in fact, that this Ebola epidemic in Africa started with the release from a U.S. bioweapons lab in West Africa.

          One of the reasons for his conviction that the outbreak started with the release from a bioweapon lab is that this Ebola strain seems to be much worse than those previously seen in the wild.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-23/exclusive-was-ebola-accidentally-released-bioweapons-lab-west-africa

          *The bioweapon research lab near the epic center of the latest Ebola outbreak was closed.

      11. Westerners live under more sanitary conditions which actually weakens our immune systems. Many of us have undergone prolonged treatment with antibiotics which can seriously weaken our immune systems. People in third world countries have a stronger immune system than westerners. Given the same level of medical care a higher percentage will survive having ebola. Hopefully, our better medical facilities and emergency readiness will be able to contain it. If you get ebola, your chances may not be good. They were working on immunizations; what happened to that?

      12. Global warming?

        More BIG GREEN MONEY at work. The Financial Stability Board – no friend of conservatives – recently said $73 trillion would be spent over the next 15 years on this scam.

        Yes, scam. That precise word is what this was called by Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof. of atmospheric science at MIT, Dr. William Gray, generally conceded to be the #1 hurricane forecaster in the word (and BTW, we are at historic hurricane lows since the Civil War), and John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel (go to YouTube and search for John Coleman + global warming and watch him blow this scam out of the water)

        There has been ZERO global warming since 1998 (leading Ken Trenberth, one of the scamsters exposed in the ClimateGate release to urge his fellow warmers to “hide the decline” – in temps.”); Antarctic ice is at all time EVER recorded highs, and recently the all time ever lowest temp ever reported on earth was announced, – 135.8F. The Medieval Warm Period is a fact, which even East Anglia lead Phil Jones was forced to admit to BBC after Climategate, and I have personally stood on the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland, at Skaftafell, where the park itself report as the museum that there are, TODAY, ~ 40 Viking era farms that are buried under the glacier, that were functioning farms around 1000 AD. I.e., it was WARMER then. They also report at the museum that the glacier is TODAY disgorging tree trunks and old vegetation, meaning it covered that during the MWP.

        Kegwin’s study on marine radioistopes in the Sargasso Sea, published in Nature, showed that while we are warmer than 100 – 200 years ago (which was the LIA, the coldest it had been in perhaps thousands of years, and fro which we are still emerging), *** we are still, today, below the 3,000 year average temperature****

        Hello? Any leftist have the intellectual honesty to look this up? Dr. Tim Ball has a pix of a picea glauca stump from ~5000 years BP, that is HUNDREDS of km north of today’s treeline, and
        the Archeological Survey of Canada has also noted around “A.D. 1000, a warmer climate resulted in the tree line advancing 100 kilometres north of its present position.” (Archeological Survey of Canada, Canada’s Visual History, The Little Ice and the Historic Inuit, http://www.civilization.ca/cmc/archeo/artic/earc10.htm. Meanwhile, http://academic.emporia.edu/aberjame/ice/lec19/holocene.htm#wine It also notes that during the time period 880 to 1140 AD, “Radiocarbon dates on trees that grew in Canada (were) far north of the modern timberline” that “low radiocarbon levels in tree rings indicate high solar output and presumably warmer temperatures” and there was “Minimal sea-ice cover around Iceland.”

        There was also the Minoan Warm Period and Roman Warm Period

      13. More fabricated BS. Working overtime to wipe out the undesired masses. On another note, the worldwide march against Monsanto and their ilk is on May 20, a week from tomorrow. I’ll at least put a biting anti gmo sign in the yard that day.

        • Agree.. wasnt this BS debunked last time too, as just another scare tactic?

      14. Just to repeat. AGW is BIG GREEN MONEY scam.

        Farley Mowat, the noted Canadian leftist and Greenpeace activist, wrote in his book West Viking (written while we were still in the global cooling scare) that there were probably at least dwarf forests growing in Greenland when the Vikings arrived in 985 AD and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History reports “… Erik the Red discovered two areas of southwest Greenland which were suitable for farming, with grasslands and small stands of alder and birch.” You will note that it is too cold today for any type of forests to grow in Greenland, and there is zero ability to farm, unless modern technologies are utilized – and even then, crop selection is very minimal. Mowat also reported the Arctic pack ice was much less in that Viking discovery era than today. Dr. Fred Singer writes that when the Vikings first settled Greenland, they grew vegetables, and it was warm enough to allow the population to grow to 3,000 people and by 1100 AD the place was thriving enough that they had their own bishop and twelve churches.

        Nature reported in a 2010 article that clamshell studies also confirm Norse records. Meanwhile, the Archeological Survey of Canada has also noted around “A.D. 1000, a warmer climate resulted in the tree line advancing 100 kilometres north of its present position.”

        There are records of grape growing occurring in places in northern Europe back during this optimum where they can’t grow today. Gregory McNamee, in the Weather Guide Calendar (Accord Publishing, 2002) noted that wine connoisseurs might have gone to England for fine vintages (can’t grow fine vintage grapes there today!), that heat loving trees like beeches carpeted Europe far into Scandinavia, and Viking ships crossed iceberg free oceans to ice free harbors in Iceland…”. Art Horn writes that “In the winter of 1249 it was so warm in England that people did not need winter clothes. They walked about in summer dress. It was so warm people thought the seasons had changed. There was no frost in England the entire winter. Can you imagine what NOAA would say if that happened next year? “

        On the other side of the world, research by Panin and Nefedov in 2010, where they analyzed rivers and lakes in the Upper Volga and Upper Zapadnaya Dvina areas in Russia, also found evidence of a Medieval climatic optimum in that part of the world Even worse for the warmers, recent research has found evidence for the Medieval Climatic Optimum in the central Peruvian Andes, South America, China, see, http://www.nipccreport.org/articles/2012/jan/18jan2012a4.html, where the author XJ Zhou notes “temperatures in the Medieval Warm Period are comparable to those in the current warm period over China,” and Antarctica, Li, Y., Cole-Dai, J. and Zhou, L. 2009. Glaciochemical evidence in an East Antarctica ice core of a recent (AD 1450-1850) neoglacial episode. Journal of Geophysical Research 114: 10.1029/2008JD011091 (summarized at http://www.nipccreport.org/articles/2011/sep/20sep2011a5.html).
        Then there is the picture below of a white spruce found on Canada’s Arctic Ocean picea glauca (white spruce) stump on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula in tundra, some 100km north of the current treeline. Photo by Professor Ritchie (University of Toronto). Radiocarbon date was 4940 ±140 years Before Present (BP), and was featured in Hubert Lamb’s classic work Climate, Present, Past and Future. See http://drtimball.com/2012/sensationalist-and-distorted-climate-stories-increase-as-climate-science-failures-exposed/ for this picture, as well as other AGW info.

      15. One final note, if I may, Mac:

        Two recent papers, reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one in Earth-Science Reviews and the other is in Chinese Science Bulletin, reported studies of “key chemical contents in micro-drilled giant clams shells and coral samples to demonstrate that in the South China Sea the warm period of the Middle Ages was warmer than the present. The scientists examined surveys of the ratio of strontium to calcium content and heavy oxygen isotopes, both are sensitive recorders of sea surface temperatures past and present. The aragonite bicarbonate of the Tridacna gigas clam-shell is so fine-grained that daily growth-lines are exposed by micro-drilling with an exceptionally fine drill-bit, allowing an exceptionally detailed time-series of sea-temperature changes to be compiled – a feat of detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. By using overlaps between successive generations of giant clams and corals, the three scientists – Hong Yan of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Yuhong Wang of Fudan University, Shanghai – reconstructed a record of sea-surface temperature changes going back 2500 years. The Roman and Mediaeval Warm Periods both showed up prominently in the western Pacific and East Asia. Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.” Dr. Soon concludes :” “The UN’s climate panel should never have trusted the claim that the medieval warm period was mainly a European phenomenon. It was clearly warm in South China Sea, too.”

        Another study, by earth sciences professor Zunli Lu (formerly of Oxford, now at Syracuse Univ.), studied samples of crystal called ikaite, which forms in cold water, and will melt at room temperature. Samples were taken by Lu and colleagues, examined for variation caused by temperature fluctuations during formation, and dated. The result? Lu writes: “This ikaite record qualitatively supports that both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age extended to the Antarctic Peninsula.” What does this mean? It means that the MWP was not simply a localized event in northern Europe, or even the northern hemisphere. And if it was as warm 1,000 years ago as now all over the world, Al Gore is simply wrong. Study summary by the UK Register at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/03/23/warm_period_little_ice_age_global/

        • @TEST….

          Don’t attempt to confuse the global climate change crowd with facts. Their minds are made up, don’t you know?

      16. This is Bill Gates’ wet dream. This pathetic globalist should be injected with the patented ebola virus today.

      17. EBOLA IS BACK!
        The guy had 8 years in the White House and now he is back????


      18. Ebola is possibly not even real, but what is real is already here. There are five clinics in the New York area treating diseases which have come in because of the open border lax response to illegal migration into the United States from the non-white Countries. Leprosy!! AIDS!!

        __ how can people condone this suicidal insanity. American Blacks are being infected by the Blacks coming in from North Africa. For white women who think Black men are better than their own white men, you are very likely to be infected with AIDS and/or to be murdered by your Black lover. Even Black women suffer the same fate. Black men, for all the media bs, are twice as likely to be bi-sexual as white men; and 4,000 times more likely to become violent. It’s politically incorrect and racist to point out racial differences or to suggest that segregation grew out of legitimate fears white people had about Black diseases. It is racist and politically incorrect to warn people about the violent tendencies exhibited by Blacks regardless of environmental conditions. It is racist to suggest that white people do what is good for white people.


        • Sad and I see it all the time: the white woman who wants to get some ‘bamboo’ and ends up with either AIDS or raped and beaten to death. There have been a number of these cases in Europe with American tourists. They go for a bit of excitement with a refugee and it ends with tragedy.

          The cultural rules are very different and the white woman thinks the law will protect her. But the law is not there when the refugee goes ape.

          Ebola is a disease of poor hygiene and the consumption of jungle meats. Don’t do that and you will be good.

        • B from CA,

          The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration – Facts, Figures and Statistics
          “Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States.

          Illegal aliens are NOT screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will spread to others that come in contact with an infected person. This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces.”

          Diseases including…
          Malaria, Dengue, leprosy (now called Hansen’s Disease), Hepatitis A-E, Tuberculosis, HIV, Schistosomiasis, Guinea Worm Infection, Whooping cough, Enterovirus, Cysticercosis, Morgellon’s, and a host of others.

          ht tp://www.usillegalaliens.com/impacts_of_illegal_immigration_diseases.html

      19. CDC had to do something, Brazil just cancelled the Zika scare. Poof it’s over. The babies with tiny head problem is all over!

        Mmmmmmuuuuusssssttttt hhhaaaavvvve a new fearrrrr porn…..

        • ‘Mmmmmmmuuuuusssstttt hhhaaaavvvvvvve a new fearrrr porn…”
          Ha! I could hear the voice of Capt. Kirk as I read that!

        • Exactly

      20. It’s good to see that Mac hasn’t been hacked for ransom. Personally, I figure if somebody hacks me, they’ll quickly discover my net worth, bank account and credit rating and the ransom would probably be about….75 cents. I’d probably just pay it (soon as I sell that stash of aluminum cans).

      21. Filthy immigrants.

      22. The great ebola scare of 2014. Is now morphing into the great ebola scare of 2017.

      23. Please bring all infected refugees to the west. We need to take care of those poor sweethearts. They have so many sexual emergencies they just want to spread the love.

      24. In the age of the Boeing 747, any real outbreak will spread around the world in a week.

        And kill BILLIONS!

      25. Interestingly one can generally bank on the more freedom sounding name a country has like, “Democratic Republic of Congo” the more corrupt and totalitarian the nation is. On another note sooner or later TPTB will get their diseases down pat enough to remove most of Africa’s “useless eaters”. South America has a similar climate but no where near the disease. If its some new never before heard of disease its coming from Africa.

      26. Thank Obama for bringing Ebola to the US. With any luck……!

      27. Ebola = BS. Ebola spreads like wildfire IF and only IF the following conditions are present:

        – no hygiene practices whatsoever
        – no access to clean water
        – no access to flush toilets
        – no modern sanitation measures
        – population eats pretty well anything, incluing bizarre jungle animals and even human body parts
        – you live in a sweltering disease pit of filth
        – you have poor health and poor diet

        As soon as Ebola hits the shores of a developed country and it is isolated and dealt with, it is over. Ebola is opportunistic but needs really crappy conditions to flourish. Africa is crappy and thus Ebola spreads there: sort of like divine justice for living in filth.

        What Ebola is good for is scare-mongering and raising billions of dollars from governments to prop up and fatten up UN agencies. Always look at context: the UN was having a budget crisis brought on by Trump’s threats to reduce funding. And then, tah-dah!, the UN declares an Ebola crisis and they will need hundreds of millions of dollars to fight it. Nobody ever knows where all those funds go from the regular campaigns to fight this famine or that disease. But most of it sure does not go to where it should go.

        The UN has been found to be acting as a money raiser for governments around the world. North Korea would get massive transfers of funds from the UN via Macau. Fighting diseases and poverty is for chumps when you can divert those funds into poontang, blow and nice houses in Switzerland.

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