Ebola Alert: Doctor Exposed To Virus Is Brought To The U.S.

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    A United States physician who was exposed to the Ebola virus while treating patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in the United States today and was taken to a secure area at the Nebraska Medical Center. The DRC is currently experiencing one of its worst Ebola outbreaks in history.

    According to Politico, the 39-year-old physician, who isn’t exhibiting symptoms of the deadly virus, was privately transported to the medical center in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday afternoon, officials there confirmed. Ebola, which can spread through direct contact, can incubate for three weeks before an infected person begins showing symptoms. Humans infected with the virus are not considered infectious until they develop symptoms, according to MYVMC.com.  Symptoms include fever, confusion, fatigue, aching muscles, and bloodshot eyes.

    The physician was working at a missionary hospital in the DRC and treated a severely ill patient who subsequently tested positive for Ebola, according to a government official with knowledge of the case. The physician’s identity is being withheld due to privacy concerns. It has been reported as well that the physician has already received the experimental Ebola vaccine. 

    According to Politico, the doctor will be kept under observation in a secure area for up to two weeks and transferred to a special biocontainment unit if any Ebola symptoms develop. The center, which is partnered with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, has previously treated Ebola patients. “This person may have been exposed to the virus but is not ill and is not contagious,” said Ted Cieslak, an infectious diseases specialist at the medical center. “Should any symptoms develop, the Nebraska Medicine/UNMC team is among the most qualified in the world to deal with them.”

    The World Health Organization claims that the Ebola outbreak in DRC could still get worse before it is contained. “We have reached a critical point in the Ebola response,” WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement. “After an intensification of field activities, we were seeing hopeful signs in many areas, including a recent decrease in cases in Beni. These gains could be lost if we suffer a period of prolonged insecurity, resulting in increased transmission.”

    The disease has killed 356 of the 585 people infected during the almost six months of the current outbreak, and one-fifth of the cases have occurred within the past three weeks.


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      1. America RUSHED to import a disease that was not here and couldn’t be here EXCEPT for being artificially brought here by AIR TRANSPORTATION…

        Can I get a “Whoopsie” please for this disaster in progress….? Trust me , they will say it was accidental, but only a damn fool takes a highly deadly and communicable disease OUT OF its containment zone UNNECESSARILY..

        • I agree. No matter how skillful humans may be at managing diseases, it is extremely arrogant for them to believe they can achieve 100% effectiveness in controlling what happens in cases like this. That’s error number one. Error number two is their judgement of priorities. Humanitarian considerations require that it is much more important to contain the disease, than to be super caring about one individual.

        • Remember there was one brought over here to the US the last time this crap broke out.

          • Go drop him off in the hood. That was an easy answer huh?

            • First of all, let’s remember that the so-called “Democratic Republic of the Congo” is anything but. The place has been a sh*t hole for nearly 60 years. Strange, isn’t it, that about 30 minutes after the European colonizers leave, every one of these ‘self-ruled’ African nations begin to collapse? Constant wars, assassinations, social chaos, disease and famine. Some places just don’t have a population with the intelligence, integrity and work ethic to be capable of governing themselves. Sadly, America is fast becoming just like them.
              Lord help us when the next wave of ‘refugees’ (my guess is from somewhere in Africa) start coming here by the millions. They’ll bring all their customary traits, and diseases, with them. Not to mention the ongoing invasion on our southern border. No sane country would allow that! But then, who said America is sane anymore?
              If I made the rules, we’d hang a “NO VACANCY” sign on the Statue of Liberty and stop immigration altogether. Plus, any citizen travelling to certain parts of the world, especially where Ebola is present, would be in a locked quarantine area for 6 months after they return.
              Oh, wait a minute. That wouldn’t be multicultural, inclusive and tolerant, would it? (sarc off)

      2. It’s incredibly expensive treatment because first the infected patient must be transported on a special plane so they don’t contaminate the plane or personnel.

        The risks are huge and hardly justifiable.

        Aeromedical Biological Containment System
        CDC guidelines on Air Medical Transport especially concerning hemorhagic patients like Ebola infected.

        • OK so vaccum pack him and THEN drop him off in the hood lol.

        • Seems to have been hosed into a gutter, in the Dallas area.

      3. I got A’s in school, but bad citizenship scores.

        Biology teachers absolutely never want to be asked — no matter how politely, not even during open discussion — how to tell whether something is “attenuated” (weakened) when you cannot tell whether it fits the definition of something alive or dead. How does it create an immune response, without causing any infection.

        In general, vaccinations have always been assumed to create asymptomatic (if they are lucky) carriers, so were historically controversial.

        In the attached, commonly-accepted warnings, the vaccinated may shed virions, for days to months, through their sweat and other body fluids.

        So, if you have Crohn’s or psoriasis, etc, and take an immune-suppresant medication, you are supposed to warn the prescribing “doctor” that you have been vaccinated, in the tv commercials.

        Above, is what they say and do not say, to the best of my recollection.

      4. Funny how the media goes out of it’s way to say this person is not infected and not showing any symptoms….. but they are treating him and quarantining him.

        Somebody’s lying…….

        • JS, if that person is NOT infected then I’m bringing JFK back to life…..NOT. We all know that WON’T happen.

      5. The last place the Ebola virons leave is in bodily fluids which means the infected person must commit to abstinence for an extended period of 90 days after allegedly being cured or risk harming their partner. But the LATEST information states that Ebola may persist up to TWO YEARS which no one is following or testing!

        See the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases in 2017.

        • Oh wow, how would “they” so love for that poison to get loose in the U.S. Would be just what the simple-minded buffoons want to turn loose on the population and kill Millions and cause mass panic and craziness, etc.

          • Just don’t have sex with naggers. Nobody should anyway. And don’t go to the hood to see the vac packed body.

            • My first wife was a nagger, and we had sex all the time. But we probably shouldn’t have…

      6. I don’t care if the doc is a citizen,don’t risk everyone else getting that disease. Treat him over in Africa until there is a definitive answer as to what it is.

      7. We are at the mercy of poison chemical killers who will say “national security” as legal to shoot you dead.

      8. Since Ebola can last two years in bodily fluids (using euphemisms), then all immigrants should be thoroughly tested from:
        Sierra Leone

        Anyone testing positive must not be admitted as there is no way to ensure they would not spread it especially in urban places.

        Inevitably it will be in our large cities.

        • We should never allow anyone from any of those countries here in the first place! We have enough 70 IQ morons as it is now! NO MORE MORON NAGGER IMMIGRANTS PERIOD! Unless you want them to live at your house forever.

          • “Naggers”? What are you trying to not say? LOL

            • R U makin fun of my accent lol?

              • Weren’t you supposed to use an ‘a’, on the end?

          • Can I live at your house forever?

            • No but you can at Maranathas!

          • No? Well tough shit, I’m moving into your house and I’m going to stay forever, and you’re going to like it. Ha!

            • I will vacuum pack you and put you in the shed lol.

              • You can’t do that to me, I’m Cam Ovals, Mac Slavo’s alter ego! LMAO

      9. As if these millions of third world illegals are not bringing enough exotic third world diseases into America.

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