Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Has Been Shifting RAPIDLY In The Past 40 Years

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    Earth’s magnetic North Pole is rapidly moving and has been for about 40 years. Recently, the pole has been traveling at an unprecedented rate which has prompted scientists to update a vital navigation tool used to track the movement.

    Pole shifts are often the stuff of nightmares with apocalyptic destruction taking place. The geographic north pole resides in the Arctic Ocean, but the magnetic pole has moved. A compass will point to the magnetic pole, which is not in the same location as the geographical pole.

    According to How Stuff, the magnetic north pole is far from stationary. In 1831, it was hanging out along the Boothia Peninsula in Canada’s Nunavut Territory. It has since drifted northward into the Arctic Ocean, getting closer and closer to Siberia. Last year, the pole finally crossed into the eastern hemisphere.

    The magnetic north pole is moving approximately 34 miles every year. However, before the mid-1990s, the pole was only traveling 9.3 miles each year, meaning it’s picking up speed and rapidly moving. “It didn’t move much between 1900 and 1980, but it’s really accelerated in the past 40 years,” geophysicist Ciaran Beggan told Reuters on Friday, January 11. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why the magnetic pole has picked up speed although it looks like a jet of liquid iron (one of the materials that influence magnetic fields) is driving it away from Canada.

    The World Magnetic Model is the “standard magnetic model used for navigation” by NATO, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K. Ministry of Defense, and “smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS,” according to the British Geological Survey’s blog. Therefore, accuracy is pretty important. Because Earth’s magnetic north pole has been moving so rapidly, the system must continually be updated more frequently than before. After the WMM’s last routine upgrade in 2015, Earth changed dramatically as an unforeseen “geomagnetic pulse” beneath South America startled the scientific community in 2016, forcing the pole to begin quickly moving.



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      1. If you use a map and compass be sure to keep updated on magnetic declination charts. Write it down on a piece of tape on the bottom of your compass. Or mark it on your dial.

        • right now someone is reading this and sticking a bit of tape on the “compass” on his smartphone LOL

          Its getting to be a lost art, reading a map and using a magnetic compass. although some orienteering sports have become “cool” again with the advent of “run n’ gun” and crossing over with the so-called ‘tactical sports”.

        • This article was posted on December 5th, 2010 and also discusses the moving NMP prior to a Pole Shift:

          Recent articles I have seen say that there is 300 miles to the “tipping point”, which would give US four or five years, while I anticipate that the slippage would increase as it gets closer to the tipping point.

          Other authors I have read state that when the Pole Shifts, the earth will increase its “tilt” such that, if you were looking at the Western Hemisphere from space above the equator, the Peninsula of Alaska would actually be at the TOP of the world like a giant “E” laying on it’s back.

          Be there to get there. 🙂

          • If you are building a fixed mount solar array you might think about directing it a little ahead in the direction of the shift.

          • I agree that the rate of pole shifting is getting faster. Its claimed the tipping point is 40 degrees. at the present rate of travel its three years to 40 degrees. Some claim it will be a complete reversal. I don’t think that will happen. However it will be quite the adventure.

        • If you know your GrandMa Sucks and Machine Gun Add (GRID to MAG and MAG to GRID) you shouldn’t have to worry about a piece of tape.

      2. Mars anyone ?

        • No.

          You see, Mars lost ITS electro magnetic protection long, long ago… You would have to go in the OTHER direction, but its far too soon.

          Look for “Douglas Vogt”.

      3. I won’t be concerned until true north starts to wobble .

      4. I wonder if this is a harbinger of global tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions? Many fault lines around the world are under great stress and ready for release, especially in North America.

        With the world’s politics and economy going downhill and everything else getting worse I wouldn’t be surprised if TEOTWAWKI is lurking nearby.

        • The same thought occurred to me as I was reading this.

        • Yes it is a harbinger of things to come. Read the link I posted above for additional info. When the poles move, the coldest spots will be at the new poles and ice at the previous pole locations will begin to melt. This MELT will be, IS being hastened by volcanic eruptions beneath both Ice Sheets, north & south, right now.

          As the ice melts and the water moves to the ocean the weight is lifted from the land, allowing it to rise. As this land rises (Greenland) other tectonic plates will be impacted accelerating the CHANGES.

          Be there to get there. 🙂

          • Ya I will move to greenland asap lol.

            • NO, not Greenland, silly, your BOL !!! 🙂

      5. Dude, you’re recycling the fear porn too quickly.

      6. I don’t think I can fix it so I will not worry about it.
        Shifting is one thing loss of its power and our radiation protection is another.
        I would not like to be microwaved to death

      7. Back in seventies, male teenagers in Switzerland were often into orienting as a pleasurable hobby. There was a resurgance of people who would create a “treasure cache” at a location, and others would go look for it by following orienting clues by using GPS devices, and then recording their name and where they were from. I saw that as a very positive sign. That is way too reliant on electronics though.

        There are lots of topo maps available for the various park regions under state and national oversight. So some young people explore and even follow historical routes and backpack along the way.

        Quite a few dayhikers walk along the Appalachian Trail, though very few walk from Springer Georgia to Katadyn Maine. It’s quite an adventure if you’re a young person who needs inspiration. Expect to wear out at least seven pairs of boots and to eat 3200 calories a day as it is strenuous. The people who quit carried too much gear and failed to get physically ready, and assumed they could just tough it out. You have to be abke to hardship and have mental toughness as well. People who don’t eat enough…especially fat, sort of wilt.

        • htt ps://

          A family could do orienting and geocaching, teach wild edibles and tree indentification, have the kids build fires and a debris hut, learn the J stroke canoeing, pray and study the Bible, examine fossils and identify rocks at several well known sites like the Falls of the Ohio, go caving, go bouldering, prepare meals in a natural setting, etc.

          Or just have every family member each absorbed in watching youtube videos, eating microwave meals on their own, and having no connection whatsoever. Then wondering why they even care and feeling horribly isolated and alone.

          • KGX8DB_3OzQ
            Standard orienting

            They have activities for kids and teenagers where it’s more like a game plus can be team-based involving a competition involving precision/accuracy vs time.

            • NNJ4xJTsWa4

              • lgdvgndSHFE
                Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in a single editted video.

                What is genuinely kind is some people who hiked it, end up retiring near sections. They had such a wonderful experience that they leave replacement items like matches and batteries and peanut butter. Or they will let hikers wash up, and eat a home cooked meal, or sleep in a real bed.

                Anyone who even accomplishes a month on the Trail has had a real adventure. It helps young people mature as they “get their head screwed on right”.

                • I would have learned that in the boy scouts but I was too busy eating brownies 😉

                  • You crossed the line. Brownies are 7-14 years old.

      8. You won’t be around when anything bad happens from the pole shifting around. It still will be over a hundred years before the field position where radiation can hit the surface will fall in the USA or Canada. Forget this fear mongering. You will be done in by the democrats long before anything like that is a factor!

      9. Not that I need a compass since all I have to do when lost is walk downhill, but I recently re-swung my personal compass.
        using 2017 deviations for my approx. 20N 155W location.
        I always carry a compass when hiking. My GPS broke years ago and my wife has the smart phone.

        • Of course you use a compass, yer old like me lol.

          • my compass is in the night sky.

      10. Mag to grid, get rid. Grid to mag, add. If I remembered right.

        • I recall the memory trick was to use-
          MGA ( As in the motor vehicle) – Magnetic to Grid ADD
          Grand Ma Sucks – Grid to magnetic SUBTRACT

        • I think the best way to do it is, Draw magnetic north lines on your map, and then use them. No adding or subtracting and is straight forward and easy to use. Just my $.02 worth.

          Kevin Larsen KA7LRC 147.260/R Longview wa.

      11. DNJ:

        I get the 12,000 year cycle, but I don’t think anybody can call it down to nearest half day 🙂

        Don’t the Chinese have about the same chance of frying as we do ?


      12. I heard that IF this pole shift caused the Earth to tilt, Canada would be then on the Equator, I love tropical, plants always have, so its something to look forward too, better send off for tropical plants seeds I suppose..

      13. Where is ISRAEL when this happens?? any chance its Zio targeted?

      14. Wow… and in spite of all that rapid magnetic shifting over the past 40 years, life has gone on so normally that virtually no one on the planet has noticed a damn thing. It’s truly shameful how we don’t pay more attention to the panic mongers.

        • Your sarcastic tone has become a bad habit. It would be wise of you to absorb selected fragments of information and file them away for future use rather than go out of your way to insult and offend others. Changes are coming. Don’t prepare if that’s your choice. Let others process this information as they wish. Preparations will not matter in many cases, and in a few they will matter a great deal. It is not for you to interfere in the karma of others.

          • If you can’t tell good information from bad you won’t survive.
            Just sayin’.

        • It’s like the ‘partial goobermint shutdown’…nobody knows it’s happening unless someone tells them.

          I read the earth shifted 2% on its axis with the earthquake and sunami near India AND shifted 2% Again with the Earthquake and sunami in Japan.

          Would there be any correlation to pole shift, climate change, etc.

          • The japan earthquake reduced the distance between North America and Japan. The continents are indeed moving.

      15. The NOAA predicted a rather mild winter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac said it would be snowy and cold. The Old Farmer’s Almanac was right again.

      16. Sorry but, Space is fake. We don’t live on a spinning ball of water. Notice once again the picture used is cartoonish ? Pole reversal my anus.

        • Da earf be flat!

      17. I would like to see an article on the effects of a pole shift. I just don’t see why I should be worried about this. Other than airports changing the numbers on the runways to coincide with magnetic north, and forcing me to buy some new maps every few years what’s the big deal? What real honest to God Earth changes will happen? Maybe some of you genius astrophysicists out there could enlighten me.

      18. Well bilge if the compass points where the only things affected by a pole shift then its no big deal. However the pole shifting already is effecting Plate Techtonics. The pacific is compressing and the atlantic getting wider. the pole shift will cause the great lakes especially lake Michigan to flow southward into the Mississippi river. And the new Madrid might let go. And the liquefied delta land from yhe Ill southern tip all the way to the gulf will slide towards the gulf. where there was land will be open water and swamp. Death valley will once again be filled with water. Some think all land 425 ft in elevation or lower will be submerged. Ant if it occurs via a tipping point this will happen in a hour or less. And its not because of mans activities. and its not mother earth getting revenge. Its not the hand of God or the work of the devil. Its a natural thing that happens.

      19. ht tps://

        For some time, we’ve been discussing the possibility of a mini-Ice Age. You should know that the upper USA and some of the Midwest is unseasonably cold this winter. There is an average 20-40 degrees F colder temperature across that swath.

        So far it has not affected Western Kentucky. I guess we are in a sweet spot.

        Are we headed for a repeat of the 1976-1977 and 1977-1978 winters which caused peculiar weather? Or could it be worse?

      20. With very real looming ideological issues plus economic collapse potential plus Russian/Chinese involvement in Venezuela, if spring planting was delayed in the above region, it would seriously hamper Americans’ ability to cope.

        I hope every prepper topped off because all we are getting is a three week reprieve on the government shutdown.

        Realize that we have incomplete data on influenza contagion as well as the physicians are no longer testing for it. Bugging out desperate urbanites in winter would have a horrible outcome in a worse case scenario.

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