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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    A good friend of mine, who runs a hedge fund, called me after the markets closed this past Friday. He asked me if I had 20 minutes to “BRAINSTORM ON GOLD” and I told him “Always” and that I was DOING THAT ANYWAY, so it’s a perfect investment of my time.

    I had been immersed in research about gold, silver and mining stocks since dawn this past Friday. Literally, I couldn’t be disturbed with anything and WENT OVER scenario after scenario, crunching innumerable ANGLES OF DATA into my computation, until WHITE SMOKE appeared.

    This week, I will unveil the results of this research marathon.

    Today, I will share with you how I summarized the call with my friend, the hedge fund manager, because it boils down to two words: BULL MARKET.

    His first question to me was which asset, gold or silver, should he consider in his fund, if he could only HAVE ONE but not the other. My reply was SILVER.

    When he asked me why, I replied with a two-word combination that ACTED AS A THEME throughout our conversation: “BULL MARKET.”

    In July alone, silver soared by 25%, which happens to be its 2nd best month ON RECORD. I reminded him that in the Wealth Research Group newsletter (which I know he reads), when the gold/silver ratio hit 120:1, I CALLED THE TOP on it. Today, the ratio is 71:1.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Later on, he asked me the following: “If I already own gold in my fund, should I book profits and transition to silver?” I replied that he should, literally telling him, “DUMP YOUR GOLD.”

    It’s a bull market; gold is already $2,043, and while it might even go up AN ADDITIONAL 50% and trade for $3,000, it would be PLAIN STUPID to only make 50% in the greatest bull market of our careers. In your own personal life, instead of saving in dollars, you ought to save in gold ounces, which you NEVER SELL. But in your portfolio, where your aim is to buy low and sell high, go with either silver, which has an 80%-100% upside potential from here, or do WHAT I DO, which is to make CONCENTRATED BETS on specific mining stocks.

    This was my message to him.


    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    With bear market rallies, knowing WHEN TO EXIT is essential, since the overall trend is down. But with bull market booms, even seeing gold up 14 out of the past 15 days (as displayed in the chart) SHOULDN’T DETER anyone, since any dips and corrections need to be PRAISED, NOT CONDEMNED – the overall trend is up.

    Today’s top chart, which shows the correlation between gold and REAL RATES for the 1yr Treasury bond, is all you need to know.

    As of now, at least until 2022, the FED isn’t going to be raising rates, while inflation is anticipated to climb – which is the DRIVING FORCE behind the precious metals rally.

    In today’s LAST CHART, featured below, you’ll see what the unintended consequences of the Federal Reserve’s policies have been: the rich becoming SUPER-RICH, while the real economy starves TO DEATH.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Do you want to STRIKE BACK at the machine, at this system? I told him, “Then make this precious metals bull market WORK FOR YOU.”

    I know he could be buying the dips and that he won’t be shying away from exploiting buying opportunities.



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      1. These sick pathetic mentally incompetent losers that are too cowardly to breathe do not belong in this country of the land of the free and the home of the brave! Deport these damned mask-robbing, treasury-looting, chicken-shit, psychopaths to hell now!

        They think that they are winning by making asses out of themselves being totally full of shit. 

        So that is their game plan. Making asses out of themselves by being totally full of shit. That is what we are up against. Know thine enemy.

        Expose the lies! 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Stay out of Chicago! Chicago has been surrendered to the criminal savages. There is no rule of law. No jail time for offenders. 107 homicides in July. Only 8 charged. Last night, the savages again ransacked downtown and shot at anyone who tried to stop them. The Mayor, the States Attorney, the Chief Justice of Cook County, and the County President are all Black. Black rule doesn’t work in Africa and it doesn’t work here. You would be wise to stay out of Cook County, Illinois. That’s where Chicago is located. Chicago already has about 467 homicides so far this year. They are on par to exceed 700 homicides for the year. This is the future under Democrat rule.

      3. dump gold ?
        you are assuming anyone with two brain cells to rub together …bought it to begin with.

      4. Geeee, I figured this out years ago. Already done. Maybe I could be a financial adviser huh?

      5. Lior Gantz, I use PMs as a hedge against devaluation of the DOLLAR. Since we use DOLLARs to judge the relative value of PMs. Endless “Quantitative Easing” (DOLLAR printing) and decades of irresponsible congress critters reduced the value of our fiat DOLLAR. Take a look at the attached site to reveal the quantities of DOLLARs used by govt. these days.


        Note that all pictures use $100.00 bills. The last picture is of double-stacked pallets & the same human is standing next to the field of pallets.

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