Dumbing Down America: People Think The Coronavirus Has To Do With Beer

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The general population’s IQ continues to decline.  It certainly appears, for all intents and purposes, that humanity has peaked.  This dumbing down of America can be seen in the alarming number of people who think the coronavirus is related to Corona beer.

    Apparently, it needs to be clarified: the Coronavirus has nothing to do with the company called Corona that makes beer.


    According to a report by USA Today, an alarming number of Americans believe the outbreak of the Coronavirus is somehow related the company that makes Mexican style beer. The alcoholic beverage from Mexico showed a surge in Google searches in the past week, along with the term “corona beer virus” and “beer virus.”

    In the United States, Google Trends calculated that 57% of the people that searched one of those terms searched for “beer virus,” and the remaining 43% searched for “corona beer virus.” States like Hawaii, New Mexico, and Kansas are searching “beer virus” more, whereas states like South Carolina, Colorado, and Arizona are searching “corona beer virus” more.

    From January 18 to January 26, searches for “corona beer virus” jumped 2,300% globally, according to Google Trends.

    Google Trends tweeted Tuesday that “coronavirus symptoms” had spiked +1,050% this week. The search engine also included top questions on the coronavirus from the past 24 hours which included “what is coronavirus” and “is coronavirus deadly.” These are valid questions.

    According to Business Insider, Corona (the beer company) trusts it’s customers to know there is no link between the outbreak of the virus and their beer. The similarity ends with the names. “We believe, by and large, that consumers understand there’s no linkage between the virus and our business,” Maggie Bowman, senior communications director at Constellation Brands, Corona’s producer, told Business Insider on Wednesday.

    Establishment Admits: We Are “Unable to Stop” The Spread of the Coronavirus


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      1. You know what goes great with “corona virus”?

        Lyme disease

        • Now that’s a good one!

        • Shots from glasses. Pick your poison.

        • Mule Man, Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !! Good one.

        • I wish I could think of zingers that fast. Congratulations!

        • If you don’t have any Lymes, you can use some lemon AIDs.

      2. I was joking when I said that in a previous post. Figures that some may actually believe it.

        America is run by sick, evil, retarded, scummy, little losers, that have no brains, no hearts, no souls, no back bones, no guts, and no balls. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict how this will end.

      3. I caught the coronavirus in Mexico one time….cost me a night in jail:)

      4. Any publicity is good publicity.

      5. First human to human case in US confirmed
        21 in Illinois under observation

      6. Let it start spreading over here like it is in China and we will have martial law. Just one old mans opinion.

      7. this is fake news, you fell for memes dummy, nobody actually believes its related to a brand of beer, rofl.

        shame on the mess


        I have not even wasted my time on this site, but I might as well post now. This is the end, this is the end of it all. Its here now. Total collapse, and all out war, ww3 as we know it invasion, and the worst of it all. Not even sure if I will survive it. Even people just 25 miles from me in my city here is Texas are infected. The agency ass clowns can go on the attack on me on this site and its already too late. I think most posters on here will agree with me and your shit trolls. You see how a chi-com is running for president, trying to get into the White house to make it easier for the chi-com soldiers to take orders to fire on Americans. You see what happened in Virginia, and just days later after the great gathering, they passed even more draconian laws, basically saying, fuck you Americans and gun owners. Look at Wuhan, and ask your self. This was a deliberate attack coordinated with the chi-coms to cancel the elections of the US, to spread a pandemic to bring down the US, and trigger wars, death and destruction. I am done talking now, I have been posting shit on this site for years, being called names, etc. The situation is so dire, that no elections is taking place this November 2020. This is all out end game starting from no one. Lets see me proven as bullshit. And I don’t have to keep repeating all the crap I posted in the past. Just posting now to let you guys know that I am watching everything. The news I heard for the past 3 years is so bad I am not even going to post it.

        Degal.com said that the population of the US will be 50,000,000 by 2025, this is 2020 that we are in. Now what the hell is really being planned?


      9. Just glad I drank Dos Equis beer when we went out to the Mexican restaurant for supper instead of Corona beer. LOL

      10. corona beer was around before the stinkin virus.

      11. Didn’t I read on this BB about a million man Chinese Army hiding in Mexico?

      12. hahahahaha.

      13. Men look at the Beer racks in grocery stores with intelligent, cultured, and scrutinizing faces.
        Are they Connoisseurs or Commonsewers(?) You decide.

      14. Come on, even the Demonrats are not that stupid. Although, when I look at the PARADE OF IDIOTS on that side of the aisle, maybe. For example: Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, Shiff, Pelosi, Omar, and we could go on and on. Why do folks VOTE for this kind of governance?

      15. h ttps://hangthebankers.com/gmos-now-in-beer/

        “We believe, by and large, that consumers understand there’s no linkage between the virus and our business,” Maggie Bowman, senior communications director.

        Your brewery and news are as nationalized as public education, so not especially held to consumer standards.

      16. The coalition of the willing to support the U.S. now consists of
        AlQaeda, ISIL, ISIS, IS, Daesh, Al Nousra Front, the PKK, the MEK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

        Birds of a Feather!

        Wake Up America!

      17. Glad I always drank Pacifico or Dos Equis beer when dining at a Mexican restaurant.
        Kind of explains the term “low information voters”.

      18. Speaking of dumbing down America, it jusy occured to me, regardng Jeffrey Epstein, how could a pedophile hostng pedophile parties black mail pedophile guests of crimes that he is guilty of without people saying, F OFFf! you pay me, or I’ll report you!? This leads me to believe that he may not have been black mailing people, but maybe charging membership. We have not heard from anyone that he has black mailed, so we really do not know that people have been black mailed by hm. Snce the surveillance state can spy on anyone, and he had cameras everywhere, maybe someone in the surveillance state was black mailing people.

      19. When recycled water is used in the public plantings, there are big signs, telling us that it’s non-potable. Puddles, smelling of chorizo, formed within eyeshot of our city hall, the water district admitting, matter-of-factly, that septic is a major source of recharge, into the shallow water table.

        We’re supposed to use recycled water in swimming pools, here. Recycled from where? What is the too-big-to-jail beer company’s water source, if the groundwater is too bacterial?

        The first time I pondered this question, I was in a country with an open-air sewer, where we weren’t supposed to flush the toilet paper, and where beer was made, from I know not what. If I walk my dog, past the wrong side of the tracks, say, on Super Bowl Sunday, or after Easter dinner, the air smells exactly the same as that country.

        What can I scientifically find, in your branded crap water, if you think this word-association is so embarrassing. Some enterprising person could probably, quietly take their lab sample from any corner store and make more blackmail money than Epstein, but it would be like trying to get the other Red Communists, on the other side of the ocean, to admit their test results.

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