Drunk Union Bus Driver Gets Paid Leave, Keeps Job

by | Mar 18, 2011 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    If you were to show up to the office intoxicated you’d like be terminated the same day – unless you worked for the city and happened to be a member of the union. In the latest display of government inefficiency and mismanagement, an Albuquerque, New Mexico bus driver who showed up for work intoxicated ended up being put on paid suspension. He will now likely be allowed to return to work.

    While his actions don’t reflect those of every union worker in the country, it does reflect the inherent problems within unions and government. In the private sector, when people fail to meet the necessary requirements for performing their duties, or by their actions put people in danger, they get fired. When you are employed by the government, you get rewarded with a five month paid vacation and get to keep your job. We wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the driver gets a promotion.


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      1. Pathetic!

      2. But if it weren’t for unions we would be working 29 hours a day, 12 days a week. Power to the people!!!!

      3. I like this blame the Union how quaint. How about the citizens asking the City that had a negotiator at the table, when contract time came. How did the negotiator MISS this and if he did not then the CITY AGREED to this for if they had not it would not be in the contract!
        I do not agree with this rule myself it brings disrespect to those of us that have a CDL or in my case have had one and have driven a bus anywhere. But trying to blame the union is putting the cart before the horse in this case. The union is paid by the workers to represent them thus the union did their jobs.
        Whereas the City is paid by all of the public and as such the City Negotiator is the representative of the public at the table. Jump the City and ask them again, Why did they agree to this in the contract?
        If I were a resident there I darn well would want to know. I also would like to bring up that id that driver drove to work then the State should be able to push a DUI against him. But, each state is different. Where I live if you have a CDL you lose your CDL for 1 yr or more.. see below. I do not agree to this at all and find fault with both parties the union for its part in having this in the contract. But the real fault here is why did the city negotiator agree to this?

        How long will my license be disqualified?

        First incident: 1 year (3 years if the incident occurred while you were transporting hazardous materials.
        Second incident or more: For life?) What are the laws in NM for DUI? I tried to find and CDL was not easily found.


      4. Typical of any type of gov. job to incl 2 hour lunch breaks, coming in late, inefficiency, long bathroom and coffee breaks by union or non union workers.

      5. I can’t take it anymore.  Stupid Government!

      6. Laura m – yea, it’s not like they could fire ya……    This is pathetic.   Paid Leave?  That’ll teach him to come in drunk.

      7. chuckes:

        I’m tired of the communist “power to the people” crap.  Unions extort money thru collective bargaining  and the increased labor costs drive employers out of the state or US.  then once your state can’t pay your benefits you want taxpayers to bail you out.  Compete in the marketplace otherwise go to Cuba or Venezuala.

      8. I work in a cabinet-door factory. No union. If we organized one, the owners would simply shut the doors. Conditions are less-than-ideal (read “crappy”). We have, effectively, NO representation. If they yell “JUMP”, we yell “how high?” Everyone is too scared to stand up and say, “enough!” But, union or no union, if I put others in danger by irresponsible actions, I deserve to be fired! Especially, when it’s about something you can control, like drinking. OMG, drink when you get home.

      9. The only reason he would get promoted is so that he’ll would have to drive a bus.  Just drive paper around on his desk.

      10. Comments….. This kind of news about government workers used to piss me off, I am numb to it now cause, you here about this kind of behavior and the lack of punishment ALL the time. YOU CAN NOT FIRE THESE LOSERS! I have 2 relatives who are state workers, they say that if you are good and do your job, bosses will give you a bad evaluation,( so its harder for you to get promoted, or a new job in another department, so boss can keep you) and if you dont do $hit,late all the time, high on the job, dui public vehicles and are a terrible employee, you get great evaluations(so boss can get rid of you, by you getting a new job, or promoted out)  SO I FIGURE 80% OF THE HIGHER UP STATE EMPLOYEES AND BOSSES ARE THE MOST INEPT IDIOTS!  

      11. Comments…..And my bad spelling doesnt mean my statement is incorrect!!!!

      12. I’d like to but that guy a drink,,,,, oh wait I’m to busy WORKING!!!
        I live in Florida, no pension, no retirement plan, no free health care.
        God damb union cry babies, I hope you all get cut off when TSHTF

      13. sittinguy – I’d like to buy you a drink.  They are what you said.  Thank You!

      14. Guillotine Tous!

      15. I’m riding in the back of the speeding economic bus with the emergency door open (buzzer sounding) and waiting for a safe place to jump.  Did I mention the rear axle is broken and the brakes on fire?  Obamamma is driving & he’s on vacation & forcing me to buy insurance.  The maker of the bus is the U.S. Fed Treasury & the mechanic’s name is Ben Bernanke.  I was forced to get on the bus to HELL & they keep billing my debit card & I keep telling them that I don’t even have one!  Not sure when the next stop is but it has On Star!  Rumor is if we slow down, it blows up & were about out of petro.  Was that a sign that says “Bridge Out”?  Look, the young Libs & old hippies are protesting along the side of the road for unions & throwing Molotov cocktails.  Drill baby drill!  What a ride!  I’ll be alright if I survive the jump, I blog on SHTF.com

      16. kevin…
        I have 2 relatives who are state workers, they say that if you are good and do your job, bosses will give you a bad evaluation,( so its harder for you to get promoted, or a new job in another department, so boss can keep you) and if you dont do $hit,late all the time, high on the job, dui public vehicles and are a terrible employee, you get great evaluations(so boss can get rid of you, by you getting a new job, or promoted out)”
        I can confirm this.  I used to work in a state government job.  I did good work, came to work on time, etc.  I tried to get a better position and was told, in effect, I had no chance of getting the position because I was a victim of my own success.  Sucks, but it’s true.

      17. Comments…..remember this..treat the “scabs” well and appreciate them when they cross the picket lines… i have been trying for 22 yrs to get my mailman fired…he is an IDIOT who has not learned to read or count yet….and when he flies down my road at 6am i know just where he is going and exactly what he is doing…on government time at that!

      18. unions found that companies can move..to other countries, or other states, like right to work states..

        municipalities, cant move..

        police = union
        Fire= union
        teachers= union
        city workers = union

        you constanly hear cop under investigation..”paid admin. leave”
        “desk duty”
        heck they can even royaly fuck up..and still keep their job, isnt that nice
        same with the firemen, teachers, and other municipality union employees, they are usually paid very well with a dam good benifit package that can in some cases match or exceed their wage.

        Next if not already, TSA..DHS..FBI…ATF…you get it, the list goes on and on..and it sometimes seems like their advancement program is set up with the “fuck up, move up” mantality.

        The amount of corruption in the ranks, all the way to the union bosses is astronimical..Im not saying the workers, you know who im talking about
        anyone can tell me any line of BS against my knowledge, Im sorry their actions speak louder than any BS story they could ever try to sell me

        Its the Mob mantality..

        and when their pensions are not correctly funded, its than turned into the publics problem, rather than the fact that the union “crew” squandered their money, and invested it poorly..

        when things financially go thier way, their worker bees never see a dime of it, but when the funds arent up to snuff we the public get raked, and chosen to be the funding body,

        Its time this corrupt ring of theifs are taken to the cleaners..and Jailed and fined.

        all of these types of sucking hole played systems are another open wound in the backs of the working class…the union isnt even taking care of the ones sticking up for them(the union worker), they have them so snowed..its not even funny..a rude awakining for fighting for their own blood suckers is going to be a cold wake up call one day to them poor misdirected fools..

        the rates are going up, but their pay isnt, their dues are going up, but their pay isnt..their pensions are not fully funded, and when it comes time to retire, there will be a rude day coming their way..I already know a few around me that were in the trades, that are finding they are not retiring at the pension they should have been, or finding..”Gotta work longer”

        it will be, and get ugly..i hope they got their thinking caps on when they realise how screwed they are, and know who it is that fucked em….’cause it sure isnt us

      19. I’m tired of busting my hump so the government can waste my hard earned taxes.  My wife suggests I work only 2-3 hours a day to barely cover our bills/food/tv/internet/etc costs.  But that’s now who I am.  If I work less then 10 hours in a day I feel like I was lazy.  I might not like all the work I do, but I take pride in doing it right (screw how fast its done, looks good, works perfectly and is done correctly is far more important to me, I rather lose a job where they want it cheap then feel rushed or cheap after I leave).

        I have a retirement plan/fund.  But its personally paid for with after tax dollars (which get taxed again when I make capital gains on them, ahhh double taxation, oh no wait they screwed around with the wording its ok now to double tax me).  I have health benefits because I pay for them out of pocket with after tax dollars.  I don’t know how good they are, never used them in 10 years of having them.

        I’m just tired of it all.  Seeing how greedy other refrigeration techs are.  They throw the equipment in.  They just want the money.  They cannot figure out how I make almost twice as much as them per hour but what I mostly do is fix problems no one else can.  I’m just tired of fixing problems that should never exist because they were rushing, nothing else.  Then I come home and see the government at all levels needs fixing.  It’s getting old, fast.

        I can honestly say I have no issue with a union outside of government.  The elected officals have no spine so the unions get anything/everything they want.  Where as business owners fight back against the unions and keep them in check.  I’ve also seen a lot of unions drive the work out of state/country.  Which is them killing themselves (which is good/fine).


      20. Wow, good comments!

      21. I think I would be a great drunken bus driver for that city!  After all, I have spent nearly my entire life drunk, and driving around for FREE!  I can’t imagine getting PAID for doing what I love.  This article has gotten me so excited, I am going to down a quart and drive a few hundred miles.  Look out for me!

      22. Comments….. Mike L,  I agree with everything you wrote.  I am at a cross road in my life, (what your wife told you to do) do I work all I can?(and watch them tax me alot more, then watch them waste it) or do I work a third of the time?(and pay alot less taxes, and live alot simpler, and do with out). Everyday for the last year I have been asking my self those 2 questions. I am starting to think your wife’s way of thinking is right. I have been busting my hump for 26 years, NEVER used my health care (when i had it), payed into medicare and the ss “trust fund” all my life(and I am convinced I wont get a dime of it back, and if Ido it will be ravaged by inflation), I have paid my taxes all my life (tax time sucks ass) and I am on my own for retirement!  “public servants” ?? WHO IS THE SERVANT?? At least indentured servants were free after 6 years! I am on my 26th year of my indentured servitude, and I do not see freedom on the horizon, just more, and more taxes, regulations, and laws!! THANK YOU for your post!! I believe, I have finally made up my mind!! Live to work? or work to live?   WORK TO LIVE, YOUR WIFE IS RIGHT!  PS I am glad she isnt my wife, because then she would be wrong!(joke)     

      23. I would have to asume that the solution to all of America’s problems would be solved if the unions were abolished across the country, based on many of the opinions (not all) on this site. So, that is to say that without unions (small percentage of american workers), America would be a thriving, prosperous country without very many social or economic issues. Lets see, how many other nations have issues where unions are driving their country from riches to rags? Germany? No, they are considerd the stalwart of the European Union. Any African country? No, they have been a mess for what seems an eternity. Libya? Iraq? Iran? Saudi Arabia?, Yemen?, Isreal? No, again, issues for what seems an eternity. Shall we go to the South American continent. Argentina, monetary issues several times over the past thirty years. Union related? I don’t think so. Are there issues with unions, yes. Do they just set the price and the consumer has to live with it, no. There is plenty of competition in America (outside of government). There are union and non-union companies in almost every trade in America. You pick who you want to hire when you call the company for service. If your issues are with city, state, and federal governments, then your issues are not with unions. Your issues are with bureaucratic organizations. Perhaps, we should spend more of our time looking at the real culprits of this collapse. Unions? Nah, they,re small potatoes.

      24. @Kevin: “do I work all I can?(and watch them tax me alot more, then watch them waste it) or do I work a third of the time?(and pay alot less taxes, and live alot simpler, and do with out).”
        We should talk! I have been trying to figure this out as well. I feel like I am at the crossroads as well…but I’ve now picked my direction. I make several times what the average American makes, but I live like a monk…and I’m liking it very much. And I spend as much time as possible outside the US; that’s for multiple reasons. Cannot tell YOU what to do, but I am in the process of removing myself from this culture. Mentally I am already gone! For me, America is the place where I still make money, but I don’t live here anymore..that means I don’t buy STUFF anymore..no new iphones, no DVDs, none of that consumer crap, because I’d have to sell it all within the next few years anyway. I say, live simply, save money, get out.

      25. Comments…..Divide and conquer  …..workers against workers?! Banks take the whole loaf of bread and leave a crumb for people w/jobs and now we are ready to blame unions!?……..@sd mule YOU ARE RIGHT!

      26. Unions are great.  They can strong arm states and businesses to pay janitors and school bus drivers over $100,000 a year and allow workers to do whatever they want and never get fired.  They can shut down businesses.  They can take control of the taxpayers and make them suffer.  They are the 21st century mobsters.  Look at Wisconsin.  Unions will destroy this country.  Great, huh?

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