Drudge Sends the Biggest Secret Viral: “America Has Been Arming ISIS”

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 87 comments

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    The biggest open secret in the world has just been tweeted by the world’s biggest news aggregator.

    Matt Drudge drives so much web traffic that he basically has his own gravity, and now the often-reclusive figure has sent out a message that should be a wake-up call for those who have been broadcasting news about the threat that ISIS poses.

    Following their mass murder spree in Paris, the terrorist group is supposedly planning attacking inside America, all while taking supposedly also taking on the biggest military powers in the world during their protracted struggle for an Islamic State caliphate inside Syria and Iraq.

    What would the world do if it realized the truth – that ISIS is the creation of Western forces, and that the United States has in fact been arming and supporting their own worst enemy?:

    This bombshell tweet echoes numerous reports from inside the alternative media pointing out the sick truth behind the shocking resurgence of terrorism.

    Barry Donegan of Truth in Media wrote:

    Influential conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge issued a tweet on Tuesday acknowledging the growing body of evidence that suggests that the U.S. has participated in arming the terror group ISIS.

    Drudge’s realization follows nearly two years of Truth in Media coverage of how U.S. foreign policy is enabling terrorism in Syria and Iraq and has led to the rise of ISIS.

    In September of 2013, Ben Swann reported on how U.S. efforts to arm radical Islamist rebel groups against secular Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad were empowering extremists who were planning to create what he described at the time as an “al-Qaeda ‘super state,’ comprised of Iraq and Syria.”

    In addition to numerous data points hinting at the U.S. support for terrorists in order to undermine and destabilize Bashar al-Assad, an important memo has come to the surface.The declassified Pentagon/Defense Intelligence Agency memo from 2012 [see PDF] reveals that Turkey as well as the Western and Arab states who are overtly backing the “Free Syrian Army” rebels have also been sponsoring a burgeoning Islamic State that stands to take over Syria and Iraq for the interests of the Sunni Muslim factions that dominate much of the Middle East and who oppose Shiite Muslim strongholds at all costs.
    The document should be world news, but has failed to gain headlines and major coverage in any mainstream media news outlets. Perhaps with Drudge’s fresh spotlighting of the important issue, some Americans will understand how their leaders have been breathing life into the ISIS monster, and that “this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want.“Here is one of Ben Swann’s reports on the secret behind ISIS… and their sponsors:


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      1. Drudge Sends the Biggest Secret Viral: “America Has Been Arming ISIS”

        Wow … way to go Drudge … better late than never, nice of them to finally catch up on what is taking place in this world.

        • FTW,
          and don’t forget to add our current (IT obuthead) in the white house is a muslim !!!!

          • Wrong, don’t say America has been arming isis. Its Obama and his loser administration thats been arming them. Watch what happens at the end of Obamas term when he leaves, everyone WILL find out everything that this nightmare has done.

        • No shit, a great many of us have been saying this, showing documentation to this fact, video clips and just about every stack of evidence we can find showing this. Yet, so many mind controlled morons still want to chant USA-USA-USA like a Walking Dead zombie and just can’t face the facts. Yeah Drudge, about time.

        • Nothing shocking about Matt Drudge’s truth. We have known Obama has been arming ISIS for the last two years.

          • It’s no matter and I’m afraid it’s too late for those who have failed to see it by now. It seems to me anyway that the tempo has picked up and all the talk seems to be turning to WAR. It has become taboo for the politicians to say anything other than being tough on “isis” or I’m gonna bomb the hell out of them. And that’s all for some bs attack in paris. Imagine the frenzy when they organize some “alleged” “attack” here in the U.S. I can hear all the USA!!’s and flag waving already.

            God I wanna puke…

      2. Its one hell of a global master plan that is in effect serfdom on a global scale.

        1. Manufacturing is transferred to nations that pay slave labor wages.

        2. Nations with energy resources have their governments reduced to a non effective state thereby offering no opposition to the Power Elites desires.

        Interestingly Saudi Arabia assumes that they’re somehow an equal partner and above this plan. When they have fulfilled their usefulness they’ll go down the same path.

      3. If this is correct (and I believe it is), then the United States is complicit in the attacks in Paris, and the downing of the Russian jet in Egypt, and the downing of the Russian jet and helicopter in Syria. These are acts of war, and yet for some reason France (an ally of the U.S.) is still getting along with the Obama Administration. Re. Russia – I am surprised that Putin hasn’t retaliated against the U.S. for any of this, but perhaps he intends to do so and is choosing his timetable carefully.

        World War Three has started, folks! Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Diana, yep they all knew what was going to happen. It is all orchestrated for the furtherment of the nwo agenda. I think I read that obaaama had a meeting with the french prez just before the attack.

        • Not the United States, it is the Democrats ruling America. The Mulatto in chief and his enablers are the problem. I will stand aside in any operation that kills Democrats.

          • rellik

            “None are so blind as those who will not see”.

            Open your eyes. Its so much bigger than that.

            • K2, your replies put things so much nicer than mine lol. I need to work on that …

              • Completely agree Genius – Kevin2 does have a polite way of expressing himself in a genuine fashion. I suppose it would benefit ones self of controlling how things roll off the fingertips … but … it’s difficult when I lack the patience of responding back to blind ignorance.

                I’ll make a note of it, and work on self improvement in this area … but there is no promises being made here … lol

                • Genius & FTW

                  Thanks for your posts.

                  I’m far more polite typing as I convey my thoughts slower. If you met me in person and we had a debate, “The Dego”, can spew out of my mouth a warp speed. It tends to be far less effective too.

                  • at warp speed not a warp speed

                    • ha ha ha, no need for correction, we know what you meant. I am not a spelling or grammar nazi 🙂

            • I can quote the best philosophers, it was forced on me in university. From Pete Singer( baby killer) to Socrates( suicide).
              Notice that progressives equals death?
              I see and know just fine.

              • “Insert polite comment here” 🙂

              • “Insert polite comment here” 🙂

                • “A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS”

                  Anybody who has been paying attention to CNN, or even managing to listen to obungler himself knew that.

            • I’m a pretty slow person. I don’t get the context of your reply. Please “educate” me.

            • I’m a pretty slow person. I don’t get the context of your reply. Please “educate” me.

          • I think its the muslim in chief and the democrat leadership is so anti-American and the gop leadership is so spineless, they are go alongs.

            I have thought that Obama could be a muslim, a commie, an elitist or some combination of all three, but given his treatment of Israel, his allowance of more and more of the middle east to become radicalized Islamic states and now with this and Benghazi which seems to have been gun running to muslims; I’m leaning more and more that he’s a muslim and the usa is methodically being taken down to where it is no threat to anyone and no help to Israel.

            • “Insert polite comment here” 🙂

          • It’s the Republican warmongers that started all of this under Bush moron. Who do think did 911? The Republican Neocon traitors who are in league with the Israelis. Obama has to go along with it or else.

          • Oh just stop with the “Not the US” bullshit.

            Until we get off our fat, lazy asses and remove TPT(SH)B from office WE THE PEOPLE are at fault.

            Nobody else. Period.

            Mac, I see you haven’t found anyone to check your grammar before you post. Your quality of work is digressing at the same accelerated rate as the USA’s way of living.

            • why didn’t you send him some corrections in an email, instead of complaining about it in the forums?

        • Diana

          The only plausible reason for the behavior of France is that the political top is in cahoots. Its illogical to assume that French Intelligence knows less than us BB contributors. Remember their Vichy roots of WWII.

          Putin lives in the real world and so far its not worth WWIII. The USSR suffered 50 times the losses of the US in WWII. That kind of carnage is sobering and a mere pittance of the deaths that WWIII would bring. Apparently TPTB need to check into a rehab as they need to sober up.

        • Good post. Most certainly Turkey would never have fired a shot without clearing it with Obama in advance – note: I did not say clearing it with Washington. As for France acting in a seemingly irrational manner, I believe what we are witnessing are members of the EU acting in lockstep with Obama under the yoke of the international financial bubble caused by Obama’s zero-interest rate policy – note: I did not say the Fed’s zero interest rate policy. Russia is outside Obama’s direct sphere of intimidation and this p1sses Obama off – so the b1tch-slap of shooting down the plane. Putin will retaliate, but the question is how?

          • Bill P

            “I did not say the Fed’s zero interest rate policy.”

            I did notice that.

            Please explain.

        • Hi Diana

          If you have noticed France is now getting close to Russia. Perhaps WW3 is starting and the U.S. is going to be on the wrong side

      4. Should we inform world leaders at the Paris Climate Conference that we the people created this government to secure our right to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that we are no longer willing to be manipulated or led by incompetent, fear-mongering world leaders that exploit uncertainties, by creating a chronic stress situation ?



      5. Drudge is a day late and a dollar short. We’ve always known this just like we knew that the US created al-Qaeda and was behind 9/11.

        • there goes bravefart again. Mentally masturbating all over the site. I am thankful for this site. It keeps fart busy and is a great forum for about 12 people.

          • “Insert polite comment here” 🙂

          • Hahahaha! He bugs me too.

          • Anonymous troll. if you don’t like this site, why do you keep coming back?

          • Not sure what Anonymous’ problem is, Braveheart is correct. The world already knows how and why ISIS was created, and who by, and that 9/11 was a despicable false flag.

        • you’ve said what I was thinkin’, braveheart, thanks!…and sorry to hear about the break**.

      6. Nothing will happen, because nothing has. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as you gorge yourself on dead indians. Yes, Thank the Indians for being slaughtered by the same ideals and principals that brought you ISIS. Soon we will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in Syria. Thanks to our newly reborn war efforts, we now have the funding to continue imposing our military industrial complex on the world. So eat up! You’ll be safe this holiday season. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

      7. We should all be screaming this from the rooftops—and the penalty for arming, aiding and enabling the sworn enemies of our country is DEATH–

        • AMEN to that Javelin!

        • javelin, so your saying we should kill our military?

        • This is appointed to happen by the Father and it’s in black and white, all one has to do is read……well read without a hellenised mindset. We have judgment coming….the curses are coming and we have to pass under the rod. Only one in ten survive when passing under the rod, and those will be slaves until the time when the chains are broken and He finishes it. Even Obama is appointed to do what he has done and will do by the Father….these are the curses, the judgment coming upon us for our lack of obedience. Everything in the scriptures stay the same, from Genesis to Revelation.

      8. Not Americans fault. We are the victims of the
        Zionists who control our Banks, the “mainstream media”
        And Zionists are in control of Government. Americans
        are innocent pawns. Our money is stolen in the form of
        taxation and inflation. We are increasingly more homeless,
        jobless, and hunger is hidden by massive additives
        that cause obesity. The public is dependent on the
        Zionist System for food. If Americans openly revolt
        we will be given more oppression and no food or water.
        Pray for us.

        • It partly the fault of americans for acting like cowards and not stopping the zionist controlled government in its tracks.

          Many Germans did that when Hitler started his wars and in the end they got carbet boomb by the USA for all that effort of acting like chickens.

          Most americans have guns, lots of bullets but it’s the balls that are missing

      9. Yes the United States of America is primarily responsible for arming and even training what is now known to be ISIS or DESH (sp?).

        Remember back just before the last presidential election–you know, out of sight and out of mind… remember that little fiasco called Benghazi?! Right?!

        All of you, rather, most of you fell for the false narrative of that situation, and are still swallowing the false narrative hook, line and sinker… and that false narrative being: “American heroes died defending an ‘American Embassy’ from terrorists–and that they/them/those in charge in DC stood by and did nothing to ‘save’ them.”

        Yeah–if you believe all of this, your are delusional and also a fool.

        The truth of this Benghazi thingy is thus…. after the fall of Kadaffi in Libya, ex US special forces (Seals, Rangers, etc. –being paid by a Saudi shell companies) swarmed into that country scooping up all the loose weaponry they could lay their hands upon, transported all of this stuff (thousands and thousands of tons BTW) into one of two warehouses in Benghazi.

        The alleged “embassy” in Benghazi was no such thing–in reality it was the office/management center for a vast weapons smuggling operation which transshipped said weaponry into Turkey and then into the hands of what later turned out to be ISIL/ISIS.

        Senator Psycho (John McCain) is even photographed with the now leader of ISIL several years ago when he was stomping about, foaming at the mouth about the need to support “moderate rebels in Syria” (of which there are none BTW).

        This weapons smuggling operation preceded the Benghazi raid, ever since the fall of Momar Kadaffi… and it continues to this day in more covert fashion and methods.

        The “false Benghazi narrative” and the subsequent Benghazi hearings focused solely upon “who knew what and when, and why didn’t they ‘do something’ to help those Americans”… and not what those Americans were up to in the first place in that country (weapons smuggling to ISIL).

        The false narrative was designed from the start to lead absolutely nowhere and only generate smoke and cover for both side of the political parties who also knew of the operation from the get-go… meaning the elected clowns/stooges on the intelligence committees in the congress and senate.

        The treason (and yes this is treason) went all the way up from the bottom, middle and to the top. And this is why the hearings were held to allow conservi-tard’s (the spoon-fed idiots who believe the propaganda) an outlet for their anger. The hearings have produced nothing os substance and will produce nothing. They are not intended to.

        You will please note that the stooge Gowdy (running the farse) never took a step towards the weapons smuggling operation and never mentioned it…. he just played to the conservi-tard’ base as designed.

        And why is this country trying to oust President Assayd?! Why do we have a big hard on for this guy?

        The answer is very simple–TPTB, the money elite, the big corporations want to run a natural gas pipeline up from Qatar through Syria, into Turkey and then into Europe… thus cutting into Russia’s near monopoly on natural gas to the region.

        It’s all about energy.

        And President Assayd, who’s main benefactor and protector being Russia, is blocking this deal for his benefactors.

        It’s all about $$$$.
        Wrap your fat skulls around this fact.
        It’s the truth. Swallow it.

        And Assayd is nothing like the MSM and the stooges in DC are portraying him to be–he is the only protector of Christians in that country, who practice, travel, buy/sell and live their lives freely under his moderate rule. There are no torture centers, no secret police scooping up people from the streets, no random slaughter of civilians…. all of this comes from the US backed insurgents who are gassing, torturing, murdering, raping and pillaging that country.

        If you doubt what I am saying about the “Benghazi weapons smuggling”… just Google that term, but be prepared to read for hours upon hours from the various news sources all over the world that have covered the operation which our own MSM has largely ignored.

        • Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵?, c. 1584 – June 13, 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten Dōraku,[1] was an expert Japanese swordsman and rōnin. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his excellent, and unique double bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 60 duels. He was the founder of the Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū or Niten-ryū style of swordsmanship and in his final years authored the The Book of Five Rings (五輪の書 Go Rin No Sho?), a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today.

          • Domo Arigato de gozi emasu!

        • good post, shinmen!

      10. And Americans who aren’t preparing for the rug to be
        pulled even further, get ready. It will be. At least get some
        Bottled water and some extra food. There are plenty
        of preparedness sites and check the Archives here.
        God Bless America. ZioLoyalists are traitors. A revolution
        is in progress. Wake up America. The Zionists in DC are
        arming the men they want your children to fight.

        Let’s hope Russia succeeds. Putin is a better man than those
        traitors in WashingtonDC. Light skinned Semites are the devil.
        Jesus is the symbol of goodness and Zionists are the
        AntiChrist. You don’t have to be religious to understand.
        Know your enemy who is in power by deceit.

        • BfromCA, thats true! If you are going to fight a tiger, you better damn well know what a tiger is! Problem is that most people have no clue whatsoever who is running the puppet show. The politicians are just fronts for the string pullers behind the curtain. They are the ones the ptb use as scapegoats for the masses. The wizard of oz was a very good movie with a lot of hidden meanings. People get caught up in neocon bullshit they listen to on the radio, hannity, limbaugh, beck, etc. They are to lazy to think for themselves and let these poopets do their thinking for them and form there opinions and views. I call them branch managers because all they do is attack branches of the tree never the root. Their neocon gods will never tell them the whole story, just enough to steer them in the wrong direction.

        • B from CA –

          Myself being a non-deist is the reason why I understand the things you post.

          Believers – please do not take offense to this … I had to personally remove myself from religion, to understand the bigger picture of all belief systems to fully comprehend it.

      11. So what? It doesn’t mean anything. Do you know how many people could give a rats ass about any of this? Americans, among other things, are in a huge state of denial and it’s leading to destruction. I don’t like sounding so grim but let’s face the facts, it’s gonna get much worse before it gets better. This is just another jaw dropping fact that most couldn’t care less about. I’ve been following this site for a couple years and just recently started commenting so forgive me if I come across rude, but even some folks on this site seem to be blind to the realities that we need to face. Some here have known this gubmint has been aiding in every conceivable way to those terrorists so this “revalation” should come as no surprise even to those who didn’t know.

        • Agreed. Considering the balfour greement, the “petrodollar” dependencies; the mid-east puppet dictators; employment of the most unscrupulous mercenary regimes, etc. ad infinitum… and complicit civil church promoting zionism and subordination to totalitarianism … there are no surprises here. Were the Paris attacks mercenaries? Planned attack to justify martial law?

      12. Mr. Comey, Mr. Brennen, and Mr. Rogers, tell everyone what the penalty is for your actions which show you to be domestic enemies of America and the constitution?

        Should we the people give you a pass or carry out the sentence of death?

      13. oh, people we are in trouble. And because the American media is what it is, so few people have a clue.
        I don’t know anyone who’s tuned in to what’s really going on.
        It does seem hopeless doesn’t it?

        • Yes it does Ketchup. I know just a handful of people personally including my wife who is on top of things more than me. And 1 person from here I have met personally that is very awake. Iv’e done about all I can do so time to just sit back and sip some shine and watch the show.

        • The people you speak of Ketchupondemand –

          I’m literally surrounded and outnumbered by them.
          You can’t talk to them on anything.

          Most of them to this day, think only the two towers came down on 9/11.
          Most deny that BBC reported 3rd building collapse 28 minutes before it actually fell.

          Don’t matter if it is FOX/CNN and anything in between, most believe what is being fed to them is factual and honest reporting.

          Most believe in what their Doctor tells them.
          People do not question the Drugs they consume.
          People do not question what is in the injections.
          People believe their Doctors knows what is best for them

          Yet … 50 some years ago … some doctors where telling their patients of what Brand of Tobacco Products they should be smoking.

          I could go on … but it’s useless.
          People around me love being lied to.
          People around me love being in denial.
          People around me love to gossip.
          People around me are self absorbed.
          People around me are just fucking dumb!

          Oh NO – I’m surrounded by Liberals!!!!

          S.O.S – please send help

          • Help is on the way! Try any of these fine products lol 🙂

            ht tps://www.google.com/search?q=liberal+spray&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ5qmw8azJAhWMeT4KHZAZD9sQsAQIOg&biw=1440&bih=767

          • I wish I could give you 1 million thumbs up for your comment.

            It’s 100% true. Most of America is in complete denial of what’s happening. The most incredible statement I heard was told to me by my own bank loan officer. This was 5 years ago when I told him that a tsunami was headed for us concerning our money and our way of living. I was telling him about it and how it might play out when he stopped me and told me “Please don’t say any more. I like my job and how I live and I am happy and don’t want to know what you are telling me.”

            Ignorance truly is bliss and a huge number of people are perfectly willing to live in bliss with their heads in the sand, that is, until the shit hits the fan and then they are mad because no one “told” them.

            Anyhow… we have been living in the matrix. Nothing is real and our lives were all built upon a lie called the “reserve currency” and easy credit, and like the matrix, we don’t see this until we have been freed from the illusion. Many times I wish I hadn’t been awakened because I WAS happy not thinking about anything but work and coming home, but then I recall my loan officer’s reply and realize that HE will be a victim when this illusion DOES come to an end.

      14. And this is news? Of course the Western powers-that-be equip, supply, staff and their public– by profiting them with purchases to fuel their oil-dependent habits of driving and flying– funds “ISIS” to be their latest shock troops for fomenting the masses into clamoring for more and more government “security” for the people. The powers-that-be can then use that power to “protect” the masses from the nuclear war they will have instigated for herding and corralling the masses into FEMA-like concentration camps where they can be segregated from family (whom they’ll be told are dead) and mass-re-“educated” to be total and permanent slave labor to rebuild and maintain the new corporatist/socialist (fascist, nationalist/socialist) “Republic”.

      15. FTW, I hear you. Tomorrow we’re having some 6 people over…jeez, I hope it goes quickly.
        One couple are true Marin County (San Francisco) liberals. Talk about hopeless and clueless. He spends all his TV time on MSNBC.
        I wouldn’t necessarily have company like this but there are only 5 or 6 Americans up here in these remote hills, so we tend to stick together somewhat.
        I said somewhat. When the SHTF, they’re on their own.
        Finally got a solid means of self defense. Through the dove hunting seasons here I got my license and TPTB allowed me to buy a shotgun. 590A1.

        • Damn dude … I think we are related to the same people!


      16. I have wondered why Drudge and others in his profession that challenge the official narrative with facts and disseminate it potentially to millions are continuing to operate unabated. No false charges, no “accidents”, no; “Oh my, a heart attack at his age”?

        I theorize that TPTB are very confidant that regardless of evidence, “We The People” have an insignificant input in policy and even less in action. Drudge facilitates the all important illusion of self government. You can, “speak your mind” but it doesn’t matter because your not changing anything. This political opiate vents frustrations and thereby sedates the masses. Its topped off with a two party system that in effect reports to the same master constantly diverting disagreement into a circle that ends up nowhere.

        I’ll give credit where credit is due. TPTB are brilliant. They learned from mistakes. Real reporters in Vietnam? No problem, in future wars only vetted reporters will be allowed. The, “Oil Peg” replacing Bretton Woods? Brilliant again if you have enough muscle to enforce it. If the economy sags then money velocity slows, increase the money supply. If prices rise increase interest rates to reduce consumer demand. Their Achilles heel is greed (if a bit of this works just increase it with no ill effect). That is their potential downfall.

        Just my thoughts.

        • Kevin2 – I’ve wondered the same as well. How certain information is allowed to happen without “accidents” happening in the process.

          (A) It’s all B.S.
          (B) TPTB don’t care anymore
          (C) Shit gonna hit the fan, who cares about it
          (D) don’t look up, here comes Nibiru

          I’ve concluded [B] with a whole lot of [C]

          Maybe it’s time … the time for the NWO to implement their agenda of a full scale global enslavement/depopulation program.

          A day will come, when they will not be able to hide their true intentions, we may be very well heading into that direction … Iduno … but I’m certainly am not going to worry about it.

      17. I do not understand what is happening, but society is highly stressed worldwide.

        While enjoying Thanksgiving, please contemplate ways to inform world leaders at the Paris Climate Conference that we the people created governments to secure our rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we do not want to be manipulated or led by fear-mongering leaders that exploit scientific uncertainties to create chronic stress in society.

        Please post your insights and suggestions on ResearchGate:


        With kind regards,
        ~Oliver K. Manuel

      18. OPSEC. Can’t share source. US military has Mexico ranked as dangerous as Syria right now, and Central America just one step below. Not sure if it’s cartel related, or refugee related. Source wouldn’t share details. If you know anyone planning to travel, maybe they’ll listen.

      19. Well, drudge,.. better late than never to the party! The rest of us have known this to be a fact for over a year!

      20. Kinda feels like we’re living the last dozen chapters of “Atlas Shrugged”…. except there is no John Galt to rebuild. Maybe we are all Galt and are waiting to rebuild after the dust and ash settle?

      21. Bullshit. More propaganda for the sheeple. Drudge would not know a verifiable fact if it bit im in the ass.

      22. And all we get to say about this is , ” I told you so”?
        When the fuck are we the people going to collectively call out this bunch of fuck sticks in our government?

        Now is as good a time as any people
        No better invitation

        • Please notice I said WE
          So don’t get all high and mighty asking me when Any of us is ( including me)going to do this ALONE

          By ignoring this , we are condoning it folks

      23. Duh was there someone who didn’t know that.

      24. Was traveling yesterday and listened to the radio.

        In a speech about the travel alert, Obama said, “At this time there there are no SPECIFIC (emphasised this word) credible threats.

        Head of some agency (think it was DHS) repeated the same exact words in a speech.

        Yet, all the news reports we heard afterward repeated this as, “The president said there are no credible threats.” They did not replay Obama speaking.

        Be alert if you are traveling.

        Happy Thanksgiving!


        FACT#1-America is a CORPORATIST FASCIST POLICE STATE hellhole controlled COMPLETELY by New World Order Globalist psychopathic evil vile criminal monster shit stains, therefore ANYONE who: gives support in ANYWAY to the criminal fascist US Government including flying that vile disgusting American flag, ANYONE who works for the fascist US Government, and ANYONE who is in the fascist US Military-you have to wake up and understand the FACT that you are nothing but fascist boot licking brain dead coward pussy Zombie trash who runs everyday from the TRUTH.

        FACT #2-ANYONE supporting or working for this NWO evil criminal fascist US Government is dripping and covered from head to toe in the blood of innocent victims around the world as our psychopathic criminal controlled US Government CREATES and ARMS terrorists like ISIS around the world. You are dripping and covered in the blood of the recent victims of the Paris attacks if you support the criminal controlled fascist US Government, that is a FACT. The boot licking coward pussy Zombie US Government supporting filth are also dripping and covered in the blood of ALL the innocent victims of the American GENOCIDE by poisonous toxic GMO and chemical filled FAKE FOOD, the GENOCIDE and dumbing down of our children by poisonous toxic vaccines the coward Zombie child abusing filth happily shoot up the children they should of never had with, and of course US government supporters are dripping and covered in the blood of all the innocent victims of the FDA and USDA Medical Big Pharma cartel of murderous evil scum, who make Hitler look like a saint.

      26. Well lets put it this way i don’t think you will see any attacks by ISIS in the USA because the bastards who are running the country know that far too many americans have already worked out who is behind ISIS.

        Obummer is just a puppet following orders that come out of Israel and you can also banks on ISIS not blowing any of its pay-masters up.

        Turkey is starting to put reporters in jail to keep the lid on just how deep its involvment with ISIS has been and the USA would had given the nod and wink for Turkey to shoot down the Russian fighter jet because russia is bombing our friends in ISIS.

      27. Perhaps Drudge will tweet about the chemical weapons also coming from the USA, even if it is a few years old news.

        According to Syria, on 1 June 2013, the Syrian Army seized two cylinders holding the nerve agent sarin in an area controlled by opposition fighters. The Syrian government declared the two cylinders “as abandoned chemical weapons” and told the OPCW that “the items did not belong to” them.

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