Driver Pulled Over By Off-Duty Detective “I’ll blow a hole right through your F***ing head”

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Headline News | 140 comments

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    This report was originally published by Joshua Krause at The Daily Sheeple.


    Have you ever noticed how plainclothes and off-duty police officers, often have a complete lack of awareness in regards to how they appear to the average citizen? Many of them don’t seem to realize that when you act like a cop, but don’t dress like one, you appear absolutely crazy and terrifying. However, one off-duty detective was recently recorded pulling over a driver, and he behaved in a way that would still be unbecoming of a fully dressed police officer.

    The driver managed to catch the entire incident on his dash camera, which despite the date labeled in the video, happened last Sunday in Medford Massachusetts. After he accidentally committed a minor traffic infraction, the detective went ballistic.

    The actions of some off-duty and plainclothes cops fall under the same criteria as no-knock raids. They can easily escalate an otherwise harmless situation into a lethal altercation, and get both cops and citizens killed for stupid reasons. This guy is really lucky to be alive. The detective has since been placed on leave by the Medford Police Department.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. I heard this this morning on the radio. This guy needs to get out of the job, turn his badge in. Enough said!

        • No, he needs taken outside the city gates and stoned to death, while his union brothers in blue are forced to watch.

          • Can I had the first rock to the guy with the dashcam?

            Sgt. Dale knows the type. Every police department I work with there are a bunch like this. (I do sideline work as a phone and data hacker to get info out of people’s phones and computers for various agencies.) These types usually do double duty as SWAT officers too. Its the bad ass “compassionless bunch” that toss F/B grenades into cribs and such.

            Their time will come. If they keep pushing, it will come sooner.

            Sgt, you need to get out of policing before these worthless bums drag you down with them. Maybe you’re beyond that. I don’t know. But, surely, don’t protect any of these jerks. They make you ALL look bad.

            • “Their time will come. If they keep pushing, it will come sooner”….

              That quote sums it up better than anything else could

              • The police are a reflection of the community that they police. We don’t have this kind of problem where I live, the police are respectful, polite, responsive and professional where I live. Bullying, rude, abusive, and unprofessional police say a lot about that community. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I believe all the things people here say about the police in their community but your police didn’t arrive from Mars yesterday and start abusing people, they grew up in your community, were taught in your community, and learned their values from your community so maybe a little soul searching and self reflection on the part of “The Community” might go a long way to correcting this problem.

                • Not true, a lot of cops dont even live where they shit ..

                  we have cops around here that live an hours drive or more from the community they piss on , and thats a fact Jack!

                  • Here’s the thing. First off I used to live in Medford and it won’t be long before the “Boys” police their own backyard …….And I don’t mean the boys in Blue either!

                  • EOTS, in Memphis we have cops that live in the next coun ty. I know one who lives a 2-HOUR drive from where I’m typing this.

                  • How many live that far, the entire department or a relative few, and they live an hour away? Wow that is so far away as to make them completely different, from a completely different culture, with completely different schools, and completely different values. Also if they are being trained like that then who in the hell are y’all electing that allow these things to go on. No, in the end a “community” is responsible for itself and the actions of their police

                • I don’t think so, US Centurion– the police are being TRAINED to act like the Gestapo.

                  • Trained by who? Members of their community

                • Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa! Good one. Some people will think you were serious.

              • I got a ticket the other day (35 in a 30) and the cop came up to my car fingering his glock and talking erratically and screaming at me for driving dangerously ?? I really thought the guy was having a stroke or something. He was mumbling and sluring his words so badly I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. I asked him if he was ok and his hand went right to his glock and I got the beady eyed stare. He gave me the ticket and I drove down the street to the police station and tried to talk to them about this guy and let them know something was up with him. All this got me was spread on the hood of my car and my car ransacked and searched. What the heck is wrong with cops these days??

                • im currently watching a cop that drinks on the job, so dont be too surprised if he has a bad habit


                Clearly, the language of freedom is no longer the common tongue spoken by the citizenry and their government. With the government having shifted into a language of force, “we the people” have been reduced to suspects in a surveillance state, criminals in a police state, and enemy combatants in a military empire. — John W. Whitehead

                Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State

                By John W. Whitehead
                July 28, 2015

                • The above is from the article, “Would someone please bring freedom and democracy to America?” by John W. Whitehead (at P. C. Roberts’ website).

          • They HAVE NO RESPECT for citizens. They act like the GESTAPO.

            The ONLY reason TPTB can treat us like trash, do whatever they want– is the police. And look what the police are like– the Gestapo. Everyone deserves respect– even a baby. They should fire that cop. Nazism is taking over our country.

          • That’s right, BJ and sooner or later that is what they will get– the government/police are getting more and more violent every day. Sooner or later, we will push back. That’s why they want our guns!!

          • No, really what needs to occur is a bunch of citizens getting together and beating the hell out of that cop!!!

        • This seems like it will be prosecuted as a hate crime because some racist black cop is harassing and acting lethally aggressive towards a white man.

        • This is the problem with social media. One asshole policeman makes the whole profession look bad. Then everybody starts hating all the police.

          Every police man I know are good honest hard working public servants.

          Every time I have been pulled over by the police I was doing exactly what the police officer said i was doing, usually speeding.

          I never had a negative encounter with a policeman. I have always treated the officers with dignity and respect and they have treated me the same in return.

          The last 3 times I have been pulled over I only got a warning, not a ticket.

          Maybe of people stop being assholes to the cops the cops won’t be assholes to them as well. Being an asshole only talks yourself into a ticket.

          • Do not be intimidated by assholes in BLUE. File a formal complaint anytime one jerks you around. The more complaints the less likely the asshole will be promoted and he will be informed that he is “under investigation” and may require “psychological counseling”.

            Be sure to request that in your written complaint. If the particular authority fails to do that, it opens the door for additional liability. When they do, do that it will likely tank the officer’s career. What do they say about “payback”?

            So when they cross the line jump on their aggressiveness, speak to their superiors, and threaten a lawsuit for harassment. It gets the City Attorney’s attention real fast. It worked for me. The officer transferred to another city and resigned, short-circuiting his career.

            You can be predator or prey. The choice is yours. 🙂

            • Why would anyone stop for the asshole to begin with? Hell, I can walk up and SAY I’m a cop. Sorry, I’m goiong to have to strip search you, hot chick. Just to make sure you don’t have any hidden weapons or drugs. Officer safety, doncha know.

          • I don’t hate police, I love police. I completely admit that our society would be hell on earth if it wasn’t for honest cops. However, I think it is extremely important to expose the ones who are a danger to themselves and to citizens. There is no reason what so ever for police to act like this. It is completely obvious to me that people like this have no business being police officers. Law enforcement officers should be the first to want to remove such people from their ranks because they give the other 99% who are doing a great job a bad name.

          • I don’t hate police, I love police. I completely admit that our society would be hell on earth if it wasn’t for honest cops. However, I think it is extremely important to expose the ones who are a danger to themselves and to citizens. There is no reason what so ever for police to act like this. It is completely obvious to me that people like this have no business being police officers. Law enforcement officers should be the first to want to remove such people from their ranks because they give the other 99% who are doing a great job a bad name.

          • I don’t hate police, I love police. I completely admit that our society would be hell on earth if it wasn’t for honest cops. However, I think it is extremely important to expose the ones who are a danger to themselves and to citizens. There is no reason what so ever for police to act like this. It is completely obvious to me that people like this have no business being police officers. Law enforcement officers should be the first to want to remove such people from their ranks because they give the other 99% who are doing a great job a bad name.

            • 95% of cops give the rest a bad name.

              • all 2 of them

            • Matt Michaud sounds like a cuckservative.

              Incidentally, did anyone see where I put my barf bag?

          • Amen: I’m in my sixties and never had a cross work with a leo of any denomination, rank, or either gender. PS: We still just have 2 genders down here in Texas. But subject to change without notice.

          • John stiner
            “This is the problem with social media. One asshole policeman makes the whole profession look bad. Then everybody starts hating all the police.”

            One??? Really???

            You know what else is the problem, although the uniformed officer was being professional and courteous, he was only trying to cover for the pos pig buddy of his. He could care less about what this “officer” did, and wanted to dismiss the guy and make him leave. I especially liked when he told him the longer he stayed the more trouble he will get into. Why???? what exactly was he doing wrong???? Why would he not direct that threat to his friggin buddy cop over there pacing back and forth like a lunatic just itching to kill somebody??? Oh I know why….thin blue line. 99% of cops make the other 1% look bad.

            • I noticed the uniform officer, try to get the guy to leave, he must know that DICKTictive had a Anger Problem..sue the shyte out of that Bastard..People like him are going to be in out sights sooner or Later….

          • John Stiner .. Just wait your turn.. its coming

        • Sarge, anyone who approaches me and acts like a thug toward me had better be ready for a fight and I don’t care what he’s wearing. If someone’s looking for trouble, that can be arranged. I won’t tolerate it, period.

        • This cop is going to be unemployed in short order, right after the city settles the claim to be filed in court.

        • Power

        • His pistol against my 47 out there just the 2 of us for that moment and he tells me hes going to kill me. Fuck him he dies. I’ve been trained to kill also.

        • Most cops here in Florida aren’t that stupid because of our laws, they’d get shot before they could ID themselves and that’d be too bad for them. I’ve been here 27 years and never heard of a cop here getting that stupid. That moron from Oregon is lucky that all he got was a suspension.

          • Had A Medford Mass. Accent……wicked

        • He needs to be heavily medicated and placed in a mental asylum. This has nothing to do with police, there’s a rise in aggressiveness all across the world. People are losing their nut.

      2. thats EXACTLY the kind of guy that should not be a cop.

        • Thats EXACTLY the kind of guy that should have a serious accident!

        • That’s exactly 70% at all our family functions.

          The other 30% pull knives.

          I can’t wait for Thanksgiving

        • Deputies and officers like that are a danger and a threat to the safety and well being of the public. However, those in gov who protect officers like the one depicted in the video above are and even greater nuisance to the public.

      3. Seriously this guy has no business carrying a gun. Behave like that and a civilian carry permit would be taken away. Interestingly this sad excuse for a police officer has no fear of the camera.

        I’ll bet anyone on the board that this guy will retain his job. He’s a law suit waiting to happen.

        • hell kevin2, they’ll probably just promote him to the swat team. Give him an ar, some full body armor and a ski mask.

      4. Everyone is wound so flipping tight nowadays. Something big has got to blow soon

      5. This cocksucker shouldn’t be allowed a chance to turn in his badge as it should be stripped from him by the people he swore an oath to serve. Then he should be introduced to a tall tree and short piece of rope. If there are any real peace officers out there they should quit the go along to get along bullshit and make a stand against this publicly in front of cameras. Disgusting.

      6. This is a cop that does not need to be one. He has a big problem. If I was his boss he WOULD have his GUN TAKEN away and given every dirty job at the cop shop that came along. Plus see a shrink and be cleared by the shrink. Publicly apologize to that guy he threatened and to the whole city he serves.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      7. A sheriff in New Mexico just got 10 Years in jail for pulling this kind of crap- driving around out of uniform in an unmarked car, pulling people over and brandishing a firearm, terrifying them with the same type of threats.
        (Name of Rodella)

        Power-Trippers Run Amok,
        in need of a serious attitude adjustment.

        • Hopefully getting his butthole adjusted in prison 🙂

          • And maybe the back of his mouth.

            • Hey Wrong

              Strip away the badge, gun, and uniform
              and nobody would even give them the time
              of day.
              I knew many a cop in my day and there
              wasn’t a one I couldn’t outshoot, out
              work, out arm wrestle or out think.
              Their prowess is measured only in the
              size of their mouth while on the job.
              Of course, you already knew this.
              Stupid me, getting kinda senile ya know.

        • Heyduke, any power-tripper that approaches me like that will have an ‘accident’.

      8. Been around that kind before. A huge liability to others on the force. These are the kind of fuck-up power trippers that’ll get a good officer hurt or killed. They’re the ones the older cops love to catch drunk at the bar take them out back, and stomp a mudhole in their ass just for general purpose. And then leave them in a pile.

      9. Land of the free? Tyrannical law enforcement at it’s finest. These are exactly the type of people they want roaming the streets with guns and badges; otherwise they would not be kept on the force. Police unions need to be broken up before real reform can begin. The union will protect this scumbag cop to the bitter end. Probably wind up getting a promotion or retiring with full benefits. They seem to forget that the pendulum swings both ways.

        • Jay, that’s true about the unions. They always stand up for the ‘bad apples’ and will turn against any good cop no matter what. There seems to be no honesty or integrity left in their profession.

      10. I would never stop for a thug like that SOB until I called the cops. That badge could have been a child’s toy.

        • Yep and he would be 100% justified if he blew that pigs head off. If that was me and someone did that he would be dead.

          • I call bullshit on your bravado.

      11. So…he pulled Over for an unmarked person why?

      12. That cop will run into the wrong person and get himself killed. Looked like road rage to me

        • John Duke, if he encounters me with that type of attitude, I’ll make him WISH he was dead.

      13. To All Fellow Readers,
        I have carried a badge for 27 years. I wish to apologize for the conduct
        of this person… There was NO excuse for the way he acted or tried to
        use his authority…it was just wrong !

        • I commend you for your service. It is not an easy career.

          In every endeavor, there are screwballs. Most on this forum realize this.

          Well, maybe politicians is an exception. The exceptional statesman is the rarity, the majority is not there for the citizens.

        • Retired, Thank you. This a hole does not represent 99.999% of LEO’s. Also, I’m glad this citizen had a dash cam.

        • I would have drawn my gun and stomped on the gas. He drew his gun and thought he was superman in a wife beater. Jeez what a dick.

        • Retired, welcome and I have a few retired sheriff’s deputies and a retired state trooper in my family who would agree with you. Thank you for NOT being a bully towards people.

        • Retired, what would you have done? Would you had fired him? What would you had done if you had seen the dashcam and in the midst the guy had pulled a gun a put that officer on the ground? Would you have stood up for the citizen that was being threatened and lawfully responed?

          No. I bet not. You would have let the JUST US system take care of its own. The citizen would have gone to jail and you would have kept your mouth shut.

          Never seen a cop that wouldn’t. If you REALLY would have, good on you, but, I would find it hard to believe.

          Sorry to be such an ass but its in response to the thousands murdered, nationwide, by cops who are never held to account even if theres video. Your qualified immunity have turn you into tyrants protecting tyrants.

          • Wrong is Wrong … Right is Right …and to assume that a person will not take the proper action is WRONG
            Is it not easy as the actiion will be aginst someone you have known and trusted.
            I personally would have taken defensive action aginst the threat presented by the ununiformed off-duty officer..
            The dash cam reveals several problems…
            1. No Uniform NO proof of being officer
            2. Threat of Violence (aggravated assault )
            3.Anger of the Driver
            4. Possible violation of Department Policy and state law..
            5. Did the officer call 911 to have a on duty marked
            unit conduct the stop….
            Any off-duty encounter always starts in the negative and usually gets
            A few of us are still trying …….

      14. I had a local state trooper pound on my door a few years ago looking for a neighbor guy who witnessed another state trooper do an illegal u-turn on the hwy and an oncoming driver hit him at 70 mph.

        but he wouldn’t tell me this, why he was looking for my neighbor.

        he just kept asking where my neighbor was.

        i asked him if my neighbor needed a lawyer present?

        he got real mad, flustered and angrily told me what happened.

        i pointed out to him it was the officers fault for the accident as he made a unlawful u-turn into oncoming traffic.

        he got REALLY PISSED then!

        Angerly Said a Officer was Killed!

        took my info and license plate.

        then left.

        a few days later i found him tailing me home from the gym.

        ever since then i’ve F*CKIN hated cops.

        Cops need to realize they ain’t as tough as they think they are. Some folks just don’t give a f*ck about that badge, know the laws, the u.s. constitution, are more heavily armed and aren’t going to be bullied by them.

        F*ck the Police!

        • H8,
          Not trying to bust your balls, but wouldn’t it have been easier just to tell the “nice policeman” (sarcasm)”Beats the crap outta me, I don’t keep track of my neighbors!”
          Not much a cop can do if you convincingly play stupid. Other than that, I agree with you.

      15. Till some are taken out this will continue and only get worst, some need to learn a serious lesson. Good badges should not have to apologize for the actions of bad badges no way should they. In actuality the good should do the job of removal of the bad any way that works. I stand behind all good badges out there and will have your six till I draw my last breath.

        Copperhead out

        • The good badges protect the bad badges because if they don’t their career ends. What you propose is fantasy. Your continued pursuit of it is the reason guys like this stay employed.

          Please stop.

          • NetRanger: I have read your other comments and can see sir you support the police state all the way, because that is how you make a living by hacking for the that state. Sir evil is still evil no matter how one dress’ it up and must be taken care of. Protecting the bad to keep a career is placing monetary gains over what is right and good and that sir is what is wrong with the system. LCD=$$$$$$$. IMHO.

            Copperhead Out

        • They will only hold them up as honorable fallen heroes who died in the line of duty serving and protecting you (lol lol lol) And anyone who had the guts to fight back, will be painted as an anti gov’t domestic terrorist and racist nutter…

          So there you go.
          Pick a side people

          • That’ puts it all in one basket, RH. That’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with this system. THEY are always right and WE are always wrong, no matter the circumstances….and only WE are accountable for our actions.

      16. Wait until SHTF and we’ll see how tough this idiot is.

        • TSN, IF the guy lives long enough to SHTF, and even then, he’ll be toast soon enough.

        • too much patience

      17. That is great, Another menace to society caught on tape and exposed to the public. Keep those camaras recording folks. Everytime the kings men or goon squad step out of line it must be publicized. Tyranny must be exposed and shared throughout the public, especially politicians and judges. Anytime you see those animals in public record, record, record.

      18. I was a long haul trucker for 33 years. I owned my own equipment and kept it In top condition. I met so many insane cops like this. They would pull me over and try to turn a liscense plate light not working,Into a federal case. I’ve put millions and millions of safely driven miles on and I’m so glad I’m no longer a part of that world. I loved trucking but douchebag power tripping cops were the worst part of it. Even scale house workers would treat me like a bank robber instead of a responsible business owner. Without a doubt,power corrupts a weak mans soul.

      19. the guy’s Chief has already come out and described him
        as “a good cop”


        I wonder what a bad cop is like ?

        the reason there are so many cops like this is because
        the fish rots from the head down

        bad leadership spreads like a cancer

        perfect example here

        • From the top down the government has become a crime syndicate. This is the breaking down of the rule of law within the stucture of government and when authority goes unchecked the rule of law will eventually break down in society. Which is what the NWO communists/fascists are counting on to bring on their agenda 21 oligarchy.

        • Only as good as the worst person you work with.Sounds like a pretty bad police force,so replace them all.

        • Satori, it all comes from the federal overhaul of local, county, and state LE after 9/11 and forcing the federal curriculum on their academies. What we see today in rogue cops is the same attitude that federal LE has always had toward us going back to the Reconstruction era. That’s when the Marshals Service and Secret Service were created.

      20. I usually like to support cops and dislike the guys who try to push the limits and push the laws to the absolute limit (usually trying to push a cop over the edge in the process). But WOW this guy is an exception, down south he would have probably ended up with 3 center mass, not advocating doing that, but seriously if that had happened with my family in the car, it would have been my first reaction.

        This is why guys like this ruin it for those of us who believe in respecting authority and are at times frowned upon for toeing the line of conformity.

      21. Not taking sides with anyone.
        But I can remember the days.
        When the big thing was Friday night, payday, going out maybe getting lucky 🙂 and who won the ball game last night.

        NOW !!!! JESUS

        Everybody can not wait to BLOW EACH OTHERS BRAINS OUT…..



        WHEN THE MAN COMES?????????

        • S/S, agree with all but “we deserve etc”. Not hardly. Yes, people are wound tight & the reasons are many. I too remember how it was, fondly I might add. What we are facing is not fixable, it has gone on too long. Live & let live got us here, assuming the “other guy” was as honorable as we was a BFM. I am as disgusted & frustrated as anyone out there as I see no good end to this. Stay safe, stay strong. ExRegAF.

          • Same same brother thanks for the feed back.

        • The Bad Seeds… Hidden in his coat is a RED right hand.

      22. There will come a time VERY SOON when ALL badge bullies will hide in fear of reprisal, be they “GOOD” cop or bad.

        Here’s a hint to the pigs on the beat – stop fucking with those who do 5-10 MPH over the speed limit, embezzling their money 300-800 dollars at a time over a VICTIMLESS CRIME under “CORPORATE LAW” and devote your time instead to “CONSTITUTIONAL ENFORCEMENT!” A great start would be removing from the streets the following:

        murderers, rapists, embezzlers, and government thugs hiding behind their desks, “FIXING” problems which don’t exist!

        I for one could care less if cops were completely removed from society, here is a short list of benefits such an action would precipitate:
        1. No more ridiculous cop employment expenditures foisted upon tax paying citizens to get pulled over, for pointless traffic violations!

        2. Prisons and jails would no longer be misused to house non-violent crimes like drug possession, PI, simple theft, etc. – How much MORE would that save taxpayers?!

        3. Violent criminals get shot and killed by a highly armed and ethically aware society before going to jail/prison, being released, and committing more crimes.

        I could go on, listing a bunch of reasons cops are a BAD idea for a constitutional republic, but think about how LONG the narrative of how “The Thin Blue Line” has “Protected” us, and then look at the statistics of violent crime currently taking place…Now tell me we are safer with cops on the streets???

        Sure the thugs would get froggy for a time, then they would be gone by overwhelming intervention of society (Put down like the dogs they are). At least then we can engage those who oppress our liberties in the open, and without fear of tyrannical and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS PROTECTING THE ELITIST CRIMINALS!!!

        Engage now, before the next generation gets too brainwashed to see the forest through the trees…

        • For HOW long did human civilization exist without ‘professional’ police forces?

      23. EVERY pig cop in this country needs his ass kicked in. I’m so sick of these bastards on power trips. I cant wait for the day this shit happens to me. One less to deal with.

      24. No comment- it will all get sorted out WTSHTF…

      25. I was working at this place near my house years ago and I was walking up the dirt path to the building to go into work and the cops came down and stopped me and said give me your id. I said what’s the problem I didn’t do anything. One cop says that’s what they all say. Well they were looking for another guy that happens to look like me somewhat. They treated me like a criminal before they knew what was going on. I have no use for them they are henchmen for the Gestapo. Everybody is a criminal to the police. That’s how they operate.

      26. This must be the result of the lower IQ’s that I have read are a prerequisite for modern day law enforcement officers, the goon squad. Picked to serve their overlord masters at the peoples peril.

      27. My husband gave me shit because I want a dash camera. I’m on the road 2000 miles a month now. May get it anyway.

        • Dashcam link coming after moderation ^^^

          • WWTI, I left you a couple of comments on the prosecuter article about your solar. Should help you out 🙂

        • Yes, get one anyway. Another nice to have is a cell phone that you can program to have a password in order to access. That way an officer or deputy can’t access and erases anything if you catch him in a lie.

        • Try to find something that can automatically upload video and audio to a remote location, so it won’t end up ‘lost’.

          • Excellent advice.

      28. Grandfather was a cop retired as Lt inspector, cops are like everyone else. When he was in a bad mood we just stayed out of his way. Not saying it’s right, just saying maybe is wife is spending his poker money or his kid just got caught smoking pot. Who knows why he’s being an ass. I once had a cop make me push my Harley off the on ramp to a freeway cause it was too loud.

        • how do you “stay away” when it is them pulling you over and using force when encountering a person ?

          like a bullet , they are looking for a target .. your next

      29. the first 30 seconds of the video – if it was me, i would have thought it was a guy with road rage and when he reached, i would have reached (as a CHL holder), we would have exchanged fire, and we would both likely be dead or injured – this “cop” needs to lose his job and any license to carry a firearm.

      30. You want to know what cops tell me. That if a man is in plain clothes is telling you he is a cop and flashing a badge, you cannot tell if he is a cop. If your not involved in a crime then chances are you are not suppose to be getting approached in that kind of manner, That you don’t need to cooperate. How can you tell..of Chinese national comes up to me or a Muslim telling me he is a cop, starts screwing with me,.this is not a good thing.

        Those bad cops keep giving cops in general a bad name.. this has got to be the most insane crap. I have ever seen in a awhile. Two black cops awhile back came up to a house in Houston a few yrs back and robbed the home owner at fun point go figure that one, .they were kit cops I have a Friend that is a red neck that told me that a Robery went down in my area 5 yrs ago.

        A black guy was robbed at gun point by two white guys and they had a BB..pistol and the bro noticed it and told them to go f… off, the white dude pistol whipped him and he got pissed off, and began to fight back. People sw the brawl, then called the cops reporting a black man attacking two white men not know what the f….k is going on, cops came to scene and almost shot him then realized that he was being robbed by white thugs, wiggers.

        Yea talk about a cluster f…k of a day..the cops let the black guy off and kept apologizing to him telling them that they have never seen this happen before..yes folks this really happened.

        What a strange screwed up country we are living in. You are a black man being robbed by whites in a white area. Imagine you a black man getting robbed by whites in your area..does anything supprise us these days. I told this to one my conservative black buddies and he asked me if I was serious and that it can’t be real.
        Wtf?.. talk about a new world of bizarre proportions.. go figure this one. This must be a new type of crime I am unfamiliar with?.

      31. I never have problems with cops they cool with me..i had. Rockie cop slam my azz in the ground because a Mexican punk attacked me in the night club 20 yrs ago accusing me of looking at his girlfriend. The idiot came up to me punched at me kicked me then I kicked his azz literally into the bar and put him down. The cops came after me not knowing what happen, body slam me into the ground and the Rookie grabbed me handcuffed me told me he is going to f…k me me up, the old cop come up apologized to me removed the handcuffs and ruffed up the Rookie telling him that, this type of thing is the wrong way to handle a problem..the two of them busted out in massive argument over why I need to be arrested because the other guy was on the ground. Wtf?? Later on when I ran into the old cop be told me that the rookies are new to the. I was 25 at the time, Sh…. t happens.. The new rookies in force need time to gain experience. Texas cops have to be more careful how they handle situations. Because we are under constitutional rule here in for the cop in that video, who is hell is teaching him how to be a cop, is m going to be accused if being a cop lover.

        • HCKS, I have a few retired cops in my family who were never anything like that idiot in the video. They are so disgusted with what has happened to their old profession that they won’t even let their kids or grandkids become cops. When we have to live in fear of cops just as much as we do real criminals, you know something is wrong in this country.

        • I hear about sooooo much crazy BS going on in Texas. Especially Austin and Houston. Looks like the Katrina refugees/cockroaches have finished off Houston.

      32. Times have changed. They are transitioning from peace officers to enforcers of the of the state where the state comes first above the citizen. We must support those men and women who put their careers on the line by upholding the Constitution and who defend the public from the government no matter what. When a law enforcement officer is caught doing the right thing he must be rewarded when they are caught breaking the law and doing evil they must be held responsible every time without exception and punished to the full extent of the law.

        That goes for their superiors, ellected/appointed officials, as well as judges who aide and abbet or attempt to conceal from the public law breakers within the structure of government.

      33. Boy that crazy azz cop is lucky he’s not around here …. there’s so many black crapholes running around with fake badges and guns you don’t trust anyone that looks & acts like that …. you either engage with your CCW, flee or make pothole filler out of them ….

        NO WAY IN HELL would I ever identify that guy as any kind of cop …. the Ford dealership would still be picking pieces of him from the under carriage 5 years down the road …

        • Roger that! I think the guy with the camera was an idiot for not fleeing.

      34. Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State

        ht tp://

        ““The Fourth Amendment was designed to stand between us and arbitrary governmental authority. For all practical purposes, that shield has been shattered, leaving our liberty and personal integrity subject to the whim of every cop on the beat, trooper on the highway and jail official. The framers would be appalled.”—Herman Schwartz, The Nation

      35. Don’t most places not allow cops not in uniform to make traffic stops?

        Anybody can buy a red or blue light and impersonate a cop.

      36. When Cops Get Caught Sanitizing And Flat-Out Lying About Brutality

        ht tp://

      37. “The longer you stay here the more trouble you’re going to get in. You’re done, you’re free to go.”

        What the heck?

        Really. That dasterdly criminal! How dare he stick around and not flee with his tail tucked between his legs?

        NOBODY treats me like that. He’s making enemies. The hope is that his life will be painful for as long as he continues that the road to full jerkdom.

        I know this: even at 18 I was ballsy enough to ask cops questions. It makes them damned uncomfortable. …and I realize then that when you question them, they have to think about what they are doing instead of just following their police state training. I would NEVER have stopped for that jerk. I would have sped away and if he came after me I would have called 911 and said, “There is an aggressive, raging tattooed nutcase chasing me that just threatened to blow my brains out. He claimed he was a cop but I didn’t believe him. Please send a cruiser to help me.”

        Either that or if he continued to threaten me, I would have shot him. Anybody can have a tin badge and claim to be a copy. No uniform, no cruiser, not a cop. Screw you. Take a bullet if you threaten me. In my state, threats like that can get you lawfully killed. Its written in the code. You don’t do that in my state or you’ll eat a bullet. More states need to stop jerks like this agressive ass with the threat of eating a bullet and the citizen not being prosecuted. Its qualified immunity in reverse. And the cops hate it.

      38. As is typical in many of these videos, the driver breaks the law, endangers the public, backs up as if fleeing the police officer, gives snarky remarks to the cop, and is driving with an improper license. We do not live in a civilized country any more, so we have to accept that such actions can turn a cop into a crazed maniac. We have to accept that cops can do this and not get punished. We have to accept the entitlement society. We have to accept Supreme Court decisions, a President, and a Congress that corrupt moral values and no longer look out for the good of the country. And worst of all we have to accept that most of our fellow Americans do not care enough to fix what is wrong. And somewhere in this mess, we have to find our own way.

        • ” We have to accept that cops can do this and not get punished.”


      39. Never apologize and never explain to fascists. Identify yourself, produce your license etc., keep your hands visible, make no sudden moves, and BE QUIET. Ask if you are being detained; ask if you are free to go. DON’T agree to any kind of search. If they want to search you they can get a warrant.

        Keep your wits about you. Take it as though you are a prisoner of war because you are.
        Refuse to be intimidated. Refuse to cooperate any way you peacefully can.

        The vermin cop is lucky HE didn’t get HIS head blown off. He could have been a meth freak conducting a carjacking for all anyone knows.

        NSA: that’s my real name on this post. You know who I am. You know where I am.
        Go f*ck yourselves.

      40. I dont stop unless its a marked car or an un marked police cruiser, can tell them from other cars,
        IF some donkey tries to pull me over in anything other than the two types of vehicles they better prepare for body damage to their vehicle, if they cut me off and get out of their vehicle and aproach me they WILL get run over, end of story, NONE of the local hit and runs are solved ever,
        Have had too many friends and aquaintences get pulled from a car and beaten to put up with that crap.

      41. f that. no way would I have stopped. I would have called 911 as I was driving away, telling them I fear for my life. Needs to check state laws. Some states it’s illegal for the police to perform a traffic stop in a unmarked vehicle.

      42. How was anyone to know he was a cop, there are instances popping up reguarly of imposter cops. He acts like a roid head, who also looks like a hopped up meth head or crazy drunk picking a fight. Not very wise considering permits and such.

      43. if mr police officer knew a gun might be pointing back at him then he might become a bit more respectfull.

        Police in the USA today put Hitler’s SS-Police to shame but as the war was starting to be lost they got what was coming to them.

        Just one more reason not to hand your guns in because it keeps not only the police at bay but also local gangs.

        • That is exactly right. That is why they are at war with the people, the 2A and the rest of the BOR in the guise of safety. The truth is they want a monopoly on force and control over the people.

      44. The police have adopted the mentality of an occuping force, and the American people are all looked at as potential Insurgents.

        This is the thing, most of us were raised to respect the police, we had thos officer friendly’s come to our chools et cet. The criminal element, the urban gang types who say fuck the cops were never us, the pollice had the support of the average American. No more, the few bad apples (not that few anymore really) have ruined the respect that police used to have.

        And let’s not forget the NOPD abandoned their post en masss during Katrina.

        So the average American will stop cooperaing with the police, it willl not be just the urban youth who will say not to “snitchen” it will be everyone.

      45. I made no excuses for the cop and yet many only want me to come into harms way. What really grieves my heart is the almost expectant Joy of many looking foreward to the end of times
        and the violence and death that will grip society..

      46. you think cops are bad now just wait till a full blown collapse. At that point there is no pulling over you just don’t know their intentions and even bigger fabricated deceit and lies. I believe its defend for yourself and defend yourself as well with any means if any sign of danger is presented at you. Just a reminder to think about. Its your choice and what you decide to do, but all I know I will not be detained or ever EVER give up my weapons with some bogus law passed or martial law BS. I will carry multiple weapons to defend myself from traps, muggers or anything that looks dangerous to me. And that goes for helping innocents being treated like criminals. We know common sense and the laws, anyone who is breaking the law and treating people with violence I will help them.

        • Clinthospo, you sound just like me. I would also do the same things you mentioned. I’ve already been carrying certain self-defense items with me for 20-plus years everywhere I go. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. That is one reason I’m still alive and NOT a victim.

      47. Brave, that the new world we are living in unfortunately. 60% of people in Houston with no car insurance and they are injuring people in our streets and then people are complaining about cops pulling them over.

      48. Ask any .gov pig where he derives his “authority” and he will tell you “through law”.

        Too bad that most law is not legal and most crimes are not crimes under natural and constitutional law. Men in black dresses think they run the town…but anyone that is awake (not LE) knows that their decisions are not up to par.

        No victim…No crime.

        Statist enforcers are all they are.

        Wake up, people. Protection comes from the second and natural rights…not from some mafia type organization that only seeks to control the people for .gov benefit.

        Any person that thinks he has a right to control another’s actions is a statist pig and should step off the cliff.

      49. ah yeah….a plain clothes detective driving a civilian vehicle. he jumps out of his truck approaching me….ah yeah I am doing the exact same thing as this guy in the video. There is no way I am considering him law enforcement. By the time he starts yelling at the guy, he still doesnt conduct himself with what I would consider professionalism. More like gangster Vito.

        So much for the terms “protect and serve”. Wouldnt one think that a little common sense would prevail in this scenario instead of actually what went down.

        I understand cops are under alot of stress on a daily basis and deal with some real tough cases, but man……this is not acceptable behavior by any adult, let alone a servant of the public.

        • If they can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Period.

      50. I would of ran this POS down like the criminal he is.

        • Keep those camaras recording folks. Expose the scumlords.

      51. Police can find themselves getting pulled over by the people–or else! When they’re on the defensive, the powers-that-be can feel the chill of not being “the powers-that-be”. That’s something that, for them, is unlivable.

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