Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Experts, Headline News, ORIGINAL, Precious Metals, Ron Paul | 27 comments

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    In a recent interview, Dr. Ron Paul opined on his son Rand, who has tested positive for the coronavirus. Dr. Paul said that the dangers of the coronavirus have been “blown way out of proportion” and some people benefit from crises, like politicians who want more power.

    Dr. Paul begins his interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group saying Rand Paul had no symptoms of the virus and is feeling fine, like the majority of people who have gotten. Many are already immune and have been exposed without showing any signs. “I think millions of people have probably had the infection and still do,” says Dr. Paul. “But it’s used by an excuse by those who have a special interest…and I think that is sad.” The problem is that this crisis was blown up so some people (the ruling class) could expand and broaden their power over the public, and Dr. Paul says hopefully, the masses will “wake up soon” to what the government is doing to them and their future. “Somebody is making political use out of this and it’s [the political usage of the coronavirus] is out of control,” Dr. Paul (an OBYN) added.

    Just look at who has been hurt the most so far: the poorest Americans in service industries that the ruling class demanded to shut down. Dr. Paul says the only real danger is the government’s expansion of power and the already sick or elderly who will get the coronavirus.  But that danger to our susceptible population already exists and has for years in the form of colds and several strains of the flu, so the panic and shut down is unwarranted. Unless you want more power and totalitarian control.

    Both Dr. Paul and Mr. Gantz have been long-time liberty and free-market champions, and this interview is a must-watch if you consider yourself anything other than a slave to the government. Both men are calling out the power-hungry ruling class, something the majority of Americans have not done.

    Watch the entire eye-opening interview here:

    “The people who love control, even local officials [such as governors who canceled school or shut down economies in their states] love the power that they’re getting from this,” says Dr. Paul. These power-hungry politicians love putting the public under threats of arrest if they dare balk at the power grab of these politicians.  Even in what used to be liberty-minded states like Wyoming, the governor has threatened martial law saying he has the power to use law enforcement to issue a “shelter in place order” (martial law).  And that’s in a state with 53 confirmed cases, 7 confirmed recoveries, and NO DEATHS from COVID-19. 

    “I hope the American people wake up and realize it’s [the coronavirus] not quite as they [authoritarian tyrants] describe it,” adds Dr. Paul. “This economic crisis is government-made.” The real danger is the federal and local governments’ overreaction to this outbreak. Unfortunately, this is happening world-wide, and the poorest people, will once again, be hurt the most financially by their government’s “solutions,” but we’re all going to lose most of what’s left our basic human rights.

    Too many people are lining up in support of government tyranny.


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      1. No wonder he never got elected. LOL

        • The useful idiots elected the Occasional Cortex, Bernie Sanders, Adam Schitt, Nancy Pelosi, UpChuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters. So the welfare recipients and illegal immigrants are better informed than literate voters. The SEIU will get bailout money, so you and the rest of the lowly service workers will get taxpayer $$$

        • Oh anonymous coward fool.

          Ron had the votes, if not for voting fraud, he would have won.

          And if they would not have stole it from Ron, Bernie would never have came around as a popular alternative. Vote fraud is real, Ron even captured the predetermined results on his side of the teleprompter, accidentally shown to those on stage, before the votes were ever cast or tallied.


          Ron Paul is the man, the voice of reason, I was coincidentally listening to him actively, while I was surfing these shtf articles.

          Clue. Get one.

      2. I am just dumbfounded that Ron Paul who WAS once a practicing doctor (then turned politician) doesn’t understand “exponential growth” which is the biggest danger to this covid-19!

        This society seems to have abandoned the use of logic especially during these times.

        I am exhausted at trying to explain an educate people on Covid-19 and the concerns with it especially given the fact that the Govt has spewed 2 different versions of the “truth”!

        One thing that is true is that each individual (and NO ONE else) is responsible for their own safety. If someone want to roll the dice and carry on as if nothing is wrong, let them. If they roll the dice wrong and get a bad hand dealt to them, oh well, too bad! I’ll pray for them!

        • It is “NOT ” exponential growth.
          It is much closer to a linear progression.

          Go online and look at a linear chart and an exponential graph

          • I did, would you care to explain the difference as it relates to infectious rates involving viruses, since you are trying to appear to be smarter than others! Either way you understood the original statement, did you not?

            • “Disco Stu – If these trends continue…”
              h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6LOWKVq5sQ

              Whether the trend is linear or exponential, there is no reason to expect it to go on, forever.

              The chart represents a perfect, clean, theoretical universe without any outside variables, nor a discrete stopping point.

        • ALL infectitious diseases spread as exponential growth, then hit a peak , then fall off. Exponential growth is not an argument for this shelter in place tyranny, unless you do so for all flus.

      3. So far $6.5 trillion is proposed to cure the coronavirus. How the coronavirus could be responsible for that much economic damage after a month into this in America is obviously ridiculous.

        Among the proposals are $100 billion to hospitals, $150 billion to state and local governments, $30 billion for education, $45 billion for critical infrastucture, $4.5 trillion to the Federal Reserve.

        The economy would be more efficiently stimulated if every American was just given $20 thousand to spend as they needed and pleased. There would be some inflation either way. Everyone would not spend all of their money at the same place or on the same thing though. Some may buy a house, a car, property, travel, get married, have children, pay off debts, repair property and cars, buy technology, new furniture, plastic surgery, a vacation home, but it would definitely be far more stimulative than having local,state,federal governments and the Federal Reserve doling it out, or more likely, keeping it all for themselves! 

        It is the fairest way to do it! It includes everyone, and it gives preferential treatment to nobody.

      4. …hmm I thought DYING was the “real danger”.

      5. Me too to squash you, getting to close to those that run the world has consequences.

      6. Fist of all, I do not minimize any deaths or illnesses. I feel sympathy for those who have suffered, and wish only peace and comfort for their families.
        Yesterday and today, I conducted a survey among various neighbors and friends without telling them. I asked them how serious they thought this virus business was. Almost all males believed though serious, it is over-blown. Almost all females were the opposite, they believed the absolute worst. Even my wife, and I hate to admit it, is inordinately fearful of the pandemic. Though she is quite intelligent, I tried to determine why she is so afraid. She has a university degree in Mathematics, was a programmer for 15 years, and is fully bilingual, but still almost completely gripped with fear. My conclusion is that public relations people, propagandists, politicians, and others like them know not to appeal to one’s intelligence because many citizens will soon see through it. Rather, they appeal to emotions, insecurities and fears, to female psychology, and so on. They very often feature “experts” who are women, who knows how women generally think, and therefore, make a greater impression on women. Unfortunately, the idea of safety generally appeals more to females than individual freedoms. Once the vast majority of women are successfully influenced many men just go along too.
        Of course gov’t is over reacting for this present “crisis” too, thats what they do for everything. Officialdom almost always plays up the gravity of a “crisis”, they don’t want a crisis to go to waste (real or percieved).
        One part that is unnecessary is the closing down the economy and loss of employment. People must be allowed to carry on in their jobs rather than have our benevolent officials send us all a check, which is just more borrowed money. The vast majority of working people are able to be self aware and have situational awareness to take care of themselves. Productivity is the one and only means for prosperity. If productivity declines, even temporarily, the economy can suffer a long time.
        But wait until we have a genuine crisis, like a monetary/fiscal collapse scenario (that not only will eventually unfold, but must do so). That is the one crisis they will try to play down. That is one crisis that once it really starts will not be able to be fixed quickly or painlessly, it will be a humdinger of a problem to say the least, and TPTB will play it down because it will not want the public to know just how serious a crisis it will be. It would be magnitudes in order worse.
        They will confiscate large portions of private investments, private funds, 401 accounts, savings acc’ts, checking acc’ts, pension plans, and very likely precious metals and safety deposit boxes, and forcefully convert it into treasury bonds and notes. There is several trillions of dollars held privately, officialdom can see vast sums of money it currently does not have access to, and their mouth is watering to have it.
        You can bet during this present crisis the State is taking notes and recording all kinds of metrics. The purpose is to further refine how to better exercise control, how to better manipulate the public, and the most efficient way to curtail freedoms. You might call this sort of a dry run.

      7. Dr. Ron Paul was America’s last best chance for Liberty. But the Republican party made sure he was thwarted. Get it yet?

      8. Thank you Dr. Ron Paul. Our Libertarian mindset desiring a smaller, less intrusive government is offended by the POWER-GRAB of elected & non-elected officials. The lack of knowledge and reverence for the LIMITATIONS on govt. intrusion into our lives knows no bounds. As Rahm Emmanuel stated “Allow no crisis to go to waste.”

        The initially reported statistics were WRONG. The mandatory suspension of parts of our BILL OF RIGHTS was WRONG. The idiotic notion of keeping-everyone-safe is WRONG. In a FREE country, the citizens are subjected to some risk. Even in the idiotic keep-you-safe utopia there is some risk but the bureaucrats stomp on individual rights for an illusion of complete safety. What happened to Americans understanding that eternal vigilance and good decisions are what is required for a good life.

        • Cranerigger, how’ve you been? Agree wholeheartedly with your post.

          • The Deplorable Renegade, it’s great to hear from you. I miss your informative, patriotic posts. I learned a lot from them. Your BOL sounds great and you had the great foresight to get out of dodge before the wheels came off.

            I’m back on the mainland helping to take care of my 92 year old father.

            God bless you and know that you are just smarter than most of us. In my case, I’ve always been a slow learner & learned many of life’s lessons too late in life.

      9. Even though exercise is considered essential, the instigators at the Milwaukee Police Department are getting antsy and uncomfortable with everyone abiding by the law, denying the MPD their need to abuse people and will issue a statement. They miss arresting people. They get off on throwing their weight around, like all mentally incompetent wimps and total losers!


        • Of course since no crime would have been committed, that would constitute a false arrest!

      10. I cannot get on board with nationalizing essential failing corporations as a result of government frivolous spending on itself.

        What really must take place is that all government employees at every level have a pay rate no higher than the median average, with nothing more than Social Security and Medicare for retirement, just as every other American with very few exceptions now has been granted.

        Until they are forced to live under the same conditions that they have forced Americans to live under, we cannot realistically expect any improvement.

        When businesses fail, assets are liquidated and distrubted to bond holders.

        To assume that the business would simply cease to exist is based on a false predicate, because the business would likely be purchased by someone else and under new management.

      11. It must just be a coincidence that governments around the world are responding exactly the same way holding citizens hostage in an effort to induce Stockholm Syndrome.

        Did I happen to mention that the parent of WHO World Health Organization just happens to be United Nations Economic and Social Council Formation? It must just be another coincidence that the Economic Council that was responsible for the biggest fraud mandated total societal and economic collapse that prohibits anybody from socializing and embarrassing the psychopaths children and the psychopaths themselves as a result of narcisstic injury from deliberate economic fraud and war crimes!

        There wouldn’t be a problem paying back bond holders if stock buy backs did not take place. Pathological liars claim that it is the fault of capitalism, but it is the fault of financial fraud and corruption!

      12. Unfortunately, we are obviously in a Hitler Revival movement on steroids!
        WHO the fuck are you!?!
        Death to the fascists!
        Agenda 21
        Event 201

        They are still ISO Leibenstraum, and are apparently willing to go to any lengths to get it!

      13. Yes this is a hammer to a fly. We are frogs in boiling water. There is more to this than meets the eye. SOMETHING is being hid from us. We are removed from our income and told to stay home over a very bad flu. I live in northern Ohio. I know no one with this nor do I know anyone who knows someone with it. Hopefully soon the fog will drop and we see what is behind this

      14. The real dangers are in not rounding up the following populations who will be a direct threat to public order and life in a week or two as the lockdown continues:

        1) Radical Muslims
        2) Vicious knee grows in urban areas
        3) Rootless illegal migrants in urban areas

        These groups are already stealing and looting from supermarkets and from quiet streets. Their next move will be to openly attack people as they realise there are not enough police to deal with them.

      15. The coronavirus hoax is run by an eltists group of theives and terrorists that are fake socialsts like Richard Wolf, John Kiriakou, Brian Becker, Nicole Rouselle, George Galloway, and many other propagandists.
        I have never read Saul Allinsky’s rules for radicals, but my guess is that they are following his playbook, and The Weather Underground terrorist network of the 1970’s.

        A revolution based on bullshit is a bullshit revolution. These are total frauds and are evil, sadistic, self-serving fascists, thieves, murderers, and are perfectly content to allow people of dying of starvation, dysentary, and every other disease that would go along with a total breakdown of society, in order to advance their own causes.They are megalomaniacs, psychopaths, narcissists, and Machevellians.

        They are the embodiment of evil!

      16. We are being manipulated by this non problem but we can use this time to study, pray and awaken. This has more to do with biological breakdown from 5G effects than risk of any virus which can be neutralized by an extra oxygen molecule in less than 2 minutes. Well documented by Homeland Security but not shared with us. Be too well informed to be lied to people. Your life and freedom depend on it.

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