Dr. Doom: “A Lot Of Problems Are Coming… Revolution… Social Strife…”

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    Famed economist and investment guru Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report weighs in on global happenings.

    He predicted the collapse of global financial markets in 2008, and pegged their subsequent rise to the day back in 2009.

    If there’s someone out there with his finger on the pulse of the financial crisis and where we’re headed next, it’s Doctor Doom.

    If you have ten minutes today, and are looking for some realistic insights into financial markets, the monetary machinations behind the scene, and the non-traditional investments you should be focused on going forward, take the time to listen to the good Doctor.

    Excerpts by Zero Hedge via The Daily Crux:

    Just in case a new high would be achieved in the next two months or so, it would not be confirmed by the majority of shares. In other words, very few stocks would lead the advance. In terms of bonds, they are also incredibly oversold. Where the sentiment about equities is actually still rather positive and all of these super bulls still predicting the market to continue to rise into 2014, 2015.

    In bonds and gold, sentiment is by historical standards incredibly negative. As a contrarian, I would rather buy bonds and gold than equities.

    I think the market is on the high side, corporate profits are inflated and we could easily, from the recent high, May 22 at 1687 on the S&P, drop by 20% to 30%, easily.

    He [Ben Bernanke] said if the economy does not meet the expectations of the fed in one years’ time, they will consider additional measures. In other words, if the economy has not fully recovered by mid-2014, more QE will be forthcoming. As I said already three years ago, we are going to go with the Fed to QE99.”

    We have wage deflation in the world in real terms, for sure. In other words, real wages are going down and the cost of living everywhere are going up. That is why you have social unrest in North Africa, in the Middle East, in Turkey, in Brazil, and it will spread because the average person on the street hasn’t participated in the huge asset inflation that has been going on in high-end properties, Mayfair properties, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, the Hamptons and in equities and until recently in bonds and commodities.

    The only thing that I know is that I want to own some physical gold because I don’t want all of my assets in financial assets.

    I don’t know, I am not a prophet, I don’t know exactly where the price will be on a month by month basis, but I want to have some wealth, some of my assets in physical gold.

    I can see a lot of problems coming into the world including expropriation through taxation or through regulation or even through revolution and social strife.

    Like Ron Paul, Marc Faber understands that the price of gold can potentially go to infinity. So, too, can the price of other physical assets like food, energy and industrial metals.

    As Faber notes, he can’t predict prices, but he does understand that stock market valuations are disconnected from the reality of the situation.

    The Dow Jones may go to 30,000 points, but what good does that do for you if prices across all goods and services inflate to unimaginable levels?

    This is what mainstream analysts and traders don’t talk about. They are focused on making money in stock markets, not how those valuations will affect the average person on the ground. As Doc Faber notes, wages are going down across the board. All the while prices are rising.

    Sure, millions of dollars are being made on Wall Street, as has always been the case. But for the rest of us, well, we’re struggling to survive and most of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    If the stock market rises to 30,000 as some have predicted, chances are you will in no way benefit from that. In fact, it’ll hurt much more than it helps, because that rise can only be made possible through price inflation.

    Whatever the case with stocks – up or down – it should be clear that wealth is being destroyed across the board.

    This means things can only get worse for the majority of the population.

    And, as we’ve seen throughout the world over the last five years, that kind of environment tends to lead to significant upheaval.

    Expect the same here in due course.

    Back in August of 2010 Marc Faber suggested that things around the world would get so bad, that you’d better own some of the following collapse-proof investments:

    Buy a farm you can tend to yourself way out in the boondocks. And protect it with high voltage fences, barbed wire, booby traps, military weapons and Dobermans.

    Invest in assets that will have real value – Assets you can use and trade, such as precious metals, food, supplies, barterable labor skills, and of course, high voltage fences to protect you from the hordes when they come looking for what they failed to prepare.



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      1. i am not buyin what hes sellin .
        it will happen , but not his way.its not ALL ABOUT MONEY OR GOLD ! its about freedom .
        this is a slow slide to the bottom, and i believe it started ten years ago.
        do what you can.

        • We’re going to experience an ECONOMIC collapse. Yes, it’s about the money. It’s about the dollar becoming worthless. When the dollar becomes worthless governments at all levels will go bankrupt. There won’t be police or fire protection. No city water or electricity. Most Americans will die.

          • The current economic danger is DE-flation. In a deflationary spiral, money becomes valuable, thus Mushroom’s advice to store ten dollar bills in number ten cans.

            Your money will be worthless because YOU do not have any!

            • Deflation? LOL, How can you have deflation when they are printing trillions and like Farber said the FED goes to QE99? You are correct the dollar will be worthless but not due to deflation but hyperinflation. Do you see energy and food decreasing with every QE they implement?

              • The inflation has already happened. A few trillion dollars in loans to deadbeats. In a fiat system, this is money just as surely as the FRNs in your wallet are money. Why? Because people who own the bonds and mortgages THINK it’s money. But the loans don’t even nearly match the value of the properties bought with them. If the actual value of those properties is recognized, (i.e. people stop believing that the debt is money), those dollars disappear instantly. That’s DEflation. And it explains why banks aren’t foreclosing, and why they don’t sell the properties when they DO foreclose. If you do either, you are forced to recognize the reduced value of the property, and the balance sheet takes a hit.

                What the Fed is doing is replacing those imaginary paper “debt-dollars” with dollars they printed themselves, hoping that people will have more faith in the Fed than they have in commercial bank bonds. This keeps the big banks who own so much of that bad debt from having their balance sheets plunge below zero, forcing them to declare bankruptcy.

                And at the same time the Fed is helping the US Treasury manage its’ own 16 trillion in debt. That debt is also money, just like the bad mortgages are. Imagine if the USG defaults on those bonds! Every dollar that was once there is suddenly NOT WORTH CROP, and the money supply shrinks. They rush to sell. Prices plummet. Once again, DEflation.

                What scares them all witless is this: Loss of faith in the value of all that “debt-money” can happen in seconds. In a world where a trillion dollars can travel from London to Hong Kong in milliseconds, with less effort than it takes me to write this, markets can implode like a broken light-bulb. This is why you see all the sweetness-and-light propaganda in the State-controlled media.

                Which is not to say that, after a deflationary shock, they won’t keep debasing the currency. So it’ll be sudden deflation, followed months later by inflation. So on the really long run, inflation is worth preparing for.

                But prepping to survive a DEFLATION is just the opposite of prepping for inflation. In a deflation, commodity monies like PMs lose value. Perhaps massively – down to 10 cents on the dollar. Which is why you need #10 cans full of FRNs buried in they yard, as well as commodities. Those FRNs will buy far more food, fuel, ammunition and beer than they did before, whereas PMs will buy far less.

                Balance. It’s all in keeping your balance.

                • Old Coach: Very good post. The only thing I’d add is what you said of foreclosed homes if sold cause problems etc. It also will cause massive LOSS in All existing homes and values as there will be a flood of homes for sale so cheep.

                • Finally someone who frequents SHTF that gets it!
                  Money is debt.

                  • Roger that TD. The multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble that’s about to come crashing down is significant. That is more money than is in existence. Thanks to the end of cheap oil that fead the beast of industrial civilization and a ponzi scheme economic model when it all comes CRASHING down the population will be reduced by starvation, disease and poverty by about 90%. Coming soon to a theater near you. Fuck I need to stop posting my thoughts or I’ll be going in through the front gate of a FEMA Camp and out through the chimney.

                • So you actually believe in a “deflationary” scenario that when the world dumps our dollar we will cherish our FDR’s because we still think they are worth value? Why would that be? An FRN is only a debt instrument backed by nothing but a promise that it’s good..so what makes you think anyone will take the crap that the entire world has dumped? Scarcity or not worthless is worthless no matter how you slice it up.
                  One thing you forget is the FED is buying our bonds so there will never be a scarcity of dollars; we have what is called printing presses and computer digits they will keep the bubbles going weather it’s real estate,stock market, college loans, derivative losses or the auto industry. Once the can gets kicked down the road where it dead ends all hell will break loose.
                  Now here is where you may be somewhat correct but remember this adage “what you need you will not be able to afford..what you don’t need will deflate.” Food, farmland and energy will skyrocket but TV’S, electronics and even residential real estate will deflate.
                  However, the suggestion that PM’s will be worthless is not even realistic. Tell you what you keep your paper that the entire world has rejected and I will keep my PM’s.

              • @mqg25

                Exactly! There are trillions and trillions of dollars out there.

                For several years now, the Fed has been printing 1,000 billion [1 trillion] new dollars each year. There is no demand for these dollars. So far, the money printing has only inflated stock and bond prices instead of consumer prices. Central banks are holding the new funny money as “Excess Reserves,” and foreigners holding the USD, are still holding them. The dollars reign is coming to and end though, thanks to the criminals in DC and on Wall Street.

                The Central banks will not be able to hold onto all the newly created dollars forever, and the rest of the world, sensing a doomed dollar will rush for the exits in time. When this happens, all the dollars in circulation everywhere will “come home to roost.” Inflation will explode. The dollar will collapse, and import prices will turn high inflation into hyperinflation. [Remember, we import just about everything now thanks to “Globalization.”]

                “You are correct the dollar will be worthless but not due to deflation but hyperinflation.”

                There will be plenty of money around. It just won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. Toilet paper will command higher value.

                You can store ten dollar bills in number ten cans if you want, but why would you? It will make more economic sense to simply wipe your a** with ’em.

                The only people out there warning of deflation are the Keynesian Statists. e.g. DK and Paul Krugman.

              • Until that money gets into OUR hands it doesn’t have an significant impact. Sure the bank’s inventory and cash supply is going through the roof. But the banks don’t buy bread, eggs and milk.

                Until that money gets out the door to the PEOPLE hyper inflation is unlikely to happen.

                • The money gets out to the economy because the federal government spends a trillion more than it takes in. Where does that trillion come from? The Fed creates whatever money the Obama administration can’t borrow at artificially low levels. Right now we have the velocity of the dollar continuing to slow down but that won’t last forever.

                • Money does not need to “get into the hands” of the common man to have “hyperinflation”. This is a common misconception. We have not experienced tremendous inflation right now to the change in the velocity of money. There are great gobs of money “parked” on the sidelines, or just slowly rotating through the system compared to where we were 5 years ago. That can change with the drop of a hat. Hyperinflation is not inflation on steroids (which is a monetary even brought on by printing money) it is instead a philosophical event, where faith in the underlying value of the money is deteriorating. Once that occurs people will get rid of every dollar they acquire quicker and quicker. They will not attempt to hold on to it, convert it to an asset as quickly as possible. That is what brings on hyperinflation; people will pay any price to get an asset that they can hold for value. The feds can stop printing money and the hyperinflation can/will continue to rage.

              • Inflation has happened. Hyperinflation has not. The “printing” must reach the masses for hyperinflation to occur. Inflation, even double digit inflation, is not hyperinflation. It has not. It will not. It only seems like hyperinflation to the poor because they do not have any money.

                QE is designed only to absorb the losses of the banks.

                • durango kidd says:

                  “Inflation has happened.”

                  No shit!

                  “Hyperinflation has not.”

                  Not yet, but it’s coming!

                  “The “printing” must reach the masses for hyperinflation to occur.”

                  No shit… It’s just a matter of time. You can’t print trillion of paper and expect to hide it forever!

                  “Inflation, even double digit inflation, is not hyperinflation. It has not. It will not. It only seems like hyperinflation to the poor because they do not have any money.”

                  Word to ya DK. When the US Bond market collapses, inflation will really set in. The collapse of the US Bond market will precipitate the collapse of the USD. When the USD goes, you will see HYPERINFLATION.

                  But, by all means… sit around with your #10 cans filled with worthless paper.

                  “QE is designed only to absorb the losses of the banks.”

                  Ya… And F**K the rest of us!!!

                  And there’s your State. In business for themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

                  I’m SICK of the f**Kin STATE!

            • Them Guys as “EXPERTS” on Economics and…GOLD!

              Now I am Not any type prophet, However! I want to own Gold!…And You should too, because regardless how many guys has told you gold will go up in price to $50,000 per oz, of late it has instead gone DOWN! VERY far Down…Almost a full 1/3 Less down. And since I myself have Millions of$$$$ worth of it, I have Lost a Fortune!
              (silver is even worse down! down 50-60% from its highs a year ago! so Buy silver also please as I too own it)

              Thats why I NEED All of You to hurry and BUY BUY BUY GOLD! so prices do climb and I csan retrive MY loses!

              You can Bury gold incase the fed govnt again BANS possession like in 1930’s era. That time it lasted almost 40 yrs it was Banned to own. But when they crash the Very nation They depend on to keep creating their NWO, and Enforce it worldwide, and usa military are stranded at 1000 world bases, and Bill Gates has 10,000 Ferraries, he cannot drive since there is NO gas stations operating, and food stors shut down, You can try to use Barter with Banned Gold.

              Look at it like this folks. Say gold is again Banned and attached to owning it is a 20 Fed Prison sentence! It will be like Today asking the local hardware store guy to sell You a fan belt for a lawn mower, and accept in Barter trade a GRAM of PURE Heroin! which by coincidence also carries a 20 yrs jail term for simple possession!

              Don’t worry folks if zero dollars exist or become worthless certainly that store man Will take a huge risk and take Herion in Barter for a fuckin fan belt for a lawnmower. Wouldn’t You?

              Just Buy alot of gold so Mine goes way Up and I recover for being wrong lately. And after america totally collapses, due to the worlds richest americans Rather live in an entire world where Nothing is any longer avail at any cost or barter trade, they will cause this event so They too can exist like Bums on a street corner or live in a Van down by the River too! And this will allow them PTB folks to give Up everything they worked so hard to achieve the last 200-300 yrs aka a NWO that They Own and Control includeing You folks. Yep they in charge will collapse it all to live like POOR folks too Bet on that. Now Buy Gold Raise prices for me.

              PS” Send me a mony order or credit card number to Buy my Yearly online Newsletters at a discount this week only…Just pay Me…$199.00 for 4 quartly editions of…BUY More GOLD advice!

              On behalf of Them Guys…I Hope we passed the Audition to become an “Expert” economy advisor.

              • I agree all the way.

                When the government entirely fails and there is a widespread die-off, gold won’t be a practical means of trading. Seriously, if a gold coin was valued the same as a 40 acre piece of property, how is the gold coin practical for trying to trade for something “small” like an axe or a bag of wheat? If we’re in a fighting-to-survive situation, why would the owner of the 40 acre piece of property trade for a gold coin?

                People will laugh at you for trying to barter with gold the same way they would laugh if you tried to use a “collectors” Beanie Baby or Cabbage Patch Doll. A worthless thing from a different age.

                “King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
                They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

                Holman Christian Standard Bible (©2009)
                They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem like something filthy. Their silver and gold will be unable to save them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. They will not satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs, for these were the stumbling blocks that brought about their iniquity.”

          • To add to that, only institutions or bigwigs like Soros can cash in their paper precious metals for the real thing. They are drying up the supply of physical gold, silver, etc. Now that scares the crap out of me.

            What are they going to do with those, especially the likes of George Soros? Dump them, or at least a shit ton of paper metals at ridiculous prices and crash the market? Or hold on to them until the fiat currencies worldwide crash like they are all going to do sooner or later and then set themselves up as kings?

            Believe it, fiat currencies will tank hard. And when they do, the economic system that will emerge after that will be fully backed by precious metals, and whoever holds the most will be calling all the shots. If only because gold will be able to do what it had done since the first ever war: buy the services of men bearing arms, for the promise of pay and plunder.

            • Why need to Buy the services of men when instead you can convert to computer cashless debit society worldwide, and Then can totally control ALL things bought OR Sold, and really force those same men to do all You say to do or else You will Cancel Their implant chip-access to Your cashless systems worldwide. With that type money system, you can Lower wages to…One loaf bread per Days work.

              • Except that this sort of enslaved conscripts typically lack the morale, drive and determination to stand effectively against motivated, determined, higher morale volunteers, even if,said volunteers have far lesser numbers. 1776 anyone?

                • Men of honor stand put at the gateway/bridge to freedom.
                  one shoot place well, aimed survives all. some die,
                  any one willing to die will live.
                  I pray one of those 1776 men, gave one round to king.
                  komicalifornia, july 2013 on the concord bridge waiting.
                  john coward … dead man, no guns, no ammo.

          • BarnCat bet the NSA will still be around. Trekker Out. Never Seen Again!

          • You’re spot on, buddy! The worst of this will come when our Arab friends cease to accept the dollar for oil. Although we have huge reserves in the US, they’re leased out–in some cases to foreign outfits like BP, and the proceeds from those wells will be dumped on the international market, not the domestic market. Without gasoline or diesel fuel, millions of Americans will be doomed…

            • Does anyone here think the other countries just play along with the U.S. because they are the Sugar Daddy for them??

            • one word: nationalize

          • Looks like we could soon see a disaster here..If an Elecro magnetic impulse even occurs…It would pay to own horse and buggy..for transportation…Stores, banks, suppliers, and all sorts of services…medical care etc would all go under instantly…Causalities…likely 90% in the first 60 day…Next to no one has got a handle on this topic..Just beyond human comprehension..Meanwhile the wild animals and birds will survive as usual…Insects and rodents will eat the build-up of uncollected trash, and human carcasses in the streets. The stench will be that of a war zone.People have a spirit of complaint here..and have been spoiled..When all this occurs their mental facalties will utterly snap…like a mental case that ran out of his supply of psychiotropic medication…many on these drugs as they cannot handle life as it really is..Just think about what these mediactions missing will lead to? All the prozac, and too many to name. Glad I am of a sound mind. It is okay to live in reality, without TV

        • I don’t understand what the f*** is happening in America?!

          Snowden tells the truth that the NSA is engaging in illegal search and seizure of millions of Americans, and yet he is the enemy?

          Does that mean that you should keep secrets in order to commit crime, just because it’s the NSA?

          What kind of farce is this? And yet the entire mainstream media wants to attack HIM?

          I am sick and tired of this ugly, fascist, and Nazi mentality.

          Snowden has absolutely NO responsibility to keep secrets if he is asked to COMMIT CRIMES. Should people commit murder in order to keep secrets as well? Giuliani is a joke, and CNN failed to challenge him for his fatuous opinions.

          Violating the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution repeatedly through the illegal search and seizure of innocent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is a crime committed by the NSA.

          That f*g*ot Piers Morgan failed to challenge Giuliani on his false, malicious interpretations of the Constitution, as well as his flagrant attack on the millions of American citizens who have NEVER NEVER given permission to the government to be treated like criminals.

          If Snowden is going to countries like China, Russia, Cuba, and Ecuador to demonstrate that it is PRECISELY BECAUSE of the crimes of the US government that he is forced to do so.

          The fact that even these countries, who supposedly do not respect Freedom of Speech and Press, are willing and able to accommodate Snowden is further evidence of the fact that the American government is committing crimes against American citizens.

          If the American government was not committing crimes against the American people, then why is it such a tragedy that Snowden has revealed anything at all?


          That f*g*ot Piers Morgan is the saddest tragedy and phony on television, let alone CNN.

          Go back to England. We don’t want you here. Even Omarosa would do a better job than you.

          • ZZ456 says:

            “I don’t understand what the f*** is happening in America?!”

            Sure ya do. We have let a bunch of Psychopathic, Control Freak, Statist Criminals take over.

            And the vast majority of so called “Americans” LOVE it!

            That’s what the F**K has happened to America!

          • Don’t believe anything you hear on the MSN especially Comminist news network. Snowden is one of them, he is a distraction of something big coming. I don’t know what that something is, but things are not right. Boston lockdown was a test, and the idiots cheered do thaey not know what POSSE COMITATUS means?

            One thing is for sure, we have a fight on our hands, right here on the homeland. Our war on terror
            Is right here. Our men are scattered around the world, and who knows how many foreign troops are here, quite possibly w/U.S. uniforms on ( the ultimate deception) maybe foreign troops already tested martial law in Boston.

            • All sounds correct to me except about Snowden.

              Just enjoy everything about the Snowden thing. How often do we get to see that b*tch Feinstein looking hysterical and ridiculous and being utterly powerless to do anything? It’s for real. He decided to wage war on these *ssholes that thought to crown themselves royalty, and they are getting a nice come-uppance.

              The thing is, we are looking more and more ridiculous and are becoming more despised the world over. What might be coming is the world just decides it’s had enough of us.

            • Rebel: I agree. Because the MSM and Every polititions Has known that the fed govnt Has been doing this type spying on Us since 1950’s. Echalon alone at least since Klinton was prez and it got aired about it. So why all a sudden the fake shock from MSM and war hawks neocons?

              Why has Not One single fed or state polititon nor ANY Msm’s after 5+ yrs now said a single thing on Hobammys Non Nat born status? Everything he has signed or done is Null & Void by Law and us const as Law.

              Why don’t the FBI use RICO act law and Arrest every fuckin member of congress and senate and empty out every single acomplice in the whitehouse and admin?

              Even those so called Patriots compared to ron paul, none has said a single thing. Why? It cannot be due only to Fear of called racist with hobammy being black. Its way deeper. We have been set up and they plan to do the same here as done in 1918 russia. What of all the retireing pols? Why not one has spoken out and demanded hobammy be arrested for FRAUDS etc. No person is imune from prosectuion of felonys not even a sitting Fake prez aint.

          • We certainly don’t want Piers Morgan back on UK soil!

            Let his plane sink somewhere mid-Atlantic and do us all a favour. He’s a horrible man.

          • To defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

            How does one defend the Constitution against a domestic enemy?

            Lots of luck with this one.

            Commies everywhere. Red thumb it, you commie bastards.

          • @ZZ456, I’ve put the question to some people in town here…”Is Edward Snowden a Patriot, or a Traitor.” You would be surprised how many answered Traitor.

            • tayronachan says:

              “@ZZ456, I’ve put the question to some people in town here…”Is Edward Snowden a Patriot, or a Traitor.” You would be surprised how many answered Traitor.”

              That’s no surprise.

              Americans are the most ignorant, and propagandized people on the face of the earth.

              They can tell you what Kim and Kanye named their child, but they can’t even paraphrase the 2nd Amendment.

              This is what regulatory democracy has wrought us.

              A nation of addled idiots.

        • I would like to remind people in the words of Margaret Thatcher

          The trouble with gold is people eventually find out you can’t eat it.

          • Bimbam says:

            “The trouble with gold is people eventually find out you can’t eat it.”

            And fiat dollars are edible???

          • apparently you know nothing about history, barter, real money, negotiation and how the earth has always worked…or are just ignoring it.

            better change that.

          • Don’t forget Maggie’s other observation: “The problem with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”

            How should we feel about Air Force personnel and other government employees that may have access to real data, really kicking up long term preps and planning to “not be around for the week of the Fourth of July”. Going in in my neighborhood now, just outside Tucson, AZ.

            Daughter works for government programmer analysts who are literally bugging out to the
            Navajo res on Friday. She called hear doom and gloom father whom was surprised to hear it.

            Usually when there is talk of a specific time and date it Is BS. I hope this is BS as well, but in the words of me: with this type of situation one only has to be right once, because their is no second time to worry about

          • “The trouble with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money”

        • Wooo, be careful those in DC may deem you a traitor, you mention Freedom. 🙂

        • A lot of problems coming…social strife?

          We’re already there..


        • Off topic- or on-
          A family friend just contacted us from Rammstein and was telling us there were explosions, windows rattling, sirens, and jets scrambling right now. Then the phone call cut off. No reports after that, and nothing in the news about it yet. Any eyes or ears in Rammstein? Help me out and reply here in the top post (unless this subject makes top story as next article) if you have info please!

          • @SilverSurfer, Tweet from Ramstein Air Base, Germany · 18,868 like this, 5 hours ago · “If you heard those two loud booms, don’t worry, they were just two Eurofighter Typhoons conducting training in the area and breaking the sound barrier.” It shook people up for sure, lots of feed back on Ramstein Air Base facebook.

        • your wrong, its going to happen faster than you think…look around my friend, riots in Brazil,Turkey all over is coming here

        • Food,guns,ammo and bartering will be the new currency!When this SHTF,scenario that he predicts actually goes down,if Boobama hasn’t called for martial law,and had all of the dissidents that the NSA is spying on,that’s gonna be gun owners,preppers,and people that speak out against him,picked up and put in prison camps,all of our police,firefighters,and essential emergency services will cease to exist,as will electrical power,any type of food shipments,possibly water service,unless you live in an area that has water tanks that serve your home,as they work by gravity feed.Pretty much it will be the worst future to ever happen,worse than any of the Mad Max movies,but with a lot of the same violence.All I can say is if you haven’t prepared yet,get with it!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      2. People are oblivious to what is really happening. When it happens, it will be immediate, there will be no time to do anything. I have no idea what form it will take, no one does, but it is coming….On the other hand you can’t live your life holed up waiting for it to happen. Just get your self ready and live a great life. Have fun, enjoy your family, just be ready for when it does happen. because it is coming…..

        • From what i have been reading , the target date is sometime in August. TPTB somehow or another the riots will start then martial law will be imposed so if you live in the cities when the riots start you will have 72 hrs before lockdown so keep preppin! fyi ammo seems to have made somewhat of a comeback. Prep hard people praise god and pass the ammo cause we are gonna need it!

          • Havn’t yet read the entire post, so don’t know if I’m rehashing. My theory, quess is to look out in about 3-4 weeks when and if Zimmerman is acquitted. Game on.

            • I will totally agree with you. There is such a tremendous somewhat unspoken segregation within races right now. I don’t like it, but it is there. This screams of a Rodney King style incident if he is acquitted. I believe we will see riots from coast-to-coast, not because people are truly that passionate about the Zimmerman trial, but because this will serve as propane on an already smoldering fire.

              • It is normal human behavior. We were fools to enable and allow our country to be transformed into this multicultural banana republic.

          • Red thumb commies, Wildman, don’t worry about the commies. Stay away from crowds and be prepared.

            • @Commie hater

              Stop with the Commie crap! That shit is so Cold War.

              There are no real “Commies” anymore.

              The “Commies” have evolved!

              You will know them as “Fascists!”

              In America, they are the new [same as the old] Collectivists, complete with a shinny [faux] democratic face.

              Welcome to the USSA.

        • There could be some major shocks on the way to economic collapse. Or Obama could start a shooting war in Syria. Russia and China could sell all our debt and all our dollars. We could wake up one morning to find out that gas is now $27.50 a gallon.

          • Barn Cat: You obviously know nothing about oil & gas,their markets, or either upstream or downstream activities, locations, or supply.

            Please stick to your knitting , whatever that is; but it isn’t oil & gas or market behavior. Waking up to $27.50 cents a gallon for gasoline is ASININE!

            • “Russia and China could sell all our debt and all our dollars.”

              You obviously know nothing about US treasury debt or the market for Federal Bonds, either. If Russia or China or both wanted to sell their US Bonds, the Federal Reserve could soak them up like a sponge, while they both take a serious hit from the discount that they would have to pay to unload these instruments.

              You are a financial idiot. Stick to your knitting.

              • Durango Kidd-

                They dont know a lot about ALOT, other than “Its all goin down” this year…

                or maybe next…
                or the year after?

                You may wake up tomorrow and find gas at 50.00.

                It can happen. yup yup

              • I thought most of you were smarter than that. I guess not. Make your case, I will be glad to debate!!! 🙂

                • @ Durango Kidd,
                  I have followed much of what you have written, but I have to question a few of your assertions. Please correct me where I am wrong. The Chi-coms and Russians can dump their dollars back into the market and the fed will be able to “soak them up like a sponge”, as in there would be zero ramifications to our markets with that many dollars coming home to roost. Maybe I misunderstand the concept of M1 and M2. I am guessing that you are basing your notions on the idea that the Dollar is still the world reserve currency, and helicopter Ben can some how flood us back into solvency?? Otherwise the argument makes no sense. More dollars equal diluted value. Meaning the end game will be Zimbabwe. The idea that you can create 85 billion a month from nothing, and not end up in a currency crisis; is calling for a paradigm change in my thought process. Keynesian economics have proved true that it is all short term, because in the long run we are all dead anyway, but Austrian economics is how TPTB seem to play the game; as in looking at generational wealth. I am interested in your response.

                  Potato Out

                  • @Mr Potato head

                    When you understand who DK is, you will understand why he thinks the way he does.

                    Dk is a STATIST. A Statist is a Modern day supporter of political slavery; A secular State-Worshiper; Member of the cult of the State; An irrational, immoral, collectivist parasite which leeches off the productive private sector at the point of a gun, while attempting to justify such behavior through invalid, unethical, altruistic arguments. Uses statist law (oppressive edicts backed by criminal violence) to intimidate and run the neo-slave racket. Typically found in government, politics, bureaucracy, police, military and law; aka Supporter of such; Governmentalist; Nationalist; A degenerate sub-human who makes your life a living hell; An accident just waiting to happen!

                    DK supports the political class’s special right to subjugate everybody else.

                    According to DK, economic laws don’t apply to the State.

                    Hell, according to DK, the State is not subject to the Laws of Nature. “God” if you will.

                    And that’s why he says the things he does.

                  • Ulesss regular avg folks are given huge amounts of cash to Spend like water, how can hyper infation happen? How can stores charge wheelbarrows of cash dollars for one loaf bread, unless folks HAVE wheelbarrows full of such cash to spend? And why cant the fed res simply toss a trillion us dollars into their Huge Furnace used for destruction of old tattered bills as has been done since the begining? If China dumps the cash into the us govnt or fed reserve and it gets burned up so it no longer exists….Then what? ZERO hyper anything is what.

                    Those old photos of germans with actual wheelbarrows full of cash are real no doubt. BUT..Somebody or their Govnt had to supply it to them or else where did they get so much cash from? You think most germans saved so much from reg working man jobs?

                    Can anybody here tell us exactly how many dollars the fed res burns each day or week? If No. Then How will we know if they toss an extra trillion into their furnaces? Even if we did know, How does that affect Us? or prices on goods or new cars etc? I think such senarios would lead to…..NOTHING of great consequence at all. For americans anyways. For china or russia or others who tried that move? The assholes just Lost a trillion dollars they could have bought stuff with and now cant. And life as normal continues here in usa.

                    You cant say keynsian policys Failed, as so far they havent and its been 100 yrs. What if at G20 meetings we are not privy to, all major nations have agreed to KEEP things as it is now and not make any waves?(yes I know about the brics-nations etc. They been at it for 20-25 yrs so far….Can they go against G20? probobly no)

                    Then as long as all major nations stick to agrred policy of NO waves made, everything fear mongering “Experts” on economic fear articles daily state, are not likly to occure. Although They are likly to keep selling gold for profits, as well as prepper goods etc right.

                    Don’t get me wrong I too prepare…To a Point. But I do not try to knock myself out prepping for the next 60 yrs while at age 60 now I wont live long enough to consume that much. And I have zero intentions to stock more so to make Profits from others misery. Yeah bad stuf can always happen. But oh well. So far I dealt with alot of bad in my 60 yrs especially as a kid and teen and early adult. But I NEVER Yet Starved. Nor was forced to walk Naked in public. I guess perhaps God really has made certain I got what I needed in time so far. So yes I do prep, but I also reject alot of current daily fear pressures of so many highly unlikly events as some folks believe are so imminemt as to occure by Noon Today probobly! Or is it Noon Next week? or next Month?! Or maybe not till I am long gone in the grave?.

                    Prep like theres NO tommorrow,,,Cause if theres really NO tomorrow?…What good will it do anyways?

                    Think on it. I have read some fokks here admit they are in Mid or Late 70’s age brackets! And they say they need build MORE closet space to hold preps because their current supply stock will last 20-30+ yrs already!

                    How damn long do They expect to live anyways. And do not tell me they are planning to supply tons of others or strangers to be so kind etc as we all know that wont fly.

                    Its become an obsession is more lik it. “Weatherman says tomorrow MAY rain, sprinkles expected…Go! RUN Keep buying More prepe it might Rain a little tomorrow!”

                    What if the same energy was expended creating a True patriot group Nationwide modeled on us cont Militia clauses with hopes to Fix america. Instead of hiding in some caves or holes in ground. Maybe I just do not get it correctly or something. I just consider alot of curent stuff by so called “experts” more like proboble Bunkum.

                    Especially if they belong to the club that’s Selling something too. And today it seems Most are!

                  • Potato Head: The 1.2 trillion dollars that China owns are in treasury bonds. (Russia is not significant). Prior to a recent change last year, China had to purchase dollars in the currency markets to buy those bonds. After the agreement, China could use the dollars they had already to purchase the bonds directly from the Treasury(and possibly their own currency).

                    If the FED allows China to use Yuan to purchase American debt, I am sure it is designed to increase the wealth of the GB’s as the Yuan the FED would hold would appreciate against the dollar as it becomes a co reserve currency.

                    To dump those bonds the Chinese would have to have a buyer as the counterparty to the trade. A normal market could only absorb so much. The more bonds the Chinese tried to sell, the greater the discount that they would have to accept to cash them out.

                    All of the major multinationals and central banks of the world would buy these bonds at steep discounts from the Chinese and sell them back to the US Treasury at Par and make a huge profit. The US Treasury would print more dollars to retire that debt (1.2 trillion).

                    Remember that the Federal Reserve printed $16 TRILLION during the financial crisis of 2008/2009 and loaned it out to all the world banks and multinationals with no significant ramifications. In fact WE didn’t even know that they had printed $16 TRILLION until last summer (2012).

                    Significant sums of dollars are being destroyed in the process of QE, as the money printed represents the losses of the major banks from bad mortgages and toxic securities. These losses are represented by dollars and are deducted from the balance sheet of the banks.

                    QE represents a wealth transfer from the middle class to the Uber Rich. To a large degree, no NET new money is being printed, but that which IS being printed is being transferred to the very rich in the form of higher stock values and bigger bonuses, etc while the banks regurgitate their toxic assets.

                    Does that help you?

                  • Your Mama: Nice try, but the folks who have been here long enough and who have read my posts know and understand who I am.

                    If by “Statist” you mean that I love America as the Founders intended for it to be, I am guilty! 🙂

                    Your ignorance is exceeded only by your agenda and your desire to neutralize my effectiveness. Not gonna happen. Why don’t you rationally argue your perspective and debate the issues instead of personally attacking me and putting words into my mouth that I haven’t said so that you can rant against them?

                    You are sooooo pathetic I can only laugh at you. 🙂

                • DK,

                  You know that the renimbi or yuan is artificially pegged to the UDS correct. If China were to liquidate its US treasury position slowly and use the USD from said sales to purchase gold bullion until it had an amount it felt comfortable holding to unpeg the yuan and stop relying on US exports it would spell disaster for the US. Well not disaster, justice is more like it.

                  • Read my response above. You miss the most important point in US China relations: The CCP and the Gangster Banksters are PARTNERS and they are joined at the hip.

                    If the US fell so would China. In fact China would suffer more than the US because the peasants in China WILL revolt. In the US the peasants have an EBT or Snap card.

                    And therein lies the difference. 🙂

                • If you are as smart as you say you are then why don’t you go somewhere else to sputter your pseudo- intellectual nonsensical drivel and leave us regular folks alone. We really hate that you are being put out with having to deal with us lower life forms.

                • I am guessing not too many Zero hedge devotees here from the Red thumbs to Mr DK.

              • Good comments, DK. Shame there’s so many low-information posters who also don’t get it, and red-thumb you.

                • Well Old Coach,

                  I guess that puts you out in the cold too. You remind me of Ed McMahan always trying to glom onto what Johnny Carson said to make himself appear to be with it…

                  • Old Coach: You a can lead a horse to water ….. 🙂

                    Regular Guy: Its too bad that you do not have enough financial education to understand what I am saying. But you should understand WHY I am taking my time to inform you of how the banking, finance, and economic system works in America and what it will mean for you.

                    I am trying to point out the propaganda of MSM and the propaganda of Alt Media who play on the FEARS of Regular Guys like you who do not have the education, experience, or special expertise to know the difference. Both of them try to manipulate and exploit the masses for their personal benefit.

                    My insight is FREE. The benefit of my education, experience, and special expertise is FREE! I am not asking you to buy anything. I don’t even care if you believe me or not. My insight is a GIFT to you.

                    I was born into poverty. I mean REAL poverty. I have been on my own since I was 17 and a senior in high school. I have worked (usually two jobs) and clawed my way out of that poverty and now own the means of production. The best kind of production.

                    No one gave me that. I earned it: including my education. I sacrificed a lot to get to where I am at so I am not going to make any apologies for my success.

                    It has been my experience that those who do not have the strength of spirit to sustain them, fall by the wayside because life is tough. Really tough, and they get distracted and do not follow through. Then when their life is a POS like Your Mama’s they grouse and complain because misery loves company and they want YOU to fail too, and join them in their misery.

                    They will encourage you to do NOTHING. To be nothing. Being a victim is the specialty of people like Your Mama and they want you to be a victim too so they can point to you and say: “see I am not the only loser”.

                    There is no sin in being born into poverty like I was; but had I chose to a be a victim and remain there, then my sin would become an iniquity. We can remain in our sin and in our ignorance or we can pursue an education and discernment.

                    We can act. We can apply ourselves. We can encourage others. We can debate the issues freely exchanging our ideas and sharing our understanding one with another in the search for solutions; or we can do nothing about anything, look for an excuse rather than a solution; and we can play the victim like Your Mama.

                    Playing the victim is the way of a loser. God is within US and He has given US the victory if we will seize it. From victory, to victory, to victory! Engage! 🙂

              • durango kidd says

                “If Russia or China or both wanted to sell their US Bonds, the Federal Reserve could soak them up like a sponge.”

                So according to you, the Federal Reserve could simply “buy” back the US Bonds held overseas.

                With what??? The same FAKE instruments [money] the Russians and Chinese would be dumping. LMFAO!

                The Fed has NO exit stategy. But they sure as hell want you to believe so. The fiat money game will continue to it’s logical end. Destruction and Ruin.

                Be careful who you call a “financial idiot.”

                PS~ Don’t come back with some lame comment about gold. The Fed will never part with any gold in return for worthless paper!

                • Your mama: I know that corporate and public finance is not your domain, but please try to follow along. better yet, go back to school and take some financ classes! 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “I know that corporate and public finance is not your domain, but please try to follow along. better yet, go back to school and take some financ classes!”

                    That’s a defense of your previous post? LOL.

                    DK… your right. I yield to a crossing guard who aspires to be a JD.

                    FYI. It may help to proofread your comments before clicking “Submit Comment.”

                    That way, you don’t look like such a fool.

                  • Your mama: Yes the FED could simply buy back the bonds that are overseas. They do it ALL the time. There is a CONSTANT turnover. US government debt is constantly recycled.

                    And yes, they use the same “fake” money that they print out of thin air, to buy back the bonds that they also printed out of thin air.

                    Its almost magical, isn’t it? LMFAO! 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “Its too bad that you do not have enough financial education to understand what I am saying. But you should understand WHY I am taking my time to inform you of how the banking, finance, and economic system works in America and what it will mean for you.”

                    “My insight is FREE. The benefit of my education, experience, and special expertise is FREE! I am not asking you to buy anything. I don’t even care if you believe me or not. My insight is a GIFT to you.”

                    Is this guy for real?? The melodrama is killing me.

                    I had know idea you had such a Queen on this site! LOL. This is embarrassing!

                    Shit, I should just kill myself right now, and thereby never again contradict the Omniscient “KIDD.”


                    BTW. This is how the State acts:

                    I know the truth.

                    I know what’s best for you.

                    Now, pay attention to me [or else].

                    The KIDD would make a perfect dictator.

                    “We can act. We can apply ourselves. We can encourage others. We can debate the issues freely exchanging our ideas and sharing our understanding one with another in the search for solutions; or we can do nothing about anything, look for an excuse rather than a solution; and we can play the victim like Your Mama.”

                    Sounds like an Obama speech. All hail il duce.


                  • Your Mama: I do know how the FED works and you don’t. I am just trying to make a contribution to the many on this site who do not have my education.

                    I do not know what is best for you or anyone else. Life is about CHOICES and expressing what is inside outside. You made your bed of ignorance so you must lie in it unless you choose to swallow your pride and accept what you do not know.

                    As for Dictator,yes, I would make a fine benevolent Dictator. Its in my DNA that passes through the kings of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; through the kings of France including the Emperor Charlamange, back through Ceasar to his father: when the records for Western Civilization ends.

                    And you? 🙂

              • DK, that sounds right to me. Those that invested in US Treasuries are stuck. As soon as everyone bails, the upside down pyramid collapses. China needs a slow exit plan, and even that will involve some pain. If they want to hold their manufacturing base, they need to expand other markets before they let us go down the toilet. They are doing that right now with Australia and other nations. BTW, not everything they sell is crap. US distributors specify the low priced crap because they know we’ll buy it.

                Eventually, China will have to take a haircut on out treasuries, and they do have some freedom to take this action that will hurt them financially. It was not long ago that they were a self-contained, centrally controlled system. They can revert to that. They grow food. They manufacture goods. They only need to trade for oil, or else seize it.

                Regarding waking up to $27.50 gasoline: Only possible if there is a severe and sudden supply crisis. And then, demand would plummet. The system is self-correcting to a point. $150/barrel oil a few years back slowed the world economy, and oil came back down to a price we can just afford. But gas prices quadrupling is not something that just happens overnight with no cause.

                @Them Guys: You’re right, all our prepping can be for naught. My dad started prepping in the late 70’s and now his life is almost over. We don’t even know for sure what we’re prepping for. Nuclear war? Good luck living in a radioactive wasteland, if we survive the blasts. We need to prep for scenarios that are worth living for, and in a way that makes life today worth living. The world will still go when (not if) I die.

                • Mikey: No one is gonna bail. The establishment which includes the 10% who hold more than 90% of the wealth in this country (and the world) have a vested interest in the stauts quo.

                  While they may jockey for power they agree upon one thing and one thing only: exploit the masses. And they have been very successful at it, I might add.

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “The establishment which includes the 10% who hold more than 90% of the wealth in this country (and the world) have a vested interest in the stauts quo.”

                    It’s “status quo”… Not “stauts quo.”

                    Anyway… You’re all about the “stauts quo,” aren’t ya DK.

                  • No I am for change. Change is good. Change is inevitable. Prepare for it. Embrace it! I do! :-0

                  • Oh yeah, I agree the establishment in this country and Europe won’t bail. China? They might. They’re making overtures to dethrone the dollar as the world’s currency. When that happens, Treasuries will plummet.

            • durango kidd says:

              “Waking up to $27.50 cents a gallon for gasoline is ASININE!”

              Spoken like a true Statist.

              It could never happen cause the Gooberment wouldn’t allow it, right?

              The State will step in to save the day!!

              Forward and Engage!

              Beschäftigen Sie sich vorwärts!!

              • It would never happen asswipe because the people wouldn’t, couldn’t pay it. 🙂 If the people wouldn’t, couldn’t pay it, then there is no market for the product, know matter what the production cost might be. If there is no market, there is no profit. If there is no profit there is no business.

                Follow the money asshole! 🙂

                • Jesus Christ, some of you need to stop being so myopic. I buy PMs but I also stash fiat. Mikey and Kid all make good points. Google “re-hypothecation

                  • @Tyler Durden

                    Rehypothecation is a shadow banking fraud!

                    Prior to Lehman Brothers’ collapse, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calculated that U.S. banks were receiving $4 trillion worth of funding by re-hypothecation, much of which was sourced from the UK. With assets being re-hypothecated many times over (known as ‘churn’), the original collateral being used may have been as little as $1 trillion – a quarter of the financial footprint created through re-hypothecation.”

                    All of this churning has created rivers of liquidity, much of it with no asset backing.

                    Rehypothecating creates mountains of counterparty risk, all dependent on dubious collateral that has been pledged multiple times. The equivalent of having four mortgages on a house, each having been sold to other parties who have been told their mortgage is in first position. When the property value starts dropping or the borrower doesn’t pay, only one lender will get there first and legal fistfights ensue.

                    This rehypothecation activity may be the biggest credit bubble of all time. J.P. Morgan alone has rehypothecated over half a trillion dollars in 2011, Morgan Stanley $410 billion, Goldman Sachs $28 billion, and the list goes on.

                    In the end, “rehypothecation” is just a “fractional reserve” banking fraud.


                • durango kidd says:



                  We love you too DK. Pottymouth and all.

      3. Barb wire won’t do the job. You need concertina wire.

        • She will if you pay here in blue backs.

      4. By the way Mac.. thanks for always putting verbiage in the postings.. not just a blurb and a video link. I’m old school and don’t like watching any video on my computer.. but I do enjoy reading your articles..

      5. First

      6. have ur riot gun at the ready for the George Zimmerman verdict too.

        • Zimmerman will be sacrificed on the alter of race relations (whatever the hell that really means) and for political correctness. I’d give him a 10% chance of acquittal, regardless of evidence. If that does happen, better do as Mclovin says and batten down the hatches…
          (I’ll be driving through Boise and Pendleton tonight, probably a safe area. Still, I’m locking my doors!)

          • @ SmokinOkie and Mclovin. Someone once mentioned to me that riots from black people seem to go on a type of generation timeframe. It has been 22 years since the last LA riots, that would be just about right. I have always wondered about something and maybe one of you or others could clue me into this one. If there was a major riot going on in one or more cities, serious ones, and the U.S. went to major war would those rioting stop or just continue? I always wondered if the very survival of the world was at stake if the black people would start looting for food and other survival items, or would they just continue to gather worthless items that would have no value with a true SHTF event such as big screen TV’s after the hammer came down? You really wonder about the mindset of anyone when there is already severe civil unrest and then there is the civilization that could be coming to an end.

            • How long does rioting go on without food and water ? Or utilities/hospitals/fossil fuels ?

              • M,
                it depends on how long the Koreans can hold out guarding their liquor stores.

              • It changes from rioting to raiding.

              • Riots will continue as long as no shortages of Bannanas exist.

                • It’s “bananas”. No capitalization needed since “banana” is not a proper noun. Too bad you’re a racist D*ckhead; you make good Points elsewhere.

            • That’s assuming that those doing the rioting would know the difference..

            • I don’t believe in generational rioting. That doesn’t make any sense. The riots would continue even if there was a war on. I think you’d have people from the underclass stealing big screen TV’s and expensive shoes instead of survival gear until they’re hungry and the power goes down.

            • Why dont you ask a black person…….ignorant fuck, maybe they can aswere it for you !

              • Wow, 65 to 8 at last count. Racist ignorant f*ucks are trending.

                • mikey; the Racist word was invented by Trotsky a Jewish Kommie in Bolshevik jew run russia 1918. It was invented for the exact same reason as Antisemite as a word. To Stiffle and end all debate or conversation.

                  It is usisally used by folks who cannot argue the truth or facts yet are too stuborn/liberal/kommie to ever Admit they are wrong. Or that their Policies etc are wrong or failures.

                  It is also of late used alot by folks who are white yet due to a lifetime of msm and political propaganda brainwashings, have come to be Filled with Massive White Guilt. Guilt for long gone Past issues that they had zero to do with. YOU sound alot like That Mikey.

                  Are you part of the Yoots or younger gen? As todays youth are really brainwashed to buy into whitey guilt.

                  Persoanlly I got zero white guilt. I never Owned a slave-beat a slave-never harmed any negors or other minorities-Never tossed a jew into any “ovens”(neither did germans unless it was an already dead body with Typhus and had to be burned to stop disease spread). In fact I Never harmed ANY persons of ANY colors or races or nations etc.

                  But if you believe when I speak My opinion of african savage negros or bolshevik and zionist kommie jews, based upon my 60 yrs experiences and observations of the dammages those two groups has done to america And to Whites. If That makes me racist? or if the Fact I rather reside amoung My kind, aka white folks? Then Oh well call me a racist or antisemitic or hater etc etc etc…I CARE NOT.

                  In Fact I see it this way. I MUST be writing something rigt, and when braindead guilt infected self hateing whites, or various Other groups complain and call me a racist etc….That I take as PROOF I am doing something Right! And the More I piss off such foolish self hateing white idiots, who dammage america worse yet than african savages, it is a-ok with me.

                  You may Love africans or mexicans etc…BUT If You too are white? They Hate You as much as They hate Me due to being white. And when they riot and kill whites off like say, in Hati a couple centurys ago, How will You know which of Your Favorite savages will Not kill You? After all Most look alot alike. Very difficult to tell em apart at times. Especially when they are running Wild in huge Packs of savage beast killers, all Eyeing You so they can make good use of Their hatred for us whiteys.

                  If You think different? TRY living in Inner-Detroit for a couple yrs. I spent 43 yrs there…I do Know all about it and them types. Yes exceptions exist, not all are that way. Like I said though to me Most look the same almost. Stand there and try to figure out which Wont kill You if a whitey? Good Luck!

                  Perhaps You need some extra educating and should view and Read some of David Dukes website. Or Check FBI yearly Violent Crime stats listing. See how 35,000 White women get Raped BY AFRICAN SAVAGES, compared to Less than 10 black women raped by a white male…THEN tell me whos really the Racist folks…I say Blacks is way More racist against white folks. And That pisses Me off alot.

                  If this post reply makes Me racist etc? GOOD! Cant wait to tell my pals!

            • Detroit hasn’t seen a riot for 45 years now, were long overdue! And its going to be a long hot summer!The funny thing about black people “especially in Detroit” their only interested in destroying property and burning things!Detroit has no grocery stores, Target stores, or best buy’s within city limits! Their food stamps or bridge cards are spent at the local liquor stores or corner markets! You have an 80% chance of NOT graduating High school! and its been that way for over 20 years! Detroit is also the most segregated city in America, and we now have a powder keg on our hands!Their a very angry race of people,…and they all have guns! Just saying!

              • Is there anything there to riot and loot over?

                • How could you tell when the riots were over, and what had been damaged?

                  • Oh you could tell alright! As for when its over? Simple theres no longer 1,000,000 Savage Crazed wild monkys running around with a pak of matches. They spread out thinner when they get forced back to their cribs by the Nat Guard shooting them.

                    What was dammaged? easy what began as a wonderfull Motor city famous as King of the worker class and manufacturing Capitol of the entire world, that took 300 yrs for Whites to Design-Plan-Build-Re design-re build-Pay alot for-and enjoy as one of the best lifestyles ever invented by mankind…..Only took aprox 5 yrs for Savage African jungle dwellers to first Invade-then-Loot-Riot-Destroy what cannot be looted-Burn Half the city down.

                    So basiclly only 1/2 was left intact after a single weeks time. Moral of it is…Do NOT allow African Savages to gain access to Matches and Flamable Liquids! In fact, if you can Deny total access to Your local or city? Do so asap.

                    Nothing is as destructive as a liberal with an agenda, OR one Million(out of almost Two million) Savage Africans going wild. 300 yrs to build=5 yrs for savages to destroy it all. I seen it Live as it occured. At age of 10 yrs old, they began the big infiltration…Thats when the phrase “There goes the neighborhood” was coined I think, first I ever heard it anyways. Then by age 15- 5 yrs later…What a massive huge eye opening event to see at age of 15 yrs old. Taught me well! Took 28 more yrs but I Moved Out. 200 Miles NORTH!…Zero violence or crimes here now. All Whiteys also. I like segregrated life as I prefere my Own kind of folks, as it seems most near here do also.

                    Discalimer: If anybody yells Racist at me? Thank You! Very much. Now I Know I am doing something right!

                • Is there anyone in Detroit with enough ambition to riot or loot?

              • I think Paula Dean should pay Motown a visit.

            • Beinformed—that’s interesting. Have any kooks done a study on “riots from the puerto rican people” you racist.

              What a ridiculous post. Par for the course.


              • You have been well trained. And here I thought 99.9999% of the flash rob gang were black. Must have been an altered video. Here’s a fact you’ll never aknowlege: They hate you as much as they hate me.

                • Kook: You are No kook! Spot on.

                  PS: coolbeans: If BI is Rayyyysssiss? Scroll up slightly, you will LOVE My Prior post!

                  pss don’t try to confuse porto ricans with negro savages, as the latter do not usually speak spanish.

                  Heres a little Mid day Eboncis lesson for ya coolbeans.

                  What does this in ebonics translate to in Normal English?

                  “HoDeDo”! “HoDeDo”…..See below for answer.

                  Hodedo translated to Normal english means….

                  Hold The Door.

                  Picture Two savage africans running down the hall of a High Rise office buildg. Yelling for other folks to HOLD The elevator DOOR open. Somebody else can provide you with a spanish lesson ok.

                  • you should ask a mexican what Ho dee do means in spanish. you will get a laugh (jodido? is how its spelled?)

            • Ten years ago I took a few classes to keep my brain from rusting. One of my classmates was the (retired) executive officer of one of the Navy’s attack submarines. He happened to be black. So far as I could tell, the content of his character would be first rate in any room he was in.

              Be careful with the sloppy generalities. Ya know, there are millions of caucasian trailer park trash who breed like flies and don’t do one productive thing from this year to the next.

              If it’s the parasite behavior that bothers you give the bigotry a rest.

              • It is about Character and up-bringing not race. I knew plenty of people of my own race that where total wankers, and many from other races I would trust with my life and my families life. Judge by character. I lived in Memphis for two decades and I can tell you these facts are true. The sad part is the upbrining. That will destroy most cities. God, and character out and political Correctness in. Do like this man said in 2010… get some property in a rural setting and get self sufuciant as possible. Ground, Guns, Grub, and Gold.

              • Stereotypes have a basis in fact. There are always exceptions to any generality but the exception does not invalidate the truth of the generality.

                • Right exceptions always exist. But whens last time anybody saw a million whites loot and destroy and Burn down any cities? I think if given reason whites may do so.

                  And That is the Main difference. African Hoard savages do NOT need ANY specific reason to loot destroy and burn down a city or a car or any other items.

                  When Katrina occured, I was with a dozen other folks. One guy asked “Why do you think so many blacks are refusing to Leave prior to the hurricane”?

                  ALL 11 of us answered at same time without a thought, “So once the sun comes back out and the storm ends, they can LOOT as much crap as they can prior to the rest returning” and by sheere coincidence! All 11 of us were correct!

              • One good ngier ten years ago? What are theodds of finding another one?

            • Watched Detroit burning during the riots in ’68 or ’69 as we were cruising up Detroit river from our home in OH to fish up in Georgian Bay. So…I’ve known for a loooong time what the ultimate end of the welfare and debt spending system would look like.

              BI, I don’t know… will the animals just be looking for big screens and sneakers when there is no more handouts from uncle? I don’t plan to be close enough to find out. Remember, this time they will truly be starving.

              Okie, yes Boise & Pendleton are relatively safe. I moved to the Pacific NW 35 years ago and live 3 hours from the nearest major city. Enjoy your visit. Stop by for a cup of coffee.

            • Civilization, what civilization. Commies aren’t civilized, they’re stalinist murderers and this country is full of them. You’ll see a few of them red thumb this post.

            • I spent the weekend doing communication exercises and in one of the tents there was a Black man that I had the pleasure to talk to for a few hours. He knows what is going on and so does many Black people. They realize the scam that has been pulled on them by the first Black president. He told me being both a Black man and a Conservative is a dangerous place to be in the current direction of the country.

              However, many people of all races refuse to accept what is going on or basically don’t care. These are the people the MSM targets and the ones that they claim are the “regular informed Americans.” Everyone else is demonized as belonging to a fringe group of conspiracy theorist or worse. Listening to the BS of the MSM, many know something is wrong but do not get involved in prepping or other worthy endeavors because of the stigma that the MSM places on such groups.

              Turn off the MSM, cancel those expensive cable packages and if you watch TV use an antenna to pick up the free HDTV broadcast. MSM exist only to either get you to buy something or promote lies of the government.

            • That was a stupid post. Congratulations on your idiocy.

              Okay, so SOME people in the inner cities, who are poor and black, riot every once in a very long time. Last time was L.A. at the end of the eighties, after all the manufacturing jobs in Southern California were sent to Mexico. Young men with poor educations and little prospects except dealing crack were at a boiling point when the Rodney King verdict came down. Good for them. Who f*ucked us ALL over by sending our jobs across the border, dunce? Was it black people? No. It was greedy, rich, white people.

              Who stood by as illegals crossed our borders by the millions so (mostly white) employers could have Mexican labor to work the fields and build houses with dirt cheap wages and no benefits, while our lower class got screwed over and could no longer have traditional jobs like drywalling and brick laying? That was your white representative bought off by rich white motherf*ckers, idiot.

              Who beat Rodney King to a bloody pulp on the freeway? White guys. The same military police strong arm terror tactics we’re up against now started back then. Thanks for cheering those assh*ole cops on when they beat Rodney King, dumbsh*t. We have you and other racist idiots to thank for the military police state. It was okay when they were beating black drug addicts. You cheered them on back then and now you don’t like it.

              Meanwhile, you cry about Boston police raids and such, and wonder when anyone is going to stand up and do something about it. Maybe you should stop being jealous of a black guys big black sack and grow one of your own and go riot instead of being an impotent couch commando.

              • Mikey: That post of yours shows Your at the wrong website. Liberal self hating whites such as You do better at sites like HUFFPO, or many other such Liberal Kommie sites. Obvously you buy into all the last 50 yrs of MSM antiwhite Pro african craopla. Keep making excuses for them savage monky destroyers.

                I do strongly suggest You go view Ingogmans dot com site. he has Tons of articles filled with Large size full color photos of most every Chimpout against whites as well as White women Rape victims and whites Beaten beyond recognition BY a Mass Hoard of Savage ANIMALS that the MSM’s ALL call “YOOTS” to Hide the Facts that IT IS African Hoards of Violent savages Beasts attacking WHITES all across america DAILY! And Never shown on Any MSM tv!

                And stupid Self hating guilt filled White Libs such as You make excuses? and Defend such violence on whiteys?

                Wait till the day arrives when Your savage pals begin to make good on their last 40 yrs Promices to attack and kill all whiteys.(see Black Panther videos!). You wont last 10 minits!

                You will be trying to describe Your world or political views to them savages…While they fight amoung themselves as to which gets to Eat You for cabnnibal din-din, after they Kill your sorry ass. What a white guilt fool. An Enabler for the continuing of such savagery against whites. Total FOOL mikey. Go watch more CNN kommie spew now like a good little self hateing white guilt fool.

          • Okie: perhaps a Better plan is fill your huge truck-Trailer with 100 armed men, and Re route your truck to several inner city ghettos and TCB!

            You can paint a huge sign on the side of trailer…”Okies…Monky Down traveling Circus”

            Featuring Blammo! and the boys.

        • I live about 30 minutes from the courthouse where the trial is being held and I can tell you all hell will break loose if he is found innocent. Even if he is found guilty, his lawyer has already set him up with grounds for an appeal with his stupid joke. I have been getting ready for this since it started, just knowing what the people in Sanford and adjacent towns are like. They kill each other on a nightly basis for any reason they can find and this will be enough to really set them off. I honestly believe there will big trouble no matter how the trial turns out, just because they are looking for any excuse on both sides. There have been quite a few drive by shootings in Sanford already this year and it will only escalate. I am glad we don’t live in any of the bad areas and definitely not Sanford, but I suspect it will overflow into the rural areas pretty quickly. We are never without our pistols and our German Shepherd roams the house at will. I keep telling my friends to at least have enough stuff on hand that you don’t have to go out to the store for a few weeks if it does get bad.

          • @JAS

            I live a couple of hours drive north of you. Watch and see how the news media spins the trial. I have friends in Gainesville, Starke and Palatka. All on speed dial. We will be ready the day before the verdict is read to the public.

            How far will the shit spreads is anybody’s guess.

            • Slingshot-

              Starke used to have, and may still…. a Sargeant on the overzealous asshat Police Force they have, named SEARGENT.

              And he is a fucking DICK…

              • scuse…it was sargeant sargent…

                he got his balls broke a lot. May be retired now.

                One of my contacts down south back then…

          • Start talking with your neighbors. The MSM did not elaborate on how the LA riots were contained. Neighbors got together and blocked their streets off with barricades and setup neighborhood watches. Women tended to the children and helped out where they could bringing out food to the watch groups.

            For weeks this went on, especially the first 3-4 days as fires were set all over. Mobs flooded the streets and were turned back by seeing the barricades and men holding “assault rifles.”

            Whole neighborhoods were saved from being burned down until the areas could be contained.

            Talking to your neighbors NOW is crucial, this must be a community effort of worthy like-minded people. Many Veterans are willing to take up arms again to protect their communities. Do not try to go alone if the riots do break out. You will see a huge influx of low-lifes flooding into the areas just to rob, loot, burn and steal. Small town police forces will not be able to control these people and do not count on outside LEO that might be more willing to kick in your door to disarm you instead of stopping the looters (Katrina).

            BTW, don’t expect any positive help from the idiots in DC including the head idiot-in-charge.

            You and your family and neighbors must do this.

        • @ Mclovin, I’d like to share some thoughts I had posted on another blog earlier in the day………….
          This trial could very well be considered to set the precedent for every armed American citizen if they ever have to defend themselves for any reason.

          I can almost guarantee where the verdict will eventually fall……but then, I’m very cynical.

          I hope Zimmerman wins for the sake of the country.

        • If there is any rioting a few B52’s from Macdill AFB
          could be loaded with napalm bombs and used to roast out any rioting. Napalm works well for riot supression.
          Then to consider the savings to tax payers if such methodswere used! 🙂

          • Fried trayvons anyone?

          • Isn’t there a ‘vomit’ spray now?? Sprayed from the sky would surely put a damper on rioting..ya think??

            • Vomit spray is good but the thought of being roasted with napalm bombs from the air is a better chimp out

      7. quote: Buy a farm you can tend to yourself way out in the boondocks. And protect it with high voltage fences, barbed wire, booby traps, military weapons and Dobermans.

        * just remember the boondocks country “LOCALS” will prey upon you as well . don’t trust em’ . as they will see you as a outsider / intruder and be jealous of your wealth . and target you for robbery harassment and vandalism .

        N.O. ;0p

        • So you say their is no to trust even your local friends in the boondocks.

          You are a fucking idiot.



            come shtf crunch time @fagboypuss is when you’ll learn who is really a true trust worthy friend neighbor or family member .

            you’ll eventually see i’m right , it’s part of the hard wired human animal condition / nature .

            ‘fear greed desire envy jealousy hate’ exists in us all .

            none are immune from their effects and influences on our decisions in life .

            you can only ‘trust yourself’ in the end .

            N.O. ;0p

            • “come shtf crunch time @fagboypuss is when you’ll learn who is really a true trust worthy friend neighbor or family member .”

              Thats a true statement why didn’t you say that instead of the dumb bullshit you spit out earlier.

              • if I smell you hangin close by im going to check in on you, if I catch you cutting up earth or digging post holes then ill leave you alone, if I catch you lookin suspicious and doin little youll end up eviscerated and cooked for the dogs and the hogs,this is simple, leave me alone and belong here, or leave soon

          • F P

            NinaO has forgotten more than you will ever know!
            You should be so lucky as to shine his boots.
            Everyone on this site knows who the fucking idiot is.

            • If Nina didn’t have his script Binders from his handlers he wouldn’t n\know how to spell his online names.

              And I would say it is your beliefs in question if you are coming to the defense of the likes of him.

            • @OutWest … Respect .

              thank you for your kind words Sir .

              NinaO / N.O.

            • @OutWest … Respect .

              thank you for the kind words Sir .

              NinaO ;0p

            • If FP switches jobs to be a shoeshineboy? Whos going to rattle that tin cup with one nikel in it for his Organ Grinder Master? Hobammy’d fit the job swell after reitres.

      8. Howdy, Mclovin. I stripped down all my weapons to check and oil them on Sunday, plus checking all of my other supplies. I always sleep with a loaded pistol at my bedside, now I’ll have to add a loaded rifle to that. braveheart

        • We have a lot in common Braveheart. I keep a loaded compact .40 pistol under my passenger seat (legal in my state), another compact .40 with a rail light next to the bed at night, and a pistol grip shotgun with another rail light unloaded but ready to grab in the bedroom closet with #4 buckshot rounds ready to load at a moments notice.

          • I am not telling, but it would be interesting.

          • well ,im about 140 miles south of ya so i dont think i got any worries ,but i still keep a 9mm under the passengers pillow ,a north american arms 22 mag. under a crumpled up pc’ of paper towel on the night stand ,and a 1944 M1 carbine under a flannel hanging on the head board

        • Nice. Can you put them back together.

          Does the 12 hurt your wittle shoulda?

          • What…? Get a life. This site is not “Asshole Anonymous”. I bet BH has many attributes you only find in your dreams.

      9. Today, I pulled nails from some very old lumber. It came from an old two room cabin that was built back around 1875 – 1880 from virgin heart Cypress, which I tore down about 18 years ago. I stacked the wood under a lean-to but did not remove the nails. Today I started removing the many old rusty square nails, some of the larger spikes were obviously hand made. The temperature outside is 96 degrees with a relative humidity of about 90%. I couldn’t help but think about the people that built and lived in that old cabin way back when… They didn’t have electricity, running water, indoor plumbing or natural gas. There were cracks in the walls and probably lots of mosquito’s!! No refrigeration… imagine that!! (And I’m outside guzzling ice water and running back inside every couple hours to cool off) At the time it was built, the place was a relative wilderness with no highways or railroads, only a natural flowing bayou that remained relatively navigable most of the year except during extreme drought conditions. There were only horse and wagon trails which were un passable during wet weather. The water table was pretty high then so they could rely on deep stump holes or hand dug wells for water and cisterns built from hand hewn lumber to catch rain. Most of the wall planks were 24” to 30” wide and a full one inch thick. The ceiling joists were 20’ 2 x 6’s a full 2” by 6” (not the shaved down versions of today) The 2 x 4’s likewise were full cut measurement and 9’ long!!. The roof lathing had three different generations of square roofing nails embedded which did not include the tin roof that was on it when I tore it down which was put on by my grandfather back around 1935. They probably had a garden and ate lots of fresh meat from the abundant wildlife (deer, rabbits, squirrels, possums, coons, doves, quail, blackbirds etc…) I couldn’t help but think about what life would be like if SHTF and we were suddenly left without electricity, gas and running water for many months to several years. I’ve had to live without electricity for two to three weeks several times over the last couple decades, and even though we still had gas and water, life was miserable. If SHTF and we are left without electricity, gas and water (think no indoor toilets, showers and A/C), most Americans will literally be fucked. I try to spend a lot of my time outside to become partially acclimated to the hot weather and living without A/C but the whole idea makes me really think about SHTF and what I have to do to be prepared. Even though we grow most of our own food, wife and I are pretty good at cooking on an open fire and have baked awesome bread in a dutch oven on an open fire in the backyard; I have lots of tools, guns, ammo and dry long term stored food, I’m fairly self sufficient and could probably do ok if SHTF, I shudder at the thought of being sent back to the 18th century over night to live like our ancestors. There is no way most of us can prepare to live in an 18th century world after living a lifetime being spoiled by A/C, hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing. I still have a lot of nails to pull and lots to think about how to cope if SRHTF (Shit Really Hits The Fan). I also put up another 14 more quarts of tomato/vegetable juice yesterday. We have another 60# in the den room to put up next week. Tomatoes are doing really well this year!! My wife laughed at me when I told her I couldn’t live without A/C, Netflix and the internet. LOL. When SHTF, prepare to live without electricity, water, gas and indoor plumbing. My ancestors did it, so can I. Just saying…

        • you know, that was a really beautifully written post. thanks for sharing! I know if SRHTF I would be sore challenged as well; adapting would suck, but a lot of us—we’d be OK:)

        • Great story friend! I enjoyed it very much. I bet you’re proud to be working on that land! But if the SHTF for me, I’m good for now, as I live WAY off of the grid and have solar power, haul my water from a well 5 miles away. (there’s another water source less than 1 mile away too).
          The nearest town and store is 28 miles away. My nearest neighbor is 4 miles away.

          I’m ready, with lots of stored food, ammo, and a great garden going on!
          There’s elk, deer, pronghorn antelope, javelina, wild burros, bear, and other critters close by, and I see them often.

          This is in the high country of northern Arizona.
          All I need now is a like-minded lady to move in, and I’m all set!!

          • Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico is God’s country. Can’t say how I know that but you are one lucky dude!!! I wish I could homestead there but I have what I have and must live with it. You are very lucky to be where you are.

            • Arizona has no water. Good luck with THAT one brainiac.
              Crab Neb YOU LIE

              • Last time I checked, the only place in Arizona that doesn’t have water is the Southwestern portion. Apparently, there is adequate water everywhere else, especially in Northern Arizona. Almost half their water comes from underground aquifers. The rest comes from surface water and the Colorado River. Also, what is a brainiac? Is that someone whose brain is bigger than their dick?

        • Well written and thought out. You remind me of me.

        • Every family had 10-14 kids? I am sure it made for entertainment. Making them and playing with them. Yes, I understand the real reasons for lots of children. They were loved and needed. No room for all the self centered crap of abortion and birth control in those days. Just survival and self control. It is coming full circle.

          Just wait…. No power and hell will brake loose.

        • I enjoyed this story immensely Crab, thank you for sharing! It is posts like this from our community that brings me back over and over again.

          For my part you can keep the heat down south, I’ve never done too well with it.

          God Bless,

        • really ejoyed that story ,i can relate being here in the deep south , one of my pole barns still has some heart cypress poles in it ,nothing like the smell of heart cypress when your cleaning a post with a draw knife

        • CN, nice reflection. I think about it quite often. I’ve just about ate everything that creepeth and crawleth, but I don’t know bout eatin possum. My grandfather told me years ago that he ate it when he was younger but I hope I don’t get that hungry. BTW, made a copy of your tomato juice recipe. Thanks!

          • Possum. It’s the other white meat. Good on the grill and tastes like chicken.

        • CN why would the commie f’ers give you a red thumb? Cause they’re commies.

      10. Just about a hour ago they had a pretty good shaker on the Mid Atlantic Ridge of 6.4. The lack of hardly any 5’s or bigger the past 3 days indicated this. This is thankful about 225 miles south of the point that would affect the New Madrid fault. It has to be about 14 degrees north to 20 degrees. This one was at 10.7 north. This one though seems to target New Zealand and what is south of NZ. Also a small line from Papua New Guinea to Santa Cruz Islands, Marianna Islands, and northern Japan to the Kuril Islands. That is it, no other areas. Always after this point on the Mid Atlantic Ridge gets hits with a quake about 5.5, a major quake or several hit within 15 days.

        As I can see it, when this area gets hit, it means that the African plate is directly pushing against the Australian plate and why all but one quake, the Kuril Islands/ N. Japan, gets hits. IF and WHEN you see a quake of this size or bigger hit between 14 to 20 degrees north on the Mid Atalntic Ridge, a serious alert goes up for the New Madrid. Just to be cautious, I would say this quake did influence the New Madrid a little and people there should have a bout a 25% chance of seeing something 4.5 or bigger within the next 6 weeks. I would say also that the chances of a large Caribbean quake went up some.

        • Thanks so much, BI.

          I really enjoy your posts. Please keep them coming!

          • Saw the quakes and came here to get your read BI….thanks again!!!

        • In 30 words or less, how far does the NM span from north to south? 🙂

      11. This whole ordeal we are having in this country is doing one thing well. New people that I meet come out and openly talk bad of the government and when engaged further they are very angry to the point of rebellion. Now these are your typical American Idol sheeple. The powder keg is on the verge of explosion in this country.

        • Hang the politicians, dismantle federal agencies, reign in the state and local bureaucrats with a refresher on the constitution,

          • Kula: Yes but remember we must have christian Love for our enemys. Thats why I think we need give a second chance to deranged avg liberal dems etc. And offer to send them to fema camps for RE educations, before killing them too!

            But for those in control at all levels just declare em all Kommie domestic traitor enemys…Then, Cowboy Justice.

            Traitors have abandon Their rights to trials etc. They are worse than an Invading foriegn force or army. All they still desreve is a public declaration that They are indeed enemys of the worst sort. Get Out! or get Taken Out! Their choice.

        • Ive noticed that a lot more people are openly hostile to this govicorp and their BS….Im watching and listening to see where in this republic folks are willing to stand and create a place for liberty and justice to make a stand….theres gotta be one outta 50?….Ill be relocating to that place as soon as the fight starts…even if its right where Im at…gotta be a place for liberty to live!

      12. Currency wars, trade wars, then world war. History may not repeat itself, but it sure rhymes…

        Keep prepping

        • Weather wars, GMO wars, germ warfare, and who really knows what else T.P.T.B. have.

          I think the next month is time to have your preps finalized. God bless all of you, God bless America, and long live the Republic.

      13. But really? What would you expect from Dr Doom? If you want a lollypop stuck up your butt, you better be someplace else. It’s not for the faint of heart! Stock up and pray.

      14. Thank you. I always enjoy reading about gloom and doom. I suspect as the market goes lower we will see more gloom from folks like Faber, Prechter, etc.

        The prediction of a 20% to 30% stock market correction is nothing spectacular after a four year bull market. Returns have been incredible since March 2009!

        I disagree that there has not been any wage growth. There has been wage growth. Not very much because unemployment remains high. In addition, the labor force participation rate keeps increasing. This is because of frustrated workers and also people leaving the workforce due to retirement. After all, I think it is our hope that when we retire we are no longer participating in the labor force!

        • No, there has been no wage growth. Companies are cutting back on employees and their hours. They don’t want to have to pay for Obamacare. The labor participation rate keeps DROPPING. It’s not going up. It keeps dropping because there aren’t any jobs. Especially for older people.

        • Barn Cat is right. Have a look at

          One interesting factoid that comes out of the St. Louis Fed site is that, while reported incomes are stagnant, the “Real Retail Sales” number keeps rising. What this telsl me is that more and more people are working off the books, and buying groceries with cash.

          • On msnbc market reports a week ago were 4-5 guys and at least 2-3 were in real estate. They said higher priced homes all over west coast are being bought on avg of 22 hrs after placed for sale. With Tons of bidders Up bidding asking prices. They said most buyers are from China. They buy and allow homes to remain vacant for yrs. Just buy as investments.

            Also about two weeks ago was anounced that US Auto sales are Highest rate in last 6 yrs. Expected to Top 15 million new car sales this year and at least 35,000 NEW auto factory jobs opened due to it. So things aint so bad for everybody everywheres.

            Same for outdoor entertainment activities. Camp-Fish-travel to many tourist sights etc is Booming.

            RV New And used sales are off the charts too and have been so for quite a few years now. If I recall it was like RV new and used sales so far This year are UP-68% and expected to continue.

            But if amnesty passes look out. Wages will drop lower fast, 100% of illeagles will also be eligable for Affirmative Action policy minorities Perks. If amnesty passes, they said look for at least Several Trillion dollars More in debt for us fed govnt begining on Day one of amnesty. And Most repubs are selling us out. Even alot of Tea Party “darlings”.

            I want to buy a small property out west areas, for a 5th wheel gypsy lifestyle. I need at least Two properties I can Own to park on with Own water well, and electric avail. Then I can live there till it gets too cold, then move to the second or even third place.

            However I will now wait to buy anywheres to see what develops with amnesty. I think out wst areas may be screwed soon. Hope I am wrong. But amnesty will add 30 Million as citizens who then will create Chain migration of another 50+ million more. Bad news. End of america as we knew it. Wish was younger I’d learn to speak Russian and Move to russia.

      15. I hope one of the einsteins is right cause so far my ass is down DEEP in the 5 figures on gold and silver. My future is gone if it does not come back.

        • I believe a lot here are thinking the same thing.

          That why until just recently still had it spread around in case we are wrong about gold until the new system starts.

        • Goldie: You will need to be able to hold for two to five years before you see a serious inflationary burst: all things remaining equal and if the creek don’t rise.

          Still, gold will spike when an Israeli First Strike is launched against Iran. That is not far away as Israel is running out of time.

          Sell your basis at the top, then buy it back as the price drops back. Lots of time to profit and prepare. Don’t get spooked by asinine commenters without the education, experience, and special expertise to justify their comments.

          Faber has it locked.

        • If I were you I’d hedge my bets a little by burying some gold at least a city block away from my property. Just in case there’s gold confiscation. I don’t expect outright confiscation. I expect them to buy our gold using a new gold backed currency. But just in case…

          • If you can’t protect it, you don’t own it.

      16. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.


      17. When I see riots, a lot of smoke and maybe a mushroom cloud or two, then there will be no more guessing. Until then, I gots lots of things to get done with what time I may have. A lot of work, some fun things, and family are on the list. How about you all?

        • I agree with you POP. Looks like we’ll get a bit more time. I have a lot of work to do. When it does finally light off we’ll know it. I’ve been loading mags and getting ready. Be ready not paranoid folks.
          AP out.

          • I Now get it with the Gold craze. Example= If somebody who bought Gold say a year or 6 mo ago at almost $1800 per oz, now has a sudden unexpected emergency and must sell some gold due to No other options exist, I can Now Buy it for $1277 per oz. And I can use the same worthless lower valued us dollars like They did when they bought it. Except I will Pay Far Less and still have many us dollars left to buy more or other items. Ok that makes perfect sense eh.

        • Got to get in gear with getting ready for next winter, I need to cut four chords of firewood, reroof the back porch, finish building a shed and get another batch of shitkins, that’s if I can find some more. The goats just had kids and I need to castrate two kid bucks, don’t know if I’ll keep them, I may hang onto them until the fall, just incase I need the meat, I’m keeping the does. Everything with the economy is a prediction but winter isn’t, it’s real.

      18. ZOG AmeriKa plans first-strike strategic nuclear war against Russia

        wtf ???

        the United States government is currently preparing to launch, wage and win an offensive, first-strike strategic nuclear war against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

        seriously if this happens it’s time to / for the American Freeman Patriot Militia to track down and arrest every single active and retired congress person and senator responsible for this “clusterfuck of a puppet president” and “hang them” .

        i’m being serious , it is them who enabled this to even happen , they could have stopped this … instead they sold out once free America to the NWO ZOG and became multi-millionaires off of insider trading and your sweat blood and children’s live sacrificed in global terror wars – which is All very illegal very unconstitutional .



        N.O. ;0p

          • Are you Alex jones? Incognito ?

            • Anonymous: Are you a fed? Incognito? Because Alex Jones has never in his life said anything of the kind. There has been a recent push to demonize Jones by the likes of Rachel Maddow and others. That means he’s on the right track.

              • Rachael Madcow

            • No Way! Alex Jones Always blames evil Nazis. He never names names of the True Khazer culprits like Nina-O does.

              • Alex Jones is a shill, and dead-end. He masks organized Jewish political activism with the “Elite” and the “Illuminati”. We have a globalist, money-grubbing, multicultural, authoritarian non-nation (much like bolshevik Russia) because of Jewish activism . The Illuminati is baloney.

                Jews like George Soros, Larry Silverstein, Carl Icahn, the Rothschilds, Rahm Immanuel, Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, Frank, Kissinger, Bob Iger, Greenspan, Bernanke, et al. are very real and hate white European people and Christianity with a passion.

        • Have a beer dude. Settle down…

      19. well second attempt:
        how have i angered the moderators at SHTF ?
        I have visited the site for years and have attempted to comment for two years now.
        why do my comments languish in moderation for several hours , most are posted immediately , according to the time stamp.
        I will move along i my comments are found to be “politically incorrect ” or “offensive ” by the moderators .
        delete this one , i wont be back. no big deal .

        • Thin skinned are we.

          • no , not so thin skinned .
            my bad , rough day , i shoulda just STFU .
            I should be used to it by now.

        • hammer, you need to enter an email address and your comments will post quicker. A made up email address works.

          Try [email protected]

        • Hammerhead,

          If you put your email address in the box with “Mail” beside it, it doesn’t have to wait for a moderator and should post immediately. If you haven’t tried that, it will probably work.

          • Or even a fake email address. Just don’t list one or you fall into moderation limbo.

        • Ha.mmerhead or anyone else with similar issues.
          Just add some fake email address on the submission and keep it the same.
          After a post or two the system will recognize you and you will get immediate posting.
          I have [email protected] and it only took a few posts to stop sitting waiting for moderation.
          They should state this in the commenting policy and could likely clear up a lot of confusion.

      20. Ah yes, the two talking heads make sure to portray gold as riskier than stocks or bonds.
        By all means “Street Smart” hosts, a tangible asset that can’t go bankrupt, won’t lie to you, and has been accepted as money for thousands of years, is riskier than the paper promises of a bankrupt country whose day to day wealth is conjured out of thin air by a serial liar named Ben Shalom Bernanke and his banker buddies.

        • And Maria Bartiromo says ” good time to buy stawks!”

        • Cancer fighting herbs!

          Beet root powder
          Burdok root
          Red clover blossoms

          Keep preppin’

      21. The comment above by Mclovin makes sense. In any case, try to not put yourself in areas of high emotional intensity.

        Actually, I expect that the jury will be a hung jury, so the performances will go on and on until the situation is forgotten. Best outcome would be a small jail time for some related error until the situation was forgotten.

      22. Australians Forced by Government Surveyors to Answer Questions About Sex Life

        ZOG Australian FedGov Sex Poll Taker : ‘knock knock’ front door of zog tax slave home opens … “Oh … ‘Good Day Mate’ , Do you have sex and with whom ???”

        Australian Tax Debt Slave Home Leaser : “My sex life? I banged your mother like a screen door in a hurricane, then bent your dad over the sofa.” ;0p pssszzt

        N.O. ;0p

      23. Mclovin, my heaviest artillery is a .40 pistol and a .30 M1 Carbine. I once considered purchasing a 12-gauge, but when I test-fired my neighbor’s Remington 870, my right shoulder was sore for days afterward; can’t handle that much recoil. Would a 20-gauge or .410 be useful for home defense? I’ll welcome any advice. braveheart

        • Brave, Get the 12 Ga, ammo everywhere, cheap. But remember it’s shot weight and powder that make the recoil, Just buy light loads. Also remember in a bad situation you won’t hear it go off and you won’t hurt till the next day; that means you won. They make all kinds of loads. Some are very rough on you, some are easy. The lighter loads are about what you would get from a smaller gun and you can always get the heavy ones if you need them. Use NO 4 shot If you want some range. the smaller stuff is fine for most uses. Why use a shotgun if you want rifle range? If you are not hunting Deer Buckshot is hype. Don’t believe me; get a half sheet of 1/2″ plywood and shoot it from 10 ft with no. 4, Then try a buckshot and a slug. (Just for yucks try 7 1/2 bird shot also.) Back up to 20 ft and do it again. You will learn more about shotguns with 6-8 rds this way than all the BS posted. Also try a few light target loads and a heavy mag load, Borrow the shotgun and the ammo

          • Braveheart, try a different technique…. push the the pump away from you with the one hand and pull the stock towards you with other hand (The stock should make relatively light contact with your shoulder.) This won’t work if you have weak wrists due to arthritis, etc. The “stretching” of the shotgun will give more than enough stability to make 75 yard torso hits with 3″ slugs. The advantage is that the recoil is absorbed more evenly across the arms and chest and won’t “twist” you around. Your follow up shots can be quicker because you won’t need to untwist to get back on target . No more bruised shoulder and you should be able to easily manage shooting 200+ full power mag loads in a day.

        • 20 guage is what I bought my wife. She is 5 foot tall and 90 pounds. Yes it is a great home defense weopen. Can be used for hunting too. I highly recommend it.

          • Also, get a squishy pad put on the butt of the stock.


          • I have a youth 20 gauge.
            Arm length is perfect.

        • Brave, not that you asked, but try a Remington 1100 semi auto, much less recoil. As to the topic at hand we just don’t know when the bottom will fall-out, and it really doesn’t matter. Most on this site and others I think are like me and feel national and global issues are coming to a head in a way that is unfamiliar to both the young and old on this site.

          Most generations have dealt with global issues of one sort or another, but I believe we all agree we’ve not seen this level of problem and corruption within our social structure ever, quite simply history tells us we are on the edge of a shit storm.

          Remain calm, be happy and prep for the future.

          • y99, I agree with you on the Remington 1100. I have been eliminating groundhogs out of my garden with 00 buckshot (I know that is a little overkill). Very little recoil with this gun, due I think to the excellent pad on the stock.

          • Remington sold Americans down the river with their $811 million deal w/the gov. I won’t ever buy anything Remington again.

        • Invest in a Knoxx recoil absorbing stock. Does wonders to soak up recoil. I got a bad shoulder and a bad back and I can shoot my 870 all day and only feel it in myy wallet afterwards.

        • Yes n No, the 20 n 410 would make good home defense, but may not lighten the recoil. A heaver semi-auto shotgun will lighten the recoil of any load or use lighter loads as Paranoid indicates. Lighter loads are still effective. Get good with a gun even if it is a 22, 40, or 30. Time to experiment is over.

          Have multiple paper weights and always revert to just a couple.

        • 12 gauge with low recoil 00 Buckshot is the way to go.

        • If you can’t fire a 12-gauge, get a 20-gauge. Use heavy birdshot as a minimum, or buckshot. Slug loads are available, they work just fine.

          • Not to mention that within the ranges involved in defending your home from an unwanted guest, even #8 target loads will do a good number on any intruder not wearing body armour and, as an added bonus, will most likely not have the penetrating power to go through walls in case of a miss.

        • You can get a 12, mossberg 590A1, put a decelerator buttpad, and drill the butt and put a mercury filled compensation device in it, will soften the wack considerably even with heavy buck and slug loads, the 590A1 has iron sights and a picatinny rail too so you can put a reflex sight on it, 3″ 00 buck is deadly, 12-15 9mm +/- pellets per shot, the spread makes up for stressful shooting conditions and if you work on your feeding skills with a stack of snap caps you can effectively supress any foe.

        • I learned how to shoot a 12 ga. at 12 yrs old. My little brother was 9. We guarded the fowl and chased away foxes and wolves with it. When it got serious, dad took them out with his preferred rifle. We tried to shoot rabbits and squirrels with .22s. Before that, we shot sparrows with BB guns.

          I was about 100 pounds at 12. my brother was about the same. If you’re using a 12 ga., you shouldn’t need too many shots to get your point across.

          One of the best ways to get someone’s attention, is to rack your 12…often times, that is all you need to do.

        • BH, I got both 12 gauge and 20 gauge with home defense set ups. I’d grab either one depending on which one was closer. Both are loaded with either slugs or buck shot (#3 for the 20ga.) There are low recoil rounds available in buckshot for the 12 gauge, but you might have to do some searching on the net for them. Take care ‘ol boy.

          • Just make REAL sure you don’t grab one of those 20 ga. shells, in a blur of adrenalin, and stuff it in the 12 ga. shotty, then top it off with a regular 12 ga round. The 20 ga. shell will, I believe, go into the barrel and allow the 12 ga. shell in behind it. A good combo for a real disaster for the shooter as the shotgun blows up in your face. Not something anyone would normally do, but in the heat of the moment, who knows. The hazards of keeping different size shotguns.

        • Load your 12 gauge down to a 20 gauge. That is, one ounce of shot (one ounce is all a slug weighs) at about 1,200 fps. Not much recoil. Or make yourself a shoulder pad for the 12.

          Besides, when you need it you won’t feel the recoil.

          Looking for the red thumb commies.

      24. Hammerhead, hang in there with us. You won’t find PC or any other communist crap on this site. we don’t stand for that. I don’t know the reason for moderation being so slow, but I stick with this site because of the characters we have here. We have some intelligent people here so there’s always something interesting here. braveheart

        • Why thank you for such a nice comment.

      25. @ braveheart. A nice 20 gauge would take out anyone with some nice size 2 buckshot. The ought sizes (O,OO,OOO) is very difficult to find because of the size of the barrel and the firing pattern. Some nice slugs would take out practically anything, going at about 1600-1700 feet per second and putting a bore hole size of a .50 caliber in someone, the .20 gauge slug, even the smooth rifle type is a STOPPER. Sabot slugs are even better, but the rifle barrel has to be fitted for this. The .410 is a little light for stopping, but can work. Even some really heavy goose type steel bird shot, size 4 or bigger is probably going to stop an criminal. Hope all is well with you.

      26. Israel “First” to get New Generation F35 Jetfighter: Paid for by American Taxpayers http://www.davidduke.com/?p=40011

        • Why am I not surprised that you hang out on a David Duke website.

      27. Howdy, BI, and thanks for the advice. Understand that 12-gauge is most popular but not everyone can handle that much recoil. I’ll look into the 20-gauge, and yes, i’m still hanging in there. braveheart

        • @braveheart You can always go with Mossberg 500 Persuader with pistol grip, 12 gauge. Just have to hang on tight. Just the look of the thing is pretty intimidating. Nothing better for close range defense in your home.

        • Braveheart

          I would never argue with my esteemed colleagues,
          but I for one believe you are well armed with
          what you already have.
          I’m a lifelong gunny of the most depraved sort
          and own all the guns you already have, including
          three .410s. No shotgun gauge has more “power” than
          another as they all put out their respective loads
          at about the same relative velocity.
          The only difference being is in the amount of the
          payload delivered to the target.
          My wife uses the .410 with the defense load that
          consists of three 000 buckshot balls, and all I’ve
          got to say is, woe be to the perp that ever tries
          to come through her door uninvited.
          Just my unbiased opinion, you’re not under gunned.

        • braveheart,

          For most remington 870 pattern or Mossberg shotguns out there the are ‘recoil-reducing’ stocks which work VERY well.

          A Rem 870 of mine fitted with one of those was recently fired by my 14 year-old 103 lb niece easily …she wanted to shoot through a WHOLE box of shells! BTW, that was 2-3/4 ’00’ buck so you can imagine how much easier it is for the rest of us. Mako makes the one I installed…it has an actal ‘itty-bitty’ shock absorber – just like on your car – in the stock which does the job. Might be the answer for those thinking they need such, which could be any of us when TSHTF.

          • Amen. The Knoxx collapsible recoil-absorbing stock I invested in for my 870 does wonders. One of my shoulders is only good for parts, my back is shot and I even cracked a few of my cervical vertebrae in a bad fall but after a long day of shotgun drills, the only part that hurts consistently from the shooting is my wallet.

            And we’re talking full 3″ loads here, not tactical/sport slugs or reduced recoil buckshot.

            Maybe your range buddies might laugh at you for having a “pussy stock” but you’re the one who won’t be flinching from the pain in your shoulder after a few hours of shooting. Hell, i even refer to the Knoxx as a “pussy stock” myself because I got the last laugh here.

            Oh, and its miles cheaper than a good semi like a Benelli M4 with the same kind of recoil absorption.

            • One of the slicker things I’ve seen lately (for shotguns) is made by “LaserLyte” which is a laser – with the usual center ‘dot’ but which also projects a pattern of 8 dots in a circle around that which mimics the spread of the shot-pattern when a shotgun is fired. I’ve seen the (YouTube) video’s for that and it is both very clear and VERY graphic in allowing the shooter to more accurately ‘gauge’ where the shot will actually hit…is a bit ‘pricey’ though.

        • Braveheart I have 20 guage and it works fine for me, I am small so had to have less recoil too. Good luck.

          • @ Former Cal Girl and Candian Vet

            In truth, there is NO shotgun you want to be facing down – not 12 ga, 20 ga OR 410; the damage is simply AWFUL. I’ve seen enough pictures (medical photography) of those to honestly say that you wouldn’t have much of a life aftewards – if you lived! – after having been hit by ANY of them. The ‘action’ of multiple ‘pellets’ moving at high velocity through Human tissue is unbeleiveably bad, similar to a ehat a “Cuisineart’ does to meat…and any healing afterwards is nearly impossible without MAJOR reconstructive surgery.

            Sooo, then, it’s only a matter of getting WHAT you CAN handle…if 12 ga is too stout get a 20; a 20 too much?, get a 410. There is of course, a decrease in the amount of ‘oomph’ that goes along with that but if you think about it, that more applies to the case where you are shooting at an ‘unarmored’ assailant…it WOULD come into play if you were shooting at someone wearing ‘body armour’…does that make sense? IF someone IS wearing body armour then you’d be dependent on the total FORCE invilved to do the damage since the pellets won’t penetrate into tissue. Also, of coure, there is – at each turn – a significantly lower number of pellets being fired by succesively smaller shells.

            While I’m here…this is at Candian Vet,: How did that Knoxx option work out…I mean, with respect to the ‘cheek-slap’ thing with that particular stock? I had went over several of the offerings ‘out there’ and was kinda swayed away from the knoxx option on that basis, via various forums where people reported that particular reponse when firing the weapon. Ergo, I’ve never shot one – yet. The MakoGroup option is a straight, linear compression device that does not cause the weapon to ‘jerk’ in your hands or ‘slap’ at your face when fired…just curious here, “The road not traveled and all…”

            • I never had any issues with cheek slap or hand shock in any way. Granted, I use an aggressive isosceles stance and I pull the stock hard into my shoulder and my hand and face remain immobile in relation to it. (btw I use the collapsible stock, I have no experience with the Knoxx fixed recoil-absorbing model) and my cheek and hand do not get battered. In fact, the stock’s action even sped up and smoothed out my cycling the gun.

              That thing is a godsend since I blew out my support shoulder, and even if I didn’t, it would still have done the wonders it did for the accuracy and speed of my follow-up shots. With Wilson Combat sights and full-power 3″ slugs, I can consistsntly pump 8 shots within the 1-down circle of an IDPA target at 20-25 yards, and that is even after some stress inoculation. (Note, my 870 started its life as a cheap 20″ pipe Express that I fitted with the Knoxx collapsible recoil absorbing stock, a 3-round mag tube extension, a slicker hi-viz follower, a Hogue forestock, a Mesa Tactical sidesaddle and sent it away to be Parkerized and fitted with Wilson Combat hi-visibility sights. Cheap shotty turned into a highly effective defensive gun for a fraction of the cost of a “purpose-designed” combat shotgun)

              I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t care much for the recoil of full-power 12 gauge rounds but still wants a 12-gauge without having to spend extra for a high-end semi that’ll soak up the recoil just the same but at many times the cost of a venerable 870 fitted with that stock. Hell, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to smooth out their shooting with any pump gun the damn thing will fit on

              • @ Canadian Vet,

                Many Thanks…in going along through things one chooses something particular and then sometimes never gets the ‘low down’ on the other options…I ALWAYS like to know ‘what works…and what DON’T, too”, appreciate the info, your desciption with the attendent conditions involved IS impressive.

                As far as the good Autoloaders, ‘No doubt’…WAY too pricy even for the limited versions which we CAN buy. As well, the only truly interesting ones are for military only, amongst which are the Benelli’s, of course, A Compadre of mine was US Army and was in the ‘hot zones’ carrying a Benelli with a a humongous ‘box’ mag strapped to it -a standard issue item – and he said that it was WAY more fearsome (at range, within 50 yards) than any automatic rifle of any sort at all. That’s the big disadvantage we on the ‘outside’ have in comparison ….maybe 10 rounds tops inside a tube with a lengthened barrel, then you have to stop to reload, With a Bennelli and a high-cap box ‘magazine’, not SO much!

                , I’ll just have to keep waiting for the shotgun fairy to bring me my dream-gun I suppose! Thanks again. Oh, incidentally, a guy who used to be here awhile back – JustOneGuy – turned me on to another idea, when you get a minute look up “MKA-1919” on the web…from what I’ve read they are both VERY dependable and well liked; high-cap mags (12 rounds) are appearing for those now. Anyhow, go look it up, I won’t here spoil the suprise as to WHAT they ‘are’…you’ll get a kick out of doing so, I think! I’ll be ordering one at the end of the month!


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          Blind Trust/Faith/Loyalty withOUT question! aint that dandy.

      29. Lmfao! How you going to power a electric fence? How are you going to build/afford construction? How are you going to feed dogs? John Hammond, IN-GEN and, Jurassic Park were a movie. I don’t think anyone here has millions of dollars for their own SHTF dinosaur theme park. Would be fun though the hell with dobermans when you have Velocorapters on the prowl!

        • I agree this advisor is an idiot. Buy an expensive electric fence, how the hell are you going to power it?

          The dogs, gotta have them. They’re a priceless addition to any survival situation.

      30. BULLSHIT….BULLSHIT….BULLSHIT….BULLSHIT…..if anybody has their finger on the economic crisis its this guy……BULLSHIT !!!!!!

      31. Howdy, JAS. I lived in Miami 1975-1982, so I know where you’re coming from. The one group I had the most trouble with was the Haitians. When they come here, they just get right onto the entitlement gravytrain; totally useless as people. They won’t go to work for any amount of money. They practice all that voodoo and animal sacrifice; they are really weird, mean, and cold-blooded people. There’s a lot of African-Americans i’ll take any day over Haitians. Also, it was a Haitian who killed my wife drunk behind the wheel of an old Cadillac. I don’t care if I’m red-thumbed on these comments. I stand by them based upon personal experience. I hope Zimmerman gets cleared, but if not, we’ll have riots that made the LA riots look like a picnic. braveheart

        • It doesn’t matter when you drop the hammer.

          The Zimmerman case is a high priority for the probability of riots. More than a bank collapse or nuclear war. Will it be as bad as the LA riots? Lots of people armed to the hilt in Florida.

        • I remember those Haitians. Throwing rock and anything at them to keep their boats from touching the beach until the coast guard came and haul them out and then deport.

          Sucked when they hit land. Always a load of shit
          Deerfield Pier. Keys were the worst.

        • Ive been to haiti….shit hole.

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            At least if usa whites ever act that way, its way more likly they will loot and burn down Other neighborhoods instead of their own eh. Hati what a jewel!

      32. The World is much smaller today, than say just 20 years ago. It is going to be very difficult to stay hidden and try some farming.

        Landsat 8 is now out and is producing some excellent satellite imagery. It has NIR and Thermal signals to 30 meters. Try lighting a campfire and stay hidden.

        If and when SHTF the best way to survive will most likely be in groups. The group-types where some are farming, some hunting, others cooking and cleaning, etc.

        And when the gangs come in to cause harm, the group simply mows them away.

        Power will be in numbers, small numbers and millions of those small numbers. Not in individuality. No person is an island….

      33. ‘ YOU ARE ISRAELS BITCH !’


      34. Saw Faber on CNBC this morning, and the news reader tried to get him to talk about the “Boom” part of his newsletter name. But it didn’t work. Faber just barely managed to recommend some bonds. Just barely. He clearly didn’t get the “happiness and light – and Tesla” memo from the producers there, thankfully.

      35. Bankers Caught On Tape, Joking About Bailout, And How They’d Never Pay It Back

      36. ‘ YOU ARE CHINA’S BITCH !’


      37. Off-topic alert:

        Tanner gun show this coming weekend in Denver, Colorado.

        Note that this is the last good show in Denver before the “hi-capacity” magazine ban takes effect. Any show after July 1 is an “enter at your own risk” show. No telling if there will be moles looking for “law breakers.”

        • There will be secessionists looking to take Northern Colorado out of Denver and the rest of the commie state.

      38. The price of gold CANNOT go to infinity. That’s impossible by the very nature of it.

        Remember they said the same thing about houses…

        I fail to see where the demand for gold was in like what was it, Chezchneia? Something like that…

        • Forgive my hideous spelling…

          • Chechnya.

            You’re right, the price of gold cannot go to a ridiculous number, say, $10,000 an ounce. If it does, the dollar will just be worthless paper (I know, I know, I mean even more worthless), and will be replaced by something else.

            1,000 Old Dollars equals 1 New Dollar, that kind of thing.

      39. Someone enlighten me. What good is a high voltage fence? We’re not talking about defending a base from a mindless zombie horde in a Nintendo game. Any human who graduated an elementary school knows that a metal crowbar or a wire thrown over such fence will kill it instantly. Not just that, the needed power is a hell to generate and maintain, tenfold so after SHTF.

        • North Korea uses it to detain their prisoners. Many, if not most, of these persons are born and raised in the prison; so, never got an education. Also, they are half-starved and have no resources such as crowbars.

          • In Okinawa, in some of our brigs, we painted a red line on the deck. No bars, no trouble. Just a Sgt. of the Guard with a Model 97 shotgun. “Sir, request permission to cross the red line, Sir.” Never heard of any prisoner breaching the red line.

            Semper Fi

        • Max, you are so right.
          Reminds me of the ‘grow garden NOW’ crowd.
          Yep, put that chicken wire fencing around it 6 feet high…LIKE THEY WILL STOP MAKING WIRE CUTTERS WTSHTF??? 🙁

          Some just don’t think before they speak.

        • It keeps the cows in, the cows let the dog know if anyone is about, the dog is jet black and you never see him coming, and your screams will let me know to get out of bed and unload in your specific direction.

          We buy good 12 volt powered electric fences energisers that will run enough fences for 100 acres for around 500 $aussie. Insulators can be made out of 1/2″ plastic pipe stapled to the posts

          They use bugger all power, hurt like hell if you get tangled up in them and look just like an ordinary fence to stupid urban humans.

          Do. Not bother with mains powered fences, they will kill you, your livestock and your kids.

      40. this message is for the nsa / dhs fusion center that has been actively blocking my web access disconnecting my isp’s to stop me from posting @shtfplan all night .

        pls notice i’m still posting ya’ traitorous zog fedgov fedfuks .

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        Long Live the Free Republic of the United States of AmeriCa

        NinaO ;0p

        • Your still an idiot. And so are your six cult followers.

          • @FB

            I think there are more than six. He vehemently attacks Jews and Masons but you will find them everywhere the money is. Positions of power. He is grinding a major axe for some reason or another.
            Is he stupid? I do not think so. Could you match him toe to toe on information dissemination? You have to admit you have benefited from at least some of the info he has posted.

            • Is he stupid? If he believes the lies he posts, he’s incredibly stupid.

              • Smokey

                Don’t see too much rebuttal to his articles or is that just apathy on our part. Misconceptions but I do not think they are outright lies.

                • Perhaps a good idea is to actually Watch a few David Duke videos and READ a few such articles before makeing statments like smokys. Duke was elected Twice to state reps in GA house of reps, Earned his Histroy PHD. And has spent a lifetime, his, researching and learning of all these Facts and Truths he promotes for Others benifit.

                  Seems to me some folks Fear facts and truth that may cause them to Re think what they Thought they knew as right or correct info.

                  OR just go on and Keep believing Lies from all MSM’s who always trash folks like, Dr. David Duke PHD.

                  Funny No MSM’s ever invites Him on their tv shows to discuss His side of it all eh. I guess they too Fear factual evidenciary Truth.

                  Imagiane those type people being on a Jury if You are ever charged with trumped up charges! You don’t stand a chance. Because they always subscribe to “My mind is Made up! so do Not confuse me with ANY Facts!”

      41. @ Nina, I’m not trying to be rude but, why do people give your posts thumbs down. I haven’t read too many of your posts but I haven’t really seen you
        post anything rude or vulgar. Just wondering.

        • it’s cause i’m on the feds dhs watch red list

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          that’s why ;0)

          they don’t like it when folks expose the truth of their global crimes , who they really are and what they really are doing to once free america , once free palestine , syria , iraq , afghanistan , libya and the entire world .

          eventually they’ll grow weary and try to midnight black bag me .

          till then i’m just gonna ‘Charlie Mike It’ continue my mission .

          N.O. ;0p

      42. Just do the best you can with what you have to work with. Growing up we never had electricity until 1962. Even today we dont have air conditionng. We really like the refrigerator ,freezer , electric stove, water pump etc. I have a couple of those solar powered electric fence chargers. They work great for cattle & horses. they might stop some folks. However most with half a brain could easily short them out. I could short out any electric fence. simply throw a grounded log chain on it. There was a vandal that Killed all the power on the high voltage transmission lines. he took a chain saw and partilly cut several tall trees. when the wind blew them down they took down the wires.The fact is most will die. you really cant trust another person. That group many tout will soon be bickering and fighting over anyting & everything. Relatives are the worst. When the parents die the siblings 99% of the time fight. Many times they steal and fight before the folks die. Most crime the victim knows the perp. Remember DTA dont trust anyone. If SHTF My relatives will not be welcome. My neighbors will become dangerious as soon as they are hungry. I know I couldnt defend my home. I dont wish to kill someone over stuff any road. So ill simply take what my pack animals can carry and leave. (We do have several places to go where not even the relatives could find us. We will Probably burn Our buildings when We go. Just as well because if we dont someome else will.Its not gonna be any fun. It will be a miserable existance. cold wet & hungry in the winter. mentally demoralizng.If caught and sent to a FEMA camp you will be a slave or if your lucky they will kill you.

      43. Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria



        *** A 600 MAN SPETSNAZ SPECIAL FORCES Russian military unit has arrived in Syria, according to Russian news reports, a development that a United Nations Security Council source told ABC News was “a bomb” certain to have serious repercussions. ***

        Russia, one of President Bashar al-Assad’s strongest allies despite international condemnation of the government’s violent crackdown on the country’s uprising, has repeatedly blocked the United Nations Security Council’s attempts to halt the violence, accusing the U.S. and its allies of trying to start another war.

        Now the Russian Black Sea fleet’s Iman tanker has arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea with an anti-terror squad from the Russian Marines aboard according to the Interfax news agency. The Assad government has insisted it is fighting a terrorist insurgency. The Russian news reports did not elaborate on the Russian troops’ mission in Syria or if they are expected to leave the port.

        The presence of Russian troops in Syria could be a “pretty obvious” show of support to the regime, according to Russian security expert Mark Galeotti.



        NinaO ;0p

      44. some very interesting survey results

        Half of America: I’d kill to protect my own


        only about 1 in 4 people said they could survive for even two months

        ““The survey also shows that while Americans may fear a major catastrophe, about half said they could personally last only a couple of weeks without electricity, gas, or other basic conveniences of modern life in the wake of such a tragedy. Just 26 percent said they could survive longer than two months,” he said.”

      45. The governments response to economic collapse will be…


        Never let a good crisis go to waste.

      46. How many nuclear explosions will be detonated in a nuclear war? How many nuclear bombs have been exploded around the world to date? How many will it take before the world becomes a nuclear wasteland? Check out the time lapse video here for some scary perspective:


      47. Want to see some doom? Back in 1987 under Ronald Reagan was adopted a treaty to stop Intermediate range nuclear missiles. This one treaty was a golden reason why the famous Doomsday Clock was moved by from 3 minutes to midnight to 7 minutes to midnight. The Doomsday Clock is now set at 5 minutes to midnight. Now Russia is violating that treaty, along with of course the U.S. violating all sorts of agreements not to box in Russia.


      48. Just read this morning that some fine folks from my state of Oregon destroyed a large amount of GM crops in Eastern Oregon. Way to go!


        Mexican Drug cartels / Cali-Mex-Amer Gangs are operating in Oregon statewide: Gang Violence in the Northwest Increasing

        * note they’ve moved into washington idaho utah and montana as well bringing their illegal drug and gang connections with them , as Red Commie Kalifornia Natives and cali ex-cons flee to California’s neighbor states to escape red commie kalifornia’s extreme police state and very high taxes they are bringing their kalifornia crimes with them .

        I’ve personally witnessed and dealt with this problem in montana – cali based mex-amer drug gangs are very active in transporting from kalifornia to montana , distributing selling using pot meth coke lsd in montana . they also kidnap , are involved in human sex / labor sweat shop slave transportation trade and strong arm robbery , breaking & entering etc etc .

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare

        N.O. ;0p


      50. My apologies for the double post – I also posted this in “2014: We have the Target Date”.

        I have a question and I know all of you wonderful folks will be able to give me the answer. I woke up real late – just two years ago – because of an illness. Actually, my son has been ill too – Brain tumor – It’s pretty scary trying to prepare when you’re so sick you can’t see straight. BUT, we sold our place and we’re moving – which is real scary now, because the “schite” is so close to hitting the fan – at lease we’re movin’ forward. So, my question – I need to buy a CB radio for the trip. I’m not lazy – just overwhelmed and scared I’m running out of time.

        Can someone tell me what kind to buy? We have Farm and Fleet here and they carry Cobra at different price levels ranging from $50 – $140. Which system is good?

        Thank you in advance.

          • A CB radio is a good idea, right? We’ll be traveling across country and if a false flag or something goes down and they set up a check point, I thought a CB radio would be a good way to get the word.

            Now I don’t know.


            • Anything is better than nothing. However, a CB radio uses AM modulation this makes them very noisy and range limited as most of the power output goes to the carrier. Generally, 5-watts is legal and a rule of thumb is 1-watt per mile. So you have + or – 5 mile ranges with a CB. SSB has better range because less power is wasted on the unused sideband portion keeping just one sideband. The positive thing is they are common with truckers and no license is needed.

              However, I would look into Ham radio, you will need a tech license to operate 2m/70cm VHF/UHF. These use FM instead of AM have longer range and with repeaters can go hundreds of miles of coverage. You also have more frequencies to play with instead of 40 channels.

              Instead of getting traffic from a 20-mile or so CB range you can find out what is going on interstate and countrywide with Ham radio. In the long-term this is the best way to go. Google BaoFeng UV5R which is a $50 5watt FM dual band walkie-talkie.

              I would get one of those on the cheap, program it to be used both as a transceiver and a scanner on Public Safety channels. These are cheap enough to be placed in a bug out bag without the need of paying +100’s for a higher end HT (hand transceiver) model.

              I highly suggest all preppers update their communication capabilities NOW. Look into Ham radio, the test including all correct answers can be found online. NO MORSE code learning all that was dropped years ago.

              Do not count on cheap Wal-Mart GMRS radios or noisy CB radios as a primary comm device. (Still have a CB radio for backup though)

              My Baofeng model has a throat mic combo PTT finger switch for hands free. Everything was less than $200 including multiple antennas chargers, batteries and headset devices.

          • A CB radio is a good idea, right? We’ll be traveling across country and if a false flag or something goes down and they set up a check point, I thought a CB radio would be a good way to get the word.

            Now I don’t know.


        • I use to run cobra cb’s. Because all I used it for was monitoring the log truck traffic at a place where I use to hunt (that’s now gated off to the public) I didn’t need anything high end. The lower price point worked just fine. I now have a handheld cb with a magnetic base antenna that I can attach to it. It’s buried some place in the man cave. I haven’t used it for years and I don’t recall the brand but I remember like being able to move from one rig to another.

          • Clatsop County?

      51. {{{Buy a farm you can tend to yourself way out in the boondocks. And protect it with high voltage fences, barbed wire, booby traps, military weapons and Dobermans}}}

        Marc Faber DOES NOT live in my world.
        Nuff said.†

        • JayJay,

          You are right on target!!!

      52. These hosts are idiots, trying to make Faber look stupid by predicting a higher price of gold by year’s end, but noting that he would buy more gold at 1,200, more at 1,100, etc. The guy laughingly said at the end Faber predicted dollar cost averaging down. Faber wasn’t saying gold WILL go down, only that if it did he would buy more.

        It never ceases to amaze me how stupid these pundits are who interview people like Faber and Schiff who make them look like fools.

      53. WTF is wrong with ISRAELI JEWS ???

        this is not normal military infantry behavior on sentry / guard duty THIS IS HOMICIDAL GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE of a defenseless child

        An zog israehell IDF jew soldier in the Occupied Palestinian Territories places the cross-hairs of his rifle on the head of a Palestinian child showcasing the thrill of killing a Palestinian Child on his Instagram account reflecting a political and military culture that condones the killing of innocent Palestinian Children.

        N.O. ;0p

      54. “Gentiles” the Jewish Encyclopedia sums up the Pharisee Talmudist attitude:

        “The Pharisees held that only Israelites Jews are men .

        Gentiles Goyims classed not as men but as barbarians.“


        ‘welcome to the zog jew.s.a.’


        zog = zionist occupied government (of ameriKa)

      55. But one does not need to go to the Talmud to find such evil racist genocidal teachings, for here are some examples from Israel today.

        “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.” …If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God”.

        —Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh quoting the founder of the Chabad movement Shneur Zalman of Liadi – Jewish Week – April 26, 1996

        “Rabbi calls for annihilation of Arabs”;BBC, April 10, 2001

        “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable….The Lord shall return the Arabs’ deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world”.

        “Israeli minister vows Palestinian ‘HOLOCAUST”, UK Telegraph, Feb. 29, 2008

        “A senior Israeli politician provoked controversy today when he warned that Palestinians firing rockets from Gaza would be punished with a “bigger holocaust” from Israeli armed forces.

        Israel’s Orthodox Rabbis: “Palestinians to the Ovens!

        –Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, January 15, 2011 (Nazi slogan: “Jews to the Ovens”)

        “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail”.

        –Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [N.Y. Times,

        ‘Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring’”; Ynet, Jan. 12, 2011

        “According to Rabbi Dov Lior, (senior authority on Jewish Law), a baby born through such an insemination (from Gentile sperm) will have the “negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews.”

        “IDF apologizes for book claiming non-Jews do not have equal rights in Israel”; (Haaretz, June 6, 2013)

        “IDF rabbinate book deals with questions of keeping Jewish law in the army, discusses regulations for affixing mezuzahs on IDF bases; book says concept of equal rights ‘goes against the opinion of the Torah”’

        “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly NO ONE has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial”
        —Ariel Sharon; BBC, March 25, 2001


        ‘welcome to the zog jew.s.a.’


        zog = zionist occupied government (of ameriKa)

      56. theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/not-prepared-17-signs-that-most-americans-will-be-wiped-out-by-the-coming-economic-collapse

        Not Prepared: 17 Signs That Most Americans Will Be Wiped Out By The Coming Economic Collapse

      57. The way I see it if its gonna collapse it better be soon coz im tired of all this BS about ooh the economy is doing great and ooh were totally safe coz were not so yeah there you have it.


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