Dr. Anthony Fauci Disappears As The Country Moves To Reopen

by | May 22, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 12 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the tyrant who stood to make a lot of money off keeping the public in a panicked state of fear over the coronavirus, has conspicuously stopped doing TV interviews.  For several weeks, you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing his face and hearing him tell you to be fearful.

    Prior to his recent absence from the airwaves, Fauci was regularly appearing on national news programs to update the American people on the country’s fight against the coronavirus. While Fauci has been on “modified quarantine” after possible exposure to the virus, he has still been present at the White House and testified remotely before the Senate last week, according to CNN.

    Fauci’s absence was particularly noteworthy this week, given the positive early results regarding a vaccine developed by the biotech company Moderna in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, which Fauci’s NIAID falls under.

    Despite the NIH’s role in helping to develop the vaccine, Fauci did not appear for interviews to discuss the promising results.CNN

    Have you connected the dots yet? Fauci will profit heavily off of anyone who gets the vaccine.

    Click here for all of the “medical” patents Fauci has his name on. 

    CNN doesn’t spell it out for you, but they don’t really have to as far too many are waking up to what’s going on.  Fauci is a criminal.  He committed economic terrorism on an entire country so he could profit off a rushed and incredibly unsafe vaccine. It’s all coming out now.  If you dislike the reality of this tyranny, it’s going to be a rough summer for your mental state.

    Because CNN refused to connect the dots, we’ve done it for them.

    “Bill and Melinda Gates have funded Dr. Fauci, and he’s in hiding,” said Jeff Berwick.

    The Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has named Dr. Richard D. Klausner as executive director of the foundation’s global health program. Dr. Klausner is the former director of the National Cancer Institute, where he led the nation’s cancer program.

    As director of NCI, Klausner led one of the world’s largest research and health agencies, creating programs aimed at applying science and technology to improve global public health problems and, with Dr. Anthony Fauci, overseeing the creation and development of the Vaccine Research Center. Philanthropy News Digest, May 15, 2002

    Go to 14:43 in the video below to hear about Dr. Fauci’s disappearance:

    The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace

    Freedom and peace are coming, and there’s nothing politicians or the mainstream media can do about it.  They will keep trying to lower people into a state of fear and panic. They will keep censoring those who speak up.  They will keep trying to convince us that we belong enslaved to the ruling class and the elitists.  But we know better and we can now see.



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      1. Marking people and hunting for refuseniks is ***not the nation re-opening; becoming a gmo is more onerous.

        Also, I find it disappointing that fake Christians and the fake church will be partially responsible.

        No offense is intended toward present company, if you’re not like that.

      2. PROJECT WARPED from GATES OF HELL Moderna, and WHO.

        SENILE Dr. Fauci (who forgot that he said that Covid-19 would be similar to a typical flu in New England Journal of Medicine that he forgot that he wrote and also forgot that he wrote another study saying that chloroquine is a highly effective treatment for coronavirus, and his French counterpart said that chloroquine ment “game over for coronavirus.”) is touting Moderna m-RNA vaccine which has already demonstrated to pose serious health threats to 20% of test patients in the extremely brief period that the patients have been injected with it. Moderna has had a terrible history with terrible results!

        These people are literally MODERNA VERSIONS OF NAZI EUGENISTS using barbaric, sadistic, junk science on people that they OBVIOUSLY view as sub-human. Their fatalities are of absolutely no consequence to them. None at all. We need new trials similar to the Nuremberg Trials. This is on a much grander scale, and it is even more sadistic, subjecting anyone to anything that they can conceive of for the insane idea of research for research and monies sake, performed by sadists who unquestionably are so perverse that they literally enjoy watching their victims suffer. It is probably the only thing that gives them pleasure. I have been one of the medical mafia’s victims for years, and so were my parents. It is not just limited to vaccines. The entire industry is totally corrupt. I was a patient and a health care worker. It is not possible to remain in health care unless you are willing to turn a blind eye to patients being neglected, mistreated, abused, and misdiagnosed. Standing up for patients rights leads to unethical tactics to get people to quit and all types of intimidation techniques.


      3. Don’t miss him.

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        There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. 1 John 4:18

        Craig T. Furlong, May 22, 2020
        Special thanks to scientific researchers: Judy Mikovits, Paul Cottrell, George Webb, Clif High
        Please pass this on to others. Thanks.

      5. I have a question for all of you out there in TV land. All we hear about on the news is that people are testing positive for the Covid-19 virus. And many die. What we don’t hear is that this is also the regular flu season. Every year about 100,000 people die in the US from the regular flu. Where are those dead at? What are those numbers? Are they counting the regular flu dead among the Covid-19 dead? When this is over, we’re going to find out that we’re all been had by the biggest scandal, ever.

      6. I have a question for all of you out there in TV land. All we hear about on the news is that people are testing positive for the Covid-19 virus. And many die. What we don’t hear is that this is also the regular flu season. Every year about 100,000 people die in the US from the regular flu. Where are those dead at? What are those numbers? Are they counting the regular flu dead among the Covid-19 dead? When this is over, we’re going to find out that we’ve all been had by the biggest scandal, ever.

      7. Trump is willing to start a war against Iran and Venezula, in a policy of insanity to save the banks that are over extended with bad loans to U.S. fracking companies, and to save the environmental destructionist frackers. Trump is trying to start wars with new countries everday. China one day, Venezuela and Iran the next, oh, not to mention his give away of something that he doesn’t even own to the Zionist regime, the West Bank and the Negev! Trump is a disgusting slobbering beastly monster! It is totally grotesque to witness such glutonous predation in a cannibalistic savage feast consuming the innocent to save the guilty! 

        If anyone can be held responsible for oil prices hurting frackers and banks holding their loans, it is Saudi Arabia! 

        Chump 2020!


      8. Despite the attempts of the Corona troopers to institute contact tracing, forced vaccinations and other human destroying forms of despoticism, people who value individual freedom and personal responsibility have numerous oppotunities to undermine their efforts. Not only busineses got crushed, but parts of the socialist beast got impacted too.
        One example involves the government youth indoctrination centers called public schools. This could give parents opportunities to homeschool their kids or find alternatives. Some parents might start questioning the ridiculous costs and overhead of these kid prisons. Same with the college industrial complex. Online courses can save tons of cash. Eventually, a lot of governments will go bankrupt and will become too broke to hire contact tracers as fiat currencies collapse. We have opportunities to take advantage of any weaknesses in the armor of the gang of thieves and criminals called government.

      9. Fauci & Bill Gates need to be arrested and tried for TREASON at the highest levels. Remember “Enemies Foreign and Domestic”.

      10. Abolish the stock market and starve the beasts in order to restore America and restore peace. 

        The stock market bail outs gains have mostly gone to China and Jews and the Chinese government anyways. China and Jewish multi billionaires and hedge fund managers got most of the bail out money, since that is where the corporations are in reality.

        Trump is a Chi-Com Zi-com traitor! 

        Another conspiracy proves to be true on the US census, asking for races and origins of everyone, except Jews, who claim, as well as Trump admin. that Judaism is a race and a relogion, so why when it asks White, white Asian, white Latino, does it not ask white Jew? Because they are worried that people will start adding it up. It cannot be for reasons of religious or ethnic discrimination, since it has long been official U.S. and Zionist policy to discriminate against Muslims, and people are asked which countries they are from. It is a special protection for Jews alone that is just another sign of Jewish supremacy policy. What are they so afraid of? Why do they deserve special secrecy that nobody else is entiltled to? Are they worried that people might start investigating them for Kosha Nostra involvement? Why are they supposed to be expempt from organized crime investigations, that Netenyahu and the Mossad even sent a cable to the State Department to warn of stock market manipulation, illegal gambling, prostitutioon, black market organ sales, human trafficking, illegal slavery, sex trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, cyber- crimes, and acts of terrorism? 

        It seems to me that that is suspicious as hell! Were the Japanese in concentration camps in America? Yes. Were the Jews in concentration camps in America? No. Were blacks discriminated against in America ? Yes. Were Jews discriminated in America? It is impossible to claim that since they are controlling the media, the financial sector, the tech sector, and foreign policy. They are not being discriminated against. They are discriminating against everyone else. If they were discriminated against, they would be unemployed, broke, with a high prison population, and low percentage higher education acceptances and degrees. Bernie Madoff was the token Jew of the U.S. prison system.

        I have a lot to be mad as hell about presently, as do most Americans! So if you don’t like it, move to China and get the hell away from us so that we can get on with our lives!

        • LET’S CHAT…………

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