Domino Effect: Brexit Will Trigger More Referendums and “The EU Will Crumble to Pieces”

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 82 comments

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    The decision by British voters to exit the European Union will devastating and lasting effects on the European Union.

    The rising tide of nationalism in the UK will trigger other member states to demand their own referendums, and many observers believe it will be enough to break apart the EU altogether within just a few short years.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    A group of European MEPs warned that last night’s astonishing Brexit vote will cause the EU to ‘crumble to pieces’ within the next five years.

    Their statement came as Britain voted to leave the EU, contrary to all projections by pollsters, to the bewilderment of the Eurocrats in Brussels.

    ‘This is the beginning of the end for the EU,’ Peter Lundgren, an MEP from the far-Right Sweden Democrat party, told MailOnline. ‘So many other countries will follow the UK. Europe will fall.’

    The Eurosceptic MEPs from Sweden, Germany, Italy and France said a number of governments will now be under intense pressure to hold referendums of their own, and try to renegotiate their own individual deals.

    This, they said, will lead to a ‘domino effect’ in the wake of Britain’s trailblazing and unprecedented decision to leave the EU.

    ‘It’s just a matter of time,’ Lundgren said. ‘Britain has set a precedent. Other member states will follow and the whole thing will fall apart. It will happen very soon.’

    And they can hardly be to blame. The European Union has been disastrously totalitarian and economically unstable.

    ‘Our support is growing all over Europe,’ Lundgren said. ‘The EU cannot survive. It is too undemocratic, corruption is too high, the Eurocrats’ ambition is too much, there is too much money in the gravy train.

    ‘It makes ordinary people raving mad. People are gradually realising what’s going on. Britain has now started the process, and Europe will be fully dismantled by another country.’

    Economics has weighed heavily on the “Euroskeptic” trend.

    Though a huge portion of the EU population were against it, and many member states tried to resist it, the European Central Bank forced the bloc into several rounds of heavy-handed ‘rescues’ for Greece – at the expense of sovereignty and European wallets everywhere.

    Despite the solution to the crises, the larger economic problems have continued to spread to other EU countries, and power has sharply concentrated in the hands of unelected EU bureaucrats and central bankers.

    But it has been the migrant crisis and the waves of terrorists attacks, rapes and other unsettling events – which the EU seemed to welcome, or at least be unable to curb, which has driven the anti-EU mentality into a crystalized movement to exit and regroup under more sovereign conditions where borders and native populations can be protected, rather than sacrificed.

    As the Daily Mail reports, calls for referendums to exit the EU are already swelling in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany and other member states – and the migrant crisis created a vacuum that this momentum is quickly filling:

    Italy, Holland, Austria and other countries also have significant Eurosceptic followings, forming a wave of cynicism towards the EU and its cosseted elites.

    Jeppe Koford, a mainstream Danish politician … said: ‘It’s not the UK referendum that could make Europe fall apart. It’s the lack of solutions to problems, whether its low wages, high unemployment or the terrorist threat,’ he said.

    ‘These are the main drivers of disintegration, if we’re not strong enough.’

    […][…] Marco Zanni, an Italian MEP from the Five Star movement … told MailOnline that the EU is facing ‘three crises at once’: the economic crisis, which has seen a bailout of Greece and deleterious growth across southern European countries; the migration crisis, which has caused the de facto suspension of the Schengen arrangement; and the security crisis, in which major attacks in Brussels and Paris have claimed hundreds of lives.


    ‘Italians are already agitating for a referendum. Last year, two hundred thousand Italians signed a petition demanding a referendum on our membership of the Euro, but it wasn’t granted.

    ‘There will be too much tension to hold the EU together. ‘It will collapse within the next 10 years.’

    It is for very similar reasons that Donald Trump appears poised to sweep into the Oval Office – on a wave of populist indignation at the scope of globalist tyranny that has put American and European interests, respectively, in the backseat.

    What do you think will happen in the long term?

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    European Official Warns: “The Whole System Will Completely Break Down…

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      1. Jonny V

        This whole episode with the vote of the Brits has a certain ring to it…sounds a bit like some good old fucking freedom and self determination. Hopefully it will catch on here too!

        Don’t forget to join the NRA! 1-877-672-2000. Piss on Hillary.

        • durangokidd

          BREXIT is not the end of the EU. It is the beginning. 🙁

          • Orion

            “Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.”

            ~Julius III (1487-1555)

            • buttcrackofdoom

              well, at least they aren’t as corrupt as the U.S.

              • Cara

                Brexit was put in by the powers that be. Maybe most people wanted it or maybe not. The vote was computerized. That is how they could count it so fast. And they control the computers. So the outcome is whatever THEY want it to be.

                Right now the media portrays the vote as older vs younger, city vs rural, native Brittons vs newcomers. So far it sounds like the classic “divide and conquer” strategy.

                PM Cameron said if Brexit was approved he would start it THE NEXT DAY. But instead he said no and resigned. So a whole new government will need to be voted in. That takes months. In the mean time there is division and worry and confusion. It is far easier to manipulate a divided and confused society than a cohesive one. THAT is why the EU/UN are moving all the muslims into christian nations: confusion, division. It gives them all kinds of reasons why things seem to go wrong.

                By the way, in case you have not caught on yet, Trump is a Satanist ( multiple photos of him throwing the 3 finger 666 and the devil horns) and an elite. He is “they” and his running for president is all a distractive show. Why? That would mean we only have one candidate running. Or do we? Or is she a distraction too? What is going on that we are being distracted from? Maybe it has to do with the boots on the ground in Syria and their mission. Or the invasion of Europe followed by the next wave, the muslim wave in US illegals. Or the quietly passed laws that allow for the end of the Bill of rights …

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Yes today Briton Shed itself from the Parasites on its back,crippling it into the ibis. The NWO scam has unraveled. All NATO is, is a Bully destroying nations. America is not looked at anymore as a beacon of freedom. But more like a meth crazed Gang of roving thugs looking to slap any country that gets out of line or disagrees with Israel and their master/ slave program. America too needs to shed our parasites as well like an 800 Lb Gorilla.

          I believe Trump will change things in America for the better soon too. Come on November!!. Lets Getter done!!


        • Anonymous

          Jonny V – in life one measures up the risks/advantages of a proposed course of action. Then, right or wrong, an adult makes an informed decision.

          There are already idiot children who, somehow, managed to vote, crying “we didn’t mean to vote out and want to stay in!” The parliamentary website which deals with public petitions has already secured over 100,000 (electronic) signatures calling for a second referendum!. With 100,000 signatures in the bag parliament must, by law, listen to these sad losers and hold a debate!

          However, if the boot had been on the other foot, the exiters would have been thrown to the wolves and told “tough! This is democracy old son!”

          This referendum result for out is not a done deal!

          • sixpack

            They also found more than 77,000 of those signatures were fraudulent, and counting…apparently, people in the EU, US and even north korea claimed they were brits and voted illegally. That petition may be largely shit-canned as fraud.

        • Stan522

          Those leftist’s clinging onto the socialist republic of Europe will realize they finally have run out of other peoples money. The weight of Greece, Portugal, Italy and France with their 3 month vacations and 30 hour work weeks to crumble that atrocity called the European Union……..

        • Ryback

          We got rid of the trouble makers 240 years ago. Maybe the British learned a thing or two.

      2. rellik

        The united “states” of Europe was never going to work.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          hasn’t greece proved that over and over……and over and over again? what’s taking those simps so long to realize that?

        • Infidel

          Russia acted for their own benefit, but they did Ukraine a favor by keeping them out of the EU. Nobody wants to be part of an EU that includes Turkey. Nobody wants the muslime invaders that were invited by, and then dispersed all over Europe, by Germany. The EU will not last five years.
          Europe will not fail, just the EU.

      3. talon1776

        See the arrogant response from the EU council president after the brexit vote….what an arrogant tyrannical asshole…see it on “Gentleman’s On” YouTube channel

      4. samantha

        Don’t worry everyone.. economy will not take a dump… just people taking country back.

      5. TEST

        Is it too extreme to think of this as the Magna Carta II?

        Probably. But still, a good runner up.

        Now, if Americans can just get rid of the Hilary, the Goldman Sachs candidate, we’ll be talkin’

      6. flabbergasted

        Congratulations, Britain! How does it feel to declare your independence from a totalitarian,freedom stifling,over-taxing,arrogant, non-elected,monarchy type government? Sound historically familiar? Seriously, I am very happy for you! FREEDOM!

      7. Frank Thoughts

        The EU was a great idea but once they thought they should be about facilitating the movement of millions of Muslims and Africans onto welfare and into ghettos was the day it sowed the seeds of its demise. It should have been about European people and European culture first, second and always.

        A new, all-white European union should arise with the betterment of European people its only goal. Maybe a single leader is needed, a man, with charisma and balls who knows how to organize things.

        • talon1776

          The EU …the master plan of the Nazi’s formerly arranged after WW2 by the Bilderberg group…but I get it…Your a globalist. Why should you have any problem with illegal aliens infiltrating any body’s country…let us know when you take a few into your home.,maybe you too will have your own reality series…good idea my ass!

          Live Free or Die….sun is setting…get your prayer rug out Frank

          • Anonymous

            Talon – ignore the sad old fantasist. He reckons he’s been fondled (oops, sorry) frisked countless times by burka clad border guards. Then, at the height of the cold war he, as a western citizen, travelled freely in the USSR. He’s also been privy to top secret info when working for a clandestine government organisation!

            And no, I’m not making this up – his facile fantasies are here, in the public domain. I believe he may have senile dementia!

            • Braveheart1776

              Anonymous, I know he’s gotta be bullshitting about “travelling freely” in the old Soviet Union. Back in those days, there were only certain areas in the USSR that foreigners were allowed into and approval to travel to those areas was not easy to get. 75% of the entire country was off limits to foreigners during the Cold War.

        • B from CA


          …how stupid do you think we are???

          Reemerge. The international hyenas always looking for a way to Wiesel their way into a position of dominance over the kinder and gentler goyim.

          Check out the video on YouTube about General Eisenhower murdering Germans after the war.
          “Justice4Germany, Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows POW death camps”

      8. PO'd Patriot

        I’m not so sure there’s going to be a mad rush for the exit by other countries in the EU. From what I’ve read it appears that those people talking about it are from small factions of the citizenry. I think if Britain does stabilize rather quickly and gets its currency back to where it needs to be, then you just might see more referendums being called for. Besides, most of them (countries) are in such bad shape that they almost have to remain attached to the German/ECB teat.

        • Al

          And Merkel & Entourage made it clear that there will never be a referendum allowed in Germany.

          • rednek101

            Erkel Merkel is going to end up going the way of Mussolini if she doesn’t back off. Germans have a tendency of tearing up **** if things aren’t going well for them.

          • Infidel

            Germans may well not ask her opinion. She might find herself in a meeting involving a rope and an overpass. “Just a swangin!”

        • Homesteader

          With all the crap the EU was forcing down the people’s throats, not the least of which is all the illegals, it was inevitable for it to collapse. The EU had some good ideas in the beginning but corruption and greed took over and it became more of a dictatorship than a union. It looks like everyone was simply waiting for someone to take the first step, which Britain did, and was successful in getting it passed. Now everyone else wants to jump on that bandwagon and take back their own country. Even Scotland is talking about having another referendum to leave the UK. Their last one failed but interest has been renewed since Brexit happened. The globalists have lost control and it’s all starting to fall apart. They tightened their grip too much and the people are slipping through their fingers. People everywhere are waking up to what is really going on and are starting to fight back. Now if the momentum can be maintained, victory will be ours.

        • Daniel

          No mad rush, because OUR SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP with the U.S. apparently means we have to be their bitches or we go to the back of the queue?

          I hope U.S. citizens see how Obama interfered with a sovereign country’s free determination, and now seeks to punish the Brits for daring to try to get democracy back.

          If this is a Special relationship, don’t expect to keep missiles on British soil, don’t expect British troops to die fighting wars not of our making, the U.S. to use Obama’s words can GO TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE.

          Luckily I do not believe for one second that proud U.S. citizens agree with bullying Brits, but let us see that Special Relationship and see that its not one way traffic, as today Brits appear to be punished by the U.S. and being sent to the back of the queue….behind Saudi? Behind Iraq? Behind Libya? Behind Iran? Behind Cuba? Behind Mexico? IS THIS REALLY WHAT A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP MEANS?

          I don’t believe U.S. people believe that

        • sixpack

          “From what I’ve read it appears that those people talking about it are from small factions of the citizenry”

          You apparently haven’t been reading in the right places. That’s just the MSM saying that.

      9. watching and waiting

        Also, the collapse of Nato..

        • Eagle 71

          Which is why Putin drank champagne yesterday when he heard the news.

          That said, believe the Brits did the right thing.

      10. TheGuy

        Germany goes broke yet again (and this time they do it to themselves)?

        Interesting thought…

        • diogenese

          Germany is the only country paying in now the UK left , wonder how long that will last

      11. fathead

        “Trump appears poised to sweep” -I’m not so sure

      12. JIMMY JAM


      13. eppe

        Mass mood of all the investors, traders, and speculators…
        Monday will be interesting, dow futures for Monday is 666 down…
        Strange number…

        • eppe

          Does anyone out there think that the crash of the markets has started?
          Considering markets correct to a real mean value, any predictions on the dow30 at 12.31.16???
          7 to 8 years is an average, we are due.

          Slow night…

          • eppe

            Dow30 at 5000.
            There I started…

          • Archivist

            I’ll go with a conservative 15000.

            Is there a prize for the closest guess?

            • eppe

              Yea, you get a cookie if you post first on an artice…

              Just throwing shit out there…

              Arch, just trying to make the site interesting, without a joke…
              Since I get gigged often…

              • rellik

                Where is my Coggie?
                I was first.

                • rellik

                  I re-checked
                  Jonny V was first.
                  it took a long time for his post to show.
                  He gets the cooggie!

                  • eppe

                    I have noticed, if you post with the readers are at 1- 50, you might get first.
                    50- 100 questionable, per the posting setup.
                    But who really cares???
                    The comments here keep me coming back…

                    Be well all…

                    • eppe

                      And in the infamous words of Warchild, “the smalls add up.”

                      Be cool all…

        • Jackson

          …and Monday may prove a Brexit was an extremely wise thing to do- the EU postponed a big meeting in Belgium till after the vote… on Monday they are (were) going to unveil thier plans for an EU Army, EU “human rights”, and more…
          I think the Brits almost went down the hole yesterday.

      14. B from CA

        The abolition of the EU is of paramount importance. I Am very, very happy and relieved. God willing, the entire globalist tyranny will unravel. Italy next. Yes. Italians have been fighting invaders for thousands of years, as Italy is at the tip of the Continent.

        Americans need to stop the Federal Government from infringing on states rights. Back in the day, I supported Civil Rights and Affirmative Action. By the way, the Supreme Court upheld affirmative action again. This is a terrible decision. Yes, it may have appeared as a just idea. It is not. Did you know that George Wallace, shot in the back, was legally correct. The Federal Agents enforcing integration against the will of the Governor and the people of the State he represented was a violation of the Constitution and of States rights.

        The Europeans have their battle to fight and we Americans have ours. We must defeat the enemy among us. Civil Rights was communist and globalist promoted to weaken and destroy America. Friction between races to empower the 2% international cabal/conspirators.

        • W in Italy

          “Italians have been fighting invaders for thousands of years, as Italy is at the tip of the Continent.”

          Don’t know what “history” books YOU’ve been reading, but here in Italy where I live, the problem is that Italians have NO idea how to fight invaders, since they haven’t been invaded in eons. The Italian peninsula was the center of the Roman Empire and thus insulated; it got hit by the barbarians only after pretty much every other part of the Empire did; it missed the Turkish/Muslim invasion in the 16th century, thanks to Pope Pius V (who mustered the combined Christian forces which destroyed the Turks at Lepanto); it missed the violence connected to the Reformation; more recently it was preserved from the post-WW II Russian-backed push to go commie, thanks to the efforts of Pope Pius XII and the lay group Catholic Action…

          On the other hand, it was freely colonized in ancient times by Greeks, when pretty much nobody lived in the South anyway (and they ended up part of the Roman Republic); it embraced Pepin/Charlemagne, who worked in tandem with the papacy; more recently it first allied itself with the Germans, and then welcomed the Allied forces with open arms, when they came and pushed the Germans out.

          About the last real “invasion” of Italy that I can think of was Hannibal & Co. during the Second Punic War, roughly 2200 years ago. That’s the last time the Roman military seriously kicked some butt defensively. And if you saw the Italian soldiers today, tapping their feet to the music WHEN THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE STANDING AT ATTENTION (!!! no joke!), and pointing their loaded automatic rifles at your mid-section when they’re standing on the street “protecting” important buildings (God only knows how accurate ther aim is, since they obviously weren’t even trained to hold their guns correctly!)… you’d go back and delete that part of your post.

        • Cede

          In the First World War Italians were initially allied with the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austro-Hungry and Italy. But the Italians politely avoided going to war on Germany’s side because they were secretly negotiating with the French and British. They were offered huge areas of land in the Austro-Hungarian Empire if they sided with Britain and France and so they declared war on their friends Germany and Austria/Hunry instead. Greed won, the Italians joined the Allies. They invaded the Austo-Hungarians to the north but only advanced 11 miles during the whole war.

          During WW2 they sided with the Germans because Germany offered them lands in North and East Africa, so they fought on the German side ….. Until the Allies landed in Italy!! Then they quickly surrendered and joined us!!!!

          The EU can keep Italy!!!

      15. Kevin2

        “Besides, most of them (countries) are in such bad shape that they almost have to remain attached to the German/ECB teat.”

        The nations that have a great interest in leaving are the producers. In essence its Arian Europe carrying southern Europe. Northern Europe has either oil and or precision high quality manufacturing that is unscathed by lower quality Chinese manufacturing. As socialized as northern Europe is its still more fiscally responsible than their southern brethren.

        Prognosis? EU disintegration, political strife and a high probability of a charismatic leader rising to power out of the ashes of despair.

      16. Barn Cat

        The UK hasn’t left yet. It was a nonbinding referendum. Who knows what Parliament will do.

        I’m surprised the globalists didn’t rig the counting of the votes. I wonder if they’ll use the Brexit as an excuse when the world economy crashes.

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          I just wonder having elected a Muslim Mayor for London was the last straw. The brits enforced their Stiff upper Lips and just kicked the door down on this Globalist BS and mass migration.

          America needs to shed its parasites embedded within and through out our entire Government as well like Putin did in Russia. Trump said, “he will appoint Real Judges who Follow the Constitution.” Not this NWO Liberal Commie Meltdown of our country’s court decisions. The parasites rig the system as they feed off our corpse.

          Hillary Crooked Clinton is such a Big Liar. Did you hear about Hillary when she was reading a teleprompter speech and was supposed to pause and sigh as an expression, after a comment, but like a dope, she read the word “sigh” out loud to the audience, after the comment. She is such a Friggin puppet, and is told what to say and how to act. 180 degrees difference than Trump who can actually hold an intelligent conversation and explain things and answer questions without pause. Hillary reads sound bites and refuses to answer questions. The Hillary illusion game continues. “Bitch for Prison 2016”

          ~WWTI… Hillary has taken hundreds of Millions of foreign dollars, in bribes. And will sell us out, and do anything like a good bought and paid for whore. Its true!! I said it so it has to be true. lol

      17. AC

        The Dutch want out. Now.

        Realistically, the remaining solvent members of the EU can not support the assorted insolvent members of the EU – without being able to suck wealth out of the UK any longer, to help fund the scam.

        The EU has failed. It is now just a matter of watching the slow-motion collapse.

      18. Asshat

        I’m surprised this charade went on this long. White people do not want mud in thier homelands. They move into the community and don’t assimilate. They work to undermine the foundations of white nations and coward leaders let it happen as long as they can stay in power. As soon as people put their foot down their leaders step down. Look at it on a personal level would you take a black Muslim family into your white Christian home and let them dictate what your gonna do in your own home. No fucking way this is why I believe in segregation and nationalism. Goes to show you leaders are cowards and the people need to decide what they want. the people as a whole are faceless but a leader who makes a unpopular choice against the will of the people has a face and can be blamed solely. Hell with the Eu globalists they want you to abandon your nation and say your European and not British. They will use fear like your gonna suffer financially. Haven’t we all heard this before. You gotta take a pay cut or were closing the company. It’s all or nothing. You gotta make your choice and live with it even if they weren’t bluffing. i take pictures of all my votes so I can say I told you so later. Obama hitlery merkel are all globalist scum who only care about their agenda no matter if your family suffers.

        • Frank Thoughts

          White people have roared: they were quiet for decades, going to work and paying taxes (which kept going up), obeying the laws. Year after year, people were brought in to re-shape European countries; this went into hyper-drive with the migrant crisis, turning into an open invasion. That became the last straw.

          The internet was the game-changer. Before, people could be easily manipulated by the controlled, propaganda media. But with the internet, people could share in real-time what they see happening around them. Refugees rape young women? The police cover it up, Merkel gets Facebook to hide it, but it still leaks out onto the web and goes viral.

          A new Europe will rise – a Europe for Europeans foremost. But first the current scam EU needs to be dismantled and the space created for the New Europe. There are more than enough Europeans able to do the work of Europe, especially as technology advances. Europe does not need low-skill, cheap labor from the third world to keep itself going. With the application of technology, it will be possible to create new European families that will meet demographic replacement needs without turning to Muslims to do that. In fact, Europe, for the sake of the environment, needs to reach a stable population with the bulge of oldies expunged out as they die and Europe to return to having the highest quality of life for its young people. If it needs more foreign investment, I am sure China and Russia would be happy to provide it.

          • Anonymous

            Frankie, “with the bulk of oldies expunged”? I’ll go along with that provided that you’re at the head of the line! You sound like that neo NAZI Henry Kissinger and his useless mouths bull. Maybe your roll model is Pol Pot or good ole Adolf?

            I’m very fond of the oldies in my family and have great respect for them. They deserve better than your sick rantings. You must be a sad, bitter, and lonely old fart to hate the world like you do!

      19. JD

        “If the New World Order agenda is not realized by the terrorist attacks on America and if American’s don’t agree to give up their weapons and relinquish their sovereignty to the New World Order, the next attack will be the use of chemical, biological and/or atomic warfare against the American people. The architects of the New World Order will not hesitate to use as a last resort an atomic or hydrogen bomb in a major American city.”
        —Reference Op Ed page of the New York Times 9/24/01

        “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
        —David Rockefeller, NWO Banker

        “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
        —Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, TIME, July l992

        “By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations… a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of survival. One world government is inevitable.”
        —Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)

        “The interests behind the Bush administration, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission – founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – and the Bilderberg Group have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship.”
        –Dr. Johannes Koeppl, Former German Ministry for Defense official and advisor to NATO

        “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”
        —G. Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, former director of UN World Health Organization

        I hope and pray that the EU falls apart, but the globalist will NOT give up without a fight to the death, our deaths.

      20. Rebecca

        I congratulate Brexit and this shaming isn’t only in Sweden. How many times do Obama/Clinton say any rational conversation about immigration “is not what America is about”. How can a conversation about immigration be unAmerican? Makes me furious.

        • Marie

          It seems to me that these traitors have got no business telling Americans that what’s important to them is somehow “not American.” If Americans are all talking about it, and voting about it, then it’s what America is about–period.

      21. talon1776

        ht tp://

        • talon1776

          Verdammt,hauen Sie aub!
          ht tp://

      22. La.Maniac

        20 years ago mention NWO everyone called you nuts,now they openly talk about it.Oblameo is dragging us down the road at high speed.Very interesting times we live in.
        Oh hell,let the games begin!
        No one lives forever!
        Maniac –out

      23. Zap

        The globalist want to make the rich nations poor by draining them of resources sent to third world nations. They wish to eliminate the whites higher standard of living, by subsidizing the non whites. Time for a Trump victory, followed by expulsion of illegals, third worlders and other scum. Next we need to end all foreign aid to third world nations, and end all immigration from the third world as well. Finally remove all kebabs.

      24. WhoWTFKnows...

        Hillary should be dragged through the streets like momar Kaddafi was, then beaten and tortured. And that’s just the first day of her life prison sentence.


      25. nubria 123

        England to the EU ,Well Bye

        • CuzzinJim

          Can’t blame them a bit. They did the right thing, and I’m saying it right now, the totalitarians out there want nothing more than population control. Our own policies in the US are taking us straight down the road to hell also. If WWIII doesn’t break out in the next few years I will be totally surprised. Populations worldwide are so dumbed down, they won’t know what is happening until it’s over. The EU is done, and we are following in our own country. I predict that the United States will eventually break up into about 4 sections. People in the south absolutely don’t have New York city values. We’re right, they’re wrong…..

      26. Whatever Works

        It’s a peasants revolt. We’re doing the same thing here in America. It is what has the rich so worried. When the peasants figure out what’s going on, and wake up, trouble begins.

        • Take Back Control

          You’ll be up against a formidable foe. The only way to take ’em on is to back a straight talkin’ leader who ain’t afraid to go against the grain, someone who can unite the people and give them hope. Once such a movement gathers momentum it’s neigh on impossible to stop it in it’s endeavours “LEGALY!” Find such a person, unite on mass for the cause and you’ll attain your victory. It’s all about Taking Back Control. Good luck.

      27. W in Italy

        I live in Italy, and would like to throw this out there for the record.

        The Brexit vote was, unless I am somehow mistaken, NOT BINDING. In other words, the vote simply told the UK govt the direction where the people wanted it to go–it wasn’t actually designed to force the govt to do that. It was merely a weathervane.

        So WHY are EU leaders all saying in unison, “If the UK is leaving, they have to do so IMMEDIATELY, no dilly-dallying”? This makes absolutely, positively no sense. The UK is one of the big economies propping up the EU, so if they pull out, the EU will only be harmed economically. So why would the EU be pushing the UK to get out asap? If anything you’d expect them to be saying, “No, UK, please don’t go, please reconsider!”

        Note that they certainly haven’t paid attention to referenda in the past–ask the Greeks about that. 🙁

        So I see some sort of a set-up here, folks, but I don’t know precisely what it is. It seems like the EU big-wigs are trying to crash the EU, and create an economic crisis. Thoughts?

        • Frank Thoughts

          I agree with you: something fishy is afoot: it is a peasant’s revolt, but a highly manipulated one. Just look at the leader, foppish elitist who is a closet fascist (and so is the loudmouth Farage).

          My view is this: it is about provoking a collapse and a violent revolt, then kick-in the totalitarian state to crackdown on it (it is, of course, against the law to discriminate against people) to restore order. Just look at the sort of people who are the ‘peasants’ in England: the least educated, the most welfare dependent, the most ignorant people, the most racist and bigoted, are the backbone of the revolt. That won’t end well…

      28. Sheep Dog

        The vote is not Final. They have a couple of years to get out. Brexit simply gets the ball rolling in the right direction. If you voted Remain, you were supporting more immigration and ever increasing regulations.

        The EU is nothing more than bureaucracy on steroids. The are a parasite, contributing nothing.

        Rest assured the US govt, Fed Reserve, central banks, et al, will be applying pressure on Britain to give the appearance their vote was a mistake. The powers in charge will do everything they can to reverse the vote, my any and all means. What is at stake? Not the EU, peep, wake up. NATO!

      29. Sheep Dog

        The vote is not Final. They have a couple of years to get out. Brexit simply gets the ball rolling in the right direction. If you voted Remain, you were supporting more immigration and ever increasing regulations.

        The EU is nothing more than bureaucracy on steroids. The are a parasite, contributing nothing.

        Rest assured the US govt, Fed Reserve, central banks, et al, will be applying pressure on Britain to give the appearance their vote was a mistake. The powers in charge will do everything they can to reverse the vote, my any and all means.

        What is at stake? The remaining EU nations exiting and the end of NATO. The USSA will not stand for it.

      30. Lone wolverine

        Today’s Brits . Did what the lied about Edward the longshankes did . Deport the Jews .

      31. Lone wolverine

        They didn’t mention that in the movie . Go figure? We are being lied to on every level. Wake up . Believe God And Jesus . Not the controlled satanic media.

      32. Braveheart1776

        This week: Brexit. Next week: Italeave. Lock and Load!

      33. Frank Thoughts

        I think we will see an interesting re-ordering of Europe. Countries and regions will pull out to regain control of borders and currencies. But, they will also re-negotiate trade relationships, most certainly along age-old trade alliances and routes (liga hanseatica) and new ones (China’s Silk Road).

        It will mean the days of Europe being some sort of global dumping ground for the third world are over. People will just move borders to get away from the third worlders if they keep flooding in.

      34. lonelonmum

        Has been a very strange weekend here in the UK.

        Our PM has resigned and the Chancellor seems to have gone into hiding. Our opposition party has imploded in upon itself. No Captain is at the helm of this sinking ship. Immigration will not be curbed, we’ve lost that fight.
        The United Kingdom has never looked more divided and the faults are along class, educational and geographical lines. The final implosion of Empire?

      35. Jim in Va.

        Hang in there Brits,we’re next. Meet ya on the other side!

      36. Frank Thoughts

        Britain’s cities are powder kegs during the best of times (think of the riots in 2011), let alone after a polarizing Brexit campaign and possible break-up of the EU.

        Long,long ago the British should have got some balls and cut off all the welfare leaches and forced them into work to meet the country’s labor needs; instead, they let them live (very well) on benefits (a single person receives £26,000/year plus free healthcare, cheap or free housing etc.), and imported the labor instead. This has built up a terrible social situation where you have, like rats in a cage, people pointing fingers at each other as to who is more worthy of government largess: it is the poison of welfarism.

      37. lonelonmum

        Midweek here in the UK.

        We are now being told the Brexit vote wasn’t even legally binding and we may not leave the EU after all. Updates below from the 4 main UK nations.

        Sorry my fellow freedom lovers but here on the ground in good ol’ Blighty it’s looking more and more like this is a classic “controlled revolt” orchestrated by a very “controlled opposition”. Yes the peasantry rose up and socked it to “The Man”, but now the MSM has gone full pelt at never ending stories to convince the poor peasantry that rebelling against their betters is a really BAD idea. The Serfs are in the process of being put back into their place & soon our global Feudal Overlords will be able to resume the lifestyle they enjoyed during Britannica’s glory days of old.

        I’m beginning to think the idea was for the political elite to be given a chance to clean up on the stock market so those who participated in this circus could all be assured of a magnificent retirement. (The Chancellor Georgie Porgie’s notable absence over the weekend contributes to this suspicion btw).

        If we are to believe the MSM then our Government has no leadership as the PM has resigned and nobody will be negotiating any trade deals for a good while yet. Foreign companies are getting ready to up sticks take their jobs with them, just in case there are any who still have jobs in the old industrial heartlands that is. Racism has just been discovered like it never existed before and the most trivial incidents (the sort noone even noticed before) are suddenly being shown on the prime time evening news.

        England & the UK Gov at Westminster-
        The Governing Party are too busy competing with each other for the annual Teflon Shoulder award and playing pass the parcel of responsibility to actually do anything useful like well govern the country. Boris the clown is particularly amusing as he denies all and any election claims made during the leave campaign. – the newspapers report that people are shocked that politicians lie.
        The Official opposition party seems to have officially lost the plot with the majority of its MP’s demanding the Leader’s resignation. This despite the fact that every working class bod knows the Chillicot report is due out in a week or so & will prove to any one who’d been living under a rock that the previous Prime Minister Bealiar conclusively took the country into an illegal war and is a wrong ‘un. This saga is so funny you have to ask has any political party ever been more determined to avoid any chance of ever being elected to run a Government in the history of mankind. One thing is a dead cert – Labour have no intention of winning if a snap General Election is called.

        NI – they’ve run out of Irish application forms as Brits have rushed to try and get “real EU citizenship” The Government of Ireland has called upon the folks of NI for calm and asked them nicely not to apply for any more unless urgent to give the Irish a chance to catch up. Mutterings about Independence abound as they voted to remain in the EU, but noone really wants to kick off “The Troubles” again now they’ve all learned to play nicely for a year or two. NI is the one part of the UK where you can still own a hand gun legally so it’s worth keeping an eye on. Oh the NI have talked a good talk about gaining independence.

        Scotland – Only place that still has a functioning Government. Nicola Sturgeon has told anyone who would listen that scotland didn’t vote to leave the EU. She’s calling for another shot at independence. So far the EU haven’t been biting and told her she’d have to reapply like a total noob if Scotland breaks away from the UK.
        Then things went further south down south in Westminster. In sheer frustration the poor woman has offered to form the official opposition down south too as Labour are busy proving they don’t want any part of real Government. Gotta keep an eye on this as Scotland has a state guardian for every kid nowadays (google GIRFECC & named person). That’s a bit sinister and the last thing anyone who wants the freedom to have a private family life moving South of Hadrians’ Wall. The Scots love a nanny state and voted to stay in the EU too.

        Wales – Voted to escape the EU despite every other job being funded by the EU. This lot are shocked to discover that actually the English couldn’t give a toss about them and are happy to let the welsh continue to languish in poverty. Lots of noise about the loss of EU funding meaning those few employers that still exist will be offski soon. The Farmers are upset at the loss of all those nice subsidy payments too. Vague talks of independence from a nation that voted to leave but they’ve not come to anything cos the politicians are all too busy hanging off the coat tails of their English counterparts to take much notice as yet.

        The good news is that Wales is officially the best soccer side now all the other UK teams have been kicked out of Euro 2016. The fact that Rugby is actually the national game is being temporarily overlooked on account of there being nothing else on TV worth watching.

        Bread & circuses my friends – the UK has it all.

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