Domestic Deployment: U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide “Rapid Response Options” and Address “Challenges in the United States Itself”

by | Jun 14, 2012 | Headline News | 218 comments

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    As the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement fuse into a single militarized policing apparatus for the whole of America through the use of massive surveillance warehouses, eye-in-the-sky drones and hybrid task forces, the U.S. military will continue to expand it’s role in domestic affairs, including in the event of natural disasters and terror related crises. So says Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno, who recently penned an article in Foreign Affairs, a propaganda mouthpiece published by the Council of Foreign Relations, an organization well known for having its hand in the economic, financial, social, military and political policies of every developed nation on Earth.

    The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions…

    …the CFR would see the Army used to address “challenges in the United States itself” in order to keep the homeland safe from domestic disasters, including terrorist attacks.

    Odierno writes:

    Where appropriate we will also dedicate active-duty forces, especially those with niche skills and equipment, to provide civilian officials with a robust set of reliable and rapid response options.

    That’s right. Should the sheriff suspect that a particular citizen in his county poses a threat to security and feels he doesn’t have the proper “skills and equipment” to deal with the situation, he can just call out the U.S. Army and bring a “rapid response” force that is robust enough to eliminate the problem.

    These are not the musings of an unknown academic written in an obscure journal of little importance. These are the black-and-white plans for “building a flexible force” as laid out by the man in charge and published for all the world to read by the people who may have put him there.

    In order to justify this new (and illegal) mission for the Army, General Odierno points to three “major changes” that have precipitated the re-tasking of the troops: First, “declining budgets due to the country’s worsened fiscal situation; second, “a shift in emphasis to the Asia-Pacific region; and third, a “broadening of focus from counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, and training of partners to shaping the strategic environment, preventing the outbreak of dangerous regional conflicts, and improving the army’s readiness to respond in force to a range of complex contingencies worldwide.”

    Source: New American via Federal Jack

    The head of the U.S. military, in a publication for an organization that is hell bent on centralizing the activities of sovereign nations into a single global entity, has outlined the intentions of our government, military, and international community for future deployment in what’s shaping up to be America’s next theater of operations – the domestic front.

    With the passage of recent legislation that allows for the detention of American citizens without charge or trial, a stifling of freedom to protest at events of “national significance”, the expansion of terror definitions, and a new executive order that authorizes martial law and military deployment at any time the President deems necessary, it should be obvious that it is only a matter of time before tanks and soldiers are deployed on the streets of America.


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      1. We are in trouble….

        • You said it. They have every intention of controlling the population by force if and when necessary.

          We can only hope when these “forces” are deployed, those folks will have families to worry about as well and choose not to engage.

          Or they could move to the more willing resources (below).

          It may sound out there, but we’re not far away (drones).

          • The fact that they have families of their own virtually GUARANTEES they will engage when called upon. It’s called extortion. Don’t want little Johnny made into fertilizer, now do we?

            • Guess what? Retribution is a b*tch! Little Johnny and sweet darling may become fertilizer either way after they attack American families. They will have a choice as well, better choose wisely!

            • Threats and hints of “they better watch out..!” make me laugh- or smirk. All these guns in America? Govt will just drop a micronuke, use a lazer from a drone or particle beam. They even have sound cannons to asphyxiate ‘dissidents’. Or the old fashioned chemtrail pandemic.
              Guns? LOLOL Who cares. The real fight was lost years ago, when all of our macho patriots were glued to NFL with a beer, instead of organizing or protesting all of this. You are woefully and lethally outgunned. Dont be outsmarted too.

          • A $176M Navy Spy Drone Crashed Over Maryland this week

            “It was part of the Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons Program.”


            • $176,000,000.00 , Are you freakin’ kidding me? Can you at least crop dust with this thing? I’m all for National Defense, but this is bullshit. It’s also only the tip of an iceberg. Somebody defend spending this kind of money on something that is not an investment.
              There was a time when I would NEVER question money spent on defense, but these toys and their costs, are helping to bankrupt this nation. Does Canada and Mexico spend like this? No. Then pony up your share for the defense of North America.
              Sometimes I feel we deserve every bit of what’s coming down the pike. 176 million dollars.

          • unlike other places we wont be throwing rocks … the shot heard around the world is waiting,, your call Great White Chief…

            • OK Grandpa.

          • I personally know alot of military personnel. Many are high ranking NCOs. One was recently asked, with his platoon, if they would obey certain orders, at which point this NCO said he would order his men to stand down. His men later told him how proud they were of him. In other words, they would not obey such orders that were blatently unconstitutional. Kudos to Navy Master Chiefs and Army Master Sargeants. We have alot of allies out there. Do not discount someone because they are military. The top brass may think they are running the show, but in reality, what orders are followed are up to the everyday soldier, and alot of them are on our side. Perhaps, most of them.

            • The ranks of the military are filled with people of color and poor whites who would hopefully be “unreliable” in the event of a planned fascist takeover.

            • re:Luz
              I don’t know about “poor white or people of color” but many military are patriots at heart and they take their vow “to protect and defend the Constitution” seriously. Never discount the heart of a patriot.

            • WHAT the hell do you think all these foreign troops are here for,besides setting fires in colorado,ever see the warning movie RED DAWN????

            • The military would function, in my opinion, to an NYPD analogue. The “white shirts” were brutal against #OWS protesters and the “blue shirts” perhaps less so, but they still followed orders of the police (the hand that feeds) administration. Many of the NYPD “blue shrts” and their families are faced with the same economic dilemmas as the protesters but…………..

            • The use of US Armed Forces to conduct policing operations on US soil will occur if Barak Obama is relected. He has secured through an executive order to place key military units under the command of the Justice Department where they will be providing the FBI, and ATF&E with combat infantry, armour, and aerial attack assets to be used in case there is any sign of mass public dissent and/or protest in responce to his relection. The DHS and NSA will also have access to the same military assets.
              Does this violate the US Constitution?….Oh hell yes! But Obama will use his very broad interpretation of the Patriot Act as the only legal justification to suspend the Writ of Habeaus Corpus and to violate the Posse’ Commutatus Act.
              However, Obama knows that some high-ranking military officers and senior NCOs will more than likely order the troops directly under their command to stand down forcing Obama to fall upon his contentiency plan in case this happens and that is to call upon the United Nations to send an international military force, made up of Mexican and Latin-American troops, to the US to secure key US military installations and support domestic policing agencies. The next step will be to sign an executive order outlawing the private ownership of firearms from military-style weapons to hunting rifles, shotguns, and even pistols. By this time the government will have created mass detention centers, to hold all the American citizens who dare to stand against his tyrantical rule, throughout the western states; Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc. where detainees can be kept far away from centers of population and from prying eyes.
              This is the nightmare scenario that is awaiting us. All of the key pieces to make it happen are already in place. All it will take is an excuse to unleash it.

        • Especially if this fulfills George Washington’s prophecy.

        • A vegetable seller in uTunisia said no, a few Egyptians said no, a few Libyans said no, and a few Syrians said no. The Greeks look like they are about to say no.

          Obama is getting ready for when the Americans say no.

          Take care

          • Excellent point Burt and easily seen.

          • Very well said Burt, I like your attitude… Its not we that are in trouble, it is them…

            • *we

            • Peter

              Let’s hope you are right

              Take care

            • Don’t know about that. It sounds like someone is massing for war. And “they” are trained warriors and well equiped. “We” are families, untrained and unarmed for the most part.
              Before anyone talks about their weapons, let me remind you that “they” carry M-16 semi automatic along with all their other weapons. It is like compareing a slingshot to a rifle.
              “We” had better return to our covenant with the protector of this nation right now or “we” are in big trouble.

            • C says,

              I am not sure what your sling slot fires but mine fires the same 5.56 round that they use. 2 million military and LEOs against 90 million gun owners. They don’t have the numbers, I don’t care how many drones they have, guerrilla warfare is a b*tch on technology.

              The British thought the same thing, hmmm that did not end well for them. I suggest reading about Kings Mountain for a little idea of what Patriots can do.

            • It is a lesson well-learned that in the 20th century NO nation prevailed against guerrillas. That is why they fund development of the crowd control, surveillance, drone, and other technology and the manpower used against us “footstools.”

              Jews Face Special Risks, Napolitano Says
              [Zionist Gestapo] Defends Controversial Grant Program


          • This started long before Obama. It was George Sr. that announced a New World Order. It was Junior after 9/11 while proclaiming Islam the Religion of Peace that from now on we would have a Homeland Security dept. More trash from the Bush family and the CFR. With electronic banking and so much support structure controlled via the internet when the time comes to lower the hammer it will be very easy to make things so bad that we will be forced to comply.

            • You forget it started with clinton with his “free trade” bullshit, then balogna boy bawney frank and his loans to ANYBODY who desired….these two did more damage than ANYONE IN HISTORY. It just hasn’t been written yet…

              PS six simultaneous filghts 1 mile apart yesterday,FULL SPRAY MODE @ 15000 ft., from tuscon direction to cali.? Funny I dont recall equally distance flight paths approved by the FAA,east to west..I wonder who was flying those multi million dollar spray planes so close together like that?? Huh curious

            • John W., If you still believe Islam is responsible for 9/11, than you are lost like the rest of the sheeple. How come it’s not okay for government to bring in military, take away your rights, and establish martial law. But it is okay for us to invade Muslim lands for money and oil and nwo and if they resist they are called terrorists. Wasn’t it we who had bases on their land? What if United Nations had bases here, wouldn’t you oppose to it? Oh wait the UN does have bases and it irritates you and everyone here doesn’t it?

            • Forced to comply,I don’t think anyone gets it,these guys plan to kill almost everyone in the usa and inslave the suvivors,keep that in mind when your kissing their ass,then go buy a gas mask and a good sniper rifle with a big scope on it,and remember your dogs will be hungry when they shut down china-mart……….

          • Well said Governor, well said

            • William: “They” are organized and used to being organized and working as a unit. “We” are disorgaized. Look at history and see what happens to great solider people who have no central leater/general.

        • Lake Havasu (water supply for 30 MILLION people) JUST THIS WEEK completed a TOTAL fortification of its pumping plant. The entrances have been moved and THICK concrete barriers installed. The wilmer pumping station can effectively be SEALED OFF with two tractor trailers.

          I believe we will be the first to see military action,since we supply so. cal with most of their water.Luckily our 40000 HEAVILY ARMED citizens will not lay down, and with 3500 FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons at the ready, we say “BRING IT BARRY” lets get this started,so WE can finish it for you….

          • Just as a correction, but Southern California gets a LOT of its water from Northern California via the Delta.

            That’s why it will be so catastrophic if there is an earthquake 6.0 or larger. The water delivery system will collapse.

            • Even though Shasta lake was full they still cut off the water to the Central Valley farmers. Thirty years of investment in fruit and nut orchards gone in a Summer and the criminals who did it will not even pay them for their losses. It is later than most think as the same tactics were used under Bush against the Klamath farmers. Don’t think for a second that they will not shut off the power and water to cities. Imagine Vegas or Phoenix in August with no power or water and all the roads out blocked.

            • No water for SoCal…. that would be a blessing!

          • Arizona Fred,make sure everyone knows what A fuel-Air bomb is,cause barry does in tend to use them on us….Good luck and make sure your NBC suits are ready…….

          • @ Arizona Fred: Just curious, do these 40000 HEAVILY ARMED CITIZENS also have grenade launchers, artillery and anti-aircraft machine guns?

            I don’t think so. I’d say it would be a very short stand against helicopter gunships, maybe an hour or two before all 40k have perished.

            A more effective guerrilla warfare would have 40000 HEAVILY ARMED citizens ready to ambush convoys from the heights of mountain ridges, just like Afghans or Pakistani did. Now, that would have been believable.

            • Sorry, I guess we were going to line up like confederate or union soldiers of the 17/1800’s.

              Thanks for the heads up.

              Class three permits are unknown,but anytime you want to come here and do a home invasion,better bring a lunch..

            • Some of us do have those things in one form or another. Anti-material caliber weapons are actually fairly widely owned. Every .50BMG rifle out there, and there are thousands of them can bring down a helicopter. Mountain ridges as you say are a little scarce in much of the U.S. but there other terrain features that lend themselves to ambush. Our main hope is that most members of the military will not obey orders to enforce tyranny, that will limit casualties substantially.

              We will not be massed infantry like in 1776, this will be a guerrilla war and many of us have been preparing to conduct sustained combat operations against a rogue government for years.

              Unfortunately, this bloodshed is now unavoidable in order to restore the Constitution. Remember this civil war is against the usurpers of freedom, it is against the relatively small percentage of men(and women) who would enslave the population, destroy liberty and impose themselves as a ruling class over the rest of us. They will not stop and I will not comply, therefore civil war is inevitable.

            • Asymmetrical warfare. Syrian families were given less then two hours of playtime in reality, 2years later guess what they have the capital surrounded. I will put my cards on a free man anyday.

          • Need I remind you that even if you have that many heavily armed citizens there are ways around that for the military. If they’ve gotten this far they’ll get further. Aquisition of necessary goods ring a bell? Not to mention these people are better trained and most likely way better organized. I’m just not one who wants to witness a blood bath.

            • Sounds you would rather give up and be a slave, I would rather fight and if I die, so be it…beats the hell out of eating “Soylent Green”.

          • Everyone!: Don’t you get it-they aren’t going to try and take over every city and town in America. They’re the ones affraid of “US” turning on them! The folks in D. C. are scared shitless of what they think we may do to them if things get much worse. By conservative estimates, there are 80 million gun owners in America. Now if only 10% decide to stand up to them, especially those with military training, they’re screwed. 8 million folks is more than twice the number of ALL military: active, reserve, guard, and all police: federal, state, and local combined. And most of our military is still delpoyed overseas. Besides, many of those in the military and police wouldn’t stand with the government if they gave the order to round folks up. That’s why they’ve been monitoring all communications through the NSA and FBI, and are now they are using drones to see if there is any coordinated military type movements against them. We did the same thing to the Soviets during the Cold War. We would know if they were going to attack because we would be able to detect a large mobilization through increased radio traffic and with our spy satellites. The folks in D.C. are doing the same thing, only with more sophisticated technology. TPTB are hoping for an economic miracle to save them, but it’s not comming. There is no economic fairy-godmother; so they’re SOL. When things really do go down, they just want enough warning so that they can get the hell out of Dodge and hide like the little rats they are. I don’t recommend violence against anyone currently in power. We’ll never see them again as they will be in hiding for years. We just need to be ready to take care of ourselves and rebuild our communities. Good luck everyone.

            • Excellent point my friend. Had not thought of it in that context. There is a lot of Congressman and Senators retiring after this term and I have often thought they are getting out while the getting is still good. I keep saying that we are facing a repeat of the USSR. Afganastan was what broke them. The ability of the central government to administer the states declined to the point where the states broke away on thier own is very similar to what is coming here to America. If that happens here what will the geo-polital state of the America’s look like? Will our soldiers desert and go back to thier individual home states to form a military of thier own? What about states like here in California who cannot afford a military? Militias running counties and even the State governments disolving. Hmmm. Interesting.

        • you think we;re in trouble,I got news for you, those guys in michian just had a nuclear bunker buster bomb(lazer guided no less)dropped on them killing who knows how many men,women,children and animals…the word was they were vaporized,and then they dropped bombs around the area to make sure no one got away..YES, I would say we have a problem,the Idoits in america forgot to teach their children the point of a country having a military is to protect the people not ever be used against them

          • Who dropped this laser-directed bunker buster bomb???
            Thanks in advance.

            • I think it’s a BS report but here it is…


            • who dropped the bombies in nam,who is in charge of the air force,who just said I can kill anyone I want,NO one is taking credit yet,but I’am sure they will soon………KILLERS LOVE to brag about murdering women and children,remember what the LORD said “you’d rather have a millstone around your neck and be cast into the ocean,then what I’LL do to you if you harm MY little ones””

          • ?

          • I say BS. Don’t post garbage like that. It makes us look like loons.

            • Too late.

          • arizona, what guys in michigan dropped a bomb on what?

            • There were casualties on both sides. One spark set the whole thing off leading up to what happened next. The rest is history.

          • Arizona: And where can we verify this story of the bombing in Michigan?

            • Something definitely happened. Was it an accident? Thats the story anyways. Did people die because of it? Yes. Will their manner of death be covered up? You bet your ass it will!

        • WHY is I never hear anyone saying anything about the children,you think were in trouble,I got news for you none of the children ever survive in wars,ITS to bad none of the scumbags care about the children in this country……

          • Did you go to school in Arizona??

          • I have three children ranging from 6 to 15 and they all know exactly how to use a firearm. My six year old can load ammo in the magazines faster than my 15 year old.

            You have a very good point. I hope and pray that the children survive all this. They will be the ones in control some day.

        • The corp can only deploy America soldiers in America if they have sufficiently brainwashed them to believe it to be right. The corp believes it has now done that, or wants you to believe it has.

          The test will be what response the soldiers make when the FIRST unlawful attack order against the People is given. If they fail to stand on their Oath, it will be tragic for those who comply with the orders.

          The next test will be what happens when units are deployed to the soldiers own home towns and they realize their families are subject to the crimes they are committing against other localities. Their family is safe from the crimes of Iraq, but will be victims of what they do here.

          The ultimate test will be the response when the people fire on them. The only acceptable option for any American soldier is to turn and run. Anything else is a declaration of war against the People and turning their back on everything they claim to be serving for.

          I will wake tomorrow with no more fear than I have today. They may kill me one day in the War on Freedom, but they will not fill me with fear which the intention of such outrageous propaganda pieces.

          Personally, I think having the systems in place to scare the hell out of you is a lot more simple than actually having the ability to use it without retaliation from the people they fear so much.

          What the criminals can do, and what they want you to believe they can do, are two totally different things.

        • SORRY GUYS,I MENT TO TELL everyone,the LORD said SEAL ALL YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS AIRTIGHT……….they’ll be a lot of dead shit outside,stay indoors for three days,do not go outside,remember lots wife…….

          • Are you gone yet?

        • It almost is starting to come off like you guys are starting to whine about all this bad news. Im not saying that to be mean, stand up for yourselves. You guys talk about hiding in the corner one week, then you start doing this again. Survival means making a plan, not sitting around worrying about how screwed you are.

          • P:
            You are dead on, I try to tell people not to be scared, be prepared. Most have been very ugly, saying that it will never happen here in the US. I tell them it does not matter what you think or what I think, only what will happen. I am amazed at how people think that our fragile infrastructure is on every aspect of the delivery system of food, water, electricity, etc. I have actually gotten thru to some, who think the way I do, and are moving in the same direction. They are the ones who will team up and be the survivors, who will be the winners in the end.
            Quick joke:
            What do do call a deer with no eyes?
            NO IDEER.
            What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
            STILL NO IDEER.
            What do you call a deer with no eyes, no legs, and no p@nis?
            STILL NO F##KING IDEER.
            But what do you call a deer with 20-20 vision?
            A GOOD IDEER.
            I am trying to be a good ideer…..

            • Dude, you continue to crack me up.

            • Hell ya!

        • Point of clarification. The Chief of Staff of the Army is NOT in total control of the Army. He reports to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff who reports to the President. The Army Chief of Staff briefs the Chairman his proposed actions. The Chairman either approves or disapproves the action. Before the advent of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and during the Civil War, the general in charge was called General in Chief and it was a three star position. He reported directly to the President.

        • People don’t wish for freedom, only a benevolent master

          • Who told you that crap? Some Chinese slave citizen?

            What BS.

        • Anyone still not believing that government is a mob run syndicate? Let’s reword that first sentence.

          “As the enforcers for the bag-men and local thug crews fuse into a single well-armed leg-breaking apparatus for the whole of America through the use of massive spying techniques, bugs, plants and moles, the U.S. hit-men and enforcers will continue to expand it’s role in keeping the slaves in line, including in the event of disasters they cause and false-flag terror related crises.”

          • That was an excellent article John. The only part I felt was missing is the small exhaust port just 2 meters wide. Just large enough for a small stunt fighter to bag with a proton torpedo. The part where a Luke Skywalker can use the force and send the Death Star packing.

            I guess I’m still holding on to a little optimism for the lucky shot that hit the rudder of the Bismark. I know for a fact there are many working within the belly of the beast that are not at all pleased with the demons they serve. As impossible as it may seem, could it be that a third option would be for an internal meltdown from internal sources?

            Anyway, thanks for sharing.

        • Until the threat comes to their neighborhood at Ft. Bragg or Camp Lejeune dependent housing.

        • You people worry too much.
          Just last year in Wisconsin, there were 600,000 deer hunting permits issued, PA had 750,000, MI had 700,000.
          Just those 3 states have over 2 million men with high power, accurate rifles.
          Now imagine adding all the other states.
          Now imagine adding all the gun owners who don’t hunt (like me).
          Show me any army who will screw with 40,50 or 60 million armed US citizens.
          We are many, they are few, they fear us.

        • Does this have anything to do with Dept of Homeland Defense purchasing 450 million rounds of 40 cal ammo and and another huge lot of 5.56? (Civil unrest fodder?)

      2. i only have one thing to say WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. The National Defense Authorization Act has opened up Pandora’s Box. Every U.S. Citizen is now a potential Enemy of the State subject to military intervention.
        These are truly sad days for Freedom Loving Americans.

        • We’ve been the statutorily-defined enemy of the federal government since March 9, 1933 via the Trading With the Enemy Act of Oct 1917, as amended. Congress amended the TWTEA by striking out language that excluded citizens of the US as the enemy.

      4. This shouldn’t come as any surprise.

        • Agreed, but it is angering.

      5. As a serving member of the National Guard I’ve got to call Bull !@#$, If anyone operates domestically it is the guard, I hate the active duty.

        • I hope you personally hate active duty, not the soldiers who deply all over the world so you can have your opinion, whatever it maybe.

          This is horrible enough without us attacking eachother.

          • When are you people going to pull your head out of your asses and quit believing that soldiers are the ones that give you your ability to have an opinion or give you your freedoms. God gives you your liberty and freedom. Not some .gov goon wearing a costume.

            Soldiers are nothing more than pawns and cannon fodder following orders of corrupt governments. They sure as hell aren’t fighting for any damn freedoms overseas, because if you can’t tell from the above article, our liberties and freedoms are being trashed and destroyed right freaking here, right now! DO YOU NOT GET IT!!! Wake up and open your damn blind eyes to the ones destroying your freedoms. Your own government and the military it controls is what is a threat to your freedom. Not the toothless goat herder out in the middle of nowhere in some god forsaken land on the other side of the planet. Quit believing their bullshit propaganda. How much can you keep swallowing? You’re not free! You live in a tyrannical police state.

            “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
            Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

            • It’s amazing how you can’t have a different opinion on this site without getting called a name. I COMPLETELY understand what you’re saying Double Tap. I do, but I also have a husband serving over in Iraq, so excuse me if I don’t think soldiers are the bad guys and out kill us all!!!

              I’m damn proud of what my husband does. Does that make me love the government, love the idiotic politicians? HELL no, I’m on this site bc I hate to see where this country is going. SO don’t tell me to open my damn eyes.

              Being a soldier is a JOB, just like any other JOB. IF you blame the soldier for what he does, how does that make you any smarter? Because you don’t serve? Do you feel the same way about teachers, nurses, police?

              THey all serve and I thank them for it.

            • It wasn’t a toothless goat herder I watched laughing hysterically as he recorded police officers stun-gunning a man sitting on his porch not bothering anyone.
              Did I see what happened before the intrusion?
              No,..but I saw enough with the recording. This was not right..the man could have been autistic, intelligently challenged..who knows..
              THIS IS WHAT FRIGHTENS ME…this and little drones the size of a child’s kite.

            • Prepared soccer mom

              We were told all US troops left Iraq months ago, are these reports wrong?

              Hoping your man stays safe.

              Take care

            • my cousen who is a cornut in the national guard said you better git rid of those motorcycles,we have orders to kill everyone in the house when we find bikers there!SO,the national guard is planning to kill americans,whats new??I noticed TREASON runs deep in this country…MY only question is what do you dumb fucks think will be left of america after you killed your family,my family and all the wildlife,poisoned all the lakes and rivers,covered the ground with radiation dust,all the bees dead,birds dead, deer,cattle,pigsJUST how do you justifie what your planning to do????????????

            • @prepared soccer mom:

              You do not understand what I’m saying. If you did you wouldn’t be saying, “I’m damn proud of what my husband does.” What specifically does your husband do that you are proud of? He isn’t “serving” his country. He IS serving a corrupt murderous This is exactly why I say you’re blind. Stop believing in the the “patriotic propaganda” that says that if you put on a .gov costume you’re serving your country. I’m sorry, but he’s being used, despite all of his and your well intentions. If you hate seeing where this country is going stop being a part of it and stop serving this gov. that is putting a noose around all of our necks.

              Being a soldier is a job. SO get an new job! Stop sucking off the gov. tit for all the welfare benefits. Nobody pays for my house. Who pays for yours? Nobody gives me free health care. Who pays for yours? Nobody gives me an extra allotment for food and gas on top of my base salary. Who gives you that? See how you like your socialized nanny state gov.?

              I do blame the soldier. Is this because I DIDN’T serve, as you say? NO it is because I did “serve”! Am I qualified to speak now, is that how someone earns their right to free speech? (I like that those who have served like to try and use their “service” as a qualifier for their right to speak out and if someone didn’t “serve” then they should shut their mouth because they didn’t earn that right to speak) And because I did serve I saw first hand how screwed up the whole military is. The military is nothing but Socialized Big Government bureaucracy at it’s finest. Open your eyes because you’re living right in the middle of it and haven’t seemed to notice yet. Or maybe you enjoy the socialism of the US Nanny State.

              So wake up! Stop serving this corrupt gov. And for anyone that may misconstrue my meaning here let me say this. I say what I say in the spirit of our Founding Fathers. Just as they wanted their corrupt gov. gone that ruled over them so do I want this corrupt gov. gone that rules over us today. The Founding Fathers shot their fellow country men that wore the gov. costumes of their day. Because the goons that wore the costumes were and are the iron fist that the gov. will use to crush the people. There is nothing noble or honorable about serving this corrupt murderous gov.

            • Hear hear DoubleTap!

            • Well said, Doubletap.

          • @ prepared soccer mom —

            So, if I understand you correctly, you think it’s perfectly acceptable for your hubby to kick in doors, and murder women and children in other countries that have never attacked the United States, in return for paycheck from the Jews. It’s just a job, after all.

            Does that about sum it up? If so, I feel so much better now, knowing that he may soon be deployed in “the homeland” to help keep us all “free.”

            • @Ahab:
              Who murders innocent women and children? SHARIA LAW. ISLAM MURDERS WOMEN WORLDWIDE for all kinds of “religious” and “honor [what a laugh]” reasons.

              Not our military. I was active duty military, you fucking raghead, we don’t “murder” anyone. So, Ahab the Arab, King of the Burning Sand, why don’t you move back to Saudi, or Yemen, or the Sudan, or Eritrea, or some other repressive islamic state if you think US military murders innocents?

            • Soccer Mom, if you want somebody to hold this a-hole down for you until your husband gets back let me know.

        • you hate the active duty????? Thanks alot. I served in both. I never would have accepted an order like ordierno is claiming they will be doing. If you want to operate domestically, have fun, you wont be doing it at my house or in my town. Try reading your oath again. And dont forget, ordierno owns the guard as well.

          • prepared soccer mom,
            dont worry about what some fools say about active duty. I served twice in iraq. We know who and why we fought for. It doesnt ever need to be explained to someone who cannot and will not understand. Tell your husband keep the faith. We have his back.

            • in the military we took an oath to uphold the constitution and that does not include herding americans into fema camps or killing them for no reason. the military people i know would never go along with the scenario we are talking about. oathkeepers is a good example.

            • Thanks Bulldog, this is his 3rd tour. Although, remember we don’t have any combat soldiers over there right? What a joke!

              And BTB, we definitely have soldiers in Iraq, not as many, but my hubby’s a soldier and he’s over there..=(

              Something else that’s interesting, and I’ve yet to see it on the news, there’s a HUGE push in Afghanistan! LOTS of guys getting sent over there. I have no idea why!!!

            • Fought for freedom???? What happened to it? I understand the common belief of why there over there, but I hope you seriously dont buy it… Its for corporations only, profits, and control… Also Prepared soccer mom, its not just a “job” it should be for much more than just a paycheck…

            • Bulldog, can you tell me what the military fought for in Libya in the past year? Was it to protect our threatened freedoms here in the US?

            • I am sorry but you don’t know why you fought in iraq. If you did then you would be so pissed that you couldn’t see straight. You would realize you fought for someone else’s country and agenda and all of the war propaganda was a lie

      6. It may come down to the national gaurd protecting us from these people. We can also hope the the local sheriff would not call in the federals but protect his county from them.

      7. Posse Comitatus is dead.

        • Posse Comitatus has already been suspended. In October 2006, Bush signed into law the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007. Sec. 1042 of the Act, “Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies,” effectively overturns Posse Comitatus.

          October 1st, 2008 the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was employed by the US Northern Command to patrol US streets and provide security for convoys during man-made or natural disasters. Combine that with their “civilian inmate labor program” and “civilian labor camps” on Army installations and we have your basic recipe for a military coup against a free republic.

          The Republicans are just as complicit in the BHO planned dictatorship as are the Democrats. Romney will only continue the trend. These asses think they can subdue the American Spirit.

          • woody- every american military kid I’ve talked to says they can hardly wait for the chance to fight the domestic enemy,(read the american people)they are being trained to believe we the people are the real enemy in america,you older military people better have a talk with these kids,cause if you don’t your going to see a blood bath that no war you’ve ever been in will compare with,(read here the death of all your friends and family)if thats what you fools want,don’t bother to reel them in……………

            • You’re so full of shit you stink through the screen. F’ing moron.

            • Sir, Having served in the military in EVERY conflict from Vite Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan I speak with some knowledge about this. There will be 3 camps in the coming Second American Civil War: Those that will side with the government, with the American people against the government and those which will sit out the fight protecting the innocent who do not want to or can not fight.

              Who will win is anyone’s guess, a battle plan rarely lasts beyond the first shot. The government has the organization and the resources but not the will for an all out bloodbath. The Patriots have the will to fight, the moral high ground and the numbers. The coming war will be like NOTHING the world has ever seen, it will be brutal, when the government forces attack your family you will need to attack theirs. Everyone from newborn to the aged and infirm will be a combatant.
              In order to win the Patriots will need to organize and prepare to be as if not far more brutal then they can possibly imagine. The fight which is coming will scar the collective memory of America for many generations to come. I hope the American people are ready to wage TOTAL WAR because that is what it is going to take.

      8. Syria in the United States for all of those that dare to think for themselves. I use to think that those concentration camps were only for Muslims to make them disappear after some widespread terrorist attack, boy was I naive. Everyone that has any intelligence and thinks and sees the truth of what is going on is actually as much as a threat to the gov’ment as as some Islamic towel head terrorist. Imagine that, the 1% of the preppers that want to preserve what the country was founded on are now equal to or more of a threat to those in power than some true enemy. Only the sheeple or common android type person that can be lead around by a nose ring will not be targeted, just made into a slave.

        Those drones are not meant to spy on people as much, they are killers that can delivery a payload to someone’s home or retreat without risking one single guv’ment crony. They are so high up that unless you have a SAM, surface to air missile, or some sort of laser or disruptor you are defenseless against them. They deem you a threat after the collapse, then you have a drone seeking you out soon afterwards. Anyone out there know how to make some Tesla style disruptor? Anyone out there have some nice deep cave property they like to sell? God, we are so screwed.

        • It’s much more complex than just having attack drones. You probably need 100 surveillance drones for every attack drone.

          From wikipedia:


          Although most UAVs are fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft designs (i.e., RUAVs) such as this MQ-8B Fire Scout are also used.

          UAVs typically fall into one of six functional categories (although multi-role airframe platforms are becoming more prevalent):

          Target and decoy – providing ground and aerial gunnery a target that simulates an enemy aircraft or missile
          Reconnaissance – providing battlefield intelligence

          Combat – providing attack capability for high-risk missions (see Unmanned combat air vehicle)

          Logistics – UAVs specifically designed for cargo and logistics operation

          Research and development – used to further develop UAV technologies to be integrated into field deployed UAV aircraft

          Civil and Commercial UAVs – UAVs specifically designed for civil and commercial applications

          Schiebel S-100 fitted with a Lightweight Multirole Missile

          They can also be categorised in terms of range/altitude and the following has been advanced as relevant at such industry events as ParcAberporth Unmanned Systems forum:

          Handheld 2,000 ft (600 m) altitude, about 2 km range

          Close 5,000 ft (1,500 m) altitude, up to 10 km range

          NATO type 10,000 ft (3,000 m) altitude, up to 50 km range

          Tactical 18,000 ft (5,500 m) altitude, about 160 km range

          MALE (medium altitude, long endurance) up to 30,000 ft (9,000 m) and range over 200 km

          HALE (high altitude, long endurance) over 30,000 ft (9,100 m) and indefinite range

          HYPERSONIC high-speed, supersonic (Mach 1–5) or

          hypersonic (Mach 5+) 50,000 ft (15,200 m) or suborbital altitude, range over 200 km

          ORBITAL low earth orbit (Mach 25+)

          CIS Lunar Earth-Moon transfer

          CACGS Computer Assisted Carrier Guidance System for UAVs
          The United States military employs a tier system for categorizing its UAVs.

          Classifications by the United States military

          The modern concept of U.S. military UAVs is to have the various aircraft systems work together in support of personnel on the ground. The integration scheme is described in terms of a “Tier” system, and is used by military planners to designate the various individual aircraft elements in an overall usage plan for integrated operations. The Tiers do not refer to specific models of aircraft, but rather roles for which various models and their manufacturers competed. The U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps each has its own tier system, and the two systems are themselves not integrated.

          US Air Force tiers

          An MQ-9 Reaper, a hunter-killer surveillance UAV.

          Tier N/A: Small/Micro UAV. Role filled by BATMAV (Wasp
          Block III).[20]

          Tier I: Low altitude, long endurance. Role filled by the Gnat 750.[21]

          Tier II: Medium altitude, long endurance (MALE). Role currently filled by the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper.

          Tier II+: High altitude, long endurance conventional UAV (or HALE UAV). Altitude: 60,000 to 65,000 feet (19,800 m), less than 300 knots (560 km/h) airspeed, 3,000-nautical-mile (6,000 km) radius, 24 hour time-on-station capability. Complementary to the Tier III- aircraft. Role currently filled by the RQ-4 Global Hawk.

          Tier III-: High altitude, long endurance low-observable UAV. Same parameters as, and complementary to, the Tier II+ aircraft. The RQ-3 DarkStar was originally intended to fulfill this role before it was “terminated.”[22][23] Role now filled by RQ-170 Sentinel.

        • You hit the bull, Be Informed! And just this morning I was thinking of the importance of interrupt and scrambler contraptions.

          • Like I’ve said before, my husband is a high ranking Spec Ops officer and he’s more worried about drones than an economic collapse. You will lose to them everytime!

            • Somebody will come up with a low-tech solution for this high-tech crap. Nothing’s perfect.

      9. I am not suprised.

        The powers that are in charge have seen what’s happening in Europe and are preparing for it just as those that read this site are preparing for a 2nd great depression.

        Those here should not be worried as we’re most likely prepared and will be staying in the house with our own provisions and not causing any problems. Those people are left alone(unless someone who wants your provisions comes a knocking).

        The military/police will be for those rioting and looting for food, gas and money. The military will just shut it down and ask questions later to keeopp control. and some that are just in neeed will be cuaght in the crossfire.

        i’m thinking 2013-2014 will be the era of the police state in the US until people submit to 24/7 authoirity on all matters.

        • Have you seen The Hunger Games? During the contestant selection scene, the children don’t even look up at the police. They are submissive, discouraged, quiet, as if to show one would must behave amidst the PTB.

          • Dont need to see it, we’re living it.

            Think not, join a tea party and be really vocal and outstanding.

            • The Tea is dregs, all full of sheeple,
              and how to compromise, with the evil,
              soon it will be time, for all to see,
              if tea has courage, to be The III.

              Words mean nothing, to party tools,
              and many blind, are led like fools,
              the money laughs, on both the legs,
              rich ideologies, of bullets and eggs.

              Your America died, a few years ago,
              and you do think, that you do know,
              to fix what’s broken, cannot be so,
              for evil laughs, as your blood flows.

            • Your tea party dies two months after inception. Quit being a tool. Yeah, be loud, you have justification. But put the pointy hat away; it might as well be mickey mouse ears.

          • Are children learn these behaviors from us you know. Every time i pass a police man i look him in the eyes as I do with all people. I want my children to be confident and they learn that from your behavior more than anywhere else. After all aren’t we supposed to be their roll models? Plus how do you think it makes a cop feel when u look him right in the eyes? Bet he doesn’t feel as powerful

        • @ leeholson, why do you think 2013-2014? And how will the police state end? I think the police state will be worse. Our collapse in the u.s. Won’t be over for another 2-5, or possibly5-10 years,if the pace continues.Although TPTB can cause this to happen at almost anytime they want. Can anyone else give their opinion of when you think will have the rug pulled from under us?

          • *We will

          • ok, well europe is likely to go down in the next 12-18 months and IMO, that’ll set off the US as people in the US start panicking that the same will happen. then, those not ready, start stealing and looting and in steps the military to control where needed.

            it’s going to stink for about 2 years while the US and Europe painfully go through this “deleveraging era”, but thats what is happening. its not about to go to the dark ages.

            those curious might read manias, panics and crashes. for 800 years, economies; have overspent, not done anything to stop a coming crash, crash and then become better after and the US is still the best place for those with money and capital to keep it safe. i know many here think its all over, but changes in US policies for manufacturing or limiting benefits will turn things around fast for the US. nobody is willing to do it yet.

            • Leeholsen

              12-18 months…you think? I will be shocked if Europe lasts that many weeks. Egan-jones downgraded France today, Slovina is going under and Cyprus may have to goto the Russians again for money. Spain is looking at bank bailout 2 before the ink is dry on the first one.

              Egypt is having its government dissolved which will have a major impact on Iran Israel and others inthe area depending who gets in. Tunisia is on lockdown due to riots and Syria is ripping itself apart.

              Although the Middle East seems a long way off from over there. It is all pretty close together geographically and all these things tend to have major knock on effects. As an example Italy is sinking under the weight of middle easten refugees as they are the closest landing point.

              It is all pretty shit to be honest.

              Take care

            • A new axis of power is being created around the med’. The maghreb and South European Med + near middle east are going to be one power bloc.

              I look at old maps of the ancient Grecian civilisation to give me a rough idea of what this new geo-political map will look like. These nations are being purposely destroyed so that their populations will accept the corp nwo planned geo-political structures without complaint.

            • @leeholsen

              You have absolutely no idea just who we are dealing with, do you?

              This is an engineered collapse. And the endgame for these evil globalists is a reduction in the global population. How many? Oh …I don’t know for sure….5 or 6 billion maybe.

              Hey…guess what. You are one of the folks they plan to eliminate.

        • lee, aren’t you contradicting yourself?

          First you say “Those here should not be worried as we’re most likely prepared and will be staying in the house with our own provisions and not causing any problems. Those people are left alone” and then you say “i’m thinking 2013-2014 will be the era of the police state in the US until people submit to 24/7 authoirity on all matters.”

          It can’t be both ways. If we become a police state, those of us who are prepared will not be left alone. Anyone with firearms will be sought out by those in charge of the police state.

          Do you seriously think the only thing the military/police “will be for those rioting and looting for food, gas and money. The military will just shut it down and ask questions later to keeopp control.” True they will be asking questions later.

          Remember Katrina? Don’t think it won’t happen again.

          • i am not contradicting myself.

            i do not think the police/military are coming for individuals preppers, even if they have guns. there’s over 20 million in texas alone and the 1.5 active military are going to each house that has a gun ? soory, i dont see it.

            now, if youre a member of some local freedom group; then you might be expecting a visit.

      10. The war mongers are running out of countries to decimate so they want to bring their elicit war mongering campaign here to the US? If that’s what they really want, we won’t disappoint them.

      11. and i thought i was having a bad day at work!!

        • Funny, the last 2 days at work have been a real pisser.
          Politically correct id10ts who have no idea what is happening out there in the REAL WORLD.

      12. They’re obviously preparing for martial law. Not only martial law but a police state that will be ready to stamp out any resistance whatsoever.

        There’s never been a need for the military to help police forces around the country. When the police aren’t enough we have the National Guard.

        • You forgot to add 400,000 foreign NATO Troops. Not Sure exactly on the number but if I’m wrong I will correct it.

      13. Well, I always wanted to die on some foreign beach with an HK in my hands. Looks like I’ll get my chance now….only on Manhattan Beach. At least I’ll save on travel expenses.


        • hey hornman,

          Attitude is everything – +1 to you!

        • John Philip Sousa wrote “Manhattan Beach March” and a plethora of other patriotic standards. If he were to come back from the dead tomorrow he would not recognize his own country…

      14. Remeber that alt market story about the sweeds; time to start tinkering.

      15. “God knew. Even on the dawn of creation, He knew this day would happen, this moment would exist. He has a plan and He has a purpose. Don’t lose heart. He remains close to you and will see you through.”

        Terry W. Reed

        • What about the people that just want to live their lives, I think his plan for them is hell, but what did they do to god? Also, why would a mighty powerful god want to be worshiped? Shouldnt he just be down here hanging with his peeps? Sorry just questions I’ve had since I was a kid, who grew up in the church, but even as a child I had to question, the only answers I ever got were, “well, you just need to believe and you can ask you questions when you get to heaven”. Sorry I only hold someone/something in high regards when I can shake his/her/its hand and kick back to shoot the shit with a cold beer… Also, could you tell me what color of skin Jesus had??

          • Peter;
            I have questioned religions all my life, and since I read the good, bad and ugly, here is an intriguing PDF book that might explain some of the things that religions have either made up or rewritten to fit their beliefs. Since I have read sooooo many different ideas and concepts over the years, I think we all will be surprised at the REAL TRUTH, when it is revealed. When you read this, look at it as a science fiction novel, but many answers given make more sense than what the Bible, Koran, etc. let us know or are led to believe. I hope this will open some eyes to looking at what we are being told, and question it. It did me, even though I still am looking for the ACTUAL TRUTH, NOT WHAT WAS WRITTEN JUST 2000+ YEARS ago per what a few people collaborated on to influence us to what they thought at the time. With 100 billion galaxies out there, we are just a grain of sand on the beach of life. If I

          • peteropolis, if you created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, you’d want a little recognition as well.

            • All that we know is wrong, per the Sumerians, who produced the first real alphabet, and told us that we were visited from above. Read Zecariah Sitchkin, who deciphered the cuniform alphabet, since he doubted the Hebrew Bible, that states the Neliphim, who came from above and taught them all the knowledge that humanity knows. Please excuse my spelling, but you get my idea. YHWH was not what we think he is, look it up, not only in the Bible. This may piss off many, since we are ingrained from birth by what our parents taught us, and thier parents, and thier parents, but it had to start eons ago somewhere.

            • No, but I’d have taken a little longer and done a better job.

            • Paranoid,

              God didn’t screw up the world, politicians did that.

          • I am not here to preach, but, unless you have had a personal enlightening experience with the Holy Spirit, you cannot truly understand what it means to believe in a higher power.Just reading a “holy book” will not lead you to belief.

          • Yikes, dude. Repent of that while you still can.

      16. The one hope that we may have is that most of the military will not take up arms against citizens…………..we hope!

        • I know several members of the military and law enforcement officers in different levels of authority. I never reveal the extent of my preps but I have tried to engage in conversations about the state of our country and its possible demise. All of these guys love their family, country, and freedom. Some even show skepticism towards the government. To merely suggest that if things go sour in this country that it will be black or white (not literally) is not accurate. All of these guys are angered and disgusted by the “takers” and parasites of society. From what I gather, the us vs. them mentality doesn’t fit the bill here. I think many in authoritative positions aren’t going to be firing on their own people just because their bosses told them so. They will be too busy dealing the the parasites of society who will be cut off if the SHTF! Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

          • “Parasites of society” is right. Was in Revco today and saw (and heard) a grossly overweight 20-something with dirty long blond hair and a two-year old boy in tow (no wedding ring, of course) complaining and cursing that her prescription wasn’t ready. She yelled, “I don’t have time for this f—— sh–!” and stormed out the door. We vote with you, Veggie – WTSHTF law enforcement will have to deal with her and hundreds of thousands like her. And it will be bedlam…absolute bedlam…

            • The good part.

      17. The first line of defense is to do what most preppers do instinctively, keep a low profile. Unfortunately tech surveillance has put us at a disadvantage unless you’ve paid cash for every prep item on hand we’re on some list somewhere, or we’ve talked to the wrong person/friend in hopes of warning/ helping only to find out they’re lazy moochers or far more ignorant than we thought.

        Having served 24 years in the US Army (RET 6 yrs ago) we can only hope that the smart 1 / 3rd does the right thing should things ever get this far. The Military like all countries and organizations fits into the 1 / 3rd rule, 1/3rd are true professional patriots, 1/3rd are welfare cases that have found a niche but are professional posers and 1/3rd made up of people along for the ride and idiots.

        In the end it will come down to leadership at battalion and Brigade levels, for those leaders who hold their career in higher regard than “We the people” I say go to hell, but for those (and I only say this from an organizational point) that can choose the hard right over the easy wrong I say God bless individual freedom.

      18. Listen to me, and hear me fools,
        do you not know, you’re only tools,
        of a system corrupt and under stress,
        the time will come, for God’s great test.

        You shall see it, and it will fall,
        upon your heads, those standing tall,
        and in your minds, the darkness folds,
        you self righteousness, evil trolls.

        Thumbs down you give, good peoples name,
        do you not have, a lick of shame.
        Thumbs down, to the thumb downers,
        without the courage, of the sounders.

        • I only thumbs-down bad annoying poetry that doesn’t have the correct scansion/meter, and yet wants to rhyme. For the love of God, please make it go away.

          • I agree, and was very tired, and in too much of a hurry.
            Point taken…but not poetry, lyrics.
            Now, please, do better. Or KYOTY

        • And there you can sit at your fine, lofty place
          Thinking you’re smart with four Kings and an Ace.
          I see through your bullshit, your rhymes, and that style
          As you look down your nose, call us fools, all the while.

          This begs but some questions I now ask of you:
          Why is it you’re here? Have you nothing to do?
          No doubt you’re much better than all of us here –
          You have all the answers, in spite of your fear.

          • Very Good..:)

            The question is, what are some others doing here?

      19. After witnessing these ass clowns in action over the past 45 days in Afghanistan. I’m not really worried abut the Army of Cowards.

        • I spent six months over there last year. I can tell you not all Army units are the same. Don’t confuse some of those around Bagram and Kandahar with those in the field. I can also say that I have not met a Marine over there that I did not respect. All very well disciplined and true professionals.

          You really should not make such broad statements its unfair and shows a lack of respect for the sacrifice our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines are making over there.

          • um… sacrifice for what, may I ask?
            freedom? democracy? USA citizens rights?
            it sounds awful lot like Russians in Chechnia
            Come on lads, Moscow behind us! (this alludes to the famous war cry of WW2 1941, when Russians fought with their backs literally to the suburbs of Moscow)

            every true patriot and real human being of any country should outright refuse to participate in any armed conflict unless it is DIRECT defence of homeland!

            • Sacrificing time with their families, risking their lives every day. You don’t have to like why they are there, but don’t take it out on them. Take it out on the politicians that sent them there.

            • don’t ask for some great respect, because I requote myself:
              every true patriot and real human being of any country should outright refuse to participate in any armed conflict unless it is DIRECT defence of homeland!
              everything else (apart from DIRECT defence of one’s homeland) is an open aggression and occupation.
              and don’t go about “those bad politicians, they sent them there…” because
              well, my friend, nobody is sending free men anywhere… so they must be either ???? or ????…
              you fill in the gaps…

      20. No surprises here, unless you didn’t think this type of thing could happen here…

      21. The greatest vulnerability of good & moral people is their inability to grasp and comprehend how truly, off-the-chart, evil those evil people are when in power and unleashed.

        Most of us have had little personal experience with their extreme level of all consuming lust for power, that knows no moral restraints whatsoever, to both readily recognize and thwart it before it’s too late to do so.

        There is easily enough good & moral remnant remaining here to do so, if only they could awaken to the true reality of the threat, and need to do so, before their capability to do so had been too eroded.

        • good men and women spend little of their day worrying about evil people but evil people spend all day long figuring out how to get you

          • Aaron, expect it most when you expect it least. 😉

      22. This is straight out of the Emergency Defense Resources Preparedness EO recently signed by Obama. When that executive order came down, the only question was when implementation would begin. This is an unmistakable signal that implementation has begun.

        Now look for undercurrent/non-MSM stories showing that the US Army is starting to cooperate with federal, state and local officials to ensure the “protection” of U.S. water supplies. That EO turns over to the U.S. military ALL of the nation’s water resources and supplies, with one single exception: the bottled water that was placed under the control of FEMA, along with other prepared food supplies.

        Folks, the revolution is not nigh; we are already in it. The PTB know this, and they are getting a huge head start on everyone who might hope to fight to retain the benefits of the constitutional republic we once established of the People, by the People and for the People.

        It’s going to be a hell of a year…

        • Lake Havasu (water supply for 30 MILLION people) JUST THIS WEEK completed a TOTAL fortification of its pumping plant. The entrances have been moved and THICK concrete barriers installed. The wilmer pumping station can effectively be SEALED OFF with two tractor trailers.

          I believe we will be the first to see military action,since we supply so. cal with most of their water.Luckily our 40000 HEAVILY ARMED citizens will not lay down, and with 3500 FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons at the ready, we say “BRING IT BARRY” lets get this started,so WE can finish it for you….

      23. Those earthquakes aren’t from fracking the shale. They are our founding fathers rolling in their graves.

      24. The military has confirmed that the “82-foot-long” craft seen being towed out of California to the beltway, is an unmanned military aircraft,(a drone) known as an X-47B. Another x-47B was delivered in late 2011.

        These are huge weapons and they are here. Now they have the gall to simply move them right in front of the american people, knowing that no one will stop them.
        This is just mind boggling and insane. I have no idea what it will take to wake the people up. I will refer to a quote that I posted before, I feel it needs to said again.

        You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. – Navajo

        • Take this at face value, but I saw something about 5 months ago out west(close to an airbase,driving towards a testing ground), part of it was hanging over(longways and the wings across also) a couple feet off the flatbed(I am not a trucker, I do not know the length/width of a standard flatbed trailor).

          It kinda looked like a mix between a rocket from the old black and white flash gordon,a nazi b-2, and the external tank from the shuttle.

          Anyone out there know what that might be?

      25. I hope the members of the armed forces are smart enough to know when to disobey orders. I was in the military, you don’t have to follow orders that are illegal or unconstitutional, and deployment on US soil is clearly in violation of the posse commitatus act. And I could care less about the executive orders whereby the President feels he can waive constitutional restrictions. This is just getting insane.

        • See, this is what bothers me most..what member of the armed forces can differentiate between legal/illegal, lawful/unlawful, or constitutional/unconstitutional??
          Just saying.

      26. should read “courage of the FOUNDERS”

      27. This is no time for a sunshine patriot. 😉

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

      28. Bring it on.. Any soldier firing on his own fair game in my book..

        • And treason in mine..
          maybe what little we get to see of these “troops” over in other countries is nothing more than what will be coming here..same game, different playing field.

          • The upper 1% will plan to use UN troops on USA Soil.. Against us..

            It will be the civil war of all wars.. The big cities already have all the ground UN gear and vehicles in place.. Add the foreign merchants and boom.. Big cities will fall..

            We will hold them off at the rual junctions .. But they will starve or burn us out..

            We are all doomed.. Just some will go before others..

            Let’s God take care of it.. It is his plan that will save all man kind..

      29. I am having a bbq this weekend for fathers day and will have 45 people over. I had to go to ten different stores and buy the same exact thing ten different times because I did not want to be seen as a hoarder by the DHS and local leos. I could just not take the chance and buy 15 cans of pork and beans and two extra packages of hot dogs and end up in a fema camp. Luckily I had been taking out $15 at the bank for the last ten weeks so I was able to pay cash and not be tracked by using debit/credit cards. I got kind of a funny look when I bought both ketchup and mustard at one store so I will have to make sure and write down what I got at each store and not purchase the same item withing the same month. I think I will ask some of my relatives for pictures of their kids so if someone in the future raises any questions of why I am buying so much I will show them the pics and say I have 11 kids and they eat a lot. You just can’t be to careful, I am sure the Obama admin is keeping records on all of us and if he wins in nov a lot of us will be in BIG trouble and have to expain why we bought more than a few days of groceries and that 24 pack of toilet paper. This will be my last post on the internet their are too many of the govt. spooks watching so from now on I wil be leaving messages behind the cedar tree at the corner across from the liquor store that sells the zero candy bars in the freezer.

        • Joe–Is that zero bar with the nuts or without?

      30. can you scramble drones? Is there a way to mess them up and make them unable to do there job?

        • Hi-jack the Dorito truck before it gets to the base.

      31. Country boys hate commies!

      32. OLD NEWS !!!!!!

        • Now whoever gave me a negative rating is obviously a DUMB FUCK !!!

      33. In the state of Ohio, the State Highway Patrol has an annual class for new cadets and sometimes no classes at all. This year they will be having three classes this year.., ” It’s part of a huge hiring blitz.”Quoted by Teri Cavin in my local paper.

        Cavin gives his explanation why for the hiring., but I am sitting here scratching my head on this one.


      34. Some where there is a person behind ever one of the drones so I’ll leave the rest to you if you get my drift! There maybe just maybe that the drones can be used against them also HMMMMM! You talk about infiltrating the otherside well just maybe. Thats just me
        Live Free and Stand Tall

      35. You are on your own. Leave all cities NOW! while you still have time I dont care which state just to ensure your family will not take the brunt of whatever happens when the SHTF. Get out, get prepped. You are on your own. Put miles between you and the oncoming madness. Try to get near some clean water and hills,an/or an area that you cab grow stuff! But get away!

      36. Ewww! All that high tech gadgetry, and fancy words like “Rapid Response!” Scary isn’t it? You would think that with all the prep the US government is doing that they might be afraid maybe? Look at their involvment in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. They can’t win. They don’t know how. We are talking about stupid, brainwashed, sociopaths. They treat us like domestic terrorists. They don’t even know what domestic terrorism is. Americans, despite themselves, have always found ways to deviate or originate around the common ideologies our society suggests. Simply look at it like you’re Bugs Bunny, and the government is Elmer Fudd. Sure he’s got a gun, but he gets outsmarted every time. He’ll never get Bugs, he doesn’t have the mentality, all he does is tell you what he’s doing.
        What’s up doc?
        I’m hunting wabbit!
        Wabbit! What’s a wabbit?
        Elmer doesn’t know what he’s hunting. Bugs has to point it out to him sometimes.
        Or the Road Runner, were The Coyote invents all these contraptions to snare the Road Runner. How many times do they blow up in his face? Why? ACME? Sometimes. Other times he doesn’t know when to stop and finds himself running of a cliff. He’s hopeless. An obsessive compulsive bent on the destruction of one scrawny bird. Foghorn or Porky maybe, but the Road Runner? please!

        Of course these are cartoons, but what’s the differnce between a puppet show and a cartoon, hmm? Which one is more real? Is it possible for an individual to perhaps redirect the mentality of vicious hateful thought? Yes, its easy. And Fun.

        I get tired of reading about all the tyranny, and opression. Mac, all I see is the spread of fear, paranoia, and distrust. Big Bro is watching, No, you just make them think he is. This illusion of the world as we know it is collapsing. I am honored by god to bear witness. I am not afraid.
        The feds to me are “Fudds.” They wouldn’t know a terroist if he came up and kissed him.
        That’s all folks

        • Well stated. I do not fear the government, it is incompetent. It is the fear mongers, conspiracy theorists and religious nut jobs that are a more direct threat to my liberty.

      37. I still think all of these programs to enhance our security and make us ‘safer’ are mere ways to fund for more monies and provide jobs, making unemployment seem less and improve bank accounts of the corporate only..not us.

      38. America will be a police state. That’s a given.

        The world was safer when an empire ruled.

        The Mongol Empire, built by vigilantes, kept most of Asia safe for more than a century. People were afraid to pick up a dropped needle.

        Such kind of world will return, and the elite will become Gods. Hunger Games will look like a paradise, and that’s the world’s fate.

      39. For the past three years I have e-mailed and called our county’s CERT (Community Response Emergency Team) coordinator to sign up for training. When calling I was told that the course had no funding. The last course was offered Jan 2009. All of the sudden I receive an email this week stating I am now enrolled in the July training and be willing to commit to a seven week course.

        After reading the above article and comments I wonder…hummm the county all the sudden has funding!!

        Wonder if I really want to take the course and be exposed? Another prepper friend located a few counties away suggested the CERT training is good to have. Any thoughts! Appreciate all that I have learned reading this site. God Bless America!

      40. So here’s the released(today I believe) list of current and future drone sites.

        P.S. After reading some of the comments left on the site today. I have this to say,


        You aint gonna solve a G@D^*%!! thing by calling each other names.

        Thank you for your time.

      41. F.U.B.A.R…. F.U.B.A.R……… FUBAR BIGTIME !!!!

      42. One must wonder about that art imitating life or life imitating art phrase. Too much of this stuff has been seen in movies like Enemy’s of the State.

        If a surveillance program of great size was to be instituted and it’s reasonable to assume some of it’s details (such as location) would leak out would it be smart to in effect hide it in plain site. Why not put a lot of the details in a movie and if anything leaked it would be discredited quite easily with, “Oh you seen that on TV’ or “You seen that in the movies”. To the masses the credibility has been lost and the thought process ended.

        Think about all the glory war shows that came out just prior to Vietnam in the 1960s like Combat, 12 OClock high and others. That, “Art imitating life and life imitating art” may be no accident.

      43. I was kinda hoping for an answer to my question instead of 4 thumbs up. Can I take this to mean no one knows??

      44. Did you know red coats drive now?

      45. We need to stop feeding the beast. Pull out of your Wall Street Controlled 401k’s and buy physical Gold and Silver. I was thinking we can do this in concert for a particular month. Fill out a new W-4 and make it Tax Exempt in protest of the DC racketeers/war mongers to start listening to us when we cut off OUR money to them. What does everyone think about this?

        • To starve the beast, is the only righteous stance for good men against evil.

          People don’t understand,
          Evil feeds on you.

          To the Trolls who support troops in the streets,
          I hope they come to your house first.
          When they go to the streets, under martial law, the military makes the rules…and your firearms will be forfeit…and house to house searches will be made legal.

          You might get it.

      46. You can add his name to the traitors that will be taken down in the coming MASS ARRESTS.

      47. Maybe we were prefer Foreign Troops coming in? I’m sure Russia or China would just love to impose Martial Law or help quell an uprising.

        So where is all the buzz about the Summit in Chicago? Never heard a peep after the arrests did we? Plenty of speculation yet no one followed up with stories, good or bad.

        Don’t get me wrong, I believe we don’t need another Kent State scenario. But if everyone is so concerned with the government and the Army conspiring against us, vote the fluckers out! It’s that easy…stop whining and vote them out 2012!

        • yours truly. vote who out and vote who in? voting for mitt romney and the gop is not an answer to anything. the white house will not help you.. AT ALL.

        • Never has worked before, why should it work now?
          Tell me, what asinine laws have ‘the other guys’ repealed?
          What regulations have been done away with?
          What taxes have been eliminated?
          What outmoded useless commissions?

          The Party of Welfare and the Party of Warfare, have no vested interest in doing anything but looting your wealth.
          Get a clue.

      48. Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 RING A BELL for any of you zionist fascist fedgov homo pillow biters in wash dc ???

        the district of globalist illuminati bilderboybugger corruption !!!


        PUCK THE FEDS !!!


      49. Many comments I see here remind of school yard bullies. Sounds like the typical chicken sh– hawk who talks big but at the first sniff of cordite winds up in the fetal position in some corner crying in his own sh–, piss and spit. Can’t help but wonder how many of the big talkers here are just that, big talkers.


        Every now and then, in the middle of the constant barrage of crap that’s just pissing us all off these days, you come across a story, a feat, an event that just makes us stop in our tracks.

        Cody Green was a 12-year-old kid in Indiana who was diagnosed with leukemia at 22 months. He loved the Marines, and his parents said he drew strength and courage from the Marine Corps, as he bravely fought the battle into remission three times. Although he was cancer-free at the time, the chemotherapy had lowered his immune system and he developed a fungus infection that attacked his brain. Two weeks ago, as he struggled to fend off that infection in the hospital.

        The Marines wanted to show how much they respected his will to live, his strength, honor, and courage. They presented Cody with Marine navigator wings and named him an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps. For one Marine, that wasn’t enough … so that night, before Cody Green passed away, he took it upon himself to stand guard at Cody’s hospital door all night long, 8 hours straight.

        Nowhere on the face of this planet is there a country so blessed as we to have men and women such as this. I wish I could personally tell this Marine how proud he makes me to be an American.

        God, I do so love this country.

        Y’all Beware! If you can, take time to thank those that serve.

      51. I just farted !

      52. Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno = Traitor!

        “To protect and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic!”

        • Actually the oath is to the Constitution, not the country directly. A fine point but relevant due to the nature of what is happening.

          “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; ”

          The enemies of the Constitution are in power and the military should be taking up arms against them to fulfill their oath, not the citizens who intend to depose those enemies. The system our enemies have put in place to limit freedom in violation of the Constitution does not legitimize their criminal acts.

      53. no AMERICAN Troop would cooperate with such a plan.

      54. Look at the supports provided the first Americans who repelled an invading army. How were they able to fend off such overwhelming forces? Why did France provide Americans with the Statue of Liberty?
        When a soldier’s family is in harms way, will that soldier defend their family or the marching orders of a dictator? When law enforcement’s family is in harms way, will that law enforcement professional defend their family or the marching orders of a dictator?
        The American people fear their government; they don’t fear their fellow patriots.
        If America is to become a wasteland, it will be at the hands of a dictator and a fascist government, NOT by the people.

        • “If America is to become a wasteland, it will be at the hands of a dictator and a fascist government, NOT by the people.”

          You mean like the one we have now?

      55. It is not really relevant that General Odierno is not by himself in charge of the US military. The very fact that a senior US military officer would propose the use of US military forces for domestic operations beyond rescue and assistance during a natural disaster is disturbing. There is nothing wrong with calling on the military in case of a wild fire, flood or earth quake, but to call on the military in case of domestic civil unrest is concerning. 9/11 and this entire Islamic terrorism issue has opened the doors for this type of thinking. One could almost say, had there not been a 9/11 or other Islamic terror attacks, they sure would have been desirable to create this mindset. While terrorism by Islamic radicals is very real, I think we are over-militarizing our response. We never had this many domestic govt. agencies which are armed, or such curtailment of freedoms in the name of national security. I think the pendulum has gone too far right. I don’t understand what these hawks are fearing? Are they so prepared to instigate a public revolt? Should it come to some sort of economic or security meltdown, do they really think that they can use the US military against US citizens? The consequences would be dire, like in our Civil War. There are many, many Americans who would simply refuse to accept Marshall Law and there would be unnecessary bloodshed on both sides. I question how many US soldiers would follow orders to arrest, detain and disarm US citizens? It would not surprise me if such an order would not ignite massive desertions. To most soldiers this is a very sensitive issue and the National Guard for one would hardly participate in any action against fellow citizens. This however does not mean that the military would not engage in domestic surveillance and other domestic intel operations.

      56. One more time! There are over 100 million registered firearms in America! Most of our Military is overseas.
        Just who in the Hell is going to arrest us?

        MOLON LABE !

        • Thats right, they have to get us all are one time, no way. If they don’t word is out and their game is over, and they know it.
          Stand tall at all time and in their face

      57. Completely against the Constitution!

      58. You people worry too much.
        Just last year in Wisconsin, there were 600,000 deer hunting permits issued, PA had 750,000, MI had 700,000.
        Just those 3 states have over 2 million men with high power, accurate rifles.
        Now imagine adding all the other states.
        Now imagine adding all the gun owners who don’t hunt (like me).
        Show me any army who will screw with 40,50 or 60 million armed US citizens.
        We are many, they are few, they fear us.

      59. Dave
        As heroic as that sounds, their just not that worried about it. They know we will need those weapons to protect ourselves and our families from our neighbors and those who wish to do us harm. Who do you think is pulling the economic purse strings? Pulling it tighter and tighter until people lose it.

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