Dollar Moves Shake the World: “Federal Reserve Could Start a Currency War”

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    There is a war, a currency war, and the war is, ultimately, on us.

    In many respects, Americans have fallen far, and hard, from the liberty they once had.

    Rather than living under a sound currency, modern Americans live under an economic despotism. There are monopoly men who tightly control the money, and are all the more insidious in their subtlety, and quietness in the shadows.

    Today, things are so bad that they face economic enslavement and a rapid theft of their wealth through the debasement of the dollar’s value. Not only is the destruction of the dollar systematic and planned, but it is designed to leave Americans holding the bag. The money passes round and round, but it trickles down from the big banks, who are loaned the money free at zero percent interest by the Federal Reserve under its QE program, created to “fix” the 2008 economic crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees.

    Now, literally any action at all – especially including no action – by the Federal Reserve has a direct impact on the value of the U.S. dollar, and greatly determines the course of world events, and especially whether or not average people can pay the bills.

    According to The Street, it is an all out currency war that will have direct impact on budgets large and small:

    The stock market stays high because the Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates. The Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates because the U.S. inflation rate remains low. The inflation rate remains low because the value of the U.S. dollar is high. The dollar is strong because world commodity prices have fallen and have “driven up the dollar and held down U.S. import prices.”

    According to the Financial Times, the last three items mentioned are interrelated. Furthermore, it now seems as if momentum is picking up within the Federal Reserve to postpone any increases in it policy rate for an extended period of time. That inaction may not be the best decision in terms of the relative strength of currencies.

    According to this argument, the stock market should begin to fall because the Fed is raising interest rates

    The key connector here seems to be the relationship between the value of the U.S. dollar and any action that the Federal Reserve might take on raising short-term interest rates.

    The Fed is the only thing propping the stock market up – when, or if, it moves, there will be a crash, that will call bad debtors and impoverish entire social security systems. But things aren’t much better if they stay still, either. According to The Street:

    [I]f the Fed does not raise its target policy rate, other countries will have to take further action to ease up further on their economic policies. The European Central Bank will extend its quantitative easing. The Bank of England will not raise its policy rates. The Peoples Bank of China will attempt to achieve further ease so that the renminbi will fall against the U.S. dollar.

    In effect, this looks like a currency war, and the world cannot afford a currency war at this time.

    The Federal Reserve needs to take these things into consideration in making their policy decisions. They are, after all, the global reserve currency and they cannot avoid the responsibilities that go along with this position.


    If the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates, the value of the US dollar will fall and this will have an impact on the commodity prices of emerging nations, causing import prices and U.S. inflation to rise.

    How did the Federal Reserve get so much power over the American economy – and that of the world’s? There have been many stages of the theft which are too numerous to list, but which are generally well known to those familiar with its odious origins as a design by the banking cartel.

    Started under conspiratorial circumstances back in 1913, the Federal Reserve has established itself as a private central bank for the country, though it is not part of the U.S. government. Since its inception, the Fed has driven the dollar down to just a fraction of its original value.


    During the past century of Federal Reserve monetary reign, the wealth of Americans

    Since the U.S. went off the gold standard under the shadow presidency of Henry Kissinger in 1971, the dollar has plummeted in status to a worthless piece of paper. Meanwhile, however, the dollar was the world reserve currency, and was the currency that traded for oil during a time of supply crisis, it has retained an accepted – and therefore valued – status so long as America dominated foreign policy (in part by managing more and more wars) and maintained its status.

    The banksters operated the monetary and financial system that led the world by trading in petrodollars, and in turn, forced oil rich nations like Saudi Arabia to invest on Wall Street, as well as reluctant powers like Japan, who were forced to open up their markets to foreign investment during the oil crisis.

    But now world power is shifting. The dollar is dying, and the Federal Reserve has become a leviathon that is too big to die, and too bloated to be effective. In its enormous capacity, it is facilitating the theft of TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars from the American people:

    Americans face a further decline in their standard of living in all cases, market-wide conditions that the Fed alone can determine. Their wealth is rapidly evaporating.

    If the Fed raises rates, the market will crash. On the otherhand, if it doesn’t raise rates, and continues indefinitely on its course of quantative easing, investors, middle class and working families, businesses, as well as pensions, benefit programs and insurance policies will also die a slow painful economic death.

    Already things are hovering dangerously on edge, and squeezing in tightly.


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      1. If it comes to pass, load up your brass, for debtor’s prison is where you will go if this obama-gime has their way. Fight for what is truly American…freedom, anyone who thinks otherwise can bite my fleshy pink ass.

        • You sound like a true American Native, whichever tribe you’re from; keep your arms, don’t make treaties and plan like you’re going to be put on a reservation with no water.
          Almost forgot, plan for your children to be assimilated and you’re religion and language to be erased.

        • They want our guns so bad so they can kill us and our families. I’m starting to have a very strong desire for their blood in return.

          • Koresh thought that way.

            I suppose he got what he wanted.

          • The banking cabal is just another terrorist organization, Instead of guns, the are killing people with printed paper and a computer keyboard.

            • Conspiracy-theorist nonsense.

            • By ‘banking cabal’ I think we all know you mean the ‘tribe’ responsible for these shameful changes to the American way of life.

              • I mean the Rothschilds family and their cohorts at the very top of the financial industry. If they end up being part of the “tribe”, then so be it.

                …and Vic, the NWO is no longer a conspiracy theory, it’s a published and well documented FACT, admitted by people in positions of great power, as well as several leaders, both foreign and domestic.

                You should pull your head out of the 60’s.

                • six.
                  Only a fool could now doubt that there is a NWO power network behind the scenes and at the root of these troublesome times.
                  Keep on with your good work… They must really despise the minority of dissidents who aren’t brainfucked by the system.

      2. Financial markets are controlled by the same evil and powerful force that is even now being defeated by REALITY:

        1. Humans were endowed by their “Creator” with certain inalienable rights (“Declaration of Independence” from the UK, Thomas Jefferson, 1776)

        2. Chemical atoms were endowed by the “Conscious and intelligent Mind” that guided the force holding spinning electrons and protons together with inalienable volumes and vibrations (“The Essence of Matter,” Max Planck, 1944), and

        3. “A nearby pulsar” (most likely in the core of the Sun) endowed Earth’s biological molecules with intrinsic homochirality (“Birthday greeting from a former student,” JT Lee, 14 Oct 2015)!

        All is well,




          SO HOW THE FUCK


          • Hey Acid… do you vote?

        • “Not only is the destruction of the dollar systematic and planned …”

          This is patently a false statement.

          The dollar is the currency in which the NWO holds its wealth and power. The money men in the shadows who control that currency are NOT going to destroy their wealth by destroying the dollar.

          This statement is TOTALLY irrational. 🙂

          • “According to this argument, the stock market should begin to fall because the Fed is raising interest rates.”

            That argument is patently false too.

            The stock market will fall when investors recognize that corporate earnings are in decline. IE the recent collapse of Wal Mart stock is a perfect example.

            I pointed this out early this year. Its in the archives. 🙂

            • Under globalism, earnings are generated for American companies, primarily in foreign currencies (ie the Yuan) which must be converted to be expressed in dollars. When the Chinese devalue the Yuan, meaning the dollar is worth more Yuan to the dollar than before, earnings expressed in dollar terms decline.

              This decline in earnings as reported by American corporations is also exacerbated and magnified by the REAL decline in sales and consumption; exampled by the decline in the Baltic Dry Shipping Index

              A significant decline in earnings triggers a higher PE ratio, pushing that ratio beyond a reasonable return for the risk, putting downward pressure on a stock price. When this downward pressure is manifested in many stocks within a given index (ie S&P or DOW) the index falls.

              This is not rocket science or teotwawki. It is simple supply and demand, risk and reward. 🙂

              • “The Peoples Bank of China will attempt to achieve further ease so that the renminbi will fall against the U.S. dollar.”

                Lets be clear, and accurate here. The Chinese REPEGGED the Yuan lower (to the dollar) when their stock market collapsed under its own weight; giving the Chinese a specific advantage over other exporters like S Korea and India.

                China started the latest currency war, not the US.

                Now that the world has fallen into a global recession China will continue to try to undermine competitors by lowering the value of its currency to protect its jobs and mitigate social unrest.

                They will fail. Their real estate bubble is soooo BIG, it will crush the Chinese economy when it bursts, again. And then the Games begin. 🙁

                • “But now world power is shifting. The dollar is dying.”

                  Another statement that is patently false. The USA is stronger militarily and economically than any other major power, by far; which is why it is willing to engage both Russia and China simultaneously.

                  The dollar is the currency of choice of the NWO and it is backed by the US MIC. Until the US MIC is destroyed, it will rule supreme. China is about to implode completely, as I mentioned here, two years ago. Its in the archives.

                  More propaganda. 🙂

                  • durangokidd says:

                    “The USA is stronger militarily and economically than any other major power, by far; which is why it is willing to engage both Russia and China simultaneously.”


                    Is that why Putin is decimating American proxies on the ground in Syria… because “The USA is stronger militarily and economically than any other major power…”???


                    “More propaganda”


                    • There is no comparison between the US, Russia and China. The latter two are regional powers while the US has global reach. The technological advantage the US has allows it to maintain relative control over the air. This being said both China and Russia can control areas that they can walk to, border areas.

                      The US was failing in their ostensible objective in Syria because the true purpose was to bomb Syrian infrastructure.

                      In the end none of the above will push any force to a WWII type conclusion.

                    • Kevin2 said:

                      “The technological advantage the US has allows it to maintain relative control over the air.”

                      Q: If thats true, why does Russia now control the skies over Syria???

                      BTW: I suspect that K2 is actually zukadu/durangokidd.

                      Tell me I’m wrong!!!

                    • YMWW: “Is that why Putin is decimating American proxies on the ground in Syria… because “The USA is stronger militarily and economically than any other major power…”??

                      No, Russia is destroying Obola’s proxies because he is too weak a POTUS to resist. Why do you think the top Marine Corp general recently resigned? Obola doesn’t want to win.

                      He is a fucking Muslim or hadn’t you noticed?

                      In an all out war between major powers the generals take over and defend their territories as planned in advance. Russia needs two years of production of its newest jet to challenge NATO in Europe at current levels of arms.

                      NATO and the US are not standing still. Russia will not be able to catch up unless they can steal and produce new American technology. 🙂

                  • REMEMBER folks the people who control the money DO NOT CARE whicg KIND of currency it is because THEY will have dumped the old stuff and already HAVE THE NEW stuff IF that is what they want to do, DO they can destroy the US dollar anytime they want to!!
                    END OF STORY!!
                    wake up people this is not rocket science!!

                    • stupid auto ,
                      sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, “Which”
                      “SO they can destroy”

                  • Despite it’s fabled technical superiority, USA could not handle either Russia or China for any length of time. Their missles are way cheaper than our ships and planes. Fire enough of them from different vectors and you will succeed.

                    • Hugh,
                      you are correct and also OBUTTHEAD has reduced our supplies of military hardware and so we could not keep up for very long against a well supplied foe!

                  • Sorry DK, The USA is NOT stronger militarily and economically than any other major power, by far; which is why it is NOT willing to engage both Russia and China simultaneously. Instead, it’s using goat herders for proxies. That’s why the U.S. can’t just TAKE what it wants, instead, it has to use “color revolutions” and “covert regime changes” to get what it wants.

                    What it can’t get with a regime change or a few bombs, it bribes or blackmails the leadership into. THERE IS A GOOD REASON WHY THE NSA IS SPYING ON OUR ALLIES AND ENEMIES ALIKE — THERE’S REALLY NO DIFFERENCE IN THE TWO.

                    Sorry but I disagree. The U.S./USURPED GOVT is COWARDLY and conniving. It lies to the entire world.

                    The best part is that the entire world is waking up and seeing that The United States JUST SHOWED IT’S ASS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD IN THE MIDDLE EAST! We just showed EVERY LEADER IN EVERY COUNTRY what we’re capable of.

                    REGIME CHANGES — Nobody wants us to pull one on them. They all have to wonder “AM I NEXT?” And for good reason, they just might be.

                    I’m afraid now that the CIA illegal/covert regime changes and other color revolutions we’ve been pulling is out of the bag, the entire world will look at us a lot differently.

                    They all know that we believe we should RULE THE WORLD AND IT SHOULD BE FASHIONED IN OUR OWN IMAGE.

                    So now I ask you — what should they do, if they don’t WANT to be shaped in our image? What if they LIKE the way it is on their sovereign soil?

                    Or better question —WHY SHOULD THEY TRUST US TO LEAVE THEM ALONE? We haven’t left anyone else alone. I’ll forego the long list of regime changes committed by the United States, let’s just agree that the list is too long to be appropriate for a “democratic govt”.

                    Other countries KNOW that we’ve been spying on them, our allies included. Do you think they still feel like our “allies” now?

                    We’ve even been caught spying on UN and NATO private talks. We’ve been caught spying on everybody.


                    Was it just coincidence that France had the Charley Hebdo attack just days after Hollande rebuffed the sanctions against Russia? Maybe not.

                    Venezuela, Argentina and Guatemala all suffered similar attacks on their countries, right after refusing the west their corporate desires.

                    All of our dirty, covert little CIA-instigated and executed tricks are out of the bag for all to see. We’ve even openly ADMITTED to some of them.

                    Our banking system and corporate domination in other countries is out of the bag. They know we’ve been using both as leverage to gain compliance and access to their resources that we think is ours for the taking.

                    THEY KNOW WHAT A DOMINANT BULLY STATE WE ARE, AND EACH LEADER NOW KNOWS IT WAS NOT ONLY THEM WHO WAS VICTIMIZED…they can see the other victims coming out, a few at a time. They are no longer alone, and I believe they’ve been talking amongst themselves about it.

                    They now realize the extent and sheer reach of our treachery.

                    So I ask everyone here —WHAT WOULD YOU, AS A LEADER OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, DO?

                    • AND DON’T NAG ON ME ABOUT THE USE OF “WE” TO REPRESENT THE U.S. GOVT. You know what I mean.

                    • sixpack: “Sorry DK, The USA is NOT stronger militarily and economically than any other major power, by far; which is why it is NOT willing to engage both Russia and China simultaneously.”

                      Not true. The administration will engage them when US interests are challenged. IE, navigation of the seas. Maybe you saw where the US said it will send warships to the Chinese developed artificial islands in the South China Sea, despite Chinese protests?

                      Initially, China said it would fire on US Ships intruding on Chinese territorial waters. Bad decision. Now they are backtracking because the US has said: “We’re coming!”.

                      Syria is primarily a Saudi gambit to eliminate Iranian allies at its back, before Iran is engaged directly across the Persian Gulf. It is also an attempt to install the NWO
                      Muslim Brotherhood.

                      Those attempts across the Middle East are failing, have failed because Obola is a poor Commander in Chief and doesn’t take the advice of his generals; that’s why they quit.

                      And that is why Putin is kicking his ass. 🙂

                • durangokidd….
                  Unfortunately you are SO wrong.
                  Quit listening to MSNBC, FAUX news and CNN….

                  To be clear and accurate, China (and Russia) are dumping the erstwhile “reserve currency” (aka US Petro dollar), by buying real estate INSIDE the United States, buying gold and storing it…. buying uranium (engineered by the Clintons)….and various other methods of getting RID of the US currency…..

                  The Yuan (renimbi) is doing just fine…. and it may end up being the next “reserve currency” of the world before the fat lady sings.

                  The US is dying… and well on its way. It was inevitable.

                  • And… was planned that way (to die) for over a century.
                    America, with it’s guns and bibles, was stronger than any nation and society ever, until the “illuminated ones”, controlled by the “shining one”, and led by the “abomonable one” was allowed to control the asleep sheeple ones, through regulation and dumbed down liberal education.

                  • “The Yuan (renimbi) is doing just fine…. and it may end up being the next “reserve currency” of the world before the fat lady sings.”

                    How so? Please explain because the Yuan plays a marginal role in world trade. What’s it’s share of the pie of fiat currencies? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the single digits.

                    Do we need another world reserve currency? Hell no, we don’t and there shouldn’t be anymore of this bullshit currency BS. But TPTB are too stupid, greedy and power driven which is why it could probably happen again.

                    China is NOT to be trusted as they have cheated ($25-30T in QE and a much larger shadow banking system than the West) more than the Western cabal. So i’m always amused by the China cheerleaders who can’t wait for the USD to be destroyed and replaced by the YUAN. Good luck with that because based on China’s track record of being cheaters and shysters they will take everyone to the bank, literately and figuratively.

                    • “China is NOT to be trusted as they have cheated…” — What does TRUST have to do with anything?

                  • Watcher: If wishes were horses beggars would ride … and you would be right. But you are not.

                    China and Russia are selling their FX (dollars) in a desperate attempt to shore up their currencies. How’s that “dumping the dollar to collapse the dollar” working?

                    LMFAO!!! 🙂

              • DK

                Your correct with one exception using the term, “American Corporations”. They manufacturing is overseas, their facilities are overseas but their protection is in the US.

                They’re global international companies guarded by the US military.

                I somewhat question the Baltic Dry Index as its quite an indirect measure of global commerce measuring the cost not the quantity of goods shipped. When fuel oil drops by half it has to reflect in this cost. I prefer watching Dr Copper.

                • k2: Its a given that American corporation production facilities are overseas, and yes their protection is the US MIC.

                  The Baltic DRY Index is just that: dry materials, including coal, grain, and metals, like DR Copper. Oil & gas are measured by the Baltic Dirty Tanker Index. These are good indicators when coupled with other data and over time paint a pretty good picture of the trends.

                  Apache54: Yes the money men don’t care what currency they use as long as they control the currency. Right now they control the dollar and use it to hold & grow their wealth.

                  If you don’t like the dollar then you can use bit coin, or sea shells; until gold and silver come back into fashion. 🙂

                • LMAO!!!

                  K2 is DK!

                  • How many other tags do you maintain DK???

                    Mac knows!

                    IP addresses don’t lie.

                    • YMWW: “IP addresses don’t lie.” WRONG AGAIN!!! Actually, they can and do. K2 and I are NOT the same person.

                      But find the others!!! 🙂

                    • durangokidd said:

                      “K2 and I are NOT the same person.”

                      Bullsh!t…! You’ve admitted to having multiple tags!!


                      durangokidd said:

                      “Yes… can you spot the rest?”

                    • So we’re playing “Where in the world is Durango kid”?

                    • Sixpack: I just sent YMWW on a snipe hunt. 🙂

          • The “money men” (bankers) in the shadows who control the currency have already decided… they will crush the dollar while transferring their wealth to the next (fiat) scheme.

            This analysis is TOTALLY correct!!!

            “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

            • YMWW: Believe what you want. If you say it enough you might convince yourself but the NWO is moving to lock up 40% of global GDP with the TPP and a similar number (current stats) with the ATP.

              KING DOLLAR is the currency of choice of the New World Order, for better or worse, defended by the US MIC and NATO.

              Thats reality. 🙂

            • YMWW: I agree with Thomas Jefferson, but your premise is … WRONG AGAIN!!!

              They control the dollar. They hold their wealth and power in dollars. They do not need another currency to fulfill Jefferson’s admonition.

              And they do not suffer competition kindly which is why China is tanking as I have explained here before. 🙂

          • It is empirical fact. So kindly STFU.

            • Breathial: Make a real analysis. I will gladly engage you. 🙂

          • Not if they turn their dollars into tangible assets first. And that’s the reality. Some buy gold, silver, land, islands, yachts, airplanes, hotrods, and so on and so forth. They are milking the middle class and buying up the tangibles…. period.

        • Obama thinks the Declaration of Independence is really a terrorist manifesto.

          • It was to King George and the British.

      3. The Federal Reserve is doing everything they can to perpetuate the $3 billion they embezzle daily using the auction accounts of Treasury securities which the FRBNY has EXCLUSIVE disbursement control over. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

        The accounts have never been audited. All audits of the Fed are conducted in accordance with guidelines established by the Board of Governors.

        The same Wall Street financiers that receive the embezzled funds control the IMF and World Bank. Ref.

        They have used the CIA and the U.S. military to enforce their exploitation of the under developed nations. Ref. FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

        They have now moved up to Greece and Europe. Collection on the $18 trillion U.S. debt is the “ultimate goal.”

        Are you ready for ‘austerity’ ?

        • Old Reb:

          Good post. The Banksters are getting away.

          It’s year 2020. Reruns of the T.V.series “I almost got away with it”. Featured tonight, all the characters at the Banksters Bugout Location. The crew still busy taking back the stolen loot.

        • I hope I will be because I am running as fast as I can. I think all problems come from a single source, the global banking system. It seems to control all governments; however as the Catholic Church found many times, at the last minute kings and nobles jerked everything away from them when it came down to it. Sovereign nations, like the old kings, fielded armies and dropped machiavellian schemes in the grease. They seem to have purchased the modern “kings” but none of the players are to be trusted. None of the players have concern for the peasants.

      4. The fall of the petro dollar could make our currency worthless, even though it is not worth much now…

        Be well and well rounded in the prepper world…

        • eppe

          The petro dollar or oil peg is predicated upon nations with oil demand and no or insufficient oil buying it in US dollars exclusively. The US military is the final ace in the hole for the globalists to use to keep this going as was seen with Libya and Iraq.

          With the above being true what would happen if fracking increased production in the oil consuming nations and they didn’t need to import oil and hence no longer need US dollars for said transactions? There is a truism in the energy business, “No cheap form of energy goes unused”.

          • Interesting point, which I keep forgetting. Other nations have to have a need to buy the shit for the petrodollar to even exist.

            Interestingly, we’re helping China develop thorium nuclear power…

            Huh well. Keep up doing what we’re doing and we’re fucked. Stop doing what we’re doing and we’re fucked.

          • @eppe

            FYI… Kevin2 is the durangokidd

            • LMAO !!! 🙂

        • As the dollar becomes worthless overtime and then quickly…..prices rise such as stock index, groceries, manufactured goods, etc etc….


        “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America
        arise not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, so much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.” – John Adams


        • Well said Acid, well said.

          • And they continue to dumb down the next generation in public schools…

        • Tolerance, acceptance, and compromise have killed the spirit of America.

          • Kind of ironic isn’t it, that the terrorists are EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

            One has to marvel at the logistics: Teach the people tolerance, acceptance, and compromise, while training their armies in hatred and INtolerance without compromise of any kind.

            Guess which dog eats the other.

        • the constitution was a warped federalist misrepresentation of the articles of confederation.

          No Freedom Here!

        • Acid:

          Good post. Great quote. Now all I need is a small easy to understand pamphlet that I can read and carry with me, that explains it in a way I could give it to a nine year old and they would understand. The problem for me is that most books on economics put me to sleep in about two minutes. Besides being boring, long, and confusing; most are written by people who expect you to know certain facts. Lots of us don’t have any idea what these money people are talking about. John Adams was right on the money and just about everything else.

          • John Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts.

            The central banking system is intentionally designed to be Byzantine. They don’t want you to be able to figure it out. Hell, the whole education system is designed to keep you just smart enough to pay taxes.

          • No matter how the so-called scholars try to spin it, and twist it, and make it sound complicated, it is very simple.

            In economics classes for my Banking & Finance minor, in college, we had books that were thicker and more complex than the expanded editions of the KJV Bible in coffee table size.

            After the first two months I stopped wasting my time reading the convoluted mess, and realized it was nothing more than an attempt to make it appear that only the mind of a Ph.D, student or graduate, could make the connections.

            In the end, the laws of supply and demand still applied to anything dealing with economics and money. That was and is still the driving force, no matter how much distortion is added by philosophical wordings.

            I see a lot, even with discussions here, that loose track of the basic fundamentals of economics and banking and why it is happening like it is.

            Those that control the purse strings, will also control the masses, through debt, if given the chance.

            Well folks, that is what we are seeing. The results of a hundred years of corruption involving politicians, banksters, and corporations. Summed up in two words, Crony Capitalism.

            The three just mentioned have always been driven by greed, the love of money, and the power it entails to them.

            Dumbed-down voters continue to allow it, by supporting them, and the only way to stop it…is to physically throw the bums out, and start over. it will not happen unless it is done via a military force and none has the balls to organize such.

            The one time i witnessed anything visibly close, was about thirty years ago in my Step-dads little country church.

            A new preacher had been voted in and he was a big con man that wanted “change”, and along with it, all the pocket change he could swindle the easy going mountain people out of.
            he had many of the older and uneducated snowed, but many of the middle aged saw through his deception. My step dads ancestors started the church and had always had a strong presence. His grandfather was 92 and still a deacon with old time values and a powerful voting position within the church. When he refused some of the preachers demands, via Deacon votes, the preacher made a power play had him removed as a Deacon.

            The next Sunday, my step dad and his brother-in-law, walked up to the pulpit as the preacher started his sermon and grabbed him up by his arms and legs, one big strong man on each side, and carried the preacher, kicking and screaming, right down the aisle through the main doors, out on to the two foot high porch/entrance way, and threw him onto the concrete sidewalk.

            They told him to leave “now” and never return or he would regret the day he was born. It was like something out of a movie. The church split in half, and to this day, he still preaches in that same church down town. Some of his deacons that still live in our mountain community, have questionable values and work ethics. One is a known liar.

            The little country church is still going strong and the 92 year old deacon got reinstated and lived a few more years, as a deacon, before he died. Just like his daddy did and his daddy before him.

        • So very true….
          No understanding whatsoever, and the MSM press-ti-tutes are well paid to keep the masses chasing their own tails economically.

        • True dat.

        • Acid,

          I knew I stood up for you for a reason. You may be a pain in the ass but you’re a wise pain in the ass. Keep it up!


          • Yup, I’m impressed. Not that AE needs my approval.

      6. Here is the problem with this article’s premise:

        The stock market stays high because the Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates. This part is true. Fake interest rates leads to massive gambling. There is virtually no rise for banks to invest in the stock market because it costs nothing to borrow the money to invest with.

        The Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates because the U.S. inflation rate remains low. This is a lie. Everybody know that the inflation is through the roof. To disguise the rapid inflation companies are repackaging goods into smaller packages. Have tried to buy a half gallon of ice cream? Now they only come in .375 liters. How long before they start selling eggs in 8 packs instead of 12 packs?

        The inflation rate remains low because the value of the U.S. dollar is high. More lies. The value of the dollar is higher because other countries are total shit. It is just that our shitty currency is a little better tasting than theirs.

        The dollar is strong because world commodity prices have fallen and have “driven up the dollar and held down U.S. import prices.” This is also a lie. China intentionally devalued their currency. Chinese customs officials said July exports fell 8.3% compared with a year ago. A weaker currency helps China’s exporters sell their goods abroad.

        • John Stiner: YOU know what you’re talking about. How can we get the rest of Americans to understand and know what you’re saying?

        • How can we prepare. Do I cash in my 401 and buy silver and gold. Don’t know what to do anymore

          • I believe the most important thing to do is have no debts. Pay off your house, your cars, your credit card bills, your boat, your travel trailer, tractor and what ever else you owe on.

            If you have extra capital I would suggest in investing in Silver, not Gold.

            The standard Silver to Gold ration had been 16 to 1. Then in the 1980 – 1990s it went to 30 to 1.

            Gold is priced at $1177. Silver is $16. That is a ration of 73 to 1.

            The cost to produce silver from the silver mines is 18-23 dollars an ounce. So currently Silver costs less than it costs to produce it.

            You can preserve your wealth in silver, plus it would be a good barter item in SHTF.

            If you look at Argentina, the people are buying real estate to preserve their wealth.

            As collapse gets closer, good and products will cost increasingly more and more. It will wind up taking your entire paycheck to buy groceries and you won’t be able to afford your power bill or your mortgage payment.

            • John Stiner:

              Sounds right to me. Silver has many uses. People used to put a silver dollar in the milk to keep it fresh; silver kills bacteria.

          • Prepare?

            They’ll just outlaw gold like last time.

            “We’re dead. We’re robot jocks.”

            BAHAHA great flick by the way.

        • So very true js, and good common sense trumps overthinking intellects every time.

        • I agree with you on this.

      7. We all know it’s going to happen but when? ? It could be years from now

        • I can guarantee you one thing, the liberals and heathens have not come this far to just let an “outsider/non nwo promoter” take the reins of USSAG and set back everything the Obominable One has accomplished for them over the past seven years.

          If there is an election??????, it will be with one of their own hand picked accomplices on the ballot, or…….one of them as VP and the chief will meet an untimely JFK event.

          Either way, about this time next year, if all has been copacetic as like today, I believe we will see a different world, wherein we can say “it is happening”.

          If “they” get their man, or woman in as potus, then it could be prolonged for a few years. Slow death.

          • What outsider or non NWO promoter? R or D Iit is the same song and dance… money goes to the top and peasants to the bottom. NWO and no bones about it. Rhetoric differences don’t count for anything.

      8. “It is just that our shitty currency is a little better tasting than theirs.”

        The main difference is that the US can use “influence” to retain countries using the US dollar as their Reserve Currency for international transactions. That “influence” is like Guido and Tony walking into your business selling you “insurance”. “Nice country you have here”: “Wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it or to you”.

        • “That “influence” is like Guido and Tony walking into your business selling you “insurance”. “Nice country you have here”: “Wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it or to you””

          That’s pretty much been proven in the Middle East, South America and Cuba. They tried it with Russia, but instead of caving in, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as well as a couple of other countries answered with BRICS.

          In EVERY CASE where the U.S. demonized the leadership and attacked the country, it was because they either threatened the petro dollar or refused the desires of Western corporate interests…in other words, WESTERN HEGEMONY.

          The world will, IMO, inevitably watch with glee as the U.S. falls, because they’re tired off austerity to the bankster cabal and U.S. enforcement of tyranny.

          What bothers me, is that the western neocons do not seem to understand that THEY TOO will join the masses of slaves, it’s just that they will be LAST to fall, because the NWO allows no equals.

      9. No inflation huh? My rent is going up $10 a month. It’s raised every year that much or more. I read recently that the U.S. has over 100,000 tons of gold. Tell the Fed to take a hike and create our own money without usury. Why should we pay a private entity to use our own money? Oh, that’s right, the usury bastards control the entire worlds governments and have unbelievable wealth built up off the sweat of workers worldwide. Everyone in power is bought off including every member of the entire United States government and the associated departments. Your local police are their first line of defense and are paid well to crack down on Americans who dare speak out for justice.

        • The US has approximately 8000 tons of gold supposedly. I say supposedly because the last full, complete audit was in the early 1950s. Relative to expenditures the US is broke and has been for four plus decades. If one looked at long term liabilities its decades longer than that.

          Inflation comes from two sources. One is the traditional, “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”. The second is an offshoot as its the velocity of money; in a word how fast its spent. One dollar buys one dollars worth of goods but going through 100 hands one dollar buys $100 worth of goods. The velocity of money is slowing. This also stops loans from being paid and money literally disappears compounded as its the other side of Fractional Reserve Banking. They tried to increase the velocity by lowering interest rates completely out of proportion to economic reality with little activity to show for it as the consumer is tapped out.

          You won’t get any debate from me regarding the sustainability of the system as its fragile and guaranteed to fail. The when is debatable. The gradient of the downward slope at which it falls is questionable. Do we, “Die of 1000 cuts” in a slow but incessant decline in standard of living or fall off a cliff abruptly? My guess is the former is planned, but the latter is possible, if not probable.

          In the end I see two primary root causes to the above.

          1. The evisceration of wealth creating manufacturing.
          2. A deregulated financial sector destabilizing a system under transitional stress imposed by #1 above.

          My education was primarily the school of hard knocks with some graduate courses in bruises and contusions.

          • Who knows where the gold is? Italy asked for its gold back and was politely declined.

        • So what percentage of increase does that equate to for you?

          (10/your rent) x 100% = percentage

        • “The world will, IMO, inevitably watch with glee as the U.S. falls, because they’re tired off austerity to the bankster cabal and U.S. enforcement of tyranny.”

          The above is open for debate as the US provides significant stability while fostering instability in certain areas. Europe looks at Russia in many respects as the USSR of old. Russia has to tread very carefully fully on the legal side of international law.

          It comes down to, “The devil I now verses the devil that I do not”.

        • “The world will, IMO, inevitably watch with glee as the U.S. falls, because they’re tired off austerity to the bankster cabal and U.S. enforcement of tyranny.”

          The above is open for debate as the US provides significant stability while fostering instability in certain areas. Europe looks at Russia in many respects as the USSR of old. Russia has to tread very carefully fully on the legal side of international law.

          It comes down to, “The devil I now verses the devil that I do not”.

          • know not now

      10. Article V of the United States Constitution allows us to call a Convention of States to restrict the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, effectively returning the citizens’ rightful power over the ruling elite and if we don’t do that or just a flat out rebellion very soon, we will lose everything and there will be no turning back.

        • A convention of the states will result in an entirely new and different Constitution the same way it did last time under the Articles of Confederation back in 1777.

        • THE ELITES INFILTRATED OR BOUGHT OUR ENTIRE GOVT — what makes you think they won’t buy/blackmail/intimidate the Convention? If you can show me a convention of people WHO CANNOT BE BOUGHT, BLACKMAILED OR INTIMIDATED, then I’d say a constitutional convention might be a good idea.

          Until then, it is not in our best interests to hand the elites everything they want, and then some, by giving them a crack at our entire Constitution in one sitting.

          No Thank You.

        • We no more control our state governments than we do our federal government. See ALEC a group of corporations that write laws on the state and even local levels. I worked for the attorneys that wrote the laws on behalf of their corporate masters.

      11. Why do you still have money in the bank?
        It’s a certainty that you’re going to lose it!

        • *I* still have money in the bank. It funds my paypal / online activity. There is almost $100 in there! I had $20,000 in there. I took it all out, stuck it in an ammo can and buried it in an undisclosed location.

          I know. I’m screwing myself, right? I mean, I was getting .02% (yes, thats .02 percent!) interest, right? Thats about 10% of inflation. Why keep it there? Since its not safe and since they are robbing me with inflation, I might as well have full control of it and have it be safer.

          The fed and banks are stupid if they think we ever kept money in the bank to make money. We kept it there as a place for safe keeping. Since that is no longer true only people not understanding the situation leave money in the bank. Its much safer under your mattress, these days, than “investing” it in a bank!

          • So what do you intend to do when there is a changeover to a new currency?

            Typically, you will have to have records to prove the money was earned legally and the taxes paid on it over a certain amount (which is usually an amount the average person could be expected to have on hand).

            Otherwise it may be subject to confiscation as laundered criminal funds.

            If you haven’t kept banking deposit and withdrawal records for all that amount -along with income tax records showing it as taxed income- it might be wise to get them now and keep them with the cash to prove its legitimacy.

      12. Falling wages or no wages we are well on our way to living like the Chinese riding bicycles and living 20 people to a room. It’s coming there is no way America can compete globally with communist nations. I expect a decline in lifestyle but slowly. My employer is gonna lay off 10 to 20 people it official not rumors I seen the paperwork that said they are making a change in operations. The union has 30 days to put in a rebuttal. I seen it coming the whole time I’ve worked here. I might be caught in it. This is why I look out for me and mine.

        • My company just did the same, only no union. First the installers were cheated out of their earnings, most fired or quit. Second, everyone at corporate unrelated to the owner was fired. Third, he started stealing sales commissions. I would have like working longer, but this is it. I am glad I am not a young person. I am glad I have almost zero debt. I am glad I have a garden and years experience growing things. I see no improvement in the economy.

      13. Can’t see inflation? Then you ain’t buying groceries.

      14. If we are the most powerful country in the world, why can’t we secure our border: And why does our military gets its ass kicked every time they lock and load. Name one, just one, success story from the United States Military in the last 70 years. One! These damn foreign military expeditions, supporting Boeing, Lockheed, Sperry Rand, Electric Boat, Emerson Electric, and thousands of more military vendors have destroyed us. Stack on top hundreds of thousands, if not millions of ptsd (pay the sorry d^^^heads) veterans and we have a bill the taxpayers can’t pay. When the Country goes broke on November 3rd. or at some latter day, and the cities are looted and burned to the ground, then please salute the flag, thank a veteran, and head for the hills. FAST.

        • PTSD = “pay the sorry d*ckheads??”

          … wow.

          I mean I’m sure in some cases sure, there’s abuse in any system of handouts… but just wow. Yeah because I dig on being forced at gunpoint to follow orders that I know for a fact will get me dead, and my family totally fucked. There’s stress you can’t imagine. It’s bad enough getting fired and having no control over it, these douches are firing you from the land of the living, and to put the cherry on top, making you stamp the pink slip yourself. And for what? Some other country’s problem, that’s what.

          Randomly throws this in there. It just popped into my head from the PTSD thing.

          • Winning is not the point. Long term income for the military-industrial complex is the point. They just need fresh blood sacrifice on a regular basis. It is stressful to be the blood sacrifice, especially for those raised to believe in our country.

      15. Who says inflation is low in the US. The price of basic food staples has been rising steadily. The Fed can’t raise interest rates as a small increase with the amount of debt that exists will collapse the economy. An increase in interest rates could potentially trigger hundreds of billions of interest rate derivatives and also collapse the ‘shadow banking system’ and related ‘carry trade’ which runs into trillions. Painted into a corner, between a rock and a hard place comes to mind. Dumb as a box of rocks.

      16. The last time oil was twenty something dollars per barrel .gas was one dollar something a gallon.All prices are being manipulated including food . How long can they keep this game going .Untill they can start WW3 without looking like they started it.

        • Yeah… see every time in history a spendy economic powerhouse got screwed… war… take other people’s shit. I mean you can have everyone… on the f*cking freezing cold side of “barely warm” or you can have hot people / cold people.

          So it sure is a good thing we invented nuclear weapons!


          ‘Cause… that… will force us… to play nice and be… one big happy world… right?

          … right?

          … shit.

      17. there is a big pile of money out there and these blood sucking capitalistic assholes will do ANYTHING to get it..and all of us are just in the way!

      18. The economy will never collapse so long as there is one woman with one credit card and a place to shop. So there!

        • HAH!

          No sh*t right? One woman could bankrupt the planet no problem.

      19. Investment Tip: With the sanctions (no importations) against Russia cheap 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 ammo is drying up fast and the price is going up, up, and away. Just look at all the AK-47, AK-74, and SKS sold and are out there. The sanctions are not going away soon so stock it up now and sell latter if you have a mind to. Like everything else the price is only going up not down. My thinking has always been; Buy it cheap and stack it DEEP. Take it or leave it for what it is worth.

        • Good reasoning AtLS. I do the same thing with groceries. Love the AKs and SKS sporters.

          • Well here at my place I had a chance to hit the woods this mourning. Jumped in the ‘ol 95 F150 and ride down to the farm where I hunt. Had my Estwing hatchet and Tops machete, dumped out some corn and other ‘sweetner’ for the upcoming opening of muzzleloader season here in Maryland. Slipped through the woods and picked up some amber jewel(pine sap) as well as some ‘fat-lighter’ back where the pines grow tall and some fell during last winter’s freeze. Will take some of that pine ‘pitch’ and make me some ‘pitch sticks to carry with me in case come spring my family has to dee-dee out of here to parts unknown. Ya never know when you’ll just have to go and light out for places unknown. I’m trying to cover the bases just in case. Quien Sabe’?

            • “rode”

      20. So I won $50 on a scratch ticket and was thinking of what I could get prep wise for $50 any suggestions people.

        • Fifty more scratch cards!
          Betcha you WON’T win.
          God bless Asshat and his dear family.

      21. Have dollars to get you thru short term emergencies,short power outages ect.Have most of your funds in harder to steal assets,i.e. land/in hand precious metals/supplies/vehicles/what have you.Do not keep large amounts in banks/markets ect.,can be easily stolen as folks here know but to visitors,you are warned.

        On a side note,one year anniversary of me dads death,came in the middle of eight friends who died in a year and a half,have not had a drink as of tommorow in a year.So,it being Sat.,to those enjoying a drink raise one for Andy,me dad was a good guy.I worked today and helped someone get a free fridge with me truck,going on with my life and helping others is what he would have wanted,not drinking the stashed bottles of #7!They are for the end of times for us all,not personal losses!

        • Bless you Warchild.

          “To your Dad” (raising my cherry DrPepper)

      22. So if you think people are not getting ready?
        Guess again.

        Today at Flea Market. Sold almost $300.00 in military/camping gear. Used but not abused.

      23. Funny how all my posts are going through moderation.

      24. Ive not got enough dollars to worry about them being stolen. All my wealth is in hard assets. And it really wouldn’t matter if I lost everything. Because Im Self Reliant and have Know How. Those two things cant be taken away and redistributed. Heck I would burn & destroy it myself rather than let it fall into the enemys hands.

        • OG: With you there, I have mine set to go when they pick up the wrong case of Pork-n-Beans if you get my drift they will be pre-heated for sure.

      25. October 15, 2015
        Critical infrastructure cyber attacks discussed. The New York Times (10/14, 11.82M) “Bits” blog discusses cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, saying, “The number of attacks against industrial control systems more than doubled to 675,186 in January 2014 from 163,228 in January 2013,” mostly in the US, the UK, and Finland, according to Dell Security. Former NSA head Michael V. Hayden is quoted saying, “Despite all the talks of a cyber-Pearl Harbor, I am not really worried about a state competitor like China doing catastrophic damage to infrastructure. … It’s the attack from renegade, lower-tier nation-states that have nothing to lose.” Bits says “the attacks that have rattled American government officials the most were similar attacks at Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, and RasGas, the Qatari oil giant, in 2012.” Furthermore, an attack on a German steel mill “suggests that hackers are increasingly finding ways to cross” the “threshold” between corporate and production networks. The blog mentions the Energy Department’s networks have been “infiltrated” 150 times over the last four years.

        October 16, 2015
        ISIL’s ‘terrible’ hack attempts on power companies discussed. CNN (10/15, 5.17M) reports that U.S. law enforcement officials revealed Wednesday ISIL’s hack attempts on American electrical power companies, though CNN says “they are terrible at it.” DHS assistant secretary for infrastructure protection Caitlin Durkovich is quoted saying, “ISIL is beginning to perpetrate cyberattacks.” FBI cyber division section chief John Riggi is quoted saying of ISIL, “Strong intent. Thankfully, low capability. … But the concern is that they’ll buy that capability.”

        These two articles were put on my company news letters. Found them when I arrived at work today.

      26. Off topic kind of, an informative look at the opium cartel running the establishment worldwide, at titled: The Pentagon’s Biggest Secret? It’s been said the main reason the U.S. is occupying Afghanistan in what has become this nation’s longest war is to protect the opium growing. I’ve never read a rebuttal of that assertion, it is just ignored by media completely. Like in the Vietnam war, it was said that dead servicemen bodies were used to ship opium into the U.S., likewise in Afghanistan the drug is shipped out around the world by the opium cartel. This is controlled by the city of London, it’s enforcer being the U.S. Pentagon. This article exposes this evil drug cartel and their grip on all humanity, much of it dealing with the phony war on drugs and packed prisons in America.

        • The opium trade in Afghanistan was completely stopped by the Taliban and is thriving under US military. Make it mean whatever you want.

      27. I hear much hatred towards Putin in media, old programming is hard to erase. Those commies and so on. Well his actions in Syria seem to have the Pentagon and the NeoCons in a tizzy. Is he checkmating the Western lies and ambitions? I don’t know if recent reports that Russia has superior military technology are true, yet I’m holding out hope that Russia can counter the British-American-Israeli-Saudi madness. “America and the West no longer have any moral superiority in the world.” An article at titled: 80 years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3. Speaking on the current state of US and Russia relations at a recent summit, Putin said regarding America “You must rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. Do not poison the minds of millions of people; like there can be no way but imperialistic politics.”

        • “recent reports that Russia has superior military technology are true”

          Why do you say that? The Russians have guided munitions just as we do; no doubt no better nor worse. The difference is they’re targeting who they say they’re targeting. The US bombed Syrian infrastructure while claiming they were out to attack ISIS.

          The greatest advantage the Russians now hold is the high moral ground. How sad to loose that coveted position that the US held for decades. When its misused long enough even the blind can see with brail that what is said is not what is true.

          The US over time has cashed in on its good name, credit and fortune. We’ve become a hollow shell coated with Republic, Democracy, Rule Of Law and wrapped in the flag with its insides eviscerated. Its not accidental.

          • Kevin2… I was referring to the articles I’ve read of the incident where the US warship’s systems were shut down when approached by a Russian aircraft. I can’t recall the exact specifics, but the article also stated that some US Navy personnel did resign after the incident because their weapons and defense capability were lost. It could have been the USS Donald Cook.

      28. Economic and currency wars always precede the use of bullets and bombs.

        The most frightening kind of war is when governments go to war against their own people. History is full of frightening stories of Mass Democides.

        Obama’s continuous divisive rhetoric has many Americans thinking this is exactly what this nut job has planned for America.

        • He will do whatever his masters tell him to do. His rhetoric has been mild compared to Fox Entertainment. He is just one in a long line of corporate stooges. I don’t see him doing more or less than the rest of them. The Republican Congress vowed to make him a one term President before his first day in office in the hopes of deflecting the extreme damage done by Bush and President Cheney… the Patriot Act, effective control of the US military through Halliburton, NSA spying on citizens, Deferred Prosecution Agreements keeping banksters out of jail, wars, theft of social security funds, No Child Left Behind that forced schools to keeps disruptive thugs in class and destroying education. All of which must have been approved by the NWO because Obama kept every one of them in place. He added his own agenda to Bush/Cheney’s agenda. I worked in Bush’s law firm in Texas… he is amoral. I worked around the same firm as Obama and Michele. These people are tools and nothing about them matters except their willingness to taker orders. Look at the current Republican field… could even one be President? Really? You don’t need much to be obedient and they are standing in line for the chance. Ditto Hillary.

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