Doctors See A Spike In Patients with ‘Chronic Viral Infection’ Lasting Over One Month

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    Many doctors in Texas are reporting that their patients are suffering from a viral infection for over one month. Although the virus appears to be different to that of the common cold or the flu, it is causing long-term illness.

    According to a CBS Local News report, Physicians with Texas Health Dallas are seeing a spike in such cases reported a spokesperson. Additionally, Dr. Gary Gross, who is on staff with Texas Health Dallas, said that this infection can persist four to six weeks and maybe even longer.

    “The cough is unusual in two respects,” Dr. Gross said.“Usually, we’ll see a person get a cough or a cold and it will last for a week or 10 days. But this year it’s lasting for like four weeks, six weeks. And it just doesn’t seem to get better.” The other odd thing about this viral infection is that it appears to be spreading quickly; a lot more people have it. According to Gross, he is seeing at least one patient a day with the virus. For perspective, he usually sees one a week at the very most.

    Of course, when it comes to viruses, there is no immediate fix.  Like the common cold, this persistent cough must run its course. Antibiotics won’t work on a viral infection. “There’s some medicines that have a substance called [DM]. DM is what we usually use. And those medicines that have the DM do seem to calm the cough. There are some other medicines that are prescription that they can get from their doctor,” Gross added.  But there isn’t much anyone can do other than drink plenty of fluids and get a lot of rest.

    Gross says everyone should pay attention to how long their cough lasts and be able to know the difference between allergies and persistent infection.  If you are coughing only on those warm winter days, you are likely experiencing a pollen allergy. “So the definition of a chronic cough is eight weeks or longer and that is because so many people with viruses can have a cough up to eight weeks. And it’s just the virus. It’s not something in the person that’s making them cough.”

    According to CBS local news, this illness will present itself with some minor aches and pains, but those will alleviate quickly leaving one with a long-lasting cough.


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      1. About goddamn time some medical professional finally came forward about this. 3 months after the last head cold i had and this is still happening and no relief from it desoite vitamins and good diet and lots of sleep.. I knew it was different. They keep you sick to keep you down and less resilient to their other poisoning methods… Oh BTW the chemtrailing over KY has been near constant the whole time too. Whats in the crap they are spraying us with? Everyone here locally has this cough.

        • I hate to confirm their spraying success for anyone looking for it, but if i were a strategic minded tactitian, my comment is exactly what they are looking for to back up their reporting stats of local medical facilities to the CDC. The barges of flyash that are shipped day after day from louisville are being sprayed right back on us as a carrier medium… This has been confirmed already by the weather modification scientists to reduce the albedo of the areas they spray to block sunlight.

            • Bad link. Won’t connect.

          • More and more im leaning towards getting antipollution masks because the more im outdoors the more the breathing problems are. I use just regular dust masks during landscaping and mowing and the benefits are noticable immediately but the plaint white and medical blue are not fashionable at and will fog up safety glasses. Eat enough dust and grass clippings blown back at you and it gets old very quickly.

              • Practical matters, economical matter, better to do something than nothing. There are N99 masks… Sure, i will just rollover and surrender then… Filtering out most stuff is better than none at all. And the cheap masks worked just fine for what i do, but am going to upgrade to nicer ones.

              • I always recommend people use their own judgement to search and look up links for themselves. Anyone posting specifics can pander to industry supportive propaganda, so readers should look at a variety and accept none as gospel.

        • agreed. I went through six weeks of this last year which left me with a perceptible wheeze when exerting myself. Wasn’t happy about it since I participate in endurance sports like running and cycling.

          • Yeah, and that dry smokers hack like cough too.

        • start this in Sept and continue taking it thru March. It has worked for me for the past two years – no flu or head cold settling in the chest for six weeks or more

          Elderberry Syrup yield 1 quart
          2/3 c dried black elderberries
          3 1/2 c water
          2 Tbs fresh or dried ginger root
          1 tsp cinnamon powder
          1/2 tsp cloves or clove powder
          1 c raw honey

          Pour water into medium saucepan and add elderberries, ginger, cinnamon and cloves (DO NOT add honey yet)
          Bring to boil and then cover and reduce to a simmer for 45 min to an hour until the liquid has reduced by almost half.

          Remove from heat and let cool enough to be handled.
          Mash the berries carefully using a spoon.
          Pour through a strainer into a glass jar or bowl.


          Let the liquid cool to lukewarm. Add the one cup of raw honey and stir well.
          Store in mason jar in refridg. Shake well before using.

          I take 1 Tbs daily begining in Sept and on thru the flu season.

          other dosages:
          kids – 1/2 to 1 tsp daily
          adults – 1/2 Tbs to 1 Tbs daily
          if flu does strike, take the normal dose every 2-3 hrs instead of once a day until symptoms are gone.

          DISCLAIMER–I am not a doctor. Take the above suggestions at your own risk. Consult your own doctor for advise – I did.

          • I got this same frustrating viral infection once or twice a year all my life until I started taking one capsule of Standardized Echinacea every 4 days, have not had this or any other cold or the flu in 25 years. I have also been reading in many varied places that Elderberry syrup is very effective for these viral bugs. One of the two should work for just about everybody, it’s crazy that with these two great and cheap preventive herbs hundreds of millions of people could avoid getting sick and at the same time strike a telling blow against the out of control medical industry.

          • Thanks grandee, i love a great recipe.

      2. Quick,

        let in more un-vaccinated, sick illegal immigrants so they make the rest of America sick.

        I know, lets send the to school with our children so they can spread their diseases around more quickly.

        Might as well let some Ebola patients in too. The can go to school and cough on my kindergartner.

        • Brought to us by the brown parasites invading us from the South, welcomed by the idiot Democrats.

          • Harvard (2018) did a study and 79% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats think we need tighter border security! WTF! Why are Pelosi and Schumer such dolts that they are ignoring their own base while bailing out illegal aliens!

            It is infuriating.

            • KY is not the only place this non-stop grey goo is being sprayed.
              Its been sprayed non-stop for at least a month in Indiana and Ohio. And, it’s “thicker” lately, somehow, extending further and lasting longer….its been weeks now and we had a freak ice storm about a month ago. Yes, I make a point of looking up!
              I wonder what the weather agenda is this year.
              Off topic: Am looking for group of like-minds where the 3 states come together.

      3. Test

      4. Antibiotics aren’t working like they used to,no new ones on the horizon….

        • That’s because we’re talking about a virus

      5. Well, the source for the article is very unclear.

        Arizona is seeing a different influenza virus than the rest of the country and that has been identified as H3N2.

        24 states have widespread H1N1 influenza A.

        I wonder if the illegal aliens are the cause? It is likely because in the 2008-2009 pandemic, the one that rapidly worried WHO due to the seriousness of the symptoms was almost certainly from Mexico and from possibly the Oaxca region.

        When you have a cough, the trigger is the brain senses less oxygen largely due to irritation/inflamation of the bronchial tubes. In the old days they just gave syrups of different kinds to sooth the sore throat that this caused, or an exportorant to help expel the mucus which often caused this narrowing (think like a pinched garden hose has less water flow). But now if you go to the Emergency Room, they give you a breathing treatment to use a nebulizing substance to relax this constriction in the bronchial tubes.

      6. 4wsikghGriI
        This is how to make a spacer/extender for an inhaler which then better dispurses the medicine to increase it’s effectiveness.

        If you are coughing and there is clear mucus, that is typical, but if you are coughing and it’s dry, that is called a non-productive cough. If you know after hacking a long time that mucus will come up, then you need an expectorant to expel the mucus plug. If it’s yellow or green and it smells bad and you have a fever exceeding 103, then it can be bacterial. Look for white patches on your throat.

        You might try elderberry syrup as that is very benign and helps many people.

        Note that there is now martial law in Mexico due to a massive amount of stolen gasoline/diesel fuel. There are major lines at the pumps. We can expect this to exacerbate the tension especially due to the porous nature if the lengthy Southern border and the time for President Trump to send even more troops.

        • htt ps://
          Billions in fuel stolen and the fuel shortage is in six Mexican regions.

        • Thank you very much for the inhaler spacer video.

          • You are welcome. They are ways to cut healthcare costs. Anyone who has ever been on a medical mission trip knows several ways to do this as supplies are limited.

            It’s like crutches…after you buy some, you use them for a limited time, then they have no purpose. Preppers keep them and sometikes you can find them at garage sales. But what if people donated them or kept them at church and then people just borrowed them? I guess some fool would up suing the church if they fell over? Churches could do the same with wheelchairs.

      7. This isn’t recent. This has been known about for at least fifteen years.Folks from nations that do not vaccinate are causing a resurgence of ailments that were pretty well taken care of in the USA. This is one area the medical profession avoids comment on so as not to appear biased towards certain demographics.

        • We also are getting XDR-TB from these illegal aliens.
          htt ps://

          One of the WORST pandemics in history was caused by Tuberculosis.

          • I use to work in Respiratory Care in a hospital 25 years ago, at that time TB was known to be getting resistant to most of the medicine to treat it.

            If you just look at how the population has exploded, more and more people crammed closer and closer together, more world travelers.

            I use to travel often to AZ and CA and almost every trip I would come down with some respiratory infection, once I got pneumonia on a NV trip.

            It’s just gonna get worse, a widespread pandemic is inevitable.

      8. nc3bK7i3FAM
        To clear mucus that is clogging the various lobes so that the mucus plug is expelled, you cup your hands and gently percuss the affected area. Then a honker will come up.

        Never take a menthol lozenge when you have mucus because that exacerbates mucus production.

      9. Texas has many allergies.

        Texas also has many transplants from other states and other countries bringing in new viruses.

        Vitamin C is still your best friend. Read up on both old and new medical literature and you will discover that Vitamin C is even more effective than you think and used in high potency fights viruses and even Cancer. Use it before during and after exposure. Wash your hands frequently and don’t bite your nails or rub your eyes.


        • Texas has many allergies.

          Texas also has many transplants from other states and other countries bringing in new viruses.

          Hp they also bring in many plants that aren’t indigenous to the area and the pollen makes everybody sicker n a dog.

      10. Just great. A lot of us here actually have to go to work. If work isn’t bad enough, 8 weeks of it being sick would be total misery.

      11. I know. That’s why I am mentioning various things because that region has unusual causes like coccidiodes which is caused by windbourne soil and fungus.

        If the cough has a bark-like sound and the patient is a child, it can be croup or bronchitis. Like this.

        Severe coughing can actually start affecting the muscles of the chest and get painful and even irritate the diaphram.

        • C8vwxm5GJwU
          Valley Fever also known as Coccidiodis mycosis is endemic to the southwest and often takes a long time before being diagnosed. People come in and it’s flu season and the doc thinks it’s flu. Then it persists, so the doc thinks it’s bronchitis. But treatment does nothing. So then far later, he she realizes it Valley Fever. If you live in Mexico, Texas or Arizona, then it should be something to rule in or rule out.

          • Doc doesn’t think its the flu.
            If they are from back east they get valley fever because they have no immunity to it.

            Most get it once and thats it
            They become resistant.Doc k does the difference hell just ask miss kitty

            • Not really. Valley fever is caused by aspirating aerosolized soil particulates which has spores in it. It’s not something that docs diagnose well. When doing the patient exam, you are asking things to rule or rule out, and living in the Southwest is supposed to then include Valley Fever.

              You can’t give Valley Fever to another person.

              Classically some patient who lived in Arizona then relocates and has been having a respiratory problem of unknown origin and it ends up being this.

              One can even have a type of STD which affects the lungs. But what classically happens is zoning out by the doc as he’s slammed with patients so he’s tired and thinks, “Cold or flu” and gets tunnel vision. That is bad medicine caused by managed care.

              • htt ps://
                This is more rare, BUT since 100 million have been exposed to STDs in America(shocking right?), then if the patient is a millennial and especially if poor, Black, or Hispanic, and promiscuous, then certain symptoms is concurrent with traditional STD symptoms can mean the patient presumes the “flu” BUT it’s not.

              • So now you got Doc being tired and incompetent
                Nope if Docs mind was any sharper he’d have to get a concealed carry permit for it.

      12. Weak, soda sucking, GMO gobbling, drunken bum, pharmakia junky, dumbed down, toxic dump, Satanist Sodomite PSYCHOPATH Pedophile supporting and loving American COWARD filth…What else would you expect to happen to the Satanist Pedophile American COWARD human trash???? THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY GET AND WHAT IS COMING FOR THE AMERICAN COWARD SATANIST FILTH OF THE WORLD!!!! Become a SOVEREIGN with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or Get off my Creators earth now American COWARD trash!!!!

        • Ron, lighten up. That is not evangelism.

          • Of course it is, Our Lord threw the money changers out of the temple, and NOW Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is going to throw the Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile Sodomite loving and supporting American COWARDS in the Lake of Fire…..WHATEVER I say is nowhere close to the horrifying terrifying fate waiting ALL AMERICAN COWARDS…I am just doing my duty as required in trying to save the souls of the damned and doomed drunken bum toxic dump dumbed down Satanist Pedophile PSYCHOPATH loving and supporting AMERICAN COWARDS!!!!! Become a SOVEREIGN today and stay out of the Lake of Fire waiting for ALL COWARD AMERICANS!!!!

        • Hmmm. Power word post of the day…. I get an aerobic work out just teying to read it all. Like HIIT training almost.

      13. So now you got Doc being tired and incompetent
        Nope if Docs mind was any sharper he’d have to get a concealed carry permit for it.

      14. Look how HUGE a problem this XDR-TB is along the US southern border. Why? Because TB is ENDEMIC to Mexico and is highly contagious. An infected person can appear healthy while a caseous granuloma has formed in their lungs, but then blooms and they shed the TB.

        htt ps://

      15. ht tps://
        Rampant infections in illegal aliens.

      16. This is a zebra, not a horse, but illegal aliens and immigrants/refugees sometimes get pertussis as they did not get rudimentary vaccination.

        It sounds distinctive due to coughing so intensely that they are forced to draw in a gasp amidst the cough causing a “whoop” sound.

        Meanwhile there is a large measles outbreak and a strange Staph infection both in NYC.

        • Measles has spread to 27 states with NYC, Indiana, Washington state, and Oregon being quite high.

      17. The medical and drug profession cabal exist off of people getting and staying sick as their business model and hold tight control over government interference in their evil witchcraft. The duopoly political suckups are all paid off to continue the real crime of the medical “practice” buffoonery. Ask your Doctor for more lies.

        • That is very paranoid and not representative of the average dedicated self-sacrificing RN or doc. Not whatsoever.

      18. All these ‘clever knowledgeable’ doctors, never seem to be able to joint the dots do they..
        Stop the TYRANNICAL Zionist Cabal practice of Weather Modification with their CHEMTRAILS and experiment releases from the Centre of Disease Construction and Proliferation
        If you spray people with Aluminum they get respiratory problems, after its not only a desiccant but is carcinogenic to human’s and insects animals alike..

        The pollution and hubris these people are making us suffer is inhuman, they need to be eradicated.

      19. Live in Arizona. Just got over a hellacious cold/flu. Pounding headache that made me nauseous, 100 +degree fever,coughing, sneezing. Docs tell me my lungs still sound cackled.Got this from the prison,probably, where inmates have the filthest habits I’ve seen from human beings. A lot of Mexican nationals who have never had a vaccine in their life.And supervisors who don’t give a damn about staff safety or health.

        • If you have crackles, the you could end up with lung adhesions from rubbing of the expanded tissue in the lungs. That can be very painful. Similarly a hack cough that persists can damage the cartilidge in your ribs and even tear muscles damage your diaphram. The later can takes MONTHS to heal.

          See pleurisy.
          ht tps://

      20. Since your temperature is low, then it probably is viral. But yes, the illegal aliens almost certainly bring in contagion as they do not have very very basic vaccination that is not contraversial.

        If it were higher, it could be bacterial or even be pertussis.

        You see, there are indirect costs of allowing illegal aliens because then Americans get sick, miss work, must pay the bill due to high deductables, get prescriptions on their own, etc.

      21. Realize that docs are looking for common causes that Americans are likely to get ie identifying “horses”. Zebras are unusual cases that are rare in America due to routine childhood vaccinations…like tetanus and measels and diphetheria, etc.

        But with refugees and illegal aliens, they are not only bringing all sorts of rare things like Guinea worms from polluted contaminated water, or XDR TB, or even leprosy, then docs are seeing odd cases which they are slow to diagnose. This means added expense for multiple opinions, specialists on infectious disease, etc.

        Now these patients can’t afford that, so guess who has to pick up the slack? Docs write off uncollectable debt, the middle class has outrageous increases in health insurance, the government is stuck with the bill, etc.

        Ultimately this means radical change in education in med schools and lots of presentations on unusual pathology and copious reading to keep current based on there patient’s home country and what occurs there routinely.

      22. I would bet you see high levels of bronchitis, secondary bacterial infections, pneumonia, and atelectasis which is a collapse of the lobes of the lung.

        These can very serious in children and retirees where the latter goes in and does NOT fully recover.

        A young relatively healthy man might end up diminished and not getting back to tip top for a couple years. If they were smokers, well they may end up with early onset respiratory diseases like COPD.

      23. If you end up going to the physician, after they listen for chest sounds, then ask if they heard any signs of fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion) or rubbing of the tissues of the lungs(pleural adhesions). There are visceral and parietal pleura which are the names of these tissues which do NOT ordinarily rub upon inflation.of the lungs. These are red flags. If these are okay, they should say, “it sounds clear” ie no problem.

      24. Last year, the first of the “surge tents” began being erected in early January. If monitoring the level of intensity of influenza or any contagion, that is an ideal phrase to look for in news stories.

        So far, I have not seen a story like that.

        • 8cGaKcFBAEI
          They look like this and are on-site and are sometimes called “triage tents” or “overflow tents”.

      25. ht tps://
        84,000 in the hospital. These are not ordinary cases but pneumonia-risk cases or active pneumonia cases.

        We had 90,000 in 2018.

        I think the next FLUVIEW will cross the threshold of an official epidemic.

        Why aren’t you prepared?

      26. htt ps://

        Something smells rotten. While we have widespread activity in 30 STATES and a huge uptick in hospitalizations, simultaneously the number of identified flu types is cut in half??? That makes zero sense unless a whole heck of a lot of tests are still in process due to the testing being backlogged or docs have stopped doing testing and just KNOW it’s H1N1 influenza A.

        “During week 1, the following influenza activity was reported:
        Widespread influenza activity was reported by 30 states (Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming).
        Regional influenza activity was reported by Puerto Rico and 17 states (Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin).
        Local influenza activity was reported by two states (Hawaii and Mississippi).
        Sporadic influenza activity was reported by the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and one state (Alaska).
        Guam did not report.”

        Something is up with Guam too as they were reporting widespread activity and stopped reporting. Weird.

        • This is their lame excuse at the CDC.

          *The percent of specimens testing positive for influenza is not reported because public health laboratories often receive samples that have already tested positive for influenza at a clinical laboratory and therefore percent positive would not be a valid indicator of influenza activity. Additional information is available at
          ht tp:// .

          Say what? It’s akin to saying we don’t need to test anymore. If you don’t test for infuenzal then of course there is less data. It’s garbage science.

      27. Remember I discussed state legislatures passing quiet influenza bills so they could quarantine patients if necessarty?

        htt ps://

        Licensed pharmacists would be required to notify the Dept of Health in Florida of any influenza patients under this bill.

      28. 0w0lJHVlVkM
        Pseudomonas is a horrendous infection that also can be soread as an STD. It has no mutated in Mexico and we can expect not only American tourists to acquire it and bring it back, but illegal aliens doing this as well as a vector of trasnmission.

        The mutated version is so drug resistant that it is considered a superbug by the CDC.

        htt ps://

        It affects the skin, the eyes, the sexorgans, etc. The pictures say it all. Imagine hooking up and that oozing bleeding sore being in contact with YOU. It is filthy.

      29. If a patient has a lengthy respiratory infection, and they are a millennial, then in all honesty, I would inquire while taking patient history about their intimate practices because 1 in 6 has HSV-2 and many have HSV-1. The former cause sores that cyclicaly disappear on their sexorgans. The latter cause nothing more than cold sores that most often happen when they are stressed or have a cold/flu.

        Either can cause a respiratory infection.

      30. Epstein-Barr causes mononucleosis. That presents as a sore throat and weakness. However it then can cause 2-8 weeks of overall weakness, so much so that many people can’t even get up creating a terrible problem as chores can’t get done plus someone has to help them. Therefore something like that can genuinely affect a homestead.

      31. A classic case is an older person develops a cold/flu while their immune system was very low, say they are going through a divorce or a bad break up, or a law suit,lost their job, etc. Next thing they know, a very painful rash develops as their weak immune system was trying to fight off that infection, so then an old case of the chickenpox then goes ACTIVE.

        This happens all the time when 50+.

        • 7aLDrsnOmIA
          Shingles confuses patients because they started with classic cold/flu symptoms like fever and chills, then it worsened, then they are alarmed by the pain and rash typically on their side and or back.

      32. There are reports of nosocomial infections of H3N2 ie acquired while hospitalized.

      33. The largest infuenza outbreaks appear to be in schoolchildren and so we can expect school closings. Of course this will cause childcare issues.

      34. Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina are starting to get slammed. Now they are seeing typical influenza symptoms but also more vomiting and diarrhea in the same patients. It’s possible there is mutated strain there.

      35. The New England Journal of Medicine is reporting that based upon preliminary results, the live attenuated virus in the influenza vaccine seems to be less effective against this year’s strain of H1N1 type A.




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