Doc Gives Obamacare Mega Smackdown: “We Choose Dignity and Personal Service Over Disrespect”

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Headline News | 515 comments

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    doctor-heldAfter having been shoved down the throats of Americans despite a massive effort by the public to stop it, Obamacare has already shown its true colors. From the near impossibility of signing up via the much touted web site to skyrocketing insurance costs for working Americans, everything about the new legislation, ironically dubbed the Patient Affordable Care Act, has been a complete failure.

    And it’s not just insurees and patients who are at wits end. Joining the non-compliance movement against a government hell-bent on controlling every aspect of Americans’ live, doctors across the country are starting to stand up against the new mandates.

    President Obama, Congress, and the insurance companies likely figured they’d have the support of America’s medical community, but if the following letter from Dr. Kristin Held (pictured)  to insurance provider Aetna is any indication, the nation’s health care system could well be on the brink of disaster.

    We know that the new law is a horrific example of government ineptitude and its unceasing intervention into every aspect of our lives. But, after you read the following letter in which Dr. Held adamantly opposes providing care under the new mandates and refuses to do so on rational and moral grounds, one can’t help but wonder how bad Obamacare must really be for our medical providers.

    Like many of those who refuse to comply with the new Supreme Court approved mandated “tax,” Dr. Held has taken a similar stance.

    I will not comply…

    The following letter to Aetna from Dr. Held has been reprinted in full.

    Dear Mr. Bertolini,

    With a deep sense of sadness, I must inform you that I will no longer serve as a physician for Aetna patients under the terms of our contractual agreement, which you most recently unilaterally changed.

    I have been privileged and honored to care for thousands of patients covered by Aetna policies since the 1990’s. I have devoted my life to providing the very best, state-of-the-art care to these individuals. We have formed a patient-doctor relationship, which I hope many will chose to continue in spite of my severing ties with Aetna. You see, health insurance has evolved such that insurers and government have inserted themselves smack-dab in the middle of the once sacred patient-doctor relationship. I am called a provider- not a doctor. My patient is now yours- not mine. What I can do as a physician now has strangulating strings and nonsensical numbers attached- to you and government and money-not the best interests of the patients.

    Obamacare, the “law of the land”, contains ever-changing-at-the-whim-of-HHS, politically-expedient mandates, rewards, penalties, rules and regulations with which I cannot rationally or morally treat my patients and run a practice, much-less interpret, implement, or comply.

    Millions of Americans have lost coverage because of the healthcare law and must now shop on a defective, insecure government website and sign up for more expensive policies through Federal and State exchanges. Only by logging in as a prospective patient did my office manager and I discover that Aetna was selling plans for which I am a provider-effectively selling my services without even asking, much less informing  me that my services would be sold on such a site, under the auspices of new terms with which I will not comply.

    Then, after the fact, I received a form letter informing me of Aetna’s “new allowables”. I will not sell my services under such terms. While treated as such, patients and doctors are not commodities worthy of such impersonal, inconsiderate, and cavalier treatment. We choose dignity and personal service over disrespect and form letters.

    So here we are, you are getting new business offering health insurance plans featuring my services without my consent under terms which are unacceptable to me. Accept this as my official written notice that the changes that you have unilaterally made to our contract are unacceptable to me and make our contract null and void.  You must explain this to your patients. You must tell them that they have purchased a product that was misrepresented to them and that you cannot deliver. It saddens me to think of the decreased access to care from actual physicians and the shockingly increased costs Aetna patients will now experience because of your choice to collude with big government rather than collaborate with patients and physicians.

    Kristin S. Held, MD

    Her letter has been well received by patients AND the medical community, with other doctors and nurses taking to social media to lend their support.

    Aetna, however, was none too pleased. In response to Dr. Held’s letter, Aetna advised that Dr. Held would be required to provide services through 2015 under a contractual agreement signed with the company.

    However, as Dr. Held and others have noted, because Obamacare and Aetna essentially re-wrote the provisions of the contract itself when the new mandates became law, it is null and void.

    In addition to the current failures being experienced by the health care system and the rejection of the mandates by patients and doctors alike, the economic feasibility of the Patient Affordable Care Act has been called into question.

    The system itself is designed to work in similar fashion to a Ponzi Scheme where the ability to remain solvent depends on money coming in from others who have been duped by the scam. Obamacare’s active participants are woefully below the government’s expectations. According to recent analysis on the financial and economic side of the law, unless we see millions of new patients (especially those between ages 20 and 30) signup in the next several months we could well experience an instantaneous collapse of America’s entire health care system within one year due to lack of funding:

    First, if you’re “27″, the average premium is $266.20/month or $3,194.40 per year.  How many 27 year olds have an extra $3,200 to spend on this?  Remember, this is the price that virtually every uninsured 27 year old must be willing — and able — to cough up in order to prevent the model this system is predicated on from collapsing.

    The President and other supporters of the legislation can pretend that Obamacare is working.

    The facts prove otherwise.



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      1. It was designed to fail.
        Simple as that.
        Unfortunatly the doctors are alittle late getting into the game.
        Now comes the pain.

        • More Obamacare regulations still to come

          “More than a dozen rules, ranging from technical to significant, are slated to come out this year or later.

          “Some of the most important actions ahead may be impossible to predict until after the initial open-enrollment period ends March 31.”

          Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. -John Dalberg-Acton

          Obamacare was never about healthcare, it was about CONTROL.

          Some even admitted it…
          When radio host Paul W. Smith asked liberal Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) why it will take the government until 2014 to fully set up the ObamaCare system.

          Dingell said this: “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to CONTROL THE PEOPLE.”
          Source: News Talk WJR Radio with Paul W. Smith – 3/23/2010

            • @ Night Breaker. Last couple of weeks the Atka, Alaska area has been flaring up with earthquakes. It seems like everytime this happens, Yellewstone gets equally or little more active. Watch for other areas to have these stress releases. Yellowstone is so large that where an area is affected might be of concern on a much, much smaller caldera, this is yet to be overly alarmed.

              For example. A 2 foot rise, bulge, in a smaller volcano this can be quite significant. For a super volcano a 2 foot rise can be just somewhat normal “breathing” in and out that many volcanoes naturally do. Will watch this though.

              • I have been sick and missed checking my email yesterday until late this afternoon. My mailbox was full of solar flair notices, most of them M-class.

                • Wow! That’s a beautiful smile! I think I’m developing a fever …. 😉

                • Arch:
                  Hope you are feeling better.
                  Take in a lot of fluids.

                  • Thanks. Still loading up on bottled water. Still have a cough.

                    I’m playing DJ at a Valentine party at a senior apartment building this evening. I’ll have to sit in the corner away from everyone. I have a PA amp, speakers, a netbook, and a 2TB hard drive crammed full of records. They like it when I come to play because I have any record they request.

                    DJs used to need a trailer to haul everything. I’ll show up at the party with a single banker box.

                • Don’t worry Arch. If you don’t get well, there is comfort that you’ll have Obamacare on your side.


          • Spot on mom. Look at the draconian gun laws involved with O Care and then the picture becomes real clear.

            • Obama and his fellow communists wanted a fully government controlled medical program. But the American people said “NO”. He had already put this plan into place in Chicago and watched it fail. So he told his followers that he would give us a plan that would be so bad and so painful that we would accept and even ask for the government controlled plan. ( Remember the government shut down when he told his staff “Make it as painful as possible for the people.”)
              This plan was designed to fail and to fail very painfully.
              The people who put this in place do not care one little bit about how much pain they cause others. They only care about getting their way. They want a communist America.

              • Oh my god, I think I must stop reading this site. So many of the comments are just insane. The insurance companies control everything. It’s not communism. Who told you he said make painful for the people? And the majority of Americans, I believe most polls show well over 60%, want universal health care, which is not Obama Care, which is just another half-ass system that I’m pretty sure will only be good for big pharma and big health care businesses.

                • Ed said: Oh my god, I think I must stop reading this site.

                  You Ed. do not need to stop reading this website, you need to stop WRITING on this website. The problem here isn’t that you are some kind of informed insider with the correct path forward for all of us, by contrast your rants/posts are filled with beliefs, questions and uncertainty, while suggesting blind loyalty to the oath breaking scum who have shoved this ACA up our a**es without consent, instead being armed and shining with the confidence of facts, reality and truth about this rape. You can see straight away my tone from such confidence, makes all the difference.

                  We don’t mind your long rants, but you ought make sense.

                  The people have lost patience with this lawless unconstitutional bul***it called Obamacare, and so making excuses for this full-spectrum clusterfudge isn’t adding to your list under the column of “preper friends. Why would a prepper want to help you when you make excuses for that which causes them to prep in the first place”

                  Indeed it could be argued that the ACA/Obamacare is ultimately the final “black swan” as it’s already a MONETARY, LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL and ELECTRONIC CIVIL WAR. Voting for another D, or R isn’t going to fix this problem.

                  • I must say, nobody here seems to agree with Ed,but I do to a certain degree. Insurance companies are the money, Obama is just a puppet. He has no brain, and just does what his big money masters tell him. If he believes polls published by mainstream media though, that isn’t so smart.

          • Hey Obumbler, CONTROL THIS! (grabs crotch and shakes it)

            • He would like to sixpack. His door definitely swings that direction.


                • She also mentioned she was half badger!

                  • Yeah, I’m half badger on my Mom’s side and half pitbull on my Dad’s…family discussions could get really interesting around my house.

                  • Not balls ………..Breaticles!!!!

                  • I meant……Breasticles!

                • I am female, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some balls too…

                  • You go girl!!!!!!!

                    ..nothin’ like a fearless female! Thumbs up.

                  • Sixpack:
                    There are times when I know my wife has bigger balls that a lot of the sissymen she works with.

            • Urology article 2 section 7 states……

            • Hey six-pack. Like that’s going to do anything. You are an idiot. If this is the mettle of the dimwits he has to overcome – it wont be hard to win (holds head and shakes it).

              • Tony Montana, sixpack is one of our sharpest people on here. She’s not an idiot, so back off.

              • Hey Tony, be careful how you shake that head, I’m finding stray marbles laying around.

          • Nancy poliosys answer to why ovomit care sucks so bad was I don’t know. I was not in charge of it. That’s the standard answer now for people from dc. I don’t know. I didn’t know. It was caused by a video.

            I didn’t have sex with that woman.

            That’s not my baby.

            Raising the debt limit does not raise the debt.

            • Poliesie also said “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in the bill”

              • We need that like a shotgun blast to the face

              • Very true! Thank you there r so many crazy things said that its impossible to keep track of them all.

              • Yeah, right, Nancy. Only somebody with a room temperature IQ would say such a thing; and, you’re it.

            • at NO TIME did obama know what the obama administration was doing!

          • It looks like they already have the important part of Obamacare working (important to them, anyway.)

            Last year I suffered a very minor injury that got infected so I went to a GP in my county for an antibiotic. This year I suffered a stress fracture of my foot and went to a different doctor (podiatrist) in a different county. Different practice, different county, different hospital affiliation.

            The nurse looked at my chart and told me the name of the other doctor, the date I saw her, and the name of the antibiotic she prescribed!

            I really don’t like it that all my medical history is available to anyone who looks it up, but I think that was one of the things Obamacare is supposed to do. It was never about better health care; it was always about control. And one of the things they needed for control of the population was information. Now (for instance) if someone speaks out against the government, they can look up and see that her grandmother needs a certain medication, then they can punish the whistleblower by cutting off her grandmother’s access to her life-saving meds.

            • “The nurse looked at my chart and told me the name of the other doctor, the date I saw her, and the name of the antibiotic she prescribed!

              I really don’t like it that all my medical history is available to anyone who looks it up, but I think that was one of the things Obamacare is supposed to do. It was never about better health care; it was always about control.”

              This is exactly how it is in the UK under the equally abysmal NHS which the US is emulating – BECAUSE OF the overwhelming control inherent in a socialised system. You are exactly right about medical treatment being withheld from whistleblowers in the UK. This IS what happens here.

              There’s nothing more to it than that. Control and surveillance.

              How much has been wasted on setting this debacle up? Wouldn’t that have been far better spent on giving free healthcare to the 45million who couldn’t get access to it?

              • My last visit to my long-time doctor consisted of filling out tons of paper work for “My Chart” which allegedly enables you to look up your medical records any time you want to do so. So far, I’ve never wanted to, but it’s at one of the hospitals and available for anyone to read. I tried to “opt out”, only to be told that I had to give my consent or I wouldn’t be treated. I said “No”, and was shown the door, so I went home and took collodial silver until I got better. My doctor isn’t really “with” me anymore since he’s usually sitting in front of the computer and trying to type in my answers,(He’s a really terrible typist.)and we never make eye contact. Praise the Lord I’m not diabetic and don’t have cancer. I have moderately high blood pressure, for which I blame Obama, so am getting off the meds and working toward losing twenty pounds while walking more. That will have to do it since I’m opting out of the medical circus.

                • @ Vicki

                  …ah yes, the ‘opt out’…

                  Brits too can ‘opt out’ of this profligate personal information sharing. I did – because here just about any public authority can rummage through this online file.

                  Last week I was carted off in an ambulance to the ER with a TIA. The belligerent, patronising young doctor was so exercised by my opt-out that he refused to even begin to treat me. It was a very humiliating experience at a time when I was unable to counter his intimidation and argumentativeness.

                  I staggered out of the ER alone, fuzzy-headed, at the brink of tears and having to somehow find my way home – 50miles away – on foot in an unfamiliar town. The other ER ‘healthcare’ staff didn’t turn a hair. No one cared.

                  This is medicine? This is ‘first do no harm’? ‘Care and compassion’?

                  No, I’d suggest that Ocare and the NHS (National Horror Stories – every family here has at least one to tell ) are now headed towards full-on sociopathy.

                  Bureaucracy and technology do not better medicine make. Humans being humane do.

                • True story: My BP has been around 200/90 for the last 2 yrs. Roughly since they installed our smart meters. There are 4 of them on my living room wall. About 6 months ago, I covered that wall with aluminum foil (no, I didn’t save any to make a hat with). My BP went down to around 180/90 in about 6 weeks.

                  I had my wireless router on top of my computer tower, under my desk. Last November, I moved it to behind the tower, which has steel side panels, which puts 2 sheets of steel between me and the router. The last 2 visits when they checked my BP, it was around 130/80.

                  My doctor says if my BP is still like this at my next visit at the end of this month, she’s cycling me off of my BP medications, because I DON’T NEED THEM ANYMORE!

                  THE ONLY THIN I’VE DONE, is blocked out most of the RF microwaves that was cooking me on a cellular level. My feet stopped burning and swelling and a couple of other nuisances have disappeared.

                  I found it hard to believe that having my wireless router a couple of feet from my legs would cause that much trouble, but it did. I can still hardly believe that I won’t be needing lifelong blood pressure medications, just because I got a wild hair and blocked some RFs. I BELIEVE IT NOW, and I’ve got lab test results to support it.

                  I don’t know if this info might help anyone else, but I just had to share it just in case.

                  • I REFUSED to allow them to install a smart meter. There was an article in our local newspaper that mentioned me by name and said everyone had agreed except me.

            (Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.)

            The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like the Obama’s. Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespect) their Christmas family picture.”

            The truth is I do not like the Obama’s, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation. I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the Obama’s. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don’t like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

            I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous.

            I don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress.

            I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President, and a love of our country and her citizens, from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people. The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish.

            His arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

            Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama’s have taken lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for civility.

            I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to now being able to be proud of America. I view that statement and that Mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world. Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do that.

            I have a saying, that “the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide.” No president in history has spent over a million dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

            And what the two of them have shared has been proven to be lies. He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother’s death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about his father’s military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address.

            He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman. He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today. He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel.

            His wife treats being the First Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement – as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

            I don’t like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

            Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.

            I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

            As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, “Nero In The White House” – “Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader.

            He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequaled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood.

            Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.

            • WOW! I could not have said it better myself. Thank you

            • Most of the things you pointed out were known even when he was running for the first time. The oh so cool American electorate treated it like some kind of Hollywood comedy. They did the same thing with Elizabeth Warrens lying that enabled her to get affirmative action. They laughed and said what does it matter. This is the crux of the problem. Obama and others are a reflection of the dirt bags that now make up the majority of the American population. The people who founded this country warned that the system of Govt. they gave us would only work with an informed, moral electorate. A nation of scum bags does not qualify to perform that function.

            • Thumbs up eppe!

            • Say what ???

            • I hate to burst your bubble but Reagan was just a better actor than the current administration. Reagan signed agreements with the soviet union to implement our education system the same as theirs (nationalize, school to work -meaning jobs not careers_ ) and that has been followed up on ever since by every president both dems and repub. Some may make you “feel” good but make no mistake, both parties are for the same world communist government and they cannot have that without full control of everything… If you think voting for a repub will chance anything, you are still immensely deceived.

            • I’m not defending Obama but he is a piker compared to Bush. Bush started two wars and did whatever he damn well pleased even though he lost the election. Starting wars and getting people killed only for the benefit of the military industrial complex is as arrogant as it gets. Sending people to their death for profit is the lowest form of humanity.

              • ed, eppe isn’t really comparing presidents. Bush? Not very good either. But Oblameit on him, is trully a criminal as with his disbarred wife.

                • Bush not a criminal? Surely you are joking. Were you paying attention 2001- 2008? Iraq war? 9/11?

                  • Never said he wasn’t a criminal. Just saying about the comparing of criminals(better?). We have to deal with the present criminal, who has to be the worse president we’ve ever had.

              • @ Ed Fend

                The thumbs down on your comment clearly shows that some people on this site are only disguised as Patriots, but are clearly biased in their opinions and beliefs. It doesnt take long for people to go back to blaming the prez who has no power and has everything he tries to implement vetoed. No matter how good or bad his policies are or were we will never know since less than half of his ideas see the light of day.

                Sorry, I’m just trying to be objective in a subjective forum who acts like they are unbiased. Not everyone on here are biased towards one side or the other, but you can tell by the massive thumb downs on objective and true patriotic sentiment, the ones who sit blindly like sheep on one side or the other.

                I agree and love alot of the prepping ideas on this site, and i know i am better prepared because of it. However, when things get political it seems peoples biased bigoted opinions sometime drown out the logical issues that plague our government and country.

                My biggest thing is those who are so deadset on this country collapsing, have no freaking idea how it will recover whether its the current regime or foreign. The best thing to do is prepare but if it does collapse, those in power may have a stronger foothold or the foreign entities may come in and take over. There’s no telling if it will recover like “Patriots” or “One Second After”. Those are feel good stories of hope, in which i hope the right side wins. It’s just during the collapse many will die and it may recover even worse than the state we’re in now. The grassroots movement is strong, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The enemy is strong and capable, but so are we. Let’s stick together “man, woman, black, white, green, and brown”. We stand a better chance fighting together, but our downfall could possibly be the lack of trust of those who may be an incredible ally just because the color of their skin, and not the content of their character.

                If you don’t agree, please tell me why without using racial epithets that make you look ignorant and ultimately lose all credibility.

                • Agreed, but I see an even more dangerous issue of division by class warfare. Some people are so convinced that everyone who can’t afford their own fully equipped bunker is evil and out to get them and what they have. It seems some are ready to kill, simply because people are on food assistance or whatever they can get to survive.

                  They don’t seem to realize that there are MANY patriots who have recently been mowed under by the govt and there are more to come. Many of us have unwillingly joined the ranks of “the poor”, but that doesn’t change our hearts and souls or cause us to deny the love of our country.

                  Even poor people know right from wrong. Even poor people love their country and the Constitution it was founded on.

                  Some people can’t seem to separate being poor from being immoral, or being disabled from being lazy.

                  I think we have even bigger problems than just racism.

                  • I agree

                  • Very much agreed sixpack

            • I find it funny that people always love to point their finger at Obama for all of their woes and problems with the country. I don’t care for either party, and everything the so called two party system stands for because they’re all controlled by the same entities that are raping this country.

              It just seems that a lot of this anger which is directed at Obama should be directed to the Government as a whole and not just the figurehead that speaks into the mic. It makes some peoples argument seem racially driven, being that on one hand people will blame the government and others blame Obama only.

              Being divided is what they want, and it appears some just feed into the B.S. that they want you to believe.

              Let me clarify. A lot of people in the country and on this forum speaks of the terrible job he has done while in Office. However, no one wants to be a pragmatist and understand that most of the things he promised to do was vetoed by congress. How can his legacy be judged for something he can’t get passed? How do we really know how good a prez he would have been if allowed to do so? It is a fact that the most of the things he wanted to do was shot down, along with some of the things he originally had planned for Obamacare.

              Again, I’m not supporting him by any means. I just want to point out that its best to blame the gov instead of their keynote speaker. Otherwise, it will be hard to tell the difference between the bigots and those who are really fed up with the government as a whole. If you’re not being objective then it’s hard to have a wholehearted discussion in regards to the state of the nation when one side is looking at it through biased eyes.

              • I agree Libprep

              • Actually, LP, Obama has done exactly what he said he wanted to do. When Congress, who is supposed to be part of the “checks and balances” on power of the executive branch doesn’t go along, Obama simply acts like a dictator and writes an Executive order. He has written over 900 in 5 years!! Bush, like him or not, did 89 over 8 years.

                Obama, sighting “economic justice”, has jacked the deficit to over $6 trillion, more than all the presidents from 1789 to 2008 COMBINED. He is TRYING to destroy the middle class, taxing the rich and productive of this country so that the economy does not recover, and making us become DEPENDENT on the government. Truly, Saul Alinsky would be so proud of this fraud.

                While I agree that corporations need to adopt and act in moral ways, stifling the ability of entrepreneurs to create is no way to improve the economy. Regulating the hell out them, picking winners and losers, is NOT going to help the economy recover.

                YOU, my friend, must open YOUR eyes, and really look at the way this president has spear-headed the loss of liberty, (his attacks on the 2nd Amendment are only part of the the problem), used his power to attack his enemies, used his power to “create crises” that he can take advantage of… WAKE UP!!!

                • @Dr. Real

                  So if i understand you correctly, you’re saying prior to Obama entering office, the government had the American peoples best interest in mind, the economy was booming, no homelessness, everyone had jobs, bigots kept their mouths closed, there were no jobs shipped over seas, the other countries loved our westerner ways, no food stamp and welfare programs, inner city schools were graduating at an all time rate, no mass murders, no pedophilia, and race relations were solved?

                  You want me to believe that it is all OBAMA’s fault? How dare you make me defend that man to make this point. From the sounds of your post you seem pretty intelligent, but only with a slight dose of biased views. Everything you say may very well be true, but to use OBAMA as a scapegoat to your soapbox rant is ridiculous.

                  Ok, now i’m AWAKE.

                • Over 900 executive orders? More than bushes 89? Holy shit. I pose: Bush Jr. signed off on 1000 executive orders and Obama has signed 3. How do I know I’m right? Because you’re to stupid (Or is it just arrogance?) to use google.

                  You truly show off your ignorance, and inability to use the tool you have been provided and are in front of you. I’m sure you could even go beyond a google search || wikipedia search, and find the actual orders written in some book somewhere.

                  I call “You are a dumbass.”

                  Not only are you flat out wrong on how many executive orders Bush Jr. signed (It was 298), you’re also wrong on how many Obama has signed (Guess what, less than bush: 168 per 2014-02-03.). Clinton, 364 (More than Bush jr!), and Bush SR: 166.
                  Franklin D. Roosevelt, god bless, signed over 3,500 executive orders.

                  It is hardly uncommon for a modern president to sign _many_ executive orders during their presidency.

                  Do you not realize you are part of the problem? The massive, huge, corrupt problem of propaganda? You heard something from somebody who heard something from somebody who heard something, and you turn around trying to spout it off as truth, without doing even the most basic fucking search for the topic at hand. And you expect me to listen to FUCKALL you have to say after you spout off straight lies?

                  Is it really so hard to open your fucking eyeballs? To look for truth on your own?

                  WAKE UP. YOU ARE THE SHEEP! YOU. YES, YOU.

                  Our once great nation does have a huge, massive problem. It’s called ignorance. It’s the _stupid as shit_ college students that would sign a petition to eliminate the second amendment; Whom have likely never held a gun, and think that somehow a piece of metal, and typically plastic or wood, is inherently dangerous; Lacking the common sense that it’s the person wielding the metal that’s dangerous, not the metal itself. It’s the morons who wholeheartedly believe everything they are told, even if it’s undeniably – and obviously from any logical standpoint – false. It’s the general sense of apathy, combined with disdain for differences, and a general contempt for all things they don’t fully understand, along with the arrogance to actually believe they understand those things.

                  I hope I pissed you off enough to open your eyes, and maybe, at the VERY least, do a google search about whatever topic you’re trying to talk about before you talk again.

                  • I meant to type 291. Not 298. Point remains.

            • Eppe, thank you for posting that article from Michael Massie. He did a first-class job of letting off steam.

            • I have never read such an ignorant rant as this. Nero a saint compared to Obama? Really? Learn some history. The Obamas as Leninists, communists? Nothing about him is communist. The whole Obama care, essentially a Republican plan, was written to benefit insurance and big health care businesses. What has Holder done that is jack booted? He has done nothing but coddle big business. Big business has run roughshod over the country. Nothing communist about that.

              Why is it that when Bush was arrogant, and he was easily the most arrogant president of the last 60 years, he was viewed as powerful and decisive, but when a black does it he is an uppity ni@@er? Indeed, Obama has tried to be more inclusive but the Repubs have blocked at every chance.

              And exactly who is it that respects this Massie? The same people that respect rush Limbaugh? Describing this person as a talk show host should give you a clue that he or she is a high paid shill and is paid to inflame the ignorant masses just as Limbaugh is. What makes this person worthy of respect? Certainly nothing that I have read here. Just inflammatory garbage.

              Traditional America? You mean white supremist, racist, slave owning America?

              People need to weigh why people say things, what is their motive? Are they being paid millions $$$$ like Limbaugh? Is there anything specific in the above rant? NO.

              And I have never seen Obama foment class warfare. The wealthy have waged the class warfare and they are crushing everyone else. Any of you that feel the wealthy are hurting, or you associate yourselves with the wealthy need to wake up. You are less than nothing to them.

              Obama is incompetent and a poor actor. He has furthered everything that his predecessors have started and he needs to be condemned for it. But the above tirade by Mychal Massie is ridiculous and says really nothing that has any real meaning. Just meant to keep the poor and ignorant fighting among themselves instead of fighting for a better America for all people.

              • @ ed fend

                I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. This nation is undeniably divided at every turn, even among our very own prepper community. Some people on this site act all high and mighty and embrace their bigoted views and beliefs. This to some is the “America” that they want. The era of the 40’s and 50’s. Those who don’t change and put down their biased views will be left behind due to attrition. They may continue the same hate for those not of their color as their parents did to them, but the kids are smarter now and don’t see things through their racist parents eyes as they themselves were manipulated and brainwashed by their parents.

                This goes both ways. Some racist whites taught their kids to not like blacks, and some blacks taught their kids to not trust whites. This is due to their personal experience in some of the worst times of our nations history.

                You can have 100 people talking and having a general conversation, and as human nature has it they all become friends…..but wait
                …someone says, let’s talk “POLITICS”. From there the 100 people are then divided. Now we have 50 blacks on one side, and 50 whites on the other. Then you say “RELIGION”, and then the divide happens again. It’s impossible to have harmony among humans due to the B.S. barriers that make you think you have to choose a side. You can continue this experiment until you amazingly have two people left who you would think agree on everything, and then they won’t like each other because one is a Michigan Wolverine fan and the other is an Ohio State Buckeye.

                My point is that there are so many things that are in place in today’s society that we don’t have a snowball chance in hell trying to live together in harmony.

                I wish people could really tear down their imaginary barriers that are there for a purpose and stand together. This is when we will overcome the ones running this country into the ground, getting rich and watching the show. The shame is both Conservatives and Liberals prey on this divide in order for the real people in charge to continue as planned. So when i hear people attacking one prez over the other i cringe, because this is the plan and some people are too blinded by hate to see this.

        • Off Topic…

          Thank you to Be Informed and Jay Jay for posting information in the previous article about the drought in California.

          Due to the drought in California, we can expect to see prices increase in the grocery store.

          I STRONGLY URGE everyone to GROW A GARDEN and encourage others (relatives, friends, etc.) to do likewise. Even for city dwellers, container gardening will provide fresh produce.

          “The reality of the matter is that the produce grown in California feeds the rest of the nation. Just check out these statistics…

          The state produces 99 percent of the artichokes grown in the US, 44 percent of asparagus, a fifth of cabbage, two-thirds of carrots, half of bell peppers, 89 percent of cauliflower, 94 percent of broccoli, and 95 percent of celery. Leafy greens? California’s got the market cornered: 90 percent of the leaf lettuce we consume, along with and 83 percent of Romaine lettuce and 83 percent of fresh spinach, come from the big state on the left side of the map. Cali also cranks a third of total fresh tomatoes consumed in the U.S.—and 95 percent of ones destined for cans and other processing purposes.

          As for fruit, I get that 86 percent of lemons and a quarter of oranges come from there; its sunny climate makes it perfect for citrus, and lemons store relatively well. Ninety percent of avocados? Fine. But 84 percent of peaches, 88 percent of fresh strawberries, and 97 percent of fresh plums?”

          Facing drought, California will NOT allot water to farmers, cities

          California cuts off water to agencies serving millions amid drought

          • The water and great growing that have been part of the Cali. valley was a geological/historical anomaly.Studies of the geology show that for most part that area arid/desert like for most of the last few thousand years,and folks have know this for many decades,this is not a sudden surprise.

          • There are Californians who are advising they they will not grow a garden to save water and advising that other Californians do the same. It’s crazy!

            We have our own well and acreage here in Cal, and I can tell you that as a result, I will be growing my own food. We are very careful not to waste water but I do not consider using water to grow a garden to produce food for both humans and animals a waste of water. If you think about it, it actually takes the burden from the market (not specifically meaning my local “grocery store” but the food market in general) when those who can grow food start or continue to grow their own fruits and veggies.

            In my area, we have access to irrigation water. I’m still not sure if we will be getting any this year. The lack of irrigation water will harm those who run cattle. Not too many landowners in my area actually farm crops. For the rest of us, it will mean acres of dry land, prone to fire.

            • And higher food prices. “Don’t grow a garden because it wastes water” is an example of Cali thinking (as they wash their beamer). The border wall should run along the cali state line. The rest of us have enough problems. Most of the American west will revert to desert.

              • So I was watching the superbowl pregame last night when they did a salute to the troops piece in which I noticed they refered to the “Certificate of Independance” ????

                Was this a direct attack on the use of the word Constitution? Opinions Please

                • More simplistic conditioning of the sheeple on the “boob tube”. I’m guessing the average sheeple didn’t even realize what was really being referenced. Sad state of affairs our country has become.

                  Time to resist. MOLON LABE

                  • Like the coke commercial when they sang America, the Beautiful in different languages. I was at a party and immediately stated my displeasure. A few ladies said I was wrong, that it was sweet and REMINDED us that we are a melting pot of different countries. I said BULL$#!T! This is America and the language is English. If they think so much of our country, then they should learn the language. What’s next? The National Anthem sung in Spanish??? The room got very quite.

                    When I thought about it later I realized that they are just products the conditioning being pumped into their (mush for) brains by watching to much TV. Freakin’ sheeple.

                  • Coke has done those universal love commercials since the 70s arco. Guess they think they can turn the US into not just a bilingual country but encourage any and all languages to remain as is instead of adapting to American ways. The politicans never saw the need to make English our official language since they got kickbacks to keep it undefined. Bastards.

                • The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two separate documents. Do you not know that? Only the Constitution is actual law.

                  • You are right. I mistakenly gave thumbs down and meant thumbs up.

                  • In the declaration the WHITE Men founders specified that they were doing it, to “Secure the Blessings and nation” For OURSELVES and Our Posterity!…A good case can be made that by stateing for “ourselves and Our posterity aka kids and grandkids et al etc etc”

                    That it means our original founders were specifically creating, and anouncing their Will to Physically fight with arms/firearms to defend, the Nation of America for their selves And their Decendants…Aka their White folk decendants, since all the founders were White Men eh…

                    As to that “melting Pot” argument…Sure america began as a conglomerate grouping of European Whites, from many various sections, countries etc of Europe.

                    And that is eaxctly why it at first worked so swell…Because for the first couple hundred yrs or so, americas “melting pot” ingrediants consisted of 99+% European All White folks who, although they brought with them varried different languages and dress and customs and foods etc, acording to each types original country of origin’s ways and likes or customs etc…

                    They ALL still basically Shared the exact Same overall main major components. IE: All White, All European, Most all Christian(in upper high 90’s+ % percentile range).

                    And ALL were willing to assimilate to speak ONE main Language of English.

                    The other lesser or minor differences of liked foods, special cookies or pies made, types of cheeses liked, or clothings usually worn in their former home country…Were all just Minor differences when the real major issues that really mattered most were in Tune totally with each other, regardless which former euro nation they came from.

                    Like makeing from scratch a cake or pie…Sure one can substitute say brown sugar, for honey, and still end up with a very close similar cake or pie when finished…

                    But if one begins to substitue say, honey or sugar with MUD or DIRT granuals…Well obviously they have just vastly Ruined the original recipie. And have so badly altered it, it can no longer resemble that original “melting Pot” recipie…

                    And even today after massive Hoards of low life, 3rd worlders, abject illiterates, savages, persons one generation removed from Canabilisim etc…Even after entry leagally and Illeagly of vast Hoards since immigration laws were drastically changed in, 1965, and Our nation has added at least another 105+ Million more mostly as mentioned, savages and 3rd worlders.

                    Yet still after all that we still possess a nation where the vast majority are still Whiteys…By at least a 68%+ margin of whites….That alone attests to my opening statement of how our founders said in the Declaration that they were doing what they outlined and described “For Ourselves And for Our Posterity aka Decendants” aka their White selves and White decendants.

                    Perhaps after seeing so much dammages done by haveing most whites going along with every whim, desire, demand, order, law, etc made by mainly others NON white, or by non whites fellow travelers and Kommie-cohorts, and of which we now Know have been all done By design in order to Deconstruct, and destroy that still huge majority of Whites…Maybe it is High time more white folks get a Grip on the new reality.

                    And demand that we white folks get white polititions elected who will see to Our concerns, Our white needs, Our majority block of Decendants of the original founders, whom are also the ones that Discovered, Invented, Built, Paid for, in Blood and Cash money, the construct we all call, the nation of America.

                    And it is obvious that the main reason all those Non whites come here is because if any of Their races or groups ever had the capibilities to copy white americans from the founders up to todays white folks. And create the same or similar type nations where people lived in Civilized, Prosperous, Healthy, Happy, Safe, lives as enjoyed in america for most of its history.

                    Well then it is also obvious many, most would have remained right where they were prior to comming to the usa eh…

                    Yet once they arrive Here, instead of assimilating and learning to speak english, like OUR ancestors did regardless which euro country and whatever languages were spoken while yet There, we have seen consistantly the same pattern amoung Most non whites once they arrive on Our shores.

                    A consistant pattern of Lack of will to assimilate, Hatered for the Native white folks here…

                    And an overall, Overwhelming attitude of an INGRATE. Totally UNgratefull that we whites have continued to accept their sorry worthless asses, over sized familys, massive numbers of Single mothers with familys that average 5 to even 12 kids, and most all of which are in dire need of welfare free stuff forEVER, from the moment they touch ground on Our side of whatever border they crossed to come here.

                    And as long as Our national systems consist primarily of elected polititons who are supposed to do the bidding and cater to Their constituants who elected them.

                    As long as that type system remains in effect, there can be zero doubts that it is way Passed overdue for good Pro White, White officials to get elected in order to represent us white folks, and Our desires, and to basically ask the main question of..

                    “is this or that I am about to do or sign or vote for…Good for the White American Folk”?

                    Because american History has proven since the nation was begun by Whites formerly from european stocks, that when whats good for whites has been the Norm, been what get’s done, it has also been quite good for America as a nation as well…

                    Just a quick study going back to only 1965, and reviewing how thigs have developed when the exact opposite was done, IE: whats been good for NON white folk has been done or promoted, has resulted in Abject Failures beyond description almost!

                    And at this point today, 2014, america is at the breaking point due to so much done for non whites, and at the expence and Devestation of those white folks.

                    The Only real viable workable solution left is for awake folks to create a massive movement within the White community nationwide, to become racially aware, and demand white polititions everywheres begin to recognize and work For the whites period..To do any less will mean america ceases to be soon.

                    For example A-evidence go look at Africa, mexico, Hati,and most any other Non white ruled nations…

                    There is a good reason the western world is also the White world nations! and visa-versa.

                    Every fellow whitey you encounter needs be told these issues and we Must demand they pay atten, wake up, and Join forces with fellow whites.

                    Yes its wonderfull to lay around and dream hazy utopian visions of sugar plums, and candy canes, where all races and groups co-mingle, reside alongside each other, and simply get along happy happy at all times…Just like some 6yr olds coloring book might portray things in Happy Happy-Land nation!

                    But any whiteys who’ve been around since 1965 or earilier, assuming they have paid atten to how Our nations has so drastically been changed, and NOT for the better…Must also admit that like it or not, maybe We don’t want to make things about “race issues”…

                    But hey! Others DO! and others Have made it a racial issue almost moreso than all other issues combined.

                    And the true real Victims of it all has been…White Folks.

                    Time to change that. Otherwise why even consider to make ANY other long range plans or survival plans if You are a White Folk?

                    Do not for one moment believe that after whites are a small Minority nationwide, that whites are somehow going to enjoy the same current mass of affirmative action benifits, set asides, quotas, payments, dole lifestyles, etc that are enjoyed by the current crop of low life 3rd worlders and Monkeys and such, infesting america today and for some time now…Oh yes, You whites will Still Pay! and Pay! and Pay!….You just wont…Get anything and that goes Quadrupple times 10 once whiteys a Minority!

                    Kissing non white ass has Not worked. Perhaps we need try New methods?…Demand representation for whites, from whites.,,With an almost 70% Majority whites “should” be able to basically run america as we see fit and as it was before 1965. A far better concept, and a proven better way.

                • It’s the Declaration of Independence. Constitution is a different document.

              • There is a lot of the rainy season left. It has started raining as the high pressure ridge off Alaska has finally broken down. A repeat of the sixteen weeks of continuous rain that occurred in the 1860s would be a good next act especially if it moves into the lake Powell/Lake Meade watershed..

            • Anyone who lives in California is nuts; there are 38+ million people living in a state that has 41% of the land listed as hyper-arid, arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid. These are areas that should NOT be used for farmland yet some folks in their infinite wisdom thought that they could fool mother nature and divert large amount of water forever from other areas. Well now these other areas are also drying up and the state and all those who depend on its agriculture are seriously screwed. Nearly half (41%) is unfit and should be supporting a population of 1 million or less, not the 38+ million they have. When TSHTF we’re going to see another “Grapes of Wrath” migration, only this time, in reverse. People will flow out of Cali like lava out of a volcano. Glad I don’t live there anymore.

          • Getting a dehydrator and putting it to use RIGHT now is NOT about saving money any more for me.
            It is about not having the produce later; those spuds are in the grocery now; maybe not later.

            • Bananas in my dehydrator as we type.

              • sliced strawberries here.

                • Pineapples are in mine right now, bananas are next, I got a bunch of them.

              • I have 3 quarts –love ’em.

                • @JayJay…and ANYONE else who can solve this ‘little’ problem for me. I decided to try to ‘oven dry’/dehydrate a large pot of mashed potatoes last night…ended up with 2 cookie sheets full(1/4in” thick on the pans)

                  they were ‘almost’ dry when it was bedtime….so this morning when I got up, turned the oven on to 200degrees (instead of the lowest of 150)…I swear they were only in that oven for 10 mins when I checked them….they had already turned ‘beige’ in color, no….they were brown around the edges.

                  I immediately removed them, cooled them and packed in zip-locked bag and froze them. Now, I need to know the best way to use them (other than putting in a soup or?

                  You guys ALWAYS come up with some of the best ideas, so decided to ask for your help…Thanx in advance, take care, CC

                  • I only use a presto, so I’m lost.
                    I do think the potatoes dried out a lot after you went to bed.
                    At times, my foods feel wet/not dry, but after removing, they click nicely when I drop them on the counter.
                    That’s my 95% dry test–they click.

                • 3 quart bananas—strawberries in freezer; never again.
                  Dehydrating berries if I get any this summer.
                  Pineapple?? Oh, my, of the dried fruit blend, pineapple are the absolute bestest!! 🙂

              • I made some jerky this last week during the snow. First time I ever made it in the dehydrator. I used a flank steak with a soy base marinade. Pretty darn tasty. Filled up a large mason jar but it won’t last long.

                Dang flank steak was 23 bucks. I’m guessing there are less expensive cuts. Looking forward to making some more.

                • Wrong: you can use any cut that does not have a lot of fat in it, round works real well.

                  • Thanks, I’ll be getting some tomorrow.

              • Heads up doctors, nurses, etc.!!

                If the obummer gang decide they need you, you’re registered. They know where you live.

              • Bats in my belfry as I type.

            • Gwyn,

              Thank you for posting the link.

              I agree. It does not look good.

              Take care.
              KY Mom

          • One unlikely but potential answer is dwarf citrus fruit. I got a ultra-dwarf lemon tree for my sister-in-law seven years ago and it grew and thrived. She got (sour) fruit from it after three years, but it was edible and had the necessary vitamin C. She lives in Kansas and kept it in her south-facing sunroom where it still thrives and puts out a little bit of fruit. Stock up on vitamin C tablets, but you might consider this if you want a lemon pie.

        • My doctor has done the exact same thing and will only take certain insurance and cash. Over the next two years you will see more and more doctors retiring, quitting, and refusing. I’ll bet OBUMER did not see this one coming…. But he never really struck me as very bright or wise person. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS….. and have some nurses, doctors, and nurse practitioners on your team…. We do….

          • As a side note…. she is a lot Prettier than my doc…….

            • Man, they saw it coming. Oblame it on him is just a puppet who was never in the design of this health care thing except his name being on it. He and tptb want the whole system,i.e. American’s free will/choices to crash.

              Obama needs to be arrested and tried as a fraud (non-American) period.

              • Agreed!

                ..and Valerie Jarrett/David Axelrod/Rahm Emanuel deserve to be executed, post haste!!!

       they are the point contacts/enablers of the communist 5th column types, destroying this nation and trashing its Constitution / B.O.R.

                ..hang the cretins & their fellow travelers/nu-Constitutional czars.

                • …(meant)> ..”un-Constitutional…”

            • No kidding MOTI.. I would have to become a hypochondriac if I could find a DR that looked like that. I would be sick a lot! Have her remove every mole and growth i could find, rush in to see her for a hang nail, wheelchair in with a stubbed toe…. she is gorgeous!

              • Good heavens, 2¢, do you think doctors find woosies and hypochondriacs attractive?

                • Hell mark i have no chance with that woman. just would love to be able to lay eyes on that wonderful creature.

                  • It’s probably a stock photo.

                  • @.02 ….i would gobble her bedpan in a diarrhea ward!………OOOOPS!, i didn’t write that out LOUD, did i?

          • On the contrary, the government experience with Medicare made it completely predictable that doctors would bail on HillaryCare…. er… ObamaCare.

            After all, if reimbursement is so low that you lose money on every patient, how many patients do you have to see to keep the lights on in your office, your staff paid, and your malpractice paid? You see, that type of math doesn’t work—unless you are a bankster with a printing press and psychopathic armed goons.

            ObamaCare is INTENDED TO FAIL. ObamaCare is completely in keeping with the Satanic “elite” agenda of depopulation, enslavement, and damnation.

            • Just to point out that the best way to rebuild a FUBAR’d system is to tear it to the foundation and rebuild. Now we’re gonna deal with the pain and suffering as never before. We the people let it get that way by not acting to stop the BS such as the fill in the blank lawsuit among other idiocies. Now we’re knee deep in it. IMHO I are jus’ a rednek.

          • **I’ll bet OBUMER did not see this one coming**

            Yes the admin. did, as this was part of a desired result–the nation to totally collapse.

        • it keeps suprising me at how many doctors are waking up late to this party. the news shouldve spread like wildfire once a few found out their fees would be controlled and decreased, their regulations would go up and they would have to provide things they would not want to.

          maybe obama has enough smoke and mirrors to get thru 2014, but in 2015; the wheels come off as obamacare goes all in and all everyone will be doing will be trying to be the last one to feed the alligator as obamacare will affect everyone and not in a good way.

          • Lena

            It will be this year. The doctors are not stupid or uninformed. I was told by an Urgent Care doctor two years ago that she was going to leave the business starting in 2014.

            I am a business owner. Business owners have to stay up with what is coming up, not just what is in our faces. These doctors are medical providers but also business people, and not uninformed. They’re not just finding out about all of this. Our country’s medical system is going to lose 40% to 50% of our doctors starting now. Most people won’t notice it though because anyone can throw on a smock and say they’re a doctor. Watch for articles stating that medical schools are increasing grades/diplomas, etc. They’ll be turning more of them out, they just won’t be anywhere near as good.

            • Don’t kid yourselves. They will follow orders to keep getting a paycheck because they have families to support. This is the key factor that keeps the NWO moving like clock work.

              Some may complain but all will get in line and smile for the king. Sad what happens when GOD is taken out of everything.

              • Not all will quit immediately, but I know alot of our surgeons have ramped up their surgery schedules and are doing as many joint replacements that they can get scheduled. They know what is comming and they have the money and means to relocate. Many of the general surgeons will just retire when they can rather than put up with the low reimbursements and BS that comes from the government. It’s a real shame, we have so many talented Doc’s that are getting fed up with the system.

                Country girl

          • This article does not cover my concern; once you are on this ‘exchange’, what is your insurance that the premiums won’t double or triple–YOU GAVE AWAY YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER!!
            Think you will ever see that reimbursed?? You are NOT that naïve; oh, yeah, right.
            You did sign up. Right.

            • JJ,those that did sign up with a checking account #,A.Dumb B.Change account and keep in just enuff for online purchases ect.

              • Yeah, change the acct. #–why didn’t I think of that?
                Still lost one month’s premium…multiplied by 1000s.

        • which I hope many will to

          Uh–Oh!! choose??

          • Oops, post messed up.
            I think choose was the operative word needed there, not chose.

        • This all actually makes complete sense. According to a video I watched yesterday (with Catherine Austin Fitts), the government is using the $40 billion dollars they stole from the American public/our traditional system to form a new system, completely unlike the former system.

          This new system is composed of Corporations (“intellectuals”) at the top (my words, not hers) and is centralized (no longer composed of local systems),just like under the Nazi regime. (Brezinski recommended this).

          Think of the new system at DMV: they are merging the DMV with social security office (centralization) and require national ID cards. I raised hell about all this at DMV, and the cop there meekly informed me that all states are now going along with this because of “enough money to implement the program” (in other words, they were paid off!).

          And think of the new school policies: teachers informed me that the heads of school systems are not CEOS! An education no longer matters! they have appointed corporate managers to oversee the school systems!

          They are implementing their horrible system which is nothing more than a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/ totalitarianism. And the military industrial complex and all that money thrown to them? Its not for us– the American public. No! Its so the elite shit heads can implement their programs.

          • OOPS! I meant the heads of school systems nowdays ARE CEO’S (Corporate managers).

        • Designed to fail in order to usher in single payer system controlled by the government.

          • Notice how they have made it impossible to add children to the plans under this mess? That will just be an added club to use when pushing for single payer.

        • Climate change could end California farming: Chu | Reuters

…/us-chu-idUSTRE5135OY20090205 – Similar to Climate change could end California farming: Chu | Reuters
          PLEASE NOTE THE DATE IN THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE! (I told you! Chu predicted YEARS AGO what is now happening in California!)

          Feb 4, 2009 … LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Secretary of Energy Steven Chu warned … told California’s farmers to prepare for a third straight year of drought due …

          California Gov. Brown Declares Drought Emergency Amid Broken

          • read somewhere today that america has the fewest beef cattle on the hoof since 1963!!!

        • “I don’t think the American public has gripped in its gut what could happen,” Chu told the newspaper. “We’re looking at a scenario where there’s no more agriculture in California.

          “I don’t actually see how they can keep their cities going,” he added.

          Chu, renowned for his work on clean energy, is pivotal in President Barack Obama’s plan to fight climate change by promoting alternative, renewable energy and cutting use of fossil fuels that produce heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

          Chu said in a worst case, up to 90 percent of the Sierra snowpack could disappear, all but eliminating the natural storage system that feeds the valleys at the heart of the state’s $35 billion farm industry. California supplies more than half of America’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.


            • anon,
              You think drought has never happened before? There have been four hundred year droughts in ca. that were detected by tree rings and other methods. this has nothing to do with global warming just the opposite cooling. Where are all the hurricanes that were predicted? Very few because the oceans have cooled. Cool water does not evaporate as much water as warmer water. Quit swallowing the AGW bull crap. As for climate change I would speculate that the end of the last ice age starting 12,000 years ago is the most dramatic global warming you can get. No people to blame. So stick you alarmist BS up your butt.

              • They’ll pipe in water from the Columbia or desalinate sea water before letting California agriculture die off. Too much food for too many people.

          • California does indeed produce the majority of our fruits and nuts.

            • Even with all it’s problems ca. is better than any place you bozos live. Just wait until the Democrats start sending a few million illegals to your states. Most of you dip shits have probably never been two hundred miles from home and are lucky to even wear shoes.

            • Wake Up! So called Greenhouse gasses are CO2 its what You Exhale out when you Breath air IN, and breath Out CO2.

              It is also what is necessary for ALL life forms to keep on living!…IE: Photo Synthisis aka Humans exhale co2 and GREEN plants and trees and food crops EAT co2 for food and nutriants…THEN all such GREEN Plant life Emits Pure Oxygen and water vaopr(DEW) after the SUNLIGHT causes co2 Inside plants to turn into pure oxygen and water vapor…

              Its the Perfect weapon for Global genocidal freeks whos desire is to eliminate 90% of earths populations eh.

              If Global genocidal NWO crowd can convince YOU that co2 is some type of harmfull “greenhouse gas” thats deadly to earth as a whole?….They got YOU right where They want You!…Stupid enough to agree and even PAY more gloabl UN taxes to fund YOUR Mass extinctions!

              The More co2 we create, the BETTER it is for ALL life forms, especially GREEN Plants and Tree leaves etc as well as FOOD crops…Because the more ‘food” said Green plants consume, then Change it to pure water and oxygen the better it grows, the More food and trees grown, and the More clean fresh Air we have to breath to sustain Our lives!

              Do You get it Yet?…They Taught that stuff in my 2nd grade science class…EVERY False claim made by all conected with man caused global warming crapola has been 100% LIES. A Kommie global Tax swindle and method to convince You to live worse than a 3rd worlder person and deprive self and others from needed and desirable things that make life better…Like Oil, Gasoline, electricity etc….Those are ALL Good things and have increased lifespans, and made human lives way better.

              If those fat cat super rich liberals really believed the LIES they get You to believe in on global warm crap, don’t You think folks like Al Gore ET AL would by Now have halted ALL private jet planes travel? SOLD OFF every huge 200 foot Yaht boat?….Sold their extra Dozen Mansion homes and just live in ONE home?

              Gores average one year total elec Bill for One main home is aprox $30,000 JUST for his years electric Bill!!!

              How is That remotly possible? to spend/Use up $30 Thousand per year in electricity? at a single dwelling?!!

              Imagiane what his private JET Plane Fuel monthly costs are!!!!!!!…..yet Gore tells Us-YOU to walk or ride a bicycle!!….And You eat that stuff up!

              Stop being so gulible and foolish! Global warming, Peak oil, population “explosion” ruining earth etc etc has all been Proven to be All LIES!

              Do You Yet get it? LIES! ALL LIES! Scams! swindles!

              • Yes, dear John, we all exhale CO2… DUH! and there always has been a greenhouse effect– that’s what keeps us warm when the sun goes down.

                What is occurring is an ENHANCED greenhouse effect– you know, when you put too much covers on and you kick them off? Enhanced– too much– get it?

                Its occurring because when fossil fuels are burned, they release CO2, and since there are about 7 billion humans on the earth and all these humans are driving billions of cars and heating billions of homes, well… its producing an abundance of CO2. Are you with me so far? (It IS a scientific fact that burning fossil fuels produce CO2!) Plus, there are power plants and other crap releasing CO2…

                Now, in the old days, when there were only about a billion of us (before the industrial revolution– when fossil fuels were discovered), back then, it is true that humans could barely effect their environment. But that was back then! Now there are about 7 billion of us and countries around the world are copying us, trying to be modern, up to date and want the same crap we have– all the cars and heated homes and polluting power plants or whatever, and at this point, we are, indeed affecting our environment in a mostly very negative way– esp. the climate!

                As far as me being gullable or whatever, as you claimed– I HAVE SPENT YEARS STUDYING THIS and realize that the top climate scientists around the world all agree about this issue… the few who don’t agree are paid off by the fossil fuel industry, which pays millions each year for people to spread mis-information and fool idiots like you, who don’t take the time to study the information, but rather listen to drug addicts like Rush Limpballs or Senator Inofee (non-scientist) or some fictional writer like Chrichton. In other words, dear John, you are the idiot, not me, just another Sheep/Ostrich, who is afraid to face the Truth.

          • BAD JOKE!!!!

            Why is California like a granola bar?

            Take away the fruits and nuts, and all you have is flakes…

            • Q: what you get when you scare the shit out of a Texan?
              A: Boots, belt buckle and a hat.

            • Howdy, Eppe. That joke sounded pretty good to me. braveheart

        • Agreed, this was never about healthcare. It was about theft and control via healthcare.

          Brain Dead

        • Kristin S. Held, MD; What an exccelent way of telling it like it is! Only to get worse. She is on spot…

      2. Buddy of mine just signed up for Obamacare, he’s disabled, no job, no money, this was his only option.

        An ingrown toenail took 4 visits. Asked ‘Why?’, answer was ‘Obamacare’. That’s the only way the podiatrist can recoup his fees. Talk to your doctor on the phone? That’s a ‘Consultation’ and billed to Obamacare.

        All the medicos are saying, “It’s just money going out, nothing is coming in.”

        It’s going to collapse, and the fix will be to put everyone on the system. Kiss your employer-provided plans, retirement coverages, all of it, goodbye.

        Your tax refund will go away too, to pay for it all. Kiss that goodbye as well.

        • If that is the case about “refunds” then don’t let them hold your money, pay the tax @ tax time. This year I am getting 589 bux back.. It was damn near a wash straight across. You can claim as many as you want on your w4 so claim 16 and then pay the tax.. this way they cant “keep” jack s.

          • Exactly what I do…. But I make shure on TAX day I owe them 1-2 thousand… and I have that in a money market account…. Its good to hold the cards….

          • EXACTLY! Don’t loan your money to the guberment and then get excited when they give some back to you.

            (Oh Gee I got 2500.00 back. Bonus! I’m gonna go buy a bigger fucking tv!!!)

            • Exactly–they didn’t get it then and probably won’t get it now!!
              You didn’t get a ‘refund’, you just got back what they took illegally.

      3. I would LOVE to hold Dr Held! Damn what a fine looking woman.

        • God is a genius to create such beauty as the woman.

          • Women are useless.

            • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

              • No, .o2; He said in a previous post that he was afraid of women… he may have been abused by a woman in the past and is thus, distrustful of all women. Very sad.

              • .02: Eisencrazy has been posting whacked out crap for years. He’s truly disturbed because he actually believes that he’s some kind of superhero with all these powers and super-secret military training, just ask him, he’ll tell you. What he is in reality is some fat little mall ninja who’s played way to many playstation/xbox games living in his mommy’s basement. His dad walked out on him because he couldn’t stand the fact that his wife had birthed some disgusting little fat turd, so that’s why he hates older people. And he’s never been with any women because even the hookers won’t touch his pathetic pimpled lard ass, so that’s why he also hates women. I hope this clears things up a bit.

            • Speaking of Useless.. you my non friend is the epitome of useless.

            • A beautiful woman is above all things. A very, very distant second is a Ferrari.

            • “Women are useless.”

              For you, I’ve no doubt that’s a true statement.

              Or maybe you should change the word “useless” to “unobtainable”?

            • You are useless Eisen. You hate women.older folks,any folks. You ever look in the mirror? Add that to your list!

              • you hit the nail on the head, jim. he hates HIMSELF, so he lashes out at OTHERS….now, where do i send the bill for the consultation, eisencant?

            • They are good for sex. Open wide and say yum!

            • What in the hell is he talking about??! It sounds like he hates almost everyone??!

            • What about your mother? Grandmother and all the mothers before her that led up to you?

              Did you happen to sit on your iron cross this morning and get it wedged sideways?

            • Eisenturd, if I was female, I would call you a male chauvinist pig [feminist language]. I think sodomite fruitcake is close enough. So go f#$% yourself!

            • eisen
              dummy if it wasn’t for a woman you wouldn’t be here


              • Snake Eater: I don’t normally like abortions but in his case, if I could travel back in time I would not only convince his mom to abort him, I’d perform the task myself if it were necessary.

                • Anon7, for once we agree on something. I don’t have any use for eisen either.

            • No, your comments are useless.

            • Your mom having you certainly proved that.

            • Eisensissy: Only if you’re gay, and you ARE gay from this post because any woman this beautiful and a doctor is worth a million of you. I also know plenty of women who are better shots than you, that is unless you claim to be world class sniper or some other such bullshit. You’re truly a sad little (queer) man Eisenpansy.

            • Eisen, just to advise, do not accept the upcoming invitation to the neighborhood security discussions/ice cream social when SHTF occurs in your area. Just when you tuck into your ice cream, you’re going to get a .22 round right behind the ear.

              No one is going to put up with you when the legal requirement to put up with you disappears.

              You still have the time to change your ways. Use it wisely.

            • @eisencant…i can’t help but wonder how long it took you to form those words? you’ve done SO much for a man with so little brain-matter left, after that wood-chipper accident.

          • O2:
            Yes she is beautful, but threre is a problem. She will be labeled a rascist by the liberal press because she is white skinned, blue eyeed, blonde LADY.
            She is correct on her thoughts and what she fells is wrong with Obamacare.
            Just watch and see if it doesn’t happen

        • .02
          You are right she is a very good looking woman.
          If you think it is wrong for me stating the obvious. You can KISS MY GRITTS!!!

          • Good evening, Sarge. I hope your birthday went well. I agree the lady looks like a knockout to me. she can play ‘doctor’ with braveheart anytime she wants. Anyone who thinks I’m wrong for saying it can KISS MY ASS! MOLON LABE braveheart

      4. Can’t wait to have my income taxes confiscated because I didn’t enroll for ACA. Murica!!

        • I don’t get any back for them to take, LOL.

        • Oruval:
          Man, don’t you know you didn’t earn it by yourself.
          Acoording to the Prez.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      5. Good Lord. Dell just announced 15000 layoffs.. Yes 15 THOUSAND! Novartis to cut or transfer up to 4,000 pharma jobs. This is just so far today! KEEEEERRRRAAAASH bitchez.

        • .02

          The dija just tanked another 320 points or so at closing today..


          Bombshell Report From The New York Fed Suggests The Labor Market Is Tighter Than People Think
          Business Insider
          By Matthew Boesler 3 hours ago


          Good God the media is hopeless>>


          • posseecom. The msm gives me fits. I really cant watch it. I try, I really really do, but after about 3 to 5 minutes I have to just shut the stupidvision off. It sucks so bad it is hard to describe.

            • .02

              We shut off tv/cable over a year ago..get everything on line now..

              Still all the main sites spew the same crap diatribes emanating from Wall Street,DC.,and the feds…non stop..

              If I had a tv hooked up to cable..most likely it would be shattered from several well placed rounds..
              Watch for more further declines and spin from all the is starting to unravel worldwide..

              Slowly but surely..



              • possee, there was an antenna on the roof when I bought this place so I get 14 to 16 channels free. The wife likes it, but even she screams at the news guys and calls them all damn liars! nice to have an awake wife. She is watching Dr Phil right now and see likes to look at the idiots that parade through judge Judy’s court room. Me. I cant do it, too many commercials and it is like way to big a waste of time. The Internet is leaps and bounds above the idiot box.

                • .02 and Possee, I’m getting my TV service cut off. They keep raising my rates and all I have is their basic package. I’ll take internet over the ‘BOOB TUBE’ any day.

            • Turn off the televitz, and ignore the lies of “the Chosen Ones.”

          • They want the immigration limits raised. They want to raise the legal level to three million a year. You can say goodbye to the country. Having a job will be a minor problem when they simply take over with sheer numbers. Closer than most realize even at the present one million a year. The illegal immigration dust up is just part of the distraction while the real legal invasion is going on. Third world is third world legal or illegal.

          • They could lay off another 250,000 people, the market could tank another 1500 points, all in this one week, and the morons out there would still be telling us how great the economy is and how thankful we should be that Obama is at the helm.

      6. Some of you have been talking about the Golden Horde over the last few posts as if these are demons who fall from the sky during SHTF and deserve to be shot because they are so evil. Wake up. The people looting and fighting violently over resources in SHTF are not terrorists or cannibals or zombies or biker gangs. Theyve been with us the whole time. This hysterical shitlicker BI keeps telling me that I am a “lunatic” and that I “need to be locked up” before I “go off the deep end”. But the real psychopathic killer is the middle class man watching TV and eating ice cream.

        He is our Nibiru.

        Its the soccer mom at Chick Fil A. Its the people we interact with everyday. The people at work and at the market. Little old lady? Shoots you in the back with a .22 in SHTF. The spokeswhore for moms demand action against gun violence telling us we have to protect her child? In SHTF that fucking slut gonna send her kid to scavenge for food so she doesnt have to whore herself out for a few cans. Still other people like you ex military dickheads are wishing for the chaos for the same reason you joined the military. So you can kill people and not go to jail. And the idiot asshole BI wonders why I “use hurtful language towards veterans”. Fuck you, veterans. If theres a mob of starving people and youre running around with your camo gear playing sniper theyre gonna tear you apart eventually no matter how many tacti-cool rifles you have. So forget all this run and gun horseshit. And forget about fighting the government, you dumbasses. Youre not gonna do shit. Full blown SHTF is never even gonna happen in Amerikkka so its a moot point. Its gonna be a slow drain on your bank account and the sheeple are gonna do nothing except sit there and take the abuse. Period.

        • Yes Eisen, we know..

        • eisenturd, back off from BI, mofo. so you don’t think SHTF will happen? Just keep living in your fantasy world and we’ll see.

          • Thats not what I said. I said FULL-BLOWN SHTF (combat sitution, no power, food distribution, water, or any kind of law or organized government) will not happen in Amerikkka. I feel that we are looking at exessive rule of law and a slow grinding descent into third world status. The people are voting their own rights away. The people are going to HELP the government destroy Amerikkka.

            The hispanics will be the majority population in a few years. 80% of the spics oppose gun rights. Thats the end right there.

            • I actually agree with you on this.. we are slowly being turned into 3rd world, with more police, more government workers. its like boiling a lobster, or frog, whatever.
              the patriot act came along, nobody did anything. the NSA is even worse now, and we still don’t do shit… we fight about Team red or Team blue, dem or rep. etc…

              however, there was a ww1, and a ww2.. so to say the S wont HTF, is not necessarily true. because ww3 will happen, eventually. and that could really throw us into a mad max, no power(emp), situation that nobody expects.

            • eisen

              Sit Boy Sit…


              Good Boy.

            • Eisenturd, watch your mouth about Hispanics; my wife was a Hispanic. As far as which SHTF scenario takes place, nobody knows for sure until it hits.

          • @ braveheart. Please see comment below, it holds someone like this maniac accountable for their rants. It shows what someone like this is capable of in regards to children. Including defending weirdos that attack children. It is very sad to see someone’s mind like this cooking away and not being able to help someone like this before they totally go off the deep end.

            • Please read the shit that you all post. when Eisen posts you all rally around, Don’t you talk about Miss Kitty like that. Then you continue your love fest with the regulars while slowly letting others in your circle while they endear you with their worship of your posts. Really, take a look at your last several years of predictions. Spend more time living. Bye

        • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

        • If I were an evil oppressive government, I would get my underling servant population to fight amongst themselves, so they would forget about fighting me.

          The question of the day is:
          Which of you two are going to be the bigger man and stop your fighting and bickering?

          Or, you could just go somewhere else to anonymously talk shit back and forth.

          • Your comment reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle, the last book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, where Aslan and the good guys are fighting the bad guys. Then all of a sudden arrows are coming from another direction, hitting both bad and good guys! It was the Dwarfs, and they decided to be an entity unto themselves…”the dwarfs are for the dwarfs” was their battle cry, no matter how much damage it caused to the overall good. That’s what I see happening in this country….

            • Dwarves not dwarfs

              • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

              • Reindeer not “raindeer”

            • The “DWARFS” was a Code word for…Khazars…

          • And do it off this site–you are sending participants elsewhere when they see this petty, childish banter back and forth.
            F**king grow up—ignore his stupid ass and stop egging him on–damn–grow up everybody and ignore his posts.
            You are doing exactly what he wants..sophomoric at its best.

            • Jayjay

              I don’t know why people respond to this clown. He is like a little kid needing attention and gets off on making comments he knows will piss people off.

              • Well, insult as I may, cause I am a child of Tennessee, those reacting to his banter are just displaying same kid-like behavior and he will not go away as long as he gets what he wants–attention; I’ve seen this before on other sites; the idiot leaves when he is ignored, but it takes all to realize and do just that.
                Geeze, I feel as I am in the classroom again.

            • +1 for the sophomoric reference jayjay, let’s add myopic to the mix as well. If you want to get rid of a traffic jam, don’t stop your car to look at the daily train wreck. Deprived of the audience, the train wreck will whither and die on the vine, and then disappear.

        • Blah! Blah! Blah!


        • Eisenkreuz- you have the right to say what you say because someone signed on the dotted line, raised their right hand and swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution to include sorry assholes like you. A lot of us did not join just to go kill. It was the furthest thing in my mind, I wanted skills above all else.

          As a vet to you, Eisenkreuz- go fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on.

          • Right. I obtained my right to comment on the internet because of you shooting at people in the desert.

            Killing was the furthest thing on your mind when you joined the military.

            Got an ocean front house in AZ to sell ya.

            • i like hot popcorn, with REAL butter and a little salt. mmmm……did someone leave a window open in here?….sure is gettin’ CHILLI, Brrrr.

            • I didn’t say desert. I do have two words for you- ungrateful bastard. No more replies to your kindergarten level comments and none in the future. Done!

        • ::yawn::

        • You sad sad person…you will die bitter!

        • WTF??!

        • I so much rather have a constructive conversation about Bo crap care and the way it is virtually impossible to work. But, shall we look at more proof of a dangerous psychopath ready to go bonkers.

          Please anyone doubting this look at Comment #2925629, sent on Jan.31, 2014 at 7:20 AM sent to spit in the face of Brandon Smith, which afterwards is very ugly towards Brandon. It states the following from the above lunatic:

          “But just stop to think dickheads, if you like this article (Brandon Smith’s article): I hope its you children in the crosshairs of someone’s tacti-cool super battle rifle”.

          In other words here is someone that wished death upon children because the crazy insane schizo disagrees with the parents. That is not rational and this shows what the maniac demented nut thinks about innocent children. Theyu should die to get back at the parents. See what is happening here? This character can’t stand to be quoted from its comments that it wrote all by itself. This person needs mental help desperately. Not making fun of this person, just hoping that someone will help this person before they become the next poster boy for the anti-gunners trying to trash our rights to self defense, spewing their hate for guns.

          • My post was in fact a condemnation of violence. I suppose youre too fucking stupid to understand this. But dont go and turn this around on me you shithead.

            My point was that you all think its so cool for a sniper to be shooting people. But if it was somebody you cared about in the crosshairs you wouldnt think it was so cool.

            Go and look at the comments below the sniper article. Half of you people are frothing at the mouth for SHTF just so you can shoot someone. Which is something that I have always spoken out against despite the pig fucker BI slinging shit at me constantly. I need “mental help”. Go fuck your sister BI.

            • “Go fuck your sister BI.”

              WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

              • i know what’s wrong with eisencant, but it’s just too damned hard to PRONOUNCE!

          • BI, you do make valid points about eisen. If someone wants to try to help him, that’s between that person and eisen. JayJay is right. We all need to start ignoring eisen and maybe he’ll finally go away. I’m even starting to ignore him, out of respect for JayJay, but it sure is going to be tough.

            • yer right BH, i pledge to try to be nicer to that poor little girl living in her mommy’s basement with nothing to do but tac, tac, tac on the keyboard all day and all night. if she would just type us an address, so we can send child protective services over there to rescue her from her “prison”. oh dear, poor eisencant! maybe she’s just too young to write the bigger words, or maybe the poor little dear can’t comprehend the written english found here on SHTFplan.?? yes, i suppose that’s rather obvious, looking at what she’s been writing for all these weeks….poor eisencant, wish we could help you.

        • I also tire of the hero worship heaped upon soldiers. You soldier worshippers will feel differently when its your door they kick open and your kids who get a rifle shoved in their face.

          • I also have to agree. The soldier worship is so lame as to gag me. It is a psyop to “support the troops” which is an unsaid “support our wars of resource pillage.” And to those who say “I support the troops, not the war” I call Bullshit.

        • Only intelligent thing you have ever posted. I agree with you one hundred percent. The slow drip to insolvency and breakdown.

      7. This is all intentional. They want our healthcare system to fail so they can take over and “save” us.

        Doctors like this woman who “opt out” will soon be forced by the government to “opt in”. It is inevitable.

        • She could dump her office and start making house calls for cash.

        • Edwards’ ‘two Americas’ coming to fruition.

      8. Or she does like a lot are doing and quits being a DR.

        • And serves the public via black market.

      9. As the underground economy grows competent medical folks will be welcomed,fuck the fed and the laws,let the new economies grow!

        • Howdy, Warchild, and AMEN to your comments.

          • Hey Brave,hows life treating ya’s?So,is this the handle you sticking with(hopefully!)?Seemed to be a weird glitch there handle wise a few days for a few of us.More snow coming into the northlands,but unlike the unseasonably below temp cold weather so far the snow accumulation actually a bit below average,guess it all evens out,that said,another 6-10 depending on were in region you are,ah well.

            • Hey, warchild.
              Gene went to our propane supplier(that wasn’t answering the phone) and we can get 100 gallons for $4 per gallon.
              I said _ _ _ _ no(can’t say here)–why do you think I am heating one bedroom/bath, the den, and kitchen when I use it??
              AND brought out the little electric space heaters that use about .30¢ an hour. I am toasty and refuse to be manipulated.
              NOW, if electrical grid goes down, another story entirely.
              I get propane in the summer for $1.50 a gallon.

              • Any way to set up small wood burning stove,that along with a small solar heater system(home built inexpensive and fairly easy)or just solar,builditsolar has a lot of cool free plans/ideas for heating,are a lot of ways to heat inexpensively and even free once material costs taken out of equation,and a lot of the small scale systems not much cost in materials and little or no need for electricity depending on what you go with,just a thought,keep warm!

                • Have a little military tent wood burning stove in the attic; thinking hard about setting up in the breakfast room (that is not a breakfast room) because it has ceramic tile on the floor.

                  • JJ,any wood stove make sure properly vented(unless you are expecting unwanted guests!). Really though,the carbon monoxide deaths are 99% avoidable,so use and hope helps but have properly piped out,have seen but know nothing about those old school tent stoves,hopefully you have also smoke/carbon detectors,as with anything nothing 100% but every thing helps put safety odds in your favor.After your spring sprouts ect. in take a look at the solar,don’t have to do whole home but any decent light at all could help.

                  • Go ahead. We can read about you when the carbon monoxide kills you and your family. Are you nucking futs? Outside use only!

                  • Warchild, I am not the typical gal.
                    Built a house, not contracted(from a plan I drew on a piece of paper in 1992, before banks required blueprints), trimmed out the entire inside by myself, hung a few doors, put up one wall by myself, and would never put in a wood-burning stove without professionals.
                    Have had wood burners before, like for 8 years and never had carbon detectors.
                    Not interested in solar–days here are 50% cloudy.
                    I couldn’t even get the solar battery charger to work.

                  • If you decide to set that thing up please don’t place it directly on the tiles, it will get hot enough to significantly damage them.

                    Look up dragonheaters, they have a model that uses chimney liners to provide thermal mass. That would be much safer than that tent stove in the house.

                  • Do not use an army tent stove inside of a closed structure, it will kill you and everyone else inside overnight. You go to sleep and never wake up.

                    Don’t even think that cracking a window will vent the interior, you will need to leave two windows wide open to cross-ventilate and be safe.

                    Go buy a real wood stove if you need one.

              • My friend that is a very large supplier explained that it was a manufactured shortage to drive up the price. He said it shouldn’t last.

                • JJ,would never deacide due to ones sex whether they can or cannot handle a wood stove,just was not sure you have ever handled one,guess you have.As for no co detectors,your call,for the few bucks worth it to me.

              • JJ
                I just wen to Farm and Fleet and bought a 4 pack of 16 oz. bottles for $9.75 with tax. Going back Wed. to buy some more.

                • SGT.
                  That only 1/2 gallon of fuel for 10 bucks. You are better off getting a 20 pounder refilled for 18 bucks.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                  • N.R.
                    I know but its for lights and a small heater. I have a bunch of 20 gals. And I mean a bunch.

                  • N.R.
                    I know but its for lights and a small heater. I have a bunch of 20 gals. And I mean a bunch.

                • Get the fitting that lets you refill the pound bottle from your 20 lb. bottle. I think I paid about $10 for mine. You can’t quite get them full, but it doesn’t matter. You can also get fittings to fill 20 lb. bottles from your large tanks(300-1000 gallon).

                  • Shoot,never knew that,will investigate,thanks.

              • JayJay, I live right next door to an RV dealership, with their own propane refill tanks! Oh happy day! I can drag my tank over there on my walker if I have to.

                • I have a propane heater and I did ‘let’ gene fill two tanks and they are in the shed.
                  I really did that for power grid failure, or propane company have trouble with delivery (who knew?), and it is for desperate back up.
                  I am toasty with these little space heaters.
                  I have central heat but it is $12 every 6 hours when the temp. is below 32°.

                  It has NEVER been this cold in Ky/Tn.that I can remember.

                  • Haven’t we become spoiled? Can any remember heating the bathroom an hour before taking a bath??
                    Mine is ready now–space heater!!! 🙂

                  • Going get to -2 in Spokane this week. A week of sub freezing weather coming up. We have robins outside in a snowstorm right now.. things are weird.. I feel bad for the robins. I hope they will be OK @ 2 below.

                • Six pack
                  why don’t you get one of those radial flyer little red wagons to move stuff it should be a little easier to pull with a walker tie a piece of para cord to the handle. Just watch yourself on icy surfaces. be careful in this weather you do not need to take a spill . The best thing would be for you to get some one to take it over for you.
                  I would not let my 80 year old mom to even get her mail due to the ice from this bad weather.

                  BE SAFE

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Thanks for the thought NB, but if I can do it myself, I’ll do it myself…until I can’t.

                  • jogging strollers make a great buggy for carrying things. some have brakes too. can be had used for 25 to 50 bucks on C/L or yard sales…great for luggging that 100lb BOB on yer way to the woods to spend the rest of your life too…(part of that last sentence was sarcasm).

            • Warchild, Sat. was in the 60s in my area. I was out all day and enjoyed it. On sun. it dropped back down in the 40s. got some rain Sun. night but it was drying out this morning. In the 30s but at least no precipitation. On my handle, you just reminded me I need to see if I can post under the old handle again. I’m ready for spring but that’s about 2 more months away. braveheart

              • GUYS” Knock it off.
                Just had 8 in. of snow Sat. now its around 5 degrees. Tues. another 8 in. with 25 MPH winds. We will more than likely get 20Ft. snow drifts. Another 2 or 3 hrs on the plow.
                God I can’t wait to get to Tenn.

                • Good evening, Sarge. We’ll damned sure be waiting for you and be glad to have you. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • 1Brave:
                    Thanks Man I knew I could count on you.

      10. Another brick from the wall!

      11. You should all know all the train tracks in your area. They make a good bug out route. Last weekend I practiced bugging out by running down the tracks under cover of darkness in the rain with just one messenger bag and a pizza. I covered myself in leaves with only a raincoat on and slept for a few hours during the day. Then I layed there until nightfall and ran back. It really sucked. I was sore and bruised and exhausted. How many of you fake ass peckerwood preppers are doing drills like this?

        • Eisenturd, you sorry mofo, what makes you think any of us don’t? too bad a train didn’t come along and nail your sorry ass. there’s nothing fake about any of us. We’re just as real as can be. Want to come find out the hard way? Brint it on, mofo.

        • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

        • lol you think your the only one to think about this?

          besides are you aware that trespassing on RR property can get you time in jail these days? maybe you will be viewed as a terrorist planting a bomb.

          so when the S hits the fan -that you said earlier will never happen in the US of A,-(your quote from last post “Full blown SHTF is never even gonna happen in Amerikkka so its a moot point”).. you think you will be the only one running down the rail lines? and those rail lines look like mighty straight shooting lanes..

          really thought that thru didn’t ya?

          • Hank
            have you ever seen four bikes put together making a vehicle that can run on the tracks,,,we have six already,
            peddle like hell almost silent and lite enough to remove off the tracks very fast


            • so..4 shots and gone? fairly easy..skill level 4 or 5 out of 10

        • I believe in a real bad situation train tracks and power lines will be either swamped with refugees/& or govt. at least initially.I will say though since not far do hike the power lines with loaded molle as keeps me off the roads and has different/quick changing terrain.Older non used rail routes depending on location may make for good passage and a bit easier way to navigate,again,imagine others thinking this though.Either way will sure beat out travelling main roads/highways ect.,might be good enuff.

          • Walking on top of one of the rails really builds up your sense of balance.

            • sticking to the tree line makes your travel a little more private.

              • Rail lines and power lines are about the best bet for being patrolled by DHS , they are considered critical infrastructure . Besides being natural lines of drift for refugees. Following them is a really bad idea . Better to stick to the edge of a treeline for fast access to concealment or walk parallel inside of the treeline stopping every so often to listen and watch and it does’t hurt to cicle back to check your trail. You want to travel with tree cover overhead to avoid Ariel survailence and FLIR detection.

                Hiding in leaves with just a rain coat is asking to get yourself wet and end up with hypothermia.
                Scout sniper training field craft dealt with Escape and evasion training ( SERE / survival evasion resistance and escape) the object is to,avoid detection and to recognize what options you have.

                Even if a complete breakdown does not occure you can count on law and order deteriorating and the government to be excessive on maintaining their version of order. Just imagine what Berlin was like in 1945 that is the scenario we could possibably face , petty feuds , killings On both sides , reprisals as the people in power desparately try to hold on to their crumbling way of life.
                To me that sounds like a collapse.

                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Thank you for your comments.

            • Try a chain between two trees!That is a bit of a challenge to say the least(for me anyhow!).

            • Only do that when it is dry. You don’t even want to slip and fall on a steel rail. Very painful. My favorite used to be walking on the wooden cover on the third rail. What was I thinking?

          • Good place to get ambushed. Most railroad right of ways are remote. Most railroads also don’t like people walking on their right of way.

        • Eisenhower… we don’t care what you did!

        • Idiot

          • The idiot remark is for Eisenwhatever.

        • Cool ….pizza delivery ….hope someone brings me one!

          • Oh yeah when the SHTF Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and the rest will still be eagerly awaiting calls for delivery. Eisencrud told me so.

          • Wait! Pizza? EisenCRUST (and it isn’t filled with cheese)

        • Rambokreuz

          • kreuzing for a bruising

      12. Serious about leaving Illinois this year. Considering several places. Anyone have info on Carson City, Nevada? Will probably stay in an apartment until I check out the area real good. How are the gun laws in Nevada? Got to be better than Illinois. Crime and taxes can’t be worse than here.

        • Maudy I spent a lot of time in Nevada and worked on the new Interstate between Reno and Carson City. It is really a neat place, gun laws are great, and the area has a lot of history. Water could be a problem but there is a river that runs through Carson city called the Carson River. Imagine that, lol. I liked the Vegas area better, actually Bolder City on the lake, but the wife liked the Reno area better. When it comes to a place for shtf, you could do a lot worse.

          • You HAVE to check out Virgina City up the “mountain” from C City or Reno.. WAY COOL place!

            • 02,heard from friends the more hill region I believe in northern part of state are real nice and a bit out there,never have been myself.

              • I don’t like their winters, hence the Bolder City preference. BUT they have a hellova lot more water than the desert with Lake Tahoe sitting above them. My advice tho, keep out of the Tahoe area.. too many Komieforianians and a 2 lane road jammed. Pretty area tho, but too cosmo.

              • Warchild, the only place I have ever driven in any state that has signs saying “no shooting from highway” is in the northern hill area around Elko. The Ruby mountains are really nice in the summer up there but the wind and dust storms in the mining region of Nevada can be brutal.

              • Oh one more thing about the hill country in Nevada, in rattlers and not just a few there are A LOT of rattle snakes in the Reno to Elko are. Scorpions too. So wear good high leather boots and if you are going to be around the water in the “outback” get some snake chaps. All the clothing/sporting retailers carry them. when I was working in Elko we would bang on the hood of the vehicles and listen for rattles b/4 we open the hood to check the oil b/c the snakes will crawl up onto the warm engine @ night to stay warm. Makes for a rather unpleasant surprise for breakfast.

                • With all those snakes laying around, one would be hard-pressed to not find something to eat—plus the rattles make nice intruder warning devices.

                  • They also make mint cowboy boots!

                  • They smell bad to clean them. but if you poach them in orange juice they are fine table fare.

                • 02
                  that many snakes makes for some good eating

                  snake eater

          • .02, Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking on the internet a lot. I noticed it isn’t far from Tahoe. It seems to have Mama Bear weather. Not as hot as Las Vegas and not as cold as we are here in N. Illinois. Looks a lot prettier too. If it’s hot, go up the mountain. If it’s cold, hit the desert.

            • Yes Maudy, it gets hot and cold there. Reno is cool as they have a river running right through it as well, but last time I was there the depression we are in had for a lot of crime and closed casinos and stores. Lake Tahoe is a rat race from one traffic jam to the next and DON”T go up there on a week end. There is a nice ski hill if you like to ski but my ole knees made me quit that years ago. All in all if I had to rate it for shtf area it would be an easy 7 out of 10.

            • He needs to look at Minden and Garnerville that are on 395 South of Reno. Water is no problem and the climate is good. Short Winters and hot Summers. An hour or so from lake Tahoe on US Rt. 50.

          • Prescott, Az. nicest place I have been to in a long time. Far enough from the border so people running all over at night is not a problem.

        • If you consider moving. Think along the lines of the ocean or gulf of Texas. Neither will be fished out. And you can desalinate all the water you could want. Plus the weather is generally warmer due the huge heat sink the ocean is.

          Some of you on fixed incomes. You might consider moving to places that are drying up economically. Land will be cheap. Possibly police forces have been cut. You can set up a self sufficient place/homestead with less chance of bureaucratic interference.

          Do this before the S.S. or pension dries up.

          • Great advice Dave, I am also thinking Texas gulf coast as the oil spill went east and afaik the gulf critters are still eatable. And between us, all these volcanoes that are going off is going to have a hellova cooling effect (look at this year) and south is going to be where you want to be.

          • i aint eatin’ NUTHIN’ from the ocean anymore!(fukusheemuh)

        • Maudy:
          I’m leaving ASAP.
          I’m going to south central Tenn. south and east of Nashville.
          The Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois SSUUCCKKSS!!!!

          • And when you get here we’ll give you a big TN howdy! 🙂 I call it ” welcome to the import club!”… We keep a low profile and try to help our neighbors whenever possible ( particularly if they are natives). And we ask their advise, last week, it was firewood and woodshed advice….no one here knows the territory like our neighbors….most were born and raised here, and we have learned a lot!

            • BC,you too?I last week gave some neighbors firewood when their heater up and died,they have a stove and keep it clean but didn’t till recently use it,they are now getting into firewood!

          • I lived 20 miles north of Nashville for 57 years.

          • @SgtDale… Welcome to southern middle TN. We 40 miles south of Nashville.

            • Grandee:
              Are you near Murfreesboro?
              We are still looking at some land and hope to buy some soon. I’ll let everyone know when I’m on the move.
              Thanks for the Welcome.

              • Don’t go to Robertson County–over run with Mexicans–why I left my home I built(no, no contractor) and lived in for 15 years.
                I lived in that county for 57 years.

              • @ Sgt Dale–We close to Lewisburg in a “small town USA”
                My brother in Murfreesboro. Mboro to big of a town for us.

                • Grandee
                  That is beautiful rolling hill country.

          • COME ON DOWN! South of Nashville and loving it!

            • S.G. & Grandee
              Will be looking for a group of same minded people.
              I believe I have a lot to offer.
              Thanks again.

              • Sarge, I’m starting to look at some land in middle TN myself. I think I can get some help from a relative in the ‘financial area’, but yes, I’ll be looking to get as far as possible from any major city. braveheart

                • 1BRAVEHEART:
                  How is the Paris area? I do like to fish and hunt.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                  • NR>
                    I have family in the Paris area. Fishing is great. Its just a little two far north for me.

                  • Northern Reb, there’s good fishing and hunting all over TN, but I haven’t been around Paris in maybe 20 years, so overall I couldn’t answer that one.

          • DAMN. Everyone leaving Illinois I’ll have to fight the fight all by myself. THAT SUCCCCKKKKSSSS!!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • N.R.
              You will always have a place to come to. I’ll keep a light on for you.
              I might stay if God would make Chicago its own state.

              • SGT.
                When SHTF there will not be any Chicago.
                Can you say burn baby burn!!!!
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • NR
                  YOU BETCHA!!!!

            • Reb, I’m 100 miles south and stayin put on the farm.

        • The 10 Worst States for Taxes in 2014

          New York, New Jersey, Ca., Minnesota, R.I., Vermont, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Conn., Maryland.

          10 Best states for Taxes:
          Wy., Alaska, South Dakota, Fla., Nev., Montana, N.H., Utah, Ind., Wa.

          • The irony is in some situations those most/least taxed border each other,take Vt.& Mass.,both border N.H.

          • States without income tax:
            South Dakota
            Washington is great for low taxes as there is no tax on food as well as no income tax. BUT you better not drink or smoke here.

            • …or buy gas, or clothes…

            • Uh,….02,N.H. has no income or state sales tax thank you!They do tax eat out meals at I believe 8%,booze is cheap.

              • NH has no sales or income taxes, but the property taxes are horrible, $5k per year on a $200k home. NH is still better than Maine, with both income and sales taxes.

                • Lord,really depends on town.You can still by 3 bedroom ranches in many areas for under 100 though easily(same as parts of Me.).You have the balls still unincorporated township areas with yes,no property taxes at all!The flip side you own say a 50 though house with say 1/5 acre parcel in Berlin you will pay easily 2 grand a year plus in property taxes(hint,don’t own in Berlin!).Keep in mind we unlike Me. do not have any licensing laws for guns/no helmet/seat belt,you get the idea.I love Me. but hate what the southern Porland part ect. has done to the state freedom/tax wise.

                  • Meant to say 3 bedroom ranches on 10+ acres under 100 thou with taxes at 1000 a year or a bit less.

            • No state income tax in TN.

            • Washington state sales tax is around 8% across the board, some counties are higher. Property taxes are $150-$200 a month for an average house on the west slope. Gas is expensive. Retail is west coast high.
              Food is expensive. Rent is outrageous. Home prices are steep and rising, for now.

        • Maudy, I live in the Carson Valley. I can tell you a lot of silver pony tales are moving in from Californication and turning it into little San Fran. Crime has shot up in the last 2 years as well. As soon as our youngest is out of high school (2yrs) we are outta here. Check out eastern NV if Nevada is your choice, like Elko.

          • maddog if you are running from rising crime. is going up everywhere. I have seen a huge jump here since the 1.6 million got cut off eui. The pharmacy robberies are really going through the roof as ocare has made scrips up 500 to 1000%. No here comes another 8% SNAP cut..You want low crime rate, maybe the moon?

            • Just need to be around like minded people .02. Silver pony tails are not it if you’ve seen some of my posts. This place was on Raules list for a top location for preppers, and it was for awhile. Now sometimes I wonder if I’m back in CA. And then when I look over at the hills (Sierra Nevada’s) and know a golden horde of 38 million shitbags will be coming if SHTF it can be unsettling to say the least. I’ve stock a lot of ammo but no where near enough for that horde even at one shot one kill.

              • mdog, there is no place immune to the golden horde. Figure a tank of gas in most cars will get a person 300+ miles. Get out a map of the US and find anywhere 300 miles from a shitload of people. There is just not very many places to go anymore. The only hope is tshtf and the horde refuses to leave, waiting for the gov to come help. I can see this happening as most people from the city cant even gut a fish none the less a deer or moose, so my bets are they will sit in the cities and starve. Plus if there is a mass panic and they try to get out the traffic jam/ fire fight might tangle the mess up to the point of no return. I was going into Seattle to work over the forth of July weekend a few years back and the traffic jam reached completely over the pass to Cle Elum. It was amazing seeing all those boats, campers and water craft trying to get out of Dodge.

          • Maddog, I hear you. It would still be an improvement over where I am now. I’ve been thru Elko a long time ago. I was looking for a dry climate. Where I am now is the largest Africa American population in the US, the second largest Hispanic population in the US, and third dumbest white population in the US. So pretty much anything is an improvement. The Dems doubled the state income tax and doubled the state corporate tax. Sales tax is almost 9% in my area. Real estate tax thru the roof. Gal. of regular gas is about $3.50 a gallon. And it’s all getting worse. Gun laws suck. Traffic sucks. Rent is outrageous. I only stayed here for my Mom.

            • For me I would live in a tent in NV than anywhere back east. Having said that, its tough in NV. If you like solitude, weather extremes and wide open spaces its the place to be. I own guns that are illegal to look at in places like IL, I shot out the back door, no state income tax, and all your sin professions. Guess it could be worse.

      13. I currently have coverage under BlueCross/BlueShield but if I lose that policy, that’s it, no more health care for braveheart. I WILL NOT SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE. Kudos to this doctor and all other doctors who have so far taken a stand and said no to Obamacare. It’s already falling apart and the federal efforts at damage control are all for nothing. It will be interesting to see the final outcome of this whole affair. I’m not sacrificing SQUAT to have health insurance, period! Fortunately I’m in good health. It’s also a damned good thing I gave up smoking earlier rather than later. SHTF was one reason in addition to the respiratory infection I had in early December, but Obamacare is another reason.

        • Brave,though did not quit have gone electronic smoke,make up my own juice mix and as it stores well got a couple years worth of just the basic nic juice for about 150,figure I would jump on it before the feds get involved.As I loaded my own filtered tubes only cost about 9 a carton but really wanted to cut back on the health aspects,hence electronic.I still cheat with a hand rolled with coffee in morning but otherwise going good.I personally if quit completely would be a rabid/homicidal/petulant child!OK,in some ways a petulant child anyhow!Glad you able yo go cold turkey,my dad quit years ago and said to me the hardest part was the end of year 2 into 3,seemed a bit odd.Good luck with the smoke free lifestyle,will admit have about 8 sealed bags and boxes of tubes,world ends as we know it may say the hell with it or with a little moisture to tobacco added may be a nice barter/gift item for others stressed out.

          • Warchild, I understand it’s your health and your decision, but when that doctor [doctor was from India BTW] told me I had a respiratory infection causing me to get short of breath, that was the wake-up call for me. He prescribed me an antibiotic which I took twice a day for a whole week until they ran out. On the 4th day my breathing starting getting normal again. In a way, I HATE giving up tobacco. Man, I used to LOVE to smoke, especially lighting up after each and every meal. I been doing that since I was 14. But I felt like I made the right decision from a health standpoint. And that infection was the BIGGEST health problem I’ve ever had until now. With MEGA-SHTF coming possible this year, we all need to get into the best shape we can. Post-SHTF is the wrong time to go thru any withdrawal symptoms from tobacco or anything else. braveheart

            • You do realize the e smoke with handmade liquid is just nicotine and water vapor,have cut excepting perhaps nicotine rush dangers the all other bad effects of smoking,i.e. have my cake and eat it to!Stay smoke free though and find a cool thing you can buy with $ saved!

          • WD
            Yes vaping is better that smoking and I too enjoy a hand rolled with my coffee LOL. My health has seen the benefits. keep on keeping on. and good luck BH in your endeavor

            • TZ,make your own liquid if you do not already,can get a few years worth about 120,you know the feds will come after it tax/control wise soon!

            • TZ,make your own liquid if you do not already,can get a few years worth about 120,you know the feds will come after it tax/control wise soon!You need suppliers leave a post,don’t want to spam unless asked!

        • Good on yer for quitting smoking, BH, it’s worth it. I’m on week 3 or 4 now, and definitely know I quit. You just feel better, you know?

          The economics of that extra $175 a month will kick in pretty soon, too, another good reason.

          • Smokey, you’re quitting? GO, GO GO, MAN! I promise you it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. I don’t regret it now for 1 minute and yes, I do feel better. You’re going to love the feeling.

          • Damn smokey,175 a month,what the hell they charge for smokes in your region?!I could when hand loaded tubes get a carton for 9 bucks,hence 25-30 a month at worst,(on a side note you feeling weak you did not see that!).Like I said to brave,find a new toy/hobby to replace and reward your quitting,hang tough!

      14. I cant say what I should say..I’ll be another Phil Robertson

        but look at how he throws, also go back and look at how he threw the baseball at opening day too

        you’ll see what I mean

      15. Lord…Americans being denied medical coverage for lack of insurance is practicaly a legendary problem that has inspired movies and TV. Someone actually tries to fix it and you want his head.

        Sorry guys, I really am. I know the problems caused by Obamacare are real. But that’s the nature of change.

        Incidentally that “ponzi scheme” has been working fine in Canada for decades. Can’t blame Obama for thinking it might work for you too…

        • Ask the people in Canada how well it is REALLY working for them..

          and news didn’t need to “change” to this

          • Oh I forgot to add

            This aint Canada


        • So why do so many Canadians come to America for healthcare, eh?
          Because socialized medicine doesn’t work. Hell, socialized anything doesn’t work. It’s sad to say but we’ve turned the best medical system in the world into a POS. Doctors are getting out. You can’t get good help, unless you pay out of pocket.

          • Canadians are p ***** o ** too. You can wait 18 months to get an appointment for a heart surgery. Many die without seeing a doctor. Many also die in the corridors. Older people are mistreated and robbed. Probably like you too …

          • @redneck101…I’m not sure why Canadians go to US for medical treatment, unless they can get it FASTER than they can here…and they can afford to pay BIG $$.

            I know that it is said by many Canadians that our medical system moves at a ‘snails’ pace. I have not found this personally, in fact, just the opposite for dh last week……

            I know that some think our medical is free, and it seems like that, but we do pay a lot more for gas $5.00p/gal, alcohol $25.00 for a 26oz bottle, cigs(I think about $70.00 per carton….so we pay one way or another! take care, CC

        • STEPHEN:
          THAT B.S.!!!!! Any hospital that takes medacaid for payments HAS TO TREAT ANYONE THAT WALKS THROUGH THERE DOORS.
          So don’t give me that crap about people not getting treatment.
          I know I have work at a hospital for over 20 years.
          There are some mopes that could work but don’t and they get the same treatment that a paying patient does and your tax dollars pay for those mopes.
          Obumbacare just put more of a tax burden on you and your childer if you have any.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • Stephen, we have a couple of people from Canada, Canada Canuck and Canadian Vet, who post here at least semi-regular. Ask them how govt.-controlled health care REALLY works up there.

      16. “Aetna advised that Dr. Held would be required to provide services through 2015”

        haha what are they gonna make her a slave and make sure she performs her duties. Spread this message to all over your doctor friends and hopefully more will send letters like hers and stop complying with this horrible program.

        • What will likely happen as more docs “opt out” of participation with ObamaCare plans is that participation will be required in order to obtain a license to practice and a DEA number for writing prescriptions. Hopefully, since licensing is a State process and not Federal, the States will support doctors to keep them in practice.

          • They will be welcomed into the underground/swelling economy.As for the drugs,those needed will be available,many not really needed and just pushed by big pharm.I see also folks might take more steps to help themselves and cut down medical needs,those that don’t may die,but they may die anyhow in current system.A good nudge by lack of care will encourage many to healthier lifestyles and clear up the gen pool.

      17. Today I open carried in a supermarket first thing in the morning. This is how shit went down:

        Soccer Mom: I’ve called the police and they’re on their way.
        The ‘Kreuz: Called the police about what?
        Soccer Mom: Is that a real !@$?
        The ‘Kreuz: Yeah. Then?
        Soccer Mom: You’re carrying a @#$ in a supermarket!
        The ‘Kreuz: Then?
        Soccer Mom: I have kids in here! You cant do that! Youre going to be arrested!
        The ‘Kreuz: For what crime am I going to be arrested?
        Soccer Mom: For carrying a @#$!
        The ‘Kreuz: That is a description of a lawful activity. For what CRIME am I going to be arrested?
        Soccer Mom: Are you a cop?
        The ‘Kreuz: What difference does that make?
        Soccer Mom: If you’re not a cop you cant carry a @#$!
        The ‘Kreuz: You don’t know what you’re babbling about woman. G’day Ma’am.
        Soccer Mom: You’re extremely irresponsible. My children…
        The ‘Kreuz: I’m not the father of your children. They’re not my concern.
        Soccer Mom: !!!!!
        The ‘Kreuz: *Pays for my Pringles and leaves*
        The ‘Kreuz: Walks home for 10 whole minutes without seeing the pokeys.

        I know that pissant BI is going to swallow his tampons and have a conniption fit over this post and call me a raging psycho or some such drivel. Shove it up your ass you old girly man. You fake ass constitutionalist. I believe in the Bill of Rights.

        • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

        • Never happened ..hes a legend in his own mind

        • @ Eisenwhatever: You really are an idiot.

          • @ Mac: Can Eisenwhatever be banned? He contributes nothing and is abusive/antagonistic to other posters?
            Thanks for any info!

            • Just ignore,I replied to rr track comment as valid debate point and in some cases perhaps a good option,otherwise,if stupid/insane comment,just ignore and will find a new forum to troll.While can be disruptive only if we let it be,we can’t handle this ourselves we are more screwed then I realized when shtf!

        • I know women that are more of a man than you are Eisen. I think you carry just to piss people off, looking for reactions rather than carry for need.

        • if this story is real, then fuck that lady.. im not sure why people are giving you thumbs down for this?

        • Eisen, you’re a communist freak and shut your stupid mouth about BI.

      18. Did you know that the UNaffordable Health Care Act REQUIRES each and every American to have implanted in them, “a Class 2 Implantable Medical Device”, that is, an RFID chip, within 36-months of 10/1/13?

        Did you also know that it is also known as the Mark of the Beast, and as such, it can disable your free will, and thus render you under the control of the evil doers, as you will hear voices commanding you what to do?

        You will be powerless to resist following and hearing those voices, if you get chipped, that is.

        Don’t believe me?

        Look up Psychotronic warfare.

        The September Naval Yard shooter said he heard voices.

        As did Tim McVey.

        Some would say these shooters were on psychotropic drugs, but that’s just a “cover” for the fact that they were all chipped. And controlled.

        And now they want to sell us “gun confiscation”.

        To protect us from whom?


        Confiscating guns does not extinguish evil and makes us more vulnerable to an even greater evil when people are powerless to use force to protect themselves against the violence of a demon-infested maniac like Hitler was.

        Refuse the Mark of the Beast.

        At ALL costs.

        To give up your free will, for ANY reason, is to be consigned immediately to Hell.

        Hell is for Eternity.

        Obamacare wasn’t just about financial and health control(s), it was/IS about TOTAL control.

        Refuse the Mark of the Beast.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “I have also warned people not to take the flu shots or any chips in the body. …People, who take such a chip in the body, will be controlled by voices like a robot. So refuse to take any chip in the body, even if they threaten to kill you.”
        – Jesus to John Leary, 1/14/14:

        “It is your sins of abortion and your sexual sins that are bringing down your country. The one world people have so controlled your government and its debts, that it is just a matter of time before they will have a take over. This takeover will be a punishment for America in disobeying My Commandments, and for electing poor leaders who are taking away your freedoms with a dictatorial power. It takes too much money to try to win the Presidency or any other Congressional office. This is why the rich one world people can control your leaders because these leaders obey their sponsors more than the people. Just as Israel went into exile for its sins, so America is following the same path.”
        – Jesus to John Leary, 1/27/14;

        • The Lone Ranger,

          I too believe the RFID chip is the mark of the beast.

          Plans to have the population receive the RFID chip were included in the ORIGINAL Obamacare bill. Thankfully, it was REMOVED from the FINAL version that passed.

          However, the final version of Obamacare provides a “back door” by granting authority to “enact future regulations for smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

          The RFID chip implanted into people would enable CONTROL of the masses. In the future, under the guise of ‘healthcare’, I believe the government will push to have the chip implanted into the population.

          The chip also has many uses. It can be used to store and retrieve data – medical, financial, location, etc.
          Those who control and monitor the chip, would have great POWER over the people.

          They can remotely locate and shut down a car that is many miles away – because it has a ‘chip’ in it.

          Likewise, I believe with an imbedded chip, they could locate and if desired ‘shut down’ individuals by causing a heart attack or some other fatal condition.
          In the future will salaries and payments from the government (food stamps, social security, etc.) be downloaded remotely directly on to an RFID chip?

          Look what else can be done with direct contact…
          Sky Deutschland has developed technology to transfer ads from train windows directly and silently into commuters’ heads. All that is needed is ‘direct contact’ or an implanted chip.

          “Passengers leaning their head against the window will “hear” ads “coming from inside the user’s head”, urging them to download the Sky Go app.

          It involves using bone conduction technology, which is used in hearing aids, headphones and Google’s Glass headset, to pass sound to the inner ear via vibrations through the skull.”

          • Ky Mom, yes, you are so right, and you touch on many fine points, so thank you!

            I would only add this one: Christ told both John Leary and Maria that embedded within the chip are diseases “designed to kill hundreds of millions of people.”

            The one world people want to reduce the 7.5 billion population down to just 500 million.

            But guess what? God the Father will not allow it, and that’s on record.

            Oh, how they love to kill us!


            1- By modifying the weather through the HAARP machine;

            2- Flouride in water lowers kids’ IQs by 20 points;

            3- Chem Trails with nasty chems designed to compromise and infect our immune system;

            Today I shoveled and shoveled and could have SWORN that in 5 different places I saw in the snow this light blue-colored snow. Today’s snow ain’t snow– it’s poison.

            4- Vaccines and flu shots have poisons in them and they cause autism in children

            5- Today’s New York Times has a repulsive op-ed by two professors calling for a GMO wheat crop and the reasons they cited were as full of as many holes as GMO food makes in our intestines! Thus, cancer rates are up, as are homicides, since gmo food KILLS!

            Very interesting, isn’t it, that Monsanto’s own employees FORBID genetically modified food in their own cafeteria!

            I’ve been looking for just ONE brave Congressperson, just ONE brave Senator to VERBALIZE this evil.

            But all is quiet in Congress and in the Senate.

            Because they can’t HANDLE…

            the TRUTH!!!

            – the Lone Ranger

            “Truth is stranger than fiction.” – Lord Byron

            “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Henry David Thoreau

            “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

            “Hell hath NO fury like a scorned woman!” – Shakespeare

          • Thank you, KY Mom for the informative post. I believe the RFID chip is the mark of the beast and that beast is the powers that be. I REFUSE the chip!

      19. Well, I for one have had enough of this shit a long ass time ago, like two decades. Ever since, I’ve just been waiting, biding my time, hoping that the drooling fucking idiots that comprise this dying imperial regime, have had enough too. I expect I’ll be waiting the remainder of my life for enough people to finally become so utterly disgusted with this box of loaded diapers that they grow and pair and man the fuck up.

        It’s been way past time to correct these problems. No ballot box bullshit will ever fix this, not in the most infinitesimal way dum-dums. There is an army of people that know what I’m talking about. The problem, the majority of the retarded public need to get a goddamned clue, otherwise, any action will just take whatever label the lying whore media puts on it.

        At this point, you have two choices. On one hand you can sit there and continue to do nothing, ignoring the problem and hope someone else fixes it for you, which will ensure your indefinite enslavement. Then on the other hand you can force the issue and not comply with ANYTHING this corrupt government unjustly demands of you. The choice is yours; to be a coward that complies or to live life on your terms and tell these thieving assholes to go to hell, even if it means your temporary incarceration inside a concrete box.

        Some take, some give and some tell you to go fuck yourself. Who are you?

        • Nobody is going to do anything to rebel against the government. You old bastards are all gabbing Girdies and timid Nancies.

          Howd that Kokesh armed march on Washington turn out? Fucking cowards.

          • WTF is your problem? My bet is you are a sociopath. Probably fighting homosexual tendencies and have small penis envy? Most likely 5 foot 4 or less, hooked on some kind of SSRI and voted for Obama and is pissed off that he didn’t do what you think he promised. No really Eisen, fill us in.. You can talk here to us totally anonymous and “get it off your chest.” Seriously, what is your problem?

          • Actually, a great many of us spotted what Kokesh was really up to. If ever a controlled opposition idiot ever existed, it was this Benedict Arnold jackass named Kokesh. Whether it was his work in psyops for the Marines or his blatant disregard for logic and rationale, there is a reason why he ended up filming himself alone, loading a shotgun in the District of Criminals; nobody trusts this liar.

            As for us “old bastards” as you call us, rebelling will simply be painted as terrorism in the news. The feeble minded public will go write along with whatever meme the lying television tells them to. Anybody that goes against this oligarchy will be painted a terrorist. I’m certainly not suggesting a violent rebellion at this point in time. No, my dimwitted respondent, you carry that tab all on your own dime. What I suggest is vastly different; non-compliance. To simply stop paying. Fuck them and fuck you.

          • eisenfairy, come to my place mouthing off that stupid shit and see what happens to your stupid ass.

        • Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?

          Billy the Bard (very famous Blogger)

          • Cry Havoc and unslip the Dogs of war.

            billy the bard also ( famous Blogger)

            Semper Fi 8541

      20. The way the economy is heading in the healthcare sector spells doom for all citizens beyond the upper 10 percent financially. Few can afford to become ill and expect adequate treatment. It is a system gone past berserk. The costs are flagrant theft with unending inflated prices. It’s like a gun pointed at our heads saying pay up or else you are dead.

      21. OK folks,I know a lot looking for reasonably priced .22,cabellas has Remington LR 22 for 21 and change per box 500,limit one per customer,still decent 22 lr at 4.3 cents a round,the smalls do add up!I saw this on slickguns and any one searching for reasonably priced 22 especially say hit once a day,happy shooting all!

        • Golden Bullets? They really really suck.. good for practice only and not very good for that. All the golden bullshits i have ever shot, and that is a pile, goes like this: bang, bang, bang, pop..jamb Cleared bang. pop, fizzle jamb.. bang bang jamb.. golden bullets are total junk.

          • Argh!Tough crowd,they also have on same site norm usa “tactical”22 LR 40 grain @12 a round.On a side note,have never had a problem with the remington but since have a bunch of older stock do not know if their standards have dropped.I will continue non the less if happen to be here and see 22 reasonably put it out there,do as you wish with information but seems many seeking 22 ammo,and once again,happy shooting!

        • War:
          They have slipped in quality. But its better than nothing.

          • Well,if makes any difference these were thunderbolt,not the gold.Have shot some different caliber new remington and seemed ok,but after that whole 700 rifle fiasco and their mishandling of it not a big remington fan these days.

            • I dont think i would ever buy an out of the box Remington,, custom barreled actions only from North West Action Works,,, its worth the extra,,,
              Sarge, Shootit and others, thanks for the input yesterday,,,

              • Kula:
                YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!

                • Missed out on the reloading Q&A’s from the last article. Have you guys that reload ever used a powered case trimmer? I was looking at the little crow gunworks case trimmer that chucks up in a drill. They are caliber specific, or case family specific (243, 260, 308 etc). I currently use a Wilson or Forster trimmer that is great, but want to speed things up a bit.

                  Thanks for any input/experiences

                  • I have one for 308, its fast, is not 100% perfect though,,
                    You really have to pay attention to it because debris will get stuck where the case shoulder contact surface is and you will get inaccurate cuts, but if your bangin through resizing a bunch of military brass its the balls,,, thats mostly what i use it for and just keep an air hose and nozzle handy,

                  • I actually just ordered a Redding trimmer, model 2400, is cast and for match grade tolerance.
                    Had a guy just this morning tryin to shoot holes in my plans to learn how to load perfect ammo for long range shooting, was trying to tell me it really doesnt make that big a difference if you are a good shooter! Guess thats what i get for talking to a guy who is into cowboy action shooting,

                  • I use the trimmer from Lee. I use Lee exclusively. If I was to buy a reloading kit it would be a Lee. Why? Because they will load ammo for about 1/4 the cost of Rcbs, or Hornady. Lee neck sizing from fire formed brass wrote the book on accuracy and the reason I don’t own ak47’s or anything but bolt actions is b/c I am anal about accuracy. IF the bullet holes don’t touch 3 of 5 @ 100 yards, things get sold, changed or tossed. Period.

                  • Thanks for the input guys. Probably 90 percent of the usage of the powered case trimmer will be for once fired military brass, mostly 7.62×51. I think i will try one just for fun.

                • Sorry i missed that it was your birthday bud,,,
                  Hope it was a good one!

                  • The thing about getting good consistent match ammo for long range work is, once you take that variable out, you will discover how to read the crosswinds, use your sling, position yourself, breath control, trigger control, all the other variables.

                    You’ll find out how bad of a shot you can be, some days.

                  • KULA .02 BB
                    No I don’t use a power trimmer. My brother and a friend of nine dose. I’m looking at getting very soon. It is a lot faster than doing by hand. When you load as many 308’s 30-06’s 223’s 6.8mm’s. they come in handy.
                    Thanks for the “B” Day wish. Yes I did.

              • Kula-

                ..if you can afford it, grab a Tikka or a (prime) Sako!
                You’ll never regret it!!!!

            • Thunderbolts! BIG difference. I took 4 grouse with those this year and they are solid points that smack hard and don’t tear up small game like the hollow points. I have a couple thousand rounds of those and they are great for hunting.

              • grouse. Tasty!

                • Oh yeah!

              • OK,cool,at 4 cents seemed a good deal,guess what,they are out!That said on days off/crappy weather will keep eyes peeled and if I see it throw it out there,keep your debit card/phones/car keys handy!

            • Been using out of a stock pile of thunderbolt for years never had a problem, they were bought few year back..

          • Sgt dale ,
            I had some of those 22 thunderbolts ( really bad reputation) funny thing is they shoot like crap in all my other 22’s but behave like match ammo in my marlin 39as !
            Try those golden bullets in different 22’s you might just get lucky.and suprised !

            Semper Fi 8541

            • N.B.
              That is good to know. I’ll have to give them a try in my wife’s 39.
              They aren’t very accurate in the 10/22 or my Marlin Mod 99 carbine. So I will give them a shot in the Marlin 39. I bought 5000 rounds before things got crazy. I think I paid around $100.00.

      22. Off Topic:

        Beretta left Maryland for Tennessee–go Tennessee
        On December 23rd, Breitbart News reported that Virginia was on the short list for possible states in which Beretta might open a plant, but the gun maker scratched VA off the list .

      23. **For every main employers job on average 4 others are lost.**

        So that means Gallatin will gain even more employment by this plant placement.

        • My Dad was raised about 50 miles out of Gallatin. I went to elementary school in TN, back in the 60’s.

      24. Practiced shooting my new Ruger MKlll .22 cal pistol the other day. From inside my car. In the inner city. Day time. No one even looked. Subsonic ammo. 60gr. heavy bullet. A little loud inside but quiet outside. Shot a dead tree. Tree huggers can relax. Everything went smooth. Turned the corner. Uncovered my plates. Drove off.

        • Illinois,, got to hate that place.. I can walk about half a mile, throw out a target and unload with my 45 pistol, semi auto rifles, what ever you want. No one cares as it is not illegal. When living on the border of Canada, I would take Canadians out and let them shoot my Glock and AK 47 and they were always looking around expecting the police to come storming in. A lot of them said “God I have to move here.” A little taste of freedom goes along ways.

        • Maudy-

          Were they Aquilas(Mexican mfrg)?

          ..if so, be advised they don’t stabilize in most .22s & are prone to tumble/keyhole at standard .22 rifling twist-rates!

          The lone exception (per my experience) is the Marlin-Glenfield micro-groove accuracy was achieved w/ their bolt gun.

      25. It’s time to opt out of All govt. Starve the beast. They no longer work for me, and I sure as hell don’t work for them. A Man in the wilderness. As it should be. I control my destiny. I am no longer responsible for anyone outside of my circle, I’ll take care of mine, you take of yours and let nature take it’s course. God knows what his plan is for me. He will let me know when he is ready.

        • Great post Mcdave. I call it shrugging as in Atlas Shrugged. Hope many more opt out.

        • When you take charge of your life, there is no longer a need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.
          – Geoffrey F. Abert

      26. I don’t worry about nothing.

        I already know nothing’s gonna turn out right.

        I don’t have “Obamacare” but my policy has sunk to the same level of shit in the past year.

        Oh well, I will live by the simplest of rules…as taught by my dog:

        If you can’t eat it or fuck it…piss on it and walk away.

        • “If you can’t eat it or fuck it…piss on it and walk away.”

          Words to live by. LOL.

      27. **How many 27 year olds have an extra $3,200 to spend on this?**

        The first response for most here is ‘give up cable, give up something’.
        Okay, what does that do but endanger jobs and the economy that is on life-support as we speak.
        AND, that job might be yours!!

        • Yea someone told me i needed to live within my means and buy health insurance,,,
          Why the hell should i adopt a lower standard of living so i can give hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars to an insurance company, every month to have a policy that has a 5000 dollar deductible??? Will never reach the deductible, and will still be paying out of pocket for my care and my medications,,,and Im 50!

          • yep.

        • 3200.00 PLUS 5000.00 deductible = 8200/yr or 683.33/month
          Now tell your 27yr old that works at the cable co. he owes this before taxes. They probably wont be able to rent, let alone buy any sort of property or even a decent vehicle. Now they need to get married and start a family. Now they need to save for college. Now the need to save for old age. I just don’t think it can be done.

      28. Obullshit care is B.S.

        The 26 to 35 year olds are say hell no I’ll pay the fine. Obullshit plan needs every one of these kids to pay or it falls flat on its face.

        My former employer pays for most of my insurance 80% and I pay 20%. If I didn’t have insurance I wouldn’t buy Obullshit ins. Screw them. I would do just like the Zombies and Leaches have been doing for over 50 years.

        I heard that when this was enacted there was 40,000,000 with no insurance, now there is over 100,000,000 people with out insurance. Just goes to show you that let the Government run it and it will go to S#$T!!!

        Aim Small Miss Small

        • Sgt, we should let the Gov “save” yellow jackets and mosquitoes. They would be threatened in two years and extinct in five.

          • .02
            Damn strait!
            I can’t believe it. There are things they could do.

        • Sarge, in May of 2007 I started having trouble with my vision on a return trip to Memphis from Nashville. My first day after getting back home I went to an eye doctor for a checkup and found out I had cataracts in BOTH of my eyes. So she got me an appointment with the best laser eye surgeon we have and had to do it one eye at a time. My left eye was done in June and my right eye was done in July [same year]. My insurance covered 80% and I had to pay the remaining 20% out of pocket. That 20% was a big setback to me on preps but I made up for that later. THAT WAS MY EYESIGHT; MY VISION. I had no choice but to get the laser surgery or I would’ve been blind in 6 months. On Obullshitcare, I’m with you all the way. No way I’m getting it. I don’t think a govt. employee could open up a box of cereal without screwing it up in the process. MOLON LABE braveheart

      29. Black Market Doctors.

        Get paid in gold and silver.

        Just a thought.

        • slingshot:
          How about eggs, chickens, beef calf, veggies out of the garden, two days of labor.
          WAIT, I just had a flash back to the future.
          Get ready it’s coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      30. 1. Obama doesn’t care. No shit? Really? I’d never have guessed…

        2. Terms of the contract are “null and void” wnen Mr. Dronemeister says they are and not a moment before. You are a “medical terrorist”. That whistling sound above your head is our response. Don’t worry, if (when) we run out of Doctors we’ll just hand out diplomas on boxes of Froot Loops. Who’s gonna know the difference?

        3. Ponzi scheme? We all know the solution to a Ponzi scheme is (apparently) to print. Therefore we shall print money and give it to 27 year olds. Hell, we’ll print 27 year olds if we have to. Works with out voting polls…

      31. It was DESIGNED TO FAIL. What O’ButtHut really wants; along with his Communist POS Buds; is a SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM. What boils my blood; is that there a still some stupid; clueless idiots who still think this pile of bile is doing a great job.

      32. “Many economists think a U.S. default could trigger a financial panic and perhaps even an economic depression, and Lew urged lawmakers to act swiftly to raise the debt ceiling.

        “Unnecessary delays or political posturing … could snowball into a manufactured crisis,” ”

        this was a yahoo article….
        if there was any time for a false flag, it will be right around the debt limit negotiations.

      33. We need a leader and we need organizers NONE of which are politician’s. We need to start the ouster of all Washington politicians.I don’t care how we do it, but voting doesn’t seem to work. I can follow a good leader in any situation, but am not a leader myself. I am too old to run, but can stand and fight. I have my own hardware and essentials. We also need a way to privately communicate. Maybe it has to be person to person in private. No email or phone or anything else that is being monitored and stored.

        • Bigben, back when Edward Snowden made his big break, he commented that he’d felt “something” had to be done but he couldn’t find anyone he thought was a “leader.’ He finally decided to be the leader he needed. Maybe that’s what we need to do too.

        • Ben-

          What “WE NEED” is a much smaller federal government, that will leave us the hell alone…and follow the Constitution…VERBATIM!!!

        • Shoot, Satori, just heard on Mike Ruppert show that Japan has threatened doctors against saying how many people are having health problems due to Fukushima, or they will go to prison… talking of depriving the people of their rights! And journalists cannot say anything contrary against the official statements about Fukushima.

        • Satori:
          The reason why is that to every insured patient that pays there bills there are 6 to 8 unimnsured or governnment insured patient that are not paying there bills.
          The hospital that I work at gets about 30 cent on the dollar from the state.
          And because of the empela act, we have to take in any person that comes through our doors, weather they can pay or not and we have to treat them, no matter what it cost the hospital.
          It’s not right but the money has to come from somewhere or there would not be very many hospitals running and very few people would get any treatment.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      34. There is no punishment harsh enough or no reward great enough to make or entice me to comply to the Obama care. If I get sick and don’t get well on my own ill simply die. Now that pictured lady doctor she aint too hard to look at! A guy could be on his death bed and she came by and stated if you can catch me you can have it. The guy would be instantly cured and become a marathon runner!

        • Lol old guy. I would beg her for an appendectomy if I was only constipated.

      35. Shallow 6.1 in Indonesia. After shocks.

        • Shallow 6.1 in Greece. Same place where they were getting a lot 5.0’s

        • On top of volcanoes, volcanoes and more volcanoes.

      36. Eisenkreuz,
        I have been reading and posting, upon occasion, on this site for about a year. I have gone back through and read the archives as well. I notice a trend with your particular posts. You honestly have nothing to new to offer this group. You attack, belittle, and degrade people here. I have no clue as to why. The following is a brief summary of pretty much EVERYTHING you have EVER posted to this site:

        – Old people suck
        – Women suck
        – Veterans suck
        – Bitcoin is more awesome than old people, women, and veterans combined

        In one post, you will suggest forming a communications network with members of this site, and, in the next post, you curse the very people with whom you wish to work on said network.

        I am certain you will thumb this down, which is certainly understandable. However, if your true intention is to provide insight and advice to those of us who actually consider preparation a truly valid endeavor, then I suggest you may want to approach it a bit differently.

        At this point, NO ONE takes anything you have to say seriously. The only responses you receive are with the same inflammatory language with which you post.

        I have no doubt that you probably have something to offer that at least one of us could find useful.

        Until you change your means of getting those points across, and learn to have a modicum of respect for the rest of us, you are pretty much posting to an empty audience.

        • Shifty, I suspect Eisenkreus is about 3 teenagers who get together and post as one person for laughs at the expense of other posters. So far, they’re winning.

          • If that is the case, then my suggestion is to completely ignore him. This stoking the fire nonsense serves no purpose. It just provides more fodder.

            • Shifty, I agree.

              • @ Maudy Frickett and Shifty. Look at how enraged this person became when I posted something about homosexuals using the government to sue some bakers in Oregon. Like a rabid dog. They went on and on saying that homosexuals are the victims and that there was no connection to homosexuals and pedophiles. This is not a statement of teenagers, this is likely a statement of someone that is engaged in all sorts of very perverted activities. To even think that society would give a free ride on the premise of discrimination to any pedophile against children is beyond terrible to think that society has dropped this low. This though is exactly what is happening. And individuals like that lunatic fully supports NEVER even consdiering that someone’s child could be in danger from a certain homosexual that is a pervert.

                This sounds like to me through these comments as someone that is filled full of more hate I have ever seen in anyone personally. You are so correct about the flipping back and forth of personalities over the year, it is schizophenic classic traits.

        • I was a prepper before there was any such thing as a prepper. Back when this tea party and prepping stuff first started, I trained the people around me, including you people on this site, who had all kinds of silly ideas about survivalism at the time. I also taught all of you about economics and real politics. Look at my posts from years ago to see. As of now, all of you are very far along in your preps and really dont need my intellectual input for much. I am very proud of you. All the questions about how SHTF will occur have pretty much been answered at this point. If you have a question for me please ask and I will answer.

          • I went back to Mac’s first postings. There was no Eisenkreuz on any of these. I could have overlooked some of these but I didn’t see them. Anyone can try to look this up YEARS ago. When you switch to the next page of previous articles, earlier articles you will see a page number such as page 2. Change this to page 15, 20, 25, 30. It will take you to much eariler lists of past articles all the way to more than 5 years ago. Mac sometime only had 1 or 2 comments, :(, those were the bad times. I did not see one single Eisenkreuz name listed there. Others can try this and see if anyone has ever had any contact with this character.

            IF any of you have and contact with this individual, please get some mental help for this person ASAP. Not because you can’t stand the person, but because it is the right thing to do for him and anyone around this person.

            • I never said I was on this site in the beginning but its has been a few years.

              • B.S. It has been only 6 -9 months at the most, stop lying to everyone….

          • A legend in his own mind…

            • @ eppe. That’s a mind that left the world long ago.

              • Amen bro, I gave him a task, as you can see below….

              • I myself have never responded to MR. E. Let’s see what he can come up with….

          • Since you ask, how many things can one do with an empty plastic bag from Kroger, Wal-mart, etc? If you can come up with 50 or more, I would be impressed, but since you are a fake, let’s see your list. Or are you just full of yourself?

          • Now, MR E., how many things can you do with an empty 2 liter soda pop bottle?
            If you can come up with just 20 ideas on that I would be very, very impressed, but as the general concensus shows, you are just a person who thinks you are such a great informer on prepping info, but in reality you are just jerking all of us off for your pleasure…

          • Since you have “informed us so much” on what prepping is, what would you do with a 3lb empty coffee can?
            You see, you cannot because you are full of youself, and just comment here to disrupt the “real” preppers who try to inform each other on ways to make our lives better if and I do mean IF the SHTF. Like RICH99 who says it could be awhile before it happens, being intelligently “prepared” would mean you are ahead of the rest of the world, meaning your ability to “survive” would be greatly enhanced… No disrespect Rich99, I agree it could be awhile, but we never know what will happen, just being ahead of the game mankes us worlds ahead of the general population….

          • You are the last person I want advice from hate too much and pretty much anything alive.Why would you give advice to people you hate whether its women,older people,etc. I’ll give help or take help from people who care about others and offer it without conditions(whether or not they are women or over 30) You have painted all vets as animals and you generalize your hate. I suspect that you have no friends or you are dreaming. Find another hobby.

          • eisen, you’re a f#$%ing liar! You’ve never taught any of us anything except that you’re a sodomite fruitcake and a pain in the ass. I think any of us could run circles around you. You ain’t about shit!

        • shifty, I agree with you totally. That’s the NICEST description of eisen I’ve ever heard from anyone.

      37. I pray America collapses.
        Then…when all the liberals are starving..they they will think straight.

        Liberals… don’t hire them, fire them, give them a hard time.
        They taxed you and turned you into a tax debt slave.

        Treat them as such.

        They are the real enslavers.

        Taxes = slavery.

        Thanks dems.

        • Left-right thinking is so last century. Please stop of this Republicans would have saved us tripe. THEY BOTH SUCK>> get it? They both have had their share of time at the throne to have made a difference. They don’t work for you, never have-never will. They are owned as you are owned. They take their marching orders from Corporate who takes their orders from TBTF Banking who take their orders from The Fed who takes their orders from the World Bank and the IMF who takes their orders from the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS). Do you understand YET? Republican or Democrat give you the illusion you have a choice. You Don’t.

      38. Mac, how bout the “Truther” at the Super Bowl last night? It would be a good discussion, even without a chat forum.

      39. Obamacare was designed to destroy the economy. It’s also part of Obama’s war on whites. Europeans pay $10 a gallon for gasoline but their healthcare is free after that. Again, Obama isn’t incompetent. He’s evil.

        • Obama has nothing to do with it. He is temporary office help.

      40. I am growing so tired of this deranged crazy spewing bad talk against veterans. A vet is just someone retired from their previous job. Villifying them totally shows how radicalized someone is. It shows how they feel absolutely right in their warped minds about what they are spouting off. Someone like this fails to even understand that there are hundreds of thousands of veterans now that have gone to college through the military and are helping support the country in taxes paid very week as the economy is floundering like a fish on the hot ground. Someone in desperate need of a psychiatriast, someone literally screaming out for help.

        From someone that has embraced pedophile homosexuals time and time again as the ones that are the victims of society. Someone that time and time again has said that homosexuals have nothing to do with attacking children. Yet everytime there is TV show on “To Catch A Predator” there are lots of homosexuals perverts CAUGHT. Including your local public record can proof just how many of them are nearby in neighborhoods. Yet this person says that homosexuals have no ties to being predophiles and stop bashing them. Someone that supports pedophile homos sicken those that are gay that are not and have never been perverts, as well as everyone else that wants the safety of children as one of the top priorities of society.

        You look at your common serial killer, or most maniacs that go and shoot up a bunch of innocent people they have one thing usually in common. They are absolute freaks. They hate a certain group of people. Might be a certain age group, like what this lunatic talks about wiping out the bommer generation, Might be a certain profession, like a soldier, that this maniac wants all dead. Might be innocent children, like this psychopath wants killed because this nutbasket doesn’t like their parents. This type of person goes on and on, when allowed to as free speech guarantees, and we see just how radicalize they are. Isn’t it the suicide bomber that blows up innocent people, that is ALWAYS labeled radicalized. They absolutely believe that the koran is telling them to kill as many infidels as possible.

        It is all there for everyone to read about Mr. E in all these past rants. One just has to go to all those collapsed comments from past artilces from people disgusted at these rantings. From being pro pedophile protect the criminal homosexuals, all homosexuals, because they are ALL such nice people. To death to people over 50 and all soldiers and veterans that anyone can go back and view as prrof of someone that is a deranged nut. Just look at your serial killer, and see the traits of John Gacy, Bundy, the Gree River killer, even the rantings of these mass killers such as Cho at West Virginia. There is an eerie similarity.

        • BI,
          I have no idea, nor do I care, who Eisenkreuz is. I disagree with pretty much everything he posts, therefore, I do not engage him. He seems particularly hell bent on slinging insults your way, though. I would be curious to see what would occur if you, personally, pay him no mind. You are one of the folks here who provides useful, and appropriate, advice. I think you, as would we all, find it gratifying to let him seethe alone in the corner. Hope all is well!

          • @ Shifty. I try to laugh it all as a fool with one of his hands on one side the mid section and the other on the opposite side. What makes me upset is t6he attack on veterans. I know so many of them that have simply worked for the military as some cleric, cook, or other position. Just a simply secure job. I know some that have fought in conflicts and they DON’T enjoy killing anyone. They took an oath to defend this country and I believe many would NEVER support a tyrannical government and killing their fellow Americans. In fact most of them would NEVER even harm a fellow American.

            Then when this lunatic talks about putting people’s children into the crosshairs because he hates their parents, or just one parent. This is crazy talk. I feel bad for people like Kulafarmer that wants to smash soemthing when this psycho talks about how the genocide and speedy die off of the boomer generation.

            We all have so much eveyday stress in your lives, and we all come to this site to talk, to help each other, and possible solve problems. The the good people, and I truly mean good people have to add to their daily strees by reading these comments by a wild eyed screaming maniac talking about how IT would like to hear about the death of entire groups of people. At least when people like myself and others such as braveheart and many others put this nut in ITS place it shows support for all those out in the audience that have felt sick by these warped comments that have absolutely no value.

            I am in your corner and everyone else out there that has felt nauseated by these comments by someone that would be actually be very happy if they were locked in a rubber room where they could collide with the walls over and over again and have someone nice psychiatrist(s) that would listen to this insane talk and offer someway of bringing this nut back to some form of reality so they could stop physcially and mentally destroying their brain and their entire body. Hope all is well with you too.

            • Well said, and completely understood.

            • BI, I agree with you totally about eisenfungus. I’m going to take JayJay’s advice and try ignoring him to see if he’ll go away. To everyone, you all know that will be tough for me. I’m chomping at the bit now to jump on him, but out of respect for JayJay and nothing else seems to work, let’s all try to ignore him and maybe he’ll move on. braveheart

      41. Eisencrook!

        No disrespect but… please see your Doctor, maybe you are sooo sick.

      42. Obamacare theme song: “Everybody Hurts” by REM

      43. is now Ranked #7.
        It slipped down from #4 a year ago.
        The same small number of people post.
        The troll ‘E’ can spew comments such as
        ‘all women should be dead.’
        This site has really gone down hill,
        its a shame.

        • I guess it all depends on your metrics and where you’re looking for rankings —- Alexa has us pegged as one of the top 5,000 sites in the United States (measured in terms of visitors).

          Thanks to all of you who visit, and read, and share, and contribute!

          • @ Mac. I so much apppreciate the freedom of speech of this site. Your site is one of so few left. Maybe someone that knows that town psycho will see these rantings that knows E and will get him some mental help and save him and others from WHEN his mind finally barbecues drips over the edge. Nuts often talk outside the internet and people recognize this and piece it together. I am sure that ALL of us are being monitored and they either are ready to come and talk E away, HA, HA, coming to talk him away HA, HA. Or someone is thinking that he would be a perfect next “hero”.

            Anyway, I as others truly appreciate that we can come to a free site. There are many people here that have many specilities that share what they know and we all learn from this. There is so much to learn to help survive what is coming someday, so much.

            • Amen BI….

          • Mac, Eisen is a PITA but any site left on the web that is censor free is such a breath of fresh air. Once the censoring starts. the slippery slope is installed and I have witnessed a lot of websites suffer from the consequence. This place truly rocks.

        • I would like to think ranking dropped as more folks spending time getting ready with in some part from what they learned here,and hell,getting out and enjoying life while they can!

      44. I used to read But they just attacked each other all day every day. I never posted there because of the nonsense.

        • Exactly my point. There is a wealth of information here. It is absolutely senseless to muddy up the feed with responses to a crackpot. It becomes a bit tiresome to have to filter through reams of bullshit to find the useful information. Mac may want to seriously consider a temporary suspension or an outright ban on folks who come here to do nothing more than pester. I suppose that they would simply revisit with new screen names, though.

          • The down arrow is the censor, use it and move on. Maybe some want to argue with eisen. every now and then he does come up with a gem, tho you have to sort through tons of shit to find one. BUT PLEASE people lets NOT EVEN consider censoring anyone. Please.

            • Valid point. I retract my previous statement. Red Thumb it shall be.

        • Maudy Frickett,

          Noted on that, it seems to me that one of the poster on that site is Mr E. that he relentlessly attacking each one of us.

        • In my earlier days I though Mike Rivero was all that.. what a fat waste of space that guy is. BOY was I wrong.

      45. This is important about free speech and our right to say what we think. ALSO for others to form their own judgement upon someone that is totally insane.

        The matter of free speech and the Bill of Rights doesn’t change the equation of whether a deranged psychopath can shout off about anything and everything. It simply allows the nut to show in perfect clarity what a true nut they are. A nut is a nut and is a nut. Free speech can help to identify those psychos to hopefull get them the mental help they need. The beauty of free speech has allowerd all of us a chance to witness the final stages of someone’s brain totally browning out with Mr. E above and in countless other babblings of absolutism towards the death of an entire generation of humans, all military, the hatred of all women, and the support of criminal attacks against children.

        It is so true, it is not the guns that are the problems, it is crackpots like this person that are not getting mental help for their brains that need something to stop them from making these individuals dangerous to anything around them. The brain can actually totally snap and start to make someone like E see things that are not there. Anyone with this much intense hatred is putting massive strain on what is left of their brain. Like a muscle in the rest of the body, the brain can only take so much fury, hate, and burining before it fails totally to function and see anything that is reality anymore. This is science fact to anyone out there doubting what hate at this level can do to someone like this.

        • BI,

          As always, thanks for the heads up.

        • Troll,

          Youve taken up half the page writing paragraph after paragraph repeating the same thing over and over o how evil is the ‘Kreuz. Why dont you just stop responding to me if you cant take the pressure? Just thumb down my comments if you dont like them and move on.

          • Why should other people that are already going through enough in their lives have to listen to gibbish that cuts into many? They can collapse a comment, but up until that time someone comes across a comment that not only has no value, but makes someone’s day that much worse. This is selfish, of course someone that has no sense of decency or no sense at all because their mind is in need of desperate help could not understand that could they?

            IF E, was to post opinions without wishing death on 9/10th. of the world, 100% of all of a certain age group, stop hating women just because they are women, stop wishing veterans and soldiers a hard death for no good reason, stop giving full support to weirdos that attack children. The opinions about bitcoins were just opinions that people disagreed with, and that is all. Then why is there any reason to mention that total mental instability factor? It is E’s own doing, no one else, all by E’s self, have people like myself decided enough is enough and show just how lunatic like these rantings are of any sane life form. To show others what someone like this.

            Blame often times is looking right at someone in the mirror and nowhere else.

            • When you get caught up with anything someone does. All your are doing is giving them free rent in your head. Everyone should just ignore & shun the crazy loon. don’t respond just thumbs down.

          • giving eisen the same medicine he throws at everybody else.

          • eisencommie, you’re the one who needs to move on, COMRADE.

            • With all due respect Braveheart, it’s not difficult identifying the 2 responses made to the train wreck as ” anonymous”.

      46. Abandon all hope, Ye who enter here!

        There is plenty to talk about and Obamacare is one card in the deck about to be dealt to us. I read it may force doctors to retire. Increase premiums, deductibles co-payments and reduce quality of care. Reduction in work hours of small enterprises. Pushing good working people to the unemployment line. Then on to SNAP and EBT.
        You watch the Stock Market as those in the know have already sold off at the TOP. Now they move to take their money out of Banks before it can be confiscated.
        Our country has refused to revisit NAFTA or GATT for trade balance for our economy. The Bankers refuse Glass-Steagall in any form being brought forth for a vote in Congress. Congress should call itself the Russian Duma only difference is they don’t have the Duchas Resorts of the Russian elite.
        Although a viral pandemic, Sun coronal ejection,
        or major earthquake, would be catastrophic, I would rather have that way, by the hand of God rather than those of man.

      47. “Real life” example shows what Obamacare really does to small businesses
        “In every case deductibles soared… Every person involved is worse off than before…”
        – The Daily Crux

        Watch Company Employees Learn Of Increased Health Costs Due to Obamacare
        A local news station brings viewers inside one Pennsylvania company as the employees their learn about their new health care plans under Obamacare.
        – Youtube

      48. Ok…off topic but I wanna know…If a class X whatever was gonna strike in three hours and that was all of the notice you was gonna have….what would be the first thing you would do? I think I would take the cards from my cell phone and camera to preserve the photos that remain. The next would be to throw whatever small electronics I got laying around into my farady. What about you all?

        • I would be loading the bathtub, washer and storage in the basement with water. I don’t store a lotof water, but there is a huge tank for this small town and we were without power for 4 days and still had water. But if it looked like a long time power problem, water.

          • I purchased a couple of the Water BOBs. Hoping they are not crap.

            • If you don’t have BOBs you can place large contractor clean-up bags in your tub and fill them. They are reusable and once they are empty you have something useful left over.

        • Unplug the microwave and throw in my hearing-aids, watches,
          2-way radios, I-pod and net-book, solar charger.

          • wow forgot about my hearing aids..

          • I also have some amplified shooting muffs, put those on over hearing aids and talk about being able to hear! I use them hunting like that but every little noise scares the crap outa me.

        • Turn the heat on.

          Priority 1 is getting the ham radio and the propane stove protected in the Faraday. Next is breaking down the computer and solar/hand crank lanterns and the solar chargers and throwing them in, then the cell phone, ipod, kindle, etc if possible.

          Collect as much water from the tap as possible since water service relies on electric pumps.

          Run to the gas station and fill up all the gas cans since the gas pumps are all electrical.

          Put thermal reflective tape around the doors to keep the heat in.

          You gonna need a big Faraday cage for all your stuff.

          The power going out would result in full-blown SHTF. Its the scenario that I fear the most because it really would be a combat situation.

          • wouldn’t a car trunk work as a f cage?

            • I think it would have to be an older car. The new ones don’t seem to have a metal plate behind the rear seat or in the gap where the rear speakers are- the EMP could reach your stuff if coming from the right angle.

        • Eh,find the bottle of Jack and load a few more magazines,last final blowout.I have the water/food whatever covered to best of ability and the few items that might benefit from being caged already in place,would be real nice to have a few hours warning and have a few final drinks in peace!

      49. Over at Bloomberg.

        ALL Markets are in the RED! Asia, Europe and Dow Cow.

        Fukushima is in the wings.

      50. SLINGSHOT:
        Very well said. I agree with every word.
        I won’t try to fight the hand of God that would be a waist of time.
        But with the help of God I will fight tarrany!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      51. Anonymous… I missed the 9-11 truthers statement after last nights stupor bowl, during the mvp interview. I knew that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is a 9-11 truther. It is vitally important that American’s relentlessly keep this issue in public discussion. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. – Edmund Burke

      52. Been coming daily for news and entertainment. Holy cow! But it’s getting old! I have a great deal of respect for the time and effort Mac puts in to keeping a site like this running. And some of you guys and gals are so knowledgeable. But, seriously, these doses of sourkraut and the explosive releases of gas as a result of his obvious baiting and reeling in some of you guys; just, wow!

        Why don’t you just leave the crock closed until his own fermentation does him in? I keep thinking, after just a year here for myself, good people will prevail. Have a honey bun, or a donut, or a piece of fruit. You’ll feel better, smile, and be productive!

        Live long and prepare, prosper and produce!

        • I’m game, only if you throw an Oatmeal Cream Pie into the mix. Soooo bad for you, and soooo damn good.

      53. Wow. Watching them now. Hong Kong down 448, Nikkei down 370.

        • It looks like the crash has started, but what do all of you people think?
          Remember it is the “mass mood of all the investors that rule the market”….

      54. Anonymous… I responded to your post about the truther below your post farther above, it appeared at the bottom just above. I’m not able to give a thumbs up, but this is one right here.

      55. Should California have to be evacuated because of Radiation contamination, which states will welcome SENATORS Boxer, Fienstein and Pelosi.

        State is broke and running out of water.
        Now we will have Closet Kalifornicators uniting with Closet Yankee’s

        New York, New York.
        It’s a hell of a town!

        • Um, I am thinking, and hoping, that the aforementioned Senators, including Jerry Brown, will choose to go down with the ship.

      56. Soon you will be asked by someone.

        “Did you vote for Obama?”

        Answer. No I did not.

        Nobody voted for Obama. Then how did he get elected?


      57. A president who wants to take guns from the people while holding a gun to their heads forcing them to buy health care.
        I salute the “Do not comply” by the Doctors as well as the Public!

      58. ObamaCare sucks

      59. ObamaCare has death panels

      60. Great letter by Dr. Held! Very well put. Hopefully we see more people in the medical industry begin to express themselves on this.

      61. The fact is everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. Granted much of those natural things like a snakes poison is harmful to organic life. Since you cannot make something from nothing & cannot make something into nothing. and since for every action their is an equal & opposite reaction. Its a wash. Whatever man or nature does eventually comes out Even Steven. So why must the greenies insist that all the results of mans activities must be worst case Gloom & Doom Results?

      62. Common sense no longer prevails in Federal politics! Just career politicians pandering for the indigent and illegal immigrant voters. ” We the People” no longer matter anymore. It is all about Big Corporate business leaders wanting cheap labor, mindless liberals that think everyone should have an equal piece of the pie no matter what and corruption at all levels of the Federal government. In my 51 years on this planet and watching our government for over 40 of those years have I ever seen such massive disregard for the working middle class American taxpayers in this country! For those who voted for “Hope and Change” in 2008, and especially then again in 2012, Did you ever question what that statement really meant before you voted?

      63. @ Them Guys AKA “White Power”

        So based on what you’re saying, non whites should kick out and kill all of the whites out of the country, as the whites did the Native Americans, through broken peace treaties and violence?

        It’s easy for the strong military power of America to go and create genocide and rape all of the other nations of their natural resources, just as they did America.
        Might makes right and the “White” man as you put it took everything by FORCE. I think the blacks of today can strongly relate to this, in which you now point and say “there’s the bad guy”, or in your vernacular “monkeys and ni$$ers” .
        You make everything seem so black and white (no pun intended) but YOU in that long Thomas Paine wannabe “Common Sense” call to arms declaration that you wrote, fail to realize that there is a thing called Karma, and all of the great civilizations have come to an end. (I believe this is the SHTF that we all talk about)
        I admire your commitment to your fellow whites, and it is really down right inspirational to be honest. However, the world is no longer flat, it’s round and the things that we believed years ago have been learned to not be completely true or applicable in 2014.

        However, you may have more supporters than you think:

      64. How can a government force a contract change upon two private entities? ACA! A Communistic Action!

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