Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?

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Do you LOVE America?


    Joy Behar and Bill Press discuss Republicans’ announcement that the Constitution will be read when the new Congress is convened:

    Behar: Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand? I mean, is it a nod to the Tea Party? What is this about, exactly? And, Is it the first time a lot of congressmen will have heard about it, read it?

    Press: First of all, I think on the one hand, it’s hooray for Hollywood. It’s just a so obvious – publicity stunt. I gotta tell you there could be some benefit here, because I think most Republicans haven’t read the Constitution, to be honest. I hope they listen carefully. There’s some good stuff in there about the right of privacy they probably never heard before. There’s something in there that says only Congress can declare war, not a President of the United States. I bet they never heard of that before.

    Behar: Probably never did.

    Ms. Behar’s questioning of the reading of the Constitution in Congress comes on the heels of another mainstream media analyst who takes issue with Constitution loving. MSNBC’s Ezera Klein recently said, “the issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing and was written more than one hundred years ago.” According to Ezra, people don’t read the text of the document and believe they’re following something that isn’t actually in it.

    One example of someone who may or may not have read the document is Bill Press who seems a bit confused himself. He is apparently unaware that no such “right to privacy” is defined in the Constitution. Our founding document does, however, provide protections in the fourth amendment so that the people are secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause or a warrant. It seems neither Joy Behar, Bill Press, DHS chief Janet Napolitano, or President Obama read that particular portion of the Constitution when they were supporting and/or implementing new security screening procedures at the Nation’s airports. The California Supreme Court itself may have failed to read the founding documents, as evidenced by a recent decision which claims law enforcement has the right to search the cell phone of anyone taken into custody when placed under arrest in the state. Examples like this pervade our country and lead to thousands of Constitutional violations by federal and state officials every day.

    While it can’t be denied that many of the Republicans in Congress are in it to make a show of the reading of the Constitution, We the People are somewhat bemused that our politicians didn’t think of it sooner, especially when you consider that Congressional representatives take an oath which specifically says:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

    It may be in the best interests of the country for those representing us in the Federal government to not only read the Constitution every time a new Congress convenes, but to take a preliminary pass or fail assessment prior to their their names being added to the ballot. The assessment would simply ask potential House and Senate candidates to match the amendment number with what it actually says. We could even standardize the test with multiple choice answers to ensure the test is culturally and socially sensitive.

    When you take an oath to support or uphold something, it’s usually a good idea to understand what that entails.


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      1. Oh my God the things I could do to this woman with a roll of tinfoil, some cotton swabs, a car battery, two fillet knives and a gallon of gasoline.

        She is utterly the most despicable primate [sorry Coco] to have ever dragged her knuckles across our beloved Republic.  Other than Pelosi and her coven of lifeless bloodsuckers I do believe I could rain all of my deadly military knowledge  on her without a seconds loss of sleep…too much?

      2. My squadron spaces had the Constitution on the walls going down to the Commanding Officers office.  Diesel has more BTU’s Stealth.  Not enough……  I will support and defend the Constitution against all enemys, forign and domestic.  Most military members understand what that means.  For any blow holes out there that don’t think that’s important, screw you.

      3. Talking about violating the oath of office to uphold the Constitution — what about an entire political party (Dems) that thinks it is perfectly constitutional to steal (tax) 50%+ of a person’s income, when you combine federal and state taxes on this country’s most productive earners.  And as if this wasn’t bad enough we have a Death Tax that will take another 35% of what is left remaining after the initial federal and state taxes were stolen.  So, we lose 50%+ we initially earn the money, then another 35% when we die.  Sounds to me like our most productive people have to endure an 85% tax rate.  Constitutional???

        Now if we can just get the Dems to stop stealing so much of our wealth and if we can get the Republicans to stop trying to convert middle east shitholes into Jeffersonian democracies after going to war, then we may actually accomplish something.  Of course yellow and pink monkees may fly out of my butt, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      4. This could be one of the most brilliant ideas ever…if it’s not too late:
        “It may be in the best interests of the country for those representing us in the Federal government to not only read the Constitution every time a new Congress convenes, but to take a preliminary pass or fail assessment prior to their their names being added to the ballot.”

      5. Some people think continuing to blame Bush for everything that’s happening now is kind of like a distraction to resolving the real issues before us.  That guy is saying that Bush made mistakes as if it’s news or something.  We’re beyone that MORON!  But in a conversation about the constitution what kind of scumbag can ignore what the Obama administration and congress has been doing?  Is it possible that anyone other than a mindless idiot would watch that crap?  I fee slimed just by seeing 10 seconds of it.  How about a disclaimer saying that “Warning, you may need to take a bath after watching this clip”.  That goes for John Steware, Obama, Pelosi and the rest of them too.

      6. Somebody needs to inform Bill Press that his guy not only renewed the Patriot act, but he has also started the pat downs at the airports. Plus the Patriot app for the I phone where you can report suspicious activity to the DHS. Funny how fascism is only bad when there is an R by the presidents name.

      7. These are the type of who during the revolution who would be called “Tories,Loyalist.” This primate bitch who probably has a viewership of 8 people plus her dog,seems to not understand that our Constitution really means. My family came from Haiti which is a hellhole  has despots and civil unrest, my family looks at America as the hope from that hell. The Constitution is beautiful and it hurts me when people of my age(17-22) do not read it. They only thing they know is the first and fifth amendment. They do not know the 10 amendment which is when the states have the right to say “f#$k you” to any law the federal govt passes. I remember when I was a junior in high school back in 07. My history professor was teaching about the Constitution. When he got to the second amendment he said “This amendment is outdated. It was only for that time for hunting and Indians. If it was up to me I would get rid of all guns.” I was not awaken at that time so it bothered me a little bit. Now I realize when you have history teachers like this it no wonder our rights are being infringed upon. This guy was from Pensslyvania,a gun loving state. I do not want to get into what he taught about the Civil War,and states rights. My generation are being taught that Lincoln was good,Federal power supersedes state power,the second amendment is useless,Andrew Jackson was a nut case,the south is full of red neck hicks,and that government is good and militias are bad . That is why I am living New York for Montana. At least Montana has the balls to stand up against Federal power with the firearm freedom act. Anyway these idiots do not know much of the Constitution because they supported B.O. I do not like Republican,but I am happy they are going to read the Constitution the backbone of our REPUBLIC!

      8. Which constitution would they be reading?

        Psft, perhaps this is the one they will be reading?:

        Constitution for the New Deal

        “…what all the critics who believe that going back to the original Constitution would forestall the kinds of forces that have led to the present bloated, overstretched, intrusive, and unwieldy government do not realize is that this is what it almost inevitably had to lead to.

        …it’s a waste of time to try to resurrect that document in order to save the nation – because the growth of government and the centralization of power is inherent in its original provisions. As the anti-Federalists were trying to say all along from the very beginning of the ratification process. Only when we get people today off this understandable but ill-fated track can we begin to open their eyes to the reality of our present peril: we have a big overgrown government because that’s what the Founding Fathers founded, and we won’t escape from it until we take the idea of secession as seriously as it must be taken.

        Let’s look at some of the dangerous elements of the “real” Constitution…”

        Mardochee Augustin, if you don’t already know, you might be interested in this:

        Tom DiLorenzo on Abraham Lincoln, US Authoritarianism and Manipulated History

      9. You, Mardochee, are a breath of fresh air and give me hope for our future, even if its not much.  I always liked you but I had no idea you were just a young’in.  I think you need to run for office as you are the epitome of what it means to be an American, someone who comes here to escape oppression, learns the laws and history (better than 98% of the citizens already here), LOVES what America is SUPPOSED to be, and lives an assimilated life not trying to take advantage of a system that has run amok.  I salute you sir!

      10. One of Mushroom’s mentors spewing from the mouth on video.
        Who would have known? 🙂

        Mike F.

      11. Mardochee Augustin

        I know what your saying..My daughter is a “public school” student..and is only in 6th grade and has had to constantly argue with her government paid teacher that we are a Republic..not a Democracy..
        she even sent proof in so she could get her grade back from a 90% on the test to 100%..
        so to apease her the teacher said..” well honey ,,,it s both”
        so my smart kid said to her than..ok if you say its both than im still correct and should have gotten 100% on that test are you going to change it?
        this went on for over 2 weeks..she (my daughter) got sick and tired of being she went to the principal and argued her point to gain her grade back..
        if our own Government doesnt know We the People gave the Constitution to them.and our governmental teachers dont know our own History..what kind of sheep are they producing?..
        she even printed out the pledge of allegiance for her to know the part where it says
        I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

        this teacher to this day still doesnt get it..and she is teaching our future..its sickning

        one thing to be aware of..a rebulican (person or politician ) or a Democrat as a politician doesnt change the founding of our government..the Republic isnt about part about how this government is to be run and the rules put on them, by us citizens.

      12. Good grief. Joy Behar is a comedienne.

        There are two perspectives on reading the USCon.
        1. If it is read, how can a congressman claim they didn’t understand what it meant? Treason?
        2. If it isn’t read, how can a congressman claim they didn’t read or understand it? Treason and proof of idiocracy?

        It is all showmanship, theater and/or entertainment. The vast masses love a good show and haven’t a clue what the USCon says, means and gaurantees.
        Taxes: legal by Amendment XVI
        State’s Right: Limitted to powers NOT delegated to the US … .
        Privacy: not specifically stated, but directly implied by Amendments I, III, IV, V, IX, XIV and oddly enough, by the XXIV (poll tax issue).
        I took the oath of a soldier 8 times as I recall. But more importantly, I studied the document I swore to defend.  I learned that those who profess such great and intimate knowledge of the USCon fall in two groups: Those who do and those who refuse to listen to those who do. The second group knows while the first group is still listening.
        Folks the problem is simple: nobody knows and nobody cares.  There are exceptions, but the educational process dropped civics from the program in order to save money for the sports programs. The few exceptions argue about meaning and intent. All of them are generally wrong, but the problem is one of mind-set.
        Without experiencing a deadly and costly war as a participant, it is almost impossible to gauge the earnestness of each concept carefully worded in the USCon.  It is impossible for us to grasp that the concept of honor was so great amongst these early statesmen that when the condition for ratification of the USCon was future Amendments clearly spelling out personal and state’s rights.

        Fewer still are those who can grasp the implications of the “Bill of Rights (BoR)” . Most of us were taught that the USCon and BoR came as a package deal.  Not so! The first 10 amendments were ratified 3 1/2 years later. They altered the meaning of the USCon far more than we wanna admit.

        The problem with the whole shebang is the voters. They don’t know and they believe they do. You can’t mix pond scum with bong water and get champagne. Do you really think a voter will vote for some stinkin elitist with a proven knowledge base, a strong sense of justice and work ethic?

        So we have this proven fact. In any pond when left to its own devices the scum will always rise to the top.

      13. One question:  What is the cotton swabs for?  How many?  More than two?  Plastic or paper?  Double stuffed?  Name brand?  Quick despenser or cosmetic box?

      14. I am getting sick, this stuff is hard to believe, I must be in the twilight zone, pardon me, I am going to be sick….

      15. VRF, the U.S. of A. is a republic, and after hearing the Pledge of Allegiance every day through out her career should know that. However, the “Under God” part was not in the original pledge written in 1892, but was altered in 1954 without the original author’s permission.

        A refresher course on the Constitution should be mandatory at the beginning of each Congressional session. If that was implemented sooner we may not have gotten engaged in the illegal and ill-advised war in Iraq and the Patriot act would never have been passed.

        Regarding airport pat downs, searches and nudie shots: it is not your Constitutional right to fly in an airplane, and you have made a contractual agreement when you purchase your ticket accepting the conditions of the merchant selling you the seat on that airplane. I won’t fly until the ridiculous and overzealous policies are no longer the norm, but that is my choice.

      16. Nancy Pepsi make me sic………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      17. overtheedge
        perfect analogy..
        “You can’t mix pond scum with bong water and get champagne”

      18. “You can’t mix pond scum with bong water and get champagne.”

        Yea, but to the best of my knowledge [what I can remember] you can have a good time with it while it’s effects are wearing off.


      20. Sick.

        Ban guns? I think not. ***click***

        I love me my 2nd Amendment rights. And I sure as hell LOVE my piece.

      21. Good evening Mr. Media Useful Idiot, thank you for having me on your show.

        Always our pleasure Congressman Snort.

        Before you get going Mr. Useful Idiot let me clarify where I stand on this Constitution reading. I solemnly affirm that I support the values and goals of the Power Elite, who nominated, funded and voted for me. I will support and defend their best interests to the best of my ability. In part because as well as funding my re-elections 100:1 compared to the hoi polloi, and throwing the best parties, their wives, sisters and daughters are often the hottest little … (minxes) anywhere.

        But what about your sworn oath to support and defend The Constitution?

        What’s that? A dead letter that mollifies the sheeple, that keeps them calm and obedient in their alloted roles as wage slaves in our corporate Amerika, paying those taxes (which don’t matter a damn in paying for government, since that’s what the Federal Reserve System does) but steals their wealth, and being cannon fodder when our most loyal supporters need more profits for their warfare corporations.

        Would you excuse me Mr. Media Useful Idiot? I”m late for meeting my mistress, er, ah, I mean for my next interview.
        The Constitution would be better than nothing if most Amerikans really gave a damn about private property and liberty. As it is, it’s a dead letter. If its purported purpose is to ratify our rights and restrain power it fails miserably. And has since the 1860’s.

        A piece of paper won’t make or keep a nation of sheep free. The fundamental defect is thinking errand boys of the Power Elite, or their judicial equivalents, are about anything other than power. The power of their masters over us.

        I don’t have the cite in front of me but take a look at Larken Rose (the anarchist, not the porn star). His send up of the Declaration of Independence that he gave at Liberty Hall on July 4, 2009.

        Also his blog The Most Dangerous Superstition decrying our worship of government authority.

      22. Sam Haverson said, “…it is not your Constitutional right to fly in an airplane”

        That is incorrect!

        Please read this link to learn the error of your ways:

        Pistole Proven Wrong That Flying Is Not a Right

        Then mushroom said, “OUTLAW GUNS BEFORE SOMEBODY GETS HURT…”

        So for the same reason they should outlaw other tools like cars which hurt and kill far more people, followed by bathtubs, then round it out by banning and licensing golf clubs, hammers and screw drivers too?
        The problem is, there’s people who think those are all good ideas.
        No wonder people say we’re doomed.

      23. Boner (Boehner) spoke about his #1 priority tonight on TV: TO PROTECT THE INSTITUTION, NOT the CONstitution, the INstitution.. he also said the people believe congress is broken and he aims to fix it. YEAH, RIGHT! like they “fix” everything else, yes? it’s all smoke and mirrors, folks. time to abandon ship. it’s the same garbage from the same group of psychopaths year after year after year after year. your votes mean nothing. all you are to them is a slave class that they can treat like shit, and they do it smiling all the way to the bank. defense of that piece of paper keeps everyone enslaved. think about it: all of the rights you have aren’t granted by a piece of paper. your rights are assumed. any group or institution who claims to have a document that expresses your rights assumes control over your rights, thereby controlling ALL OF US.

        do you have a social security number? you are a slave.

        the ship is sinking. distance yourselves from it or you’ll be going down with it.

      24. The commies fear the constitution and any attempt to force them to live by it…it was intended to clarify the liberty of the people and to be a box into which the govt had to fit and operate…those who want power over the people oppose it because it opposes them!
        The fact that these pieces of trash oppose and mock those who would defend the rights of the people(including theirs) shows what they are. UNDESERVING !

      25. “Regarding airport pat downs, searches and nudie shots: it is not your Constitutional right to fly in an airplane, and you have made a contractual agreement when you purchase your ticket accepting the conditions of the merchant selling you the seat on that airplane.”

        I have a problem with this comment.  Where is it written that theBoR and Constitution are null and void on an aircraft?  Also, when the porno scanners and groping police are everywhere and in action to keep everyone ‘safe’, will you then state that you don’t have the right to leave your house?  When the porno scanner van pulls up in someone’s driveway and looks through the walls, what will you say?  Don’t give them a reason to look?
        I lived in West Germany in the 1980s.  As I learned about the Third Reich, I often wondered how the people let it happen.  Now I know.

      26. What a bunch of morons, Joy Behar? When did she become a spokesperson for the people of this nation??  Well Joy, our nation is founded on the principles of the constitution.  I think most of the new congressmen don’t even know how to read so how could they read the constitution in the first place?  They don’t go to Washington to serve the people they go for their own gain and vote for what will make them the most money from Big Business.

      27. I believe you are correct ron.  Many that think they can get off of the boat while it is going down will be sucked down.  The steerage sheep down below don’t even have straight jacket with water wings to put on.  Only those that get off of the boat now (highly unlikely) or those that have a lucky golden pass to get on the life boat will survive.  The water is cold (ice age coming:) so to speak (pun intended)!  All of us bought a ticket to ride.  It takes fiat or forethought to get off of the boat.  There’s tigers out there. 
        The machinist, the one they called Chef, was from New Orleans. He was wrapped too tight for D.C.; probably wrapped too tight for the White House Press Speaker to even comment on.  Lance, on the forward .50s, was a famous surfer from the beaches south of LA. One look at him and you wouldn’t believe he ever fired a weapon in his whole life. Clean… Mr. Clean… was from some South Bronx shithole and the light and space of D.C. really put the zap on his head. Then there was #1, the Chief. It might have been my mission, but it sure as shit was the #1’s boat!

      28. In the near future I will track down the anti-Federalists’ objections to the Constitution to see what the Founding Fathers who recognized statism being enshrined when they saw it had.

        As I’ve written about in several posts, the people who DO run this country (and hint, none of them are on this board) don’t so much fear the Constitution as ignore it. Daily, as they have for about 100 years or longer.

        And we, the little guy, are gonna “force them” to observe it? That’s a laugh. How are we gonna “force” them to do that? By withholding our votes and our $50 dollar donations from their next campaign? They wouldn’t even notice, busy as they are taking their $50,000 donors to lunch. We’re gonna “force” them by suing them in their courts, where they’ve been making the precedents and rules for 200 years, with judges they’ve selected and appointed, who may have been born non-Eliters but by the time they make federal judge they are solidly at least upper class? Yeah,, that’s a plan.

        As someone else on this site observed, it’s the last minute of the fourth quarter and the Power Elite is ahead 72 to 0. Anyone who thinks reading a piece of paper has anything to do with asserting our liberty is deluded. I mean it’s a nice touch. And useful if some of the citizenry who’ve never read it wake up a skosh. But it means exactly nothing so far as getting our country to observe our founding principles.

        It’s political theater.

        Rather than watching the show, treat yourself to a posting or two of Larken Rose’s blog government: the most dangerous superstition. The anarchist, not the porn star.

      29. Why do so many on this site have such a problem with someone who has a different opinion than themselves? That is the most important part of freedom. The right to express yourself and your ideas without persecution, as long as they don’t infringe upon anybody elses right to do the same. Perhaps we should all understand the term “FREEDOM” before the ridicule and name-calling begins.

      30. Clark. Your links from 1:55 PM have helped me to get a better understanding of the original document called the Constitution. 
        “Government of the people,” in other words, means that Washington can do whatever it damn pleases in their name.
        The American Empire is no longer a nation or a republic, but has become a tyrant aggressive abroad and despotic at home.
        Then I came across Lincoln and have not finished yet clearing the U.S. public school system sh-t out of my head. But, thanks for helping me in getting it started. That crap is not fit for even a landfill.
        The states of the American union are and of right ought to be, free and self-governing.
         – don’t say you weren’t warned.

      31. Wouldn’t it be nice if all legislation in Congress, all regulations in Washington bureaucracies, and all so-called executive orders via the Executive branch were cross-referenced to the Declaration of Independence/Constitution/Bill of Rights!

      32. JamesAt17, your welcome, I’m so very glad it was useful to you, I’m just paying it forward.

        Let freedom ring!
        And the blinders be removed from the people.

      33. The trouble with America is one can’t take a shit without facing a life sentence for breaking several dozen laws.

        99% of all laws should be repealed.
        99% of all government spending must end.
        99% of all taxation should be eliminated.



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