Disruptive Tech: “3D Printing Could Undermine Sanctions,” Change Warfare and Upend Supply Chains

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 78 comments

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    Photo by Jonathan Juursema, creative commons license.
    Photo: Jonathan Juursema, Creative Commons.

    “Reducing barriers to arms manufacturing” is just one of the consequences playing out from the adoption of revolutionary 3D printers. The price of printers has come down from half a million dollars to less than $10k, and the expiration of several key patents is making much more possible.

    It has the power to decentralize production and, powered by robotic factory work, forever alter the economics of manufacturing.

    3D printing may even have the power to undermine the reach of defense contractors, who build weapons, tanks, planes and more that reach American troops, and through foreign aid and weapons transfers, foreign military forces – friend and foe alike – around the world as well.

    Already, a true next-gen entrepreneur named Cody Wilson has caused a stir with his plastic 3D printed gun known as the “Liberator.” The blueprint for this legal, lethal do-it-yourself weapon was downloaded over 100,000 times and can be built from any location with a consumer-grade 3D printer.

    It became something of a philosophical threat to the establishment. Homeland Security, the FBI, the ATF, the Joint Regional Intelligence Center and others took notice. News outlets like ABC News highlighted it as a threat to security, labeling the ‘invisible, nearly untraceable’ weapon an “assassin’s dream”:

    Inventor Cody Wilson, on the otherhand, identified it as a political act of resistance against the collectivist system:

    That’s a real political act, giving you a magazine, telling you that it will never be taken away. … That’s real politics. That’s radical equality. That’s what I believe in. … I’m just resisting. What am I resisting? I don’t know, the collectivization of manufacture? The institutionalization of the human psyche? I’m not sure. But I can tell you one thing: this is a symbol of reversibility. They can never eradicate the gun from the earth.”

    Today, it is not just individual weapons, but the larger system that has has experts and analysts paying attention. 3D printing stands to shake up the status quo for defense contractors, distant military outposts and asymmetrical warfare including from so-called “terrorist” groups:

    This could lead militaries to cut out private defence companies altogether. And by combining 3D printing with assembly line robotics, those that remain will be enormously streamlined.

    Being able to take printers to a warzone promises a radical shake-up of combat and the defence industry, says Peter W Singer, an expert in future warfare at the New America Foundation.

    That sort of disruption carries huge political implications in places like the United States where defence firms are purposefully spread around the country and support millions of jobs.

    “Defence contractors want to sell you an item but also want to own the supply chain for 50 years,” he says.

    Consider a conflict zone like Afghanistan, where the effectiveness of soldiers is constantly undermined by rough terrain, difficult supply chains and the cooperation of local tribe leaders.

    Plans for manufacturing goods, textiles, weapons and even food can be downloaded and enable production anywhere that printers and raw materials are available.

    “But now you’ll have soldiers in an austere outpost in somewhere like Afghanistan who can pull down the software for a spare part, tweak the design and print it out.”

    For better or worse, those inside the Heart of Darkness aren’t as cut off any longer when it comes to the materials that could make or break military campaigns. That could empower small bands of resistance fighters, too, including those branded as terrorists.

    “Think of master bombmakers in the Middle East making new designs that look like everyday products or a lone wolf operator printing a plastic gun he can get past security at the White House,” says Chausovsky.

    Again, 3D printing is a double-edged sword with effects for better and probably also for worse. Morally neutral technology that is proving more and more likely to disrupt the established norms.

    It may also have enormous impact on the the effectiveness of sanctions as alternate means to war-without-war.

    As it stands today, countries like Russia or Iran, who are perceived to be rogue, hostile or heavy-handed on the international stage can be weakened or controlled through economic pressure on imports and exports – much as siege in war cuts of supplies and forces capitulation. But that, too, may change:

    “The US has sanctioned everything from fighter jet spare parts to oil equipment. 3D printing could turn sanctions — which have been a crucial part of foreign policy for a generation or more — into an antiquated notion,” says Singer.

    Key patents have now expired, allowing more points of production with increasingly advanced techniques – potentially anywhere, and everywhere:

    • “fused deposition modelling” using plastics, expired in 2009

    • “selective laser syntering” used in the precise printing of metals such as aluminium, copper and steel, expired in 2014

    All this makes human labor cheaper than ever, too, with the possible impacts on the economy far reaching and perhaps crippling. Yet, the freedom to create components and parts, and eliminating the need to source and ship them, could also unleash new modes of productivity.

    How will 3D printing change your life? Will it empower an independent and sovereign lifestyle, or doom the masses to poverty in a collapsed system run by robots and computers?

    It all just depends…


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      1. The last time I acted my name was so low on the program that I was getting orders for the printing.

        Frank Carson
        (1926 – ) Irish comedian & actor

        More shit, another day.

        • Imagination is the most powerful force in the Universe and its twin is faith that can move mountains and cast them into the sea! It is wonderful how things that were once only imagined have now become reality. Thanks for this update on a very important technological development.

          Louisiana Eagle really needs one of these 3-D printer machines down in the Atchafalaya Swamplands for when the SHTF!

          • Maybe we could start 3D printing up a president. Couldn’t be worse than what we’re getting lately.

            • I print a 3D copy of the current President every morning right after I have a couple of cups of coffee.

        • TSA pat downs of passengers may get more invasive.

          “Don’t touch me there!” 😉

          • It makes them nervous because they can’t control suppliers with their moronic laws, just like the internet has been a double edge sword, this will bite them in the ass too.

        • I will be impressed with 3d printed guns when they are used to kill someone, not just talked about.

      2. Oh boy, wouldn’t cha just love to be in a desperate firefight using an M4 that some kid wiped up out in his moms garage? Yea, line me up for that one.

        • No doubt.

        • French News Paper in Paris attacked over cartoons poking fun at Islam. 12 Dead. The Cartoonist was killed. Karma’s a Bitch. The French Police Show up on Bicycles, with no Firearms. The French Cops ran like Sissys. No shooters were captured as they escaped the scene. See what happens when you disarm the people and even the Cops. People Die!! Oh yeah, some unidentified person on the scene, claimed the shooters were yelling “Allah Akbar!!!” That always feeds the flames to stir up more outrage. Whether it be true or not that it was yelled.

      3. They are a long ways from producing weapons. Plastic doesn’t hold up and haven’t seen one that does metal yet. A little early to say this is a done deal.

        • I agree and all metal is not equal.

          This is a ways off.

          • True but it’s coming. The rate of technological change is parabolic and we are living during the steep part.

            One of my professors in college said his mother moved to Oklahoma in a covered wagon in the 1890’s and lived to watch a man walk on the moon. The technological advancements in our lifetime will be even more profound.

            • Our technological advancements would be even more profound, if we could spend our time and money on something besides efficiently killing each other…

              We could be physically exploring the galaxy, but instead we are working on ways to spy on everyone in the entire world.

              We could’ve cured cancer, alzheimers and a dozen other illnesses, but instead we spend our resources and time creating superbugs and proprietary viruses designed for mass genocide.

              We could’ve ended world hunger, but instead we are wasting our time trying to control the world’s food supply.

              We could end poverty, but instead we are working to enslave the people of the world.

              I often wonder if the universe wouldn’t be better off in the long run, if humanity just destroyed itself altogether.

              • Sixpack, I have to agree. It seems as though a few think its fair to have it all while the rest should get nothing.

              • “I often wonder if the universe wouldn’t be better off in the long run, if humanity just destroyed itself altogether.”

                GIVE US TIME, WE WILL.

            • Sorry pal . . you can tell your professor buddy that his dear old mother was duped . . bamboozled, just like millions of other sheeple . . because no humans have ever, nor are likely in the near future, to walk on the surface of the moon.

        • I saw the metal gun, somewhere. Its out there, find the link. On the other hand you cannot 3-D print cheese, sausage, fruit, or vegetables to outsmart sanctions.

          The biggest threat of sanctions is not a lack of parts or equipment: just look at those classic American cars in Cuba, but lack of access to the Global Central Banking System.

          That doesn’t mean much to the dollar haters here, who even hate bank clerks, but for the Uber Rich, Industrialists, and Global Investment Class, its everything.

          Everything. 🙂

          • The food replicator is closer than you think.

            NASA has given 3D printer firm Systems & Materials Research Corporation a grant to work on developing a universal food synthesizer. A 3D printer which will create meals from cartridges full of carbohydrates, protein powders and oils.

            Add a little flavoring and you will think you’re eating anything you can dream up.

            Keep the normal size printer at home and a small version for your BOB and no need to store tons of food. Only need tons of protein cartridges!!
            molon labe

            • I’m going to need 2 of these 3-D Printer replicators then. One for equipment and one for food. Hopefully, I will even be able to replicate the parts when one of the replicators breaks down. That is a thought! With cloning not too far behind, one might be able to replicate and reproduce for a long, long time!

            • WIprepped. No thank you. They’re killing enough of us already with that frankenfood.

            • That product already exists. It’s called fameal. (Yes, that is spelled right.) Ferfal did an article on it a week or two ago. Doesn’t need a 3D printer, just a pot, some heat, and the raw materials.

              50% Rice, wheat, or corn meal,
              30% Bean meal,
              10% Sugar,
              10% Oil,
              and vitamin supplements, which can be ground-up One-A-Day tablets.

            • Sounds disgusting…
              I’ll continue raising it or pulling it outa the garden.

          • durango kidd,

            Your from PHX, AZ. what do you think of fcx….it is at it’s 52 week low or there abouts.

            Also looking at dmlp and hfc for oil stocks with decent dividends.

            After watching your posts on money matters, I thought you might have an opinion.

            • Funnything: Sorry, I don’t follow stocks because I don’t own any other than in my own companies. I do follow the economy.

              Miners are a BAD BET at this stage of the cycle; especially if you believe that a demand induced depression is in the works. I do. Consequently the demand for copper should drop with the drop in demand for houses and cars worldwide and in the USA.

              Not a benefit for Freeport McMoran, and oil prices are down, so its recent assimilation of its oil & gas subsidiary will not help. The general consensus that the Chairman is a greedy SOB is not helping the company stock either based upon his increased compensation while revenues have been falling.

              China is on a precipice looking into an abyss facing its first recession. This will be a wake up call of staggering proportions when it eventually happens.

              Then we will all understand the true meaning of SHTF and everything else will pale by comparison. 🙁

              • As I recall, China uses 40% of world copper output; thus my inclusion of China into the response. 🙂

                • Short Freeport!!! 🙂

                  • Thanks,

                    I am looking into the short/put thing, a little confusing so far.

        • You got that right Jim. I put a lower together for a friend that was made of plastic and it didn’t last but 3 rounds, the whole back of the lower blew off. Just finished the new spikes lower tonight. Hope this one lasts for at least 4 rounds. I’m kidding of course.

        • I’ve watched “additive manufacturing” technology for at least 25-30 years. “3D printing” used to be called stereolithography, and was being used by Pratt & Whitney in the ’80s to make casting patterns for complex turbine blades and buckets. Since then I’ve helped use it for more humane jobs like making custom-fit artificial hip joints.

          It does work in metals, but it is SLOOOOOW. To “print” a part in metal takes anything up to 100x the time it does to machine it from solid metal on modern CNC machine tools. It can do things that machining can’t, like leaving hollows inside solid parts, but that’s rarely a big advantage. It cannot produce ferrous metal parts that need the strength and hardness imparted by heat treatment. It can produce one-off repair parts, which can eliminate the costs of stocking inventories and shipping them to where they are needed, but high volume production? Fuggeddaboudit.

        • It would be nice if we could 3D print more intelligent brains and implant them into the stoopid sheeple.

        • Fused Deposition Modeling (e.g. the Makerbots) of plastic is useful but only for some firearms accessories like grips. However, there are 3D printing technologies like selective laser sintering (patents expired in 2014) and laser engineered net shaping that can make high quality parts out of aluminum, tool steel, titanium, and other steel alloys — those are the ones that will make firearms. Essentially, they use a laser to melt finely powdered metal that is 3D printed onto a substrate.
          We are starting to see announcements for 3D printers that work with metal that are affordable (e.g. under $20,000 vs $500,000 to $2 million).

        • We are studying Krav Maga….the whole family. Between that and Cross Fit….woooohooooo.

          The enemy will need long guns for this here gang…..LoL

        • 1 year of KM and if taught properly and practiced properly and every day is a major confidence builder , and one hell of a work out for a person in their 50’s

          although if you pack heat on a daily basis,, and encountered with a “use your weapon” moment you may run into court issues as to why you went for the gun as your first line of defense .. Jus sayin’ and was instructed so by my lawyer and my KM teacher

          So i have something to throw at my assailant first when they decide to “come too close”than its on from there

          too old to take an ass beating, too young to die

      4. I saw where Jay Leno uses one to make car parts he cannot find anymore…

        • Yeah, print me a Dusenberg!!! 🙂

          • Yeah, print me a new U.S Representative. On second thought about 500 of them. Trekker Out.

            • Can’t print up new reps just yet. The BS cartridge for the printer is still having reliability issues don’t ya know.

              • The fix for the cartridge is in the directions. It’ll have to be passed first however before you can read it.

          • Hell than.. print me up a “real government representative” than lol

            • ooops just saw that Mt Trekker basically said the same

        • Yeah dipshit I told you that abiut 50 articles back about Leno. Looks like you can learn a few things here and there. And no you cannot cut n paste a joke via 3D printer.

      5. Now if we could just print us a new President. -Carhartt

      6. DMLS would be great, if the machines cost way, way, way, way less than they do, and ran on household power. Though, if your local university or community college offers a course in 3D printers, and has DMLS machines you are allowed use . . . .


        • It is a group purchase 😉

      7. Chamber up a .338 Winchester round in a plastic gun and have some guy 200 meters down range. I’ll put my money on the guy down range coming out ahead vs. the fool pulling the trigger.

        • Haw! Get the video on U-Tube ASAP!

      8. 3d printers weren’t made to make guns somebody discovered they can make a lower receiver that’s all folks so they can make a ghost gun . I can see where this can come in handy but think of the possibilities aside from weapons. The navy already has better weapons than guns guy I work with was in navy for years he told me they have this thing it’s like a megaphone it puts out a pulse wave or something it hurts your ears so bad your running away he said they can use it on a truck to disperse protesters or rioters. They have electro magnetic rail guns that can vaporize objects. The ar15 is a dinosaur compared to these weapons . I’m all for guns but the fact that the gov has weapons like this and they still use shields and batons at riots shows that intimidation is the strongest weapon of all. If they can make the public afraid I mean terrified you won’t have the balls to try them. This is more valuable than some kid building a gun on his printer. Look for cheaper plastic in the future. Bottom line is if people want guns they gonna get them no matter what. People should be worried about access to ammo more really . I mean with the shortages of the past.

        • As people get madder, balls get bigger.

      9. Clint Eastwood at 83 +

        If you realize each day is a gift, you may be near my age.

        My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood

        As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end. There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any “more.” No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat. It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that morning comes, is to let every one of your family and friends know that you care for them by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles of your life so they can always say, “He was my friend, and I know where he stood.”

        So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please know this: I voted against that incompetent, lying, flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron currently in the White House!

        Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.

        Make my day.

        • That was not just great, that was classic Clint Eastwood! He is absolutely right!

      10. If i had a 3D printer i sure as hell wouldnt waste it on an ugly ass zip gun,
        Just sayin

        • I’d print myself a Kate Upton!!!

      11. I think the 3D technology is absolutely fascinating. The mere fact that it allows you to produce weaponry at home is a total game changer with regards to warfare.

        Normally, military strategy involves destroying the opponents supply chain. In this case, does it now mean that the personal computer becomes a military target as opposed to a script kiddie target it is today? Does that mean the AutoCad file libraries used by the 3D printer to make weapons becomes a military target?

        This is a brave new world folks. Instead of bombing factories, the new strategy will be to send out a virus that attacks of all things, the printer driver (like that isn’t already screwed up most of the time already).

      12. I’d print me up a few of those smoking hot Ukrainian woman to do chores around the house. Like clean the pool in that G-string.

      13. You wanna shoot that thing, by all means go right ahead. I’ll be over here. WAY over here.

        You are dealing with powder stuck together with Crazy Glue, you realize that right?

        Have fun losing a hand…

      14. Human beings tend to use new technological breakthroughs to accomplish two goals: one is to get off or get laid; the other is to take things from the other guy and/or kill him.

        Many talk of 3D printing organs and body parts. Nobody mentions the potential to 3D print fleshbots for sexual pleasure. These human-like beings will be soulless but just like a person in every other respect. People being people, they will be printed to order for every sexual perversion and fantasy. I will let your imagination run free on that one.

        As for weapons, this is the veritable genie in a bottle. Every crazy on the planet will be chasing this sh#t and trying to kill each other. This is why we need new human programming because, as long as there is defective ideologies such as Islam, there will be violence and death. In the future, in order to immigrate to an advanced society, you will need to have a ‘brain sweep’: a programming flush-out for all defective ideologies and a new ‘rationality’ programme will be downloaded into the migrant’s brain.

        On the positive side, once terrorists get addicted to 3D printing of weapons, you can hack into their 3D printers and put in bugs. Just imagine this: a terrorist group 3D prints some bombs. A bug inside the print has placed a tracker inside and an agent waits until the ringleader comes into the warehouse to inspect the bombs. And then they detonate.

      15. The reason that guns can never be eliminated is that they can be made by illiterate Pakistanis in the Khyber Pass using a forge, bits of railroad rail and old car parts for metal, hand tools, and a foot-powered lathe. They’ve been doing this since the 19th century, and still do.


      16. It depends on how the technology is used that determines if it is good or bad. Sure bet that it will get better faster.

      17. TERMINATOR 666 ?

        THE RISE OF THE ???????????

        I WILL BE BACK………

      18. Hard copy books on the skills needed to do things yourself forget the kindle and nook. They are cool to read from but a real library of real paper is better I know books take up space choose your books carefully. Technology will fail when you need it most. We all know there are hackers working hard to steal bank info hurt businesses and gov agency’s destroy the grid and whatever else they can sabotage on us . Have raw materials on hand to make weapons yourself steel pipes make zip guns yourself in a pinch. Ya a computer printed gun is probably better but $10000 printer is to much $ for me just to make a stinkin gun .I mean really the zip gun can be used to get you a better gun. Save your $ for better things . I would rather have a book that shows you how to improvise things if I need to. Just pissin $ away for a printer to make guns seems foolish to me. Everything is one extreme to another nowadays. People think throwing $ at the problem is the answer . That’s how the gov thinks . Why does everything have to be high tech . whatever happened to old fashioned ingenuity and why is it frowned on .

      19. the govt is a reflection of what the american people have become, how many of you idiots understand that?

      20. It’s clear many of you have never seen one of these 3d printers in action based on your assumption that this will change supply line strategy.

        This tech is still new and S-L-O-W. It’s also highly inaccurate. The “consumer” models that you can buy for < $4,000.00 are not capable of holding even .005" tolerance. That's not close enough for any kind of feature that needs to interact closely with another (like a pin in a hole).

        Also, 3d printers already do metal, but the same rules above apply. Slow and inaccurate.

        As an aside, I hear .gov is trying to prevent citizens from building their own lower receivers unless they "own" the equipment to do it. In other words, you will no longer be legally able to buy an 80% lower, then pay someone to let you use their equipment to do the finishing work. This was the method used by 95% of the people building these guns.

        I'm lucky, I've got a lathe and 2 milling machines in my garage so this will not affect me, but it will affect many others.

        • @Billy Hill,

          Sure they are slow. However, I did a project at GM some 20 years ago that basically sent vectors to a die cutting machine. It took a week to make a die that eventually, was used to produce a fender. Once the die was cut, all that was necessary was to put a piece of sheet metal in a press and voila, a fender was formed in about 20 seconds. Repeat this process over and over again and suddenly, GM had enough fenders to build an entire vehicle product line.

          Same logic applies to 3D printers….cut the mold or die once, mass produce on a personal scale. For now, anything that needs super precision(gun drilling, etc.) buy them like you said.

          Since one now has “production” capacity with the 3D printer, does accuracy and robustness really factor in anymore? Hell, one can almost deduce that we are moving towards disposable weaponry. put a 6 hour duty cycle on the weapon and chuck it.

          The 3D printer is a game changer.

          We need a constitutional amendment though. “The right to bear 3D Printers.”

      21. Anyone believing 3D printing will do anything in the firearms arena is either very unfamiliar with 3D printers and printing or wishfully deluded.

        A thousand dollars or less of hobby grade machine tools will easily produce very viable modern firearms on a kitchen table that can actually be put into use and are the equal of any commercial firearm (and it is legal to do this with a few restrictions). Add another few thousand dollars and you can go CNC which makes it a computer design directly to product affair.

        It takes an immensely expensive industrial printer to do this and you’re certainly not going to do it in any mass/rapid production setup or on a kitchen table.

        In addition, 3D printers won’t use commonly available “off the shelf” stock materials, they need very specially made and prepared exotic forms of those common materials to be used for printing.

      22. Outlaw apple trees and any other truly hard wood. Too useful to make a gun. Forgot the movie.
        I see Uber is also challenging the monopolized taxi system in NYC. Disruptive innovation. This 3D printer stuff is probably in its infancy. I imagine the mutual funds are placing their bets. Who are the leaders? Who got that NASA order? That sounds like free money to do research. Wish I had friends at NASA…

      23. Billy,have seen em done on drill presses and with routers,both with jigs and the results have worked just fine.Sure rather a mill/mini mill,yep but other ways around that and have seen the poly ones done and tested with a dremel,never seen in person but plenty of videos.I would say any who might want to take up project and not start from scratch get a for lack of better word 80% now.The 3D printers get better daily and folks working on ones that in future will use not sure for starting material but be able to print new body organs!Without throwing the world back into the stone age with nukes what have you the tech will always find workarounds/new uses no matter what,just another gasp at control by the powers that want to be!On a side note,no law that says you can’t loan your tools to trusted friends(@ least yet!).

        • I suspect like much advanced technology,the government will move to suppress it and block access to the general public. This has been done countless times over the years. Look to see internet access to the plans disappear and get blocked; look to see manufacturers shut down or bankrupted/bought out (a common trick is to hire the cool young dudes making this technology and then keep them well inside the military-industrial complex).

          For the general public, 3D machines will stay stuck at the level of an Easy Bake Oven (http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Bake-35230-Oven/dp/B001DI4VN0).

          All the real action will happen off-shore I suspect. Go to Asia to see the real innovation take place. Just as with Smart TVs, the Asians will come up with the really cool stuff for the public to buy.

          “You wanna buy Sony Sexobot 3DMaker! You must have Sony Sexobot 3DMaker for gooda lovelife and longa marriage!! Buy now!!!”

      24. On a side note article about attack on french humour mag that had cartoons of muhammad,(no spell check,will not capatilize the m http://washington.cbslocal.com/2015/01/07/charlie-hebdo-terror-attack/!): ,you know the spacing drill.I wonder if this attack real or another false flag to whip folks into a war frenzy.Would tell muhammad if this attack true to suck my dick,only problem,he may like that!

      25. Warchild,

        You’re correct, they can be done with very common tools. But most people that would happily pay someone to do the grunt work will not be able to pull it off on their own.

        When I said 95% of the people making ARs are doing them with other people’s equipment, I did not mean to imply that 95% of people making ARs that way would no longer consider/attempt it. I imagine it’s at least 50% or more will not attempt it if this legislation happens.

        • Billy,assume with mills and lathe you are more in the country though could be wrong.I have seen folks who want to make this or partially make don’t mind the drill/router work,anyone it seems who will do a 80 is already a adventures type in the shop,at least what I have seen.I realise illegal to do for others,that said,no law says(At moment) one cannot watch over with a eagle eye and say yes or no.Most folks have access to drills/routers and while like the finish better a mill will give one can be cleaned up real nice with a little effort after a drill if used carefully and slowly.I will admit folks I hang with and their friends all the willing to try new things in the shop,remember a few years back friend got a scoot and no one made forward controls at time for it,with in a week he fabbed a pair in spare time and others placed orders with him,best of luck with whatever projects you endevor with mills/lathe,in market for mini mill meself but not really for these projects but just building stuff in general.

      26. The damn things would be handy to make repairs to stuff where you need a doo-hicky thing a ma jig that just isn’t for sale separately.

        • Kevin,would have loved one in the gas powered model 4×4’s and helo’s for crash repairs!

      27. The future of warfare belongs to 3-D printed KILLBOTS…

        Automated mobile killbot factories run by artificial intelligence (AI)

      28. I’m inclined to think 3D printing will have more of an effect on terrorism, making weapons to get passed security.

        REAL weapons are already very cheap, and readily available. 3D printing could just reduce an already low price. Search “laser cladding”, and you’ll see examples of the materials that can already be printed – even ceramics!

        Non-metal weapons however, than can get passed metal detectors are another matter. These are what the terrorists want.

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