Discussions On The Mysterious Planet X: From Massive Underground Preparation To Strategic Relocation, Bob Fletcher, John Moore And Other Experts Discuss What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling Us

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    This article was originally published at All News Pipeline.



    Any record or explanation of ancient astro-catastrophism lacking the inclusion of spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate.

    It was reported back in January of 2016 that real evidence had been found of a ‘Giant 9th Planet’ in our solar system that was so far away, it likely took between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make one orbit around the sun.

    According to the two Caltech astronomers who discovered this, Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, this 9th planet is approx 500 times bigger than Pluto and is being called “the strongest claim yet in the centuries-long search for a ‘Planet X’.”

    Back in August of 2015, All News Pipeline reached out to ‘Planet X’ researcher Bob Fletcher of Bob Fletcher Investigations about what we perceived to be massive government preparation by governments all across the world in preparation for a still-unnamed event. We asked Bob if he believed last years ‘Jade Helm 15’ exercises were somehow tied to this and whether or not he expected we’d see more ‘Earth changes’ and possible devastation in the future.

    We can hear Bob in the 2nd video below with YouTube videographer Leak Project with his latest updates on global government and their still-ongoing preparation for something huge with underground cities still being built and established to the tune of trillions of dollars. We’re also given more proof that all of the preparation that we have been witnessing across the world is quite likely for very good reason. Is ‘global government’ now preparing for Earthly cataclysm?


    In the comment sections on All News Pipeline stories and all over the internet in recent months, people have been discussing what to some appears to be a 2nd sun in our skies. While others are warning that the chemtrailing in our skies actually is to help ‘cloak’ the appearance of this ‘2nd sun’, it’s clear we’ll get no real answers from our mainstream media, which Reporters Without Borders ranked 49th in the world in the Press Freedom Index in 2015.

    Whether or not the long warned of ‘Planet X’ really exists, people are getting prepared for its’ arrival as heard in the 1st video below featuring ‘Liberty Man’ John Moore who takes a call from a listener and a discussion develops surrounding strategic relocation and what is happening now and may soon be coming to our planet IF this mythical ‘planet X’ is real.

    While ANP is undecided on the subject of ‘Planet X’, we certainly understand why some experts believe we may soon be watching an amazing astronomical spectacle in our skies that has allegedly previously ended civilizations and caused ancient cataclysms. We also believe that any discussion of ‘Planet X’ is not complete without stressing the aspects of its possible arrival that can be most used by anybody in almost any situation, even if this ‘mythical planet’ is not real. ‘Planet X’ does have a ‘practical application’: PREPARATION!


    Whether or not this mythical planet is making its return, we see here again an opportunity to prepare for various events such the possibilities of a coming ‘Biblical flood’, destructive and debilitating earthquakes, and the possibility of having to go through martial law to survive in America. As John’s listener tells us in this 1st video, all of this government preparation appears to be tied together with martial law in America, FEMA camps and all of the ‘underground preparation’ that we’ve also been reporting on ANP recently and as also elaborated upon by Bob Fletcher in the 2nd video below.

    In the 3rd video below from YouTube videographer Leak Project, a retired United States Air Force cyber security expert and researcher brings a blockbuster amount of evidence to the table that ‘cataclysms on a mass scale’ might be in our planets’ future due to what is now going on in the heavens and shares with us nearly 2 dozen different photographs taken from cameras around the world that offer us the best evidence to date of the infamous ‘Planet X’ aka the ‘winged destroyer’.

    Bob Fletcher joins the 2nd video shortly after the 1 minute mark and shares with us his background information before the topic turns to ‘Planet X’ and the many different aspects of preparation that he has witnessed including the moving of massive amounts of long term survival food underground as well as millions and millions of dollars of missing money.

    At the 36 minute mark, the conversation turns to the Denver International Airport and all of the underground preparation that has been ongoing there for many years. Just days ago, Susan Duclos asked if the nwo was preparing a false flag attack that would require the capitol of the US to be moved to Denver and their underground bunker system that has long been believed to be the future capitol of the ‘new world order’ and ‘global government’.

    Whether or not one believes in this mythical ‘Planet X’, Fletcher makes a very good argument that helps to tie together much of what we’re now witnessing across America and the world, from massive military exercises to trillions of missing money, from massive Earth changes now happening around the world to the global government preparation that we have been reporting about on ANP.

    While we make no claims that what you hear in these videos will soon be coming to pass as at ANP, we’re definitely not experts in astronomy, the points made in each of these videos are quite compelling and lead us to believe that there’s still an awful lot going on around us, and in the heavens above us, that we’re not being told. As always, we open this topic up for discussion from ANP readers in the comment section below.

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      1. Bullshit

        • Yeah think ?

          I mean how could you build massive underground cities using trillions of dollars and it not be all over the place. You can’t take a leak off your back porch without somebody with a cell phone capturing it.

          • Funny stuff bud, oh so true

          • Mt weather is one place that everyone knows about.

          • I call BS too, but to answer your question…

            GOOGLE Greenbriar. It IS possible.

          • You know, if I were looking to discredit prepper sites everywhere, this is the kind of retarded article I’d be posting and linking on every prepper site at every opportunity.

            • Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
              Someone threatened Macs ad revenue.

            • Pro,
              You have a valid point about discrediting, don’t know about nibiru or not, except there are allot of facts from ancient history that might have some validity to them, but onto the other subject of underground cities and such, this is wher is it blown out of proportion and i believe it is done so most people will not believe it. the equipment to do the tunneling has been around for many years and was used, to what extent is the question and there are some large underground facilities BUT they are limited and NOT for the public and I don’t think there are very many. this is what has been blown out of proportion.our government for many years has built these facilities and spent million on them. but they quit doing any thing for us long ago, remember the old cold war era store rooms in every city. well what you might wish to think about is WHY did they stop doing anything for the population all of a sudden, what you will find is that IF or when any of the current catastrophes occur there will not be many people left and so they only keep prepared for what they think will survive and for the most part it does not include the average JOE!! not very nice when you look at Russia and China who have and are building large shelters for a limited amount of there population!

              • Mac – good article to generate discussion about the coming events – thank you.

                Planet X, aka Planet of the Crossing, Nibiru, Wormwood etc. etc. is a 3600-year cyclical event. It’s a much larger celestial object then ours with an elliptical path/orbit that like the other planets, does not crash into ours, but crosses our path causing geophysical havoc on our planet, as it approaches, passes and leaves on its way out.

                Planet X is a predictable event, just as we have come to understand and predict eclipses of the sun and moon, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami and related catastrophes. Being able to predict such events as accurate as we do is only a recent phenomenon. In this last decade alone, we have discovered several planets in our galaxy, including possible life on Mars.

                Planet X event is prepper-able. Our ancestor’s prepped for it. Many of us would not be here if they hadn’t. It was common knowledge thousands of years ago about the celestial cycles of destruction. The ancestors left us knowledge of the events in legacy tales, stone carvings, metal plaques and related artifacts. Where are those artifacts now? The Dark Ages destroyed so much of our ancient history and burned the records, like ISIS is doing now.

                A large portion of the relics that survived were/are looted by the power corrupt and rich into their private libraries and museums. However, bits and pieces have made it into the public realm. If one does the laborious and tedious research, they would discover relics like the Ancient Sumerians Tablets Depicting Planets from the Zecharia Sinchin collection that are over 4500 years old. Planets we didn’t “discover” until the 20th century and showing an elongated orbit of one of the planets. {bring up pictures using the above title or his name}.

                The power elites are aware of the coming event and are jockeying for power, position and resources. Why aren’t we, the people, informed? To the elite, we don’t count. Useless idiots except as serfs and sheeple to serve and keep them king of the hill. And if we were to be informed, for some, it’s like what Jack Nicholson said in that movie …you can’t handle the truth…

                The message I’ve tried to get out these last forty years is about prepping for this particular SHTF event. Yes, it will be the granddaddy of all disaster scenarios. Many on this site are in a better position than most out there. As Planet X is mostly about geophysical upheavals due to quakes, flooding, mountains moving, land sinking and nasty weather from wind, rain, ash, fire and the like, where you are located is very important.

                For that reason, hoping a discussion would be about the where and why. For example, why do you think the government/elite choose Denver and Colorado? Altitude against flooding. Ancient mountains and rocks for minimum mountain building/movement and low earthquake activity.

                The Appalachian mountains are high fertile ground and free from volcanic activity. Does have some earthquake activity and lots of limestone caves that will be attractive to the low land folks fleeing rising water.

                Fellow preppers in Texas – flat land and you all are kinda of in a basin and it’s the Gulf – the wall of water has to go somewhere.

                Look around you, what topography and geological conditions surround you, should give you a clue on what to expect.

                I’ll close with, some commenters state if it’s the Planet X, it seems like they are done. I’d like to say it is not about you or I now, but those we will leave behind. Prepping for a Planet X event is somewhat different than for an economic collapse and some tweaking is needed. However, those we are doing it for will be so in need of the knowledge, skills, supplies and community we prepped for.

                durangokidd, you have mentioned Planet X. How did you get there? I don’t know the when, but given the actions of the government and elite, believe it’s closer to sooner than later.

                • There is a US Navy Future Map showing the areas that will be under water. Generally everything below 500 feet in elevation. The magnetic poles are shifting. Volcanos are erupting. Earthquakes on the increase. I am skeptical about if nibiru is real. I actually hope it is. I would prefer that to widespread economic collapse, civil war and race wars ect. I live on high ground. solid limestone rock as deep as they can drill the lowest places are about 700 feet elevation. Plenty of caves in the area. I located two that I think im the only human who has ever entered them. The ozark plateau would become a island. the closest nukes at russellville ar would be under at least 200 feet of water. Its not me Im concerned about its my grandchildren.if I didnt have them I wouldnt prep at all.

                • Ladyhawk, excellent post.
                  Having read most all of Sitchin’s books, everything you have said is true.
                  Sometimes we have to research the past to determine the future….


                • Ladyhawk: Welcome back! “How did I get there?” Actually I have never “been” there, but I hear its an awful place to visit! 🙂

                  I have always been ahead of the curve. My first exposure to Sitchin was about 20 years ago. I thought the theory was interesting but radical as all new ideas are; but as time went by I found it a rational answer to the mysteries and phenomena science has never been able to adequately explain. I have kept that idea in the back of my mind while I connected the dots.

                  I believe it is the physical “synthesis” that binds earth’s physical and cultural history together. 🙂

                  • The Lord has a physical place for everyone to be when the SHTF. Go within to find that place.

                    Be there to get there. 🙂

                • one thing that i’ve found interesting is if the old civilitations knew about this… well .. why do you think in the past 20 years there has been a massive up tick in the distruction of ancient sites from the dynamiting of budist relics in afganistan to the totoal destruction of aincent cities in Syria, Iraq, Lebinon, China and such

                  • Think about it, if Nibiru, or Wormwood is out there and is heading our way, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it! The ancients knew about it, foretold about its return and yet there is still that doubt that is in all of us. If it does come we are all screwed. and it is going to be one helluva rough ride on this marble flying through space… how fast? Who cares live life now you’ll never get out of this world alive anyway.

          • Manhattan Project. Stealth fighters….

          • Easily. The Rand Corp. and Halliburton have been doing it under our feet for years. The Air Force built a nuclear-powered tunnel-boring machine just for this purpose. Even the Russians have been in on the act – Yamantau Mountain in the Urals. Most people don’t know anything about it because….they’re called “black projects”. Besides, most Americans are only concerned about when the next episode of Honey Boo Boo or Dancing With The Stars is on. I’m more of an Axe Men kind of guy myself.

          • How many knew about the Manhatton project and said nothing?

            How many know about the NSA spying and said nothing for years and years and years.

            Don’t be naive

        • Ready for another hcks ” horrific doom” prediction in 3, 2, 1…….

          • hcks is a fucking nutjob. What with his “science friend”. Fucking ridiculous.

        • It is so true!! Planet X is where Elvis was sent by the Aliens who abducted him! It must be true, I saw it on the internet.


      2. Planet X, the invisible planet.

        And invisible for a reason, such as it doesn’t exist outside of some people’s imagination.

        • What happened to March 16th?????? Remember when you give it a date, you have a real, long, wait.

      3. Economic collapse? Difficult but survivable. I give up at thermonuclear war and huge space rocks impacting or coming close enough to destroy life as we know it.

        You can now return to your regularly scheduled program.

        • Yep Kevin….ain’t none of us getting out of this alive….ahahhaaaaa….and I’m closer every day.

          • Oh it’s the deathstar! Lord Vader is on the way! Or it is the Borg coming to assimilate us err wait, we have already been assimilated (mostly). Perhaps it is the planet humans used to live on before they destroyed it with overpopulation and war and consumption. Maybe it is Shiva the destroyer, coming to reset our sorry asses. Maybe it’s the spaceballs coming to suck the air out of us lol. OPERATION VACUSUCK!

            • your the one who reads this stuff,….hahahaaaaaaaaa

        • So true. Some disasters are too big to be survivable. You just have to make peace with your own God and accept personal mortality (which was always a matter of time).

          • Sometimes, you have to make your plans based on what to do, what you’ll do, if you are one of the few survivors more than how to be a survivor.

            Sometimes surviving is more a function of luck than of planning.

        • ACTUALLY… surviving a nuclear war is must simpler than you think! AKA- NOT impossible. A “nuclear winter” is an old wives tale. Total BS. Seriously people, if you arent at GZ, you CAN survive! Is it pretty? No. Is it easy? No. But it would be easier than a zombie apocalypse!!!

      4. They are speculating on the existence of a 9th planet due to gravitational effects on nearby objects. There is no mention of a collision course with earth.

      5. It’s position in the sky should be well know. Any Astronomer could then look. Word would get out. It’s orbit would be easily tracked.

        Highly skeptical of Planet X. But I accept the fact that a comet or asteroid could hit us.

        • Or we could get hit by a drunken captain of a spaceship, hmmmmm

          • Look at the face of the moon and tell yourself the chances of earth, which is far larger than the “cratered” moon, has ‘little’ chance of being hit. It is no secret that we seem to be flying into an “astronomical field of rock debris” with no explanation (or idea) where this stuff came from (an exploded planet? Pieces of the last time it visited earth)? Perhaps our moon was left behind (got caught in earth’s gravitational field and fell into an orbit that always keeps the moon’s ‘face’ in precisely the same position). That one blows my mind and I don’t buy that it just “happened” …because NOTHING “just happens”. Those who are considered old farts know precisely what I’m saying.
            SOMETHING got all the dinosaurs. Most likely it was whatever hit Australia so hard (it forms that ‘jagged’, mountainous area ‘dead center’ of the continent), and also left a ‘ring’ around the continent as proof of impaction. So, we’ve been hit hard at least once or twice at a level of near extinction, perhaps that’s what happened to all Mayans? They had a belief in this planet didn’t they? (I’m 100% unsure).

            • Current theory is that a large planetoid collided with the primordial Earth in the early days of the solar system. The aftermath of that collision included the Earth as we know it today plus a lot of orbiting debris that coalesced to form the moon. Back then, the moon was closer to the Earth, and the same side didn’t always face the Earth. Over millions of years, tidal forces slowly changed the rotation of the moon until it became tidally locked with the Earth. Not uncommon. There are many other moons in the solar system that are tidally locked to their planets.

      6. It’s out there and it’s coming this way. Likely moving at one billion miles per year, plus or minus. Probably another 15 – 18 years or so, unless it increases in speed as it comes toward the sun. Elliptical orbits above and below the system plane, for rogue planets, are not unusual in the universe, at all.

        It is the single phenomena that explains all of the mysteries of earth: physical, cultural, and its planetary system. Duck & cover !!! 🙂

        • DK, your right, I will sell everything and party like there’s no tommorrow 😛

          • Many here will probably be dead by the time it arrives. It’s passing is likely the event that has transformed the earth many times in the past; and is likely the catalyst for the events annotated in Revelation.

            IE That event that causes the earth to “move to and fro like a drunkard”.

            It is likely the event that causes Noon (in Jerusalem) to become night with the (Southern) Cross visible from that city; the process of which cause the stars in heaven to “fall” as the earth changes it’s tilt.

            Its likely to have been the event that has submerged major ancient cities of a worldwide civilization (characterized by pyramids) all over the world; or that event that has separated Pangea and caused other super continents to form, break up, and reform again over the millennia.

            The stimulus for these earth shattering events required and will require an extremely powerful catalyst on a regular basis, even if the interval is long.

            Connect the dots people. 🙂

            • The pyramids where excuses for spending on something more militarily important: Infrastructure.
              How do I know this? Because a ‘good friend’ of mine is a psychopath. This was his explanation, or what he would do if he ‘had to justify the cost of road building to a bunch of illiterates.’

              And as we all know, just as ‘great minds think alike’
              psychopaths tend to rise to power in human societies.

            • …makes more sense than planetary alignment ‘magnetism’ causing all of the alleged past extinction scenarios does it?
              …America has allowed God to be eradicated from our nation. A very, very long time ago a book was written (in another language and era), telling us precisely the events and order in which they will take place. Since these ‘events’ ARE taking place I find it hard to NOT assume that the rest will follow suit, just as durangokid has so cleverly exposed. Lastly, nobody “in the know” would be bothering to build “shelter” if collision was imminent, yet it’s impossible to say whether or not we’d have any data on where the sucker is. (This is the entire reason that China built the biggest ‘dish scope’ in the world). If were were filled with wine, everyone on the planet would have 9 bottles of wine …now THAT is a big antennae!

            • Durangokid
              Would it cause the magnetic north shift?

              • Rebecca: It likely will, but I don’t think that it is the prime driver for that phenomena. The poles reverse on average, every 200,000 years. That info is locked in the rocks.

                The last Pole Shift occurred about 750,000 years ago, so we are way over due; and Pole movement is increasing, while anomalies abound.

                Magnetic Pole Shift is fueled by the sun, which also reverses polarity on a regular basis. I believe that basis is about ever 11 years, if I remember right. 🙂

        • DK- as usual, your BS nonsensical babble has somehow made its way here. You are nothing more than a govt shill. Those who don’t acknowledge that are either retarded or willfully ignorant.

      7. I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos lately on Nibiru or planet X. Some of these look convincing as to an object being present looking toward the sun, some say a whole solar system is there surrounding Niburu. The supposed timeline before an Earth flyby is in the next year. Nibiru is dragging trillions of heavy rocks in a tail following the orbit. Pole shift coming, move away from all coasts for a chance to survive. I wonder how far along TPTB are in constructing our undergroud shelters.

        • Aljamo;
          Did you say OUR underground shelters?

        • The places like Mt weather and cheyenne mountian where built to ensure continuation of goverment. If nibiru or any large enough object gets close enough It will effect the earths rotation gravity , magnosphere , and magnetic poles. It could even shift the axis. It doesnt have to impact the earth. The moon effectes the ocean causing high and low tides. I dont know if nibiru exist. Its plausable. I will believe it when it happens. And it likely will not be a total extinction of life on the planet.

          • I don’t know if it’s there or not, but I do know that our outer planets, including Pluto and the debris in the Kuiper belt is being effected by something with a decent gravity. Could be anything. The is a theory that the may be a small black hole out there doing this, etc. Now with that said, the article says the object is 500 times larger than Pluto. This in itself is meaningless, because with space objects you need to be more precise.

            You can talk about size, but then you need to discuss density. Saturn has about 763 times the volume, and a bit over 9 times the diameter and 95 times the MASS of Earth, but if you weigh 200 pounds here, then you would weight 214 pounds there. Pluto is TINY and going by size, 500 times Pluto’s size is a bit bigger than the Earth. An object mass is directly proportional to it’s gravity. Pluto’s density is about 1/3 of Earth and it’s influence due to gravity is a 15th less than Earth. A hundred pound person would weigh 15 pounds on Pluto. So if this object was 500 time bigger with the same density as Pluto the acceleration due to gravity would be around 10 times that of Earth. (I did rough math in my head) The Sun is 28 times that of Earth.

            With all of that said, it would depend on how close this object came to Earth on it’s flyby. Inverse Square Law works on gravity. 2 times the distance quarters effect. If it gets 1 Lunar distance away, it would cause havoc to our crust and the tidal forces would cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (Probably wouldn’t need to be that close) There goes Yellow Stone. Now if the TPTB know about this object they can calculate EXACTLY how close it will come and what the effects will be. Obviously if it were to hit, then building underground cities/shelters would be a waste of time and a huge push to launch some kind of space station/ship that could hold thousands of select people would be undertaken instead.

            In conclusion I agree that the secret would get out. There are too many amateur astronomers out there looking. I’m sure there are Nibiru/Planet X buffs that are also amateur astronomers out there looking for this exact thing. I have given up on astronomy as a hobby many years ago myself, so what do I know? Although Revelations 8:11 references a star called Wormwood. If God wants it hidden until the correct time, then all bets are off.

          • Perhaps this is the true reason that the nations that can are building large scale nuclear missles. ie: Putin’s intentions are to deflect incoming rocks using nukes …since it is usually his country that gets hit. lol….

      8. Radical Muslims exist. We can do something about them.

        20 Trillion in National Debt exists. We can do something about that.

        Planet X doesn’t exist. We couldn’t do anything about it, even if it did exist.

        Can we not have tinfoil hattery and delusion, please?

        It’s important that we develop real scenarios behind prepping, not this kind of infantile babble.

        • So do you believe in God? Methinks you do.

          Give me PROOF. If not, stfu on things you know nothing about.

          • Demon, trying to make sense of your post here, “do you believe in God?”…do you mean he has to prove to YOU that he believes, or does he have to prove the existence of God?

            (If not, stfu on things you know nothing about.”
            And what does that profound statement mean?

            How about you try to DISPROVE the existence of God?
            If you cannot, STFU.

      9. If this happens then so be it. Off to meet my maker. I don’t want to live through this one.

      10. 252P/LINEAR
        just missed us.
        ht tp://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?orb=1;sstr=252P
        I remember Mike Brown listed as an observer. Even seen
        him once or twice, plus a lot of his corroborators. He helped kill off Pluto as a planet.
        He is for real, not some nut case. They publish and get world class peer review. I don’t think we are going to die from some
        Planet X interaction.
        Democrats are far more dangerous and immediate.

        • Whaaaat? You mean David Ige wont personally vet and insure the refugees he wants to admit to our state are not terrorist! Say it isnt so

          • The first Mosque they establish here, will be infested with wild pigs and feral dogs.

            • And that first mosque needs to have an assortment of cane toads & 10″ long centipedes!!!

              • Im on it with the cane toads,,,

                • Of biblical proportions!
                  I’ll throw in some Coqui’s also.
                  I have a few.

                  • I’ll send you some mojave green’s ;P

                    • You are either Conservative or you’re not. You either support smoking mudslimes or you don’t. You either want to destroy the “religion of peace” or you don’t. You either believe in our FOUNDERS values or you don’t. WHICH one are you????

                      A God fearing AMERICAN or a scum sucking mudslime????????????

                    • Apparently only 2 people on demoonic’s planet. Adam and Eve?

              • It’s located in Murfreesboro TN. Just so ya know. Don’t forget the bacon…

      11. I said prior that russia was pulling out of seria and the isis fight for a reason and wouldent you know to day Tuesday was the day putin said they would be out and isis rears its ugly head on the same day

      12. BATTLE GETTING READY TO HIS OUT IN MONTANA.. see stevequale.com for the link that’s says constitutional sheriff.

        Nice try anonymous.. we will see it and it’s effect period. Off topic, I just read on stevequale.com, someone needs post a link, my phone can’t like crap.. it’s says that they are arresting this guy’s who was an activist at the Bundy ranch, and a battalion of militia, is heading to the area of the alleged area of arrest and this militia is some heavy hitters since the heavy hitters were be ones who backed up Bundy and forced the feds military to back down. And that the heads of that county is getting nervous because of the type of militia… so let’s see if I am having and over active imagination creating doom porn.. will some one please post a link from quayle. This particular group is not like the one that Finicum was being protected by this is 10 times worst.. you be the judge. The trolls will tell you that I am wrong.. see quayle your be the judge

        About planet X, it’s all real.. no one can argue with Joel since he worked for that group. I told you so, listen to what he is leaking out to today.



        Sorry Agency ass clown trolls, it’s all real..

        • Bundy get your fucking cattle off my public lands.

          • Another vegetarian speaks out! I wasn’t aware you were using that patch of desert. Please inform us how you are using it and why you want the chinese to have it instead. Ever wonder where your meat comes from? Ever wonder why costs are kept low (would be higher if raised on private land)? No one uses that barren shithole desert but his family and they pay to use it. Know the whole story? I do, I am friends with some of his relatives. Now fuck off and go fight a real cause like stopping geoengineering or something lol.

            • Thats just it. Bundy was not paying his grazing fees. I call those who dont pay Deadbeats.

              • OLD guy,
                your missing the point, doesn’t matter if Bundy was or was NOT paying his fees ( yes he should have been) the feds are trying and slowly succeeding in taking our public lands and doing things to them that is NOT for the countries good! just like most of the other government entities. it is happening all over. take some time and do a open minded look at what is happening and you will see that if we don’t make a stand all the land will belong to the Chinese or what knows what, other than it won’t be our anymore. I am not saying how they handled it was good, just that i do understand there frustration and know why they did it!

                • Did you know we have given one of our largest military ‘ports’ on the west coast to the chinese?

                  Did you know that Cadillac (the whole damn thing) is now owned by the chinese, and most of the higher-end cadillacs (cts’s and ctsv’s) are MADE IN CHINA. The feds gave them that instead of ‘real money’ to stop their whining about unpaid monies we owe them.
                  Through the BLM the feds fully intend to take and sell every square inch of America to foreign investors, right out from under your feet (and they’ve already passed the laws saying they can legally do it …as long as you ignore the constitution).

                • Well the feds took the land away from the five civilized tribes. the feds by force took the very land bundy was using (without paying) away from the native americans who lived there. Its nothing new. Nothing worth dying for. We dont own nuthin any way. If we owned it why are we forced to pay rent in the form of taxes on it. and someone else decides how much those taxes will be? We where never free land owning citizens. It was just a illusion. For a long time we where free to be conscripted into being cannon fodder for the NWO,s wars. Now the dumb sheeple volintarly do that?

              • Oh he has the money to pay it he just refuses to pay it to the feds. He was paying Clark county before then the feds said it was theirs and wanted the money. He said FU and sent the money to Clark County and after a year the county returned the money to him.

        • Here ya go.. ht tp://northwestlibertynews.com/montana-constitutional-sheriff-tells-feds-stand/ take out the space

      13. I have no idea if there is a Plant X. If there is I’ve done all I can. If not there are other things to worry about.

        • If we fire at it all at the same time, we can deflect it!

      14. There are some things you just can’t prepare for. If If a very large space object hits earth, I hope it lands right on me and gets it over with fast.

        • …and some things you just can’t explain.

          Chorus to Charlie Daniels…Legend of Wooley Swamp.

          “But I couldn’t believe it, I just had to find out for myself
          And I couldn’t conceive it, I never would listen to nobody else
          No I couldn’t believe it, I just had to find out for myself
          That there’s some things in this world you just can’t explain.”

        • Me too! I’m going to sit in a chair on my driveway.

      15. This COULD explain why Adobe has to update its software every other day and relentlessly harass us to install those relentless updates, over and over and over again, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…!

        It becomes easy to see where that could drive ANY civilization underground and to the brink of oblivion!

      16. I do think that there are underground facilities. Cheyenne Mountain and Mount Weather are two examples of locations that most people have heard about. What are they? COG sites. What is COG? Continuity of government. Just basic preparations for the government to continue to function. How will government officials and bureaucrats function down in holes without their staff and servants? My best guess is not very well.

        I do not rule out the possible existence of a planet, planetoid, or dwarf planet that has a distorted orbit that lasts thousands of years; however, I will wait until there is more conclusive evidence and some sort of scientific consensus has been reached on the validity of such claims. It is often said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Indeed.

        • Somehow the magnitude of the universe
          escapes us.
          We( earth)rotate at ~1025 MPH, we orbit at ~70,000 MPH around a star(Sol or Sun)that moves at ~52,000 miles per hour around the center of a galaxy( milky way) that is moving at 390 miles per second and has 100-400 billion stars, many similar to ours.
          There are billions of galaxies, far away from us, many bigger than ours.
          You guys are worried about what?

          • I have a question for ya. Why does a bullet travel the same speed if you shoot it with the rotation of the earth or against the rotation of the earth? I know the answer just askin lol.

            • It’s all relative to where you measure from. If you want to do relativity and time stuff. I’m going to defer to Dr Hawkins.

              • Very good relik! Let’s hear from some others, the winner will get my kahlua recipe lol 🙂

                • Kalua recipe?

            • P.S. They use Leo as a reference point.
              Andromeda galaxy is blue shifted and expected
              to hit us in ~4 billion years or so.
              Isn’t Astronomy fun?

              • Rellik, deep.
                Makes me think how insignificent we are on this rock rotating around a star.
                In the grand theme of what we know at this junction of time.

                True truth, hard to find considering the expance of the universe…

                Be well all…

                • Trump is pulling out all the stops.
                  He probally knows alot of shit about alot of people.
                  Glad to see he is playing hardball with these forkers…

                  ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-22/trump-learns-naked-melania-photo-used-attack-ad-threatens-spill-beans-heidi-cruz

                  • Read the comments…

            • The bullet is too stupid to know if it’s going backwards or not.

              • Relik is the winner. Measuring from gun to target which are both stationary the bullet travels the same speed because both the gun and target are spinning at the same speed and in the same direction. As the gun moves away from the target the target is coming toward the point where the gun was. Visa versa for the other direction.

                Kahlua recipe:
                Boil 1 lb. of ground coffee in 1 1/4 quarts of water and simmer for 40 minutes. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth.disolve 3 pounds of sugar in 1 quart of water and boil for 5 minutes. Mix the coffee and sugar water and cool. Add 2 oz. vanilla extract and 1.5 quarts 150 proof shine or vodka. Lower proof is ok just add to taste. Enjoy 🙂

                • This recipe has a lot of caffiene so not the best for night time sipping. Use decaf for evening drinking.

        • Philo, here’s some extrordinary evidence! Remember in Nevada they built the huge underground nuclear waste storage facility (Battle Mtn. I think) then when it was completed they shut it down (harry ried) never stored a thing? Billions spent then shut it off? Ya think they abandoned it? Not on your life, it was lets say “repurposed” 😉

          • Yucca Mountain was the name.

          • Uh, Genius, that part of my comment was in reference to Planet X not to COG sites. I do not dispute that COG sites exist.

            By the way the site you referenced is called Iron Mountain.

            Be well, and perhaps read more carefully the next time.

            • Sorry about that lol. It WAS Yucca Mtn. by the way. You might be thinking of the report from Iron Mtn. Look up yucca mtn. there was a big fight about it years ago. Ried pretended like he was a hero after stopping it (after it was done).

      17. It really don’t matter much to me. I’m gonna live till I don’t. EMP, Nukes, CME, Mass invasion, Melt downs, Wars, Planet XYandZ,it really doesn’t make two squirts of owl shit. Hank Sr. was right. We ain’t gonna get outta this world alive. Got things to tend to.

        • Yup,,,
          Going to live right up until i die!
          Who knows or cares when that is, not up to us

          • I didn’t make this up,
            but “I have all the time in the world until I die”.
            Works for me. Island time.

      18. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second…that is 670 million miles per hour…nothing travels at a billion miles per hour especially something solid like a planet.

        • Ah. 186000 times 3600 equals 670. Right….

          • He is right. Check your reading comprehension.

            186,000 mps x 3,600 sec/hr = 669,600,000 miles per light hour, or 670 million as posted.

      19. Those comets coming close right now? Anyone remember the blue kachina story of the Hopi. The Hopi have a legend about how their peple wrre saved with the help of the “ant” people who lived underground. Interesting stuff.

        • 2isone
          good one

      20. PO’patriot, well said, we have done all that we can for now.. most say don’t worry bacause I have to worry because listening to what Bob Fletcher said is indeed a fact of life because he says and mentioned the same thing that my scientists friend mentioned..like host asked him, are we going to see over the next two year things going ape sh..t, and he said certainly it will be happening..my BOL is not a place that I own, now my friend who owns it had a message passed to me that his relatives won’t be allows people like me on his land that is not family, coming from and idotic moron.. I have other plans for survival in my city which is the most severe if I am stuck here, and if I am here I will fight to the gad damn death to survive and now I have a woman that will need to be protected since, now I am in the sma shoes like most around here, worried off my ass because otherwise predators will be coming for me and her..so I am looking to buy some land out in the middle of bum phuck Texas..and I am already feeling the heat if the economic callapse but am stable since being off the streets and my woman is sharing the expense so I better not piss her off or I could be replaced d by another low land Red neck in my area.. like I give a rats ass, just saying.. and then coupled with the fact that she is now making sense of why I prep, .especially seeing the Trump shtf excursion on TV. …needles to say she does not argue with me too much about it..women are in their own world..and we have to just accept this fact and prepare to protect them..as I teach her how to kick and beat the phuck out of people.



        • Well hcks I have to admit that when you starting writin’ about this X planet I just knew you were smokin’ some “silk road stuff”. Then I got to thinkin’ on the bible and how it told of signs from the heavens. Now I can’t help but look up at night at the stars when its clear and wonder. I just hope when I wake up one mournin’ that I won’t see some big ‘ol planet nestle’d up next to us like it needed the company.

      21. If Nibiru was real and arriving soon, we would have already seen the effects of it.

        The video linked to in the story just shows a reflection in a car window. It’s similar to a “triple rainbow” I saw plastered all over Facebook a while back. The three images lacked a common center, which made it impossible that they were a real triple rainbow. It was just a double rainbow reflected in a car window. There’s never a video taken with an actual video camera mounted on a tripod outdoors. It’s always a phone camera through a car window at high speed.

        There are more pressing things to worry about than a “mythical Planet X.”

      22. My grandson just read all the comments aloud, given different accents and inflections to each poster.

        It was great!

        • grandee, do I sound like a redneck? lol

          • nope. an annoying nurd. hahahaha it was funny. 😉

            • Ha ha thats good. Ive been called worse lol. One of my neighbors calls me a high tech redneck lol.

      23. Regarding Planet X or such.

        Could such a planet exist. Yes. Could such a planet exist with its type of obit? Yes and not one made up.

        Who said the information regarding our solar system was really correct?

        Have to look at the damage done in our solar system.

        You an I may not know, but somebody does.

        I am not sold on many of the photos I see.

        Regardless of how many underground cities are built, they can become just huge tombs.

      24. I look at it this way… If you die.. That’s it.. Your dead.. You don’t get up and go to work anymore or pay taxes .. You just hang out in a toga outfit all day.. What’s so bad about that!!

        We don’t know what is gonna happen.. So just live your life.. If the big boom comes – there is nothing you or I can do about it.. Not even the ones who hide underground will survive .. So stock up on some cheap booze and a solid lawn chair and take life head on..

      25. There isnt any tangible proof that the invisible guy in the sky exist. yet you believe in him?

        • Well, at least we have tangible proof that you are a soulless idiot, thanks for clearing all that up for us with your bigoted posts about how foolish anyone is who doesn’t share your beliefs.

          • I dont know if Nibiru exist? I contend its pausible? Your bigoted post about me being a soul less bigot strikes me as the pot calling the kettle black. LOL

      26. Genius thanks for posting the link. Guys listen to the second audio and her the facts about planet X..it’s the events as in that link Genius just posted and the coming false flag that’s got me worried.. it’s looks like, the civil war may be designed to declare martial law to get us under control for the planet X situation and the fact that they will need have a coordinated kidnapping, evacuation procedure followed 100% to evacuate themselves and their local state minions and to grab as many women as possible so that the extinction of women is localized to the surface of the planet.and lost of them forced d taken it the underground bases. Off world, etc. is all making sense. PO patriot, either the signs in the heavens or its and EMP, ICBM,..Or meteor’s bombarding the phuck of us all over and like the scientist told us, the foreign soldiers will be left and abandoned here in America and will be wiped out by the prepper, patriots and survivors….you chi- coms, Russian jihadist. your all phucked.

        Mac, by the way thanks for posting that gas mask Store link, we needed it..i have no intention of breathing ion oxide in the next year or so.


        • Also a usable filter replacement is a good vapor rated filter for a respirator. I have used them in a confined area filled heavily with chlorine gas and it took out all of it! If you have one of the old masks you can use these filters (make an adapter that is leakproof) because all the filters I have seen for older models are waaaay expired. A new mask and filter are great but if your too broke at least get a good respirator and ventless goggles (won’t protect your facial skin).

          • @ Genius…A vapor mask will NOT block CL2 gas. I worked in the field where we used a tank car of CL2 every 2 months. We ran it through evaporators and then injected it into our influent. You must have a SCBA. I also had to weld on CL2 lines as it is very corrosive. A respirator filter will block a little chlorine mist temporarily as it is usually carbon filled.

            • Dave, I can’t remember the rating but it was the highest rated one they had. Organic vapors or solvents or something but I could NOT detect any chlorine gas whatsoever. The vapors were so bad my eyes burned with semi sealed goggles and I could only be in it a couple of minutes before having to come back out for my eyes to recover.

      27. I think HCKS is right about the foreign troops in Texas, I have read other accounts that back up that claim. So the pace is quickening.

        • Yep… there are 300,000 chinese troops in ritzville Wa, and another 100,000 in St Maries Idaho. The plan is for the chinks to head east and the ruskies to head west, then north to spokane and overrun everything in-between. Jade north will fire back up and take texas out. All the walmarts will be fems camps with guillotines. The economy will completely collapse tomorrow and the North Koreans will buy a small nuke (with all their surplus cash from a bumper crop of wheat) for one of their real reliable rockets and EMP us. If that doesn’t work, we will do it ourselves.

          • Oh that is complete fucking bullshit DI. What total crap. 100,000 Chinese in St. Marie Idaho? No fucking way. And there are not 300,000 Chinese troops in Ritzville, Washington, either.

            Thanks for posting such bullshit. Just another fearmonger spreading crap.

            • OOPSSS, Sorry Philo..I forgot to post the Sarcasm quotation at the end of my “war of the worlds” post….You did bite though. Read my other posts for the last couple of years… I hate fear porn.

              • Plus, the location was to get a fellow poster laughing because of the area that would be overrun.

              • Just trolling eh? Thank for the confirmation asshat.

                • No. Philo, I was just joking. I said sorry, and then you call me a asshat. Everyone else here could see the sarcasm….except you. Are you always wound up so tight? Enjoy life a little bit.

      28. Sure thing that this is fake. Same reason for the Vatican to own most of the observatories overseas, and the huge telescope observatory codenamed LUCIFER.

        REGARDLESS of true or not, this criminal world government we have today isn’t doing a thing for our best interests. Fact.

      29. Actually there probably IS a big object about 1/2 light year out. As for an ELE the earth has a “small” one about every 3.5-6 million years, and a major one every 25 million years. Just about right for a BIG long duration orbiter. IF IF IF the orbiter is out there and IF IF IF it has an eccentric long duration orbit and IF IF IF that orbit comes anywhere CLOSE to the inner solar system then it would cause an ELE. If IF IF NASA’s calculations are right; Then all you need do to is wait about 250000 years to find out. IF.

      30. I Love checking out this website first thing in the morning……It is a hell of a hoot! Keeps me laughing all morning.

      31. Planet X is real. The Aliens who abducted Elvis sent him there~ It must be true ….I read it in the internet. And some guy that sells Gold and Silver did a video on it.

      32. Aside from a bunch of asteroids/space-junk flying by (which has been a daily scenario for millenia, there is ‘next to nothing’ for data to support a Planet X …and Physics 101 preclude the possibility of a speed remotely close to what has been quoted (negates the entire falshehood of it).
        Is it possible that the feds/the establishment are just injecting bs into our ‘super-controlled’ media to mislead us and thus prevent our seeing the REAL reason for them wishing to take up living underground. (It’s called Nuclear War. If it is not global, it will certainly involve The USA). We have been ‘marked’ and duly warned, in no uncertain terms, that ‘it’ is/will arrive at our very doorsteps “before we know it.” (How much of your perimeter is secure at this very moment? Less than 1%, including myself, have no idea …but we’ve got dogs that will raise hell should anything happened outside). Russia has been building nuclear facilities FOR THEIR PEOPLE and stocking them nicely with years of food/water supplies/consumables. China has been doing the same. Later in this year it is said that Obama is going to be sent to Denver’s ‘facility’ (for safekeeping). There would only be ONE damned reason for that …so a ‘mass exodus’ from the beltway would be an obvious indicator of impending doom. Also, being we are talking about the government, everyone knows that the left hand is totally unaware of what the right hand is doing, so it’s hard to say what is going to crawl out of the woodwork, from the feds, that just may be in OUR favor. (After all, there ARE “good folks” working on the inside waiting for their chance to make the difference against these bastards, and don’t think for a second that they do not exist, as they do).

        As for the Old Man who questions the existence of God …he’ll find out soon enuff. Everyone does, whether they wish to or not. 🙂

      33. Hasn’t anyone read Velikovsky? He pretty much showed that Venus and then Mars and Venus caused the earlier cataclysms, and cross references cultures which point to the same thing – with accuracy. We’re talking old civilizations whose time was more accurate than what we use.
        India,China, Babylon, Egypt, Greece Mayans, and more – talking about the same events, with logical timelines for different viewpoints which would be astronomically accurate (they were really good about that too – they knew of the heliocentric solar system, had planet size to VERY close tolerances, etc)

        Worlds In Collision, by Velikovsky. Note that in 1950 – he talked about the temperature of Venus’ atmosphere – and was correct to within a few degrees. Astronomers & Geologists were wrong. He was correct about the composition of it’s atmosphere (hydrocarbons involved) A&G – wrong. He was right about the heat coming FROM the planet instead of being greenhouse gasses – A&G – wrong. He was right about hot, volcanically and tectonically active planetary crust – A&G, wrong.

        Everything he predicted which can be verified – HE was correct upon and the “scientists” were wrong. Nothing he predicted which can be verified has been disproven.

        • Brad
          I was reading Velikovsky back in the late 60s. Amazing man. No one gives him credit as they “discover” what he said back when. Got the books from my mom!

      34. Revelation: 14The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; 16and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb;…

        These passages could refer to the massive underground bunker/tunnels that we know exist. Whether Nibiru is the cause of the catastrophes I wouldn’t know.

      35. Dave in Idaho, thanks for that post. Those are real facts is life…the Chinese soldiers are with orders to take out Americans and whites, all who support the constitution and those soldiers will die here in mass..Russian air support still has or complete defeats isis in Syria much less defeating 10,000,000 pissed of armed Americans.300,000 chinese won’t be able to take down Texas.



      36. Christ Allmighty, can’t you understand he was being SARCASTIC! His last sentence should have tipped off anyone who isn’t trying to push demented doom porn because they have no life…..

      37. The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin???

      38. Can someone plz clarify exactly what is going to happen. Are the Russians coming the gooks the Mexicans the x planet economic collapse nuclear war virus I mean there not all coming lol if the tptb know this thing is coming why waste the time and resourses rounding us up makes no sence just distract us and run hide.why would a foreign army be mounting an invasion if the USA will be nuked. Or planet x hits the earth or just passes by and shakes the shit out of us.
        That artical is way beyond bullshit lol
        More likely the economy will collapse.followed by big government.
        Or another 911 type event.
        This artical is total bs good entertainment though.
        Another curious thing :
        Where does Canadas government fit into all this in case you all forgot the the second largest country sits just north of you. Why is it Canadians never get accused of anything.
        Surprise fuckers its us planning an invasion lol wouldn’t that be something lol.
        Yes I know there are some out there that will actually think that we will and the comparisons will begin lol

      39. except for a handful of commentors , the level of stupidity on this site is almost un-matched by any other site i have happened to come across…

      40. I attended a college that had a planetarium. For some strange reason, my professor of astronomy said only a very few students take courses. I find this tragic. You don’t have to major in the subject. It isn’t difficult to understand.

        When my grandchildren were young, I took them to the Planatarium at another location. I bought a puzzle of the solar system and my then three year old put it together almost daily. She is quite brilliant as is my older granddaughter currently in college.

        Now that I have revealed my age. Allow me to reveal one more thing about myself. I’m not as dumb as some people think.

      41. Well , B from CA , i didn’t see your comment.But it appears that 85% of the commentors on this site , after reading an article that gives insight to an area of possibility that they are unaware of , instead of doing some research on said possibility , just open their mouth’s and let the stupidity hit the fan and stupid is flung in all directions…….Maybe you are part of the other 15% , but then again you do live in CA…so there’s that….

      42. ‘Nibiru/Planet X’ rose in popularity as a generation of Hippies became slightly jaded as they matured, and among the New Agers their psyches tired of the dreary, dreamy meditative state of ethereal calm that was supposed to be their highest objective. They needed something gritty, something exciting, an apocalypse scenario.

        It had to be pseudo-scientific and most important, it had to be most unlike the Catholic LSD trip of Revelations and the Seven Seals, for it was against the Church they were ultimately rebelling. In the end the Government and their own parents continued to love them, robbing their rebellion of its satisfaction.

        So they dusted off Velikovsky and added a sprinkle of Nostradamus and cooked up Planet X The Life Threatener. It has been populating the skies of pseudo-Astrology ever since.

      43. As i was told by fellow students even before i took my first psychology class ; ” all psych teachers are loonie-tunes.” sumerian astronomers were more intelligent than modern day pyscho-tunes…

      44. There is a loonie tunes woman Who runs a webstie called Zeta Talk. A whole array of far fetched bull there. She actually believes that Obama is the good guy?

      45. nancy lieder is an opportunist,and you are right; a loonie-tune.

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