Disabled The Dislikes: YouTube Is Protecting Biden From Further Embarrassment

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    YouTube has announced that it will “temporarily hide” how many ‘dislikes’ a Joe Biden video has received. The news went down poorly online, but President Joe Biden’s social media team is probably pretty happy with the change.

    Viewers will still be able to dislike videos, but only creators will be able to see how unpopular their content is.  Joe Biden’s videos, even those on mainstream media channels have received a disturbing dislike ratio from day one.  It looks like YouTube is going to not allow others to see just how disliked Biden is.

    There wasn’t a very warm response to this from users of YouTube either. There may be hope for humanity:

    Creators and viewers took to Twitter to complain about the experiment. “No one wants this,” Nerdrotic, a pop-culture YouTuber tweeted. “Dislikes are helpful for a great many things and this is what puts YouTube above all others.”

    “If Twitter had a dislike button, you guys could see how much everybody hates this,” YouTuber Drew Gooden tweeted.

    Amid the online backlash against YouTube, some commenters suggested that President Joe Biden and his handlers might be happy to see dislikes disappear from YouTube. Since Biden took office in January, every single video posted by the White House has gotten far more dislikes than likes. Oftentimes, videos of Biden speaking earn more than ten times as many thumbs down as thumbs up. 

    It is, of course, unclear if Biden’s social media team provided the “creator feedback” that YouTube cited as a reason for hiding dislikes. A significant number of dislikes on Biden’s videos may come from disaffected Trump voters, but Trump himself never saw a like-dislike ratio quite like Biden’s, despite the level of public opposition to his presidency. -RT

    It’s a new level of censorship as Big Tech starts to protect the masters and the ruling class as the slaves begin to figure out what’s happening. As they continue, more and more people will figure this out.  It’s almost impossible to see it at this point. The facade is crumbling away. The more these corporations align with the ruling class, they show their true colors just like Big Pharma.

    This is just another form of censorship. YouTube does not want people knowing just how disliked the new master is.


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      1. They don’t mind gaming the system when people sell likes artificially and run multiple handle accounts.

        Smoke and mirrors, always has been, always will be.

        Anyone believing those rating systems were ever honest needs to commit themselves right now. As the tools of the world continue to flock to their abusers, continuing to click click click and drop cash cash cash into the big tech monolith pockets. But they’re sad and they have something to say about it, having actually lived and then believed the lie that they had any control in the technosphere what so ever.

        Won’t be long now until they’ll just hire Dominion to run the likes function and everything will clean up all polished and nice. Nobody has ever given a hoot about what you like and do not like. They care about what you buy. And when you buy something digital, you have paid for nothing, your hands still empty. Digital is the ultimate luxury purchase, to be properly reserved behind all other essential purchases, hedge purchases, savings, and savings again. It takes a real fool to allot his monthly tide to tech and keep going back again and again as if it will ever fill his cup.

        I keep telling you guys, paper is the only truth. You sell the book or it sits on the shelf, it is a true expression and physical object. Nothing digital is outside the realm of the illusionist.

        Dear consumer, this corporation has investigated itself, and determined we have done nothing wrong. Thank you.


      2. The propaganda arm of the Demonrat party must continuously protect the incompetent baffoon they mistakenly suggest Americans elected. Lying, stealing, & cheating are the operating orders of one political party. Those that are NOT in an alcoholic or drugged stupor know that the pursuit of POWER is all these folks care about.

      3. Whatever Biden may have to say is irrelevant to the bosses. No different than Trump’s tweets. The president has little bearing on world affairs in the big picture. US policy is written by various think tanks and academic institutions and presented for passage into law. Neither Biden (nor Trump) control much of what the government does. The intelligence agencies and various corporate interests direct most policies.

        Sec. of State Anthony Blinken was the head of a consulting firm that lobbied for an arms manufacturer. Sec. of Defense Austin was a board member of Raytheon. C’mon people…wake up…their is little difference between left and right when it comes to the direction of this country. Trump said he would pull out the troops and bring them home. He did not. Biden said he would end the war in Afghanistan. He has already waffled on that promise.

        Whatever these puppets say is only meant to appease the people until the next selection rolls around. The main direction of the bosses policies are not affected. Stuff like “likes” and “dislikes” on videos is only meant to distract you from what is really going on.


      4. Biden is nothing but an old fossil who has no business running the country. He’s senile and ready to drop dead. Why are these old people still trying to rule over us?

      5. Nothing can stop Biden from “Further Embarrassment”.
        His policies will fail.
        He is corrupt
        He is in cognitive decline.
        He will have more trouble walking.
        He will have more trouble talking.

      6. How absurd, this is exactly as Soviet style censorship. YT has rendered themselves unimportant for intelligent people, it has lost credibility. It no longer tries to hide that it is a propaganda organ for the Dems. leftists, and the State. How can an entity honestly render public opinion when the majority of opinions are hidden, this is called deception. Clearly it has an agenda. To add even another insult is the ridiculous explanation for doing so. YT didn’t do that for prez DT. The censorship is obvious even to the naive. Now, millions of people will see YT as nothing more than distracting entertainment. I see a new trend coming, those who are YT junkies will be socially acknowledged as an uninformed low intelligence segment of the population.

      7. Leftists don’t like Biden. They do like his potential replacements.

      8. All the ticks in syphilis valley combined cannot stop the embarrassment that is Beijing Biden.

      9. With this action from YouTube, now Prez Bidet will be safe from criticism and we’ll have no way of knowing what a horror show Sniffer Joe really is?

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