Diplomat Says Russia Should Consider A Nuclear Strike On Western Europe

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Professor Sergey Karaganov, honorary chairman of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and academic supervisor at the School of International Economics and Foreign Affairs Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow wrote an op-ed saying that if things continue, Russia will have no choice but to unleash a nuclear strike on Western Europe.

This month, there has been an active debate in Russia about the possibility of Moscow preemptively using nuclear weapons. Which would be at variance with the established doctrine. It began after the publication of an article by Professor Sergey Karaganov, which prompted a wide response from the domestic expert community. -Karaganov via RT

Karaganov says that nuclear weapons should be considered because “people have lost their fear.” That sounds about right coming from people who use fear to dominate and control others.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

People are simply being fed lies, and they are afraid to say what they really think. As a result of more than 70 years of peace, the public’s sense of self-preservation has become dysfunctional, and it is further stifled by the extraordinarily virulent agitprop, part of which claims that Russia would never be able to attack Western Europe.

Official Western propaganda pumps the idea that the West can do anything it likes and Moscow will just put up with it. This has now become very clear and vivid. -Karaganov via RT

Russia Warns The EU Is About To Face “Reality” Over Sanctions

In recent years, Russia has begun to strengthen its nuclear deterrent, but the steps taken so far are woefully inadequate. We, too, became complacent at some point, following Western theories and recklessly overestimating the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, which the West is now exploiting, and not by accident either. The little bureaucrats there keep saying: no, the Russians will never use nuclear weapons. -Karaganov via RT

Russia’s rhetoric has become increasingly bold as weapons and tanks continue to flow into Ukraine. The West has obviously chosen sides in a war it should have avoided like the plague from the beginning.

As the West keeps pushing Russia’s buttons, it could do something that will push the limits of what’s become acceptable and a nuclear attack could happen.

WHO: Ruling Classes Should Prepare For Nuclear Radiation Emergencies

Zelensky Warns: “Prepare” For Russian To Use Nuclear Weapons

To read Karaganov’s full account, please click here. 

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