Diesel Prices Continue To Spike Harming Truckers and Farmers

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Headline News

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    Sky high diesel prices continue to impact the trucking and farming industry. Diesel-powered equipment helps farmers get their crops harvested and it help truckers get that food to the stores. With prices continually going up, we can expect a horrific increase in food prices in the coming months.

    Regular everyday people are absorbing the impact of much costlier diesel fuel. That’s because the goods consumers buy (from cereal and orange juice to Amazon deliveries of diapers) are delivered by trucks, trains, or ships that run on diesel. Those inflated prices are then passed on from company to company until they reach consumers in the form of costlier goods, according to The Associated Press

    If they’re not rejecting jobs, many truckers are choosing lighter loads or working longer hours to make up for money lost on fuel, according to interviews with truckers and industry executives. Farmers harvesting hay and planting corn with diesel-fired tractors are absorbing a financial hit. Delivery companies are installing their own fueling pumps to cut costs. Ultimately, consumers are left bearing the burden. –The Associated Press

    This is all becoming obvious that it’s being orchestrated. Damaging the trucking and farming industry makes sense when you are trying to take down the food supply chain.

    Government Intentionally Causing The Public To Suffer: New Law Take 70K Truckers Off The Road

    “We use a lot of diesel, probably more than what these refineries can produce,” said Bob Costello, chief economist of the American Trucking Associations.

    All of this coupled with the food warehouses and production plants burning, the crops being destroyed by locusts and heat and drought, and the push for more “green energy” we could experience a food supply issue that is unrivaled in modern history.


    Famine: Diesel Prices Hit Farmers Hard, Food Is Going To Get Scarce

    This isn’t just a problem in the United States. People all over the world are struggling with financially crippling fuel prices.

    “I am increasingly concerned that soon we [will] hit a point where we can no longer cope. And then what?” says David Francis from London according to The Guardian. 




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