DHS Source Warns: “World War About to Break Out… Will Kill Millions of People” (MUST READ)

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Headline News | 464 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

    Our economy is, as it has been for many years, on the brink of collapse. They may not have announced it officially just yet, but recent data suggest that we are most certainly in another recession (we may never have actually gotten out of the first one). While official statistics indicate there is very mild economic growth, the fact is that the growth is coming from monetary expansion driven by the Fed. As more money is slammed into the system prices rise, forcing consumers to pay more for everything from food to stocks. This, in the eyes of the government is growth. In reality, however 55% of America’s wealth has been vaporized in the last five years, a quarter of American households are on food stamps, and consumers are tapped out.

    In the middle east, things are heating up, with Russia having deployed their Pacific Fleet to the region, and the US putting boots on the ground in Syria as recently as this week.

    On the political front, we have the President of the United States, his administration and his subordinates at domestic intelligence agencies, the IRS, the Pentagon and the Justice Department embroiled in scandals and activities that have even their most ardent supporters questioning what is really going on behind closed doors.

    Yes, something is wrong. But no one is talking – at least not in an official capacity.

    Thus, we are left to connect the dots ourselves with the help of various sources made available through alternative media.

    We certainly can’t expect government officials to openly admit that some very bad things have happened, are happening and will likely happen in the future. But there are those inside the halls of our most hallowed and respected institutions that risk their lives to get information out so that we can be prepared for what may well be coming down the pike.

    We can downplay anonymous sources and pretend like this is all made up, or, we can simply look around and see what’s going on in the world and put two-and-two together.

    A report filed in December of 2012 from a source operating inside of the Department of Homeland Security noted that there would be a massive hit to precious metals around the Spring of 2013. This drop in prices was to be a prime indicator that events would start accelerating. That slide in precious metals prices has happened – to the tune of over 25% in just a few months.

    Now, with revelations that the Obama administration has been snooping on journalists, as well as millions of Americans, the same DHS source has revealed that his department has been actively preparing plans to deal with the coming calamity that can be described as nothing short of the ultimate global doomsday scenario.

    With our national leadership involved in criminal behavior bordering on treason, there is a real possibility that a crisis, or crises, will be needed to take the focus off of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and all of those involved in an agenda that has militarized our domestic police force, supplanted our most fundamental laws, and impoverished our fellow citizens.

    Government officials are some of the dirtiest people on this planet – often concerned with only money, power and their personal advancement. So, it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest that some of them will do whatever it takes maintain their positions.

    The following report from the Northeast Intelligence Network is frightening, because it involves you, your family, and and everything you hold dear.

    They are getting ready for some serious sh%t to hit the fan. You should be doing the same.

    “If anyone thinks that what’s going on right now with all of this surveillance of American citizens is to fight some sort of foreign enemy, they’re delusional. If people think that this ‘scandal’ can’t get any worse, it will, hour by hour, day by day. This has the ability to bring down our national leadership, the administration and other senior elected officials working in collusion with this administration, both Republican and Democrats. People within the NSA, the Department of Justice, and others, they know who they are, need to come forth with the documentation of ‘policy and practice’ in their possession, disclose what they know, fight what’s going on, and just do their job. I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ‘betrayal.” That’s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,’” he said.

    “We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.

    “What’s that exactly mean, being on that list, that is,” I asked, trying to make sense of it all.

    “It means that there will be censorship under the color of authority of anyone in the U.S. who is attempting to expose what’s going on in our name. It’s about controlling any damning information from reaching epidemic proportions. It’s damage control to the extreme. It’s about the upcoming censorship of the internet in the name of national security. The plans are already in place. These latest reports about “spying eyes” have turned this administration and others connected to it into something very, very dangerous. They feel cornered and threatened, and I’m hearing about some plans they have to shut down the flow of information that is implicating them of wrongdoing. Time is short,” he stated.

    “How are they going to do this? How is it even possible?” I asked.

    “First, they intend to use the Justice Department to silence journalists like in the Rosen case, but they won’t stop there. They will use a host of national security policies, laws, letters, whatever to take out the bigger threats,” he stated.

    Next, they will use some sort of excuse, an external threat, and I believe it will be a combination of the economic collapse and a Mid-East war that will begin in Syria to throttle the information that is accessible on the Internet. And you know what? People will believe it!”

    Based on what I’ve seen, most of which I should not have seen, the DHS is co-ordinating efforts with other federal agencies to begin to threaten American citizens with incarceration for non-compliance. You know the old talk of color coded lists? Well, this is what they will be using. People exposing the truth about Benghazi, killing the U.S. Dollar, even those questioning Obama’s legal status and eligibility to be President are the current targets. And they’ve had five long years to get to this point. The ugly truth is that these policies and practices did not start under Obama, but long before. This is about the killing of our Constitutional Republic. The murder of our country and the stripping of our rights. While many have been preoccupied with one issue, few have seen the bigger issue. This is the ‘end game,’ for all the marbles,” he stated.

    More to come

    “Please,” pleaded my source, “get this information out while you can. Tell people what I’m saying, that we don’t have much time, that after the latest exposure of spying, Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod, and others, including members of Congress, have put their plans into high gear.

    This is about the Marxist takeover of America. This is about our country being able to survive another July 4th holiday. This is about a world war about to break out that will kill millions of people, all because of the agenda of this administration.”

    They are very dangerous and will do anything and everything to stop the onslaught of negative information that’s being reported by the main stream media. But only about one quarter of the real information is being reported. The other three quarters will be the game changer. But first, tell people what I’ve said. Let them know that more will follow but get this information out right now while the internet is still relatively free. Do it today.”

    My source provided additional information, but I am abiding by his wish to get this much out. I am writing now to let people know that we are in for seriously dangerous times ahead.  Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of of national security. It’s about to get a lot uglier. Stay tuned.

    (emphasis added)
    Original report at Northeast Intelligence Network via Steve Quayle

    We and others have been warning about the surveillance state for years. Look at today’s headlines. It’s now 100% confirmed. Up until this week most Americans didn’t believe it was possible.

    We have also warned that the government had turned their security and policing apparatus not against foreign threats, but domestic ones. It should now be clear that you are the target.

    Likewise, we and others have warned of the real possibility that this ends with a war that will change the very landscape of this planet. There should be no doubt that the chess pieces have already been positioned.

    This IS coming. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next month. But in our lifetimes we will see this manifest right before our eyes.

    It’s been done throughout history. Government sponsored democide has taken the lives of hundreds of millions of people. For some it’s just a means to an end; nothing more than a statistic.

    What makes you, I or our families any different than those who they came for before?



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      1. Get real! This is all just hyped information and fear mongering. Our government loves us and wants us to be happy, healthy and comfortable. Thats is what they say! Why are you people so distrusting?


        • Oh, and why are you all worrying about it anyway? If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about.

          • Suspicions Confirmed!!

            • FYI for what its worth ,tonight i had one of the deputys i know stop by my shop with his wifes car to have me look at the AC ,well as we talked i said yea and whats with the DHS training in down town miami ,and he said ,yea there doing training right now in the south blocks for somthing big ,now ive lived here all my life and have a pretty good ear ,and i heard nothing about it ,now to put it in context the south blocks (as locals refer to it) is several squere miles of the everglades that was going to be developed back in the day ,the goverment bought back all the land and are restoring it ,taking out roads filling in canals etc. ,when he said somthing big im betting he wasent thinking like me ,although i know him to be a libatarian ,i dont thing his eye’s are open wide enough to have the same thoughts as me ,to REF: google earth SWFL where evergladws blvd intersects I75 (aka alligator alley) all the grid you see south of I75 is the “south blocks”

              • oops! everglades blvd

                • That grid is awful close to Naples population center. I don’t see how they could train for something big so close to civilians but thanks for the heads up anyway

                  • I was born in Naples Florida, grew up there for most of my life. The blocks used to be known for a place the locals called, “bad luck” its a place to fish, camp, ride atvs, dirt bikes, people used to go out there to shoot also. In about 2005-06, they closed the area and flooded it to keep people out for no apparent reason. Few people really go out there anymore, other than people fishing on the canal bridges. I was down there may 2013, I have family who ownes land out in golden gate estates (HUGE area with houses, yet secluded sort of, only 1 gas station on golden gate parkway) golden gate parkway takes you out to the blocks/south blocks, after you cross over interstate 75. Anyways, me and an old friend of mine went to do some fishing and have a few beers, the area was swarming with police, game wardens and unmarked black SUVs. I really didn’t think much of it then, but after reading these comments. My eyes have been opened to WHY they closed bad luck, why the law enforcement presence was so heavy. It would not be hard at all for a facility be built out there with not a lot of people noticing. Nobody lives out there, Nobody has a reason to drive out there other than to fish and illegal activities.

                • The “Blocks” was a 1950s real estate scam..Mainly sold to unsuspecting overseas investors…I hunted there from 1985-2005……Until 2003, anyone could hunt there during the established seasons, but in that year the place was locked down and made into a management area where access was controlled by the state..Most of S. Florida’s “Public Land” is that way now….Access is very controlled and use is discouraged …Glory to God I’m no longer in Fl.

                  • Have to wonder what that complex is though being built on the Google earth imagery. Right in the center

            • Brought to you by the morons who think the UN is going to invade the US. Look below at the “something’s coming I can feel it”. Or my decade long favorite, “the time has come”. The crash will be in 06,07,08,09,10,11,12 2013……..” I also love the way the article directs you to articles written by nut jobs who have “insider information”. Several people comment everyday all day. Get a life.

              • Wrong button thumbs down for people like you That is what is wrong with our Country now I’m sure you probably voted for the evil as well…Has nothing to do with sanity. Has to do with the Bible fulfilling and you dear whoever you are will have to explain all like it or not. Good luck in the perfect little world you live in cause it is in your mind!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Leslie,

                  Sanity above is probably a Chinese hacker. Next thing Sanity will say is that there’s no such thing as a Chinese hacker.

                  • Or one of the liberal government teet suckers or cyber warriors.

              • Yeah. 40 thumbs up on a site full of nuts. Perhaps 20 of them can’t read. Now I’m the government, Chinese or a perfect world kinda guy? Simply point out facts and watch the retards go even nuttier. 05,06,07…2013, 14… I can feel it. You suffer from a number of issues. You have all believed and acted like tshtf is certain. You all read crap that agrees with you and then no doubt believe more. You have been a joke around town and can’t stand it. You all sit at computers perpetuating your thoughts with a limited audience. You really should consider that Obama is not coming after your guns, food, kids, etc. hasn’t done it and he won’t do it. The UN is not invading, silver and gold is dumping like a turd. Nothing is coming true.

                • Well Sanity,
                  if this site is full of nut cases why are you here ?
                  yup your a disinfo agent !
                  if you don’t like this site stay away, you won’t be missed!!

                  • He writes like my psychotic cousin (also an Obama supporter).

                • Sanity? You must have replied to the flier, make money from home with your PC. Well dick head, the problem with your “RANT” is that the items being discussed so far have all come true. I wonder if the $10 an hour is really worth it? How much silver can you turn that into you imbecile? cyber warriors for obama, once again, exposing their extreme idiocy. Good luck with your future sweetie.

          • It appears greater than 50% now understand the concept of sarcasm. Much improved 😀

            • This is a sober and serious site and any sarcasm
              should be noted as such.
              I love tongue in cheek humor as much as the next
              person, but I don’t like to be sucker punched.

            • It’s been a slow and difficult learning process.

            • Sarcasm, indeed.

              “Sarcasm! Because beating the hell out of people is illegal!”

              goofy yet comic site – not related to this topic though.

          • Tell that to the people testifying in Congress concerning the IRS scandal.

          • Jeeze NR, some people just don’t recognize sarcasm when they see it.

            • PO’d, that’s not sarcasm, that’s the libtard line!

              Just one of the many explanations,excuses and justifications they are falling all over each other to put out. Never seen anything like it! Obamy makes Bush look like an amateur . But now it’s all ok. Usefull idiots. Usefull idiots. Usefull idiots.

              I’ll say it again, Jay Carney should just take a couple of weeks off, and let MSNBC and CNN pick up the slack. Throw in Randi Rhodes for icing on the cake. I listen to that twit just to exercise my anger management skills. Didn’t realize the neighbor kids were in the pool the other day…. They got an earfull, I apologize for impinging on they’re innocence.

              But I will say, slowly….ever so slowly, some of this crowd is even starting to come around. At a certain point, on hopes even these sycophants will turn the corner.

              And oh yeah , Fox News is evil, Fox News is evil, Fox news…..

          • NetRanger

            It has nothing to do with me but a lot to do with controlling grassroots political activism.

            Imagine if TPTB in the south has this access to everyone in the civil rights movement six decades ago. Ya think it might just get misused or would the authorities obey the law?

            Your must be facetious because no one employing reasonable prudence would come to any other conclusion regarding the danger in this and why we have a 4th Amendment.

            • Yes.



              Bless you Kevin2 for trying to talk some sense into me. Bless Rick for just verbally beating the shtako out of me. I mean, really! If I were the commander, I’d send Kevin2 out with a white flag to talk to them while I’d have Rick sneak around back with the guns and instructions that if talks break down, burn some powder. You guys, each in his own way, make me proud to be an American National. (…and think that with just a few of you, we can take this beast to the ground and be cooking it for supper!)


              I must have done that stupid spiel of mine pretty devoid of any hint of sarcasm since even you guys that know me fairly well took the bait. I know the arguments on both sides so very well. I can switch sides and defend the other side just like they do. I know all their arguments and tricks. But, when I do, I’m glad you can’t see my eyes. Try as I may I am not a good enough liar to do it in person.

              To say that I’m vocally oppposed to this is an understatement. I believe the people that are doing this, right down to the last technician (if they knew and didn’t protest, at least a little) are the true “enemy combatants”. They are part of an alliance of evil, globalist, collectivist thinking. …that which destroys people and individuals to sustain the power of the state.

              You know, I heard something profound on about the third episode of the new Battlestar Galactica. The President was trying to get Admiral Adama to give her a few of his military officers to do police work.

              Adama said, something like, “The military battles the enemies of the state. The police police the people. If the military and police are combined or the military is used as the police, the people soon end up being enemies of the state.”

              Those were not his exact words, but, close enough. When I heard it, I picked my jaw up off the floor, ran it back and listened to it again. There is some amazing wisdom in that line.

              Understand, the President he was talking to was fresh on the job. She had been the original president’s education advisor and had been sworn in just days before the abush by the Cylons and the death of the elected president. I don’t know who, but someone on that show knows their shtako.

              Can you see it? CIA? NSA? DHS? FBI? They are militarizing our police by working so closely with those agencies. This will make *US* the enemies of the state. In BSG language, “FRACK THEM!” We cannot let this happen. The CIA, NSA and FBI do not give a FRACK about your rights they serve the state and the state thinks its rights, or any slight whim of a desire, trump your rights or even your right to live! It views EVERY HUMAN BEING it cannot control as an enemy. A state, which is a fiction, is now big enough to see YOUR survival as a threat to its own and can murder, rape, poison and steal from you without any accountability. Prepare for battle because they will bring it to your doorstep. Just ask the folks in Mass. about that…

              The spying and data collection must cease. The SS-like behaviour needs to be punished severely. The expansion of government must cease. If it does not, you won’t have any rights.

              When a government starts hinting and training its employees that people that follow its founding documents are criminals, it means that the government, the state, TPTB, whatever you call them are the real criminals. The state is screaming in your ear: if we can’t control you, we’re going to kill you. And that is just what they are doing.

              The solution? Don’t know. Never been involved in a revolution before. I think crime is crime. My favorite saying:

              “Fight Crime. Shoot Back.”

              Actually, we are counter-revolutionists. Washington has made itself the agressor. Its been at it since The Act of 1871 when it turned itself into a fiction, a corporation, unaccountable to the people.

              Be safe everyone. Remember: you have the right to defend your person and your property by any means necessary, against any agressor this evil world can cook up.

              • Gotta start thinking like the North Vietnamese, guerrilla, straight up wont work, the only thing that will is to be brutal, sneaky, and unforgiving. Observe, plan on letting go of anything near or dear to yourself, and burn anything that moves against you or looks like it will.

              • Being straight up wont work,
                The guerrilla is where to go
                Just clarifying

            • The thing is ……….and the thing most people in power throughout history dont understand ………is …………you cant fight an idea . Monarchs , fascists , and communists alike dont get that . Freedom and liberty is an IDEA that can not be conquered , sort of like religion . We know how successful we are in trying to kill off fundamentalist Islam has been , the Russians tried and failed in the same region we are in . The Romans tried to squash Christianity , it didnt work . Empires have fallen or have been expelled from a nation from Liberty movements ……………..yes its going to get worse before it gets better , but they cant kill an idea……….especially here ! they are trying , but they will fail and be deposed in the end .

              • Oh sure… liberty may be an idea, but… if you do not put it into practice, it is just that, an idea.

                Jefferson knew that when he said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time blah, blah, blah.”


                And what exactly do the people do when they hear that? They frikkin cringe and their heads get sucked into their arse.

                Because, you know… we are living to fight for another day… another day… another day… another day…

                Evil exists because good men do nothing. And liberty doesn’t exist, because those who claim they want it… do nothing.

                Seriously. You think when the world goes to shit, out of the wasteland liberty will reign? My take in all that, is that things will be so bad, the people, as usual, will beg to be saved. And they will kill their own mothers and fathers if it saves them.

                And if anyone thinks that government is just going to cease to exist, that there will be no one to govern you… when the world takes a dump… you are living in fantasy land.

          • HAHAHAHA! I kill me! (A.L.F.)

            Its like whats-his-name with the cans of $10 bills.

            He’d get some of you all stirred up. Its fun!

            You’ll see me on here agreeing with the liberals more and more. Here is what I’ve found: if you agree with the idiots that follow the idiots, you can get them to realize things that they just won’t listen to otherwise.

            Try not to spoil my fun. I am going to the other side for a while. I’m not converted, I’m in cognito.

            Wish me luck!

            NetRanger, out.

            • NetRanger

              Maybe you should clue us in the next time. Grin.

              • Next time for the libtard “The Concerned Citizen”. He’ll be the one engaging the liberals.

                I can’t remember who it was the wrote about this, but, I’m beginning to think it might be a good idea:

                “Give them what they want until they just can’t stand it anymore.”

                This is what I will do verbally to the occasionally libtard that pops in here. See, they’ll NEVER listen to us. Never! We are the enemy and, well, your enemy can’t be smart, right? They don’t know that we’re not the enemy but they’ve been programmed by their Obot programmers to believe it. So, NEVER listen to the enemy, right? Thats what they’ve been told. They’ve been told this BECAUSE top line programmers know that if they allow their underlings to start thinking and reasoning ITS ALL OVER!

                …man! This is gonna be so much fun!

            • NetRanger,

              A few days ago, “Jay Corny” came along and beat the masses over the head with the most obvious fake routine imaginable.

              Most of those here swallowed it hook, line and sinker and the thumbs-down feeding frenzy was wondrous to behold.

              You are hereby notified that it is mandatory to preface your humor with an all-caps warning and disclaimer lest you be tarred and feathered by those too obtuse to get your implied drift.

              It’s for the children.

          • The defense of ” If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about” is the reasoning of child minded idiot. Barry hides his information, the CIA hides their no-fly lists. In other words, quit being a retard.

          • So what flavor of koolaid do you drink? Grow a set and stand up for yourself, don’t be so lazy.

          • he’s either a troll or a dumbass, either way to be avoided….

          • @Netranger-

            Exactly right on both points.

            The economy is improving also… housing prices are up. Gold is dead.

            Stocks are up.

            But half the nuts here think its falling apart, and the fear mongers profit on it.

            If they had some of this eavesdropping in place before 9/11, that prob never would have happened. Do you all think your stupid phone conversations are so important that you care if someone hears what you are saying?

            This admin has done a 100% great job at TRYING to clean up the mess they were left with.

            • Jellie,
              you must be a ostrich, because if your not then your head is not in the sand and is somwhere else very hidden. and please don’t vote any more we cannot afford another idiot in the WH again !

            • Jellie,

              Has Your email been Shut Down for a week due to “Suspicious Activity”??

              Below is a quick overview of the email that shut me down:

              87 yr old aunt sent a humorous email about Noah trying to build an Ark in the current day…

              Each step of construction was stopped due to permits, EPA and inspections…

              Gods response to each delay showed a progressive anger in picture form of bad storm clouds, lightning, tornado and finally a mushroom cloud…

              I replied, “thats Government for ya”..

              10 hours later I was shut down….. Really….

              I rarely send emails, this was my 3rd email of 2013, mid February…


        • I agree with you. This person has been drinking the juice..

          • So he asks her “do you love me?”- she says “no- but that’s a real nice ski mask!”

        • Me thinks this time we’ll see some serious firepower like multiple EMP’s and or Nucleur. I still believe these psychopaths want to cull the human population all for the appeasement of the UN and Agenda 21′

          • Here is the plan for WW3:

            The Manchurian candidate stirs up revolution in the U.S. between the Police state and the populace.

            A new Middle East war suddenly flares up, naval forces face war in the Mediterranean.

            While we are distracted. Russia invades over the North Pole, China hits the West Coast, Mexicans and Muslims strike across the southern border, and the Iranians pop prepositioned Russian suitcase nukes in East Coast cities.
            North Korea transports small nuclear devices via submarine just off the West Coast.

            The largest cities in the USA will be destroyed. USA suffers biological attacks from Arabs.
            India will be occupied by China.
            Russia overruns Europe.
            “Between the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Danube there will be a vast morgue, and a landscape of vultures and ravens.”

            Ed Dames
            Dumitru Duduman
            Hopi prophecy
            Alois Irlmaier

            Save your ammo for the invasion.

            • And 100 million armed americans sniper the evil invaders.

              • Unfortunately, it will only be 50 milliion which will be 10 times what we need.

                The problem will be the same problem my son and I have with the wood bees: Just when we start getting good at blasting them, we’ve got them all cleared out. Dangit! Funs over.

                …so it will be with this. Personally, I don’t believe in this scenario Sebastion puts forth. Not going to defame it. Could happen. Very unlikely. No, I think we’ll simmer with the police state, false flags and illegal wars for a long time. They have to simultaneously weary the people and the military so when they attempt to turn the military against us, we will have lost patience and so will then. Keep pushing oathkeepers and helping our military people understand who and what they are.

            • @Sebastion T
              I made 2 quarts of (homegrown) oregano oil last weekend, from your recipe. One quart in grape seed oil, the other in olive oil.. If I don’t use it for health ailments, I assume it is good as a seasoning in cooking. Thanks!

            • Whew, who has the energy to do all that?

            • The central issue across 1100 years of Russian history has been organizing a relatively small population to defend a large area. They have been invaded scores of times. The Mongols and others occupied them.

              Understood through Russian eyes, their armed forces exist for defense only, and have no imperial ambitions.

              So your paranoia about “Russia will do this” re: the US and Europe is ludicrous.


              Russia and the Russians, a history. 2nd ed. Geoffrey Hosking

              • Even further. Even if we discard absence of imperial ambitions for the sake of arguments, the one question remain standing VERY tall. WHY? I mean, good or evil, no government are acting on emotions, without clear advantage acquired after executing the act. Especially when it comes top such a costly act as a military action, especially (again!) when its invasion – I think everyones knows attacker/defender loss ratio. To launch such an action whoever authorize it should have absolutely crystal clear objective… which MUST outwheight distinct possibility of therrmonuclear obliteration. So…. what possibly could it be? Land? Not even funny, Russia i literally largest country in the world, with population roughly half the size of that of US. Resources? See above, Russia had every conciveable natural resource on its present territory. Industrial objects? Not valuable enough in the first place, with present rapid rate of US deindustrialization, plus major part of them could (and would) be destroyed during the war. Population? No thanks, we have our own migration problems with FSU countries already. Internal political stabilization? Not even close, contary to what US MSM spew out current power structure ( or rather its top man, Putin) is stable and populr enough to start a war for distraction purposes, esp. WW3. Besides Russians are NOOT warmongering people in general (due to scar of past wars left on virtually evey family) and starting a war of aggression would turn people away, no propaganda will help it, checked by history not once, So, whats left? Alleged hate of US on part of Putin? First off, its way more alleged than hate, and even if not, Putin is a pragmatist. He never been seen actiong on emotions in big ppolitics, especially international one. Sure, Russia feel it necessary to keep US in check ( which is barely possible at the moment) and wouldnt mind to acqure some of US technologies but none of these objectives requre war – costly, bloody and dirty business whuich is quite difficult to explain to people who already experienced it en masse mere 2 generations away. Case of Chinese invasion seems more realistic since they are overpopulated and short on rare metals but it isnt likely. They’re isolitionists in military respect. Use of economic and political tools are way more likely.

                • I hope you are right about Russia not attacking us.
                  I would certainly rather be friends with the Russians than enemies, but they have two reasons to attack us: Putin has just expressed his opinion that GMO contamination of the food supply, specifically, Monsanto’s release of GMO wheat into the world food supply (in Oregon) is an act of war. Second, many Russians feel that Alaska was stolen from them and want it back.

                  • You miss the scale by a parsec or two. Those reasons are not big enough to start a war. But, again, for the sake of argumeent, lets assume they are. What would MILITARY action would achieve in terms of combating GMO? I mean, lets assume US is invaded and after a bloody losses, its cropfields are taken under control by Russian military. Than what? You think Monsanto et al care a squat about being US registered corporations? They’ll simply move their operations elsewhere, there is plenty of potentially arable land that requires huge investnment to come into play. This corps have enough fund for it. Law of that land wouldnt be a problem for them (see funds). To squash GMO you need to stike at the corporations, not the country that officialy houses them – especially when it comes to transnationals. And Alaska isnt even funny. Or rathere it is, in a way tha Russians joke about it being returned. There is no serious grudge about it. Believe me, I’m Russian. There is NO serious talk abouut it. Again, why risk nuclear war over desolate enough piece of land? Resources? Hard to extract and see above, we have all ther same resources in all the same conditions for extration elswewhere on our own territory. Besides, Bering Stait is somewhat odf demarklation line isnt easy to cross, and with Alaske we’d have the same problem that led Russian Empire into expansion – namely, undefended land border. Why risk it, knowing you couldnt hold it in the long run ( I’m implying imperial overstretch in attempt of doing so). History isnt lost on us. Think strategic. If someone in our governmemnt is really hell-bent on destroying US (I dont see why – weaken – sure, but destruction isnt good, counterbalance for China will evaporate and than we have a problem. But lets assume there is reasons) methods would be more likely economic and geoplolitical, not military. Likwe Brics and their bank and multilateral currency treaties within BRICS. Most of it (from my POV) is defensive measures. US goesc downhill pretty much by itself. Protective measures would hasten the procewes, but noone cares in the end. On a sinking Titanic everyone is on thier own. And everyone wants to jump the ship quet enough to not stir the panic and soon enough not to sucked into ensuing vortex. If military would be used, itll most likely be used as cordon-sanitaire along US borders after economic crash. Amount of refugees that will follow the crash will be HUGE and no country with sanity present wouldnt allow them in all at once during economic crisis – its a death warrant for economy. So most likely, in worst-case scenario, foreign miliotary would be used to filter outward movement of US population. But its very worst case, I hope it wouldnt come that far.

            • Likely the only nukes that happen in the US will be from the US, perhaps already in place (maybe been in place for years (the usurper is not the first NWO thug this nation has seen).

            • Distracted? Yeppers we won’t have a clue. Hahahahaha. You are freaking insane. What da think we will be doing? Watching the mind bending and hypnotizing Obama? Then all of a sudden a Mexican shuts off our tv and bam, they got us.

            • The whole world (UN and its Communist allies) will attack the USA in about 20 years. Until then, much must happen. Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

              Will the current action in Syria spread? Yes. Will Israel launch a First Strike against Iran? Yes. And just when you think the GENIE has been put back in the bottle, massive Earth Changes begin.

              Read your Bible. Its all there.

              Nibiru? Maybe, but it does not have to be Nibiru to initiate the Changes. The Poles are moving at an accelerated rate. When the Poles move 35 to 40 degrees from its original position when discovered, the tipping point is reached.

              Save your ammo is good advice. Teach your children the US Constitution and how to shoot.

            • Do you ever sell and of the Fiction that you are trying to peddle?

              Get a life and a Job, do something useful and get out of your Parent’s basement after all you are 40 now!

          • Rodster, one has to ask themself, why has an EMP never been used against a country before? Maybe it doesn’t work? Maybe the all powerful, mystical EMP is not as all powerful and mystical as suggested?

            Its pretty clear, though, it will take out the grid. Got generator? Know how to conserve power? Better learn!

            • Maybe it’s because other Nations have the technology so Nations are reluctant to use it. In a highly technological society it has more ramifications than an N-Bomb.

              If an EMP or several were to go off in this country tens of millions could die in 6-12 months.

              • I had an opportunity to visit the White Sands underground EMP Lab about 40 years ago and talk to the researcher. The most important information I got from him was that you can’t tell what piece of equipment will be affected until you test it. Stuff you think is vulnerable might not be. The reverse is also true. Also, the same piece of equipment might be burnt out one place and fine a few feet away.
                That was a long time ago, though.

                • The technology is FAR more advanced than it was 40 years ago where it NOW poses a very grave threat to a Nations sovereignty. It’s such a serious threat that high level security analyst and lawmakers in Washington are very concerned the massive impact it would have to the US if JUST one were to go off and detonated in a critical part of the nations power grid where you would have a cascading effect and shutdown large portions of the US power grid.

                  And that’s just one EMP never mind several going off. Today an EMP could have a more devastating effect as opposoed to a Nuke going off, because those are more localized.

                  • ‘Not tech guy’ speaking here…
                    The larger components for power facilities (transformers etc) are not something the gov/power co’s keep handy.

                    Delays most people do not begin to think of are the true dangers. a few weeks or months w/o any power is not a dream or wild imagination.

                    Those who have been in a black out (from a few mins to hours) have a lot more understanding on how swell life is w/o the benefit of ready to use electricity.

              • WE will see the effects of localized EMP cruise missiles this summer as Israel engages Iran.

            • The Russians have used their EMP technology, and have been very public about it. When they were fighting with Georgia, they’d use small-scale EMPs to black out Georgian communications and vehicles.

            • Net Ranger.

              The Navy uses the EA-6B Prowler to jam transmissions and I was once told it can produce an EMP affecting power grids.

        • >>”Our government loves us and wants us to be happy…”<<

          That does it Net Ranger! I'm a believer! I'm going to buy a large framed picture of Obama staring back at me just like we saw in the movie '1984'. Pictures of Big Brother everywhere. No, not one picture, a picture for every room in my house so I know wherever I go, even in the bathroom, Big Brother is keeping a watching eye on me 🙂

          • Soooooooooooooooooo the picture in the bathroom, where exactly will you put it?

            • Mordecai,

              I’m not the shy type. There’s a spot right over toilet that would be perfect!

              • I’m thinking “Toilet bowl” would be more fitting…

                • Drain the toilet down and paint Obama’s face on the bottom of the bowl. Paint his lips to circle the hole at the bottom. Paint the word “Vote” under the handle. It would be the only time you pulled the lever that gave meaningful results.

                  • PO’d….. I sense a business opportunity……

                  • Shit in shit out

                  • PO’d Patriot,

                    Now there’s an idea with some potential! I like it.

                • JM Denver,

                  That’s exactly what I meant. For the bathroom, I’ll look for a picture of Obama staring down at me with a wide-eyed, open mouthed shocked look of disgust on his face 🙂

                  • I’m thinking the Obama campaign logo would get all distorted submerged in the water of my crapper.

                    But, honestly, I love Obama! Gunsalesman of the year!

                    Arguments? Didn’t think so.

                    No, really, he has done us great favors. Sometimes a good enemy is the best blessing one could ask for.

                    (…you all know better than to REALLY believe I support this crap, right?)

                    But, I still laugh at the insults.

          • Years ago my sensibilities were shocked when one of the guys I was working with had a very strange picture hanging on the wall next to his desk. It was about 16” tall by 12” wide. One day I asked him, “What is that?” and he said, “That’s my booger board”. He would pick his nose and wipe the boogers on the framed board. After several years it contained quite a bit of booger graffiti and was quite disgusting. That Big Brother picture would be the perfect “booger board”. Just saying. LOLOL… 🙂 Hang it in the bathroom in arms length of the throne so you could add a few other embellishments as well.

            • Anon,

              A Booger Board shall not and will not defile the sanctity of my man throne especially beside the picture of the Exalted Chosen One, Big Brother Obama. I have limits (not many), but I’m afraid I must draw the line at a booger board 🙂 An interesting idea none the less.

          • oh, check out BigBrotherLovesYou.gov– last I checked they have some really swell looking ones with all the surveillance already installed. You know, camera in the eyes, and working eavesdropping in those dumbo ears too!

          • “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
            -Vladimir Lenin

            Liked that? Try this one on for size:

            “How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
            — Ronald Reagan

            If you are interested, below find a link, a great collection of Lenin quotes
            Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/v/vladimir_lenin.html#veiVuHS4OVooxeSp.99

        • DHS Source Warns

          But the Article says >>> but recent data suggest

          So what is it brother, sht or get off the pot!

        • The time has come for all young men
          To bow their heads and say Amen
          The time has come to take a stand
          To voice belief across the land
          The time has come to take up arms
          To make aware and set of alarms
          The time has come to make repairs
          To fix whats wrong when no one dares
          The time has come to set things straight
          To change our ways “fore it’s too late”
          The time has come to hold our ground
          To circumvent without a sound
          The time has come

        • Well…Things are a-foot…They always are…Its an ever changing world…And for the most part, not for the better…The sudden topic of phone “spying” has been going on for years, it was put into action by the Bush admin…I was there so that is where the pile drops from that elephant…So this is once again nothing new…No the economy is not getting better, it wont, it cant until the bottom drops out…That is more of a historic theory from my line of work but it holds water…Quite well…

          On the chance of being red thumbed to death…I think most on here give a particular administration more credit of acting or not acting on a particular topic than any of them are due…Its a person, one person, who is so scheduled out so much they don’t even know what day it is much less have time to push a particular set of agenda of pawns on the world chess board…The POTUS is a man…Just like all of us…The office of the POTUS however, is a different animal altogether…Learn to separate the two for a clear and defined picture of what is going on in the world…

          I have worked with three sitting administrations and I can honestly say that NO ONE from any Alphabet Dept is doing to “reveal” anything to a site such as this while they are currently on payroll…Not gonna happen…If they are No longer “at work”: then they and their understanding of what goes on each day is totally fogged…I know I’m just a poster on here but I’m telling ya’ll the truth…In the DC world you are either the hub of the wheel or a flat tire…

          Yes its a wicked world out there…But its not the wicked everyone thinks it is…Its a lot worse…Trust me the ones that get blamed on this site are not able to bring the kinda hell you all talk about to the table on their own…That kind of power stopped in the late 50’s to early early 60’s…Like it or not, its a fact…

          Prep and prepare you and your families both with stores and a the mental ability to deal with the changing world and what she throws your way…If you are busy with true prep and such the who, what, and why fades to stupidism, and when is not as important…As it should…Just be ready…Then you will be better off…

          Fed Guy 20002


            A man of words and not of deeds
            is like a garden full of weeds
            And when the weeds begin to grow
            it’s like a garden full of snow
            And when the snow begins to fall
            it’s like a bird upon the wall
            And when the bird away does fly
            it’s like an eagle in the sky
            And when the sky begins to roar
            it’s like a lion at the door
            And when the door begins to crack
            it’s like a stick across your back
            And when your back begins to smart
            it’s like a penknife in your heart
            And when your heart begins to bleed
            You’re dead, and dead, and dead indeed

            Charles 11 ????


              This rhyme can be found in A HISTORY OF NURSERY RHYMES (1899) by Percy B. Green. Green wrote about this rhyme, “In a copy of rhyming proverbs in the British Museum, written about the year 1680, occurs the following Puritan satire on Charles 11 changeability”
              At the beginning of his reign Charles promised religious Dissenters freedom of conscience. But later he began to persecute them. His words did not translate into deeds.

              The more times change the more they stay the same.

          • POTUS is a man just like us, and he got the election and is now driving the most broken runaway bus from the fleet,
            good points,
            thats the thing about SHTF, you really never know when or where,
            Life happens,
            if you live in tornado alley you might get hit by a tornado some day
            if you live in florida or the gulf coast or eastern seaboard you might get hit by a hurricaine some day,
            if you live in a big city you will most likely be exposed to way mor violence than if you live say in Wyoming or somewhere like that,
            Being ready for ANYTHING is just prudent and something that our just in time system has made obsolete in the eyes of many, when I was a kid having guns and being ready to have your own food and water etc for a month or more was just normal, now people feel like they are cut off if they cant pull up the menu for all the restauraunts in their town.
            To take your last words a bit farther, If your busy and prepared as much as possible you can go about the rest of your life without worrying about the details of SHTF and know that no matter what short of life ending circumstances you will be able to eat and get by. Huge load off your head, It really doesnt matter at this point about WW3 or spying or IRS or any of the other crap, that stuff is all just static, not much any of us can do about it, but its fun to sit and rattle the box commenting and reading this stuff rather than watching the tube,

            • Wise words! Thanks Kula!

          • I post on here but you have to walk a fine line and examine what you post , make no statement that can be officially construed as policy . Even personal opinions can get you into hot water , I was disciplined for a “NOBAMA” bumpersticker, also our whole unit was written up for taking our oath incorrectly ” pledged to.”Support the Constitution” instead of the revised version supporting the President and his orders. The ABC agency needed us (spent to much money on training) they could not fire all of us ( do not mess with former MIL we got moxy) . This is our politically correct hostile workplace atmosphere working for .gov.
            It sucks , the pay sucks but in this economy money is money , but some things you really do not look away or compromise on.
            James Rawles had a disclaimer on his web site about .gov people reading his site to be careful because it could target you for scrutiny ,I say when you cannot express your opinion anymore , and read stuff on your own time it’s over, the irony is preparedness information is posted on the FEMA web site and some of the comments posted there make this site seem mild!
            Like I have said before TPTB do not have the support they think they have and it will get real interesting when the BOSS drops the hammer.
            Mac there are a lot of .gov people who read this site keep it up it gives us hope even though we work for these fools it’s great to know that the people we serve have the same opinions as us.
            Do not be afraid , if you are they have won.

            Prepare, Learn , Courage,


            Semper Fi 8541


              THANK YOU.

          • Its a person, one person, who is so scheduled out so much they don’t even know what day it is much less have time to [etc]

            You do speak of the azzhat that has not stopped campaigning to date & has vacationed more than any European king of any Renaissance era, yes?

            Has Chairman Dedication hit 130 days on the links yet?

        • We spend too much time perpetuating distrust, we speculate, exaggerate base on fear-mongers who live in a fantasy world. What is scary is that it potentially becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Does any REALLY believe that there are people in our government planning the demise of our civilization…GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Think about it people, what would be gained by the government…I think we watch too many apocalyptic movies, and are allowing the content to take over common sense. PLEASE focus on the real threat “EXTERNAL” not internal.

          • Tarakyl,

            When the economy crashed in 2008, guess who profited? Wall Street. The statistics show that the wealth of the bottom 90% of the country lost about 5% of their wealth. Where did it go? Did it just *POOF* and vanish? No. It did not. The other statistic shows it:

            While you and I lost, on average, 5% of our wealth, the top 4% ADDED A WHOPPING 27% TO THEIR WEALTH.

            Now, I understand your trepidation toward internal accusations, but, do you really think the elites want things going “well” for the rest of us? NO! Any fool should realize they want it bad because when its bad for us, its good for them.

            • Your argument is non-sequitur as the “elite” gain when there is a strong prosperous middle class. The statistics you quote, do not accurately reflect thr realty of the consequences of the 2008 crash. I would suggest you do a better job of analyzing the data. Do not accept, verbatim the arguments of those predisposed to bias! The argument that the collapse was manufactured has no basis in fact, it was primarily due to increase in energy costs. A barrel oi oil increased from an average of $27 bbl 1990’s to over $100 bbl by 2008. Similar percentage increases in all renewable forms of energy. Driven primarily by the exponential growth of the economies of China, India, Brazil and Russia. This resulted in an increase burden of Trillions of dollars on th US economy. The failure is that Economist, The Fed, and Congress did not see this happening because of the unprecedented speed of the increase. Please study the data objrctively.

              • As I see it…. the Gov/State took too many liberties and made too many promises, both for high minded ideals and to garner votes. It’s one big giant Ponzi scheme, and it’s bumping into the exponential function. Ha!, one half of the Government uses 6% to calculate returns for pension plans. And the other half uses 2% to calculate Government debt. WTF!

                I personally don’t give these asshats credit for engineering these things. They just react, kick the can, and retire with a fat pension or go to K Street. What the fuck does Obama know? That dipshit wouldn’t reorder ice for a snowball stand. He hasn’t done a goddamn thing in his life worth talking about, and gets elected President? This is like a bad dream.. Or nightmare. How can the people of this once proud nation be so freaking stupid. And want to turn in our guns! What is this, a mutual suicide pact?

                Anyhow, I’m 50, and won’t be around too much longer. I guess these stupid kids will get what they deserve.

          • @tarakyle

            Perhaps if you can drag your fluoride soaked scat for brains away from the latest installment of “dancing with the washed up stars” you can pick up a damn newspaper, switch the idiot box t.v. to a news channel or even(GASP!) read the damn article at the top of this very page which references the Orwellian “PRISM” program the NSA is shoving up our collective arses!

            We are most assuredly NOT “fear mongers living in a fantasy world” you feeble minded twit! We are actually being vindicated for being the avant garde of TRUTH piercing the dullards darkness which typifies the “normalcy biased” masses of which you are a prime example.


            • Did someone say that IGNORANCE IS BLISS?

        • Our country is generally a mess no doubt. But the idea that the government is collecting data so that all anti-Obama types will be rounded up is total crap. What kills me about the “right” is they want a safe and prosperous America, but are unwilling to let the government try to use every tool at their disposal to find the terrorists amongst us. But oh they whine like little kids every time something happens……

          • Hey Ray, I don’t whine. I take care of business. And I don’t need no stinking badges to do it for me. Government is too big, too stupid, too slow and too inefficient. They/ it are/is a giant blob sucking the life out of us. One drop of blood at a time.

            Fuck the Government. Hell, I’m starting to understand why half the world wants to come here and fuck us up. We are starting to get a good dose of our own medicine, and it tastes like shit.

        • what plan do we have to return manufacturing to this country? what happens when we dont manufacture anything in this continent anymore and we have to buy our weapons with useless dollars from the enemy and the enemy says no? kind of what happened to Spain way back when eh?

          • People like me who have a Turnmaster lathe and a Bridgeport will begin the proces of rebuilding the manufacturing base from the ground up. Small shops.
            There are way more of us than people know…I built some of their advanced systems for them while I worked at a “lab” in Lexington during the 80’s and 90’s. I also carry ASE Master Auto Tech certs and have a full set of Snap-On tools.
            I moved home to MI and continued our 5 generation homestead in 1998; I knew things weren’t quite right. We planted a 24 tree orchard and built a huge fenced garden area that includes the grapes and berries. We sunk a second well and added a 4500 watt solar system with a shielded inverted for low RF nose pollution. (HAM radio issues)
            I also scored a nice Ford 860 with 3 bottom plow, 6’disc, and back blade. We plant a couple acres of non-gmo soy and corn for seeds to distribute.

            With my machine trades background and self-sufficiency I can assure you that at least one of us out here will begin bulding shit again.

            Guns at first I would imagine.

        • BREAKING IMPORTANT-please help me get to the bottom of this. This happened where I live in Raleigh nc.
          Public Records
          5 On Your Side
          Health & Life
          Out & About
          Posted: September 7, 2008
          WRAL viewers talk about booming noises

          WRAL viewers reported hearing multiple loud booms or explosions in Johnston, northwestern Wake, southern Nash and northwestern Wilson counties around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008.

          “As was previously reported, there is currently no answer. I would like to suggest an alternative. It’s quite possible that it was a meteor that burned up, or blew up, in the skies above NC. I have heard a similar noise during a meteor shower. One in particular made a sizzling or hissing noise. Several people that heard it also mentioned hearing something like this. Not sure if there is anyway to check o this, but it may be something to look into, as they will produce a sonic boom if big/low enough, and if exploded in the air, then it could have had many of the same effects as a bomb going off without making a crater or any other signs on the ground. Just a suggestion.” – Chris
          “Our neighbor actually saw jets right before the boom so we also thought that it was a sonic boom. It shook everything in the house” – Dana
          “There was a major boom here at approximately 5:45 p.m. in Wendell. The entire house shook. (I) talked with my parents in Clayton approximately 15 minutes later who are at least 20 miles from here, and they heard it also and their house also shook.” – Gary Stevens
          “We live in the Powhatan area of Clayton just off Highway 70 and a loud boom noise shook our house. We checked and couldn’t find any reason for the noise.” – Teresa and Jesse Scott
          “We have a decent size house (3500 square feet) and the boom shook the house on it’s foundation. I went outside and dogs were barking all around us. I saw nothing that could cause it.” – Rodney Radford
          “Dust fell from celling, sounded like a crash. Our house shook.” – Joey
          “It shook our entire house! We thought someone had crashed into our home!” – Amy
          “Boom, boom, boom. It shook the house like a car had hit the house. All the neighbors came running out. We don’t see any smoke. My son lives six miles away and he heard it as well.” – Carol Gibbs
          “It was pretty sizable. It was clearly an explosion. The house shook alright – from behind us.” – Bob Greene
          “Huge explosion heard. Shook entire neighborhood. No smoke seen. Seemed very close. Sounded like a bomb exploding!” – Scott Murphy
          “There was just a noise in Clayton that sounded like a huge explosion that shook the houses of our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.” – Carla Cawthorn
          “Heard two extremely loud booms a split second apart. Everyone in the subdivision came out of their homes to investigate but unsure of the cause.” – Scott Hall
          “My family and I were all eating dinner and hear a very loud boom and our house jolted. Felt as (though) a tree (had) crashed into our house. We went outside but didn’t see a thing. No smoke, no fallen trees, no car accidents.” – Brandon Beasley
          “We heard a very loud boom that shook the whole house. It sounded like an explosion or crash. Our dogs went crazy. We ran outside only to find nothing but, heard a jet in the distance. We think it was a sonic boom!” – Elliott & Lisa Parrish
          “We were on the back deck at approximately 5:45 p.m. when we heard the explosion and felt the vibrations being reported in Clayton and Wendell.” – Felicia Britt
          “My husband and I thought for a moment we were back in California, there was a low boom and the house shook, as if there had been a sharp (our terms) earthquake. Not one of the long rolling earthquakes, but a shorter one. A car’s alarm was set off nearby and kept going for bit, similar to what happens in CA when earthquakes happen, or sonic booms. Or an explosion!” – Laurel W.
          “The boom wasn’t heard just in Clayton. I live (in) Selma, and we heard the same booms. It emptied every house on our street.” – Chris Stafford
          “Two rapid explosions shook entire neighborhood. Many people came outside to see what was going on. Local volunteer firemen were apparently called to duty, as we saw several of them quickly left the subdivision. We felt the shock while swimming in the neighborhood pool. We saw no smoke or other evidence of fire.” – Tim Pursell
          “I was sitting in front of the computer and suddenly a loud explosion shook the desk. It seemed so close that I thought something had fallen onto the roof. I went outside, but couldn’t see anything. It was heard as far as JDs Country Store in Wilson’s Mills.” – Sheila Taylor
          “I was in my apartment in the Cobblestone Village complex and it sounded as though a car had exploded in our parking lot. Scared me so bad. Was looking for smoke but saw none. What is going on?!?!?! I know others are aware which makes me glad; I didn’t just imagine it!” – Rebecca
          “My 7-year-old daughter heard a loud explosion when she was outside playing. She ran in talking about it.” – Mark Brooks
          “At about 5:45pm, I heard a loud boom, and also felt the walls of my house shake. The sound sound was reminiscent of the sonic boom that occurred when the space shuttle was landing at Edwards Air Force Base a few years ago. Very similar …” – Gina Cross
          “The ground shook and windows rattled. We only heard one boom.” – Michelle Johnson
          “An explosion occurred shaking the houses of everyone in the area. I walked outside but didn’t see anything unusual. I know military aircraft fly above frequently and from my military experience it sounded like a sonic boom.” – James
          “We have no idea what the BOOM was, but it sounded like the shelving in my garage falling on the car, or a plane crash, or a huge THUD! It shook the entire house and neighborhood! Neighbors came outside to ask each other if they felt it and what it was? I’ve checked seismic web sites and do not see any activity… It was weird… We have 3 small kids… I thought one of them had fallen through the ceiling. My son thought the DISH had fallen off the side of the house or something… Can’t wait to hear what it was and hopefully no one was hurt!” – Wayne Smoak
          “My family and I were eating inside Los Ranchos in Clayton. We heard four loud booms. We did not feel any shaking.” – Lowry
          “I live about six to seven miles outside of Kenly off of Highway 42 and I heard the same loud boom at my house that shook my home.” – Kathy Davis
          “This did not sound like a jet sonic boom. Plus the brick house shook. Sounded more like (an) explosion and felt like (an) explosion.” – George
          “My neighbor and I were standing in the back yard and heard what sounded like a sizzle, then a loud pop and then a boom.” – Tracy
          “Around 5:47 p.m., I was inside the house, kids were playing with my wife outside. We heard 1 loud initial boom, followed by another short sharp, louder boom, followed by another longer boom. I ran outside, as did everyone in the neighborhood we could see, thinking a tree had fallen or something had detonated. We’re near the new 70 Bypass and 42 intersection, and it literally shook the house for a few seconds. Our first thought was that they were blasting rock at the new Wal-Mart site, but the explosion was far stronger then anything you’d get at a construction site.” – T.G.

        • I’m laughing out loud, because I believe your statement is pure sarcasm. We have NO reason to trust. Now is the time for all good men & women to come to the aide of their country. We need to ALL stand behind the brave young people who are exposing us to the truth. It is time to put a stop to those who will lie, cheat and steal to put us all under a boot. Are we going to take back our country or are we going to be soft and spineless? Are we going to laugh over the graves of the brave men and women who laid down their lives so we could live the good life? If this is the case we deserve what we get.

        • Trust us, we’re from the government! Hand over your weapons and we will take care of you. We have a FEMA camp nearby, that can ensure your safety.

        • Yea don’t buy into it! The Gov wants the folks to strike..don’t do it! Just ignore them.Passive Resistance
          It wont be long until THEIR bank accounts don’t work and they cant feed THEIR FAMILY …..then they will be with us .I MEAN REALLY…DO YOU THINK THIS FOLKS WILL SHOW UP ? who’s watching their kids??? IF you know what I mean.

        • Good One 🙂

        • ignorance is bliss……

      2. Does anybody remember Benghazi at this point? Completely swept away. Remember also the IRS scandal broke from a PLANTED question from a gov appointed plant. Again, isn’t the gov releasing the spying and hacking info? Really makes you wonder what is going on. Appears to me the gov is stoking an atmosphere of confusion, mistrust and bewilderment amongst the citizenry to keep our heads spinning. But for what is the question…

        • Nothing to wonder about…..they are creating the narrative for the false-flag that is soon to come.

          They create the crisis so they can come to the rescue. It’s just like the pyromaniacal firefighter that sets the arson fire in order to become the hero putting it out later.

          The worst part is that the “low-information electorate” will beg to be saved and then fawn over the savior because they are too fucking stupid to see it for what it really is.

          • Advise please…. I would like to be placed on paid administrative leave. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

            Ps, I am self employed. ( a little more challenging I know)

            My buddie’s 11 year old managed to get suspended on Friday. Last day of school is Monday. All we could do is laugh. ( he probably pointed a ” finger gun”)

            When the dust settles, no one will be fired. No one will be jailed. No one will loose their pension. Some will get extended ” vacations” courtesy of UncleSam. Hahaha… Hoo…hoo….hoooo… Ya bunch of suckers……

            • Maybe you are self employed due to being fucking nuts? The 11 year old may have grabbed a girls boobie? Why not ask your funny buddy who calls himself a father?

              • Hehehe. Well, Sanity *may* prevail but you’re proof that it hasn’t yet.

                What the heck are you talking about?

                Your response is just plain strange.

                • Perhaps if you read the post above talking about an 11 year old getting tossed out of school. Rick supposes it was for a finger gun. Rather than supposing why not ask? Could be his little shit is a pervert. Who knows? The other comment about the kids dad was in response to laughing when the kid gets tossed. Not how it would have been handled at my house. Glad to explain but seems like a simple response.

          • Watertown, MA

        • OBL was dead years ago, who killed Seal Team 6? That’s why we have all the present distractions, look at this, nothing to see, I know nothing. Gadaffi was going to dump the dollar. Ah, the Arab Spring. We have no real news media.

      3. Please be good enough to read my recent post in the article right before this one as it totally applies here, thank you.

        The Lone Ranger

        • I was. It rocked.

      4. Another shooting today in California, just in time to distract people from current scandals.

        • YEP that was fairly near me.

          For those of you not from Los Angeles, this place is made up of several Feudal villages with sort of invisible “cop walls” around them.

          You may think “meh, Los Angeles… shooting… yeah well that happens there every day”…

          In some parts of LA you’d be right.

          In THIS part?

          It’s unheard of. Ever. You can be punked for driving while non-white around here… well… ok no not this particular part… although there are parts of LA where that’s true… but basically this is like a hair’s width away from a shoot out in Bel Air.

          East coast analogy: Grosse Point.

          Nothing ever happens in this area.


          Not EVER EVER EVER. Back in ’92 during the riots, no one even dared come anywhere near it.

          So, on a scale of “same as always” to “what the fuck just happened”… we’re well past “what the fuck just happened”.

      5. Is this the same guy..(yes it is)..who’s been warning of chinese and soviet bloc troops stationed at our borders now for imminent invasion?

        for how many years?

        bejeesuz..this guy makes alex jones seem like a moderate..

        For crying out loud folks..enjoy the years you have on earth on a daily basis..to hell with all of them..

        they are raking in untold sums preying on absurd fearmongering…and so many drink the koolaid like the al gore end of world fools environmentalists..


        we will prevail..


        • possee

          I’m not so sure about that, Good Friend.
          My ear to the ground hears a great stampede,
          and I don’t believe it’s a herd of buffalo.

          • Do you live near a wallymart? Maybe its the sound of the EBT card heard going to stock up.

          • OutWest

            ..any one of us knows that something’s afoot ..so sinister that we can’t even imagine the implications..agreed!

            these so called “sources” were correct on the call for a precious metals nosedive ahead of time..unlike all the other so called alternate financial sites calling for gold and silver to skyrocket..

            quayle and company are over the top imo..one can not constantly “cry wolf” with red alerts all the time that never pan out!

            Hagmann, however is usually correct..he called out the spying network last November in detail..and sure enough it is revealed this week in chilling details..


            • I dunno, I’d been calling for a metals nosedive for a while actually. He never gave a date. I recall the original post.

              This was I think inevitable as everyone… I venture to say even some of us included… really thought this was bad… but… “normal levels” of bad. And it would slolwy deflate back to less bad and hang out there a while.

              Making the PERCEPTION of metals a bubble by the vast majority of buyers.

              So a leg down was obvious.

              Short term I expect this expectation of “less bad” to evaporate given the scandals and Japan, and for metals to uptick.

              Hell if for no other reason thatn dollar devaluation they’ll uptick just by price default.

              Long term… fuck it really depends what happens next. To predict what will happen wih gold is to predict what will happen to Earth in that sense.

              My guess is up. Possibly quite a bit up. But this guess is not educated,this is flipping a coin.

              Anyway my point is predicting a downturn in metals was fairly obvious IMO. Any time ANY media (alternate or otherwise) starts saying YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY LOSE WITH THIS… that’s about the time you lose with this.

        • hmmm… seems that there are so many middle aged grumpy old men that are armed.
          Just imagine a bunch of commies busting down our doors. I bet every NRA member has at least 1,000 rounds ready to blaze.

          Chinese and Russians…oh my. (Lions and Tigers and bears..oh my)

          Shit… what they will do is crash the dollar…then roll them in …in blue helmets as “peace keepers”.

          That’s my prediction.

          They have made it impossible to run a business.
          Socialists are everywhere….they are called DEMOCRATS!!!

          Like most preppers….we’re all ready for anything.

          No Way we will EVER turn in our guns.
          Fuck that noise.
          ha… you can pass all the laws you want….it’s just won’t happen.
          Some things are solid.

          Yeah…we all know about the Jews who turned in their guns..look what happened to them. Stupid fucks.

          Funny, I was in a meeting and sitting next to a lesbian dem.
          She looked with horror at my NRA mug. See how brainwashed
          these fucks have become.
          The “Good guys”…the middle aged white males…the real bread winners, tax payers, Fathers, husbands, Uncles…are being branded as the new threat.

          They’d better worry if this silent army is ever disarmed. We are the threat that keeps our country together. We’re the plumbers, electricians and carpenters..we are software engineers, Managers and Directors. Business owners and organizers.
          We are the real people who run this country. Joining our ranks are the newest members….the “minority” males. Nice black gents, asians, and many other races.

          In time….the middle aged males will keep this country spinning.

          Funny….the younger generation are a bunch of low pants clowns until we take them under our wing and show them the ropes. Sorry guys, we’re not retiring anytime soon…but we will bring you in and school you…. welcome to the club.

          Can you visualize 10m+ armed middle aged men in our communities?
          We are already there. We live next to you. Everyday you drive buy our homes…with our hidden armories. Legally kept.

          So… I’m saying…you are safe. We’re the good guys and we’re armed.
          If any of that Hitler death camp shit ever went down again…we’d deal with them.
          Yeah, we keep an eye on the fema camps. What they really are …They are the future cities for Agenda 21. All connected by rail. That’s what they are.

          Funny…. in our basements and garages are all the tools to fabricate weapons from car parts. So even if we ran out of ammo… a car leaf spring cross bow would do the job just as well. Silent and deadly. The foreign invaders would never see it coming.

          Just a middle aged rant here.
          I love being middle aged.
          Shaved head…I walk by a bunch of punks in the mall
          and they all get worried looks on their faces.
          They know the deal.
          We don’t put up with any shit at this age.

          There you go.
          I look forward to the dems giving their liberal puke ejaculate.

          • spot on old man . we are many and I know we worry the planners of this grand new world .

          • WOW… Hit it on the head.. I have several ex libtards yunins that I now mentor. They pulled up thier pants, have jobs, and are learning skills. Some of these young ones do get what is coming and if for anything else but self preservation they are starting to listen. And yes.. Command Presents and a look em in the eye works very well. They know not to F$%k with you. And there lady folk like the fact they are become Men. I think that it is not 10Million but closer to 30 Million. Keep preeping and get ready cuz a shit storm is coming and when the US hits bottom it will take a lot of other counties with it and then the fun begins.

            • back in the day when I was a young wippersnapper and thought I knew everything , learned a lot from my own mistakes , learned to listen to others , My old Gunny had a saying ” A lesson Learned is wisdom earned” the lesson was usually learned the hard way with a lot of pain involved but made me a better man for it.
              That lesson(s) probably saved my life on various occasions , being middle age does have its benefits , you gain enought knowledge to be useful.
              Old Man One day
              I could not have said it better
              Prepare , Train , Persevere, Survive

              Semper Fi 8541

          • Spot on, except I have two theories, one similar to yours, the other is that they will just continue to take the wealth out of this country, wait until your generation is dead and mine as well, by that point 99% of us 3% will be dead with no one to take their place, look at what the kids in school are learning these days, it isn’t what you and I learned.

            • Funny… once the country has been converted to commie-ism….then folks will realize what they lost.

              • But we will have FREE health care! So what’s the problem?

          • Still believing in the right/left paradigm, still mind controlled by the Big Money!!!

          • safe? you wouldnt assist if the jackboots were beating down your neighbors door. you would think “jonsey got in trouble” and mind your own…you cry “I got guns” but when they are stacked 4-6 deep, you might get one, then the rest get you, rape your family and do much more.

            keep talking that wanabe billybadass “we got guns”

            your an idiot

            • Takes one to know one fucker

          • what he said….

          • Opps hit wrong button, thumbs up plz

          • “The “Good guys”…the middle aged white males…the real bread winners, tax payers, Fathers, husbands, Uncles…are being branded as the new threat.”

            Thats why this middle aged, liberty minded white guy is slowing down the business and refusing to fund this crap, have actually been told im selfish to not be thinking of the greater good.
            Screw the greater good, STARVE THE BEAST!

          • You said it for me too my brother in arms. I am 56 and you?

      6. p.s. – I’m beyond fed up with this shit.

        • Well get ready to eat some more because there’s a lot more turd stew where this came from……

        • What are you going to do? Everyone here seems fed up for years. Gonna type longer, harder, and in all CAPS. That will show the gubberment, fuckers will listen now.

      7. They can kill my family/ Kill my family tree/ They can kill my body/ But they can’t kill me. From the band ‘Gong’ Just a larger perspective.

      8. I may be old and my back and knees are about gone, but my mind is still there and I remember, do you? Been there done that.

        • high cap magazines compensate well for old age twitch & sight loss point in general direction & keep pulling trigger

          • Yes indeedie!, minute o badguy- good enuf

      9. Doom and Gloom Doom and Gloom your site is starting to lack any positive stuff!!!! Really world war when ! after the last article about the collapse! please something positive!

        • The collapse is on going. The dollar is worth 44% less since 2000. Its the end of the middle class. WW3 will be agains the population…not country against country.

        • You mean World War Z.

          Starring… us… reprising the role of all the zombies.

          • I hate them fast running Zombies. Rather have slow walkers…..

            • Just lead ’em a little.

        • It’s a site about when the SHTF. What did you expect, lollipops and rainbows?

          • you forgot unicorns………them’s good eatin’

            • Somewhere between a bald eagle and a seal

      10. I think it’s coming soon. If not this year then next year. Consider this: the government can trigger the collapse whenever they’re ready. Just have the Fed stop QE. Then interest rates will go sky high, food stamp cards will fail, and then the chaos will begin. They’re not necessarily trying to DELAY the collapse. They just want to be fully ready when it happens. When they consider themselves fully ready, watch out.

        • @Barn Cat,

          You must eat some good mice. Because the wisdom of your all natural diet greatly shows! The time is near indeed. I don’t believe we’re going to have another Presidential Election in 3yrs, just my opinion though.

          • why would we even want one , this guy’s a peach

            • @ islander,

              Very good. Most people cannot do saracastic and get away with it on this site. Well done!


          • Actually, I will be surprised if there is a 2016 national election. There is plenty of time for some very serious things to happen. However, disruptions probably won’t be organized but rather will be nullifications. That trend can be observed now.

            I hope that I can observe the changes rather than being involved because I am a builder not a fighter. Somebody needs to be around to make a try at picking up the pieces. I think such can only be done on a local basis.

            • I agree my “Magic 8 Ball” says that if the “D’s” take the House, and keep the Senate we will be safe until after the swearing in in Jan 2015. If the lose the senate, black Friday will be a very long and bad weekend, with several EO’s and transfers of power while they are still in the drivers seat. I forsee nationalization of retirement funds, and martial law declarations after false flag ops in several cities, to be determined by TPTB, along with bank holidays/closings, while it is cold enougn to prevent rioting and the sheeple are distracted by brigh shiny “bargains” on sale.

              • Obama is a Muslim. He has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in high places in the administration. What if the trigger for martial law is having 10,000 jihadists killing police and government officials, blowing up buildings, starting wildfires, poisoning reservoirs, and committing other acts of terror?

                • Then Islam will rue the day they thought they could get away with it.

                • There is a whole piece on the links between the muslims and administration on project chesapeake, scarry shit if its true, i am definitely an infidel and will light anybody who crosses me on that subject with fuckin gasoline.
                  If these assholes want to bring their back asswards dark ages religious crap down on the rest of us they will have the most violent fight in history, free men wont tolerate that backwards crap PERIOD.

                  • Here is what Daniel had to say about “it”

                    And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Daniel 11:36

                • Obama is a Muslim? Are you that retarded? Do you think a muslim will allow himself to invade Libya to ‘stop’ civil unrest, when they’re installing oil pipelines whilst at it? Haha. Deal with your shitty President that YOU brain-washed Americans voted in. But don’t start blaming it on other religions.

                  • Hey Cat Shit.. He is a mooselimb.

        • YEP!!!!

        • Yes, They will crank up interest rates on variable rate debt to kill the economy. All spending will stop.

          We’re cash based now and have a two year plan to pay down any debt from house remodeling.

        • Barn Cat – I think it could be as little as the food stamp cards not buying the amount of food they are used to getting due to inflation. I’m sure they will work. This govt will always give the lazy and worthless priority over the working. Since the takers don’t contribute to their purchase, they don’t bother looking at prices anyway. That’s all it will take for them to SNAP! Funny…that’s what the food program is called. How ironic….

          Stay alert everyone. Something has to give soon. The pressure cooker is hissing!

        • All those hi tech systems require mountains of support. Drones need more than an operator, etc. The JBTs won’t have to worry so much about resistance during their raids as everywhere else. They can’t be on knife edge alert 24/7. Ask the people coming back from the ME. It’s the friendlies they have to worry about.

      11. Once every week I have to upload my work computer of private health information to a federal data base link, or I cannot continue with my job. You damn right I don’t trust them, and nothing surprises me anymore.

        • Hey…let’s all start doing this…

          ” Hey Joe…we’re having a picnic Saturday…it will be the BOMB!
          Make sure you bring your wifes RICIN roni dish. Our pal AL will be bringing
          his KITE-A real nice fun activity on windy days. Make sure you bring your PRESSURE COOKER
          to cook the RICE-IN. ”

          I’m sooo joking here… but man…pressure cookers!
          You know some federal fuck has programmed in a file scanner to flag email and posts with this phrase.


          Think about it. If the country was at war…you’d be calling upon all us middle aged white guys who are NRA members to save the place.

          We’re not the enemy. W
          I’ve never been arrested or broken any laws.
          I’m clean.
          I’m the guy you want in your community.

          • real American. Like what your saying, if enough people would do it. Might could be an irritation to those prying eyes just not sure with a system that stores 3 billion ph. calls a day how much? I thought your reply was funny because I really had rice n pinto (bombs) last night and the pintos were really canned in my a/a 930 pressure canner.

          • Or, after all phone conversations, “Hey, NSA, can ya hear me now??” 🙂

        • As I said in a post or so ago… I see this every week… They are preping… You best be to… Stay low and be ready…

        • I’m sure our buddies the Chinese never upload anything bad.

      12. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnapper

      13. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/07/atheists-accuse-teen-valedictorian-of-insensitively-inflicting-christian-prayer-on-graduation-audience-plus-his-response/




        • @old man,
          AMEN BROTHER!! We know how it works.

          • Amen

        • Dum Spiro Spero

          Deo Vindice

        • Here here OMOD, im far from an old man but id stand with you anyday.

        • oldman you might want to inform the zio-jew commies in wash dc , israehell and london england of that fact … cause they think they run ZOG AMERIKA .

          and then there’s the freemasons london england and catholics vatican who also think they run ZOG AMERIKA .

          And lets not forget the Africans , Chinese , Japanese , Russians , Mexicans , Indians , Latino’s etc etc

          hmmmm quite the conundrum … what ever will you do

          as your now the minority in color and faith ???

          N.O. ;0p

          • And now you see the state of things when you take the level headed middle aged men out of the equation. All hell will break loose. Affirmative action… ERA…see…. the NWO was designed to beat down the white guys. See what you get! Let it all collapse.

            • Let the bodies hit the floor

          • African Americans in the Revolutionary War

            Some African Americans saw the Revolution as a fight for justice, but their own liberty and freedom from slavery. Others responded to the Dunmore’s Proclamation, and fought for their freedom as Black Loyalists. Benjamin Quarles believed that the role of the African American in the American Revolution can be understood by “realizing that loyalty was not to a place or a person, but to a principle”.[1] Regardless of where the loyalties of the African American lay, they made a contribution to the birth of the United States that is often disregarded.

            N.O. ;0p

            • Look up Crispus Attucks. Some say he was the first to die in the revolutionary war.

        • An extremist Christian is just as bad as an extremist Muslim. Neither should be tolerated.

          • I tire of those Christian extremists killing innocents and screaming “God is great!” Religion of peace, my fat ass! muslims are savages. You probably have a “coexist” bumper sticker.

      14. I am wondering how the guy remembered all of that long conversation.

      15. When the Navy puts ships to sea, then you better worry.

        Especially if the “Boomers” weigh anchor.

        Pearl Harbor, HI. Norfolk, VA. and San Diego, CA.

        SEQUESTER won’t mean crap, if orders are given.

      16. “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American … The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People.”
        Tench Coxe, 1788.

        “And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms…the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
        Thomas Jefferson

        “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
        John F. Kennedy

        Keep the FAITH

        • A good place to start NOW!
          *get a group together who think alike and who know the Sheriff and know their neighbors PERSONALLY
          *meet with your Sheriff IF..he is rabidly constitutional
          *start deputizing men who will not take Sh** from the state law enforcement or Feds.
          *weed out rats and train asap, do not use phone or internet
          *personally visit Sheriffs of adjoining counties and vet them
          *men will betray you, its a fact. So pray and ask God for help and guidance and to stop infiltrators …it works! There are plenty of Judas-Goats. Remember King David and how he survived in the wilderness…Saul never touched him. Faith is the key. Be moral, be upright and especially be God fearing!
          *strong, organized and disciplined counties will become a nightmare for the beast and all whores
          *the more upright and determined men you have among you, the less likely snakes will want to get near you, a spiritual fear sets in and they want to crawl back in their den!!!!
          *vengeance and hate will never triumph…determination and grit will beat those who who thrive on it. A good sense of humor helps get rid of cobwebs. It’s never over till God says it is. Those who are itching for a fight are psychopaths
          *the men we will face are not determined and are feign of heart. We are going to face perverts, fairies, psychopaths..the godless, all anointed with fairy dust! When any formidable obstacle is presented they will sh** their pants and run! As long as they have fairy land behind them they act tough…lets see how they hold up? America is not Russia or Germany and great men have given much so that you and I could stand against tyranny. To God be the victory in his son Jesus Christ and screw you communist basta***. We are not fascists either! We are Americans!

          • Could not have said that better myself. You are a clear minded thinker. Wish you were my next-door neighbor.

            • We are neighbors in the spirit. Truthfully my post goes over the heads of most people. Without training and organization people just do not realize you have nothing but a rabble and your safer to keep your distance from them. If God be fore us who can be against us…the glory to be revealed in the sons. Mystery

      17. I find it very interesting that AWACS are now flying daily in and out of Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. I have never seen them prior to the last couple of weeks. Now I see them daily and two are parked at the eastern edge of the facility.

        KC-135 traffic has skyrocketed in the last few weeks also. Used to be you would see one to two a day, now I see 20-25 a day. I’m sure they are just “training”.

        • Also…..there have been quite a few postings and articles on the Internet of military vehicles being transported by train in various locations throughout the country. Many believe these to be for use in a martial law situation…but I wonder if perhaps they are just gearing up for war in the mid-east.

          I remember back in 1991 when they were preparing for the first gulf war, and seeing hundreds of tanks and trucks on rail cars just west of San Bernardino, CA….on their way to port to ship over to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm.

          • I am 10 minutes of Fort Campbell, as a crow flies.
            I have heard 3 choppers in 10 minutes and that is unusual.
            They were actually low and very fast; another fact that is NOT typical of them.
            Yes, all in the same flight path–I watched each time from my porch…as I said, they were low and fast and got my attention.

            • I am 10 min south of Ft Campbell, I cannot believe all the stuff I hear sometimes.

              • In Tennessee? 🙂

                • Yes, I don’t see them but I can hear them. We don’t see a lot of movement of the troops because of where we live.

          • A lot of that hardware could be returning from Iraq, DOD had massive quantities of machinery over there, i remember reading somewhere a couple years ago that the demobilization would take years.

          • How many thousands of tons of vehicles and equipment does a single battalion in Iraq have to transport home? I’d not be surprised to see quite a few rail loads of gear for the next two or three years.

            • They’ll just leave most of it. Cost too much to haul it back. And buy new stuff. Keeps the economy going. After all, the only manufacturing not offshored ( yet) is military hardware.

              • We’re not leaving much for the Iraqis. It’s coming home or stored in Qatar.

          • Don’t let your imagination run away with your senses. I remember when I was a young lad back in the mid to late 1950’s, I’d see large convoys traveling through our town once or twice a year going one direction or the other. The military moves equipment around from here to there from time to time and they use convoys via the highway or a lot of times they’ll load everything on rail cars. Just because you see a large contingent of military vehicles on the road or traveling piggy back on rail cars doesn’t mean the country is getting ready to go to war with anyone whether it be the citizens or to invade Mexico or Canada. Get real… take a deep breath, pinch yourself, slap your face, shake your jaws and say to yourself… They are just moving stuff around like they have been doing for decades. It’s normal. They’re not getting ready to come bust your door down. Just saying.

            • @CrabbeNebulae….

              I lived in S. Cal. over 20 years. During that time…the ONLY time I saw hundreds of military vehicles on railcars was the build up to the first gulf war.

              Yes….the military does move vehicles around. But this was above and beyond normal traffic.

              Observations of large numbers of military vehicles being transported around the country are reflecting the observations of a lot of people. Let’s face it…if it were an every day thing….people wouldn’t comment about it.

              Do don’t piss down my neck and tell me it’s raining.

        • There have been training flights of F-15s and Ospreys in northeastern NC lately. But…..in reality, I’m surrounded by military bases.

        • Same on the east coast kc-135’s flying out in all kinds of weather , increased military training for N/G, (could be preps for upcoming storm season?) big N/G exercise thing weekend , with budget cuts this is highly unusual ,
          DHS in this location , oddly no Briefings , no up tick in activity.

          For OPSEC’s stake I am with a PMC unit, combat engineering, nothing unusual in my AO .

          Semper Fi 8541

      18. I’ve probably been into being what used to be a survivalist as long or longer than a lot of folks it means nothing except you are always prepped! so you can get on with your life and not be freaked out all the time!!!!doom and gloom!!! god, isn’t anyone happy, IT’s the end of America every week.

        • I’m never freaked out. I watch the signs. See what’s coming. Prepare accordingly and try to warn like-minded people. The only thing that concerns me is when I should buy a year’s worth of diapers for my grandson.

          • Cloth diapers are cheaper and last forever.

            • Our problem is that we don’t have water to wash them. We have 1500 gallons of water in our basement but that’s it. I don’t want to walk 5 miles with a 5 gallon bucket and a shotgun to get dirty water to wash dirty diapers.

              • Sounds like you have a water problem. You should be able to put in a well. Even if you’re in town and it isn’t allowed, you should still be able to put one down discreetly by yourself. I have the drill point, drop weight, and pipe to put in another well if I need to. There are lots of videos online that show various ways to dig wells. And you don’t have to put the well out in the open. If I drill another well, it will be inside my greenhouse or another building.

          • Keep an eye out for clearance diapers, I have gotten some fantastic deals that way.

      19. If you have to fight, do not fear death. We will all die one day, so fight skillfully and bravely!
        And if it is to be that you die, then at least meet your God nobly and with pride. Meet him as the proud warrior that you were, not as the sniveling coward like so many are. Nobody lives forever-get over it.
        Die like a man.

        Keep the FAITH

        • “We’re all scared. You hid in that ditch because you think there’s still hope. But Blithe, the only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function. Without mercy. Without compassion. Without remorse. All war depends on it.”

          –Lt. Robert Spiers, Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne–

          • Lt Ronald Spears

            • How ’bout we compromise?

              Ronald Speirs.

              I was very tired when I posted that…brain a little foggy.

      20. The day were F*****!! Is the day we see it! In the mean time more guns, ammo and body armor. You’re not going to be fighting war protestors and tree huggers when “It” happens. You’re gonna fight a nightmare creation that your taxes paid for. The nightmare? Robo Cops that got their prime directives F’d up! Mark my word.

        • All tooled up! Looking for a party! Goddamn, look at all the gear and wanna be warriors that come out of the woodwork for every little event. No fun having all that hardware and not using it!

      21. I feel as though I have come home.

        My fury at, and seemingly isolated recognition of, the outright fascism of the current democrats, (and the compliance of wimpy Republicans), and their obvious, infernal, intention to seize power, un-bothered by mere Constitutionality has left me frustrated and feeling sick to my stomach.

        The day I made up my mind that if they came for my guns I would actually shoot it out with the police, was the day I knew I had gone over some pasture fence that “normal” citizens don’t approach.

        Nice to know I’m not alone out here in no-man’s land.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, been over here waitin’ for more to show. Welcome.

        • Watchman,
          My fury increases by the day, as I see The Fundamental Transformation taking place, now, in our face.
          Rush Limbaugh has now called it what it is….
          A COUP d’tat (sp).

          A non violent coup, where there will be no ‘smoking gun’. He made a good point… did you know that there was never any paper work, or smoking gun, that Hitler ordered the Holocaust? He didn’t need any damn paperwork, besides, evil understands they can not leave a trail… What they do is surround themselves with ‘their’ people, who don’t need paper, don’t expect paper, and all those who would exceed their authority on their own dimes, are TRAITORS.

          What is problematical, is our own people, who do not have ‘eyes that see and ears that hear’. So we, must see for them. Getting the word out is hard however, when people have their eyes closed and hands firmly clasped over their ears humming ‘lalalalala’. Those who are proclaiming “Nothing to see here, its just metadata, move along, move along.” I see now, we need a new definition, with new situations come new words.

          Our ‘normalcy bias’, morphed into ‘cognitive dissonance’, and spreads throughout society becoming, abnormalcy bias or what I term systemic irrationality. But this… is; an Information Meta-Coup. Its hard to make the decision, but, seeing our new generation of JBT’s, all decked out in their new style black suits and Nazi helmets, just makes the decision that much easier. Standing here on the other side of the fence, with;
          The III
          We are everywhere.

          Rush is right;

          • The III will Stand TALL Always!

            Keep theFAITH

          • Auschwitz: Facts and Legends By…

            For more than 20 years, Robert Faurisson has been Europe’s foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar. He was born on January 25, 1929, in Shepperton, England. His father was French and his mother was Scottish. He was educated at a Lycée in Paris, and at the renowned Sorbonne. He received his “State Doctorate” in letters and the humanities from the Sorbonne in 1972, where he also taught from 1969 to 1974. From 1974 until 1990, Faurisson was a professor of French literature at the University of Lyon II.

            Soviet forces occupied Auschwitz on January 27, 1945. What they found there was so contrary to what had been spread by propaganda that one may imagine they were left with mouths agape. Alone in its organization and in its sanitary facilities, so modern in the eyes of the Soviets, the camp was the complete opposite of an “extermination camp.” Consequently, for several days the leading Soviet daily Pravda remained silent, and, for the moment, no Allied commission of inquiry was invited to determine, on the spot, the truth of Auschwitz. On the 1st of February, Pravda broke its silence, but only to put the following words in the mouth of a single prisoner:

            The Hitlerites killed the children and the ill by means of gas, as well as the men and women who were unfit for work. They cremated the cadavers in special furnaces. There were twelve of these furnaces in the camp.

            The official Soviet paper added that the number of deaths was reckoned at “thousands and thousands” (not millions). The next day, Pravda’s chief reporter, Jewish journalist Boris Polevoi, affirmed that the main method used by the Germans to exterminate their victims was … electricity

            [They utilized] an electric conveyor belt on which hundreds of persons could be electrocuted simultaneously; the dead bodies would then fall on to a belt driven slowly by a chain and in this way move on into a blast furnace.

            Soviet propaganda was in disarray, and in its newsreels could show only the dead or dying whom the Germans had left behind in their retreat. And, as contemporary newsreels of the camp’s liberation reveal, there were also numerous live children, as well as adults in good health. Jewish propaganda then came to the aid of Soviet propaganda.

            Jewish Propaganda at the End of 1944

            In the spring of 1944, two Jewish escapees from Auschwitz had found refuge in Slovakia. There, with the aid of co-religionists, they began to put together a history of Auschwitz, Birkenau (subsidiary camp of Auschwitz), and Majdanek, three camps they described as “extermination camps.” The best known of these Jews was Walter Rosenberg, alias Rudolf Vrba, who is still alive today, residing in British Columbia, Canada. Their highly fanciful story then spread, always by way of Jewish circles, into Hungary, Switzerland, and finally to the United States. It took the form of a typewritten report published in the United States in November of 1944 by the War Refugee Board, under the official stamp of President Roosevelt. The War Refugee Board (WRB) owed its creation to Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (1891-1967), the Secretary of the Treasury who was later to become famous for the “Morgenthau Plan,” which, had it been followed by Roosevelt and Truman, would have resulted in the physical annihilation, after the war, of millions of Germans.

            The WRB report served as the model for the official “truth” concerning Auschwitz. The Soviets took it as a pattern for their own official Commission report of May 6, 1945, which the Nuremberg Tribunal deemed to have “probative value.” Along with the Soviet Commission report on the Katyn massacre, the Tribunal took “judicial notice” of the Soviet report on Auschwitz, which meant that it could not be questioned. According to this report (Nuremberg document USSR-008), the Germans had killed more than four million people at Auschwitz, notably by gassing them with the insecticide known as “Zyklon B.” This official “truth,” at least regarding the number of victims, was to collapse in 1990.

            The extremely vague and hurried description of the operation of gassing prisoners, as provided by Höss in his written confession, is impossible for both physical and chemical reasons. An execution gassing is not to be confused with a suicidal or accidental gassing: in an execution gassing, the aim is to kill without being killed or poisoned

            Zyklon B is an insecticide with a hydrocyanic acid base that has been widely used since 1922, and is still in use today. It is extremely dangerous. It adheres to surfaces. It is difficult to dispel. It is explosive. In a few states in the USA, hydrogen cyanide gas is used to execute prisoners who have been condemned to death. An execution gas chamber is necessarily very sophisticated, and the procedure is protracted and dangerous. But in his confession, Höss said that the work crew charged with removing 2,000 corpses at a time from a gas chamber entered the area as soon as a ventilator had been turned on, and set about their Herculean task while eating and smoking; that is to say, if we understand correctly, without even a gas mask. Impossible. No one could have gone into an ocean of hydrocyanic acid like that and handled thousands of cyanide-contaminated corpses, which were untouchable because they were impregnated with a highly lethal poison that can kill on contact.


            O. Wormser-Migot, Le Systeme concentrationnaire nazi (1933-1945) (Presses Universitaires de France, 1968), pp. 157,541-545.
            Eight days after this essay was written, the prominent French weekly L’Express acknowledged that, as Robert Faurisson had said “at the end of the 70s,” “everything is false” about the Auschwitz I “gas chamber” that for decades has been shown to tens of thousands of tourists yearly. (See “Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud,” Jan.-Feb. 1995 Journal, p. 23.)

            The Holocaust Memorial Museum

            On August 30, 1994, I visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. There I found no physical representation of the magical gas chamber. I then asked Michael Berenbaum, the Museum’s Research Director, in the presence of four witnesses in his office, to explain this anomaly to me. After becoming violently angry, he finally replied that “the decision had been made not to present any physical representation of a Nazi gas chamber”! He did not bother to mention that in the Museum there was an artistic model of Birkenau’s Crematory II, with its supposed “gas chamber.” He knew that the model in question, which for that matter he didn’t reproduce in his guide book of the Museum,
            was just an artistic creation that bore no relation to reality.


            The Exterminationist Fiasco

            On that occasion I reminded Berenbaum of some events that had been disastrous for the exterminationist cause:

            In 1968, French-Jewish historian Olga Wormser-Migot acknowledged in her thesis that there was a “problem with the gas chambers.” She also wrote that the Auschwitz I main camp was “without a gas chamber” (notwithstanding the “gas chamber” there visited by millions of tourists).

            In 1985, at the first trial of Ernst Zündel in Toronto, both the number one prosecution witness, Rudolf Vrba, and the number one historian of the exterminationist thesis, Raul Hilberg, completely broke down under cross-examination by defense attorney Douglas Christie, with my assistance.

            In 1988, the American Jewish historian Arno Mayer, albeit while asserting his belief in the genocide and in the gas chambers, wrote: “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable … Besides, from 1942 to 1945, certainly at Auschwitz, but probably overall, more Jews were killed by so-called ‘natural’ causes [starvation, disease, sickness, and overwork] than by ‘unnatural’ ones.”

            In 1992, Yehuda Bauer, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a prominent Holocaust historian, authoritatively reassessed the role of the well known “Wannsee Conference” of January 20, 1942. The often-repeated claim that the decision to exterminate the Jews was made at that meeting is “silly,” he said.

            In 1993, Pressac estimated the number of deaths at Auschwitz (Jews and non-Jews) at a total of 775,000, and, then, in 1994, at a figure somewhere between 630,000 and 710,000.

            Until the beginning of 1990 any visitor to Auschwitz could see, inscribed in 19 different languages on 19 metal plaques on the large monument of Birkenau, words proclaiming that four million people had died in the camp. But around April of 1990 those plaques were removed by the Auschwitz Museum authorities, who still today do not know what figure to put in place of the numerical lie before which the world’s most prominent figures, including Pope John Paul II, have come to bow their heads.

            In support of their thesis, the revisionists have at their disposal the reports of three different experts (Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Walter Lüftl) and even the beginnings of a Polish expert’s report, whereas the exterminationists still do not dare to seek an expert report on the alleged weapon of the crime.

            The Jewish survivors of Auschwitz and, in particular, the “children of Auschwitz,” that is, those who were born in the camp or who spent their early years there, are living proof that Auschwitz never could have been an “extermination camp.”


            Not only was there never any order, plan, or trace of any directive or budget for an undertaking as enormous as the systematic extermination of the Jews would have been, not only is there no autopsy report in existence establishing the death of even a single prisoner by poison gas, or an official expert’s report on the weapon used in the crime, but (and despite what some authors of best sellers would have us believe) there is not even a single witness of the gas chambers

            ELI the WEASLE! Biggest FRAUD of 20th Century!

            Elie Wiesel, in his autobiographical testimony Night, published in 1958, does not mention the gas chambers of Auschwitz even once. He says that the Jews were exterminated in huge fires or in crematory furnaces! In January of 1945 the Germans gave him and his father as well the choice of leaving for the heart of Germany with them or of waiting on the spot for the Soviets. After due consideration, the father and son decided to flee with their German “exterminators” rather than wait for their Soviet liberators. All this is clearly spelled out in Night, and needs only to be read with attention.

            E. Wiesel, Night (Avon/Discus pb. edition), pp. 41, 42, 43, 44, 79, 93. (French edition: La Nuit, editions de Minuit, 1958, pp. 128-130). In the German edition (Die Nacht zu begraben, Elischa [Ullstein, 1962]), the word “crematory,” “crematories” or “crematory ovens” has been systematically replaced with the term “gas chamber” or “gas chambers” (in German: Gaskammer[n].) Embarrassed about the gas chambers, Wiesel wrote in his 1994 memoir: “Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes, and to imagination.” English language version: All Rivers Run to the Sea (New York: Knopf, 1995), p. 74. The words that follow show that Wiesel does not believe the “testimonies” of Filip Müller and others like him who, supposedly, have described what happened in the gas chambers.

            Travelling Gas Chambers! Same Scam done in WWI by ALLIES!

            During the First World War the Allies accused the Germans of using churches as gas chambers and of operating cadaver factories. On the first point, see “Atrocities in Serbia. 700,000 Victims,” The Daily Telegraph (London), March 22, 1916, p. 7. This same paper reported similar charges during the Second World War. See: “Germans Murder 700,000 Jews in Poland. Travelling Gas Chambers,” The Daily Telegraph, June 25, 1942, p. 5. (See also: R. Faurisson, “A Request for Additional Information on the Myth of the ‘Gassing’ of the Serbs in the First World War,” Summer 1991 Journal, pp. 254-255.)

            Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
            www dot codoh dot com

            Worlds MOST Extensive Online site filled with every Historical Era and Info of each era you can imagiane! Check the VAST ammount of Factual/Truthfull and Documented History You ever saw. Massive Vault of info on Civil war(US) WWII-WWI-Holocaust-Etc. With close to 800-Writers, many/most MA and PHD Prof. Historians, Professors, Teachers, Concerned for Truth writers. Treat Yourself to some Facts and Truth for a Change eh!


              About the Author:Mark Weber was born in 1951 in Portland, Oregon, where he was also raised. He studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich (Germany), and Portland State University, from where he received a bachelor’s degree in history (with high honors). He then did graduate work in history at Indiana University (Bloomington), where he served as a history instructor and received a Master’s degree in European history.

              Since the end of World War II, authoritative claims about the character and scope of killings at the Auschwitz concentration camp have changed drastically. One particularly striking change concerns the various “official” estimates of the number of victims – a number that since 1945 has been steadily declining.

              At the postwar International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (1945–1946), the victorious Allied powers charged that the Germans exterminated four million people at Auschwitz. This figure, which was given in a report produced by a Soviet government commission, was uncritically accepted for many years, and often appeared in major American newspapers and magazines (Soviet Comm.=Jews provided info on jews killed etc.)

              When SIX Becomes NINE-MILLION!!!

              The 1955 French documentary film “Night and Fog,” which is still widely shown in France, and has been seen by many in the United States, claims that nine million people lost their lives in Auschwitz.

              THEN: NINE Becomes ONE Million!!
              In his Osteuropa article, Meyer writes that Gerald Reitlinger, a prominent Jewish specialist of this subject, estimated in his 1953 book The Final Solution, that a total of one million people perished in Auschwitz.

              Until 1989, notes Meyer, it was forbidden in eastern Europe to dispute the official finding that four million were killed at Auschwitz. At the Auschwitz State Museum, staff members who expressed doubts about this figure were threatened with disciplinary measures. In 1989 Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said that it is time to finally acknowledge that the familiar four million figure is a deliberate myth.(A DELIBERATE MYTH!=A LIE!get It yet?).

              In July 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum, a Polish government agency, along with Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, announced that altogether perhaps one million people (both Jews and non-Jews) died at Auschwitz.(BOTH Jews AND NON Jews and due to Several reasons-starved-sickness-Natural death- Lack of Meds due to Allied bombing of supply Lines!).

              “Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million,” The Daily Telegraph (London), July 17, 1990; “Poland Reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 Million,” The Washington Times, July 17, 1990.


              Franciszek Piper, director of the Auschwitz State Museum, in an essay published in a semi-official 1994 American anthology, put the number of Auschwitz victims at 1.1 million. More or less consistent with that, prominent American newspapers in recent months have been telling readers that “more than a million” Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz.


              For decades key evidence cited for mass killings at Auschwitz has been the postwar testimony of Rudolf Höss, who was commandant of the camp from May 1940 until December 1943, and again between May and July 1944.

              In a detailed 1985 essay, Prof. Robert Faurisson established that the Höss “confession” is a false document that was extracted under torture. Fritjof Meyer, echoing arguments and points made 17 years earlier by Faurisson, writes that Höss’ “confession” was wrung out of him after “three days of sleep deprivation, torture, beatings after every answer, being held naked, and forcibly intoxicated,” and, finally, with the use of a whip.

              DECIET!=MORE LIES!

              Martin Broszat’s Deceit

              In his Osteuropa article, Meyer refers to the deceit of Martin Broszat, one of Germany’s most prominent postwar historians. From 1972 until his death in 1989 Broszat was deputy director, and then director of Germany’s semi-official Institute for Contemporary History in Munich. “The unreliability of Höss’ million-large figures,” writes Meyer, “is so serious that Martin Broszat simply left out some of them in the publication of the Höss papers that he edited.”

              Specifically, Meyer notes, Broszat deleted from Höss’ “memoir” statements about millions of non-existent Jews who were scheduled for extermination, including “about four million Jews from Romania,” as well as “an estimated two and a half million Jews from Bulgaria.” In fact, Meyer writes, in 1940 there were only about 342,000 Jews in Romania altogether, and the total number of Jews in Bulgaria, according to more or less reliable estimates, was between 48,000 and some 63,000. Höss had exaggerated the actual number of Jews in Romania by more than ten times, and in Bulgaria by about 50 times.

              So far, anyway, no public outcry has arisen against Dr. Broszat, who consciously falsified an important historical document, or against the prestigious scholarly institute he directed. Similarly, no one has yet apologized for this deception – or even demanded that an apology be made.(Because of Fear Jews will lable them antisemitenaziswhowanttokillsixmillionMorejews, and Racists too! so they remain Silent and You remain Fooled!)

              Y. Bauer, “Fighting the Distortions,” The Jerusalem Post (Israel), Sept. 22, 1989

              Robert Faurisson, “How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss,” The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1986-87 (Vol. 7, No. 4), pp. 389-403 The original French text was first published in Annales d’Histoire Revisionniste (Paris), No. 1, spring 1987, pp. 137-152. It was also reprinted in: R. Faurisson, Écrits Révisionnistes (1999), vol. 2, pp. 657-669.

              They KILLED LICE! Not Jews!(zyklon-b= fumigation of Lice)

              On epidemics at Auschwitz, see: Y. Gutman and M. Berenbaum, eds., Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, 1994), pp. 27, 214, 328, 381, 388. See also: M. Weber, “High Frequency Delousing Facilities at Auschwitz,” The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1999 (Vol. 18, No. 3), pp. 4-12, esp. pp. 2-8

              from… www dot codoh dot com A-toZ-Listing of Writers and subject/issues and eras of history at Left side of page.

              Be Certain to LOOK UP the TRUTHS we were NEVER Taught about Prez ABE LINCOLN! Whole Lot of info on “Honest Abe” who aint so honest after all! Facts and Truths about the US Civil War aka War of NORTHERN AGRESSION on the South States!! Amazeing! Great Historic Truths! READ SOME!

        • You are not alone Brother, i never thought i would end up here either, but there is no way in hell i will be dictated to about what sort of health care i receive, lightbulb i spark or car i drive, and no way in hell i will allow anyone to disarm me.
          MOLON LABE

        • When the government decided to start restricting our movement (TSA, NDAA) spying on our com, (this has been going on since right after 911) and stopped representing the hard working American Men and Women, the government lost any sense of legitimacy, now, it is even worse,
          Illegitimate gov = resistance from the people.

      22. Has anyone noticed there’s no more flying insects? I used to work in my garden and it was buzzing. Now…nothing. I think they put something in the chemtrails….think Geo Engineering. It’s coming… No bees….no food. Crash the dollar, then crash the food supply. Monsanto to ship sterile seeds that won’t produce shit one year…we are living on a mono crop.

        The plan is mass extermination via starvation on a global scale.
        If you have a food stockpile….better move it when this all goes down.

        if this all goes down…time to find the elite bunkers and dump cement down the air shafts….seal them in forever. zero trial.

        I do think this is the plan….

        In one year….it will all go down….
        Dollar crash
        Market crash
        No bees and no food
        Crop failure
        Chemtrails spraying the hot stuff.
        Then an engineered pandemic with
        shots to kill you.

        Funny thought… all the dems are not preppers..they will be the first to go.
        I heard one guy bosting..that he does not prep up. He’d just.. “eat the dems”.

        • Lots of ticks though. I’ve dealt with more ticks this year than the last five years combined.

          • No crickets any longer. No Japanese beetle bugs.
            One fly so far this year–just one!! No bees–so far, only one bumble bee.
            A few wasps and I don’t even kill them now since I read ALL insects are needed for pollenating plants. 🙂

            My neighbor said the lady bug dark golden/brown with black spots is dangerous –anyone know what she meant?

            • JayJay,

              I saw the first yellow jacket of summer on 28 May. Fortunately it was outside the window. Have seen few flying insects or birds. Ominous.

              Summer’s first mousie gave my cat an evening’s entertainment. It’s around here somewhere. Smaller than my little finger, tail included. Have spotted no six-legged political vermin, to my immense relief.

        • I’ve noticed that there are no toads anymore….even though there is probably more standing water in my neighborhood, and more trees and plants than there were 30 years ago.

          In the early evening, I used to see toads come out. No more.

          I frequently walk in the early evening along a trail in a local park….creek nearby….no toads there either.

          And I can’t remember the last time I saw a honey bee.

          • I almost stepped on one a couple of nights ago. It was just outside the door.

            Back in the 1960s we had a plague of toads. There were thousands, all less than an inch long. Most of them died or were eaten by birds.

          • I saw some beautiful honey bees today around some bushes I have near my garden, first I’ve seen this year.

        • They’re all at my house!! A big swarm of bees in the mailbox too.
          East Texas

      23. Tinker in OK. McChord in WA. Englin in FL. McGuire in NJ. Charleston. SC. Major transport bases for Air Force.

      24. Millions of people killed??!! I think this one will be bigger and it will be billions and not millions. Hell if we have to sacrifice like we did in WW2 there will be millions killed here at home when they can not get there free food stamps, cable tv and obama phones. People want to fight the fast food workers who get someones order wrong or take to long to get them there micky d’s , just wait till they can’t have their gin and juice and fried chicken they will make the LA riots look like a family picnic!!

        • And I’ll sit back in my safe burb and watch it all on tv.


          You just do well and insulate yourself from the other 7b idiots.
          What do you expect…there will be fuckups.
          I have about 25 years left..
          So….I’m not going to worry about it.
          I prepped up in 2009.

          So I earned the right to a piece of mind.

          If they ever come knocking..they will find nothing.
          It’s all hidden off site.

          I’m talking food here.
          Shotgun in the closet at the ready.

          mre ready.

          safe full of silver…ready.

          If course it’s all going to fuck up.
          All the minorities are in charge now and liberal dems.
          Not one of these people ever built a business over decades
          from the ground up.

          I say…let it all fail..then pick up the pieces.

          My plan…
          Keep stocking silver.
          I have an ocean of tools.
          When my kid gets married and cannot find a job..
          then I’ll cash in the silver and have them repairing rental property.
          Hey…no matter what’s going on…a person has to live somewhere.
          It’s how you create your own slaves. The guy upstairs has been paying rent for years.
          Bought me a nice car. with his money.
          He will also pay to send my kid to college.
          Fuck single family homes. buy doubles, duplex and apt. buildings.
          That way…you become the illuminati.

          So stop worrying about shit and create your own rental slaves for yourself.
          Be it capitalism or communism…. folks have to live somewhere.

          There you go.

          I predict a boomer backlash. The gen xers will hate the boomers who will
          not retire.

          • Yes, but do you know how to pollinate a tomato plant?

            • Yes, when you see the little yellow flowers, flick them gently with your finger. I do that when I go in the greenhouse to water. We have green tomatoes, so guess it works.

          • Gen Xers already resent the Boomers for keeping us from getting jobs/ seniority, etc. Their kids get ahead of us when they are the bosses. Hate grows easily in the soil of resentment.

        • I think 90% of Americans will die when there’s no food in the stores, no electricity, no water, no gasoline. America has about 310 million people. Given all that’s coming, is it overly optimistic to think 31 million will survive?

          I think more than 90% of Europeans will die. They don’t have guns and they have a lot of muslims.

          • Yes, the Pale Green Horse will crush Europe, it already is.
            I think when we see Prince Charles convert to Islam, you will have your sign.
            Did you know, in the ancient gamatria, the number of his name, in both English and Hebrew, is;


      25. Au & Ag is getting cheap with fiat. What is there to bitch about???

      26. The Declaration authorizes the people to abolish a destructive government and promulgate a new one more representative of the people.

        At this point, the founding fathers would expect the people to engage in rebellion against the criminal government in DC.


      27. I don’t want to sound like a nah-sayer but reading the highlighted except was like reading a page from a fiction novel. It was worded very emotionally with buzz words like “Pleaded” and such. It was very captivating and very provoking which makes me wonder if it is fiction. I found it too entertaining to be realistic. Sorry, but I just don’t believe that source.

        • It also had no important facts: names, dates, places, things. Other than that…well…

        • The main points are all reasonable:
          1. There are scandals we don’t know anything about
          2. The government will persecute enemies of the state
          3. The internet will be censored.
          4. World War 3 is coming.





        • The government could easily plant people within the march. They could shoot at police and then get away. The marchers would be fired upon by police. They would shoot back. That would give Obama a perfect cover to ban guns.

          • Agreed …

            A direct confrontation is counter productive expensive in men , resources and equipment with ‘0’ chance of success .

            We must ‘Fight them from the Shadows’ as our Ancestors fought the British during the Revolutionary Wars , in properly organized trained equipped ‘Fire Team Elements’ of 3 – 9 person ‘Freeman Patriot Warriors’ with multiple teams of ‘2-man Sniper Over Watch’ forming a ‘Freeman Patriot Company’ of 3 – 5 Elements , 5 – 10 Sniper Teams , Medical and Logistics Personnel . Thus forming an effective Freeman Patriot Militia Company . Estimated number of Freeman Patriots 50 – 80 per an effective operational mobile Freeman Militia Company .

            Anything larger is not mission effective .



            NinaO / N.O. an Enemy of the ZOG State ;0p

            • @ NinaO

              Have you tried putting together a Fire Team? Not as easy as you think and I have been working on it for sometime. Logistics and capabilities are a NIGHTMARE and to be realistic, we would last ONE Fire fight. To be effective is to be one on all levels. Ammo, web gear, same caliber weapons and weapons training, first aid, survival knowledge, concealment, tactical and the list goes on.

              The category they excel in is the will to fight and I trust them with my life.

              We know the lay of the land as we grew up here. Hunted together and most have kinfolk within a few miles of each other.
              We are running a slow country mile and I await the parabolic learning curve.


                first we build

                give it time

                we are organizing

                * open political events marching campaigning and direct confrontation is not our mission .

                leave that to the ‘OATH KEEPERS’ and “JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY’

                our approach to the ‘Zionist Fifth Column’ infesting once free AmeriKa is more subtle … it’s time the Zionists got a taste of their own medicine .

                N.O. ;0p

              • @Slingshot …

                ‘One Fire Ant’ bite is annoying .

                A ‘1000 Freeman Patriot Fire Ants’ organized attack and bite will Kill you(them) .

                please be patient

                time is on our side


                N.O. ;0p

        • @ Eisen. Its too far away. They would have to move wash DC up here to Northern Idaho….. They probably wouldnt have a very friendly reception.

      29. I have been reading articles similar to this for two years. I KNOW someday, something (EMP, Stock Market Crash, WorldWide Natural Disaster, Etc.) is going to happen. I read this article like the others. And like the others wonder if this is some how finally it.

      30. I don’t like doom and gloom anymore than anyone else here, but we all have to accept that it’s all around us these days; that is reality. Something is coming soon; I can feel it. I’m speeding up my prepping and hope everyone else is doing the same. braveheart

        • braveheart, it’s coming, it should have been here already. Manipulation of the market and false data such as the true unemployment figures ect… they have been able to delay the inevitable.

          Solid advice on prepping.

      31. Given the fact that it has now been quietly confirmed by government sources that no Boeing 757 struck the Pentagon on 911, we can confidently give some serious credence to this deep cover DHS revelation.

        • Where?

        • Uhhhhmmm yeah, I was on the fourteenth street bridge when the PLANE hit the pentagon! It happened,I saw it happen! If it was a hologram,it was a damn real one!

          • Thumb down all you want,….I. SAW. It. In real time ! It was a freakin plane !!!!!!

            • With the few images released, I have no doubt that a middle hit the pentagram

              • – rocket

            • real time video is 30fps. all surveillance video was played back at 1fps…. that’s not real time!

        • Yeah, that’s it! 9-11 was a HOAX!!

      32. For once I’d like some real specifics, so I can check my calendar, clear things away and get ready. I’d hate to be waiting on a pizza or something when this megilla happens.

      33. If I pull the plug, exercise the nuclear option and stop paying my bills this month to lay-in the high-dollar SHTF supplies (solar panels NVG’s etc.) and nothing goes down THIS TIME I’m gonna be really pissed.

        • Will solar panels withstand an EMP?


          • Keep an extra inverter tucked away with your extra electronics. The man who installed our system said that the inverter is what would get fried.

      34. “What makes you, I or our families any different than those who they came for before?”

        I do not know about anyone else, but more power to them if they are going to get past God if or when they come for me.
        I do not make this as an idle statement, I have walked away from enough life ending situations to know my destiny and life are safe until he says different.
        And if the day comes when the unreasonable men show up I only ask one thing, to be above and behind the enemy.

        • OSOK

          Semper Fi 8541

      35. Food for Prepper and Patriot thought –

        if barry the illegal alien druggy prostitute kenyan fairy kicks of WW3 with his Israehell Zionist Super Friends and England

        … he gets to have a 3rd Term in the NWO puppet prez office by decree of the War Powers Act .

        And then NWO U.N. ZOG Martial Law ‘Black Boot DHS Gestapo’ Camp Fema time for the next 8 years or so .

        That would solve most of Wash DC’s / London’s / Vatican’s / Israehell’s problems real fast .

        It’s been done before for less reasons … and repeats every 10-15 years since the year 1900 .

        We are Due for Another global international banker arranged planned Great World War !

        “Stay Frosty”


        N.O ;0p

        • Perhaps history will call this the ‘hundred year war’…. Same conflict, same players…

          • @ Mac. If this becomes a hundred year war there will be less people left than in the Mad Max movies, or other post apocalyptic movies. Eventually someone is going to let a couple or more nukes lose, and then it will be game over for the civilization. Containment is ONLY possible if one of the major nuclear powers is not hit. I don’t know about the way you feel or others, but it seems like the so called “leaders” of these countries are itching desperately for a real violent fight, real soon.

            • God intervenes at the end of the 7 year Tribulation. Why? If he let “civilization” continue to be civilized there would be no one left.

              • Sorry dude you misunderstand scripture and are caught in the ‘rapture cult’. These are the same morons who tie themselves to the Zionists and have allowed dual citizens to destroy this country. Your type will never stand in these last days because you have a misdirected understanding of truth and you pour out your swill to those who are truly trying to get tuned into Jesus. Go and listen to your pillow prophets till the shtf. What the hell do you think the world is and has been experiencing for the past 2000 years, a picnic? I just don’t want God’s wrath on me but you may be itching for it. Canned crap!

                • Ike buddy… Either you read/study scripture and have faith or you think that you are smarter than the Bible. Good luck with that one. Do you know who created you? No, I have not met him on the street either. You can just travel along with your Pagan thinking that you are bigger and better than God and that the Bible does not pertain to everyone smarter than a fifth grader. With a comment like yours I will forgo chapter and verse. You are on your own. May God be with you.

                  • Re-read revelation. God gathers the fruits of the earth at the last trumpet. Post trib. rapture is truth.

                  • Rapture is the truth just as the Tribulation. The Church/Christians will be removed from this world. You can argue all you like about when, God said “no man shall know the day or time” God does give us clues as to when the time is near.

                    I posted this farther up in the blog, but it is worth contemplating Daniel 11:36. He seems to describe Oweed.

                    And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Daniel 11:36

                  • Dudes, you still have it wrong! Your words betray your position which is that Christians will “be removed from the world (earth) BS.” bye bye, those removed are cast into hell, we will be where the Lord is ‘on the earth’ with him while the angels do their thing! You do err in your thinking believing in the Rapture claptrap teachings. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of Our Lord and of his Christ and then we will reign with HIM and those he brings with him which are the clouds, the witnesses throughout history. The wicked will be severed from our midst and also read Psalm 91. With our eyes we will see their reward! Eating and drinking and the floods came and took them all AWAY! Your theology needs tweaking and you need to drop the word ‘rapture’ from your vocabulary, it is an ‘invented’ delusion of those who perish. Changed is a better word, rapture has a complete set of false doctrine wrapped in this enigma. I’m a proud pagan dudes. Sorry to place this on the blog but too many patriots are mislead by dingle-berries. There is NO LEAVING THIS EARTH PEOPLE. Look for the eagles. The Lord comes once with his angels, one, uno not twice. The wicked will shit their pants when it happens and their knees will knock and turn to rubber! So stand fast Christian patriot, the Lord is our strength mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

                  • Dudes, you still have it wrong! Your words betray your position which is that Christians will “be removed from the world (earth) BS.” bye bye, those removed are cast into hell, we will be where the Lord is ‘on the earth’ with him while the angels do their thing! You do err in your thinking believing in the Rapture claptrap teachings. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of Our Lord and of his Christ and then we will reign with HIM and those he brings with him which are the clouds, the witnesses throughout history. The wicked will be severed from our midst and also read Psalm 91. With our eyes we will see their reward! Eating and drinking and the floods came and took them all AWAY! Your theology needs tweaking and you need to drop the word ‘rapture’ from your vocabulary, it is an ‘invented’ delusion of those who perish. Changed is a better word, rapture has a complete set of false doctrine wrapped in this enigma. I’m a proud pagan dudes. Sorry to place this on the blog but too many patriots are mislead by dingle-berries. There is NO LEAVING THIS EARTH PEOPLE. Look for the eagles. The Lord comes once with his angels, one, uno not twice. The wicked will shit their pants when it happens and their knees will knock and turn to rubber! So stand fast Christian patriot, the Lord is our strength mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

            • “the ‘so called’ leaders of these countries are itching desperately for a real violent fight, real soon.”

              Do you include Russia in “those countries that are eager for a violent fight?”

              It sounds like a broken record but when ignorance is pervasive someone who knows a little bit must speak up.

              On YouTube take a look at “World War 2 in the East — The Rzhev Meat Grinder.”

              There were about 50 separate battles in that campaign. The Russians lost ten times more men in about a year than we lost in Vietnam in twelve years.

              350,000 casualties in one particular campaign. And twenty MILLION in what they call the Great Patriotic War. Which nearly 70 years later is as present to them as it was then.

              One country has a history of trumping up war on whatever mess of lies sell to the poorly informed. Making war for profit.

              It may play to the base but it batters the facts to say everyone does that. Everyone doesn’t.

              I hold no brief for the Russians. But history as it really happened matters to me.

      36. The southern Antarctica plate boundaries are alive again. Remember the last time I gave a warning about something awful coming, and the largest ever deep focus earthquake occurred a couple of weeks ago? Well, here is another warning similar to that one. Several of these precursor quakes lead to many swarms of major quakes in the past. The one that just happened a half a hour ago in the Balleny Islands region is the important one that everyone should be concerned over. Again, a geophysical event in the wrong place could easily collapse the economy and start the domino effect.

        This region when it gets hits, 100% of the time big quakes come or a series of high 6 pointers. Before the 8.0 in the Santa Cruz Islands earlier this year, this exact spot had a precursor quake. This region has lead to within 15 days many 7.5+. The Mexico California border quake of 7.2 occurred 3 days after the Balleny Islands area was hit within 15 miles of tonight’s quake 3 years ago. With all the recent harbinger quakes in the south, this one on the Australian/Antarctic border is one that means something huge is coming or a swarm of major quakes 6.5-7.3 range. I give a 90% chance of this by June 22. As more quakes occur it should really narrow it down a lot, until then go with the areas on the previous comment.

      37. Jew Suspicion and Hate: Racist Attacks On Arabs Increase in Israel

        Arabs are being beaten and insulted in Israel, where the number of racially motivated attacks has risen dramatically. The unresolved conflict, fueled by nationalist politicians, is shifting from Palestinian areas into the Israeli heartland.

        The horror is etched on her face and caught on camera. Revital Wolkov is sitting in the driver’s seat of her white Toyota, staring over her right shoulder, through the broken rear window, directly into the lens. The hole in the window is shaped like a large butterfly.

        Wolkov, 53, teaches history in Ramat HaSharon, near Tel Aviv. She was attacked and her car was damaged, merely because an Arab colleague was sitting in the passenger seat. It happened in March, but it wasn’t the only attack of its kind.

        In the spring, several Jewish teenage girls asked a women standing at a bus stop in Jerusalem whether she was an Arab. The woman, wearing a headscarf, replied that she was. One of the girls pulled the hijab from the woman’s head and spat in her face. The others kicked and beat the woman. A police officer stood nearby and watched. Hana Amtir, 38, three months’ pregnant, locked herself into her house for three days before filing a complaint with the police.

        In a beach bar in Tel Aviv, an Arab waiter was clearing away bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup, but the men sitting at one of the tables weren’t finished yet. “Damn Arab,” they cursed, and then proceeded to beat the man, who was later hospitalized. None of the other guests came to his aid.

        Youths attacked an Arab cleaning man working for the city of Tel Aviv as he was emptying garbage cans. They broke a bottle over his head. The man, covered with blood, asked them why they were doing this to him. “Because you’re an Arab,” they shouted.

        Such attacks have become commonplace in Israel, but it isn’t Jewish soldiers beating Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. The attacks have nothing to do with militant settlers or an autonomous Palestine, although these conflicts are always at the back of people’s minds.

        For decades, Jews and Palestinians have been fighting over the same piece of land. Some of them even share the same citizenship. Three quarters of Israel’s 8 million people are Jews, and 1.8 million are Israeli Arabs. However, their paths rarely cross in everyday life. Israel’s Arabs are not required to serve in the military, and many of them live in primarily Arab towns and neighborhoods, with their children attending Arab schools. They earn less on average and are not as well educated as Israeli Jews. Officially, they have the same rights as Jewish citizens, but in reality they are often the targets of discrimination.

        ” Damn Greedy Dirty Smelly Hairy Jews !”

        N.O. ;0P

        • Don’t let hate rule your life brother. Many of the same things are going on in America and the world. Yes your post is true but there are many Jews is Israel that are having the crap beat out of them because they are standing against this Zionist oppression. When you pull the trigger make sure you know what your aiming at. Many are deceived and many are about to get a rude awakening. Israel is not true Israel and it is the Image of the Beast that the world perverts worship. However not all Israelis are evil.

          • its not hate

            its firm resolve to end the zionist jew terrorizing control of the entire world AND ZOG AMERIKA .



            or GET the fuck OUT OF MY WAY

            N.O. ;0p

            • Kai Murros has a good video on Youtube that discusses the subject of ‘hate’, I highly recommend it to the shtfplan.com reading community.

              In short, ‘hate’ is a natural emotion, just as are the other emotions that all humans experience. Mother Nature gave us the ability to hate as a necessary part of our instinct for survival. It is normal and perfectly healthy to ‘hate’ your enemies, particularly when they are attempting to destroy you, your civilization and destroy any future for your children.

      38. I don’t mean to distract y’all from the urgent need to prep, or to divert attention away from important issues, but… (actually, I do. That’s the whole point) does anybody know how to adjust the clutch in a ’74 AMC Gremlin? This is important. Niece’s wedding is coming up and I want her to ride in style…

        And to those who said welcome back a couple articles ago, thanks! It’s good to be back. Cell reception was out all over OZ, but, the cable was good. Duck Dynasty on 7 channels!
        And, a personal note to eisen- the Wizard said to tell you if you hack his computer one more time and put everything on CAPSLOCK, he’s gonna cast a spell on you! He was really pissed about that! 🙂

        • If I remember correctly… after midnite get the Gremlin wet and it will turn into an AMC Pacer… Poof!


        • Smokinokie,ok this is Easily done as long as the clutch is not out of it.Thete should be no free play in the clutch peddle,get the car in the air,get somebody to work the clutch so you can ssee what moving,the bellhouseing has a bar comming out of it, its the. clutch fork,then there will BE what looks like althread,you will adjustit at that linkage,adjust it till theirs no Travel in the clutch peddle..Done..GOOD LUCK

      39. Even here in Alaska we are seeing much more military action than usual . this week the 4th brigade combat team 25th infantry division (airborne)practiced rapid reaction to hostil zones . some 1400 paratroopers . they say its the largest and most comprehensive airborne opperation in the brigades history . I nearly craped when I saw the picture plastered over the front page of the paper . Times are strange indeed

        • Islander,did you see that the Alaska state troopers got 3 armored personnel carriers, and there are now two drones in Alaska, one in anchorage and one in Fairbanks?

          • yeah , it seams like cop shops can never say no when offered the new military equipment . A good friend of mine who is the chief of police in a town in Indiana was offered armored vehicles and a host of other military equipment and he jumped on it . what bothered me about that was some months before that he made the statement that all the new cops he hires are too military minded being fresh out the service and then he gives them this equipment

            • My question would be, does the chief support the constitution and stand against tyranny and does he hire those who are freedom loving…if so more power to him. Get all you can now and use it against them. But if his department is riddled with fairies and infiltrators he is your enemy and you should confront him if he really is a friend. You talk like you have never had a heart to heart with this man. Otherwise you would not make this statement! Until you do I would reserve judgment. If you do not search out a matter then you are worse than they are.

            • Yea, no disrespect but the military has been getting their ass handed to them by a bunch of guys in sandals and robes so cocky paramilitary police better watch their 6

        • This morning I saw a convoy of 12 military semi-trucks headed south through a little town. Some green, some desert sand with empty flat bed trailers. One trailer had a couple of small box/containers. The interesting note was that all the windows on the tractors were tinted.

      40. “Alright class, turn in your first homework assignment of the new school year.”

        How I Spent My Summer Vacation During The Collapse

        My family went to Camp FEMA this summer. We had great plans. Dad said they’d probably have swimming and hiking and lots of neat crafts for us to do. It was a long bus ride to get there, and, at first I was disappointed when I saw the camp. All the buildings were grey and the whole place looked kind of boring.
        We all got in a long line and they checked our bags. Maybe they wanted to make sure we brought enough sunscreen or something. Dad got really mad when they wouldn’t give him back his bag. I think maybe his travelers checks were in there, I don’t know. Mom just smiled and patted Sissy’s backpack. The men in blue hats took out her granola bars and kept them, but they never noticed the false bottom Mom had made in the pack.
        Then we went to our cabin. It was a let-down too. No windows or air conditioning or even any television! And we had to share one little cabin with three other families. The only good part was, there was a cute girl in one of the families. Her name is Mindy and I think she likes me. Her dad is a mechanic, and that came in real handy when he hot-wired the busses later.
        The first three days we only got to leave the cabin for an hour a day. And we couldn’t do any fun stuff. Just walk around the big fenced yard. Dad started talking quietly to the other moms and dads in our cabin.
        When the camp counselors came by, the grown-ups quickly changed the subject to sports. Or they talked a little louder and said how grateful they were to be there. I could tell Dad was lying. He had that same sarcastic tone he uses to tell Mom how tasty her veggie meatloaf is. I guess he was just fooling the counselors.
        And for some reason, they didn’t call them counselors. They called them guards.(?) And they never even showed us how to weave baskets or anything. Maybe that was supposed to be later in the summer.
        Then, on our fourth night there, Dad and all the other grown-ups called a meeting in our cabin. Some of the people from other cabins were there too. We had about 16 grown-ups and lots of kids packed into our cabin. Mom, and one or two of the other ladies, dug some stuff out of their packs. Mom gave Dad and two of the other men something from Sissy’s pack. About midnight, most of the grown-ups left and Dad went with them. Mom told us to get our few belongings together and get ready to go. I guess if you check out before 12, you don’t have to pay for another day.
        The we all lined up by the door. I heard a loud bang outside and Mom said “Go!” Another lady led a line of us kids out with Mom in the rear. We ran as fast as we could to the outer fence. It was scary, since we didn’t know what was happening! But it was fun, too!
        I saw a bright flash go up by the counselors building and heard several more loud noises. Mom said “Don’t look back! Keep running!” When we got to the fence, there was a man there with some wire cutters and a big hole in the fence. We all ducked and went through, into the brush and woods.
        Then I heard a ‘whoosh’ sound, and a second later the whole main building went up in flames. I asked Mom if it was a weenie roast, but she didn’t answer.
        A minute after we got into the woods, Dad and several other men came roaring up in two of the camp busses. Mindy’s dad had got them started without even using a key! I hope he’ll teach me that trick some day! We all piled in and drove down a dirt road. About a dozen trucks and busses from camp drove out after us. They were going real fast. Just as they got to the camp exit, there was an explosion and the ground blew up underneath them! Two of the trucks flipped over on their backs and burst into flame. I thought to myself ‘I hope those guys had their seatbelts on.’
        We drove most of the night and got home at sun-up. The town looked different than I remembered. But there were lots of people that Mom and Dad knew out walking the streets. Most of them had rifles, even the girls from high school. I met Mindy’s older sister. She’s cute too, but way too old for me.
        I asked Dad if hunting season had started early this year. He smiled and said, “Yes, son. And it’ll be a long hunting season too. We aren’t stopping til every varmint is dead.”
        Our house had been broken into while we were on vacation. My playstation was missing. Mom said not to worry about it, I’d soon be playing with grown-up toys (whatever that means).
        Dad says next year we won’t go to Camp FEMA. In fact, he’s taking us to Washington, with some other families from town. I hope Mindy gets to go!

        The End……. okie, jr

        • You should write a book! Seriously!

          • DollarstoDonuts, First you say you dont like going off Topic, then you. Praise someone fot going off Topic. It was a good story, but you make as much Sense as a dog that eat’s it’s own SH*T..

            • You spout your own SH*T all over this website and show your ignorance with every post..

      41. Does a slave owner want to turn 100 slaves into 10?
        Does a rich man want to turn $100 into $10?
        Would a ruler wish to take a stable country and turn it into chaos?
        TPTB are not stupid, no matter how much some may wish it so.

        Every one here willing to stand up and fight should know the time was yesterday. They can simply continue to sell the big scary lie which allows so many of us to sit and wait for that green flag moment while continuing the same slow steady advancement of the generations old plan. Boiling the frog slow has worked so well why would anyone think they are suddenly going to change?

        We have missed so many oppourtunities where our right and our duty demanded we act. It is much easier to sit and complain while doing nothing. In Turkey the cops bust up a peaceful protest and the Turkish people rise up and resist. In America the cops bust up a peaceful protest and people say those dirty hippies deserve it. In America we are sick, we hate “them” (whoever they might be to you) so much we don’t allow ourselves to realize when one of us is denied freedom, all of us are denied freedom. We don’t want to be told how to act but love to watch big brother stomp our opinion into our neighbors and fail to see the hypocracy. We talk about human rights and the second amendment and cheer when the military invades and disarms our fellow man.

        Can we change?
        Will we change?

        Or will the next article be the same as the last?
        F this, f that, f them, it is all THEIR fault and I will not change.

        “Want to make the world a better place? Take a look at yourself and make the change.”

        Or continue the insanity.

        • @ Common Sense.

          Interesting! The Power of change. Slow over time or in an instant. Then there is the power to make change. To further the point, “Who” has the power to make change and by what means. How much and what type of change do we need? Being careful not to swing the pendulum too far. Is change justified? Have we thought through the equation of all the probabilities as change occurs? What about unforeseeable change. At what point, change can not be achieved?
          We as preppers have made changes to safeguard against the future and find ourselves confounded as to why others do not follow our warnings. We are held back from change because we have no starting point that tells us,
          “DO IT NOW or ELSE”. Myself as a prepper for many years,
          and understands the changes in our country, still believes that we will have major change and that it will be worse than when I started to prep. All the key factors are still there with more piled upon the mound of invasive laws. To those that say that nothing will happen I ask to re-examine what is discussed here. I do not think we are far from the mark even if we do express radical views.
          It is my opinion, that our problem is that we fail to unite under one cause. That being the preservation of the Constitution and what it stands for. We fracture our true cause with our own little small personal wars which divide us. Attribute this to age and experience and the
          exuberance of youth. After all, seniors must endure the fast change of intelligence/high tech of youth and youth must seek wisdom of the seniors. Too fast a change can be as detrimental as too slow a change. Obama Care would be good if , We Knew What Was In It” and coverage for medical was equal, affordable and not TYRANNICAL, if that could be.
          Another issue is that most all my friends are 45+ in age and so the subjects we talked about suits our age. Different from the difficulties of youth as we are established in life. Priorities are different. As they say, An emergency on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. Selfish on my part?
          Even I have digressed now, expressing my personal views and away from the Constitution.
          I don’t know if we are as cohesive in our thoughts as we should be. Our diversity is our worst enemy that inhibits change.

        • The UN’s Agenda 21 calls for reducing human population to sustainable levels. Most likely, 500 million according to the Georgia Guidestones. Satan wants to kill and destroy. Satanism is at the heart of the global elite and they seek to do his will.

      42. I wish I was a psychiatrist, I could make a fortune off you whackos who believe this same crap week after week. the same stories are printed every other month with just minor changes. wake up.

        • And soon there will be some bullshit article about how the Government is listening to all our phone calls and vacumning up the entire Internet.

          Right wing wacko nut jobs.

          • Don’t worry. The gubberment is not afraid of you.

        • “I was crazy when I got here, but I’m All Right Now!”

          What we need is an Insanity Index.

          Maybe two. One for the government and one for us.

      43. we all need to do like the Jews who first returned to Jerusalem being released from captivity by Darius… as they repaired the city walls and gates, they worked with one hand while the other was literally on their sword, meaning: get done what you can get done while there’s time to get it done because the’s coming when gettin’ time is done…
        (KJV Nehemiah 4:17 “They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.”)

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        • Nehemiah 4 17
          Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon. 18 As for the builders, each wore his sword girded at his side as he built, while the trumpeter stood near me. … 21 So we carried on the work with half of them holding spears from dawn until the stars appeared. …. 23 So neither I, my brothers, my servants, nor the men of the guard who followed me, none of us removed our clothes, each took his weapon even to the water.

          Esther 8:11-12 11 By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and protect their lives — to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them, both little children and women, and to plunder their possessions…

          Luke 11:21
          “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his palace, his possessions are safe.”

          • Genesis 14:14 “And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan.” and Abram with his trained servants smote them with a devastating smiting… life can get hard for those who think they should have what belongs to someone else…

            pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      44. Rising Red tide: China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors

        Keep the FAITH

      45. With all this super secret squirrel spying gadgetry.
        It makes me wonder how reliable any backside intel really is. Backside as in straight from the gushing sphincter of sockpuppet shills.

        Be that as it may , at this point , the worse thing that could happen is death. The final SHTF event that people are truly unprepared for. You can kill me , you can not defeat me . )

      46. The article is on target except it fails to mention WHO is doing the dirty.

        Those spying on americans are…. americans

        Those destroying the american economy are…. americans

        Those ruining the american currency are…. americans

        Those voting american rights away are…. americans

        Those wanting to take american weapons are…. americans

        Those sending american military around the world are… americans

        Those who will arrest americans for complaining are… americans

        Those paying for all of this are… americans

        Anyone care to guess who our real enemy is?

        • Who is our real enemy? International bankers and the City of London. They gave us Obama.

      47. About people..
        Jews … enslaved us with debt.
        Blacks….trying hard to do well..but had too many kids..some stay “black” others lose their slang and move into corp. jobs and are accepted as equals.
        Chinese…hard working and owning much.
        Rednecks… live in the country and will survive it all…used to being poor and never visit the dentist.
        Dems…just commies
        NRA members.. mostly repub. But aging and taxed to death.
        Middle aged white guys…a dying breed.
        Gen X…now sucking up commie-ism concepts.
        NWO coolaid being drunk by many.
        The goal.. a massive human culling by many means…then they will have to live in agenda 21 human settlement zones….fema camps to be the new cities connected by rails. Just look at detroit. Fucked up.

        Have you ever noticed in the movies the evil people are arian in nature. Malfoy….ex
        The jews own the media and have been doing this a long time.

        I say..if you want to do well for your family…rental real estate will be the ticket.
        You create your own rental slaves for you and your family.
        its better to own less and keep it in tip top shape. The rent never stops.
        This is a prep.

        I = INCOME

        There you go.
        It’s best to metal up now.
        Later cash it all in.

        Me.. I have a nice corp job and use the money to fix up my place.
        I just hire it all done. Time flies by.

        I think this site needs to start talking about more real world shit.
        How to get by and generational planning as a prep.

        Many are waiting for the shtf like they are waiting for xmas …to be proven right.
        Bad approach.

        At my company.. I prepped up on computer books. Got promoted many times.
        The company is my bitch. I enslaved them with technical debt.
        Those who did not hit the books got fired off. The SHTF hit the fan for them.
        Just got a nice $5k bonus and raise to match.

        See… career a prep.

        Good luck.

        • excellent post … respect .

          • Anusymous, Why don’t you give it a rest. You don’t have any good reason to live……

        • I.D.E.A.

          What about taxes? Property taxes for this business is for commercial buildings. This rent is passive income. Appreciation needs to be adjusted for capital gains. If your corp job + your passive income is high enough, you will pay the 3.8% surcharge on high income. You will also pay this (again) on cap gains.

          What about maintenance? Renters do not always take care of your property and can actually destroy it. If you have others do the repair work, that is a deduction from your ROI.

          If the economy goes south, those at the bottom, likely to be renters, will not be able to pay. If you opt for Section 8, so that Uncle pays, then who is whose bitch?

          I know a wealthy person who also has a professional income who has done this. They invested their entire 401k in rentals, set up a progressive scheme so that one property pays for the next, ad infinitum and set their children up in property management. The children draw salaries, everything is in a corporation and the ROI is still only 10%. Ten percent is a good return, but the headaches can be massive and I know this venture is suffering under the changes to the tax code.

          Under this administration, such a property scheme makes you a target.


        • @ Final thought. How are you prepping for when they burn your rentals down and there is no insurance that will cover it?

        • You sound like Hitler with all of your anti Jew stuff. How about shutting all that nonsense up. You’re talking out of your butt..

      48. The new menu arrived in the mail from Washington D.C.

        Breakfast: Open Face SH-T Sandwich
        Lunch: See Above
        Dinner: See Above

        Drink included.

        As you can see the Government is providing for us.
        Enjoy your MEALS!

        Keep the FAITH

      49. Another earthquake in the south. This area AGAIN leads to a big quake or a series of major quakes 100% of the time in the past. I would now say to the above comment that there is a 95% chance of a major earthquake within 15 days. This one seems to aim a lot of the time at Fiji and the area from New Guinea to Soloman Islands. Also South and Central America have been hit several times after this region becomes active. It is because of the Nazca plate, and now 33 out of 36 times since this sequence began about 2 months ago Central and/or South American has been hit.

        The pressure is building up to very severe levels down to the south of the U.S. There should have been at least a 7.5 by now down there. Either there is going to be a release of that energy in a mega quake on one section, or a swarm of major earthquakes on several different areas. I should be able to narrow this down further exactly where later. The entire coastline from Chile to Alaska is now in the target zone and people living there need to be aware of something massive coming or again a series of lesser quakes. This much pressure must be released and will. These prescursor quakes all over the place just like before the mega deep focus quake 2 weeks ago are showing this AGAIN.

        • I think the crust is thick enough to contain the energy increase of 1% of 1% which happened back in the early 90’s. It gets more stable with age ya know.

          • @ Quantum Bubbler. The issue with what is coming doesn’t have to do with some sort of massive failure of the crust, it has to do with the stress points that have built up and are ready to unleash a serious amount of pinned up energy. This can of course also be in vulcanism. As JustOneGuy brought up is as the crust become more rigid it becomes a lot less stable. It is when the entire system is hotter and more fluid, that stability rules.

            Again, what I am concentrating is not a long term geological series of events, but what is coming within the extremely foreseeable future and what will affect the world economies and the safety of millions of people. When you have a series of these precursor quakes they have energy signatures that point to general areas where the next major quake is going to hit. The more of these precurso quakes the narrower someone can predict exactly where. This has proven itself correct over and over again the past year, so much so that it kind of amazes even me.

            The past 2 months have shown tremendous amount of this strain building from Mexico to Chile. The area around Easter Island has shown in the past that when you have a series of quakes around here 100% of the time within 30 days Central and/or South American gets hits with a 6.5+. This streak was broken last month and continue now. This means that something is so jammed up and locked down there that it giving off these signatures of impending breakage, but it is not happening because it can’t let loose. This means that something of enormous amounts of strain have built there. This means a series of smaller major quakes (6.5-7.5), OR a mega quake or two.

            I realize that there are many out there that doubt this still, the forecast of earthquakes, and why I make a comment then try to remember to mark down the comment number and the article so people can go back and see that before this occurred it was accurately predicted. I do this for myself also because I am a true doubting Thomas, I should have been born in Missouri, the prove it to me state. Just like before the largest deep focus quake ever recorded two weeks ago, in which these same energy signatures were pointing to something enormous, the same pattern has begun AGAIN, and is continuing AGAIN. On top of this 2 month gap in South America and Central America in which there should have been a 7.5+ down there, this shows that something horrible is coming. I am so sure of this that I have been typing this out as quickly as possible to beat the next major quake before it hits.

            I am working right now on better pinpointing exactly where, and will attempt to give everyone later today or tomorrow some locations that are most likely to get hit, and some that are moderately possible. There should be enough data now to formulate some locations. Back later.

      50. Have a family member that’s special forces(went to panama and the first gulf war, and whatever bad guys he killed in between),

        Anyways, we got to talking about current events and how screwed up the world is. I asked him if what his sources are telling him are true, ( foreign troops, Russians, veterans being disappeared, or disappearing themselves, etc)……..and the only thing he came back and said was “get water purification tablets”

        Out of the times we’ve talked about the world, this sent chills up my spine, since then we haven’t really talked. Stay frosty ya’ll. things are gonna get interesting

        Standing by in OH,


      51. I sat down for a multi-hour talk with a childhood friend who apparently is high up in the EPA hierarchy. He quipped to the waitress who was flirting with me instead of him, “what about me? I work for the EPA and I’m on a committee that decides what is in the air you breath!” I mention that to expose the ego base of such an operator’s motive. Anyway, he stated anyone as high up the hierarchy as he can write a damning book about the federal government and he said the end-game is nuclear war.

        We all know the academics’ view of over-population. Of course it is wrong, everybody in the world standing shoulder to shoulder will fit in the largest county in Texas. What they see is the clumping together problem of cities caused by the same old golden-calf advertising programs of religions/governments.

        These people think they will crawl out of the underground holes they have provisioned and have a restart from this technological point and go forward. Actually they will live about 7 years underground and die. There will be nothing to come up to that is live-able.

        I know a viable amendment for saving the Constitution and I know who I would put on a NWO team to fix the world’s problems. Over the past 25 years I have worked about 5 hours per week thinking I would be busy about this time getting this world ‘on footing’ but … the intentions of mankind [sic] to be a Type 1 civilization (http://youtu.be/9n-tTst-vyQ) are ridiculous. You do not see evidence of Type 1 anywhere in the vast Universe because Star War cultures are NOT allowed. Period.

        Seeing as you are a people whom have leased your Self out to larger dominant groups it would require said larger group to capitulate to this Individual all matters of power. Chances of that?

        On that note, I have seen my next planet. Great surf! For a while I felt snubbed as it is seven times larger than this planet, Uranus, you picked the wrong name! (jk) I was furious thinking I would forfeit the form of the Master and have to have a hard shell as I would weigh a ton! Turns out though, it is a water-core planet, phew! I didn’t think I had served the Master of the Universe more imperfectly than the chaos set allows. For instance, you can thank me for the fact this planet is still here! I drank a bottle of Robitussin DM and at the peak near-death period I inserted a damning meme into Breshnev who was in DC at the Nixon/Breshnev meeting. I was an ITT messenger. I tell you that because currently I am feeding a warring meme. I can’t help it because people who want to damage or kill me are coming in July to finish an illegal claim on land adjacent to mine. They and will be setting up camp and harassing me and my wife in our perfect little Garden of Weedin’. They are there to really make me want it all to end. Boo-hoo! If I could sell and leave I would. Here, I’m putting my link up so you can donate and maybe I can just abandon ship. If I do, I will go to a land of indigenous peoples and re-fire the Spirit of this planet. Oh, and you really can cure joint and spine problems as the link shows… that’s worth something.

        Over and out.

        (did i just say that?)

        • If you are looking for matching purple jogging suits and purple Nike Airs I can put you intouch with a guy…Used only once, been in sealed storage bags ever since….As long as your crew isn’t numbered more than about 12 or so I think he will make you a pretty good deal…*sigh*

          Fed Guy 20002

          • 10-4

            Not gonna need shoes where we’re going. Asbestos boots?

            Under and in. Oops. Over and out.

        • You need to relax.

          • I am.

            Just want to add.
            I want Bogue Airfield Military Reservation and a C-130 outfitted like a camper. T Ryan as pilot.

            Now one more Glenn Beck before I cancel cable, “We’re all gonna die in a ball of fire!”

            If anything changes, you’ll be the last to know!

      52. Obama ain’t going nowhere…. He could have sex with a goat on the White House lawn and still get reelected by the stupes who love and adore him.. Get over it he’s here to stay like a runny turd in a tire tread….

        • Obama ain’t going nowhere? Then he must be going somewhere? He certainly isn’t going nowhere according to you. For fuck sake, it is impossible to take you seriously.

          • Get in a hog pen and get you a mouth full of hog turd and eat them…. Who do you think you are the English teacher of the internet. Get lost putz…..

      53. a little off topic article of interest

        this is significant

        Nicaragua Gives Chinese Firm Contract to Build Alternative to Panama Canal


        and currently China is putting up the worlds tallest building

        China Plans To Complete The World’s Tallest Building In Three Months

        and in the very near future
        their economy will be larger than ours

        we used to build things like this
        but our glory days are over it would seem
        we are in a terminal state of decay and rot

      54. thought this might be of interest also

        Sustaining a City in a Long-Term Power Outage


        “Thus the picture is that for a power outage of days or less, people have gas in their tanks, food in their cupboards, etc. But for outages beyond that duration, the means to supply the populace with food, fuel, and water is not survivable and will rapidly degrade, and people will quickly be reduced to “refugee” status – needing either to leave to somewhere better equipped, or to rely on emergency measures like water buffalo trucks and food handouts at central distribution points.”

        but if the public PaNIcKS
        all bets are off

        food,fuel,water ?
        gone in 12 hours or LESS

      55. FederaL banks are banks for the governments, not the people. They take homeowners availble credit, turn it into ‘non backed’ currency. Then they attach ‘usage fees’. This causes homeowners credit to become debt. When the Government collects this debt, they collect *labor backed* currency from homeowners account. By collecting our *labor backed* currency, will allow them to continue printing and spend unlimited amounts of *non backed* currency.

        In other words, people are the Creditors for the Governments.

        *Fiat currency printed out of thin air = purchasing power (credit).

        *Currency we obtain AFTER working = labor backed currency (currency with buying power).

        Since they can print and spend much faster than we can work to back it…well, you do the math.

      56. A ‘trade name’ has been created from our real name. A trade name is also a business name, or an account title/name.
        Jane Doe = identifies real person.
        JANE DOE = trade name.

        When you receive statements/bills, notice the trade name (CAPITAL letters) is used?
        Individuals are being charged as an individual business even if you do not own a business.

        Wikiepedia trade name: “In writing, trade names are generally capitalized”.

        Burton’s legal Thesaurus:
        Capitalize: Utilize for profit/manipulate/take advantage of.
        Utilize for profit = Incorporate for income.

        Laborers/employees do NOT receive, earn nor gain “income”, they must work FIRST before obtaining a paycheck. They use their own energy and labor to *create* value. They do not receive value as a business receives (from sales/profits/investments).

        Collecting ‘income’ tax from someone using their own energy and labor to pay the income tax….causes that individual to be a slave to their labor.

        Having to pay just to own water and electricity, ground rent (property tax) etc….do you notice the similarities compared to what a business pays?

        Even the word ‘foreclose’……is when a business goes out of business.

      57. *** FROM THE MOUTHE OF ‘OUR DEAR LEADER’ barry the kenyan illegal alien druggy prostitute baby murderer fairy . ;0p

        Quote “if people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust congress and don’t trust federal judges to make sure were abiding by the constitution , due process and rule of law then were going to have some problems here”. said by the Big O him self in link below today during his speech.

        ~ barry the druggy prostitute baby murderer fairy

        THIS MAN IS A ILLEGAL Ineligible UNCONSTITUTIONAL FALSE PRESIDENT he’s not even a American citizen … he’s British and Kenyan by natural birth … he’s a narcissistic psychopathic Liar just as his mother was a Liar , CIA Whore and manipulator of men around the world from America to Africa to Malaysia working as the ZOG AmeriKan CIA’s Commie Whore and Prostitute .



        It is COMING …

        N.O. ;0p

      58. A mortgage….homeowner pledges their house as collateral to back the credit if homeowner cannot work to *create* the required value for that credit.
        Fanny Mae purchasing homeowners credit.

        Homeowners credit amount (promise to pay)is changed into *non backed* fiat currency. Usage fees are attached. Now homeowners credit becomes debt. When the Gov collects this debt, they collect *labor backed* currency from homeowners account.

        So if homeowner gives a ‘promise to pay’ a line of credit for 30 years or so, then the Government will have thirty years of usage fees (interest) printed out in the currency all at once, then spend or invest it. Homeowner unknowingly is paying on their own credit they pledged away to the Fed Government….AND gave their house as collateral!

        By collecting homeowners *labor backed* currency, this helps the Fed Gov print and spend as much fiat currency ‘out of thin air’ as they choose.

        Homeowner is giving away their credit…promising to work and create the required value for that credit, they give to Fed Government known as a “mortgage backed security”.

        Mort-gage defines dead-pledge. Can you see why the homeowners pledge is a dead pledge?

        Mortgage backed security = (dead) pledge backed security.

        Homeowners (dead) pledge backed security means homeowner will keep working to create value for the valueless currency so the Fed Government can keep printing and spending it like credit.

        Federal Reserve Central banks are banks for the governments, not the people. The people are acting as the creditors for the governments.

        We are like a giant credit card.

      59. The only war I see is the war on Central Bankers and the TBTF’s. That’s where my sights will be trained!

      60. Here we go again with SOMETHING about to break out

      61. The Wolf and The House Dog. (paraphrased)

        A wolf who lived in the forest fell on hard times, and could barely catch enough food to keep from starving. Soon ribs were showing through her chest, and she could hardly sleep at night for hunger.
        One day the wolf happened to meet a sleek, plump dog from the village. Puzzled the wolf looked him over and exclaimed, “how is it you appear to be so well fed, when game has been so scarce?”
        “I never have to hunt for game, my master feeds me from his own plate. All I have to do is bark at strangers and keep watch over the house at night.”
        The wolf could hardly believe it. The wolf started out of the forest in search of a family of her own. Once they entered the open, the wolf noticed something shiny on the dogs neck. “what is that?” the wolf asked. ” oh, nothing. Just the ring where my owners attach the chain at night.”

        “chain?” the wolf asked

        “of course,” said the dog, ” they chain us up at night so we won’t run away.” looking over his should the dog said to the wolf “aren’t you coming? Why did you stop?”

        “certainly not,” said the wolf. “You may go back to your master, if you will. But I’d rather starve to death in the woods than eat one meal with a chain around my neck.”

        Aesop’s Fables

        • Just a little moral food for our thoughts.

          Let us hope our weapons are never needed –but do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny. If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government — and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws – Edward Abbey
          “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it” – Mark Twain
          I’m an internationalist. I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.
          John Kerry———
          The difference between a free man and a slave is the ability to say NO.
          The city , which should be the symbol and center of civilization, can also be made to function as a concentration camp. This is one of the significant discoveries of contemporary political science. Edward Abbey
          The power of a small elite which possessed most of the wealth was greater than the power of the republican government elected by the people, presumably to run the country in the interest of all the citizens. This group was determined to preserve its privileged position and thus its money. William Shirer: Fall of the third Republic

          The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. And one of the major turning points in the battle was when sniper Timothy Murphy shot and killed Gen. Simon Fraser of the British army on Oct. 7, 1777.

          Murphy, a rifleman in Morgan’s Kentucky Riflemen, hit Gen. Fraser at a distance of about 500 yards using one of the famous long-barreled Kentucky rifles.

          The United States owes its independence to yet another sniper — not because of a well-placed shot, but because of a shot not taken.

          During the Battle of Brandywine, only a few months before Murphy killed Fraser, Capt. Patrick Ferguson, had a tall, distinguished American officer in his iron rifle sights. The officer had his back to Ferguson, and the sniper thought it would be ungentlemanly to take the shot.

          Only later did Ferguson learn that George Washington had been on the battlefield that day.
          Simo Häyhä December 17, 1905 – April 1, 2002), nicknamed “White Death” by the Red Army, was a Finnish sniper. Using a modified Mosin–Nagant in the Winter War, he has the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills – 505 – in any major war. Furthermore, he has a total confirmed kill record of at least 705, as he is credited for at least 200 more kills with a Suomi 9mm submachine gun. All of these kills occurred within 100 days. His personal record, twenty-five kills in a single day.
          The rebel is able to defend himself against delusion all the way into the core of his own mind. He discovers and invents his own reality, and he doesn’t suppose that any other human being has to agree to the contents of that reality : John Rappoport

      62. Amazed, f#$% you and go trolling somewhere else!

        • @ Braveheart: It’s Typical for Frayser Trash like you to hide behind your computer and spout “F bombs” at a free people . You should look in the mirror before, during and after you drink before judging someone else. I garuntee you will see different personalities . May a higher power be with you sir !

      63. have you read the latest column by Paul Craig Roberts ?

        he is on fire this week !!!

        Another Phony Jobs Report From A Government That Lies About Everything –Paul Craig Roberts


        just a taste

        “Washington’s claim that Americans have “freedom and democracy” is the sickest joke in human history.”

        “The Amerika that exists today has more in common with Nazi Germany than with the America in which I grew up. The young don’t know any different. But those my age realize that we have lost our country. America no longer exists.”

      64. I think I live in another world most people give me that wide eyed look if I bring up the subject, went to a Christmas party and everyone (18) had to bring a present I brought a stun gun well when that got picked 90% of the people where amazed, scared and stunned should have seen all the looks on their faces! the person that picked it tried to trade it with others no takers, and the question of the night was who brought that!! talk about not getting a hint. My wife was laughing at me after the party and said I told you not to bring that and she knows what’s happening are there that many people clueless?
        Now I have a few friends that were prepping and “I mean were” because they’re saying if it’s going to happen there’s nothing they can do about it so they’re not going to worry, that was then since there’s an ammo shortage I think they’re starting to worry funny how quickly things change. I don’t advertise and I don’t let anyone know what I do but I can see what’s coming in the future, like the neighbor I helped start their garden they neglected it, their response was your garden is doing good we’ll come over and get some from you, this is the pattern I’m seeing, a new meaning to help thy neighbor because the entire neighborhood is clueless.

        • Best thing is to buy some excess seed and when your neighbors finally wake up and they will you can help them. Your stuck helping the neighbors that touch your property. They’re either a buffer or a problem, a huge problem.

      65. Government of the People ???


        ““There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal, and that is to destroy privacy and anonymity, not just in the United States but around the world,” charged Glenn Greenwald, a reporter for the British newspaper “The Guardian,” speaking on CNN. “That is not hyperbole. That is their objective.”

      66. Historical snapshot into Jewish terrorism: The bombing of the S.S. Patria


        The Zionist leadership wanted fervently to prevent the deportation of the newly arrived refugees, so the Jewish paramilitary organizations—the Irgun and the Haganah—each attempted to destroy the ship sufficiently so that it could not function. First, the Irgun planted a bomb intended to disable the ship—and failed. Then the Haganah, operating under orders from Moshe Sharett (the future second prime minister of Israel, 1953–1955), planted a bomb in the inner hull of the ship. On November 26, the bomb detonated and blew a massive hole in the ship’s hull. The ship sunk in 15 minutes, killing 260 innocent Jewish refugees and injuring another 172.


        N.O. ;0p

        • That was a unbeleivable read,Im glade I live out in the middle Middle of nowere,Amish, an farm land..

      67. 4-year-old Indian girl adopted by convicted Israeli pedophile

        An Israeli man convicted of sex offences against young children has gained custody of a four-year-old Indian girl through an agreement with a surrogate mother in India, according to a media report.

      68. Nation Wide Jew Scam Alert Run Local Locksmith

        Finally, someone provided a news report focused on a key figure named Meni Agababayev (aka Meni Aga) a self proclaimed Israeli Jew Russian “Mobster” actor, who is behind a roving enterprise of websites identified as Run Local. According to Agababayev, these are successful businesses which he is involved in and which financed his personal movie called MOBSTER!

        The agreement requires Run Local Locksmith, Inc. to alter their advertisement’s and prohibits the company from advertising a fifteen minute response time or any other specific response time unless they maintain records supporting and substantiating such a claim. The agreement also requires Run Local Locksmith to pay $22,000 to the Colorado Attorney General’s office to be used for reimbursement for the States actual costs of investigation and to be used for future consumer education, consumer fraud, or antitrust enforcement actions.


        N.O. ;0p

      69. don’t worry
        be happy
        says Marco Rubio of Florida
        another so called conservative

        Marco Rubio Suggests NSA Surveillance Programs Likely Here To Stay


        and I love that phrase he uses
        “Rubio — a member of the Intelligence Committee — said the programs are “part of intense congressional oversight” and something Congress “members are aware of.”

        intense Congressional oversight

        excuse me
        but is this the same Congress that passed the Patriot Act
        without reading it ????

        and is this the same Congress that passed the ObamaCare bill
        without reading it ???

        Congressional oversight my ass

        this fraud is taking a piss on your leg and telling you it is raining

        • Congress is a bunch of shit,
          String those fuckers up!

      70. Campfire Stew

        2 lb. Hamburger
        1 Can stewed tomatoes
        1 Can corn
        8 oz. Elbow macaroni
        1/2 c Chopped onions
        1 c Water
        1/4 lb. cheddar cheese

        Brown beef in Dutch oven. Drain. Stir in tomatoes, corn, macaroni, and water. Cook until done. Just before serving add cheese.

        Keep the FAITH

      71. There will be no hot war. The folks who run the world here and in China and in the EU are all friends, and all convinced of their moral uprightness. “The defining trait of the new geekocracy is the untroubled certitude in their own good intentions.” They are well-heeled and well-networked to one another. There will never be a serious exchange of ordnance, except for show, unless it is aimed at us, the unruly masses. And since most of us are quite happy to bow our heads and follow like lemmings, there will never be a need. I have said it on this site many times before, speaking from my daily professional experience: the game has already been lost. From now on we will all get poorer and more powerless year after year. There will not be a war or a revolution, at least not one worthy of the name. I am preparing my children to live a life quite resembling what we see in North Korea. Poverty, hunger, no modern infrastructure, just a super powerful elite in the capital and their national security police state. This is the likely endstate of our current trajectory. It all ends without a bang just millions of whimpers.

      72. Brief News Update…

        The United States Federal Department Of Bureaucracy has spent $67 million to do a study on where they can trim their budget. They discovered a savings of over $800 if they buy paperclips from Office Max rather than the regular supplier. An additional study is planned for next year- estimated cost: $135 million.

        Lady Gaga has become a prepper. Seeing the need to store food, she has turned that meat dress into jerky. (Personally, I wouldn’t eat anything below the shoulder straps. Might not be sanitary…)

        The US Parks Dept is pushing food vendors at the National Parks to offer more wholesome cuisine at park concessions. At Yellowstone, buffalo burgers and lamb chops are out. Tofu and veggie burgers are in. Most visitors don’t seem to mind, but there’s word of an impending strike by the grizzly bear union. Updates as they become available…

        John Dingell, (D- Mich) has become the longest serving member of congress. In a brief ceremony in his honor, the 137 yr old Representative became disoriented and stated, “I knew Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln was a friend of mine. Let me tell you, senator, you’re no Abe Lincoln.”

      73. I’m going into the fear porn mongering business. You guys are really raking it in.

      74. I Just went to see the movie “the purge” .. It seemed like it was so real.. So.. Like coming soon to a neighborhood close to you type feeling.. Maybe they are getting the masses ready for the next evolution of the culling of the herd?

        It’s just weird .. Society at large.. People are just sterile.. No human feeling.. Blank expressions on their faces as you walk by them on the street..

        In Ca .. The mass shooting.. That’s all over the news.. “When are we going to hear on CNN that some wack job was Shot dead by a “armed civilian” that was there .. and was carrying a concealed weapon and had a concealed weapons permit.. ? This never is the case!! Always the poor sheep.. Just helplessly being picked off by the sick bastard that so happens has 1300 rounds of ammo on him and 2-3 assault riffles as well.. And not to forget – body armor..

        Well.. I hope the day never comes and I’m amounst one of those incoent bystanders for the shooters sake!!

        It’s true.. Something big is going to happen.. There been too many wrongs been done.. A huge correction must occur to balance it all out again.. It’s the rule of nature..and life.

        • Notice the shootings are in states, localities or places where CCW is forbidden.


          • Good point.. I will stay put.. where I can carry.. I don’t even go out to get a carton of milk w/o my firearm .. It’s like putting on underwear for me .. Just routine!

            • The anti gunners greatest nightmare is a CCW holder non off duty cop just plain citizen dropping one of these nuts after they fire a few rounds. For this reason they don’t open the can of nuts in a place where “We The People” possess nut crackers.

        • CA mass shooting, the reporting on this story is such a joke..

          1300 rounds..yeah right, ever weigh 1300 rounds?
          ok, next, a picture of a cap and ball revolver..know why that is folks?..because next is all the black powder caps and ammo for the black powder bunch. or heavy regulation on it coming.
          and all i saw in the pictures was an AR upper, not an “extra reciever”,

          back to the 1300 rounds..reason..ammo regulations , they are coming folks, ammo shortage was planned, and so will be the ammo regulations that are coming.

          we will keep having these BS shootings until they get our guns,and ammo.
          notice too, that most if not all these shootings happen where guns arent allowed, either it be a state, a city or a building..
          they cant risk a real hero to be on duty with his carry weapon and put an end to thier game. Or at least have a dam good chance of no one armed to kill thier patsy

          if you are awake you know the game .

          • notice thier pastys’ are always heavily armed, and body armor..thats to convince the patsy that they wont die in the act, some do some dont.

            • im throwing out a quick calculation, if anyone thinks im wrong chime in,
              1300 rounds alone weighs about 40 pounds..alone, no packaging

              plus all the weight of all the other shit he was supposedly carring, in a hand held bag.

      75. Like I promised earlier, here are the areas most likely to get hit in the western hemisphere.

        -Chile: Santiago to Antofagsta,
        -Peru: Just north of Lima to just south of Oruro.
        -All of Ecuador
        -Columbia: Every point south of Bucaramanga
        -All of Costa Rica
        -El Salvador, every point within a radius of 125 miles of San Salvador
        -Guatemala, only within 15 miles of the coastline
        -Mexico, same as before, Guadalajara to Acapulco

        -California and northern Mexico, from about 31 to 34.5 degrees north. About as far as Santa Barbara to Barstow latitude line of 34 and 1/2 degrees.
        -Juan de Fuca plate. From about Eureka, Ca to Vancouver Island.
        -Most of the southern portion of the Gulf of Alaska.

        The rest of the world:
        -Eastern Russia, Kamachatka Peninsula
        -Northern Cental Japan to Kuril Islands
        -South China
        -Boreno to southeast Nepal
        -South Sumatra
        -New Guinea to west Samoa
        -South Africa

        Other areas in moderate risk:
        -Caribbean plate

        I would be more likely to bet on the western hempishere with the highest level of getting hit; Peru, Ecuador, Mexico. These 3 areas have the most energy signatures pointing at them.

        • Be informed—Thanks for the update……I think.

      76. Americans will finally get some of the experience that japanese and germans got from hiroshima and dresden, is this justice or what?

        • Ricardo,

          What about Pearl Harbor? What about the holocaust? You suck.

      77. The Republican party (aka Conservative) no longer exits since apprx. 2009.
        The new name for it is the HOUSE OF SHILLS. Joe Biden is right as he said “GOP has no leadership.”

        1. The media outlets and conservative shills are promoting the so-called Conservatives such as RANT PAUL, TED RAFAEL CRUZ, MARCO RUBIO of Florida, in order to skew Conservatives AWAY from the REAL TALENTED Conservative candidates and to REDUCE the votes Republican party. 🙁

        2. The media outlets and conservative shills have hijacked the party and are promoting only young naive liberals and incompetent candidates, or promote one of their own such as RNC chairman REINCE PRIEBUS. Enemies are not at the gate but running the show, that’s why things are getting worse.

        3. The Real conservative politicians are not capable of figuring out Liberals’ agenda or their games; Real conservatives are a small group and inexperienced when compared with a large group of PLUTOCRATS who are running the Western and some of the Middle East Countries behind the scene with experience and tricks that were passed down through many generations.

        It’s NOT a small group or the ROTHSCHILD’s who runs or conquers the world as Blog owners (such as conservative shills or Alex Jones, Steven Watson, Paul Joseph Watson & DAVID ICKE — (Mr. Icke is the spoke person for the Green Party & works for BBC news) – They’ve been lecturing you. 🙁

        The Rothschild is just a FICTITOUS NAME; it’s used to skew you away from the real culprits. It’s actually a nation who conquers the world while their REAL leaders are behind the scene.


        A fake diamond or a lemon car needs substantial advertising.
        So does a lie, it needs to remind people over and over again.

        During the past election years, David ICKE said voting makes NO difference; it’s like voting two sides of the same coin. Yet, at the same time, the NWO manipulates and changes the voting system, and promotes the NWO candidates into offices.

        Although the western countries have different parties, but in reality ONLY ONE PARTY that has enormous power, and the OTHER has no power and has no knowledge of the system and is unable to figure out the other side’s agenda or games.

        • And who may I ask are these “REAL TALENTED Conservative candidates”?

          • For you Kevin2, do you really want to know or you just want to attack conservative candidates? If that’s the case, then anyone who is TRUE conservative? Or anyone whom the media outlets attack every chance they get, ok?

            • Not at all. I just can’t find real conservatives. Ron Paul fit the bill about as close as possible. Under the circumstances his son is about as close as you can get. The Neo-Cons are fascists not conservatives.

              I would like to know who you consider a real conservative that is presently in politics.

      78. And the hits just keep comin’ Folks,

        Just up at the Hedge is the following,

        “The NSA’s “Boundless Informant” Collects 3 Billion Intelligence Pieces From US Computer Networks In One Month


        Which details the massive extent to which the NSA is data strip-mining everyavailable source thereof on the planet…including here….me and you specifically.
        The recent revelations will only lead to worse, we all know this. Strap on your seat belts..it’ going to be a bumpy ride.


        • Only limited by data storage technology and bandwidth capability.

      79. Another un-named source mentioning something horrible coming “soon” without an actual date. I’m going back to bed. Wake me if some hard data comes in.

      80. Dutch Oven Campfire Cobbler recipe

        1 box white or yellow cake mix
        1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
        2 cups water
        2 cans cinnamon apple pie filling

        Empty pie filling into Dutch oven. Empty cake mix on top of pie filling and spread evenly. Add butter and water. DO NOT MIX. Place Dutch oven on 10 coals. Place 8 coals on lid of Dutch oven. Bake for about 1 hour.

        NOTE: Any type of pie filling can be used. Cherry filling with chocolate cake makes a good combination.

        Keep the FAITH

      81. Amazing how similar the direction the US is going as compared to Hitlers Regime.
        Someone read the book.

        • The manipulation of civilian populations which was honed to a fine edge post WWII was all a training ground for the grand prize the USA.

          Since the dawn of man people follow the herd in times of crisis and the ambitious learned to first exploit the situation then create it when, where and to what degree they desired.

      82. Hearty Trail Beans

        2 lbs. dry pinto beans; soaked overnight
        2 yellow onions; diced
        10 cups hot water 8 cloves garlic; minced
        24 oz. (3 cups) Coca-Cola
        1 lb. smoked sliced bacon; cut into 1″ pieces
        3/4 cup catsup
        6 Tbs. chili powder
        1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
        3 Serrano peppers; minced
        1/4 cup Heinz 57 steak sauce
        4 tsp. toasted caraway seeds; ground
        1 (30 oz.) can whole tomatoes

        Add all ingredients to a 12″ deep Dutch oven.
        Bring to a boil using 18-20 briquettes bottom stirring beans frequently.
        Cover beans and continue to simmer using 6-8 briquettes bottom and 12-14 briquettes top for
        2-3 hours.
        Stir beans from the bottom up every 15 minutes.
        Add additional water if beans begin to dry out.
        Beans should be soft but not mushy and just a bit soupy.
        Serves: 8-10

        Keep the FAITH

        • YUM!

      83. There is an old saying in the ARMY:

        The Infantry is the Queen of Battle!

        The Artillery is the King of Battle!

        Remember: The King puts His BALLS where the Queen wants them!

        Keep the FAITH

      84. Evening All,

        Attending to the ‘last minute details’, as it were, I happened to stop by over at the Hedge and Lo and Behold another new and INTERESTING ‘datum’ about the antics of those ‘wild and crazy guys’ over at our very own NSA is out (again via the Guardian) detailing a vast efort at the collection of all things internet related via a bit of software named “Boundless Informer”.

        A link will be up here hortly.

        Since the era of the Cold war it has been the case that the Intelligence services of out nation have burrowed more and more deeply into niches of thier own creation until today they are so ar off the maps of even those who run this country that they are effectively a ‘governement within a government’. Imagine what yo could ‘make happen’ if you had the ‘dirt’ on literally EVERYONE…such IS thier purpose today.

        This – rather naturally – all began during and after WWII as the Allies attempted to adequately conceal thier intentions from America’s adversary’s…but over the course of time the simple need for secrecy evolved into something far more complex…and FAR less benign. By6 the time that the Korean war was finishing and the Cold War with the Russisns was heating-up the CIA, NSA, et al had learned that the secrecy they practised afforded them some rather unique advantages in the real World. I’m sure that initially, this was a matter of those doing so finding that the clandestine nature of their ‘professsion’ allowed them to get away with a variety of things peronally that would otherwise be a ‘tad more difficult’ thatn it would be for you and I.

        Over time though, as the intelligence gathering capabilities of those increased steadily there came a point where much of what was passed to them began to also involve American’s as well. As you might suspect, initially most of that was in the form of information about persons who were actively engaged in activity’s which were not beneficial to the interest of the US. Eventually, thogh this would NECCESARILY have begun to ‘yield’ information about US citizen’s of other stripes, criminals, gangsters….politicians and etc.

        Flash forward 25 years from the mid-60’s to the 90’s, the advent of modern digital commnications…quite suddenly the varios Intel agency’s were inundated with a constant stream of information about a WIDE variety of things. Remember, the NSA is specifically taked to monitor communications into and out of this country …that’s THIER mandate. Theoretically, at the time this all began ramping-up ‘safe-guards wete intalled to prevent an undue presence of such within the confines of this country and so seemingly all was well.

        That is until the networks in this country went pure digital in the late 90’s, thereafter followed by the explosion of cell-phone use and the Internet. Bear in mind that ‘intelligence’ is a long, twisty trail…which frequently leads to ‘unexpected’ places. At each turn the NSA has insulated itself more and morte deeply from tyhr Political class to the point that I FULLY beieve that – in truth – that no one on Capitol Hill-with a FEW noteable exceptions -is even PROXIMATELY aware of the full REACH of current data collection activity’s…

        That said, let’s get down to the ‘meat of the matter’. Here we have an organization(s) which is so removed from any effective public scrutiny as to be ‘invisible’. Next we have the Hman propenisty to be ‘self-serving’, that is say, ‘personally opportunistic’. Next we have a large number of Corporate entity’s with VAST loads of CASH, I ask you ‘What could posibly go wrong?”

        I will contend here – or anywhere else – that the overarching structure which we typically refer top as the PTB is in fact a long-evolved collusion between the money of Corparate America and the Intelligence services in this country; one which evolved quite naturally in the way laid ot above.

        “Knowledge IS Power”, that is self-evdent. What could you do if you had the’dirt’ on EVERY sitting politician in this country – within easy arms reach – and the money of the Corporations? THIS is the Enemy we are facing Folks…nad this is why there has been such a press to enhance the monitoring of all things here in this country of late..to provide THEM with COMPLETE info on EVERYONE. Unfortunately, they have sprung the trap too soon…the article at the Hedge details a growing ‘revolt’ inside the NSA and other agency’s which is exactly responsible for what we have seen in the last week

        Neutalize the ‘spooks’ and you neutralize the Corp as well…deaf, dumb and BLIND. Our survival depends on dismantling those….I assure you.

        JOG *departure imminent*

        • JOG.

          Nice chatting a few times in past few months. Wish you well on your BOL.

          We all know the ‘end-times’ are approaching fast. Too many ‘signs’ point towards financial collapse and a world at war.

          Since Cain and Able, we humans have never known peace.

          Someday, the real Peace-Maker will arrive.

          Good Luck….

        • JOG enjoyed your posts. Sorry to see you go. Wishing you happy trails!

        • JOG, enjoyed your posts, sorry to see you go. Wishing you happy trails and a soft landing.

        • @ JOG. Good luck with your back to the 1850’s. I think that is the final stage of prepping. Complete self sufficient is the right way to go. You are a very intelligent person, so I know that when you chose your BOL, it would have to have met certain criteria. That sort of gives your location away and narrows it down to about 1/3 of the USA. I picked a fairly safe area too. I had to retire early and have a smaller income but as they say in real estate….location,location, location. If fellow preppers have the means, they should really look into location. I wish you would comment on your criteria as to help people who might also move, how to choose a area. Mine was as follows… remote. accessable but difficult. short growing season. large game hunting. dangerous game (grizz keeps lookie loos away). creek/stream water nearby. summertime rain for crop irrigation. low population in the surrounding areas. almost no population within 10 miles. rough terrain. hard winters. Constitutional/conservative like minded people who barter in the area. Hospital and store within 50 to 100 miles.(thats closer than they had in the 1800’s) I am sure you can add on some useful info which would help[ others on this site. And I figure if you have a year round stream next to you, you will have electricity soon.(doesnt give that “solar power” signature)

        • Good luck to you and yours JOG, we will all miss you. We want you safe and secure for the rebuilding era of the future. When or if it is safe we hope you will check in and let us know how it goes. God bless.

      85. I think we all know they have been listening to us for years, those of us who have been awake anyway. This is no surprise. Steve Quayle is a joke and nothing he has said has been true. I can’t believe a word of his interview.

      86. Text Referee, you must be local or used to be to know about Frayser. First, I never lived in Frayser. Second, I already have a higher power known as independent thinking. I don’t drink the feds’ or anyone else’s kool-aid. This website is a community of independent thinkers who live in the real world, clearly see the hell that is on the horizon for this country, and are preparing for it. We all hope to survive it and are going to fight to save this nation. At SHTFPlan.com, we tell it like it is, mince no words, pull no punches, offer no compromises or apologies. Plus, I have no drinking or drug issues. If you don’t like what you see here, you’re free to move on and go f#$% yourself in the process! braveheart

        • 4 year prepper

          You tell him, Braveheart. I don’t use colorful language except in front of my parakeet (Fred can talk). Glad to have someone to do it for me.


          Now I feel better

          4 year prepper

      87. You know, with all of the disasters that are purportedly going to happen that are presented on this website everyday I just don’t understand how we’re still living. This is just the latest in several years worth of disasters. Do you ever wonder what might be wrong with all these bad prophecies?

      88. @ JustOneGuy. I tell you, have you checked the USGS map as of late. 2 more southern border quakes. You could be leaving the New Madrid just in the nick of time as mega quakes from the south could certainly help trigger the New Madrid. Try to wish everybody I farewell a few hours before you go silent on the internet. IF you can, try to on an occasion stop by a library or other internet site to the public and say hello, especially if the Sun starts up and we all are in imminent danger of an EMP. Let’s face it you are the true expert on this. I know a lot about the planet, but when it comes to the Sun I don’t know jack in comparison to you. Besides this you have much wisdom in many other endeavors. Any case I am glad you are getting out of Dodge and to a far safer location for you and your family. 🙂

        • Agree 100% with BI. Thank you for the wisdom and some day if you find yourself in front of a computer stop back in and say howdy. I have appreciated your knowledge and conversations.

          Take care and maybe we will bump in to one another some day.

          God Bless,

        • I didn’t want to spill the beans, but I know where JOG is going. Was at the Hubble site recently, and just to the left of Pluto and a ways past Vulcan is the planet Zenon. Lo and behold, right there at the Zenon space port is a big banner. It says ‘Welcome JOG and friends!’ Sorry if I’ve blown your cover, old friend, but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

          Okay… I’m kidding.

          In all seriousness- safe travels and God be with you, Just One Guy. We’ll miss you.

          And, by all means, check in if/when you can. An encrypted smoke signal will do. I have the code book…

      89. found this studying early asian american immigrants history …

        pretty sad the kid was fragged by his own platoon after being hazed by them for being Chinese American

        Danny Chen

        a Chinese-American U.S. Army soldier who served in Afghanistan. Chen was harassed and beaten by his fellow soldiers before his death on October 3, 2011. Chen was found shot to death in a guard tower in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.


        N.O. ;0p

      90. I have seen a lot of people out there that are doubting Steve Quayle and this site. I hear doom and gloom above, that we all are talking the same crap week in and week out. There are some vastly different issues THIS TIME over in the Middle East. AND, Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense, Stan Deyo, the Daily Sheeple, and this site and many others gather news from various sources and let readers see what we would never see in the MSM. I am very thankful for being able to read this, and then make up my own mind after looking at it. The most “ridiculous” sounding stories are sometimes that one that are the most accurate.

        First of all, not wanting to talk about a truly frightening event, such as WW3, will not make it go away. It exists, and the possibility of it grows each day more so. WHY?

        Russia is now acting like the old USSR. They are supplying other ALLIED countries of Russia with what they need. They are developing missiles that zigzag and can beat the anti-missile batteries. They are positioing their cruise missiles in many different strategic locations. Their DEFCON system has been raised. They have moved their navy in to Syria. They continue to develop better and better relationships with China. They showed with the Georgia war that they will not allow to be further boxed in no matter what. They threatened Ukraine with immediate invasion if they decide to try to join NATO. Russia’s strategic long range bomber planes have resumed their flights and close violations of NATO airspace. Their nuclear armed subs are now shadowing U.S. and other countries’s navies. Russia has a type of high speed production line of military hardware for their own use.

        I have mentioned this before, the area around Israel has more firepower than even the DMZ between North and South Korea. The weapons now in the arsenals of Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, even Hamas is next generation and more than capable of hitting targets with good accuracy and using far more explosive power. Thermobaric weapons are now in the hands of those against Israel, and has anywhere the power of 6-8 times pound for pound of TNT. The amount of rockets and missiles is breathtaking as it appraoches a half of a million. Israel is tiny and would be saturated with missiles and rockets. Israel has talked about using neutron bombs against hardened locations of Hezbollah after their debacle agains them 7 years ago.

        Israel uses nuclear and it will automatically trigger a massive chemical and biological response as Iran, Syria and others have warned about this. The type of biological and chemical weapons have also jumped in technology. A nuclear attack by Israel against muslims will very likely mean a nuclear attack by what Iran has, but more importantly what Pakistan has, anywhere between 50-150 nukes. Israel has Project Sampson which simply states that it will take their enemies down with them, nuclear wise. Egypt is now a total enemy of Israel and has allowed massive smuggling of advanced weapons into Gaza.

        Russia and China will not allow the oil of Iran to be lost to the west. China has threatened WW3 if it loses Iranian oil which makes up more than 25% of its oil it gets. The pipeline proposed through the Syrian waters and land for natural gas would bypass Russia and Russia would lose it’s strangle hold on Europe for its natural gas needs. Russia would lose hundreds of billions and could face severe economic hardships if it loses Syria to a new regrime that is pro-U.S. and west. On top of loses its ONLY friendly Mediterrean port. Again, Russia will not allow itself to be boxed in anymore.

        The U.S, can’t allow Iran and other countries to dump the U.S. dollar to purchase oil. IF and when OPEC nations start to use a basket currency to sell its oil, or use just hard currency or a type of OPEC dollar with a smiling sheik on one side of the bill and an oil derrick on the other, the U.S. will feel total economic collapse. The U.S. has nothing to back up the dollar. The U.S. must stop Iran, and they will use the excuse of the nuclear danger to attack or help attack Iran, not to destroy their nuclear program, but to stop the U.S. dollar from being trashed in the Middle East.

        In short, there are a freaken magnitudes of reasons why WW3 could start anyday now. The chances of it happening have jumped exponentially in the past weeks alone. We all need to be in tuned to what is happening over there, and sites like this one are really the only way we can get this information, because the government and the MSM sure as hell it not going to tell us jack. Two thumbs up for the alternative news sites.

        • I can see you have a very strong opinion on the issue of war in the Mideast. China will not “lose Iran to the west”. Iran needs markets for its only real export and the burgeoning Chinese economy is an excellent trading partner.

          Any attack upon Iran will be air/missile in nature with possible small actions on Gulf targets (Kharg Island, Abu Musa etc). There will be no invasion of Iran because none of the large powers will permit it as too much of a threat to their own interests.

          Iran is a divided country and the only that would unite them in a common cause would be invasion or the imminent threat of same. US policy in Iran should be public support of pro-western groups and private cash donations to same through third parties. The US and Iran will never be friends but we don’t have to be enemies.

          If the current definition of a superpower is a nation able to project significant extended military power into another hemisphere then there is only one superpower on earth. That is changing as American abilities deteriorate, but you overestimate China’s ability to harm the US in anything other than nuclear war or asymmetric war.

          As always I learn from and enjoy your posts, I just think you are mistaken regarding Iran’s role in geopolitics.

      91. Every government is illegal. There is no such thing as a legal government, unless 100% of the population support it. If only 1 person is against a government, it becomes illegal. Democracy equals the law of the jungle. The stronger party wins. The stronger wins. 51% rules the other 49%. People who assume that democracy is humane, need their heads checked. Democracy is essentially no different than dictatorship. Real godly humans don’t force other humans into submission, UNLESS it’s purely and undeniably in an act of self-defence. We have all these people who assume they are good people but they are happy to go and vote and force the minority into submission…If Jesus was alive today, I am sure he wouldn’t vote. I believe voting is a sin. Voting basically means: Agreeing that the government force, the military force, the police force use their gun power to force the minority into submission, no matter how big or small that minority may be.

      92. I have been ANTI OBAMA for the last 2 years. Every chance I get I call Obama a SOCIOPATHIC LYING FRAUD !!!!
        I am sure Obama is a SOCIOPATH. We all know he lies and does it like an expect !!!!!
        And we all know he is a fraud, almost everything about him is fraudulent !!!!!
        On my facebook page I try and spread the aweful truth about him.
        My computer have crashed more then a few times. Being infected with terrible links !!!!!
        They are after the little guy also, if you are anti Obama and dare talk about, they will infect your computer !!!!!!
        When posting any anti Obama articles on my facebook page I used to get at least a few likes and a few agreeing with what I say.
        Now, NO ONE dares comment on any of my anti Obama posts.
        No one wants to be associated with them.
        They are afraid to be part of it !!!!!
        It is happening, people are hiding from the truth to avoid any retaliation !!!!!!!
        It happened in Germany 70 years ago and what makes anyone think it won’t happen again.
        There are those of us that will not succumb to their wrong doings, but we are becoming fewer and fewer !!!!
        Our SOCIOPATHIC LYING FRAUD president is no different then a Hitler or Stalin !!!!

        • Stay away from BIN. It has crashed my PC 3 times.


        Peel core and slice pears into small pieces. For every 2 cups of pears, use 1 cup of sugar. Pour the sugar over the pears, cover and let sit overnight. In the morning you will have all this wonderful juice. Pour the whole lot into a large pot and SLOWLY boil, stirring constantly. When the liquid thickens enough to “stand” on a saucer (meaning it doesn’t run everywhere like water) it’s ready. Carefully spoon it into warm jars, put on lids (that you have had sitting close to the hot stove eye so the seal heats up) and rings and set aside. Cover the jars with several towels to hold in the heat and after a while you will hear the jars pop as they seal.

        Keep the FAITH

          • Pressure can milk! Fresh or store bought.
            10 lbs. For 10 minutes. It works very well.

            Keep preppin’

      94. @JOG

        Wishing you Fair Winds and Following Seas.

      95. Swinging on star:

        Pardon me if I don’t believe the history written by the winners, there was no holocaust as historians want us to believe, and pearl harbor is something that jew roosevelt could avoid, but americans are all goyim anyways amd that’s why they will always be subjugated by the council of the thirteen.

      96. Okay sorry about the Doom and Gloom statement. I really didn’t mean to piss anyone off I love the site and what you do It’s just gets very depressing with all the current bullshit again I apologize to the community of readers who I respect here I know this is late sorry!!!!

        • GEO-LITHIC

          The State of the Union is something to behold and it is hard to fine anything that resembles some positive note. Bad incidents sell News and there is a lot of it. I find myself trying to take breaks in the woods to decompress from all the crap but only have to come back to the same old shit. Do we really expect to have all these scandals to be adjudicated correctly with all the legalese involved. The Stock Market and Comex is rigged.
          Our National Debt is out of control. Unemployment and inflation. So when you talk of Global or Civil War, who gives a damn anymore. Just another day in the neighborhood. Well, maybe just us at SHTF.
          But to give you an idea of how far we have fallen from a wholesome society is to look at the trash all around us. The rural roads are littered with tires, wash machines, fridges, broken furniture and heaps of garbage. The parking lots of major stores accumulates piles of discarded debris. I can not count the times I have seen people throw paper products on the ground and the trash bin was a few feet away from them.
          Maybe I have conditioned myself to notice more of people’s behavior. Still it shows a break down in our society in its values.
          Doom and Gloom comes in many forms.

          • When it comes to Gloom & Doom don’t shoot the messenger. None of us like what we read here that can be reasonably substantiated however its better to be upset and knowledgeable than dumb and happy.

            The rare upside of a failed economy is the use of anything useful. Trash dumps are picked clean in the third world as homes are made out of discarded flattened out cans.

      97. JOG one of these days! Be safe, and THX for your posts.

        Keep the FAITH

      98. Remember the old saying:

        Red Sky in the Morning Sailor’s takes WARNING.
        Red Sky at Night Sailor’s DELIGHT.
        Well there is nothing but Red Skies in the MORNING!

        Keep the FAITH

      99. I am surprised at so many comments, and the article itself, that fall for the coming shtf as being a political move by “marxist dims”, or “fascist repugs”. This goes beyound the political games in DC. The real force behind the coming crash, are pulling the strings that are attached to BO, the Dims, the Repugs, and they ain’t Marxists.

        Wake Up!

      100. Does anybody seriously believe anythng from Steve Quayle and his always-wrong “insiders”??? He apprently makes a living conjuring up crap that is always just about to happen.

        • I really like this guy.

          And I also bid you farewell, JOG, from South Carolina!

          Happy trails and God bless.

      101. breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/07/Report-Growth-in-Homeschooling-Outpacing-Public-Schools

        Report: Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment

        Are we surprised?? Or should we be??

        • I was just getting on to put this very same link..

          Yea for Homeschooling!!!!

        • Which means the govt will crack down on homeschooling very soon.

      102. If the Federals confiscate our IRAs and 401ks to be converted to a government run investment program, will they call it a “Patriot Fund”?

        • You laughing but it will no doubt have some name similar to deceive the masses and make it appear to be in their best interests.

          Lets not forget Federal Reserve that isn’t Federal and there is no Reserve.

      103. WWIII has been about to start since WWII ended. Scaremongering will never go out of fashion. When is it going to happen? Hmmmm. Sometime. How convenient. Could you be a bit more specific, I need to know if I have to cancel the newspapers.

      104. This week, there is a lot of hoopla about the Bilderberg meeting, but there is nothing new or of useful info. However, the Media outlets and propagandists are trying to connect their rivals (s/a David Cameron, etc…) with the Bilderberg’s INFAMOUSE members.

        Perhaps, they use it as the reason David Cameron will loose the coming election even though the election is using the electronic voting system. I know you’ve heard, “It’s not what you vote for but who counts the votes.” 🙁

        1. When British PM Cameron (Conservative party) looses the election, the socialist party wins.
        2. When the Green party (Nigel Farage) does not have enough votes to win, but it can reduce Conservative votes (like in the U.S.), then the Socialist Party wins.

        Last year, it was in the news British PM Cameron has refused to join and placed his country under control of the IMF.

        In the past the IMF destroyed all European country’s currencies, then turned around and forced them to use the EU currency. Now, the IMF is destroying it as well with massive printing and closing manufacturing. The IMF wants one global currency which was discussed @ the G-20, but British PM Cameron strongly refused regardless that the Socialist Party leader was pushing hard for it. 🙁

        Every sign that we see the Plutocrats and the media outlets see British PM Cameron as an obstacle, and he is not a member of their tribes by bloodline, but Kate Middleton is.

        British PM Cameron and the so-called leaders were invited to the meeting who MAY NOT have been aware of what the Bilderberg was up to, besides what they were actually told.

        Although propagandists did not mention Bill and Hillary CLINTON, they attended the meeting as well.

        IN THE NEWS: “The Bilderberg Group was set up in 1954 to support military and economic co-operation between Europe and North America during the Cold War. There is no media access and the public is kept away by a large security operation. Between 120 -150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference each year.”

        • Regarding Charles and David KOCH

          Plutocrats are dumping many of their daily newspapers and the KOCH brothers want their trash, apprx. seven of them. What a big mistake! Now we see Trillionaires VS Millionaires in battle.

          America is facing many changes in a fast pace, but we were given bad info, illogical excuses combined with twisted logics. 🙁 Plutocrats want to get rid off them because of the coming crises.

          After buying the newspaper, the KOCH brothers have no way to obtain current news from around the world. Plutocrats’ global news agencies get their daily info. (aka headlies) mainly from their giant headquarters. Hmmmm ….. That’s why all the news around the globe are the same and at the same time.

          Charles and David Koch are Christian millionaires, and they are ultra-conservatives who strongly support the conservative platforms.

          I read lies which talk about them from the anti-Christ N.G.O. groups. 🙁 And any organization that supports the conservative leaders or party are being harassed.
          With the new system, people cannot be controlled if they are independent or are too rich.

      105. Funny stuff here! It is not what it appears…who is really behind it all, you can’t handle the truth, you still think in terms of “Nations”….there are no nations,it is all controlled by the same group. They want to have full control, why? Because we have been invaded silently by “People” from other worlds, they are who is behind all of it….can’t you see? No, because you can’t handle the real truth.

        Divide and Conquer a world and then take control by “saving” them from themselves…..easy.

        Until you people can go there, you will never be able to do anything. Why the total remote control grid? Wake up.

        The rabbit hole is much deeper than simple Americans seems to be able to comprehend. Sorry to say that.

        Most Americans just want to go to their slave job and come home and watch tv and drink a beer……that is what this once special Country has become….you people come on here and type your opinions, year in and out and the scheme continues with no opposition!

        Now this kid who came clean about the N…..S……A risked his life to tell you and YET, you will still check your FACEBOOK and GOOGLE before bed……

        Wake up sheep, Fight while you can, someday you will regret just talking with your keyboard instead of fighting with all your might against the INVADERS who have infiltrated our leadership on ALL LEVELS!

        It is clear to one who can see……those who are blind will never see the truth, cause they can’t handle it….sorry

      106. Mark Bolton, who I HAD respect for, has come out speaking against the whistleblower. I feel that I cannot trust Anyone but my close Family anymore.

      107. “The ugly truth is that these policies and practices did not start under Obama, but long before.”

        No, I don’t think any of this comes as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention for the last few years (or more).

        • The preexisting policies and practices weren’t this pervasive and were targeted at suspected terrorists, not all of us.

      108. Seriously? Quoting a source from Douglas J. Hagmann? This guy is on par with Sorcha Faal in the hoax and fabrication department. Oh yeah, he’s also an unabashed plagiarist to boot. The documented evidence of his ‘crimes’ are manifold – you can’t hide from the internet.

        SHTFplan.com loses credibility in steady increments every time it publishes nonsensical fear pablum such as this.

      109. “Government sponsored democide has taken the lives of hundreds of millions of people.”

        Considering HS have what? 1000 times the firepower of the NKVD when Stalin seized power?

        Simply put, if the democide myth was true, Obama would have nothing to worry by now, no more conservatives to worry about.
        We´ll hear that Stalin killed 20 millions, sometimes 60 millions. Mao sometimes 60 millions, sometimes 100 millions, sometimes 30.
        But that is just propaganda, not just against this duo and convince you that such events would never happen here but to convince us that it is useless to resist a governement using lethal force.

        Well, Obama doesn´t have any Space Marines or Vampires at his disposition, his troops are humans too with all the fragility that comes with that.

      110. Back in 2002 when I hit 40, I stopped giving any credibility to “anonymous, secret or private sources high up in the government”

      111. It’s the Armageddon! Oh, no, it’s Y2K, the government is going to attack us.

        Get a life! Most of you on here need to seek psychiatric help!


      112. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        …I’m sorry, Mr. President, don’t bomb my car for taking advantage of my “right to speech”.

      113. There really is a peaceful Solution.
        Not that the maniacs in charge of the world at this time will take this way out.
        There still remains the solution they want war.
        War is a racket and they want the money no matter who or how many dies.

        How sad

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