Despite All Expectations, Gun Sales Reached a Record High in May

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    There’s a reason why President Obama was often referred to as the “gun salesman of the year.” His administration stoked plenty of fears that gun rights would be restricted, which resulted in shortages of firearms and ammunition, and drove record gun sales. During the second half of his administration, it seemed like gun sales were at times, breaking records every few months.

    So when Trump was elected, most people assumed that gun sales were finally going to slow down, myself included. Last March I wrote:

    But with a Republican in the Oval Office, it appears that gun sales are finally going to slow down for the first time since the early 2000’s. Despite the fact that there aren’t any recent statistics to back this up, we can safely assume that it’s true based on a recent action taken by Remington.

    The gun manufacturing company revealed last week that they are going to lay off 120 workers from their Ilion plant, and 16 workers from their plant in Kentucky. According to Zerohedge and the Wall Street Journal, Remington isn’t alone. American Outdoor Brands, which used to be known as Smith & Wesson, is also losing sales. And this is a very recent trend. A month ago, the number of firearm background checks was still breaking records.

    You’d think that Trump’s ascent to the White House would allay the fears of conservative gun owners. But despite all expectations, recently released data has shown that this isn’t the case. Gun sales are still climbing according to the Washington Examiner.

    The spurt in terror attacks, including the recent two in England, are pushing gun sales into record territory just months after predictions that the election of a pro-gun president would end the rush.

    The FBI just reported that the number of gun sales background checks for May was the highest ever for that month, 1,942,677, a trend that will make 2017 the first or second highest year for gun sales.

    The continued growth of gun sales is in stark contrast to some in the media and industry who feared that the election of President Trump would snuff out sales that in 2016 were driven in part by concerns Hillary Clinton would win and implement strict gun control and an assault weapons ban.

    Clearly, fears of gun confiscations weren’t the only thing driving firearm sales. The Washington Examiner asked the marketing director of Hyatt Guns to explain this phenomenon, to which he replied:

    “People are nervous about their safety, and rightly so. It’s a dangerous world we live in and American citizens know that we’re not immune to terrorist attacks. They’re taking the necessary steps to defend themselves. Frankly, the most recent terrorist attack in London underscores the importance of an armed populace. Remember that when seconds count the police are only minutes away,” he added.

    I would add that there’s probably another factor driving gun sales. After all, very few Americans are killed by terrorists on a regular basis, and even fewer are killed by terrorists on American soil. Terrorism isn’t common enough in the US to make millions of people spend so much money on firearms.

    I think that what’s really on the minds of gun owners, who are largely conservative, is the sudden surge in violent rhetoric and actions among radical leftists in this country. It makes a lot more sense than blaming terrorism for increasing gun sales.

    After all, radical leftists vastly outnumber Islamic extremists in America. If the latter of those two decided to attack America en masse, it would result in many terror attacks. But if the far-left decided to take up arms all at once, there would be a civil war.

    Once again, the Left is driving gun sales to new heights.

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      1. A lot of Americans have gotten into shooting because of the concealed carry revolution in addition the constant fear-mongering of progressives like Hillary and Obama.

        That said, many who bought a purposeful weapon rediscovered that shooting sports are fun and can be a family sport and family fun. Now you need to buy guns for the whole family!

        So the husband or wife decided to carry, now they practice, draw friends and family in and more people are into shooting. Once you are committed to concealed carry, people often buy multiple weapons so they can carry appropriate to weather, the way they are dressed and the occasion.

        This isn’t going away. After the 1968 gun legislation, the liberal intelligentsia convinced America they had to give up their guns. That trend is now over and the pendulum is still swinging the other way.

        Gun sales in my opinion will continue to be brisk, though I’m finally seeing sales at gun shows, instead of shortages and price gouging.

        • I wish I could do my part in pushing gun sales higher and there are at least 3 or 4 guns I have too have, but I have to move on to other preps.

          I think time is running short, so it’s best to focus on water, food and filing in holes in my preps.

          • Justice,
            You are 100% correct. I think some preppers put too much emphasis on firearms and hoarding ammo. Talking with my brother I once joked that if I won the lottery, and could afford a well stocked walk in gun safe room, and something went bump in the night, I’d still reach for my semi auto Browning gold 12g that I customized for home defense. It was the first gun I bought. My 14 shot .45 is only backup to get me to the shotgun and the 50 round bandolier stocked with #4 buck and slugs.

            There’s a YouTube of a guy showing off his “man cave”. He’s into guns and reloading and the room has tens of thousands of rounds of ammo, a half dozen progressive reloading presses and a frightening amount of powder and primers. He appears to have accumulated it all primarily out of Obama induced gun grabbing fear. There had to be a hundred thousand $ worth in that room.

            I hope he has another room equally stocked with food.

            In my opinion, once you have your household basicly armed, any other guns you own will likely just sit in the gun locker, when the SHTF.

            Food and water on the other hand are a consumable, critical daily necessity. For some a trip to the doctor or dentist is more critical than another gun.

            Much of my food preps come from bulk buying. It’s stuff we eat anyway, and don’t waste. We buy it in bulk to save money, and can therefore buy extra. Once you have enough stockpiled to span between the deep sales, work up to enough that you can rotate it so none goes bad, but you always have a full pantry. This process saves money and pays you through savings. My veggie garden is growing well too, as are the new fruit trees I added, and the berry bushes. These things become an investment, where as extra guns are just an expense.

            I don’t think you’d ever find a prepper in Venezuela who would say, oh yeah, I had enough stored food on hand. These folks are starving as we speak and it’s been going on for years.

            • well….we had OUR turn to buy guns when O’bomber was prez-dunt….now it’s the LIBERAL’S turn….why is nobody talking of all the liberals shoppin’?

              • In Remembrance of D-Day – Normandy June 6th, 1944

                “Overlord was the largest air, land, and sea operation undertaken before or since June 6, 1944. The landing included over 5,000 ships, 11,000 airplanes, and over 150,000 service men.

                After years of meticulous planning and seemingly endless training, for the Allied Forces, it all came down to this: The boat ramp goes down, then jump, swim, run, and crawl to the cliffs.

                Many of the first young men (most not yet 20 years old) entered the surf carrying eighty pounds of equipment. They faced over 200 yards of beach before reaching the first natural feature offering any protection. Blanketed by small-arms fire and bracketed by artillery, they found themselves in hell.

                When it was over, the Allied Forces had suffered nearly 10,000 casualties; more than 4,000 were dead. Yet somehow, due to planning and preparation, and due to the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces, Fortress Europe had been breached.”

                D-Day Remembrance – Normandy June 6th, 1944

                • KM, thanks for the clip. So many don’t appreciate what was given for our freedom.

                  Take care, WED

                • Thank you KY mom for your post. All I hear about is the aniversary of the Six day war. Honestly,I do not beleieve we have it in us as a country to fight like we did in WWII. On my mother’s side,several cousins were killed fighting for England. My mom was English. She was in England during the Blitz,working with the British government. She would tell us kids stories that would scare the heck out of us. How brave the Brits were. Gosh,I miss my mom.

              • I agree I’ve seen quite a few of the progressive anti-gun types trying to purchase firearms lately, yet it is not being talked about. I belive they are planning on civil war they are mainly interested in ar15s and Aks not so many are looking at handguns. It’s absolutely hilarious and scary seeing them at the range fueling with their weapon and wondering why they don’t have holes in their target like all the other shooters on the line

              • My biggest concerns are ALL of the groups who are opposed to us: libturds, black organizations, muslim organizations, Hispanic organziations, etc. ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO HAS SOMETHING AGAINST US IS A POTENTIAL ENEMY. Bullets NEVER discriminate.

                • Us WHITE folks need to really wake up and see that all of these other bastards hate us period!! I am white and god damned proud and happy to be white no matter what!! Just please wake up folks and be ready to get it on when that time comes and the clock is ticking . . . . .

              • If it were not for a taste for wild game, I’d hate hunting. Never taken any joy in taking a noble life. But, I do love many of God’s creatures right next to the potatoes. The problem is that it wasn’t a fair fight. A high-power rifle and scope; or, good bow and sharp tips… no real possibility of the critter fighting back (besides wiles and swiftness). At least you see BCo’Doom, now that the libtards are getting armed, it won’t be a …. ‘turkey-shoot’. No grief over having to euthanize a defective and dangerous example of humanity will exist.

                • the time to “reform” some of them thar lib-ruls drawns NIGH.

              • I wonder how many of those libbers will join the NRA so their guns can’t be taken away. a lot of the present sales are because of a lot of rebated on guns and ammo. Stock up folks!

            • Plan twice, prep once, we are definitely on the same page.

              If there is a bump in the night, I reach for my Mossberg 930 SPX semi-auto shotgun. My side arm is a 15 round 45 (as you might guess, it’s an FNX 45 tactical). I have to keep reminding myself that I can only fire one nug at a time.

              Now that I have food buckets and number 10 cans set, most of my food preps are also bulk purchases that get me from one sale to the next.

              I don’t have the land to grow food, also even if I did, I don’t think I could protect it from starving animals or people.

              There is a story that my Mom told me, it was back in the day, about an old man who had fruit trees. The local kids would always go by and grab/steal fruit, you know how kids can be. Well one day the old man had enough and ended up shooting one of the teens. Well someone in town killed the old man before trial.

              Who was right and who was wrong. That’s just how things were back then.

              • KM,

                Thank you for your post and movie clip. It is astounding to look back at what happened on D-Day, the fear, the chaos, the bravery, valour, the determination, the purpose that propelled them forward as they saw their buddies drown and get mowed down or blown up. It is a day to remember and honor those who paid the supreme sacrifice and those who survived! May they never be forgotten!

                Louisiana Eagle ? head bowed

              • The terrorists are mostly our western allies sponsored. The choice they ofger you is, “You will continue to be terrrorized unless you submit to to being our slaves.” The other choice we have is stay armed to the teeth and kill every Basturd that tries to attack you. I prefer the later choice on my own terms. Did you get this info UK? How about you folks over in Paris? Got it?

              • We had an old lady with an orchard, kids would steal apples and she’d shoot them in the ass with rock salt. Police came and took her shotgun one day. Even in her 90’s she’d chase those kids off with a broom!

                Pepper spray is the modern rock salt.

            • Guns are ok but other things can be more important. For example when the lights go out you must have NVG in order to deal with things that go bump in the night?

            • Plan, you might want to dress up another shotgun for home defense. Those BG shotguns are no longer made and bringing a premium. I sold my BG Hunter 20 gauge years ago and now wish I hadn’t.

              • PO’d
                You are absolutely right. That Browning Gold is awesome. I particularly love the first round in the magazine auto-load feature. BG semi’s got a few bad reviews for misleading, so I thought I could locate another just like it for my son. They just never go up for sale, and when they do, they are double what I paid new.

                Part of my upgrade was a short 19″ barrel with iron sights. If that barrel gets destroyed, I’ll still have the original in pristine. Another upgrade was a custom one of a kind magazine extension for 6 rounds that also has a built in combat flashlight. This flashlight has three brightness levels, very dim when the gun is pointed down about 15 deg, it is quite dim and just lights your path, when brought to 45 degrees it increases automatically to 50% bright, and when leveled at a target goes full blinding bright at 250 lumens. It senses the angle, it can be turned on full brightness only, it was a crazy find. I also added a rifled turkey choke that gives a better pattern and improved my slug groups at 75 yards from 8″ to about 4″. When people see this shotgun perform at the range their mouths usually just hang open.

                Re jamming issue, I can make mine misfeed, if I put about 75 rounds of low recoil ammo through it. A switch to high power ammo and it just keeps powering through the buildup, otherwise a 3-M scrubby takes the powder buildup off the magazine tube, where the piston slides, and it’s like new again.

                A few people reported feeding problems out of the box, but they are also the people that don’t clean and lube new guns. The recoil spring and guide, hidden in the stock must be disassembled, cleaned of factory preservatives, and lubricated with a high quality slide grease. Then once a year add just two or three drops of Mobil 1 light oil (disassembly is not required, apply oil through the receiver). Deep clean the recoil spring and guide about every 5 years or if you get the gun wet.

                For max life, watch and replace the buffer, if worn. The buffer is what the bolt strikes when it flys back when fired. If the buffer ever falls out of any semi auto shotgun, firing will split or crack the receiver.

                These tricks, and this is a shotgun that could last hundreds of years.

            • Justice, same here. NEVER forget food, water, water purification supplies, medical supplies, camping equipment, etc. Those are no less important than firearms, ammo, and gun cleaning equipment.

            • Plan you are right about the food. But a man does need several good rifles and a shitload of ammo as barrels get hot and fail and if you can swap out weapons and continue fighting you dont die if you are right in the middle of a fight. The bad guys will not wait until your rifle cools down. Also, we dont know how long we’ll be on our own so if a man runs out of defensive capability someone else will be eating his food as he and his family will be dead.

              • I avoid the FFL unconstitutional checks in every instance. Buy from individuals so the government scum does not know what you really possess. We are not safe at all no matter who is president. It’s only a matter of time before the Constitution is completely shredded and guess who will get the first visits from professional killers? CCW holders and FFL buyers. Better have you a plan.

        • A man wore his pistol to his daughter’s wedding. A relative of the groom was shocked–“Why are you carrying a pistol at a wedding? Are you expecting trouble?”

          “No ma’am. If I was expecting trouble, I’d have brought my rifle”

        • Is 22 long rifle still in short supply?

          • No but it’ll never go back down to pre-obozo price levels.

          • dick’s had the 1400 rd buckets for 72$ a couple months ago, and they still had some 3 days later….around 35$ for a 500rd brick is pretty common……and i DISAGREE with menzob….there are 2 newer plants making 22lr in last couple years….i see prices steadily get lower, and i THINK we are going to see a price war soon….like when AR’s got to 1800…people tooled up and started makin’ parts….now they are 400 to 700….i LOVE a good bargain!

            • Good deal! Not really the caliber I focus on.

      2. Don’t forget to buy a little crypto at least.

        • Forget that phony digital Crypto IOU Ponsi Scam. Get right to the Real Hard Assets. Ground, Gas, Guns, Gold and Grub. Silver as well. Silver and Gold are on a tear. Heading up Fast. Silver about to hit $18 again. Last June it rocketed to $20+. And how much did your paper IOU’s goin up in value this year? Not!! Bwhahahahahaha.

      3. MY Top Prepping Hacks

        Over the coming weeks and months (or until the world is destroyed in any number of ways) I will be bringing you free of charge (drum role please) my top prepping discoveries.

        The first discovery concerns “Cooking in a Grid Down Wonderland.” I discovered this information hidden deep on YouTube (consequently a Patent will NOT be pending).

        Wood Pellets: “natures” wonder fuel? Wood pellets burning for 1.5 hours on Wild Woodgas Stove (e.g. Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove).

        • You may be asking yourself, how much is this wonderful cooking system going to cost me?

          Well you too can have this incredible post-shtf cooking system for just:

          1. Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove for $19.99 on Amazon.

          2. 40lb bags of wood pellets. They can be found at most Hardware Stores, when they are in season. Tip, I hear some cat liter brands are wood pellets. They cost approximately $5.99 a bag. Storage Tips (1) cheap Home Depot buckets; (2) Fill up large heavy duty garbage bags when storing them outside and cover with tarp.

          3 Wax paper, found at Wollyworld or your neighborhood grocery store. I would think charcoal lighter flued would work well. I also use Shelf Reliance 90-Pack of Fuel Reserve Pucks, they are scored into quarters, so 90 x 4 = 360 fires. That’s enough to make any firebug happy!

          Seriously, I hope someone finds this information useful. I plan on testing wood pellets in my StoveTec Rocket Stove and my Kelley Kettle, when I can afford it next month.

        • I never liked wood pellets as a concept. Sure, they give a nice controllable heat via hopper and feedback in a pellet stove BUT when will you ever find free pellets?

          • They are pretty efficient, a little goes a long way, plus they are really cheap. Six dollars for a 40lb bag is not bad. A couple of handfuls can boil water and cook a meal.

            I’m pretty sure that 1 bag would cook a months worth of meals (1lb per day is a lot of pellets). So 6 bags, that are easy to store, would allow me to cook for half a year. Instead of a cord of firewood I am ordering a dozen bags.

            I feel it’s safer storing a lot of pellets than I do a lot of propane tanks (what about fire regulations and potential fire insurance claims). Plus, I recently realized that I DON’T want to rummage through the woods looking for twigs and sticks during good times much less the Apocalypse.

            Finally, it might be harder to steal wood pellets than a propane tank. I have 4 smallish garden bins outside that I keep 20lb tanks hidden in, with recycle material on top. I figure a thief does not want to rifle through old soda cans and such. Someone said that they hide things down in their wood pellet containers. It’s a good idea.

            I bring it up because I overlooked wood pellets, because I though they were only really used for heating rooms and such.

            • I wonder how much energy is wasted in cutting the wood up into those tiny pellets as opposed to just burning regular split wood? That’s why I never considered wood pellets.

              For a small wood alternative, I am cutting privet hedge, chopping the stems into small pieces, and drying it. It should work well in a rocket stove.

              • I love the idea of pellets for convenience, but my rocket stove works well on pine cones. We have tons of those right in the backyard here.

          • You can burn free Pallets. These are laying all over behind and on the sides of commercial buildings free for the taking. Just ask first. I built a portable chickem coop in dolly wheels with about 14 pallets. You need some crowbars to remove the wood slats. Thats creative. Wood pellets dor burning are not that cheap. Stick with pallets most are made from Oak hardwoods.

      4. I live in Commiefornia. I buy ammo. So far my family (Dad, son, and I) have only 15 thousand rounds of various ammo. We hope to double, or more, that by the time they begin doing background checks next year.

        We aren’t the only ones either…

      5. as some others have pointed out – the jobs & pay are coming back – there’s some REALLY good deals on guns – ammo is more plentiful with better pricing ….

        How about it being because of Prez Trump – but because his campaign promises to bring back the USA is starting to kick in …

      6. iv known people to live without heat on in the house. It gets cold here in northeast the number 1 shelter prep is good warm clothes not made of cotton. The first time you really suffer from the cold you will never forget the importance of proper clothing. As important as water is to me I’d say in winter here proper clothing is more important. You’ll freeze to death in a few hours when temps are in single digits and you can’t get warm. At least when it’s hot you can get cool by staying out of sun or jumping in some water. you people in southern states have it easy.

        • i sell military gear, and got into it BECAUSE of how well the extreme cold weather clothing system works…google it. fleece, polypro, polartec bear coat, marshmellow suit, goretex. are all good names in staying warm! ECWCS

      7. The background check is only part of the firearms sold equation. people with chp in certain states do not have to do background checks just file 4473 and walkout with firearm.

        • And some other states limit you to one firearm purchase per month. If only I could afford to buy a new gun every month just because the dems told me I had to, that would be great!

      8. Have a bolt rifle, a shotgun, a good pistol, maybe 2 of each.

        Have them in popular calibers, oops! a good bow, and knives.

        Have common sense.

        Have plenty of food, water, survival tools, and medical supplies, and hygiene items.

        Have the means to adapt and overcome.

        Have good survival books when the internet goes down.

        If you can get through the first shock when things hit you will be alright.

        Did I forget anything ?

        • A good 5.56 AR pistol. Loads of magazines, 30 rnd 40 & 60 rnders. Mossburg 500 pistol grip 12 g. 30-06 another AR 5.56 .22 rifle, another hunting 12g shptgun 2x 9mm pistols, .22 pistol and dont forget the value of a good pellet gun rifle and pistol, and the stealth crossbow. Amd what a shame all those other tools I lost in that boating accident. An few machettes, loads of long knives, some hancuffs and a taser and that gattling gun I may breakout on special occasions. 7K-8K rounds easy. Got to protect the stacks of Silver.

          • And 3 expandable battons to crack sum skulls.

        • Have an AR 15 or AR 10 for sure, when times come that you need to really put rounds down range and do it in a damn hurry, those rifles will do the job easily.

      9. Firearms are essential but having only 2 hands i only need a couple for each person in my family. Food, water storage and purification, medical gear are where I am at now.. I’ve gotten more reloading dies than i have firearms to use them. A gun without ammo is a fancy stick.. Lee dies and bullet molds are cheap and being able to reload for your neighbors and friends or being able to trade ammo will be a valuable skill for shtf. Buy primers and powder.. if you can cast bullets and reload you will always be in demand if things get stupid..

      10. Ammo is going to be the currency of the new Millennia once the Fed and central bankers debase our currencies into worthlessness and cause a financial collapse.

        • And that currency will be exchanged at 3000fps.

      11. Yes, guns are minor item in prepping. Plan twice, prep one is out of date. That is what they taught me 30 years ago in computer disaster recovery classes. As the installations grew in size the mantra was Continuous monitoring disaster plans using SWOT.

        The SWOT analysis should be part of a preppers strategic planning process where it connects its original objectives and strategies in to actionable tactics carried out by the prepper – today! Specifically, SWOT is part of situation analysis in a changing environment, where the prepper depends on four key strategic areas to better determine what changes to make.

        I use Swot analysis. Swot analysis involves the collection and portrayal of information about internal and external factors which have, or may have, an impact on your prepping. Swot involves the 4 key areas (where the acronym comes from):
        – Strengths: characteristics of the prepping that give it an advantage over others
        -Weaknesses: characteristics of the prepping that place your family at a disadvantage relative to others
        – Opportunities: elements in the environment that in your prepping you could exploit to its advantage
        -Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for your location, safety, prepping

        Tracking Swot metrics (last inventory vs this inventory) can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your prepping plan. Doing so can also help you monitor how well the objectives, goals, and strategies outlined in your original prepping plan(s) are working. Even the best prepping plans need readjustments from time to time. How often? That depends on the nature of your prepping and the changes in your environment.

        Examples of prepping areas typically considered include:

        -Financial resources (funding, sources of income, opportunities) maybe buy more Pm’s? Or add to cash.
        -Physical resources (location, facilities, equipment) expand storage area, backup location expansion or purchase, prep goods inventory, bug out inventory
        -Human resources (family, friends, neighbors) Say daughter will join you when SHTF
        -Access to natural resources (roll over old food stores, local water, fuel sources)
        – Current prepping processes (waste, water, cooking, heat, cool, energy, etc..)

        The idea is to get an exact inventory of where you are at rather than a warm fuzzy feeling in your head…

        • Ribbitone, wow. You very rightly state, “The SWOT analysis should be part of a preppers strategic planning process where it connects its original objectives and strategies in to actionable tactics carried out by the prepper – today!”

          What is my objective? It is vital that we not loose sight of our respective objective. Thank you for your post!

        • Rabbitone,
          You quote me incorrectly and out of context.

      12. The very same people who oppose gun ownership are the same people who would advocate “sharing” of other people’s prepper supplies in a SHTF scenario. Getting rid of guns would assure easier and safer access to other peoples supplies. They have their way of prepping and we have ours.

      13. Regarding semi auto shotguns . The stoger 2000 has the recoil spring in the forend for a folding stock. As does the Winchester 1400. Carlsons and Nordic components make mag extensions. I modified a rem.870 folding stock for the stoger. Used mostly a belt sander. I wonder if many people are worried about a flash mob coming into their neiborhoods and demanding to use your bathroom and whatever else they want.? If hundreds of rioters were coming at me I don’t know if I’ll just get beat down or tortured to death. If their 50 yards away . I’d like my auto shotgun with 12 shot mag extension and 12 pellet OO. With that I could dump 144 ,33 caliber lead balls at them in what 3 seconds? With a pattern spread of 5 feet ? They are about that tall? If they got within 50 feet I’d want an AR with 100 round drum which would take at least 20 seconds to empty? Maybe two auto pistols with 30 round mags? Best to have all four I guess?

      14. Continue to arm boys and girls. Lock and load.

      15. Gun sales may be up, but all other aspects of the gun industry are severely down. I know this because I work in it every day. Nearly every retailer is hurting and hurting bad since Trump got elected.

      16. My husband and I went to a Texas License to Carry class on Saturday. I have had the CHL previously but let it lapse knowing that we would be moving and I did not want to hassle with the change of address. I was the only female in the previous class. Last weekend we had at least 7 women in a class of 14, and they tore the heart out of the paper targets.
        We sat at a table with a man who shot and killed a home intruder not too long ago. What was once an anomaly is becoming a widespread reality. Reasonable people are aware of this, and taking precautions.

      17. It appears people are viewing police state America for what it is!

        Killed By Police 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 (512) as of June 5, 2017

        The most accurate, most comprehensive and always up-to-date list of people killed by U.S. enforcement officers. Est. May 1, 2013

        June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

        However, did you know that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public? Based on the headline and this information, you might assume this is a new, landmark decision. However, it has long been the court’s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.

      18. Just read an article on facial recognition. There is a phone app called “FindFace”. You take a picture of someone on your phone and the app finds their face book and other info about them online in one second. Malls and other places are employing facial recognition cameras in order to determine how your shopping experience was. Or at least that’s what they claim it’s for. And don’t forget, all info is picked up by the NSA. Big Brother.

        • Never been on FraudBook and have not been in mall for about 5 years and have no plans to. Idiots frequent both places often. Not my problem. Life is full of choices. Every decision you made got you to where you are today. Think about it.

      19. War is coming in our country and this is a fact of life.
        Their is no chance in hell that anyone of us from what I was told by my scientist friend, that we will be alive in the next 5-10 years. No chance in hell. Women will extinct on the surface of the planet with barely 5,000 total on the entire continental US, and they are ones who are hiding. The elites have been capturing and kidnapping millions of women and are already taking them down into the DUMBS. Preppers who are single, the good ole days are coming back, because you cannot eat a big house, and ferarri, paper money and a billion dollar account. The guns, food and BOL is the new trend post shtf.. women will be throwing themselves and literally killing each other to get you to pick them. My scientist buddy laughs everytime he brings it up. He keeps telling me, how if I noticed how rude the attractive women were around the city. He said, go up to them, try talking to them and see. He said post shtf is when the fun starts, because they are the first to be consumed by the men in the civilian population and the the first by the invading armies. Women, you all ready made a total ass out your selves in the modern world. Good luck with your survival, your screwed.


        • Quit hanging out with “scientists”.

        • You may bw dead in 5 years living in that cardboard box and eating out of garbage cans. But you other premise is gairly correct. #1 thing women want is Security.

      20. “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy.” —Samuel Adams (1779)

        • This god damned country has been having “moral decay” of society for well over 20+ years at this point, if not longer. It is all coming to an end pretty soon my friends and that really is such a damn sad state of affairs.

      21. First anti-Trump NSA leaker arrested

        Another rabid leftist, for whom laws mean nothing. Perhaps she will after a stint breaking rocks in today’s version of Alcatraz. And of course, notice her use of the de rigueur “fascist” term below, was well as her hackneyed “white privilege” and “climate change.” The only cliché missing is her using “23 skidoo” I guess… Yet another leftist who is completely unaware that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 24, 1920.
        A 25-year-old government contractor, Reality Leigh Winner (yes, that’s her name, in reality), has been arrested and charged by the Justice Department for illegally handling and leaking top secret national security information. This past February, Winner took her top secret job with defense contractor Pluribus International working at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. She is alleged to have copied a classified top secret document from the National Security Agency on May 9th and sent it to The Intercept, which subsequently published the report. The document revealed that Russia had made attempts at hacking U.S. voting systems prior to the election.

        The DOJ stated, “Winner admitted intentionally identifying and printing the classified intelligence reporting at issue despite not having a ‘need to know,’ and with knowledge that the intelligence reporting was classified. Winner further admitted removing the classified intelligence reporting from her office space, retaining it, and mailing it from Augusta, Georgia, to the news outlet, which she knew was not authorized to receive or possess the documents.”

        That’s not all. Winner’s Facebook and Twitter accounts reveal her to be a fairly rabid leftist. “The most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the white house,” she tweeted. She’s a Bernie Sanders supporter and is strongly opinionated on leftist hot-button issues. Other social media posts include statements like “CLIMATE CHANGE is the biggest threat facing us all,” and that anger over flag burning was “white privilege at its finest.” It’s pretty clear that Winner was motivated by her anti-Trump sentiments to attempt to further the Resistance™ cause by leaking this top secret information. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

        Another story on this at

        • Hang that simple minded ugly ass cunt rat!!

      22. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Articles such as these are written by writers who have NEVER worked in the gun industry/for a firearms manufacturer outside of maybe a gun shop. Gun sales were down, WAY DOWN, after the election as the threat of Obama & Hillary gun bans went away. The real reason that gun sales have went up in the last few months is because gun manufacturers are reducing their margins to such a great extent that some of the current retail prices are at or below their wholesale prices just a year ago. Also, wholesale distributors, like CDNN, are allowing direct to consumer sales whereby the retail customer bypasses the gun shop and pays the wholesaler directly at wholesale prices and the gun shops are ONLY making money on the 4473 paperwork/background check fees – well $30 paperwork fees ARE NOT going to pay the shop bills for much longer. The firearms industry does not want to reveal this and the so-called gun blogging article writers on the internet don’t see it as they never worked in the industry.

        • Since so many of the gun outfits took full advantage and ass fucked us all big time on prices, fuck em’, I do NOT feel too bad for them at all…Again Greedy fuckers.

      23. Sorry Him, but he is friends with and insider who build under ground bases and rail systems. No chance in hell I will stop listening to him. The current conditions since Trump won the election has not changed. Name one change that has affected me positively since his win. NONE. The globalist will reduce the earths population and have Extra Terrestrials who are backing them to make sure that the plan is implemented. You have a lot to learn. The US has been preparing for the end of the planet since the 1940’s.. In the early 1800’s and early 1900’s the current government of the US has not really explored all areas of mountains, and land all over the entire continent. They had to develop flight and good land vehicles that were reliable to take them to the un explored areas of the US. The found alien bases, giant skeletons, and prove of alien bases, and then they brought in the military, fired on those bases only to be confronted by the alien who told them that they own earth and that earth is a farm, and that we are the animals that they are farming for our DNA.. The military under President Abraham Lincoln then signed the agreement with the aliens, then the Russians and Germans were already doing the same things, building space ships, saucers, etc and going off world. You would not believe that I know. That is why I talk crap about Trump because he is not going to ever tell the American people the truth. And the people cannot handle the truth. Extra Terrestrials took over all the major governments of the planet, the super powers, over 100 years ago. THIS IS ONE BIG FUCKING FACT OF LIFE THAT YOU PREPPERS BETTER START GETTING USED TO. I come on here and tell you guys all the time what I know and only the smartest preppers are going to listen to what I talking about.



        • Are you crazy or on some bad drugs??

      24. The buttons pushed to move society to accept civilian disarmament that worked in somewhat culturally similar western Europe where America both politically and demographically can trace its roots had an inverse impact here. The playbook was:

        A. Show the public high gun violence there and elsewhere
        B. Explain the solution is to remove the guns hence the violence
        C. The public not merely accepts but demands civilian disarmament / high regulation.

        In the US they:

        A. Show the public high gun violence there and elsewhere
        B. Explain the solution is to remove the guns hence the violence

        American social psychology (largely) defaults to:

        C. If its dangerous I’ll buy more guns to protect myself

        If crime is low Americans see no need for added gun regulation / confiscation. If crime is high the American public wants to defend themselves.


        The American public is generally unique in the developed world. That’s “diversity” that I certainly like.

        • Kevin,I am offended at your use of the “D” word,please stop!

      25. I agree.

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