“Desperate”: City of 8 Million May Run out of Water This Month

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Aftermath, Headline News | 72 comments

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    It looks like the city of Bangkok may be joining the likes of Brazil, India, and the Western United States, for the unfortunate status of being another water deprived region. Thailand is currently experiencing an unrelenting drought; one which experts are calling the worst they’ve seen in over a decade. The government is desperately waiting for overdue rains to replenish the city’s water supply, and push back the sea water that is creeping into their reservoirs, which is currently threatening the health of farms in the region.

    Since October the government has been asking farmers to scale back their crops, but it doesn’t seem to be having an effect on their water supply. The amount of water collected from three of their reservoirs in November was 5 billion cubic meters, or 3 billion less than they would normally receive that month. As of this week, there is only a measly 660 million cubic meters left for the city.

    The governor of Bangkok’s water district has since told Reuters that “Right now, there is only enough water in the dams to distribute for about 30 more days – if it doesn’t rain.” He’s also told residents that they should store at least 60 liters of water in case there is a shortage, and asked that they cut back on their water usage. Unfortunately, the calls have gone unheeded since water only costs 25 cents per 1000 liters. As is the case with most countries, the government doesn’t seem to have any grasp on supply and demand. (see how bad drought conditions are around the world).


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      1. Oh no! How are the bar-girls going to wash their coochies?

        • A sad day indeed. No more,’love you long time.’ There anyway.

        • Haven’t you seen “Hangover 2”? They aren’t girls at all.

          • You’d figure people would connect the dots with a name like Bangcock. 😛

        • They wash them?

        • Who says they do when they have lots of water? Been there, done that.


      2. Time to thin the herd.

        • I bet Marc Faber won’t run out of water, and he lives in Thailand…

        • They breed like roaches over there, just like mega cities in Brazil, India and other trash cities in the far east and elsewhere. Even California is trashed, more pouring in from open border, not enough resources for that over populated hell hole, yet the communist gov Brown and other ilk cannot connect the dots, so many dumb-scum politicians who let their own state get trashed.

          • Makes you wonder why the government is trying to take weapons away from people doesn’t it? If they dumped truck loads of guns and ammo into some cities on every street corner then turned off the power and water in those cities …. The city herds would thin themselves out!!!

            Problem solved!! More guns means more food and water for the survivors!!

          • Read “The 5th Extinction” at Paul Craig Roberts’ website.

            The problem is: If there is no snow on the mountains, there will be no water in the rivers come summer time. The snow covered mountains scenario is going away. That is why California is in the situation its in now. When it gets too hot the snow melts way ahead of time and then when summer comes, there is no water that seeps down to the rivers.

            It doesn’t matter if you believe in Global climate change or not. Its happening. The world’s over all temperature is increasing (GLOBAL AVERAGE TEMPERATURE). That is why all over the world in various places, water is becoming a big problem.

            Years ago, I read that wars in the future will be over water. China has been hording water. There will a big war between China and India in the near future because they both need the water from the Himalayas. But that water is shrinking drastically. That is why China is hording it in underground facilities. In the near future the Himalayan mountains will ice free– then what?!

          • Did you see where Mark Dice was offering a 10oz silver bar or a candy bar and all the idiots in Cal took the chocolate like WOW Really

          • Any country where the Catholic religion is predominant is plagued by over-population solely due to the fear-mongering placed over them by the Catholic dictates. Prohibiting contraception = over-population. Amazing to me how many idiots there are in this world that don’t see the obvious.

      3. If you live in the woods, near a big city, and have a clean water source…look out when the grid goes down.

        Those gushing springs of clean, pure, H2O, will be a source of congregation for the nomads that pack up necessities and leave the hornets nest of big city living when the grid goes down.

        The nearest creeks have feeder springs and people aren’t stupid when getting down to basic living. They will seek them out as they migrate to more hospitable living conditions when the cities go dark.

        Owners of land that include those sources will have to deal with the fallout of those nomadic types. They will not stop at taking from water sources. When the hunger games begin, expect problems with less than honorable and respectful persons.

        • “Expect problems with les than honorable and respectfull persons.”
          People are becoming increasingly rude and aggressive and that is while society is still working. In my line of work I have seen the changes in attitude even more clearly. People want what they want and they want it NOW. And they want it handed to them. I have no doubt that those people will trample over anybody in their way if things go bad. Right now they will scream and swear at my staff if they are told something they do not like.

          The polite society that used to be the norm in the US is vanishing.

          • Cara.. you mean WHEN things go bad…not IF

            You are absolutely right, think about everyone’s driving habits now compared to 10 years ago.

          • No Cara, it’s gone…..ur job sounds like L.E.

          • Cara: This has been ongoing for some time: and yes, it is getting worse recently. Bossiness, rudeness in civic org. and churches, to incl vets org., other nat’l community org. I recently heard ( Friends had a silly disagreement with the staff chairman last week, and resigned from a volunteer org.), churches split off over trivial things. This is why we no longer are active in local groups or join anything. If someone has issues with family/finances, they are snippy to others. churches have bossy and snippy people. Patriot groups seem to be the worst, infighting at tea party mtg. caused splits locally, and ceased to exist later on. America is trashed and everyone is for self/stuck in stupid; People can’t even org. a barter network. It’s going to be everyone for self. Bartering networks are what matters now at this late date as things go ka-poot.

        • Don’t forget to protect and seal off your water supply. I just read an article about some of the nasty things that have been done to peoples water supplies during times of war and unrest. Diseased bodies and other nasty things put in reservoirs and drinking water sources.
          Remember the native Americans and their “FREE” blankets with Smallpox…”We are here from the Government and we are here to help” !!!!
          Don’t think for a second that will never happen ! The facts are out there and I am sure much worse things have been done.

          • hell our water is already polluted , we dont have to wait for the shit to hit , our governments are poisoning it for us NOW while we seemingly must be trusting them, because I dont see a shit ton of protests over the crap shoved into our daily water

        • Passin, it will be cholera that kills ’em, just like on the Platte road during the mid 1800s. Gotta take a dump someplace and cholera leaches into the water.

          Boil all water. No exception.

      4. WATER WAR’S

        You forgot to mention Israel and South Africa!

        Israeli’s are deliberately cementing in Palestinian villages well’s to stop them from using their own Palestinian water supply.

        South African’s are killing each other for access to it.

      5. All they have to do is contact Bill Cox.. primarywater.com/Drilling-for-Primary-Water.html

      6. Oh! We are not alone!

        (Brazilian guy)

      7. Have my 6 ft barbed wire fence up now. I have 1000 ft of fresh water front. Half is a fresh water spring lake. Also digging a 100+ ft well into the FL aquifer soon. The 30 round mags are stacked and packed. Bring it.

        • Any position can be over run by an overwhelming force. You say “bring it”? I for damn sure would not be calling “Murphy” in like that.

        • Says the keyboard commando! LOL

          • In Chile, most of the ski areas have completely bare slopes. Santiago, which sits below all the ski resorts, has seen a scant 1.2 centimeters of rain this year, which is a jaw-dropping 86 percent less than normal.

            North Korea is facing its worst drought in recorded history, which has sparked fears of a worsening of already severe food shortages.

            The worst regional drought in nearly 10 years is hammering southern Africa, causing Zimbabweans to go hungry as crop failure has become rampant. The drought threatens to persist.

            Meanwhile Nicaragua, the country with the most abundant water sources in its region (it even has the word “agua” as part of its very name), is experiencing one of its worst water shortages in five decades.

            California’s drought has taken at least a $2.7 billion toll on the state’s agriculture.

            In the United States, a record drought in Oklahoma has given wheat farmers there a glimpse of what is to come, although recent wet weather has ended the drought for now. Scientists are warning that the region should brace itself for a growing number of hotter, drier days in the future.

            Farms in Utah are being wracked by drought, as officials in that state have begun rationing water, causing farmers there to worry about even more cutbacks as summer progresses.

            In California, the Salton Sea – the largest lake in the state – is drying out of existence, giving us another indicator of how deep the drought is now embedded in the state’s climate.

            In monetary terms, a recent report shows that California’s drought has taken at least a $2.7 billion toll on the state’s agriculture. Obviously, that number is sure to continue to rise.

            As is happening globally now, residents in some towns in central California are suffering from a health crisis that stems from not having running water and breathing increasingly dusty air, due to the drought. Respiratory problems are

      8. Funny how one area burns up and another drowns…we’ve had so much rain here that my corn is drowned…many of my crop/fields have been in standing water for over a month…we put up a couple thousand bales of hay over the 4th and it was a battle to keep it up off the ground to avoid the wet…and so it goes eh? REB

        • We had blackberry bushes… HAD. They were drowned out this year, and I guess I’ll likely never find myself traipsing down into the field there to collect them again. Luckily we planted a couple for easier access last year and received four tiny blackberry starts this year.
          Tomatoes have blossom end rot. Peppers were dropping leaves and blossoms.
          The bugs are crazy this year too it seems.

        • I don’t think it’s funny Reb, I think the weather is being manipulated. Plenty of proof out there to prove it. Funny? How long has this weird weather patterns been going on? From about the time that f%ck Obama came into office.


        • Tons of planed corn all screwed with the amount of rain weve had and the flooded fields .. many crops are ruined

      9. Best to buy your Berkey and Katadyn filters (and spares) while you can get ’em. You may have limited water available in the future – and it may be of questionable quality.

        • good source for low cost water filters/kits

          ht tp://www.homespunenvironmental.com/Components_s/43.htm

        • Already well stocked on Sawyer Filters. The good ones can filter one million gallons each, I have four of them.

          • …continue to increase over time, the planet will become progressively less able to sequester carbon dioxide in the soil or deep in the oceans, as both carbon sinks become supersaturated.

            “If all of the carbon of permafrost was released, at that point, this is not going to be a habitable planet for humans.”

            A climate researcher with the Woods Hole Research Center, Susan Natali, recently told a reporter that as global temperatures continue to increase, thawing permafrost is releasing larger amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, which of course cause temperatures to warm even further. Thus, the positive feedback loop feeds upon itself, a phenomenon that underpins runaway ACD.

            “If all of the carbon of permafrost was released, at that point, this is not going to be a habitable planet for humans,” Natali warned.

            All of this information, taken together, paints an increasingly bleak scene for the planet and its species – including, of course, humans.

            This could be why James Lovelock, the celebrated scientist and environmentalist who created the Gaia hypothesis, recently stated, “Saving the planet is a foolish, romantic extravagance.”

            He added that as climate disruption spins further out of control, “The civilizations of the northern hemisphere would be utterly destroyed, no doubt about it. But it would give life elsewhere a chance to recover. I think actually that Gaia might heave a sigh of relief.”

        • Boil it – jeeze.

      10. In the Toledo Ohio area, we are bracing for our water to be contaminated due to algae blooms in Lake Erie, our water source. It happened last year. Took most of us by surprise. This year we have been warned ahead of time.

        • I’m in the area too. I have a well with good water and a Berkey Filter system. Stock up on your water now if you are getting municipal water. You know what is coming. Always have a plan.

        • didnt JUST happen last year ,, you were TOLD about it last year .. its been going on for over a decade !!

          you are now being poisoned by the chemicals they are putting into that algae contaminated water to try and make it “Taste Right” but it isnt and now you are also drinking other contaminants used to “treat” your water

          you dam sure better not be drinking it .. Im not shitting you

      11. São Paulo: Worries grow as serious drought grips Brazil’s largest city – ‘Even if you reduce the water consumption for the city, you don’t have the water’

        ht tp://www.desdemonadespair.net/2015/07/sao-paulo-worries-grow-as-serious.html

        how does a major city cope when the water runs out ?
        I guess we’re gonna find out soon

        • I read 9 months ago that Sao Paulo had less than 90 days of water left. Also Lake Mead, supplying Las Vegas is almost down to the last intake. They are drilling another intake. What they don’t tell you is that the Lake that feeds Lake mead (Powell? cant remember off hand) is almost completely full, with continuing influent from the Colorado snowpack… Some politics going on.

      12. Remove food or drinking water and it turns ugly very quickly…

        • And it smells fairly nasty as well, especially in perpetually hot (and humid) climates. Bangkok or any other place with no water? Ugh. I hate to think of what humans will do when things get desperate.

      13. and yet another MAJOR FAIL by the Federal government

        OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach

        ht tp://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/hack-opm-office-personnel-management-cyber-million-20150709

      14. Ok. What I’m or you to do about it? NOTHING!

      15. I’ll never forget listening to a lecture on a cruise ship several years ago that WW3 would be fought over water, not oil. Certain countries damning up rivers and cutting off supply to downstream nations.

      16. We’ve had the wettest spring in memory here in the Shenandoah valley…plenty of water. the Ocean currents change every few years and its feast or famine. Why governments like in California don’t build desalinization plants is beyond me. Any country with a coast should do it. They either don’t want to spend the money or the urge goes away when the drought does. I call BS on climate change…its a money maker/tax for somebody/govt.

        • Yeah, real smart– the water is disappearing but you still deny the heating up of the planet.

          When the snow goes away due to warming it means there will be no more run off down hill to feed the rivers– (i.e, no water)… still you just don’t get it!!

          Hot climate= no more snow on the mountains= no water running down to the rivers below= no water from the tap. Get it??

          • PS…Climate is not weather.

            Yes, the weather may be fine where you are, perhaps plenty of rainfall. That is called WEATHER.

            The overall GLOBAL temperature is called CLIMATE.

      17. It seems Thailand is the ‘rice capitol of the world’. Rice prices may be affected by this.
        And a quick web search says the Bangkok area has 14 million souls living there. They may all be relocating anyway- the city was built on a swamp and is slowly sinking, faster than Venice.
        Also, they get electricity from water generation, so that’s another worry for them.
        I flew over Bangkok @ 1995- water canals everywhere…

      18. prayers for all

        • Thats about the nicest thing i read all day, didnt read much today but still, nicest thing ive seen,
          Thank you

      19. It rains all the time here I don’t even water my lawn or plants. Luck me ha. I don’t believe the water running out fear mongering. Maybe in the desert. Got my katadyn pocket filter too if I need it. I know what it’s like to be around plenty of water that isn’t potable. Got the charcoal filter for it too as an added measure. I stocked up on salt too you need salt most folks don’t think about it because there is so much in the food nowadays. Try just drinking water and eating only game and garden veggies with no salt you won’t last I’d guarantee it.

        • As California’s mega-drought lumbers on, redwoods and other iconic trees in that state are now dying in record numbers. As one example, Monterey pines – in one area that covers nearly 15 square acres – are already as much as 90 percent dead.

          Even more disturbing is a recent report that polar bears have been seen killing and eating dolphins. That in itself isn’t news, but the fact that it happened this spring, instead of during the warmer summer months, has never been seen before.


          Recent NASA data has given us some remarkable graphics that show how the world’s aquifers are losing their water at “alarming” rates, according to scientists. The data shows that more than half of the planet’s 37 largest aquifers are being depleted. Given that the groundwater reserves take thousands of years to accumulate, one of the scientists described the situation as “critical.”

          São Paulo, Brazil, a mega-city of over 20 million people, has been pushed to the verge of severe water rationing, as its largest water reservoir is on pace to dry up completely by August.

      20. Yes, the cabal is up no good. I am working on getting my meeting together. My scientist friend works full time and runs a companies operations department . So he is busy as heck so we can’t even to get to meet with him he weekend. Every body is going on high alert all the M855 cleaned off the shelf. Hey Sarge you mentioned .223, fmj is always avaiable. Everytime the M855 hits the shelf maybe 10 boxes at a time, Gone it’s gone in one day.. the locals in my side of town buy. 223 like a crack head buys crack, it just insane as the ammo comes in its gone by days end. There are people coming in from Alabama, a Florida all over coming to our one academy, talk about getting serious about supplies. This is a whole new world we are living in now. California has 8 million plus getting ready to run-out of water…praise Jesus I don’t live in that crap of a state.

        • I praise God that you do not live here too. California is the garden of the United States of America, that is if you buy domestically produced vegetables. Over 50% of produce grown in the United States Of America is grown here in California. So since you hate California so much, grow your own food (like I do here in California, I am an organic farmer) or buy from Mexico. Your choice, and when you Praise Jesus (God)thank him for the vegetables you are buying from Mexico and Central American Countries if you hate California so much. If you really cared about the United States of America you would pray for the farms in California, and not just praise God for not living in this “crap of a state.”

          • You on a well or county system? Just curious, a friend who works west coast and pacific said some of the farms he deals with have had well static levels drop by 20-60′ thats pretty scarry stuff,

      21. Shout it from the roof tops CLEAN WATER, WATER, and more WATER, there is the wealth, not only WEALTH but LIFE it self. CLEAN DRINKING WATER!!!!!!!


      22. Off topic I was driving to work this morn listening to talk radio and they mentioned the NYSE computers going down for three hours . People talk about the power going out like it’s a big deal. So much stuff runs by computer the power could still be on and computers down and you couldn’t even buy a coke because the credit card machine is down. Planes can’t fly without computers the pilots don’t know how to fly a plane manually anymore. It doesn’t have to be EMP it could be some hacker in North Korea that infects all the computer systems in the country. I’m no computer expert but your computer has to work to even load maintnence programs like mcaffe or what ever.

      23. Just once I’d like to see these “the sky is falling…” stories actually come true. Thousands of these stories in the past 15 years, what, maybe 0.01% came to be. We can only hope, one of these days…

      24. MEET THE BRIC’S

        fun ‘intro to the brics’ video explaining what it is to the Chinese citizen.


      25. I would like to thank you all here. I am 22 and been on this site for a few years. Thank you KYmom, Satori, BI.. I am signing out after this last stock market garbage.

        I watched the stocks fall the other day, suddenly, a “glitch” appeared and it was all shut down. yea, in my eyes, the federal reserve called its rich buddies during that “down time” and made sure nothing collapsed. last straw.

        I hope to see you all later maybe. and if you see someone young, don’t shoot them, they might be like me

      26. Oh, what happening? China’s markets back to normal, Greece and the Eurozone on the cusp of an agreement and the chicken littles on this site now need a new boogeyman now that their precious economic collapse is not occurring. Oh wait! Whats that? We have an honest to goodness evaporation of the worlds water supply? Yipee! Now the lemmings on this site will spend the next 3 days praising some invisible magician in the sky as they’re exchanging “save the rainwater in a filtered barrel” nonsense. Go oil your guns in your “BOL’s” and try not to reproduce in the meantime. Pop your empty heads out in 2017 when President Hillary Clinton reigns.

        • Troll.

        • ummm yeah
          things are back to “normal”

          Maintaining the Illusion of Stability Now Requires Ever-Greater Extremes

          ht tp://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2015/07/maintaining-illusion-of-stability-now.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+google%2FRzFQ+%28oftwominds%29

        • China ‘s going to Hell! Niburu is coming and will whomp us any day now! But we might run out of food first so the zombies will eat us first! No, the russkies will attack us with an EMP and send us back into the stone age! No wait, the Feds are setting up concentration camps to put us all in when they try to git our guns!But that will happen after our currency becomes worthless! Watch the crowds pull back in amazement as they let me and my family pass safely through with our hoard of silver! Damn, I can’t wait till Armageddon!

      27. The story is a bit of a red herring, we are just weeks away from the start of Bangkok’s monsoon season that goes July to October.

        Still it’ll be interesting to see how the handle it if the yearly monsoons fail!

        By the way, everyone should know how to construct a simple solar water still that can make drinking water out of almost any contaminated water source. It works on sea water, brackish water, toxic mineral contaminated water, etc. About the only thing it can’t handle is industrial solvent contaminated water. Check the web for plans and YouTube videos.

        Step-by-Step: How to Purify Water Using HTH Pool Shock

        You can use granular calcium hypochlorite (Pool Shock) to disinfect water.

        Add and dissolve one measured teaspoon of Pool Shock to one gallon of water. (Don’t drink this)

        The goal is to produce a stock chlorine solution of 500 milligrams Calcium Hypochlorite per liter of water. This for anyone that wants to put on their high school science hat and look at the exact percent on the package, use a scale and make it super accurate can.

        To disinfect water, add the chlorine solution previously made in the ratio of one part of chlorine solution to each 100 parts of water to be treated. To make one gallon drinkable water mix 2/3 ounces of stock chlorine solution to one gallon of water………. Wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or using. Filtering your source water through several layers of cloth, or a slow drip through coffee filters can remove objectionable sediments before adding chlorine solution.

        To remove any objectionable chlorine odor, aerate the disinfected water by pouring it back and forth from one clean container to another or let it sit longer before drinking.

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