Democrats Want Ivanka Trump’s Security Clearance Revoked

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 31 comments

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    Two Democratic lawmakers are calling for Ivanka Trump’s security clearance to be revoked. The two are citing “credibility issues” based on series of recent reports.

    According to The Hill, several reports have surfaced claiming Ivanka lacks credibility. “Recent press investigations highlight severe credibility issues with Ivanka Trump, a White House official, close advisor, and daughter to the President,” Reps. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Don Beyer (D-Va.) wrote in a letter to White House counsel Don McGahn. In the letter, the lawmakers also renewed their call for Jared Kushner’s (Ivanka’s husband) security clearance to be revoked.

    The letter cites reports that Trump “used at least two, and possibly three,” private email accounts for official White House business. Not many Democrats seemed concerned that Hillary Clinton did the same thing, but in an obviously divided government, you’ll have hypocrisy and finger pointing.

    A Politico report earlier this week found Trump and [Ivanka’s] husband, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, reportedly sent hundreds of emails from a third private email account while serving in their White House roles. The lawmakers also referenced a McClatchy report that Trump and Kushner were each fined after they failed to submit financial reports required by the Office of Government Ethics on time. The financial disclosure forms submitted by Trump and Kushner also included different values for their personal assets. Some of those values had discrepancies of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to McClatchy. – The Hill

    “These new revelations, along with the ongoing White House probe of Ms. Trump’s private email use, have compromised Ms. Trump’s integrity and credibility,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. “We are requesting that the White House immediately revoke her security clearance pending an investigation into her actions.” The letter also said, “In light of the recent developments relating to both Mr. Kushner’s e-mail accounts and his financial disclosure statements, we would like to reiterate our request that you immediately revoke his security clearance.”


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      1. I don’t see the difference between democrats/republicans. When the democrats are in office, they go after the guns because that is their role while in the white house. (Role assigned to them by the elite). They pretend to care for poor people. They pass a few laws on behalf of the poor.

        Then, when Republicans are in office, they pretend to care about the second amendment and pretend to protect it (mostly) while, throwing the poor people to the dogs. (This pleases the middle class because they don’t want their payroll siphoned off to help the poor).

        So when the democrats are in office, they go after the guns and when the republicans are in office, they let the poor rot/die off.

        However, these are just their assigned roles! The elite control everything and have one gang do one thing (destroy the second amendment/Constitution) and then have the other gang destroy the poor… so all the bidding of the elite gets done– it all gets done– its just done a little at a time by which ever party is in office.

        They may as well have just one party doing all these things but the American people would object and say, “unfair! we have a right to vote!” So the elite ALLOWS us to vote— but the will of the elite still reigns.. So what difference does it make as to which gangsters are in office– the Crypts or the Hoods? They are all criminals???!!!@#!

        • Good comment Anonymous. Good insight.

          We have had just one administration for almost 30-years.
          Reagan/Bush, Bush/Clinton, Clinton/Bush, Bush/Obama, Obama/Trump. All the same. One administration.

        • Anonymous, damn good points. It seems most, if not all, of the White House staff, including John Kelly, are going the extra mile to undermine Trump and the people’s agenda. Especially when his own daughter and son-in-law are globalists and have ties to George Soros. Civil War 2 is guaranteed to happen now. Only a matter of time.

          • Unfortunately Trump is doing a very fine job of under-mining himself. And……. he’s actually representative of both the political parties he’s financially and by affiliation supported. Never forget that. Like the song, “I was Democrat before it wasn’t cool” or something like that. Trump was best buds with Billy and Hilly if ya’ll recall. You lay down with dogs, don’t complain if you wake up with fleas.

            • Precisely so.

              judaism DOT is/kushner.html

              judaism DOT is/trump.html

        • Exactly how are Republicans letting the “poor rot/die off”?

          Entitlements have risen during every single administration since Roosevelt. Republicans propose a bill to reduce the rate of increase, and the Democrats falsely claim the Republicans are trying to cut entitlements.

          I don’t care for either party, but what you’re saying is false.

        • The truth is that ALL of Gov’t is so crooked, incompetent and corrupt beyond belief!! When folks is enough, enough? Think about it my fellow patriots out there. . .

        • There is NO difference in party, as there is one. TPTB, The ELites OWN the game, make the RULES!

          TRUMP is a PSYOP!! nothing GOOD< he is OWNED by the "chose" that control the country, they are very "close" to him.

          Trump was a CON JOB to get the disenfranchises MASSES to once again get EMOTIONALLY DRAWN into VOTING,. which is a SCAM!

          Nothing will change playing THEIR game by THEIR rules! Why do TPTB abhor violence against itself, yet USES VIOLENCE EVERY SECOND to ENFORCE its GAME.

          TRUMP SUPPORTERS are IDIOTS for falling for it!

      2. Organized crime fine tuned into perfection. A security clearance means above the law and untouchable by any law. Scott free, just ask Hillary for further explanation.

        • A security clearance doesn’t mean that.

          Ask Snowden, he had one.

        • Aljamo, even before Trump announced his run for POTUS, the Trump family was above the law and untouchable because they are the TRUMPS. We the people were TRUMPED BY TRUMP.

          • Brave, you should read my reply to you, along with my 4 other posts on the Oct 3rd “Trump Talks Gun Control” thread. They were in moderation for almost 2 days so you probably missed them. It’s related to your Trumps above the law post and trumped by Trump.

      3. Scot-free actually, free from harm, punishment or obligation.

      4. Ivanka lacks credibility??? LOL, all this from the government that allowed 40 million invaders in since the year 2000! … and Mr. Michelle Robinson had any credibility after she said she was an ashamed “American”, and with his numbnutsie turkishbathhouseboy husband refusing to say and hand on chest for the national anthem for his eight year tragedy. Whenever the left imagines anything, it becomes the truth.

      5. Where is hcks at I haven’t seen him since he was collectively roasted ba few posts back.
        Said something about going away for a while???

        • It’s a shame some felt the need to gang up on HCKS. I’ve seen too much of that over the years. They drove Rebbecca off a year or so ago, she wouldn’t hurt a fly and was a contributor.

          We all have quirks, the people taking control here are likely, as HCKS called them “agency clowns”. They are here to disrupt, not add.

          • We all have quirks,
            Now that there is golden

          • hopefully they didn’t kill him, like wwti killed eppe by causing him so much stress he had a heart attack.

      6. If lacking credibility is grounds for revoking security clearances, most of politicians and Department heads would have their security clearances taken.

      7. The Leftists have totally failed to come up with anything on Trump in spite of the most intensive investigations in history.

        So now they are going after his family using equally trumped up excuses (no pun intended).

        Next, I wonder if they’ll be putting Barron Trump on trial. (But even the leftists wouldn’t go after an 11 year old child, I think if he was older they would)

      8. Angry Beaver, I called BS on HCKS a few articles back when he attacked Jim in VA, calling him a mental patient. Jim is one of the BEST posters we have here. I now realize that everyone was right about HCKS being a nutcase. So he can go cry me a river. He’ll do for some entertainment but that’s it.

        • Lol well to be honest I think most of us have gone a few rounds with hcks.
          I definitely think he’s got a few screws loose. I’ve always suspected he’s just a young kid on some serious meds. Or an adult with a very serious TBI (tramatic brain injury).

        • DBH – Have you ever heard of the Vicar of Bray? Well, with your constantly changing stance, that’s exactly you. Here’s the definition-it suits you to a T:

          “The vicar [of Bray] living under King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, was first a Papist, then a Protestant, then a Papist, then a Protestant again. He had seen some martyrs burnt (two miles off) at Windsor and found this fire too hot for his tender temper.

          This vicar, being taxed [attacked] by one for being a turncoat and an inconstant changeling, said, ‘Not so, for I always kept my principle, which is this – to live and die the Vicar of Bray’.

          — Worthies of England, published 1662

          And the modern Vicar of Bray (DBH) lives by those exact same principles. To live and die a chronic bullshitter and turncoat!

      9. Ivanka has NO business in the White House to begin with. She is not qualified in any way, shape or form. And BTW, as I’ve said before here on shtf, she is a Liberal and a Democrat. She is not a Republican. She is not qualified by any stretch of the imagination.

      10. This is barely worth commenting on…The Clinton hypocrisy is too obvious.

        So I’ll only say that Ivanka is so hot she can do anything she wants. 🙂

        • “So I’ll only say that Ivanka is so hot she can do anything she wants” and unless you’re 14, you are a moron.

      11. My God, these DemoRATS have some major balls trying to pull this crap – they have the nerve to mention anything about Emails – uhhh hello, look what Crooked Killary pulled regarding emails. Those 1-sided fools all deserve to HANG to save America.

      12. Javanka SHOULD be removed from the WH. I don’t care about the e-mails. Small potatoes. They can have fries with that AND supersize them for all I care.

        Javanka are total progressive liberals giving Trump really bad advice which he takes because of his uber weird relationship with his daughter, Ivanka.

        They gotta go.

        The time has come.
        The time has come.
        The time is now.
        Just go.
        I don’t care how.

        You can go by foot.
        You can go by cow.
        Ivanka M. Kushner
        Will you please go Now?

        (Attribution to Dr. Seuss, regardless of what an idiotic Massachusetts librarian says or thinks.)

      13. I want Ivanka’s bra revoked!

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