Democrats Seek “Recurring Stimulus Check,” Or Universal Basic Income

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    At least 21 democrats are urging Joe Biden to introduce recurring stimulus checks.  For those paying attention, that’s the universal basic income the rulers need to get the New World Order in place.

    It’ll your pittance from the state and we’ve been alerting as many as possible to this.  It’s a part of the agenda.  The rulers need the slaves wholly dependent on the state and after impoverishing everyone and shutting down their businesses during the scamdemic, they know universal basic income will be well received.

    The senators who want the slaves dependent upon them were led by Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden of Oregon. The goal is to tie the aid to economic conditions so relief does not lapse too early, according to a report by CNBC But we all know that the money will be tied to “correct behavior, right think,” and likely the willingness to get the experimental gene therapy shot. 

    Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America

    “This crisis is far from over, and families deserve certainty that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads,” the senators wrote. “Families should not be at the mercy of constantly-shifting legislative timelines and ad hoc solutions.”

    Once this is coupled with a digital dollar that can be shut off the second they decide you no longer deserve your pittance, it’ll be game over for those still trapped in this Matrix.  The time to prepare was last year.  We have all seen this coming. It’s time to wake up and realize we don’t need them. Unfortunately, we are running out of time.

    Wyden wants to avoid repeating what took place last summer when a jobless benefit boost expired and contributed to millions of Americans falling into poverty. While the job market continues to climb back toward pre-pandemic levels, many lawmakers worry the existing aid measures will not go far enough while roughly 19 million people are receiving some form of unemployment benefits. –CNBC

    This system of totalitarian control is well on its way to being rolled out. We had better wake up to the fact that government is slavery and stop acting like others own us.  We have very little time at this point. This agenda is going forward at full speed.


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      1. I think this is called pure socialism.
        I am starting a small manufacturing company to produce sheep nose rings. and Karmala Knee pads!

      2. As you said,this is all part of the plan.It was these bastards who destroyed the economy in the first place.
        They create the problem
        such as covid as a tool to destroy the economy and then offer you their “solution”
        Recurring payments?
        Yeah, payments to make us dependent on them and which will be taken away the moment we don’t abide by their rules and dare to think for ourselves!

      3. Lotsa complaining about it.

        Didja turn those stimmy checks down?

        Until you refuse you take the money, it’s just empty words.

        • Here’s how many “ Doom and Gloomers” have turned down ”muh” stimmy cash..

          “Doom and Gloomers” have already discussed with the wife and kids what they will buy if they receive another stimmy payment.
          Don’t lie.

        • I felt that the unsolicited helicopter money can be spent on your culture, when we are being deracinated, or for preps, as selection in the big box stores winds down. If you’re more-or-less thrifty, these supplies are constantly useful.

        • In my opinion, the free $ they’re giving me is my own $ coming back to me which they’ve been stealing from my paychecks for years. Involuntary taxation = theft!

        • Ah yes;
          The ole’ “say one thing but do the opposite”
          The unofficial credo of keyboard cowboys for over 20 years.

        • Hey, it’s time to depopulate humanity, as we are turning ino something like “flies,” or maggots or whatever. So just shut up and eat your Soylent Green and wait on the nice hearse to come and carry you away to be recycled and re-eaten. You are nothing but food, anyway, right? Well, everybody but politicians

      4. Recent Headline:
        “World Leaders
        Call For
        Pandemic Treaty”

      5. Iligitimate Socialism cannot be bought on a $1200 check every 9 months. Their socialism won’t buy cigarettes.

        They will have to seize all private property first. Make charging rent illegal and forcing used to be homeowners from their homes and farms.

        To make that happen, they have to take the guns… And That my friends, is dead upon arrival. Whether it be at our mailbox or theirs still remains to be seen.

      6. you still well documented former sovereign person? and did you send the stimmies back or did you put it toward some of your bondage?

      7. Spot on article. To all the brainwashed sheep – accepting the stimmy check does not change the fact of what’s going on, why, how, or where this leads over time. How do you reject money that gets auto deposited to your bank account….while struggling to keep family fed…knowing full well using the money feeds the leviathans…?…

      8. The Demonrats don’t like to talk about the origin of the money used for universal basic income – communism by any rational assessment.

        This reminds me of a family vacation long ago in Bella Italia. We were waiting for a late-train in the town of Bologna with far too much luggage. The local pickpockets were trying to sidle up to our luggage for the entire hour wait. They were easily chased off with a stern look or when I walked up to them. However, they were patient and when I carried two heavy suitcases up the three step staircase into the train – one of them made his (or her) move. The skilled pickpocket relieved me of my wallet without my awareness of any problem. Yeah, it caused a hassle, but I recognize skill where I see it. Demonrats are skilled at ruining your life – always stated as “for the greater good”.

      9. @To those saying why did you take the stimmy money.These fuckers have destroyed our lives with the covid b.s. and lockdowns.Why the he double hockey sticks shouldn’t we use that money for the hardships we now face because of them? Besides,as someone else mentioned here,we are just getting back our own fuckin’ money these assholes have stolen from us in taxation without representation. From my perspective,these checks don’t cover what these fucks owe all of us – not even close. So, I suppose you feel loving thoughts towards the ones giving us this money when you think that they (gov employees) were still receiving regular paychecks while locking businesses down all while screwing us in the rear in the process!!

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