Democrats Made AR-15 Popular: Gun Sales “Driven By The Ban Concept”

by | May 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 212 comments

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    Austin Ehlinger helps hold a banner during a Guns Across America rally at the state capitol, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, in Austin, Texas. Texas officials opposed to new federal gun control proposals plan to speak on the steps of the state Capitol during a pro-Second Amendment rally. The event is one of many rallies planned across the country Saturday. They come four days after President Barack Obama unveiled a sweeping plan to curb gun violence. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

    Ever wonder if all the anti-gun rhetoric isn’t just a grand reverse-psychology trick?

    After all, perhaps there is a reason that Barack Obama has been branded the world’s greatest gun salesman.

    That’s the feeling that gun dealer, historian and author Martin KA Morgan has developed – after watching Americans turn feverishly towards buying up semi-automatic “assault weapons” in the wake of Clinton’s 1994 assault weapons ban.

    Before that? Hardly anybody was focused on or buying these guns, and there wasn’t much to say about them.

    via the London Guardian:

    US author and historian says allure of the taboo may explain why measures such as the 1994 assault weapon ban led to an explosion in popularity

    When Martin KA Morgan was a kid in the 1970s, military-style rifles were only a “small sliver” of the firearms market in the United States.

    More than twenty years later, Morgan said, American firearm ownership has been radically transformed. “Semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles – they dominate the market,” he said.


    By 1994, the Clinton administration was close to passing a federal assault weapon ban… In the months before the 1994 crime bill, which included an assault weapon ban, passed, “there was a mad scramble among the shooting public”


    “I believe that we can assign Freudian psychology to it,” he said… Today, Morgan believes, the popularity of military-style guns “continues to be driven by the ban concept”.

    Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that many of the worst villains in government are indeed dead set on stripping down the 2nd Amendment until is has no real meaning.

    The attempts at gun control are sincere, in a sense, but they are also quite frightening – perhaps intentionally.

    On Wall Street and in the realm of economic crashes, there is money to be made on the way up, and on the way down. The manipulation of all phases of a bubble is key to those who would make a fortune off of the misery of others; it is the essential Machiavellian stroke.

    Here, with firearms like the AR-15, a huge money making opportunity has developed around the mad dash to stock up on guns and ammo before and in case of new legislation banning “assault weapons” or anything else.

    Perhaps it should come as no real surprise that many of the biggest gun control liberals on Capitol Hill secretly have stocks in gun manufacturers and ammunition supplies, as well as the raw materials.

    Many of them hide behind the fact that funds they invest in have such diverse holdings that a bit of firearms-funding is all-but unavoidable.

    Nonetheless, intentional or not, President Obama and cohorts like the Brady Center, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and plenty of others are driving sales of the very guns that they despise in the hands of citizens:

    The Washington Post estimated last year that Barack Obama had given the gun industry at least a $9bn billion boost, in part because of his high-profile advocacy for gun control in the wake of a series of mass shootings in 2012. Gun sales have spiked since the very beginning of Obama’s presidency, with record-breaking sales in recent months, and the trend seems likely to continue if Hillary Clinton occupies the White House.

    The question is: why? There is definitely a deception at hand.

    Maybe it isn’t fair to apply the saying that a sucker is born every minute, but it is clear that the herd is being fleeced to some degree. Wallets open, and FBI background checks go crazy every time Obama opens his mouth or signs his pen regarding gun control.

    More accurately, a populace that is rightly fearful that its 2nd Amendment rights are under threat also make good consumers/ easy marks during their time of greatest fear.

    Word on the street is that a shorting of the market, dumping of the stocks and/or drastic tightening of the supply (particularly with ammo) may soon be at hand.

    Could it get any more conspiratorial?

    Watch wisely, and keep and bear arms like your liberty depends upon it.

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      1. eppe

        I am looking for an alternative to using lead or brass used to make the bullet…

        • Menzoberranzan

          I just hope many of these evil people eventually wind up filled with holes from these very weapons

          • Braveheart1776

            Menzo, anyone who comes to take mine will be turned into swiss cheese.

            • Men job err an Zan

              No doubt. All mine are broken in tack drivers.

              • Paranoid

                How foolish of these peolpe: Everyone knows the increase in gun sales is due to the increasing popularity of Boating by Gun Owners who haven’ taken Coast Guard recommended safety courses.

          • WhoWTFKnows...

            And here is how they are going to take it.

            Special Operations troops assaulted downtown Tampa … all to thunderous applause
            Washington Post ^ | May 26, 2016 | Thomas Gibbons-Neff

            On Wednesday, Special Operations troops from more than a dozen countries jumped out of helicopters, rappelled from buildings and expended hundreds of rounds of ammunition as they attempted to rescue the mayor of this Florida city.

            The operation was, of course, an exercise.

            ~WWTI…. I wonder if the Traitors were wearing Blue Helmets. Like why Train foreign troops to assault US Cities? Connect the dots fellow Patriots.

            • Lone wolverine

              I worked with Seals . They are nothing to fear. I’m more scared of construction workers. Them guys can work on their feet ten hour a day six days a week. Don’t believe the hype. Their gov. Employees . Worthless garbage. Watch a video of Iraq shoot outs . They lay down and bomb. Which is semi effective. But are they winning? Have they won. Wake up and smell the coffee. Follow the devil . And reap your rewards. Sorry guys but you have a second chance. And if you don’t . It’s all over for you.

              • Anon

                You claim to have worked with SEALS, yet are more a’feared of Construction Workers? You lie just like Hitlery mista. SEAL Teams work alone and most often depend on Marines (on their six) to keep matters under control, NOT construction men.
                I would love kicking your ass across America …and then back again just for POSTING that bullshit. Ignorance!!

                However, since you say you “worked with SEALS”, precisely what did you do that made you SOOOOOO superior to The World’s Most Elite Fighting Force? Come on tough guy …everything you’ve ever said tells me you are among the first to be taking a bullet, because you will not listen to the ones with experience ‘out their asses’ and the scars or missing body parts to prove it.
                Millions of men have died so that you would RETAIN THE RIGHT to speak as a free man …and yet you are SO QUICK to piss on their graves. Someone will tear your head off and shit down your neck soon enough. And, since you think it is all “hype” …let’s see you get through one year of BUDS/S ….you couldn’t get past the first week. (ALL MOUTH – NO ACTION).
                Or better yet, let’s set up a “fight in a ring, barehanded” with just you and ANY aged SEAL of your choice. You’ll be out cold on the mat or rendered inoperative inside of 3-5 seconds (and the SEAL will likly use one finger to do it). Why put ourselves out for unappreciative assholes running around DOWNING men willing to die for their country?
                You are pathetically clueless and a great source of misinformation when you say shit like that and HARDLY Patriotic! I suppose you are also “above” Green Berets, SF Marines (Semper Fi!), US Airborne and ‘the like’ as well right? Yeah, right… PRAY there is no ‘clash’, for if there is, you will be among the first to perish.

                • neutrino

                  I most assuredly didn’t work with active SEALS. I have physically worked in the presence of retired SF guys from several branches, and I think that what the previous poster might have meant was that the SF community, as a whole, are the most educated, highly trained, most motivated, and amazingly patriotic people our military branches have to offer. As such, they aren’t anything to fear from an American citizen standpoint. They are on OUR side. And they will be, regardless of what top brass tells them.

                  MARSOC, who operate heavily near where I live won’t be shooting Americans when it goes down. SEALS won’t either. They’re smart enough to see through the garbage. Construction workers, OTOH, might not. Think about it, Obama voters is a real thing. People out there actually voted for him… Twice…

                  Special forces won’t be anything to fear from the American citizenry, but they will be a frightening force to be reckoned with for the folks who would be dictators.

                  • DrSique

                    So, you stand up against the stereotyping of SF military members but are fine with doing that very thing to construction workers. My time in the miliyary ended before it began when I blew out a knee at nineteen. I ended up in construction for around thirty years and, besides the penchant for unionization, they are some of the most fervent patriots in this country. I would suggest that the only construction workers you should be worried about are the millions of illegal aliens who have no loyalty to our nation and many of whom would jump at taking advantage of civil unrest here. Also, many construction workers are the most angry at our own government for allowing millions of foreign nationals to enter illegally, taking away their livelyhoods and causing their families great suffering. Do you really believe that these will be the guys who act as agents of tyranny???!!!!

                    • Lone wolverine

                      My point was . That when the American military comes against the American people to keep their pay checks to feed their families. Don’t be afraid of them . They are not invincible . If or when they come against us we have a very good chance of winning . Don’t believe the hype. This story believe it or not . I saw a guy working at a convenience store he looked pretty tough. I told him he could make double the money as a framer ( carpenter) . He came out and lasted two days . He said in his words . It was so hot I thought I was going to puke. Turns out he told me he was a third generation navy seal .maybe he was lieing. But I’ve worked with others in the security field. They are all different many have unbreakable faith in God and country . Others are born hunters. One showed me test papers they would take after reading parts of the bible. I think they thought I would join their group . Or they wouldn’t have showed me . Most sec. Ops guys will tell you it’s all about endurance. You said I was pissing on their graves . There goes your credibility ? Do you know who Mike Encanis was how about James Bohanon. These were some of the best guys on the planet . And I’m saying that I’ve seen some very tough able construction workers that I wouldn’t mess with either. Did I say I was soooo superior to anyone? Tear my head of and shit down my neck? Pure genius . BUDs Basic under water demolition doesn’t last one year. There goes you credibility again? Fighting in the ring bear handed. What a 150 pound seal is going to beat a 250 pound seal in the ring bear handed.maybe ? Little seal are arguably better than big seals they can hide and sneak around better . Recon is a big part of their job. The SEAL will use one finger to take me out . Yes a trigger finger. I never claimed to be above anyone . I personally think coast guard rescue swimmers are some of the toughest braves men. If there’s a clash I wil be the first to perish? Well I’ve always believed in total war . And as I have no wife children or family I will take your challenge. Total war. Hope they look like you.

          • Lone wolverine

            Menzo . It’s written it will be done . Fill your lamps . It’s a promise from God . A perfect and 1000 year world. Miracles as in the days of Moses. Keep the faith.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Think ceramic. poly coated. weight is the only problem.

          • Lone wolverine

            There are so many car batteries around full of lead what are you worried about .? We have more lead than we could ever use?

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Batteries Lone?!Way too much effort,just fill up a 55 gallon water barrel from Fling Michigan,plenty of lead to work with!

              • Lone wolverine

                Your the man war child .

              • DrSique

                Yup. And, after you take all the lead out, you should be left with almost five gallons of potable water.

            • dave in idaho

              DO NOT USE BATTERIES FOR LEAD..They contain calcium and arsenic. While melting them down water or high humidity will cause it to release stibnine gas. Also they make real lousy bullets. If you are worried about lead, go online and buy a hundred pounds…try locally as shipping will kill you. Better yet, just order some Lyman bullet alloy of your choice. It already has the tin and antimony added for the right hardness..don’t forget to quench the bullet as you drop it from the mold, as it makes a nice harder outer “shell” and can be fired at higher velocities with a gas check…buy the gas checks and a sizer die too.

              • neutrino

                Or go collect used wheel weights from your local tire store. Good quality lead dirt cheap, often found in PILES around where they are discarded.

          • Ketchupondemand


          • Anon

            Sgt Dale //////// “Sarge” as in military or LEO sir? Either one is ‘splendid’ with me, and thank you for your service be it military OR Civil Law Enforcement. My Brother-In-Law IS a Sheriff in Maine. He started as a Maine State Trooper (called “staties” I think, yet have never gone that far north into New England), and after being Troop D Commander retired and was elected. (Ex-marine of six years …he did nothing more than make Government ‘tags’ for four years (talk about a ‘skate’ job eh)? 🙂

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Depleted uranium makes great bullets.

          Alloying lead with certain metals and metaloids can make highly toxic bullets, theses include Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, thallium!

          Or are you looking for really SAFE bullets instead, which sounds like an oxymoron?

          • Plan twice, prep once

            May I add grandpa saw men in WW2 shot with wooden bullets dipped in shit.

            The Japanese knew the Americans had fluoroscopes that let doctors find and remove bullets and fragments, but the fluoroscope couldn’t see wood bullets that created massive infections that were either fatal or resulted in amputations.

            • Lone wolverine

              More bullet molds is what we need . Or videos on how to make bullet molds. And black powder and primers.

              • Plan twice, prep once

                Lee makes great inexpensive bullet molds. I’ve got one for .45 and one for 9mm, and I long ago bought enough lead for making a lot of paperweights.

                High velocity ammo needs to be jacketed to prevent fouling. .45 has the advantage of being a low velocity black powder round. With an unjacketed hard lead like Lyman #2 it performs pretty well with a good application of bullet lube.

                There are some great recipes for bullet lube made with lots of bacon fat. I understand the only thing a Jihadist hates more than being shot, is being shot with bullets lubed with bacon fat!

                I’ve seen YouTubes of people copper plating bullets they hand cast. It’s hard to get it thick enough but I understand it works well and fouls barrels much less than unplated, lubed bullets.

                • Lone wolverine

                  Plan twice. Can we paper patch for more velocity?

                  • Plan twice, prep once

                    I’ve actually been contemplating adding a steel frame muzzle loader pistol to the collection that could run on simple home made black powder, and any bullet you could fashion and paper patch into the cylinder.

                  • skittle shittin unicorn

                    as far as i know you can NOT!!! paper patch modern ammo

                    buy a Black Powder kit for a couple hundred and learn to shoot Black powder.

                    and yes you can make your own Black powder

                    all you need is gallons of stale urine and a few other chemicals

                    look it up on the web and you tube

                    • Anon

                      Steel. STEEL. Ruskies have used steel bullets longer than any other. Easy to make them (and I’m not talking about having Sand Molds (white-dry sand) set up in your back yard …if you do NOT understand metalurgy, one drop of water landing in your cauldron will ALWAYS BE EXPLOSIVE. (…that means it will burn you very badly, for starters). Wear at least what a welder would.

                      Again. Steel. Soft steel inside ‘cold-rolled’ steel barrels are NOT any more abrasive than FMJs or pure lead/antimony (when you melt your lead, vent the hell out of it as the ‘gasses emitted’ will kill you slowly ((or quickly)). Antimony will come to the top of your melter (any imperfection in the lead will rise to the top, and is called “dross” – – so, antimony is one of many kinds of dross (you should always use a DRY HOT LADLE (NO WATER ON IT THAT WAY), and dip the dross to hell out of there. Weakens the lead leaving WAY more barrel residue …and for the learned out there, removing lead can often take days of soaking in Hoppe’s or pure kerosene (then about an hour of “brushing the bore” to clear the LANDS of lead buildup.

                      I’ve only ‘touched’ upon the entire process as the net is overflowing with all the info you’ll need but WATCH OUT as some of the sites have ‘bad info’ (as compared to the others that are correct), that will or may get you hurt badly or killed.

                      To learn how to do it right, start with building your own ‘kiln’/melting pot, if you weld you can make your own (superior) dipper, tongs, pot holder and ??? (whatever your lil ole heart desires. I do ALL my work in a shed with a “forge” inside (two walls ‘open’ to provide a great deal of ventilation and the melter can hit temps high enough to melt anything you’d ever need to (by using a ‘squirrel cage fan’ (or even a hair dryer blowing cool air into the forge to create HOT HEAT). *NOTE: Even though I’ve everything well-vented, I still use a “Diver’s Regulator” (the mouthpiece to some of you non-divers), with “up to” 180 feet of reinforced hose that leads to an oil-less air compressor situated well away from the ‘shop’. You can also use it for diving.
                      You do NOT want to “take the Urine route” as it takes TEN MONTHS to “cook then evaporate” to get the nitrate-crystals you want (you can use iron-oxide as a substitute just fine (rust is iron-oxide my friends). *It requires letting a 55-gal drum to sit outside for 10 months …simply stated. So I use rust.
                      Do it, but take the time to do it right as you are worthless to everyone, including yourself, in a post SHTF if you ‘damage’ yourself hideously – – and super hot metals are attracted to vital organs (hence, use a GOOD apron (leaded or copper bead lined/filled …or make your own and don’t forget FULL FACE protection and remember with WHITE HOLD METALS YOU ARE LOOKING AT UV – – so you’ll want appropriate ‘filtered’ lenses, or get cataracts).

                      An eye doctor told his chinese patient that he had cataracts. The China-man replied, “Oh no sah, I dwive a Rincoln”!

                • Anon

                  Um, what the hey is wrong with you reloaders? NONE have “bench” metal-lathes? They are plentiful and inexpensive enough (the carbide ‘cutters’ and ‘toys’ CAN run into a few bucks, yet last and last. I would simply ‘overplate the lead’ and then ‘turn’ them on the lathe, using a micrometer, to get precisely what you wish.
                  What’s all the confusion? A patient person could do the same with a Dremel Tool, the right attachments, a micrometer and a steady hand. (Hey, ’tis better than nothing).
                  On the topic of wooden bullets dip in excrement or “plant poisons’ I believe they hollowed out the wood and added various things ‘in the hole’ for distance shots (well, ‘distance’ back then was nothing like it is now where Marines have recently made a kill shot from 1.5 miles). How many here have that ‘tech’ in their heads (except for the dude who isn’t impressed by SEALs)?
                  Last thought: Y’know, rifles and pistols all have their places in a war or ‘uprising’ of course, BUT, if you wish to live you DO NOT WANT TO ENGAGE THE ENEMY unless you just have no other choice. (I have had them step right around me, ((pretending to be a ‘thicket’ of sorts or ‘whatever’)), rather than engage and surely die from being out-gunned, “element of surprise” be damned!
                  “Walk (or run) away from trouble IF you can.” (There are few, if any, exceptions).

              • smokey

                A good prep is a brick of primers and a bullet mold.

                • Lone wolverine

                  Amen. Smokey.

                • Lone wolverine

                  But what about making any kind of simple primers?

                  • Plan twice, prep once

                    Simple primers have been made from ammo for child cap guns, and strike anywhere matches.

                    Expect a psycho government to ban those as well.

                    Best bet, buy several thousand small and large rifle, pistol and shotgun primers while they are perfectly legal and cheap. This in my book is an acceptable item for barter as well. I don’t like the idea of bartering commercial ammo. Too easy to end up on the wrong end. Primers more likely are of value to people a bit more grounded.

                    Again I have to say one reason I like a .45 acp is it is an old fashioned black powder round and firearms will tolerate cast lead bulkets as well there are recipes for black powder reloads. Save your used brass.

                    • dave in idaho

                      Hard cast lead bullets have deeper penetration with handgun loads because jacketed lead is very soft and usually fragments when hitting bone. The jacket often separates from the lead. the hard cast lead bullets stay together as one slug and with a gas check, my .500 magnum throws a 440 grain bullet at 1800 fps…..about the same as a 12 gauge shotgun slug. (actually a little more than some slugs)

                    • Anon

                      I have had success using ‘tannerite’ (the homemade kind) to “revive” spent primers as well as “the match-head trick” with ‘caps’ or a ‘touch’ of black powder. Not perfect at all, but it works ..usually. The ‘cap’ sets off the matches that start the powder …in theory, but who cares as long as it goes boom?

                    • Anon

                      Note: ‘Factory’ Glocks barrels do NOT tolerate lead bullets in the least (though many ppl fire nothing but lead rounds unknowingly). What happens is that the lead, due to the factory barrel’s “lining” (the Lands) get all fouled with lead (slowly), and the barrel gets smaller and smaller (and not evenly either). At some point the barrel explodes, and Glock warns you of this.
                      The only ‘good’ option is to use an aftermarket barrel that CAN tolerate lead (and be cleaned totally). Springfield makes superb Glock barrels (cold rolled). While you are at it, change out the factory (plastic core) spring in favor of their newer, flat-wound ones, and replace the stock firing pin (aluminum) with a titanium pin. NOW you should be good for at least triple the number of rounds as compared to a ‘stock Glock’. (And the aftermarket barrels can handle far more than lead; for instance, steel, ‘hard’ aluminum (whatever that is), polymer-weighted projectiles (RNs or HPs). Remember that an RN will cruise right through a man and into the next one. HPs, of course, do not.

            • Warrior for God

              The Pentagon is talking about giving them Tomahawk missiles! They already have our AEGIS Destroyers. Strange bed fellows.

              • Lone wolverine

                Are you trying to explained the difference between polygonal and conventional rifling .? Glock barrels will blow up ? Glock warns you of this? Aluminum firing pins? Spring field cold rolled barrels? Steel hard aluminum polymer -weighted projectiles? The dud who isn’t impressed by seals?

        • Paranoid

          Well; the Lone Ranger will tell you, you can use Silver for the slug, gold, or depleted Uranium will work better than lead (Denser). Al, or steel have been used for cases for decades. Why would you change? Nobody makes their own cases (Well practically nobody) they are reusable and if not abused; 500-1000 cases will outlast most barrels. Lead for slugs is every where; you are not going to run out. Good to have Tin and Ant. for harder slugs but not required. With a little work you can make a reasonable 223 slug out of an empty 22 case and some Lead. (See U Tube). Without an explanation your question makes little sense; we use Lead and copper because they are the cheapest: They are going to remain so.

          • Lone wolverine

            I wonder what calibers will work with steel rod and a paper patch? Steel rod comes in different diameters . And a paper patch would protect your rifling . And catch the rifling enough to spin the bullet? Does anyone know what calibers are paper patchable to standard steel rod sizes.?

            • Ketchupondemand

              how to make lead for shotguns harder?
              I tried round split shot in 12g reloads and they distorted and fragged horribly. You should have seen the paper target. It was nasty looking but the pattern was all over the place. Not accurate.

            • smokey

              Any caliber will work with a steel rod segment as a bullet, the main concern is going to be accuracy and barrel life.

              You’re going to have to mike those steel rods to see just what size they really are. .25 caliber nominal could be really .245 to .256 in diameter, and not uniformly, either.

        • Bud

          Then go with Ceramics…

        • Bud

          You DO realize that it takes about 90 days for a FACTORY to make a full .308, 30.30, or any other large round? Tons of bending, annealing is done at least a dozen times (depends on the make, I’m talking SPEER or all government Lake City brass). Just the brass, as I understand it, takes about forever (twill be a long time before there are “home machines” for reloaders to create their own casings with ….save for those who have a spare $250,000.00 for everything required to do so.
          All that I can think of is that .22LR ‘wadcutters’ are actually ‘cut’ from a long tube of lead and half-assed shaped then stuffed into the mouth. You’d have to have a lathe, micrometers …whoooo boy! I only know a handful of superior gunsmiths, and not one has the capacity to “roll their own” from scratch.
          But, if I were to wanna try it, I’d dump every to do with modern day weapons and make me a nice flintlock that uses nasty ole hand-made black powder and lead balls, “balled quarters” or just a big ole blackpowder shotgun that shoot brads, headless nails, glass and whatever else works.

          In the meantime, I do believe the crossbow and compound-bow will suffice nicely. (I’d prefer the silence of either over giving away my position). But you’ll find that out soon enough. Experience is the best teacher.

        • Anon

          Steel – softer than ‘cold-rolled steel’ that MOST barrels should be made of. Works for the Russians quite nicely with NO lead to clean. Not nearly as hard on your “lands” as is ‘tracer phosphorous’ which “in the days of Nam” could burn down a barrel in “a few minutes”.

        • Jim

          Have you thought about a cross bow, shoots wood bolts and if you can find them after shooting you can reuse them.

      2. Ron Ahrens

        Now we get to watch the boot licking cowards turn them all in-another priceless moment in the history of collapsing psychopath controlled fascist Police State America.

        • Lone wolverine

          Ron . You definatly have a way with words. Can’t say I disagree with you.

        • Bud

          ALL HANDS: Beware the latest attack, possibly “staged” by The Feds, in Houston, that depicted two men with “very powerful AR-15’s” randomly shooting up a neighborhood and (perhaps) a garage/shop nearby. Since this is the first KNOWN use of AR-15s (aimed at a cop or LEOs) that I am aware of, there is a very good possibility of ANY kind of “back-lash” stemming from these hideously dangerous weapons. heheh… Obama never lets a good scenario go to waste, so who is to say where they may ‘take this one’ …other than hold it against the law-abiding citizens, as usual, and FORGET saying it was unlicensed thugs wielding stolen ARs that did the illegal shit.
          Mark my words that THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO CAPITALIZE UPON THIS TO OUR DISADVANTAGE …just as has always been done. You’re only recourse is to send a “letter of complaint” to your governors and senators no matter what side of the fence they stand on IF they do blow this out of proportion, and REFUSE to be crammed into the same damned mould as the criminals!
          Watch your six’es…. (and this time I am “off air” permanently). Cheers all and may God Bless you and yours. Cya in hell (on earth).

      3. Jim in Va.

        eppe; some makers are using polymer tips now. Accurate and needs a lot less cleaning of your weapon. Don’t know the name of maker(s) but when I find out i’ll post it.

        • eppe

          JiV, thinking of a common item like compressed salt, polymer coated.
          War mentioned concrete coated.
          I thought of flavored salt pellets for game bird shotgun shells.

          Any ideas all you great posters in the plan???

          • Mountain Trekker

            Eppe I’ve got an idea! Lets stick with Lead. TPTB totally love the idea of eliminating lead, because it is to effective and affordable. Waterfowl hunting has proven that, TPTB forced Steel Shot on us which is less effective and/or some other type of shot which is much more expensive. Trekker Out. Make Mine Lead, With Maybe A Little Steel!

            • eppe

              MT, true, true.
              But if all the lead smelters go belly up, what would we use as an alternant?

              Just thinking outside the box, same with the true truth…

              • Archivist

                Perhaps frozen pork.

                • Lone wolverine

                  Are we insane? Or totally brainwashed? Car batteries wheel weights. Fishing sinkers. We’ve lost touch with reality ?

                  • anon

                    We’re not insane we are Touchy Feely. Or just a little of both.

                  • Kulafarmer

                    If i have to use the boxes and boxes of match bullets i bought a few years ago the situation were in is way beyond something were going to resolve through simple gunplay.

                  • Bud

                    I listed those two things two months ago and got shot down as a brainwashed veteran. So no batteries and no wheel weights. (Wheel weights will first need to be melted down and then ‘spill off’ the antimony within them (about 11%). If you don’t, you’ll never find enough Hoppe’s to get your barrel unleaded.

              • Winston Smith

                Just salvage lead from old car batteries. Be careful of the sulfuric acid though.

                • Brother O'brien

                  How would the lead then be recouped. Be specific.

                  • smokey

                    Let’s see, wheel weights, fishing weights, scrap metal, anything can be melted down and cast into bullets using a mold. Not difficult at all.

                  • Winston Smith

                    I could post it here, but my ideas are not environmentally friendly and so I would not suggest them for fear of people trying them in a non-shtf scenario. Use your imagination and you can figure it out. As far as wheel weights go, that is a resource that is rapidly disappearing. Most wheel weights now are made of steel, not lead due to environmental concerns.

                    • Lone wolverine

                      I’ve never tried it . But burning a car battery. Should produce a puddle. Of lead. Will the remaining acid create problems?

              • Paranoid

                Years ago it was proposed someone could use Ice bullets, you can use wax, The problem is steel is to hard, it wears out your barrel, anything less dense than steel like wood is almost useless at any significant distance. The sectional density gets so low air resistance and wind ruin everything. The Japs used some wood bullets, in the jungle ranges were often very short. But they didn’t work very well. Go to any scrap yard, $100 will get you all the lead you can carry.

                • Bud

                  Russian bullets are steel and they have no barrel problems or ‘premature errosion’ (it is called lubricant).

                  • Winston Smith

                    They have a steel core, but the outside is lead jacketed in copper. The steel acts as a penetrator to push through some forms of light body armor. I believe the US military uses a similar concept in some of it’s rounds as well.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Don’t mean to put anybody down, but too many people pass ideas around the net and start to think they can really do certain things when the SHTF. How many of us have old car batteries sitting around, and when you buy a new battery you usually turn in the old one. As for wheel weights, just go to your friendly gas station or tire repair and see how many wheel weights you can find, you may even find lead hard to get at most scrap yards. So you might want to add lead to your prep supplies and get it now. I know of what I speak “Been there and done that” Trekker Out.

          • Mac from t.o.

            I wonder if epoxy injected into a mold would work.

            • Paranoid

              Depending on the Epoxy you would never open the mold again. Unless you weighted it with lead your bullet would be so light the wind would literally blow them away. Treck and Wolv are right. Stick with Lead.

          • Bud

            For shotguns. Get lead fishing weights and ‘pinch them’ onto a fairly heavy fishing line and stuff it all into where the slug or beads normally go, then close the shell as usual.

            When THAT sucker comes out accuracy is of no never mind as it will sping, twirl and cascade until ALL OF IT hits the target – – leaving the biggest mess you’ve ever seen. These ‘designs’ DO WORK, and I have tried my hand at it as well …took down a five-inch sapling and the “bullet” was ready to use again (only needed to be repinched onto “newer” fishing line (the old gets a bit ripped up).

            • Lone wolverine

              Yes through out history we have reused lead. We need powder and primer recipes .

          • Anon

            Small ceramic beads work just fine in my shotguns, bearing in mind shotguns are not a long-range firearm (except perhaps for slaying deer using a ‘slug’). Most are used at 20 feet or less. And, there’s nothing hard about using two fish weights as “00” that are close to the size of ‘real’ 00.

      4. Kulafarmer

        Three guns behind every blade of grass!
        12ga semi auto
        1911 45acp
        Sounds like three gun challenge to me

      5. B from CA

        Edging there bets by making a temporary profit is business acumen and par for the course. It is no different than when ZioBanksters in New York give donations to both candidates in a Presidential race, or when they gave money to Hitler and Stalin. They are still weakening the ability of Americans to implement Second Amendment Rights. By psychiatric restrictions of soldiers as PTSD and by making every kid in school look like a psychiatric basket case and drugging them to make that a reality. Slowly but surely America will be made into a maleable slave colony if Americans don’t start taking responsibility away from the Zionists and accepting responsibility for themselves and their progeny.

      6. CaptAmeica

        Almost. LBJ took the almost BK manufacturer Colt, and made them the sole supplier of firearms for Vietnam. Guess who a major stockholder was?

      7. Kevin2

        The AR-15 platform is so versatile that its become the new .30-30 Winchester. Its literally become, “Americas Rifle”. Its “sporting applications” have legitimized it in the eyes of traditionalist sportsmen that unfortunately hold the notion that guns are for hunting oblivious or unconcerned regarding the true purpose of the Second Amendment. Bravo to all of the manufacturers that facilitated this.

        The Second Amendment while codified as a “Right” is in reality generally adhered to because of nothing more than Democracy as too many believe in it and vote accordingly. In a Constitutional Republic its codified status and courts are supposed to protect it. Its become nothing more than a popularity contest as opposed to a “Right”.

        • Mountain Trekker

          K2 I was at a friends business a couple of days ago that he is getting ready to open for tourist season, and a couple from London England that were traveling through stopped in and we had the chance to visit with them for a bit, anyhow to make a long story short, they said before coming here they never understood the reason to own a gun, but after being in an area with a good supply of Grizzlies and due to the hunting they could see why we owned guns and carried guns. I told them I carried because we have a Constitution, which they did seem to grasp,(But Why Should They, Our Own Politicians Don’t Even Grasp It) I just didn’t feel like telling them “It’s Not About Hunting” but I did have my Confederate Flag flying on my truck and I told them, that it was about resistance! Trekker Out.

          • Kevin2

            They’re raised as subjects not citizens which is the concept of the government controlling as opposed to being controlled. Over time while retaining the citizen title, the US culture is being conditioned to be subjects. 911 was the catalyst. The subsequent collapse in 2008, the accelerant.

            The US people traditionally doesn’t like to take orders. The backlash is currently being seen politically. Its taking generations but the controllers are winning using both carrot, social programs, and stick, brute force manifested in police state tactics. The political pushback is starting. Time will tell where it ends up.

            I have talked with Brits that bragged about their government exporting its culture throughout the world. I reminded them that their mistreatment of indigenous people was rampant.

            • Lone wolverine

              Only your enemy wants you defenseless . Bottom line?

      8. Godsoldier

        Tomorrow is Saturday how am i supposed to know if the economy goes to shit on a Saturday that is the day they been going on about eh

      9. Sgt. Dale

        As much as I love my AR’S. My go to is and M1A scout.


        • Mountain Trekker

          Sarg I have a Springfield M1A National Match, great gun, but when I have to start up the side of that mountain across the road, which one do you think I’m going to be packing, my M1A or my AR15. Trekker Out.

          • Kulafarmer

            The M1A can reach out and touch someone,,,
            Stuff to think about

            • rellik

              Reaching out and touching someone, 7 mm Mag.
              Reaching out and touching someone that is running, M1A 7.62 X 51.
              Dragging through the mud, crud, and abuse and touch them when they are close, AK or SKS 7.62 X 39.

          • Plan twice, prep once

            If I ever have to take it on the road, I’ll be carrying an AR, a 308 with long range optics, and two pistols, a bunch of ammo, plus food and water! My weapon of choice is 308 from its max range. The others are for insuring a safe exit plan. Always have several in your plan.

            I’ll suck it up and carry the load, what ever it takes. My families survival is number one priority, and if I have to sit in a hole I dug or up a tree, and eat worms while I lay in wait for anyone who might threaten them I will. They’ll never see me coming or going. God forbid they hurt my family, for then the beast will be set free.

            I’m not into a face to face fair fight, those are for the soon to be dead.

            I’m also not into the political threads where people threaten, or bluster. Nuff said! Always have a plan.

            • Bud

              Plan Twice; would you truly wish to take any ‘long range shot’ and reveal yourself? If so, reconsider. You never want to engage the enemy when there is an alternative. You’ll live longer too.

              • Plan twice, prep once

                Correct, the better choice is to find another way, but I’ve argued that in the past for those with a memory. When wars are over many are hunted for war crimes!

                In my area there are vast numbers of cameras watching every roadway intersection. No government agency admits to owning them, nor will they tell you who is watching and recording your every movement. These are high definition cameras capable of reading plates and facial recognition of anyone visible through the windows. I’ve heard of fatal accidents where victims families even with court orders can’t get access to these camera recordings for evidence in fatal car accidents.

                I’ll bet the cameras also have microphones that can pinpoint location of gun shots.

                There’s lots of infrastructure in place that the Powers that shouldn’t be have to insure their hold on power. It should not be underestimated.

                When an accident knocks down one of these poles with the HD cameras I’d love to watch who shows up to fix it!

        • Braveheart1776

          AI, I just looked at that weapon. It’s priced for rich people. Black guns matter! At least my Mossberg 590A1 does.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          A rifle with a stock that will crush a skull has a distinct advantage. If you try to crack skulls with an AR butt stock you could break the rifle and end up with a useless piece of crap. They teach soldiers with AR’s to strike with the barrel.

          My suggestion, have a means of attaching a bayonet.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Actually,the Ace skeleton stock is pretty damn tough,hitting folks with me stock?I run out of ammo for rifle off to me pistol!The Ar is a great platform that can be used with .5.56/.300/9m.m./6.8/6.5/.458,many options.I love that you can use same mags for 5.56/.300/.458.I have had a chance to shoot all excepting the .458 and some folks now make a full size .50 bolt action for Ar lower,never shot that either.

            I do though time permitting see a ar-10 build in me future,till then,.300 works.

            • talon1776

              My Type53 has a folding star point bayonet and a Chu wood stock with metal butt plate.
              As for making bullets…maybe a 3D printer making sure the core is hollow to fill it with lead…not sure how balanced the end product would be.

            • Kulafarmer

              .458 SOCOM is a hell of a round, not really a longer range round but for up close and personal is way better knock down.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              The weak link in the AR is that little ring of threaded aluminum the stock attaches to on the receiver. Break that and you own a club. The receiver being the ATF controlled part may make replacement a problem during a SHTF event!

              Even just bending the receiver at that connection point can make the weapon unreliable

              • Winston Smith

                Especially since the recoil spring goes into that part of the stock. Damage that and at best you have a single shot rifle.

        • GilFavor

          I tried ‘black’. .. will never go back. . .
          all mine are black, right down to the .22lr.

        • Kevin2

          Years ago Philadelphia Pa was considering banning baseball bats because drug dealers used them as a “weapon of choice”. I have no idea how they meant to pull that off with Little League and the like. Regardless I thought, “Are they banning those wooden sporting bats or just the aluminum assault bats”?

      10. Lone wolverine

        What rules the night? A shotgun?

        • Mountain Trekker

          And I’m against fishing in the rain. Trekker Out

      11. Lone wolverine

        I work construction . Half our tools work . Your night vision will probably be the same? No one goes out in broad daylight . Just don’t do it? Get a shotgun . And only go out at night. And in the rain. There is safety in the rain. Think about it?

        • Mac from t.o.

          I love hunting in the rain. I feel stealthier.

          • Lone wolverine

            Dam right Mac . Dogs can’t track people can’t track. They can’t hear . They can’t see . Their high dollar optics get wet and fogged . And a good old fashion shotgun rules.wait for the rain.

          • Lone wolverine

            O but my thousand dollar rifle will get rusty in the rain. And might jam . And I can’t see at night. And if it’s raining I will get wet. Yes but think of one hundred guys trying to catch you in the pouring rain. And spraying them with buckshot if they get near. Buy a rain coat and a shotgun.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Yep,leaves loose their crispness on ground wet and the rain hitting the ground covers a lot of other noises.I like to think of meself as a stealthy cat hunting deer but to them sound am sure like Godzilla taking a stroll thru downtown Tokyo!

            • Mountain Trekker

              Think I’ll wait until it stops raining, sounds like it’s going to be crowded out there in the rain. It’s never crowded when it’s 30 below. Trekker Out. Got A Dry Cave!

              • Lone wolverine

                Yes MT. Wait for harsh conditions. Blizzard Hurricane. Just have tools ready for all conditions.

      12. hammerhead

        I think Obama wants us all armed so we will kill each other in a civil war and with our own bullets .
        Its also easier to declare someone a domestic terrorist if they own a gun these days , and i dont think it matters what kind !
        Hell , belief in self protect is enough !

        • Kulafarmer

          The way things are now, being a white, straight, conservative, non collectivist gets you a badge of being a terrorist…..

      13. Rebecca

        If you watch Obama’s face when he talks gun control, you will see that he is mostly pulling your chain. He is an attorney, they all do that type of manipulation with the same little smirk. I have seen that look a lot of times in law firms. Sure, he wants gun control. The Big want gun control, but his good buddies make bank every time you guys panic and buy guns. The economy is in the tank but still selling preps and guns… you are putting money in the pockets of your oppressors.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ive never once panicked and bought guns or ammo, some folks just have em

        • Plan twice, prep once

          You are right as usual. I make a habit of catching Obama speeches and I know the tell you speak of when he is lying Like a Persian rug.

          This article has a very strong point. I am quite sure Obama wanted to frighten Americans into buying guns so blood would run in the streets.

          Obama however is a clueless tool. His view of the American people is jaded and entirely false. He never counted on the Ametican people being responsible gun owners and not falling for his brand of terrorism.

          Obama must be wringing his hands over the fact that he pressured millions of Ameticans into buying guns through his terrorist acts against the American people, and crime and murder dropped, instead of climbing. All these patriotic Americans didn’t turn into psychotic killers like the gangbangers in Chicago, he was used to “community organize”!

          In a word, Obama never had a freaking clue. That about sums up Obama’s legacy.

      14. Lone wolverine

        It seems only a race war to the bone. Will prolong civilization . Do we have boarders for any other reason? Isn’t everything getting worse? Is anything getting better? What about the children? They are Americanized . They don’t want to live in a third world shit hole. If they show any tendencies to keep their third world culture or language or beliefs . Send them with their parents . O that’s so terrible ? To send them back to their own kind is terrible? Then why do we let them in in the first place? Anchors away baby . Anchors away. So sorry that you have to live with your own kind. We don’t want to either?

      15. Lone wolverine

        Only your enemy wants you defenseless .

      16. B from CA


        True. But it is more important that Americans stay armed than that they keep that money from the bad guys. There are some American made rifles. If I were to buy something, I would buy a HENRY RIFLE. They are real good looking hunting rifles. Cause after all, I would want it for hunting. Self defense is important but it is not the primary consideration. I will tell you. People generally back off when they see a rifle. I have seen this. It is an effective deterrent. As far as taking on “authorities”, if it gets up in your face, you have to be pretty brave or kinda suicidal to take on the FEDS. Better to fight in other ways.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Don’t buy a Henry, they are a gimmick. Pretty but not that functional.

          My recommendation is:
          First gun: a concealable small pistol (380 or 9mm). And they say you can’t take it with you?

          Second gun: a 20 gauge shotgun, semi auto if you can afford it, with the largest magazine you can find. A shotgun with the right ammo can hunt anything from doves to big game, as well it usually sends terror into the hearts of bad guys in the night. Why semi-auto? It keeps shooting with just a pul of the trigger, and the semi auto mechanism absorbs a lot of recoil making it easier to shoot and more accurate. Remington, Browning, or Bennelli.

          Third is a rifle you can handle, one of the reasons the military liked an AR is literally every soldier could easily handle it and fire it accurately, even very small framed men.

          I took my new “son in law” shooting, taught him the basics. He is sports minded and competitive. He likes to win. He did pretty good with a 9mm handgun, held a group about 8 inches. Then he tried an AR and held a 5 inch group at twice the distance first time out. He was like, oh I see why people like these. We were shooting silhouettes, I had him shoot center of mass, I took the head, I held a tight sub 3 inch group and he was l like, oh shit you can pick out which eye you want to shoot?

          I have some larger bore rifles but they are not appropriate for anyone that doesn’t want to feel like they got punched in the shoulder every time they pull the trigger, including 12 gauge, 30-06, or 308.

          Look for used to save money. Re shotgun, get something modern with a barrel rated for steel shot. Rifles and pistols have long lived ballistic signatures, make sure you buy with a traceable bill of sale. Non rifled barrel shotguns have no ballistics, a clear bill of sale is nice but not a necessity in most states. Be aware of your state laws.

          • B from CA

            Thanks for the suggestions. If and when I buy guns and ammo, I will consider what you said. As for rolling over if the Government sends some goons to confiscate them, we’ll just have to see what frame of mind I’m in. Perhaps it will be a good day to die.

            • Winston Smith

              Have you considered a 22lr? They are very easy to shoot accurately and ammo is usually inexpensive. Plus, you can get very quiet subsonic ammo that lets you hunt for small game without drawing attention to yourself. If you like Henry, consider their AR7. It’s better than the original, light, easy enough to conceal and fairly inexpensive. It’s not ideal for battle (unless you are very good at head shots), but it is a good utility gun in a pinch. Other than that, a good, name brand 12 gauge shot gun (Mossberg, etc.) can do a decent job at home defense, and a low end AR-15 would be a good choice as a semi auto rifle if you need it. Why not an AK or SKS? Well, the Soviet designs have gone up in price so much now that they are no longer the bargain choice. Add to it that most police and military units have ammo for these guns and the possibility of finding ammo in a bad scenario shifts my choice away from the Soviets.

          • dave in idaho

            Henry makes a good rifle. My buddy has one on 44 magnum and a Ruger SBH in 44 magnum. he only has to carry one caliber bullets and the henry is a excellent brush gun. I personally would prefer a Henry in 45/70 and a Magnum Research BFR pistol in 45/70. But I will wait until Henry produces a .500 S&W magnum rifle to mach my BFR.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              I’m not saying a Henry isn’t a nice firearm, but nice isn’t a SHTF battle weapon.

              I have an image of my local range where they instituted a rule that no weapon can be pointed up, after one guy shot the roof of his lean-to. Weeks later I saw another guy trying to reload a Henry without pointing it straight up, so gravity would fill its magazine while the range master chastised him for pointing it in the air.

              For a SHTF situation I lean toward battle proven weapons. Really, even a Ruger 10-22 has a better battle rep than a Henry. The Israli army actively uses Ruger 10-22’s to control rock throwing, rioting teen Pallestinians by knee capping them.

      17. tuesdayissoylentgreenday

        B from CA

        You are still half asleep… You bring out a weapon thinking the Bad guy will run… You will be buried that day….So you might put up a fight against a person, but will roll over for the Feds…. Who do think is coming for your weapons???

        • Lone wolverine

          Tuesdayis. Right. the criminal public is easy to deal with. The criminal gov. .?

      18. Ben Raines

        I was perfectly content with using a 30-30 for coyote, etc.

        Or my old single shot, bolt action Rem .22lr for groundhog and squirrel.

        Or my pump action 12 gauge with a plug so it can only hold three shells.

        But then I shot my buddies Marlin Glenfield semi auto .22lr. That was back in the 70s.

        It just seemed a natural progression into semi auto shotguns, pistols, and rifles as I got older.

        Once I realized that LEO was packing the best, and breaking into citizens’ homes, and seizing stuff, I felt the need to stay as current as them.

        I must admit, though, that when it looked like Obama was going to be POTUS, I went out and stocked up on ammo.

        Now my Father… he got a hold of a couple SKS when Clinton was banning certain firearms and magazines. I think he wanted them just because he was told not to by a government that lied to him his whole life.

        I feel like I am carrying on with an American Tradition by following in my Dad’s footsteps.

        Only on a MUCH bigger scale.

        • Braveheart1776

          Ben Raines, spot on. I do the same thing. I don’t follow anything this govt. says. No legitimate basis for anything it does.

      19. Lone wolverine

        I was just thinking . Who are the most widely known people to be persecuted in all of history . Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler .? And persecuted by who?

        • grandee

          Jesus Christ

          And persecuted by who?–Every living soul upon this earth, at one time or another.

          Until you accept Him as Lord and Savior, until you enter the Kingdom of Heaven that is near to you–you are His persecutor.

          • grandee

            John 7:7 The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

            John 15:18 ¶ If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

            • Lone wolverine

              Yes grandee. The two most hated people in the world? And mostly hated by who? Crusify him. His blood shall be on us and our children. Who said that? What group do you dare not criticize ? We are in a world ruled by satan. And satans greatest weapon is the lie. Crusify anyone who speaks against us. We must rule. As the children of satan.

              • grandee

                Lone wolverine, We must rule. As the children of satan. ????

                This I do not understand!

                Are you ruling as a child of satan??

                Lone, you ask “And mostly hated by who?” I believe I answered that. “Every living soul upon this earth…” for you must first hate to persecute.

                His blood shall be on us and our children. Who said that?
                Matthew 27:25 Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

                The priests and people consented to take the guilt upon themselves; they all said it. Upon their children too, even those that were yet unborn. And God said Amen to it.

                Then there was the governor, the civil authority who will be accountable, not only for the wickedness which he did, or appointed to be done, but for that which he did not restrain! There were the Roman soldiers who did the evil deed, personally nailing Him to the cross. The persons that reviled him; they that passed by on the street, watching from afar. That’s us too Lone! Down the corridor of time, your hand and mine held the hammer that pinned Him to the cross. We are as guilty as any.

                And persecuted by who?–Jesus was hated and persecuted by every living soul upon this earth!

                Do you understand the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus? Do you understand what He did for you? For me? For every living soul upon this earth?

                What He did is available for you. Accept, receive, respond, believe. It’s there for you!

                • Lone wolverine

                  Jesus was loved by most . They put down palm leaves at his arrival. He was hated buy the establishment who saw themselves loosing power. The governor washed his Hands of the matter to not be responsible for Jesus death. Every living soul on earth hated Jesus . That’s what you said . Are you insane or a Jew. Jews believe according to their Torah . That Jesus is boiling in a vat of sewage . Do you believe what the Jews believe. Jesus himself said . They call themselves Jew but they are the children of satan . Do you deny that.? And Rev 2.9 I hear the blasfamy of those those that call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of satan . Do you deny that. If you do you no longer have any integrity here And I see no reason to respond to the children of satans lies.

                • Lone wolverine

                  Who said . They call themselves ooos but they are the children of satan . Who said that grandee? Deny that ? Who said . I have heard the blasphemy of those that call themselves ooos but are of the synagogue of satan . Who else has a synagogue grandee? Your kind are evil. Deny the written word and you burn in hell . End of discussion .

            • Lone wolverine

              And what does accepting him mean ? Saying I accept him and I’m in . .? That’s all I have to do is say the words? Then go out and rip off everyone I meet? Think about it grandee? Actions speak louder then words? They can say anything they want. they can call themselves anything they want but they are the children of satan. Crusify him. We are the chosen ones. .? Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And he rules this world. Do you disagree ?

              • grandee

                to accept= to take or receive (something offered), to agree or consent to , to respond or answer affirmatively to (to accept an invitation) , to undertake responsibility or duties, to regard as true or sound; believe.

                study this word accept. it indicates responsibility and belief.

                John 14:15 Jesus says– If ye love me, keep my commandments. To love him in a moral sense. His commandments come from His authority. In accepting we love Him and live out His commandments.

                I don’t know about you, Lone wolverine, but when I accept something, receive it and agree to it and believe it, I will try not to live contrary to it, especially in a continuous, willful manner. Indeed! my actions will speak volumes about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

                John 15:10 Jesus says, If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.

                • Lone wolverine

                  It seems that saying it and living it is the difference.we can say anything . Lie . The living it is the reality? Satan rules this world as written. So words can easily be lies . But actions are truth? I do not claim to know absolute truth . Can anyone? The written word is all we can trust in satans realm ? Living the truth . Living the written word . Not our opinions. Or wants. Or desires.

                  • grandee

                    Lone, we are having a miss-un-communication here.

                    So-I am a CHRISTian. I follow Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

                    I renounce satan and the devil and all their works.


                    • Lone wolverine

                      Yes grandee . We are in this together . It’s hard to find truth . In a world full of the ruler satans lies . Why is satan the ruler of this world ? Their must be some plan that we can’t understand. And we can’t ask why? We are all along for the ride .I guess? And the suffering and pain is what Gods son endured. I guess we should too.? Without question. Keep the faith grandee. I’ll try too.

                    • Lone wolverine

                      In passing . I guess we are all wandering in a haze. I am absolutely sure I don’t understand anything . How could anyone figure all this out. Hope to meet you when this is all over. You seem like a decent guy.

                  • Winston Smith

                    Think of it this way: If you are truly trusting in Jesus Christ for the big question of eternity, why would you not trust Him for the smaller things regarding this plane of existence? Faith begets obedience or at least a desire to follow His precepts. No one can live a perfect or sinless life. If we could then there would be no need for Salvation. Also, if one is truly saved, then one’s sin can no longer damn one to hell. It can, however, break fellowship with God until it is confessed and dealt with. This is the reason for confession: to restore fellowship. If there is never a true desire for fellowship then one must question if they ever received the Holy Spirit and were ever really saved in the first place.

                    It is important to remember that Christians do not view themselves as perfect or sinless. We have the same temptations that come from the flesh that anyone else has. However, we have received grace, which is God’s unwarranted favor through the action of Christ on the Cross, who did what we could not. Any sacrifice a man (son of Adam) does can never be good enough to cleanse the person from sin and make him worthy of being in the presence of Holy God. This is why Christ came, and why He had to be born of a virgin. It is why Christ is also referred to as the second Adam. For by being both fully God and fully man but not born of the seed of a man, and living a sinless life, only He could provide the sacrifice that is acceptable for the sin of mankind. This is why you can never do enough to be worthy of God on your own accord. Your nature condemns you unless you die to yourself and are reborn spiritually. At that point, you get a righteousness that is not of your own doing. Even the desire to be saved cannot come to you without the work of the Holy Spirit working in your heart.

                    Why then do Christians do good works? Well, mostly it is out of gratitude for what Christ did on the Cross. Good works are acts of worship and faith and not an attempt to be worthy of Salvation as that is impossible.

                    • Lone wolverine

                      What Jesus did on the cross? Give us a graven image to worship? Or be tortured to death without ratting out on his followers? The Jews couldn’t get out of him the names of his followers. He protected them under extreme torture. Is that the message that they don’t want us to know? No snitching? I don’t pretend to know the absolute truth. Use your brain. Stop believing everything your told. Satan rules this world . And his greatest weapon is the lie. Believe that. Believe only what’s written in the book . Not what the children of satan say. And no snitching.

        • Kevin2

          Lone wolverine

          Adolf Hitler persecuted?

          • Lone wolverine

            Jesus Christ persecuted?

          • Lone wolverine

            It’s no use . The people of this world are ruled by satan . And satans greatest weapon is the lie . And you all believe the lie . So Kevin 2 . Go on believe your media . Believe it all . You can trust them they are leading you down the road to what? Look at were you are following their lies . But keep believing it’s good for you. Who is destroying our civilization ? Hitler or them? Has Hitler been dragging us to hell . Or your leaders . Wake the f up bimbo. Look around we are being destroyed. Do you think Hitler would allow this?

            • Kevin2

              Hitler didn’t allow my two Great Aunts to live as they were taken as Polish slave labor. My Uncle liberated more than one concentration camp serving in the 4th Infantry Division having fortunately landed at Utah Beach. My friends father liberated a camp too and another, a Polish immigrant, was a teen that was forced to man the ovens to stay alive. One time he had his T shirt off in public. The scars on his back, apparently from being whipped were horrible.

              Hitler was personified evil.

              Read what I write. I largely share George Carlin’s view of “Official” news and have a core belief, I don’t.

              • Lone wolverine

                Am I suppose to believe everything you say? Do you think I should? Who are you ? Do you get a cut from the holocaust reparations? How much longer do the people of the world have to pay for your holocaust ? What about all the other holocausts? They don’t matter only yours? Tell us how much the German people have to pay you ? Tell us how the media in America isn’t owned by your kind . Tell us why Isreal needs us to give them billions of our tax dollars for what? Tell us about the kosher tax . Tell us why two percent of our population controls 95 % of our media ? Tell us why our economy is being destroyed and who owns the FED and the banks. Tell us who is perverting Hollywood and who owns it?tell us why your kind has been deported from over 100 countries. Does most of the world hate your kind for no reason? Did Jesus call you the children of satan because he was a hater? Do you and yours have any ground left to stand on? Can you deny that some groups of people are evil. Canibles are ok with you . We have to draw the line somewhere. .? Read the Talmud ? Your people are evil. Satan worshipers .just as Jesus said.

                • Kevin2

                  Well its fact. Hitler did mechanized genocide in death camps. My two Great Aunts, Polish Catholics, were taken by Germans, forced into slave labor and did not survive. Uncle Jim liberated more than one camp. Best friends dad liberated another and Mr L was scarred and used as slave labor manning ovens. It happened and on a huge scale with German efficiency.

                  My kind? I acknowledge that is and its “My Kind”? What kind is that, knowledgeable? I have been reading about NWO since the 1980s. Read John Birch info as they were on to this decades before anyone else. Rothschild and their cousins Warburg are at the core. JD Rockefeller brought up the American end. Hell Hitler was financed initially with Wall Street money and Prescott Bush help. Evil? Plenty to go around. Israel has influence way out of proportion and they use it overtly and covertly. Dual citizenship of so many in US political power its shocking. Books read, None Date Call It A Conspiracy, Secrets Of The Federal Reserve, Creature From Jekyll Island, Trading With The Enemy, Best Evidence, just to name a few. Think I’m unaware?

                  Fact is Hitler is pure evil.

                  • Kevin2

                    You obvious don’t read what I write and I write a lot.

          • Lone wolverine

            Watch a ww2 lies video . Then try to convince yourself . That the bible is wrong. Satan doesn’t rule this world his greatest weapon isn’t the lie . And the children of satan aren’t who Jesus said they are Jews. Keep telling yourself that over and over and tell your kids. The blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of satan . Ignore that . Tell yourself over and over it just can’t be true. The bible is lieing? I hope you like swimming in a lake of fire . Along with your brainwashed kids. Did God not kill the soddom and Gomorrah kids? Wake up and smell the coffee. You brainwash your kids. And you set their fate. And we do care. But what can we do? You are destroying their and our future. With your politically correct lies. Do you think you should receive mercy. For corrupting your own children? God does not tolerate evil. Young or old. It’s his way. Like it or not.

            • Lone wolverine

              Watch Hellstorm. Or. Eisenhowers death camps. Or. Hlocaust lies. Ww2 was a land grab .

      20. talon1776

        And guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

        ht tp://

      21. Lone wolverine

        Evalion Videos explained it all . Why we can’t understand what’s going on . Why our gov. Is doing things that will destroy our country. The Facebook video with the brown haired girl. Everyone is trying to keep it up. Against all odds. We have been so lied to so manipulated . It’s amazing the power these people have . It’s almost like what chance of survival do we have against such power without divine intervention .?

      22. Lone wolverine

        Evalion The most antisemetic video ever.

        • Lone wolverine

          And Sanderson 1611 videos . The truth will set you free? Dig deep.

      23. Plan twice, prep once

        I noticed Rick in “Walking Dead” in recent episodes is carrying a PTR-91 in .308.

        Nice choice.

        Cover vs concealment! A 308 really reduces the effectiveness of most cover to mere concealment.

      24. Them Guys

        I never watch that walker dead show…and Now that I saw an article with a photo showing the white guy leader and his new girlfriend and sex partner is that nasty looking spoolie haired female black cast member…I would never watch it.

        I have zero use for males or females that are White and Coal burner Mud Sharks…..Hollywood promotes race traitorism via such portrayls in those shows.

        no amount of pay or fame is worth promoting such filthy agendas.

        • B from CA


          White Polar bears may become extinct.

          The problem is not global warming. Instead, the problem is twofold. First, male polar bears, because of pollution, cannot get a boner. That is, most mammals, unlike humans, have a bone in their penis which aids erections. The white Polar bears bone in that organ is breaking. Ouch. Problem number two, the Grizzlies have taken up the slack and are mateing with neglected female polar bears. Scientists say that extinction of the species will not occur until the remaining healthy white polar bear males begin to mate with female grizzly bears.

          As scientists know what it takes to cause extinction of a species, or human race, the move to popularize white males embracing a race which is plentiful will cause the race to become extinct.

          This along with importing more Grizzlies from Africa and the Middle East and of course from the southern border will cause the genocide intended by the enemies of the white man and of all mankind whom they seek to exploit and then inslave and ultimately to eradicate from the face of the earth.

          Who would want this? The answer is in the Talmud. They claim to be chosen to be the rulers of the entire planet. According to the TALMUD “the best of the ‘rest of us’ should be killed…should have his skull crushed.”

          It is because of this belief that German babies and German children had their skulls bashed in when they invaded Germany. They murdered millions of innocents in this fashion.

          Likewise, they have no guilt about encouraging practices designed to cause extinction.

          It is time for people of all races to begin to see clearly the diabolical plans by the international Zionists/globalists.

      25. straight shooter

        You know all these guns are not going to help you fight this superbug that is here NOW. ********

        And there is NO ANTIBIOTIC to FIGHT IT EITHER………

        90% OF THE WORLD POPULATION GONE *******

        So your AK-47s, AR-15s, M-1A1s etc. etc. etc. are USELESS….

        So if you believe in GOD I SUGGEST YOU PRAY…………

        • anon


          Bring on the bug. One more in Florida will not make a difference.

          Study up on NBC Warfare. Jump in the wrong pond for a swim down here and you could die within 24 hrs.

          • Kevin2


            I keep away from fresh water in Florida as its all bacteria soup to me not even counting the gators. Not big on brackish either and dumping lake O is the big contributor. Its swimming pool or salt water for me.

        • Lone wolverine

          Quarantine . Means having enough food water and supplies . To stay away until the die off is over? That’s probably three months.? No outside contact for three months? No shopping no working , no soccer practice , no yoga classes, no bars,no church, you sit home and watch videos for three months minimum. No visitors.

          • grandee

            “Nobody comes in. Nobody goes out”

            Richard Widmark in “Panic in the Streets”

            ht tps://

        • Lone wolverine

          Straight shooter 100% Another birth pang.See the signs yet? 40 volcanoes going off at the same time . See the signs yet? But don’t worry the government will save you? That’s what there there for. They love you. Trust them. That pesky Jesus called us the children of satan . But don’t believe him . Believe us. We would never lie to you.

        • B from CA

          Straight Shooter:


          Garlic is a natural antibiotic which has been found to be effective even against the superbug!

          But prayer is also effective against disease. Even athiest doctors have observed and recorded what is now termed spontaneous remission, doctor speak for “don’t know why he/she isn’t dead”. Religious people think of such as miracles.

      26. Padre

        B.S. it has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with a rational choice. Prior to the 80s most Americans took for granted that the second ammendment guaranteed the ABSOLUTE RIGHT and therefore availability of Americans to buy arms. Despite the NFA and the gun safety acts of the 60s Americans had not yet gone out and bought machine guns or hand guns en masse. In the 80s with the machine gun ban and by 94 with the AWB this changed. Smart people started hording automatics or at least conversion parts, and the rethoric of the pro-freedom movement became increasingly anti-tyranny. The late 80s saw the initial surge of militia movements, which were quickly labled racist and theocratic, but which I believe came into existence because of a fear of what Barrack promised: a funamental transformation of America. By 1994 many of us Johnny come lates began seeing this too, and so we started refocusing on military weapons because we became more and more convinced that by the end of the century we will be fighting a civil war. I think the prepper movement is the final development of this idea, because preppers have realized that perhaps society will collapse before a Lexington style shot rings out.

        I buy ARs not because they are taboo but because I think one day soon I will need ARs.

        • Kulafarmer

          Thats why i got rid of all my old stuff, let the historians and collectors deal with history and rellics,
          Modern sporting rifles and custom built bolt guns are more practical.

      27. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

        HCKS, I told you to quit leaving those damn .223 on the living room floor. I almost pounchered my foot..

        HCKS- what honey?

        Honey- the one with the green tip.

        HCKS – sorry honey..i must a dropped one by accident when loaded my
        Mag.. I just needed to ready for the somalies if they come back here..


        Molon labe- try it if you can.

      28. junkyarddog

        Guns keep the the peace as as a old cowboy once said and I will add to that, I was born free and iam dam well gonna die free one way or another while bearing arms! Come and getter you s.o.b.’s

      29. navyguy

        Bullet molds for most common calibers are available at for under $20… I have about 20 different ones mostly the 6 cavity molds that run $40.Noe bullet molds make hollow point molds for $133 each for up to .50 cal… Get lead at a scrapyard for .80 cents a pound or talk to a plumbing company and get the lead from them from rework of old houses… a buddy is a plumber and i make 230gr 308 for him in exchange for scrap lead.. if you use car batteries drain out the acid and keep it in glass containers since it has many uses.. wash off the lead with water and dry good before smelting OUTSIDE.. battery lead contains arsenic as a hardening agent. I make 4-5k bullets a month for practice and hunting and have been reloading over 30 years… good luck and God bless

        • dave in idaho

          Fuck..I just paid 26$ each for .401 and .356. at Midway.

      30. Robert

        Guns,guns,guns, I dont care if the rest of the world cant understand the RIGHT of ownership of guns to protect ourselves from a tyrannical out of control government and I’m really tired of the very government that I have served willing for the last 30 years usurping MY RIGHT. Make me become a criminal and that is what I will be.

        • anon


          “Make me become a criminal and that is what I will be”.

          I have had with all the decrees from the Shitheads in D.C. I want their ignorant mouths to overload their alligator asses and by the time they find out they have fucked up, the people are upon them.
          Oh, it is coming Robert. They have had a lot of practice at this game and are very good at it. They feel they are omnipotent and can’t be touch for all the laws that protect them.
          At that time we either do or die.

          • Lone wolverine

            I wonder . If only the outlaw revolutionary has true freedom? The rest of us do what we are told. Pay the tax .law and order. It’s nesesary . If the law is corrupt . We just go along with it.. Or a SWAT team lands on our door step. It’s just a matter of how much we let them tax and push us. Do we let them take our children because they think home schooling is anti social. They want to brainwash our kids first. Sodomy . Is OK.? God kills sodomites and their families. Or he use too? Maybe God has changed his mind over sodomy. Do you want to take that chance? With our entire country. If God doesn’t destroy America . He owes soddom and Gomorrah an apology ? But do we have a choice . Are our elections rigged? Most of us do not want soddom and Gomorrah . We must have at least ten righious men. As in the days of lot.? Would God destroy us all because our elections are rigged ? It is written he does. The great tribulation of new Babylon. We conquered Babylon . We are the new mystery Babylon. Like it or not?

        • Kulafarmer

          If im going to lose everything anyway im going for broke,,,,

          • Bud

            If you turn in your weapons you will surely die, and if you don’t chances are that at some point you WILL have to fight-for-your-life (and family for some) in ways that, frankly, you can’t imagine until you find yourselves “in the midst” of it all.

            The bottom line has not changed. There are those in other countries who higher desire that Americans be relieved of their guns so that they can do as they please with us without fear of being shot (but THEY will be armed to the teeth). Cowards always are.

            Want to hold them off forever and a day? Just keep going like you have been and don’t waiver. They are scared shitless of we Americans only because that WE ARE ARMED …and I am talking about our federal government and all other shitheads on the planet with a taste for ultimate control.

            For those without a plan, here’s one for you. It is the ending of the motto that kept me alive for years and years. NEVER QUIT!

            WE …..are OUTTA here. Just heard some news that was the straw that broke “this camel’s back” ….so, God bless.

            When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

            • Kulafarmer

              Armed and can hit stuff with those pieces, some can poke holes in stuff so far away that by the time they figure out where it came from were in another town sitting about.
              The reality is that NONE of these governments, groups or their followers will be able to successfully overrun us period, look at exactly how effective these so called best equipped militaries have done in Iraq, Afganistan, anywhere else they have stuck theier noses that they ought not have. I will surely die, but i am just one of millions.

              • Lone wolverine

                Remember these guys won’t be to gung-ho in the first place . And when high IQ Americans are making IEDs they will be afraid to step out of their house. Let alone their MRAPs. We have been so intimidated by the media . That we don’t realize we can wipe them out in days. They are out numbered 100 to one . It doesn’t matter they have full auto and we don’t. Snipers will wipe them out. How many guys have 50s and 338 lapuas and 300 mags and 308 s and super match 556 . And maybe the best . Scoped 22 s with plastic bottles duct taped to the barrel. They will refuse to comite suicide. Going door to door. The powers that be don’t realize how much their bodyguards hate them. And can’t wait to get ride of them . They just want their paycheck. We will have to guarantee their income will not be changed. It’s just that simple.

              • anon


                I am beginning to think that what you say is not true anymore.

      31. Diane D

        The REAL REASON for the 2nd amendment is becoming crystal clear.

        • Winston Smith

          I sadly have to agree with you. The biggest issue I see though is the societal shift that has been accelerating over the last 10-15 years. Do the majority of the people in this country even understand and believe in the concept of liberty anymore?

      32. Ron Ahrens

        I really do have to marvel at the evil genius of the psychopaths controlling fascist Police State hell on earth America. The psychopaths were able to get a bunch of coward boot licking toxic dump Americans to buy massive amounts of guns and ammo, so the psychopaths make mega money on the cowards, who whore their children out to Globalist Fascist monsters. Now the psychopaths are going to outlaw guns, as they are doing right now through various Globalist Fascist Organizations with the aid of the Fourth Reich US Government Fascist Courts in Police State hell on earth America. Anyone who refuses to turn in their protection will of course be killed by the treasonous alphabet agency programmed robots and treasonous local Law Enforcement fascist boot lickers, who just want to shoot anyone as long as they get their pay, pensions, and beer money to depress what psychopathic monsters they have also become. All part of the de-population plans of the psychopaths controlling hell on earth America, and the American boot licking cowards will help them in anyway the cowards can.

      33. Lone wolverine

        James Yeager. Made a video about green tip v/s ball. Saying green tips not as good as we think . Especially when it comes to stopping power.

        • Mountain Trekker

          LW if shooting across the room, I’m not going to be using my AR and it’s probably true that they don’t have the schock effect but neither does any FMJ, but you punch a hole in them at 50 yards are so with a green tip, and they will probably stop coming. Trekker Out

          • Lone wolverine

            You are right MT. Unless he’s Seven feet tall . Weighs three hundred pounds . And has a machete. Or an AK . Or a shotgun .or a RPG , Selco said theirs no such thing as one shot stops . Unless you have a shotgun. If your good enough to make head shots . You have the right gun. But under starvation stress fear bad water . Head shots will be more difficult . I’m on your side MT . Don’t want to see you go down.need you.

          • dave in idaho

            google: “Taylor KO calculator” for your stopping power specs.

      34. Lone wolverine

        He knocked over the tables of the money changers at the temple of God . And their security guards could not stop him . He must be tortured to death. Crusify him. Said the chosen people. They call themselves ooos but they are the children of satan. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Bud

          Nowhere in The Holy Bible does it EVER STATE that Jews are Gods Chosen People!

          Prove me wrong. Show me one verse stating that the jews are God’s Chosen People ….horsefeathers! Bullshit. NO WAY JOSE. NOTTA.

          It states exactly the opposite. Jews were the ones who had him killed, hardly a qualifier to become God’s Chosen shouldn’t you think?

          This is largely (and wrongly) surmised due to the sign being hung on Christ that said, “King of the Jews” at his crucifixion, and it is WRONG!

          • Lone wolverine

            Exactly right Bud. Jesus himself said . They call themselves Jews but they are the children of satan. In other words they are not the real Jews . They just call themselves Jews to get away with shit. And tax the world with lies satans greatest weapon for the children of satan. Hang a sign . Anyone can do that. Satan rules this world as written and his greatest weapon is the lie as written. So if the ruler of this world is a liar everything we have been told except the written word of God is a lie. Is that so hard to understand. Look at where civilization is heading . To soddom and Gomorrah ? And who controls the banks and media. The same people that crusified Jesus . Isn’t it obvious what’s happening . The children of satan are at it again. And only the second coming can stop them.

      35. anon

        What is the news on the other side of the pond.
        Has England and Germany run out of Broomsticks for Personal Defense.

      36. Lone wolverine

        Most likely the other side of the pond is experiencing. What happens when the ooos take over your banks and media. Knock over their tables and they torture you to death. Throw out their bankers and they torture your people for a hundred years or more. We will get the same if we resist. Destroy our unity with diversity. Watch it happen there. It’s a preview. Mess with the children of satan. And see what happens to your kids.

      37. Lone wolverine

        The news on the other side of the pond . Is what happens when you let the ooos take over your banks and media. Your unity is destroyed with diversity. You try an knock over their tables and they crucify you. You throw out their bankers. And they torture your people for a hundred years. Watch what’s happening over there. It’s a preview.

      38. Bud

        Or, just being a veteran, to them, is good enough to give you a title of a ‘terrorist wannabe’ …another screw-job from the feds.

      39. Oldboy

        I’m not sure of the logic of buying an ar15 in anticipation of a ban. Logically a ban means in addition to halting sales, possession is made illegal.

        Logically, the state cannot control the flow of narcotics nor people across the border, and once the market is there, will not be able to control the flow of military weaponry. When needed, the market will be flooded with AK’s, RPG’s, etc.

        • Lone wolverine

          I read that during the revolutionary war . The British made the possession of a gun the death penalty. So they would take your wife and children and rape them until you told them wear your gun was then execute you for possecion of a weapon. What do you do in that situation ? The British are coming the British are coming. Drag your pampered bimbo into the woods weather she likes it or not . And stay there .

      40. anon

        Time is short.

        I still like the idea of voting for Hillary and jamming the whole country. All perfectly legal.

      41. Lone wolverine

        Anon. Maybe that’s best . It’s too late to save it. Destroy all of it for a clean start. Tabula rasa. They all must go . Your daughter that works at the DMV. Your wife that works as a typists . Every one of them . Regardless . If you don’t like it you go with them. No more fat paychecks . No more fat pensions. No more fat medical . By by . Everyone of them regardless . And you as an accompless. You are their partner in life . Equally guilty. After the fact. It’s your law so by by. You get to go to the wonderful prisons you have created. Very just . For all to see. Won’t be a problem .you made it you live it. Don’t be afraid you might survive the world you created. And if not . Who cares.your nobody . We can pin anything on you we want. Just get use to it. Do what we say when we say or rot in our prison industrial complex. The more the better. Come on make our day. You uppity bitches like it . Open your mouth. See what you get . The children of satan rule.

      42. anon

        I see on Drudge people like to deface War Memorials and a Old WW2 vet was assaulted

        Maybe this country is not worth saving anymore. This seals the deal I will vote for Hillary and encourage others to do so too.

        • Survivor in waiting

          I would imagine the people that did those terrible things are voting for Hillary also, the liberal mindset is the only type of ass hat that would do such a thing. No morals what so ever. I personally will not be voting for Hillary or anyone else connected to the NWO. I don’t think Mr. Trump, even with the best of intentions can save this country from whats coming.

          Let the culling of the herd begin.

        • smokey


      43. Lone wolverine

        You think hilary has respect for vets. Are you fing kidding me.

        • anon


          I believe there are lots of people who do not like Vets and I also believe that their numbers are growing. I have encountered a few of them in the past. Hell we have them here at SHTF from time to time. Like Hillary I feel they want to destroy our nation. They use our own laws and liberties to do it. If your were in Russia you would be off to the gulag with the some of the shit they pull or say. Or get your ass beat badly.

          I an very angry about this and there is nothing I can do to solve it. Tired of bucking the wind and the tide.

      44. Lone wolverine

        Yes anon. Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases. That is probably us.. It’s written that we will suffer like no other people in history. Even if you are prepped to the max . It still won’t be easy. Thank you God for warning us of what’s coming . So we can fill our lamps . And suffer less. And we understand that the Tares must be burnt. And we will not go against your written way. Soddom and Gomorrah had to be destroyed . And we see what needs to be destroyed now. We are with you 100 % . All we ask is please do it soon. We’re sick and tired of waiting. No disrespect.

      45. Lone wolverine

        I remember in the movie soldier. With Kurt Russell . Connie Nealsons line was . We are not cowards we will fight . Just tell us what to do. That’s what we will be asking our vets. Tell us what to do.

      46. Lone wolverine

        Anon Don’t worry . It’s already written . A terrible tribulation . But the true believers who filled their lamps win in the end . And inherit a new and perfect world. It’s hard for us to understand how it could be possible . But how many things were ounce believed impossible ?

      47. B from CA

        A vote for Hillary will not bring anything to a head. If you have any Patriotism, any desire for a just peace, you will not get it. Hillary will work for the interests of the Zionist Globalist war mongers. The dual citizen (Isreal-USA) will continue their war against the American people. She will continue to flood the Country with Arabs and Black African Muslims from North Africa. Your children will be drafted and come back to you in body bags or with their faces burned and their brains shattered, their arms and legs blown off. A vote for Hillary is treason. A vote for Hillary is beyond insane, it is treason.

      48. anon

        B from Ca.

        First up. I just got Jammed up with windows 10 and finally got back to Windows 7. I sat down looking forward to the chat here an WHAM! There it is. Started doing it by itself and was I pissed off.

        A vote for Hillary is NOT TREASON. It is a forced hand. To bring to light her full intentions and to brings those who ADORE HER to the realization who the hell she really represents and what type of person she is. She will place the yoke of tyranny on ALL of use and those who have supported the Jerk in the White House.

        Had enough of Obama, then you can’t wait for Hillary. Flood the country with body bags and Arabs and maybe the people will finally wake up. We are near the bitter end and some of us are not going to make it.

        • smokey

          Don’t delude yourself. A vote for Hillary will do nothing more than put her in office.

          Her full intentions are well known to her party and the people voting for her. They don’t care. They are mindless lemmings and will never, never, admit they were wrong. Never.

          Grow a pair and fight for what is good and right.

          • anon


            You speak the truth that they will never, ever say they are wrong. There numbers grow each day, either by crossing the boarder or being flown in on your nickel.

            Sooner or later by disease, by financial, by cultural difference or demographics, it will find its way into their lives and may they suffer greatly.

            I know full well what Hillary will do. As we have moved passed the 51% mark of takers and move on to 60%. I wonder how long it will be before we take care of things.

            And I’m not talking about voting.

        • B from CA


          I think you could sell snow to an Eskimo.

      49. Lone wolverine

        Just watched another . WW2 Lies video. Will God hold us responsible for believing the lies. Our media . controlled by the children of satan drummed into our heads? Can we be forgiven? For our blind trust. After Jesus told us of the children of satan? How can we go through our daily lives, work , obligations . And have the ability to separate the lies from the truth. God tells us satan rules this world. Are we any match for his lies? Does God expect us to defeat satan? We are only human . Satan is all powerful . Anyone who went against satan was destroyed including Jesus. But he lived again. In this world . This world . A world full of satans lies? Sounds like hell.

      50. Lone wolverine

        You know what it comes down too? Either Jesus lied Or the Jews are the children of satan. Take your pick . And live with the consequences . Bottom line like it or not? Put up or shut up. .? And all you Jew supporters better recognize that? Because your eternal destiny. Is finalized right here? Deny that? Wake up before its to late. Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And satan rules this world . Believe it or rot in hell? For eternity. Does it seem worth the chance? Don’t be blinded by the lies. The written word is true . Everything else is a lie.

      51. Lone wolverine

        Just watched the beginning of the movie Jarhead . These foul mouthed negros need to be exterminated. Got a problem with that join them. Marines join them. O your so tough . With your negro tongue. Can’t wait to do you dirty.

        • Kevin2

          You deny the NAZI Genocide, advocate genocide while immersing yourself in the Bible somehow selectively cherry picking through it for justification? Damn a Politician has nothing over on you.

      52. Lone wolverine

        Yes anon. They third world us. Or we third world them. Could you imagine what it would be like without them?

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