Democrats Jump On Gun Control Quickly After Las Vegas Shooting

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 50 comments

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    California Senator Dianne Feinstein is getting some Republicans to show interest in her gun bill, which could signal quick gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. Although it is claimed that it is newly crafted, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top-ranking Democrat has already offered the bill.

    Of course, gun rights activists think Feinstein has several gun control bills lying around, and after a tragedy, she simply dusts one off to exploit. The narrowly written Democratic gun-control bill would ban “bump stock” rifle attachments that enable rapid firing.

    “You never let a serious crisis to go to waste,” said Barack Obama’s advisor in 2008.

    Since then, we’ve seen many Democrats attempt to destroy gun rights in the aftermath of atrocities. But Democrats say that the bill offered by Senator Feinstein, responds to the revelations that some of the weapons that alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used to commit the worst mass shooting in U.S. modern history Sunday were apparently outfitted with “bump stock devices,” which are legal.

    Demcrats describe the bum stock’s legality as a “gap in the current law” which allows shooters with semi-automatic weapons to accelerate the rate of fire by attaching bump stocks, slide fire devices, and other similar accessories. The bump stock automatically forces the trigger to “bump” against the shooter’s finger after each shot.

    “Some have said we shouldn’t do this now,” Feinstein said. “Now is not the time. When is the time going to be there? There is no better way to honor the 59 people who were slaughtered than to take action to prevent this from happening again.” But that’s just the problem with Democrats and their line of thinking. You can’t prevent this. You can’t prevent any evil. No amount of laws are needed to keep a good person from hurting others and bad people will always find their way around heaps of laws to commit crimes if they are so inclined.

    And Republicans now appear open to gun control. We know Donald Trump hasn’t always been a perfect advocate for gun rights.

    On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said it was “premature” to discuss “legislative solutions, if there are any,” when asked whether he could support a ban on equipment to convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones. That was a pretty wishy-washy response and could mean he will consider gun laws in the near future. Senator Richard Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, shut down talk of limiting bump stocks quickly. “I’m a Second Amendment man, I’m not for any gun control,” Shelby said. But he may be one of the few. Senator John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota and a member of Senate leadership, said some of his colleagues are “at least interested” in learning more about “that narrow issue.” Thune added, “I am somebody who I’d like to think is fairly familiar with a lot of firearms, and you know the use of those in that incident out there is something I think we need to take a look at.”

    Gun control appears on the surface that it will be more easily accomplished now that Republican is in the White House. Barack Obama attempted big gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting and he failed. He went on to note that gun laws are his “biggest frustration.”

    Unfortunately, it’s very likely we will see small bills like this one creep up with some getting passed, while within the next few months, larger bills will surface. And we humbly speculate that security will be heightened at hotels and casinos, and complete with metal detectors at all entrances. There could even be an enormous ramp up in the police state around concerts and gatherings. It could get ugly, but it’s too soon to say just how much, and these are speculations based on the speeches from not only president Trump but other politicians on both sides of the freedom-trampling aisle.


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      1. “Gun control appears on the surface that it will be more easily accomplished now that Republican is in the White House.”
        This statement makes no sense. A Republican in the White House makes it easier to accomplish gun control? Historically Republicans have been against gun control. Now there is a Republican controlled Senate, House of Representatives, and White House. How is that more conducive to passing gun control?

        • Think about it,,,
          All these bullshit artist in office who been whining about obummercare for years, now they have a president who will sign a repeal and they have the majority in both houses and they cant get a bill off the floor.
          These turds know we are on to them too so they will do whatever they need to hold power,
          Instead of disregarding this article i would suggest buying more ammo,,, there is no two party system, there is only us and them, and them are in DC and dont want to allow the little people to have a say

          • @Nailbanger,
            I never said I was disregarding this article. I did not understand Mac’s point and thought he might have meant to say Democrat when he said Republican.

            As for buying more ammo, I do appreciate you reminding me just in case I needed to get with the program. I have already gotten my order taken care of, but was amazed how many of the different brands and types of 5.56 are already sold out. And the supplier has a bold statement at the on every page announcing delays in shipping because of demand. As the missus says, “You can never have too much ammo, and you can never have too many guns.” I’m buying more “OMG, HIGH CAPACITY” (whatever that means) magazines this morning.

            Off topic, what is FSMA? Apparently it has caused you to reduce production on your farm?

            • Food Safety Modernization Act,
              Basicly communism for the farm producer, you either subject yourself to government involvement in your day to day operations or you get fined,
              I went to this model,
              Who is John Galt!
              Let em eat sand, so now i have a real nice homestead with a plethora of garden spots to rotate through or grow livestock on,

              • Maybe you can do something where you rent out garden spots for people to grow their own, or have one of those crop sharing operations where people buy a membership and share in the production.

                • The CSA is what i had been looking at, is a good way to do it, the problem is i would rather just forget it and do odd jobs, the local government as well as the feds are a pain in the ass, i have no desire to do anything to appease them, i would rather sit at home fooling around in the shop or garden than push to produce, they can produce this ??

            • And understand on your point,,,,no offence meant

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            “A top CIA official for the Korean Peninsula warned Wednesday that the U.S. should be ready for a new provocation by North Korea on Columbus Day on Oct. 9, which coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the political party that governs in Pyongyang.”

            “North Korea frequently carries out missile launches or nuclear tests on major state anniversaries, such as the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un or other dates associated with the lives of his father or grandfather. Oct. 10 marks the anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea in 1945.”
            ht tps://

            North Korea ‘Decoders’ Offer Dire Warnings About Nuclear Program
            A video showing how experts outside U.S. government are using North Korea’s propaganda to track the regime’s nuclear weapons advancements
            ht tps://

      2. “Demcrats describe the bum stock’s legality as a “gap in the current law”: The current law is illegal. That is the issue that needs to be addressed.

        • This Gov’t will not stop until they are able to steal every last gun from our cold, dead hands…

      3. Considering he only used his legally owned NFA full auto…the fact he had bump fire stocks is irrelevant. The fact he had semi auto AR15’s, is irrelevant.

        What gun control would have stopped this? He passed background checks. He bought the guns at dealers. He legally possessed a Class III license and owned it with the required fees and background checks. He had no negative mental health record. He had so many magazines that a limit would not have limited anything.

        But, then, I understand and therefore cannot be democrat.

        • “Considering he only used his legally owned NFA full auto”.
          As far as I know they have not released a list of the guns
          he had in his room. Can you share the source of your information?

      4. There is already a ton of Gun control laws on the damn books! Guns are not the problem, PEOPLE are the damn problem. People will always find ways to kill others, that is just reality folks. The DemoRATS are disgusting and will never fail to jump on an opportunity to take full advantage of an unfortunate situation. Enough of this shit already. I Strongly support the 2nd Amendment!

      5. Sadly the world is full of psychopaths and sociopaths, events like this just prove that the government cant protect us. The police investigate crime not prevent it. It just proves that I should keep my guns for self defense, Freedom has a price, it would take a police state to prevent incidents like this. We live in a society in decline.

      6. WARNING: There Is Going to be an Attempted Communist Revolution on Nov. 4

        “Their plan is to replace our current form of government with first, Socialism and ultimately, Communism. It says so right in their constitution.”

        Quoting from “The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.”
        “In order to bring this new socialist state into being, it would be necessary to thoroughly defeat, dismantle and abolish the capitalist-imperialist state of the USA; and this in turn would only become possible with the development of a profound and acute crisis in society and the emergence of a revolutionary people…”

        “To work for this objective–to hasten while awaiting the emergence of these necessary conditions, with the goal of revolution and ultimately COMMUNISM…”

        • The socialist revolution was circa 1840 [socialist schools].

          Communist revolution complete 1913-1937 [Federal Reserve to New Deal].

          Conservatives are to blame as they allowed this to happen. Why? Because they have the same premises as the left. The right is concerned with image of repectability. Give a hippie shave, haircut, and bath- instant conservative. . .

      7. Search for “DIY bump stock” and you will find information on how to make one for yourself. Bump stocks can also be printed by a 3D printer. Any law would be ineffective.

        • Dont even need one,
          Have a few friends who can bump fire just fine with almost any semi auto. Its all in the grip and trigger finger

        • Personally my thing isnt how fast i can burn brass, i like being able to watch my hits, so high quality optics, extremely effective muzzle brakes, and larger calibers,, but i get it, some guys like being able to lay it down.

        • KY
          Been talking to my LOE Brothers in some major towns in the last few days and was told that they are gearing up for a fight. One told me that they are going to set back and watch the Good Guys fight with antifa and if they start to lose they are going to come in and back them up.
          Keep an eye on the Nov. 4Th.


          • Sgt. Dale, I talked to some of my sources in local LE yesterday and they’re also gearing up for the same thing. They expecting TSHTF on Nov. 4. Of course I’m gearing up also. There’s another gun show in my area on Oct. 14-15. I’ll be stocking up on 9mm, 12-ga., and anything else I find. Things have started getting a bit too ‘interesting’. I took the day off from the internet yesterday. I’ve been too worked up over what’s happening. No matter what Congress comes up with I’m not following it. Null and void in my book.

            • I might be using my hunting permit a little early this year,no limit on 8 point ANTIFAs! Might be a little messy when it comes to gutting one though.

          • Sgt. Dale,

            I fear there will be violence, especially in larger cities on the 4th.
            Praying You and others may be safe.
            Be aware and take care everyone.

            KY Mom

      8. Any people can only be policed to the extent that they allow themselves to be policed. No matter what gun control laws are on the books or what new laws are enacted. They are all unjust. and the citizens have the right and duty to disobey them. Do not ever give up your guns. Clint Eastwood stated that participating in a gun buy back is the same as castrating yourself because you think your neighbor has too many children.

        • you bet OG,,
          DC wants servants and loyal subjects, they dont want constituents who direct the country!
          Hope and chane will soon be coming out the end of a tube at ultrasonic speeds

      9. only a matter of time,,, notice how we have heard nothing out of con gress all week, i bet next week we see old paul ryan and his old fart counterpart mitch standing up there presenting gun legislation to ban semi autos and magazines over 10 rounds,
        I hope they do it,,, go ahead

        • Nailbanger, I’m not following anything they come up with. It’s all null and void to me. No legitimate basis whatsoever. Don’t have any obligation to follow them.

      10. If they hate guns so much quit supplying them to your hired killers around the world from the unending bottomless blackhole spending spree War Department posing as the DOD.

      11. One question. Why do all those politicians who attack the second amendment always have armed security provided for their personal defense? Hypocrisy is never forms a good basis for a convincing argument. The price we pay for freedom may seem high at times but to regain it after it is lost will cost us everything. Paddock acted no differently than our shadow government does in its foreign policy. A product of his environment. An environment where greed has replaced integrity, where corruption has replaced honesty, where bump stocks have replaced full auto, where the Yuan will replace the Federal Reserve note. And still we wonder why these things happen. They happen because your government is rogue and not what you are led to believe.
        ht tp://

      12. I read that proof of multiple shooters in Vegas was someone was in the crowd shooting, that one woman was shot straight into her stomach. Not sure if the angle shot came from could be determined.

      13. poor thangs polititions.

        they just don’t get HUMAN nature–it never changes w/o Christ.

        next they will be trying to control pressure cookers and box cutters, forks and knives, drink sizes, box trucks…

        oh wait. they’ve already started on that stuff.

      14. I’m going to repeat myself every time I see a gun control article.

        You think you have seen blood from the mass shooting in the USA? Just wait and see the tsunami of blood you will see it you try to take our guns away.

        Slaves don’t have weapons. Remember that. Enough said just that “F” simple.


        • Simple to you n me, but to them were crayzy right wing bitter clingers,,,
          Will make me hold on even tighter

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. Obama said I was a bitter clinger and Hillary said I was deplorable and unredeemable. I wear those labels with pride and honor. I’m already holding on even tighter.

            • I listen to crap from hitlery and mooshell obummer saying that women who voted for trump only did it because they were told to or some bullshit, then i think about Lisa Haven or Prissy Holly or Amanda Shea,,,
              Im pretty sure none of them voted because they were told to,,,,

        • Not sure what you mean by “our”.

          Far as I know, LE is exempt from gun control edicts…

          • JRS
            LE. comes third. God#1 Family #2 Constitution #3 Leo. #4.

            You don’t think that they won’t come after us low level LEO’s first. They know we side with the common people.


            • Fourth not third.

            • You do understand that these gun control “laws”, for the most part, exempt law enforcement.

              So then why would they be coming after you if the law doesn’t apply to you?

        • Damn straight Sarge. The 2nd Amendment is there for the people to be able to exert the final control over the government. It is a right – not a gift or a law. A right. A free man needs no other legislation but that he was born with. It’s up to us as free people to use those rights when and if need be.

        • Sarge, sad but true. There will be a tsunami of blood from anitfa, BLM, gungrabbers, etc. Don’t be surprised if they bring in foreign troops aka ‘UN Peacekeeprs’ for the gun grab. They’ll also bleed and those blue helmets can easily be ‘ventilated’ as long as you’re a good shot. Look at the history of UN peacekeeping operations around the world. Not exactly impressive on their part.

          • Mmmmm Brave…Blue will stand out in the fall colors.

      15. Ill post here what I’ve been posting elsewhere on the issue of bump fire devices.

        1) Bump fire stocks have never been used for a crime prior to this event, as far as we know.

        2) Bump fire stocks are TOYS for people who like to shoot firearms faster, exactly the same as collectors of fully automatic firearms.

        Banning an object used for a one-off crime is stupid. It deprives law-abiding people who use them legally of their entertainment.

        There is a little notion called “freedom” which everyone who proposes banning these devices fails to recognize. People have a right to do what they want provided THEY don’t hurt someone else. The fact that a criminal uses the same object as those people to do a criminal act does NOT justify depriving those other people of their freedom to use that object.

        Not to mention the obvious slippery slope which occurs when you start banning things people “don’t need.” That SAME argument has been used repeatedly by the anti-gun crowd to demonize semi-auto pistols and semi-auto rifles and magazine with greater than 10 rounds.

        People don’t NEED a car that goes faster than 55mph, but we don’t ban them even though it might save thousands of lives every year when people exceed the speed limit.

        People who who propose banning an object because people don’t “need” it are part of the problem. That includes the NRA who apparently is caving in in order to avoid further negative press. I get that people want to “make a deal” but there IS NO deal to be made. Ban one object on this basis and you’ll end up with no Second Amendment eventually.

        It’s that simple.

        I’ll add that technically speaking these devices do NOT turn a semi-auto weapon into a fully automatic weapon. They just enable the trigger to be pulled faster. The definition of a fully automatic weapon is one that fires multiple bullets with each trigger pull; semi-auto is one bullet per trigger pull and this remains true for bump fire devices.

        People who get that wrong are just helping the enemy.

      16. Why did Hillary mention suppressors right away? The supposed shooter did not use one and it would have had no affect as concert goers thought the gunfire was fireworks. The truth is the shooter was a government gunrunner !!! Guns were meant for the Muslim brotherhood but, the terrorists realized they were being set up and attacked. Does that make more sense than a millionaire shooting people and then himself? Lmao

      17. This congress has done nothing, but obstruct or just do nothing since their session began.

        It’s amazing how fast they can move to strip the American people of their constitutional rights even before the investigations are complete.

        There are strong rumors this guy was a recent convert to Islam, and isn’t one of the goals of jihadists to overthrow the US constitutions?

        If this dead in the water congress is only moved to act by international terrorism, and when they do act they use the moment to attack Americans, what does that say?

      18. Plan twice prep once is right. Can’t repeal ACA, legislate tax reform, or get the Federal reserve audited, but move like it’s quitting time on gun control after an incident like this. Seems like they are pretty good at subverting the bill of Rights, ala Patriot act etc after crises of their own making. (False flag) The truth is they don’t care about the lives of Americans only their hold on power. They are scared shitless that the fate of victims in Vegas could be theirs. The plan is to initiate an economic collapse so devestating that starving people will trade their guns for food. Prepare now

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