Democrats Fear Violence At Convention: “Don’t Want To Go Back To ’68 Riots”

by | May 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 107 comments

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    Any way you slice it, the Democratic National Convention coming up in Philadelphia in late July promise to be tumultuous.

    Though Hillary Clinton and the party insiders long ago expected the 2016 primary to be a formality (which conspicuously few hopefuls in the race), the grassroots voters are feverishly demanding Bernie, and vehemently against the establishment candidate who is widely known for her duplicity and dishonesty.

    As California Senator Diane Feinstein makes clear in this short and sweet video below, the establishment fears the riots and backlash that could come from a contested, or at least highly protested, convention as Sen. Sanders vows to continue the fight ‘until the last ballot is cast.’

    Instead, she and other figures inside the Democratic party are trying to nudge Sanders into dropping in order to save face and avoid damaging the party’s share in the duopoly of political power.

    But regardless of whether Sanders pushes through until convention or not, there will be lots of angry people who remain unsatisfied with another Clinton and more of the same. Tensions have been especially high since the controversial events in Nevada last week, as CNN notes:

    The public outpouring of anger began last weekend at the Nevada Democratic Party convention, where Sanders supporters who said Hillary Clinton’s backers had subverted party rules shouted down pro-Clinton speakers and sent threatening messages to state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange after posting her phone number and address on social media.

    That led Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and other top party leaders to demand an apology and publicly ruminate on the possibility of violence at the Democratic National Convention in July as they prepare for a general election battle with Donald Trump.

    Commentators and politicos have also speculated on potential violence unfolding at the Republican National Convention, though that was largely before most of the GOP began to come to terms with Trump as the nominee.

    Clearly, the broiling political anger, which has been heating up for years, is one of the major scenarios that riot police and other members of law enforcement have been training for for years. As Paul Joseph Watson reported:

    Police advised by FEMA officials how to conduct “mass arrests”

    The Department of Homeland Security oversaw a first of its kind three day training exercise in Texas this week during which police officers from fifteen different departments took part in drills on how to deal with riots and conduct mass arrests.

    Although the threat of riots is real enough (it happened back in 1968 largely because the Democrats forced unlikable establishment tool Hubert Humphrey as the nominee), it also gives a pretext for larger security budgets, more riot gear and other tools and a rationale for forceful treatment of peaceful protesters exercising their rights.

    The American people are angry. There are many reasons, and the shamefully rigged elections have been one of the major outlets for their outrage.

    Read more:

    Martial Law at Republican Convention? Riot Cops “Preparing For A Siege Rather Than Political Event”

    Homeland Trains Police for Riots, Civil Unrest: “This Training Has Never Been in Texas Before”

    Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

    Study Finds “Presence of Professional Protesters to Incite More Violence” in Baltimore and Ferguson


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      1. They should be fearing more than this! It’s going to get very bumpy in the next 365 days.






          • In your third paragraph, that’s basically what happened in 2008 & 2012.

        • Ppod,
          they should be scared and the reason is THEY KNOW they are responsible for ALL this CRAP that is about happen, and they DO NEED to be punished for it!!!

        • I need more popcorn, Chicago on the Allegheny.

      2. Nobody cares about the Dem Commie Socialists. It almost makes me Puke just looking at those 2 Dem Zionist’s photos.

        Other news. The PM’s Manipulators are at it big time in the last few days. Massive Shorting Gold and Silver, as Silver is down $1 in 2 days to $16.40. They must be making it cheap to scoop up the rest of the Physical Silver, before they send it to the moon when this collapses. Follow suit and pick up more on the dips if you can. You will be rewarded handsomely.

        One other Note. This hard manipulation in PM,s may be a signal the world is about to collapse on its own corruption and the P2B are pulling out the last shots to profit off of the Markets, before the tailspin. So follow suit, and Go stock up on as much food as you can to prepare for the oncoming onslaught.


        • Dems should invite Sanders or Trump to be keynote speakers. Would make convention far more interesting. Or perhaps someone from the FBI.

        • Find the place to unload your silver when it does go to the moon.

          • When “it” (the price of silver) ‘goes to the moon’, who cares where to unload it?

            If the situation gets that bad, use your silver to barter for something you forgot to purchase when it did matter.

        • Bought the dip ! 20 more oz in silver?

      3. We are all angry at the way this country is goverened.
        We need true leadership.
        Sad we do not have that…

        • Eppe. AMEN

          • times 2, eppe

            • eppe, the way it’s governed has led to “RUINATION”
              I made it one word out of the two!

        • People are upset because we are void of legitimate representation.

          Perhaps the bigger question should be is “What will the cities will look like after the collapse”.

          Can we say Venezuela!

        • I need no leader if leadership of the last 8 years and candidates running is all we can get,… Liars, Dictators, Phonies, Socialists, Narcissism, Dumb and his brother, Stupid.

          None of these will represent me. They will only represent disaster.

        • sorry Epp, we dont need to be led around by our noses , government is a failed experiment

          Voting every 4 years for a new master does not make you a free man

          • Make America #110-and-never Again!

            Because all 109 Prior Nations to do a big Boot Out cannot all have been wrong eh?

        • And we NEVER will have it.

      4. Too dangerous to fly these days. Oh yeah , world war 3 is being fought viciously all around but most people are too into the damn tv to even notice. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is for the final flash point to materialize. Once it does, all bets are off man. Game on. Bullets flying and people burning in the streets. It’s a damn miracle it hasn’t erupted into total all out thermonuclear fire yet!!!

        • Agree: World War Three is already under way and has effectively been underway since 9/11. What’s it all about? American hegemony in short. America is fighting to maintain its hegemony of the world and it is fighting this war in many ways – asymmetrically, economically, militarily (even sexually with the whole lgbt nonsense).

          Hot wars are raging all over the place. This war has also involved fighting on the streets of a Western city (Paris). The bubble was penetrated and when they do that once, they will try and do it again and again. Once you have the image of a Muslim gunning down white Europeans in a European city, that shit gets them very horny for more of it (sex is a big part of the Muslim jihad schtick).

          The British are trying to re-direct people towards attacking Russia. This is a false enemy: the Brits are doing this because they receive most of their money from the Arab oil states and so they are marching to the Muslim tune. Hell, they even have an extremist Muslim mayor of the world’s financial capital, London. Sides have been picked. And I hate to say it suckers, but we are stuck on the white-hating, pro-Muslim side. The Russians and Chinese are on the scientific-civilization side. History is cruel: sometimes you really are the poor sap who just lives in the wrong country.

          • Frank Thoughts

            Well thought out and written. Agree with your premise.

          • AGREED.

          • cogent, is the word. if i may be frank.

      5. Is this a joke? – the DemoCraps are worried about violence at THEIR convention? …. thru Soros – they are dispatching every single radical they can dig up to disrupt the Republicans in Cleveland …. and they’ll be condoning every single act of destruction and violence right thru to murder ….

        • They’re scared, and with good reason. Violence at the GOP convention will be staged by leftists trying to shut down the convention.

          Violence at the Dem’s convention, on the other hand, will be staged by leftists trying to shut down the convention.

          Americans will clearly see the difference between the two and blame the perpetrators at the election booth this November.

      6. Sometimes violence is a cleansing thing. Diane Feinstein looks like death sucking on a lifesaver in the photo above. Hope her ticket gets punched soon.

        • Gaze at that Finestien video look of her while you contemplate what Christ was saying about those “tares” or aka a tare weed that Looks akin to real wheat( white euro folk) untill the Tares Mature! and once well matured those Tares are very Easy to spot even when a tare is grouped within 1,000 Wheats!…oy Vey!

          ps it is in the Parable of “Wheat Vs Tares” spoken by Christ to educate his apostles present then…He also after telling the parable, goes on to fully define and explain it so even the most dumbed down and deluded evangelicals can grasp the True meanings!

      7. I would rather have a bottle in front of me,
        than a frontal Lobotomy…

      8. mac why isn’t the prepper website being updated on this site still showing 4/29/2016? the site is still up,but to find out what is new we have to go to the site.

      9. Once again no candidate is there to change anything. When you are young you think it can be changed, as you age you become numb knowing it’s all a farce. There will be no people action that will change anything. Both voter options suck. The people are 100% powerless to enact change. Trump said he would build a wall on the southern border and deport illegals, he later said that statement was just a suggestion. lol, smh

        • Who Controls Trump?…Whom does Trump litterally Surround himself with?….Find the Answers Here!!

          ps:Be Sure to also Read the many great reply comments at end of article/listing that also provided Photos and names names etc of litterally Everyone within Trumps us prez campaign AND Trumps Many Buisness Opps and issues.

          Off hand I’d say that perhaps trump is the ONLY Goyim gentile aboard his endevors!

          • Them Guys… I just read that and the comments. It doesn’t surprise me at all, in fact it fits the little snippets Drumpf has said while campaigning. Like the threats against Iran and the torture and waterboarding remarks he has mentioned expanding on more than once in the past. It’s pitiful how large segments of the people have fallen for his BS, apparently totally based on his pre campaign TV show ugliness, that coupled with his illegal invaders stance. What a colossal farce this election offers up, the lesser of two evils is difficult to determine because there is not one.

            • Aljamo: Yep I agree 100% on all you said. I’d also bet that you are probably the only other person here besides me to have read that great info link I provided.

              As long as a vast majority still retain abject Fear of being called vile names like rayssist or antisemite nazis, this entire nation shall continue to harbor a huge band of worthless brainwashed fools.

              But as long as every sunday their apostate pastors fortify their flashoods about those of the “Big Taboo” group….Nothing will get better period.

              Because one can own all the firearms and ammo and prep foods etc that are avail to buy…Yet untill one can actually Name an enemy, none of them can nor shall ever confront such enemys period.

              At least untill the fools have zero other choices but to admit to what is, and has, and yet shall continue the ruin and nation wrecking of america and its founding European Whites….

              I can’t wait to see their stupid faces and epressions once facts and actualities no longer allow for any duped or dumbed down fence sitterings to any longer be a viable option…They wil drop jaws to the floor when such real truths finally sink in deep, and they realize those they so defended and worshipped as “special” but “equals”!!

              Are Satans children and if only they’d have spent a few moments study of what was written in the New Testement books…They never would have fallen for such apostate falsehoods in first place eh.

              And when I look at that USA Map I posted a link to awhile back, that shows the top main states where the Cyrus Scofield bible version basically Rules their every thought.

              It is no wonder to me why the south states lost the civil war…Because those exact same dozen or so states contain aprox 98 to99% of All of americas scofield bible devotee’s!

              I also even wonder if Today after a century and a half of time to ponder the events of civil war era, do they yet realize that those called “Carpet Baggers” whom robbed the south Blind were also the same Tribe members as those today so wrecking the entire 50 states union of usa?

              Such as Monsanto Corp Family of Moranos as prime example Carpet bagger family back then..I bet a majority of them think Monsanto is Italians from Italy!!! or some type south americans mix breeds eh!

              Sorry, No…Mondsanto’s same as that Vidal Sasson Shampoo billionaire family are pure 100% tamludics period.

              Just kinda chalk it all up to a “Coincidence” that so far in past 200 yrs of usa events, a small portion of 1.7% total POP has provided a whopping 99%+ of Every scam swindler, and overall nation wreckers the worlds ever seen!….Just…a…C o i n c i d e n c e! right?

              Okay now load every rifle and hunt down them ebt card folks, while the entire tribe runs amuck untill usa is fully in ruins folks….and be certain to not gander at that trump accociates link I gave you! It may be too fearsome to behold! truth that is…

              • Them Guys:

                I scanned through it. Not very good to see that he is so completely surrounded.

                I will still vote for him. I know there is only so much anyone can do without them. They won’t let anyone near a position of power unless he is with them.

                On another note, Monsanto were slave traders in New Orleans, Louisiana. There is a synagogue in all the slave ports.

                In 1492 they were kicked out of Spain. And low and behold Columbus leaves on a Spanish ship and discovers America. What do you say, is there a connection? You know they often say they are Italian, and even change their names. What do you think?

                • B from CA: I think and Know that they do whatever it takes!…it always falls back to that parable of “wheat Vs Tares” again and again eh…Ie: Tares are a weed that look so alike to real wheat it takes a real, long time Pro field hand worker guy to see the differences at first.

                  but once tares fully Mature, the differences can be eaisly seen by the most aprentice field worker hands.

                  hence reason that when the old pros noted tares were somehow planted AFTER the wheats all got planted, and then asked “what should we do now? should we weed the field and get rid of tares now?”

                  They were told “NO! because due to amature field workers not able to yet distinguish the diff between wheats vs tares…The Owner of the fields wheat got planted in is worried that some of the real wheats will be uprooted by Error! therefore now you Must await Harvest time when tares mature fully and can be easily differentiated from real wheats and wheats are to be Saved and EVERY one of wheats to be saved from destruction!”

                  Now at parables ending every former word useage is defined…Field Owner means GOD owns it ALL, and Wheat are Gods Good childrens Vs Tare weeds that got planted After wheats did and planted BY the Devil satan once deep darkness fell on earth and all wheat seed planter workermen went to bed to sleep…

                  Flash fwd to 2016!…Where the info age is upon entire world and even deep dark jungles of africa and south america now possess ability via sat dish internet and Laptops to gander at all relevant infos on every issue from A to Zio…

                  What have we learned, them what actually researches truth and facts based history etc?

                  Well we shoukd have learned by now that as stated prior “they do whatever it Takes”! meaning they change Last names…Change religions…Change locations…Change dress codes..whatever changes needed to subvert and infiltrate White nations as well as often them darkies nations if valued resources are present.

                  And like the Parable says…They always infiltrate AFTER the Wheats got first planted in said nations.

                  Once one compares to and Add’s to that tare vs wheat parable with various Other biblical verses such as “John8:44…You are of Your father the devil satan! and his lusts you shall Do!..he, satan was a murderer and thief and liar from the very beginning” etc etc.

                  Who planted his own “seeds” after wheats got planted?…Satan did so…What did Christ lable/call satanis kids/offspring?…Not christians!! only one group is named such and its kikes.

                  Where did that satanic planting of his offspring seeds get done at?…EVERY fuckin nation globally but especially in European White founded nations!

                  why so?…So it is far more easy for satans kids to HIDE in Plain sight amoung real white wheats!

                  untill of course like 109 prior hidden in plain sight countries before usa, sooner or later they get found out and then get Booted Out…Every nation and Every time too!

                  Can every such 109 previous nations boot outs been wrong?

                  not likly! and with over 25 yrs deep study researches etc I have yet to locate anywheres info that even remotly suggests any such nations ever had Invited them into the nation!

                  it fist so well eh?…Same as satans tare seeds/children get planted after wheats does and field workers are Horrified to discover tares within wheat fields!!

                  Yep it all fits better than OJ’s glove for certain eh.

                  What does NOT fit at all is…How with such great free info available today and for past 15+ yrs now can we see still so Many, Many otherwise intelligent usa folks remaining so deluded and dumbed down to such easy truths?

                  Because the ONLY main factor that so assists the tare devils and allows for them to keep nation wrecking america is none other than those aprox 60-Million so called “christian folk” that refuse such truths no matter What!…They’d still reject it all even if Jesus Himself with a bevy of 12 ft tall gleaming bright as the Sun Angels surroundling Him entered into their main homes Living Rooms to Tell them the exact same infos!

                  That deluded bunch does far greater dammages to america as a whole than all EBT card welfare negroes and assorted others can dream of doing wrong or bad to usa.

                  And now also with at least 40 yrs experiences and vast Costs accociated with the Tons and Tons of books-videos-sermons etc they have bought and paid for, and ALL so far have been a total Apostate Wrong headed falsified biblical end times senario etc…Yet they, like their heros remain as “Stiff Necked and Stubron” and never awaken to reality….so We that are wized up and awake fully also must pay the pipers price eh.

                  Untill Hravest time that is!…so train up yer youth field worker males to maintain strong backs and spines to be able to drag and carry them Bundels of Tare weeds to that big Fire Pit reserved for tares and fruit tree dead branches and non producer fruit trees eh…get that Memo Parents!

      10. Riots at both conventions is on the political menu.

      11. Democrats Fear Violence At Convention: “Don’t Want To Go Back To ’68 Riots”

        Simple Solution:

        (A) Stop Rigging Elections.

        (B) Stop paying Agent Provokers.

        (C) Follow the Laws of this Land per Constitution.

        (D) Take Responsibility for the instability in this country and abroad.

        (E) Stop all False Flag Activities.

        If the Republicunts & Democunts can work together and eliminate just those things above. Then maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to restore “faith” back into the Political Spectrum.

        ‘Till then … expect less people casting their vote in the ballet box … while the ammo box is looking more, and more like the ultimate alternative.

      12. Oh Mac ! You’ve let me down !

        Herbert wasn’t just “an unlikeable candidate” McGovern was the popular choice, but he was a Communist ! Inhofe created the superdelegates to ensure that the CPUSA couldn’t squeeze one of their boys into the race.

      13. This is exactly what the NWO establishment wants. Riots, unrest, anarchy, etc…for the final push into absolute control & totalitarianism. All under the guise of national security & stabilization. Oh, there it is….they won’t call it marshal law. They will call it the NSSA. (National Security and Stabilization Act). Just like they didn’t call it marshal law in Boston or Katrina. They called it “shelter-in-place”.! As I’ve said; there is not going to be an election. As the break-down ensues over the summer, the final move on the chessboard by the NWO will be a major attack (Reichstag fire) in October. Obama will “temporarily” suspend the elections, as he will announce that the country needs to focus on this national crisis, and not an election. Then he will declare executive order 31445…the NSSA act.
        Game over.!!!!!!!!

      14. off topic but of interest

        EMP white paper


        ht tps://

        hat tip SurvivalBlog

      15. One mass of dumbass Bernie supporters attacks hillary supporters.. sounds like they get at each other, both sides have stupid people, so that we conservative types can get Trump in to win the elections. Now once he wins, then what, is it more of the same or worst?.. i support Trump, but I just don’t have enough info as who he is and what his motivations and plans are. It might even be a re-branding of martial laws to make it mor acceptable with Trump the they fel they can get away with by cannot get away with the martial law under hillary or bernie?..From what I was Rd lay weekend, a Trump will not be able to stop what’s coming?.. we ate deep shit.


        Murphys law, what can happen, will happen.. thw question is what’s about to happen?.

        • This race isn’t Republican against Democrat but rather Populist against Establishment. Its Trump and Sanders against The Establishment. Trumps views are largely not conservative as described by the Republican Wing of The Establishment known as the neoconservatives. On Foreign Policy and Trade Trump and Sanders are largely in agreement.

          Hillary’s policy’s on Trade and Foreign Affairs for all practical purposes identical to the neoconservatives views.

        • HCKS.

          I thought there was a sliver of light but when Trump had a meeting with Kissinger. It is the same, old same old shit. There is no White Knight and although one candidate may kick the can down the road. We are headed into the ditch of History. America as we knew it is gone. All we have been taught is now a lie. The Money is damn near worthless. Our Government stinks and the News Media is a sham. It’s all about the ratings. Investigative reporting my ass and the Justice Dept. is no better than a small corrupt southern town with a bad case of nepotism.

          I see Texas is working on their gold bank. I will stay in Florida and try to protect your flank. I-10 is wide open.

          • anon

            My heart sunk too when I read about the meeting with Kissinger. He is the political spearpoint of the globalists transcending party and administration. Dr Strangelove.

            • Kevin2

              I wish these people like Kissinger, Soros, Bush, Rockefeller, Buffet would leave the rest of the world alone. They made their millions and now want to screw with the small guy. They should find some young women to screw and down a few bottles of tequila. Get so wasted that when they wake up in the morning they have no idea where they are at.

              Better yet. They should shut the fuck up!

          • Anon, I heard Trump has already met with both Kissinger and Adelson. That spoke volumes. Would’ve been the same for Cruz had he stayed in long enough. Trump is just as bogus as the others. There’s going to be serious trouble at both conventions. Doesn’t matter which sock puppet gets ‘selected’.

            • Hence the need for a total reset,,,,,,

            • Brave, I’d vote for charles manson or jeffrey dahmer versus hitlerly. Difference? At least the first two have been convicted of their crimes.

        • Those Bernie Sanders supporters are fighting for the principal of their vote counting. That is as American as it can get. The idea that its ok to suppress the voice of those I disagree with violates the very core of being an American.

          A 7th grade teacher getting damn close to 50 years ago started class with a quote every day. One of those quotes stuck with me.

          “Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”.

          The Democrats are subverting the very concept of Americanism and the Republicans attempted to do so. Its flat out wrong.

      16. Excuse my type o, but I am in too much if a hurry when I type to give a rats ass. Read between the lines


        • And i thought it was just you using voice command while driving and listening to metallica,,,,,
          Just kidding

          • Kula, you rock…?

      17. The people can vote all they want. It doesn’t matter for the citizens of this once great country. The special interest groups, super pac.’s that “bribe” the candidates are bought and paid for……….so who are they representing???? Neither you or me!!!!!

      18. babyboomers!

      19. What blows my mind is that people support hillary,,,, i get why they like Bernie, but come on WTF is the deal with supporting clinton?
        I have a few people real close to me who would support clinton over trump, i sent them a few of the pieces on her wanting to do an all out assault weapons ban, let them know that thats all I have and that if it happens anyone coming for them will die right along side me and that they better be ok with that because thats what they voted for, they dont get it, think im just overreacting, wonder why i would put metallic objects before them…….
        Get used to it, its why bugging out may well be a self preserving singular act so i can sit back and watch through my spotting scope while these people get their wakeup call

        • Kulafarmer

          “What blows my mind is that people support hillary,,,, i get why they like Bernie, but come on WTF is the deal with supporting clinton?”

          I’m with ya.

          The few that I talked to that are pro Hillary absolutely ignore her track record. NAFTA and China Free Trade, “Oh that was Bill”. But Hillary supports it I say. “Bush, Bush, Bush” is the reply. Hillary took $21 million in speaking fees from the Financial Sector. “She is a good speaker”. What about Glass-Steagall that Bill gutted that facilitated the 2008 crash? “Thats been fixed”.

          Utter denial like the alcoholic that drinks a 5th a day yet justifies it.

          The above conversation took place with a retired Massachusetts gym teacher that made $100,000 K / yr and I think said (I was so mesmerized by the illogical insanity coming from his mouth that I might be wrong with this part) that was receiving 80% of his pay in pension.

          • Mhmmm,
            My contact so far has been an attourney, retired attourney, school teachers nurses, realtors, plural on these because there were a few, there are others that i wouldnt have expected any different from,
            You would think educated people would be able to objectively weigh the information available, instead it appears they are more willing to dismiss it as mud slinging and conspiracy theory,
            Hence my view, that when it happens and she goes for confiscation as she has stated more than once these people better be ok with bullets flying and shit getting destroyed because i and many others have no intention of rolling over, like ive said, i aint living forever, my health isnt perfect so let it burn baby

      20. Very creepy! This reminds me of the movie, The Island of Dr. Moreau.

        In Search for Cures, Scientists Create Embryos that are Part Animal and Part Human

        “A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal.

        The researchers hope these embryos, known as chimeras, could eventually help save the lives of people with a wide range of diseases.”

        ht tp://

          • KY Mom: ant nothing new there…Africans began doing same mix aprox 3000-4000 years ago and look at the royal mess we contend with today!

            Human dna+ baboon or chimp or ape dna= Savage blacks.

            That act most often more like a 100% animal ape or baboon than the real ones does.

            • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Too funny Them Guys!!

          • KY Mom:

            This is Pandora’s box.

            Thanks for the link.

        • Saving lives. Same rational the Nazis used, or Japanese Unit 731.

          There is something on bioethicist called “the wisdom of repugnance” (guess that applies to the Kardashians, too, doesn’t it!). This, mes amis, is REPUGNANT.

          Reminds me of CS Lewis’ That Hideous Strength, with out of control scientists who end up, unawares, being controlled by satanic forces.

          Soren Kierkegaard had it right: “In the end, all corruption will come about as a consequence of the natural sciences.”

        • KY Mom,

          thanks as always for your informative posts

        • Likely these Chimeras will simply become a bridge to humans for thousands of diseases that currently only infect animals.

          • Plan:

            Important point.

        • Yes Mom–very, very creepy.

          My poor grandchildren. 🙁

      21. americans have lost their collective MINDS. watch “idiocracy”, the documentary. and then the sequel, “amerigeddon”….and BTW….”peaceful protesters exercising their rights.”i’m god-damned sick and tired of seeing LAW-breakers at protests that aren’t being arrested and prosecuted!….PEACEful protesting is a RIGHT, but not when it violates MY rights, or others!(like blocking me from going my way, or destroying property)

      22. Hi folks:

        I fully expect a false flag attack around convention time, either a cyber attack on the banks or the grid or both. I also opine that the current disaster with too few TSA agents and multihour long waits are a beta test for martial law. The Feds are very deliberately doing this to see where the riot points begin. I now pay about no attention to the kibuki theater that the pres race has become and focussing my attention on our farm.

        • Attack on the damocraps and they blame it on Trump supporters

      23. BTW, saw an interesting movie last night “10 cloverfield lane”….if you are HERE, you would probably enjoy it, and may learn something.

        • 10 Cloverfield
          great movie

          plenty of unexpected surprises
          will keep you guessing

      24. Military orders 177,000 Level 4 ballistic plates.

        Body Armor. It does the body Good.

        • Thats enough to deploy two Army combat divisions plus their support.

          Bet # 1. Syria

          Bet # 2. Home

        • 300RUM with a 210g berger goes right through a 5/8″ plate at 675m what the hell good will a ceramic plate be?

          • just because those plates won’t do any good at YOUR place doesn’t mean they won’t work HERE….plates are a force multiplier, and when the shooting starts, they will be PRICELESS!….maybe even MORE expensive….i’ll take my chances WITH my plates….y’all might want to think up reasons why they will SAVE your life, before saying they are worthless….i can think up hundreds of scenarios where armor may save my life…it boggles my mind how so few “preppers” DON’T have vests/armor….get it while it’s still legal to own, and right now it’s CHEAP.

            • Ohhhh im equipped allright, was just sayin,

              • those that didn’t get the plates or even level 3a vests will die to regret it…..i was gonna say LIVE to regret it,….but die just had a nice ring to it…..tic tok!

      25. People quickly adopt the “free stuff” as their “its their right to stuff” and they will fight for it…

      26. From what I remember about the 1968 riots in Shitcago it was the Commies and groups like the Weathermen and the SDS that started everything. Now these people are the professors at college. Like black lives matter, and the socialist groups out there, EBT crowd, Zombies and Leaches. Same groups different names and date.

        The late 60’s and early 70’s was a tuff times. If I was to compare them I would say it is worse today. Reason? The groups are more violent, and fed a line of crap that it is someone else that is to take care of you and give you what you want and need.

        You can bet that there will be blood on the streets.


        • These are some of the reasons i live where i live. There wont be any rioting, not on this little rock, and if by the farr off chance there is, it wont be anywhere near my AO, My biggest problem will be collectivist lefties if and when the stores are empty, i have some special caster bean soop for them, smells mmmm mmmmm good

      27. I want them to riot! I want those shitbags to show their true colors! Go ahead! Riot and rampage, light Philly up!

        By doing this, they will lose popular support from the people. We already know what they are. It needs to be shown publicly and with every single dirty detail and picture.

        • true, true.

      28. Might I suggest non-violence is the way forward. We need to educate and inform first and foremost.

        In sum, leftist ideas SUCK. They are ignorant, ignore human nature and nature’s God, are intellectually incoherent and puerile. That is why the must forcefully take over the media, entertainment and education spheres. Our job is to get involved and peacefully take it back. A lot of you are ex-leftists for the very reason I note above. We need to try to wake up others – there ARE some out there among the sheeple that will respond. I know it’s not all, but it certainly is goodly minority. Our job is to find them! Time to get crackin’

        And yes, I am aware some of you are obscurantists and nihilists who want everything to implode so things can be rebuilt. What you miss is that untold millions will suffer in your implosion, and we may well end up with 100 years of the USSR and its evil. Recall that the Bolsheviks only had maybe 18% support or so. But their reign of terror destroyed a nation for 75 years or so.

        • Good luck with that

          • It’s not luck. It’s hard work, faith in the rightness of our cause, and faith in a God who oversees history.

            Would that some of the posters here do half as much work in this manner than just whining. Some are. Some are not. Don’t be the latter.

            In the Revolutionary War, perhaps 10 or 20% actively supported the cause. There were multiple times that were as black as today.

            Sorry, I’m not an nihilist or pessimist.

        • Test.
          Educate and inform?
          Hard to remember that your initial intent was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in alligators.

          Besides the nation is screwed.

          • Thankfully, in the darkest days of the war, George Washington didn’t think that. Or Jimmy Doolittle. Or the pilots in the RAF in the Battle of Britain.

            Yes, the nation is screwed. I am working to unscrew it. Too bad that all I am met with is cynicism, obscurantism and a “let it burn” attitude (same attitude people had in 1917 in Russia… worked reeeeally well, didn’t that).

            Worst of all, natural allies like many here are just making it worse. Let it burn you say? Anything is better than this? As noted above, that was 1918 USSR. That was Venezuela a few years ago. That was Zimbabwe in the 1990s.

            The attitude of many on this site is one of despair, nihilism, and obscurantism. And if the worst happens, many in your impregnable BOLs may well find out your site is no more impregnable than Corregidors was. Meanwhile, millions of very elderly, babies and pre-teens, mentally retarded will suffer, and suffer greatly, due to your cynicism.

            Sorry, don’t buy it. In fact, I am disgusted by that attitude. I thought it was only the vile left that thought human life was expendable. Apparently I am wrong.

            Enough posting for today. When the forces that should be fighting for human dignity and freedom become indistinguishable from the fascist left, the communists, and others of that type, I think I need to excuse myself and go vomit. I’m sorry people have no courage, no “pluckiness,” nothing that shows their are the heirs of the pilots in Jimmy Doolittle’s squadron, that marched under George Washington in his Christmas Day attack during the bleak days of the Revolutionary War when every battle seemed a loss, etc.

            For me, as John Paul Jones said during a downturn in his fortunes, “I have not yet begun to fight.” A lot of you here do exactly what the fascist left wants – give up before a figurative shot is fired. Great. You play right into the hands of the forces of anti-liberty. No matter. The remainder of us will continue apace.

            • TEST –

              If the Ballot Box isn’t working … what is it going to take for it to work?

              I’m all for peaceful resolutions … but with these kinds of people in power at this current stage in our lives, it does not appear to be applicable.

              Don’t confuse Pessimism and Realities we all face.

              Reality always wins over wishful thinking.

              • The reality is that their ideas SUCK. And, as the USSR showed, long or short, ideas that SUCK die of their own internal shortcomings.

                We need to expedite that process. I do not underestimate the realities we face at all. That is why I frequent this site, trying to inform and educate

            • Test.

              “Keep on Truckin”. I will keep a close eye on Trumpster to see how he pans out. Might vote for Hillary to get the ball rolling. All and all I don’t care anymore. Done my time and do not need the B.S. about the elderly, babies and special ed. children. The world has been full of them for many years and I no spring chicken myself. So do what you have to do and pick up the pace. Time is short.

      29. 2 songs to name I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse and they mixed up right in the kitchen sink and all she wants to do is dance Dance what is a good mix for a cocktail diesel kerosene gas styr

      30. Celerity… “McGovern was the popular choice, but he was a communist”, popular choice? He only won one state, that being Massachusetts. A communist? He was anti Vietnam war. That election was another controlled by Tricky Dick and the media. You see what Nixon was responsible for, Nixon lead to never elected Ford, the JFK coverup liar. All downhill since then. Prior to that LBJ, also in on the JFK demise, who had more to gain from that event? The truth is that Joe Kennedy Jr. was also killed by the establishment in 1944. McGovern was an honest man, those never win anymore.

        • You left out a key player, David Rockefeller. HE controlled the election, and placed Henry Kissinger in Nixon’s administration. From there they began the withdrawal from Vietnam…”Peace with Honor”. The wind down took 4 years, with Henry the “K” as the lead negotiator with the north Vietnamese… The MIC got their money and America got 58,000 dead military service personnel. Untold thousands were wounded, physically, mentally and spiritually. The people were worn out from years of war, ALL orchestrated by TPTB and what was to follow is what we have witnessed for the past 43 years.

      31. Strange that some replies to earlier posted comments appear at the bottom while others do follow the the intended post replied to.

        • aljamo, agree, it’s tough to have a continuous conversation.

      32. And the problem is? Not seeing why this is an issue -that is with them kill each other. Their logic has become so perverse they are now after their own party.

      33. Ain’t it hell to be bit in the arse with your own rabble rousing?

      34. Soon enough it will be clear to all Americans who the party of intolerance and violence is. All of their rhetoric about conservatives, patriots, and tea party republicans is about to be exposed as mere projection. Talk about a need to unify……It should be an interesting watching the DNC implode this summer.

      35. The fact is Americans are just happy to have their piddly paycheck so they can get their liquor and dope to be numb another day. They care more about kadashians ass than their futures and their kids. Msm does a great job of keeping people dumb and happy no matter what is going on elsewhere. Shows like the voice is one. Facebook is another people are always trying to out do each other. the brainswaggling campaign is working like a charm.

      36. Don’t want to go back to 68 riots. Unless its at a Trump get together!

      37. But the riots at the 68 convention was over the handling of the Vietnam War if I remember correctly and during this time also young people wanted the right to vote.

        Might be wrong about the time frame. You could go to Vietnam, kill or be killed but you could not vote and the age to vote was lowered to 18.

        The violence centered on two things: the Chicago police forcing protesters out of areas where they were not permitted to be; and protesters clashing with police, and their reinforcements, as they tried to march to the convention site.–cnn

        check this site

        This is different, it is the destruction of America as we know it. The death of personal freedom, rights…

      38. Are they not the Bernie Supporters that end up being ID’d for the violence?
        I think so.

      39. Most of the Known Dem party Riots Suspooks has always been the majoirty african votes.

      40. Why are some posters in red?

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