Decorated Combat Veteran Arrested In New York: Charged With 5 Felonies For Possession of AR Magazines

by | Jan 31, 2013 | Headline News | 515 comments

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    Army Vet Nathan HaddadIn the latest attack on the American people, a decorated War Hero has been arrested and charged with five counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, for having empty 30 round AR-15 Magazines in his vehicle.

    On Sunday January 6th Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.

    According to Haddad’s brother, Michael Haddad, Nathan thought these magazines were legally made before the New York Assault Weapons Ban. When Nathan Haddad was arrested the new ban had not even been fully enacted yet.

    This is not a criminal, this is not some thug looking to hurt people; this is a decorated combat veteran who was recently honored by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers and the Union League’s Armed Services Council for helping disabled vets get back on their feet. What’s happening to Army veteran Nate Haddad is an absolute attack on liberty. Here we have a man who honorably served his country, who was trusted with weaponry that far exceeded anything he was carrying, that now finds himself facing the possibility of spending years in prison.

    Still think these gun control laws are meant to stop criminals?

    Nathan Haddad’s brother has set up a legal defense fund for his brother who cannot afford to fight these charges on his own. We ask that you share this story with everyone you know so that this attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law abiding citizen in America.


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      1. when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check.

        I’m sorry, what? Violation of the Constitution in the first place. He should sue for mega millions.

        • Indeed, what exactly is a “random vehicle check”?

          This deputy, his supervisor, and everyone else that attempts to try Sgt Haddad must be held accountable for their betrayal of a fellow oathtaker.

          • He needs David Gregory’s lawyer.

            • He needs Stewart Rhodes as his attorney.

              The founder of Oathkeepers.

              • Has anyone here verified this story?

                • This is true according to snopes. Doesn’t change the fact the magazines were empty, no weapon to use the magazine was present and he is a veteran that likely carried these same magazines or similar for our country. There is law, and then there is common sense. In law enforcement it is called ” discretion “. I hope there is more to this encounter than what is being reported because otherwise the officers are abusing their authority. I believe New York is violating their citizens Second Ammendment Rights with their Machiavellian gun laws but no matter how they try to justify this, merely arresting someone for an empty magazine used by “Our Military” and who is a member of ” Our Military ” or veteran of same is stupid. As a peace officer I am embarrassed for my profession if that is all there is to it. New York I believe you are in REAL danger.

                  • Yes this is New York. They call themselves the Empire of New York and have told me that they do not have to follow the constitution. I beat the court deal but found out just how far an out of control police department, SA, and Judicial system is. I witnessed several violations of constitutional rights, an inmate near beat to death because the officers thought he was an illegal who could not speak english, until I told them he was deaf and was trying to sign to them. New York is a danger to its citizens but I doubt anyone has the guts to do what is necessary to stop this.

                  • Hey brother, I would not relly on Snopes for your fact check needs. I know that sometimes irt is difficult to tell fact from fiction on the internet, but there are other sources around to sheck facts. Snopes is owned by George Soros one of the same who is pulling Obamas strings and influences the liberal mainstream media, So unless you give CNN or MSNBC any real reporting “Credit” well snoops is right there with them, they’ll tell you just what they want you to know, half truths, and sometimes lies.

                  • But now the idiots are making exemptions for tv and movie makers since the “prop” guns fire blanks. Same guns same mags different about hypocrisy

              • The “best before date” is coming due on that oath.

              • The Same Stewart Rhodes that turned his back on fellow co founder Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot?

                >>Prediction = Stewart Rhodes continues to collect OK dues & does nothing more.

                • That was my thought too! I’m sure there are good constitutional lawyers out there that really will have the best interest of this decorated Veteran in their forethought INSTEAD OF promoting an org.

                  Interesting, we as a people have been conditioned to not do our own works but to point fingers at an org and hope they fix it for us….that way we can feel like we did something but in reality we did nothing at all.

                  • Twana,
                    I havent heard from you in a long time. (PFA)

                    I left O.K. after they had someone vetting me for a leadership position who claimed to be a combat wounded vet, but we had him vetted and found out he had never even graduated basic. I contacted O.K. about it and they kept him onboard as a regional leader. I cant be a part of an org that keeps liars onboard.

              • I guess the ( some? ) Jefferson county sherrifs dept aren’t oathkeepers. What goes around comes around. I bet alot of hitlers guys wish they could go back and change some things. They still hunt those guys down to this day. Some people may want to think about that.

          • Sounds like racial profiling of a white guy!

            • This is what obama will have set up at every states border, He wants to take your gun rights away and keep his, but the normal american now is a SHEEP and is afraid to speak up, because obama will have them arrested or killed…There will be a Civil War where the real americans will rise up and kill obama if he doesn`t RUN BACK TO KENYA FIRST..CIVIL WAR is the last thing i want to see in america, but it is going to happen and obama will be the cause of it…

              • a civil war started by yankees once again.

              • It was destined to happen whether obummer was here or not, the atmosphere is intensified is all.

                • I disagree. If their was more jobs, less inflation, job opportunities,, just maybe we would not be where we are now. More idol people and lack of monies will cause people to do things, they would of never thought twice about doing before. This recession has been in play for 6 years.

                  • The uprisings in the middle east like Egypt, happened because of lack of food and jobs. Before the network news got ahold of it and spun it to political stories,the people talked about the need for a future, jobs to support families and hunger.
                    The elite are using a cookie cutter pattern that has worked before in other countries and now they are using it here to destabilize and then inflame the people.

          • jefferson county ny lies on the canadian border, is home to fort drum. sadly random checks are all too common place there; increasing over the years. ya know for illegal immigration, drug smuggling and of course terrorism… certainly doesn’t justify anything, just a point of fact.

            • Yeah. Because us Canadians can’t wait to get into your fucked up country illegally.

              • Seriously dude, “fucked up country”. Check yourself neighbor, you exist because we allow it. WE should have annexed your dumb asses 200 years ago. Canadians are like the crazy relative who lives in the attic, pretty harmelss and detached from reality, eh!

                • wow we exist because you allow it, O thank you for allowing it you uneducated sub human life form.Since reading and learning about history is not one of your strong points, obviously, I will enlightly you.

                  So first off we have been a country since 1867 that is 146 years,Canada would not exist had the American invasion of 1812-15 been successful, history fact we kicked your ass out.
                  Secondly We like to keep crazy relative in the attic,it is alot better than letting them run the streets shooting up schools…. you have been owned bitch…

                  • Check yourself with your facts. The ’48ers were a bunch of Socialists that were kicked out of this country because of what their name states. It was a bunch of heathens straight from France trying to enact Socialism here in this country. I believe that same time frame of 1867 would be accurate. 😉 However, both of you better check yourselves with the Nationalism chatter. Doesn’t matter what legal country you live in, the banter seems to have created division and that’s exactly what the “system” is set up to do. It creates division, the contract corporations set up control, and further “laws” are enacted for your “safety”. Think about it with more than ego. 😉

                  • The funniest part of this whole thing is you dumbasses are arguing on a website. Acting all big and badassed yet would probably piss yourselves in a fight.

                  • Before we get into a pissing contest with our neighbor to the north, if one moment was allowed for honesty and we removed that “no one talks bad about America except for Americans,” the truth of the matter is America is now being run by a man who was and is NOT ALLOWED TO EVER RUN FOR PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE, much less be elected, due to Constitutional guideliness and is totally fucking this country up — what Bush didn’t accomplish, Obama is — I love America, I love the beauty of the land, I love what it stands for; HOWEVER, the true concept of America has been corrupted by the Fed, by the interference in world matters, by the secret bullshit societies that greed and corruption bring, and by the destruction of our Constitution and I cannot blame one single person in this world for critizing us right at this moment because of the crap that is going on and what we are allowing to happen.

                  • Come on guys these are stupid arguments …

                    As an American we appreciate our neighbors to the north especially those who are freedom lovers like us.

                    We respect your sovernty you respect ours, everyone is happy.

                    This agenda 21 is the real enemy

                • Increase our value wake up you ass you guys are in a hole so deep miners could not find you. Your country is in dept to the tune of almost 17 trillion and rising.

                  The debt held by the public was approximately $11.577 trillion or about 73% of GDP. Intra-governmental holdings stood at $4.855 trillion, giving a combined total public debt of $16.432 trillion. As of July 2012, $5.3 trillion or approximately 48% of the debt held by the public was owned by foreign investors, the largest of which were China and Japan at just over $1.1 trillion each.
                  Our deficit is 8.9 billion apparently you were left behind in the educational system and the facts elude you.

              • Ron,

                I was born in America and have lived here my whole life and I can’t disagree with your description of America. What is unfortunate is your country still has a large British (royal family) influence, thus making your country “no prize”, as well. Perhaps we should band together and both shake off the shackles of tyranny. Just a thought!!

                • So do we have a large influence here, SD. It’s unfortunate that our “Just Us” system is based on Common Law enacted by the King of England. Maybe it’s the Admiralty Law that is based out of England? This whole continent is under rule of an old monarchy that simply needs to be purged. We’re no different from Canada in the aspect that we NEVER came out from under British rule despite what the history books teach us. Search out some stuff by “The Informer” or James Montgomery here on the internet. They’ll give you the low down on how low down the apparent victors will stoop for lies. That includes our history books replaced in the 1950’s to hide the truth. Side note: I was watching a flick last night that dated the Phoenician Empire to 1200 B.C. You know? The ones that started our alphabet? That group of traders is dated back to 6000 B.C.! Also, go read up on the Treaty of 1213. Turns out the Magna Carta was null and void under international law because it was under circumstances of duress and threat of death. No go in the legal world. Anyway, I’ve ranted enough. Good luck. 🙂

                  • I’ve read history books published before the Civil War. You don’t know what you are talking about.

                • The queen is still the head of Canada’s military and New Zealand’s and Australia’s. It is interesting to see how far she still reaches. I keep saying that maybe except for one small moment in time, America never broke free of England’s yoke. Identical things that happen in England (like cameras on every corner and the stripping of their liberties) occur in America within a few months to a few years here.

              • uhmmm, i believe it’s “WE” Canadians. But us get your point.

              • Go screw yourself Cannuck Fucktard

              • Don’t get upset brother. They are conditioned by the media to hate Canadians.
                Hey Americans who hate Canada. If your not a veteran, shut your fucking mouth. Plenty of soldiers and special forces from Canada bled and died in Afghanistan fighting OUR war right along the side of us and the British.
                And Canada does have it better. At least their cities haven’t been taken over by minority gang members.

                • We don’t need division. Obama and his agenda is to bring division in order to make us ALL his refuse. Stop the hate talk. We will need each other in the coming days.

              • PISS OFF RON!

              • If its a “fucked up” country, why even bother coming over here??!!!

            • I often deliver in Ft Drum those sherrif’s are reall ball busters and I haul strictly specialised Gov freight.

              • I was stationed at ft drum and the law enforcement there has a profound hatred for soldiers dont ask me why but I have seen it first hand

            • …”ya know for illegal immigration, drug smuggling and of course terrorism”…

              Since most of those problems originate from DC it seems we should be moving those checkpoints farther South.

          • the mans last name might be part of the problem, but spot checks is illegal also. SUE THE CITY OF NEW YORK for 100,000,000 for infringment on your second amendment rights…

            • VICTOR,they want a fight,thats what all this is about,the sheriff and all his people believe they will win the fight ,and then they can come and rape your wives and daughters anytime they want,SLAVERY is what they have planned for america,OF course we know what their really going to get is their bus ticket to hell punched,and they would rather be dead then abid by their OATH TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION,soon they’er going to get what they really want,this was a clear act of “TREASON” BY THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT and they know it,ITS TIME TO START ARRESTING TRAITORS……………..

              • @ Arizona your such a fool. You really think that? You must be one of those Obama Drones, brainwashed….

          • Its a violation of the 4th Amendment just before he was violated on his 2nd Amendment rights

          • Sorry to jack your thread. Does anybody know how TxRNGR?

            Possible his e-mail?


          • “…was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.”

            Well, that’s one NY county Sheriffs office that went anti-constitutional, and went against the law of the land. Keep that in mind as we go forward. And I would think the constitution is the one thing that should bring us all together, black, white, latino, whatever. God bless.

            • It is against NY state law.

        • It could simply be the wording of the author who didn’t want to include why the man was pulled over. Which in my book is obvious propaganda.

          Lets say he was swerving because he was high on something, that takes too much focus off the point of his arrest; being that he was taken in because of AR Magazines, but left out other charges.

          Getting pulled over for a legitimate reason and then searched is not as glamorous of a story as a random vehicle search for no reason.

          I could be wrong, maybe it really was a unconstitutional vehicle search that will certainly get a certain police department in big trouble with possibly millions in fines and lawsuits. I do hope our police force isn’t that incompetent though.

          • GregorKlusar,

            I was raised in the Socialist Republic of New York City and I can attest to the existence of random police checkpoints within the city. One day it’s there, the next day it’s gone.

            New Yorkers sheepishly believe that the checkpoints are there for their safety to catch criminals and drug dealers. They have no idea how pathetically conditioned they are. They have been conditioned to love their servitude and not question it.

            No matter how onerous the tyranny becomes, New Yorkers will never rise up against their “masters” which is why they have lost their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

            As the saying goes, “If you don’t know what your rights are, you don’t have any!”

            New York should just go all the way and demand people entering or leaving the state obtain a visa, show a passport, and clear customs just to make it official. That was not meant to be sarcastic.

            • Yeah same thing in cali get random checked all the time, that means searching the vehicle for contraband due to “probable cause” then when they dont find anything U can leave, guess this guy is lucky theres no such thing in his area i would like to see what he thinks when it happens to him

              • jg,

                As the saying goes, “It will continue until it can no longer continue.”

                This is not a problem that will be solved at the voting booth, writing letters, or by moving. It is a naked and wanton attack upon civil liberties that is spreading, and only when enough people refuse to be searched and frisked by police will it end.

                Unfortunately the public conditioning is such that this is unlikely to occur at least in a gulag like NY.

                Most New Yorkers I’ve discussed the issue with don’t have a problem with it. They accept it as the cost of doing business to live in New York. The mere mention of opposing New York City police labels you as a malcontent and potential terrorist.

            • Having never lived in a city, I can only take your word for it.

              • GregorKlusar,

                You’re not missing anything. I’ll never live in a city every again.

              • you sir need to get out more to see what the real world is all about, it is not the green pastures and unspoiled land that you may think it is!

                • This is a prepper website, no one here thinks that, Loup Garou.

                  • werewolf is loup garou

            • YH, Yep check points are a fact of life here in NYS. This isn’t even the new norm, rather the old norm. The big ones are inspection or tire checks. All under the guise of public safety. These were originally money grabs that are now being used to back the current agenda. Clay

              • Claymation,

                Only in China have I seen it this bad. It’s in-your-face Communism training pure and simple. It goes to show that when the SHTF, except for the person staring back in the mirror, you will not know who to trust. Most police are mercenaries in the making, and will obey who ever pays their paycheck. Dammit I’ve never seen it this bad here.

              • A while back the LORD gave me a vision,I was standing on a very narrow streach of black dirty beach by the ocean,as I looked around ,the whole country near the beach was nothing but small pieces of rubble,as far as you could see in any direction,I asked the lord what I was looking at,there was nothing left to see the land was flatened of everything,HE SAID IT WAS NEW YORK CITY,after four nuclear missiles,had hit it,IF YOU LIVE in NYC,you might want to move right away……….this will happen soon………….

                • not saying more but I had heard a few other prophecies in the way distant past regarding the same think you are talking abou and wondered the truth of it — whether it was just fashioned after the Sodom and Gomorrah thing (like people are always saying about Vegas) or a thing all its own.

                • Hey Arizona, the next time you take a nap, ask him if he could direct a few towards DC and Tel Aviv.


                  • Why Tel Aviv? We appreciate those people.

            • You could almost say that these types of cities are just testing sites to see if people are willing to accept changes that TPTB are going to try to enact country-wide…

              • I don`t advacate killing an obama thug, but it will come to that soon, and eventually someone will go after obama himself. It is going to take a Civil War to break this cycle of citizen abuse by obama.

              • ItsComing,

                If the lightening speed with which NY Governor Cuomo signed the new gun ban law into effect is any indication, I’d say that’s exactly what the TPTB are doing. Very much like the 2,000+ page “Patriot Act” that was ready to be signed only days after 9/11.

                You wouldn’t see the bastards try that stunt in Texas or Wyoming. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the legislation appears to have been pre-prepared and ready to go, just waiting for the right moment to be implemented

                • YH you never let a good false flag event go to waste after you spent all that money to make it happen………..

                  • Can’t argue with that Arizona.

                • Hard to believe that they can come up with that many pages in so short a time — HOWEVER, I do believe that they have it ready to go beforehand and create the incident to do it.

            • yh- i pray you’re not right as windows and doors are closing for escape from ny. my roots are deep in ny’s soil, but the politics are becoming so unbearable, yet not nearly so much as the silence…..

              if chuckie schumer has his way we’ll have just that right here in the belly of the empire state

              chukcie was also the mastermind of the enhanced driver license , ny’s alternative to a national id. also a key player in ny’s “gun safety” law.

              • veggimama,

                The conditions in NY were unbearable 26 years ago when I left, I cannot imagine what living there must be like today. I still have family there so I visit from time to time, but even a short visit is very difficult for me.

                Between the wholly unconstitutional “no warrant” stop & frisks on the sidewalks and the “random” vehicle checkpoints like they had in East Germany before the reunification, I say in the absence of a political remedy, vote with your feet and take your tax dollars elsewhere as Californians have learned to do.

                Leave the socialism loving NY rabble to wallow in their own filth, and let them figure out how to make bricks without straw as the saying goes.

          • GregorKlusar, You may have got some red thumbs, but I’m with you. Something smells fishy in this story. If this whole story is true, I believe this will be a great case for some Gun Rights Groups to jump right on. But I would bet there are other circumstances involved in this case. He may have been stop at one of these so called “Sobriety Checkpoints” Which is about as close as you can get to a police state. But this stuff about a random stop, and being arrested for having 30 round mags. just don’t fly. And we sure don’t need lies to whip us into a frenzy, there’s enough unconstitutional issues to be upset about. I could be wrong, but I doubt it> I’ll take some red thumbs on this story. Trekker Out. Honor Few and Fear None!

            • if he’s still active duty his case will be turned over to the army is how i understand things work.

              • VEGGIMAMA
                I am sorry to inform you of this but the man has done nothing he can be tried for under the U C M J. 9 UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE) NEW YORK WILL HAVE THE TRIAL AND THE CONVICTION AND THE SENTENCING ALL TO ITS OWN WHIMS. IF CONVICTED AND SENTENCED HE WILL AT BEST RECEIVE A bad conduct discharge and forfiture of all [pay and allowances ) I do not know neW york law and can not comment on the charges as I have not been briefed on the case but it seems on the surface to violate the 4th and 2nd ammendment. I would have to research the entire issue further to say for sure but it does look bad on the inital view .

          • I was a Police Officer for several years (one of the good ones, that’s why I got out). Lets say I stopped someone for say, a bad tail light, and I walked up to the vehicle and saw a plastic baggy of pot sticking out from under the seat. If I arrested the driver for the pot and did not write a ticket for the tail light the case would get tossed because there was nothing showing I had probable cause to stop them in the first place. It’s what’s called “fruits of a poisonous tree”, yes that is or was 20 years ago a legal term.

          • You might want to try to re-read the article – SLOWLY. That is, if you actually read it the first time.

            • I read it again…slooowly. What’s your point? Any arrest for doing what’s constitutional is an outrage! If it’s phoney what would the purpose be? New York’s new law is unlawful but the majority of the residents in NY are ok with it. Otherwise they would stand with Mr. Haddad and fix it. Even the sheriff thinks it is lawful. NY needs some new sheriffs. They could overrule the governor.

              • The majority of NYers are NOT ok with the new gun laws. I don’t know where you are getting your info but you are dead wrong. There was just a big rally at Albany with many more to come.

              • That comment about the majority of NY’ers agreeing could not be farther from the a Central Ny’er, I can tell you we are fed up with government here. The problem here is their are not enough of us in this part of the state, to out vote NYC. It is very disheartening to know every time I vote for a state wide or country wide election my vote doesnt really matter. Where I live we are gun owners and will band together to keep our guns!!

                • fedupNY’er said: “I can tell you we are fed up with government here. The problem here is their are not enough of us in this part of the state, to out vote NYC.”

                  You don’t have to continue just being fed up. Mao Tse Tung was right about one thing: all government does indeed proceed from the barrel of a gun. Keep in mind that the other side doesn’t have guns and relies on costumed and badged thugs to impose their will on the rest of you.

                  I keep hearing talk of the courts or the sheriffs or “good cops”… people, the tyrants and oath traitors have already made their move. They’re not going to allow you an out. You don’t have the influence in Albany to overturn this. You don’t collectively have the money to bribe your representatives [sic]. What you do have, however, is guns… for such a time as this.

                  Get ready. Got militia?

          • Are you really this clueless, or do you just play this part to mess with people’s heads?

        • Good plan. Take productive members of society, trump up charges, lock them up, pay to house them. If he goes to prison, I hope he files endless lawsuits and further bankrupts NY.

          • If he goes to prison? Easy for all of us to say I guess because we’re not in his shoes. I hope there are some patriots willing to fight back (yes, fight, no longer with words but with liberty’s teeth) and get this guy out before he goes to prison. The sheriff’s department has already shown itself to be in opposition to the Constitution and, thus, to We the People as well. What will it take? Shall we wait until we are disarmed and huddled in FEMA camps?

        • First of all….randomly being pulled over for vehicle check is unconstitutional and unlawful. Second of all the gun regulation is unconstitutional and unlawful. Doesn’t matter when it was enacted and lastly…I guess that POS Sheriff in Jefferson County is not with the constitutional sheriffs across much of the rest of Amerika.

          • Don’t count on there being a lot of “constitutional” sheriffs in the USSA. If they took fed dollars in the past, they are bought and paid for already, and will do as they are told.

          • Yes, but it is done thousands of times a day. When I was in college in the ’80’s, I worked 2nd shift after school. I also drove a hot-rodded Chevy Z-28. I would get pulled over at least 4-5 times a month after work because I was being profiled. Young guy, loud car, driving around at midnight, must be doing something illegal. The would stop me, shine their light in my face, look in my car and then let me go. This wasn’t in the city either, this was seacoast NH!!

        • There is no such thing as a random vehicle check. The police may tell you this but then they are allowed to lie to you to illicit information and cooperation and they use this tactic against the average citiizen. I think this is wrong but the courts say otherwise. Your ignorance of the law is what the police are hoping for so that they can go “fishing” on your person, in your car, and even in your home. Don’t let them! It can only happen if you don’t know your rights. So know your rights. The fourth amendment allows you to be secure in your person, home, office, and car. The fifth amendment prevents the police from forcing you to incriminate yourself-keep your mouth shut! The police can’t search you without a warrant or your permission. Rule #1: always be polite to the police but always insist upon your rights. Rule#2: NEVER ever give your permission for a search without a warrant. The trick they use is guilt; they’ll say “well if you’ve nothing to hide why not let us look around/search”? Just say no, insist that your rights be respected. If you do and they find something, you’re cooked because you gave your permission. What ever they find can be used against uou in a court of law. If they proceed without your permission, then anything they find is called ‘the fruit of the posionous tree’ because it was found through an illegal search and will be thrown out in court. Rule#3: Always keep your mouth closed about your personal affairs-period. Rule#4: Get a good criminal attorney and have his/her number on hand. Now none of this applies if you’re dumb enough to have stuff out in the open like an unlicensed gun sticking out of your belt or a big bale of a grren-leafy substance in the backseat of your car. This is called ‘plain view’ and the cops don’t need a warrant or your permission because you willfully put it on public display for anyone to see and the courts have upheld this view. Be smart, put things where people can’t see them-period. If the police ever come to your door to talk to you you are not obligated to talk to them or to even open the door. If you are foolish enought to open the door and they see something, plain view comes into play and you’re in trouble. And never, ever, invite them into your home for the same reason. If they don’t have a warrant when they show up at your door, they’re fishing and hope that you will be the ‘catch of the day’. If you’re ever in custody, you’re a suspect-period. Always ask for an attorney and say nothing other than when can you leave and when can you call your attorney over and over again until you’re released. Then call your attorney immediately upon release. Know your rights and insist that they be respected. Ignorance is dangerous, even deadly.

          • Gregory, thanks for the info and reminder. Been sharing this is info for quite a while and have applied it when driving, it works.

            • Make sure to keep ur car clean, it helps. They walk around ur car, look in the windows, to look for “anything” incriminating, drugs, shell casings, whatever. Keep it Clean; Deny them any reason. And say NO.

          • Gregory8; Yeah, I learned that a long time ago, keep your mouth shut. As a teenager, a few centuries back, I was pulled over in my covered wagon when the sheriff stopped me and said, “son, do you know how fast you were going?”. I replied “yes I was going about 35” (in a 30) and so he said “well, then that’s what I’ll write the ticket for”. Now this was before radar (there was a time) and since he hadn’t been following me and I merely “looked” like I was going too fast, but I CONFESSED to 35, therefore I was guilty of going 35. STFU! Smile, be courteous and as G8 said stand by your rights and STFU! Just stand there calmly and courteously and keep smiling and don’t raise your voice. Take a deeeepp breath (wooosah, wooosah)and stay relaxed and calm. Make sure you stay in the frame of the vc and speak clearly and distinctly for recorded posterity. If they violate protocol and law the video is your friend. Even if they decide to arrest you for some perceived infraction, LET IT GO, don’t fight it, it will be waaaayy cheaper in the long run. Be cooperative, but not a Chatty Cathy, and remember anything you say after they have arrested you can and will be used against you. There are NO CASUAL conversations after you have been arrested. Let the lawyers take care of it. If you are otherwise right and they are wrong…welcome to retirement my friend. They will settle. Be Well.

            • Cops use implied consent. They will ask if they can search your car, using a tone that says “you cannot say no.” It kills me on these shows like Cops that people just blab blab blab away further incriminating themselves we each further word.

          • Gregory8,

            Great advice! Thank you for sharing it!

          • #5 Never get out of your car. If you do he can search the car. Implied consent. The officer will say come look your tail light is out. If you get out you are done. Just be nice and say I will get it fixed. He may right you a ticket, maybe a fix-it ticket or just let you go. If he/she persists ask him/her to get a warrant to search your car. He will not wake up a judge because your tail light is out. Be nice 4th Amendment reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

            • Shootit: There’s no such thing as implied consent with the cops. You may be thinking of these following scenarios: An officer can order you out of the car and perform a patdown for weapons if they believe you are carrying a concealed weapon, or to conduct a sobriety test if they believe you are under the infuence of some substance. But they must have probable cause in the first place to do so, not just because they ‘feel’ like it. And even then they can’t search your vehicle without either a warrant or you permission. Now if you’re arrested for any of these thing they then can in some instances search your car ‘subsequent ot arrest’ because it’s part of a crime sceen. I realize that cops are getting bolder these last few years so we’re all going to have to be more cautious than ever. But remember; always be polite, never resist, and have the number of a good criminal attorney that you can call. These are dangerous times and we all need to stay under the radar. The last place any of us needs to be WTSHTF is in jail.

        • Can’t wait until we start k illing these m other fu cking traitors.

          • No one who has ever seen fire is eager to get back to it. If we must fight, we’ll fight, but I sure as hell don’t look forward to it.

            • TV; Well said sir. I think too many people that haven’t watched people die, or been shot at and shot back, are a little too eager for some “romanticized revolution” to take place. Even our founding fathers were reticent to declare independence, not for lack of intestinal fortitude, but because they knew the inevitable consequences. If anyone thinks that if we all show up with our guns in one large mass outside D.C. the pols will relent? Yeah, we’ll use Facebook to schedule the Redux Revolution!!! Many of the FFs had participated in the French and Indian war and a lot of actions against the Indian nations. They knew death and war. When the history is looked at, yes they fought valiantly and won, BUT they took many years to attempt an amiable agreement with Britain (they were citizens of the crown, after all) before doing so. It was only when there was no political room left to negotiate that the line was drawn in the sand. If you haven’t gone to a rally/town hall “cuz it won’t do no good”, don’t vote “cuz my vote don’t count”, don’t engage socially “cuz nobody really understands but me and the boys”……then you are part of the problem. If ALL you do is blog (nothing against blogs as I am here, but you’re preaching to the choir!) about it and all you have invested in this cause is guns and ammo (not that they aren’t important) then you are part of the problem, you need some skin in the game. I teach CHL classes (I make very little,if any, money out of it), I teach the BSA rifle and shotgun merit badges as a certified NRA instructor (for which I receive no pay), participate in the 4H rifle program (unpaid), teach firearms safety (mostly donated courses) as well as some competitive rifle coaching (unpaid). I see people that pull out a few guns in the fall and sight them in to hunt and that’s all they do. I don’t have a problem with that, just don’t say you’re an involved firearms proponent…you aren’t. Even if all you can do is show up to an Appleseed and show people where to park, that is doing something constructive for the effort of gun rights and preservation. If we don’t participate, socially, financially (if possible) and functionally AND teach our sons and daughters (grandchildren too)the firearms heritage that preserves REAL freedom, then we are the problem. “We have seen the enemy, and they are us”. There are 4 million NRA members (love them or hate them they are the lead firearms rights organization)…that is pitiful. There is something like 45-65 million gun owners in the U.S., there ought to be 10-15M members. And if you have a bone to pick with the NRA, there is the Second Amendment Foundation and the Gun Owner Action League, as well as state organizations. If you belong to none of them, then join one, or you certainly ARE the problem. “Gentlemen (of course ladies too)we must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately”. Benjamin Franklin July 4, 1776. Be Well.

            • I wonder if, the longer we wait, the worse it will be.

        • I live here. I’m in the army. This did happen. Afterwords they put out over the entire army post not to drive around with any form of equipment. Soldiers need to transport thier ISSUED equipment which includes these magazines to and from work on a regular bases. Unbelievable

          • @Army, how long, do you think, before they collect up all our magazines and hold onto them as controlled items like they did in the mid 90’s?
            SSG in Fla

          • If you folks don’t at some point start defending the Constitution in accordance with your oaths, We [the People] will have to.

        • If ever stopped by the Police provide DL, POI regristration only. Do not engage in a conversation. If asked if you know why you were stopped politely state NO. ( avoid self incrimination). If the Officer continues to ask questions state you want an Attorney and you do not consent to searches. If he/she requests that you step out of the car, remove your car keys place them in you pocket and LOCK all the doors before exiting. Do not engage in a conversatiopn with the Police state you want an Attorney and that you do not consent to searches.

          • Justice, I am printing copies of your paragraph and giving them to others to leave in the vehicles. You and Gregory are appreciated for what you’ve both written. Thank you both.

        • You don’t have to give in to the “random vehicle checks”. There are videos of people who, when pulled over, asked “did I do something wrong” and went on to quote their constitutional rights. And the police let them go. What we need to do is UNDERSTAND, READ, RESEARCH our constitutional rights so that if we are in similar situation, we can respond appropriately. As Kenny Ausubel said, “the world is being shook…will come down to– how much do citizens want to retain democracy.” DON’T GIVE IN! the bastards took my license away even tho I have near perfect driving record– insisted I get a state ID card. I ranted and raved–spoke out! for 1 1/2 years over this! And yes– still drove. finally resolved. but the point is– NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

          • Cindy; Just to dovetail into your post, copies of the Constitution can be purchased here; If you buy a hundred they are $0.35 apiece…pretty cheap. I bought a hundred for $35 and FREE shipping and pass them out everywhere I go. Thirty-five cents!!! There is a frees site, but you can’t print it out at home for $0.35. Every little meeting I go to church, goat club, bee club, master gardener meetings etc., I pass them out to whomever WANTS one. If you watch people read them you’ll see their eyebrows arch up like they just discovered something they didn’t know or just re-discovered. Very satisfying. Be Well.

        • He broke the law. Without laws, we would have anarchy. Keep up the good work Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. The majorty of the people honor our law enforcement heroes.

          • who broke what law???? putz

          • Any statute that is unconstitutional is not a law. The enforcement of such statute is not worthy of praise, but scorn. Those enforcing such tyrannical pieces of legislation are vile and despicable. The mere notion of a random stop should should invoke outrage.
            It is equally nauseating that a citizen would celebrate the violation of a man’s God-given rights in such a manner. It will be fitting that such lap-dogs and boot-licks will suffer under tyranny, it is just a shame that the righteous, liberty-loving will suffer, too.

            • Exactly correct.

              16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

              This was settled a long time ago.

          • notice ur the only one defending here in these comments lol..


          • Arianna; What do you do when you get pulled over. Whip out the GIRLS and giggle your way out of a situation.

          • I am surrounded by clueless willing slaves and useless tools like Arianna Morrison.

          • And as long as these political hacks pass laws that are unconstitutional, we head closer to that anarchy you speak of you ignoramous . . . you cannot enforce Unconstitutioanl laws . . . bet you would have sided with the British in 1775!

          • So. AM (obviously you aren’t a morning person), illegal laws should be followed and enforced slavishly? Any law these drunkards in D.C. can get a majority to vote on between sessions with lobbyists is A Okay with you? So, when they a start telling you things that YOU object to are now illegal, will you sheepishly shrug your shoulders and comply since it is now “the law”? Lets see… Lets make gay marriage illegal. Will you still support the violent states’ new law? What else might be near and dear to a statist such as yourself? How about making free speech conditional to just certain places and subjects, you cool with that law? How about a laws that let’s police decide they can enter your house and just sniff around for anything illegal? You going to unlock the door and show them your illegal downloads, or perhaps counterfeit guccis? Can you see where we are all going with our stance? Anarchy is when there is no restraint bymanyone. Do you advocate that there should only be limits on us, no the government? Are you so brainwashed that you believe that the state has only your best interests at heart? Dunce cap for you!

          • Arianna Morrison, sieg heil.

            You probably spy on your neighbors in hopes of seeing something so you can say something.


          fuck ’em

          Not One More Inch


          • Good idea,bozo—further alienate other citizens and countryman.

            • we don’t make much here anymore anyway much like the rest of the country.
              ny- makers of illegal laws and host of parasites on wall st still.
              oh, grandma brown’s baked beans are made here!

            • @Scott:
              It won’t alienate the patriots in NYS, just the asswipes, like you.

              Engage your oppressor , don’t sit back and watch it unfold like a bad “B” movie.

              Apply pressure along multiple avenues.

              …so…do you still swallow….?

              …be safe….even you asswipe…BA.

          • Do you know that Remington is in Ilion, NY? Guns and AMMO in mass production. WOW, just WOW. Must not be a TRUE gun owner to make a statement like that.

        • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept is ABSOLUTELY 100% on the THE SIDE OF THE CITIZENS and the 2md Amendment. PLEASE DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS TOO SOON ABOUT THIS CASE! We still don’t know all the details. What you are being told is only 1 side of the story. THE JEFFERSON COUNTRY DEPUTIES WORK VERY HARD TO KEEP people safe and would NEVER, EVER VIOLATE their oath to uphold the Constitution. THIS ARREST WAS BEFORE THE NYSAFE LAW WAS EVEN CREATED! There’s more to the story that you aren’t hearing. Ultimately, the judge will decide, but please don’t chastise the police dept. Thank you and thank you to all oathkeepers

          • @ thomas M.

            Very well then….”Pending Judgement” it is…

            …I TRUST that YOU will keep us abreast of this matter, Yes?


          • Thomas Marshall says: “The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept is ABSOLUTELY 100% on the THE SIDE OF THE CITIZENS and the 2md Amendment. THE JEFFERSON COUNTRY DEPUTIES … would NEVER, EVER VIOLATE their oath to uphold the Constitution.

            What makes you so sure of this, particularly considering that even those sheriffs supposedly standing up to fedgov on our gun rights are wording their statements so as to give them wiggle room to enforce whatever laws are passed in Washington D.C.? You sound confident. I would like to know the basis for your confidence.

          • Wake up! The cops are in on the joke against freedom!!! They are going to do what ensures their job security, and the safety of their own asses and their families. They aren’t going to make waves against the elites they work for, they are higher on the heap than all of us here on this blog. Do you think they care about you, me or the Constitution? Those well-armed macho fucktards get off bullying people because they were trained to do it and their superiors ENCOURAGE IT! Much like a dog brings birds back while hunting, so too cops bring Perps back for their masters. The Govt. Taxes roll in to pay for the armed thugs that enforce the unethical and unconstitutional laws while protecting the elite in the process. All the powers in charge and the systems in place are purpose built to maintain status quo, and keep the peasantry under oppression’s boot…

            The great die-off awaits, are you ruthless enough to kill like the jack-booted thugs will just to survive? Not so pleasant when you think about it, now is it???

        • Agreed. He should sue, this tyranny has to stop.

        • zeig hile forgive me if i spelled it wrong but im a new convert and think the government is right to seek a power monopoly over us slaves and useless feeders you go you commy facist thugs destroy that nasty constitution and take all our rights and put us in fema camps until you decide to go full on with the final solution….goooooooo tryny gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

          signed by a good paty member

        • It’s all an attempt to incarcerate anybody with any weapons or tactical know how who might decide to take a stand against tryanny in the future!

        • I wonder how much the Sheeple of ny will put up with before they revolt.

        • Let’s ignore the unconstitutional pull-over for the moment.

          How did they search his vehicle ?

          Did he allow them ?

          When pulled over by the police – license, registration and insurance.

          You may NOT search me or my car. I have nothing further to say until I have seen a lawyer.

          DONE !!!

          Why is that SO difficult.

          Any subsequent search is unconstitutional and anything found will be overturned at court as inadmissible due to the illegal search.

        • Has anyone here verified this story? If so we will stand behind you.

        • Yep they are getting ready America, you all better wake up. Very soon the roads will be closed, the phones and internet wont work, and your TV will only broadcast state run information telling you to stay in your homes and everything is OK. Then they will be kicking in your door or your neighbors door and dragging everyone who is a threat away! Or maybe they will just shoot them right there.

        • Agreed, but these mega-bucks come out of normal taxation.
          i.e. Joe Public. From this side of the Pond it seems like
          Obama intends to take down ”White America” permanently.

        • Well.. when you guys in N.Y. go out to collect while you can collect.. better be more careful.

        • GIVE TO HIS DEFENSE! What if it was YOU! Even if its only $5. I dont know this guy and I’m gonna support him. Im a vet. Im a cop. Support your brothers.

        • Suits won’t help while you are being detained under the NDAA, without charges, without an Attorney, without recourse. This country is a tinderbox waiting for a spark. It could come by false flags. It might come through economic collapse and the fall of the dollar , but it is coming. Just as John Browns attack on Harpers Ferry or the bombardment of Fort Sumter signaled the cascade of subsequent events. We are all waiting for that one event where the Government declares Martial law, the noose becomes too tight or the echoes of ” The British are coming!” Galvanize this sleeping majority into action. I don’t look forward to that time… For my children’s sake, let it be now.

          • Finally, someone who is talking real solutions. Trying to work within this broken system is futile; it’s rigged, atainst us. I hope patriots in New York are forming militias and training to take on the evil that’s rising there. Make a list and check it twice to find out who’s naughty or nice.

        • Sounds like a “Barney Fiff” wanta be cop, is looking to make a name for himself.

        • Since when in this country are people pulled over with out cause and have their car searched with out a warrant?

          • Where have you been?

        • You people have to grow up. You’re in a totalitarian police state now – trials are show trials. You cannot win within the system…playing by establishment rules on establishment turf is gonna get you nowhere. The only people who can stop this and hold the guilty (traitors) to account are citizens…before it’s too late.

      2. Unacceptable. Time to rise up for America and it’s Patriots. Our Heroes deserve better.

        • Nope, just give money to a legal fund. The crooks will bankrupt everyone because everyone thinks that justice will prevail. Jokes on us. Bankrupt then penniless on the street due to legal fees is the outcome.

          More of the same, just on a different day. Problem is, what are we going to do if it is us that needs help? Ask for a legal fund? Perhaps by that time everyone is tapped out by trying to do things the ‘right way’. Legal funds may work if the justice system wasnt a corrupt pile of shit. My bet is this hero gets the book thrown at him. Gubment doesnt give two shits about patriots that dont act on their threats. Waiving signs and picketing Capitol hill are the same basic tactics we use here in Canada and it doesnt change jack shit.

          I however am not a patriot since my government took our rights here in Canada before I was a teen. You all will lose your gear if the courts make the decisions. That simple.

          I do however feel pissed off for you all! You are the last real nation allowed to carry, lets hope and pray you keep it that way by any means necessary.

          • “I however am not a patriot since my government took our rights here in Canada before I was a teen. You all will lose your gear if the courts make the decisions.”

            That should read I however am not a patriot since my government took our gun rights here in Canada. We have guns but only sissy guns. Nothing that could combat a tyrant for a PM.

            • You must be into airsoft, but I have a little more than sissy guns, all legal…might not all be black but can take down a 1000 pound moose…Other than that I agree..Our 5 round mag capacity really sucks…however there are options…12 guage ( slugs if so desired)7 rounds, lever action 30-30’s, 32 Win SPCL’s 38-55’s 45-70’s, 44 Rem mag 10 rounds, .40, 45ACP or 45 Colt 10 rounds..
              When the SHTF down there and if any of you need somewhere else to bug out to, we could use a few more patriot logical level headed types up here to counteract the leftist liberals here in Ontario..

          • If he does avoid prison but is made destitute by legal expenses, he will probably become part of the “gray” economy. Another productive person who no longer pays into the system, and hooks himself up to the freebie umbilical cord.

        • Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, for one who hides behind an alias to call for others to rise up is a bit spurious don’t you think.

          • Perhaps. If I lived in New York, I can tell you what I would be doing, though. I would be attending rallies and public hearings to network with people in my part of the state to form militias and committees of correspondence. These militias would begin training and sharing info/intell. In previous posts in this thread I have called for people to commit to actions and rise up, and I post from behind an alias. So let me tell you what I AM doing. I am doing everything I just described. In two weeks I have found three others and possibly a fourth to begin training in my county, and that’s without even attending a rally yet. I’m not waiting for this cancer to spread to my state.

      3. This is bs. fuck New York and their shitty laws.

        • Other than expressing anger at New York’s new gun law or this man’s arrest, what would you recommend people do?

      4. It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the law abiding nice bullshit. If I was a cop or politician in New York I would be very concerned about being on the side that’s going to get a serious ass beating sooner or later as a result of this crap.

        • Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

        • Your words are close to prophecy. Do you study the Bible?

        • I can hardly wait,,, our state is trying to follow those donkeys to the feed trough

        • When you start to hear about cops resigning in numbers, you will know whats up.

        • Obama thinks the odds are stacked in his favour and that
          ‘his’ forces will be able to overwhelm ANY organised
          resistance. Look at a couple of things he is doing; buying
          huge quantities of arms and soft-hose bullets, moving
          internal army battalions out of their home areas, starting to gather up the estimated 400 million guns in private
          hands, and prosecuting brutally anyone breaking his new
          and unconstitutional laws.He wants the whole of America
          taken down and dependent on Welfare.

      5. I got two fucking words for this trend of shit: JURY NULLIFICATION

        • +1 = jury nullification! It is well past time the people refuse to let a corrupt pool of black-robed ass-clowns even give mileage to such steaming bullshit! Every patriot that is asked to be jurors on this case, and any other cases raised in the future should do whatever it takes to be assigned, then refuse to allow such liberty bashing!

          @ DEA ZOG WARRIOR- Don’t be too cockey asswipe! You, your wife and kids, (If you aren’t a fag) are just as good at absorbing bullets from jack booted thugs as the next “sheep” You aren’t untouchable, and neither are your loved ones- wake the fuck up and realize you are sitting in the boat you proclaim you try to sink…Mulwit!

        • Jury nullification? Yeah, while it lasts, but you’re not angry enough yet.

      6. If they can do this to just one American..

        they can do it to all of us..

        Everyone one of us..!!!

        The assault is on folks..
        And I stopped listening to the likes of Alex Jones years ago..along with Limbaugh and the rest of the right wingers and left wingers during the Bush years..

        It has come full circle..

        Tyranny has come..from the left and the they are both one in the same.

        And it will not stop..ever!

        There is no middle ground anymore.
        Question is.

        what are we going to do about it?

        • In the end I fear nothing. Yes there is many Gun Owners as DK says. But “They” do more everyday and we do nothing.

          On this Blog it mostly is Old Men dreaming of a time long past. Show me except in a few of the Fly over state where any resistance is really happening.

          It seem to be mostly talk. I am prepare can be off grid completely at a snap of a finger. But even I have family and children and friends and employee to think about.

          When finally there is a True Movement I am there .. I even will be on the “Front Lines’ I still have true fighting years left in me. But most don’t. And the young just want it to be like their Video games.

          We are screwed. Once again show me a workable plan and I am there.

          Just because there is gun owners doesn’t mean we have a chance. Most will fold. Just the truth being said. Truth can suck.

          I just met 2 20 yrs old No Jobs No chance in life. They said they were happy. I asked why the said. I get enough food from my card and the rest is just hanging and having fun. We are so screwed.

          • Your obviously broken english SELLS YOU OUT COMPLETLY and your stupidity proves you’re yet another gov’t TROLL. Nice try. Now go suck some more gov’t dick, and collect your 13.00/hr paycheck you fucked up asshole. You are the FIRST in line when people have had enough, and we’re there RIGHT NOW. Better go have a nice steak dinner (last meal) while you still can… ASSHOLE

            NOT ONE MORE FUCKING INCH !!!!

          • Agree. Actually, can’t blame the “no job no chance” folks. It is a rational decision. Do nothing and get free healthcare, free food, free housing (just got to make sure the kids are born our of wedlock). Or, choice B, bust your rump and end up working 50 hours a week and go broke if a medical problem arises. Kids still all go to the same flunky public school but in the “no job no chance” case the kids have parents to hang our with where as the rump-buster kids only see their parents a few hours at night. Some advice to any high school person is NOT to ever take a square paycheck. Get on the dole and ride it. You an always do side work for freebies or whatever. Once the authorities find out you are willing to work a square, they won’t let you in on the free ride.

            • …theres nothing rational about being a lazy taker…it cant ever be justified by any rational thinking…its what the PTB want people to do…you need to rethink that one!

          • That last paragraph should tell everyone everything. Expect no “revolution.” The groups that lead revolutions – the disenfranchised and the young – are dependent on their government and will not bite the hand that literally feeds them. Keep them entertained, sheltered, and fed, and the animals stay in their metaphorical cages.

            The government social programs are a fine investment in quelling revolution. It’s an adequate explanation as to why the social programs of the 1930s and 1960s were passed.

            • panem et circenses. Be well.

            • The young tend to be involved in the more recent type of so called revolutions….ie marxist based protests and riots…recall the campuses of the 1960s?….the weather underground…the black panthers and others.
              Many of the founders were mature middle aged men who had made it to some extent and really didnt need to get involved in the fight but did…a few like Jefferson were fairly young but were on a far higher plain of thought and life than the young of today in most cases,most young men in Jeffersons time were more mature at 18 than most people today are at 60(if ever)they had to be…life was tough,so they got tough or they starved…nowdays they get on the dole…cause they “deserve” to eat and have a roof,sad beyond belief…theres alot who are not on the dole either young or older!
              Ive met lots of good young people who can and are sticking it to the man,but the ones I know who are the speartips of the resistance are older….late 40s minimum…most in their 50s and 60s…this govt fears its vets,it seems to especially fears the vietnam era ones and those persons who know how to live outside the system and have done so for awhile…no,whilst there are many young people who are awake(and we need them) its not the young, for the most part, who are making DC nervous…its those who are living free and who know what that means…most of em have some snow in their hair and fire in their belly….theyre not loud and theyre not making waves,theyre quietly preparing and planning and rest assured they wont go quietly,at least not most of em!
              And dont be so awed by the planners…yes theyve messed up our nation that doesntmean they will win in the long haul…have some faith…if you give up before the fight then they win without losing any blood…they just spill yours!

          • There are plans all over the place. Just do some research. Start by typing in “Alex JOnes–youtube–Jan. 30, 2013″Or go to “sheriffs who refuse to enforce Obama’s unconstitutional Ban”. Just Research.

          • PLAN:

            2ND AMENDMENT RALLY: FEBRUARY 8, 2013 – YouTube
            6 days ago … Never get lost … 2ND AMENDMENT RALLY: FEBRUARY 8, 2013 …. One word to the wise, I eat alot so better get busy and get some goodies together. ….. “Shall Not Be Infringed” Constitutional Sheriffs That Are Standing With …

          • FBP
            why dont you show us where any and i mean ANY resistance is happening in this country,,and dont talk BS unless you know first hand,,,now i want to know where i can come visit your graveyard,,to see how many you have laid out,,,once again i offer you a free trip here to kick this old mans ass,,i`ll pay for the tickets one way because thats all you will be using,,,oh and by the way i dont trust your preacher either,,,


          • Facebook Page says: “We are screwed. Once again show me a workable plan and I am there.”

            Why would someone entrepreneurial such as yourself wait for someone else to come up with a plan?

            You’ll be on the front lines? Really? Got militia? If not, what front lines do you foresee being on? We need to start forming militias NOW. In fact, now may already be too late, but I hope not. In the past two weeks I found three others and possibly a fourth to begin training in the county where I live.

        • This is not a law, yet. This officer was a PIG. NY State cops are pigs.
          About time to shake ’em up.
          At the least NY’rs should find this JBT and make his life miserable.

          Or, demand it be nullified, if not, turn out the lights.
          A little birdy told me…
          Plans are already being made, country wide.
          We will become Afghanistan.
          Be aware, glue tinfoil inside coats, hoods, ponchos. Infrared will give you away.

          DK, I’m afraid you’re right. Its probably too late.
          The Tree of liberty thirsts…
          is it time for watering?

          • Well, actually, in NY you had to have a pre-ban gun or mags to have these 30 rounds to be legal, no pre ban, no right to own them, even before the new bullshit (NEW YORK SUCKS)
            NY’s limit is/was 10 rounds,(and they cost more then the 30’s) but our rulers decided even 10 was to much for NY’ers, by I guess 3 rounds.
            Now they’re seriously fucking with us.

        • Do about it? Not a damn thing except post stupid shit on blogs like this about how the resistance is just starting. What a joke. No one will do anything. Sadly random stops are not illegal as the Zoopreme Court has allowed them. New York has always been a bad state for Gun owners with the Sullivan law going back to the forties.

          • IMO;
            Supremes have already ruled random stops/searches illegal, don’t now what your talking about

            Don’t ever talk to cops, don’t consent to a search, cooperate, but don’t say anything, don’t put your window all the way down, if asked to get out, don’t leave the car without locking it behind you, put the keys in your pocket, and shut up.

            You have 4th amendment rights, know them, use them, everytime, whether you think you need them or not.

            • JW and sr; Depends on what you mean by random stops. The SCotUS has held that “random” stops where there is no determination for the stop other than the officer’s discretion, i.e. “just picked you” ARE illegal. So truly “random stops” are illegal. Now, a road block, where there is a specific pattern to stopping, it is held to be legal. If you stop all cars, or every 4th car or 10th car, then the STOP is legal. BUT only the STOP is legal, when you are asked to allow a search, unless there is probable cause (DUI, obvious infraction visible in the drivers immediate area i.e. pot, weapon etc.) then you don’t have to comply. Just say no. There are some YT vids on this, but I don’t know if they are all accurate. IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN STOP THEM FROM SEARCHING. Do not interfere with their actions. Make sure when you are asked for consent that you are being recorded by the cops and speak clearly and distinctly indicating that “I do not consent to a search of my vehicle”. Repeat it if you think there is a misunderstanding. If asked to clarify your decision, make sure you tell them that you don’t have to answer any further questions without a lawyer present and restate “I do not consent to search”. Don’t let them fluster you and stay calm. It is your Constitutional right under the 4th and 5th Amendments. If you have no other chargeable offense and have objected to their search, anything they find will be suppressed if they attempt to use it for prosecution. Let the legal system take care of it. Should this be the way things are? No. Should things like this ever happen? Absolutely not. Do these things happen? Yes. If you fight them, resist arrest, or attempt to interfere with them, depending on what state you’re in, you could be committing a felony and most states do not allow you to “defend” yourself, even if you are being mistreated or the cops are legally wrong. Plus, if they have truly dealt with you because of improperly gathered evidence and misconduct they will owe you some money. A lot. Relax and let the lawyers take care of it, they’ll settle. So are random stops legal or not….yes, LOL. State law is usually what let’s the cops do these road block type stops. Not legal in my state. Hope that was clear. Be Well.

          • Random stops – Random shootings

            • Robert; And a not so random life sentence, or in my state the death penalty. Be Well.

          • Another ignoramus regarding NY. The Sullivan law was implemented for NY CITY. The subject of this article is 300 miles away!

          • John W. says: “Do about it? Not a damn thing except post stupid shit on blogs like this about how the resistance is just starting. What a joke. No one will do anything.”

            Well if everyone takes the attitude that you have, then you’re absolutely right. Ever think about being the change you want to see in others? Ever think about joining or forming a militia? Apparently not. You remind me of Glum from the Gulliver’s Travels cartoon of yore: “We’re doomed! We’ll never make it!”

            And before you ask, let me say that I’m forming a militia in my county. It’s really not that difficult; it just requires a little strategic thinking. I’m not waiting for Albany’s bad ideas to come to my state before I link up with like-minded others to prepare to fight back.

            Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

        • Try Glenn Beck. He honest and hates both of them. Twas either late last week or earlier this week he was talking about the repub party is dead and he’s glad for it. as am I. He was calling for third party that actually stands for freedom.

          • I don’t trust anyone in the media, including Glenn Beck. Why do you think they are permitted to be on TV? Because somewhere along the line they have knelt and kissed someone’s ass. Period! The water in the pot is heating up and the frog is still comfy.

            • Glenn says never trust anyone, including him too. Says, Do your own research to find the facts.

              Coincide? I think not.

              Why do you think they are permitted to be on TV?

              You do know he’s went and started his own TV channel dont you?

              • uugh. Should have been, coincidence? I think not

            • RS, that’s not true (your ass kissing statement). He, like others are allowed to help make the chasim even wider between people. When people are get angry they make mistakes, which tptb hope ignite or spark the flames of revolt(violence)allowing more enactment of force and laws.

              • As far as I’m concerned Glenn has done so much more than anyone I know to educate people on who our ‘leaders’ really are and he doesnt fan any sparks or flames of violence or divide. He’s been very vocal on us coming together. ‘We’ve got to find something to help us come together’. More than ANYONE. So I dont think even your statement fits.

          • Not a Glenn Beck fan at all. He’s a known plagiarist who has never had an original thought in his entire life. He steals work from other websites without credit and then turns around and trashes the author. To me, this shows his true character (or lack thereof).

            • *yawn* yea, not so much.

            • Admit it. You voted for Obama or should I say you would have if you lived in the states. Then again that probably does not matter anymore.

          • No! Forget beck he advocates peaceably handing over our weapons! He seriously told people to just hand over weapons and let them take you to jail….because it will flood the jails and legal system. That didn’t workout so well during the holocaust did it now Glenn. He is a complete spineless coward. Don’t listen to Beck!

            • Under no circumstance is that even remotely true. You have hearing or comprehension issues, dumbshit.

              He said to tell them ‘NO, you may not have my guns and you can peacefully arrest me.’

              You WILL NOT WIN if you resist with violence. You will end up a footnote in the maniacs handbook, plain and simple and he’s right about that. They will shoot you and your family and go home and put their feet up on the table and not think twice.

              You’re a spineless douche bag for lying. You should change your nick, idiot.

              • what if they get shot first? then what?? they don’t get to go home and put their stinking-stepped-in-shit-feet up and not think twice. they are done thinking, period. fuckem, shoot first…….

                • Well good luck with that. You and yours will ALL burn and die and everyone else will think you were some violent nutbag and they’ll be right because NO ONE will be able to tell anyone otherwise. ‘fuckem’ indeed. You’re gonna lose, period.

                  • not so much (brain matter), if so, i’ll die free rather than hiding in a dark corner like a fucking cockroach.

                  • Yea yea. You can call me dumb all you want but it’s your own shortsightedness and stupidity thats gonna cause your wife and children to take a bullet or a drone missile right up the ass. Good luck.

                    You will die just like Glenn said, all barricaded into some hole and you will die like a roach.

              • Not so Much says, “He said to tell them ‘NO, you may not have my guns and you can peacefully arrest me.’”

                What’s the difference? If one is being arrested for “illegal” possession of an “assault” rifle, where do you think that rifle will be IF the arrestee manages to extricate himself from the highly rigged legal system? Same outcome: weaponless, helpless, and impotent. Game over.

                We will not win if we resist with violence? Really? Mao Tse Tung was right about one thing: all government proceeds from the barrel of a gun. When will be a good time to resist with arms, when we’re emaciated and incarcerated in FEMA camps? To hell with public opinion. This is what the Second Amendment is for.

            • OK, for anyone that believes this dolt ‘Truth’ that’s lying his ass off. Some of this is paraphrased and some are direct quotes. It’s about 18 minutes of talking. The pertinent parts that showing this dolt is lying in bold.

              This is from the podcast. Jan 15th, hr2 for those that care to actually hear the facts. He starts in at about 17 minutes and goes to the end. After reading, I want some you live in the woods all the time idiots to tell me where he told you to turn in your guns.

              He talks about a grand compromise by the Lindsey Grahams and Johnm McCains wiuth this admin.

              After the grand compromise the President will whine that the NRA and the extremists didn’t allow us to go far enough.

              Then they will wait for the next tragic incident, and a tragic event will come. Then the Pres will pull out all of the exec power and the you and congress will be irrelevant.

              So there will be a tragic event, they will blame you and your guns, an exec order and then a choice.

              The choices are violent rebellion or something else. They are there to poke and provoke, but your action and reaction are what will make the difference.

              We must have action now and get out of the reaction mode. Exec order comes down and there will be those people that will go right into violent rebellion.

              He goes on about all of you ‘live in the woods all the time kind of constitutionalists’ that think you’re gonna destroy the country and then reestablish the Constitution.

              You’re crazy. It wont happen. It was a miracle that men of God were able to establish it. If you think we’re gonna naturally default to freedom, you’re wrong.
              The natural default setting of men is tyranny.

              So what’s the President been doing since he got into office.

              He’s been trying to get you to react. Calling you a terrorist and violent threat and he’s been poking and provoking and hes made the case to the whole world that
              it’s YOU thats the problem. Said they know that we only seem to be caring about the guns and so they are going to keep poking and provoking.

              Talks about how the new ObamaCare rules ARE going to affect the relationship between you and your Dr and it will come into play because the exec orders require your Dr to ask if there are guns in the home.
              So if you have anyone on Prozak in your house you will lose your guns.

              “So if someone comes to your door and says you have to give me your handguns and your semi automatic weapons – all the things that are licensed and you have a right to, are you gonna give them up. OK, THE ANSWER IS NO.” 31:15

              “Now what are you gonna do? They come. Do you start shooting? Do you gather in groups and barricade yourselves behind walls and start shooting when they come there?

              Well I got news for you. They have drones. They’ve burned people alive before. They did it in Waco, Tx. They dont care. They will burn you and your whole family and you will lose because the press is on their side.

              Do you think it was right that they burned the people alive in Waco, Tx…. and somehow or other you dont think of the mass tragedy that the govt did, you think of the crazy people from Waco tx. Ruby Ridge…

              They win guys. Not only becuause they have the press, but because they have the whole world.”

              And the entire world wants you be disarmed and give up on the Const. They want you to give on capitalism and the American exceptionalism.

              “So the answer is armed Rebellion? Or do we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor and stand by the Const and we are going to have to say, you wanna take my guns, well I want my day in court and you’re gonna have to arrest me.
              And the person standing next to you is gonna have to say you’re gona have to arrest me too. and the person next to that person. And the entire town is gonna have to say it because they are violating the Const. And you’re gonna have to get in the car because they cant arrest all of us.

              As with everything with this admin, they always present you with a lose lose situation. I stand on the side of Ghandi, Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. THAT is the only thing that will work and it will work for a very short period of time when people still view each other as people and then that window closes and we only have violent resistence and what happened in Germany.

              I refuse to believe we are there already in America.”

            • it did work during the holocaust, in that any time there was civil disobedience the government caved. it was the OBEDIENCE that let it all happen.

              filling the jails is how we got all of our rights to begin with, going back to england times. william penn was locked up in the cause of free speech and quakers dont take oaths. many were imprisoned and died. yet after all came Pennsylvania.

              What’s missing is faith. as for old men, with nothing to lose, give up for the younger folk- this is all your fault anyway, you let it get to this. What better honor than to stand up at 80 years old!

        • You say: “f they can do this to just one American.. they can do it to all of us.. Everyone one of us..!!!”

          No, there are 1% who will respond like me. And there are another 3 or 4 percent who will support that one percent.

          If this ever get’s past the moderator, visit and find for yourself who these men are.

          • You HAD me… until you got to promoting the “lesser of two evils’ Republican Party Promoters — Hannity, Limbaugh and Savage.

            It’s one thing to be a water carrier for the Lord — all together different and unacceptable to be a water carrier for the neocon machine.

            • I didn’t read it as a promotion at all, more of an admonishment

            • I would say pray that the likes of those tools be exposed for what they are.

          • With all due respect here Rev: that verse you show about “God ordained wife to Revere husband etc…

            You Mis interpreted whats wrote. When God says to EVE:”Your DESIRE will be for husband, but HE Shall Rule over Thee”

            Thats NOT God ordaining eve will love adam as long as adam treats eve kind and nice etc!

            Heres what it means Rev sir: God is saying EVE will Desire to RULE Adam(like femanazis today!) BUT what God did ordain is Adam the husband Will remain in charge or Rule over eve because the Hierarchy is God above Man and Man above woman.

            So its not as your website implies or states as some typr “proof” its ordained wife will love husbands as long as husbamd is kind and doesn’t hit her etc.

            Has zero to do with that sir. After eve made her Own decosion behind adams back so she can sin, afterwards her “desire” would be to KEEP makeing the major decisions and Rule over Adam!

            God says NO Dice lady! That wont change as far as God sees things. Man is head NOT woman.

            Thats not any form of anti female sexist crap like dem lib fems claim neither. When read IN full context it means Gods decision was create Man in His image and as Head of family etc as God is head of universe or all creation.

            Its kinda like God Punished eve and Reminded her regardless of Her ‘desires” to rule adam…Gods still in charge of it and He says NO!

            Just want to clear that up is all as its obvious you Rev think its some form of “promice” by God To men on how to get wife to revere the husband etc..Sorry, that aint correct.

            • Can you provide a pointed reference to some generally accepted reference source material, for your “point of view”? I have to say I have never heard this part of the bible “interpreted” quite this way. Would be interested in seeing the “factual trail” of this eschatological dissertation for my own edification. Page numbers and paragraphs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Be well.

              • With all the advanced qualifications you keep professing to posess why not do your Own homework. Also everytime any posters here do provide a link you reject the links proof or info. You claim to be christian so you should know how to read it in full context and where to look in the bible for that stuf…Try starting “In the Begining God…..” its not too far past that point.

        • What are we going to do about it ? You ask this at 5 minutes to Midnight. LOAD and LOCK and hope it is not too late.

      7. GIVE UP YOUR GUNS LOSERS … yOU pREPPER pUSSEEE’S don’t even know which end the bullet comes out of a gun .


        YOU GOING TO give up your guns IN THE END every one does or they get “Droned” , SO JUST MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELVES , IF YOU DO WE’LL LET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LIVE … if you don’t we wont , play nice .


        • A NEW WORLD ORDER AND THERE WILL BE ONE one way or another . – Freemason 33rd Degree GEORGE BUSH Sr.

          Kneel Slaves before the Might of your NWO ZOG GLOBALIST ZIONIST FREEMASON MASTERS .


          George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

          • Here Comes DHS US MILITARY Martial Law – BOOTS ON THE GROUND AND UP YOUR ASS – Bend over America – if they do this to their own … just wait for when they/ WE FEDS own LOCK DOWN THE STREETS during Martial Law and do it to you and yours .

            U.S. Army General Charged With Multiple Counts Of Forcible Sodomy


            • And you are supported by so many when you us your other name. Just go to the woods and we all know you aren’t. Qualified for any job.

        • WHATS THIS why am i now invisible ?

          Oh i get it you prepper pusseee’s can’t handle the HARD truth .

          Well this’ll get your attention preppers . I make $140,000. a year , healthcare , dental care , plus 3/4 RETIREMENT an over time , getting paid boochu fed bucks Enslaving Terrorizing your sorry asses and I love my job ! I live the American Dream on your pain and suffering . As you scrape in the dirt to survive .

          I literally get paid to beat the crap out of you sheeple daily cause I’m the Fed Gestapo Law of the Land !

          And when Martial Law finally comes and it will , we’re gonna mow you all down like wheat before the sickle blade by joy-stick control and predator drones and starve you out by shutting down the highways .

          How you like them Apples America goyim gentile debt slave Sheeple Bwiatches ?

          Your all going to kneel before the NEW WORLD ORDER in the end or perish .

          Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dumb sheep .


          • DZW,

            The cost will be high!!!! COME AND TAKE YOU M—–F–ER



            • How about I give you 10 inches and make you my lil’ Fema Camp bwiatch , will that make you purrrr baby ?

              Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dumb sheeple .


              • The ten inches you have in your ass right now don’t count, I’m afraid.

                Do you think any of us even take you seriously?

                “Well this’ll get your attention preppers . I make $140,000. a year , healthcare , dental care , plus 3/4 RETIREMENT an over time , getting paid boochu fed bucks Enslaving Terrorizing your sorry asses and I love my job ! I live the American Dream on your pain and suffering .”

                Really? Well, somebody is getting fucked over for their $140,000. I see two spelling errors in that one paragraph. Would hope somebody worth that much could at least FUCKING spell.

                Now, go away you shit-slurping simpleton. Go back to your fantasies regarding sexual relations with the neighbor’s beagle.

                For the rest of the site, I apologize for the crude language.

                KySSG . . . out.

                • Apache Helicopter Gun Camera – let the American Sheeples bodies hit the floor .

                  Coming soon to NWO Martial Law CONTROLLED America .

                  There is no place to hide from us – we will find you .

                  Resistance to the NWO is futile .


                • Don’t rise to the bait brother. We are always going to have these people show up here to cause trouble, ignore them and they will leave. I realize that nerves are on edge right now and it is hard not to speak up in defense but it makes US look bad.
                  Rest assured that people are uniting more than you think. The fed may think they have us by the balls but they will be in for a suprise. They may even win in a confrontation but the key is that we need to make it expensive for them to move on us.
                  We are capable of shutting down roads, railways, and air-traffic as effectively as they are. All you have to do is sit and deeply think about how.

                  • Chainsaws and cutting torches. Oh My!

                  • You’re right, Warface, we are NOT alone. There are organizations, police forces, even whole states that are on our side. Kennedy (before assasinated) established Special Forces for this very purpose.

                    What we need to do is Educate as many people as possible. Tell them about the videos, “Innocents Betrayed– what happens when citizenry are disarmed” and “Fore Fathers Battle Gun Grabbers From The Grave”- which tells how essential it is for us to have guns, etc.

                  • WARFACE:

                    Wasn’t really rising to the bait, but yes, I probably should have just ignored him/her/it.

                    Agreed. Lots of ways to make the cost for the fed very high. One action may be just a scratch, but get enough scratches, and you’ll eventully bleed out.

                    I promise to play nice from now on and ignore the trolls.

                    “Not One More Inch!”

                    KySSG . . . out.

                  • WARFACE, wisdom from a brother(you). Hope we can confront them together. You must be like a lot of us forgotten ones by the gov’t: those that have seen death, confronted our own fears and death isn’t a fear we have.
                    That said, “thinking deeply about how”, you and I know the answer. Thanks brother, stay positive.

                  • Warface,

                    Good advice, I just don’t cotton to well to anybody that threatens the SHTF family. Getting really sick and tired of the games they want to play with OUR lives.



                  • It’s about time someone stops pontificating and posturing and talks real solutions. Salute.

                • I agree with WF
                  this chump is most likely some kid sitting in his mommas basement,,
                  and even if they were some gubbermint donkey who cares,, when the feds credit card stops working and they cant pay their bills any more well see how many of them stick around, besides theres way mor of us than there are of them,,, I know about 20 people who read all the stuff on this site, but they never post, and thats just the folks I know,
                  So grain of salt buddy,,
                  we all get riled,

                  • I wish I had as many good neighbors as there are Patriots on this site. Who said “for men like you and me, dying is not hard, it’s living that’s hard”?? TheOutlaw Josey Wales..A good man forced into his situation…He also said” you gonna pull them pistols or whistle Dixie?” I don’t know about anyone else but I ain’t gonna whistle shit…I have said my piece and I mean to back it up. I never wanted to die in a nursing home, shitting my britches anyway! NOT ONE MORE INCH..and MOLON LABE!!!!

                • I graduated from the University of Tennessee in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. I have written many papers on a variety of required subjects. I have never received a failing grade due to the following:run on sentences, fragmented sentences or lack of proper punctuation. You wrote about: “an over time”,”boochu fed bucks Enslaving terrorizing…..”. You are a fool sir. I suggest that you volunteer for the first mandatory,government sponsored,lobotomy.

                  • Thanks for the laugh Doug.

              • DZW,

                Your so smart then Come and take it. Here is what I think about your empty threats.


                • YOU WILL ALL BE CRUSHED BENEATH THE BLACK JACK BOOT OF THE NWO … put down your Arms , kneel , beg and you will be only re-educated in camps about the NWO , fight us and you and yours will die or be used as our Camp Fema Labor Camp Slaves till empty husks and you will still die .

                  Kneel America – learn your place in the NWO !

                  NWO Economic Collapse — Why It Won’t Be Stopped


                  • DZW,

                    Once again your so msart come and take it FLUFFY..Keep posting I getting closer.

                    Not One More Inch you POS


              • DZW

                stop picking your nose and putting the boogers on the computer screen ,and how about changing your shit stained underware you been sitting in for three days,BTW i heard your mommy call for you ,time to get your balls powdered ,now run along ya little pecker head

              • you aint qualified to suck the pus out of an oozing clap sore, m f’er

            • I think nina is coming at us from another angle.

            • Go ahead you moron, destroy all the wealth producing members that are already doing everything for you.

              Where you gonna go then? It’ll all be Detroit.

              If you think China is going to welcome your “free trade” (aka parisitism) with open arms you are sadly delusional.

              You can “win”. If you call THAT “winning”. So go for it, kill the goose that layed your golden eggs and then roll around in your own shit like an idiot.

            • Dont go away mad just go away, useful idiot.

          • And, You’re going to die a death by a thousand cuts.

          • And after that, you can rant, you can go back to mommy’s house and eat her beaver becacuse you’r hungry. Another gov’t troll exposing himself for $13.00/hour. How’s life in that nasty trailor treating you you traitor?

            We’ll see you on the other “side”…count on it.

          • Dzw my favorite poster.

            • you spelled that wrong poser is spelled P O S E R

          • change your way now, there is still a chance…or you can suffer the pain and it will last for all eternity with never there being an end to it….NEVER EVER!

          • Now that is funny. A Flaming Troll.

            Don’t worry asshole, some of us may be old, but we know stuff. How many COMBAT Veterans do you think are out there? Millions. How about former Special Forces? 6 of us are trained to go in and train and lead hundreds of indigenous people in battle. No asshole. The first door that gets kicked in and kids hurt, will bring on the WRATH.

          • Please don’t hurt me… I’m scared!

          • You are obviously not pulling in $140k doing something that requires a command of the English language.

          • @ALL; If you will carefully read this DZW post and the other DZW posts, and then go read some by Angelo Mysteriouso (whom I refer to as Angelo Mutherfuquero), especially where he is in an apoplectic diatribe in response to something I said (for which a lot of you have given red thumbs to me BTW), YOU WILL NOTICE A DISTINCT SIMILARITY. DZW’s rant is so over the top as to be entertaining, particularly for its sophomoric style and childlike premises. Hhhmmn, where have I seen this before? The posts are SO provocative, that anyone that doesn’t think that DZW isn’t a shill/troll and an agent provacatuer, aren’t using their critical thinking skills very well. Also reading the DZW posts, if you then read “AM’s” posts, they become fairly predictable in form, tone and language. Look familiar? YOU’VE BEEN HAD!!! DZW and Angelo Mutherfuquero are one and the same. Now who that is I don’t know, but he is the TROLL HERE, just trying to stir up shit for no reason at all. Read them and compare them! You’ve been had!!! Look at the spelling, the misspelling, the similarly consistent terminology, lack of coherent sentence structure (in the same dysfunctional way) and such an IDENTICAL diatribe structure and presentation. You’ve been had!!! ANGELO, LET THE LITTLE BOY GO AND COME OUT OF THE BUNKER. You’ve been exposed my boy!
            Angelo=DHS shill/troll whatever…LOL. You sure had us fooled…yuck yuck. Anyway, thought I would bring this to everyone’s attention, just so you wouldn’t waste your time on either DZW or Angelo Mutherfuquero. Just sayin’. Be Well, All.

            • Angelo; a red thumb, you shouldn’t have! ;-}

            • Tripod is wrong once again. And I am sure Mac is able by use of IP’s or whatever its called to PROVE I am not that fool.

              And as for saying my posts cant be read or make zero sense etc. Maybe You need more public schooling. Many folks here seem to have zero problems understanding whatever I post.

              Yes I do and always have had a bad level of spelling usage and where a comma goes etc…

              So what Tripod?..When I quit school in 8th grade at age 15 yrs old to go full time work and help support my Mother and sister, the Jr high school I was at wanted me to remain in school.

              So they did something not usually done. They called me to a meeting with all the principal-vice principal-two mens counselers and one womans counselers, and the algerba math teacher.

              They pulled out the Kalif and Iowa tests we all had to take a couple yrs prior at start of jr high aka begin 7th grade. I was age 12 then…

              The Reason to show me the test scores for my testings was to try to convince me I was too smart to quit school etc.

              In EVERY test subject-history-math-etc etc…I scored best at Math(had A+ grade at level 1st yr collage level) History was Grade A-12 grade high school level History-The rest were ALL from B+ to A-, for every subject tested for. EXCEPT spellig usages etc..That grtade was a c-d grade at ONE grade below 7th grade when test was taken.

              In All other test subject areas I scored from 4/12 to 5 grades Above 7th grade jr high level.

              That was at age 12 yrs. I figured by age 15 and completed 8th grade and 1/2 of 9th grade, if my levels kept going or riseing as from age 12 when tests was taken. then I probobly was A-OK even if I quit school.

              I asked all them folks in the room dealing with me that day…What was my IQ at age 12?…They said near genius level just a little below. It was something like 147 if I recall(it was 45 yrs ago). Then I asked which of You folks IQ is that level or Higher?…Their collective answer was None of us. I said then Why are You teaching Me? Perhaps it is I that should be the Teacher for You folks eh?…They didn’t like that question! But all agreed their iq’s were not as high. I aint bragging as You, Tripod, do so much of…Just stateing Facts is all as You tripod seem to need them.

              They told me out of all 3 jr high schools in my entire district, and Over 2500-3000 kids total that took same tests…I scored 3rd from Top.

              One principal who hated me for not conforming to their asinine ways etc, accused me of Cheating!

              I asked him..You said Two girls scored better at #1 and #2 while I scored #3 for entire distict right?….So Ok if I cheated?…Who did I copy off of?…

              he got pissed said it dont matter! My math teacher who did like me, said Yeah why not answer the kid as I and others here would like to know too!

              I jumped back in and said listen only Two others had scores high enough for me to copy from correct?…So WHERE did them two girls with higher scores sit at?

              The asshole acuser(similar to a tripod type fool!) said them two girls were BOTH at a different school!!!!

              So Proof I didn’t cheat because if I did My score would be considerably Lower like every kid there I could copy from right!

              So Mr or MRS. Tripod asshole you can slander me all you like. You do NOT know me at all. All you know is You and You Love to brag and act bossy alot…So go ahead act like an asshole all you like fool.

              It is not My post’s that can’t be understood or read. It Is Your posts, and total foam at mouth rants and raveings like a dope adict who needs a fix and bangs his head on a wall till he gets it.

              I have NEVER called ANYONE here the vile slanderous names YOU call me fool. That shows You have some underlying deep rooted problem Tripod..You…Not me…You!

              You also seem to have Great dificulty in handling the Facts and Truths not only I, but also Ahab-Anton-JQP-and several Others has repeatedly posted WITH Links as Proof or Documentation.

              You fool man refuse to even Read them links! go on ADIMT to that asshole man. All you do is totally ignore the proof or facts…OR…You come up with some stupid Tired-Worn out-liberal sol alinsky type attempt at replying…”ok I seen your proof or facts and its ALL BS!”

              Riiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttt!!!…tripod if You think You are so smart or slick?…Then Ahab is Light yrs ahead of You fool man…Perhaps That is why you Never attack He or several others posts that are similar to mine in context or info.

              You are such a fool asshole you assume due to My ADMITED lacking in spelling usages and comma usage etc, that somehow That makes me a stupid person…While You are MR Perfect and the resident spelling teacher eh…I wasnt aware Mac hires teachers for spelling here.

              I do not expect You tripod to believe what I wrote. Nor do I give a rats ass either way. I have dealt with more than a few asshole idiot bully types like you seem to enjoy being towards me..

              I know its true what I wrote here this post because I was there at the school and meeting I wrote about. YOU Were NOT…If you cannot comprehend my writing or spelling here this entire post….YOU got a Huge problem…Egotistical Blowhard Asshole cry baby Idiot who cannot handle Truth or facts especially if its about Your favorite “Victim” group Khazer jews…

              Here can You read This tripod?…Fuck off asshole and Wise up!…Wake up to real truths and perhaps you someday Will be a famous and big and smart as you claim in EVERY post of Yours. Just do not Bother me with it ok as I do not care what You are or were or think about me.

              ASK MAC to verify I aint that poster tripod accused me of being…”Thou Shalt NOT Bear FALSE witness”…Learn that tripod as it seems you never did as yet eh.

              PS!! It is very more likly that poster is REALLY…Crackerhead NINA O’ in “disguise” yanking your chains! ASK MAC to verify it! He knows the IP stuf of everyone here no?

              • Angelo; Ill bet looking back ,your glad you get out of the school system when you did, who knows what they would have made you believe? Im glad you retained some critical thinking and logic,which most don’t!!Like these people you sure don’t have to answer to!

                Thanks for your post’s I think their spot on!!

                • Thinker: Thank you, and yes I feel the Two absolute best things I ever done in 60 yrs of life when it come to school etc was to quit school as I posted about and quite the Roman Cathoilc church at exact samw age/time.

                  Coincidentally, that was three yrs After they adopted “Vatican II”(or vatican jew) as I call it!

                  I was 12 yrs old when they did vatican ii and I told mom I was quitting that church but she wouldn’t allow it! Had to wait a few yrs longer when she wasnt able to totally control me any longer.

                  I got OUT of them two institutions Prior to their attaching lifetime Hooks into my mind!…Best things I ever did to FREE my Mind.

                  And yes Thinker, you are correct I do not need answer such idiot assholes like that tripod fool…I bet it is HE that is a Hasbara Zionistic Gentile-“good” Goyim Shill.

                  Them kommies just Loves stupid enough Goys that support any/all jewish causes or issues with zero forethought and total Unquestional belief and aproval. Tripod is alot like Hannity no?….Nobody can even ask a simple question if its related to jews or isreal unless it is “is it Good for jews and isreal”?…And the answer Better always be a resounding Yes!

                  These fool types can discuss most all other subjects or agendas and issues in sane normal ways. But NOT that issue. They fall for Every insane-illogical-untruthfull-fake-whiney cry of worlds only victims that matter.

                  Ever heard of ANY holyhoax memorials proposed for NON jew victims of nazis?…How about memorials to the 100+ Million Dead white christians of russia and ukraine and Poland(1/2 of My ancestors=polish christians) Murdered by Bolshevik Jews?

                  Ever heard even one Single History chanel special or a Spielberg 3hr long movie all about the terrible atrocities done to that 100 Million dead by Jews of russia and ukraine and poland(bolshevik jew kommies did it)?…NO and you Never will unless jews Lose total MSM control which aint very likly at this point eh.

                  Yes far too many intelligent otherwise awakened folks still Cling to lies and fake storys by the worlds greatest victims.

                  Like JQP posted on a nuremberg trails II event…he said this time around, lets not allow Fake witness “claims” of Geysers of Blood!

                  Ever heard of them orig neuremberg “witnesses” Thinker?

                  One woman swears she was walking past an area outside the camp, where at least 300 dead jews was buried. They was dead and buried over Two months ago, yet this “witness” jew woman, swore as she walked past two months afterwards she saw Massive geysers of Blood shooting into the air at least 20+ ft high! Like a town square Fountain(with water of course!!) and that the blood shooting into the air so high was from them 300 Dead jews! Dead and buried 10 ft deep and covered over yet geysers of Blood shot upwards 20 feet!(thats type crap tripod not just Believes in but defends without question!)

                  heres a few more “witness” storys…nazis made a Death machine sort of like a Bicycle you sat on to ride, and while One jew rode it and worked the foot pedels, another jew was sat down in front of it and the front wheel had Wodden clubs to beat him to death with as wheel spun!

                  Yet more witness acounts! nazis had a conveyor belt jews were laid down on, then sent thru a covered part where one MILLION volts electricity shot thru the bodies and got soooooo hot it cooked the jew totally into small ashes and all done in less than 2 minits flat!

                  OR: nazis invented a huge steel floor plate to hold 2000+ jews at one time! it was raised Over an olympic size swim pool and after 2000+ jews was forced to stand on it the nazis Lowered it my mechanical means into the water way up to the necks of the 2000+ persons and then the switch was yanked to cause 2 Million volts elec to flow thru water and kill em all. THEN!! Steel floor was Raised and TILTED to let 2000 bodies Slide off into a “Secret” wall opening at the Side of pool room…Then of course again lowered into place for the next 2000 jews to be killed off!…That pool method alone was able to kill 40,000 Per Day!(True records shows Less than a total of 300,000 jews was IN germany by time nazis got control! check Red Cross of America org for facts!)

                  Thats just a few of Thousands of so called eye witness accounts Thinker..You just cant make this shit up(unless you are one of the special self chozens group of course and selling books as a victim, the Only victims what matter it seems eh).

                  as long as Idiots and Unthinking unquestioning Fools like tripod exist…They will sell alot of books probobly and keep screwing the usa more.

                  Sorry I got carried away here Thinker, its just them fools set me off because they are why america suffers today. I will Pray that folks such as Tripod awakens soon.

                  Thanks again Thinker.

                  • Angelo; The whole holocaust is a big lie, and another form of psyc-op, just like organized religion! MSM governments,education systems, insurance companies,medical,big pharma,and the list goes on and on.
                    “Money is the root of all evil”
                    Look what it does to man when they have everything you can buy, They turn to sordid sick things to get motivation through the power of corruption. Pure Evil to eliminate all conscience thought to think for ourselves!!
                    They have eliminated most of the inventions created for the betterment of men,for their money and power for the destruction off man, through the military complex.

                    Until people awaken through some “major event” and stop the madness ,it will continue,unfortunately, to our demise.


              • Angelo Mutherfuquero; Well, I feel your pain. I too was considered to be too smart for school. However, since I had a REAL IQ of 148 I managed to learn ENGLISH AND THE SPOKEN LANGUAGE OF THE UNITED STATES. I never graduated! I took the ASVAB (miiltary entrance exam) and aced it and the (state I lived in) gave me a high school degree, because of that. If you were so smart, what happened. I went to school in a state that was 48th – 50th in education depending on what year it was. What went wrong with you? YOU DO NOT HAVE A HIGH IQ. Just sayin’. YOU ARE A POMPOUS ASS. A bigoted and racist ass at that. If your IQ was as high as you state, let the people see me versus you, and make their choice of who is smarter. I managed to learn proper English along with logic and debate. WTF happened to you? OBTW, WHAT SERVICE WERE YOU IN? Let’s just get this shit straight now. Ohhh, yeah, get MAC to do the IP shit and tell us what is right? I will take ANY real test versus you ANYTIME biatch! If you aren’t the poster of DZW, then you have found a long lost brother. NO SHIT! Now that we have the ball busting out of the way……I had the same shit. They accused me of cheating on IQ tests! How do you do that? They asked me who was next to me and around me. I was MADE TO TAKE THE TESTS AGAIN! SAME SCORES. “How did you do that” they asked. Don’t know, just did. Was told that “you are lazy”. No just fucking bored. I think if you were in the same boat that I was you would have gotten better, I did, with no help. Just figured out that I needed to know other stuff. IF YOU WERE SOOO SMART, YOU WOULD HAVE DEVELOPED A FUNCTIONAL AND LOGICAL WAY OF REASONING! Which you have not. If you are sooo smart, then you should see what I am saying….just requires some critical thinking skills, logic and some deductive reasoning. If you are so set in your ways that you can’t see that, then you are not as smart as YOU THINK. Be well.

            • It’s not Angelo..
              Anyone that’s been here for a while knows.

              DZW…. (a. K. A)… GUESS who?

              just rattling your cages 🙂

        • DEA ZOG WARRIOR is proof positive that there is a boot licking ass kissing ignorant willing slave born every second of every day.

          This P.O.S. useless tool is why I keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

        • Dude… what makes you think I’m going to play nice? I don’t care whether “you” play nice or not… come for my guns and it’s going to get UGLY!

        • DEA Zog
          It is sadley obvious that you are suffering from mental illness agravated by a pre-natal syphilitic infection you got from your mother who apparently was also infected pre-natally from her mother.

      8. WE are Seal Team America. Engage.

        • You’d think there would be ONE patriot lawyer to fight for this man pro se…I just read one about a ADA killed in TX, and the DA confirmed he carries. There should be nothing to fight. An unconstitutional law can not be enforced. Looks like we can expect more of the same across the country, very soon. Be ready.

          • sixpack; Hasse, the man killed, has a family and was highly thought of in the community. He dealt almost exclusively with drug rings and violent criminals. He had moved from the Dallas DA office to get away from the politics of it all, so he could serve his community without all the bull shit. Your comment is somewhat vague, but if you’re advocating taking out people that are the good guys in the community just because of where they work or what their job is then you have a serious problem. Furthermore if you rah rah for this kind of action when you don’t know what you’re talking about, then you are one of the problems. I would hope that we wouldn’t expect more of THIS across the country. I agree with the premise that an unconstitutional law can’t be enforced. If I have mistaken your premise, my bad, if not then I stand by what I said. If I was a DA or ADA, I would carry too, cuz the legal system, even in Texas, lets people out that shouldn’t be out and some of them hold a grudge….unless you meanT to support THEM.

            • my point was that even people like DAs need to carry, and that there should be a lawyer somewhere ready to help defend that 2nd amendment right. I do not “rah rah” for murder…ever. Clearly, my previous post was not clear enough for some.

        • No no, you said you gotta be Seal Team Fart.

          Bring on the red thumbs. LMAO!

      9. I believe TPTB are pushing the envelope to its limit now. Someone out there is going to get pulled over and when the LEO oversteps his legal authority, which is becoming the norm, the gun owner, who happens to be legally packing, is going to say “Bullshit, eat this” and then it will start. TPTB are pushing for this scenario to take place. It’s going to happen, Someone’s going to snap and for better or for worst, it will then, spread like wildfire.

        • That is what they want EA…and it looks like NY is the battleground of choice.

          God please give us the strength to do the right thing…all we want is to honor you and other sharing people.

          We are going to have to do something soon…I like the SEAL team America moniker big time.

        • As I have said, at some point, there is going to be another Lexington and Concord moment.

          Some jack-booted thug of an officer will overstep their bounds and it will end badly for them. Then the tyrants will escalate the situation, followed by more acts of defiance. Eventually, it will be full-on civil war.

          And TPTB will not realize what a big steamy pile they have stepped in until it is too late.

          • I think this is exactly right. People keep looking for some organized march on Washington or something…that won’t do it. It will be the American equivalent of the street vendor who burned himself to death protesting his life under tyrants. Look for that…one incident that encapsulates the lies, the corruption, the selective enforcement of laws, the violence against us. When that happens, the collective mind of patriots will respond. It’s coming, you can feel it. I don’t wish for it, but it feels inevitable at this point.

            • Guys/Gals,

              We can talk, it’s easy . . . right. Each one of you needs to understand how bad things can get and then think about how could deal with it. Im not going to throw the towel in, but we’re in trouble. If you don’t truly understand what I’ve said, then read it until you do.

        • That seems to be what they want. But, I was always told be careful what you wish for . . . you might just get it.

          Sad to say, some patriot will have to pay the ultimate price. And once that happens, it’s on.

          KySSG . . . out.

          • This article is very misleading, after further reading, NY banned 30 round clips in 1994. That is why he was arrested. Article doesn’t add up.

            • Yes NYS had a ban from 1994, so your 10+ round mag had to predate the 1994 ban. There are many mags, magpul for example, that dont have any preban mags for NYS. This article leaves out a ton of info and here in NYS the devil is in the details. He may have a mag that is legal or he may have one that was already illegal. Im sure there is way more to this story than we are beign told.

        • That’s right, European American.

          Here’s the kind of thing you are going to see much more of before long, individuals and two-man dynamic patriot duos taking the fight to the cops and other oppressors. Of course, we don’t know what motivated the shooter(s) is this case.

          Texas assistant DA shot to death; at least one gunman sought

          Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was shot multiple times while walking from the parking lot toward the county courthouse at about 8 a.m. local time, officials said. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died.

          When asked if Hasse appeared to have been targeted by his attacker, Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes said, “I would say from all appearances it is. But we have no concrete information on that. We’re pursuing every avenue right now.”

          Police said witnesses have reported two shooters wearing all black, one or both of them possibly wearing a tactical-type vest, and driving an older, silver Ford Taurus. Aulbaugh said they have not yet confirmed that there were two people involved in the shooting and if the shooter(s) were wearing a tactical jacket as described.

          • steve; You can read my other post, I don’t want to duplicate and take up space. You don’t know the circumstances. This “dynamic patriot duo” that killed Hasse are thugs and murderers. By and large, particularly in Texas, the cops and the DA’s office (outside the large cities)are above reproach. This man worked to convict drug dealers and violent criminals. He was an upright citizen in the community. This dynamic patriot duo will be found and in Texas they will die. They can hold hands while they get their injections. They will be vaccinated so they don’t get to kill again.

            • It IS YOU that needs to READ! Steve said in his 2nd sentence Of course,we don’t knpw what motivated the shooter(s) in this case.!!!!!!!!!!!

              READ His post Again prior to complaining Blowhard!

        • EA thats exactly how I see it going down, some vet or ex leo is gonna get pulled over by the wrong cop and call BS to the whole thing. It will be someone that has impechable credentials and a decorated honerable service record. One of these days prolly not long from now some patriot is gonna say enough is enough and the next shot heard around the world will happen at a randon vehicle checkpoint.
          If we are not there yet we will be soon. Yes most of us are retired cops and or vets and even thinking about the possibility of going back into a world that we left behind in our youth is daunting to say the least. However when push comes to shove someone is gonna push back and if its the right person all the patriots will follow. Dont forget this you NWO advocates , we were trained to never leave a man behind and right now it appears that you have one of our brothers in your POW camp, I strongly suggest you release him and drop the
          charges before this goes any further, think about the next decorated vet/leo/patriot that you may pull over. After this story gets out do you think the next guy is gonna go peacefully if he knows hes going to prison for these rediculous charges? Wake the fuck up

        • European American, you are very close to right.

        • European American, they are looking for that One More Inch….

        • EA,

          I agree with you for the most part. Where I disagree is the “legally packing”. Our bill of rights says we can always legally pack. Some of us have taken the path of least resistance and complied with lesser laws to avoid trouble. I don’t want to end up in a cell when SHTF. However, since they are trying to make it impossible to be a gun owner and I am at more risk now of being defenseless when they come for me with some trumped up charges. So more and more often I am carrying whatever the hell I want against their illegal laws.

          But yes, I do think some LEOs are going to go over board at some point and end up dead. The problem I can’t resolve is even if the cops are in the wrong… all the rest of the LEOs will be obligated to seek revenge due to there club rules and making an example of us.

          thoughts welcome.


          • A Possible Good solution the guy could have done is…Drive a Pickup truck. Then if whatever you carry thats not legit or may violate any stupid laws, is placed in a simple brown bag or similar container, with ZERO fingerprints on items caried Or bag it is contained in.

            And bag with item placed into Back of pickup Bed area he could have Denied it was his!….”I know not what that is nor where it came from officer!”

            The cop likly will say Ok then you wont care if I look see whats inside the bag eh?…No go ahead officer its NOT Mine anyways!

            Because Anybody can toss a bag or whatever else into back of truck bed when driver aint there or watching etc.

            Just in the truck bed aint proof solid who Put it there nor Who it belongs to..Zero prints?…Zero case!

            You Must begin to Think more like dopers and other criminals do to operate outside law if you choose to do so….Learn what constitutes proof its yours etc.

            I Know what I say may seem stupid..But think on it. What real Proof exists if he or You claim its not mine and zero fingerprints are found anywheres on items(magaz’s-bullets in it, bag/container)?…None thats what!

            If you go to court You are Innocnet till They prove guilt BEYOND a Resonable Doubt…No claims it belobgs to you and zero prints?…PLENTY Doubt exists! and Zero Guilt!

            Return here tomorrow! I will post Ghetto lessons in Ebonics incase you find self in Wrong areas/hoods/inner city!(just joking)!

      10. TOO FUNNY! LMAO! OO-RAH!

        All patriotic Americans should join the military!

        USA! USA! USA!

        Spreading the American way conquering one country or state at a time!

        • I know you’re a left wing troll so you wont like this but that does appear to be the Democrat way.

          Before you scoff, I’m not afraid to list out for you all the wars the democrats got this country into vs all the ones the Republicans got us into.

          Lets just say the notion of ‘right wing war mongers’ when you look at the facts, is a left wing lie.

      11. Legally purchased, UNLOADED mags? WHAAAAT?
        I didn’t think this unconstitutional piece of crap was active yet, or had withstood the legal process. Isn’t SOMEBODY SUING those bastards?

        NY, you guys need to show up at that courthouse, and raise the f* ROOF!

        Like we’ve been saying for some time…

        One, by one…
        Almost time to lace up them old combat boots.

        • Exactly, and they have a year to get rid of them by selling them out of state. i.e. exporting mass shootings. And this sounds a bit fishy.

      12. The difference between the old days and now is exactly this! Old days guy gets pulled over cop gets a feel for the guy finds out he is a veteran finds the magazines even if they were not legal says hey you can’t have these I have to take them let’s him go end of story!
        New days we send a guy to a foreign land to defend our interests, comes back a decorated veteran who served honorably and is mentally in tact and means nobody any harm. Minding his business gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop and EMPTY I repeat EMPTY magazines are found. He is cuffed, Miranda rights given and taken to jail no horse sense by the cops, no lets have conversation about this before we ruin this guys life and no Sargent or lieutenant stepping in and saying guys we have to give him a pass you are free to go sir!
        Now you have arraignments, huge lawyer fees, anxiety, family anguish and for what Empty magazines are you kidding!!
        If this is how we treat the people who fight our battles for us and any of you out there that think Vets will not resist or active military will fire on their fellow Americans when the SHTF YOU ARE WRONG!

        • yep, and for some reason it’s ok for females (future vets!) to have an M-16 on the front lines in COMBAT, but NOT ok to have an AR-15 to defend the home….

          everything that’s being spun up contradicts itself; they are deliberatly keeping us twirling; don’t take the bait.

        • oh, and FLEONY charges for this guy – if convicted, doesn’t he lose his right to bear arms???!!!!???

        • oh, and FELONY charges for this guy – if convicted, doesn’t he lose his right to bear arms???!!!!???

        • EXPJ and all of you who seem to agree with him,

          Equal under law. What part of this do you not understand? Why are you so eagerly advancing the idea that veterans deserve special treatment? Some if not most of you will include LEOs in this category. Why? What does advancing the agenda of a corrupt state have to do with a persons rights? These footsoldiers are the very method by which your rights are taken at gunpoint. The willingness to follow orders is a BAD thing. Military and leos are simply meatbots who do as they are told for money. By holding them up as deserving of special treatment you are helping to advance the notion that obedience to the system is a good thing. Do you really believe that helping the very government that has declared war on you and you very right to exist is worth praise? Fuck you, fuck the US military, fuck leos, fuck this government and fuck the very idea that obedience without conscience is good.

          People get the government they deserve.

          Wake the fuck up people!

          • Common Sense
            With all due respect I at no time think anyone is above the law and think all should be held the same no matter veteran or LEO. I am a veteran and do not look at myself as any different than you or anyone else! Following orders that are not illegal as a soldier prevent the breakdown that would occur in battles and the ensuing chaos of inexperienced soldiers costing lives by not performing tactics correctly to save lives! Officers and higher ranking NCO s are duty bound not to follow an illegal order and can be prosecuted for such under articles of the UCMJ and often are. Life is about the pattern you have carved out in this life and how your fellow man sees you! This guy as a soldier never knocked on any of your doors and asked for your weapons or else so don’t understand the venom being spewed at him by you but that is your right!! The founding fathers wrote the constitution after many patriots died dispelling a ruthless king since then many have died defending it in a lot of conflicts that are of questionable origin but they did what they had to. As far as LEO s are concerned if they went for a serious gun grab do you think they would have a chance?? Without the backing of the armed forces they are powerless in a major uprising! Look at every uprising or disaster 1st responder then military. Police, fire and such not equipped for the heavy lifting nor the stomach for it either! I’ve said it before most veterans are armed they will stand up and fight, spec ops tough but smart will not shoot or hunt civilians in this land and the armed forces as a whole will not invade cities! Just relax!!

      13. This man should be Honored, I say Honered he is and always will be an American Hero. no facist police state change that

        • Yes, a decorated hero. Wasn’t John “I served in Viet Nam” a decorated war hero? Decorated veteran doesn’t mean you get to break the law.

          • What law? was it in effect yet? If not then that is the issue here. David gregory got away with it in DC. You think he is special? Of course you do he is a left wing twit just like you.

          • Fuck off gov’t troll. We’ll find you later. Count on it.

          • @ Jasmine,

            “Decorated veteran doesn’t mean you get to break the law.”

            LAW?! Whose law are we talking about here…the laws of a buch of self-serving politico’s in a captured system of government or the laws of a country of free people determined to stay that way…Mother of God, lady get a CLUE! 🙁

      14. This is absolutely wrong. Is this decorated combat veteran, being made an ‘example’ of the new N.Y. gun law?
        I wonder if this will get out on the news media, fox, or cnn, or the others. This measure is way, way too
        extreme. I hope he gets a good attorney and is able to
        show how ridiculous this measure is.

        • Absolutely he’s being made an example of. That’s how they THINK they’re going to intimidate the rest of the fools who still live there to COMPLY.

          Two things, New Yorkers:
          1.) Get out and protest as loudly and visibly as possible. He’s going to have hearings – find out when they are and BE THERE. In the streets, making noise. Buy billboards. Make up stickers to post on every gas pump. Find out who the prosecuting attorney is and lampoon him. Turn the tactics of those Code Pinkos against them.

          2.) Get the hell out of NY ASAP. Take your productivity (and your tax dollars) and LEAVE. My son-in-law who has worked downtown NYC for 20 years just did it. He’s going to get to keep tens of thousands of his own money out of their hands from now on. You can, too. There’s plenty of places where you can live and be respected, so long as you don’t bring any of that NY arrogance with you.

      15. This guy is probably a government tool. Oh my goodness, they arrested an Army guy, just think what they will do to you and me. We better get rid of our magazines now. This is probably nothing but more propaganda. Brought to you by the government and a government employee. I wouldn’t be so quick to buy it.

        • I would venture to say that the reaction it will produce is not going to be the one that they want.

          • I would say its time to openly form an organized militia,,,
            see how they like that, organized to the point that we all bear the same flag and moniker but are disconnected enough that they cant really connect the dots,,

            • Kula,

              Little late, they have formed brother..



      16. To call this a travesty of justice is to underscore the full frontal attack of the thug boots of the Elites in New York State. This man is a combat VETERAN!! I don’t care if the damned magazines were stuffed to the rim-obviously they were in safe hands. Eric Holder and his self appointed lackeys run guns to Mexico (which has the toughest gun laws in the southern hemisphere), kill thousands of civilians, murder a Border Agent:
        yet continue to ride in the limos and stiff the taxpayers??
        I am so finished with The Wizards of Smart. I have this sinking feeling that we will once again experience civil war. I just want to make sure they are in the thick of it.
        What a sad country we have become.

        • That’s why we need a Master Target List.
          So they too, can feel the heat…

          • Now is the time to research the family tree of each and every one of the Gubmint fools. This includes the elected, appointed and self-important bureaucrats. Learn where all members of their family live so when they decide to come for us, we can go after their family members. These A-ho’s need to learn that it is a TWO WAY STREET. I would probably die from laughing to hear that DiFi got hit with an arrow from an archer who was carrying a high capacity quiver.

            • LOL…high capacity quiver… love that…
              In all seriousness, a crossbow is an awesome weapon…
              Silent but deadly.

          • No quarter

            • NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!


          • Where is the address and name of the arresting officer or officers.
            Fair is fair.

            • Are they upset because we aren’t talking about the latest shootings??
              There have been 2 or 3 not even making headlines on the internet blogs.

            • @ Archivist,

              Jolly Right Fine gift!!!! THIS will BE useful… 🙂

      17. Its entering the next phase.
        This guy is going to be example 1/320000000.
        Good luck to us all.

      18. Cuomo is the one who should be in jail

        and so should that dick weed deputy

        they both apparently use copies of the Constitution to wipe their asses

        • wait… was this a deputy or a NY State cop?
          they can stop your car, for a ‘vehicle check’…WTF?

          They are pushing… they want us to fire first.
          I wonder if the next ‘thing’ will be the ‘rash of ambushes’ on cops…

          • Oh,, yes. This is how they enforce vehicle safety standards in NY. Random roadblocks, they check your lights, tires, glass, etc. Lived there in the early ’80s and saw them repeatedly. That was the era of CB radios, though, so it was often easy to avoid them if somebody go on the radio and spoke up. Funny thing, you never saw them in the ghettos – only out in the suburbs and rural areas.

        • Amen to that, its funny how highly they think of themselvs and we see them as pure evil.

      19. Being a Patriot — he should invoke the Patriot Act!

        • Which part exactly?

      20. Why the f*ck anyone with a brain cell lives in the arm- pit of the world named New York is beyond me. Same goes for the cess-pool known as Washington D.C.

        • Depends. NYC is a cesspool. Not even an American city anymore. Upstate is one of the most beautiful parts of this country. Or would be if it weren’t for the stink from the City, (and Albany). You can even smell it upwind.

      21. this should be all over fox news

        • Exactly Clint! This needs to hit every person who has a show that people listen to or watch! They need to bring on people who supported the wiping of the Constitution and present this person to them and ask if they now feel like they have helped eliminate the next Sandy Hook because we turned a war hero in to a felon criminal.

        • Fox is rapidly becoming just another MSM outlet. They will do a little verbal protesting just to keep the conservative sheep in line, but you won’t hear real patriots like Judge Anthony Napolitano on Fox news anymore. All you’ll hear are toe-the-line NWO hacks like O’Reilly and Hannity.

          • It always has been just another MSM outlet. Who’s their star attraction? O’Reilly – a phoney-baloney conservative if there ever was one. Favors illegal immigration. Favors “reasonable gun control”. Next is his protege Hannity. So obnoxious you have to think he’s a false-flag Conservative put there to make real Patriots look bad. Then they have that race pimp Geraldo. Thinks he’s Casanova come again, (pun intended). And Juan Williams – an Obama whore from the word go. OK, they had Palin for a while, but notice she flipped them the bird when her contract came up for renewal.

        • A Bieber tweet about it would get more response.

          • Hannity looks alot more like a Khazer than a irish guy. Close set Beedy rat eyes…Prominent Hook at nose end. And as he gains weight his facial features look more so weekly.

            A typical “Tare” amoung the “Wheat”.

            Is that an example what the Lord meant when He said “Wait till they are Mature for the harvest, so not a single wheat will be Uprooted by mistake”?(seems so yes).

      22. The Green Berets have just come out with a pro 2nd amendment statement citing they took an oath to protect our country against all enemies foreign and Domestic! 1000 signed it! The statement is extensive citing all the reasons why as a country we all need to be armed!!
        I commented on another SHTF article earlier in the week that special ops guys are not only tough but extremely intelligent and they will not fire on or hunt civilians period!!

        • the GB’s need to standd up for this guy in court than,, time to put their words in more idle talk

        • then why don’t them green berets go to New York and free their brother against a constitutional enemy? There sure quick to go and pull a unconstitutional fictional defense on behalf of us (what a joke) but they don’t do anythingt to actually protect freedoms against unconstitutional abuses right here in our own freaking land!!!

          Where are the other Sheriffs doing all the talking right now…why aren’t thyey doing something to free this man…theywon’t do anything but talk and grandstand to get their votes for next election

          • BY You should Lead them to free the guy fron jail. Bring a hacksaw and bust him Out!

            OR: Perhaps these sherrifs and green berets are trying the last remaining means of peacefull resistance left eh.

            Cant just go in guns ablaze. Not “yet” anyways. Even our Founders put up with crap at least for 20 yrs prior to musket usage.

            Just remain vigilant…For now.

            • TYPO! That should read BJ…not BY! sorry.

              • LoL, yeah I figured that. I know what you’re saying……the anger in the post was more or less mainly directed at the mentioning of military as if today’s are actually heroic and do righteous bidding around the world….a lie that I find deplorable

      23. This vet needs to fight the bastards in every possible way, even illegal methods if that’s what it takes. I agree with EA’s analysis; this veteran is the one they’ve chosen to try to make an example of. Someone should discover the identity of the POS who arrested him and teach him some lessons; like, let him find his home broken into and ransacked, if nothing else, when he comes home from his shift. Then he’ll know how the veteran feels about being violated for no good reason. Gotta finish prepping. Looks like the party’s getting started sooner than we thought. braveheart

        • Bravefart …U aint no veteran and I live on your same street and known ya all my life, Stop the lies before ya end up in Lakeside or better yet 201 POPLAR …SON!

      24. What’s all this talk about Sheriff’s being the bastion of freedom in this country?

        It’s bullshit…that’s what it is.

      25. How is this any different to the vets who are losing their right to bear arms as the wrong box is being ticked on a mental health form at a check up for a sore shoulder?

        Guns are just tools. Vets and others who know how to USE those tools have to be disarmed first and quickly if tptb plans for America are to succeed.

        Ex-military personnel are on the front lines of the disarmament of the American people. By the time the masses wake up, even within the prepper movement, all those with the skills to do what needs to be done will be rendered helpless to protect the constitution. This is by design.

        The gang banger waving a glock is no threat to tptb. A decorated veteran with proven leadership skills is a person they now fear.

        The definition of felon has changed from what you and I would call a criminal to anyone who could potentially threaten the emergence of the NWO.

        • Well then, the rest of us had better have a couple extra ARs in the box go hand the Vets when TSHTF…

          • At some point it won’t matter how many of us they claim are felons. I knew this would happen, I said so several days ago in another article post. WE have to get over the stigma attached to being convicted of some lame “crime” and recognize we are ALL people, and we ALL need to fight…just not each other.

            There is another article on yahoo a while ago, where felons on a work crew braved a flooded creek to rescue 3 teenagers in a tipped over canoe. They got them all safely to an island long before the “rescue” crew got there. In Oregon, every forest fire season, prison inmates save free people’s homes as they battle the fires…expensive properties. NEVER does any homeowner behind the fire lines ever even say “thank you” for saving my $600,000 property. Ever.

            We need to remember that only about 1% of ALL prison inmates are there for a violent crime, EVEN AFTER they rewrote the laws to make prosecution easier and redefined what is considered “violent” crime. 95% are there for drug charges or other related crimes.

            NOW we may be forced to rethink our outlook on “felons” as our ranks join them at an unprecedented rate. Remember, every felon was an honest. law abiding individual—until they got caught up in the “just us” system…

      26. One day, they’re gonna try that shit on someone who feels like he has little or nothing to lose. That might be the next “shot heard ’round the world”.

        • No it won’t, it will be a shot heard with in a mile or two and that is it. He’ll be made to look like a crazy nut or a domestic terrorist and it will further push the gun regulations and that will be the end of story

      27. Defense Fund GOAL $100,000.00

        Look at that big TUNISIAN smile!

        The original Haddad (Aramaicܚܕܕ or ܚܕܐܕ ) name means Blacksmith in ancient Semitic. The Haddad name dates back to the Phoenician era of the Eastern Mediterranean. People who have the last name of Haddad are often Christian whereas among Tunisians they tend to be Jewish. Haddad is the most commonly used Christian surname in the Mediterranean and Eurasian World. Though a big amount of the Haddad clan died in the Levant. The Haddad Christians live in Lebanon, Spain, Brazil, France, Italy, Israel/Palestine, Egypt and Turkey, (Southeastern Europe). In the Aramaic-Turoyo dialect they are also known as “Hadodo ܚܕܕܐ” – but after the prohibition of the use of non-Turkish names 1934[2] they took Turkish names.Although origins of the lastname vary due to migration from one place to another, there is a variety of origin and not all of the name carriers share the same orgin and blood line. There are many family trees of different clans that share the name although none are biolgicaly related or confirmed to be from the same place. Haddad is the most common surname in Lebanon (Phoenicia), with about 2.42% or 96,800 people having the surname in Lebanon alone.

        • Well done. There’s way too many people who would think that he’s just another Arab.

      28. Impeach Cumo. Every state has their own impeachment
        laws and interpretation. Checked google and there have been demonstrations from New Yorkers at Albany upset about the recent gun law. Keep up the good work N.
        Yorkers. Its a start.

      29. It looks as history repeats it self after a countery gets over 200 yaers old, Its always turn tyranical. This countery was started out on good intenions, But evil has crept in. That is are own fault. Evil prevauls when good peaple stand by and do nothing.

        Thease usfull ideits think they are on the winning side, Surprise, surprise, In the back of my bible God wins,

        Evey knee shall bow ever toung shall confess Jesus is Lord

      30. For a “random vehicle check,” tell the police “I do not consent to any searches, officer.” If they do it anyway, at least you can tell the attorney that you did not give the police consent. One could also throw the keys into the car and lock it before they attempt the search. It will require the help of a locksmith, but the police would again be blocked.

        • Don’t forget the “plain sight doctrine” Anything illegal that is left in plain sight can legally be seized whether you consent or not and can successfully be used against you as evidence, whether it’s a roach in the ash tray or an empty 30 round mag…

        • no locksmith, just a baton

      31. as an rv traveler i am one in millions of rv vacationers or full timers. among the millions of us i would guess most carry some type of weapons for defense. i carry several. new york, take notice, i and i’m sure many others will avoid new york or any state that threatens our right to carry weapons in our rv’s. our dollars will elsewhere.

        • but NY state is a choke-point for the entire New England area…how we gonna get posse out of there???

          • Canoe down the river to the lakes, then head south

      32. This situation really sucks! I agree with the writer and most comments and am a Viet vet myself.

        That being said, he lives in the area and had to know the situation. Why on earth did he allow himself to be a victim?
        Damn I feel bad for him…

        Don’t be a victim… Vote with your feet,,,Get the hell out. The Northeast has been completely taken over by Nazi Fascists.

        Leave while you can.

      33. And so it begins….Excellent

      34. This is almost entrapment, random vehicle check my foot. A lot of people should bring a bunch of FAKE magazines that are literally the toy store variety and dump them right on top of some of these NY politicans and law makers laps. Of course the laws there you would be probably arrested for assault doing this. Truly it takes a true pig to gladly arrest and enforce this garbage. This is the type of laws made up by true buttheads that nails the honest citizen. I am too disgusted to continue to discuss this. Poor Nathan Haddad.

        • They just charged a five year old little girl as a terrorist because she brought a pink bubble gun to school. Not sure common sense has any bearing on anything anymore.Not to mention the kid who was also charged because he had a piece of paper that looked vaguely like a gun. The f-in country is nuts.

          • Another got in big trouble for making a gun with legos.

          • In NYC they arrested a 7 yr old, hand cuffed him to a rail and interrogated him alone for several hours—OVER A FIVE DOLLAR BILL! Tell me NY police haven’t gone nuts!


            …Wilson Reyes, a student at Public School 114 in the Bronx reportedly got into a fight with a fellow student in December after he was accused of taking $5 of lunch money that had fallen on the ground in front of him. Responding to a complaint of assault and robbery, the police were called and took the boy to the local police precinct where officers allegedly handcuffed and interrogated him for ten hours, according to the lawsuit.

          • Plus another small girl 5yrs old kindergarten, pointed a Chickin Bone at teacher! Expelled for “Gun” charge!

            If so many folks claim to be christians, who are they still having their kiddies in Public indoctrination centers(schools) run by bolshevik kommies and kommie unions?

            Just 25% or so removed from that system would collapse entire usa school systems. Then all kids be freed from kommies and their evil intent and trainings.

        • @bi
          we should all be disgusted…on an individual basis, one by one, we will be surprised and disgusted by the ones that turn us in for a reward of minor payment or payback for themselves…this all started with the first state that attacked an individuals gun rights…now the collecting of anyone who might stand up to tptb has started and it is far worse than 1776 for the enemy is us…please pray for the womaan and children.

        • YEAH B.I.—fake magazines–lol

          …a bunch of nerf magazines painted black, we could wear ’round like a bandolier,lol…

          • Hey Ya’ll:

            Timothy(thx Bro) posted the address of the sheriff’s dept that made the arrest. Let’s send them our own high capacity “magazines” –anything more that 7 “pages” —

            John T. Burns is the sheriff. His address is
            Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
            753 Waterman Drive
            Watertown, NY 13601

            Mail in a flood of “magazines”……

            …no time to be angry, time to be mean….BA.

      35. Also Notify the Rutherford Institute of this infringement on this mans rights.

      36. let me guess….the bonehead was asked by the cop “can i search your car?”….and the guy says “sure, i got nothing to hide”….i feel for the guy, but want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to NEVER GIVE A COP PERMISSION TO SEARCH YOU.. good luck to you sir.

        • Good Point. NEVER make it easy for them. “If you cooperate it’ll be better for you” is a complete lie.

        • Your wright never tell them its ok but sometimes these pigs dont even ask & if U say no they detain you put you in the back of their car wait for back up then search your car anyway due to probable cause since “they have reason to believe your holding contraband” or something to hide cause you woulnt give them the ok, & thats supposably legal because your under their custody for the time being & they have cause sorry for the rant but its happened to me

      37. Another 6.2 earthquake at the Santa Cruz Islands. This could be the fault getting ready to let loose in this area. Foreshocks from a failing fault getting ready to go. Foreshocks almost entirely on the fault, only 5% of the time, are simply the fault partially going and then relocking to break later. This is the on the line between New Guinea and Fiji that the precursors polar earthquakes indicated was one of the target zones. I would say anything larger here would indicate something quite big coming soon thereafter. This region is capable of 8+ as back on July 17, 1980 there was a 8.0.

        • Would you knock off the fake earthquake predictions.

          • @ John W. Why would you say such an asinine comment? I am my biggest critic and I personally try to disprove myself and the forecasting to make sure that they are accurate. I told everyone that northern Chile was one of the areas that would get hit by Jan. 30, and it did with a 6.8. Why would you call these predictions fake? I was wrong about the San Andreas that time when all the activity out in the desert, and I admit it. You are not becoming the new Jo(k)e(r) in NC are you? You make some good comments often enough. IF you doubt the forecasting of these earthquakes, explain yourself WHY. Give a reason and maybe it can help to even forecast earthquakes even more accurately and really pinpoint it. At least be decent and go back and see that almost every forecast has been quite good. See for yourself rather than just attack with an one liner without any logical reason behind your statement.

            • Be Informed:

              Clearly, John W’s feelings do not reflect the opinion of the majority of us, (which you can see by the number of thumbs down noted above).

              Please continue to share your information with us. Your information is greatly appreciated.

            • I usually enjoy your comments about possible earthquakes. I usually find them entertaining. Just don’t see the point anymore as have you ever been right except in the most general way? let me know when you think the Rose Canyon fault or San Andreas are ready to let go. They concern me. maybe the fact that the whole country seems to have lost it’s collective mind has left me with a humor deficit.

              • @ John W. At first the predictions of earthquakes were much more broad and more like trying to forecast it on a world scale. Then as these precursor quakes starting to show the same patterns over the decades I found you could pinpoint the location much more so. That 6.3 off San Diego a couple of months ago I warned about before it happened. It is very difficult to pinpoint earthquakes down to a the level of a hurricane, but it is getting there. Try to imagine taking a bullet fired from somewhere 2-3 miles away and trying to retrace it to the original point from which it was fired. This is what I am trying to do with retracing the energy from a fault back to its source.

                Stan Deyo and others have given correct hits to smaller earthquakes all over the planet. This is like trying to hit a favorite horse in a race by placing a bet to place 2nd place or to show 3rd place. I am ONLY concerned with large earthquakes that can kill and destroy property. Again and again this system works. How many people on the internet said that there was going to be an earthquake in Northern Chile and got it right? Probably zero, other than from this site. You could tell from the earthquakes on the western portion of the Nazca plate that this was going to be hit.

                You call this general, I don’t see ANYONE even getting close like this. Granted it is not pinpointed to a few miles, but neither was early hurricane forecasting at all. You bring up some very good points to other articles, and some are a bit outlandish, but unlike that idiot joker in NC, you do contribute to the site in all fairness. Now in all fairness, do you see anyone else even getting close as these earthquake forecasts have been anywhere on the web? We are talking about veyr difficult to forecast large earthquakes? IF you do tell me and others because I would like to it.

                One other thing, there are many other people that earthquakes affect. VRF has family down in Peru and I warned him that something was coming in their area, and again granted it was about 500 miles to the south that 6.8, it was in the area that it should have been. VRF matters, as well as other people, not just california and people there ONLY matter. IF I see energy signatures aimed towards sand diego and or the San Andreas fault I will of course let everyone know. But also if someone is possibly facing death in the south seas area that happens to visit this site. We ALL matter and to not think so and be only concerned about your own area is extremely selfish. I don’t care if forewarning someone in Oregon of something coming or someone in Vanautu, if it can help someone prepare, then something good has come from it. That is what the title of this site is SHTF(plan). Predictions can be geophysical or war or another SHTF event. Some pan out others don’t, but at least there is the effort there.

                • Keep doing in your thing BI…if people dont want to read it they can scroll on down 🙂

          • Keep up the good work B.I.:

            …johnw is still upset ‘cuz he kicked the dog an’ she divorced him.–woof–

            • I have never met your momma.

        • Keep em coming BI. I for one enjoy the earthquake news.

          Now to get the discussion and forecasts all in one place…


          • +1

        • @ John W. They would be fake if he wasn’t 100% accurate since I’ve been following him.

          Keep em coming @ BI. I very much appreciate it!

        • now another 6.7 in the same spot! yikes!

      38. I am Hageled into being scared…

        • Stop it, Teddy….people are starting to like you….

        • been swimming lately?

      39. to arms

      40. To arms and to arms now!!!! enough said.

      41. Can’t we get a 3D printer to kick out magazines on demand yet?

        Something is wierd on this case. Random search WTF? Hi cap mags before the law was passed? It’s almost like this cop was doing us a favor. They will get this kicked and set precedent in our favor.

        • I hope you are right.

        • Yes, you can get all the files for free here.

          The printer to create them go for as little as $1200.00. Maybe this is the next item to add to your preps? Something to think about.


      42. i guess I shoudl say to pens now to pens enough said. in no way is my comment meant for anything violent. write tell all who will listen. protest support this guy. donate. Legal resitance is always welcome 🙂

      43. You guys (LEO’s) are really pushing it now.


        You want it? Keep it up…

      44. er the other either way this is the declaration af war weve all been waiting on.

      45. I believe this is just one more provocation. LEO probably wanted the guy to put up some type of resistance, an excuse to crack a skull. Would not surprise me if they start targeting all vets. I would look for more of this in the coming weeks.

        I stay in constant Condition Yellow. I won’t sit in my favorite diner unless I have my back to the wall, with an unobstructed view of both doors. I am constantly scanning the area I’m in, looking for anything that even seems remotely out of place. I’m always checking my six.
        If something like this is going to happen, by hell, they’ll have to work at it.

        They want someone like that poor guy, or me, or you, to make the first move. It’s like the old school yard bully. They keep picking and picking, until they pick on the right one to get a reaction. But sometimes the bully picks on the wrong one, and gets his ass handed to him on a plate.

        When they get to the wrong one, they’ll know it, and it’s game on.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KySSG,

          Thats just smart, I always have my back to the wall. And you are right they are pushing but we still have to wait for them to bust a first move. And to all the Ladies on the site sorry for my bad typing the guy just pissed me off.


          • DPS:

            Agreed. Sooner or later (probably sooner) they make that first move and draw blood. Sad to say, some patriot will likely have to pay the ultimate price to stir the rest into a frenzy.

            Oh, and that guy up there got a few choice words out of me as well.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • Don’t worry about your language, fellows. A few of the people in this thread and the LEO in this post got a few choice words out of me, too.

              And you’re right, it seems like they’re deliberately provoking patriots, at this point. It’s like an active fault zone, as BI might say, and it could break at any moment. I’d suggest to everyone that you buy whatever’s left on your survival list as soon as you can. Time may be shorter than we think.

              Good luck and Godspeed to all of you.

              • Lady of the Lake,

                Well sometime we all lose our tempers I guess, I know I’m sure stressed out. As dk likes to say I may need to cast couple hundred ballots this weekend.



          • DPS, +1. Been keeping my back to the wall and eyes toward the doors for years. My wife stopped asking me where I wanted to sit years ago.

            • PO’d

              Yes sir my g/f is the same way I never did much care to have somebody behind me. And my back against the way has helped me plenty of times. Even though the LEO’s here are not pushing much yet, I am sure tired of seeing them push others around. Never claimed to be a badass, but then again like my vest says ( These Colors Don’t Run )



      46. You patriots in NY need to get organized and find a way to get this guy out of jail. NY law enforcement, YOU SWORE AN OATH!!! You have an OBLIGATION to set this veteran free and protect him from any further judicial tyranny, reprisal or threats against his person or property. Somebody in NY needs to step and start defending fellow citizens of the Republic.

        • Why don’t YOU step up and stop this before it hits YOUR state,mouth

      47. Bear with me here people, forgive me for being a stickler, but I feel the need to research things before allowing myself to become emotional engaged in them.

        Here is what I have discovered.

        Ok, links to this article:

        This site has a date of Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 2:15pm for when the article was published.

        This site claims the source is

        But this just links to an article about Nathan helping veterans with physical therapy. An article from Thursday, September 24, 2009. I could not find another article mentioning Nathan on this site, although admittedly, it wouldn’t find the article in the link when using exact phrases from the article. Worthless search function. I scoured the site quite a bit but could not find the article referenced.

        This site ( links to the article here:

        There appears to be no indication as to when this article was published on this site.

        Someone commenting on this site provided an address of the Sheriffs supposedly involved in the incident.

        John T. Burns is the sheriff. His address is
        Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
        753 Waterman Drive
        Watertown, NY 13601

        This address is verifed here:

        Then there is the donation page:

        It has been operating for 21 days according to the donation tracker.

        It would seem that something like this at a time like this would have more sources and coverage after 21 days and we would have more information about the court case by now. I am wondering if this is a scam. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

          • I sent the following email to the editor of the news paper. [email protected]

            Hello Mr. Gault,

            I realize you must be a busy person, but I was hoping you might be able to provide some more information regarding the recent (January 6th) arrest of Nathan H. Haddad.

            I hope you will agree that this is certainly of significant importance as per recent events surrounding the 2nd Amendment debate in our nation as well as recent legislation enacted within your (my former)

            Can you provide any further details on this case? Please provide me with a link if there has since been a published update on your website. I could not find anything using the search feature.

            I find it quite ironic that this case has not made it to other news venues yet there is a donation page for Nathan’s legal fund that has been active for 21 days.

            Thank you sincerely for your time,


            • I just called LeRay’s Court system (315-629-0228) to verify. The case is at the Grand Jury now. The story is legitimate.

          • An eye opener Tim…good job.

          • The article explicitly mentions ammunition. And says it was ‘during a traffic stop’, so he probably had a break light out or failed to signal or something minor like that.

            “Deputies made the arrest shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday on Steinhilber Road in the town of LeRay, where Mr. Haddad is accused of possessing five 30-round AR-15 magazines of ammunition. He is cited under a state penal law statute that prohibits possession of “a large capacity ammunition feeding device.” The ammunition was found in his vehicle during a traffic stop, according to the sheriff’s office.”

            Not that any of this should be grounds for arrest according to the second amendment.

        • Timothy,

          Great follow up Sir (Respect) I say it always pays to dig deeper. Great work.



      48. It’s the law makers…they don’t fear us anymore.


        GET READY.

      50. The cops will violate your rights without question. They always go after soft targets. If people put up a rip roaring fight, the fuzz would have to rethink their unconstitutional tactics. The police are vastly outnumbered and even a small rebellion would throw them for a loop and without public support they would high tail it back to the house..

      51. Test case, and its all about the money, we should flood the court and make this judge get the picture

        if you have any money in the bank or investments, or collateral,or family they can extort they will soon be coming after it, they are broke and we all will be thier meal tickets

        the court system is nothing but a financial grab to put money in the pocket of the judges, lawyers and city administrators, and that entier system is broke due to corruption

        • I agree with VRF, this is a test case. All new laws need a test case. Granted the arresting officer didn’t know he’s going to be a test case nor the veteran, but that’s how these things play out. The test case will test the validity of Cuomo’s nonsense, a judge will make some decision and poof, it’s in the law books and can be quoted in any relevant case into eternity.

          • I can see where you are coming from with this, but if this is a ‘test case’ I would think there would be much more coverage so that public would ‘get the point’.

            But so far, all I have found on it is the original Watertown Daily Times article and a few sites reposting it although with alterations from the original.

            I would think the NRA would jump on this but apparently he is being convicted under existing laws and not anything that has been proposed/enacted recently.

            Currently they are limited to ten rounds and the new laws will lower that to 7. BIG FLIPPING DIFFERENCE.

            10, 7, what’s the difference when the constitutional intent was to be able to overpower the government when it becomes tyrannical? They already have superior firepower.

            It has gone too far. We are now at the point of no return. Our government no longer is by of and for the people. It’s sole intent is to protect wealth and keep the sheeple in line and misinformed.

        • VRF: You are right.
          LE and the COURTS are no more than revenue enhancement tools for government; PEROID!

      52. You can still legally buy 10 round magazines in NY up until April 15th. Any 10 rounders that you own after that have to modified or you can’t load no more than seven in them. This according to the NY state government website.

        • I know the point is moot, but the max capacities for magazines in NY have been ten rounds for some time.

          I along with many others in my area, are going to Annapolis on Feb 6th and 8th by bus, to protest the new anti gun legislation that’s being introduced there (Maryland). We’ll see how it goes……….

          • interesting

            now down to 7 rounds

            give it a couple more years
            and only muskets will be legal

            incrementalism –the tool of the tyrant

      53. Anyone who willingly goes to these fascist states or who gives up their 4th Amn. rights just to fly deserve the Hell that the out of control communist in power give them. BOYCOTT THESE TRAITOREST STATES AND ANY COMPANY GOING ALONG WITH THEM LIKE WALLMART>>>THEY ONLY LISTEN TO MONEY

      54. Can’t decide if this incidient is psyops or just a bonehead deputy looking for a promotion. I immediately rescind that statement. I think most of understand that EVERYTHING is psyops in one way or another. Regardless, this is one more thing to ratchet up the heat. This baby’s gonna pop and when it does it won’t be pretty.

        I watch little television but did catch a new show on FX last night called “The Americans”. Husband and wife KGB agents living in suburban D.C. in 1981. Perfect English, nice house, two cars and kids. IMO the show somewhat spins the USSR and these sleeper agents in a sympathetic light. I was stationed in West Germany in the 80’s in a unit that was directly involved in the Cold War which at times wasn’t that cold. The vast majority of Americans didn’t have a clue how close and how many times the East Germans and Russians threatened to cross the Fulda Pass and start the big one. The reason was Reagan scared them shitless and they felt backed into a corner. This is what we must do today; scare the tptb shitless and in no uncertain terms make them understand that we will not back down. The logistical question is “in what manner do we do that”. I have no faith at all in the political process anymore, especially after watching a presidential election be stolen(not that I held out much hope in the robot called Romney!). Hate to say it…this constitution-loving veteran won’t be returning to the ballot box with it’s corrupt electronic voting.
        So this is it…a corrupted government and an entertainment system that glorifies socialism. I say “Let’s get the party started!” so maybe our little ones will have a chance for a free future.

      55. When are Americans going to start implementing “random freedom checks?”

        • The South was right!

      56. Sorry all, off topic, yet needs to get out,
        A friend just informed me that a truck (18 Wheeler) was pulled over East of El Paso texas for random inspection and instructed to open the trailer. The driver working for the Government complied, nothing but signs, reading

        Martial Law in effect.

        These signs are currently being driven to all LARGE Cities.

        Figure the odds??????????????????

        • TxRngr,

          What highway sir?
          Are you LEO?


          • DPS:

            Negative Leo status, work Range Control for Government. Incident has been outside Dallas area. You can google it.
            I’m in the arm pit of texas, Hahaha.

      57. WELCOME TO AMERIKA ! Your Papers please!

      58. Do not put any stickers,of any kind,on your vehicle.You do not want to “advertise” your beliefs,pro gun,etc,the police could then “randomly” pick you out.Also,the family stick figure clings you stick on your vehicle back window.Another “advertisement” as to how many people and or dogs you have in your home.You may attract the criminal,home invader type,who may follow you home.

        • Great advice, cindy. OPSEC is paramount. Never tip your hand. Besides, none of their business anyway.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

      59. Any mag that holds more than 10 rounds and was made after 94 has always been illegal, ny continued the AW ban when the feds let it lapse. Older mags were grandfathered in and before the new law it was the states responsibilty to prove the date of manufacture(impossible) this is no longer the case. The mags in question have been illegal since 94. Its the grandfathered mags you have a year to dispose of! Living here for some time i can sum it up for you, fuck ny and fuck cumstain cumo

      60. Can they charge him with breaking a law legally? Were those magazines illegal under current New York State law?

        He is one of the first to made an example of the power of the state. What the reaction to this example will set precedence on how future examples will be instituded. They will become the norm.
        The argument to rise up is one of states rights. If politicians make laws within their state which the people do not agree with, the people of that state should take action. It is only when we see Federal Law making everyone in the USA a criminal we will see revolution. The time in between, the PTB will use for test cases and trial runs.
        Consider this. Why should others states stand up for New York, when they can not stand up for themselves?
        Gather your gear and prepare!


      61. @ john w…..if you would pay attention to what beinformed actually does you would know he looks at past earthquake activity to predict future quakes. He has proven to be accurate in the past and you would be very wise to listen to what he says instead of telling him to ” knock off the fake quake predictions “

        • Perhaps beinformed could actually expand his operations to include tornados. I hear there were a lot in the Midwest in the past, most likely will have some pop up in Kansas this coming spring and summer. No matter what subject is being discussed, we could all be warned of the coming danger of a possible tornado (each and every day).


          This post meant to be a bit of tounge in cheek.

          Personally, I have no problem with the never ending earthquake reports. But I can understand John w pointing out his frustration with them being included in almost all subjects being posted.

        • @ badpuppydog…. maybe BI WORKS FOR THE USGS.??????

        • I did not mean to come across as an ogre. I have mentioned to him before that I enjoyed his hobby. Just getting to the point that my sense of humor is as missing as Obamas school records.

      62. veterans time to liberate your oppressed country and your imprisoned comrades. get off your rears and STRIKE ALL ENEMY TARGETS NOW. the offensive begins. dont mae me do it alone.


      63. Angry.

      64. Until people put a stop to it, the g0vt will continue to push and push and push, just like all other bullies.

        And until Born Again Christians comply with the prophecy of 2 Chronicles 7:13&14 things will only get worse and worse and worse.

        The people of the US who have chosen to follow obama and the others who serve the democrat have chosen to fight against the Lord God Creator of heaven and earth, Christ Jesus.

      65. As somebody who works in the state of NY, I am familiar with the gun laws, I would like to attempt to clarify this story a bit. 30 round mags have been illegal in NY for years. If you had pre 1994 ban mags that were larger than 10 rounds, those were legal. So please reread the article again. He thought that his 30 round mags were pre 1994. Since they were not pre 1994 they are illegal and have been since 1994. If the mags were pre 1994 they would’ve been legal.

        The author confused people when they mentioned the laws not passing yet. The laws that the author is talking about are the new 2013 laws that require registration of guns that they call “assault rifles”, only allowing seven rounds in any firearm, etc. The new gun laws have no business even being mentioned in the article as they were not applicable and would not have changed the situation at all, even if they were applicable. It was put into the article to confuse and anger people.

        I am frustrated every day by NY gun laws. I am a PA resident, and therefore have almost no restrictions in my home state. But I cannot carry or possess on a daily basis because NY does not honor my PA permit.

        • fk NY

        • Correct, the misinformed author is spreading bullshit and drawing false conclusions. However, I believe the government has the burden of proof to show the magazines were made after the ’94 ban.

      66. By DAVID C. SHAMPINE
        MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 2013
        A A
        print this article
        e-mail this article

        A former Fort Drum soldier who was injured in special forces training was arrested Sunday night when he was found with prohibited rounds of ammunition, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said.

        Nathan H. Haddad, 32, of 25240 Waddingham Road, town of LeRay, faces five felony counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He was released without bail before town of Watertown Justice Andrew N. Capone, and is ordered to appear Wednesday in town of LeRay Court.

        Deputies made the arrest shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday on Steinhilber Road in the town of LeRay, where Mr. Haddad is accused of possessing five 30-round AR-15 magazines of ammunition. He is cited under a state penal law statute that prohibits possession of “a large capacity ammunition feeding device.” The ammunition was found in his vehicle during a traffic stop, according to the sheriff’s office.

        Mr. Haddad was deployed four times during his decade in the Army, the Times reported in a story featuring him in September 2009. At that time, he was a staff sergeant with the 3rd Battalion, 85th Infantry, Warrior in Transition Unit at Fort Drum, undergoing aquatic physical therapy for an injury he suffered in South Korea during special forces training. He was discharged from the Army in October 2010, according to Fort Drum.

        • It’s sad that we have to get news like this from media outlets outside our own country now, or on sites that cull the news from around the world — the real news, that is.

          One reason I think it’s vital that we all get ham radios is that I’m not sure that we’ll have access to stories of what’s really happening across the country (and the world) once things really begin to happen. We may be reliant on work of mouth if/when internet clampdowns start. Not that the govt.corp can’t jam the ham airwaves, too, but I think that will happen later than any internet clampdowns.

          • Make that “word of mouth”… although friends of mine would say that my mouth works nonstop when it comes to talking about current events, so there’s that, ha.

      67. “The Police used to watch over the People, now they’re watching the People.”

        -Skinny Puppy

        Big Brother IS watching you. It’s not a metaphor anymore folks. A boot stamping on a human face is the visage of what’s to come.

      68. More complaining and pointing out all the wrong, and crying foul!
        Yet, as every other day in the land of Oz, not one person has the testicular fortitude to take a stand and hold a weapon and act.

        All your sign carrying, blog writing, and commenting on websites will change nothing. NEVER!

        I am a felon of embezzlement with stocks. Just like Wall Street, yet I’m a small guy, they charged me, while my bosses were paid extra for doing the same thing. Therefore, I can not possess a firearm.

        But, those who can only complain and gripe when now, that is far from the answer to this invasion.

        We are a sad weak and cowardly nation who watch our enslavement enclose more every single day, yet we only blog and comment about it.

        Shame on all of us! Shame!

        • Little thiefs go to jail; all others go to DC.

      69. People; they are really going to ratchet up the intimation factors. I feel they want confrontations with someone or a group so then they can point the finger, and say see these are wacko crazy’s and we need to put an end to them now.

        I read somewhere that in the polls that they use, they are made up 90%+ that are on the governments teat. So you see why their % is high in the poll, to get what they want. Ask as many people that you can, if they have ever been ask to participate in one of their polls. (How can 1500 people tell what over 300 million think)

        We are being step up beyond belief, WHY are we allowing it to happen, people THEY WORK OF US, we have to find a way to stop feeding the beast, you want them to make the first move CUT THEIR MONEY FLOW, I know they will just print more and keep going. So what do we do, YOU ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT?



        pale rider

        • Pale Rider, you are correct. The Feds have the American pulsebeat and this is why ‘gun control’ will be pushed through no matter what.

          Check today’s Pravda piece (from the link below) on Obama’s fears about revolution:

          “With revolution in the air the most logical thing for an increasingly dictatorial leader to do is to dispense with laws designed to allow for revolution when the government fails to do its job.”

          “Americans should be taking heed that the administration has a very different plan for America than it says it has abroad. Continually America has been funding revolutions, armed and political, abroad, and arming rebels in many instances. Meanwhile at home the humorously undemocratic two party system is making sure such a revolution cannot take place in America regardless of the will of the people. With the American military already conducting training to put down an uprising within America, and the administration targeting the Second Amendment, the reason is clear; America’s elite career politicians are worried”

      70. How is it my posts get regularly bumped but some of the vilest, racist nonsense stays.

        Guess i’ve been labeled a troll…excuse me for trying to “interlope” into your little clique.

        Sorry, Mac..your just a Rawles wannabe.

        • hey neighbor – fussing at mac isn’t going to solve anything. double check that there is some kind – any kind – of an email in the box below your name everytime you post. sometimes it drops off and you may end up in the moderation line for a while…..

          you often have good posts that get me thinking; please don’t get flustered.

          • apologies forwarded to Mac and all. My larger post disappeared for a while and I thought it was bumped. I had a split second knee-jerk liberal sensitivity, heaven forbid!

      71. Yeah, Vets are a target. Known that since 2000. What burns my butt is the fact that most of the sheep in America think us Vets will stand in their stead to defend the Rights of the oppressed while they sit, drink beer & watch the Bowl game. Treat Vets worse than dogs & people demand those same dogs to “Protect” THEIR rights…I guess all those Patriots for Profit that got half a dozen AR’s & a hoard of ammo to blackmarket on GunBroker demand the Vets to protect their profits. I got conned once into fighting for “Right”…so blog away, rub your magic AR’s for wishes & count your cabbage; people had a chance to prevent the coming slaughter, but chose instead to talk, “Blog”, compromise & submitt. Best of luck with those impotent measures.

      72. off topic
        but you need to know this

        remember the recent attack on the NY Times by Chinese hackers ?

        security software was virtually useless in providing protection

        “During a four-month long cyberattack by Chinese hackers on the New York Times, the company’s antivirus software missed 44 of the 45 pieces of malware installed by attackers on the network”

        • I don’t want security software on my computer. Sometimes I think the software companies are in on malware creation as a means of creating more business. I built my own computer, and it has never “caught” anything. Security software would hamper the performance of my computer.

          It should be obvious that, if you have information or software that must be kept absolutely safe, the system should not be connected to the internet. Computers are so cheap now, that any concerned individual should have two computers, one to surf the web and another one for personal work which never gets connected to anything else. Ideally, the work computer should be custom built to have no connectivity built in, such as network cards or wireless capability. The web surfing computer can be restored by disks anytime it picks up malware. Therefore no need for security software.

          No corporation should allow outside email or internet on essential computer systems. Individuals should go back to using email software that only handles plain ASCII text. I used Eudora for years because it could not handle attachments or HTML code. That would eliminate most of the virus problems that individuals have. The rest would be eliminated by staying away from slum websites.

          I could make the New York Times computer system absolutely secure if the Times would allow me (plus pay me well).

      73. George….Sounds like your mad cause you got caught. Because of blogging, millions are getting prepped thru finances, food, and even some defense.

        I cannot force my neighbors to store food. I cannot force democrats to see the errors of their own leadership. Half the country would love confiscation of stuff so that they could carry their own merry ways of basically doing nothing.

        All I can do is read and prepare the best I can.

        This guy should have known better. You don’t carry assault type of stuff unless you have a permit to do so. Prepping is not a right to break any laws. This guy probably got ratted on, I doubt it was a random check–I don’t buy this full story.

        Maybe you should revert your anger to yourself–you are the one, based from your post, that cheated others that trusted you. Maybe you can turn a ‘bad’ into a ‘good’ such as donate some monies to a food bank, or another charity. Or, buy heirloom seed and start gardening with your neighbors.

        Dont get mad at everyone else because of your choices. Be a Leader yourself and get going.

        • maybe George is mad
          because John Corzine stole 1.2 BILION

          and got away with it

          try shoplifting from Wally World and see if
          ya dont get busted but quick

        • “Maybe you can turn a ‘bad’ into a ‘good’ such as donate some monies to a food bank, or another charity. Or, buy heirloom seed and start gardening with your neighbors”

          Figures….advice, for a most probably financially maxed out person, to feed & provide for the already bloated “entitlement” crowd that hasn’t the gumption to wipe their own behinds. That’ll work; America’s current booming economy is PROOF of that!

      74. So how many people were beaten to death last year by empty magazine?

      75. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

      76. I don’t know what to think about this, but I’ll try. There is a law, no matter what we think about it, it hasn’t been challenged in the courts so it’s still on the books. With the heightened fervor over the school shootings and the push for gun control and the passions it flames, every agency has a lazar beam focus on guns. The cops deal with nice people that turn out to be evil sob’s, veterans are not saints, they’re veterans. If the cop was to have let it pass and then the clips were used in a killing his balls would be in a vice. To defend yourself from this environment you need to face things the way they are and not the way you think they should be. You need to learn how to operate in this environment or be victimized. When transiting from point “A” to point “B” engage your brain, know where your potentials for trouble are at and minimize them. Everyone that post on these types of forums need to add an extra degree of awareness. Before you get pulled over your plates are ran, are you on a list that says to check this guy out? you best be legal or you risk being made an example of. You best be aware of new laws that are being rushed through and not be caught off guard through ignorance. Call it situational prepping.

        • Yeah,the dummy probably had them sitting on the seat in plain view. I make it a habit to put my legal stuff on the back floor and cover them–just to be safe

        • Too true….if the good guys don’t follow the laws that already exist, then there will be no laws.

          Haddad’s OPSEC was apparently poor in this situation.

      77. This story represents two realities in our modern and crumbling societies.
        First, is that we are facing the realities of the coming “police state” where all are guilty until proven innocent.
        The other, is the mindset of some, if not the majority, of LE in these times. They are out to make a “bust”. Whether it be for a feather in their cap, a pay raise, or just being over zealous with their badge and gun.
        Maybe, had the victim been caught with a loaded AR in the backseat with the magazines loaded; the officer may have been justified in taking the vet in for questioning.

        The days when officers would assess the situation and determine no harm, no foul, and give people a break; seem to be over. It’s all about greed and power now.

        “But I’m just doing my job, it’s the law.” Your job is to arrest the “bad guys/gals”, not the honest citizens whom aren’t out to hurt anyone. Remember; “Protect and Serve”!

        It’s cops like this one that give the good, deserving credit, officers, a bad name. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our LE that work for the betterment of society. They are honorable and deserve every dime they earn and then some. The bad cops are just bad people. A uniform,badge, and gun won’t change who a person is on the inside, it only intensifies it.

        • Not knocking your post, but you quote something that is not true anymore and you can even search it..
          the “Police Have no duty to protect” type that in and you will be sadly surprised..

          you may even notice where some cop cars that used to have that phrase on the side of thier cars, is now missing..

          that gun on their belt is not to protect you, its to protect them, from you.

      78. Yep you can go to Iraq, Afganistan and possibly die for “American Interests” but you come back to the good ole USA and you cannot defend yourself or your family. You can go defend and die for the “good” Afgans and Iraqis but not defend yourself……kind of a problem dont’cha think? Oh I forgot you can use scissors!

      79. you can never trust a cop because are not your friend,they are your would be a great day if some one were to shoot that criminal cop.

      80. NinaO:

        I stand with you Sir.

        Not One More Inch.

        BA :p

      81. Support the legal fund. A decorated Vet makes good news copy, and this might become a test case.

      82. I’d be a lot more pissed if it was a regular civilian. I’m glad to see the military treated the same way as civilians. This guy probably thought that since he carried these in the military that he is above the law.

      83. If you attack them directly, in a way they expect, you will be slaughtered. Don’t take the bait.

        There is no saving those that refuse to wake up to what is happening. They will drop a Dime on you in a Heartbeat if they find out that you are the type of individual soon to be profiled in the MSM. Even if they know they are sending you to your death. Even then, they will still willingly board the buses to the FEMA Camps, and take whatever ominous looking injections the government tells them to take.

        When they have to be as overt and provocative as this, you know they are worried. They would much rather do things in the shadows. Something has rattled them, as they seem to be rushing more than they were before.

        The Internet has opened a lot of eyes, and the old tricks are not working as well as they used to.

        I think the freedom loving people of Earth have a lot more friends than they do. And their money and power mean nothing to them.

        The horrors of the 20th Century will not be allowed to be repeated in this century.

        Humanity is about to grow up.

      84. our law and laws, are screwed up because of politions,or more blunt law makers, we have laws for laws, we are a sad country. we the people let the goverment tell us what we can and cant do. the goverment can kiss my ass…………………………

      85. Jefferson County is where Ft. Drum is. All soldiers who live off post bring their equipment home with them excluding their rifles and night vision. You always have 6 empty magazines in your load bearing equipment. probably what happened. Shocked the cops would arrest for that.


        This story is totally fake touching on a hot issue, so that sympathetic people will contribute to a fake criminal defense fund… KEEP READING

        -RANDOM VEHICLE CHECK… does that get you fired up?
        -5 FELONY COUNTS … for 5 empty magazines?
        -BROTHER SET UP A LEGAL DEFENSE FUND … click here?

        ANYONE can write and distribute a press release… this story does not have any exact facts that add up, and why have we not heard about it anywhere else?


        • I went searching to see if it was a scam and I couldn’t find anything, in the same regard, all the information I was getting was from sites that have a leaning and they tend to leave a few things out in order to paint a particular picture. So I’m staying an arms length away until I learn more.

      87. Arianna Morrison and Jasmine, I presume you’re referring to some unconstitutional law that nobody has any obligation to follow and no cop has any duty to enforce. I suggest both of you do some research on the true nature of law enforcement in this country today since 911. LEOs don’t serve the people, they serve government. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on this matter numerous times; protecting citizens is not part of their job description; they don’t care about crime; they don’t care about the public; they don’t even care about this nation. The government academies have totally brainwashed them to be against the public. I worry more about them than I do about gangbangers. I’ve had relatives who were LEOs tell me, “Never trust cops!” STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH! NOW THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES! I wish a war between the public and law enforcement could be avoided, but I’m afraid it’s right around the corner. ANYONE WHO TRIES TO FORCE THEIR WAY INTO MY HOME, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY’RE WEARING, WILL DIE! My M1 will speak for me and the .30 Carbine rounds will come from a high-capacity magazine! best wishes to all except the trolls. braveheart

      88. There is something fishy about this story. First I do live in NYS. They do not pull poeple over and do random checks in my area. They do have road bloacks for vehicle inspection stickers and DWI checks. next, the SAFE ACT is reportedly why this man was arrested BUT in the SAFE ACT these mags are not illega for 1 more year. They have 1 year to sell 30 round mags out of state or get rid of them in other means. So, they cannot say he was arrested under the act for the mag ban is not in effect yet. He has 1 year to get rid of the AR-15 mags but lawsuits are being filed by gun rights groups to throw out the SAFE ACT and yes, I have printed it and read the whole act. He cannot be arrested for having 5 AR-15 mags in his vehicle for there is a 1 nyear period to get rid of the mags.

      89. New York politicians at least deserve a quick trial per the Constitution they despise before they’re hanged from light poles!

        • no they don’t read the Constitution before making comments. start with the 10th amendment.

      90. When FAced with an invader im all about stand ur ground and fight but when the despots are your own I have another idea. VOTE with your feet. If all the good people start movin g out of these places they will go broke. Go to TX, TN , KY or one of the other two dozen states that not only protect your rts but also are glad to have you as a citizen and a tax payer. I believe a war is coming, like it or not, so being in one of those places just gives you a better start rt off the rip.

      91. As for the recent claims about truck loads of Martial Law signs, this is a story that recurs frequently.

        HOWEVER, those that perpetrate such stories only help the government with desensitizing us to such claims by crying wolf. Soon the story will be relayed by someone who actually saw the signs and it will just be ignored as another hoax.

        Always research, always be informed, never assume, never let someone else decide the truth for you.

        • I do not put to much stock in Snopes.

      92. New York State Motto:


      93. Nullification. It should be mentioned Constantly until everyone thinks of it immediately. It IS YOUR Constitutional Leverage against these thug courts. Shamefully the word Nullification isn’t even mentioned in the article/

      94. Hey Billy Vincent, you sound like one of the inbred fucks that come from the mountains. Go back to fucking your goat, and don’t worry about us Canadians you wanted to annex 200 years ago. Our country has only been here for 150, DUMB ASS!!! Maybe you shoud stop screwing your sister long enough to read a fucking book “dipshit”. By the way, we’re not the crazy ones in the attic, apparently your crazy relatives have been getting out too much, how many public shootings have there been over there lately?

      95. hey its over…..its time to use the second ammendment in the way the founding fathers inteded… to tired and to sick and to old wait around any longer….im also sadened by what we have become….its time for action!
        ray jones
        [email protected]

      96. I predict that once the federal alphabet soup agencies under the DHS begin using the armed IRS to forcibly seize people’s property, confiscate their belongings and catalog their unregistered weapons for pending federal charges, and then uses the ‘patriot act’ and the NDAA to make these people disappear indefinitely as “terrorists”, these traffic stops that result in unconstitutional vehicle searches will not go so well for the Oathbreakers.

        I also predict that once the first fatality of an American citizen in the continental USA from a drone strike is confirmed in the patriot blogosphere that there won’t be anymore traffic stops at all since each and every one will end in a deadly shootout.

        The gun grabber left-wing state governments and the clueless federal appointees, agencies and leftist elected officials seriously need to wake up to the reality that TENS of MILLIONS of Americans do not trust them and WILL fight them over the U.S. Constitution when push comes to shove.

        I am personally afraid that the first series of violent and deadly conflicts between fed-up gun owners and the Oathbreakers will cause a violent federal backlash against ALL gun owners across the USA which will endanger the lives and families of every 2nd amendment supporter from the Elmer Fudd’s to the Tommy Tacticals…..this then will usher in full-out civil war.

        • @Rifleman….

          This may go as you predict. But the real issue is we are being sold financially. You don’t print trillions from nothing without a reason.

          None of the 13 Central Banks can back this up, thus–

          Who is the ‘real’ financier of the USA? Who do we really owe this debt too? That will be what we see in the very near future.

          Drones are in the news and even MSM has articles on them. They actually can take a photo of 15 sq miles and zoom in on a dime. Thus, in 2-3 years the entire USA will be under watch and under spy technology.

          You can earn a degree now in Drone Technology from several universities, such as University of North Dakota and also Kansas State University.

          The real problems will start when economic problems occur where funding is not available for everything.

          I am adjusting my life. Getting debt down. Readjusting my portfolio. Spending time with wife and son. Buying seeds. Storing food, etc.

          But all of that is almost nil when none of your neighbors are doing the same thing. The road ahead is not too pretty. We just need to get ready as best as we can and we all need to keep blogging.

          What about short wave radio? Is that a good purchase?

          • shortwave radio for receiving information and perimeter security is worth purchasing…

      97. Good possibility that the guy had post 94 magazines that were stamped LE/Military use only and he was arrested under the current(not the SAFE Act) 265 Penal Law section. As far as the search, he probably gave a verbal consent not remembering he had the magazines that he may have jacked while he was active military. Also consider that he may have broke the balls of the deputy who would have cut him slack but he earned the collar. Several factors here that could explain all of it. And yes, I’m a retired cop who would have made an arrest like this if a retired cop/soldier broke my balls. If they were cool, they would get a walk and drive away and that would be the end of it.

        • Wow. Five felonies for busting a cops balls is what it comes down to. If a felony which by definition can result in a year in jail does not in and of itself deserve rigid enforcement then it deserves no enforcement.

          Any law that can be so casually dismissed should not be the law.

      98. Rifleman,

        The sad part to your story is thats just the way all of us feel right now. Dark days are coming, keep the faith brother.



      99. Guys ck this out, because this is the problem. We are a bunch of upset individuals. We have no line in the sand, that we agree on. We have no leader, no plan, no means of private communications. We have no group and no structure. We don’t even have a signal as simple as “one if by land, two if by sea. State solutions to the real problem. Thx for reading, Al

      100. I’m sure it was an affirmative-action cop fresh out of the academy who pinched this soldier. I hope he sues the living daylights out of the department.

      101. I have not seen this story anywhere but fringe websites, you’d think it would have made bigger news. My question is, since owning 30 round mags in NYS has been illegal since 1994, are his mags pre-94 therefore they are grandfathered in? if so he has a case. If they are post ’94 he may have been breaking the law almost 20 years. If he were arrested for this 5 years ago NOBODY would have heard of it. Only because of the current climate in NY and the country are people even giving a SHFT about this.

      102. Decorated combat veterans are not above the law. You are doing nothing more than using his status as a veteran as a propoganda ploy. Josef Goebbels and Joseph Stalin would be proud of you.

      103. Randomly pulled over? How do you know this? More propoganda from you morons. You would not know a verifiable fact if it bit you in the ass. I hope the collapse does come. Given the lack of intelligence on display here, you idiots will not survive and rational people will be rid of your stupidity.

        • Dear, sweet Joseph…

          Please never leave us. Your hatred feeds my thirst for freedom!

      104. Listen up, folks. It’s up to you to teach others about what is going on. Use examples of history to show the path we’re going down now. They say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Now is the chance to sway minds and break that circle of life. Be patient and vigilant. Study your history! And not just back 100 yrs. Go waayyy back! Be the leader instead of turning leadership over to entities that aren’t concerned with you or your family.

      105. Doesn’t matter if he is a Veteran or NOT the point fact being is he/she should not have their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS infringed regardless what type of weapon he had on him.

      106. Contact the NRA, they have great lawyers and I’m sure they would be happy to help.

      107. Folks, it seem our worst nightmare is coming true. (I TRIED TWICE TO POST COMMENTS TONIGHT AND WAS UNSUCCESSFUL!) ANYHOW, WILL TRY AGAIN!!

        News: military training in various cities, in violation of Possee Comitatus (sp?)– military training with local cops. police state 4– back in 2009 warned of this (Alex Jnes show)–searching for cashes of weapons (ap. 2000). In San Antonio, local cops standing up to this , saying “NO” but police depts bribed–offered cash. The militarization of the police (direct violation of Posssee Comitatus). (some little guy warned about all this–cop in N.C.–just heard video other day. Now coming true!)Anyhow, for more info (and PICTURES!!, go to Alex Jones’ website– Feb.1 (or 2?), 2013.

        • i also heard that man speak of what was happening on a local level with law enforcement. i think he was a sheriff somewhere.

      108. First let’s verify this story before getting all upset. Next, if it is true, set up a good defense fund for this veteran. He will need it. Should he be convicted, his life is over as a convicted felon. Possibly loss of employment, certainly loss of his 2nd Amendment rights. Whatever the law, the officer has the discretion to not charge the individual. He better find himself a lawyer who is well versed in the gun laws of the state.

      109. this hero needs mark levin. he is probably the best constitutional attorney around….and he’d bite on this one like a bulldog.

      110. Random vehicle check? Since when is a random vehicle check considered to be legal? Oh wait, that’s right. Both Bush and Obama have removed our Constitutional rights through illegal executive order after executive order and no one has challenged these with the Supreme Court, have they?

      111. I hope the Jefferson County Gestapo are real proud of themselves. Freaking pathetic idiots!!!!

      112. This Sheriff’s office obviously NOT filled with Oathkeepers. We need to start taking notes who is on the side of Americans…and who is on the side of the Marxists and Fascists.

      113. talking time is over time to organize

      114. This goes beyond idiocy, they are trying to make an example out of him, they picked the wrong person to do that.
        I hope that all of us do not let this man down, we need to start an online support group for this man quickly and help him win his freedom back, the same freedom he fought for, for all of us.
        This is a crime and the criminals are the law enforcement officials that are pushing this and the arresting officer.
        In fact we need to find out who this officer is and make an example of him and give the most negative publicity that we can bestowe on this individual and show that we are not going to lie down and take this.
        That officer took the same oath that this soldier took and that I took when I was sworn in as a police officer.
        Nate is a combat veteran that has actually had to pull the trigger to stay alive and was protecting our rights all at the same time.
        I’ll bet you anything this cop has never pulled the trigger to protect anyone. Most cops can serve up to 20 and 30 years and never fire his or her weapon during or in the defense of himself or the public.
        This is a crime by law enforement and should be treated that way and in fact this officer and his supervisors should be charged with treason as soon as possible and put on trial for everyone to see.

        • How about it? Any brave lawyers out there who won’t buckle under?

      115. I have a few problems with this.
        First it does not matter if he is decorated or not. He’s an American citizen.
        Secondly, “Random Vehicle Stop”. What is this, 1960 Berlin?
        I’m an old guy and I pity the youth for the country they are getting but then,,, many deserve it.
        Keep voting for the likes of Obama and kiss all your freedoms goodbye.

      116. Some years ago when I was in the military I was comming back to my base after transporting a prisoner to another base. I was stopped by a state trooper because a tail light went out. The trooper asked for my drivers license and I gave him my military license, he said I want your civilian license. I said I didn’t have one, I lied. I’m driving a military vehicle with a military license and I’m armed, that’s all you have to know. With that said he quickly let me go with a warning ticket. Upon return, my commander quickly ripped up the ticket and said, who the hell does that trooper think he is.

      117. So why did he have them. I am not so sure he is my hero.

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