Davos Insider Vows Trump Defeat: “It Doesn’t Matter Who the GOP Puts Up, Hillary Will Win”

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 137 comments

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    Voice of the people be damned.

    With a week until the Iowa caucuses, it would appear that the fix is in – at least if you take the words of some of the world’s most elite to heart.

    It is perhaps no surprise that the Davos elite – which just converged in the snowy Alps – have it out for Trump. Reuters reported that the “Davos elite [are] alarmed at prospect of nominee Trump,” whom they consider “dangerous.”

    Now, one of their attendees, Martin Sorrell – who heads WPP Group, a very powerful advertising and marketing firm that steers hundreds of entities who represent top corporations around the globe – is boldly predicting that Donald Trump will fail, regardless of his overwhelming support from voters.

    In fact, Sorrell and other elitists insiders are snickering and chortling about the demise of his campaign, even as the real estate mogul’s name dominated Davos discussions this year.

    DC Whisper reported on the comments, raising the possibility that Fox News is conspiring to deliver a “kill shot” against Trump:

    It was at that conference that a figure with significant ties to Fox News’ own bottom line let it be known his intention to make certain Donald Trump will never win the White House. His name is Martin Sorrell, a British citizen and head of WPP, quite possibly the single most influential and prominent marketing firm in the world with decades-old ties to the most elite of the elite. Here is what Mr. Sorrell had to say regarding Donald Trump just days ago:

    “It doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up…Hillary will win.”

    WPP and its myriad of affiliates, represents up to HALF of all Fox News ad revenue. WPP’s clients include such corporate giants as Ford, Glaxo Smith, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle, Walmart, Unilever, etc. – clients who in turn represent tens of millions of dollars in monthly ad revenue that keep the lights of Fox News on and pays the salaries of on-air personalities like Megyn Kelly.

    So when someone like Martin Sorrell signals it doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate because Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States regardless, it is a prediction/threat that should be taken very seriously.

    Trump has not only been bucking the establishment, as well as contentious Fox News host Megyn Kelly – but he has also taken on some of the very advertisers that Sorrell represents, and Fox News depends on for their operations.

    Donald Trump has attacked Ford during his campaign, recently claiming that he would impose a 35-40% tariff on them for their Mexico production in order to encourage made-in-America vehicles and American jobs. Whether or not that is realistic, that makes Trump a threat to the establishment, and the CEO of Ford – and likely the CEOs of other offshore corporations – have taken notice.

    The controversial GOP candidate has also taken on the issue of H1-B labor replacing American workers – which pairs with the outsourcing issue – which could rattle the nerves of firms like IBM and Microsoft.

    Also sounding off from the world of Davos was Professor Niall Ferguson, a recurring Bilderberg attendee who wrote authorized biographies on the Rothschild banking dynasty and on Henry Kissinger, who predicted a prime time fail of Trump once the votes are cast. Bloomberg reports:

    “If you bother to read some of the serious analysis of Trump’s support, you realize that it’s a very fragile thing and highly unlikely to deliver what he needs in the crucial first phase of the primaries… By the time we get to March-April, it’s all over. I think there’s going to be a wonderful catharsis, I’m really looking forward to it: Trump’s humiliation. Bring it on.”

    Ferguson stated he is,”… very much looking forward to” the imminent humiliation of Donald Trump, a rather ominous declaration that hints of an an impending “political kill-shot” intended to end the Trump campaign once and for all.

    It is clear that the global establishment indeed perceives Trump as a real threat.

    But do they have an ace in the hole that the American people don’t know about? Well, that is hat they do best, mostly from the shadows.

    Don’t rule out the sabotage of the Trump campaign. The bankers own the House, and it is said that the House always wins.

    One thing is certain – voters alone don’t determine the outcome of elections.


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      1. I agree, no matter what, Shillary will be placed into office.

        You have until mid-July to finish getting your act together. I have a feeling after she’s nominated a lot of sheep will awake and join the cause of getting ready. Don’t be in line with them. Do things now.

        I’ve spent the last few months finishing out all my self-defense needs, made a killing during the holiday sales. Now I’m just stacking ammo deep.

        Do it now boys and girls, time’s awastin’!!!

        • Trump made his millions protecting the wealthy and keeping the lowly serfs out of his buildings. He’s friends with the big boys. If you’re buying the marketing that Trump is a voice for the common man, well then you’re a fool.

          • Never said I support Trump.

            Quite the opposite.

            I think he’s got something up his sleeve.

            I don’t support any of them.

            When God wants me he’ll know where to find me, until then I have to look out for my family and like hell trust anyone from the guv.

            • I agree brother.

            • I WOULD like to believe we have a chance with Trump or Cruz, BUT the political CARTEL is SO corrupt I don’t think you can trust ANY of them, what is happening is they put out several people who voice different concerns and the they sit back and see what the public says about it, and IF they get to over board they will bend a little and make it appear the people won, when in fact it will be the same old CRAP!! only way out is remove them ALL!

              • Many nooses it will take.

              • At least Trump likes America. Unlike the snake in office now and the broad trying to slip in the back.

                • I agree, trump is our only hope. if people would only check into things, they will see that trump has helped a lot of people, paying of their mortgages, etc. as much as he loves the limelight, he is secret about helping people.

            • Sorry… didn’t mean you personally.

              I don’t believe the voice for the common man ever gets a chance at office. An illusion of choice is all that’s offered. People get to pick the face of their next oppressor, and that is all.

              I do agree that people best get their @%$@ in order fast. I suspect there’s one last kick at the can when it comes to becoming cash flush, and that’s energy. The present glut will result in a shock. It’ll be significant and it’ll push energy costs into the stratosphere. That’s when we’ll crash and burn. Producers will be cash poor from the recent shock and production will fail with energy costs soaring. It’s not so different from the shocks we saw in cattle pricing a few years back. When feed got too costly, herds were culled and supply failed. It’ll be the same, only this time it’ll be our entire agriculture industry instead of just ranchers.

              The economy can handle virtually any oil price and slow increases or decreases in that price. What it can’t handle is volatility. Fragility is a result of uncertainty in market economies. When price stability cannot be determined the funding for R&D ceases, employment certainty ends, and public faith fails. That’s when the system ceases to supply for our basic needs, and it’s what I believe we’ll see with the next leg up. Will it happen with Shillary? I don’t think it’ll matter who gets in. Might even happen before election time.

        • I said this in ’08 and nothing has happened to change it, Obama is the last US president. Even if he moves on the position will no longer exist. It might be something like Commandant of North American States.

          • What are you basing this on? What could you imagine he will do to stay in power. I see maybe a 0.5% chance of this happening.

            • I admit its been just a feeling from the beginning, however google this and you may be surprised how many are saying this very thing. Just like everything today, Obama’s not in control of anything. He could not have done 90% of what he’s done without major support and authorization.

          • Yeah, don’t see that happening. Of all the doom I’ve bitten off and chewed on that’s one scenario I could never really wrap my mind around.

            It was also promised that in ’10 & ’12 we’d have no elections and here we are.

            Could it happen? Sure. Likely? IMO, not likely.

            • You really think we had elections in ’10 & ’12? It produced an environment even more conducive to Ocommie’s agenda. They’ve even voted to give the clown more power. If I could I’d shake on a bet with ya. Think about all the fucked up things that have already happened I would have never dreamed would happen in our country even ten years ago.

          • So Diebold gets to pick the Pres, like 65 percent of the Jewss in Miami Dade really voted for Buchanan in 2000. Took the voted from Gore. Thank Jeb and his elitist buddies for that dirty work. Besides 94,000 black voters in FL removed from the voting rolls. Say it isn’t so.


          • Hillery for Prison 2016. Bush’s for the gallows. Elitests deported and voiding of dual citizenship. Refusal to deport, they go to the Trump FEMA Camp’s for retraining of How to be an American.

            -WWTI.. LET ER’ RIP!!

            • WWTI, welcome back. I’ve been saying all along that Trump is being used by his GOOD FRIENDS THE CLINTONS to help Hillary get to the WH. Although he talks a better game than the rest of the puppets, that’s his whole purpose. He’s not a serious candidate. The commie/feminazi bitch has already been selected. I say all of the politicians for the f345in cemetery! Oh, the banksters, too!

              • A replay of Ross Perot?

              • Brave i agree read my comment back up the list ! here is my take and it basically says what your saying!

            • …WWTI…as always pointing out the duality of the turning table.
              Trump FEMA Camps are tax dollars that the voters would give consent to and be well spent.

              Live Free or Die…we’ll make you legal yet!

        • Besides the voting machines have been rigged for sometime, most I spoke to will stay home anyway, knowing the circus atmosphere and farce. Trump was for the bailouts. Glen Beck is pushing for Cruz, exposing Trump (google it in). The economy is trashing anyway, no politican can “fix a damn thing” at this point.

          • Beck is a crybaby shill.

        • Check out her busted yellow grill!

        • It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
          The people who count the votes decide everything.

          Joseph Stalin at the DAVOS Meeting….

        • Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

          (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
          (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

        • Not if the FBI has their way. They are about to indite her for her E-mail scandal relating to the Benghazi affair. Besides it will shortly become common knowledge that Hillarious has physical problems that should keep anyone from being president, let alone the populace waking up to the fact that she is a criminal along with Billy-Boy.

          But more than that, why is SHTFplan giving column inches to what those idiots say at DAVOS. Do you actually believe them? Give us a break from this constant hysterical fear mongering.

        • AMERICA REVOLT!!!

      2. The only thing Hillary is likely to win is “New Babe of the Month” at her local Women’s Prison. Just Sayin..

        And no, I don’t actually think she will do any jail time; though she certainly should.. But win the POTUS ? No, I regretfully think it actually will be Trump.. who I view as the opposite side of the same coin that Obama comes from. Another truly devastatingly dangerous individual.. and the final nail in the coffin of the USA..

        Even so, Come… Lord Jesus..

        • Come Lord Jesus? lolol That WE dont have to do anything about the problems. Just PTL its all Gods will….
          When are the citizens of this country going to take some responsibility for their nation and DO something to stand up against the criminals?

          • Go right ahead and be the first my friend. You seem eager.

          • If you had any real understanding of what that phrase actually implies and the things that must happen before that event takes place; you would not be laughing.. and I am not trying to be insulting to you.

        • Biden/warren. Hillary will withdraw for health reasons. A sitting VP almost always wins.

          • John w., I sincerely hope you’re right about the bitch withdrawing. I don’t normally do this, but I really hope the rumors about her health issues are true. NOBODY wants her in the WH if it can be avoided. The commie bitch deserves to die for many reasons.

            • brave,
              AGREED!!! she IS the worst of them all

              • 2 unfunded wars, thousands of Americans killed, tens of thousands of civilians killed, parts of three continents destabilized, ISIL/al Qaeda threat bigger than ever and growing still and Hillary is the worst?????

                There is a reason why Bush and Cheney don’t make public appearances.

                • Reality check,
                  No kidding. Not even Obama was as bad as Darth Cheney and his sidekick Bush. But only because he is relatively innefective.

      3. If she gets in I’m so done with the government,it can’t be trusted.

        • Neither of these idiots is a worthy leader.

          How shillary is still in the running is beyond belief. How anyone can imagine this idiot trump could be a good politician is beyond belief.

          It is as if the people who really run things are just making fun of us at this point.

        • that was me 35 years ago

          • …too funny EOTS.,I got a long chuckle from that

        • IF she gets in??? Then you are done with gov’t???

        • I can’t trust it now, and my late folks couldn’t trust it when I was a kid fifty years ago because we were in the UN and still are! Local and state politician are on the take for anything that lines their pockets or helps their community with grant money. This is why the “Muslim invaders” are coming in here. Governors like Nikki Haley and others are pro immigration and pushing for Muslims to keep on coming in. Politicians are bought.

          • Laura;
            I can’t figure out who would pay the politicians to bring uneducated dirt balls into the country. Who gains? I know what you always hear, “it’s their plan to bring down the country”. Who would pay for that. How do the Geo. Soros’es of the world profit from this? Someone please fill me in. Who gains? If you took all of the wealth of the U.S and distributed it to the rest of the would it would’nt amount to shit and would be gone in a heartbeat and they would still live in mud huts. Also, what do the politicians gain? These refugees are not productive and they have no money. Most will spend their lives on the dole. Who wins from that? Is it possible that these morons are just so pc that they think they can save everyone? These people bring nothing but third world shit to the party. Laura, this is not an assault on you. I just don’t see the profit motive. Also I tagged reply after your comment.

        • It hasn’t been trusted for eons, if you trust the government, get your head checked for being a sheeple!

      4. Are these “elites” going to stop the FBI from pushing ahead with their prosecution of Hillary? She has committed treason on so many fronts and so many times, it’s hard to keep track of them anymore. Plus the fact that she is sick with God knows what. She probably wouldn’t last her first year in office but maybe that their plan all along….put someone they really want in the VP slot who would then move up. Scary thought but it’s possible. The elections are just another distraction anyway. It’s the scum-bag elites who really put the creatures in the Oval Office, not us lowly dregs.

        • Obama can run for Vice president you know

          sorry if I ruined it for everyone ,, but legally he could run for Hillary’s VP

          she gets killed or dies and its 4 more years of his shit again

          • She said she wants Bill.

            • lol she hasent wanted Bill since she married him

              • EOTS, I don’t think Bill even wanted her so that makes them even, LOL!

                • Obviously, Bill can drink a lot more than me.

            • She wants Huma

              • Didndonuffin. .. I didn’t mean like that… she wants Bill for Vice President.
                Bill Clinton probably has the pox anyway.

          • EOTS

            Please! Banish that thought.

      5. Honestly any country that is so lame that the best it can come up with as its potential leader is either donaldumfk or shillary does not deserve to even feel good about itself, let alone be a world power.

        This is pathetic. We are pathetic.

        Our forefather would be disgusted at all of us for what we have wasted, what we have allowed to happen in a mere 30-40 years.

      6. Facts be known the price of oil is predicting something not very good happening soon. The rats are fleeing the ship.

        How oil could be worth 90-100 for the last 7 years and now out of the blue it is loses 70% of its value indicates… not very good things coming up.

        Unless of course the world is going to suddenly stop running on oil… or is it that the world is just going to stop running at all?

        The price of oil is the single biggest indicator we have seen yet of bad things coming.

        • That Guy,
          I had another person the other day say something very similar. Something to think about, why are they still supplying so much oil? Why not cut back production to raise the prices? Why would you be trying to sell everything you had at such low prices? Is something going to happen, that would make you try to get every last dollar before (what?) happens? Could it be a global collapse? Could it be a new technology that is going to break out that makes oil not needed in such demand (cold fusion)? I don’t know but it does make you wonder why the unload everything you have, even at rock bottom prices. I really don’t think that bankrupting Russia is the goal either. The Saudis are feeling the hurt as well.

          • salvadordaly, it is a Ka-Trillion Dollar question. I am puzzled, more puzzled than when… well… I am very puzzled.

            As you said it makes no sense that they would not (rip the handle off the switch as they) cut back on production to a screeching stop.

            And all the reasons for the massive drop (70% is a monster collapse), even the wild conspiracy ones, do not make a lot of sense for this size of drop. I have heard them all and… I guess we will see soon.

            It is also puzzling that not much main stream media is asking this question very hard (yeah yeah I know they are all owned)(but still).

            And I dont even care about oil jobs lost, oil profits down, oil cities hurting… tough!! If they did not save up enough from the good times THEN TOUGH… but I wonder about the other shoe dropping (on top of all of us)

            These oil Gods have had us over their barrel for 40 years and didnt care, the cartels, the oil wars, the etc etc etc… they are ruthless… but now something has them rattled. And if they are rattled we should concerned what “whatever it is” means for us.

            I hope and pray it is a new form of energy…
            but I doubt it. As conspiracy nuts we know there have probably been some really good oil alternatives for years but they were always crushed from seeing the light of day. LOL, we knew all that going back to the George C Scott movie “The Formula” (1980) ( my early days as a young upcoming conspiracy nut)… so I doubt it is an oil alternative.

            I imagine we will see soon.

            Live every day like it could be our last, it is all we can do at this point.

            • Relevant also is that we are spending money like there is no tomorrow. Couple that with dumping oil and maybe they know something we ought to. Global collapse? Big asteroid? Maunder minimum?
              Buckle up!

            • You guys ask WHY are the OPEC nations continuing to produce OIL at breakneck pace ?

              Planet X coming ? Perhaps.

              But Dr.Jim Willie has a very interesting theory on the huge spike in OIL production.

              He states that the Middle East OPEC producing countries GOLD has been stolen by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia in Switzerland and around the world.

              Because of this, the OPEC has decided to bust the banks through OIL Production.
              Given the Zionist banks have TRILLIONs in OIL derivatives and oil hedging contracts which are generally LONG, thus OPEC wants revenge for stealing their GOLD ==> Produce more OIL until the contracts at the Zionist Banks blow up.

              Note these contracts are NOT net neutral but net LONG for the US Zionist Banks. Thus the response.

              • Kakistocracy, interesting. I’ll go read that. Thanks.

          • They are pumping so much oil to keep the price of Gold & Silver down.

        • The price of scrap metal dropping from 12 cents per pound a year to 3 cents per pound was a warning. China demand went away.

      7. I would also put forth this idea:

        If/When Shillary gets elected the markets will tank hard in the following days.

        As Judy Tenuta, Love Goddess, would say, ‘It could happen!’.

      8. I am no longer paying any attention on this election from this point on because i know that it means nothing, and that their wont be any Election, unless God Almightly litreally comes on the Earth and removes these people, we are dead as phuck. What i will be listening to is what my scientist friend tells me this comming weekend. I have said literally over 20 times on this site.

        The environment, the enviroment, the environment, will be attacked to use factories, to blame when they poison the water supply, drought to blame when they cut off the food supply. No way in hell that 7,000,000,000,000 people will be contining the same crap eating consuming, running out all the non renewable resources of the planet and live for the next 20 years. It’s impossible. The economy is already down, it’s already affecting my customers, they are now out of money, they are telling me already and this reminds me of 2009,2010,2012, and that last shemitah cycle put my ass litreally out on the streets of Houston, for over 1 1/2 years, starving, no food, and had me literally passing out one day.. With a punishment like what i experienced, i learn the hard way. New preppers need to understand that the immediate threat is a lack of clean water, food, and sanitation, followed by violence directed toward them and the family. I do support Trump, and feels that he means well, however, i will rely on anything that he has to say, because no polician or any of the assholes in the news media will ever make me let my guard down.

        This time around, i wont be starving, no rats ass chance in hell that this will ever happen to me again. I have had people telling me that i dont know sh..t coming back and agreeing with me that something is wrong, and that they are going to prepare. I know for a fact based on what i have personally heard from other ligitimate sources, that war is coming to my State, all out war, including invasion from chinese, russian, cuba, Mexico, from East texas from other states set to deploy troops in that region.. I am not optimistic about the future and will not be ever changing my tone around here to please people. I have warned women on this site, they call bullsh…t on me, telling me that the numbers dont match up, that i am not making any sense, fine, good luck to you. I have not eaten for 3 weeks, living on water and multivitamins, and it was brutal, i got weak and tired and exausted, lost alot of muscle mass during that time, and learned about the dangers on starvation. Just look at what these assholes are going in Germany. Can you even begin to imagine what 1,000,000 chinese soldiers, allied with isis, and russia could do if they entered this state. Expect them to dam the water supply in North Texas, or possible make it undrinkable, like they did poisoning the Michigan water supply. I always expect the worst evertime. From the moment my car shuts off in the middle of the streets and all cars shut off all around me, immediatley i know what to do. I eat only organic produce, to avoid GMO to protect my body from damage to keep it functioning, staying healthy, working out and practising martial arts. My schedule is busy and i dont have time for stupid people and thier crap around me. I am fixing to hear some really bad news, and i have heard all the bad stuff and its keeps getting worst. You trolls can keep attackin all you want, the recent ones that attacked was supprised at how i handled it, they attack, then when others come on back me up, they tone down because they have to get accepted on here, and ofcourse the conditions is to remove me from this site, they when they post and bash the cabal, they now join the board, i then welcome them, then they suddenly dissappear. I am going to post what i am being told. And it’s going to get bad. One of my customers told me that he is planning his retirement, and i have to laugh my ass off. He is planning for retirement, i am planning for survival becuase my life is now in danger. And the closer we get toward the March, April, then October, November, expect and event of enormous magnitude to hit this country..

        February 2017- November 2019..?




        • Holly shit, I could have written this rant. We are so on the same page. We’ve even gone as far as producing are own power and raising our own crops and beef. Didn’t know how much energy it requires. Worth every bit though.

        • Any more HCKS, I ignore the trolls

          who’s got time for that shit anyways?

          Im not going to try and educate a dumb ass like a troll
          just to have to deal with them during and possibly after the collapse .. I aint teaching no troll how to make it, got my own shit to deal with

          • “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

            ― Mark Twain

          • EOTS and HCKS, I’m with both of you on the trolls. I just recently decided not to respond to their stupid posts anymore. I haven’t been here as much lately due to stepping up my prepping, getting more supplies, etc. although my next trip to the BOL is scheduled for March, I could be going back sooner, depending on events, especially what’s happening in Oregon. One of my cousins just recently came here over the weekend to take a truckload of supplies back to the BOL for me, so for the next trip, IF it’s bugout time, I can load up a lot faster and be gone. HCKS, keep us posted on what your friend tells you.

            • Auto-tune remix mp4 is what you want…sorry…enjoy.

        • I wish I had neighbors like you! Mine aren’t worth peeing on if they were on fire. If an EMP happened I would only gave myself to rely on. I am well stocked but worry about these folks that haven’t prepared coming for something that doesn’t belong to them.

        • Hmm… 7 Trillion people? Not in our life time. Otherwise, some good points.

      9. Of course Hitler-y is going to will, Forrest Trump himself said that he liked her/Bill “A LOT!” and the they are “GREAT PEOPLE”.

        When she does, are YOU ready for the American Civil War II?

        Just ask’n?

      10. I’ll vote for Cruz or Paul, no one else. Poor Rand doesn’t have a snowbal’s chance, though. I didn’t vote for McCain and I won’t vote for Trump. Just won’t poison my voting record like that. Not that my vote would make much of a difference in Idaho. When I get all worked up over this election, I just remember that we are all screwed anyway.

        • Very patriotic of you! Voting for a Canadian!!!

          Hense your name–redoubt.

      11. I don’t buy in to Trump’s outsider status. He is a billionaire and he has always been comfortable working inside the current system of corruption. Being a loudmouth is his shtick. TPTB have given him endless free press, he is through Faux Anti-Establishment candidate.

        • It was the same before WWII. As then the choice is between Communist and Fascists. Except for the fact Burnie is the communist I would have added strongman to the end of the statement.

          • Sanders might be a socialist but he isn’t the favorite of TPTB. Anti Free Trade, Anti Bank Deregulation, Anti “willy nilly” use of the military for Wall Street / Globalist Bankers, Anti Patriot Act.

            Too damn bad he isn’t pro Second Amendment. I do think he may be survivable on that issue hover as its not at the top of his agenda.

            • Kevin2,

              His background is pro 2nd Amendment. He acted strange when he softened his stance. Weird.

              • Maybe he had a push come to shove moment with DNC over the party platform.

      12. It really does not matter who is in and obama will go on to the united nations and oil is cheap cus they made the money off of oil to get what they needed and now tptb are ready to eliminate mass population

      13. US federal elections have been a sham for over 4 decades. Look at it: Reagen 8 yrs, Bush Sr 4 (anomaly), Clinton 8 yrs, Bush Jr 8 yrs, Obama 8 yrs…time for a republican shill to do 8 yrs. Both parties are virtually identical since they all suck from a common cash teet.

        According to a few recent academic studies the USA has been an Oligarchy since the beginning of Clinton’s second term. A government for and by the corporation!

        I don’t even bother voting for federal appointees since they call the election before my states ballots are counted. I vote local since that is where I at least I think it makes any difference.

        • “According to a few recent academic studies the USA has been an Oligarchy since the beginning of Clinton’s second term.”

          They’re off by about 30 years at least. November 22nd 1963 was a pivotal point in history where TPTB were willing to put all the chips on the table; and they won. I always wondered what when through Eisenhower’s mind that afternoon.

      14. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jZMmwgKmwo

        maybe all the lies she tells is catching up with her ..?

      15. I’ve been suspicious of Trump because the press put him in the lead.

        The last time the press decided the winner too and through slanted reporting gave us Obama for president.

        Now after 24/7 coverage of Trump to the Exclusion of all others the main stream media appears to be putting the fix in for Trump. Right now it looks like Trump would win.

        I’d bet my lunch that they have some great dirt on Trump that will come out only after he gets the nomination and all other viable candidates are eliminated.

        When I see Trump getting the equivelent of a couple hundred million in TV ads for free from the major media outlets, it makes me very nervous, and by the way I’m tired of the press picking presidents.

        • Where ever did you get info they are free??
          Not what I read!!

          • All the other candidates are spending millions for 30 second comercial spots.

            Trump gets ten minutes front and center on every news show nightly for months. Even trump can’t afford the kind of coverage he’s getting at no charge.

            So is the press doing this for ratings, or to rig the election?

            • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

              To rig the election.

              BTW, I spent an hour calling around and found a store to order a 100 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill hard red wheat berries for me. I went online and ordered Spelt and Quinoa seeds, which probably will grow here. Also Amaranth. With dry corn and potatoes, moving forward

              • Rebecca I too just ordered more amaranth and $100 of other heirloom seeds. Turned the dirt in the big garden last weekend. added cow and chicken poop + a ton of leaves.

                Converted one gen set to run on alcohol, ran it on Friday.
                My buddy brewed it up from garden leftovers.

                peas get planted in 2 weeks.

                • Citizen, sweet!

                  how did he make alcohol from yard scraps? I just started making alcohol from fruit, but you add sugar?

                  I am about to make another order from a different place, Jerusalem Artichoke and other.

        • Trump put the fix in for Trump. No one else. Without him Jebra would have already been selected the nominee in waiting.

      16. If Clinton is not indicted, then the rule of law would technically be dead on arrival. It would then be abundantly clear the the elites can literally get away with anything, and that the “laws” only apply to the sheeple. Her nomination alone would be a travesty of inJustice. Her becoming President would be the death nail for this Country. At that point, only a bloody revolution is left….and considering the sad state of the majority of Americans, even that is improbable. Either way, its too horrible to imagine….and too real to be believed. Yet here we are. GOD could intervene, and save the country…..oh, i’ve forgotten, we’ve removed GOD……so we are on our own. PRAY & PREP is all that we have left at this point.!!!!!

        • ROL has been dead now a long time

          It’s just that they are putting it in your face now

          It’s when a lot more of society figures we are living in WROL
          Is when shit gets exciting

          Makes one wonder what will come first and if one can make it out the other side of this

      17. I don’t buy it. I am quite frankly getting a bit jaded at all the plot within plot within plot scenarios. If Trump gets the nod against Hillary Trump will win, period. Too many people are just fed up with the status quo and Hillary is just plain evil. It will be an epic landslide victory for Trump.

        • I agree Jim.


      18. So, the “elites” in Davos are against Trump.
        You should not need more arguments to vote for him.

        • The game is far more complicated than that with double cross and triple cross.

      19. If the wilder beast Hitlery gets elected there will be a Civil War. It will be just a matter of time before it happens, but it will happen.

        Nothing will happen to Hitlery because she has too much shit on everyone else.

        Every time and you can look back at the blogs on this site and see people were saying that there wouldn’t be another election. There will be another election, but it will mean nothing. TPTB will put in who they want, and say that, that person won.

        I have on the way my M1A Scout to replace all my guns that fell into the hole when we had an earth quake. Food, medical equipment, water equipment, and ammo have been added to and I’m. going to get more.

        Let the Civil War come, because this will be the only way to clean off the plate and start over again. It is a DAMN shame but I see no other way.

        Off. Topic.
        For those who live in Central Ill. Princton Ill. is have a their Gun show on Jan 30Th and 31St. If you go look for the guy wearing a black baseball cap with a Union flag and Stars and Bars flag on it, and red and white flames on the side. About 6′ tall 220 lbs. Wearing a blaze Orange hood sweet shirt Just say high Sgt. Would be good to meet you. I will be there on Saturday around noon.


        • The sweet shirt will have on it Range Officer.

        • Agreed
          They already did it with Oloser , so it will be ground already covered ,to put the Hilbeast in

          I really don’t know or even have an opinion on who will get seated , I really don’t care
          I’m past the point of giving a shit , all I know is none of them are mirical workers and all of them are in it for themselves and not any of us

          Better get ready no matter who the puppet becomes
          Because the operators of that puppet want to bend you over and shove their …. Well you can figure it out from there

          I’m just going to try and keep my ass to the ground so it harder to get up underneath me

        • SGT,

          M1A ranch version is on my birthday list.

          A good gun show is a day well spent.

          Ill has had some nice gun law reform in the last few years. I love it when liberals get a good spanking in the courts.

      20. if they have their way diebold will elect hillary that is their plan,

      21. @Sarg,
        Send us a pic of the ‘sweet’ shirt

        • SD
          Shit I should have proof read it. I wanted Sweat shirt. Ha-Ha.

          • Bet it does looks sweet though, awesome even.

      22. No one would be surprised if MSM announced Trump is Xdressing or something to derail his campaign. He is a threat to TPTB. Most GOP candidates would be better than Hitlary. Both are ego-maniacs, what a choice we have. Ben Carson has no political ties. Carly would eat Hitlary alive in a debate, she could certainly defeat her.

      23. This is why you should always mail in your vote.


        Most voting machines can be easily hacked. More importantly, states aren’t actually requiring those running the ballots to turn in the tapes and written records they are required to by law to show that the records were not altered(are we surprised?)

        Those at the top are expecting you to be lazy and use the machines. They also know one simple algorithm can change your vote and all the other votes on that machine (don’t believe me? Google it. There are known hacks that are still not fixed on these voting machines) So, just beat them at their own game – mail in your vote and ensure there is a paper trail, so they can’t change your vote!!

      24. Meghgan Kelley’s nose and jaw/chin doesn’t match the rest of her face.

      25. Yeah, Mr Sorrel-ass. You sound like King George in 1776 and his not-so-prescience predictions.

        You and fellow corruptocrat George Soreazz better start putting up beaucoup bucks. But just in case, I’m sure Hilary can rule from her prison cell by utilizing her cadre of flying monkeys.

        I try not to me mean, but this stuff is just plain evil and VILE. But, that’s fare du jour for the left.

      26. Hilary is literally perhaps THE most vile, corrupt, vicious, nasty, lying fraud ever to disgrace American politics.

        I’m sure the left will vote for her in droves.

      27. Eh,prep as best you can,drop out of system as best you can,find alt currencies ect.

        As the hippys used to say,”Tune in,drop out”.I am a hippy who just happens to love hunting and the tools involved/being as self sufficient as possible(keep working on that!)ect.Fuckem,we don’t need em and when they come for us give em hell!

      28. Who invites hypocrite celebs to these events and why? What could these overrated, overpaid actors possibly bring to the table at a world economic forum?

      29. I’m afraid it will be the bitch in office and if anything happens to get her in legal hot water before next January, Obama will just pardon her. It’s all planned out, IMHO.

      30. I’m glad where I live we don’t get to vote. Removes any dwindling emotion of the downfall of the late, great USA.
        Will make popcorn and watch the fireworks.
        Would like to meet Sgt. Dale but Illinois is a long ways and it’s cold there.
        Keep preppin’, people

      31. Off topic:
        Overheard at a TSA pat down – as agent was running hands up male passenger’s leg, he ran into something that was at about mid-thigh. Slightly shocked, the agent kept on up and realized it was attached to the male passenger. When asked “What is that in your pants?” To which the passenger replied, “That is a dick”. The agent attempted to correct him by saying “No sir,That’s a penis.” To which the passenger replied,”You have a penis, I have a dick-there’s a huge difference now ain’t there??”
        Be well, stay warm.

      32. They need to get past the voters to get to Trump. He has such an overwhelming lead that, short of trying to physically harm him, defeating him at this point will be impossible. I support Trump for President of the United States.

      33. bush will be our next president. if anybody wants an education on geo politics and fundamentally understand why this country is a shit hole and who our next president will be, i urge you to listen to this veteran, analyst, with a wealth of knowledge and credentials who has spent almost 40 years of his life, explaining the “things that matter”, on his website craigbhulet.com. scroll down the page and click on to radio appearances. then dedicate some time to listen to this man. if you do not want to hear the truth, then keep on watching the mass media.

      34. You’d think the old bat could whiten her teeth. I guess she’s seriously going for the witch look.

        • Yeah, and in the picture, it looks as though she’s got a firm friggin’ grip of Trumps gonads.

      35. Sadly, none of these candidates are what you would call people of character. Almost like picking the witch or the devil.

      36. When America wake up on the 9 Nov, they will realize that history has been made.
        President Hillary Rodham Clinton has arrived.

        Hillary has withstood 30 years of Hillary bashing so whats new?
        Enough of the female and Hillary bashing already.

        Hillary will win the Democrat Primary and go on and become Americas FIRST WOMAN president and there is nothing and i mean NADA the republicans and Hillary haters can do about that.

        Benghazi conspiracy has been put to rest and the email Republican conspiracy bull crap will be put to rest too move along.

        Here’s something for you right wingers to mull over – Hillary/Democrat 318 electoral votes – SMILES

      37. Put quite simply, the math for a republican president
        is not there. State by state polls may show a real
        horse race, but we are not the same country we were
        just 15 years ago. A phrase used to stir
        up support is “silent majority” when referring to those
        with strong support for Trump, but the fact of the
        matter is the “silent majority” over the last 15 years
        or so, have become the “silent minority”, who because
        of their silence, have lost their nation, and their right
        to self determination. Those that call themselves the
        “silent majority” have deluded themselves into thinking
        that their silence still allows them to outnumber the
        communist in the nation which will take everything they
        can from them. They are very very wrong. It may look like
        a real horse race, but it will be the changed demographics
        of those on welfare, illegals, and socialist that will determine the next election. It is the former silent majority that has allowed their nation to be destroyed.
        Corrupt banks, fictitious wars, open boarders and open
        treason ignored by the silent “majority” has now made them the silent “minority”. As a side note I will close with this. According to some credible sources, the company that counts the votes in our general election is headquartered in Spain thanks to the silence of the former majority! As Stalin once said, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”
        The silent majority have made the bed we now have, and
        unfortunately, the rest of us who have been outspoken will have to sleep in it along with them.
        God help this nation.

        • CDP

          Often I do not make it down to the bottom of the comments, but I sure am glad I did today.

          You are so spot on in your post. We, that silent majority, have allowed this to get to this point, and we certainly don’t have the numbers to effect any change in leadership whatsoever. The horde will get out and vote for their welfare and freebies, and far too many of “that majority” will stay away from the voting booths.

          The Sacred Word of God lays out a scenario for the last days that many scoff at and diminish. It is coming. A war that kills one third of mankind will indeed “depopulate” this earth, and still, many will scoff…

          God put this nation on this earth when He did for a reason, and I pray, with you, that He will bless it again if it is His will… We will see…

          God Bless all here, thanks Mac for a great site, and remember… Earthly preps and plans can be fun, engaging, and profitable, but they pale in comparison to spiritual preparations.


        • The silent majority no longer exists. Republicans have maintained power through fraud and voter suppression which will only work so long. Bush got in through voter fraud in Florida and the Supremes. Every military aggression turned into a flood of immigrants. Just because people are white skinned does not make them Republicans. The Republican party has less than 24 percent of voters. Laws enforce D/R rule and are illegal under the Constitution. When polls say Trump is at 40 percent… it is 40 percent of 24 percent… less than 10 percent of the total. The media supports these illusions for tptb because just over 50 percent of voters are outside both parties. Registered voters. At some point they will break the D/R hold. Contrary to the Republican majority in the House and Senate… it cannot last any amount of time. The demographics do not support it. Ignoring economic conditions, tptb are control long the country through 2 defunct parties. Laws make it nearly impossible to run independent candidates. The whole thing is fraud.

          • Sorry… control long should be controlling.

            My dad the sailor used to call that “pissing against the wind.”

      38. I’ve been saying all along that the dems don’t care who the GOP runs….the outcome was decided years ago when the DNC managed to infiltrate, buy and co opt the companies and people who make, program and maintain the
        voting machines. These systems are archaic….usually running on a Windows XP platform with essentially NO security. Those that aren’t programmed FROM THE FACTORY to insure dem candidates win can be easily hacked in the field to determine who gets the votes.

      39. That’s the illusion the Oligarchs want the masses to believe…..that they “own” the Casino……the truth is this society is NOT a Casino…..and they don’t hold title to it. They “own” the money supply, and manipulate the Governments around the world. If the people were to rise up and take back the power of “ownership” and set firm standards by which business throughout the world is conducted, then their stranglehold over mankind would be over. No more propaganda and brainwashing, no more evil creating hardships for the people of this world, but a prosperous positive progressive flow where the rule of law dominates a land of moral men.

      40. And if all else fails..there is always the J.F.K. solution.
        SCUM has no conscience!

      41. sorry,there is NO WAY killary can attain the presidency. NONE,SHE IS A CRIMINAL WHO WILL LEARN THE HARD WAY,THAT real americans won’t tolerate a psychopath figuratively running this country.

      42. Fuck Hillary. I wish bad luck for her.

      43. Remember USSR, well it’s our turn, just make sure you pick witch new nation state you want to live in, there will be about five to choose from. It won’t be long now…hell States are already filing suits against the Federal Government.


        • Oregon Militia called for reinforcements. How many do you think, Caucasian, that they will get? Any reinforcements will have to get past the road blocks and it ain’t going to happen.

          Why would an American coward want to revolt?

          He’s got what he wants, communism.

      45. Just thought i would mention, for what its worth…if there is a nationwide EMP, kiss all our butts goodbye cause over 150 nuclear reactors in this country would meltdown and it wouldnt matter how much you prep, you aint making it. Chernobyl was just two reactors at one site, and it still flows, think what happens after 150 go down…..

      46. Don’t believe the hype. The elites believe that their word is law. We are “the people” are the law. We decide.

        The elites only want you to believe you are not in control to maintain control.

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