Daddy Saves Campaign As Jeb Throws Tantrum: “I’ve Got Cooler Things to Do… Elect Trump If You Want”

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    Elder Bush faces the prospect of having to watch his favorite fortune son fail at his attempt to claim yet another Bush presidency – all in the twilight of Bush 41’s life – who is now 91 and in failing health.

    After reports say he has angrily watched the primary season include routine jabs at the expense of his son Jeb, former president George H.W. Bush is calling to arms his vast network of patrons and wealthy donors to get his kid out of trouble, and force his tanking campaign to the top with the only way they know – the power of big money and sneaky political maneuvering. The Houston Chronicle reports:

    Even at age 91, former President George H.W. Bush remains hooked on politics and the upcoming presidential election. He follows the coverage on Fox News, champions the campaign of GOP candidate and son Jeb Bush and – like many on the left and right – he remains absolutely baffled by Donald Trump’s success.

    The New York Times profiled the elder Bush on Saturday ahead of a Houston donor retreat over the weekend. The Bush family and supporters are trying to reinvigorate Jeb Bush’s flagging campaign, and, at the same time, they vented about the success of one former reality TV star.


    The story contains a number of exciting quotes about the Bush family’s “contempt for Trump.” He reminds the elder Bush of third-party candidate Ross Perot, who the family believes “helped Bill Clinton capture the White House from Bush in 1992.” The former president also has been livid about the way Trump has prodded at son George W. Bush over the Sept. 11 attacks.


    Where the anger comes from is evident. The Bush family isn’t just upset that Trump can be vulgar. The family also sees their political dynasty fading after six decades of success.

    With massive cutbacks for staff and budgets across the board of the Jeb! campaign, the media is universally signaling the sinking of the Bush campaign – despite typical expectations for an establishment-favorite candidate to be handed the nomination. Instead, Jeb faces a voting public that has “Bush fatigue,” who distrust the status quo, find Bush III boring among a crowded GOP field, and – most of all – are endeared to the defiant statements of Donald Trump, who is voicing an angry populist sentiment.

    Despite all the advantages and expectations of becoming president, Jeb faces the very real possibility of utter and embarrassing defeat – all by the hands of the irreverent TV reality star of The Apprentice. None of the 2016 election is going according to script for Bush, despite all the precautions to ensure easy victory.

    For his part Jeb, who seems to feel entitled to the presidency, is getting downright bitter about Trump – coming off as a certifiable whiner (when he wishes to be seen as a winner):

    If this election is about how we’re going to fight to get nothing done, then I don’t want anything — I don’t want any part of it. I don’t want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant that people literally are in decline in their lives. That is not my motivation. I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.

    With an adolescent attitude, Jeb tells the electorate he doesn’t need them. He wants the presidency, but he could do without the people, quite clearly. And that is the heart of the problem between the country and the ambitions of the Bush dynasty:

    Bush doesn’t want to run a campaign that’s just about trading insults with other Republicans — but the way it comes off is that he is running for office as a favor for the American public and, if it doesn’t work out the way he likes it, well, then, he has got far better things to do. (source)

    Quite simply, Bush has been outmaneuvered, and they Bush family is fuming about it. And with an anger they consider justified, they are prepared to wage emergency war for the survival of Jeb’s campaign. Donald Trump is in the crosshairs, and he is loving it.

    But funny enough, just the Bushes are getting serious, Trump has vowed not to pick on Jeb anymore – suggesting with derision that he thought he would be the front-runner:

    “I did talk about Jeb because I thought Jeb was going to be the front-runner,” Trump told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “Obviously, he’s no longer the front-runner. I probably won’t talk about him so much anymore.”

    Having spent months mocking Bush for his low energy level, this line from Trump could be either a moment of rare sympathy from the real estate tycoon-turned-candidate, or the cruelest insult yet.

    Considering how rigged elections have become, it may be yet another tactic to portray Jeb as the underdog worthy of pity, but judging from comments across the Internet, no one is feeling sorry for the Bushes they are so happy to be done with.

    Perhaps the Washington Post is correct, and this really Jeb’s big opportunity to come back swinging at Trump, though voter attitudes have made clear that Bush would gain office with no greater consent from the American public than a date rape victim.


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      1. jeb sounds like a whiny little boy who isn’t getting his own way. I think it is time for him to drop out of the race and do some of the “cool things” he could be doing. I believe his is building up to his dropping out very soon.

        • …drag the entire Bush /Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama – War Crimes and Treason Cabal out into the streets, charge and convict them all for treason…and then start hanging all of the convicted bastards…
          RJ O’Guillory

          • RJOG, I’d settle for giving each one 2 bullets to the head and be done with it.

            • The Bush’s pray only at the altar of Preston….

            • Yup. Traitors deserve death.

              Hard core freakin traitors.

              • What do Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Bill Richardson, Jacob Lord Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Summers and Michael Steinhardt have in common?

                Smokey will insist we “want to hunt them down and kill them just because [we] think someone else’s money made [us] poor.”

                Jim in VA will tell us these guys “make jobs.”

                TEST will insist it is a “category error” to prosecute them as globalist criminals.

                Genies and Genocide: Syria, Israel, Russia and Much Oil

                I will suggest that those named should have a fair trial… and leave the innocent alone.

                • Followed by a 1st class hanging!

            • Time to bring back the guillotine and make some heads roll.

          • no..just double tap the cia’s afghan opium crop profits…surely there;s plenty of cash there…albeit gwb senior was cia director…


            • Posset, good to see you back. How you been?

          • RJOGuillory, How ’bout if we take them out in the streets and do a “whiskey for my men, beer for my horses” party.

          • Agreed – now we know how the CIA drug-running GHWB got his brain damaged son into the White House. They deserve nothing less than slow torture, arrest them ALL before they spread, they are all mass murderers.

        • Note to Jeb: Go home and suck your thumb little boy. You’re finished, and hopefully there will never be a Bush running for a national office.

          • Agreed–Bush and his whole “skull and crossbones” silly fraternity/club can throw all of the money and backing they want to Jeb–but the fact remains, Jeb is not likable. He looks soft and pink and reminds me a little of the Ned Beatty character in the movie Deliverance.

            PS: Hillary has already been chosen by the Bilderberg clan to usurp power and finish of the sovereign USA under constitutional law–by next November the media will be telling everyone that “the polls have Hillary ahead by 20% +- heading into tomorrows election” and “exit polls show Hillary winning all of the crucial swingstates” –EVEN if they are making it up. The voting results and “counting” will be rigged and show us exactly what they predicted beforehand so nobody will suspect or complain………

            • Since Hillary is the most likely of the sociopath/candidates to carry our their evil agendas, she’s more likely to be the one (selected, not elected as) our next POTUS. I predict that the most evil of them all will win.

              And, I am not going to vote for ‘the lesser of the two evils’ when (not ‘if’, but ‘when’) it comes down to that. Why bother?… they’ll select the most evil one anyway.

            • I can’t look at him without thinking of Mr. Potato Head…

            • He does look like Ned Beatty, doesn’t he.

        • Colorado wants single payer. We said it would come.

          • AE, you can bet it’s not so popular with seasoned citizens, since they’ll be on the wrong end of the “quality of life” boards (aka death panels).

            Correction: Some may be all for single payer until somebody dear to them gets unplugged and wheeled into the hall while still gasping and twitching.

          • AE, you can bet it’s not so popular with seasoned citizens, since they’ll be on the wrong end of the “quality of life” boards (aka death panels).

            Correction: Some may be all for single payer until somebody dear to them gets unplugged and wheeled into the hall while still gasping and twitching.

          • Acid Etch… where is the fault in single payer health care? The overwhelming percentage of American’s support single payer health care. Nobody can afford to lose near everthing they own to be in debt for mostly common procedures that are skyrocketing in price with no end in sight. A variation of Medicare can cover everybody with stable and lower costs for treatment. The option is to do nothing until nobody can afford to see a doctor. A small cut above an eye on the forehead was billed over 3,000 dollars to a friend of mine at an emergency room visit. That is beyond insanity. Who runs this country, is it the AMA and big pharma?

            • The people wanted this shit including many on this site.

              It started with FDR and his removal of gold as specie. 60 million voted for the Kenyan Muslim including most doctors. Doctors, hospitals, big pharma and commies love this health care delivery system and commie care.

              Nixon took us off the silver standard and doctors loved that too.

              Dentists are even worse than medical doctors where they charge thousands of dollars for a couple hours of work.

              Vote for Hillary and keep the ERs open. $5,000.00 for a puncture wound and a tetanus shot.

              I practiced medicine when a vial of penicillin containing ten shots cost me 23 cents. Silver was still in the dime.

              f ’em

          • Acid,the schools in my area have had cops in them since 2000. That’s how bad the schools are in my area.

      2. dear God


        just GO AWAY

        help yer brother finger paint or whatever in the hell he spends his time doing

        the Bush crime family has hurt this country enough

        • Awwwwww….bless their little hearts. Poor George and poor poor lil jeb. Aside from the fact that jeb is completely awkward, uncomfortable, and unlikeable. These asses are so out of touch with the American citizens (at least the free thinking patriots) that they are dumbfounded by the success of political outsiders that don’t focus group test everyone of their politically pandering words and speeches. A big F U to jeb and George and the other George. F em all I’m sick and tired of seeing their evil faces.

      3. In hindsight the Bush 1 and 2 were lousy presidents.

        Bush 1 inherited a growing economy from the Reagan days.

        He lied “read my lips no new taxes” he wasted the peace dividend of the Soviet Union break up and dreamed of his new world order. Probably a decent man but also a clueless elite.

        Bush 2 gave us No Child Left Behind, written by Teddy Kennedy, Medicare Part “D” paid for on the credit card.

        Started wars with no intention of victory. I have no doubt our armed forces could have prevailed in Afghanistan.

        Taking out Saddam appears to have been a mistake.

        People forget Bush 2 had both the House and Senate, they fed like pigs on pork, ran up the debt.

        We were only told want they wanted us to know about 911.

        Bushes are open borders, elite the peon class can be damned.

        First time in my life a single issue voter.


        • At least Bush 2 kept the dam Russians out of the Mediterranean. And Bush 2 had a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

          Obama gave away the missile defense shield for nothing. He lets the Ruskies into the Med, now they are running the show over there.

          Were fucked. Europe is fucked harder.

          • Now explain to me exactly why i should give a crap about the Russians being in the mediteranian?
            Last time i checked we are
            Far away
            From the mediterrainian.

            • agreed , we have too many problems at home to deal with

              • I am more than a little bit amazed that so many commenters are giving GWB a pass on his complicity in the Israeli Mossad false flag attacks on 9-11-01.

                Obviously, there are an alarming number of people who have not done their homework on the 9-11 event.

                • Little Bush is guilty as sin, however he most likely has the lowest IQ of any potus ever. He followed the Bush 1 playbook.

                  Just as odrama, and billery, and poppy bush and slick willie, they are doing the bidding of the puppet masters. Besides billery and the jebster, who is the puppet masters’ back up candidate?

                  Can we trust trump? Carson? not Fiorina after her catering and feet kissing of muzzies in her address to employees after 9/11.
                  Rubio has a skeleton in his closet that hasn’t appeared yet.
                  Who is his main backers?
                  Cruz is another slick willie that is most likely in the pocket of Goldman Sachs.

                  • Rubio is another establishment shill and Fiorina is as well. I don’t trust any of them.

                    At this point in the game Americans should probably focus on electing Constitutional sheriff’s because that is what it is going to come down to at some point in the future, a sheriff that will stand between the people and the fedthugs.

                    • The sheriffs can be fire team leaders in the unorganized militias’ squads.

                  • Well said. Read “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster” by David Icke, it will open your eyes wide open about the Bush Cabal. They are satanic, pedophile child trafficking drug smugglers. They are good family friends of the Bin Ladens and the Saudi monarchy. The book also spills the beans about the whole Bush administration: Cheney, Armitage, Powel, Rumsford. They are all slimeballs and deserve to rot in hell. Old George Jr would get jacked up on cocaine and rape young girls while Cheney watched. There is video footage of George Jr, jeb, and slick Willy meeting on a small airfield in Mena Ark to exchange drugs for money. It’s a very good eye opening book.

                    We damn sure don’t need any more of the Bush cabal or more establishment presidents. We need a president that will not take the oath to support AIPAC, that will end the fed reserve, and cut the $3Billion welfare payment to IS-REAL-HELL.

            • Bring hundreds of thousands of our troops home. Deploy them to the border and have them build the Wall. They’ll be doing something useful and can get their rifle marksman ship qualifications by shooting at targets with all the shots facing south.

              Just as Eisenhower had straight strips of the Interstate highway system ready for landing airplanes during time of war, the Wall will make good hanging posts for targets.

              Invaders, f ’em

            • Correct Kula, besides, Russia is successfully playing whack-a-mole with some of the nicest pieces of shit on the planet right now (people we don’t like)—for that, we owe them a fruit basket.

            • Because they are not content to rule America, they want the whole world.

          • John , europe is fucking itself, letting in the sand dwellers .
            Hell its now rape central , europe has already been invaded.
            What the hell are the russians goona do ?

            • The Russians are going to do the same thing they did in the 1930s to the Ukrainians, which is mass killing and mass starvation.

              And we should care because this will eventually become a massive war, just like WWI and WWII.

              And it will be our families that get called up to die for it.

              • If we step in now John , its still massive war.

                Obama , made us the new world pushovers , paper tiger.
                Russia has lost respect and no longer fears reprisal.

                • Exactly right. There is no fixing this without a major war.

                  Thank you Obama. Great foreign policy legacy.

                  • Think again hammer. It’s NOT Russia who has lost world respect — IT’S THE USA under oblahblah. Other countries are cheering Russia, even if they have to do it in secret. We’re not seen as “The Good Guys” anymore.

                    The United States JUST SHOWED IT’S ASS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD IN THE MIDDLE EAST! This usurped govt just showed EVERY LEADER IN EVERY COUNTRY what they’re capable of. REGIME CHANGES — Nobody wants them to pull one on them. They all have to wonder “AM I NEXT?” And for good reason, they just might be.

                    I’m afraid now that the CIA illegal/covert regime changes and other color revolutions they’ve been pulling is out of the bag, the entire world IS looking at us a lot differently. They all know that the elites believe they should RULE THE WORLD AND IT SHOULD BE FASHIONED IN THEIR OWN IMAGE.

                    So now I ask you — what should they do, if they don’t WANT to be shaped in our image? What if they LIKE the way it is on their sovereign soil?

                    Other countries KNOW that The U.S. has been spying on them, our allies included. Do you think they still feel like our “allies” now? The U.S. has even been caught spying on UN and NATO private talks. The U.S. has been caught spying on everybody.

                    THE BLACKMAIL BEING USED TO FORCE COUNTRIES INTO COMPLIANCE, IS OUT OF THE BAG. All of the dirty, covert little CIA-instigated and executed tricks are out of the bag for all to see. The govt has even openly ADMITTED to them.

                    Western banking and corporate domination in other countries is out of the bag. They know the west has been using both as leverage to gain compliance and access to their resources that we think is theirs for the taking.

                    THEY KNOW WHAT A DOMINANT BULLY STATE THE U.S. IS, AND EACH LEADER NOW KNOWS IT WAS NOT ONLY THEM WHO WAS VICTIMIZED…they can see the other victims coming out, a few at a time. They are no longer alone, and I believe they’ve been talking amongst themselves about it. They now realize the extent and sheer reach of our govt’s treachery.

                    So I ask everyone here —WHAT WOULD YOU, AS A LEADER OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, DO?

                • Obama, the traitor in thief is serving his zionist masters well. He’s being their good little boy and doing exactly what they want. The whole purpose of the USSA is to be the military arm of the zionists. Bush Jr created and Obama is following up by:
                  1. A stasi police state here in the USSA via the Patriot Act and the NDAA
                  2. Created the never ending “War on Terror to make the MIC wealthier.
                  3. The war on terror gives them justification to invade sovereign countries
                  4. Created anarchy and chaos in the ME and making the land a wasteland
                  5. Destroying the USSA’s economy to destroy the middle class
                  6. Furthering the goal of IS-REAL-Hell for a “Greater IS-REAL-HELL

                  • Obama is working for Israel? Is that why he hates them so much and kisses Muslim butt 24/7?

              • This will not become a “massive war” because of the Russians trying to take over. THE ELITES HAVE PLANNED THIS RIGHT DOWN TO THE LAST DETAIL. It will be a miracle if Putin can avoid WWIII, and I say that because our stupid govt is sure trying to provoke it.

                With the current state of affairs, I think it’s time we grow up and sake off the old “red scare” programming. It’s been DECADES. Surely by NOW some people should be shaking off the fog.

                Russia has done absolutely nothing to suggest such aggression. I suggest people who still blame Russia for everything, need to do some more research and take a long look in the mirror at what “aggression” looks like.

                Hint: It’s the pot who is calling everybody else black.

          • Europeans will start acquiring guns, anti-gun laws be damned.

            Not sure where they got the idea muslime savages would be happy to work to support aging infidels who want to lie on the beach by day and stand around pulling the handle on the one-armed bandit.

            • Because they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe in the lie of multiculturalism, socialism, and or communism.

              They’re now getting a crash course in reality. Many right in America believe they can be friends with the muzloids. It is deliberately being done by the elites to bring chaos to the land and in order to destabilise society and the stoopid sheep are following right along with it.

        • Afghanistan is where empires go to die.

        • Screw Hawaii. The only thing that Hawaii has ever produced is a black turd sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

        • I recently became of aware of how the USSA stole Hawaii and the story behind it all. I was shocked at first then it sunk in that it doesn’t really amaze me at all by the USSA’s actions.I am ashamed this happened. Now they are trying to have an election for “Hawaiians only” I hope that the election goes in their favor.

          • It was part of the elites plans to encroach on Russia, as was the taking of Alaska.

        • I don’t like pineapple or coconut–plus Hawaii has the highest % of welfare recipients of all of the states ( just like what would happen if we made Puerto Rico a state)…..Seven rows of Seven Stars sounds like a nice symmetrical flag….

      4. Bush family. triple AAA grade quality scum.

        this election like all others is RIGGED!!

        the media keeps pumping the LIE that “it’s a close race”.

        Then when all the voters watch results, they accept it.

        you know, because “it was a really close election”

        • Semper Fortis, AMEN to that!

        • EXACTLY—they told us Obama was ahead throughout the election in 2012 to discourage voters and then to not be surprised or suspicious when he got 100% of the votes in 32 different Ohio precincts ( think about that 100% !!) Or he won crucial swing states where the democrat governors were ousted and republican turnout elected 33 of 50 governors.

          PS: Never forget that in 2012 George Soros bought SOE software ( the company that makes and counts the electronic voting machine results) which he changed the name to SCYTL.

      5. Folks I’m just disgusted beyond coherent words.

        Both parties have taken this country to bankruptcy.

        Our borders have been left open allowing basically anyone in with whatever intent they have good, bad or plain evil.

        We have no unbiased media, you can watch the crap on FOX or whatever the other source and what they decide to feed you.

        FOX plays the red team/blue team to the max, just enough to piss people off, but keep them coming back.

        I really don’t know how a country can continue with no informative media and a population that actually cares were the country is being taken.

        To watch how far this country has fallen in my lifetime is beyond belief.

        • Note From Idaho, I’m the same way. I’m to the point I’m not following what any govt. officials say anymore.

          • Ditto. Gotta watch your own back. Time to look out for you and your’s. This country is quickly turning into a cesspool of idiots that would rather take a video of things with their Gdamned iphone rather than standing up for right vs. wrong. Long-term, we are in trouble folks. Someone out there please point me to any positive prospects going forward in the next 5 years. Inquiring minds want to know. Would it be higher interest rates? Higher health care costs? Return of manufacturing jobs? Higher taxes? Black Friday? What the hell do we have to look forward to as a country?

          • Yes you are brave. You pay close attention and you misquote officials and cherry pick bullshit all the time. You live for officials and you live off the gub

      6. I have to say I really don’t care for Trump. He comes off as an arrogant ass. We have had an arrogant ass in the white house for the last seven years and I am really sick of it.

        I want someone who will be a humble public servant.

        Those a really hard to find nowadays.

        • JS, I understand and share that sentiment, but I’m not so sure that such people still exist.

          • Ted Cruz , would be that guy .

            • Ted is not that guy . He is owned by the banks . Oh he talks the talk but bet your bottom dollar it would be business as usual if he was in the oval office

              • Ted Cruz was caught on video (youtube) flatly stating that he wanted to increase the number of H1-B Visas by 500 percent, so the rats out in Silicon Valley who shovel money into this guy’s campaign coffers can force native born American IT workers to train these third world scabs and then get fired from their decent paying middle class jobs.

                Anyone who thinks Ted Cruz can be depended on to look out after the interests of natural born American citizens is woefully misinformed about this guy’s history. Oh, and Cruz also was a big promoter of the nation destroying abomination known as TPP – and handing additional power to the half-African dictator who sits in the White House to bypass Congress and rule by decree on matters such as importing hundreds of thousands of third worlders into the USA, where they can take even more jobs away from American citizens. And, where they can import their entire family tree – every one of whom will become an immediate, lifetime DemonRat voter, effectively giving the evil DemonRats a permanent one party dictatorship.

                Whereupon the DemonRats will promptly abolish the Second Amendment and order the US military to forcibly disarm every law abiding American citizen and shoot those who refuse to turn them over.

                Ah, but, you Ted Cruz fans will say – Cruz is a big Second Amendment supporter! Well, let me tell you morons something: Anyone who claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment, but who turns around and cheers the idea of permitting millions of third world aliens to move to America, and then ignoring the fact that every one of these third world aliens are going to become lifetime DemonRat voters, which translates into a one party dictatorship by a party of communist totalitarians who fully intend to disarm every law abiding American citizen – that politician is blowing smoke up your hind parts.

                In the first GOP Presidential debate, Cruz flatly stated that there were 7.2 million people in the third world who wanted to move to America and he said that he had no problem with that, as long as they did it ‘legally’.

                Ted Cruz wants to destroy White, Western European Civilization by turning America into a third world hell hole, exactly as Ann Coulter’s book claims the DemonRats want to also do.

                • We need decisive, NOT divisive – TRUMP 2016.

                  All he has to do is get our economy going again, and not get us blown up in WWIII, and I’ll be happy.

        • I come off as an arrogant ass.

          But you know I am a deeply patriotic citizen.

          • I don’t dislike Trump because he’s an arrogant ass. I dislike him because of his past butt buddy association with the Klintons.

          • So what yer sayin is we might just like the guy behind the glass,,,

        • An arrogant ass? Ummm…Maybe.

          However, I can’t help but take stock of the reality existing in my e-mail inbox, which is flooded with pleas for shekel$, by the rest of the field of sorry-ass candidates. Of which I notice Donald hasn’t asked me for a dime!

          Yeah…he’s insanely rich and is funding himself.

          That said, looking beyond the obvious.

          The mere fact that the rest of those cretinous candidates are begging for dollars…tells me every f**king one of them…

          …are for SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Dunno ’bout you, but I’m sick and tired of living w/ the results of decades of social / economic bullshit…courtesy of generations of…politicians who sold themselves to Mammon!!!

          • –addendum to above–

            Sorry…I left out the most important symptom:

            ..the loss & longstanding perpetual attacks on my / our personal LIBERTY!!!

            …’nuff said.

          • I made my decision when all of the media was rolling out their best talking heads against Trump. They tried to drum up shit from his past but couldn’t find any dirt to sling.

            You see, I AM one of those people who mean what I say…and I said:


            The details don’t even matter. All I need to know, is that ‘they’ don’t want Trump to get into the white house. THEREFOR, TRUMP 2016!

        • Trump will build the Wall. He’ll deport all invader f ‘ers.

      7. To everyone here and I mean this sincerely: F#$% THE ENTIRE BUSH CRIME FAMILY! Bush Sr. belongs to both CFR and Trilateral Commission working to destroy our sovereignty and bring on one-world fascist/socialist government. The rest of the Bushes are no f#$%ing better. So Jeb Bush is crying about losing out on the Republican nomination? Who gives a f#$%, considering what people like the Bushes have been doing to our country? As far as I’m concerned, NO government officials have a f#$% leg to stand on! At least Trump is speaking the truth on certain things, I’ll give him that. I’m sorry about the excessive use of the ‘f’ word; bad day at work. Also, seeing more and more misery out here and govt. not doing a damn thing about it. Bring on the reset. Rant over.

        • Great rant and I agree with you 100% 91yo senior better enjoy his remaining years here, I’m guessing he’s do for eternity in hell. Lots of bad acts in his career in evil.

        • Read David Icke’s book “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster” It will tell exactly how criminal the Bush cabal is. This family will rot in hell.

      8. No more bushes or clintons I going hard right trump this time around for me. I don’t bother with people from the past politicians especially we’ve tried Clinton sold workers out bush lied about wmd’s to get us in a war. Should I think there will be different results this time around. Fuck all of them.

      9. Trump may very well be a good president, but, if you go by his past he has a lot of liberal beliefs. He talks a good game and knows what buttons to push with voters right now. But i’m not sure he will really be conservative. He might be another Reagan or better…He might be another NWO elite…

        Cruse is a proven real deal conservative. He will take it to the libs.

        CRUSE / CARSON 2016

        2nd choice- TRUMP / CRUSE

        • Carson has no chance. Obama has poisoned the well for any black man for the forseeable future (that is, if you believe elections are at all honest).

      10. Also, its going to take alot more than a good conservative president to save this country now. A Cruse or Trump maybe could slow down the decline, but it will take a miracle at this point to save the US from where its headed.

      11. I don’t want a Bush dynasty, & I don’t want a Clinton dynasty either. I want a fresh face, new blood, and somebody that will change the direction that this country is currently being railroaded on. To echo another posters post above, Trump – build that wall!

        • I don’t want a wall. I want the Marines with the .50 cal Browning. It would cost a hell of a lot less too.

          • Although i think Barret makes a better gun , i get the point.
            That should have be done from the start .
            Kill em all trying to cross illegally and they will stop .

            • After about two nights, Facebook and Twitter would get the word around.

            • I have an even better idea. Why not start fining, and jailing, the POS’s that HIRE the illegals? If you put some CEO in jail for 252 years for hiring illegals, you can bet his friends will find a way to purge the illegals from their workforces, and those people will be forced to self deport, along with their anchor babies.

              This would also promote the resurgence of the American middle class, as these jobs will become available to American citizens, and an upward pressure on wages would begin again.

              People always trot out “They take jobs that American’s won’t do”, and this is true, but only insofar as it’s half the sentence… The REALITY is that “They take jobs that American’s won’t do FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY”.

              You don’t have to fight the illegals, you just have to fight the immoral businesses that hire them.

              • You’re right too, so if somebody did BOTH…just think how many would abandon ship.

        • There has been far too much damage done over the years, it wont be fixed in one or two presidential terms by anyone of the crooks running for POTUS. Trump may be the best choice, but still don’t trust him.

          Electing people into local government that have the wavos to stand up to the feds is very important. Your county sheriff is probably the most important at this point(more important than the POTUS). The feds are growing more and more corrupt and out of control by the day and republicans and democrats in DC have no regard for the rule of law. you’re going to need someone people local with authority to stand up to the feds in the future.

          • The feds subsidize all states so heavily, on so many things, that they can’t go against the feds, no matter how much they want to. They’d go broke, and that was part of the takeover plan too.

      12. Howe can anyone still actually believe that our national elections are honest, when all our systems are being hacked into at will. The airlines keep using the excuse “computer glitch”, when their systems get screwed up, but they can’t give away the real reasons, that terrorists are testing their systems, because they know, and the Feds know, that they have to keep the flying public ignorant, because they might actually be afraid to fly!
        Pilots have already lost temporary control of their aircraft while in the air. They know that it’s just a matter of WHEN another aircraft goes mysteriously off course and either crashes or disappears.
        Everyone of our country’s systems are constantly being probed & tested, just waiting for the opportune time.

      13. Just think, if NOBODY VOTED, who would be elected? Spend time with your wife, children, parents and friends. Screw all of this election crap. The Republicans have “mostly” been in charge since 1970 and they could have stopped all this shite we’re dealing with today. Did they? No, they went the other way. If you absolutely HAVE TO VOTE, vote only for the libertarians.

        Burma Shave (Only old farts will grok that)

        • sounds like you may be a wantin’ to feel the Bern.

        • If nobody voted, then they wouldn’t even have to change any numbers, just fill in some blanks…why the hell would anyone want to make it easier for them to fix the elections?

          Don’t sound so smart to me.

      14. Who can you trust? They all want the number 1 spot to suck more money out of the people. The American people need to start speaking up more LOUD AND CLEAR. I hope our finest are ready and waiting to jump in when the time comes to defend this country.

        Massive greed has taken over and we need to say, no more from us.

      15. Example of an ultra wealthy elite family. Some people were accused of being envious of families like these a day or so ago.

      16. If “the Don” is feeling sympathy for the Devils maybe he could hire a few of them for his campaign.
        How about putting Marvin Bush in charge of Security?
        Or get Neil Bush to help run the finances?

      17. There’s nothing Jeb can do when he is not wanted, reacts to childish insults and makes himself look worse. Jeb just doesn’t have it. Period.

        • Follow the eyes. Jeb looks as though he has been on prozac for decades and somebody just began replacing them with a placebo.

          billery has serpentine looking eyes and buck teeth…better to bite you with, and hold on to your nards and taints, while the vipers crawl out of her hair and nail you hard.

          • Somebody on yahoo said that hillary, because she hates men so much and is a ruthless ball-breaker, would be the best choice to go up against Putin —I ABOUT FELL OUTTA MY CHAIR LAUGHING!

            All I could say to the hillary troll was: nice try.

      18. It doesn’t matter one bit what the people want. It will be who the controllers want, the CFR, the city of London, the bankers, the Pentagon, rest assured it will be another puppet warmonger. The secret TPP and the other trade agreements will be law before the election, if there is one. Further decline in human rights, job and wage security depletion and a super hyper growing police state are in order. The election’s are a farce, yet somehow the majority think there is an actual right choice between the two conspiring options, talk about empty headed and clueless. Jeb! is a total putrid gasbag, Rubio the same. Trump want’s Hillary elected. His job is to clear out all possible GOP challengers. If he was or is for the people he will be taken out. All of the uniparty candidates are just pathetic liars. Hillary is an Obama level murderous liar. Jeb! is complicit in 9-11, hell they all are. Just pitiful, the decline continues. Nothing short of a people’s revolution will stop the madness.

        • Yes. Just the fact that the Satanic Bush Clan that was involved in the 9/11 false flag attack is still getting love just shows what a JOKE this lame country is!

        • Since it is now controversial to fly or display the American flag in the US my guess is that we are way past the point of no return. Twenty million more third world immigrants should just about finish us off. The best that we can hope for is Trump to slow down the destruction. The system has all ready been taken over by the left. The sad part is how few care.

        • so that means what, aljamo, that we should all just crawl in our cubby and give up?

          As far a Trump “clearing out challengers”, THERE WERE NO GOP CHALLENGERS! Not Rand Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, Carson, Walker, Bush, Christie, NONE. Hell, I can’t even remember the names of the last few – there were what, 16?

          Better to be slapped off my feet, than off of my knees. I wanna look them in the eye, not the balls.

      19. Jeb Bush:

        You probably do have cooler things to do. Don’t hurt anybody, but go have fun and save yourself the embarrassment. Believe me, I know how it feels to make a fool out of yourself, and for everybody to rub it in your face. Life just isn’t fair. But then you can bask in your fortune and I can’t afford to pay for electricity. Life sucks!!!

      20. Note from Idaho…” I have no doubt our armed forces could have prevailed in Afghanistan.” You don’t call the present occupation prevailing? The US has installed the puppet government. They have enough troops and private mercenaries there to control any sporadic pushback from native Afghani’s. The rare earth elements and heroin poppies are secure in NWO hands. The war on terror there is the same phony excuse as elsewhere. The US plan is to never give up the occupation of Afghanistan. The US has laid waste to the country and the people.

        • ❤❤❤

      21. Mainstream news reported old bush was so upset watching the campaign he threw shoes at the television. Saw an old guy in a nursing home do that too. He got his diaper changed, got meds and was promptly put to bed. I guess old bush still thinks he can throw his weight around and get what he wants.

        • With his CIA connections, ALL HE NEEDS IS A PHONE.

      22. Maybe Hillary will let Jeb run as her VP candidate, since they have the same core policies?

      23. If I am hearing right from the rest of or most of you that you think a different kind of president will make a difference?

        I don’t think so. We have much bigger problems than any president can make right.

        Our military is to small to do any good and will take years to rebuild.

        Our monetary problems are already to big to succeed ever again.

        Our borders have already been over run and there will be no turning them all back.

        Our morals and ethics in all forms and matters have been corrupted.

        It will take a complete reset to make us a country again.

        We are truly screwed. Don’t forget CERN out of your preps. That is one nasty reality coming our way. Only good about is we will be gone in an instant and never even knew it happened.


        • Right on the money, Big B.

          The “complete reset” is coming in about 16-17 years if all my calculations are correct, of which we are currently on track.
          However, the first reset will look good on the surface until the 99% following that system sees it is all just a spurious freak show.

          Then the real reset takes place and all this of today will be a fading memory in the rear view. Along with all evildoers.

      24. There hasn’t been and never will be a viable Political or ballot box solution. Voting is futile. Its over it cant be fixed. There isn’t any saving the country. In tired of the same results from voting for a perceived lesser evil. Im voting for the greater evil this time, Hillary gets my vote. That stupid bitch will get the show on the road. I getting old waiting. In ready to see it come to a head. lets pop the pimple.

        • I usually don’t agree with you old fart, but I do get your point and understand where you are coming from on this one.

        • Pardon me while I go throw up…

      25. I can see little Jebster now in the middle of a Walmart isle floor throwin’ a fit. WAH!

      26. Just makes it so very obvious and visible that the whole process is fixed and run by the elites.

      27. With most of our American institutions dying or dead what Americans are looking for is another George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to restore the old America. I can feel the anger after each election as the bought and paid for puppets fail to do what they were elected to do.
        Instead they insult our intelligence with each new election with nastier puppets like Jeb and Hillary. The last thing we need today is another war mongering illegal alien loving banker puppet. The harder they push them the larger the festering hate of the political elite…

      28. Jeb Bush is a “New World Order” Puppet.
        Only a “Libtard” would vote for him.
        His father should be in jail over 9/11.

      29. WTF; anyone that is not a part of the problem(which is both parties) can’t stand a snow-balls chance in HELL of ever getting to run, let alone win. All we can do is pull the seat belt a little tighter and hold on.

      30. How did this Jeb! fixer even get elected twice as Florida governor? That was some corrupt behind the scenes manuring there. Same as Rubio being elected Senator. WTF! Same as Prick Scott being elected twice governor. WTF twice! This traditionally 100 year Democratic state government has been replaced by Northern thieves and police state warmongers. Rubio of course has his fake background story to fool the peons. What a smelly dumptruck full of excrement dumped on the Sunshine State, where solar power is forbidden for the masses. The Repukes control the entire state government with a vicelike stranglehold, piss poor wages for all except the select few, selling out open land to ravenous developers with greed foremost to expand. A state where citizen’s iniatives clearing the mandated 60% vote plurality are ignored. Go home you filthy money grubbing interlopers. Destroy your own damn home state. Yeah the latter day Dims are bad too.

      31. There isn’t a single person running worth a single vote.
        Every candidate has already pledged themselves to Israel! Too bad this is america, not israel.
        “I’m 1000% for Israel”
        -donald trump

        1000% leaves negative 900% for the USA. I’m guesing that the -900% is him giving away all of our shit.
        Wake up to the controlled opposition that you support.

      32. You have to be an insane brain dead dumbed down piece of dog shit trash to be ignorant enough to call yourself a Republican shit stain or Democrat filth in collapsing fascist America. ANYONE voting in the collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State shithole of evil vile disgusting America, where ALL the puppet politician shit stain filth are selected by the NWO Corporatist fascist psychopathic monsters, that so-called ‘voting’ in fascist America makes you nothing but a brain dead dumbed down fascist boot licking coward pussy Zombie, it is that simple.

        • Damn straight Ron – Everybody by now has to know for one, our electoral process is rigged and a scam against the people of this nation.

          If a person participates in the voting process, that person is giving their consent for these stooges to commit more crimes here at home and abroad. Deciding which piece of shit (candidate) stinks less than the other, still ends up being the same result. A stinky, shitty mess served up on a pee poo platter.

          Want to make a difference at the voting booth and send a message to Washington D.C. at the same time?

          Don’t volunteer and participate in the voting process.

          These are not Candidates running for The President of the United States, these are Corporate Spokespeople. They do not get Campaign Contributions, they receive Bribes and Payoffs.

          I don’t see Candidates, I see …. Shit#1, Turd#2, Diarrhea#3, Splattered Shit#4, ….etc.

          Every single one of the are the same, they all smell really bad and nobody wants to be around them.
          Please be responsible, and dispose of these shits properly.
          Wipe clean, flush, and wash your hands from the filth that you have been exposed to.

        • Ron, your points are well-taken by me. You do have a way with words that outperforms even acid.

      33. A summary of world actions can be read on titled: Real Reason for ISIS going after Assad. I trust this site because of the well informed Vietnam Marine combat veteran who writes there. This site covers truths that I can’t locate elsewhere.


        China is docking at ports in Florida, look who is governor of Florida. Does this suppprise. Trump says in every meeting that he is friend with horrific, Brutal people, and that they are friends of his. Just listen to every speech he does, He always mentions the brutal, and bad friends of his. No one is catching it, but i am catching it. I am not supporting any of the politicians, none of them are trustworthy.

        His indirect threat, but at the same time says that he supports patriots. Totally laughable. I dont trust Trump and i am calling him out.

        This somes up their plan. I am not even going to comment on this one. However i will prepare for the EMP or bio weapon flase flag. During my personal shtf calapse, i was shocked when Dr Garrow leaked out the fact that we almost got EMP’d in October 2013, the very time during my personal calapse. I would not have survived it because i had not preps. Now things are alot different. I now fully expect that they will do something bad, and it just of matter of time before it happens.

        Like the former DHS fat ugly bull dike Jent Nepalitano warned us about. Its not a matter of if, but when? She then resigned and it was leaked out that she told a friend of hers to stock up on food and leave the city areas asap. And according the source, she told her friend that she most go to the store and get food now, imediatlely. And get this, she told her friend this in 2013. Are we now in 2015? Man they have been planing for quite some time. When a train broke down in front of cars in my area, I was the only one that got out of it first and left all the motorist on the road as they made calls to family and called the cops for help. In a calpase, they will literally sit there and wait for help. Thats how stupid people are. The truckers and smart people followed me, and climed the curve. The stupid everyday people are not prepared for the simplest stalls, or emergencies.

        If your not prepped, you are going to die. The cabal cant force the national gruard to kill thier enemies, the American people, but they have made arangements with China, to let the chinese soldiers do the killing for them, while they use the media to blame China, when the cabal is counting on containing the treat, the whites, the Veterans, the American people and all free people.



        I never made claims to be a rice farmer. My city is not a rice farm, nore is it jungle in central asia.

      35. Jeb, tell us about Building 7. How did 2 planes take down 3 towers?

        • They probably didn’t use three planes because then they couldn’t laugh at how hypnotized the public is by TV, movies, radio; that they (we) can’t figure it out.

      36. And now on another note – why haven’t the gold crooks been arrested yet? Where is all the gold?

        • I told someone awhile back the theft of gold is full on. Whether jewelry or any other form, somebody wants it. I don’t care how secure gold storage vaults are I would not trust it. The day is coming when supposedly secure vaults will be cleaned out by gold bandits.

        • One of the first things the US govt did in Ukraine was take their national gold stores. Where did that gold go? One guess, and it ain’t to Russia.

      37. I am going to vote and fire anyone already in office, vote new blood and hope they are not done
        In like JFK. I will vote because someone died to give me freedom and rights. I will continue to
        Talk and network at the polls with friends and neighbors. Look at what extremes the evil
        Are going to build bunkers etc because of their fear of humanity. You do have an effect when
        You choose to do things your way in your everyday lives. Be as self reliant as possible starve
        The beast. Doing nothing is worse ,flood the polls, for EFFECT! Make it historic, people awake
        Paying attention, do your duty. They won’t like it sheeple paying attention makes it hard to control the vote of the masses. If you do not vote who will? Maybe the illegals will do it for you!
        More of us than them……….

      38. What the Bushes do not know is that a false flag is being planned to make the election a moot point and keep Obama in office indefinitely to allow foreigners to invade our country and take it over.

        Since WE all have known and discussed that, why are we wasting precious time and energy on an election that won’t be?

        Pray and prep.

        Get right with God.

        Let GOD write the history books.

        What the NSA knows is but a speck of dust to what Almighty God knows.

        God will protect His own.

        Make sure you are one of them by obeying the Ten Commandments, expressing true remorse and sorrow for your sins, acting with Holy Love, and by praying.

        Prayer averted the horrific acts planned for September. But God needs our free will to be given to Him to confound and defeat Satan. Do that in daily prayer. Then watch God act.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      39. Go away Jeb. No more NAZI’s in the WH. We’re all sick of Bush’s/Clinton’s. Let’s give Trump a shot at it…

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