Crisis Reality: “Within An Hour the Stores Were Emptied”

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When toxic chemicals spilled into the Elk River in Charleston, West Virginia a couple of weeks ago we got another glimpse into what the world might look like in the aftermath of a major, widespread disaster.

There were several lessons we can take from this regional emergency and all of them are pretty much exactly what you might expect would happen when the water supplies for 300,000 people become suddenly unavailable.

Lesson #1: There will be immediate panic


Studies have suggested that the average person has about three days worth of food in their pantry, after which they would be left with no choice but to scrounge for scraps once their food stores run out. We saw this scenario play out after Hurricane Sandy, when thousands of unprepared people lined up at National Guard operated FEMA tents and temporary camps. That’s what happens when there’s no food.

With water, however, it’s a whole different matter.

Food we can do without for weeks, but lack of water will kill us in a very short time. The events following the Charleston chemical spill highlight just how critical fresh water is to maintaining stability.

A reader at The Prepper Journal web site shared his first hand account of the events as they played out. In a situation where water supplies are poisoned, whether by accident or on purpose, the anatomy of a breakdown accelerates significantly from three days to mere minutes:

Just yesterday that ban was lifted, but what if this had happened in your town? Would you be able to live comfortably with no water from the tap for 5 days? The news reports that I read stated that there was plenty of water and the stores never ran out. That is in direct contradiction to what Steve tells me:

Immediately after the announcement, the stores in the area were rushed for any bottled water products. Within an hour the stores were emptied.  Do not let anyone tell you that everything was nice, peaceful and everyone conducted themselves gracefully.  There were fist fights and scuffles for the last of the water.

After the order was issued no one could give any answers as to when drinkable water would be available.  Those with water were either hording it or selling it at enormous prices.

48 hours after the ban,  water began to be distributed to the everyday person.  Hospitals and nursing homes received the first shipments.  By the way the hospitals (except one) were not taking any new patients).  If you got hurt or injured you were on your own or had to travel an hour away for treatment.

What if the spill was more serious or the supply of water non-existent? Would you have enough water on hand and the means to disinfect new sources to take care of your family? It is news like this that illustrates for anyone paying attention the importance of storing water.

Full report at The Prepper Journal

If you live an area affected by a water supply contamination and have no water reserves, this report suggests that you have less than an hour to stock up. And during that hour there will be panic with the potential for violence being highly probable.

Lesson #2: Security forces will be deployed to maintain order

This is a no-brainer, but nonetheless worthy of mention.

We saw it after Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina – thousands of troops and militarized police deployed to prevent looting and rioting. The fact is that when the water and food run out people will be left with no choice but to rob and pillage. It becomes a matter of survival. Crowds will unwaveringly stampede to get to the resources they need. They’ll stomp over you if you happen to fall on the ground in a rush, because when the herd starts running nothing will stop it.

Imagine how these people will act when they are desperate for food food and water:

There is a reason the government has been preparing military contingency plans and simulations for events that include economic collapse or a massive natural disaster. They know what will happen if millions of people are left without critical supplies.

In Charleston, after water supplies started being delivered to grocery store chains, local government and the companies themselves brought on hired guards to keep the peace.

The Elk River event was limited in scope, affecting about 300,000 people in an isolated area, thus it was not that difficult of a situation to contain as FEMA and government could throw all of their resources and assets at the problem.

But imagine a scenario that involves multiple large metropolitan areas simultaneously in different regions of the country.

There are simply not enough personnel (or supplies) to respond to such a situation and maintain order.

Lesson #3: Despite hundreds of billions spent, the government is ill-prepared

It took emergency responders five days to get water to the Super Dome in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

Following Sandy, FEMA had enough food and water to provide the absolute basic necessities to about 50,000 people.

In Charleston it took at least two days to get water supplies moving.

If this were a massive catastrophe it could be weeks before help arrives.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has itself warned that it is not equipped to handle large-scale emergencies. It’s for this reason that they strongly recommend a minimum two week supply of food and water.


Considering that the majority of Americans have maybe three days worth of supplies, how many millions of mouths would need to be fed three square meals a day if we experienced a multi-city event?

It was recently reported that FEMA has in its possession about 140 million “meals ready to eat.”

In 2011 a FEMA/DHS organized National Level exercise simulated an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault in the Mid West. The simulation revealed that 100,000 people would be killed almost immediately, and another 7 million would be displaced from their homes.

They would only have one place to go – government managed FEMA camps. Those seven million people eating just two MRE’s per day would  consume FEMA’s entire emergency food reserve within 10 days.

Then what?

You probably already know the answer.

Prepare now, because the last place you want to be in is in the midst of crisis-driven panic.

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    1. Outlaw

      At the slow ass rate that the economy is collapsing, my pantry will be empty before the big event.

      • Outlaw

        In other words I am already in a personal SHTF. You all hurry up and fall down here with me, it’s lonely. I am sure glad I prepped up, but it sucks real bad breaking into the preps and living off of them while at the same time not knowing when or if you will ever be able to replace them.

        • maddog

          On my way Outlaw.

          • Outlaw

            I’ll leave the light on for ya…. if I can afford the electric bill, better look out for a candle or campfire instead.

            • OutWest

              It’s mostly a geographical thing.

              If one lives along the Great Lakes,

              not too much of a problem.

              If they contaminate the Great Lakes,

              then we’re all screwed anyway.

              • Old Gringo

                “I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’
                what I can’t git it on my own,
                if you don’t like the way I’m livin’
                just leave this long haired country boy alone”

                …..Hank Jr.

                • Old Gringo

                  My bad. Not Hank. Sorry Charlie.

                • REB

                  Oldgringo…amen…funny everytime I post that same thing I get a few thumbs down too…jealous city boys most likely 😉

                • Be informed

                  I was told as a child before the end times that there was going to be mass persecution of the Christians. I am sure seeing a lot more of this accelerating all over the world to people that are harming no one and targeted by muslims and that fat Porky over in North Korea. We are talking about freedom being violated to belief in whatever you choose to without being attacked for it.

                  This is another example of the world falling apart right in front of our eyes. More reason to prepare as much as we all can.


                  I still say we all need a way of quickly telling each other of an emergency so we can have the extra time over the masses. I hope the Community Discussion with the past ten comments is soon repaired, or some other means is intergrated into the site that allows any of us to warn everyone of some SHTF before others know about it. Alarms are there for a reason, and people here can often give us that alarm warning and give us some extra time to beat the crowds to stock up on perishable items and thus delay us going into our main stockpile of goods.

                • Shootit

                  You must have been thinking about “Country boy can survive”

                • Me here

                  Be Informed:

                  I know what you mean. If the “Blue Helmets” start collecting our guns, be nice if there was an emergency channel where news could get out to the rest of us. That sort of thing?

              • Paranoid

                Anyone that has been looking for .22 Long rifle is used to seeing shelves like this, in a lot less than a few hours. I think I’ve given up beng MR. Nice Guy; if people cannot even look after themselves for a few days, I hope they just drop dead. If they don’t I suppose I’ll help them, one way or another.

                • Gods Creation

                  “””Lesson #3: Despite hundreds of billions spent, the government is ill-prepared””

                  The corp is very well prepared to protect it’s own. It’s helping the people they are ill-prepared for. But that is not its main objective anyway.

                • DRD5508

                  GC, they are prepping on our $$$s, not their own. Don’t really see how tptb can deal with the horde as much as they have prepared for, because travel won’t be wise for them. I imagine many of them will be leaving the country for awhile. Hopefully, we’ll have declared them illegals when and if they try to come back.

                • YH

                  @ DRD5508,

                  >>” I imagine many of them will be leaving the country for awhile.”<<

                  I think you're right. I hear it's a sellers market on corporate jets and luxury yachts. Meanwhile Sears and other major chain retailers are closing their doors. Some recovery.

                • SWIFt

                  In the last 10 years,like many of you, I’ve read 10 thousand warnings for people to stock up. Many people have just ignored the warnings. West Virginia being the latest crowd. The “gimmee group” will just drop dead if they come to my gate. Probably from a .22 long rifle. Ain’t wasting my good stuff, unless they get violent. Tired of carrying the load for zombies. No more Mr. Nice Guy here either.

              • Peterson

                Go out and poach some animals there Outlaw

                • 1braveheart

                  You can go to the bank on that in post-SHTF.

              • northwind

                I’m in the Finger lakes area of upstate NY. water won’t be a problem. the lakes will be a magnet but there are dozens of little feeder streams and creeks if you know the area. but water is still the most Important element. got yours?

                • Anonymous

                  I live south of Seneca Lake. wholeheartedly agree with your comments.

              • durango kidd

                I grew up on Lake Michigan. The lake was contaminated when I was a kid. Can you say, “Gary Indiana”, “Burns Harbor”, “Hammond Indiana”?

                Then they built a nuke plant in Michigan City at NIPSCO. 🙁

                • old guy

                  We lived for a few years in the 1950,s at Hillbilly Haven.It was located Right across the road from a bar pit called Dombey lake. Everyone there was from Kentucky ten Missouri and Arkansas. It was on Dombey road between central avenue and the tri state not far from US 20.I had a uncle who worked for the northern Indiana public service company. my dad worked on the bridges when they where building the tri state. His wages where a fortune compared to what he could earn in Arkansas. We hated it. When My parents got enough to pay for their land in Arkansas we packed our bags and headed south. Small World

              • Arizona Fred

                Like they are poisoning Lake Havasu arizona ..200 to 300 flights a day over the water supply for……40 Million people? This should work out nice…

            • K in Kansas

              Here it comes…..wholesale price of propane gas just hit $3.00 gal. today. Yikes!

              • thisTexan has had enough

                Thanks for the heads up K! I called as soon as I read that and it is still $2.65 retail here today. Since I am down to 30% I have a fill up coming before the price goes sky high.

              • JayJay

                Not in Kentucky.
                In summers, there is a special day to get the trucks running it sells for $1.50.
                Today, probably $2.10.

                • JayJay

                  We just had our 20 lb. propane tanks filled(they are our back up in case electricity goes, and propane heater goes at the same time–never say NEVER) and the cost for (2) 20 lb. tanks was $35.

              • Archivist

                Retail price of propane in my town in NC is $2.60 per gallon. It has gone down several cents in the past several months. I don’t think we’ll need any more until next winter.

              • Mtbarb

                Central Montana- $1.45 per gallon for propane (retail.)

            • Paranoid

              You know, OPSEC is a good idea,but there are people on this site that might be able to help you; if we are close. Give us a call.

          • JayJay

            maddog and outlaw…you and your family are more than welcome at this place.
            Heck, I’d rather share my food preps with real down-to- earth, earnest preppers than the crud that lives near me.
            Oh, will they love my note on the door when time comes.

            • maddog

              Thanks JayJay, ditto here.

          • Jack

            you stored food etc for a reason, your a smart person. if you run out or need anything there are preppers like me who will help. just post if you need anything.I can mail you it if you want,I have extra pasta etc. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will help you. I am moving to a new state and if i can not find work i will be using my preps as well. The economy sucks unless your a banker,doctor,lawyer,cop,teacher,union, or you sue people for a living. Me , i am self employed contractor and last time i checked that business sucks ause. I have no employees, i could not even get 2 months unemployment for winter cause i own the company. But yet i paid into it all my life. Meanwhile a friend of mine was laid off got 50k severance,drives a 60k mercedes,owns a 565k house and his wife makes 6 figures a year…….AND YET, HE GETS 635.OO A WEEK UNEMPLOYMENT. Sorry to rant but what the %#$! I have NEVER received any gov. assistance for anything and the one time i really could use it DENIED. I now refuse to pay unemployment and I keep getting letters from it. Sorry you get no more $ from me,plus never mind all the lazy asses who are on it that should not be. Wow really off subject,sorry!!!

            • REB

              No apology needed…we all need to vent sometimes and you sound like you had a reason to…hope things pick up for you…

            • JOHN


          • Tom T

            I think a lot of us feeling it too. I live on a river, have my own well and keep at minimum 50 gallons of water and quite a few cases of bottled water in addition to filtration capabilities. Water is gold when SHTF happens. I thank God I live in the country because the cities will be horrendous.

        • Jerry

          I’m sorry to hear about your situation – many are feeling the squeeze. I don’t know where you live, but we live in a very rural part of Montana – this may be a great time to hone those hunting skills. Taking the occasional squirrel, rabbit, coon etc can go unnoticed, provide a good meal and hone those hunting and shooting skills.

          Good luck and God bless!

          • Outlaw

            Good advice Jerry. I have been showing the kids a little, mostly small game and snares, but I am not as far out rural as I would like to be unfortunately.
            Good luck and God bless to you also.

            • Oathkeeper209

              A theory, a negative one, albiet a good one. Have you tried SNAP? From my understanding from relatives, any unused money rolls over E.G. 300 allowance, only half is used, you have 450 next month. Is it using the system? Yeah, but we do pay into it and its there for the needy. Why not pick up several cans to replenish stock, buy organic and use the rest to help feed the less unfortunate?

          • JayJay

            Shoot, the ammo costs more than a can of beef stew and chicken dumplings! 🙂

            • Anonymous

              1$ shot gets you 40lbs of stew meat.

        • JJsan

          My kids (at the urging of my lovely ex-wife) used to tease me about my “spam closet”. They used to complain about all of the water that I store, and why I always insist on making sure the motor home is fully stocked and ready yo go. NOW, after this chem spill, they are starting to get it. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world that we are preparing for, just the end of the world as we know it with in our county…..

          The kids are now on board. Now, if you will excuse me, the coyotes got one of my chickens last week and I am on coyote abatement duties…..

          Keep your powder dry,

          • 1braveheart

            JJsan, 00 buck will take care of a coyote very nicely.

            • Heirloominati

              Sure, Braveheart, but only if you can get them to come in close. And they ARE wiley critters. I prefer to extend the range when you need to reach out and touch something. But double-ought is nice.

          • Wilson

            Good for you, sometimes it takes awhile for people to catch on. Maybe a chemical spill, flooding, a job loss, a blizzard that prevents delivery of groceries. I’ve used those events to drive home the benefits of being prepared.

            As for your EX, that’s one less you have to worry about and you can increase spending for your supplies, and what the kiddos need.

          • JayJay

            I have almost 800 gallons in the garage.
            If that happened at my house…I’d have a big 4 X 4 plywood sign at the garage door facing the street..
            ‘LAUGHING AT ME NOW??’

            • jbird

              to jayjay or anyone. I have some water stored in my garage. I’ve read that you shouldn’t use plastic milk jugs due to bacteria can still be in there even after you wash them out. But, if I rotate the water on a weekly basis and have been for months, would that take care of any bacteria growing? I use the water in the jugs to water plants and then refill them so that the water is never in there for any length of time. Also if I had to use the water for human consumption, wouldn’t a couple drops of bleach purify the water?

              • Archivist

                I use two-liter clear plastic drink bottles for some of my water storage. I keep the bottles of water in the greenhouse on the shelves with the plants, so they are irradiated by the sun. They are always crystal clear. I water plants with them and refill occasionally. The bottles of water also act as a heat sink during cold weather.

              • Arby

                How about using 2 liter Soda Bottles etc? We used milk jugs and after a period of time several of them started leaking.

                The soda bottles will take some abuse and rough handling without springing a leak. plus you might want some clear ones to place in the Sun to purify water.

                This might sound crazy but some cultures place high value on simple things like buckets and various size containers.

                Have you ever tried to make a bottle? Wash and save a few of the more useful containers that we normally throw away.

                We use 2 liter containers to store a lot of things that come in paper or flimsy bags like flour, rice, beans etc

                Take the tops from two bottles cut off the very top flat part, use a soldering iron or something similar and “weld/ glue” the tops together so that it can be screwed back on one bottle, cut off another bottle screw it into the “glued” thing you just made and you have a great funnel.

                • Christian Man

                  Pop bottles are usually to hold water for around 9-10 months!

                  But, if you store gasoline don’t use plastic bottle, it will only last a couple of days before it dissolves.

                  Buy containers that have held food stuffs, most sizes from a Gallon to 55 gallons. Check your local Craig’s list, they run about $40 or so. Excellent for water storage, or even collecting rainwater, by attaching a inlet from your rain gutters. Just let the rain water run through the gutters for 15-20 minutes then flip the feed over to the 55 gallon barrel and fill it up. Add a couple of tablespoons of bleach and you are good to go.
                  Blue barrels are the best to prevent algae growth.

                  Keep your power dry. Lots of ammo if you load your own.

              • Jack

                bleak works great, couple drops yes! i have water for about 6 months in those poland spring water jugs i got for free from an office. after 6 months i replace the water.

                • JayJay

                  Bleach has a 4-6 month shelf life–get pool shock.

              • Eisenkreuz

                Dont use any containers that you cant seal.

                • John W.

                  In a SHTF scenario that will be the least of ones worries. The whole cancer thing is so over done. You would literally have to drink hundreds of gallons a day to ever get anything. You will be dead of old age first.

              • JayJay

                (20) 30 blue food grade gallon drums…juice jugs, plenty milk jugs but on the garage floor for other than cooking/drinking.

                Berkey for any water used for drinking/cooking; extra filters and spigot.
                It cost $219; what a small price for safe water.

                Pool shock for purifying water:
                1 to 2 and then 2 to 1:
                1 tsp of CH to 2 liter of clean water to make solution.
                2 tsp solution to 1 gallon unpurified water.
                Let set for 30 minutes; add Tang.

                • JOHN


              • felicityva

                Many sites do suggest 2-3 drops of bleach in water that is being stored.

            • VRF

              and than 10 guys show up and take your water, because you told them it was there.. brilliant

              opsec pal

          • SWIFt

            As long as you are going after coyote, go after that other coyote too, your ex-wife. Critters are critters, no matter the shape.

        • Calgacus

          Me and the wife will add you to our prayers, outlaw.
          Heard yesterday that it takes 37 weeks to land a job now and thats just the average.
          From drudge, a link to a story at washingtonexaminer has a Wall St advisor saying actual unemployment is 37%. Now thats something I can believe, not this hokum shit the govt is spewing out.

          Ill fetch the link and add it here.

            • MXLord327

              That stat is a little misleading, it includes retirees, disabled people, kids, etc. But it still sucks, I am sure the real number is around 15%.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            we don’t need no stinkin’ link, the EMPLOYED rate of american workers is 58.8%, therefore the UNemployed rate in america is 42%….according to the gubmint’s OWN figgers! you don’t even need that keeen sense of the OBVIOUS to do that math. 42% of americans don’t work…PERIOD!

        • Nina'os lil brother

          DEFCON 5
          No need to wait WROL is here now
          My neighbor about a mile down the hill was
          Robbed this weekend by 10 guys in ski masks ak’s
          And body armor they thought he was growing weed
          But is just an ordinary redneck they beat him half to
          Death shot his dogs and stole ALL his stuff oh and threatend
          To come back n kill him if he calls cops I heard the shots
          That got his dogs now I’m just freaked out I’m not a pot head
          Just was beginning to really want to stick it out round here
          Any ideas for relocation would be good I’m starting to think
          Texas or New Mexico ?

          • REB

            Trouble is those type of troublemakers are everywhere only thing that fixes them is hi-velocity lead poisoning…hope he’s okay and you too 🙂

          • Sgt. Dale

            Don’t run away . If you run because of this you might run for something else.
            I don’t think you are coward,
            Now is a time to fight back. Work on your security, your firearms, set out some booby traps like noise makers that go boom. set up a all call for help from you neighbors and friends. Great time to prepare for what is coming down the road.
            Call the cops after they have received lead poisoning, Call Your Attorney First. The call the cops.
            My prays are with you.

          • slingshot

            NinaO”s MOM

            Life starting to get interesting? I have home invasions and drive by’s in my area. Gun shots are common at night. I hear the police sirens and ambulances going to help others day and night.
            Since you do not do drugs I think they will not be looking for you. They are looking for the pot guy.
            Sensor lights and car driveway chimes. Cheap early warnings systems.
            Body armor and Ak’s? Gang activity in the area. Who has the most cars coming in and out of their homes. That is the drug guy. More to come for sure.
            The drug guys burned the wrong house down one night. They came back the next night and finished the job. The house next store.

          • maudy fricket

            Nina O, What state would you be in?

            • Nina'os lil brother

              I’m in the stix. Smack dab in da middle on the
              Coast 1/2 way from sf n 1/2 way from la have
              Cop bro in law says gangs from salinas
              Security at my place is good to go am 70 miles
              From town though up a long dirt road 4×4 mostly
              This fuckushima stuff is killing my albacore habit
              Can’t really run no $$ ex took all am living on preps at
              BOL but like selco says the old mean guy alone don’t
              Last too long even with a semi load o ammo….
              Would hate to give 10 yrs o preps to some gangsters so I’m
              Setting up a baptismal by fire if I gotta go quick 🙂

              • maudy fricket

                10 guys, sounds like cartels. Or Mexican Mafia working for them. If you’re by yourself the place is probably not defendable. If they came up the road by vehicle, set up a lean to away from the house a bit (50 yards?). Camoflaged. Move to it after dark. But it doesn’t sound as if it’s a good situation. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

              • John W.

                Salinas? You might as well just move to one of the Mexican war zones. Better get up around Santa Rosa or Petaluma. Then again even Oroville is now gangland. Maybe Ukiah would be safer. We whiteys in Calif. become a minority in March. What a country of morons to import our own demise.

                • JOHN


          • maddog

            To many libtards moving to TX and are already in NM. Look to Idaho or Eastern Nevada.

            • Anonymous

              You are being invaded from the south and soon congress is going to surrender…..amnesty. with our tax dollars. Free EBT, section 8, and nigcare without ever paying in a cent. Just vote for the system.

          • durango kidd

            Arizona is a Prepper Paradise if you know what you are doing. The desert will kill most looters if they try to leave town. Can you say, “Ho-Ho-Kam”? Concealed carry is legal, and WE make OUR own guns and ammo.

            The mountain terrain will claim the survivors. Plenty of water if you know where to look. 🙂

            • John W.

              Better stay at least sixty miles from the border. Still posted along I-8 and 10 as to being unsafe due to smuggling activity. Unattended dwellings are fair game.

          • Peggas

            You could go to Oklahoma, one of the best states to live in and I hear they have some oilfield jobs there. Good people also.

        • Barn Cat

          You could live trap rabbits using a cage and a trip wire. Depending on where you live, you could trap a couple of rabbits a week without ever running out.

        • Be informed

          This is why time is also of much importance. Yes, you can get the extra amount of what you need before the store runs of the masses in many cases. The more ready we all are the better. Beforehand preparations are essential of course, but you can still stock up on quick to perish items such as produce and delay dipping into your stockpile as long as possible.

          We all here can help in this process when we see something before others do. Many times people like KY Mom, Satori, and MANY OTHERS have alerted us to an emergency before it has hit the news even. These beacons of information can all give us the extra few minutes we need in a crisis. However when we have to search out a warning on breaking news from someone trying to give us time to act, all is lost.


          I hope others agree with me, as many times in the past fellow readers on this site have information before Fox News, CNN (crackerjack numbskull news), CBS, and others have it on. This extra time when SHTF might save some time for us to act before the shock wears off with the masses and the store runs start and end in a couple of hours.

        • BigB

          That’s what the prep’s are for Outlaw.


        • Anonymous

          Out law. Are you near me? maybe I can cut loose a 100lbs of dry preps and bambi might get “ran over”. Libby MT is close.

        • NoRegretVet

          Ref: Outlaw…

          Don’t you think that your scenario will also being playing out for millions of people/families….

          And giving it some thought…that is possibly part of the TPTB’s Agenda !!! I think they are just waiting until most of us are at our weakest point…then all hell will come down on us….Just sayin

          If your in my area when it hits….Drop by…I will share my Spam Sandwich with you !!!

        • Steve in Ramona

          Im there now Outlaw. Out of work over two months now and counting. But Im working on creating a new income source…

        • lower40


          you didnt get the message the economy is doing just great ,soon there’ll be enough rainbows and unicorns for everyone ,hey brother dont feel lonley im so low that any lower id be getting into the water table ,even during the carter years i was able to figure out somthing to make a buck ,but now im just out of idea’s ,and to add insult to injury the IRS says i owe them money from 2012 from selling a few things on ebay ,ive never seen anything like this in my life

        • Anonymous

          Let me tell you I am so grateful to myself for being a prepper right now. It’s not just the economy or the gov one needs to prepare for….
          My husband had a seizure on a flight out west,after 30 days in ICU I am working with hospice to bring him back home.I am to become a Widow in less than 90 days in the best case scenario.
          The point: my preps, my reserve cash and my non panicking attitude that goes with the prepper life,has kept me from being hungry,being broke and most importantly,dependent on strangers with their own agendas.
          Keep prepping, it’s not always about teotwawki.

          • passin' through

            Lady, you are in my prayers.

        • Tony

          And now there are TWO.

      • TimTheCrusader

        I don’t know if I should feel this way, but sometimes I wish it would just hurry up and happen. This “slow death”, economically and morally, just makes me sick.

        • Paranoid

          You have a lot of company feeling that way. But every week a lot of us who say we are ready still buy a few lbs of pasta or some extra medicine, so Oh well, Keep on trucking.

          • amused

            we have been blessed with extra days to prepare in all aspects, thank god, none of us are done with our evolution and adaptation to what is coming, my advice? get your head wrapped around the concept that your plans may get flushed, things may not go as you had planned, you might get screwed somehow, the best prep is being able to adapt, forget that and you may end up dead, stay the course no matter how much grief you face, it will fade with time, train hard ladies and gentlemen, be strong and it will pay dividends ten fold, and stay amused
            rounds are better than gold-youll see
            still amused

          • 1braveheart

            paranoid, I’m the same way. None of us will ever be as prepared as we want to be. I’m still adding to my stocks every week. just keep on prepping and try to enjoy life any way possible while you still can.

          • BJ

            I am torn, part of me feels that way sometimes and part of me doesn’t. The part that wants to fight does, the part of me that just wants to salvage the best I can of what’s left mor my family and I doesn’t.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I know what you mean. Then I think of my folks they are in the mid 80 now and not in real good health. If the SHTF now they might last until spring. And then there are my kids and grandkids. One daughter is very good shape. one daughter is just starting and lives over 450 miles away my only hope is that she goes to her sisters that is about 75 miles away. But they don’t get along. My youngest will end up with me. (She is a LEACH) I’m going to have to put my Boot in her ass if she does come and long with that slug boyfriend of hers. She is my daughter and I love her. She is just like her mother. With the group I’m our group she is my responsibility. She don’t work she don’t eat!!! This goes for her turd boyfriend. For my son alls well there. Thank God.
          Sorry to get on a rant, It just came out.

        • NoRegretVet

          Ref: Timthecrusader….

          Understand….that is part of the agenda…. “Man’s greatest fear is the Unknown ” And most men’s biggest fear is not being able to provide and protect his family and love ones……

          Then when they have beat us down….worn us down….mentally…monetarily…emotionally….then is when we will be controlled like a bunch of starving cattle….Think about what is happening right in front of our faces……

      • bobmaginnis

        Don’t forget you have 50 gallons of fresh water in your water heater.

      • Pissed off white guy idea

        I have to eat though two cases of mres… watch your dates




          Sort of worked needs some refinement some one should post early to reserve spot.

      • G-force

        By design, my friend, by design….!!

      • robertsgt40

        I’m thinking NYC, Detroit, LA, Boston, Houston…..

    2. hammerhead

      I am happy to say that i would have absolutely no need to go to a grocery store in a crisis.
      However it may be fun anyway !

      • Outlaw

        I can say that now, but I dont know how much longer. We expanded the 1600 sq ft garden to 4800 sq ft yesterday. Going to expand on the chickens this year also and I hope to start rabbits. The garden and small livestock we keep may be the only way we can afford to eat by the end of the year.

        • posseecom


          Though here in another blizzard in New England…growing season is a mere 10 weeks away for us..we too expanded our raised organic beds this fall by about 1200 sq feet give or take..

          Potatoes will be our newest crop adventure with dedicated beds for root veges(turnip,carrot, beet,potatoes),others for greens(kale,chard,spinach,lettuces etc..and others on the vine..

          Neighbors remark why bother with all the labor when you can go to the local grocer and get them all..i just smile and state I love to work the soil..sort of therapy for me..and they walk away..

          Little do they know we’ve put up close to a years worth of staples..water included..

          and have the wherewithal to protect our stores..


          • Basstard

            Possee, I love the gardening too. I missed it so much in the winter, I put a homemade hydroponic NFT system in my basement. big fun. no bugs, no weeds

            • Kulafarmer

              Friend of mine built a greenhouse off the side of his cabin, south facing wall, was a concrete patio, he ran the stovepipe from his wood stove through it, single wall, and it is 3 layers of polycarbonate panels, 2x4s in between them, thing is awesome, hes growing lettuce in the winter in steamboat!

              • Highspeedloafer

                Kula, I’m in NC and back in Sept. I planted some carrots and just pretty much forgot about them. Yesterday my wife asked if I had any in the garden and so I went to see what I had. About 20 mins later I walked in with nearly 5 pounds of the sweetest carrots you’ve ever tasted. Life is good.

            • Jenn

              @ Basstard: how did you do your hydroponic system? what was the cost? how much electricity does it burn?

              • Basstard

                Jenn, I used 4 rows of PVC pipe all connected with elbows and T’s. Drilled 50 holes for cups to hold the plants and 1 smaller pipe that returns the nutrient solution back to the reservoir (tote). A pond pump , pumps the solution to each pipe through 1/4″ tubing. regular shop lights work well for greens. I bet I spent $250 on everything. electricity is negligible.

          • hammerhead

            possecom – plant marigolds around your potatoe plants if using raised beds, it helps reduce the bugs.
            And remember never plant potatoes in the same place twice,they strip the soil .
            Hope it helps.

            • posseecom


              Thanks for the info…any other tips are always appreciated!

              Going to try a mulch,straw,soil combo for the potatoes..

              in dedicated beds of course..


              • AnneMarie

                posseecom: Check out “companion planting”. Vegetables have friends sort of like we do, sort of. Strawberries like onions growing next to them. Beans like savory as their companion, it’s the “bean herb” (Bohnenkraut in German). But the marigold thing (as per hammerhead) will keep aphids away from tomato plants. And plant the tomato’s herb basil in between the tomato plants. Put onions in among the carrots to totally disorient the bugs. Some combinations improve yield and resist pests, others result in better flavour.

              • Paranoid

                Potatoes attract bugs that live in the dirt. best move them every year and don’t repeat crop for several years. Also soil PH is very important. Talk to the AG people.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Possee, I always sow around 25-30lbs of seed potatoes(Red Pontiac). My yield usually runs around 450-500 lbs. the year before last (2012) was my best ever. Love those potatoes. An average yield on a fifty foot row should be 80-100 lbs.

            • posseecom

              What do you ammend your soil with?

              We have a large compost pile every year,,add that with composted manure,leaves,peat…any other suggestions for potatoes..?

              Thanks in advance


              • hammerhead

                no manure for potatoes , if you wanna fertilize try some diatominus earth (spelling?).
                potatoes like acidic soil , just throw em in the ground , they will grow about anywhere.
                AS you said your using raised beds so the soil temp will be quite warm , can you seed directly into the ground?
                You may have better luck , also buy a good seed potato , i like gurneys , and “yukon gold” seems to store the longest for us in our veggie bunker (root cellar) .

                • PO'd Patriot

                  hh is right on the compost. A mulch of straw is real good. Yukon Golds do store better than the Pontiacs but, I like those thin skin reds. When I steam up a bushel of crabs, I place a couple of dozen of those small (golf ball sized) taters on top of the crabs an cover in the JO spice and steam them. Son people grab those taters more that the crabs. Sometimes I do the same with sweet corn in the husks. Its real good, especially with a 12 oz longneck. Couple that with marinated deer tenderloin on the grill, tents up in the back yard, moonshine and music……Wait here….. Wasn’t we talkin about growin’ taters?

                • RickInOregon

                  Remember to take the leftover potato seeds, carrot, parsnip and onion seeds and plant them at different places away from your home and along your bug out route. You don’t need to or want to tend them, they are there to be a last ditch food source.

                • lower40

                  they wouldnt like my soil it runs about 7.5 PH

              • country girl

                If you grow potatoes this year try canning some with green beans. Yum, home grown green beans and taters in the middle of winter.

                Country girl

              • Heirloominati

                Posse, potatoes will love all the compost you can spare, but make sure it is not to ‘hot’ as too much nitrogen may cause scabbing to develop.
                Place horseradish in each corner of the bed to discourage blight. Almost any chunk of root or top will resprout and thrive.
                Instead of hilling the potatoes after the plants have reached 8-12 inches, I use whatever dry materials I have around … DRY grass clippings, straw/hay, broken down leaf piles, etc. layered with dirt or compost. Top the whole thing with leaves to eliminate the need to weed and to preserve moisture. I use oak, as they take the longest to break down and keep the ground cool which potatoes prefer.
                Remember, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and potatoes are all cousins, so rotate crops accordingly.

              • Shootit

                Horse poo, compost, and grass clippings to keep the weeds down between the rows. Pile the dirt high next to the plant so you do not get exposed taters. Add water if it is really dry, but usually they are bomb proof.

              • LAG

                Look into raising worms. Help with composting, fishing and chickens love them.

          • Wilson

            Tell ’em gardening is your therapy, it’s cheaper than a shrink. I know a plastic surgeon, incredibly skilled and very delicate hands. But for relaxation he gardens. It’s just good for the soul. And how ’bout them fresh tomaters?

          • Smokey

            It’s true you can go to the store and buy the produce for less than it costs to grow it at home, adding up the cost of seed, water, fertilizer, tools, sprays, fuel, calories to enable the work, etc., etc., but when the store is empty….

        • maddog

          We expanded the chickens last year and are adding piglets this month. We prepared and are really starting to struggle. If this is the case, I do not understand how the sheeple are still making it. My wife says the are using credit.

          • John_Allen


            Living in northern virginia I am surrounded by federal employees. And by the people who sell to, train, report on or lobby big government.

            Even if their checks aren’t from the Dept of the Treasury they live high on the taxpayer’s nickel.

            Restaurants, high end malls and luxury goods dealers are doing a land office business still.

            Because the parasite class will feel no pain until the productive, self-reliant folk are in desperate shape.

            I’m a retired puke and have “logistics” laid aside. I need nothing from the grocery but keep what I tend to eat weekly fully supplied. And I’m able to defend it.

            I admire all of you who grow your own food and build your own buildings, etc.

            YT reference in unlimited self-reliance, and a beautiful flick:

            The Last Trapper. Set in Yukon Territory, the last trapper plays himself. Get comfy because it’s 1:38.0.

            He’s the poster boy for unbought and unbossed.

            • Carroll Price

              You wouldn’t kill a starving person trying to get some of your food would you? If the answer is yes, you need to ask yourself what kind of person you really are inside.

              • Smokey

                Define ‘starving’. Does that include people who make no effort to grow food or earn food except by going out and taking it from others every two or three days when they get hungry?

                Define ‘get some food’. Does that include breaking into the homes of others?

                Define ‘You’. Does that include a person who will starve if a starving person gets his food?

                Define ‘person’. Is it one of my neighbors, who is looking out for all of us, and we of them, or is it a predator looking for good pickings?

                Is it alright if they are just driven away?

                Lastly, if you have to ask a question like you asked, are you growing food for these starving people, in order to sincerely help them, or are you just being holier-than-thou?

              • Sgt. Dale

                I would feed them one meal and send them on their way. If they return I would take them to be a Zombie trying to kill me and mine by eating the food that we worked for and set aside for these days. It would be him/her our one of my group or one of my kids that gets to eat. Him/Her looses!!!

              • buttcrackofdoom

                @carroll….i’m the kind of person that would KILL a starving person trying to take my FOOD,….REALLY, i KNOW, ’cause i JUST asked myself…there now, any MORE questions? thanks for allowing me to clear that up.

              • maddog

                Best for the starving person to ask. God has mercy so I don’t have to. If the starving person steals my food, my family becomes the starving person, best the starving thief dies. No I don’t need to ask what kind of person I am I already know. The kind that make sure his family is cared for and the world is culled of thieves. Oh boy do we have our work cut out for us.
                On the subject of starving people, has anyone noticed the amount of homeless people has drastically diminished. I wonder if they all sobered up and got jobs or if the communist libtards running country are rounding them up and sending them to FEMA camps? Any ideas?

              • JayJay

                ***If the answer is yes, you need to ask yourself what kind of person you really are inside.***

                I’m the kind that read this:
                II Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

                Too bad every citizen doesn’t know this verse, huh.

                • JayJay

                  Oh, wrong scripture:
                  I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

                  Much better, huh?

                • Sgt. Dale

                  J J
                  Thanks I was looking for that. It is really hard to get this throw to people.
                  Thanks Again

                • Jenn

                  @ JayJay: so I have a brother I haven’t seen in almost 30 years. He’s had a lot of problems over the years. He’s an alcoholic, been married 3x, has 2 kids (now adults) he’s never kept up with, and has spent time in jail. He has a horrible temper & we always had a tough time being in the same room together. I’m the responsible one, and am very conservative. I’ve taken care of both parents in their later years. Our Mom got CA & he never came up to see her. He was in prison when she died. After getting out, he called me wanting to come live with me, 2 states away. I said no and it still tears me up to this day. *sigh*

                • JayJay

                  Jenn, when I hear these stories I always remember the preacher that said use discernment with these situations.
                  He says after spending time sharing with a non-Christian the word, explaining the benefits long-term, heaven, salvation, etc. they still refuse to see the ‘light’, move on. Don’t waste any more precious time on losers.
                  Best you can do is circle back every few months and see if there is a change in attitude—but move on.
                  The world if FULL of those needing our help and wanting the Lord’s word…sort of applies to your situation.
                  He made his bed; now let him lie in it!!! 😉

              • CWinOR

                Carroll- The question YOU really need to ask yourself is “What am I doing here?!”

                • old guy

                  JayJay says:
                  Comment ID: 2917699

                  January 22, 2014 at 8:52 am

                  Jenn, when I hear these stories I always remember the preacher that said use discernment with these situations.
                  He says after spending time sharing with a non-Christian the word, explaining the benefits long-term, heaven, salvation, etc. they still refuse to see the ‘light’, move on. Don’t waste any more precious time on losers.
                  Best you can do is circle back every few months and see if there is a change in attitude—but move on.
                  The world if FULL of those needing our help and wanting the Lord’s word…sort of applies to your situation.
                  He made his bed; now let him lie in it!!! ;-)———————————– Jay Jay What is up with you holier than thou Christians. I am not a Christian I dint ask Christ to die for my sins. I will take full credit for all my bad deeds as well as my good ones. Your religion promises something for nothing. It sounds too good to be true. The fact is my religious superstition is just as good a yours or anyone elses. Just as good not better not worse.

              • Eisenkreuz



                • NoRegretVet

                  Ref to: Eisenkreuz

                  Well…I feel like a couple of you folks may track me down and put one in my head…but…I GOTTA GO WITH EISENKREUZ ON THIS ONE…..

                  Sorry….If you did not get ready….it ain’t my damn fault ….and no I don’t want to barter for one of those Apple IPhones Tablet Thingies !!!

                  There was a reason for the old saying ” Praise the Lord…and Pass the Ammunition !!! “….Now practice repeating that to yourselves…..

                • JayJay

                  Eisen…first there are two, then 6, then 14, then 30—we get it!!!

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  well well well, eisencrunch finally said sumthin’ intelligent! i KNOW that didn’t come from HIM!….maybe braveheart finally found a way to hack his screen name? how about it BH….are YOU the new and improved eisencrantz?

              • Pissed off white guy idea

                Big sign… FREE FOOD AT NOON.

                then kill lane to eat them. ha

            • John W.

              You will find that a lot of Fed Employees are thinking the same things you are, Scared and pissed at what is going on. At least in DOD.

          • Smokey

            Maddog, your wife is probably correct.

            The McMansions just a few doors up my street hosted two yard sales this year, never had one in the 5 years before, and the car repo trucks came and hauled away two cars apiece from two houses this last year.

            The two-income homes are going down to one income, the folks who lose employment are taking months to find new work, and their savings accounts and credit cards are depleting and maxing out.

          • NoRegretVet

            Ref: Maddog….

            Trust me…this does have a point !!!

            I stood in line in Wallyworld the other day…folks in front of me had about 3 buggies (Yep…we call them grocery buggies in the South !!! )Anyway…the buggies were stuffed……I noticed that there was some top shelf stuff in there…steaks…ribs….and about 20 boxes of cereal and cookies..all kinds of JUNK ….The lady whips out her card like it was an American Express Gold Card and swipes it…didn’t take….so the cashier took it and had to put the numbers in ..and it went through..I noticed it was an EBT card !!! She had enough gold on to open up a jewelry shop !!! I have noticed this scenario a lot….and for a long time.

            My point is….most all of us have busted our asses all of our lives trying to do the right thing….Being a Southerner we oft times can’t get past the Pride that was taught us…so we go without…..When I left I watched the 400 lb woman load up her car…and thought about the song ” Welfare Cadillac “…….I drive a 94 Dodge mini van….not a Damn Cadillac !!!

            DO NOT LET YOUR FAMILY GO HUNGRY OVER PRIDE….Hell go sign up for the help/something….YOU HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR IT ALL YOUR LIFE !!! You will be sitting there eating the pet rabbit while some folks are eating Ribeyes !!!

            I guess I could split my Spam Sandwich 3 ways !!!

            • Slick One

              NoRegretVet Id like to be head of the career welfare and EBT moocher deletion adminstration. The only way those people will work is if they are going to be terminated as unproductive leaches. Were it up to me people who reproduce like flies and roaches would terminated, or sterilized. Supporting a bastard ghetto child for life is far more expensive, ( prenatal care, AFDC, WIC,SNAP,EBT,incarcerations………..),than a 22lr to the head. To you career welfare moochers Id rather not support you, and if your liquadated there is no longer any need for the governmnet to take my hard earned money to support your asses.

              • NoRegretVet

                Ref: Slick One….

                So Be it !!! You are now in charge…Need any help just call !!!

                I did some research after the post to Maddog…

                There are 4th and 5th generations of these Cock Roaches….Damn….what is it that they think the world owes them !!!

                I don’t owe them a damn thing …..And as my Grandfather always said…” It is simply the fact that certain people have NO SHAME…AND DAMN SURE NO PRIDE !!! ” They will take and take and take as long as you hand it to them !!!

                The amazing thing is that certain cultures do not understand that the government has made them more of a “Slave” than any time in history…But hey…OH Buma gonnna pay their bills….give them food..take care of them all their lives…..and with that comes the shackles of Slavery !!!

                To them…..Enjoy….when it all ends…so will you !!!

                • Arby

                  There are only two kinds of people… GIVERS and TAKERS

                  Unfortunately there are many more TAKERS than GIVERS

                • Slick One

                  Surgical sterilization after the first bastard ghetto child is shat into the world,would save hundreds of millions in tax dollars in just 10 or 20 years.
                  Termination baised upon the moochers work record of never having worked a day in thier lives would save even more. The productive are not responsible for the lazy.
                  Yes there are people who need help for a temporary situation,but to use welfare as a career choice should invite discussion, is one 22LR cheaper that life time and multi generational support?

            • MXLord327

              I just heard a story on the news this morning out of Mass, a woman was arrested with 19 grams of heroin. She also had 13 EBT cards all in different names that she was trading for the heroin. No abuse in the welfare system at all, nothing to see, move along…. I love paying for these loser’s drugs, when I can barely pay my own bills.

        • Arby

          Think about getting a couple Goats. We have some, just love them. They are friendly, don’t need much supplement to their feed. They get most of their water from the grass they eat, can even be used for small pack animals. Reproduce quickly, can be milked too.

          Thinking long term we are trying to get animals that we do not need to buy a lot of expensive food for them.

          • Red

            Some goats are friendly and some….not so much. They can be really hard on the finish of your vehicles if they get away…..and oh do they climb!

          • Anonymous

            where you at, I will GIVE you a couple, I Hate Goats.

          • NoRegretVet


            I have been thinking about getting a couple of goats…What “Brand” 🙂 would you recommend ?

            How much space do they need for proper natural feeding ?

            Which ones are the most friendly…give the best and most milk ?

            Now…I think I will go and try to figure out some Good Goat Names 🙂

            • Arby

              Hey I am not a goat expert. I think there are about as many opinions about some of the questions you asked as there are about what is the best rifle!

              Why don’t you take a trip to South central Va and take a look around. We need some good people here. Could meet you in South Hill,Va

              Our goat pair are Fred and Ethel, they are just mutts. We keep them on a half acre of nice pasture but let them run the place at times. In the winter we feed them hay and some sweet feed. I think Nubians are great milk producers.

          • old guy

            I have goats. Goats are not for everyone. Goats require good fences. Goats can become excape artist. Ya can put a goat in a car roll up all the windows and lock the doors and it will get out. There are three ways to keep a goat from jumping over the fence. 1 leave the gate open. 2 place two boards on each side to make it a ramp. 3 nail his ass to the ground with a 12 guage. A goat will thrive on marginal browse that would starve a cow. butchering a goat is a much smaller job than a cow. If a goat dies its not a big finiancial loss. A cow dies its a $1000 hit. Goats reproduce quickly. my goats sleep in a shed with a solid floor every so often I shovel out the manure and use it on my garden. goat manure doesn’t need composting. When Im planting I fill a 5 gallon bucket half full of goat manure and fill it 905 full of water. I let this sit a day or so. When Im planting I make a furrow with a hoe and drop my seed. then I pour the goat poop tea in the furrow and cover that with dirt and walk it down. I planted indian corn and pole beans that way last year. My corn was over 10 feet tall and had two or three large ears to the stalk. I picked green beans every day. Like I stated goats are not for everyone you will have to just get some and find out .

            • REB

              Ive had goats for years and I know what youre saying…seems they have two overlapping personalities either of which can come to the forefront in an instant…lovable and friendly…demonic evil directly from hell(or DC)…and with some animals its both at the same time…good milk and great brush mowers however… 🙂

              • buttcrackofdoom

                great info, both of you!

        • REB

          Man I know saying I feel for you is kinda hollow…but I do understand…if it wernt for this back to the land hippy-hillbillyhomesteader lifestyle I live Id be in a heap of trouble…only way I can see to eat…growin more will help and smallstock is a good direction to go in for a start…took me many years to get a system down that works about half the time(always an issue with something)anyhow I hope you can do it…Im here rootin for you!

        • 1braveheart

          PO’d Patriot, with the morons that are in this country today, I wouldn’t be surprised. That video could become reality.

        • NoRegretVet

          Ref” PO’d….

          Now the Corporate Bastards are making more $$$ making fun of the coming SHTF !!!

          What’s next….. ” The Police State Comedy Hour !!! “

        • disembodied voice

          i like this ad. Reminds me of Hunger Games.

      • admin

        I am with you Hammer… when the power went out in our county last year due to a forest fire I wanted to check it out… We were out of service for a solid day in the middle of summer.

        It was like you’d expect… folks with confused looks on their faces when Walmart said their machines weren’t working … traffic going nuts because apparently people don’t know what to do when the lights are not turned on. The worst of it was seeing the people in front of WalGreens and CVS with no way to get their medication… I knew it was a temporary outage, but couldn’t help but think what all these people would do if it had been a longer term event.

        Eventually they got an emergency generator working at the Walgreens, but that only brought up their lights and cash registers — there was still no internet connection from transaction processing… So, cash was king, and of the 30 people that walked up to the door and saw the sign indicating ‘Cash Only’, only two went in, including me [I decided to enjoy a tasty GMO laden candy bar because I happened to have a couple bucks on me 🙂 ]

        The big complaint from the people I spoke with was that there was no A/C. It was in the high 90’s and there was no way for people to cool themselves down. Of course, if this would have been a 30 day outage it’d be a lot more than just a minor inconvenience.

        Scary stuff when you contemplate what the fall out might look like…

        • hammerhead

          good point mac , always have cash on hand.
          I try ,but thats a tough one.
          I got chickens, cows and all the water anyone could ever need , but cash ? not so much.

          • REB

            Funny thing that cash…its printed into existence by the dump truck loads…our nation is drowning in it and yet its scarcer than frogs fur in winter…very very elusive….

            • old guy

              actually the paper cash does not exist. The mint has been going 24×7 for years. However paper money wears out. they burn dump truck loads of worn out paper bill,s. the money that is being printed is mostly $1 bills. the largest bill on circulation is the $100.oo bill. As long as they don’t start printing paper money in demonations of more then a $100 it wont be too bad. the germans before WWII where printing 10,000 frank notes. Most of the debt is in the form of treasury notes bonds and just on paper contract. the actual cas money doesn’t exist.

              • REB

                I gethcha…point is theres trillions out there and none for the average guy…you break your back for a few bucks and tptb do nothing but switch figures around on a bank computer and they can buy the moon…just pointing out the irony 🙂

        • Npgh

          Here, if they call for an inch of snow, the stores are wiped out! I don’t get it because here in the ‘Burg are winters usually come with several days of more snowfall than and inch. Not usually consecutively but we can get some snow. Now to give credit where it is due, I can sorta of understand why folks here do this. If the weatherman is calling for more than a few inches is when folks run out for supplies and a lot of the reason is the terrain for Pittsburgh, we got a hills and tight alleys and often the snow plows won’t cover the side streets til the main roads are taken care of first. The old folks could be snowed in for a few days and kids don’t go around shoveling sidewalks for a few bucks anymore and the old folks can’t do it. But for the life of me I don’t understand why they just don’t stock up on extra products for winter. When we lose electric or got lots of snow, I just stay home…I got everything I need right there, right now.

          • hammerhead

            ALLEYS? LOL ,we are lucky to have roads that accually have gravel on them , the snow plows only run on state highways during bad weather , so around here , most people are ready to sit it out a few days .
            Hell, i may hafta get on the ski-doo to make a beer run tonight!

            • hammerhead

              not as prepared as i thought 🙂

            • JustAnotherBubba

              We get snowed in all the time (Lake Michigan is upwind) and our dirt road is “low priority”. Chevy 4X4 with big ass tires is what it takes to bust through. We have only had 4 days of school since the Christmas break.

              Sure glad I have electric start on the 380 cause pulling the cord on my 670 ain’t happining after having had hernia surgery last week. The sleds are the main transportation mode here in bad winters. The parking lots at the bars are like a showroom of new sleds each year.

              You can buy older sleds for reasonable money.
              I like the older SkiDoo’s with Rotax engines. Late 90’s Formula Z is a good one. Mine will do an honest 115 mph and it gets up there pretty quick. Great winter get away.

              • hammerhead

                bubba- remember when the gas stations used to sell premix for sleds ?
                Sure am glad we have oil injection , i hated mixing fuel.
                Yeah , you outta see the bar/resturant in my town on the weekend , the parking lot has 3 million in snowmobile inventory.
                I just dont know how folks can afford those things, mine is 15 years old for cryin out loud and i depend on it , these folks only ride for recreation and buy a new one every year!

                • MXLord327

                  Up in Northern Maine there was a restaurant that sold hi-test premixed gas for snowmobiles in the winter, you may have seen it on TV if you ever watched the show American Loggers. The restaurant is kind of a tourist trap but the food is good and it was nice to be able to fill up at the same spot. Went there last year though, an no gas!

          • Farmer's Daughter

            Hey Npgh…we live outside the ‘burg! Got about 6+ inches of snow today so went out to check on the stores! They were rushed yesterday by sheeple “stocking up”!! Us? We didn’t need anything except a few laughs! We are always “stocked”. Glad to see someone else nearby who is awake and aware!

            • Heirloominati

              FD and Npgh,
              Nice to see some yinzers on this site! Miss the home woods, and the people (mostly). But I DO NOT miss the driving in the winter in those hills and hollers.

          • Plan Twice, Prep Once

            Days after one of our worse storms I was chatting with a lady and the butcher at the store, about how people handle these storms. When I said I always keep some powdered milk on hand as well as use my bread machine to crank out all the fresh bread we need. The woman looked at me dumbstruck. Turns out she has a bread machine in the box in her attic collecting dust for ten years. Never occurred to her to use it! Her family could be starving and she probably has a sack of flour, but lacks the knowledge to raise natural yeast!

            If the SHTF a lot of people will die of ignorance. Knowledge is king. Make sure the information you need is in printed form and on your bookshelf. The Internet in my area lasted about two hours longer than the electric in the big storm. Cellular and 3G lasted about 6 hours after that.

            People are so dependant on technology, they have become slaves to it.

        • 1braveheart

          Mac, excellent points. I use cash for most of my transactions anyway. what you said about people with confused looks when the lights are out is VERY, VERY TELLING. I would be getting away from such people like yesterday.

          • JayJay

            And, folks, if you have a few hundreds in 5s and 10s, you just may become the new neighborhood banker.
            Armed, of course.

        • Burt Gummer

          I had the fuel pump replaced on my diesel VW Passat and it cost almost $1,000. It was the end of the day and I paid in CASH. My cash was the only cash they received ALL day. This is a big repair shop with many bays and no cash. A clear indicator of the problem most would face in a sudden bank holiday or grid down situation. Scary stupid.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            I just had exhaust and catalytic convert assembly replaced $1500. The woman choked when hubby said he was paying in cash. I think I may hang at the store one day and check out how many pay in cash.

            • Anonymous

              I did my own for 175$. aftermarket universal cat and 12 feet of 2 inch exhaust pipe. I have a cheapo pipe bender, a lincoln sp100 wire feeed welder and stole my wifes clothes hanger for a bend pattern.

            • old guy

              My main driver is a 4cyl mini truck. Bought it gove surplus for $150.00 I sawed off the catalytic converter and replaced it with a section of exhaust tubing. nothing wrong with it. I sold the cat to the recycler for $125. Unhooked & disabled all the smog equipt and EGR. tuned it for maxium economy. only smog thing it has is a PCV valve. it now runs smoother makes more power and uses a lot less fuel.

          • John W.

            Scary stupid to carry around that much cash. Pay your credit card off every month and use the banks money interest free for a month.

    3. Eisenkreuz

      Does anyone else find that the .357 Sig is more accurate and less likely to jamb than other cartridges?

      • maudy fricket

        Never fired a .357 Sig. The bullet shape looks like it should chamber well. Never had a failure to feed with my Glocks, in other calibers.

        • Anonymous

          Its a necked down .40 cal to about 9mm. difficult to reload as there isnt much of a neck holding the bullet. Best to use bullets with a cannelure.

      • Dick


        My only issue with that round is the price.I would invest in a .40 or 9mm replacement barrel especially if its a Glock because you maximize your round selection. As for accuracy it is subject to user error as much as any which is also the cause of most malfunctions. Glad to see no caps.


      • maddog

        Put the first bullet from my 5.7 through the bulls eye from 30 yards while out shooting with the wife last weekend. For me the 5.7 is the only way to go.

        • maddog

          Wow. How does one get thumbs down for this post. Tough crowd.

          • Smokey

            Should have been 100 yards, that’s what the rest of us do ! Then we have breakfast.

            • Anonymous

              Smokey @100 yards….Hipwadders required for this post!

      • VRF

        99% of the reason why any “good” gun jambs is because the owner of said weapon doesn’t know WTF they are doing when it comes to servicing the weapon or how to keep it working properly.Note I said Good weapon, good Mfg. good history etc. ( I have weapons that are told to me don’t run certain ammo in it “because it will jamb” ran the shit out of it with said ammo , not one problem)
        what a person should be looking for in a self protection SHTF weapon is a gun they know, a gun they have,a gunthey can shoot well and trust.. and a gun they can get ammo off of the dead from ,yes I said ammo from the dead!,, not many people will be packing a 357 SIG, nuff said?? , especially when your out of ammo and your nice sig is now a hammer


        • Eisenkreuz

          You can have more than one caliber.

          • Arby

            38 Special also works in 357.. Cheaper too

            • CWinOR

              .357 Sig- NOT Magnum. And if it were the only thing around to defend myself with- I’d gladly do so with .38 Spl, but otherwise, I’d only use it to introduce a recoil-shy person to a new .357 Mag handgun. OTOH, a nice thing about .357 Sig is that most any handgun chambered for that can easily be converted to .40 S&W simply by swapping the barrels, since the .40 is the parent case of the .357 Sig. And, the Sig is a HOT, flat shooting (for a handgun) round. It was essentially designed with the idea in mind of replicating the ballistics of a .357 in a rimless case. OTOH, you’re NOT going to be finding much on the battlefield. That’s why I went with 9mm and .40 S&W.

              • Jim in Va.

                I have a Glock 23 in .40 and will take a 9mm barrel and 9mm mags. two guns in one! Two popular rounds!

              • Anonymous

                A sig model 239 40cal will accept a 357 sig drop in barrel. Takes a few minutes.

            • Smokey

              Also with .38 S&W, the short one that came before the .38 Special.

              Your .44 Magnum will also handle .44 Special, .44 Russian, .44 S&W, right down the line.

              Not that we’ll find more than a box of that stuff, but it could happen.

              Drawback is you get lead rings inside the cylinders so you need to clean ’em pretty well before reverting to the longer cartridge.

          • NoRegretVet


            VRF is RIGHT…..I have seen so many people go out and buy what I would call ” CULT ” weapons/guns….cause it sounded or looked cool..the latest and greatest according to the ads …..It is just common sense….When the SHTF ask yourself:

            1) What calibers am I most likely to see/find/take off the poor guy who did not understand ROE….

            2) What is realiable…something you can physically handle well…something you can DEPEND on…Know it and everything about it and can field strip & Clean in the short time ..and most likely be a weapon that you could find parts for/or just have a spare (Probably From the same guy who failed the ROE test !!! )….

            I will take a “Well Placed” 22LR shot over a 357 miss all day !!!

            Think about it…..and don’t forget the main thing:

            ” Breathe ”


            • Paranoid

              Actually, if you don’t care about the pelt; there is a perfect round. MK-86 thermonuke in 5 MT nomonal. Close, works. It’s not reloadable but one is almost always enough.

        • The Old Coach

          Dammit, DOORS have jambs. Guns have j.a.m.s.

      • smokey

        There’s no magic caliber. Could be any of a dozen reasons one gun is a jam-o-matic and another feeds flawlessly. Design, factory tolerances, wear, lubrication, damage, bullet type, cartridge length, reloads, factory loads, ad nauseum.

        Accuracy? Maybe, but the shooter controls accuracy far more than most other variables.

        • hammerhead

          yep smokey, its always best just to shoot either what your buddies shoot or whatever you pick up off the ground thats loaded.

        • Red

          After WW2 the “magic caliber” was the one you had both the ammo AND firearm for…..


        I have a smith and Wesson model 27 in .357 good round you can also shoot .38 special in it, haven’t shot .357 sig , I think that’s what the secret service currently uses . In my state with its Wacco gun laws I went the revolver route got a better chance to hold on to it longer than a semi auto , its a good reliable handgun .

        If you go with the sig you can change the slides and barrels out for a different caliber and effective have a different gun .

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Anonymous

          The sig arms semi auto only requires a barrel swap which is quick.

        • CWinOR

          if you’re shooting .357 Sig and want to swap to .40 S&W, in very few cases do you need to swap anything besides the barrel. that’s the main point I was trying to get across. Not that you can’t find a variety of handguns that can’t shoot a variety of calibers, often with no mods. Like the good old .22lr/.22 mag six guns.

          • Anonymous

            Dont hear too much about the 22 magnum anymore. I like that round. Remember the AMT 22 magnum?

            • John W.

              Everyone should have .22 revolver. No brass to pick up and other things make it very valuable.

            • Smokey

              Still a favorite with me. Got a Single-Six and a Taurus in .22 magnum, and looking for prices to come down on the Kel-Tec pistol, supposed to be pretty good, and a 30-round capacity.

    4. Jim in Va.

      How many times do we need to be reminded to have food and water on hand. Two weeks worth? Not enough and you better be able to defend what you have.

    5. Scott C.

      The work I had in my area has gone from 6 days a week or more if I wanted to I can service all my clients in about 10 not-even-full days.
      I’m a seasoned, well-respected farrier with a high skill set.
      NOBODY I know of anywhere in the country is booked full unless they’re doing mutts for hobbyists or traveling several states.
      But…my 3600 sq. ft. garden is good and I’m bartering more.
      Shelves are stocked, pretty decent health, …if I can get over this dental issue I should be good to go….easier said than done though. My credit score is non existent since I haven’t used any in years.
      Not an easy trick pulling several grand out of my backside.
      One foot in front of the other…
      …kinda waiting on the next hyped crisis to hit.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Scott C, I know what you mean. One of my good customers is a farrier and he tells me its gotten real bad. Most folks are selling their horses because they can no longer afford the feed and vet bills. One big outfit not far from me was raided due to neglect reports and thirty-some horses were removed, some having to be put down (these were full blooded Arabians(Polish)). I know I sound like a broken record to my wife and kids, but I keep telling them to make sure they can define between needs and wants.

        • KY Mom

          We see the same situation here. There are neglected and/or abandoned dogs, cats and horses.

          There are now some wild horse herds in Kentucky. Some people could not afford to feed and care for their horses anymore. They transport them out to rural areas and leave them.

          I know someone who works in animal rescue. She tells me that they have been able to rescue some of the horses and find good homes for them.

          AS the economy worsens, I expect this problem to continue.

          • KY Mom

            Here is an off-grid worming recipe for horses. I have family that have used this recipe on their horses for several years. (The ingredients can be grown locally.)

            Off-Grid Worming Recipe for Horses

            Use a mixture of 40% sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 30% tobacco leaves (loose pipe tobacco from the store also works) and the rest parsley flakes and garlic. Fill up a gallon ice cream bucket and you can worm over 20 horses with it.

            According to research, intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. If you use a mixture such as this or others, the rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses.

            It is much cheaper than conventional worming, which can run up to $8/tube every 60 days. And the horse manure (garden fertilizer) isn’t contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer. But what most people don’t think about is that horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.”

            *Ivermectin products in the manure will continue to kill beneficial stuff in your soil for 28 days post worming. Daily feed through wormer like strongid will eventually sterilize your whole place. Panacure or safeguard does the least damage to your soil.

            • hammerhead

              An older nieghbor used to give his cows redman chew to worm them , they loved it!

              • Sgt. Dale

                Just asking the Cows or the worms. LOL
                My dad used the same thing on his cows and horses.

            • Babycatcher55

              I’m so glad you posted this! It hadn’t occurred to me, but you are right! Wow! I will start worming with something a little better to the soil from now on…I’m wondering if this wasn’t the reason I had a less than stellar garden last year…do you know how long ivermectin stays in the ground?

            • Shootit

              Alfalfa will keep worms at bay. You have to limit their intake to about 1/4 sm square bale per day per 1000 lbs. We haven’t wormed in our horses in 4 years.

          • Faith of the fallen

            I’m having a real problem with stray and feral dogs on my cattle farm. We had a pack of probably 40 or so stray dogs harassing livestock and I’ve had to shoot all of them. I wish people would get it thru their heads that pets don’t go off to live on a farm when you dump them in the country. The last few years it has become a big problem with feral pets and cattle farmers around me have been complaining too.

            • CWinOR

              I you live in Oregon let me know. I’m sure me and a few buddies could have those hogs and dogs out of your hair pretty quickly.

            • John W.

              Shame what some people will do. Mans best friend but people sure are not a dogs best friend. Anyone who dumps a dog off in the country or anywhere is a scumbag.

            • old guy

              Ive lost cattle & other livestock to dogs. And they whernt dumped strays. They where running at large pets that formed packs and roamed free. I shot some. Caught some in large conibar body grip traps. I now have a female burro that will kill dogs & coyotes. If I see any dog on my land I assume it is about to harass my livestock and I do my best to kill it. A responsible pet owner keeps his pets on his own property. I also kill any free roaming house cat that I can.

              • Shootit

                We have a couple dogs and 6 fixed cats on our place in the country and I end up killing 1 stray tom a month. They bring disease and piss on everything. My neighbor on the other side of the section is having the same experience. He had someone dump a couple real nice cats at his place and could not bring himself to kill them, so he took them back to town and dropped them off. Touche~!

            • MXLord327

              I know a crew near Phoenix that goes “Urban Lion Hunting.” They ride around town with high powered air rifles shooting stray and feral cats!

        • Eisenkreuz

          I love Tennessee Walking Horses. They would be good preps but they just cost too damn much to keep these days.

          The greatest single crime deterrent according to interviews with criminals is a dog. Criminals do not like barking dogs.

    6. Socrates

      And THIS…is also why you prep ahead of time. If you wait till it hits the fan blades, you are way too late!

      These people had their world turned upside down in a matter of minutes. You couldn’t drink water, shower, wash clothes, dishes…all you could do was flush the toilet….and even that is a luxury in many countries.
      If you haven’t purchased a top of the line water filtration system yet, what are you waiting for? Sawyer makes THE best filters hands down, they even filter down to the virus level, something others cannot claim or prove.

      Even though the chemicals leaked in WV were organic they still would clog your pre-filters and filters pretty quickly. You need a system to pre-treat your water as well- think sand/super activated charcoal and drip down systems to remove most of the heavy contamination, then onto your final purifying stages.

      Unless you already had clean water stored up, you could not fill bathtub bladders or barrels…it was simply too late. This should be a wake up call to ALL here.
      You HAVE to have it clean and stored BEFORE the SHTF.

      • 1braveheart

        Socrates, excellent points. Already have a 9-month supply of food and water and shortly will be 1 year’s worth. I have a Katadyn with extra filters. Almost bought a Berkey last year until I heard about issues with their filters. looking into something else similar. If you don’t already have AT LEAST a 6-month supply of food and water stored at home, YOU ARE SCREWING UP ROYALLY! Get off your duff and start prepping LIKE YESTERDAY! MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Eisenkreuz

          I can report good results filtering river water with a British Berkefeld unit.

          • NIGHT BREAKER

            I use the white ceramic filters in mine they are made in the UK, have not had any problems with mine either , you just have to be careful installing the filters, got a Katadyne Pocket fillter as a backup.

            Alway have at least 3 ways to purify water, filter then boil to be absolutely safe.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Fact Checker

              I read the press release and it states the following:

              “The chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol that was leaked in West Virginia is an organic chemical. This is a relatively unknown chemical that is not on the EPA’s organic chemical list to test for and for this reason we have not specifically tested this organic chemical compound. Therefore, we are unable to positively state that the Berkey system will remove 4-methylcyclohexane methanol.

              What we do know is that the EPA organic compounds that Berkey has tested for show the lowest removal rate was 86% removal, and that the majority tested greater than 99% removal. However, we reiterate that without specific testing we cannot make any claim of removal of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol. We can only state that the data suggests that the black berkey filters would likely be very efficient at removing the chemical, given that it is an organic chemical/compound.”

          • Shootit

            You are still alive. That is a good indicator that either the filter is working or you found a good river.

        • What?


          Eisenkruez and Peterson are civil today. What did you do to them? 🙂

          • Sgt. Dale

            I don’t think Brave did anything to them. I have always said I think they were nice guy that just haven’t crossed over yet.
            I happy to see what they have written today It makes me think and gives me some more info I can use. Thanks guys.

            • Kulafarmer

              It depends on witch one of the NSA punks is using their moniker on any given day

              • Eisenkreuz

                IM NOT IN THE NSA.

          • 1braveheart

            Eisen and Peterson being civil? someone check their foreheads for fever, that’s not like them at all.

    7. maudy fricket

      Always have options. My kid came over the other day and wondered why I had so much bottled water. I don’t have that much. He won’t stock anything. He’s gonna die. I have a minivan that I’m prepared to live in if I have to. First things first. You gotta have your mind right boy.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Get a filter.

        • mesquite

          If he had a filter, he would not have had a kid

        • disembodied voice

          I’ve been using Brita products for years. (in Australia)
          I find they are quite adequate.

    8. BadAmerican

      The hope is that 300,000 people will learn from this event and supply up.

      The reality is that 90 people will learn from this event and supply up.

      What numbskulls. Fresh water in plentiful supply was less than thirty minutes away. Oh the horror of the inconvenience .

      …..we may not see it comin’, but we will see it through…….BA.

    9. SmokinOkie

      If I’m still in this truck when it hits the fan, I may need some help in getting home. I know ugly would lend me a couple bottles of oly if I’m in Idaho, DK would surely let me fill my water bottles if I’m in the desert, and maybe maudy or somebody would scrounge up a gallon or two of diesel if I’m east of the Mississippi.
      Still, I’m as prepared as I can be to hoof it back to okieville on my own from ….wherever.
      Maybe we all need an agreement for mutual assistance. When the chaos starts, I promise that anybody (peacefully) approaching my front gate and saying one of the magic words, will be helped. The magic words are ANY posting name used here.
      Now, I know we can’t verify identity in that kind of situation, but, who else would know to say ‘sixpack’ or ‘reb’ or ‘be informed’ ‘ted kennedy’ ‘nina o’ ‘facebook page’ or any of the hundreds of others? I’ll trust you when you say you’re from Mac’s place. (of course, I will be armed when we meet, but that’s just common sense. and you will be too, right?) So, we’ll trust each other. Hell, even if you said ‘eisen’ I’d give you food or water (just no sharp objects).
      And if you need assistance to get home, or further bugged out, I’ll help you. You’d do the same for me. Fair enough?

      • Dick

        Smokin if you’re near Houston you have my help. Many others as well.


        • OutWest


          I always thought Mac should sell baseball caps
          with the SHTFplan logo so we could recognize
          one another without saying a word when we run
          into each other.

          • slingshot

            Camo with black letters, Please.

            Very Good Idea!

            • slingshot

              Make sure they are sturdy baseball caps and not that foam type. Will pay the extra for the better hat.

          • The Old Coach

            With a nice high crown. My brain-bucket is taller than 90% of the bill-caps out there.

          • wrong


            Great Idea! If I see anyone wearing theirs backwards I may punchem.

            • OutWest

              Wrong — duly noted

              Mine will be pointed
              in the direction I’m
              headed for.

          • Heirloominati

            Great idea! Ditto what the Old Coach said…

      • MOHillbilly


      • BadAmerican


        You are welcome here Sir.

        I will resupply.

        Even got a boomstick for you to scare off the boogie man.

        …be safe…..stay the course……BA.

      • Ranchers Wife

        If in the four corners area you have help here. Just look for Bradshaw Trucking and they will point you in the right way. My dad also drives a truck he don’t get much further then Denver and Salt lake, but I know I worry about him being on the road if shtf. Take care

        • IL mom

          Okie…I got your back midstate Illinois right on the Mississippi.

          • BJ

            mom and stepdad (wife adn I’s home town) are in hamilton, far from you?

            • IL mom

              45 minutes south

              • IL mom

                I am 45 minutes south from there.

                • BJ

                  When I was young we always either went to Burlington to the mall or the mall in Quincy to do our shopping

        • sixpack

          Sixpack’s just outside of Sandy Oregon on Hwy 26. SHTFplan is spoken here too.

          • sixpack

            It does my heart good to see the outpouring of solidarity, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do any good if we can’t contact each other in real time, and we don’t know where the other is.

            It’s another “happy holidays” thing with no real teeth in it.

            • Eisenkreuz

              I told you people years ago to all get your General Class Radio Operators Licenses and lets come up with a SHTF band plan to communicate but no one responded to me, as usual, so I dropped it.

              • Sgt. Dale

                I don’t recall that but if you said it, I’m sorry I didn’t pick it up.
                What do think. CB channel like 15 or something like that. Or something like some of these small hand held 40 channel jobs with 25 mile range.
                What are you thinking?


                • Eisenkreuz

                  CB is useless, it has a 4 mile range at max power. You need a proper shortwave radio and a General Class license. Its free of charge but very difficult to pass. The ability to communicate over two way radio is a prepper essential. Yet many preppers avoid it because they dont want to do the work to pass the test.

              • Carolinwa

                Got my Tech two months ago and am studying for the General now. HOWEVER, this is an expensive hobby (prep) and I am perplexed as to which transceiver and antenna setup would meet my needs at the lowest cost. $$$ is a big problem for us also. Not going hungry yet, but becoming concerned…

              • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                Yeah Eisenstien, like me and my Cuz Braveheart can’t get enough of you on here. Now we want to get a walkie talkie so we can communicate with you in our spare time.

                • 1braveheart

                  Idiot, you can go talk to Eisen all you want. to me, he’s just a useless troll.

              • Babycatcher55

                I did one better and got my extra last year. Hope to learn CW better and can talk more. Right now the antenna situation needs improving….

            • IL mom

              True that 6, but maybe when shit does htf we can all get out our radios after a bit. I think I have every kind of radio ever made haha. I’m also a fan of the hat idea and would purchase one for every member of my family. You never know when you have to leave to never come back. An instant identifier!

              • Faith of the fallen

                It would be nice to have a convention meet up in central US say between Oklahoma city or st. Louis or Memphis so we could have a meet and greet.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  Great Idea. I would attend.
                  FIREARMS COMPANYS
                  To sponsor something like this.

                • IL mom

                  We may not have enough time to organize something like that with the news regarding the Chinese trust default, and global economists meeting next week.

            • Shirley

              Depends on Mac’s 1st “re-union”.

          • John W.

            HWY 26 you mean the Sunset Hwy? Gets slow after Beaverton/Buxton. Remember when the 185th intersection was just a couple of stop signs. Freaking big time road now.

      • laeagle

        SO, the shrimp will be jumping down here. You are welcome any time. I lived in Tulsa at one time and still have friends up there in the ‘green country’.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Smoke, if you get over to Maryland I’ll fix you up with a hot bowl of oyster stew, and ifn its summer I’ll steam you up some Blue crabs or fry some crab cakes to fill your gut and then some. If you need armament, I give you a “loaner” and some pills to keep it hot til you see home again.

      • Ted Kennedy

        Dammit, the Professor died. All he needed was coconuts and bamboo and he could build anything but a boat. Is Ginger still going? You’re covered when you come home to marry ann.

        • Smokey

          Yeah, he could make a weather radar set out of a palm frond and two coconuts, but they never did figure out how to fix the boat.

          I think both of the gals are still around, I know Dawn Wells is for certain.

          • Paranoid

            If get trapped on an island with Ginger and Mary ANN; I won’t tell them there is a Hilton 2 Blooks away either. The Prof wasn’t stupid.

        • disembodied voice

          Mary Ann loved Mary Jane.

      • Paranoid

        If you can run on Very Old Barton, or Crown Royal stop by in Casper. I’ll lend you a cup of ice and some Ammo.

      • KY Mom


        We got you covered here in eastern Kentucky.

        Take care. Travel safe.

      • thisTexan has had enough

        SmokinOkie if you are in the bottom of the Texas Panhandle in the rolling plains, food and water are here for you. Just say the password and I am always armed.

      • RICH99

        It’s a small club and you’re in it.

      • 1braveheart

        Smokin, if you’re around Memphis, braveheart will be glad to help you.

      • REB

        You can count on it friend…REB

      • Sgt. Dale

        You always have a place with us.
        Rt80/Rtg23Rt71Rt6 all come together. I’ll find you.

        • Molly P

          the junction of ? and I-80…got room for one more (and her little dog?)….?

      • anna

        I-40 West of L.R., we are here if you need us.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hesperia ca, i’m here for yuh.
        i started out prepping with nuthin’, and i still got MOST of it LEFT!

        • PKLauLau

          AZ too….. 🙂

      • BJ

        Smokin Okie,
        On the Mighty Mississip, central Iowa (I-80). Help you in a heart beat 😉

      • JayJay

        Kentucky’s keeping the light on for ya.

      • Jim in Va.

        Okie, if you’re passing through the Shennandoah Valley you can drop by my place for sustenance to get you home.

      • Farmer's Daughter

        After all is said and done, we have to stick together. Mac’s Place sounds good!!

        • Eisenkreuz

          How about my place? *Nonchalantly slips an arm around you*

          • 1braveheart

            eisen, who the f#$% wants to come to your place?

          • buttcrackofdoom

            i just got a chill up my spine! did somebody leave a window open in here? i would rather see barbara boxer naked than to let eisencrunch put his arm around ME.

          • Farmer's Daughter

            Wink wink!

      • .02

        35 miles south of Spokane wa on 195 stop @ the brass rail.. ask for chuck finely..all the help you will need..

        • WaroftheRoses

          Hey! I’ve been there! Nice to know I was near “friends”.

      • OkieCowboy

        Smokin, I’m not sure what part of our great state you hail from but I’m 30 mile north of Tulsa and always have Diesel on hand, I’ll damn sure help you get the rest of the way home.

        • Ted Kennedy

          U R a rich man Okie. Don’t dead head. Coors green beer in the 70’s. FU… I’ll fill both, starboard & port…

          • Ted Kennedy

            Off road…Farmer style. Do or die.

      • Mcdave

        Got’cha covered in S.E. Big Sky country.

      • NoRegretVet


        Great Plan and thoughts….I was at the VA Clinic last week and a bunch of guys have formed a pack/group whereas if one of them happens to be out away from home and the bottom falls out…they have a map…locations…addresses…phone numbers etc of all the other Vets so they will have a place to go to if they can not get haven until they can get home….

        I ask to join…a couple of the guys I already sorta knew….but the kicker was that their secret/magic password was I had to learn to sing the “Muppet Show Song ” 🙂 Hell….guess I need to go practice…it has been a while 🙂

        Great ideas though…..just knowing that folks on here offer to give others/visual strangers safe haven from the storm….

      • Babycatcher55

        SmokinOkie, we are near Knoxville, if you get stuck, there’s several of us could help get you home.

      • C Howard Fields

        Rt60 Sun City, Az. retired trucker got your back for your needs.

      • MXLord327

        If you get up to the Maine/NH border, I’ll hook you up with some lobster & steamers, although the last Okie I had up here said the steamers tasted like pond scum! He was a hoot!

      • Snapdragon


        If you’re ever travelling through Ferry county in Washington state DH and I will do all we can to get you home to MrsSmokinOkie.

    10. Eisenkreuz

      @ Sgt. Dale

      What is the clothing/appearance/demeanor least likely to get me attention from the cops during a mass roundup?

      What is the best strategy for fleeing and eluding?

      These comments are meant for a NROL context. I dont normally believe in unlawful activities.

      • Sgt. Dale

        To start with I don’t know how many LEO’s will be involved with the mass round up. They will more than likely going to take us off the streets first because they know we won’t take it and fight back, and they will loose a lot of blue helmets
        Just short of a suite and tie. Smile and say yes sir or mam. Is there any think I can do to help?
        Wear Camo with something saying F$%K COPS or I hate Pigs. with your pants hanging off your ass is a good one to get you noticed. If there is a curfew don’t brake it.
        When the SHTF If you haven’t already got out you best bet is to try and elude. Fleeing from a Blue Helmet will get you shot.
        You best bet is don’t put your self in these situations to get noticed or to have to flee. And most of keep your mouth shut!!!!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          NO, YOU DIDN’T tell eisenkrantz to SHUT UP! sounded like mighty good advise for YOU, especially!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            that was for eisenkrantz, of course. that guy could drive a good-humor man to slap a KID!

            • Sgt. Dale

              I was think at first you me that for me. If I did my Butt would blow out. LOL

        • Kulafarmer

          I was thinking my ghillie suit that matches my AO,
          Get to try out my Omen 2.0

      • Paranoid

        I can answer that: Two Camo methods. White shirt, tie and sport Coat, will get you most places. SHTF, try Hard hat, and a clip board. also buy a roll of plastic tape, like the utility people use, and an orange or green plastic vest. Been to a lot of disasters. The utility people are always there and no one bothers them.
        I honestly think this site should try to put out more ideas about what to do and less argument. Perhaps Marc could have a spot for ideas. I know a few things people may not know. A simple one: Do you know that if you don’t have time to cut, stack and dry firewood for a year, If you fell trees and DON’T cut them up until the leaves dry up. it will burn a LOT better. Or that sugar is an antiseptic for cuts if you have nothing else, honey has a small amount of peroxide in it and works also. There are some smart people here I’d lke to know what they know.

        • maudy fricket

          Dress in business casual. Yellow flashing light on the dashboard might help. At least have one available. Open top briefcase for firearms and ammo.

          • Eisenkreuz

            A long time ago i suggested people get rolls of yellow tape saying “condemned” and “police line do not cross” and yellow lights for the dashboard. A few disguises are a good investment as well.

            • disembodied voice

              Those made in china rubber/gummy coloured transparent rings for kids, the lights inside are reasonably powerful.
              I have one in my car with a red/blue flashing ability. No good for day, but if at night, once activated and placed on the dash middle parts- on casual inspection a confident face might even get you past a roadblock but would definitely fool a healthy section of the herd.

            • Justsayin


              “A few disguises are a good investment !!! ”

              Are you a “DRAG QUEEN ? “

          • REB

            Darn I guess my propeller topped, flashing LED coonskin cap is out 🙁

            • Farmer's Daughter

              Reb, thanks for the laugh!!! I can just picture that image! BTW, I enjoy your posts. They are usually informative, honest, and/or funny!

              • REB

                Thanks…have to laugh sometimes or go more crazy than I am…. 🙂

            • Smokey

              On you it looks good !

              • REB

                Why thank ya kindly Smokey 🙂

        • Sgt. Dale

          Very good points.

          • Paranoid

            Actually a red sign that the Health Department has that says DO NOT ENTER; TYPHOID! I saw once looked good enough to keep me out.

        • Prepared Pastor

          I still have my county CERT ID and safety vest. Maybe I’ll wear that.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            MY vest will be a little different than yours PP.

        • Mcdave

          Many thumbs up on comment!

        • Smokey

          If you cut your firewood on your own property, you can just drop a couple of trees across the direction of the others, then drop next year’s wood on the down logs. Between the logs and the limbs, that keeps the wood off the ground, with air moving all around it, dries it out better.

          Some species, you can drop two years’ worth, keep it airborne, though, or rot sets in pretty quick.

      • Smokey

        Hide in plain sight.

        Shirt, slacks, skinny tie, shoes and coat to match.

        Pocket protector and pens are a good touch, and some eyeglasses, maybe with a little Scotch tape on the frames.

        Vibram soles on the shoes, and the pens are good defensive things.

        “I’m just trying to get home, sir. Just a few blocks from here.” That will get you a lot of slack.

        A mass round up? Just what it means. You’re not getting out of that unless you have a hiding place.

      • .02

        All I know is tiger stripes in a pine forest makes you damn near invisible. This is what I use calling coyote in the woods and I can damn near club them before they see me. Made a believer out of me when I was hunting with the 50 cal muzzy and we don’t have to have orange, and I was sitting in a few scrub pine and a hunter near stepped on me. I said “howdy” and he near shit

        • MXLord327

          I’ve done that a few times while bow hunting from the ground, I hate tree stands. The look on their faces is worth a million bucks!!!!

    11. Watching_The_Money-Fall

      I hope people who take looking out for themselves seriously are paying attention to the financial news.

      There is a meeting taking place in a few day for all the world leaders/representatives to include top private financial people. The meeting is in Switzerland.

      There have been two statements made by two different important people talking about global financial reset!

      This is the key! If they implement a global financial reset, then TSHTF wil be imminent.

      One sure fire thing to watch will be the 10 Yr. Treasury Note Yields. If they rise to and stay in the 3.25 to 3.50% range for a couple of consecutive days, then you best believe the stuff is on.


      • Socrates

        And don’t forget this perfectly timed financial tidbit:

        Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31

        On Friday, Chinese state media reported that China Credit Trust Co. warned investors that they may not be repaid when one of its wealth management products matures on January 31, the first day of the Year of the Horse.

        The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China sold the China Credit Trust product to its customers in inland Shanxi province. This bank, the world’s largest by assets, on Thursday suggested it will not compensate investors, stating in a phone interview with Reuters that “a situation completely does not exist in which ICBC will assume the main responsibility.”

        There should be no mystery why this investment, known as “2010 China Credit-Credit Equals Gold #1 Collective Trust Product,” is on the verge of default. China Credit Trust loaned the proceeds from sales of the 3.03 billion-yuan ($496.2 million) product to unlisted Shanxi Zhenfu Energy Group, a coal miner. The coal company probably is paying something like 12% for the money because Credit Equals Gold promised a 10% annual return to investors—more than three times current bank deposit rates—and China Credit Trust undoubtedly took a hefty cut of the interest.

        More on the Forbes website if anyone wants to see it.

    12. The Lone Ranger

      Stopping by the Internet (this website) On a Snowy Day: Ten Quick Thoughts:

      1. FEMA = D*E*A*T*H*

      Make no mistake about that, my friends. Show me a Professional Journalist who has been inside and reported from 6-10 FEMA camps and I’ll introduce you to my favorite Martian!

      They’ve got train cars with shackles, guillotines, and crematoriums. All part of the Death Culture.

      2. CONNECT the D*O*T*S*: [and I’m not talking about the App for your Not-so-smart NSA tracker phone].

      Oklahoma City, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, the Boston bombing, GRID EX II, the West VA chemical spill, and I could name many more, all were warm-ups to collect data.

      3. P*R*E*P* ACCORDINGLY once you have CONNECTED the dots. Keep your preps scattered, maintain redundancy, and be generous to the less fortunate, whether to atone for your sins/flaws (I have so many) or for another reason, and remember, you will never know if you are being kind to an Angel in disguise.

      4. KNOW YOUR E*N*E*M*Y*. Know your enemy because he/she ALREADY knows YOU! Know what your Enemy is CAPABLE OF and EXPECT that it WILL happen.

      5. Soon, THERE WILL BE NO F*A*N*, and it looks to be SOONER than later! “It” will all happen at once: No Internet, No Power (grid out), Bank shutdowns, Martial Law, Russian-Chinese troops to enforce M.L. coming by highways and trains, food store deliveries halted for no good reasons, and so forth.

      6. TRUST The LORD and your GOD and GET RIGHT WITH HIM! God is in charge, not the death culture, not the nwo. God sees everything, including what the NSA does.

      7. LEARN ABOUT H*E*L*L*. Yes, there IS a hell, though it is seldom preached on. If you really like scary stuff, read any of Dr. Mary Kay Baxter’s books on Hell– Christ brought her there to report back to everyone that it exists and the various tortures people choose when they have done evil on earth, in other words, because of free will, each of us chooses our destiny: Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven.


      9. MAINTAIN an Attitude of G*R*A*T*I*T*U*D*E*: “That for which we give thanks,” preached Albert Schweitzer, “blesses us ever the more when we give thanks.”

      10. LOVE your enemy, but not his bullcrap!

      Stay in the Light, Stay in the Truth, the light of the truth, expose the darkness, confront and pray for evildoers, sometimes they get converted to your side. “Vengeance is Mine!”, saith the Lord.

      – The Lone Ranger

      “Two roads diverged into a wood, and I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

      “It is no secret that evil is live spelled backward.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

      “Feed the man dying of hunger, because if you have not fed him, you have killed him.” – Gratian

      “There is not enough darkness in the whole world to put out the light of one small candle.”
      – Motto of The Christophers

      “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!” – popular song

      • posseecom

        not to discount or dismiss your post on fema camps but..

        does anyone anywhere have any videos or photos supporting these claims that have circulated now for over 10 years?


        • sixpack

          Go to youtube and search for “Jesse Venture, Conspiracy Theory”. Take your time, there are several.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Go to google and find the Marseilles training center. Look to the north of the center you will find a area that is barbed wired off with housing in it. See for your self.

          • Sgt. Dale

            That is in Illinois.

            • IL mom

              Next time I visit my brother, I’m checking out the kankakee location. I’ve been passed it several times, but never been back up there to take a closer look. The area has all the potential for one.

            • Molly P

              Don’t forget all the empty prisons in IL….there are many, way too many….

          • JayJay


        • .02

          Possee I went looking for the “northwests largest” that is supposed to be over here by Spokane, and all i can say is they sure can hide them well. If anyone would give me the gps coordinates that would sure help. I went to find the one @ rock lake but i didn’t see anything but some Russians catching suckers and they called them white trout. Lol they could hardly speak English and they eat suckers b/c I guess they don’t know any better. We have Russians here that are horrible poachers b/c they dont have game laws in russia and they just dont understand that shit..

      • Tex

        #6, #7, #8, need to be moved to #1, #2, & #3, but otherwise spot on.

        • The Lone Ranger

          Amen, Tex, Amen!!!

          – The Lone Ranger

    13. Eisenkreuz

      The only scenario that would justify looting or even leaving the house to me would be grid down. In that eventuality you know 90% are gonna die and the grid will take years to come back online so you better get the sawed off and the crowbar and go shopping before other people take it all anyway. A trench coat is still a good prep you know.

      • Old Guy

        The Problem Is see with looting. Even in the worst SHTF situation. The Ten Commandments still apply. And half of them are about taking that which does not belong to you. And then again You might think some place is abandoned and its in fact occupied by someone keeping a low profile. That is what I plant to do. Now If Eisenkreuz comes breaking in with his crowbar and sawed off It will probably most likely end in someones death. So before you loot ask yourself is it worth the risk to take a chance that their might be something of value in someone elses property.

        • Facebook Page

          Someone who is looting will be quiet and sneak

          Someone looking for abandoned supplies will not be sneaking around. And a shout out can save a lot of lives

          • slingshot

            Resident with a combat sword or bayonet sneaking around in the dark.
            Two Ball peen Hammers for those mechanically inclined.
            One to throw the other to whack.

            Rig for Silent Running.

            • NIGHT BREAKER

              sling shot,
              Two pieces of piano wire with one inch dowels at each end make a very efficent sentry removal tool.

              the question brought up earlier about E and E if roundups occur, try to not be there when the Einsatzgruppen come to clear the towns. Dressing in an unobtrusive manner will not help, any male of military age will be detained or taken down. Your best bet is to be observant of your surroundings ,the most likely scenario will be the Internet will be down ,phone lines may not work, the power may be off and any information will be controlled by the government. Your best bet for conformation will be Amateur radio , you can get some really portable compact 3 band transceivers with full reciever coverage in very compact sizes using common batteries, this is where you intel will come from . Yeasu makes some very good radios, not licensed no problem just lock out the PTT ( transmit button ) you do not need a license to listen, use headphone or ear bud.
              There will be a very short golden time when confusion reins at the beginning of a forced relocation , use this to your advantage to slip away , use cover and concealment wisely, do not travel in a predictable direction avoid natural lines of drift , go the opposite direction every one else is going . Maintain a light weight go bag ( under 40 lbs is a good target only you know what you need based on your AO) for speed and maneuverability, travel at night under forest canopy cover to elude Ariel survailence. Stop and listen before moving at frequent intervals , be aware of the behavior of animals or anything that seems out of place , black strait lines do not exist in nature, when moving avoid crossing terrain and sky lighting yourself be aware of what is behind you , the three deadly S’s , Shape , Shine, Sound will get you killed in short order , try to break up your shape use a body veil , shine avoid looking up at passing aircraft / personel, avoid anything refective on your person. , sound , tape or pad all of your equipment , noise kills and can be heard a long way off , talk in a whisper cupping you hand around a companions ear . Use bad weather rain, fog, smoke etc to your advantage for movement it hampers FLIR detection. When lagering up for the day be at least 100 ft away from any road or trail , find the most densest , out of the way concealed spot to set up , always have more than one exit for high speed egress.
              Have a plan and temporary rondivous point. recon for return to town when safe if at all.
              Do not enter with out observing for a period of time to be certain elements have not been left in place to catch people doing what you are now doing. When in doubt observe keep exposure to a minimum.
              study and read up on recon techniques and Bushcraft .

              Learn Adapt Survive

              Never surrender while you have the means to resist.



              Semper Fi 8541

              • Eisenkreuz

                a great post

              • Farmer's Daughter

                Two things Night Breaker: 1. Wow!!! 2. Great advice! Most tend to forget about body shape and the behavior of animals!

                • Eisenkreuz

                  I never forget about body shape.

                • Farmer's Daughter

                  Eisenkreuz: Whose?

              • slingshot

                Night Breaker.

                Nasty little wire and very effective. Have done research on small weapons like deck screws in tennis balls. Have come across 1 in. ball bearings. Hmmm.
                Did Mylar up a rain poncho against IR. You can get very warm wearing it. Has a candy wrapper sound in movement. Hood distorts hearing.

              • disembodied voice

                great post NIGHT BREAKER

        • 1braveheart

          Old guy, excellent points. I hope eisen is not in my area. If he tried that shit at my place, he would get a dose of 00 buckshot from Bertha. No more eisen.

          • Eisenkreuz

            YOU BIRDBRAIN,



            • Nopittypartyhere

              And I was just starting to like you. Take your anti veteran crap and shove it, better yet, move to North Korea and walk on the wild side.

            • Smokey

              Crossbow, Ninja suit, Lampost, in that order.

              • BJ

                ninja suit and lampost…..huh?

            • 1braveheart

              Eisen, while things are still normal to some degree, your points would be well taken and valid. However, in ANY AND ALL post-SHTF scenarios, there won’t be any more rule of law. all the rules we live by for now will go out the window. No cops, no courts, no nothing. We’ll all be literally on our own. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. We’ve already been going through the collapse in stages since 2008. SOMEONE WILL TAKE MY GUNS ONLY IF I LET THEM AND THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. COURTS WON’T BE IN SESSION SO THERE WON’T EVEN BE HEARINGS LET ALONE TRIALS. I WON’T BE DEFENSELESS. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S A MORON AND NEEDS TO STFU AND GO AWAY FROM OUR SITE. YOU NEVER CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING MEANINGFUL HERE. YOU’RE JUST A PAIN IN THE ASS.

              • Eisenkreuz



                • 1braveheart

                  Eisen, how do you know what I’ll do? I don’t do ‘macho posturing’, you stupid f#$%er! Try forcing your way into my home and find out the hard way if you really want to be a retard!

            • old guy

              If you not gonna break and enter why the crowbar. Why are you determined to justify taking that which does not belong to you. Theft will always be wrong. Money or goods received in the wrong manner will not help you. If you steal one thing you will lose four times as much.

            • NoRegretVet

              Ref to the FUCKWAD/DOUCHEBAG EisenKREUZ !!! YEA…I SAID IT !!!

              And you stated : ” MACHO MAN VETERAN FAGGOTS !!! ” I am a Vietnam Veteran and I will stand toe to toe with your panty waste ass any time..You have insulted all my Veteran Brothers/Sisters and “MY” FLAG…Now I know you NEVER SERVED YOUR COUNTRY …You most likely live in yo mamas basement you fucking PANTY WASTE MAGGOT !!! And I will go out on a limb and say ” I bet you have held a few in your mouth before !!! ”

              Can’t believe I actually agreed with you on 1 of your post !!! Now I Know why everyone here regards you as…. ” SHIT FOR BRAINS !!! ”


              Get your meds adjusted !!!

              Now….I feel a lot better….and hopefully have not offended the “REAL MEN AND WOMEN ” on this forum….If I have …I apologize for that…..BUT NOT FOR A WORD MEANT FOR THAT POS !!!

              • NoRegretVet

                PS…..Have been meaning to say that Eisenkreuz loosely translated …. German for the ” Iron Cross ”

                You don’t even rate enough guts to even use German Symbolism must less AMERICAN !!!

                Has anyone simply typed in or

                Gotta think that this is the Panty Waste in Mamas basement POS who has made it his goal to aggrevate folks on this forum ….Damn get a life video playing BOY !!!

        • Sierra Dave

          As I see it. Banks being a legal entity no longer exist after a collapse.

          The best a CEO of a bank could claim is a fraction of a percent of ownership of ANYTHING.

          So. Post collapse. Any bank owned property is up for grabs.

          Besides. If 90% of the population dies. Who’s going to come after you let alone fight you for some house somewhere. When there’s a plethora available.

          • sixpack

            “If 90% of the population dies. Who’s going to come after you let alone fight you for some house somewhere”

            When the last owner of property dies, THE STATE keeps the property. It might take THE STATE a while to get around to it, but THE STATE won’t let anybody take their shit in the end—ROL or WROL.

            • old guy

              The Who is a very good question. Im planning on not taking that which doesn’t belong to me. Now maybe that place you think is abandoned is someones plan B bugout place and they haven arrived their yet? I own places that today look abandoned. however I still pay the taxes and keep stuff their. If I die my stuff isn’t free for the taking it belongs to my heirs. If I catch some one taking what isn’t theirs in a post SHTF situation ill hang them. Might have to shoot them first? Any road I will try to make shure they don’t do that no more times. And make shure they don’t pass their thieving DNA on.

      • Smokey

        Looting is not smart behavior for SHTF scenarios. It will get you killed in very short order.

        You need two weeks of food and water so you don’t have to engage in foolish and lethal activities.

        • Eisenkreuz


          • Smokey

            Calm down, Opie.

            Nothing is personal.

          • 1braveheart

            eisen confesses to being a jackass? I believe that.

      • .02

        Just hang out away from the crowds for a few months and most will be dead from disease. They you can go into ghost towns and get whatever you need after the bodies are done decaying.

    14. doc

      i’ve been in touch with folks there, a lawyer with- friends of water -tim koontz and a local landowner or two – this is everything you have bad dreams about, a total fubar, and people are like in shock , corruption beyond the pale, and a wake up call if you think it cant happen in your backyard.

      • What?


        Where is there?

    15. Eisenkreuz

      Dont forget that gas goes bad after 1-3 months. If you have Sta-bil or some kind of fuel stabilizer, you can extend the shelf life to 1 year. So, you need to hoard your own fuel. Provided, of course, that you follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding fuel storage.

      • Prepared Pastor

        For the last twenty years I’ve kept my gas in plastic cans without stabilizer only rotating out what I don’t use in my mower, tiller, or generator. Some of my equipment is twenty years old, but since I shut off the fuel line and let it run dry and sputter out every things starts back up the next year.

        If you put Sta-bil in it now it will be good for up to a year, but if wait and put Pri-G in when you need to use it fuel up to ten years old will be revitalized. Check the Pri-G FAQ for verification.

        • Eisenkreuz


          • 1braveheart

            eisen, you’re calling me awesome? Well, thank you. never knew you were capable of compliments. that’s good.

      • .02

        If you are driving around when everyone else is walking, prepare for a shitload of incoming.

    16. Eisenkreuz

      Dont forget to read the Anarchist’s Cookbook. For academic study only, of course.

      • 1braveheart

        eisen claims he can read? lookout everyone, the world will never be the same again.

    17. AR Sheep Dog

      Roger that, Okie!
      Mac’s Place.
      Probably will not be many of us on the road if it hits the fan. Being OTR in your case, certainly presents problems. Communication, and lack of, will be a big hurdle for many of us, no matter how much prep we have done. We will be lying low, basically disappear behind the walls of the house and fence in the yard. Hunker down, comes to mind. Godspeed

    18. Tex

      Some folks just take a while to come around. I’ve been a prepper since the ’80s. Emergency Preparedness is the term we use, since I’m a Scouter. Most of the Scouters in our community are on board, if not openly. My wife has always had the opinion of “It’s okay, maybe we’ll use the stuff”. Some freeze dried stuff came on sale and when I pointed out with the 25 year shelf life, we could pass it on to our grand kids, she jumped on board with both feet. We’re now working on our third year of preps and our 8th month of water. Persistence, focus and dedication.

    19. Chilton

      Good article to show those friends and family that may be on the fence about prepping. This is a real world even that happened. I urge everyone to show this to friends and family and have them go pick up a water filter – Sawyer Mini, $20 on Amazon. At least it’s a start into prepping and something most everyone can afford. Maybe awaken a few more people.

      • JayJay

        I am so baffled why people don’t have more water.
        Oh, I don’t have the funds…Hey, one 33 gallon trash can costs $13…give up SOMETHING to provide that for your children and loved ones..
        Next month get another trash can for $13.

        That breaks down to $3.25 a week. Cigarette pack maybe?

        • IL mom

          Ha Jayjay!! I quit smoking a year ago. I stopped by the station because an employee had run out and grabbed her a pack. It was over $5 in Missouri. I couldn’t believe it, since mo has way cheaper cigarette tax than Illinois. Thankful every day that I was able quit easily.

          • JayJay

            Good for you AND your finances. I stopped Directv in 2008–so far, $4200 saved and used for preps.

            I hear ya. About that ‘will you let folks starve’ question from above?
            Yeah, I’ll do them a fricking favor!!!

            Cause they aren’t gonna change and that cigarette, that cable, that smart phone, that $80 pair of jeans are waaaaaay more important than water and always will be!!

            • IL mom

              I totally agree. I will not take a meal away from my children for people who had to have the better house, better car, better clothes, better job etc. I sacrificed for a time that I saw coming, I tried to tell people, they wouldn’t listen. Ba bye.

        • .02

          not here.. pack of name brand is 10 bux. i quit when they hit 2.. that was ohhhh crap… 18 years ago?

      • Diaz

        State of Emergency in Ohio over that BS.
        *shakes head*

      • Kevin2

        An oil refinery can only convert x amount of crude into any specific product. You can jiggle the units to make more of this at the expense of less of that but by design you can only do so much. The good news is Bakken Crude oil being so light tends to make a higher percentage of Light Ends (gasses) than other crude oils and is being refined in the north east.

        The C3 (refinery speak for propane) takes time to line the units out with a major change like this.

        The upstream side (Exploration & Production) is questionable but the downstream (Refining & Marketing) is very competitive. As the price rises every refiner is on it like stink on poop to produce as much as possible.

    20. Mark

      I’ve seen it now through two hurricanes. Stores bare, no gas, and dark homes. People seemed uncomfortable, but there was always the expectation that “power” would return and things would go back to normal. I guess I live in a good area. People got out and met neighbors (for the first time) and help was being shared as best it could. Heck, even the hot cups of coffee I passed out where welcomed. I also shared what extra gas I had. It was strange in a weird sort of way, but nice. Now….. let’s imagine that power is “not” coming back on and the stores bare. Those cordial neighbors will soon be animals “literally.” Starvation and desperation cause folks to loose it. Good neighborhood or bad, it’ll ALL be hell. If you are one of the few that is prepared, everyone will be at your door. Throw that in with a government chasing you down. I just can’t imagine things getting better than that.

      • .02

        you wont be wanting a neighbor for at least 5 miles when the grid goes down.. Then after 8 months, you might be able to trust a few that are left as they will be good at what they do.

    21. Old Guy

      Some of the stories about FEMA camps seem farfetched to me. Im only going to believe what there is actual proof of. Of course a lot of places do have the appearance of a prison. Now Fema brought a group of Katrina refugees to a church camp near Imboden Ar. The local authorities had to guard the place. They had to guard against the local do gooders & sight seeing lookie loos!! When the refugees found there was no booze they commandeered a church bus and drove it to the state line got their booze and returned. I thought it was kinda funny.

      • 1braveheart

        Old guy, I know where Imboden is. I never knew any Katrina refugees were there. I pass thru that town to get to my Dad’s place.

        • old guy

          Just north of town right past the dollar general there is a Baptist church camp on the right. they had Katrina refugees there for a few weeks. Some of them relocated and found work in the area. One rented a cabin on the eleven point river and was really enjoying the hills & river ect. The it flooded . 4 feet of water in the cabin. Even he admitted it was funny moving there to escape Katrina only to be flooded out.

      • Prepared Pastor

        I visited a FEMA camp in my state to minister to Katrina evacuees who the government flew directly there. It was at the recently expanded Camp Dawson in West Virgina. They built several new dorm-style buildings and I never saw any indicator the defenses were for anything other than keeping undesirables out.

    22. Diaz

      The only one’s that are panicking in this region are the brainwashed idiots that ‘go with the flow’ of what they are told to do, and those that are just selfish and bitchy at normal times.
      The only one’s that have any real concern, at least at this particular time9 I am not clueless that it could, and probably will, get worse if it continues), are the one’s secluded in the ‘hollers’ and can’t get out just ‘whenever’. Maybe those with medical have some issues too… but all-in-all, the ‘panic’ is just a distraction.
      We are going to be fine. If it continues for another two weeks, I can see it being the beginning of something serious…but it will still be the brainwashed being in a ‘panic’.
      And I’d bet a month’s salary that the alphabet agencies are figuring out how to use this ‘crisis’ as a way to get ‘control of the populace’ in this area a little more.
      They may succeed with that BS in the city, but the further out from Charleston you go, the more problems they are going to encounter with any of that BS>
      I wish everyone well.

    23. maudy fricket

      Ottawa, Il. is a good place for like minded people to rally during SHTF. I-80 and Rt.23 area. They got a Harley store, Farm and Fleet store, Gun Range, gasoline, food stores, etc. Rivers, marinas, railroad, machine shops, repair shops. Like minded folks, or so I hear.

      • Sgt. Dale

        You forgot Rt71 and Rt6.
        This is choke hold area. For me I will get as far away as I can from Ottawa, and Morris as I can.
        Reason #1 Choke hold area.
        #2 Nuke Plant (two weeks of fuel to run things if no one shows up )
        #3 National Guard base ( with FEAM camp inside)
        #4 Rail Road tracks dissects the city.
        #5 GE plastic. (If it goes boom the smoke will kill you)
        #6 The Zombies and Leaches form the bigger cities will come this way.
        This is just to name a few.

        Of Topic::: Gun show Princeton Fair Ground Rt6 Sat and Sun.
        If you go and you see a guy about 6Ft. 225lbs. wearing a Hunter Safety Camo shirt with in orange Dale on it. That should be Me. I would like to meet you. I should be there around 1 or 1:30 Sat. after I get done teaching a class.

        • maudy fricket

          I’ll probably be at the Crown Point In. gun show this weekend. I got second cousins all over Mendota. Princeton is a good ride for me. I’m still behind enemy lines in Cook county.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Stay safe. Get back in friendly territory as fast as you can.

            • maudy fricket

              How many tables do they have at Princeton?

              • Sgt. Dale

                Around 75 to 100 I believe

      • Prepared Pastor

        We don’t live in a nanny state. I appreciate living where I get to make my own informed decisions. We still have 10,000 homes without indoor plumbing. I know liberals think those people should be forcefully relocated, but I say live and let live.

        BTW, I don’t own a cell phone so they will have to track my portable ham radio.

        • REB

          PP, Ive spent a lot of time in those hills…some of the nicest folks around…used to stop at a little store off the hi-way west of Summerville oh, maybe 40 miles,years ago before they widened that road…was a young lady worked there who I coulda spent hours just listening to her talk…loved her accent…anyhow those folks around there whilst being poor were for the most part good people who could make something useful outta what they had…my kinda folks…if I had to relocate I’d seriously consider West Virginia…say safe!

    24. JayJay

      On one prepper site(I won’t tell which) one of the members started a topic, ‘Why I don’t store water’.
      Her reason was there was a creek or pond (can’t remember which)nearby.
      I felt in a good mood that day and didn’t dare reply on that topic.
      Ron White, you are the man…You can’t fix stupid!!

      • Paranoid

        One good reason not to store water. Some stupid S***s keep putting it in my single malt Scotch!

    25. Satori

      *****H7N9 UPDATE*****

      this is IMPORTANT

      H7N9 Bird Flu: WHO Confirms Sporadic Human-to-Human Transmission as Death Toll Rises

      no need to panic
      but this is what they have been fearing

      human to human transmission
      no evidence yet (or none we’re being told anyway)
      of sustained transmission


      hopefully among your preps is a good supply of N95 and or N100 masks (I’ve gotten good deals on EBAY)

      and dont forget to learn how to properly fit your mask
      it isnt much good without a proper fit
      there are videos on YouTube that can show you how to do this

      if TSHTF over this
      masks are gonna disappear overnight
      as well as hand sanitizer,etc

      • sixpack

        Already got mine and a spare.

    26. Sgt. Dale

      How many times have we seen this before EMPTY SHELVES!
      Alls we can do is keep preaching and if they don’t want to hear it, so be it. I told you folks that the city want to set up a CERT here where I live. It would be a good idea if the LEO’s were not running it.
      Just think how bad it is going to be when the Zombies and Leaches finally figure out that the nut down the road was right. Just make sure you are ready for them because there are going to be coming for what you have. I can tell you that LEO isn’t going to help you, you are on your own. I’m sorry but this LEO is going to be home taking of his stuff and family. I don’t want my shelves to look this bare.

      • Prepared Pastor

        The CERT team here is ran by the county health department. I took the training and got a nice backpack kit which included a county CERT photo ID and a safety vest that says CERT on the back.

        So far they have only been called out for public relations and entering surveillance data. I’m thinking if we ever get called out I’ll be thankful for the inside info, but not respond.

        • Smokey

          Sounds like a waste of the taxpayer’s money, maybe you should return the equipment and ID.

    27. slingshot

      When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

      How Fitting.

      Old time preppers have drawn their battle plans and for sure would not be caught up in a crowd for supplies.

      You know exactly what is going to happen when YOU encounter these people in a bad situation.

      Lots of Gimme Dats and Get me mine’s.

      Son of a Bitch!

      • 1braveheart

        slingshot, let the ‘gimme dats’ come to my place for anything and they’ll get something they DON’T want, some 00 buck from Bertha.

        • slingshot


          I was reading NinaO’s Mom’s post about the misfortune of his neighbor down the road. That is the world we live in.
          Maybe if his neighbor was a SHTF reader, the results might have been different.

          We all know you are not 100% safe anywhere.

          Shot the man’s dogs. Low life for sure.

          • OutWest


            Are those Bertha’s favorite ‘Party Favors’?

            I’ll bet not many come back for ‘seconds’ eh …..

        • Paranoid

          Brave, if you will change to #4, it’s cheaper, easyer to find and also good for rabbits. Under about 10 yards it’s just a big hole no matter which.

          • 1braveheart

            Paranoid, I’ll get some #4 and thanks for the tip. OutWest, I’m in one of the ‘inbetween’ neighborhoods of Memphis, not so good but no so bad, either. Only a half-mile from my place is a neighborhood whose ‘undesirables’ already know NOT to try to break into my place. those same ‘undesirables’ would also love to have someone like eisen to play with, but I refuse to wish something like that even on eisen. I have to set some limits somewhere.

            • Paranoid

              Dear Brave: Suggest you go to lumberyard and buy junk plywood or paneling. Buy some shotgun shells in 7 1/2 6, 4, slug, BB. The cheap stuff. them some hot load good stuff. At 10 ft shoot the plywood. At defensive shotgun distance 10-15 feet all you will get is one hole with about anything. Yes if you want to crush a ribcage in a vest get large copper slugs for most things it does not matter. You cannot shoot Doves with buckshot, you either miss or only have feathers, For most defense I suggest first shot be birdshot, cheap and if close just as good, last load, buck, BB or slug.

      • caliber

        dont forget New age preppers. we have Our own Battle plans.
        advantage, youth health
        disadvantage, lack of experience

        • slingshot


          Old age. Not worried about dying.

          New Age. Never think they are going to die.

        • Smokey

          Old Age folks : Experience, guile, surprise, pitiless, and without remorse.

          Don’t mess with us.

          • REB

            Old age and treachery will defeat youth and vigor every time…or so they say… 😉

    28. Rex

      The picture that I thought was funny (not haha, but more ironic) was one of people waiting in line for clean water.

      In the rain.

      • sixpack

        If it don’t come in a bottle that says “water” on it, they don’t know what to do with it…

    29. Heifer

      Best bet on water filters is…?

      • Nopittypartyhere

        Someone here referred me to Great filters ane VERY affordable.

    30. jbird

      I took a closer look at the video in the article “The doors open at Target”. This video is on you tube. It was not from being desperate for food and water. It was from Target opening at midnight for the Holiday Shopping season. People were laughing and having a good time.

      I agree that we are in for some really bad times and we all need to be prepared; however I don’t like that the video from crazy Christmas Shoppers is being used in the article. It’s misleading.

      How can one compare people Christmas shopping to people trying to buy water and food in an emergency.

      If they think the people in Christmas shopping video was bad…just wait until the sh*t really does hit the fan. Then you’ll see crazy!!!

      • JayJay

        jbird–crazy will not show at first.
        For days the sheeple will sit on their couches watching the tele waiting for the gooberment to bring them water and food and maybe even the newspaper!!!

      • KP89DC

        You missed the statement pertaining to the Target video which was something along the line of “if these peopoe act like this now just imagine what they’ll be like WTHSTF”, the point being if they act like selfish sheeple now they will be devilish sheeple when things go bad.

        Molon Labe

      • Mcdave

        Check the videos of the people raiding Wal-mat during the EBT snafu (no limit, etc) They went crazy just cuz they could.

    31. White Fox

      If you have someone you love who isn’t as prepared or awake but want to make sure he or she is taken care of or at least get them thinking, give them a Care Package. Fun for all ages but I think young people will benefit most. It’s a starter basic survival and combat kit put together by you according to your budget and what you feel is necessary, for prior to or during SHTF event whether they’re under your protection or not. This idea was inspired by grandpa’s chest that he’d show you of his souveneirs from the war with things like K-Rations, the 1911 he kept, etc. Here’s what I have in a CP:

      -Lockbox, Dark Gray, Steel, Carry Handle, Keyed Lock, Stencil Sprayed Painted In White [First Initial And Full Surname Of Recipient], Interior Tray Discarded
      -Modified Colt M1911 Stainless, 45 Caliber, Match Barrel, GI Short Guide Rod, Novak Sights, VZ Operator II Grips G10 Black Desert Sand, No Recoil Buffer (x1)

      -Wilson Combat Legendary Magazines, Stainless, Standard Base Pad No. 47, Seven Round Capacity (x5)

      -Federal American Eagle .45 ACP, FMJRN, 230 Grain, 890Ft/S, 405Lbs Muzzle Energy, 100 Rounds (50×2)

      -One Ounce Gold, American Eagle, Random Year, Fractional (1/4×4)

      -Datrex Ration Bar, 3600 Calorie, Blue Sealed, 5 Year Shelf Life (x1)

      -Potassium Iodide, Source Naturals, 32.5MG, Tablet, 120 Count (x1)

      -Combat Medical Systems Quikclot Combat Gauze, 3In x 4Yds (x1)

      -Thermal Space Blanket, Compact Folded (x1)

      -White Fox

      • Smokey

        ‘Shoot, a fellow could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all this stuff.’

    32. WIprepped

      To the people wondering about companion planting. Try the three sisters. If you’ve never planted corn, pole beans and zucchini together you’d never believe how much it increases yield.

      Also, many people on this forum like to brag about what they’ve stocked up. You do understand it’s not very hard to figure out somewhat close where you are. And if an average hacker can figure it out, the jerks running our government know exactly where your preps are.

      molon labe

      • PO'd Patriot

        I got nothing against shooting over bait. Say your prayers varmints……….

      • Smokey

        Corn, beans, squash. Also known as the Holy Trinity !

        For some reason, it works…

    33. Eisenkreuz

      I love marijuana. I cant wait for it to be legalized.

      • disembodied voice

        “I see your love of the halfling’s leaf has dulled your wits.”

        Just joking with ya bloke. Allow imagination to use Christopher Lee’s voice when you read the above.

      • 1braveheart

        Eisen, you don’t need any drugs. you’re just an all-natural prick.

    34. watching and waiting

      One picture is worth a thousand words.

      We have heard this story before and should not be surprise
      at human conduct during a disaster or at the opening of stores on Black Friday.

      We expect this to happen.

      What we have not seen yet are riots and home invasions
      from those seeking food when FEMA is unable to provide.
      Because it is over whelmed.

    35. Arby

      OFF TOPIC I just received my SOEKS Radiation/ Geiger Counter/ Dosimeter from E bay. Cost about $200.

      Can’t wait to take it to the grocery store and check the lettuce from California

      Havn’t heard much input about such tools. What do you experienced guys think and Gals too.


        I have one of those they work great , they are sensitive enough to detect radiation from your smoke detector! Mine has a digital readout uses only 2 AAA-batteries these are not your average Russian consumer product they are modern in design and use a real geiger mullet tube rather than a simple ionization chamber for detection. They make different professional models also with accumulation exposure and a data port for downloading information to a lap top.
        Been checking the tuna myself before eating nothing detected yet , but I did have a 500 milli SEVERTs on a rain puddle locally on the east coast of the us.

        Semper Fi 8541


          Auto spell should read muller

          Semper Fi 8541

      • WIprepped

        I’ve got a dx-2 and check the air, snow, sometimes food. I don’t think small amounts of food contain enough mass for these ‘cheap’ instruments to give meaningful results. When the jet stream carried the puff from fukishima last month I did notice a slight bump in radioactive snow though.

        Everyone should have one if (when)the grid goes down because it will be the only way to tell if a person should be outside!!
        molon labe

    36. Jim in Va.

      I can hear the thunder….there’s a storm coming….

      • I_Hear_You

        I agree, I can feel it my gut. Intuition if you will. I spent what seemed a lifetime in the Balkans during the troubled times, (Armed Contractor – Don’t ask).

        Those that are prepared are better off than those that don’t for sure. Blending in is beneficial. Appearances can mean everything (read between the lines).

        Believe it or not there are a few good tips from the listed video. Good reminder or something new to learn.

        • maudy fricket

          Were you with the 173rd in another warm place?

    37. maudy fricket

      Places I know of that have lots of good people, Prescott, Arizona and all around Mt. Home, Arkansas.

      • 1braveheart

        Maudy, the Twin Lakes area is my Dad’s area so I know it very well.

      • old guy

        I live west of MT home. newton county. Every year the population declines. Less than .5% of population of race other than white. That one guy claims to be a cheorkee! And that is why I chose to relocate here.

        • REB

          Beautiful area!

    38. Old Vet

      “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”
      — Robert A. Heinlein

    39. OhioRiver

      “We’re with the government & we are here to help!”

      And people still believe what the USG tells them (keep you doctor…IRS we are not auditing conservative groups…NSA we are not spying on Americans….etc).

      Americans need to take responsibility of their own lives because our govt. is only going to take care of themselves. Great article. THanks!

    40. VRF

      I know its OT, just have to post it , because I really hope this happens to him

      Obamacare is doing so well (according to Obama) that, next, he might follow the example of his plumber….as follows:
      Only weeks after leaving office, Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Joe the Plumber to come out and fix it. Joe drives to Obama’s new house, which is located in a very exclusive gated community where all the residents make more than $250,000 per year. Joe arrives and takes his tools into the house. Joe is led to the guest bathroom that contains the leaky pipe under the sink. Joe assesses the problem and tells Obama that it’s an easy repair that will take less than 10 minutes. Obama asks Joe how much it will cost. Joe checks his rate chart and says, “$9,500.” “What?! $9,500?” Obama asks, stunned, “But you said it’s an easy repair!

      Joe says, “Yes, but what I do is charge those who make $250,000 per year a much higher amount so I can fix the plumbing of poorer people for free,” explains Joe. “This has always been my philosophy. As a matter of fact, I lobbied the Democrat Congress, who passed this philosophy into law. Now all plumbers must do business this way. It’s known as ‘Affordable Plumbing Act of 2014.’ I’m Surprised you haven’t heard of it.”

      In spite of that, Obama tells Joe there’s no way he’s paying that much for a small plumbing repair, so Joe leaves. Obama spends the next hour flipping through the phone book calling for another plumber, but he finds that all other plumbing businesses in the area have gone out of business. Not wanting to pay Joe’s price, Obama does nothing and the leak goes un-repaired for several more days. A week later the leak is so bad that Obama has had to put a bucket under the sink. Michelle is not happy as she has guests arriving the next morning. The bucket fills up quickly and has to be emptied every hour and there’s a risk that the room will flood, so Obama calls Joe and pleads with him to return.

      Joe goes back to Obama’s house, looks at the leaky pipe, checks his new rate chart and says, “Let’s see, this will now cost you $21,000.”

      Obama quickly fires back, “What! A few days ago you told me it would cost $9,500!” Joe explains, “Well, because of the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act,’a lot of wealthier people are learning how to maintain and take care of their own plumbing, so there are fewer payers into the plumbing exchanges. As a result, the price I have to charge wealthy people like you keeps rising. Not only that, but for some reason the demand for plumbing work by those who get it for free has skyrocketed! There’s a long waiting list of those who need repairs but the amount we get doesn’t cover our costs. This unfortunately has put a lot of my fellow plumbers out of business, they’re not being replaced, and nobody is going into the plumbing business because they know they can’t make any money at it. I’m hurting too, all thanks to greedy rich people like you who won’t pay their fair share.”

      Obama says, “Joe! This is really bad. If all the rich people learn how to fix and maintain their own plumbing and you can’t charge the poorer people, you’ll be broke! What will you do then?”

      Joe replies, “I may have to run for office!”

      poetic justice?

      • Smokey

        Love it.

      • REB

        Great…only thing Joe has yet to do is to inform the prez of is the fact that he has no choice…even if he doesn’t need his pipes fixed he has to pay the plumber and if not he has to pay a fine(tax to fund plumbing for the poor)or he can simply face down the SWAT team from the NPCA( national plumbers crack association) and “splain” to them how unfair this all is!

    41. Be informed


      • VRF

        I like the bold print you just used, how’d you do that?

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. use the above then type what you like in bold and then end it with the same this will bold print it.

          Do you agree with me that we must have someway of telling each other of something serious without hoping that someone will read it out of hundreds of comments? What if and when Israel hits Iran. Someone out there could alert all of us minutes or possibly a hour before it hits the air waves. This can be a tremendous advantage to all preppers/survivalists out there. I know that KY Mom does an admirable job of keeping us posted to what is going on. Even other sites might be slow on the uptick to get this essential breaking news out. Minutes matter when SHTF big time.

          • Prepared Pastor

            Twitter does a better job of that than this site every could.

          • VRF

            yes I agree, I still don’t know how you got the bold print

            “@ VRF. use the above then type what you like in bold and then end it with the same this will bold print it. ”

            sorry but that didn’t teach me how to bold my text, use the above what?

          • Anonymous

            I think you people who think you can communicate “quietly” with each other by posting on this very public chat board are seriously looney.

            You have no actual idea of who is on the other end of these posts and everyone/anyone in the world located anywhere can read your posts. Maybe you folks need to step back from this forum and remind yourselves that it is not your own little private world revolving around just your handful of repeated posters. Which is all a nice way of saying, “Get a life.”

            In other matters…..

            There is a creepy report out of Boston MSM about thefts of firewood taking place in a small town in New Hampshire — at least two incidents in the past month. The story reads like the thieves are stealing the better part of entire cords of wood from private residential properties.

            Boy oh boy, it could get really goosey.

            • Plan Twice, Prep Once

              There’s about 1 person per hundred who have any level of preparedness. For those that think they can just rob a prepper, they should understand in the US about 40 people per hundred are armed, and only one of those has what you want. Those are pretty lousy odds for the bad guys.

              Unless you are sure of who is a prepper, you stand a high probability of getting shot breaking into places that have nothing to steal.

              Most of the preppers understand opsec, many might plant interesting trash (empty food containers) in conspicuous places as bait, just to monitor the bad guys or even to set them up!

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. Soory it deleted the instructions I gave. Look at the XHTML below the space where it says your website. It has all sorts of commands. By using the strong command before what you want bolded and then after it you can bold the words. Make sure you encase the word strong both times using the arrows like it is shown. I think the i command makes the letters slanted.

          • VRF

            Ahh ok I’ll have to experiment in near future

            thanks for that

            • Babycatcher55

              I think the comment ( ending with </strong) is what puts it in bold. I just did this on an iPad

              • Babycatcher55

                Apparently you don’t need the ending ….

              • JayJay



        Regardless of the topic post after the first post in bold lettering,unfortunately I use an iPad so I do not have this capability, may be Mack can keep this position open for breaking news events .
        It would require minimal changes and this work around can be used as an expediant messaging system.

        Semper Fi 8541

      • Billy

        Yes, create and post on many web sites a list of of possible scenarios that can let people know the sh!t is hitting the fan; if any one of them are occurring somewhere then anyone and every one who sees what is happening then goes onto the website, go to the first posted daily article regardless of the type of event and let everyone else know what you have learned, and no doubt many others will also try to let others know too. When we start reading the comments we’ll all see the common topic and realize what is up. Using this method should work because you only have to go to one website and the necessary information can be learned from the first posted article.
        However, if the sh!t has hit the fan then the gov’t may hit the internet kill switch. Remember, there are millions of us with our eyes open. Somebody will see something, so it is important to give everyone one else a heads-up ASAP while still possible
        If anyone can improve on this idea please do.

        • king krazy

          good idea!

    42. 10mm

      A herd of Wild Bore with regard to 1st video.



    44. Mdnyteryder

      I am a manager at walleyworld and I can say from first hand experience that we had people from the affected areas travel 2 hours drive up the interstate to our store to get supplies including water ,paper plates and plastic ware etc. because they stopped at every store on the way till they found supplies . so to say the area stores never ran out is a total farce . we nearly 100 miles from the spill ran out several days on water both gallons and bottles . these people spent the day and a tank of gas to get a 3$ 32 pack of water . GET PREPARED ! LEARN FROM OTHER PEOPLES MISTAKES

    45. slingshot


      How far does a 4w cb with a 100w kicker using half wave antenna reach out. That is 2 antenna’s on a flat surface. Across the hood of cab.

      • Eisenkreuz

        I dont know.

      • Babycatcher55

        I’m not Eisen, but would hazard a guess…50 miles or so, line of sight. If you have reliable repeaters in the area, could make it go farther, or if conditions or ducting were available, 100 miles or more. My hubby and I picked up some conversations from Connecticut when we were crossing the James River by ferry in VA a few years was a warm December night.

      • jimb

        about 6 miles. Those little hand held radios work better than cb

      • Kirk

        Why would you go for long distance on 11 meters? Hams work the world on 20 meters and 100 watts SSB. The noise floor on 11 meters is unreal.

    46. VRF

      • VRF

        Hahha I got nothing!

      • disembodied voice

        VRF, where did you say the snow storm at?

    47. slingshot

      News Flash

    48. CuzzinJim

      The .gov couldn’t open a box of cereal without F’ing it up. The population has them out gunned, and they know it. Very few if any military types, (active, guard, reserves, etc. will turn on their neighbors and friends, and the list goes on. The “big” brains in DC, and I use the term “big brain” loosely, couldn’t run a wheelbarrow down a pig trough without screwing it up.

      Don’t get me wrong the 1%’s that have ruined our once great country will get their just rewards when it all falls apart. That is the biggest reason they want to disarm us. When it hits the fan…and it will, shit is gonna get real in a hurry.

    49. mott

      I saw the shelves empty fast on 9/11 as scared folks not knowing what was going on raided the store, it was crazy!

    50. CS Murphy

      FYI: Years ago I was at a seminar given by military personnel. According to the presenter, during a disaster where a hospital could be rapidly overwhelmed, hospital doors should be locked-down and a triage station set up away from the hospital, within close proximity. Admission to the hospital would be done only through the triage area.

    51. mallardhen

      Maudy I’m 30 something from MH in the hills how close are you?

    52. Diana

      and this is all coming to your city. don’t think you have time to get prepared. It could be any day now.

    53. Anonymous Patriot

      I keep grapefruit seed extract and drop it into my water when traveling. Went hiking in Mexico years ago. We ran out of water when we got lost and the heat was intense. Came upon a pool of water. My friend drank it out of desperation. I asked her to put some grapefruit seed extract in her water but she declined. I filled up my bottle and put 3 drops in and shook it up. She got deathly ill and I didn’t. This is proof enough for me that it will kill anything in the water that is bad.

    54. Gwyn


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