Crisis In Cali: Workers Face ‘Buckets Of Feces And Needles’ As Homelessness Worsens

by | May 2, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 97 comments

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    Workers in California, who are desperately trying to clean up the state because of the skyrocketing homeless population, are facing grotesque conditions. Some workers even fear for their health after being faced with buckets of fecal matter and dirty needles.

    In a democrat’s paradise, such as California, you would think all those taxes and numerous regulations would be able to house some people.  But as the taxes and regulations increase so does the homeless rate, and state workers tasked with cleaning up the mess caused by democrat’s policies are facing dire situations.

    The taxes will have to continue to rise too in order to cover the cost of cleaning up the shanty towns. According to Fox News, the cost of cleaning up the state’s numerous shanty towns is also hitting record highs, and that price tag is likely to keep rising as workers tasked with tossing the vagrants’ syringes, feces, used feminine hygiene products, and buckets of urine demand safer work conditions; but that doesn’t seem possible considering their job.

    The Golden State’s homeless population of more than 130,000 people is now about 25 percent of the nationwide total, and cleaning up after the surging group is getting costly — topping $10 million in 2016-17. But the human cost is getting equally untenable, a workers’ advocate says. In an official grievance filed last week, the union representing California’s maintenance workers accused the state of subjecting its members to hazardous conditions without proper training or equipment.

    California will likely provide necessary equipment, and it will all fall onto the backs of the already poverty-stricken taxpayers of the state.  As more are flung into homelessness, instead of easing up on the oppressive government policies that led to this crisis, most politicians in the Golden State will buckle down and pour gasoline on the bonfire.

    “It is the Union’s contention that Caltrans is not ensuring that our members are being provided the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), necessary training, necessary vaccinations and proper compensation for the dangerous hazmat duties they are performing when cleaning up homeless encampments on State Caltrans property,” International Union of Operating Engineers director Steve Crouch said in the complaint.

    Crouch said that the workers face slippery and muddy conditions in areas riddled with sharp objects, such as used needles, and that could present a health concern. Considering many of California’s big cities are dealing with Hepatitis A outbreaks because of the homeless problem, Crouch definitely should be concerned.  “Feces and urine and feminine products and all kinds of things on the ground; needles, syringes, you know they use buckets, five-gallon buckets for toilets and it gets really disgusting,”  he said.

    Workers also fear confrontations with residents of the shanty towns the state has tasked them with cleaning up. Sometimes they have pit bulls in there. They’ll, you know, let the dogs loose to chase the Caltrans workers out,” Crouch said. “Sometimes they’ll throw rocks at the Caltrans workers.”

    A worker who chose to omit his name out of fear of state retaliation said he’s seen it all. “I’ve been exposed to blood, needles, women’s feminine products… five-gallon buckets of human feces,” he told The Sacramento Bee.


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      1. The concentration of wealth is adding to this also. Real-estate values are driven up above where the serfs can afford.

        • Affordable housing? What’s that?

        • California housing prices are all based on fraud.

          Since the 1970s, California has allowed cash out refinancing of their homes. I had a friend in California that would refinance his home every year and cash out about 30 thousand dollars. The housing prices are artificially inflated to cover the fake “equity” in the house so these loans could be funded.

          Now, look at Texas. Texas did not allow cash out refinancing until 2006. Texas house prices are very affordable. the prices are real and not artificially fake because people have not had the number of years to inflate home prices.

          My late grandmother sold her 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Sunnyvale California (near San Jose, San Fransisco) in the mid 1990s for $600,000.00.

          The same house where I live in Texas would sell for about $110,000.00 right now.

      2. Anit no sense in going home. Satanyahoo’ got your country and gone. And you thought Jody sucked.

        • Sound off.

      3. Drugs are at the root of many stories of homelessness and despair. But dig deeper and find a deliberate plan by the psychos.

        The effort to equalize the wealthy Countries by bringing them down. It is no accident people are homeless, hopeless, and wretched. It is written out on the Statue of Liberty, “give me your poor, etc. etc…”


        • How do the Freemasons say it? You know it and I know it.

        • “The effort to equalize the wealthy Countries by bringing them down.”

          Its communism at the national level. Yes your correct and it isn’t happenstance, accidental or a natural occurrence. This is planned and executed by TPTB and has been in the works for a century.

          • And it is going to get worse. Israel will be 70 years old in a couple of weeks. The Master Plan is to Birth The New World Order. Thank YOU, Donald J. Drumpf.

            • Trump is at least a tad of sand in the gears; granted we voted for rocks. Hillary was high grade lubricating oil.

          • Actually I think it’s called late stage Capitalism, but when you’re not too bright and channel only what you hear on Fox, you might believe this has anything to do with Communism.

            But if Communism is the state owning the means of production, pray tell, how the fuck is this Communism?

            There is basically no control of corporate power from the bottom to the top, but yeah, it’s Communism, that’s the problem.


            • Oh look…..a leftist retard on SHTF.

              Another fine product of our public education system.

            • We do not have capitalism, silly. We are a regulated nation by government.

              Capitalism, defined: An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

            • Definite sick minded plan to bring the country to it’s knees and it is damn close to it people!

            • Mr. Amazon, the economic system found in California is as far way from Capitalism as one can get and still pretend to subscribe to a free market system.

              The amount of Government regulations, Government mandated reporting requirements, Union interference, and equal opportunity laws have stifled the Capitalistic system. California has basically become piecemeal socialism with a façade of private ownership.

              • communism with markets = fascism

                the markets part enables some to call fascism “capitalism”

                marxists blame everything they hate on capitalism

          • I recently read an article that said 45% of Americans support the idea of US Government jobs for everybody in America.

            That is scary because that is what communism is. Everybody works for the government. You become a slave to the government.

            America is screwed up.

            • America is about 2 inches from absolute implosion!!

      4. California ain’t one bit different or in some way unique. The same issues face all metropolitan areas. The rot has spread coast to coast, north to south.

        • California has two attractive components that bring in homeless people.

          1) Liberal policies that placate homeless.
          2) Good weather.

          • Of course all the dirt-bags will go to CA – nice weather and a bunch of liberal, bleeding heart clowns that want to give away OTHERS hard-earned Tax dollars! IT must just be so damn nice and easy to piss away other people’s money…Christ sake’s man.

      5. You have absolutely no hope of getting work, in any too-big-to-fail venue, here, in CA, unless you are some kind of objectionable person. Period. End of sentence. (Oh, the stories I could tell.) And, homelessness will get you straight to the front of the line, in HR.

        The crisis housing pipeline is a major source of forced labor, in case any literate people were trying to get a start in a feces removal, and didn’t know.

        If you know that the plaque lines up with the fly, brown goes in back, yellow goes in front, you were over qualified. Sorry, not sorry. This is not your way back to civil society, if that’s what you were told at the courthouse.

        • Sorry, not sorry.

          How long have you been waiting to crack out that gem?

          • The Communist groundskeeper neighbor plays ‘A Loving Spoonful’ and talked about peeing in my ear. Gets in fights with fruitful peach trees and tomatoes, which I have grown from seed, and which he cannot maintain on his own property. Talks about dying alot, and committing acts of arson, during wildfire season, while smoke is visible, on the horizon. He frequents those very areas.

            I go to pay a tax, on my independent business, at City Hall thismorning, 2 mo. early There is a nice receptionist, who gets paid an extra $14 tax, to process the tax.

            Considering who is doing the clean up and how they get paid, I think my cynicism is very responsible.

            (Interesting tip on the re-fi.)

        • Where’s the “thumbs up” button?

        • Beaumont, so in a fucked up place like Kawleefornya, they must have union workers to clean up the shit and needles ? Anybody else see how fucked up they are in Kawleefornya ?

          They will implode and it appears to be in motion already ! Dumbest fools in the nation ! I have zero sympathy for any of it because it was all self induced. Portland Oregon and Seattle are the same exact thing, just smaller numbers and population.

      6. California is a bucket full of feces. I know. I live there. But I have an exit strategy. 2 Years maximum, then I’m out of this democratic hellhole.

        • That is the problem. Liberals are fleeing too because of repressive taxes and housing costs. But then they go to other states and take over, then put in place the exact same policies. Colorado is the perfect example.

        • Stone: Hmmm I believe the shit will have hit the fan by the time you try to leave that God awful, vile, worthless State…

        • which is it- hellhole or shithole?

      7. This is not an isolated incident and it’s happening in every large city in the US. Sadly, churches and various church “charitable” groups (along with NGO’s and our own government) are perpetuating the problem.
        Now small town taxpayers are being brain washed into believing that homelessness is somehow their fault and that one of the solutions is to build FREE tiny houses for these people to inhabit.
        All part of the plan folks, Saul Alinksy and his “Rules for Radicals” on steroids.
        Flood the US with illegals, bums, drug addicts, anarchists, Communists, Islamists, etc. Destroy the family, destroy the middle class, bankrupt the system.
        But stay on those cell phones folks, stay glued to your TV, support your favorite sports teams, fight to make weed legal in your state and exercise your right to smoke it as much as you want, drink frequently, and above all, DO NOT detach from the system that is designed to dumb down and destroy you and your children.

        • Sadly, churches and various church “charitable” groups are perpetuating the problem.

          I disagree.

          Up until the 1930s and 1940s the Christian Churchs did every major social outreach in the US. The churches built all the hospitals, the churches ran all the food banks, back to work programs, temporary housing, and even built the schools.

          After FDR’s reforms, the government basically took over these responsibilities. They decided that the tax payer should fund these programs and the government should control them, not the churches.

          The government is the problem here, not the churches.

          • I presume the churches are getting gobs of taxpayer money

            refugee resettlement programs sure as heck are

        • JD: You summed it up, now I will add comment about local folks living near me and most everyone else. Several taking heart meds and mixing drinks (vodka, etc), several are drunks, retired navy, college prof., etc. several women 350 450 lbs eat and cooking/ordering pizza most the time. Addicted to social media 24/7. I don’t communicate with losers, incl. hoarders (house full of mice,bedbugs, roaches.).middle class area, some college educ. but stuck in stupid voted Hillary. Glued to cell phones and mindless TV 24/7, endless noise. I blocked phone # not interested in naborhood gossip, etc or eating with them. Beaches near me (gulf coast) have homeless bums, leaving trash all over. Beaches are filthy dumps, we quit going long ago.

        • JD: You pretty much hit it right on it’s head! I mean how much of the population is just about genuinely no good, vile, worthless buffoons, just sucking the “system” dry, dry, dry. It is a massive cluster seriously – all part of the true Commie plan and they have been so damn successful, it will spin your damn head folks.

      8. In 2018 the rules of itemization in the income tax is to be changed. The deduction for state and local taxes(income and property) are to be capped. Prior to this the high taxes in California, Illinois, and New York could be recovered in part in your Federal income tax. The caps will reduce the amount you can recover. People and businesses are already leaving but this should increase the exiting. The citizens of the states with high taxes will reevaluate their decision to stay. If you are a citizen of one of those states and a decent human being (definitely in the minority), you have my deepest sympathies. (In fact, my sympathies are deeper than the piles of shit and used needles that you may be faced with!) Think about emigration.

        • I thought the Obamacare tax penalty was gone, but when I did my taxes this year I had to pay $2400 for not having medical insurance.

          Guess not.

        • B: I mean really, what type of scum takes a massive Dump on a public sidewalk?? I don’t give 2 squirts of nut if you are homeless or a no good doper! Society has so gone to $hit period!!

      9. Couldn’t happen to a Nicer State. Blah, Ha, Ha…

        • Last time I was in California was in 2012. I was shocked by all the trash all over the highways and how over grown all the vegetation along the highways was. Nobody is cleaning up the roads.

          California has gotton shitty.

          • Indianapolis, Indiana is getting just as bad with all of the trash blowing around in and around the city.

            • sounds like “wretched refuse” of (((emma lazarus)))

              of course refuse means trash

      10. they voted a certain way for decades, now suck on it. Serves em right.

        • Exactly. Let them stew in their own juices.

      11. Soon to be the normal mode of living nationwide until every cent is in the fascists pockets. Homelessness is a death sentence for the entire not wealthy population. Sold out by our own government of psychotic murderers that we voted into office. Wear your I voted sticker proudly.

        • It is only shitty if you are not wealthy.

          I’m ok with it.

        • did we vote the (((bankers))) into office?

      12. Off topic- I saw on Drudge 46% favor government jobs for all…

        The indoctrination of the last couple generations in our public schools has been successful…

        They have never seen the effects of socialism/Marxism up close, they know only the lies they have been told…

        They have no grasp on history and when conversing with them they don’t care…

        It won’t be long before we are out voted with no remedy at hand…

        Ultimately, we will be made criminals as TPTB enforce their new world edicts via fear and laws put there to keep us safe from ourselves…family member will turn on family member…

        Freedom will be reporting to your assigned workstation, punching out your requisite numbers for the day and at the end of the day going to your government provided dwelling and eating your governmentally sanctioned microwave dinner … (no more need for chem trails, it’s in the soup)

        Then it’s off to the couch for some propaganda tv until it’s time to go to bed…and then you just get up and do it again…

        Lying there alone in the darkness, it will be the clarion call to an almost forgotten freedom that will haunt your dream that will cause the night terrors…some distant recall of a time when a man could walk upright and forge his own future by sheer will and the efforts of his own hand…”

        Shaking it off, you will reach for the bottle and take the government provided blue pill…

        We have lost the republic…but together we shall “rage against the dying of the light…”

        • Blah. Blah. Blah.

          The problem here is that the days of the one-wage-earner are gone.

          The country has always had strong socialist beliefs. The earlier belief that you either worked or you starved worked great when there were plenty of jobs that paid well enough so you only needed to work one of them.

          Now, that those jobs are gone the prevailing propaganda of you will either work or you will starve has run into the new reality of just how many jobs will you be required to work just to pay enough bills to not become homeless.

          One? Two? Three? Four? How many? And when all you are doing is going from one job to the next what happens to saving for retirement (in the world of no public or private pensions, soon to be no Social Security, and no health care (since none of these jobs offer health insurance)?

          “. . . raging against the dying of the light.” What a bunch of mamby-pamby doo-doo. Mealy-mouthed caca. What this country needs is another good Crash of 08-09. Maybe then people will actually do something about getting their country back. But probably not.

          • The problem here is that the days of the one-wage-earner are gone.

            I know several couples that have four and five jobs just to make ends meet.

            A school teacher friend of mine has taken an additional job of driving the school bus, a deputy friend has to work security on the side. The list goes on and on.

            A lot of people have 3 part time jobs because of Obamacare. There is a rule that if you work more than 19.5 hours a week employers have to give you health insurance.

            The result is that nobody works more than 19.5 hours a week for any job.

      13. California’s problems would all go away if they would just impose a Seattle type employee tax. Then they would have plenty of money for blacks, Mexicans, drunks , drug addicts and communist indoctrination public school systems.

        • That have free drug needle programs to help curb AIDS and Hepatitis then are shocked that drug needles are strew about the city.

        • The crappy country is already giving away everything to the vile blacks and Dikes and Muslims and Chinks and Gooks and Queers and he-she’s and fags and on and on and on. How about this – WTF does the average white person get – oh right NOTHING, that’s what we get and we pay the shitty ass bills…what a genuine joke and a 1/2.

          • Concerned Citizen, apparently you must have just figured it all out, finally ?

      14. It makes no difference how bad it gets in California, the voters, especially white ones, will continue to put the same rats back in office so they might get more of the same. Then they’ll step back an look and say, “what’s going on here? Who caused all of this?”

        If Moonbeam were eligible for another term, white voters would support him overwhelmingly.

        • Who caused all of this?

          George Bush?

          • Probably Trump.

        • That no good, vile rat savage ape O’Banana deserves the Gas Chamber.

        • GLS , good analysis of Kawleefornya dumb fucks, they voted for all of this in spades and thought they were the smart guys ? WTF is wrong with these fools ?

      15. I am surprised these workers are not in level 2 suites.
        I hope they have there shots up to date?

        Go to Las Vegas.

        • The sidewalks are too hot in Vegas. You can fry an egg on them.

          Plus, you would have to beat the Mexicans off of you that are trying to hand out the call girl and escort adds. They are worse that the Jehovah Witnesses.

          • Oh those ridiculous annoying sex, whores cards are such a complete joke…burn that mess along with the vile illegals.

          • . . .you would have to beat the Mexicans off. . .

      16. This is a sign of a major collapse when people are unable to find a place to live other than the street.

        Immigration destroys nations, the Elite know this and are playing the immigration card to our destruction.

        We will become South Africa within a decade. The decedents of the people that built this nation will be hunted down and killed by the new immigrant force.

        This is the end unless WE WAKE UP NOW!

        • Are you alluding to something like what’s happening in South Africa (besides running out of water), happening here in the US?You realize that the whites are being exterminated in South Africa, right? Because that can happen. The culture, society, way of life our grandparents and great grandparents created can easily be swept away. Just ask Hillary Clinton, the democrats, George Soros, the total world domination crowd.

        • Venezuela is a more likely result. Whites are armed to the teeth and will fight back.

          In South Africa, the whites are in the same economic situation as the blacks. It is not that way in America.

          The homeless crisis in California can be directly linked to drugs.

          This crisis is a direct result of the marijuana laws and lax drug laws.

          When you don’t enforce drug laws don’t be surprised when there are a shit load of drug addicts.

        • Free-IL: Why do all of you think they want to ban and illegally seize and destroy firearms, people? That is the end game, get rid of guns and then go ape shit and drop the proverbial hammer on our heads and boom, that is it, end of the game. NEVER give up any of your damn Firearms people.

      17. California, “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:23

        • California does not even attempt to be a pharisee. They are lost with no desire for redemption.

      18. The homeless problem is always just temporary. No one survives long on the street. There may be a lot of homeless now, but one day you’ll wake up, look around, and ask: “Where have all the homeless gone?” Gone. Dead. Ovened (or its polite euphemism: cremated). Piled high and deep in some nameless piece of abandoned real estate. This will happen sooner and faster and with many more “people” when all the “free” money runs out.

        • Dead from drug overdoses.

          If I wanted to rid the streets of homeless, I would poison the drugs then pass them out freely.

          The drug addicts would overdose themselves. Eventually someone will be pissed off enough to do it. Someone who is a victim of these turds will go vigilante.

          • John Stiner, agree one day there will be a natural culling take place. Could be any day like a big earthquake or ?

          • Good point: I can easily see that happening. It doesn’t even have to be that clever. Just flood the streets with Fentynal etc. and watch the homeless drop off like flies. Same goes for annoying ‘gang-bangers’, punks etc. They want to get high? Hey, help them out with that!

        • blame: With the weather in CA they will last a lot longer than say NY or Chicago or DC…winters would definitely do them in but CA, is a bit of a different story. I bet the scum in CA can last a good while.

        • You make a very good point. The lifestyle of living on the street is a guarantee of an early death. People know little about human health and how it collapses under the right conditions. Sleep outside, take drugs, eat crap food with little nutrition, get the shits, engage in ‘bum fights’, suck some AIDS-infected cock for extra cash for alcohol, etc. You don’t last more than two years, tops, doing that.

      19. “as reported by the sacramento bee”

        “needles, fecal matter…”

        really, is that happening in sacramento? doubtful.
        neither is that allowed to happen here in L.A.
        it is happening in san francisco where the idiot local govt has designated ‘safe spaces’ for drug idiots to safely stab themselves with needles.

      20. What California needs is a good Public Works Project like High Speed Rail. The people living there would feel so proud of their High Speed Rail system, they would run out and take any job they could find.

        Oh, they already have a High Speed Rail Project? – never mind.

      21. Those filthy, disgusting, vile low-life scum out there deserve to all HANG!! I don’t care if you are homeless or not, you do NOT take a crap in the middle of a damn sidewalk! If they can’t figure out a reasonable bathroom situation, then do the country a solid and slit your own worthless throat you garbage goats you!!
        Such vile, immoral trash like this serves no good legitimate purpose in society, so they must go! Enough is enough, I am so sick and tired of this ridiculous nonsense. I actually hope all of CA just falls into the Pacific and just washes away, The End.

      22. Part of the solution is to repatriate them back to where they came from, namely, your state. CA shouldn’t accomodate all of the nation’s losers.

        • Go fuck yourself,/Sean

      23. This is a result of unsustainable systems we have. It’s all connected: social, financial, and political. I like to invite you to review Hanomy Manifesto which can be downloaded for free at I am the author and have no affiliation with any group. I am doing my job as a human being. Hanomy is a new social, financial, and political system for the entire world. Numbers work and it can be implemented in just a few short years. Many problems existed today will be eliminated. I don’t have a budget to promote it so I am counting on those who review it to spread the word. Maybe it will get to the right eyes and ears to push forward. Thank you for your time. Highlights of Hanomy:

        • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence
        • Basic human rights observed everywhere
        • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated
        • Upheld liberty and freedom
        • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money
        • No taxes on income, profit or spending
        • Interest charges and usury practices abolished
        • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people
        • An end to the fractional reserve system
        • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)
        • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation
        • Reduced income inequality
        • An end to corporate welfare
        • Advanced technology benefiting humanity
        • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving
        • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism
        • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders
        • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)
        • Improved care of the environment and world resources
        • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

        • “Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money.” All money is utilized, either by greed and avarice, or just by habitual theft.

          The pie is finite. If the planet Earth were seen from space as a pie it would still be a finite planet. You can print all the money you want, but the financial pie is still the same — finite. Unrelenting beliefs in things that cannot possibly exist, like exponential growth on a finite planet is suicide.

          The problem is that the 1-percent are taking 99-percent of it for themselves. It has to come from somewhere. The homeless population is a manifestation of this. War is another. Genocide is another. Insanity is another. High school shootings another. The con job of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” is another.

          • Agree: nobody talks about population yet that has exploded in just the last 10 years. And it has exploded with the least educated, the lowest IQs, the most violent and ignorant of the population. And all of them want to live an upper middle class life but there is no way the planet can do that. Probably the only time Obama made any sense and spoke honestly to an audience was when he told, straight to their faces, a group of African students they can never live as Americans have done because it would kill the planet. They didn’t want to hear that and he was booed but he was right.

            Since Obama said that what has happened is this: the West has tried to alleviate the pressure by importing millions and millions of third world trash into the West to spread the wealth that way. And this is leading to the pressure on good paying jobs, public services, communities, etc. It is also destabilizing the very cultures that are the last ones to be productive and over-produce wealth (the wealth that is taxed off them and sent to the third worlders: “international aid is taking from the poor of the West and giving it to the rich of the third world”

            The future will, ironically, belong to the countries that are racially and ethnically/culturally homogeneous. For example, Israel, Iceland, South Korea, Japan, China etc. Places that can use culture and race identity to control and guide the clash over wealth distribution. Whereas, ‘diversity’ societies will just see more and more conflict over who gets what based on race, language, faith, ethnicity etc. Think Black Lies Matter, radical Muslims, La Raza etc.

      24. America you sat on your “coon dog” while Globalists and other social engineers and lackey politicians helped to eradicate small business beginning in the late 1970s and let the corporations take overi, outsourcing manufacturing, leading to the current situation where Wal-Mart working poor are on food stamps and other travesty’s now considered normal. Over. Done. Finished.

      25. Fence off one square mile per 50,000 population in ever American city, throw all the shitholers and their delinquent ‘childrens’ in there and make them farm the land or die.

        The tax money saved could eliminate the need to tax legal working citizens!!

        That would solve 90% of the problems in America.

        Imagine no crime, imagine all the pimps on the work farm working their hoes.

        • Absolutely agree! The one solution they never consider for the homeless, the poor, the immigrants is the only solution that would improve their situation: work.

          Rather than giving them bowls of soup and free food, why not make them grow the food and have to work in the kitchen? Why not make them clean the streets, pick up trash? Why not take those crack hoes, get them to lose some weight and clean up and get their booties out there on some sex app? Make them work for a nice apartment and food. Modern pharmaceuticals could be used to temper out their personality problems and make them docile and frisky.

          Instead, we like to keep them wallowing in degradation and filth so we can feel good about cooking them a turkey once a year. It is pathetic.

      26. this nation has gone off its collective rocker.
        it all started back in the 60’s.
        you can thank the liberals for this mess.
        great society my arse.

      27. Thanks Americans I love all of the free stuff California gives us? we just sell the kids free strollers on EBay and send the money back to Mexico. My family does construction and cheaper than Americans and we get paid in cash every time. Yes we are “loving it” made 170K last year gardening and handyman. Adios gringos! ???

      28. So sorry you guys are sucking it up so bad. I is so far away but look on to hear that
        things are so bad. Time to move on and lookup because it don’t look good over there.
        I am not telling you anything new but GET OUT OF THAT HELL HOLE NOW!
        YOU ARE DONE if you can’t see the writing on the wall. You wanna be WAISTED-STAY?
        I only know one person that can change things and make all things new. Some call
        him JESUS. He is saying “get out now” or you are finished I think. I AM WATCHING.
        He is ready to hear you call him. Ditch the phone. I don’t have a phone. I got his direct line.
        Enjoy life soon- RUN!!!!

      29. If you are a good, decent mayor (if any) and never went in for the “sanctuary city” crap, keep a record of all the money you spend on cleaning up and taking care of illegals. Send the bill to Congress and demand repayment. If you can’t get it from Congress, demand repayment from sanctuary city advocates. It shouldn’t be your city having to bear the cost of a national problem. That applies to all the cities!

      30. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and
        sources back to your site? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and
        my users would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
        Please let me know if this alright with you. Regards!

        • Sure can!

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