Crack In East African Rift: Continent Is ‘Splitting In Two’

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 29 comments

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    A large crack, spanning several kilometers, made a sudden appearance recently in south-western Kenya. The tear, which is continuing to grow, is evidence to scientists that the continent is “splitting in two.”

    The huge crack caused part of the Nairobi-Narok highway to collapse recently and was accompanied by seismic activity in the area. The East African Rift Valley stretches over 3,000 kilometers from the Gulf of Aden in the north towards Zimbabwe in the south, splitting the African plate into two unequal parts: the Somali and Nubian plates. Activity along the eastern branch of the rift valley, running along Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, became evident when the large crack suddenly appeared in south-western Kenya.

    Rifts exhibit a very distinctive topography, characterized by a series of fault-bounded depressions surrounded by higher terrain. In the East African system, a series of aligned rift valleys separated from each other by large bounding faults can be clearly seen from space.

    An example of a place on Earth where this has happened before is in the South Atlantic Ocean, which resulted from the break up of South America and Africa around 138 million years ago. Those coastlines match like pieces of the same puzzle.

    Continental rifting requires the existence of extensional forces great enough to break the lithosphere. The East African Rift is described as an active type of rift, in which the source of these stresses lies in the circulation of the underlying mantle. Beneath this rift, the rise of a large mantle plume is doming the lithosphere upwards, causing it to weaken as a result of the increase in temperature, undergo stretching and breaking by faulting. –PBS

    Evidence for the existence of a “hotter-than-normal” mantle plume has been found in geophysical data and is often referred to as the “African Superswell.” This superplume is not only a widely-accepted source of the pull-apart forces that are resulting in the formation of the rift valley but it has been used to explain the anomalously high topography of the Southern and Eastern African Plateaus.



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      1. A crack you say?
        Yep, that’s what RIFT means.
        Been happening a very long time.
        Maybe it will speed up and we’ll be lucky and see half of Africa disappear into the ocean. Just hope it is the Western half.

        • We wouldn’t lose anything if the whole continent sank.

        • The western half will not dissappear rather it will be the same eastern part. Reasons: You should know that you are close to the Korean peninsular than the west part of Africa. More so for more than a decade or close to, their has been a lot of earth movement cause by nuclear arms testing which has triggered fault line in exponentially to the level we are seeing now.

      2. Get ready for a whole bunch of dislocated ‘refugees’ to be claiming the need for asylum ….. everywhere they can think of. Funny too, my first thought after that ran through my mind was …. Ebola or some type of plague coming with them. To live up to my moniker here, I say toss the whole lot into that rift/crack and fill it in.

        • Heartless, it looks like a good place to put our libturds in.

          • Especially the black ones.

            • You know how them naggers like their CRACK!

        • Might need to include the Grand Canyon to fill up with libtards. There’s alot of them on the east and west coasts of America. Could easily fill up the East African Rift; we’d better plan on using the Grand Canyon too! LOL!!

      3. If an entire Continent, there are only seven, ripped apart; there is no telling just exactly what consequences would result.

        Possibly great waves would cause islands and coastal land to be destroyed as the ocean surges in response to such a cataclysmic event.

        The good thing is that if divided, one continent could be for blacks and the other for another people, perhaps American blacks.

        American blacks differ from black Africans. American blacks are almost all mixed race. They would finally have somewhere to go where they could have total control over their destiny, which is the dream of many intellectual blacks such as Garvey and currently Farrakhan.

        If they don’t want it, there are plenty of other people who do.



        • If the Blacks dominate that new area they will turn it into Haiti or Zimbabwe or Detroit or Philadelphia . . . it’s what they do!

          • Yep… Force the afro americans to go there, we have put up with their shit long enough.

      4. But no mention of the potential attempted elimination of some military logistics at Travis Airbase on 21 March???? …Been told to keep it quiet?

      5. In other news, water is wet.

      6. I blame global warming myself!

        komrade algore was right after all, we are ALL doomed!

      7. I’m looking forward to climate change advocates try to blame this on global warming. They blame everything on global warming!

      8. Good. Maybe it will turn I side out as swallow the whole damn country.

        • Africa’s not a country. It’s a continent of many countries. Continents are not countries–including that of Australia (a commonwealth–a society–of several states).

      9. A new ocean.

      10. MADE IN AFRICA!

      11. nothing new. The grand canyon was created by a huge crack. We are right now experiencing a shifting of the Earth’s Magnetic poles. And the shifting is rapidly increasing in magnitude. Its something that happens at every End of an Age. Its not caused by man. Its not God punishing man for sins. Its a natural thing that would still happen even if man had never walked the planet. Man cannot do anything to mitigate or stop the pole shift.

        • obozo can fix it, just ax all the snowflakes & libturds

      12. We have the same here in Arizona. Up north a bit there are large cracks and ‘tearing’ in the desert.

        • Tell them naggers you know where some free crack is and shove them in it.

      13. Some of you white Mofos need help

        • “Some”????

      14. Maybe the African rift can get together with the Yellowstone super volcano. They can be just as annoying as the Kardashians and Hillary Clinton. Something else we have to hear about endlessly.

      15. Send obozo to his homeland, he can use his “GODLIKE” powers to fix this minor thing. Just ax him? he will tell you all about how.

      16. Wow, I can see racism is alive and well here on planet earth. Some of these comments are just over the top! And no, I’m not a “ libtard” , just a decent human being. Geez people! I’m appalled, really…smh.

      17. Nothing wrong with being racist. Its better than being a Traitor to your own race. Name one place that has black leadership that is not a shit hole. You cant fine a town state or country run by them that isn’t a shithole. There is a tiny town in the Missouri Bootheel. Pharma Mo. They elected a black woman for mayor. And just that quick the town became a shithole. The entire police force quit. Drive thru Caro ill. Its been a shit hole ever since the blacks burned most of it down in the 60,s. but don’t speed even one MPH above the limit or the Black speed cop will ticket you. Don’t speed on I57 also.

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