COVID Mutations: MSM Ramps Up Fear Campaign

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The mainstream media is doing their best to keep the American public in a panicked state of fear over the coronavirus.  The new fear-mongering campaign is centered around the mutations of the virus, that the authorities assure us will be concerning.

    Don’t put anything past the elitists in the ruling class.  Could these variants be used to put the public through another more sinister lockdown? Could they be releasing something that is actually dangerous this time and not just the common cold? Could we be on the verge of something massive?

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    According to propaganda outlet, The New York Times, scientists are finding a number of new variants that seem to have originated in the United States — and many of them may pose the same kind of extra-contagious threat. In a study posted on Sunday, a team of researchers reported seven growing lineages of the coronavirus, spotted in states across the country. All have gained a mutation at the exact same spot in their genes.

    Watch what they are saying in their own words. Whether these new mutations are worse or not is of no consequence to the ruling class.

    “There’s clearly something going on with this mutation,” said Jeremy Kamil, a virologist at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and a co-author of the new study. That means they will either make it deadlier or use it as an excuse to lockdown the slaves again. Possibly something else, but those seem like the two most likely scenarios as these stories unfold.

    “It’s tough to know what these substitutions are doing,” he said of the mutations. “It really needs to be followed up with some additional experimental data.”

    The article by The New York Times goes on with the intent to continue to push the fear.

    But just as states are again lifting mask-wearing mandates and loosening restrictions, experts fear that more contagious variants could undo all that progress.

    That threat seems only to grow as researchers learn more. British government scientists now believe the more contagious variant that is ravaging Britain is also “likely” to be deadlier than earlier versions of the virus, according to a document posted on a government website on Friday. An earlier assessment on a smaller scale warned last month that there was a “realistic possibility” the variant was more lethal.

    The variant, also known as B.1.1.7, is spreading rapidly in the United States, doubling roughly every 10 days, another recent study found. –The New York Times

    Something is going on with these mutations and the way they are being reported on in the mainstream media.  Stay alert and stay prepared.


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      1. “a number of new variants” Don’t these psychopaths ever stop with the lies? As you often say, the elite/psychos will continue ramping up the fear mongering any way they can. Nowadays,anything printed on that rag The New Joke Times is only useful when I run out of toilet paper in the bathroom.?

      2. I am rather disappointed
        The Sheeple are being herded rather slowly due to the screw ups on the vaccine rollout.
        I have been telling my wife that we are one mutation away for an all hell breaking loose.

        one year from now – Folks- the past vaccines were not effective on the new strains – we also believe the past vaccines will cause male penis’s to fall off.
        Please trust us on these new vaccines for the new strains.

      3. Both Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have said there will be another more dangerous, more fatal virus. It is not a prediction, they are telling you exactly what they are going to purposely release. This time it won’t be lock-downs, it will be martial law.

        • James – I believe the same way. TPTB just wasn’t successful enough with what this truly can be called, a plandemic. Sure, people did get sick, and unfortunately some apparently died from it. But the virulence and scale of this virus was way, and I mean way, way overstated. Of course local and state gov’t got on board the Control by Fear Train too. When there were not vast numbers of apparently young and healthy people dying from covid the “authorities” started to officially include people who had other serious illnesses anyway and calling any complications they had as covid. It was even reported people who passed away from auto accidents, suicides, etc. as covid related fatalities. Elderly people, the one group of people who where actually in fact most vulnerable, and supposed to be the most protected, are the ones who paid the highest price.
          It is interesting to note those areas and states who tried to go on with their normal business had the least covid problems, and those who went into fanatic social/covid control suffered the most. (Same for gun control, those areas with the strictest gun control have the highest crime rates including all the categories of serious crimes, and those areas with the least gun control has the lowest crime rates, these facts in themselves undermine all arguments for gun control.)
          Since the plandemic did not achieve the desired effect, panic had to be drummed up and fabricated to get the population in line. The MSM did their part to spread fear, mainly with blatant misinformation. Ive heard a number of broadcasts all begin by saying “according to up to the minute official data, covid is spreading almost unchecked, the number of covid fatalities continues to remorselessly climb”.
          It it also interesting to note the big box store chains could stay open, but most mom & pop, family, or small businesses had to close down. I guess money still talks with socialists.
          The only success story for the State from this whole covid thing is that it was successfully manipulated to help the Dems. “win” the recent election.
          You can bet though, TPTB learned from some of their mistakes. The next crisis will only be more successful with more fear, and more control. The alt-media that revealed a lot of real facts about this covid business will have to be somehow shutdown or controlled so that people only get the State sponsored story. Lockdowns bordering on martial law must be instituted, all facilities without exceptions closed, checkpoints put in place to limit travel. Then as the economy really does unwind the next time, people will become desperate, including those not sick.
          It’s not just about controlling covid, the goal is the whole spectrum of social/citizen, political, and economic interaction that must be controlled.

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